Free Speech And Social Engineering In The ‘Land Of The Free’

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 29 comments

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    A disturbing trend has been going on for quite some time now, and that’s the destruction of free speech.  Many college campuses even have safe spaces now, where certain speech is banned so college students can snuggle blankets.

    Free speech is now the topic of several debates and they all revolve around social engineering/social tyranny. Take this article from The Week, for example.

    On many college campuses, groups of left-leaning students insist that free speech should be conditional on speakers adhering to explicit standards of diversity and avoiding the infliction of emotional harm on the members of marginalized groups through the spreading of “hate.”

    From the opposite ideological direction, President Trump believes that the government should “take a strong look” at libel laws to keep news organizations from subjecting his own administration to negative coverage.

    Finally, from the center-left come calls to use anti-discrimination law to punish organizations that oppose the legitimacy of same-sex marriage and accommodations for transgender people. If that happens — either by passing new laws that explicitly add to existing anti-discrimination statutes or by courts treating the members of these groups as protected classes covered by existing law — the result will almost certainly be a significant constriction of speech, as those holding more conservative views will face sanction for expressing them in public. –The Week

    The article asks the question: Is America Having Second Thoughts About Free Speech?  But Joe Joseph with The Daily Sheeple answers the question perfectly. “NO! America’s NOT having second thoughts about free speech. But the social engineers are cramming it down our throat like this is what we want.  But really, nobody wants it! It’s unfreakin’ believeable!”

    Joseph’s take reflects all those who are individual minded.  Even offensive speech is only offensive to the emotionally weak. “I can’t believe that we’re even having this conversation in the land of the FREE!!!! What the heck is going on…. are we in the “Twilight Zone”? When did we go from a nation of bad ass mo fo’s to a nation of pansies?” says the caption on Joseph’s latest news shot video.

    “How about we do this…how about these media organizations actually follow through with what their code of ethics say. How about they actually do what they say they’re gonna do! How about you practice the rules you’re taught day one in journalism school!” says Joseph about the media. He goes on to say laws dictating what speech is acceptable an what type of speech is not acceptable are not designed to fix the problem.  They are designed to divide the people and amplify the problems.

    There should never be a question of whether or not humans have free speech. It’s a natural right to think and say whatever you want.  Words don’t do physical damage, and until someone is hurt or their property is damaged, no crime has been committed.


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      1. Social engineering is so blatantly obvious in television shows, they must consider the American public to be perfect idiots not to see it. Everything that appears in print is not totally true and what appears on television is even less so. We’re running out of media sources.

        • Brian, I think far too many of the American people are perfect idiots. Brainwashed, chemically altered, liberal morons.
          Television is very illustrative of this.
          I’m not optimistic about America’s future. Not one bit.

      2. “America” is not having second thoughts about free speech. Those who are un-American are. Let’s get that straight. These wimpy spineless cry-baby snowflake pussies of both genders and all those psuedo-genders that they’ve dreamed up are. What offends me is the lack of thought, the lack of realization of hypocrisy that they exhibit. They want to be protected? Sure, after they’ve had their noses rubbed in their own feces just like any puppy has to have when house-breaking. ‘shame on you’ for being so stupid as to foul your own house, ‘good boy/girl’ when you get it right and leave your crap outside.

        • Heartless, my thoughts exactly. Good post.

        • Hear, hear! Well said!

      3. I don’t see where anybody gets the truly terrifying truth here.

        Some (?) Many (?) A Lot (?) All (?)

        How many Americans do not trust their government. Worse is how some? Many? A lot? All? feel that their government is out to get them. Same thing with all these institutions. Same thing with all corporations. What happens when you need help, but don’t trust anybody who is supposed to be there for you? Chaos.

        What happens when both the red and the blue pill kill you, and you still have to choose?

        “Hope is a mistake. If you cannot fix what is broken you will go insane.” – Anonymous

        • Nice quote about hope. The same is often true of faith.

          • I have removed the word “hope” from my lexicon. Hope is where failure hides. For if you have acheived your goal you don’t need hope. There would be nothing to hope for. Thus, hope is where failure hides.

        • This website seems to live in a wet binky too, as many words on here are banned by the Word N-A-Z-I. Here are a few words that are banned on this website. J-E-W, Z-I-O-N-I-S-T; T-R-I-B-E; & B-I-T-C-H;

          And we find many of America’s problems originate from these set of persons. So how do you call them out for their evil ways is we are banned from writing these words? So where is Free Speech anymore?

          And I am sure since I have used many of these words above my IP is red flagged so all my comments get put into the Z-I-O-N-I-S-T FEMA HOLDING TANK.

      4. Blame-e, you make some very important points. I’m definitely one of those people you mentioned. I totally reject the ‘social engineering and social tyranny’ crap. I don’t follow censorship, period. I’ve always been an independent thinker. None of that ‘groupthink’ crap for me. I live by a set of rules known as the Bill Of Rights and nothing else. They can take all the PC crap and stuff it.

      5. At least here at SHTF so far I haven’t been censored. I will never be politically correct.

        • Just don’t say the j-word that rhymes with poo. That will get your comment trapped up in moderation until your free speech gets approved.

        • Old Guy, I guess I’ve been fortunate so far. I’ve written/posted some pretty disparaging things about the Jewish race. I based my comments on my own real-world experiences. Tried to back-up with the simple facts of the matter. Not being one to just insult without good cause, maybe that’s the difference. Not saying you do that – just vent and curse; but, so far, other than some delays in having my posts place out there for public view…. I’ve never been censored here.

      6. Old Guy, I’ll never be PC either.

      7. My friends and I have made the same observations in that a lot more of the commercials show mixed race couples and they’ve even added gay couples now as well.

        I’m not trying to deny that these types of couples don’t exist. However they don’t exist in the totality of the commercials we’re seeing. If you watched the commercials without knowing the demographic breakdown of the USA you’d assume that about 30% of the couples in America are mixed race couplings .

      8. Hug a Nazi!


        The other day I saw a large picture of two men kissing in what was obviously a romantic embrace. Upon closer inspection, it became apparent that the advertisement was a public service announcement to get checked for AIDS.

        I was outraged when I learned that Nazis burned books. Later I discovered the bonfire began with the burning of pornographic material, some of which contained child pornography.


      9. Not all of Hitlers ideas where bad ones. Eisenhower was so impressed with the Autoban highway. that when he became president he copyed it to begin construction of our interstate highways. They are a road that can be used as a military landing strip.

      10. Our schools need to be reformed to let the kids know that it isn;t all about them and their wants. Everybody tolerates everybody else and their point of view. You don’t have to like it but one should be taught to talk things through rather than my way or the highway. Now you see why so many people do home schooling. They get the important stuff taught which make them better able to deal with the BS later. This country has done a 180 degree turn since I was a kid and is in worse shape for it.

        • Reform government schools? That horse left the barn long ago.

          Their purpose of government education is create conformists, obedient masses; to prevent critical thinking intelligent and innovative thought, independent thinkers and of course to employ such zeros.

          The two greatest gifts that parents can give their children are Jesus Christ and schooling at home.

      11. How odd, strange and bizarre it is that the ones who are so intolerant of others, are claiming to be the only ones who have the moral high ground because they are truly tolerant!! In reality, they are nothing but dramatizing psychopaths who are caught up in their own delusions of boogie men hiding under every bed and inside every closet!!
        They are like these low IQ overly inbred immigrants who use their right of free speech to denounce and remove the free speech of others. Who died and made them the sole keepers of the standards of what is acceptable speech and what is not?
        All of them need to retreat into their safe spaces filled with coloring books, comfort foods, blankets and therapy pets until they grow up into adulthood.


        • Randy, damn good post, but on your last sentence I don’t believe they’ll ever grow up.

      12. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the communists have won. They control nearly all sources of information. The movies, television, print media, and now computer based sources. Censoring is spreading fast. They control the education system. Therefore they control what info most people base their opinions on. Thus, the opinions of those people are the opinions the indoctrinaters wanted them to have. They control the courts. They control the borders. They control the immigration system. We are impotent.

      13. Good video.

        Political censorship is a hate crime used by political totalists.

        Thought reform is the foundation of ideological engineering.

        “Free speech?! We are not going to commit suicide.”
        -Vladimir Lenin (aka Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov)

        “Comrade, your statement is factually incorrect”
        “Yes it is. But it is politically correct.”

        The progressive dictionary: groupspeak, loaded language, and the rise of political correctness

        • Mass nonwhite immigration is the root of all these issues of “inclusivity”. Diversity = Death of America.

      14. Plato’s idea of teaching via the exploration of diverse thought has been squashed by group-think (there ain’t no thinkin’ goin’ on) and imbecilic professors that were trained to repress different ideas. The rise of snowflakes, BLM’s, and others have been a direct result.

      15. All of this nonsense derives from the ugly combination of the Cultural Marxist ideological takeover of American “education”, combined with the Third World demographic immigration invasion (aka, “The Diversity Invasion”). Stop playing games and “expressing outrage”. These attacks on everything that used to be summed up in the word “American” will only get worse, unless and until WHITE (aka REAL) Americans say “no more”. And we can begin to do so by supporting Trump’s desire to reduce (ideally, abolish) LEGAL immigration, while simultaneously opposing his treasonous push to provide OUR citizenship to 1.8 MILLION criminal trespassing “Dreamers”.

        “Diversity” it is now clear is the worst catastrophe that has ever befallen the Republic. The less of it, the better – and in every possible way.

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