Federal Agents Caught “Masquerading As Utility Workers” While Installing Mysterious Spy Box

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    This article was written by Derrick Broze and originally published at ActivistPost.com.

    Editor’s Comment: As the revelations about the FBI’s use of StingRay cellphone interceptors demonstrated, the agents of the government, or of any intelligence agency in the world, are capable of sucking up huge quantities of data from communities in order to track suspects or conduct ‘investigations.’

    Abuses go unreported because nobody knows what’s going on after the data is collected, but they are feeding it into big data systems that learn from accumulated pools of data, revealing trends, anomalies, and eccentrics operating within the populations. The 4th Amendment now has clipped wings, and the masses are subjugated, watched and controlled.

    Why is the Federal Government Installing Mysterious Boxes on Utility Poles?

    by Derrick Broze

    The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives has claimed ownership of a mysterious box that was removed from a utility pole in Phoenix, Arizona.

    Phoenix resident Brian Clegg was concerned about a box he witnessed being installed on a power pole. Clegg said the box was facing his house and he believed it may have had cameras inside. The pole was owned by Arizona’s largest power provider, SRP, who claimed no one had permission to put the box on their pole. Brian Clegg says shortly afterwards SRP sent a crew to remove the box.

    Shortly after ABC15 investigated the matter, the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives(ATF), a branch of the U.S. Department of Justice, acknowledged installing the box as part of an ongoing investigation. Officials with the ATF would not provide details about their alleged investigation and would not confirm if they were conducting surveillance in the area.

     “I don’t feel safer,” said Brian Clegg. “I feel that my privacy has been violated.”

    SRP told ABC15 they were unaware the box had been installed and that the ATF has to notify them if they are going install something on their property. The ATF told ABC15 they can put security measures in place without asking for permission. Obviously the federal government feels comfortable doing whatever it wants to do, whenever it wants to, law be damned.

    One other interesting aspect of Clegg’s story is the fact that he claims the crew who installed the box came in a truck marked “Field Pros.” The thought of undercover government agents installing surveillance equipment while masquerading as utility workers is highly disturbing and sounds like a scene right out of a Hollywood film. Unfortunately, Phoenix is not the only city to have surveillance equipment installed by an agency of the federal government.

    In November 2013, Seattle residents pushed back against the installation of several mesh network nodes attached to utility poles around the downtown area. The nodes were purchased by the Seattle Police Department via a $2.7 million grant from the Department of Homeland Security. The American Civil Liberties Union of Washington and privacy advocates were immediately concerned about the ability of the nodes to gather user information via the Wi-Fi connection.

    “How accurately can it geo-locate and track the movements of your phone, laptop, or any other wireless device by its MAC address? Can the network send that information to a database, allowing the SPD to reconstruct who was where at any given time, on any given day, without a warrant? Can the network see you now?” asked Seattle newspaper The Stranger.

    Initially the Seattle PD was reluctant to speak about the network. However, the police ultimately yielded to public opinion and decided, “the wireless mesh network will be deactivated until city council approves a draft policy and until there’s an opportunity for vigorous public debate.”

    Although the situation in Seattle played out in favor of the people, we must recognize that there is a growing partnership between the surveillance agencies of the federal government and the increasingly militarized local police forces in the United States. As Activist Post previously reported, a new policy from the Obama administration will make it easier for the NSA to share information between law enforcement agencies with very little oversight.

    According to the New York Times:

    The Obama administration is on the verge of permitting the National Security Agency to share more of the private communications it intercepts with other American intelligence agencies without first applying any privacy protections to them, according to officials familiar with the deliberations.

    The new rule changes would allow federal agencies such as the FBI to access streams of information gathered by the spy agency, “including emails, phone calls and location data.” These federal agencies would then have the ability to pass the data to state and local law enforcement. As the Times points out, “all of this can happen without any congressional or judicial oversight under a Reagan era executive order known as EO 12333.”

    The rule change by the Obama administration is only one of several tools that both local police and federal agencies have at their disposal. From drones to stingrays, gunshot detectors and automatic license plate readers – the State has an arsenal of spy equipment. How can the free hearts and minds of the world live free, happy, and abundant lives with the ever-present eyes and ears of Big Brother? We must educate ourselves about the tools used for surveillance and oppression and begin working to redirect the technology at the tyrants. We must persevere, be courageous, and shine a light on the darkness.


    This article was written by Derrick Broze and originally published at ActivistPost.com.

    Derrick Broze is an investigative journalist and liberty activist. He is the Lead Investigative Reporter for ActivistPost.com and the founder of the TheConsciousResistance.com. Follow him on Twitter.



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      1. Nothing was done about the NSA once Snowden exposed their Fourth Amendment Rights demolition, so what else do we expect? This is just more tyranny on display that makes us look like a colony of ants when someone steps their foot in the middle of it and they scurry around in circles real fast… nothing more than that.

        • Maybe if there wasn’t so much bogus BS put out, people would take these claims alittle more serious. It’s alot like the military using the UFO phenomenon and space aliens to always cover their latest technology. As they say truth is stranger than fiction. I know I’m drifting off course here, but its like people putting out BS about Barack or Mooshell when theres enough to dislike about them without making things up. Trekker Out. Magna est veritas et praevalet.

        • We have been “tricked into tyranny” since before the Civil War.

          Once I started researching for the truth, I have had my eyes opened up to the establishment cronies and the evil that lurks within their souls and minds.

          Evil has always been apart of our lives, but; it has only fully manifested itself within our gov and tyrannical circles since the election of 1860.

          The fix was in, even back then. Lincoln was handpicked to lead the liberals and corporate greed mongers from the North, against the south.
          History wants us to believe that Lincoln won the nomination and eventual election by an overwhelming landslide vote by American citizens. WRONG!

          He barely got the nomination via the delegate process, and won with only winning 39% of the popular vote. How is this possible? The electoral college.

          Bill Clinton was another winner via the electoral college process, with only winning about 40% of the popular vote. The framers of the 12th amendment never thought that the process would be so easily corrupted.

          But with so much influence by the wealthy elite, the delegates casting the votes that matter can be easily bought off.
          That corruption has devastating coincidences, such as was with Lincoln’s agreement to punish southerners.

          Lincoln, single handed decisions, needlessly, caused the deaths of an estimated 750,000 men and countless women and children.
          Not to mention the 1.2 million casualties and the uncountable social and economic impact.

          To make the point here; trampling over citizens rights, that goes totally against our US Constitution, is nothing new.
          For over 150 years the elite have been doing what they want, via their bedfellows, the politicians.

          It is just that now it has become more obvious and in our faces with the information highway….now a super freeway.

          It will continue to escalate on a scale that we can’t fathom, until the Rectifier returns. Then it will be finished. The heathens and evil workers for greed will all have their day in the court of the Creator.

          • “…To end slavery.” Wrong. “…To preserve the Union.” Wrong, again. “…To pick out slavery as the way to undermine the South’s increasingly independent economy and, to use slavery as the issue for which to attack and destroy that increasingly independent South.” Correct!

            The South’s own, despicable form of slavery over the blacks there–like that which still continues over so many, black, white and otherwise under Big Business and the Big Government that aids and abets it–was replaced by slavery of entire “free and independent States” themselves, as Thomas Jefferson declared them to be in those states’ Declaration of Independence. The Federalist Union is the slavemaster now. The people have been made its slaves, by the ruse of abolition of the mistake of private slavery.

          • So what you are saying is that the American people have allowed the tyrants to walk all over our US Constitution and Bill of Rights almost since our founding fathers (uh oh.. NSA alarm bell goes off in Utah) created it.

            They (politicians and government bureaucrats) have been pushing at destroying these sacred documents since their inception and it is only now that many of us are waking up to this BS.

            Back to my “ants” analogy… I’m not sure if we are capable of moving passed the point of just being upset as we all peck away at our keyboards…..

            And I’m not talking about going violent. That would be suicide and would be EXACTLY what they want to occur.

            • I agree. The waking up part is way overdue, but sadly, it is like the ole adage…”too little,to late”.

              Sadly, again; the Trumpster train is the only horse worth betting on, and the race is half over before he got out of the gate.
              It took an increase in 10 trillion dollars of National debt, more losses of Constitutional freedoms, and true jobless numbers of near 30%, before the sheeple began to wake up and look for a saviour. Sorry sheeple, but trumpster ain’t him.

              Yep, the nsa has my profile along with about 200 million more.
              The only part they can’t control is my soul, and my Creator has that as well as my back. Soon this world will fade away like all the evil workers for the cabal. Our Father has promised it. No evil ones in eternity, where i am heading.

        • You are almost there Stan.
          But you are not an ant. No no no.

          Now Lets Explain the Corrupt, Lying, Inept, Incompetent, Governments Viewpoint:
          You are a Cow and a Sheep.
          Your ONLY Purpose’s are to be Milked of your Money.
          Sheered when conveinent and opportunity is present. (The Police and city inspectors real job, along with tax collectors.)

          Of course Eventually you will be Slaughtered. The Politicians and Medical establishment can NOT allow you to live to a ripe old age. Medicaid and Social Security are BROKE!
          So O-b-ama-mamie care will ensure the medical establishment hastens your exit from this life with meds.
          The Drug companies, Flu shots with cancer, Cigarettes, Fast Food, chem trails, vaccines, will take out the rest.

          This is the Real world Folks. That is the Mentality of those who rule over You.
          There is No Constitution.
          There is No Accountability.

          They do Whatever they want, while they Deceive and Lie to You ALL the way.
          (My ex Wife was Exactly like that. Glad I told her to Leave. My current woman half her age, with half the BS and twice the Boobs is much nicer.)

          Perhaps we should tell ALL Politicians to LEAVE. Or maybe you Enjoy being a milked cow, sheered sheep, slaughtered at the end of useful milking and sheering?
          Isn’t being spied on, controlled, gullible, naive, believing any BS being a good Amerikkan?
          Go USSA. Go USSA. Don’t you just love your made up Wars? Made up Emergencies. Go USSA. OoRah.

      2. what do these boxes look like? Anyone have a good high-res clear picture? What was shown in the news footage comes across blurry.

        • Yep.

        • During times of war and under the grounds of National Security, monitoring US Citizens is LEGAL.
          50 U.S. Code § 1861 – Access to certain business records for foreign intelligence and international terrorism investigations

          During times of war and under the grounds of National Security, compulsory internment of certain US Citizens and Aliens living in Continental United States and overseas possessions into designated military areas is LEGAL. Executive Order 9066 is a historical precedence and these types of actions carried out by the Executive Branch are non-reviewable by the courts:
          Read also Korematsu v. United States, 323 U.S. 214 (1944):

          In legal terms the United States of America is currently in a State of War: Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF – Public Law 107-40)

          • Sites like this are the perfect little honeypot. People get comfortable and ignore op-sec. This site wasn’t built for people to exchange ideas it was built to enable various government agencies to mine your minds. Look at all the people putting all of their information online, in public, with a comment number next to their name when the time comes to present evidence to a jury.

            • Anonymous I agree 100% but I think this site is great, Mac gives all kinds of articles to comment on and thats the reason it is so popular. But we do get comfortable and whether talking about our guns and ammo or how much silver or gold or preps we have,little by little we expose our souls for the whole world to see and you can bet Big Brother is watching. Trekker Out. Loose Lips Sink Ships!

              • This site is only popular for a handful of people who change their nics often.

          • Everything quoted above me about military force and all is just bullshit. Non-constitutional and thus “null & void.” They can “boast and ruff” all they want, but in the end they are in the wrong, morally and legally.

            I don’t follow nor obey anything not constitutional, no exceptions. You shouldn’t either. The world would already be a better place if you took such a stance and held fast.

        • I’d be more interested in hi resolution pictures of the “workers” putting them up.

          Sorta like blowing an undercover narcs cover by publishing his photo, he’s never good for the job again.

        • I know right where they put this box. What the BATFE were doing was watching an ammo store that does pallet loads of bulk ammo sales at that location. In the story they say that the box was installed at 21 Ave. and Glendale in Phoenix AZ.. Well United Nations ammo is right on the corner of 21 Ave. and Glendale. Here’s a link to UN ammo’s web site. http://unammo.com/

          • Colt if what you say is correct, it seems the Bastards-At-The-Fed were not only wanting to see how much ammo UNammo was selling, but also who was buying. Trekker Out.

            • Trekker, what i said is correct, i use to live less then a mile from that store. Just as a side note, those two muslims who were killed down in Texas right around a year back. You know the ones, they were going to try to shoot up that draw mohammad contest. Anyway, they both use to go to a big mosque less then half a mile from that store. Kind of makes you wonder what else our government isn’t telling us about those so called “peace loving” muslims.

        • We have a number of those boxes in our area. Gray box with a black window and a “High Voltage” sticker on it. I work for the cable company. We had orders to hook internet to a couple of them. Found about 6 around town. I only know of one currently. I heard there was a guy in a unmarked bucket truck installing them.

      3. 1984 was ment to be a futuristic novel, not a templet for society. Because subsequent actions originated with art that is imitating life, it has plausible deniability, “Oh you got that from that book”. The movie JFK did similar, “Oh, if it was true you really think they would show it”?

      4. Democrats admit more plans for the country…

        CHELSEA CLINTON: Now that Scalia’s Gone We Can Enact Gun Control

        “While campaigning for her mother recently, Chelsea Clinton admitted that the left is planning to use the Supreme Court to enact greater gun control if a Democrat wins the presidency this fall.”


        • KY Mom, the fruit didn’t fall far from that tree now.

          • I agree.

          • Yes, ha-ha, I agree PO’d… and, to add to ‘like mother, like daughter’ not only has she been brainwashed, but she has been brainwashed by sociopaths… so there’s that to take into consideration.

          • KY Mom and Po’d P, that fruit fell right under the tree and didn’t even roll away.

        • That is why I will vote for whatever Republican gets the nomination this fall. It’s not that I really trust them, it’s that I KNOW I can’t trust the Democrats with my gun rights and I really don’t want them to have to pry a gun from my cold, dead hands.

      5. With the advance of technology it is already possible, but for obvious reasons, not admitted, to an agent or someone well connected to the right side of the Law (this tech is being used all over the Western World for at least a decade) stationed in a post either in a van or in a facility thousand’s of kilometers away of the target, monitor, identify and record the bio functions and even the sub vocal speech (and indirectly your thoughts; yes, every time you think your brain activates your sub vocal speech) of dozen of persons at the same time, either indoors or inside a moving vehicle, as long as it remains in the range of these sensors… Compared to these tech, 1984 seems a bedtime story to scare little kids…

      6. The Stasi Fascists of the alphabet agency treasonous scum in the Globalist Police State vile evil disgusting hell on earth do whatever they when psychopaths control the “Land of the slave, home of the coward”. The American cowards just love pure evil, and they worship their government of pure evil like a God.

      7. I hope that soon these boxes will be recognizable by the multiple .30 caliber holes in them.

        • Those boxes are vulnerable to ‘countermeasures’.

      8. Sounds like F-troop took a page out of tricky Dick’s playbook and sent bogus linemen instead of plumbers.

      9. Pretty simple,
        The government is out of control.
        It needs to be bitch slapped back to 1776

      10. That was funny, i was reading K2 talking about being sent to moderation yesterday and thought hmm that doesnt happen to me, then this morning its the moderation pen for TR

        • Well tis one went through,,,

      11. Just like those Mysterious maintenance workers working in the Twin towers a month before 9/11

      12. And people worry about what we post here.
        Simple, don’t post so you can have plausible deniability.

      13. Pulling the Teeth out of the Mouth of the Legal System

        Not many people realize that the legal system is a complete scam, and even fewer realize that it has teeth which can be easily pulled out, quite easily, in fact. The forceps that are used for this task come straight out of the legal system itself, believe it or not! These forceps come in various sizes, shapes and styles, but they all do the exact same job. They expose the contradictions and hypocrisies of the legal system, as well as the crimes that the legal system commits in order to function. All that one has to do to identify these forceps, and then use them, is to thoroughly read and understand a few key elements of the legal system, such as its basic premise for existence and from where it derives its authority. There are a few more which will be touched on as you read further. And as more and more of these tools are learned, much confidence in using them will be gained.
        The legal system from its very beginnings, when the King’s Court was seen as becoming too corrupted to function properly as a place where people could get their due justice when they had been wronged, has been nothing but a huge scam. Not even the men who spoke so eloquently on behalf of the plaintiffs and defendants way back then ever saw that the legal system would be its own undoing one day! But that time has indeed come upon us now, and all that we have to do is open our eyes and greet it like a brand new day dawning upon us, with a cheery grin and a song in our heart.
        The various policing agencies are a rather easy set of teeth to yank right out of that meat grinding maw of the extremely ugly beast we call the legal system. One way is to get into the record the fact that “witnesses” for the State enjoy being able to lie while under oath without any fear at all of perjury charges being filed against them. This is supposedly allowed under the guise of it furthering the interests of justice! Just HOW are the interests of justice served by certain people being allowed to lie while under an oath to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? That’s not justice at all, that’s criminal collusion to say the least! It makes a complete mockery of that oath! If this fact seems too incredible to believe, all one has to do is make a test by firstly reading Terry Reed’s book, Compromised; Bush, Clinton and the CIA. And then ask a lieyer (without telling him/her that you are onto their scam) if that is true or not. If they say that it’s a lie, then bring up the fact that that very thing happened in Reed’s case, and ask them how they can reconcile the two things. You see, ALL good attorneys always know the answers to their questions BEFORE they ask them! Unless it is one that comes out of some testimony, the answers of which will be verified later on to make sure that the truth was being told.
        Another pair of pliers that can be used is to show a conflict of interest with any of the actors involved. These so-called judges are a good place to start, since they are all just Executive Administrators who do not even swear a proper oath of office before they begin hearing cases. And they never disclose the fact that they are actually acting as the lead prosecutor in any case. These EAs take a portion of the proceeds of a court case in the form of a payment into their retirement account. In “income tax” cases, they can get a cash payment of ten thousand dollars upon a conviction!! Isn’t that a conflict of interest there? Do the arresting officers get any kind of a perk or bonus from their actions? Or does their department? Isn’t that biased policing?
        After many years of study of the legal system and its machinations, something was suddenly realized. It is the incontrovertible fact that the entire legal system runs on fraud of one kind or another. And since fraud is a crime, exposing it for the whole world to see, negates any pretense that it is an honest system and one has to endure it. Let us look at the definition of just two words now, and see how they fit into this tool box of ways to beat the legal system at its own game, shall we? The first one is the word contract. It is defined in any law dictionary as having five essential elements to it, and the violation of even just one of them to any degree then renders the whole thing void. Those five elements are competent parties, subject matter, a legal consideration, mutuality of agreement and mutuality of obligation. Notice now that these are given in terms of absolutes, meaning that there is no lee way at all in any of them. They are either there or they are not. For how can anyone measure how much deviation from them can occur before the alleged contract is finally vacated? That is a very deadly arrow to pull from our quiver. Another word is fraud. According to several court cases, fraud vitiates all that it comes into contact with. Fraud just touching something renders that thing completely contaminated and of no further concern to us. How can it be otherwise? If it is some other way, once again, what is that measuring instrument which we use to mete out the appropriate amount of fraud to make sure that we get just the right amount?
        Any alleged contract can be vacated for fraud, threat, duress, coercion, mistake, illegality, immorality, impossibility, insanity or minority of age. Another tool in this box is The Seven Elements of Jurisdiction. One can easily find them by just the most cursory look around a law library or online. The Void for Vagueness Doctrine has been used many times to yank whole sets of legal system teeth in one fell swoop, as well as proof of a mistaken identity. So you see now, the entire legal system is just riddled with holes, some of them big enough to sail large ships through three abreast with plenty of room left over. Other holes may not look to be so cavernous at first glance, but all holes leak something. And once a small leak has begun, it can turn into a major spill very quickly. Now some people may not like to remove those chains of the legal system from around their ankles, because they feel that it is their duty, in some sort of a perverted way of thinking, to be ripped off and abused by it and its actors. Or maybe it goes against their brainwashing in the public fool system or some religious order to seek freedom. And to them I say, well, please have a very good time with that then! But if others do not want to be made a victim of the legal system, why should they be so made? Just to keep the others company in their cell next door? We should have better things to do with our precious time than that.
        Yet even more tools are The Three Magic Questions. What is the EXACT AMOUNT of fraud that ANY man or woman has the right to commit? What is the EXACT AMOUNT of fraud that ANY man or woman has an actual obligation to endure? What is the BASIC PREMISE that is being operated off of, in the instant case? Those three questions right there have the lieyers heading for the hills when they are asked. They have no real defense against them, so they MUST run away as fast as they can and hope that they can outrun them.
        So when enough people are educated with this material, the current legal system will be starved more and more, eventually becoming so weakened it will just die. When enough court cases are dismissed and no profits are being created from them, the various policing agencies will have to curtail their criminal activities. Like civil asset forfeitures. That is the real reason why Prohibition was repealed, too many court cases were being lost due to jury nullification and the courts were losing money hand over fist. Make no mistake about it, courts ARE businesses which must show a profit each fiscal year. Every court in America is listed in Dunn & Bradstreet as a business!! And, the federal government couldn’t keep shame off its face with a law on the books that couldn’t be enforced, so Prohibition had to be repealed.
        One fine day, we will be able to go back to Common Law courts with real juries of our peers; our friends, neighbors and business acquaintances, for who else should know us better in order to judge us? The judges will be there only to act as referees to keep things running smoothly and the jurors will be the ones who judge our guilt or innocence based upon the factual evidence presented.

        • Randy



          Keep posting.

        • Well said sir

      14. “The Obama administration is on the verge of permitting the National Security Agency to share more of the private communications it intercepts with other American intelligence agencies without first applying any privacy protections to them, according to officials familiar with the deliberations.”

        See I told you there was no difference between democrats and republicans.



        Mothers and females who love freedom and liberty in collapsing fascist Police State America we need you to stand up and speak out NOW about the future Globalist Fascist Police State hell on earth you are leaving your children. The drunken disease ridden depressed suicidal Big Pharma pill popping cowardly men of America are more concerned about football, golf, getting drunk,and playing violent video games than they are about the future and health of the children they should of NEVER had. Please mothers of collapsing fascist Police State America stand up and let your voices be heard for the sake of your children, while your cowardly drunken men whimper in fear as they have many times in history when psychopaths take control of government and society. Make no mistake mothers and females of America, the end goal of these Globalist Fascist psychopaths is complete control of your children their fathers care nothing about. The psychopaths want your children dumbed down, subservient to their evil will, vaccinated with as much chemical garbage as they can pump into them, and of course the final phase will be RFID Chipping which will be voluntary and “trendy” at first. All of this will happen freedom and liberty loving mothers of America while your drunken bums you call men and fathers scream at football, play golf, masturbate to their favorite porn, and live in their coward slave fantasies and lies that they are “exceptional” and live in the “land of the free, home of the brave”. History once more repeats itself and shows that “all evil needs to thrive is for good men and WOMEN to do NOTHING”. The cowardly fascist boot licking men and fathers of collapsing America are gone and cowering in fear, so mothers who love freedom and liberty, it is up to you now to secure liberty and freedom for your children, and it is up to you to protect their health from these criminal psychopaths.

        • Ron Ahrens – “Psychopaths want your children dumbed down”… I agree.

          Normal people/non-psychopaths teach, guide, direct and support – psychopaths brainwash and indoctrinate. Two different mindsets and mentalities. One is disordered.

          As a mother and a very child-oriented person, what needs to happen sooner than later that isn’t happening is this; psychopaths/sociopaths should be in low-level, highly supervised jobs only and not have any power to abuse AND they should not have any access to children — ever… at all. They should not be allowed to raise them, teach or influence them or counsel/coach them. But they are.

          That is what needs to change. I do my part every day by blogging, posting this all over the Internet and getting the message out in a variety of ways. Yes, I am ignored or slammed hard for it, but this is what needs to happen.

          Instead of complaining, remove these dysfunctional, disordered people from power (they are everywhere) especially in our educational and legal/judicial system / family courts, and more than half the battle is solved.

          The problem is most people don’t care or can’t identify the sociopath/psychopath – they refer to them as very tough/difficult, toxic, assholes, douche-bags and pos, which they are, but aside from being unable to identify them, they’re unaware of how destructive they are.

          Hell, they even vote for them. Most lawyers and half the people in office are psychopaths or sociopaths, including our president. People mistakenly trust them because they can’t identify them. They don’t want to know what hides behind the mask, the wolf in sheepskin.

          One example; my neighbor refuses to believe the Principal of her son’s school is a classic psychopath, who mostly hires other disordered people. At some point she’ll be in for a real surprise, in shock, upon realizing her son has been turned against her and she can’t UNbrainwash him. The (covert) damage they inflict is difficult to reverse.

          People don’t want to hear it. They don’t believe that they make up 20% of the population and assume they are a rare breed. They think of them as evil-looking creeps who commit felonies, when most never murdered anyone and have a clean background report/history. That’s the problem.

          Just raising awareness. Doing my part.

          • Thank you for being a freedom and liberty loving patriot. We need more females and brave mothers like you speaking out, while the coward fascist boot licking men of America get drunk and jerk off to their favorite sporting event.

      16. No kidding. Did you think the would have fire works, and a parade telling you that they were doing this. Come on people this happens all the time just look around when they are do this type of work and you will find about 505 of this is covert.

      17. Nothing like a mysterious box..

        • COF – Psychopaths/sociopaths (tptb, as well as the disordered people behind this bs) operate from a place of secrecy… nothing open, honest, straightforward or transparent about them. Nope. Secrecy. That’s their game.


        The military and others in it, have seen and heard the things that we are preparing for.


        Certainly, its making sense, since martial law drills are going on all over the country. Just read this article. You see agency ass clown trolls, i read you comments this morning, while taking a crap, and you will not get very far here. I have talked to several cops including one High ranking law enforcement officer over two years ago, because of my cop friend who had put him on the phone with me, that this is really going to happpen, as he told me that bad people and criminals “?muslim united nations types”, in our own government is planning and event of some type to go down in two more years or later on., Now it all comes to ligth. You asshole trolls think that calling me names and attacking me means that i am mental sick, and lost credibility. Your nothing but a gay child rapist or molestor, black and is working fusion center, to tackle threats like me that out the truth. David Hodges and Stevequayle.com has proven to me that russian soldiers are in our cities. This is just and inalienable sickening fact of life, so come on here talking crap to me wont get you trolls very far. Notice my friends, its seems like everytime i post, they attack me immediately. Watch it happen again as soon as this comment gets posted. I know trolls, the cops that i talk to are not cops, they are not real. By the way ass clowns, most of my cop friends are EX military and done tours, so dont come on here trying to discredit me, your wasting time. We here at SHTF ARE BEYOND YOU DAMAGE CONTROL. YOU HAVE LOST THE INFO WAR.

        We are in the middle of and information war, and we are loosing that war.

        Hillery Clinton.

        It that not what she said. Add that to the free energy inventor that was interviewed with the audio posted on allnewspipeline.com while back last year, as he warned us about this economic callapse, where some talk show host tried to buy of his entire store going ballistic on him demanding that let him back up a truck to buy of all of his devises, because callapse is coming, the grid will go down, and that its enevitable.

        IN THE INFORMATION war, we trolls have lost this war, and have lost the war on the shtfplan.com

        agency as clown trolls. you have lost the information war on this site, so eat sh…t.

        Read the book On Combat. 80% of soldiers fail on the battle field and have nervouse breakdowns, but there is this 20% who are the ones that fought, fired back, maintained and killed the enemy. Its not a wonder why patriots and veterans scare the crap out of them. So scared that they are willing to get cuba to launch and amphibian assault, by air, ocean and by invasion on our gulf states of Texas, Lousiana, Alabama, Florida in under 6 hrs, cuba will have over 250,000 soldiers deployed on our gulf states, trained and weapons supplied by none, other than russian and chinese soldiers. Hey fusion center trolls, i highly recoment that you listen to the recent video with Alex Jones and Larry Nichols. Don’t phucking insult my intelligence trolls, you should know better than that.


        phuck china, the jihadist, fuck Z, phuck russia, phuck putin, phuck them all.

      19. And yet with all the sophisticated spy and tracking technology they can’t track kidnapped children that go missing and are never found, including the 3,000 missing kids from Westchester County, NY over the span of six years. No leads, no one saw anything, nothing.

        But, they have the technology to see through the walls of your home, and even zoom in, able to spot a spider crawling on the basement floor of your home.

        ‘Without conscience’ also means ‘without common sense.’

        They may or may not have an above-average IQ, but without a conscience (AKA psychopath/sociopath) one lacks common sense and is actually quite ignorant, even if they are well educated and/or happen to have a high IQ.

        As they focus on the trivial and unimportant, they ignore critical issues; they turn a molehill into a mountain, a wave into a tsunami, all with their know-it-all kind of ignorance and disturbingly sick, intense craving for power, control and domination. This is what we are dealing with.

        These disordered alarmists are peace-stealers who are either inspiring anxiety or terrorizing hardworking,law-abiding taxpaying citizens, as their focus is in all the wrong places, and on those who don’t need to be tracked and monitored, to notice the real criminals and the real issues, to solve the real problems, because they really don’t want to solve or address that which needs to be, as those without conscience, tptb, thrive on chaos… plus, without a conscience one isn’t mentally/emotionally equipped to do the right thing = dysfunctional and incompetent.

        These contaminators, who are actually the real criminals here, are the ones who need to be tracked and monitored, but instead, the fox is in charge of the hen-house. So, we have criminals overseeing / overpowering the law-abiding.

        They are here for one purpose and one purpose only; to destroy families and ultimately society. In a nutshell, these disordered, dysfunctional contaminators want society to crumble so they can take over = NWO.

        • They can’t track kids because they kidnap them themselves, and then pass them on to politicians for even more devious activities.

        • C C, THEY know exactly where the children are, and who took them. They are used for sex slave exploitation… the evil bastards love to harm children.

          • Ihope & The Chauffeur – Sad, but probably true, which could explain when this happened yrs ago, nothing was done about it, and possibly also why it’s been hushed up. One would think behind the locals with extreme wealth and power; the Clinton’s, George Soros, a few celebrities, and even Trump (whose second home is in the county) awareness would have been raised and something would have been done about it.

      20. They are also installed locally when the local govt get federal or state money.

      21. Government is also being monitored,,, by the people.

      22. If they are looking for something going on around here, they are wasting their time.

      23. How do you get a job with the NSA?

        I was told that NSA employees have exceptional IQ. Is there a number. Do you have to be above 150?

        What if you like to under perform on IQ tests? Some people routinely under perform so that the very bright fellas at NSA and other alphabet agencies don’t pay them to much attention.

        I wonder what type of people work at the NSA? Are there a lot of women? Are there a lot of Asians or Blacks? What is the average number of NSA workers of Semitic or Native American?

        Do NSA workers get a pension? How much do they get paid? Are they required to retire at a certain age, or do they work into their eighties and nineties?

        Is the average NSA worker hetero or homo sexual? Are they typically monogamous are due they have a series of short term relationships?

        How about their families. How many come from families of divorce? How many siblings? What kind of relationship do they have?

        How many children do NSA workers have? How many were conceived outside of marriage?

        These and many other questions need to be thoroughly investigated. It is a matter of National Security. Besides inquiring minds want to know, “Is it boxers or briefs?”.

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