“Gasping For Air”: Staff LAUGH As Decorated World War II Veteran Is Left To Die After He Calls For Help Six Different Times In Atlanta Nursing Home

by | Nov 18, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 185 comments

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    Staff at the Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center laughed as a decorated World War II veteran took his last gasps of air after frantically calling for help six different times, according to a shocking new investigation from 11Alive.com.

    The investigation included the release of a never before seen hidden camera video that not only completely contradicted statements given by the nursing home staff but also proved, without a shadow of doubt, that the nursing home essentially let the decorated veteran die as if it were a joke.

    The video is so disgusting that attorneys for the nursing home repeatedly tried to stop its release, going through a series of court battles with the local news station in which they hoped that the media would be ordered to censor the footage.

    Thankfully, the judge in the case ruled in favor of actual journalism and the nursing home, after seeing no other possible outcome, eventually dropped their appeal to the Georgia State Supreme Court.

    In the 11Alive investigation, the news outlet details the fact that a nurse who was on duty at the time directly lied about what actually happened before being confronted with the hidden camera video.

    In the video deposition, former nursing supervisor Wanda Nuckles tells the family’s attorney, Mike Prieto, how she rushed to Dempsey’s room when a nurse alerted her he had stopped breathing.

    Prieto: “From the time you came in, you took over doing chest compressions…correct?”
    Nuckles : “Yes.”

    Prieto: “Until the time paramedics arrive, you were giving CPR continuously?”
    Nuckles : “Yes.”

    The video, however, shows no one doing CPR when Nuckles entered the room. She also did not immediately start doing CPR.

    “Sir, that was an honest mistake,” said Nuckles in the deposition. “I was just basing everything on what I normally do.”


    When nurses had difficulty getting Dempsey’s oxygen machine operational during, you can hear Nuckles and others laughing.

    Prieto: “Ma’am, was there something funny that was happening?”
    Nuckles : “I can’t even remember all that as you can see.”

    “The video shows the veteran calling for help six times before he goes unconscious while gasping for air. State records show nursing home staff found Dempsey unresponsive at 5:28 am. It took almost an hour for the staff to call 911 at 6:25a.m,” the 11Alive report read.

    Amazingly, the Georgia Board of Nursing told 11Alive that the nurse seen in the above video, as well as another nurse on duty at the time, were only forced to surrender their licenses in September of this year, almost three years after the disgusting incident!

    “Nursing board president Janice Izlar says she cannot confirm when the state knew about the video, but the board’s action came shortly after 11Alive sent her and other board staff a link to view the video,” 11Alive continued.

    The deceased veteran, 89-year-old James Dempsey was a decorated World War II veteran who was from Woodstock, Georgia. Dempsey’s family received a settlement from the nursing home in 2014 so were unable to comment on the investigation.


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      1. As a nurse that works in long-term care, I was appalled at watching this. I have been in many situations just like this and fortunately have not had to deal with something this bad. In fact, I absolutely could not. But the reality is there. The bad attitudes and lack of compassion are very present in this area of work. Many CNAs/ Nurses are only there for a paycheck and many do hate white people. Yet many do have compassion and do a good job. We are usually understaffed, have high turnover, many work 16 hour shifts, have 30 patients to care for, etc. My shift usually consists of 11 hours with no breaks. ( It is an eight hour shift). But I have done it for thirty years and will do it until I retire. This indeed was a sad situation but happens more than people know. Families need to be as attentive as possible but also show appreciation for the hard work that goes into long term care.

        • Hoopster, welcome and I’m glad to see someone confirm at part of what I’ve said about this incident. My late wife was an OR nurse and was a true professional. She was loaded with compassion and dedication and also frequently had to work extra long shifts. I still say the only way those black jezebels made it into nursing was affirmative action. I know how to appreciate true professionals. Take care.

          • Stupid, you cant get into nursing school because of affirmative action! The screening and requiring are very rigid! You white folks always want to try and use that. Affirmative action has been gone fir a long time, and you are out of date and uninformed. When they did have affirmative action, it wasnt that many blacks hired, but there were some. Your white women were the ones who were the main beneficiaries if this act, homosexuals, disabled, immirgrants, etc. So, shut up and stop buying into the hype and programmed info into to your stupid dumb brain. You need to be focused on all these illegal immirgrants come over here taking American jobs!

            • CB, uh, don’t know where you’ve been, but quotas and set-asides are still very much in place. It’s been extended to all minority groups including illegal aliens. This illegitimate campaign against white people will be ended one way or another.

        • Thanks, Hoops. Good post. This brings up the whole issue of life, death and religion. I would like however, to contract religion, or transactional religion, vs. Christianity. The former postulates that if we do our part, God will do his. Roots for this go back to the Greco-Roman world, as well as Germanic pre-Christian religion, as well as Islam. In Greece and Rome, e.g., one built temples and made sacrifices to these “gods,” which ensured their blessing. Going to war? Sacrifice to Mars. Crossing the Mediterranean? A tidbit to Neptune. How about needing wisdom? A chunk of burnt meat for Athena will do the trick.

          Fact is, this hasn’t changed today for many. Think that famous Bible verse, “God helps those who help themselves.” Except that this is not only NOT in the Bible, when it comes to salvation, it is antithetical to it. (It is true that the Bible says things like if a man won’t work, neither let him eat, but this is dealing with practical matters, not one’s relationship with God). Truth is, every single religion outside of the Bible is transactional in nature (although Buddhism, strictly defined is more a psychology, and no one really even knows if Buddha actually believed in God, or what kind of God, although much of how it is practiced is transactional).

          Even in the Old Testament, God told Israel “I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice, the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings.” (Hosea 6:6). Similarly, Jesus says in Matthew 22:37 that God wants, as Dennison writes, “a transformational relationship with his children, one founded on worship and grace, rather than works and grades.” Truth is, as pastor Doug Bannister says, religion (vs. faith) is “what is left after a true love for God has drained away. Religion is a shell that is left after the real thing has disappeared.”

          I see a lot of people on this site with a vitriolic hatred for a God they don’t believe in. My contention is that this God they say doesn’t exist is actually a correct statement. Only problem is, they are barking up a tree in which there is no squirrel. You are talking about the wrong God, not the real one. If you hate a transactional God, well and good. God, Himself, also does not want that, and the only people Jesus was really harsh with was the Pharisees – *precisely* the transactional religious types noted above. So you folks on this site hating God are actually agreed with the Bible and the words of Christ. Question now becomes, WHAT do you do with the real God? If I may suggest something… think about it. Heck, you aren’t doing anything this Sunday anyway. Might be good to review your presuppositions for 5 minutes.

          • TEST, one of your best posts yet.

          • Yes, this horrifying incident is a metaphor for a dying America.

        • Appreciate your own insights & compassion, no doubt.

          But isn’t there something called The Hippocratic Oath that ALL health care professionals take ?

          I’ve always thought Doctors & Nurses were VERY special people…don’t know if I’d have the “meddle” myself to be one of them in absorbing all the agony day in & day out.

          Are we ( society ) that far gone ?…….

        • These facilities are monitored by the state at some level. This facility probably has numerous complaints against it but allowed to remain open. Good thing it wasn’t anybody in my family because it would be beggar’s day when I found those bitches.

        • maybe that vet was choking on one of his war decorations?

          • Gandhi, for you to say something like that about a man who left home and family to put his life on the line to stand between us and chaos, is a really scummy thing to say. That statement makes you worth less than the bug someone would find under a dog turd.

            • thanks?

            • but thank the NRA first

            • Tazweiss, I have to agree about Gandhi’s stupid remark.

              • Regardless of whether or not the country entered into the conflict with honorable intentions, it doesn’t negate the sacrifices made by those vets. None of them went to war believing that their job was to help the communists. They went to stand on the front lines because they believed they were fighting for their families and for our freedom and way of life.

                The fact that he was a decorated vet tells you that he was willing to give his life for us. He had our back when he thought we needed it.

                To make a joke about the horrible way he died, is a betrayal to him and a f*%k you to the values that the non-troll members of this forum profess to believe in.

              • It’s the sort of incensing comment “Gandhi” seems to like to make. I noticed before.

          • You’re a real prick!!

          • Perhaps Gandhi should include his or her full name on their post

      2. Thats criminal negligence and toss in perjury as testimony conflicts with video evidence.

        • These nurses should be beaten about their chests and stomachs until they can breathe no more.

          • This is the world they were really conned into fighting for. Few understood who they really made the world safe for, or why. Few of them would have ever imagined that one day, after their usefulness had expired, those who hate them would laugh as they die.

            • Blacks

              Enough said.

              • Amen.

              • Exactly John. They ain’t worth two squirts of owl shit, walkin’ nor runnin’.

                • Agreed…no argument here…

                  …but alas…who gives them the national forum to utter putrid / profane accusations & outright lies…

                  ..disguised as accepted truths / opinions..for the consumption among the ignorant masses..to personally validate..as profound victims (non-existent, in reality) of racial-based oppression???———–

                  There’s an agenda being played out, folks..and it’s now, up front & in our face.

                  …whether it’s recognized by you..largely depends upon your innate intelligence level & curiosity quotient.

                  Your homework assignment is go beyond the “symptom”..and identify the disease / pathogen responsible!


                  ….class dismissed….!!!

                  • The blacks have have always been a tool, to the owners, nothing more. That they are happy to do what the owners want them to do, without having to tell them, is a bonus.

                    White Genocide coming…

                    • When the article mentioned Atlanta and alleged indifference to the late patient’s suffering, I took a guess as to the “complexion” of the nurse(s). Confirmed. This is what happens when professional standards are relaxed to accommodate the “EEO babies”.

                • Kapernic is GQ man of the year?

              • JS, agreed. Read my earlier posts on this. It was all I could do to avoid picking up my computer and smashing it to pieces after I watched those 2 videos. I went outside and simply went for a walk in the whole neighborhood so I could calm down. and the only thing that happened to those niggers was they lost their licenses. And it took 3 years AFTER the incident for that to happen. We’ll never know how many other white patients suffered at their hands. This black civil rights crap is killing us as a nation.

                • I see I’ve been moderated again. That’s OK, Mac. I’m going to have my say, moderation or no. I call it like I see it.

              • Jews.

                Not enough said.

              • No. ANY RACE.
                Don’t play into the racecard game. Any race will do this.
                They just ” happened” to pick at Atlanta because of the population of blacks.
                Wake up people. Think.

                • But the facts of this incident are that blacks are the culprits.

                • Justanobody: agree, also he or his relatives may have had a DNR via power of attorney. When someone is in a long term facility, many have a DNR/living will. Legal action may take place by family if no DNR.






        • well i think nursing homes are another NRA sponsored gun free zone so the vet had no self defense?. I know I know some idiot will say how great NRA gun free zones are, or how we need to disarm vets. go Wayne La-penis-air

          • you have to admit that it was kinda funny?

          • Gandhi, you better bet get your shit straight dude! The NRA does not sponser or promote “gun free zones”.
            I smell “troll” here, trying to create a strawman argument.
            Get back down in your parent’s basement and play some more video games.

            • the NRA even makes you unload, disassemble, and render inoperative all guns at the NRA gun shows. you are a typical NRA brain washed idiot slave. No-Reasoning-Again but you better hide your piece of junk bump stock from your No Rifle Associating pals

        • Well, if your name is “Clinton,” perjury is no problem. Of course, depending on what the definition of “is”is.

      3. Fucking assholes

        • I agree AU… My grand mother died from bad treatment in a Detroit nursing home from these people…I promised my mother she would not end up like my mother … I kept her in home way out in the country until she passed away. I had to drive hours to see her. But she did not have to go through the hell her mother did…

      4. What I don’t understand is why old people go to live in homes in the first place. Where are their kids, and why aren’t they being cared for by them? What ever happened to the concept of “family”? I know my parents won’t be going to any such places.

        • Most often family has cast them aside. On some occasions they have none.

          • Some people are just not able to care for others.

            Most of these people in the nursing homes require 24 hour SKILLED care. Running IVs, giving medicine, running machine, changing dressings, cleaning the patients.

            How can you do that and have a 40 hour a week job too?

            • It is truely a hard job.
              My husband is a vet and had a stroke in January. I have experience in this kind of work. I get no time off. But I would not ever want too stick someone in a place like that.
              Sometimes it cannot be helped.
              But if they have to go into one, pop in at odd times, especially after mealtimes to see if they ever even got to eat.
              Hopefully they have
              And check their bedding to see how long they have been laying in a mess or if they are clean.

          • That is not always the case. My father was only concerned with one person. Himself.

            Be careful how you treat your children. Child support does matter. My father didn’t pay child support but he had plenty of money to fly around the west coast and Hawaii.

            Now? Is anyone at his bedside? He has six surviving children. I still call him.

            • You reap what you sow.

        • What family? The tender mercies of workers in a nation that aborts, contracepts, and sodomizes itself into oblivion?

          Imagine how you will go with a fine luxury car in your garage, but no children that you raised well.

          • Another nice post, Histy! Exactly right

        • although i totally agree with you – we had to put my father in a home as he was completely incapacitated and we were not able to properly care for him at home – nor did we have the financial resources to do that – it breaks my heart everyday that that was the case – my mother still lives independently and as long as she is able and me to take care of her – this will not happen – those homes are cesspools for sure

          • Especially if the caregivers are black.

          • I continue to take care of a 93 year old mother, who still has my mentally retarded brother with her (won’t let go. Not good), while my wife and I work, usually late into the evening most nights, and virtually never take lunch (I come this site to take little ADHD breaks for 5 minutes a few times a day – but no time to proof-read, hence all the typos, solecisms, etc.), Last year I worked most of the day on Christmas and New Years Day – all I could do to keep up (I’m in IT)

            In typical North American self-absorbed fashion, my self-entitled siblings and spouses (if not divorced) – all retired or semi-retired, all with massive pensions – leave it to my wife and I – the only ones working full time, and older than all but two of them – to do the lion’s share of the work. Was just over today taking care of my mother and brother. THIS is what is wrong with the West – S E L F – A B S O R P T I O N. My utterly self absorbed sister – semi-retired gov’t worker, divorced (too selfish) and no children (what? Me make a self-sacrifice for another human being??) – just got back from an African safari. Followed previously by, e.g., a ski trip to New Zealand (she doesn’t even ski) or, e.g. when I asked her to come for my mother’s birthday a few years ago, claimed she “didn’t have the money” = same year she took TWO separate guided tours to Egypt, Jordan, Israel, etc. then a few months later, another multi-week guided tour around Greece.

            You wonder where this kind of garbage comes from? Well, for one, you can look at my family. However, I’m sure this characterizes MUCH of America and the West. How did we get here? Simple: the vile “me” generation. And now that they are looking at having to eat their own cooking of self-absorption, I can tell you they ain’t gonna like it

            • Madison Avenue advertising both obvious and passive steers the public promoting the consumerist society. You are your possessions and your possessions identify who you are. Ethnic groups have traditions and cultures but the US is a melting pot and hence these dissipate as people merge. If one attempted to identify the US culture it could be summed up with two words; bigger and more.





          • HYPERGAMY=the action of marrying a person of a superior caste or class.

            not sure what that has to do w/this article???

            • “HYPERGAMY=the action of marrying a person of a superior caste or class.”

              Something my wife SURE didnt do when she married me!!!!

          • Well, that would be slavery and it is immoral….taking away freedom and rights of a human being.

        • “What I don’t understand is why old people go to live in homes in the first place.”

          You must not be very bright. Let me explain it to you.

          I took care of my dad singlehanded for three years, but then he fell and broke a hip. (NOT on my watch; this actually happened in a care facility where he was being evaluated.) This incident exacerbated the weakness already evident in his legs, and he never regained the ability to walk.

          He is in his late 90s, confined to a wheelchair. It takes two (2) CNAs and a large lift machine to transfer him in/out of bed, bathroom, wheelchair, etc. He needs people on deck 24/7. I am simply not able to be awake 24 hours a day for years, doing the work of a 2-person team.

          Moreover, in case you are actually able to do simple math, you might want to figure out what it would cost to keep an elderly parent at home and hire two people to be there round the clock. Home care businesses charge about $30 per person per hour. More on weekends; more from 5 pm to 9 am; more on holidays. But simply using that $30 figure, the cost of two people on duty constantly would run over $525,000 per year. Do you have that kind of money? I sure don’t. The Veterans Home is expensive, for sure, but only about one-fifth of that in-home care. Plus, there are RNs on duty 24 hours a day, as well as lots of medical equipment that I don’t have at home.

          As for “I know my parents won’t be going to any such places” — you don’t know any such thing. It depends on how infirm they become, and how much care they require. Who knows…. YOU could end up in a nursing home. Nobody thinks that it will happen to them; but very quickly, any good option might not be feasible, and into the nursing home they go.

          It’s easy to run your mouth when you are so ignorant that you don’t bother with any hard facts. Maybe next time you should actually educate yourself on the topic at hand before blatting out your lack of knowledge for all the world to see.

          • yeah but that dude begging was kinda funny though??

            • You, sir, are a goddamned disgrace, especially with your appropriated of the good name of a man famed for peace and benevolence. Taunting the memory of a poor old man whom, in his youth, served our nation selflessly so a jerk like you wouldn’t be censored by Nazis or Commies. You should have been gassed at Birkenau and gone up the chimney, a-hole!

          • Karl V,
            Talk about displaced anger. You win there dude.

        • I always thought and was told by elders, that only reason people had kids is to have someone take care of them years later. What a crock of BS, I know five adult sisters who sent mom to a care home, laid there for six years. I see this in the obit. section survived by kids, died in facility. Glad we never had any kids. Back after ww2, parents were pushed into care homes then. Some folks in homes may not have kids or they’re far away.

      5. I guess we can’t blame the people who believed the Why we fight video indoctrination? Unless coming out of a depression they wanted a paycheck to feed their families. And would do anything to anyone to get money.But helping the communists rape and enslave half of Europe to me dosent grant them hero status. And isn’t that the bottom line?

      6. Kevin2 what you say is sad but true but I do understand Phoenix’s concerns. Nursing homes are NOT a good place for the elderly to live out their remaining days.

      7. Sad times we live in. ‘Bout time God closed the book on this world.

      8. Racism will not be tolerated on this website? So if I say all countries run by non whites is either a third world shit hole or a police state , I’m a racist? To look at the current conditions of the country’s of this planet and not be a racist. You are in denial of reality. And humanity’s worst enemy. They will never change if not confronted? Go along to get along? Do we or do we not imprison people? If they are not white is that racism? We are being manipulated for extermination.

        • Traitor Hater, to me it depends on what someone means by racism. Some people are deliberately vague with certain words and phrases and racism is one of them. Profiling is another term I hear mentioned often and no one ever says what they mean by that word. Either give your message in a clear and concise manner or hang it up.

        • Traitor H: Non white countries like the middle east,S.E. Asia, countries with “stan” at the end, African Muslims and India which is turning Muslim are shit holes and kill their own people of same Muslim groups. Europe is a dump, being invaded while even white Euro jerks act like idiots for allowing this mess. Many stupid people of all races now days.

      9. Kevin2, after watching those 2 videos I had to get up and away from my computer for awhile. It was either that or smash it to pieces. You’re absolutely right about criminal negligence and perjury. Better yet, how about NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE and perjury? But all that happened to those nurses was they lost their licenses and it took 3 YEARS for that to happen? Once again, it’s the black civil rights crap that comes into play. The patient was white and the nurses were black, so it’s no big deal according to the jxx-controlled media. But had that patient been black and the nurses white, it would’ve been top coverage for weeks if not months, the family would’ve sued the nursing home and the nurses personally, and the nurses would’ve been fired, lost their licenses, and been buried under a prison somewhere. That’s the race-based double standard I’ve always railed against. My late wife was a nurse but she was the RIGHT KIND of nurse that any patient would expect to have. had my beloved been in charge of those nurses, she would’ve fired the whole bunch and pushed to have their licenses revoked. Those black nurses obviously had the WRONG MINDSET for the jobs they had. They never should’ve been allowed to become nurses. So now even standards for medical personnel have fallen by the wayside and this is the price we all have to pay. Stories like this one burn me to no end. My condolences to the man’s family and friends.

        • well said – it breaks my heart..astonishing the heartlessness of those that are supposed to help

      10. Thanks for helping the communists win WW2 . Now get payback. Is there any other way too see it?

      11. PO’d Patriot, this is just one more reason for civil war 2 to take place. Had that patient been black those black nurses would’ve made every effort to save him. That patient was a victim of black racism. Sorry-ass black jezebels.

        • Isn’t it obvious?

        • So much for ‘white privilege’ it seems.

          • Yahooie, there’s NO such thing as white privilege, white guilt, or white supremacy. A totally false concept invented by libturds.

            • believing you can change from a man to a woman by hwhacking off your johnson is a libtard lie too?. everybody knows you would also have to get smarter too to be a woman?

        • Possibly BH, but then again they kill each other (Black on Black) murder. They just can’t keep their hands to their selves even amongst their own.

          • PO’d Patriot, black males commit 75% of all homicides in the US but 95% of their victims are other black people. Black males are more likely than any other group of people to commit serious and violent crimes. The FBI and DOJ statistics make that clear.

            • Forget that dying in any Nursing Home. Go out fighting in a Blaze of Glory taking out as many SOBs that are destroying America. Blacks and 3ews.

            • Please stay with the matter presented to you. Believe you me, it doesn’t matter if they’re black, white, green or purple! You’ve taken a matter that is extremely difficult to deal with & turned it into yet another divide & conquer psy-op. You’re part of the the reason the entire continent is at such a juncture. You bought it lock stock & barrel baby. After reading many comments you have written on this site, it truly saddens me that you are capable of making a true tragedy into a black/white issue. Put a lid on it.
              Unless you’ve actually been in the situation where you are forced to put a loved one into such a place, shut up. It was the last thing I wanted to do.

              I made sure I had every kind of home care available in place for my mother, despite the cost for my brother & I. I was grateful that we worked opposing shifts: he was days & I was afternoons. We basically lived for our mum. I’m a tiny framed person. I weigh 114 pounds. Mum weighed 180.

              For the love of my mother we did our best for years until it literally became a physically impossible task for me to care for her. She weighed more than I do, & couldn’t physically lift her any longer to care for her. How did I put her into a long term care facility? With a broken heart & sense of complete failure. And we watched like a couple of hawks constantly! My mother was left on the floor all night as she’d fallen out of bed. I raised quite the s@#$storm. It was a very difficult matter to resolve: I say, they say.

              Until you’ve been there, put a lid on it. There are those of us out here who have to maintain the “good fight” until it’s all said & done. Stop turning a valid point for anyone of any colour into another divide & conquer scenario…..You’ve been well programmed. You claim to be so enlightened, but your comment regarding this is very short sighted.

              • Black and brown are the root cause of most crime in the world. Every 3rd world shithole country is either black or brown, for obvious reasons. And some low IQ liberal white people want to let more colored trash in to further ruin and contaminate this country even more, it blows my mind.

                • blackMoe, the truth really hurts some people, doesn’t it?

                • B. Moe: so right, now the EU is going down the sewers over run by third world trash.

              • Definitely one if the hardest decisions a family member could ever have to make

      12. PO’dP, I hate to agree with such a dour statement; however, I must. We’re living in times worse than those that preceded the flood. Regardless of what religious view one may have, there was some terrible inundation of the earth. Many many cultures have the story in their histories. Mankind has more than turned its back on God. It has actually devolved into sacrificing the most innocent, accepting as good every perversion, worship so many worldly things from money, celebrity and fame, lust for power and all things else that can be desired. We’ve strayed so far. The trip back I pray will be sudden and a great reckoning take place. I hope those who frequent this site and of a like mind are counted among those who survive.

      13. Somebody needs to meet that stupid bitch in the parking lot.

      14. Been in the hospital. Have very low opinion of nurses. Sadistic fat little Jane Ery rats. Maybe it comes with the job? Irate patients?

      15. Its highly probable that for every instance this level of neglect and result is uncovered there are many more that never sees the light of day.

        • One problem is the tolerance of society for misbehavior in the course of employment ranging from knowingly unsafe conditions, covering up same to cases such as these. They’re looked at as civil not criminal matters.

        • This is most certainly the sad truth. This case only came to light because of the hidden camera the family had installed. What if it hadn’t been there?

          How many people – probably mostly white – were killed that way? Five or six token CPR repetitions, and waiting for one hour before alerting anyone is equivalent to making sure the person is going to die, isn’t it?

      16. I’m old enough to have seen many friends and family die at home and in extended care facilities.
        My wife was a certified nurses aide and worked in these kinds of homes for many years. The places my wife worked were very caring and professional. This place certainly was not.
        I have a plan to stay home, a place prepared that is easy to hose out, food and beer close by, to end my days.
        But if I were forced into one of these “care” facilities, if
        they were staffed by Blacks, I’d crawl on hands and knees to get out of there.
        Other races aren’t necessarily better, but from my experience in life, I would not depend on the modern American black culture to save my life, or treat me properly when there weren’t any non- black witnesses around.
        P.S. That was the most pitiful attempt at CPR that could ever be imagined. From age 17 to 55 or so I had been certified yearly for CPR in all it glorious changes through the years.
        I don’t have a card today, but I certainly could do better than that fat woman did!

        • Rellik, good points. Not all nursing homes are bad but the ones with blacks working in them definitely leave something to be desired. No way I’ll get forced into any of those facilities. They make death look like paradise.

        • just got my lifesaving red-cross certification renewed today, and yes, it was not AT ALL an attempt at saving a life….it was most definitely a criminal act. we had them as slaves for a LONG TIME, so they “get back at U.S.” whenever possible, it would seem….now we know it aint just the DMV and the post office.

      17. tie plastic bags over their heads, and don’t help them, asshole bitches!

        • You could be a troll. These ‘nurses’ give every appearance of looking like monsters, but if you’re really a Catholic, you’re making them look horrendous. Everybody has faults, of course, but still. Really.

        • Yup, duct tape and heavy weight trash bags

      18. I’ve heard a lot of people who expressed a preference for dying before being so old and feeble that you can’t take care of yourself or your affairs. I’ve heard them express the wish to die quickly rather through a prolonged illness. So far, I have haven’t heard anyone who wants to die right away especially if it might be possible.

      19. We cared for both our parents at the end.

        My cousin’s mom was in an Iowa assisted living nursing home because cousin lived and worked in NM.

        When she declined at age 93, cousin and I went to see her. She was in an assisted living facility. The first night we got there, she was so thirsty she drained a glass of water right in front of us. When we questioned the staff we were told that since this was an assisted living facility, they couldn’t help her to drink, even tho she couldn’t hold the glass herself.

        Why? you might ask. Their answer, it wasn’t dignified for the other residents to see that!?!?!? to see them holding the glass for her.

        The next day we were there all day and helped her eat and drink till afternoon nap time. We decided to go back at supper time to make sure she would get something to eat.

        I suggested we show up about 10 min late and see what we found. know what we found? Her spinach salad in her lap cause she didn’t have the strength to get the leaves onto the fork and into her mouth. She was trying to eat the salad from her lap. AND NO NURSE WAS HELPING. Wouldn’t be dignified for the other three ladies at the table to see her being feed.


        As you can see, I’m still very angry at that place. &5000 a month and my Aunt had to eat salad out of her lap and go thirsty.

        She passed four days later. We stayed day and night to make sure she got the care she needed. $5000 a month!

        My daughter trained as a CNT and worked in a TN assisted living facility. She said those were the rules at her place too. If a resident couldn’t help themselves it was off to a regular nursing home for them. She no longer works there. She couldn’t stand the way the residents were treated.

        Moral of this sad story? Take care of your own, cause nobody else will. Even if you pay them $5000 a month. They assist no one.

        • Grandee, I’ll let someone kill me before I ever end up in one of those facilities.

          • I think by the time you and I get to be that age there will be walk in centers like those in Soylent Green. Just walk in and end it.

            I am not one that promotes suicicde. I had a younger family mentions that she would kill herself simply because she was old. What is old? When I was 20 I thought 50 was old. When I was 30 I thought 60 was old. I am in my 50s and now 100 seems old. I was shocked to hear this person say they were so afraid of getting old they would rather kill themselves.

            I am trying to grow old gracefully. I don’t view being old as a problem. I view being unable to care for myself as a problem. There is a difference. Critical to take care of yourself, stay in motion, stay healthy, eat healthy, stay connected, keep your mind engaged, keep learning.

            My family has bee spread out all over the US. I am not alone in this. My family has been shattered for a number of reasons. And I am white.

            Long time of Rolleye James, and her “I Hate the Holidays” club. Not a happy time of year for everyone. I always like the music she plays around this time, it cheers me up!

            • PD, if the scenario in “Soylent Green” ever becomes real, then it’s time get the book closed on this world.

        • Hey….its like that all over…Assisted Living is a place to be before a nursing home and both entities are in it to make money either by raping the families or by raping the government. Having the necessary help requires another salary in the budget and that is how they save money, but cutting staff.

          I work in critical care and I cannot begin to tell of the wounds, sepsis and dehydration along with malnourishment, that people have when coming in from the nursing homes. After someone dies, the family gets a lawyer and they settle out of court. And nothing changes.

        • The problem is, Grand, that human life has no value. Think Ezekiel Emanuel, Rahm’s brother, basically telling people to just go away and die after 7 – see https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2014/10/why-i-hope-to-die-at-75/379329/, think Dr Peter Singer, theI ra W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University, and his advocating even killing BABIES up to around 2 years old; think Ingrid Newkirk of PETA, and her vile “A Rat Is a Pig Is a Dog Is a Boy” meme (see https://www.peta.org/blog/rat-pig-dog-boy/ )

          Truth is, if we all we are is a chance conglomeration of molecules, and consciousness is just an epiphenomenon of a bunch of synapse firing meaning nothing, why not? If there is no God – as Dostoyevski said – “then everything is permissible.” Even existentialist Jean Paul Sartre – himself NO Christian – stated “a finite point without an infinite reference point has no meaning.” You do the “math” here.

          Truth is, back in the Roman and Medieval period, it was the CHRISTIANS who took discarded babies out of literal trash dumps where they might be dumped if unwanted; it was CHRISTIANS who did NOT flee when the plague hit Roman towns – remaining behind to minister to the hurting. It was CHRISTIANS in the Medieval period that started hospitals (ever wonder why it is called the Red CROSS? Hint: it wasn’t started by communists). Every hear of the Atheists Children’s Hospital? Nah, me neither.

          • go away and die after 75, not 7

        • I have worked at a nursing home awhile back.
          And yes, they were white. So am I.
          Most nursing homes operate this way, sad to say. They hide it well.
          I was supposed to work only one wing. I wound up working three wings. I didn’t mind.
          Yes it is very true that if your relative can’t feed themselves, most likely they will NOT eat.
          And the staff doesn’t care either. They even take the ensure away and drink it themselves.I have saw that myself in the breakroom. Yes I reported it. Did they care? No they didn’t.
          I had a woman cry on me one time. She was in her late 30’s I would say. I asked her why she was crying. She said it was the first time in years that she got to eat without paying in piss and sh**. She thanked me. I cried.
          There was so much going on there that eventually I had too quit. No one , including the woman who ran the place, would straighten it out. I stirred up too much trouble for them. I actually hand fed them their meals. Then I was jumped on by the head nurse for taking too much time.
          The head nurse also swiped their meds for herself and her family instead of the patient.
          She would lie.
          People got hit on there and yanked around. I could not stand that, yet could not fix the problem. Never matter what I said or did.
          Yes, a new old guy died one night. He was severely constipated. They ignored that too.
          They took away his cord that called for the nurse. He kept asking for a spoon to dig it out.
          I happened to go down that wing and saw a dead man that night. I will never forget that. I cried. I had told the nurse about him several times that night and she would always say he said that.
          I cannot work around people who do not have compassion or care like that.
          Needless to say, several patients cried when I told them I had to quit.
          I couldn’t fix it.
          MANY nursing homes are this way. And they are never just black people who work there.
          This story written is meant to piss people off…and it worked didn’t it?
          Do not let this story make you mad at another race of people.
          This is a race card story. To divide.
          Don’t play the game.
          It happens everywhere.

          • maybe

      20. Once again, these negroes are going to get away with killing a white man. To then, a white person dying is as funny as their knockout “game”.

      21. Like clockwork life loses value with each passing day. The light at the end of the tunnel has flickered out and collapsed into darkness. Bottom line don’t go into a hospital if at all possible.

        • Yep. And never go to a VA hospital.

          • My son goes to the VA and the answer to everything is Motrin…by mail…never seeking to fix the cause of pain. Unless you were above enlisted rank.

            My dad refused to use the VA and ended up with a medicare doctor who was just as bad…and hostile.

            • The blacks at various VAs I have visited are openly hostile. They don’t even try to be nice to a white person. They don’t even fake it. They know they will not be fired.

              • PD, the apes at all govt. agencies are protected by affirmative action and their union.

          • Philosopher Deplorabilis.. VA hospitals are scary places. They did an chest xray on me and then came back and said they needed another one because the first one did not cover my lungs down far enough. No mention of cumulative radiation exposure. Also I take insulin shots, the doctor told me I can reuse insulin syringes while the label says use once and destroy. Penny pinching.

            • Interesting. I have had them say the same thing for my X-rays. Many a way to double bill? Not sure. I agree about cumulative radiation as a problem.

              Never re-use needles! EVER!

              Needles are so cheap, why would you do that? That is crazy that any doctor in the US would give out such horrible information. The only people that re-use needles are IV drug addicts or doctors in a third-world situation that have no choice.

              • Aljamo and PD, I’ve heard the foreign doctors at VA are notorious for giving such advice. No surprises there. And they’re protected by affirmative action. The vets in my family refuse to go to the VA for anything just because of VA’s anti-American attitude.

        • My experience has been that as I get older, every day becomes more valuable. I’m 77 and still work daily to achieve my personal goals. I know now what real work is. And I know also what my most important goals need to be to satisfy me. They don’t have anything to do with dying. They are about living and living well and leaving something behind that benefited me and which will be appreciated by others.

      22. I couldn’t let something like that happen to my parents. Both of them died at home, which is what they both wanted.

      23. Archivist, same here. My mother died of her breast cancer and chemotherapy at home which was what she wanted. My Dad will want the same thing whenever his time comes and my older brother and I will see to it that he gets it.

        • COPD killed my Mom at 80, she died at home smoking to the end. Pop paid neighbor ladies to help out. Mom smoked about 3 packs a day for over 55 years, less as the disease progressed. Give or take thats a cigarette about 35 miles long. Her and her sisters were mutants all living to 80 or better, all smoked like a chimney. Its amazing how much abuse some human body’s can take.

          • Its all determined by a persons genetics. What harms one person might not have adverse effects on someone else. any type of organic life could possibly be genetic engineered by gene and dna splicing to make a being that could thrive where others perish. The Plague never affected Stickert. He hauled the dead bodys away and robbed them. Rasputen was immune to most things. they gave him enough poison to kill a Ox and it made him healthier!

          • Keith Richards is a testament to the abuse a human body can be subjected to and still function.

      24. How unbelievably sad. My sympathy to the family.

        This is an unfortunate example of how callously people treat one another these days. We commonly see this exhibited in more ordinary ways such as rude store clerks or thoughtless drivers on the highway. When service providers are so uncivil, we can usually take our business elsewhere or ask to work with someone else. However, patients in a medical facility cannot leap out of bed and run to another.

        I can’t offer an explanation of why people have become so hardened to another’s plight beyond it seems to be an awful trend in our society.

      25. RIP Soldier!! You are in Gods kingdom now!! This works is a cesspool filled with the race that is one generation from swinging from trees!!! Semper Fi!

      26. worked in crematorium for few months in florida.Had to pick up body of elderly white lady who had passed away in hospital.Woman was wrapped in bed sheet.Black nurse who took me to retrieve body would not allow me to take soiled sheet with me.Had to put her on my wheeled stretcher with only a company cover over body.She dripped fluids all the way down hallway as I took her to my vehicle.This happened over forty years ago but think now as I did then,nurse would not have taken sheet if lady had been black.All blacks are not this way,but too many are.

        • Many people want to be passive, never to acknowledge that trouble finds them. Other people do play identity politics, even if you won’t.

          • ^^^ This is the truth. Whether you like it, want to hear it, or not.

          • Beaumont, I wish there was no such thing as identity politics but there is. It’s not something new. It has existed ever since the beginning of this world. Decisions have been based upon race all over the world ever since. It’s always been part of the way of the world. It’s still that way all over the world today except for the EU and the US. I’ve tried my best at one time to avoid identity politics but eventually got forced into it to defend my self and other white people and nothing else. It’s a fact that certain minority groups are out to destroy white people and have been waging an illegitimate campaign against us for decades. As long as white people are being threatened by the apes out there I’ll stand up for them. Call me racist, xenophobic, homophobic, islamophobic, etc. I don’t care. I wear the labels with pride

        • Truth is, there are just as my racist blacks as whites. Truth is, as Solzhenitsyn noted, the line between good and evil runs through each of our own individual hearts.

          One black couple I know came from Africa, and they told me their parents explicitly warned them not to hang around with American blacks. Why?

          And perhaps up to 1 MILION were murdered in Rwanda in the Hutu/Tutsi wars. Why? Was one side “blacker” than the other?

          God made you the hue of skin you have. Thus that is sacred (meaning blacks similarly have NO reason to hate whites, simply based on the hue of their skin) . Similarly, God made you the gender you are (sorry Mr.Jenner, but EVERY SINGLE chromosome in your body is still XY – EVERY single one). Thus, gender is also sacred, as given by God.

          And this taking a knee horse manure in the NFL? The biggest predictor of social pathology is the ABSENCE OF A FATHER. These NFLers want to take a knee? Then ****take a knee at the alter and marry the mother of your child****. Oh wait! That wouldn’t allow for self-righteous (and utterly hypocritical) grandstanding, would it. And folks like Travis Henry, who has something like 10 kids from NINE different women, would have to joint the Mormon cult.

      27. Nothing unusual here. Next case.

      28. Fuckin sickos

      29. Would you rather be in a nursing home cared for by blacks, or cared for by whites.? If you said whites, then your a racist.!!!!!

        • OH BULLSHIT!!

      30. NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE RACES EXCEPT THE PAINT JOB. Wrong. The native americans genetics caused them to make poor slaves. They refused to work. No punishment was harsh enough and no reward great enough for them to comply. So they where got rid of and a race who did make good slaves was imported. Because they are genetically different. And genetically predisposed to have low IQ’s. They are not exactly morons just most of them are dumb and have very little intellect or reasoning ability. Whites tend to be higher IQ but many are pig headed morons who have to have some authority figure to worship and tell them what to do. For some its the church others its a labor union. many have a political party and elected folks they put on a pedestal. That’s the white races flaw they are too willing to follow and be compliant. To willing to go along to get along. Many whites join the military and let a so called superior officer dictate their every move. I never will submit to the superior officer or superior to me person. They breathe the same air and their shit stinks just like mine.There are genetic differences and traits even among the white race. Many are inbred and pick poor fathers for their children. those welfare gimmie dat whites I prefer to call Wiggers. Nope we are not the same. Far from it. What is needed is a good culling. Too many parasite takers and too few producing makers is not long term sustainable.

        • Good ramble OG. Much truth in what you said.

        • Old Guy

          Here is a research paper that came from The University Of Delaware. Its amazing for such truth to be published but its Asians 1st, Caucasians 2nd, Negros 3th in the order of cognitive ability. I believe culture magnifies this too.


          h ttp://www1.udel.edu/educ/gottfredson/30years/Rushton-Jensen30years.pdf

        • Old Man

          Corrupt government has cost the US more than anything else. Detroit as an example was viable regardless of race before free trade eviscerated manufacturing. Even the US Textile Industry, largely low paid by US standards can’t compere with sub $1/hr asian sweatshop labor. Food assistance went up 400% thanks to NAFTA , China Free Trade and the lesser globalist economic agreements. Americans of European decent are more creative and rick taking even if in 2nd place IQ. Failure does not have the stigma that it has culturally in Asia. The American gets up, dusts himself off and goes back at it again like Dave Thomas of Wendy’s.

          • “The American gets up, dusts himself off and goes back at it again like Dave Thomas of Wendy’s.”

            As the saying goes:

            “Its not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog”.

            • Not that many dust themselves off and get’s up and becomes successful. Many quit doing the same failed things expecting a different result. Many simply join the ranks of the freeloaders and go with the flow. I myself quit at 62. Drawing a social security Ponzi check. Playing hobby farm not producing beyond our own needs. Paying as little in taxes as legally possible. We simply are not going to participate in the Rat Race.

              • Certainly a small percentage but more common with an American of European decent than anyone else.

          • And our government became corrupt because of voters voting themselves so called free goods ,money & services from the Public coffers. What caused our decline is the over taxing of Producing makers to enable the taking parasites. The very worst thing that can happen to a nation is for the majority of the citizens to believe that they no longer need to Produce. They truly think that someone else will produce for them. And then the few remaining Productive start asking themselves Why produce? Why produce when I am countinually being unfairly robbed (taxed) and must pay money to those who had ought naught to do with my production. So the remaining producers either quit producing or they take their production some place where they are not taxed as much. Taxes and Labor unions drove away our factories. The event of the Petro Dollar enabled the process.

            • “And our government became corrupt……..”

              When Wall Street Banksters bought it. Noting has done more damage to the real US economy than the Free Trade Agreements. If the US did not have the reserve currency / oil peg scam enforced literally at gun point and our standard of living was in proportion to our productive capacity, the standard of living would decline by greater than 50%. The increase in social programs is a symptom as food assistance has increased 400% post NAFTA and China Free Trade. Throw in the deregulation complements of gutting Glass-Steagall and look up for the culprit, down for the victim.

            • As a lad of 17 in 1963, I was musing about wealth and its origins. So I said to myself:

              “. . .One of these days Americans will take the wealth for granted, and the country will be finished. . .”

              Well, Keynesian economics openly takes wealth for granted, as if the cargo cults are right all along.


        • The best way to learn about the differences is to work around the world. You learn quickly the racial and ethnic differences and who can or cannot be trusted with intellectual tasks.

          Asians are smart and hard-working. That is without dispute. The evidence is overwhelming. Even when they start in the same degrading situation as blacks (poverty, exploitation etc.), within a few short years they are way ahead of the blacks. Because of this racial success it is no surprise Asian women are, on average, the most beautiful and physically appealing of women (success is brutal: it rewards beauty and the beautiful rise up economically). Your average Asian woman is way fitter and healthier than your average white woman, and way ahead of your average black woman. Asian women also excel sexually.

          White women are a mixed bag: some are on the same level as Asian women – beautiful, healthy, smart – but there are many who are dumb, fat, lazy. You will find the laziest and fattest white women in the United States and the UK.

          As for blacks, they have a structure that I call the ‘black king or black prince’ structure. This spans nations and languages. They maneuver around a powerful, Big Gorilla figure. This is why there is so much street violence: that is the Big Gorilla battle taking place. This is why dictators are the norm in Africa. What matters most is the battle for the Big Gorilla, not what painting is nice, or which intellectual has the best ideas, or solving math or science problems. This is why the biggest readers of black writers is actually white people, not blacks. In their culture writing is for sissies and is too ‘white’. The ideal is to hoard as much money as possible and material possessions, and then to show it off in the most tacky and flamboyant way. Also to show you have as many women on tap too.

          • Frank Thoughts

            I think you summed up your experience well and accurate.

            • All based on first-hand experience and through hard lessons. Once you get to a certain age, that well of innocence is truly drained and you can’t afford to look at people or the world with those naive eyes again. You literally do not have enough time left to recover from making the mistake of giving the task to the wrong person. This means you must use judgement; other people these days call that ‘discrimination’ or ‘bias’ but actually those used to be positive terms.

              Who are you going to put in charge of your failing fast-food franchise? A dude with tattoos and a drug problem, no record of any achievement, a broken home, and a bad attitude? Or some whip-smart, hard-working Korean guy who has just arrived with his family and needs to get the cash together to get his daughter through Harvard? I would hire the Korean nine times out of ten.

              Who do you want to sleep with and wake up to every morning? A ‘bull’ black woman with weight issues, a violent temper, and a family of men who you need to visit in prison every xmas? Or a slim, pretty Asian woman with a PhD, now heading the Research Department at a genetics lab, and whose family are so successful, you can only be humbled when you meet them for Thanksgiving dinner and realise you need to raise your game? You pick, it’s your dick …

          • Black females are the least desirable mates on the planet. Name a predominately black neighborhood, city, or country people are flocking TO.

      31. When my father was coming to his end and staying with me, I took him into the VA Center in Washington, DC. He had a good health insurance policy and was also on medicare. He felt he had a right to it as a disabled veteran. They leave you sitting for hours and sometimes send you home even though we had an appointment! When VA got into trouble, I didn’t cry a tear;even had some good laughs. It was one of their better rated facilities.

      32. Being an old veteran I may face this kind of treatment.
        My thought is that the people that are responsible for his death
        should face the same thing death.

      33. I hear allot of people saying you need compassion for your patients that’s true, but in this case just get the damn machine working so the dude can breath pull one from storage and use it. I live life in fear of what these animals are gonna do to me when I’m on my back.

      34. Hopefully those Women make peace with God before they die.

      35. Wow! The comments section is a scary place to be today! Some hate all blacks, some hate all Jews, and some hate everyone that doesnt have white skin. I’m for more concerned that there are so many overtly racist people on this blog than I am about bad nurses.

        • While some may hate others are just stating what is true. I find the Anti Semitic holocaust deniers (when my Uncle and friends father both liberated camps and another friends father a Polish Catholic was in one surviving by putting gassed bodies into ovens) personally revolting. If nothing else those three are not lier’s.

          The post from Frank Thoughts along with the study published at the University Of Delaware are both accurate with one a personal observation and the other a three decade study. It is what it it is and its critical of white people too.

          One more time on the study. I didn’t write it. It comes out of The University Of Delaware.

          h ttp://www1.udel.edu/educ/gottfredson/30years/Rushton-Jensen30years.pdf

        • I don’t hate anyone. I don’t care enough to hate them and give them any free rent in my head. My point is we are not all equal. As a rule when it comes to manual labor a mexacan can out work all other races. There are breeds of cattle some do better in the cold like scottich higlander’s . Some like it hot like Zebu’s others make better beef and still others are dairy. and Humans are no different there are different breeds of humans and some are mean some kind. some hard working and some lazy. And those genetic traits are reflected in the appearance of the race. Anyone who cares about their children should carefully pick who you choose to breed with. If your smart you will find a healthy intelligent hard working loving caring mate. Don’t let love and lust enter into the decision. The fact is blacks are less than 14% of the USA population. And they are 90% of the prison population. Blacks prey on other blacks more then they prey on white folks. There is a Guy on U tube ET Williams Goes by the Title The doctor of common sense. He tells it like it is. And he is blacker than the ace of spades. I really agree with his assessment. Call me Racist I don’t care. Aint a thing wrong with being racist. One fact a persons soul don’t have any color.

          • It took Nazis of all people to get America to the moon. It wasn’t Somalis. Germans became a hair up humanity’s butt not because they were stupid, but because they were so smart they wanted to remove everyone else from the game. Even with HUUGE American bases in Germany, and America since WWII keeping its fat thumb on the scales, Germany still rose to become the richest and most powerful country in Europe. Now its China that is ready to replace America. The Chinese are very race aware. This new Chinese world is going to have different race rules than what we have gotten used to since 1945.

            On the other hand, Africa has received more aid and help than any other place on the planet. Yet, it is still home to the most poverty, the most sickness, and Africans are still fleeing the place.

            Don’t judge people on what they say (most can talk a good game) judge them on what they do, how the live and what they build and contribute.

            • FT
              Haven’t you heard about all the scientific and technological marvels coming out of Africa, the Middle East, and Central and South America?

              All cultures are equal.

            • “Don’t judge people on what they say (most can talk a good game) judge them on what they do, how the live and what they build and contribute.”

              You don’t say. I just watched the National Geographic documentary about the LA riots after the Rodney King incident. I got a whiff of World War Z…there is much more to be said about this but I won’t get into it.

              And no, the Germans didn’t want to remove everyone else from the game, that’s not even true.

        • Yeah whatever!!

        • You seem more concerned about perceived “racism” than about proof of the rotten fruits of “affirmative action”…witness the indifference shown by Negroidal staffers to this veteran’s plight, resulting in his needless demise. This is not to say that there aren’t black folks that are decent people and competennt, dedicated at their professions, because there are and I’ve been blessed to know many myself. But I’ve also witnessed what happens when blacks are given jobs they haven’t merited and allowed to continue in them in spite of a lack of a semblance of work ethic or professionalism. And when they’re FINALLY brought to account for their misdeeds, out comes the race card! Please, bctrucks, live in the REAL world…there are lazy, dishonest, and downright criminal folks out there, and MANY of them are black…deal with it.

      36. Looked this place up on line. Very poor ratings.

      37. Those wonderful “black bodies” strike again.

      38. Screw those bottom feeder lawyers that tried to stop the video. The sheep need to face reality.

      39. Ok guys and gals,I need some prepping help. I got buckets of long white rice,kidney beans,more rice,pinto beans,red beans and black beans. How in a shtf scenario do I cook this? My home runs on electric power and in case that goes down,I need an alternative. Thanks in advance.

        • Go to garage sales or scan craigslist for an old wood stove, doesnt have to be big, open fire works too, thats my plan

        • For short term see braves post

      40. Absolutely sickening to read this happened.
        My sincere condolences to the family.

        • P-51 Mustangs were junk then and they are now

      41. Southside, you can use a propane Coleman campstove for smaller pots and pans but for anything larger a BBQ grill with the bigger propane canister will do great. I have cast iron pots and pans myself. They outlast anything else made out there. and keep plenty of extra propane bottles for the camp stove. It’s best to store them in a separate place by themselves if at all possible. I hope you have those buckets sealed properly.

        • Thanks. Getting propane and iron skillets on my to do list.Really,I got more beans and lentils to create my own methane gas! No more purchasing beans,real food for now on

      42. As they have been all through recorded history, those of Sub-Saharan Africa ancestry continue to be a blight on the civilized world.

      43. …these “Caregivers” are still alive? Why?

      44. As they have been all through recorded history, those of Sub-Saharan Africa ancestry continue to be a blight on the civilized world.—– Yes and if they all disappeared from the planet over nite. The next day the other races would have a lot fewer problems. If the opposite happened those folks would have more problems than ever. If you need a example of just what they can do without oppression from Whitey. Take a hard look at Haiti. Those Hatians only invented one thing(The Haitian Necktie) and are only good at breeding and producing more Haitians.

        • It is deliver time, or as the Chinese say, “shit, or get off the pot”. Most of the black world need to stop complaining about ‘representation’ and ‘diversity’ and instead actually make one, single, amazing black nation that is peaceful, safe, free, prosperous and a net contributor to humanity. Just one. That’s all we ask. A black Switzerland would be amazing but we will take a black Albania as well.

          At present, the only value in most of these countries is the resources under their feet. If they do not add value to this, I can imagine the Chinese will do it instead. And they might not do it the nice way; they might sweep the squatters off the land to get to the stuff below.

          • FT, I’m the one who says shit or get off the pot, LOL.

        • Even as a kid, I knew the ‘Out of Africa’ theory for human origin was BS.
          If Africa is the oldest human civilization, why is it the least developed?

          • The ‘Out of Africa’ theory is not about the oldest civilization, but about the origins of mankind – the first human beings.

      45. gandhi

        The combat effectiveness of the P-51 Mustang
        during WWII proves you’re an idiot.
        Keep wasting your time little Internet troll.

      46. What we did to the native americans was just that. We swept the squatters off the land. They called it manifest destiny. The fact all great nations where formed by conquest and killing those who stood in the way. Right or wrong that’s just how things are. There is a war being waged against white people. Its happening and many just will not admit it.

        • When Europeans arrived in America, none of the North American Indians had developed a written language. Only 1 or 2 in South America had. Pretty sure none had invented the wheel.

          • Yes they where mostly stone age. Never domesticated anything other than dogs. feast and famine. No moral code just rule by the strongest & meanest. Now the incas where quite different and the Spanish robbed them of their gold. There are temples and pyramids that attest that there was once civilization. The Mayan citys where abandoned by the time the spanish arrived.

          • No wheel, no written language – the definition of prehistory. Europeans were actually confronted with prehistoric cultures there, comparable to ‘our’ Ötzi’s own here in Europe, who lived 5000 years ago.

        • This is true: at present the white civilization is the thing standing in the way of total world domination by a tiny global elite. They got tired of paying for the white civilization and decided to get rid of it instead. They have used everything they can to do it: they have exported all the jobs, they trashed wealth and exported credit to China etc. They imported opioids to get whites addicted and trash their families, communities, etc. just as drugs trashed black communities in the late 60s and 70s.

      47. Yeah gandhi you know nothing.
        I bet you think the M1 Garand is junk too.
        Ha ha!

      48. they had one of those on tv about 20 years ago at the kleveland ohio va showing the same nurse eating the immobile patient’s lunch in front of him and leaving , the guy had maggots coming out his nose.

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