FISA Memo: James Comey Lied Under Oath About Trump Surveillance And Is Now Pathetically Attacking Republicans For Revealing His Corruption

by | Feb 2, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 44 comments

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    The recently released FISA memo has proven that former FBI Director James Comey lied under oath when he told Congress that there was no information within the FBI or DOJ regarding surveillance on the Donald Trump campaign.

    The memo’s release has confirmed that to be an outright lie, detailing the shocking fact that Comey’s FBI used information obtained by Christopher Steele, from Russian sources, to secure a FISA warrant against Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

    Or, in other words, Trump was completely right to fire Comey who not only allowed Hillary Clinton to get off free but was actively working against the then Republican candidate during the election itself.

    For his part, Comey has laughably tried to downplay the revelations contained in the FISA memo (which confirm him to be a liar) in a series of Tweets that attempts to act as if the revelations are a big nothingburger.

    “Dishonest and misleading memo wrecked the House intel committee, destroyed trust with Intelligence Community, damaged relationship with FISA court, and inexcusably exposed classified investigation of an American citizen. For what?” Comey tweeted Friday morning. “DOJ & FBI must keep doing their jobs,” he continued.

    Dishonest and misleading? I think not. Full of shocking facts that exposes Comey and his Clinton crew as working against the president? I think so.

    Comey’s tweet should confirm once and for all that the man was absolutely actively working against President Trump and was willing to not only leak classified details to the media but is also now apparently willing to lie about the the contents of the memo to cover for himself and his deep state lackeys.

    Comey also used the anti-Trump dossier despite knowing it was completely unverified:

    One glaring possible inconsistency centers on Comey’s June 8, 2017 prepared remarks for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, where he referred to the anti-Trump dossier as containing “salacious and unverified” material.

    Yet, according to the memo crafted by House Republicans, Comey personally signed three FISA court applications utilizing that same dossier that he labeled “salacious and unverified” eight months later to obtain FISA court warrants to conduct surveillance on Carter Page, who briefly served as a volunteer foreign policy adviser to Trump’s 2016 campaign.

    The memo documents that on October 21, 2016, the FBI and Justice Department sought and received the FISA order against Page, and that the agencies sought the renewal of the order every 90 days in accordance with court requirements.  Renewals require separate finding of probable cause each time, the memo relates.

    According to the memo, Comey “signed three FISA applications in question on behalf of the FBI, and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe signed one.” Sally Yates, then-Acting Deputy Attorney Gernal Dana Boente, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein signed one or more of the applications on behalf of the Justice Department.


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        • Sedition is treason. Hang this MFKR !!! 🙂

      1. Rope and Lamp Posts. Lets get er done.

        • He, hillary, obama, all these fucking low lifes need to be jailed or better yet, thrown out into the world without protection.

          • No MenzoB… you, me, those we care for are in this world. They need to be taken out of it. You’ve read about all the volcanoes erupting here and there – toss them in one. Only worry then is if the earth itself would puke.

            • You are right.

            • Heartless, I agree they need to be eliminated but your volcano idea is an insult to the volcanos, LOL.

      2. The FBI Spies on Americans Every Day. This “Stingray Fake Cell Phone Towers” gathers the hard data off your cell phones daily. Photos, texts, emails, your phone book and your list of all phone calls everytime you drive by one of these fake cell phone towers. And its not just the FBI, Your local LEO’s Cops and Sheriff Depts. And this phony company called “Harris” makes these LEO agencies sign a Non- Disclosure agreement to use the Cell spy equipment.

        The Fake Cell phone Tower equipment can be in a Van parked, a small plane flying over your area or just an antenna. Look at the equipment hook up here: ht tp://

        Harris Stingray Nondisclosure Agreement Forbids Cops From Telling Legislators About Surveillance Tech

        ht tps://

        The FBI set the first (and second!) rules of Stingray Club: DO NOT TALK ABOUT STINGRAY CLUB. Law enforcement agencies seeking to acquire cell tower spoofing tech were forced to sign a nondisclosure agreement forbidding them from disclosing details on the devices to defendants, judges, the general public… sometimes even prosecutors.
        A new wave of parallel construction washed over the land, distancing defendants from the source of evidence used against them. Pen register orders — used to cover the tracks of Stingray searches — started appearing en masse, as though it was 1979 all over again. If curious lawyers and/or judges started sniffing around, agencies were instructed to let accused criminals roam free rather than expose details about Stingray devices. According to the FBI, public safety would be irreparably damaged if Stingray details were exposed. Apparently the return of dangerous criminals to the street poses no harm to the public.
        Another NDA has been uncovered, thanks to a lengthy public records lawsuit. The document finally handed over by Delaware State Police to the ACLU was once referred to as “mythical” by the DSP in court. Yes, the State Police once claimed this NDA never existed. It did so while claiming it had zero communications with Harris while acquiring its Stingray.

        • TSB, that’s just another example of what I’ve always said about law enforcement at all levels. We the people have no obligation to them, period. Another example of how illegitimate they are.

      3. This is what happens when you allow Democrats to be in positions of power. There can be no other outcome.
        Admittedly GOPe aren’t much better, but they get prosecuted when they do wrong.
        I intend to get a better scope and to increase my ammo stash for my 7mm Mag this year. I may need to take up Varmint hunting, in the coming years. They are multiplying around here.

        • ???
          They multiply unabated, one good outcome of all of this especially if it goes sideways, the enemy wont be hard to spot

          • Democrats say its ok for other Democrats to have abortions and I’m ok with that.

      4. and jeff sessions does nothing? I wonder why? I have one answer that might be plausible. If the Military who we know have been conducting there very own investigations. have warned and ordered Sessions hands off. We don’t want any bungled compromised DOJ attempt’s at prosecution. And the Military are planning inprisionment at GITMO and Military Tribunals. The December 21 execuitive order allows this to be a viable outcome. And I think that is where its headed. There are no appeals after you are found guilty of Treason by Military Tribunal. That look on Comeys face. That is Arrogant Guilt. These folks still think that they will somehow wiggle off the hook. Man I would really enjoy a video of them in a cell at GITMO. And remember this Trump did mention Gen Mattis and that he is keeping GITMO open in the SOTU address!

        • I would enjoy watching a live stream of them lined up in their undewear getting shot in the head and shoved into a trench, THAT would be justice,

          • ?

          • Nailbanger, you took the words right out of my mouth but that’s OK. That would be very gratifying.

      5. Much like all the police forces in the US, the FBI does what it wants to. It is a secret rogue outfit that thinks it is above the law.

        There are no good FBI agents, no “patriots” in this outfit. If there were, they would not have stood by as the “agency” murdered Randy Weaver’s wife, or burned women and children to death in Waco. They were all complicit when they kept silent about the fraudulent ballistic testing in their labs that put hundreds of people in prison on phony evidence… or when they covered up the shooting down of TWA 800 and the murder of 3000 innocent people on 9-11.

        None are good men, none are patriots. They are all criminals for not outing the villains they work with.

        Silence for a paycheck and a pension.

        Corruption and criminality is 99% of DC operations.

        • The reason why Cops HAVE to be held to a higher standard than other citizens is that they have the power (authority) to administer instant death.

          Corruption cannot be tolerated for that reason.

          If there is corruption among Librarians, nobody dies, nobody is horribly injured, nobody’s business is damaged, and no one’s life is ruined.


          • The FBI has killed and ruined many US citizens lives, they are ALL complicit in this crap, i dont give a rats ass what their excuse was, they are complicit, these turds tried to steer the election and then when they failed they tried and are still trying to unseat the duly elected POTUS,
            You fucking democrats want revolution in the streets? Go ahead, im pretty sure i can send a few dozen of you to meet your makers if you want to push that bullshit

        • What you say is clearly true. Its just that the amerikan people cannot handle that truth and will likely continue to engage in blatant denial of that truth. Sheep don’t like to think about the wolves surrounding them.

        • JRS, agreed. The day will come when LE and all fed agencies will have to be dismantled.

      6. Comey,the Clintons and assorted DNC folks need to be put in Gitmo(no air conditioning)and left there.

      7. Cops (in three piece suits) lie to get a warrant.

        Never happened before, Right?


        • This is SOP for these government turds

      8. So these jackass democrats go through all of this and still cant get their person elected, even with millions of fraudulent votes, and this buLLshiT!

      9. The children of Satan are probably doing now what they have done in the 100 plus countries they have all been deported from? We had to execute the Rosenbergs.That example didn’t last long enough?Are the Jews of the 1930s doing what they are doing now? George Soros, barbera learner specter, and the rest.? Revalation 2:9,3:9 John 8:44? And at what lengths do you go to stop them?

      10. The biggest crime committed in the last Presidential election was with the huge number of people who voted who did so illegally! We should go over the voter rolls and eliminate the dead, the multiple voters, and the illegal immigrants. Most of this occurs in urban areas who voted for Hillary.

      11. If you think that Washington Deep State has too much power now, imagine what life in America would be like if there was no Second Amendment as a last resort against governmental tyranny.

      12. More lies by a Neocon.
        Didn’t read or seeFISA application. Didn’t tell the truth…that the FISA warrant was actually applied for long before the dossier was even written!!
        Lies and political hack jobs is all it is.
        I read the memo and it’s clear that it lies even about the public testimony that anyone could watch on CSPAN.
        Nunes moronic memo also leaves out key parts of FOI documents already released.

      13. Anyone that believes anything on this site they are either on drugs or need to be!!

        • Jill you hit the nailbanger right on the head. These people are delusional at best and Nazis at worst. Lining up people to get shot is fascism, sprinkle in the uber-religious conundrum of killing for god and you get ignorant, stupid and self loathing for any humans that are different than they are. Forget about how god wants you to love and respect your fellow man and Jesus would call these people evil with a lot of satanic worship mixed in. One black guy gets elected and they lose their collective minds. By the way he was a much better President and a much better person the their “Liar in Chief”.

      14. Hillary for prison 2018.

      15. Dishonest,misleading, weasel and liar! He must have been looking into a mirror when writing those words. If he committed perjury before Congress, he should be prosecuted. His name is Comey not Clinton with automatic immunity.

      16. I wonder if Congress and Sessions have the balls?

      17. Stewart went to prison for much less of a lie to congress. This turd will walk I bet! (and keep his fat pension!)

      18. @Naya, @Jill Miled.

        Yep, there are certainly some utter lying, treasonous, scumbags out there, and who probably comment on this site like a lot of other ones that purport to be “patriotic” but are willing to sell their country down the river for the treasonous Republicans and Russia. And those are just the good ones!!

      19. Oh, and don’t forget who else has lied under oath: Jeff Sessions. I’m sure that other “upstanding” people have lied too … so don’t come to me telling me that James Comey has lied. He was probably the most factual of anyone who has been talked to, as of yet.

      20. lied under oath,you mean perjury? wtf is he not in prison? smh

      21. The FISA warrants started long before Carter Page with George Papadopoulous, who admitted that he was talking with the Russians for dirt on Clinton. The white house lied about contacts with the Russians. Jeff Sessions conveniently ‘could not recall…” Within that context, you can easily see why the Steele Dossier (originally funded by Republicans) might have led to opening a FISA investigation on Carter Page. The Trump machine has consistenly lied, not only to the press, but also to the American people. These lies don’t just relate to the Russia Investigation. Why?

        Here is a list of Lies told by Trump

      22. Man robs bank; Aunt turns him in. Man claims that the Aunt is at fault for his arrest and jailing.

      23. I believe in starting the daily sessions of congress with prayer. Every prayer should include “Oh Lord! Strike me dead if I am dishonest today! It would be the worst massacre in history. James Comey should be required to only testify under the truth drug sodium pentathol.

      24. Good grief, hasn’t the sock cucker dropped frakking dead yet.

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