Connection? President Trump Authorizes NASA To Return Americans To The Moon As Experts Investigate “Alien Comet” That Recently Sailed Past Earth

by | Dec 12, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 26 comments

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    President Donald Trump recently signed a new directive that reauthorizes NASA to return American astronauts to the moon in a move that directly countered the Obama administrations push to privatize space exploration.

    Complete with multiple astronauts in attendance, Trump made “Space Policy Directive 1” official which not only allows the country to once again put man on the moon, it also lays the groundwork for an eventual mission to Mars.

    “This marks an important step in returning American astronauts to the Moon for long term exploration,” said Trump, while also implying that there may eventually be a base built on the moon as well as “potential” mining activities.

    “We’re about to begin new journeys of exploration and discovery and once again imagine possibilities awaiting in those big, beautiful stars, and dare to dream big,” Trump continued.

    Gizmodo reported:

    In addition to “reclaiming our proud destiny in space,” Trump said the new directive will spur innovation—including the development of technologies that can be leveraged for military applications.

    The mission to the Moon, it’s clear, is more than just about restoring American pride—it’s also about making sure the US continues to be a part of the 21st century space race.

    Vice President Mike Pence, who’s the chairman of the National Space Council, spoke after Trump, saying it’s a “momentous occasion in the history of American space exploration”—one that will ensure Americans “lead in space once again.”

    Pence said the recommendations made by the re-launched National Space Council were unanimously approved. The plan, said Pence, will “provide for the common defense of the United States,” and “spur innovation…and see jobs created that we couldn’t even imagine will be created today.”

    Interestingly, the news that we will once again be putting man on the moon came as a team of astronomers announced that a comet that recently sailed past the earth may have been extraterrestrial in origin.

    The cigar shaped asteroid, ‘Oumuamua, was the first interstellar object seen in the solar system after it was discovered by scientists who now plan to scan it in the hopes that they find radio signals coming from the comet itself.

    The Daily Mail reported:

    The alien-hunting project will use the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia for its investigation, with the campaign set to begin at 3:00pm ET (8:00pm GMT) on Wednesday.

    The telescopes sensitive equipment would would take less than a minute to pick up something as faint as the radio waves from a smartphone, according to the Atlantic.

    Milner, the business mogul behind Breakthrough Listen, a $100 million (£75m) search for intelligent extraterrestrial life, received an email about the object last week from one of his chief scientists.

    Amazingly, one of the chief scientists for “Breakthrough Listen” noted that the more he studied the object the more he came to believe that it might be artificially created.

    ‘The more I study this object, the more unusual it appears, making me wonder whether it might be an artificially made probe which was sent by an alien civilisation,’ Professor Avi Loeb, the chair of Harvard’s astronomy department and one of Milner’s advisers on Breakthrough Listen, wrote in the email.

    Professor Loeb said the space rock’s peculiar elongated shape is odd for a common space rock but ideal for a ship flying between star systems.

    While we obviously do not have proof that there is a connection here, it does make one wonder, especially when you consider that Trump’s decision was a complete reversal from former President Obama’s with the decision seemingly coming out of no where.

    Regardless, I think it is safe to say that the country as a whole is much better off having NASA send Americans into space rather than using private companies who are trying to make money while at the same time attempt to explore space.

    There simply is no reason that NASA should not be sending astronauts to the moon.


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      1. When is General Kelly going to tell the President about the “Secret Space Program” ??? Just asking. 🙂

        • ” the country as a whole is much better off having NASA send Americans into space rather than using private companies ”

          Odd statement .
          Why is it better that the government control space exploration ?

      2. Oh for fuck sakes….. It’s a rock you nit-wits……..

        • They WANT it to be an alien… it might finally be proof that intelligent life exists SOMEWHERE in the entire universe…

          … because clearly no one’s found any here. Mumble.

          No, really.

        • it is cheese, and this time we have selfie sticks to record the moon walks.

      3. Send all liberals, muzzies, politicians, lawyers, and scum executives to the moon.

        • Moe: I agree! Do it to save the country and the world for that matter.

        • Have you not read Heinline’s “The Moon is a harsh mistress”? If not you should…It’s a good read!

      4. Moe, I’d rather they go to live in NK, but I understand your point.

      5. 10 stories in 1 day and only one is good? Hmmmmm

      6. Ohhhh so this time were REALLY going to do it? The moon isn’t that far away and I have a telescope….

        • No, not this time either. It’s just another excuse to ask for more money. Lots of it.

      7. Yes, they want to put a base on the moon, which means transferring mass/weight from the Earth to the moon, which will change the orbit of the moon, eventually sending it off into deep space in a slingshot effect.

        • They can send mass/weight to the moon to keep the earth from tipping over like Guam. 😉 That will make the flat earth society happy.

        • No, it’ll just tip over, like Guam.

      8. There probably already is a secret space and starwars program funded by black budget. Remember what happened to Gary Mckinnon when he hacked into NASA’s files, also some of the mysterious footage from the space station of a weapon being fired at a so called asteroid which abruptly turned to avoid it. There has been a lot going on with this but those in power see the taxpayers as dumb sheep not worthy of being told the truth.

        • This god damned country is something else. The Gov’t has failed us miserably!

      9. I agree

      10. I support both a private and a governmental effort.

        However, I believe first contact has already been made and not necessarily an alien, but fallen angels acting as aliens.

        The human race is being set up for a massive deception.

      11. WE DON’T WANT NASA TO GO TO ANOTHER MOVIE STUDIO AND SPEND HALF A TRILLION DOLLARS FAKING MORE MOON LANDINGS. They will just make a movie and claim they went to the Moon, its what they do, NASA can oly be trusted to make bottle rockets for 4th of july season, they should stick with what they are good at, they should make movies for TV about how they faked it all, evidence they never go to the moon other countries report the US supposed landing site is bare without any evidence of a landing.

      12. I missed the part about not being able to exceed low Earth orbit yet. Besides we have everything we need on Earth except honest politicians.

      13. An extra testicle space craft that looks like a cigar shaped rock. How ingenious. Those aliens are really sneaky.

      14. Return to the Moon my ass. They never went in the first place. The Russians got the cream of the crop of the German WWII scientist and they state no human can traverse thru the Van Allen Radiation belts and live.

      15. If it starts calling for whales we’re in trouble.

        Meantime we can continue clearing out all those Nazis on the moon…


      16. I thought he was against illegal immigration?

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