Defense Secretary Fired After Blasting ISIS Contradictions: “Rogue Elements Within Pentagon Leading a New World Order”

by | Nov 24, 2014 | Alex Jones, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 99 comments

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    Editor’s Note: Whether focused on America’s status around the globe, U.S. sovereignty, the economics of warfare or the shadowy war against terrorism – it is clear that foreign policy leaders are destroying all of America’s interests in its foolish and often contradictory engagements, most recently seen in its maneuvers to undermine ISIS while funding the Free Syrian Army, who composite and fuel ISIS. Whether you term it a ‘new world order’ or anything else, it is clear that any notions of common sense, freedom and security have all been sacrificed for some other hidden agenda.

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    Hagel Warned Of Rogue ‘New World Order’, Now He’s Fired

    Chuck Hagel has been fired by Obama from his position as Defense Secretary. Hagel, a former GOP Senator, was appointed by Obama in early 2013 and therefore was scheduled to serve for the entirety of Obama’s second term.

    Prior to his appointment, Hagel is said to have visited the White House in 2009, and personally warned Obama that he should look out for rogue elements within the Pentagon that were leading a ‘new world order’.

    This was not reported on some internet conspiracy forum, it was a leading report published shortly before Hagel’s appointment, by Bob Woodward, an award winning journalist and associate editor with The Washington Post.

    According to an account that Hagel gave, he told Obama: “We are at a time where there is a new world order.”

    “We don’t control it. You must question everything, every assumption, everything they” — the military and diplomats — “tell you. Any assumption 10 years old is out of date. You need to question our role. You need to question the military. You need to question what are we using the military for.” Hagel is said to have told the President.

    The Post report also stated that Hagel warned Obama about becoming “bogged down” in the ongoing war in Afghanistan, saying it would define Obama’s first term. Hagel reportedly later privately questioned the wisdom of sending additional troops to join the conflict.

    “If Hagel is confirmed, as appears likely, he and the president will have a large task in navigating this new world order.” The Post report concluded at the time.

    It remains to be discovered as to whether or not Hagel attempted to oust the rogue elements within the military industrial complex. The last straw for Hagel, though, may have been comments he made last week during a sit down interview with Charlie Rose at the Pentagon.

    During the exchange, Hagel expressed a belief that US military action against ISIS was “indirectly benefiting” the Syrian President Bashar Assad, comments that were sure to have been unwelcome by the powers that be, given its push for airstrikes against the Syrian government last year.

    Hagel also said that “The world is damn dangerous,” adding that the US military is unprepared.

    Hagel criticized defense budget cuts and stated outright “We won’t have the readiness. We won’t have the capability. We won’t have long-term investments that this institution requires to stay ahead of everybody else, as we have since World War II, with the technological edge, with the ability to continue to recruit and retain the best people.”

    Hagel was also critical of US foreign policy, noting that “policies are predicated on historical knowledge and cultural awareness and all that goes into that. Have we made mistakes over a series of many years? Yeah, I think we have. I think anybody would agree to that.”

    In short, Hagel is no longer in a job because he alluded to rogue globalist elements within the US military, criticized the long imperial march to war, and admitted to detrimental blowback in the ‘war on terror’. Yeah, that’ll do it.


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      1. He is another scapegoat that the administration uses to cover its incompetance and mistakes.when things went wrong in the world it was somebody else’s fault. another one thrown under the bus.

        • He said he was going to be like Lincoln, and he’s firing military personnel faster than “honest” [yeah right] Abe did.

          • Of course, he isn’t intent on winning.

            At least not AMERICA winning.

            • Hagel came up w/ a bunch of gaffs over the years and face it he acted like a dipshit too ignorant to head up a dog team. Some have said Obama used him as cover. He did. Obama uses everyone nearby. Maybe his gal Val will be brought in next. Wouldnt that be somethin?

              • When obola brought in Chuck Hagel, he had “Expendable” written all over him. I wondered how long he would last, or if he is part of the inside demolition team. Maybe obola got his use out of him, time to put the real destroyer in place.

                Since 2008, obola has sacked over 300 flag officers, most on obviously bs charges. Looks like the US Military is being stretched out, and gutted.

                There was a time when America stood, at least in appearance, for Freedom. Now, our country is nothing but another hammer of the nwo. Sad.

                • People are still using that stupid “Obola” moniker?

                  • I always preferred the “Obozo” moniker myself but whatever. If the shoe fits, wear it.

                  • I like to use “owebowmao” but “Obola” is still pretty good. Either seems to get the liberals knickers all twisted up in a bunch and that’s a good thing.

                  • I like to use “owebowmao” but “Obola” is still pretty good. Either seems to get the liberals knickers all twisted up in a bunch and that’s a good thing.

                  • Actually, youre all really cute with your insulting monikers of the asshat in chief, but, youre all quite innaccurate. The real name of him that occupies the white house is The Kenyan.

                    Born there. Never lawfully left. He has illegally breached at least two ummigration systems.

                    The Kenyan. The original shoe. All the others are just slippers.

                    • I usually go with “Obomber” or “Obummer” that never go out of fashion… but “Obola” was topical for a while.

                • He was chosen because having a token Republican on the team showed “bipartisanship”. Didn’t help ’em one iota in the last election, so time to toss him overboard and put another John Kerry in charge. Accelerate the gutting of the officer corps, cut soldiers’ pay and benefits, cut hardware buys, cut private-sector contractors…..generally weaken us to the point where we can’t even win a war against Nicaragua.

              • Speaking of gaffs his VP offers the greatest protection. Impeach Obama and Joe Biden becomes President? That’s damn frightening to us and the world. Joe with the bully pulpit? A microphone and camera on him whenever he wants? Its time to replay that 1960s get under your desk and cover in school. Then again that may be appropriate training regardless.

                Yes Obama is slick and subscribes to the theory’ “If you want to look young and thin hang out with old fat people”.

                • Biden is a gaffe-ridden blowhard, I’ll take two years of him stumble-bumming and trying to get his feet under himself, rather than Obama and two years of Lame Duck’s Revenge.

                  • Agreed, Smokey. To that, I would add that it is a lot easier to deal with genuine incompetence (Biden) than an underhanded back-stabber (Obama). Whatever his other faults may be, Biden at least knows that the president SHOULD work with the congress and not always be looking for ways to go around them… and this from a supposed constitutional law expert. HA!

                  • Smokey, I agree with YOU completely! Biden is silly and somewhat stupid, but I don’t think HE hates this country and all HIS fellow Americans, like Obama does! HE would really be a funny, fresh, breath of life for a change! Obama’s very existence in the White House today, proves the good Professor’s statement that the American people are so STUPID they can be made to believe almost anything!! He was not only elected by a stupid and gullible bunch of “believer’s,” but HE was actually re-elected by the very same bunch after four years of demonstrated stupidity and malfeasance! This country is like putty in his hands, he can mold it into anything he wants and ALL whites are so paralyzed with fear of “political correctness” he can actually get away with it! I honestly don’t believe HE actually won the re-election, I think the Democrats simply STOLE the vote for him! (dead people, illegal aliens, etc.}

          • The Top Sargeant in the DOD got his marching orders today. As the only Republican in the administration it must have been tough trying to reach the People’s House seein’ how the Repulicans were sent to the back of the bus. ‘Elections have consequences’ and so it will be interesting to find out exactly how this untimely downfall of a man who had the Bungler-in-Chief’s ear came about. General Dempsey has himself spoken out of turn and upstaged the Top Sargeant and his supposed boss. Will more heads roll? Forein policy is in shambles, the military is in shambles, the economy is in shambles, the country is in shambles.

            The Fergusson Grand Jury should be announcing their verdict very soon! Be prepared.

            Louisiana Eagle scoping things out from high above the Atchafalaya!

            • “The Fergusson Grand Jury should be announcing their verdict very soon! Be prepared.”

              PANTS UP – DON”T LOOT

              • Apparently, the looting will continue. While they have a right to voice their protests, the innocent shop owners and other people have rights to not get burned out too. IMO, those “protesters” have stepped over the line and this is no longer a first amendment issue.


            • JIV,

              You make a good point. It is always someone else’s fault when it comes to the Big Zero. There will always be someone he can throw under the bus, someone he can sacrifice as a ‘scapegoat’ to deflect the blame and shame.

              Louisiana Eagle

        • JnVA: I think it is time to make all the White House Dip SH!Ts hood ornament’s on that bus!

          MTCFMF!! RIP America.

        • Guess he figured out his boss is the enemy.

        • There is No real war against ISIS you see just guiding ISIS along to create hovoc for Syria and Iran. Its all a big scam and Chuck Hagle doesn’t want to play along with the Boot Licker in Chief Puppet of the string pullers called the NWO. ISIS is Obamas Proxy Army. Sick world we live in.

        • The poor Sargent was over his head from the first day. Trying to adhere to the policies of the Activist Bungler-in-Chief was an impossible job. Shamefully, they did succeed in emasculating and eviscerating the greatest volunteer military force that ever was.

      2. So he was fired for being honest. I can see that in this administration. Can’t have honesty. Must lie to the people as much as possible.

        • Yep, even when it is not needed, they lie just to stay in practice for the times when it will be needed. There’s a quote out there that I can’t quite remember but it is something like “in a world of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”. That seems to apply here. I cannot imagine ANY member of the Obamunist regime truly understanding what truth, justice, honor, duty, love of country, or integrity mean. Any that do come along are rapidly weeded out, as the rest of those scabrous dogs could not survive the comparison.

      3. Stock Market is way up there…Are there any world problems we are facing?

        • Finland took back their gold from the NY fed , maybe they think more QE is on the way ?

          • And who,s gold did Finland get?
            Germany still aint got theirs back.

            • Finland got gold? I thought that the Dutch were the only ones who got any gold from the US recently.

      4. Hagel was just a pawn. Nothing more. His willingness to put his heart on the line defending the military was his downfall. Obozo HATES this country, he HATES our Military, and wants to be just another third world country…and he comes closer to his goal every passing day.

      5. If the US would develop it’s own energy resources, than there would be no worrying about not being prepared for anything. We could withdraw all troops worldwide and concentrate on simply defending US soil. This ” policeman of the world” nonsense got old and outlived it’s usefulness 50 years ago.

        • Indeed it has but as we all know, “there is nothing more permanent than a temporary government program”.

      6. Thread that together with General Dempsey’s comment that “sending our army to war, in the condition it’s in, would be immoral”, and the whole situation comes down to us…

      7. I too notice the Dow is way up. Should be about time for it to crash again.

        • It is interesting to note that immediately before it crashed and burned, the stock market and dollar were at ALL TIME HIGHS in Zimbabwe in 2008. Is this yet another version of “what goes around, comes around”? It is starting to look that way. Got preps?

      8. The Bible tells me as I Christian that I am to “honor” and fear those who Govern our Nation. However, with a leader like “Queen Barack 1st”, it’s gett’n real dam hard!

        • Honor is something that is EARNED, not given. As to fear, screw that. If there is to be fear stalking this land, let it be the government that fears the citizens. THAT is when there is liberty present. When the citizens fear the government is when there is tyranny present.

        • Sinner, please back that up with scripture… I think youve been getting brainwashed in church. There is nothing more desireable to government than a people that will religeously follow thier lead right into hell.

        • Are we even supposed to follow them when they are elected to positions for which they are not lawfully qualified to hold?

          Are we still supposed honor and fear them when do unlawful, cruel and evil things?

          Somehow i feel that there must be some mistranslations in you scriptural understanding.

          • …even if they deny Christian principles?

            Im just not getting this whole “honor and fear because im a Christian” thing.

            I think someone is filling your head with mistranslated crap.

        • Sinner,
          Please read Romans 13 by Chuck Baldwin. It’s not a long read and you’ll never regret it.

      9. Sinner. Why does the Bible tell you to be coward and fear anything? Grow some balls and call them all out like any rightous worthy man should. Nothing to fear but fear itself.

        • WWTI:

          No way Jesus Christ asks us to honor the government that exists now in America. Read Revelations. He hates what is happening to America so bad he is coming back to clean up the mess. And I think soon.

          • Indeed so, Granny. Jesus IS coming, and man, is he ever PO’d.

      10. So Hagel tells the President to be worried about a ‘new world order’?

        This is like telling Hugh Hefner not to be embarrassed because there are topless women over there.

      11. Seems to me that if you speak up , ya get smacked down.
        Hagel must have finally gotten a belly full of promoteing lies as fact .
        What the hell kinda NWO/socialist will get his job ?
        Obama only has two years to topple the republic folks , and he just hittin his stride.

        • Maybe this is a job for Elizabeth Warren? (cough, gag)

      12. This man is being punished for speaking truth!!!!-

      13. Any true leader or President would say, “Let the laws of the land play out in Ferguson.” But Obama chooses to gin up the chaos, and tilts the “Scales of Justice” by telling the Criminal Hoodies to stay the course. Why, if Obama had a Son he’d be dead just like Michael Brown.

        93% of Blacks die at the hands of other “Blacks,” NOT the Cops. Like Ex-Mayor Rudy Guiliani said on Fox news, “If you don’t like Cops all over your neighborhoods, then stop killing each other.” Of course the Blacks don’t want to take any responsibility for themselves. Get Ready Folks, the Decision is about to unleash “Ape World Gone Crazy” Nationwide.

        • Is there a leader among them named “Caesar”?

      14. “Hagel must have finally gotten a belly full of promoteing lies as fact .”

        Na something else must be up. He was a US Senator. That is a smorgasbord “all you can eat” feast of lies of every flavor possible.

        • Maybe so but the graft and corruption are SO much more profitable there than in the DOD.

      15. Something’s off that’s for sure. It’s not just ferguson that’s tense. Holder and Hagel both resign? That’s two rats pretty close together, and pretty high up. Something’s about to come out from the woodwork, ebola, isis, who knows what. All I know is that even rats will abandon a sinking ship.

        • Maybe Hagle refuse to order the Military to start Gun Grabbing in Ferguson. Look at the timing of his resignation. Just hiurs befilore Fergy Blows Up into Chaos.

        • There is some crazy stuff going down on the economic front. All of a sudden the USD gains strength which obviously drops oil, gold drops too. The USD with trillions of debt and even greater unfunded liabilities looks good? I know its relative to the rest of the world being so screwed up and there may be the answer. Its like “happy days are here again”….right out of nowhere. Unusual, strange and surprising come to mind. Calm before the storm or like the eye of a hurricane that was a category 2 when you entered and goes to a category 6 while your in the eye.

      16. Off topic…You see those Iron Edison Batteries advertized on the left of the page… Don’t do it. 4 times the cost, high input % charge rate and a whole lot more maintenance. Stay with the FLA and a 24-48 volt system.

        • NWO; now there’s a joke if I ever heard one. Just who’s in charge and what order do they command? From where I sit, it’s not anyone. The emperor has no close, the Great and Powerful Oz is nothing but an old man behind the curtain. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we: Two young kids manage to set off a couple of bombs in Boston and then it takes a total of 1,000 federal, state, and local LEOs 3 1/2 days to capture the remaining severely wounded teenager, after they missed him in a house-to-house search. Then we see a 29 y/o contract employee download most of the NSA’s data and calmly walk to the airport and fly half way around the world before they knew something was missing. The final joke was when a lone survivalist evaded 1,000 federal, state, and local LEOs in Pennsylvania for 7 weeks. Yeah, these guys are to be feared because they will enforce the NWO, NOT! These ass-hats can barely order a pizza without f*cking it up, let alone something as large and complex as the world. I’ll have mine with extra pepperoni.

          • They have controlled the world very well. They control money, its supply, its relative worth and who has it and who doesn’t. For the last few decades they been shifting it along with with real assets up to themselves. Maybe some NSA geek walks out with secrets but guess what? Their still spying on you. They got the US Military to do their bidding. They bomb who they want, when they want without approval of a Congress and Senate and therefore your approval. Their agenda is hid by a compliant MSM selling ostensible reasons to a happily ignorant public.

            It would be very foolish indeed to discount them.

      17. Tip: keep a portable wire or rope fire escape ladder rolled up and a fire extinguisher in your bedroom.

        • Good Idea Acid. However my Bedroom is on first floor. LoL. Fire extinguisher is a good idea though. Also get your Gas mask and stay low to the floor where the good air is. You stand up you choke and die on smoke. Feel your bedroom door for heat before you open it. Fire doubles in size every minute.

          • CO2 is heavier than air, so a room 1/2 full of it will be deadly from about your knees down. Staying low can be good in some cases but not in all. Use your good common sense, whatever the situation.

        • I’m on a single floor, too. But, getting a half dozen large extinguishers and some fog nozzles for the hoses is on the list for January.

          Most of us have seen the video of the Christmas Tree that shorts out, starts the rug smoldering, then the curtains, then the furniture, etc., within under six minutes the entire house flashes into flame, all you can do is get out if you can.

          Neighbor three doors down had some kitchen gadgets plugged into a surge strip on her counter. It overheated, the receptacle got hot, filled the house with toxic smoke, no flames. Killed her in her sleep, two years ago now.

          • Thus the requirement for a CO detector in new houses and in any house that is sold to a new owner these days. Not a bad idea, that.

      18. Hagel is the scapegoat, he would say the obvious. Obama is wrong in his foreign policies and hense forced to retire. Respectfully of course! So, we are left with leading government without any dissenting voice. Perfect ruling ability to enact any law or ruling to promote havoc. Are you ignorant? Or just hope for better?

        • Whatever the case, there is no doubt that Hagel will be singing like the proverbial canary in a speaking tour and a new book… unless, of course, he has been paid off / warned NOT to do those things. I put nothing too low for these Obamunists to stoop to.

      19. The “S” is getting mighty close to the blades y’all!

      20. I’m wondering if this has anything to do with the war Queen Barry is planning to start with Mad Vlad in Syria/Ukraine/Wisconsin? (wherever?)

        It’s pretty obvious that our Queen wants crisis and plans to “stay the course” just like He/She told those Communist terrorists in Ferguson MO last week.

        Watch out for what He/She does on the U.N. small arms treaty in late December. We voted it, it was passed in the U.N., Kerry signed it, and it’s one Executive Order away from destroying the 2nd Amendment.

        • 100M American patriots will vote FOR the 2nd amendment, with lead, if necessary… and it is looking more and more necessary by the day.

      21. I’ve noticed that hagel has been looking over his shoulder lately. He needs to tell the people of this country what is really going on. Something big is near, I can feel it.

        • Just look at all the crap coming down the pipe, would have to be asleep to not notice,
          Oh wait, MOST ARE ASLEEP!!
          This is gonna hurt Im pretty sure.

        • If he does, he better do it FAST instead of talking about doing it.

      22. In July I’m doing death valley, vegas, grand canyon, zion, and bryce.

        Zion looks, based on youtube, fucking awesome.

        Zion has the narrows, angels landing, and the subway.

        It’s called canyoneering and I want to do it.

        I love to make my testicles grow by doing this shit.

        O yeah I want to get my dick wet with everything that walks.

        • Acid; hope you find an animal that will help you out in that regard.

          • OOooooh! That gave me the image of Acidic Wretch getting a Monica from a rattlesnake!

        • Wretch, beaver were trapped out in the Southwest around 1820, you might save a lot of money on your vacation if you just stayed at home and screwed a porcupine in the basement.

        • Seriously, Wretch, you’ve got 5 destinations with 500 miles between them for your holiday.

          Spend $20 in Vegas, go to the Canyon and take a look, then the rest of your holiday in Zion or Bryce. Moab is the place to hub out from for the canyonlands.

          There’s enough there to keep you busy for the entire trip. Same with Death Valley and the Mohave.

          Spent 3 weeks in the Canyon in 1974, should have been 5 weeks.

        • Zion and Bryce ARE awesome. Went there in 2011. May and Sept. are the best months, weather-wise. Don’t overlook the Cedar Breaks National Monument. It is between Cedar City and Bryce Canyon. It’s smaller than Bryce but just as spectacular and the drive up there is real pretty too.

      23. Over 3400 new regulations released today by the White House. Two would give EPA the power to shut down coal powered power plants and the other, control of basically all water in the U. S.

        MTCFMF!! RIP America.

      24. Is anyone SURPRISED by this?

        Given the conditions and circumstances and history involving (controlled AIPAC)US foreign policy it will only get worst.

        “rogue globalist elements”, well, that’s news! I think most of the commentators are rogue elements as reported by TPTB ,just not globalist type.
        Now tell us who they are, where they are, pictures would be nice. Like we don’t know already. Take a guess if your not sure.

        Then, can the present situation be reversed? Or is it to late?

        Wait, do I really care? And, how does this help anyone prepare with shtf information? I can read this all day long on WRH+++++++++++++++++++++ & +.

      25. Oh My.

        It is almost impossible to believe that Obama, selected as the Manchurian candidate to bring in the One World/New World order, upon listening to Hagel tell him of the conspiracy of the OWO, that when Hagel left the room, him and Valerie must have rolled all over the floor in gales of laughter.

        Hard to believe ex senator Hagel was that wet behind the ears.

      26. Just wanted to say to my friends on here that my skin cancer has reoccurred and I am awaiting biopsy results to see how bad it is. Sorry to intrude with some personal thoughts but I would appreciate some prayers if you can spare them, but, in reality, you should be praying for people in far worse shape than me. Just a little self-pity tonight. Back to your regularly scheduled verdict watching.

        • Charley:

          I sure can spare some time for a prayer for you. Hope better news comes with your biopsy.

        • All you need is faith the size of a mustard seed and God will be with you, no matter the results.

          In the meantime, the Columbia airgill and Patagonias silkweight base layers are UPF 50, the highest rating a garment can have for sun protection.

        • CW, we are all behind you, and hope and pray it is negative.
          Some of us here do believe, and your belief will help you immensely. stay positive…

        • CW…Medicine in skin cancer is really advanced these days. Always get a 2nd Dr opinion. You will be fine. Dont worry and enjoy life and family every day.

        • Charley,
          My wife had stage 3c lung cancer with a tumor the size of a grapefruit in her bronchial tube which was inoperable.
          Given my research back ground and the willingness to negate law, she has been cured to date with alternative medicine.
          MRI’s, PET scans, Blood work, Kat scan’s, Bone scans all negative to date. The doctors and professional don’t know what to make of it (no Chemo). It’s been three years and they gave her less than a year to live. Test results are current.

          “CANNIBIS OIL”

          There is a cure, made my own

          Stead fast Charley

          ps: I do not use drugs of any sort. I had nothing but, everything to lose

          • WOW. that is inspiring VTFREE2
            God bless her and you. THANK YOU

          • Stage III Non Small Cell Adenocarcinoma Lung Cancer meet Bryomixol. If you have cancer check out Bryomixol.
            Not legal in US, available in El Salvador.

        • Thank you all. You are all great people. Hope to meet up one day.

          Acid, faith indeed. Thanks!

        • Charlie, I will pray for your health.
          God bless

        • No problem, Charley. God hears ALL prayers but the ones that really impress Him are the ones we sincerely give for others. Bless you and your family during this trying time. We went through this with my Dad, so understand what’s at stake here.

          My favorite prayer is to implore God to bring all men and women closer to his divine love, letting us all know that we are related spiritually, and that what harms one, harms us all. If more people really understood this, it would be a FAR different and better world.

      27. I just watched a movie called The Purge 2: Anarchy. Surprisingly, it was a very good movie, although the actresses were ugly as fuck.

        The film features a man-made SHTF event, and a group of sheeple who try to leech off of a man who is prepared. It shows a family killing each other.

        Some have said the movie plot is unrealistic. Guess they never heard of the holocaust.

        I recommend to preppers to watch the film.

        • F**k is ugly? You better up your game in that department. 😉

      28. Of course we will add you in our prayers. Good luck to you and yours.

      29. Rogue elements? The vaunted Deep State we’ve heard about. CIA and State has it as well. I think they are basically entrenched neocons.

      30. It is clear the conventional narrative for things does not explain what is going on. We are to believe ISIS came from nowhere and – poof!! – they are the biggest bad asses on the planet. Equally, we are to believe it is the fault of all the other races that black people are poor everywhere in the world. Yet, even in countries with no history of black slavery, or the Klan, they still commit more crimes per their proportion in the population and gang killings. Why would that be?

        There is prejudice and bigotry and ‘ethno-centrism’ in every country in the world. But that is no excuse for committing wanton violence and mayhem. For the past 40 years we have been relentlessly told only white people are racist and only white people are bigots. But to anyone who has traveled around the world, that is pure nonsense.

        Things do not add up and that can only lead to the explanation it is the work of hidden hands with nefarious agendas.

      31. “ISIS” are NOT the same as the original Free Syrians. “ISIS” was cooked up by the West’s powers-that-be to be confused with the Free Syrians and, to be used as they are now as a cover for attacking whatever’s left of the Free Syrians in their battle to rid themselves of the West’s man in Syria, Assad (as well as to be used as and ongoing boogie-man to scare the easily dupable American masses into compliance with whatever they’re told by “their” government and its mainstream media mouthpieces). The REAL Free Syrians had seen the (Western-orchestrated) failures of the other Arab Springs. They appear to have wanted to do it right in Syria, and to establish a truly free, necessarily individually libertarian society there.

        THAT would certainly not do, for the Western elites who’s man, Assad, is a stalwart for their control of the Middle East as a major source for their Big Oil-financed power over the masses–who’ve, in turn, financed Big Oil’s power over them by their own purchases of Big Oil’s “stuff” (as their Pusher-in-Chief called it, while smirking about their “addiction” to it).

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