Cliven Bundy’s Trial Begins: Will Freedom Ring? Why The Stakes Are So High

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 44 comments

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    Cliven Bundy is now set to face a federal jury for standing up to the government over land rights.  In 2014, Bundy stood against the government and their out of control takeover of “public lands,” and is accused of leading an armed standoff against federal agents.

    The government’s land grab isn’t new, but it is an abuse of power.  And the second amendment was not written so people could hunt, but so that they may protect themselves against those who would abuse them; including their own government.  So there shouldn’t really be a trial if this is truly the America we are told about.  But there is, and the stakes are high.  Will the jury see just how tyrannical the government has become and see Bundy for the freedom-fighter he had to become? Or will see a traitor who didn’t want to pay the exorbitant fees levied on him for trying to exercise that freedom.

    Jury selection began yesterday for the trial. Bundy, who is 71-years-old, along with two of his sons, Ammon and Ryan Bundy and independent militiaman Ryan Payne, are accused of assault on a federal officer, carrying firearms in relation to a crime and other felony conspiracy charges.

    This week’s proceedings are the culmination of a cumbersome array of drama that has gone down since the initial standoff. Ammon and Ryan Bundy and several other armed occupiers were acquitted for staging an armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife in Oregon, an event that was inspired by the Nevada standoff. And there have since been several more failed attempts by federal prosecutors to convict some of Bundy’s lower-level associates in Nevada, which have included hung juries and acquittals on certain counts.

    The stakes are high for the government as they desperately seek a conviction of those who dared to stand up to their power grab. Allies to the government are more than desperate to see the government validated in their abuses against Bundy and others.  Joan Anzelmo, a retired federal land manager and frequent Bundy critic, says an acquittal of the family patriarch and his closest associates would send a chilling message to federal employees in the West. And indeed it would. It would send the message that people are tired of being treated like slaves by the government.

    “People are going to take notice and say, why are we doing this job, why are we taking care of these places when federal laws can be ignored,” Anzelmo says. The Bundys’ self-described “range war” over control of federal land began as a fight about the overreach and federal government’s expansion of power. The Bundy’s are descendants of Mormon pioneers and have long refused to recognize the federal government. They’re also some of the last remaining cattle ranchers in southern Nevada, as land has been squeezed by booming development in Las Vegas as well as the expansion of solar development and tougher environmental protections.

    “There is a serious amount of government overreach in general and especially here in Nevada when it comes to our lands,” says John Moore, a former libertarian state legislator, and Bundy family friend. “I’m a firm believer that it’s the state’s land, not the federal government’s.”

    When Cliven Bundy first appeared at his arraignment last year, he refused to even enter a plea because the rancher doesn’t recognize the federal court system.


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        • Amen, PrepP!

        • thankyou Mr.bundy

        • “The stakes are high for the government as they desperately seek a conviction of those who dared to stand up to their power grab. ”

          Power Grab ??? LAUGH MY FUCKING ASS OFF !!! 🙂 Come on, Mac, that propaganda is beneath you.

          My Peeps, Rancher Bundy is just a deadbeat who didn’t pay his grazing rights annual fee for 20 years, racking up millions of dollars in back payments for use of the FOLIAGE !!!

          Think about it. He stopped renewing his grazing rights, yet continued to run his cattle on taxpayer land. The annual grazing fee per AU (animal unit) is about $20 for a cow AND calf.

          Ranching under the rules is a major subsidized industry, like so many others in America. Yet Bundy is such a fucking CHEAT that he refused to pay this minor fee per animal unit and wants YOU to believe that it is government overreach.

          The MFRS at BLM who allowed Bundy to CHEAT US for twenty years need to be in jail right alongside of him. This is not about Civil Rights, or a “Power Grab”. This is about a commercial lease where the lessee VOLUNTARILY severed his contract at the end of its term and NEVER renewed it, while maintaining possession of the property for twenty years !!!

          Do any of you own a rental home ??? If you did would you allow another person, family, or corporation to remain in possession of your property without paying rent for six months ??? A year??? Would you give official NOTICE to vacate your property ??? I think so.

          Finally Rancher Bundy will have his day in Court and I hope the jury finds him guilty and locks him up for the next 20 years: one year in jail for every year this SOB squatted on American Taxpayer property !!!

          • Whether the land belongs to the State of Nevada or the American People as a whole is NOT for Rancher Bundy to unilaterally decide, by withholding payment if he desires to use American Land. By not making legal required payments he has forfeited his right to use the land.

            There is a political process that Rancher Bundy and others could have pursued through their elected Reps at both the State and Local level. The Bundys got a good man killed by seducing him with “State’s Rights” and “government overreach”. Too bad it wasn’t one of them.

            Now this slimeball will go to jail, but not before he has destroyed his family’s future for many generations; and justifiably so. 🙂

            • DK, I am trying to be nice in saying this… I personally know relatives of the Bundy’s and he has the money to pay his fees. He has ALWAYS PAID TO CLARK COUNTY FOR THE LAND not the BLM thugs. The last payment he made to the county was returned to him with an explanation that he was now to pay the BLM. And where the fuck do you get 20 years from? Your ass? Wherever you live it sure as shit aint near Bundy or locals that are in the know. Who could go 20 years without paying? YOUR AN IDIOT AND NEED TO STFU ABOUT THINGS YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT! God how stupid can you be, STOP PROPAGATING LIES THAT EVEN AN IDIOT WOULD KNOW IS A LIE!

              • Genius, Bundy has not paid his BLM grazing fees to BLM for 20 years based upon my past, in depth, readings of the issue. BLM is the property manager for the American Taxpayer lands in question. BLM sets the fees (AU unit prices change from year to year) and collects the grazing fees and mining claim fees.

                Clark County is not now, nor has it ever been authorized by the Federal Government to accept payment for grazing fees OR mining claims on behalf of the American Taxpayers who own the land.

                Clark County does not have LEGAL STANDING to lease Federal Lands; nor would they. Any payments that Clark County MAY have accepted from Bundy would only apply to State Lands, upon which, Bundy may have grazing rights.

                You are as dumb as Bundy. He has destroyed his entire family. He will NOT have that money for long. What his defense lawyers don’t take, the government will take to pay back fees, fines, and damages.

                Take your head out of your ass, you have shit for brains. Bundy is going down and he is taking his entire family with him. If you believe so much in Rancher Bundy’s cause why don’t you go down to the Courthouse and chain yourself to his fucking leg like a dog ??? 🙂

      1. freedom will never ring in this country because so called americans have become nothing but fat, lazy, perverted, diseased of mind, zombies. The govt is doing what it damn well pleases while us citizens play with their cell phones, video games, tv, football and all the other shit that is more important than rights and freedom. forced immigration is destroying the country and us citizens keep voting for those that are doing it

        • Astute analysis. Dead on.

        • I have tried my damnedest to get Americans to stand up to this along with many other Americans who have done are doing the same. I have been at the Bundy confrontation, helped man the camps afterwards, been on the border and taken drug runner loads and trained hard to prepare. My efforts to train and organize people have failed for many reasons beyond me, including the sabotage of my efforts by other so-called Patriots. I quit.

          • You were a fool, seduced by Rancher Bundy into believing that the issue was “States” Rights” and that the patriotic thing to do was support him in his “land grab” while he swindled the American Taxpayer’s out of their rightful fees for the use of their property.

            You couldn’t get anyone to help you because you were stupid and they were not.

            You are not even smart enough to understand the real legal issue at the crux of this matter. You are lucky that Rancher Bundy did not get you killed to support his theft of American Grazing rights.

            Jail this bastard. Confiscate his bank accounts and property to repay US what he owes US for twenty years of squatting on American land. 🙂

            • DK, lying again? shame on you…

              • For being a fucking “genius” you don’t have the first clue as to the legal issues at stake in this case. Bundy is going down and he is destroying his entire family in the process.

                He is a fucking moron and so is anyone who believes his “States Rights” bullshit. This case is about criminal trespass; evidenced by his voluntary termination of the BLM Grazing Lease; while illegally running his cattle upon the land, in violation of an Order to Vacate.

                He lost in Court previously, twice, and he has ignored the Order to Vacate. He has also ignored the judgements and liens posted against him. He is not the “Rosa Parks of the Patriot Movement”. He is a fool.

                The Media, however would love to make this IDIOT the Poster Boy for the Patriot Movement, to undermine legitimate protests against the PTB. His “protest” is not legitimate. The Law is specific, the Case Law voluminous, and the legal issues in question, clear cut. Bundy doesn’t have a prayer.

                Judges do not look favorably upon ANYONE who ignores their Rulings. Bundy is TOAST !!! 🙂

          • That is one of the more interesting dynamics of this. The feds totally destroyed the patriot movement, and they didn’t even have to lift a finger. Everyone is so paranoid that there is a fed around the corner, that they collapsed on their own. Everywhere you look they are all pointing fingers and saying no one is to be trusted. And now you can’t get 20 people to show to a protest. The feds really did a number, and it appears to have been easy. And so what if there is a fed around every corner, that just tells you how much worse things actually are!

            America is over. This, and what we see in Washington, are all the proof we need. The cowardly American didn’t even put up a strugle. The cowardly American bent over with glee and said give it to me! For proof, look no further than obama, hillary, comey, taxes, federal agencies that regulate everything you do!

            Seriously! In what way do millions and millions of laws and regulations represent freedom and liberty! The cowardly American made his bed!

            • And make no mistake. I am not pointing. We are all the cowardly American! We all watch as these absurdities take place. We watch as Washington disintegrates into tyranny with the most corrupt government history has ever known! We watch! We don’t vote when voting is most important (primaries). Instead we vote after the selections have been made and we end up with 40 year career criminals as 96% of them are reelected time after time.

              Does the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence talk of a passive people? People who wait till it is too late? Did America’s early leaders think these documents were optional, and for a time when the people were left with nothing else? Is the 2nd Amendment a tool of last resort?

              Or, did they intend that we go torches and pitchforks in the face of tyranny! I’m asking. Cause there sure seems to be a lot of confusion!

              • What is going on in that Nevada federal court room is beyond outrageous! It is easily one of the most corrupt courts in the history of America. There is a judge who is with the prosecution! Has declared that the Bible and the U.S. Constitution is not allowed! Not allowed! Let me say that again! Not allowed! In fact I will yell, which is something I never do! NOT ALLOWED!

                Visitors and witnesses to the court can wear a pocket constitution as long as it is completely hidden in their pocket, and they do not show the front cover that says “The Constitution of the United Sates”. It has to be backwards in their pocket! They can not remove it from their pocket, and no one is allowed to talk of it! The defendents and lawyers are not allowed to talk about it at all! You think this isn’t true? Look it up! This is well known!

                The defendents are not allowed to testify, and so far the witnesses have all been threatened with prosecution, so there were none! The prosecutors decide everything that is allowed to be said, and the judge sides with the prosecution on everything! This is no joke! I am not exaggerating here! Again, look it up!

                Don’t know what will happen this go around, but it is likely to be a real kangaroo show! And a perfect example of what America has become with the cowardly American at the helm!

      2. This trial is a big deal. Of course, the fascist left lying lamestream media will ignore it. But the good thing is that much of awake America is ignoring the media.

        Thanks for publishing this, Mac. Basically, you are doing what, in part, brought down the USSR: Samizdat. Look it up, folks… then do your own version of it

        • Samizdat

          the clandestine copying and distribution of literature banned by the state, especially formerly in the communist countries of eastern Europe.

          Samizdat (Russian: самизда́т; IPA: [səmɨzˈdat]) was a key form of dissident activity across the Soviet bloc in which individuals reproduced censored and underground publications by hand and passed the documents from reader to reader.

          The term samizdat, originally coined by the poet Nikolai Glazkov, means “I-self-publish”. Samizdat includes the politically-minded essays and newsletters, novels, poetry, and banned foreign works which circulated among dissident and intellectual classes in the Eastern Bloc.

          • I use Christian tracts where ever I wander: grocery stores, dressing rooms, Dr offices, restaurants, etc.

            This month is Modesty month, with a tract in all bills (yes, still pay most by snail mail) as well as the above.

            The ones I use are published by ana-baptists (Amish/Mennonite).

            prep your souls

      3. The Bundy’s are thugs. They owe the American tax payers $20 MILLION in back grazing fees, the threatened government people. They took over a government facility, armed, destroyed it and stold government documents. BTW: the have 5 federal loans for small business

        • Go away you POS government paid troll. The criminal government has no Constitutional authority to own land. But then I wouldn’t expect a miserable traitor like you to know that. If there’s any future justice, when they begin loading up the box cars, traitors like yourself will be the first ones forced on!

          • No, Bob, he is NOT a troll, he just understands the truth of the underlying legal question: Who owns the land, Bundy or the American People ??? 🙂

            • The Bundy Case seems to bring out fed agents and fed apologists on this board and others. Although, i am seeing less gov’t trolls across the internet compared to 5 or so years ago. Apparently, the money is no longer there to pay these cowards their meal ticket to sit at a computer and harass ordinary Americans with their propaganda.

        • Wow are you just another liberal troll or just another dumbass?

        • the “government”doesnt own that facility.. We the People do

          they didnt destroy it, its still standing and being used to this day

          government doesnt own the documents either , We do , and they are part of the We

        • way I see it is that the Bundy family has been in that area since 1877 – before Utah was even a State. Furthermore, cattle do not degrade the land by any real measure; anymore than do any other grazing herbivore (i.e. bison, deer, antelope…). The BLM limited the Bundy family’s grazing rights to allow for mining access to what I’ve understood to be foreign interests. Chinese if I recall. So, regardless of anyone’s view as to the ‘thuggery’ of the Bundys… my vote would be for his family to continue what they’ve been doing for over a 100 years in that region rather than open up the land to any Asian corporate interest.

          • While the Bundy family has been in the area since 1877, the land has been owed by the American people since 1848. Under the Homestead Act the Bundy Family settled (eventually) 640 acres; about one square mile, with the PERMISSION of the American government.

            When he stopped making his lease payments the family used 500- 600 square miles of American Taxpayer land, and he VOLUNTARILY severed his permission to use the foliage on that land by his own unilateral action to quit paying grazing fees.

            Cattle do degrade the land, particularly during an extended drought which the West has been facing for decades. The land of the Bundy’s ranch is SOOO marginal that it cannot support bison. There is no bison in the area.

            With respect to mining, understand that ANY American entity; individual or corporate person, can locate a placer or lode mining claim on BLM land, by following the Rules and paying the required fees, even if a Rancher is leasing the Grazing Rights on that same land.

            Ranchers and miners co-exist all over the West, as each of them use a different segment (right) of the land. I co-exist with a Rancher. My mine is not on his ranch. Ranchers are allowed to fence their leases to corral their cattle but they NOT own or control the land; although they would like you to believe they do. Legally, miners have priority over grazing cattle.

            Bundy had not been paying his Grazing Fee Lease for twenty years. He could still be grazing his cattle if he would pay the required fees, and the mining corporation could exploit any valid ore deposit located. Even if that corporation is primarily owned by Chinese Investors it is domiciled in the USA (probably Nevada) and subject to State (and Federal) law.

            These uses ARE NOT mutually exclusive. 🙂

            • Thanks durangokidd.

              Although I vehemently oppose the encroachment of any government on my rights, the Bundys are obviously in the wrong.

              I have said this before. The Nevada Constitution ceded all rights of this property to the Feds because the state did not wish to manage it at the time. The only way for the state to get back control of BLM land is to amend the state constitution. It has been tried and has failed several times.

              Everyone should read Prepared Pastor’s link at the top of the comment string. It explains how this has always worked since before Nevada was a state. It explains why the Feds control this land and some of the nuances of the Property Clause in the US Constitution.

              • I do what I can. 🙂

                The Bundy’s are NOT the Patriot Movement. No one should mistake them as being the face of the Patriot Movement. Of course the NWO would like you to believe that they are to undermine the real issues; knowing the Bundys are complete fucking morons engaged in their own selfish self interests; and manipulating well meaning but STUPID Militia. In this way the PTB can discredit real, true, Patriots.

                The Patriot Movement adheres to and lawfully promotes the US Constitution as the Law of the Land. It is our most important and most powerful weapon. 🙂

              • I will remind you that the BUNDY’s women and children and DOGS and CATTLE were attacked and assaulted on THEIR land by the ‘authorities and many but’ not you ‘came to the aid of those human beings and animals…..By the way, one does not bring a ‘sign’ to a ‘gun fight’ in the WEST….History and the Constitution 2A provides you with the knowledge to respond LEGALLY… they did….imho

            • “When he stopped making his lease payments the family used 500- 600 square miles of American Taxpayer land”

              YOU LYING PIECE OF SHIT! DO YOU EVER STOP LYING? Is it over your head that NO ONE can possibly graze that much land? You don’t know shit about ranching do you?

              • Genius, where is the lie? The BLM Grazing Leases he had at the time he quit paying the annual fees were more than 500 square miles.

                I do not remember the exact number of acres now, but if you find the number of acres previously leased from the BLM it will total more than 500 square miles. 640 acres IS a square mile. As I recall.

                “You don’t know shit about ranching do you?”

                Apparently I know a lot more about ranching than you do. 🙂

      4. Time to play Globalists vs Patriots or should I say Oath keepers vs oath takers. Bundy always has stated he would gladly have paid grazing fees to the constitutional authority the State of Nevada. But the constitution is not allowed in Navarro’s kangaroo court. Their treatment of Bundy’s cattle was just practice. Soon you too can give birth on the run.

        • Yup, a government that is powerful enough to give you everything is also powerful enough to take it all away. We are watching this become reality

      5. An interesting article. Apparently, there is a lot more to this “investigation.”

        Manafort indictment about more than just getting Trump
        “You will now hear ad nauseum that the Robert Mueller investigation is all about tying Donald Trump’s presidential victory to Russia influence and that the arrest of former Trump operative Paul Manafort is the tip of the iceberg to take out Trump over his Russia ties.

        But the charges Manafort and Rick Gates face are not about their work on the Trump campaign and the “Trump-Russia collusion” investigation is about much more than Trump. It’s about protecting the Deep State.”

        (Manafort and his business partner Gates were indicted on tax and conspiracy charges and other violations.)

        As Bob Livingston wrote at the time:
        “Elected Ukrainian pro-Russia President Viktor Yanukovych was ousted after he rejected the International Monetary Fund’s demands to raise taxes and devalue the currency. So the U.S. and the EU installed central banker and hand puppet Arseniy “Yats” Yatsenyuk.

        A Forbes article described Yats as “… the kind of technocrat you want if you want austerity, with the veneer of professionalism. He’s the type of guy who can hobnob with the European elite. A Mario Monti type: unelected and willing to do the IMFs bidding.”

        In the wee hours of the morning of March 2, the U.S. took possession of Ukraine’s $1.8 billion (estimated value) gold reserves. That’s partial payback for the $5 billion the U.S. invested in dragging Ukraine toward the EU.

        It’s also gold the U.S. can pass on to Germany, which has been seeking to have its gold — supposedly held by the Federal Reserve — returned.”

        “Manafort and his firm, which Gates helped run, spent years as Yanukovych’s political consultants. But also working for Yanukovych was the Podesta Group of Democrat operatives Tony and John Podesta – a fact the Podestas attempted to hide by not disclosing the extent of their work on their lobbying reports to Congress.

        John Podesta worked on the Hillary Clinton campaign and covertly for the Clinton State Department as revealed by emails dumped by WikiLeaks.

        Of course, Mueller has his own hands dirtied by Russian contacts. In 2009 while FBI director he delivered a 10-gram sample of enriched uranium to contacts on a Moscow tarmac on behalf of Clinton.

        And also while FBI director, Mueller slow-walked an investigation into bribery and corruption charges surrounding the Clinton-brokered deal sell licenses to mine U.S. uranium deposits in Kazakhstan to the Russian firm Rosatom.

        In exchange, the Clinton’s money laundering operation the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton himself received a combined sum in excess of $9 million.”

        “Meanwhile, an Obama-appointed judge who contributed to the Obama campaign has ordered the bank records for Fusion GPS — the opposition research team paid $9 million by the Clinton campaign to produce the phony dossier that sparked the Russia collusion narrative and led to illegal wiretaps and unmasking of Trump campaign operatives – to be sealed from the public and most of Congress.

        But the propaganda media won’t be talking about that. Just about Manafort’s ties to Trump and Trump’s ties to Russia.”
        ht tps://

        Manafort Indictments on business dealings, not campaign.
        Ex-Trump aide Manafort charged with US tax fraud over Ukraine work
        ht tp://

      6. Freedom is all but dead,

        • Freedom? WTF is Freedom? None of us in these Unites States have any idea what that word means…

      7. Wasn’t it Mao who said that power comes from the barrel of a gun?

        Evidently, the Founding Fathers knew that FREEDOM comes from the same place.

        Praying for the success of the American people, and the Bundy family.

      8. Why should he make profits on land he is not taxed for? I have land and have to pay the government taxes. If the government is going to steal my money and give it to people on welfare he can pay his fare share and pay for welfare too. Of course I would like most all public lands to go to the local counties or at least the states to control or sell. But, I do not see why this guy should get to skate on taxes when I never skate on taxes. If he is so mad about it he can sell his cattle and go be one of those dirty hippies in central park and protest the government in a tent.

        • May I suggest to you that YOU research how a ‘rancher’ makes his living on ‘grazing’ land in the western states…you might come to a different opinion of the’ Bundy’s Stand’ against the ‘criminal’ efforts by the government in the western States to control the LAND…and those on it… may find that by paying ‘taxes’, you are abetting this ‘criminal empire’….imho

      9. The Bundy’s STAND for the Founders Constitution…the Government who they protested …used economics,intimidation and FORCE to uphold their unlawful land grab of the Bundy’s PROPERTY rights…as the government has been doing in the western States for decades….they finally picked on a man and his family that stood against the cruelty to cattle and the ASSAULT on his women and children…YOU might have done the same….and IF the Bundy’s are convicted ..YOU and I will absolutely be put into the same position some where and some time on YOUR property…and by the way ….Self Defense with ARMS is a birth right GUARANTEED by the 2A of the Founders Constitution….NOT a ‘ hope or wish’ granted to you by the Government…I pray for this jury to see the ‘evil’ that the Government has done to the western States and the Bundy’s..imho

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