Here We Go… IS Hillary About to Cheat in the Debates? “Wearing an Earpiece” Not Prohibited

by | Sep 26, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 58 comments

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    This article was written by Melissa Dykes and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: Let those with ears to hear understand this message. If Hillary needs help remembering a name or a key talking point, or carefully navigating around questions about her misdeeds and scandals, she’ll probably wish she had a little voice of reason in her ear… and she may well have it.

    Analysis of the townhall non-debate a few weeks ago showed a conspicuous object in her ear that many believe was piping in inspired comments from her advisory team. It’s the best way not to get stumped and pull a Rick Perry and just forget what you’re talking about.


    No, much more likely, is that Hillary is going to need all the help she can get… can anyone spot her winning secret?

    Is Hillary Going to Cheat at Tonight’s Debate? Election Commission Refuses to Confirm if Wearing an Earpiece Is Illegal

    by Melissa Dykes

    Is Hillary going to cheat and wear an earpiece the way she reportedly did at the Town Hall?

    A lot of people are asking that question after the Federal Election Commission blatantly refused to answer whether or not it is illegal for presidential candidates to do so at debates.

    One registered voter from Maryland wrote in to Federal Elections Commissioner Matthew Petersen to specifically ask this question (via World Tribune):

    “I read reports that during the televised event questioning each of the candidates on their qualifications to serve as Commander in Chief, that Secretary Clinton had a microphone in her ear to receive prompting and guidance from advisers off stage,” wrote Laurence B of Columbia, MD.

    “Surely this is a more serious violation of competition than the doping which the Olympics have had to clean up. … Can you please confirm that your commission will take conclusive steps to ensure that no such cheating takes place during the debates?” the letter concluded.

    He didn’t get a response, so he tried again. The second time, he received an immediate response from an attorney at the FEC:

    “Good afternoon, my name is Ruth Heilizer and I am an attorney with the Federal Election Commission (“FEC” or “Commission”). I have been asked to respond to your email to FEC Chairman Petersen regarding your suggestion that presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump be prohibited from wearing ear microphones during the upcoming presidential debates.

    The Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971, as amended (“Act”) and Commission regulations require that the contents of a complaint meet certain specific requirements. In particular, a complaint be in writing, sworn to and signed in the presence of a notary public and notarized. Unfortunately, your email did not meet these requirements.

    If you wish to file a formal complaint with the Commission, you must follow the requirements set forth in the Act at 52 U.S.C. § 30109(a)(1) and Commission regulations. Requirements of this section of the law, and Commission regulations at 11 C.F.R. § 111.4, which are a prerequisite to Commission action, are detailed below: …”

    So, the obvious answer here then, is that it’s already technically allowed?

    The lawyer says the voter is suggesting that the candidates should be prohibited from wearing ear microphones during the debates… meaning they aren’t already prohibited, because they wouldn’t have to prohibit something if it isn’t happening.

    It’s pretty straightforward. If it wasn’t allowed, the FEC could’ve just said that instead of putting the guy off and dancing around the basic question with a bunch of legalese.

    We know that debate moderators have been officially told they are not allowed to wear earpieces or any devices like them at tonight’s debate.

    Is the real reason so they don’t interfere with the band Hillary’s team is feeding info to her earpiece on?

    Related Read: Presidential Puppet? Hillary Wore Earpiece Radio Receiver During Live TV Townhall Event, Had Answers Fed to Her!

    This article was written by Melissa Dykes and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.


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      1. This should be interesting.

        • Hillary for prison 2016

      2. “Debate moderators have been officially from wearing earpieces at tonight’s debate. Is the real reason so they don’t interfere with Hillary’s earpiece feed?”

        been officially (what?) Banned? lol Anybody proof read this stuff?

        ~WWTI… I would hijack Hillary’s earpiece feed signal and play Led Zeppelin as loud as the earpiece can handle. Watch Hillary try to ditch the earpiece. Slapping her head back and forth.

        • WWTI, ain’t you got a spot back amongst the frons and palmettos you could plant this slut.

          • Yep PO P, lots of hidey holes to hide a ho. I would leave it partially exposed so the vultures can enjoy breakfast come daylight. I saw a road-kill deer this last weekend, that was picked clean, by vultures within a day. Just the ribcage was left intact, but picked clean to the bone. I should have stopped and taken a few pics of what was left. The vultures had already departed end of the day, when I drove by it again before dark.


        • Of course she’s gonna cheat, that’s what she does. Name one thing that woman, or her “husband” for that matter, she has ever done that wasn’t corrupt.

        • amen


      3. Just use a jammer it will hurt hers ears.

      4. Would be great if her heart and brain would just lock up and she’d collapse. “Clean up in isle 1”.

        • As Hillary begins to Fall in a face plant, Trump leans into the Microphone and says, “Timmmmm-berrrrrrrr..
          Ba-beep Ba-Beep That’s all folks.”


        • if ANYone barfs…it’s gonna be killary!

      5. While hacking billaries ear piece a entertaining idea my guess is even if she follows voice in ear piece will still sound like the fool/power that want to be bitch she is!

        I will stream a free movie and catch debate results when done.Warchild cannot tolerate listening to billary for a 1 & a 1/2 and hell,though rather trump don’t even trust him,still say a plant to appease folks but if so they fucked up big time in that they showed a lot of awake people on some issues they are not only not alone but perhaps a majority,enjoy your debates and will see ya’s on the other side!

      6. Hofstra U has a “Trigger Warning” for students sensitive to certain topics during the debate.

        Grow Up! The world is a dangerous place you bunch of pussies.

        • That stuff is such a load of crap, safe spaces, trigger warnings, buncha crap, these idiots need a freakin slap in the head

      7. When I see Hillary walking out to debate, i’ll be thinking of this song given her health problems:

        “Put one foot in front of the other” from Santa Claus is coming to town:

        This video is appropriate placing Hillary as the winter warlock on so many levels.

      8. A picture of the teen-aged girl on “married with children, Christina Applegate, say “what she looks like now is crazy”. I was just picturing a picture of a young Hillary with that written under it. ?

        btw Christina Applegate looks the same but older. Nothing to see here.

        As for Hillary. Is she deaf? In order to get accommodations, most jobs require a note from your doctor. Where’s her’s?

        If she wants tutoring, I’ll whisper in her ear. For the benefit of the Country, of course.

        Q: what was in the e-mails?
        A: an order for cocain for Bill.

        Q: how much did you steal from the Haitians?
        A: all of it

        Q: why do you want to be President?
        A: I don’t. But the Devil made me do it.

        Q: did you really have all those people killed?
        A: yes, except Vince Foster. I did him myself.


        • good one. B!

      9. Trump is killing himself with his temper. Doesn’t matter if he is right.

      10. Hillary burned him GOOD talking about his so called
        business skills
        multiple bankruptcies
        and cheating thousands of little guys

        and Donald is on the verge of losing his temper
        he does that
        and it’s all over

        • Satori

          Prepare for hell on earth for as God Made little green apples, Hillary will be president. Trump is not a good communicator although he may have a fix.

          The war on the middle class will continue. Followed by the influx of immigrants and the attacks on the Constitution will increase. You know where that leads to.

        • Hillary has done nothing wrong except lie steel cheat and murder what is wrong with you to support someone like that

      11. Now ‘ear’ this, ‘anon’, you are delusional to be certain.

        • you-wish

          How so?

      12. Hilary. The best candidate Goldmun Suchs and Geo. Soreazz money can buy!

      13. AMBUSHED … Nearly all the questions asked tonight were deliberately made to put Trump on the defense. Not a single question was asked regarding Clinton’s crimes and her total absence of integrity.

        • Bert.

          I agree.

          • the debate was to cover 3 very specific themes
            this was not a free for all
            it was a formal DEBATE
            thats how it works
            both Trump and Hillary agreed on them beforehand

            no sour grapes guys

            Trump did bring up the 33K emails
            he could have pursued it if he wished to

        • Yes, Lester was a bit biased tonight. It was favored for Clint-torous

        • Monica Lewinsky should be the moderator. Now that would be fun to watch.

      14. I could not watch…as soon as Shrillary started talking I thought I would pop a vein….

      15. I immediately told my wife, she’s wearing an earpiece. She keeps closing her eyes and pausing as she listens and then speaks. I used to use one for public speaking, I know she is wearing one.

      16. Trump is arguing with the moderator and Hillary is quiet and smiling.

      17. I am watching it without sound. It’s only round 1 and she is definitely coming out swinging with a fair amount of energy, but she’s probably been sleeping 14 hours a day with the help of Dr. Feelgood. The hair over the ears is lower than usual… hard to see if there is an earpiece in there. Don’t think she will lose “it” tonight. She is the master of the condescending smirk. But her energy levels swing dramatically. She may have 1 good day for every 5 of Trump’s and tonight she has been pumped up and prepped to come out swinging. But, even in her red “power” suit, she looks a little tired.

      18. Death to hilldaclîntont

      19. When Trump speaks, Hittler looks like she is going into a mild Epileptic seizure, but actually it the moments Hitler is getting her orders from the MSM/NWO. Trump won with people of higher intellect. Hitler likely won the evening because the bottom 50% are mostly entitlement people, they don’t care about any tax break as they get more back from the IRS than they pay in. Typical Hitler supporters intend to remain unemployable and mooching off other people.

      20. Bad lighting, Hitler looks like she has perspiration stains

      21. Bad lighting, Hitler looks like she has Bill’s smen all over her polyester.

      22. Honestly,
        What difference does it make anyway!

        • still voting for the Giant Meteor 2016 !!!

          • Yup!
            More fired up than ever,,,
            GIANT METEOR 2016!

      23. The country wants a politician for President and Trump is not a politician.

        I do not think Trump properly prepared for this debate and a High School Student from a public speaking class would have communicated his answers better.

        Too many repetitive phrases and poor use of time.

      24. It doesn’t really matter. with a trunp win the fed crashes the economy. With a Hillary win war with Russia and the counstition is toilet paper. We are screwed no matter what. I don’t think the debate changed the way anyone will vote.

      25. Damnit Donald, she put your head between her thighs and popped it like a zit.
        I, like many of you are on the No Fly list, meaning we haven’t flown since the Homeland Circus started.
        So what are you going to do when they come banging on your door to take your stuff because some muzzie punched a key next to your name? Donald has some recanting to do or I’m hanging back.

      26. She has been reading off her podium throughout the whole debate. Surely the whole thing has been scripted for Hillary, otherwise, she wouldn’t be constantly looking down, pausing, then continuing.

        • Her public speeking skills suck,,,
          I think my kid could do better

      27. I wish I xould have debated killery. When they brought up Charlotte riots. I would have said. Look everybody there is an underlying criminal element here in play. Clinton supporter George Soros funded these riots. When 70% of those arrested were with out of state drivers license these people were brought in to riot. We need to go after hillarys supporters G Soros who funds this hate and put him in Jail with Hillary for her bribery scandal and hiding 30K emails. WTF is Trump playing softball with this Pig for?

        -WWTI… KILLARY HAD A PEN AND PAPER FILLED WITH NOTES. Trump going off of memory. She indicted him. 2 more debates to kick her ass or prepare for hell on earth.

        • Im fine with hell,, at this point who cares, everything is screwed up anyway, might as well shove the freakin thing over the edge

      28. To be honest Trump lost. Anything less than a sound thrashing is a win for hellery. The voters are polarized and it don’t make any difference what the cantidates say or do. Unless ole cankles expires. if she does that Trump might win? Heck im rooting for Hicks Nibiru to land on both of them.

      29. Trump needs to start reading SHTFPLAN SITE FOR MORE FACTS TO SUPPORT HIS CASE.

        Anybody who can read here daily would have an entire BOB full of responses to Hillarys BS. Hillary is a liar. All sounds good but her actions are far from what she says. Do some fact checking. Like the Haiti charity ripoff. Clinton Foundation collected tens of million of dollars for Haiti earthquakes victims and then only gave 2% of their money haul to Haiti. Kept the 98% for themselves. How is it Chelsy Clinton lives in a $6 Mil apartment? Is Trump keeping his powder dry? WTF? He should have lit into here like a Hot knife through butter.

        -WWTI… Trump did blast Fed Yellen for creating a bubble. That will blow up no matter who wins.

      30. She never took a sip of water the entire debate. Who speaks for that long without taking a few sips…Trump took many throughout. I bet she had IV’s right up till the debate so she was fully hydrated and wouldn’t need any water to keep her from coughing or becoming dehydrated. Wouldn’t want to asperate the water like a Parkinson’s sufferer would.

        • Drink of water= micro aspiration due to dysfunctional gag reflex when swallowing= coughing fit.

      31. Brave heart,srg dale,anon,old guy anyone any advice,ill take it gladly

      32. too bad someone couldn’t have sat in the audience with a strobe light pointed at the witch to see if she would have a seizure….
        how did she hide her eyepiece? Prism contact lens?

        Hillary for Prism 2016!!

        Regardless if Trump wins, the economy will crash either before the election giving O’bozo a chance to stay in under Emergency Powers (martial law) or within a week of him being sworn in so they can blame him for everything.

        Hillary wins it will keep continuing down the hole until it hits bottom and the libs who have already run out of money will keep blaming anyone who has a dollar more than they have that it’s all their fault that they didn’t share enough.
        I’m getting tired of all the waiting for the collapse to start being seen by the sheeple… we are already collapsing its just the sheeple are too busy being idiots to realize it.
        Keep prepping, stack it deep, and pray a lot. good luck and God bless

      33. This is just a very small part of what is coming election day when they cheat at the ballot box.

      34. There’s talk this morning of more electronic gadgetry besides an ear piece – seems that she was additional prompting thru somekind of eye contact lenses – definite hesitation and a head tilt down & to the side before answering any questions ….

      35. This is her element and the cards are stacked against Trump. Let’s put Trump people in charge of the next debate.

      36. Are there ways to monitor the debates for earpieces, radio signals, visual prompts, etc., and to then immediately create jamming signals or white noise to prevent anyone from using that kind of tech? Why aren’t people from opposing ‘teams’ allowed to scrutinize the other candidates and call them out for stuff like radio equipment? And if there isn’t any way to prevent it, why bother trying to prevent it?

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