Pay Attention To The Economy Right Now, Because A Disturbing Series Of Events Seems To Be In Motion

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    This article was written by Daisy Luther and originally published at her site.

    Editor’s Comment: Stability is paper thin, an illusion, a coyote over a cliff. The big banks on Wall Street have seized even greater power since the 2008 and collapse and are poised to consolidate the balance in the wake of the coming “third wave,” as Goldman Sachs recently warned in its own ominous statements.

    For preppers, and anybody with a head on their shoulders, staying informed will mean staying ahead of the curve. The insiders at the top know the right moment to pull out their money, but the rest of us don’t. In the absence of privileged information, we can avoid the obvious traps, and hedge ourselves against some of the worst potential repercussions. But the truth is, this next wave could mean wipe out for tens of millions.

    Economic Collapse? Fed Issues an Ominous Warning to JPMorgan Chase and Leaders Flock to Secret Meetings

    by Daisy Luther

    Tick. Tock.

    Do you hear that? It’s the clock on the time bomb, and it appears to be ticking relentlessly toward our economic collapse.

    It seems like every day, there is a new threat to the financial well-being of the disappearing middle class in America. Of course, less affected are the members of Congress and their buddies on Wall Street. You know, the ones that put the politicians in office to get favorable decisions made on their behalf in Washington.

    But if you happen to have been ignoring the folks Obama calls “peddlers of fiction” who have been warning us all of an impending economic crisis along the lines of the last financial collapse, you might want to pay attention now, because a disturbing series of events is in motion.

    First of all, the Fed just issued a terrifying warning to the biggest bank in the country.

    Finally, the Fed has admitted that we just can’t take another hit without incurring an epic disaster.

    And by “admitted” I mean they’ve issued a chilling warning to JP Morgan Chase, the biggest bank in America.

    The letter is addressed to Teflon-coated Jamie Dimon, the leader of the bank (who seems to have made a deal with the Devil to become completely immune to prosecution, no matter what he does.)

    It is 19 pages and heavily redacted, but here are some excerpts that should send a chill down your spine. The emphasis is mine.

    The Agencies also identified a deficiency in the 2015 Plan regarding the criteria for a rational and less-complex legal entity structure. In order to substantially mitigate the risk that JPMC ‘s material financial distress and failure would have systemic effects, JPMC should ensure that its legal entity structure promotes resolvability under the preferred resolution strategy across a range of failure scenarios. Flexibility—or “optionality”—within the resolution strategy helps mitigate risks that, if not overcome, could otherwise undermine successful execution of the strategy and, more broadly, pose serious adverse effects to the financial stability of the United States.

    Then there’s this:

    These divestiture options do not appear to provide sufficient optionality under different market conditions.

    The divestiture options in the 2015 Plan also were not sufficiently actionable, as the 2015 Plan sections fore did not contain detailed, tailored, and complete separability analyses. For example, only one obstacle to divestiture to the [redacted] key vendor contracts was adequately analyzed; the analysis of the other key obstacles cited regulatory approvals, client communications [redacted]

    This is also concerning:

    JPMC does not have an appropriate model and process for estimating and maintaining sufficient liquidity at, or readily available to, material entities in resolution (RLAP model). This is notable given J?MC’s liquidity profile in its 2015 Plan, which relies on the firm’s ability to shift substantial amounts of liquidity around the organization during stress, as needed. As explained below, JPMC’s liquidity profile is vulnerable to adverse actions by third parties.

    Even without a degree in finance, I know this is bad:

    JPMC’s 2015 Plan relied on roughly  of parent liquidity support being injected into various material entities, including its U.S. broker-dealers, during the period immediately preceding JPMC’s bankruptcy filing. This includes reliance on funds in foreign entities that may be subject to defensive ringfencing during a time of financial stress.

    Here’s the long and the short of it:

    Every year, large banks must create a contingency plan that explains what they’ll do if they begin to go under. The biggest bank in the country has such a lackluster, half-baked plan that the Fed called them out on it for 19 pages and warns that their nonchalance could be responsible for the financial instability of the entire country.

    PS: Since this isn’t my first rodeo, I downloaded the entire PDF. It’s funny  how things have a way of disappearing off the internet when the mainstream media wants to ignore them.  You can download it yourself too at this link:


    JPMorgan Chase is not alone.

    But they’re not the only ones.

    Bank of America and Wells Fargo also saw their contingency plans rejected. Zero Hedge reports:

    Three of the five largest U.S. banks (JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo) have now had their wind-down plans rejected by the Federal agency insuring bank deposits (FDIC) and the Federal agency (Federal Reserve) that secretly sluiced $13 trillion in rollover loans to the insolvent or teetering banks in the last epic crisis that continues to cripple the country’s economic growth prospects.

    Are all three banks going down?

    But that isn’t even the scariest part.

    In case you think it’s just a normal day at the Fed…It isn’t just these warning letters that should make you pay attention. At the risk of sounding like I’m selling Ginsu knives, there’s more.

    The Great Recession Blog posted a bullet list that should blow your mind when taken in conjunction with the news above. (Be sure to read the full article – it goes into a lot more detail.) It seems that there’s enough concern to spark a flurry of secret meetings among those in power.

    • The Federal Reserve Board of Governors just held an “expedited special meeting” on Monday in closed-door session.
    • The White House made an immediate announcement that the president was going to meet with Fed Chair Janet Yellen right after Monday’s special meeting and that Vice President Biden would be joining them.
    • The Federal Reserve very shortly posted an announcement of another expedited closed-door meeting for Tuesday for the specific purpose of “bank supervision.”
    • A G-20 meeting of finance ministers and central-bank heads starts in Washington, DC, on Tuesday, too, and continues through Wednesday.
    • Then on Thursday the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund meet in Washington.
    • The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta just revised US GDP growth for the first quarter to the precipice of recession at 0.1%.
    • US banks are widely expected this week to report their worst quarter financially since the start of the Great Recession.
    • The European Union’s new “bail-in” procedures for failing banks were employed for the first time with Austrian bank Heta Asset Resolution AG.
    • Italy’s minister of finance called an emergency meeting of Italian bankers to engage “last resort” measures for dealing with 360-billion euros of bad loans in banks that have only 50 billion in capital.

    How does this affect you?

    Maybe you think this won’t affect you. Maybe you don’t have an account with anyone affiliated with JP Morgan Chase, BofA, and Wells Fargo. Maybe you aren’t an investor. Maybe you don’t have real estate. Maybe you are absolutely certain, without a shadow of a doubt, that your job is secure. Perhaps you have money in the bank, or maybe not – maybe you keep it stuffed in your mattress.

    The trouble is, the money you are working overtime to make, the security you feel that you have by saving it…it’s perceived value can be completely wiped out by a financial crisis that occurs on a national level. That’s because if a huge bank like JPMC fails, lots of other companies fail with it. Then this stuff happens:

    • Prices will go up. We’ve seen an almost unprecedented increase in the price of food over the past couple of years, even as the quality of the food available plummets. This is due to massive droughts, early freezes, and basic cost-of-living increases.
    • Unemployment will go up.  Those without jobs now are equal to the number of unemployed during The Great Depression. As the economy plummets, that number will almost certainly exceed the previous highs as businesses scramble to keep their heads above water. They’ll cut stuff to try and keep afloat, and if that fails, the jobs will be lost anyway.
    • Rents will increase.  If you don’t own your home, prepare to pay higher rent as landlords try to cover their losses of income in other sectors. Foreclosures will be on the rise, which means there will be fewer homes available.
    • Bail-ins could dip into your savings.  Remember a few years ago when depositors in Cyprus could do nothing when the banks there helped themselves to their savings in order to “save” themselves? Do you really, truly, think it can’t happen here?

    The bottom line is, income will remain the same, decrease, or even disappear entirely for many of us.  Meanwhile, the price of darn near everything will go up.  Expect to pay more for things like keeping your utilities on, feeding and clothing your family, keeping a roof over your heads. Aside from that, those dollars you are carefully saving? They are only providing you with the illusion of security.

    Aside from that, those dollars you are carefully saving? They are only providing you with the illusion of security.

    Here’s what you need to do

    Here’s what you need to do immediately in the event of either a market crash or further news of a bank failure. (Of course, if you wait until a bank failure has been announced, you may have waited too long.)

    • Take your money out of the bank ASAP.  If you still keep your money in the bank, go there and remove as much as you can while leaving in enough to pay your bills. Although it wasn’t a market collapse in Greece recently, the banks did close and limit ATM withdrawals.  People went for quite some time without being able to access their money, but were able to have a sense of normalcy by transferring money online to pay bills or using their debit cards to make purchases.  Get your cash out. You don’t want to be at the mercy of the banks.
    • Stock up on supplies.  Make sure you are prepped. If you’re behind on your preparedness efforts and need to do this quickly, you can order buckets of emergency food just to have some on hand. (Learn how to build an emergency food supply using freeze dried food HERE) Hit the grocery store or wholesale club and stock up there, too, on  your way home. As mentioned above, if you can’t get your money out, you may be able to make online or debit card purchases.
    • Load up on fuel.  Fill up your gas tank and fill your extra cans also. Quite often, fuel prices skyrocket in the wake of a market crash.
    • Be prepared for the potential of civil unrest. If the banks put a limit on withdrawals (or close like they did in Greece) you can look for some panic to occur. If the stores dramatically increase prices or close..more panic. Be armed and be prepared to stay safely at home. (Although this article was written during the Ferguson race riots, civil unrest follows a similar pattern regardless of the cause.)
    • Be prepared for the possibility of being unable to pay your bills. If things really go downhill, the middle class and those who are the working poor will be the most strongly affected, as they have been in Greece during that country’s ongoing financial crisis.  This article talks about surviving if you are unable to pay all of your bills.

    For the long term, focus on information

    Hopefully there’s no need to empty out your bank accounts, stock up on last minute supplies, or lock-and-load for home protection. However, if this is an actual 1929/2008-style stock market crash, you need to take your preps to the next level. If you can’t buy your necessities, you’re going to have to produce them, something that is a complete turnaround for most folks.

    Information is the key. It’s imperative that you learn everything you can so that you know what you need to add to your preps. As well, it’s essential to acquire the knowledge you need to fend for yourself. Take these two steps, if you haven’t already.

    #1.  Bookmark these preparedness websites. (Free)

    The internet is a wonderful place, and best of all, this knowledge can be found for FREE! The more you know about crisis situations, the more ready you will be to face them. Some sites are friendlier to beginners than others, so if you stumble upon a forum where people seem less than enthusiastic about helping people who are just starting out, don’t let it get you down. Move on and find a site that makes you feel comfortable. Following are some of my favorites, and the link will take you to a good starting point on these sites. In no particular order:

    Following are some of my favorites, and the link will take you to a good starting point on these sites. (Actually, it’s wise to begin increasing your knowledge even if we get a reprieve.) In no particular order:

    #2.  Build your library. (Small expense)

    This is where some money could come into play. Most of the time, people in the preparedness world like to have hard copies of important information. This way, if the power goes out and you can’t access the internet or recharge your Kindle, you still have access to vital advice.

    Some of these books are for just such an event, while others are guides to building your self-reliance skills.  Commit to picking up a good book each pay period until you have a library to reference during any type of scenario.

    Be sure to check out used bookstores, libraries, and garage sales, too. Look for books that teach self-reliant skills like sewing, gardening, animal husbandry, carpentry, repair manuals, scratch cooking, and plant identification. You can often pick these up for pennies, and older books don’t rely on expensive new technology or tools for doing these tasks.

    Have they finally kicked the can to the end of the road?

    Things aren’t looking good. It makes me wonder if all of the quantitative easing and can-kicking has finally reached the point that they can’t push economic disaster back any further.

    The Pantry Primer

    Please feel free to share any information from this article in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to The Organic Prepper and the following bio.

    Daisy Luther is the author of The Pantry Primer: A Prepper’s Guide To Whole Food on a Half Price Budget.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at [email protected]

    Also From Daisy Luther:

    The Prepper’s Blueprint: A Step-By-Step Guide To Prepare For Any Disaster

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      1. Same ol’ shit, just another day.



          • Daisy,

            You summed up the situation. If only more people would wake up and prepare.

            Great selection of helpful websites, articles and books.

            • yup, she put together a very good assessment of what’s about to happen, WHY it’s about to happen, and WHAT to do about it when it IS happening(right now)…but she didn’t talk of the wars that MUST happen, to cover up the reasons we can’t PAY for all the spending the U.S. has been doing for decades. wars WILL be fought over that debt that can’t be paid back. both foreign wars AND domestic ones. only an idiot, or possibly a congressman, could look at what’s going on, and deny things are VERY close to collapse. time to party like it’s 1941! i just hope that my two years worth of food for 5 doesn’t turn into a month’s worth of food for 100, with me not being ONE of them.

        • Buy another case of filters for the gas masks.



          I’m actually really worried about it.

          If you live in the southwest, it’s time to get the fuck out of Dodge, gnomewhdimean?

          • Can anyone tell me the website wherE Be Informed posts now? Would love his input. He was an earthquake prediction genius.

            • I would like to know also, I miss Be Informed

            • ht tp://

              Rumor is….

              • Whole lot a shaking going on…

                ht tp://

              • Thanks

            • He just had an article yesterday on prepper fortress

          • I’d be happy to bet you Yellowstone is just fine, The Story That’s out about it, with all the Guisers erupting is just bunk. They all steam like that anytime it’s cold outside

          • We can run but there is nowhere safe to hide from the large astral body that has entered our solar system & is causing the current start of volcano eruptions around our planet. As it closes in to round our Sun things are gonna liven up considerably and sadly, most of humanity will be called to Heaven. Your freinds & family need to
            know the reality of what tomorrow will be delivering so that all last goodbyes can be undertken. May the good Lord bless and keep us and perhaps even reincarnate us to another life in anothe beautiful world like our Earth.
            See below sites for more related info than you can possibly imagine;






        • It is another day, another day is another opportunity. I just made November 2016 mortgage pmt. Stay quiet Be smart.

        • Thanks for the new Great Recession blog reference. Now I can read something factual instead of that Snyder crap. Still waiting for his 2008 predictions to materialize, much less all the other years he has been continually wrong.

        • ordinarily I would agree, theres been a constant parade of financial doom porn on here as late BUT…
          the abovementioned article is dead on as far as indicators somethings afoot. My only concern is they are actually advertising that they are holding high level meetings. I though most of the big decisions on how to keep markets afloat and screw us took place in quiet K-street backrooms. Maybe plausible deniability: “We TRIED to help the banks! Its not our fault!”

          THIS sort of warning sign worries me considerably more than paper stock fluctuations or the rise and fall of the fiat dollar value.

          • Good observation Marcus. The gloves are coming off so to speak. When they start chattering about recession that’s the time to really be concerned.

      2. Amen Daisy you have nailed it. The end is truly at hand.

        • saw a article just last week and of course the MSM said NOTHING about it, but it said 5 of the 8 largest US banks did NOT pass the fed litmus test for continued solvency. so just like Daisy’s article above, looks like the end is very close! hope everybody has their ducks in a row!

          • No ducks but do chickens count?
            Or my veggies, actually cant see the veggies through the weeds,
            Ammo boxes? They are nice n straight,,,

              • Genius, I’ve visited that site before-actually many times when we went through our last big series with the shakers in Chile, Fukishima etc–but I’ve never, NEVER seen literally dozens of 5.0+ quakes globally.

                PS: never had this happen before but as I was perusing the map an alert popped up–“A new earthquake has been reported” Spain-Canary Islands, 4.5…kind of got my heart racing for a moment

            • ” Foreclosures will be on the rise, which means there will be fewer homes available.”

              Ummm, what? If banks and/or lenders have rising forecloses, that means they have a whole bunch more properties they want to get rid of. AKA more homes available.

              I’ve worked for mortgage lenders for almost 2 decades, and that assertion is just plain wrong.

              No lender wants a foreclosure sitting on their books forever, so the longer it sits, the more desperate they become to get rid of it. And in a liquidity crisis market to boot!?

              • Different story up here for the last twelve years. Banks have been sitting on top of more foreclosures than ever before, not selling them until they rot. I do mean rot, as in they hold until long after a building no longer meets code due to rot, mold, and decay. Beats me why, but as a buyer who looked in several states and continues to do so for friends and family, the banks aren’t selling their property. I guess they think they’re land barons or something. All they are doing is wasting houses.

                • write offs? tax breaks?

                  future development of __________?

                • In a feudal society, ownership of all property is collected among a few rich landowners. If you look at what the IMF and WB (controlled by Wall Street) have done throughout the world, you see the same pattern.

                  Do you get the picture ? Hint: NWO.

              • actually its called shadow inventory, its hidden off the books until the market picks up enough, then released slowly, happening here now in oregon

            • Kulafarmer,
              YES chickens count because that is what we have ( too many at the moment) and YUP! ammo is ready. to early here for the garden still freezing at night.

              • Yea, i guess you folks got another cold blast,,,
                We dont get that here, but we get massive cases of lazybones jones!
                The weather lulls you into a sense of no hurry, hmm maybe its that crap they are spraying in the air,,,

                • Kula, where an I find be informed. I forgot the name of the website he posts on now. Thanks

                  • Not Kula, but if you go to, you will find him, I believe. Awesome site. I check it daily.

              • When you have too many chickens, you need more Jars.
                It dosent do any good to keep the chickens running around, eating, taking the chance of getting sick. When they are big enough cook them and can them.
                My mother used to slaughter, gut and can the whole chicken in a half gallon jar. But I found it a lot better to pressure cook the chicken,take only the meat, boil off the broth to condense it and can the chicken in small jars with some of the broth and the rest of the broth can it for soup stock. You can get the broth condensed to the point that it solidifies when cool in the jar.

                • Re: dosent, The word is spelled doesn’t, a contraction for “does not”.

        • I’m not leaving just because somebody types up a forclosure letter.

          • Live rent free for at least 2 years ye!

      3. Not a surprise to those for years who have been coming here and reading such articles. Very fruitful article.

        Still, it will be like the reporting of a sudden death of a parent or love one. Most will be stunned, regardless of how well prepared. A mental health challenge and humans usually are good to adapt to change after a period of adjustment.

        That will be a big challenge. Because if you do not control your thinking and not let paranoia and false assumptions rule you then you’ll have more of a chance to survive.

        Just my opinion.

      4. Daisy
        Thanks for the INFO!
        I’m happy I got my garden started. If It does blow up in the next couple of weeks I will still have time to put in more garden.

        • If it blows up in the next few weeks its gonna be a loooooong summer bud

          • If it blows up in the next few weeks…..

            we will have nothing but “time” to put in more garden, and stock up more firewood, because; there ain’t gonna be traveling to the beach to fish, nor traveling to the bigger mountains to trout fish, this summer.

            The idiots running the big con, will have gas prices up to five bucks a gallon and electric bills doubling. Oh well, I guess we can kiss those $20.00 electric bills at the bug out, goodbye, unless; I go “grid down scenario”, and fire off the new solar powered system for the deep freeze and the fridge.

      5. Buy nonGMOrganic seeds. Use an egg carton, planting soil, spray water bottle. Put in sun on window sill or where the sun shines, and keep dirt moist but not soaking. Transplant to large planting pot or outside. Keep watered but don’t over do it.

        Buy nonGMOrganic fruit and nut trees. Get ones that have had one or two years of producing fruit.

        Go to Ball Preserving. Check out local stores for best deals. Buy an instructional book on home preservation of food. Buy all equipment whether you know how to use or not. Don’t by cheap. Buy quality.

        Go to Bob’s Red and Start buying grains in bulk. Get buckets and bags and oxy absorbers. Ancient grains are healthy. Set aside one-half of one paycheck per month. Use this to fund your food storage investment.

        Don’t forget water.

        • And BEER!

          • …sugar and corn.

            • PO’d, I left you a poem on the swat thread lol, hope ya like it 🙂

          • I like beer.

        • I only get GMO FREE seeds.

          • Sarge: Gardening question — have you ever cut into a ripe tomato (not overripe) that had the seeds already growing into new tomato plants? The tomato, as I said, was not overripe, but actually just perfectly ripe (firm, not mushy).

            This occurred two weeks or so ago with a “vine-ripened” — advertised to be a hothouse tomato bunch — foursome of tomatoes I purchased from the neighborhood market (local / not a chain). Don’t think they were organic/heirloom tomatoes, but can’t remember for sure.

            The leaves of the new plants were actually visible inside the tomato and I ended up throwing them all away since those leaves can be toxic to humans. I took a pic because it was so odd and had never seen that.

            Has anybody else ever encountered this???

            • The tomato has gone to seed. I eat them anyway.

            • No never with a tomato. I did have one in a Bell Pepper. Have you ever planted Bells next to Jalapeno? Don’t you will have hot bells. Like I called them Hell’s Bells. I like them but the wife wasn’t happy with them.

              I have planted sweet Potatoes for the last few years. Has anyone ever planted the new bush type? I’m trying to get more stuff in the garden by going to bush type plants.


              • Sgt.
                actually those hot bells sound very good, i bet they would be great if you stuffed them.

                we live at a high altitude and we have found for us bush plants produce better.

                hope this helps

            • Sure, I get them occasionally. I ripen my tomatoes in boxes indoors, because the weather rarely cooperates enough to even ripen paste tomatoes. By the time September or October rolls around, I have a dozen boxes full of tomatoes ripening in the closets. When I’m slicing them I’ll occasionally run across one with seeds sprouting. I just gut the tomato (remove the seeds and pulp), cut it up, eat it, shrug and move on. No big deal. My tomatoes are heirloom San Marzanos and non-GMO Romas.

      6. Good one Daisy! WWTI, got cash?? lol.

      7. Thanks Daisy
        I have no doubts much of this is true , and approaching at an alarming rate

        Be well all
        Watch yer 6

      8. Collect 100lb propane tanks at good deals during the summer, fill when fuel is cheap. When fall rolls around their value never goes down and make excellent barter items shtf or not.

        • havent you heard, those buying cell phones and propane tanks in any quantity are terrorist suspects, fema camp for you

        • 100 lb propane tanks are too hard to move about unless you are using them to fill smaller tanks.

          • ?????? they only weigh 185lbs full.

      9. I’m tired of waiting, and I’ve only been prepping for 2 yrs. I can’t imagine the poor souls that have been prepping since the 80s/90s…ugh.

        • Smooze;
          You pose a good point.

        • Smooze
          Try 1975
          I found some AMMO I put away back then shoots just as good today as it did then. Little radio, works well.
          several firearms all look like new.
          Just saying. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

      10. At one time I would be very concerned but their ability to kick the can down the road has astonished me since 2008.

        To a great degree the suggestions of preparation are largely what people should have been doing all along. Its what people did until Madison Avenue / Media made unnecessary luxury a necessity.

        1. Live BELOW your means.
        2. Don’t go in debt for anything other than a modest home (relative to income).
        3. Get out of debt ASAP

        • NO BRAIN, NO GAIN LOL 🙂

        • At this point i wouldnt even go into debt for a house, no jobs are safe but you can bet the banks will not hesitate to snatch up your little piece of the american dream and bundle it up with a few dozen others to sell at auction.

          • And pretty soon , none of those houses they foreclose on will be worth anything or sold to anyone

            • Like Detroit?

              • Or Waianae

              • yup

          • The next wave of forclosures will move through the process much more quickly. They will be able to “show you the note”. If you took out a mortgage after 2008, your papers are in order.

        • What they are doing is slowly letting all the air out of tires. The problem with doing that is we are going to feel more bumps in the road.
          They have their little projects that let the air out. They let 61 million immigrants in to make up for the taxpayers from the 60 million babies killed. They continue to run deficits to bribe welfare voters while taxing to death middle class voters to pay the welfare tab. They “sponsor” Wall street to get kick backs, float the markets higher through the Fed to skim their take and punish “non bribing” business regulation and taxes.
          The problem with all this corruption is – as the tires go flat the fall into the pot holes will shake the whole vehicle ad one of these times it will be towed to the junk yard…

      11. Intel Fires A Massive 12,000 Workers, 11% Of Its Entire Workforce, As It Misses Q1 Sales, Guides Lower

        h ttp://

        but every could has a silver lining right ?

        ” don’t think of its as 12,000 highly paid engineers and tech workers fired, think of it as 12,000 brand spanking new waiters and bartenders. “

        • Were at almost full employment,, i mean unemployment is hovering just above 5% and theres plenty of activity, nothing to worry about,
          Rose colored glasses for all!

        • Our poor kids. They were fighting illegals for the burger flippin’ jobs. Now they gotta fight engineers and tech workers too. Bad times…

      12. Revolution folks that’s the ONLY answer and time is but almost out.

      13. the bankers robbed the country and the politician helped them and now you can go to the polls and vote for more of the same.

        no sympathy for fools

      14. Got an e mail from BofA to check everything in my account. I don’t have anything to do with that bank……kinda scary!

        • Jim In Va

          It might not have truly been from BofA. It might be phishing. If the E mail had a link to your account they create a site that looks just like the real thing and you enter your logon and password. Oops, “You cannot log on at this time” , “Please try again later”.

          • Never opened it, just deleted it.

      15. So prepping wise,,,
        What would you do if your job disappeared tomorrow and everything commerce wise stopped dead? Do you have a realistic plan?
        I know a lot of folks who rent their home or have a huge mortgage, and nowhere near enough savings to go for 6 months or in many cases even one month,,
        The reality is lots of people are already living on the edge, me included to some degree,

        • Well, it everything totally collapses, Then those people with all the debt and living way above their means actually win.
          But if it is only partial, then they are in big caca. The banks are sure to come and get what is theirs as far as they are concerned.

          • I have a feeling that what happened in 08 will look like a minor bump in the road but things will still miserably grind along, just look at Venesuela and Brazil,,

            • I used to spend a lot of time in Venesuela. It wasent the perfect place but the average person could get a home and eat. Like a lot of Latin American countries Everyone was required to vote. It doent take too much to just give stuff to poor people and promise them more free stuff to get them to vote for you.
              Communism completely ruined that country and just brought misery to the people.
              On the other hand countries like Peru fell for the Banking/Fascists and the average person there is in so much debt that they cant eat anymore. They are in the process of electing the Daughter of the last dictator as president. Again, a house for all. But where does the money come from?

              • Yea, was listening to NPR this morning, had some democrat talking about hillery and berney and social justice and 15 $ minimum wages and wage inequality etc,,,
                Its just mind blowing to listen to these people,
                Who is John Galt!

              • I’m no longer interested in seeing Angel Falls.

                • heck, soon you might be able to own it , if you got enough cash

        • I now have cows, nice Ginny, 250 gal propane tank and 5 30 gallon lots and lots of fire wood, fire pit meat and egg chickens, fruit trees herb garden vegetable garden and lots of neighbors (good neighbors with the same. We live on a short road that is very defensible at either end. And I can see the church parking that’s half mile behind my property through the thinned trees where neighbor cut the timber. So that’s three side of my property I can see what’s coming and one that is heavily wooded with heavily armed neighbors who live on it. Other than my front yard, someone’s got to come through a bee yard, or woods/creek to get to my place. Plenty of possum or coon to eat if we get desperate. No I don’t like it, but I would take it over damn bugs. Rabbits and pig coming soon. We are splurging on a swimming pool this year, when that’s done were building a smoke house. Not bad for 10 months in the south.

          • No pity;
            I don’t know what level of experience you have with smoking and it may be vast but about 10 years ago I started using a smoke generator. You can add or remove pipe from it to the smokehouse and it allows you to add as much of a smoke smudge as you like without having your smoker temps wildly fluctuate. It also allows you to smoke things like fish that require colder smoking than most meats. You have a chip box in the generator and a fan that moves the smoke through the pipe to the smoke house.

            • We found plans here online where the smoke box is about ten feet from smokehouse with the pipe buried under ground for a cool smoke process. We definitely have more research to do. Thanks for the info!

      16. Not only do we have to be careful how our domestic banking is stealing our wealth but also foreign banks around the world. I listen for words of encouragement about the coming changes. None spoken. Especially when it concerns the US dollar. As of now the window of opportunity to secure some of our wealth is closing and with Banking Institutions warning us all, that our money is their money, should give us concern that our interest and concerns is not their priority. Relieves them of the guilt as we should have known better and taken precautions.

        • What I am worried about is an EMP/CME hit.
          Not only everything is fried but we get a deadly dose of X-rays as well.
          Instant zombies…
          We die slowly after.
          Correct me if I am wrong.

      17. The lead bull has been marked. We ride at sunrise.
        Pretty simple really some if the hunters will drive the herd into a valley they will break off as a fresh group comes in to spilt the front of the herd that’s where my group comes in our job once the lead bulls are split my group rides down in behind them and to keep them running as straight as possible. This is where the lead hunters will come in from the flanks the bulls should tighten there formation with the marked bull right out in front exposing his neck and sides.
        Anyway that the plan spent most of the day resting I will soon be taking part in some if their games. Riding skills archery knife axe throwing and a few others that I have no idea what their doing but I’m in it now lol no bell to ring here. Anyhow for those interested those are the high of the highlights

        • Angry Beaver;
          Sounds like a real adventure. Are you and Indian. I’m impressed. No one seems to be paying attention to your posts at the moment. Keep us informed.

          • Lol no I’m not native. I’m white scotch decent.
            I’ve noticed that no one seems to be paying attention as well. I’ve been documenting in journals. Some asked for utube vids but somehow rrecording that type stuff seems a bit disrespectful.
            I’ve witnessed 4 seprate rituals or ceremonies not sure what they mean exactly but most seem deeply spiritual.
            I took part in some rather interesting “games” if you’d call it that.
            I’m bloodied and bruised but gave as good as I took.
            Counting coup they call it.
            A variation on the real thing
            Riders face each other from roughly 40 meters each holding a willow branch about 1/2-5/8
            Object whip your opponents hind hard enough to make the horse bolt 3 passes and the one who controls his horse the best wins that round
            Second round the riders make another 3 passes sticking each other I’ll tell ya he came at me screaming like a demon possessed. And all intent in his eyes he wore leather buck skins and some type of breast plate made of small bones.
            First pass he struck my back the sting went down to my very soul second pass something clicked the pain shut off I lined my horse up yet again and charged we both landed solid hits I felt no pain (yet) a third pass was just as accurate we both landed visious blows I shattered two of the bones on his breast plate.
            The tunnel vision was firmly in place at this point. I saw nothing heard nothing felt nothing except a determination is never felt before. I got control of my animal once again and lined up for a forth pass. This how ever was. Not permitted. But my fourth challenge was acknowledged and respected by all who witnessed. The breast plate I broke was bragging rights for him somehow. I rode to the side lines and dismounted legs arms shaking my back sustained two welts an inch wide from shoulder to hip the third to my chest and belly button.
            My cousins wife treated my wounds and she told me I did well and should be proud I was then given a bowl if red mud to mark my pony on her right front shoulder 3 solid hand prints
            I had counted coup 3x
            AND ID DO IT AGAIN
            Time for rest we saddle up and ride at sunrise

            • Good stuff, angry beaver. sounds like you just ran a gauntlet or something.

              That is about as wild as what I just encountered yesterday.
              I went to one of my tree stands to retrieve an old office chair i had left on it from hunting season. I did have the whole thing covered with an xtra large plastic trash bag, but the dang coons had clawed through one side and tore up some padding. bastards!

              Before actually going to the stand i went about forty yards over to a little stream, where i found the remains of a deer scattered about. Looks like it was killed/died right after Christmas, and nothing left but bones,hair, and some hide.

              Upon climbing up about 10 ft. to my 3 X 6 platform stand without permanent sides and roof, to retrieve said chair, I noticed piles of scat on the ground, around the base of the tree the stand is constructed from. Large piles, and not from a bob cat either.

              Upon closer inspection I noticed the scat was that of a panther, which had been using my platform stand as a lounging site. Perched on the platform, he/she could keep a close eye on the deer kill and see other deer traveling through the mountain side.

              A good friend of mine had a panther with cubs, climb up on the tree he was hunting from one time. He, like myself would not kill her as she was with kittens.

              My brother said he caught a glimpse of a solid black one about four weeks ago as it jumped across our drive in his headlights.

              As long as they don’t start decimating the deer population, I’ll leave them alone. Once they start killing pets or attacking the horses, it’s game on. Bring on the hounds.

            • Angry,

              I really enjoy what your doing.
              Please keep sending your updates.


            • Your experience is amazing! Makes me think of Dances With Wolves, I bet lots of other people reading your posts are reminded of that movie too.
              The closest I’ve come to your adventure, was taking a weekend class learning how to tan deer hide all the way to buckskin using a Sioux method. The leader was a guy who had spent time with the Sioux, and had learned a bunch of their traditional knowledge. He had the hides soaking in the creek ready for us students, and had built a row of frames out of saplings for stringing the hides on. We participants poked holes all around the edges of our hide to tie strings to, then strung the hides on one of the frames and tied it tight as possible, like a drumhead. Then we fleshed the hides on the meat side, using a stick with a flat edge, and shaved off the hair on the other side using a metal bladed tool. All this took hours and lots of elbow grease! (Not as fun as playing counting coup, but also no welts or bruises,lol!)
              Next to last step was soaking the hides in water with brains mashed up in it. As the only teenage girl present, I was teased into doing the mashing! Ha ha. Actually the brains were cow brains from a butchershop, the brains of the deer hadn’t been sent with their hides. Final step was to smoke the hides over a fire with damp wood, and the end result was nearly- white buckskin. Lots of fun, and we participants slept in a big teepee, made of canvas, over the weekend.
              Have fun angry b, I’m curious to know who will be tanning the bisons’ hides, and do you get to keep one?

              • Reminds me of “a man called horse”

      18. J.P. Morgan is not at risk. The citizens of this country might be but J.P. Morgan is not. They are the one’s who receive our income tax payments directly since they are the agent in charge of receipts for the IRS. The IRS is the collection agent for the Federal Reserve and J.P. Morgan is in charge of receiving the money. How do I know this? I just received my green USPS certified mail receipt today after sending in my extortion money to the IRS via certified mail and the receipt line had a big black stamped signature and in block letters “J.P. Morgan… Agent for Internal Revenue Service. Received”. J. P. Morgan will not fail… at least not in the near term. But… I still agree it is a good idea to get as much of your money as you can out of their grasp.

      19. Unlike the Cyprus and Greece citizens ripped off we actually can do something about it,nothing to lose and everything to gain,ya’s just say “Fuck It!”.We can rebuild,we just need the strength and will to do it,and for at least the short term not make the same damn stupid mistakes!

        We will be doing something though,make no mistake about it,but will be wading/4th genning thru millions of the unprepared dead to do it.

        Today farmers took on the world super power and won in 1775,also,fed massacre at Waco and equally insane but inevitable bombing in Oklahoma.

        Wonder how the new”gold backed,yeh……right!”yaun is affecting markets,bet they take the blame!

      20. Prices will go up. The wife took her van in to get an oil change and a headlamp replaced at the dealer. They replaced the bulb and they told her the whole light fixture had to come out. I know this is bullshit because I watched a mechanic do it last time and he took the inside front wheel well plastic down in a spot to slip his hand up and change the bulb then snapped it back done. The oil change was half off so between the light and oil change she paid $75. That is fucking absurd see the dealers aren’t selling cars too well now so they rape people in the service dept. they probably did the fender trick to install the bulb but told my wife they had to take the whole light out to justify the additional labor. Point being anyone walks through the door they gotta make as much $ off as possible. I could’ve done it but it’s a pain in the ass to dump the oil and I didn’t have the time to dick with it. I might start doing the service on my vehicles if it’s gonna cost me an arm and a leg. Could’ve done it for $45 myself.

        • Asshat–That’s why they’re known as STEALERSHIPS.

        • Yup
          The Chevy dealer wanted over 600$ for two front rotors and a set of pads
          Just for the parts mind you
          This is for a 2010 Silverado
          I went to a parts house and bought new parts made by Wagner and another top seller for the rotors
          That Chevy dealer can KMA..
          I always do my own service , but just to buy parts at the dealership is crazy
          We call them stealerships, if I were you I’d learn your vehicle and service it yourself and save a shit load of money and time

          • I agree that Dealer parts are ridiculously over priced, however much of the aftermarket parts are severely over priced too.
            I would replace my front rotors on my van and 3 weeks later they were warped with aftermarket parts.
            I knew a guy who had a Chevy dealer in the oil patch. He spent the last 10 years selling $70k trucks to stupid newbies.You couldn’t even get him to order you a basic truck. No profit in it as far as he was concerned. He just plain closed the doors and all the new trucks (2-300?) on the lot got hauled off a month ago. I dont know what he did with all the money he made but he is broke now.

      21. WD

        Go over to Bloomberg and check out the markets.

      22. …and bankers this time WILL go to jail,,,,,right….?

        • Not if the same old same old people keep getting elected,,,
          So pretty much no

      23. Fact. Bank Of Cyprus depositors lost 47.5 percent of savings exceeding 100,000 euros,equal to 132,000 dollars at the time.

      24. Kula you made a good point. Most people can’t cover their mortgage for 6months. This would be something to put up. The $ to keep up your bills long enough to pick your self up and dust yourself off is more important than another gun sitting in your safe. More important than that $3000 night vision. Put that prep under the shelter category. I have the deed to my home but if I didn’t I would put the $ back to cover the mortgage for 6mo. I have the property taxes for awhile put back. your home is your biggest prep. For you apartment people keep like 6mo rent. Live light you have the best option to bug out as you do not own an apartment. You can take your supplies go to your uncle buds farm and help there till shit blows over. The banks sent my 11 yr old son a credit card application. Really they are fucked and wanna take anybody with a social security number even children. Way to go banks ruin children’s financial future. Hoping some dead beat parent that has bad credit will use their kids. This is desperate IMO. I just burn all these credit card offers and Mail back empty postage paid envelopes. This is harassment if I wanna apply for a credit card I will ask for an application. Start going without people get used to living with less and when the collapse hits you will be able to hold out for a while learn to conserve your supplies push the limits of making due. Don’t stop stacking wealth you may be able to profit from the collapse.

      25. I miss being able to thumb up or down posts.

        • incognito,

          Me too. 🙁

          Wish Mac would bring them back.

          I don’t like to get involved with a lot of the back and forth.
          Just an up or down on whether I agree. 🙂

          Y’all play nice.

          • I would love to bring back the thumbs! However, because of security issues we would require a user to be logged into to “thumb”, which is something I’d love to implement at some point in the next few months because it will allow logged in users to Private Message each other, as well as to add their own Forum comment threads. Coming soon if we can get everything working.

            Thanks for your feedback all!


      26. and Smokin Okie

      27. Good article as usual!

        The banking model in America that has stood from 1776 until 2008 and Obama is broken. QE money was nearly free, so banks began rejecting deposits to loan out! Banks used to pay a fair return for assets they could loan out for a profit. Low interest rates that prop up a failing in debt government destroy the banking model i.e. they are already bankrupt.

        Worse yet is the business model for the insurance industry. The insurance industry are required by law to take a percent of premium and buy an annuity to pay claims. With negative interest rates coming, that is quite impossible. The insurance industry is years, perhaps just months from collapse, because they are tied to a bubble stock market.

        If the insurance industry breaks, nothing in America moves, no trains, planes, trucks or automobiles. There’s not a business that can legally open their doors or move goods without insurance.

        Why stored food? Why prep? For the moment they realize it’s all broken and a million pages of Federal regulations so encumbered a nation, that they made it illegal to move food from a farm field to a plate on your table! The governments position will be “eat shit and die” and we need all your money, and preps because we planned so poorly too!

      28. OFF THE SUBJECT.







        HELL NO ……………….







      29. The system is not set up for wise decisions to be made.

      30. Everybody should be collecting fuels gas diesel propane wood whatever. Gas is cheap why not stock up.

      31. Just keep pecking away keyboard cowards as criminal psychopaths destroy the health and future of the children you should of NEVER had.

      32. Meh…more fear porn. ‘Experts’ have been predicting financial disaster for years now and nothing has come of it. Are you all familiar with the story of the boy who cried ‘wolf’?

      33. The system broke long before 2008. Even Bretton Woods, the vaulted Gold Standard was compromised with currency exceeding reserves which was realised by 1958. It took until France called us on it in 1969. It’s replacement, the, “Oil Peg” was for practical purposes a protection racket. Its threat was more viable when the USSR existed. When it collapsed we became both the threat and the collector thus mimicking the mafia. It got so bad that the threat wasn’t working so Louie Leg Breaker (US Military) had to actually break Iraq’s legs to keep them in line. We subcontracted to a local street gang for Libya.

        When a nation has to use its military to enforce its economy its in trouble.

      34. There is no self-apparent reason, why a country with adequate, material resources and a fiat currency, borrows from foreign lenders.

        The debt is capricious and arbitrary.

        • Why put the sewage plant on your property, when you can place it on your neighbors. 🙁

      35. Let me see you have the banks run by Jews, the the off shoring of jobs overseen by Jews ,The media controlled by Jews , The legal profession controlled by Jews and the govt controlled by Jews what could go wrong ?

      36. Standard of living based on wages has gone through the basement for most blue collar workers. Caused by irresponsible immigration policy (to put it politely). College educated are now in the cross hairs. H1B visas are mostly unregulated. Meaning, the employers are exceeding the quotas. The US Chamber of Commerce has the last word on immigration. And they want cheap labor. That translates into much lower standard of living for Americans. Clearly, the head of the US Chamber of Commerce has the same mentality as someone who owned slaves in the 1700’s. His name is Tom Donahue.

        • It wasn’t irresponsible immigration policy, it was done on purpose!!!!

          • Exactly. I was putting it politely. 2 factions at work. Globalists want slave labor. Marxists want the end of the West.

      37. The United States is FUBAR….period. It cannot be “FIXED”. My one sincere hope…that once the SHTF finally goes down…is the real Patriots will seize this last….one and only opportunity to take down the criminal government…media…banks…and take back our country. I will gladly join that Crusade!

        DannyMac III%

      38. I just read that they are putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill in place of Andrew Jackson.

        • WOW!! She’s a FOX!!!

        • Andrew Jackson is there because He opposed the creation of the National Bank.(FED). Not too surprising that they want to get rid of him.

      39. Greywolf Survival hasn’t posted an article for 2 years. Why would you list him as a ‘favorite’ survival site?

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