“Christian Evangelicals With Their Crazy Ideas” MSNBC Host Chris Matthews Attacks Christians For Supporting Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital

by | Dec 7, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 63 comments

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    During an appearance on the openly anti-Trump MSNBC Show “Morning Joe”, leftist host Chris Matthews tore into American Christians for their support of moving the Israeli capital to Jerusalem, making it transparently clear what he and many other liberals actually think about Christianity as a whole.

    Matthews not only claimed that evangelical Christians have “crazy ideas” he also essentially called the religion fake by labeling its beliefs as “mythical.” But hey, there is no war on Christianity because the mainstream media said so!

    “Deaths are coming now because of this. You can just bet the next few weeks we’ll have hell to pay for this totally erratic decision by this president. Every party who has had the White House since 48 has recognized you have to be careful over there,” Matthews claimed.

    “Don’t think this isn’t related to Alabama next week. It is related. Because it’s the Christian Evangelicals down there with their crazy ideas about Israel which is, I don’t know, mythical. They don’t understand the situation over there, how tricky it is ethnically and tribally. They don’t care because it’s a religious belief. Trump is playing into that this week you watch him.”

    As The Blazed noted, “Matthews also said the “only hope for peace” in the region is to give Palestinians a “portion of East Jerusalem, maybe all of it.”

    “Because if you don’t give the Palestinians hope that they can have national integrity and have a capital where they believe it should be, you’re going to have an unending problem,” Matthews declared as if his political opinion is somehow automatic fact.

    While one can argue the merits of moving the capital all day, the fact remains that President Trump ran on a platform to move it and is now completing his campaign promise. The only reason this is such a surprise to the liberal media is because they are used to presidents lying about this issue on the campaign trail while not actually following through once they reach the White House.

    Its safe to say, times have changed and the global power structure is clearly not happy with said change.


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      1. Chris Matthews is one of the biggest POS libturds in the entire MSM. And it’s the US EMBASSY that’s being moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, NOT anyone’s capital. No other countries or international organizations tell the US what the f#$% to do. Chris Matthews can go f#$% himself. I’d be happy to take him on one-on-one.

        • Brave –

          Pay attention – yes … the embassy will mover to Jerusalem … Which is NOW the Capital of Israel. The embassy is not the issue here.

          I agree … Matthews is a p.o.s — but on certain key issues here, he is very much correct.

          Tel Aviv was Israels capital … now it’s Jerusalem.

          • FTW, the only ministry the Israelis have in Tel Aviv is their Defense Ministry. All the rest of their ministries, their parliament, residences and offices for their prime minister and president, have been in Jerusalem ever since 1948. The city was originally founded by the Jewish people. Muslims don’t have any legitimate claim to the city or any of the land in Israel.

            • Good ol’ Tingle-boy Chris back at his usual.

          • Has been Jerusalem since 1995. Trumps just not kicking the can down the road. Why is the postage stamp sized country of Israel so disputed by the greater Arab world? Saudi has the lions share of regional petroleum. None in Israel. Leave ’em alone ya f&ckin’ towel heads. They kicked your ass in 1967. Now leave ’em be.

            • Because the people of Israel are the witness and testimony of God. They’re maligned as being “fake” by those who themselves serve the Devil. They’re attacked for being blessed by God. They are judged by God when they are wrong. But, woe unto him who God may use to judge Israel!

          • What a bunch of horseshit, the Jews have always considered Jerusalem as their capital. Trump declaring it is akin to him saying that a stop sign now means “stop”. It has the leftist America/Israel haters all twisted in knots, too funny.

        • All liberals should go to Tel Aviv to show their support for their goat fucking women beating child abusing friends there. Maybe then they’ll learn some lessons.

        • I’ve been wanting to run into Matthews for YEARS, just so I could say “hey, tingles, how’s it hanging for ya?” That would be sweet.

        • Didn’t Israel try to give Arafat 98% of what he demanded, only to have him spit in their faces and shoot rockets at their neighborhoods?

          Didn’t Israel unilaterally hand over Gaza? What have the muslimes built there besides fighting positions?

          I’m not an Israel cheerleader, but I have eyes.

      2. I’ve never heard such a vomiting of cowardice bile in my life! Chris Matthews ought to be ashamed of himself peeing his pants in such a public way. My god!!

        • Way I see it is that this move to formally declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel just might finally spark a resolution one way or the other in the Middle East. Me? I could care less who owns that city. If it is the current controllers, the Jewish people – things continue more or less the same as now. If it’s the Muslims, just one more target for another Syrian or Iraq type war. The land there itself has no value to me. Nor have I any caring for any of the inhabitants. Surely not when considering any loss of American lives to defend, occupy or invade. Let them nuke it out all by their lonesomes.

        • He is right. Israel is not our 51st State. The evangical Christ-Cucks have no business directing foreign policy with primitive superstition. I am as right wing Marine veteran as you can get. Dump the Zionist State and their shills.

          • You’ll smoke a turn in Hell for that statement! It is common knowledge that God will withhold his blessings from anyone who does not tangibly bless the state of Israel.

            Repent as you listen to God’s will being communicated to the people of the USA by a devout Judeo-Christian, Pastor John Hagee:


            • I think the phrase you were searching for is “smoke a turd in hell”, moron.

      3. What President Trump did was allow the 1995 law, passed by both houses of Congress, to take effect. If any member of Congress doesn’t like it, they can rescind the law. If Mr Matthews doesn’t like it, he can talk to his Congress-critter.No more ‘phone and pen’ presidency!

        • “What President Trump did was allow the 1995 law, passed by both houses of Congress, to take effect.”

          It was and always has been a bogus law.

          The resettlement of the J3Ws in ’46 was not done only by the United States. It was a group effort and collaborations between nations.

          If Jerusalem was to be Israels capital, then those other countries that were involved in the past … should of been included in this present decision.

      4. mr. Matthews does not understand the problem, I feel sorry for him. May the Holy Spirt visit him and show him the way.

      5. Mythical, Chris? Interestingly, the man generally credited as being responsible for what constitutes legal rules of evidence, Simon Greeleaf in the 1800s, was – as his name might indicate – a Jew. Someone challenged him to examine the evidence for the resurrection of Christ, which he – as apparently opposed to Mr. Matthews – had the courage to do. A few years later saw him publish The Testimony of the Evangelists, a defense of his new faith in Christ and the resurrection.

        Truth is, Christianity has not been tested and found wanting; rather, it has never been tested as people have never had the intellectual honesty to even crack the very short New Testament. Truth is, that you can reconstruct a whole outline of Christian teaching from the OPPONENTS of Christ who wrote about Him, such as Thallus, Suetonius, etc. Truth is, a former atheist called J. Warner Wallace – a former CA. cold case detective – did the same investigation and just came out with Cold Case Christianity, which – if Matthews had the intellectual honesty to read – might blow his closed mind way open. Truth is, Lee Strobel, JD from Yale and former award winning legal journalist for the Chicago Tribune, also had the honesty to read the evidence as an atheist – and later penned “The Case for Christ.” Truth is, atheist philosophers I had to read at university, such as CEM Joad later became a Christian, as did “the smartest man at Cambridge,” CS Lewis. And the famed philosopher Anthony Flew, recently deceased, became at least a theist before his death.

        Crazy ideas? Yeah, right Chris. Most of the founders were Christians, and the ones that weren’t were very sympathetic, like Jefferson who wrote quite a number of things about God, even if he wasn’t a traditional Christian, the Adamses, who were Unitarians, and Ben Franklin, who was very close friends with George Whitfield.

        What is most disturbing is that people listen to this man, who is grossly uninformed and demonstrably intellectually dishonest (until he can tell me ONE book from the other side he has read, or if he has EVER read the primary literature, the NT, through, I will submit to you that he is indeed intellectually dishonest.

        • Jesusneverexisted.com just another sun god in a long line of Astrotheological sun gods. zietgiest, the movie.

          • With all due respect, Beo, you are incredibly intellectually dishonest. Perhaps you ought to find out massive numbers of non-Christian writers referred to Christ. Without looking it up, just off the top of my head I recall not only Josephus, but Tacitus, Thallus, Suetonius, etc. Funny that, isn’t it? Contemporary writers who hated Christianity referring to someone who didn’t exist. Tell us how that works again? Truly, you are desperate to disbelieve, aren’t you!

            Perhaps you ought to point out a SINGLE historical error the New Testament has made. Just one. You cannot; and some of the supposed “errors” were later proved to be non-errors once further digs were made. Not that I would expect the intellectual honesty from the frantic new atheists to actually check FACTS out.

            Exhibit A: That old Lysanias being the tetrarch of Abiline “error.” Bandied about by the grandpappies of the New Atheists. Turns out further digs proved the NT was correct, and the frantic atheists wrong. Jack Kapica in the Globe and Mail wrote about a bulla found in a dig PRECISELY where the Old Testament said it would be. Had the inscription Gamaryahu ben Shaphan, who was a scribe for King Yehoiakim. The former’s house was, according to Jeremiah 36:10, “in the upper court, at the entrance of the New Gate of the Lord’s house.” WHICH IS EXACTLY WHERE ARCHEOLOGISTS FOUND THE BULLA.

            It gets worse. The New Atheists, in my experience, won’t have the intellectual honesty to look into this either, but turns out that arguably THE most central person to determine what constitutes legal evidence was Harvard’s Simon Greeleaf, of 19th C. Harvard. Greenleaf was Jewish, not Christian. Yet, challenged to explore the veracity of Christ and His resurrection, he became a Christian, and penned “The Testimony of the Evangelists. Remember, Greenleaf is the guy who set the stage for EVERYTHING we consider valid evidence. I would bet you have zero idea who Greenleaf was, do you? Personally, I prefer to trust the man who is considered one of the seminal people in setting what is considered legal evidence in a court of law in the US than some atheist who is intellectually dishonest.

            But don’t worry. After years of working with the New Atheists, I have found that lying underneath all of this is a desperate need to DISBELIEVE, which leads them to absurd, embarrassing intellectual errors – such as your post.

          • Addendum to Beo: below is a list of non/anti-Christian writers from the 1st C AD (or thereabouts) who made reference to Christ. Again, sir, you are ***intellectually dishonest***, and not a SINGLE credible historian – not ONE – would even consider your statement. I’m not sure what is behind your frantic denials, but hopefully the FACTS cited below might have some impact:

            – Flavius Josephus Antiquities of the Jews Book 18, Chapter 3, section 3 discusses Jesus. Born in the 30s AD. Also refers to John the Baptist, James the Just (1/2 brother of Jesus) etc.
            – Tacitus, great first C Roman historian, born 50s AD, wrote about Neronian persecutions, incidentally attests to Christ, put to death by Pontius Pilate, etc.
            – Suetonius, Pliny the Younger, Marcellinus, Zossimus, Epictetus, Lucian, Libanius, Aristides, Gallanius, Lampridius, Diocassius or Cassius Dio, Damarius, Anayanis (sp?) Eonappius (sp?) and five others who wrote who whole books against it – Lucian, Celsus (refers to books of Matthew, Luke, John, makes reference to 80 quotes from NT), Porphyry, Eurocalies (sp?) Julian the Apostate

            – Julian the Apostate cites ONLY four gospels as the ones Christians accept, and allowed for their early dates.

        • thanks for those references; I did read Lee strobel’s book, and he has videos on youtube. Yes, what it takes is the courage to face what your heart has been trying to tell you–namely, that you do desire to know if God is real, and if so, to know Him.
          people such as matthews are always going off like this as a gut reaction to that nagging voice within,.

      6. He is right about one thing.
        That is, a whole lot of people are about to die.

      7. He reminds me of a sock puppet.

      8. Firstly, some of your most-important, “materialist” beliefs began as pagan myths.

        What can you see, with the naked eye, and what is inferred.

        Do you have a problem with reproducing scientific findings, nowadays.

        Just saying.

        Secondly, La Raza and the PLO have publicly called themselves sister movements. Everything that Palestine wants for Israel, the Brown Berets want for America.

        Should internationalists decide the problem is too big for you to handle, on your own.

        You wouldn’t offer half of your own capitol, in the bargains.

        Nevermind, Matthews would, with a tingle up his leg.

      9. Just about everyone on the planet recognizes that this is the dumbest decision Trump could have made, and that it will inflame the Middle East for decades.

        Israel as a state has no right to exist – historically, ethnically, or in any other way. Therefore it has no right to Jerusalem as a capital.

        Jerusalem is one of the three holy cities of Islam, along with Mecca and Medina, and allowing the Jews to occupy it is a “red line” for Muslims everywhere.

        It’s another example of how Trump is too ignorant of the consequences of his actions to be President. He’s just playing at being President until he can get out of office and make billions in business deals on the cachet of having been President. In the interim, a bunch of neocon crazies and his Zionist family members are controlling his decisions to the detriment of US foreign policy.

        • Ummmmm…… the Israel existed long before the goat “f’ers” even thought about Jerusalem, or existed themselves. I don’t know where your logic of Israel has no right to exist Adolf stems from, surely nothing historically, must be your bigot character.

        • Great. You take your own unsupported opinion, then cite that as proof, Sir Hack. Circulus in probando. Sometimes it is SO frustrating coming on this site. Israel has no right to exist? Gee, I guess England would say the same about the US, too.

        • Wasn’t Jerusalum build before islam was dreamed up?

          I see muslimes screaming and yelling, maybe fucking more livestock and cousins, but not much else.

      10. I have to laugh at CM using the term “mythical”. Time and time again archaeological findings place Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish nation. As Ronald Reagan said, “Facts are stubborn things”.
        The only thing that is mythical is the strange belief that Chris Mathews has talent and deserves to be listened to.
        I wouldn’t let my lawnmower listen to him! The only time I hear him is when someone else quotes his leg quivering ass.
        The is NO peace process over there now. So how can Trump derail it? The Palestinians need to get jobs instead of burning flags.

        • You are going to confuse liberals with facts that archaeologists are finding too prove the Bible is correct.

      11. Not that Mr. Matthews is intellectually honest enough, it appears, to be aware of this, but just for the record, some “crazy” Founding Fathers:

        n addition to Hugh Williamson, other pastors served in America’s government:

        Rev. John Witherspoon (1723-1794) was a Scottish Presbyterian pastor and President of Princeton who was a delegate to the Continental Congress where he signed the Declaration of Independence.
        Rev. John Peter Muhlenberg (1746-1807) was a Lutheran pastor in Virginia who became a major general during the Revolutionary War, a U.S. Congressman and a U.S. Senator.
        Rev. Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg (1750-1801) was a Lutheran pastor in New York who was elected a U.S. Congressman and was the First Speaker of the House, signing the Bill of Rights.
        Rev. Abiel Foster (1735-1806) served as pastor in Canterbury, New Hampshire, a delegate to the Continental Congress, the New Hampshire Legislature and a U.S. Congressman.
        Rev. Benjamin Contee (1755-1815) was an Episcopal pastor in Maryland who served as an officer in the Revolutionary War, a delegate to the Confederation Congress, and a U.S. Congressman.
        Rev. Abraham Baldwin (1754-1807) served as a minister at Yale, a chaplain in the Revolutionary War, a delegate from Georgia to the Continental Congress, a U.S. Congressman and a U.S. Senator. He is the founding president of the University of Georgia.
        Rev. Paine Wingate (1739-1838) was a pastor in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, who served as a delegate to the Continental Congress, a U.S. Congressman and a U.S. Senator.
        Rev. Joseph Montgomery (1733-1794) was a Presbyterian pastor in New Castle, Delaware. Married to a sister of Dr. Benjamin Rush, he served as a chaplain in the Revolutionary War with Colonel Smallwood’s Maryland Regiment. He was elected a delegate from Pennsylvania to the Continental Congress, a judge, and a representative in the State Assembly.
        Rev. James Manning (1738-1791) was a Baptist pastor in Rhode Island who was the first President of Brown University where, during the Revolutionary War, he allowed General Rochambeau’s French troops to camp on the campus grounds. He was elected a delegate to Congress.
        John Joachim Zubly (1724-1781) was a Presbyterian pastor in Georgia who was a delegate to the Continental Congress.
        President Calvin Coolidge stated at the 150th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, Philadelphia, July 5, 1926: “The principles … which went into the Declaration of Independence … are found in … the sermons … of the early colonial clergy who were earnestly undertaking to instruct their congregations in the great mystery of how to live. They preached equality because they believed in the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. They justified freedom by the text that we are all created in the divine image. … Placing every man on a plane where he acknowledged no superiors, where no one possessed any right to rule over him, he must inevitably choose his own rulers through a system of self-government. …”

        Coolidge concluded: “In order that they might have freedom to express these thoughts and opportunity to put them into action, whole congregations with their pastors migrated to the Colonies.

        Cited in part from an article at WND

      12. Jerusalem has been the capitol of Israel since 1948. We are simply moving our embassy to the capitol. The U.S. does not tell any country where their capitol should be.

        Trump should get high marks just for poking the eye of the ragheads.

      13. All of this was proclaimed by God thru his numerous secretaries. The arab spring was the revealing of the pale(green)horseman. Death(islam) is freely roaming seeking the destruction of the world. This is the time of sorrows. God planned this so mankind would have one last chance to choose Jesus not Lucifer. The lines are drawn and Christ return is very very near. Sadly most will not choose or choose wrongly. Trump has brought the favor of GOD back to the United States with his support of Israel. Times will grow much darker and many more disasters yet to come. Proclaim Christ as your savior and allow him to enter your heart and build a new you. Fearless and faithful dressed in the armor of GOD. With God for me who can stand against me? The grace and light of GOD will over come this evil and darkness. Ask the arabs that were part of the 6 day war. Israel was out numbered 60-1 and nearly out of ammo. The arabs saw the supernatural giants warrior angels standing behind the hebrews. The arabs ran with their tails tucked behind their hind legs as the cowards they are. Have faith my brothers and stand with Christ in his final battle over the forces of evil and darkness. Think its a fairy tale. Research and discover the truth. Also consider that a conclave of monks in Japan directly in the blast zones during WWII.Catholic clergy living the message of Fatima
        -It was reproducible. It happened twice: Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Both sets of survivors were Catholic religious. -Most other buildings were leveled to the ground, even at maybe 3 times the distance, but their house stood (apparently with some windows intact!) -All other people (except for a handful of scattered sole survivors), even at 3 times the distance from the explosion died instantly. Those within a radius TEN times the distance at which the Jesuits were exposed died from radiation within days. -The survivors, a group of Catholic clergy, were examined by scientists over 200 times over the next 30 years with no ill effects found. That my brothers is the power of FAITH…

        • James – whatever you’re smoking, I’m pretty sure it’s on the controlled list. Christ forsook your beloved “Joorusalem” centuries ago. God in the flesh gave them their only opportunity to repent and as the majority never did … they were cursed and abandoned for all time. Never to bear good fruit again and to always be contrary to ALL men from that point forward. Fit any group of folks you know ? (not a trick question)

          It really doesn’t take a learned professor to decipher the Biblical clues as to whom the true Israelites of scripture are today and where the New Jerusalem would be located. But true repentance and humbleness of spirit are prerequisites to understanding though. Unless you’re shilling for the other side.

          The old land of Israel has nothing but destruction in its future. The age old warfare between Jacob and Esau / Edom is indeed close to its climax – let us figure out for certain just who the actors are before we go congratulating ourselves. God will not take lightly our supporting His vilest enemies.

          Truth of the Day tip #1 – Did you know that the word Lucifer is used only once in the Bible and it is in reference to the king of Babylon ? (Bonus points if you can tell us where in scripture this is located)

          • “king of babylon” ? Isaiah 14:12 maybe in a third grade level of the Bible. Many versions take liberty with His word. The news is there is still room for repentance of a willing heart. May God’s mercy be abundant.

            • I see no relevance to your “3rd grade level” comment other than perhaps plainly written scripture surpasses your ability to comprehend or accept it. And since you obviously employ your Strong’s concordance …

              What did the prophet Elijah have to say to the false prophets (profits) at the brook Kishon ? And yes, they were sincere – but sincerely wrong.

              Yes, God allows for repentance – for most. Please show me where this would include Esau / Edomites (or their lineage). In fact, I find just the opposite.

              “Jacob have I loved but Esau I have hated …”

              He forms the vessels as He sees fit. God never asked for our input on the matter. We will be judged according to our deeds and that will include the furtherance of Truth … or the lie.

              The nations of the world are not being gathered together to make war against that bastardized, mongrelized nation in the ME. Let us open our eyes to prophecy that has already by and large been fulfilled.

          • As an aside, I will say this: I would be willing to discuss “giving Israel back” to the Palestinians (who actually are a mish-mash of different peoples) just as soon as the Muslims give stolen Egypt back to the Copts, invaded Balkans back to the Slavic folks they invaded, Constantinople back to the Greeks, Tunisia back to the original Christian Berbers, etc. who owned it, and while at it, maybe give Turkey back to the Christians who are the original owners (a number of the New Testament books are addressed to the Christians in Turkey, such as Ephesians).

            So, Muslims, you want revanchism? Fine. Give all those lands back first, hypocrites, then let’s talk. Deal? Nah, didn’t think so.

          • Jeff, I assume you’ve read the bible, but I’m not sure where you got the idea that Jesus forsook Israel for all time. If you do value what scripture says, I suggest you read Romans 10 and 11, especially romans 11:26: “…26And so all Israel will be saved, as it is written: “The Deliverer will come from Zion, He will remove godlessness from Jacob. 27And this is My…”

            • “If you do value what scriptures say …”

              And indeed I do Jean, for where else would we go to find Truth ?

              You misunderstand me – God has not forsaken true Israel. The old land of Jerusalem (and its inhabitants) was what Christ ultimately forsook and cursed. The ones who repented and accepted Christ, turned from their traditions and “fled to the hills” as He commanded, were spared the destruction that came upon them by the Roman armies.

              Remember the house (tribes) of Israel split apart years earlier – the northern kingdom and the southern. Remember, God divorced the northern kingdom and they were no longer considered His covenantal people. The majority went into Assyrian captivity and then the Babylonian captivity (which included the southern remnant). Only about 43,000 were left and returned to Jerusalem. Millions were dispersed into other lands and lost their identity (as prophesied).

              Hosea 1:9-11
              Ezra 2:64 / Nehemiah 7:66

              (they were warned of intermarriage and many repented)

              After their return to Jerusalem after Babylon, the land had been populated by many others – Edomites (of which King Herod was one), Canaanites, Moabites, Hittites and others. The belief system some brought back was heavily influenced by their Babylonian Talmud – the Phariseeism / Judaism that Christ fought against. Judaism and Christianity are poles apart. Therein lies our spiritual warfare.

              1925 Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. 5, pg. 41 – “Edom is in modern Jewry”.

              1980 Jewish Almanac, pg. 3 – “Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a Jew or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew”.

              From Rabbi Louis Finklestein’s (head of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America) book “The Jews”, 1st edition, pg. 21 – “… Judaism .. Pharisaism … Talmudism became Medieval Rabbinism; Medieval Rabbinism became Modern Rabbinism. But throughout all the changes in name; the spirit of the ancient Pharisees survives unaltered”.

              Revelation 2:9 / 3:9

              Christ came to bring His sheep back into His covenant. By His return, death, burial and resurrection He accomplished this (past tense – it was a done deal at Calvary). His disciples knew of His sheep scattered abroad (and the prophets account of their eventual salvation) and went unto them as commanded-

              Matthew 10:5-6 / 15:21-28
              Luke 1:68-79
              James 1:1 (and so many others)

              To wind it down, only Israel has symbolically been referred to as the fig tree. Take a few minutes to piece together some scriptural thought (remembering that at Christ’s return, the remnant left in Jerusalem was what was left of His convenental people) –

              Matthew 21:18-20 / Mark 11:12-14
              Luke 13:6-9

              These Pharisee rulers bore no Christian fruit and Christ was constantly battling them over their hypocrisy.

              1 Thessalonians 2:14-16
              Matthew 27:25

              They were cursed for their rejection and crucifixion of Christ, for their intermarrying with forbidden (already cursed) people and for their lack of Christian fruit.

              If Christ’s message was for all, why did He speak in parables and direct His followers to go only unto Israel. If all are to be “saved”, who are these in the last of recorded scripture in Revelation 22:10-15. The “saving” has already been accomplished at the Cross – we will be judged according to our works. What did we for Christ or His kingdom here on earth ?

              The fruits of Christianity and the identity of true Israel is apparent to those with eyes to see. The church (like all other institutions) has been infiltrated and desecrated with the leaven of the Pharisee. But were we not told to seek in order to find ? How bad do we want it ?

              Proverbs 25:2

              May Christ extend His mercies and open the eyes/ears of His people and help us to strive toward His kingdom / His will here on earth and to expose/fight against the evils of the antichrists who have been here all along.

              Obadiah 1-21

        • You are so wrong. The God of Christ never said that Christians were to bow down for the synogogue of satan and prostrate themselves for Jewish MASTERS because of fear-mongering, loudmouth charlatans telling them to do so! You are wrong on your interpretation of the bible and events happening now. The bible says to pray in private “UNLIKE THE HYPOCRITES” who loudly spout nonsense, as you are doing now. The true evil happening today is the same as it has been….America is supporting (financially and militarily, if thats a word) the demise of freedom on earth. We are not the GOOD GUYS while we do NOTHING as our govt and “Israel” murder people all over the globe! And this FAKE CHOICE you speak of is a LIE! THERE IS ONLY THE CHOICE OF **ACTING** UPON YOUR CHRISTIAN FAITH AND **DOING** WHAT YOU KNOW IS RIGHT!! Murdering Palestinians, Syrians, you name it, we have murdered them because of the all consuming greed of “Israel” and the repulsive corruption of OUR government! Nothing is more disgusting however, than the utter inertia of American people. It is an embarrassment to those of us who actually KNOW wrong from right! Christians are hypocrites if they condone what “Israel” is doing. They have surpassed any wrong Hitler may have committed, and we will never be sure he was wrong. Educate yourselves people! Do not believe my words, research for yourselves what I say. I was raised Catholic and I am American. The third secret of Fatima was never released, and the Catholic church has been completely removed from God because of it. The third secret is only bad news for Catholics and if you know anything about Fatima, you KNOW that! Read your bible! Research what I say. God tells us NOT TO BE AFRAID, as fear mongerers are trying to make us! Like you are trying to make us! Shame on you!

      14. Assumptions are the problem! Science and religion alike make them! Political leaders assume the masses are ignorant and snow us with platitudes…
        Wake world! It is time to save yourselves from the coming implosion of societies and government chaos. Welcome to the TRUE dark ages! You have been warned! ?

      15. Words cannot describe how much I HATE this Muslim phaggot loving America hating communist POS!!! Let’s hope the next tingle he feels running down his leg is a stroke!!!

      16. “During an appearance on…..”Morning Joe”, leftist host Chris Matthews tore into American Christians for their support of moving the Israeli capital to Jerusalem, making it transparently clear what he and many other liberals actually think about Christianity as a whole.”

        So Chris Mathews is agnostic/atheist who sees Evangelical Christianity for scam it is. So what, so am I, and I ain’t a Liberal. If the author of this article, Alex Thomas, can’t see the trouble naming Jerusalem the capital of the rouge nation of Israel will bring then he’s blind, as are the Zionist Christians who want to fulfill biblical prophesy to bring on the end of times.

      17. Normally I might not agree with him, or anybody else in mainstream, but this time I do. This will enable them to assemble the Temple and anybody who actually studies the Holy Bible knows that from there the antichrist will rule.

        If you never prepped before, do so now.

      18. I really don’t care about the issue of what city is Israel’s capitol. Besides, Israel has been saying it is the national capitol since 1948 when the nation was established and again in 1967 when they captured the whole city. I never heard Chris Matthews and all the other talking heads attack Israel for saying Jerusalem is. These same self-important talking heads even make Alabama Christians co-responsible! What’s the connection? Don’t be misled by the issue, they simply cannot mask their hatred for Christianity and use any issue to bash people Christians. As if evangelicals have the power to decided where Israel’s capitol is going to be anyway. The move to Jerusalem did not originate with Pres. DT, he was only the official and instrument utilized to accomplish that. And therefore, the one who will have to accept the consequences (the public patsy) for doing it.

      19. Hi there: Evangelical Christianity is not, of course, based on mythology; instead, it’s abased on historical events as recorded in the New Testament. Having said that, I agree that evangelical Christianity has been infected with an unhealthy strain on Zionism. The Bible teaches us that Jerusalem today is just another piece of real estate. It’s not the holy city. Christians are instructed by the the New Testament to look to the “Jerusalem above” and no longer to the earthly Jerusalem.

      20. Judaism is a dead religion since the day of pentecost in AD 0. The only interest anyone has in the ME, aside from the historical context, is oil. Ecclesiastes states, love god and enjoy what you do, that is whole sum of man’s duty.

        The world system is spiraling into collapse, and the only thing we can do about is maintain our faith.

      21. This POS trashes Christians while he supported a Gay Muslim Communist who was born in Kenya and got thrills down his leg when Obama spoke! That is the kind of MSM we have today with only FOX looking like their changing their ways.

        • Aye.

          Remember when O’commieo said muzzies should quit clinging to their Korans and their beheading knives?

          Me neither.

      22. Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel since King David conquered it from the Canaanites. It will always be Israel’s capital. Ezekiel prophesied a future Israel that would stretch from the Euphrates River to Egypt. The problem is that there are other people living there already. The Jews and Muslims know this, most Americans don’t. When we pray the Lord’s prayer and it says “Thy kingdom come”, that greater Israel, with Jesus as King, is what we are praying for. We’re going through rough times now with worse ones to come.

      23. Trump is too busy making ISRAEL FIRST to build that wall ….. suckers..
        FAKE —- Trump is a FAKE president —– Trump’s Biggest Owner/Donor Sheldon Adelson Pushed For Jerusalem Embassy Move https://www.globalresearch.ca/trumps-biggest-donor-pushed-for-jerusalem-embassy-move/5621657 ahhhhhhhh what happened to Trump “Too rich to be bribed and funding HIS OWN campaign”?????? Bought and PAID FOR …………..
        Not only that, Mister “Art of the Deal” who claims every other treaty we have is a “rotten deal” …. What did Mr. Negotiator GET for groveling to his Owners? Will Adelson order all the Jewish politicians that have been blocking the Wall and forcing Invaders onto Us to STOP?!? Will America finally cut off the $5+BILLION WELFARE CHECKS ? Israel has been collecting WELFARE from America for SEVEN DECADES, did Drumpf stop that !?
        They should just go all in and name Jerusalem the capitol of the United States. That’s real transparency in government!
        Remember all the outrage over Obama following local manners and custom and bowing to the Japanese and Saudi officials and how you cheered when Trump was “manly” and did not bow? Well how do you like Trump NOW? Trump just bent over and spread his cheeks in spite of the objections of every NATO member, the Vatican, and every other country in the World. In spite of the FACT that it is Jews blocking his wall that IS NOT BUILT and the Medical reform that DID NOT PASS ….. Trump whose administration is filled with Fifth Columnists just dropped onto his KNEES to Netanyahu —–. Real “manly” there Drumpf —
        “My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” — Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former. prime minister”

      24. Israel grabbing Syrian land for “greater israel”, creating hell on earth in all the countries around it, while clearing enemy population from around it’s borders http://thefreethoughtproject.com/isis-commander-israeli-mossad-agent/ and —-
        (4) America, the “MASTERBLASTER” from the movie “Thunderdome” a giant moron ridden on and directed by Twisted Jewish Dwarves ……..
        Who PROFITS? Who benefits by clearing enemy populations away from their borders so it can steal land for “greater israel” while genocidally flooding CHRISTianity at the same time.
        Who BRAGS that they are behind this Invasion. NOTE how they call the muslums their ALLIES & BROTHERS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wk25AeFWMNs
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09bh4DQzMaE kalgeri plan in Sweden
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpnYpQaHAuc&feature=youtu.be Jews behind invasion
        WHAT a surprise! http://www.globalresearch.ca/greater-israel-the-zionist-plan-for-the-middle-east/5324815

      25. lost in the shuffle – there’s ALREADY plenty of foreign consulates in the city – the US has been working out of a quasi-consulate for decades – the fricking Israeli gooberment is there ….

        the problem comes to roost because it’s the US and not Switzerland or Sweden or even England – more bang for the protest buck to bitch about the US ….

        there’s 3 – THREEE – religions involved in the significance of the city – the Jews and Christians have absolutely NO problem in sharing – it’s the Muslims with the “it’s OURS” attitude ….

        • Islam is NOT a religion. It is a totalitarian political system masquerading as a religion.

          The Jews have been in control of all of Jerusalem since 1967. muslime ‘holy’ sites are still standing. Who thinks THAT would happen with Jewish or christian sites if all of Jerusalem was handed to the muslimes, as Matthews suggests?

      26. I am certainly not a fan of Chris Matthews or the talking heads; no one person is right all the time and neither is he. But occasionally everyone is right about something, including him. I am not taking sides but when I read the majority of comments that mostly consists of labeling him a p.o.s., or saying he is an idiot, or insulting him in a juvenile way does not enhance your argument. In fact, it destroys it, even if your position on an issue is morally or philosophically correct. You make the most effective argument by being rational and providing evidence to the contrary. Otherwise, you have no audience that matters. Those who can intelligently rebut Matthews screech lose credibility when with such poor allies.

      27. And “giving” the Palestinians (or any other enemy) whatever they want will bring “peace”? Any “deaths” that are inflicted are the fault of those who inflict them, not Trump’s “fault” for recognizing what’s been so for millennia–that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel, if God so wills it. The secular Left’s crazy ideas are the ones we’re “having” to (unwisely) try to live with.

      28. Pissy Chrissy Matthews can go fuck himself with a rusty chainsaw.

      29. Telling US to bow to our enemies. UCK YOU!! You bow to them you moron!!

      30. I once saw a video by a former CIA dude who spoke of eating clubs, yes Google them, they exist, at top US universities. These have been run for decades by the CIA and NSA who use them to groom and recruit people for the media, academia and business. America’s future leaders are seduced filmed, bribed and owned before they even graduate college. It was easy in the days when gay was illegal. If they have a career that goes anywhere, old friends hook up with them. They end up owned, they end up like Criss Mathews stupid puppets.

      31. There is too much anger connected to the website. Chris Matthews is happiest when he has as many conservatives upset as possible. Focus on enjoying the holidays with your families. Lower your blood pressure. Wish everyone a “Merry Christmas” and put up lots of Christmas decorations. Let the leftists get upset and have high blood pressure and strokes. Merry Christmas, Chris Matthews!!!

      32. mathews is another subversive weirdo

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