Congressman: Deep State Running Scared As FISA Memo Will “Shake FBI To Its Core”

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 20 comments

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    Congressman Jeff Duncan (R-SC) says the release of the FISA memo will ‘shake the FBI to its core’ as he revealed that the document exposes how the agency was weaponized by Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration to spy on the Trump campaign.

    “Having read “The Memo,” the FBI is right to have “grave concerns” – as it will shake the organization down to its core – showing Americans just how the agency was weaponized by the Obama officials/DNC/HRC to target political adversaries,” tweeted Duncan.

    Democrats appear to be becoming increasingly desperate as the release of the memo draws nearer, with reports suggesting it could be made public on Friday morning.

    Nancy Pelosi called on Speaker Paul Ryan to remove the author of the memo Devin Nunes from the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, accusing him of “deliberately dishonest actions”.

    Former Attorney General Eric Holder also claimed that the memo was “bogus” and “contrived,” an ambitious statement given that he hasn’t read it, before describing its potential release as “dangerous and irresponsible”.

    FBI Director Christopher Wray is reportedly pressuring the White House to redact all names in the memo prior to its release, which would undoubtedly dilute its impact.

    “FBI Calling for names to be “redacted” in “The Memo” defeats the purpose of “The Memo” in providing the transparency into the rogue actions of those named! Seems like FBI in total CYA mode after Wray read Memo,” tweeted Duncan in response.

    Speculation is now raging that Wray could resign if the memo is released, although others insist that this threat is just a tactic to prevent Trump from green lighting the release of the memo.

    As we reported earlier, according to Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell, Trump is being “threatened” by the FBI to not release the memo in order to cover-up their own rampant corruption which is set to be exposed in the four page document.


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      1. Time to get rid of the justice department, DHS, FBI, CA and NSA. Trump needs to form his own federal police department.

        • JAS – like I was properly corrected by another poster here on a previous article, we need to go with great caution as to circumventing the Constitution. This nation does need a strong national law enforcement and international one as well. The information war is a critical and crucial part of any defense or offense. As I was reminded, we do not now or ever need a dictatorship. Imagine simply if Obama had take that step.

          • Heartless- Please be advised that BHO did in fact take that “step” of lawlessness. Nowhere in the Constitution is a federal police force mandated. The authority of law enforcement is local or a States right, not politicians in one particular location (D.C.) Your reference to “strong national and international law enforcement is the domain of the military. Lets keep it simple and accurate.

            • True CR – as to Federal, I was referring to the FBI and/or some agency to have jurisdiction over interstate matters. But, you have a point. There is no Constitutional mandate for any Federal police force – you’re right. As for international, military is fine in war; but, what about the need for international intelligence gathering? That we do need now more than ever. Last – as for BHO – he was to my mind simply a traitor. Worth a firing squad at best; or, just a single shot from whomsover happened along. Sorry, just hated the guy. I can’t say one word in his favor or defense and remain honest.

          • We already have a dictatorship. politics is a circus dog and pony show. In the latter part of Obummers term there was a military Coup. Gen dunsford took over. Obummer quit doing anything but playing golf and vacationing. He did not even Pardon Hellery and he could have. Trump is the Militarys Puppett. The congress cannot prosecute. That is the Job of the DOJ yet for some reason Sessions does nothing. But just you wait the Special Forces can and likely will round up those traitors and lock them up at GITMO. To be found guilty be a Military Tribunal. And the Counstitution don’t apply to traitors locked up at GITMO.

      2. Their are so many people who should of been put in prison long ago, but are still running around free to live their criminal lives. I really doubt that anything will happen this time either.

        • ???
          Theres two sets of rules, one for us and one for them, theirs basicly is a freeforall
          Bullets, lots and lots of bullets

      3. Anybody see John McCain lately? What a career he’s had. Almost sank the USS Forrestal all by himself. Over 100 sailors died in the screw up. Got shot down and captured. Caved in and gave an anti American speech to the North Viet Namese. Even old man Adm. Stockdale was able to hold out, but not Johnny. Dumps the wife who waited for him and then marries money. Goes to the Senate and sits on the committee that oversees the MIA’s. He abandons the MIA’s and calls them all dead. Case closed. FU Johnny!

        • Word is McCain has s under house arrest.

          I can only hope.

      4. Corner a rat, and see what happens?

      5. The Rosenbergs , we executed Ethei. The domestic Enemy? Executing traitors has been standard policy in the past and somewhat present? A deterrent? And absolutely nesseserry?

      6. It has been one of the goals of the communists to infiltrate and discredit the FBI for decades. Don’t remember which of the 45 declared goals of CPUSA from 1963 it is, but it is one of them.

        The US federal government (as well as many state governments) is loaded with NWO communists. The reason is because Americans are brainwashed from a young age to be sheeple with indoctrination, on drugs, fast food fat lazy stupid and sick largely docile police state supporting retards.

      7. The deep state is on the run, they are a cornered animal. Expect them to act like it.

        There’s analysis that says Comey’s most recent public tweet includes text that instructs sleeper agents to be activated.

        Expect false flag attacks. Preppers should be alert and situationally aware at all times over the next few weeks.

        That train crash in Virginia where a garbage truck was placed in front of a special chartered train that was carrying most of the Republican congressional members including the republican leadership, was another attempted assassination of congressional republicans. That train was under special protection including a military helicopter, drones and ground force police who were to have seen to the closing of all roads that crossed those tracks. But still the Truck skated by Virginia security.

        Virginia governor McCaulif only weeks ago threatened the president and republicans. And here we are, on McCauliffs turf there is such an outrageous attack. Of course McCaulif is calling the crash an accident…… In a pigs eye.

        • You made a great comment, as usual. Your insight is always appreciated. I believe too the garbage truck was placed or delayed thereto try and kill republicans.

          Deep State CIA and FBI kites and spooks are responsible, like you said. BHO loaded up the agencies with Marxists, and The alphabet agencies are beyond repair.

          The problem is that the left is now asserting the normalcy bias. IE: “Since the bureaucrats say something is true, therefore it must be”. They are trying to exhaust regular under-informed people with a sheer barrage of assertions by so-called ‘experts’. This is a shopworn Marxist tactic.

          The Marxists are the kings of Situational Ethics, Their morals, laws and ethics slide ever constantly, “Progressives” are in constant flux. The Judeo-Christian foundation of America is the opposite, with Empirical Ethics, unchanging and un-moving. People have to decide whether they want their laws determined by a show of hands (Progressive) or a law book that never changes (Natural Law or the Bible).

          We all know how this will end, the Left Telegraphs and intones it now and increasingly then. Whenever Marxists get in charge, they liquidate massive amounts of people. The Left always turns murderous. They hafta, when all of the masses and kulaks/peasants just don’t obey their Marxist masters instantly you creative Marxist Dictator will empower his minions find all sorts of ways to slay recalcitrant Masses.

      8. It’s so disappointing. Remember when the FBI was cool? They caught gangsters, serial murderers, bank robbers, kidnappers-dangerous people.


      9. More than likely nothing will come of it as most of them are criminals working together like spokes inside a wheel to destroy our republic from within. This is all mostly political theatre to keep the docile indoctrinated retarded American public believing their government is legitimate.

      10. So a memo by a partisan member of the House is somehow definitive evidence of something or other?

        The government of the United States – all of it, not just Trump – is in a complete state of lunacy.

        By the way, the FBI has for its entire history been abused and biased and ineffective.

        It has always served politicians’ interests.

        Only the naive or ignorant can believe otherwise.

      11. I wonder why Trump hasn’t taken our military out of the control of NATO; why he hasn’t rescinded the NDAA; and why he won’t do something about those damned chemtrails and the whole geoengineering project. Then, he can work on the Homeland Security Act and all the nonsense at our airports. I’d also like to see him curtail or eliminate ALL foreign aid, at least for a few years. He needs a conference with Ron Paul!

      12. The only shaking going on at the FBI are the last few drops being shook out.

        These people — the deep state, the CIA, NSA, DHS, FBI, and the other 13 security agencies — belong to a club. And you and I (the American People) are not in it.

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