Chinese Drills Prepare for “Sudden, Cruel and Short” Electronic Warfare in Disputed Waters

by | Aug 3, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 43 comments

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    The escalating tensions over claims to disputed waters in and around the disputed waters off the Chinese coast could be headed for deadly disaster.

    While the U.S. has been intensifying its presence of warships in the South China Sea, China has been conducting an unprecedented number of drills, including some in concert with Russia.

    Now, China is also conducting some brow-raising drills in the East China Sea, which bridges the gap between China and Japan.

    More and more, it seems that the chances for a destructive war and failing diplomacy is very real – indeed, players as big as George Soros have suggested that WWIII is a distinct possibility that should not be dismissed.

    According to the Japanese Times:

    The Chinese Navy held live-fire drills in the East China Sea on Monday, the Defense Ministry said… [which] involved firing dozens of missiles and torpedoes and was aimed at bolstering “the assault intensity, precision, stability and speed of troops amid heavy electromagnetic influences,” an apparent reference to electronic warfare.

    “An information technology-based war at sea is sudden, cruel and short, which requires fast transition to combat status, quick preparation and high assault efficiency,” the statement said.


    In the South China Sea, where Beijing is embroiled in bitter disputes with some of its neighbors, China announced last week that it would hold joint naval drills with Russia in September.

    The planned drills come at a time of heightened tensions in the waters after an international arbitration tribunal last month rejected Beijing’s historic claims to much of the South China Sea. China rejected the decision, blasting the proceedings as a “farce” and calling the ruling “waste paper.”

    While all the major nations involved have claimed that their drills are routine and not a threat of war, in reality, military drills serve as a major act of saber rattling in order to demonstrate the strength of their military prowess and their readiness for war. It is the carrot and stick approach, and it could bring the U.S. and China into full-blown world war .

    As James Holbrooks of the Underground Reporter noted:

    In a congressional hearing on Wednesday, former Director of National Intelligence and retired Navy admiral Dennis Blair told the panel that the United States should be prepared to use military force to oppose Chinese aggression in the South China Sea.

    “I think we need to have some specific lines and then encourage China to compromise on some of its objectives,” Blair, who headed the U.S. Pacific Command while in the Navy, said at the hearing.

    The U.S., citing the territorial dispute and security concerns raised by its allies in the region, have for months been sending warships into the South China Sea as a check against Chinese hostility.

    Beijing, acutely aware of the military buildup off its coast, has publicly warned the U.S. it’s more than ready to defend against provocations. “China hopes disputes can be resolved by talks… but it must be prepared for any military confrontation.”

    With economic warfare ongoing, the United States faces the potential death of the dollar as China seeks for global dominance through the yuan.

    World order is being reshuffled, and we are watching in slow motion. What happens next? Whose move?

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      1. It seems like everything l read about the up coming war always have Soros in there .
        Why is this man not in some jail or hanging from a rope as a war criminal and crimes against humanity ?

        • Soros will split hell wide open one day. He already looks like a corpse.

          • STFU stupid dumbass, fat-ass slob good-for-nothing.

            It is extremely entertaining seeing animals like you whining about everything taking place in your shithole called America.

            The United States is a superpower in an irreversible decline destined to become a protectorate of China, and those who refuse to accept People’s Republic of China as their new Sovereign will taste the wrath of the mighty PLA.

            Stupid brute, mark your calendar for October 1st 2016, a day that will be remembered as the official ascension of China as the indisputable superpower of the 21st Century.

            • What set you off? What would October 1st 2016 be on the chink calendar? Is it the year of the slope headed goat molester?

            • If you were talking to me T. Fuck you. Love to stick a barrel in your mouth after the bayonet has already gone in.

            • Fuck you T. Love to stick my bayonet through your mouth n it go through what you call a brain

            • Oooh…look! It’s some brave little internet commando being oh, so brave behind his computer screen in his mommy’s basement.

            • Fuck you T. Love to stick my bayonet through your mouth and it go through what you call a brain

      2. First how do I comment on a area that far away,I know we protect countries in the area.
        I look at it in terms I understand,I decide I like fishing this part of the lake,I’m not going to let you fish here,I think the game wardens might say something about that!
        USA The game wardens!
        The problem is Obutto has made us a paper tiger!
        Not a good scenario! Who will blink!
        Maniac –out

      3. It’s all about control of the oil and gas reserves in the South China Sea.

        What business does the US have in a body of water named after China? None. Let the locals fight over the hydrocarbons and keep our men from dying in another God forsaken Asian war.

        Power, greed and control. It’s all the politicians have to make their miserable lives worth living.

        • Precisely right JRS –

          Typical US Foreign Policy policing the World.
          Another fine example of “we have no business being there”.

          If China, Russia or any other body of Government was patrolling our own waters – then the US Government has a legit reason to counter the issue.

          Since that is not happening – leave other countries and people alone – humanity will be much better off without the constant interference of US Foreign & Domestic Policies.

        • Don’t forget every country in that area has different name for that same body of water! It isn’t theirs.I share the lake I fish in!Sorry just a redneck!Believe what you want!
          I go by the kiss method!Yes the tptb are after the oil!
          Common sense ain’t common! Think beyond your nose.
          Maniac –out

          • “Don’t forget every country in that area has different name for that same body of water!”

            Correct you are … all I’m saying is … Let those people on that side of the Globe dispute their differences and handle their own affairs.

            I’m tired of the US GOV interfering and sticking their nose into everybody’s business where it does not belong.

            Everything the US GOV touches and gets involved in turns into complete and utter failure [shit].

            • Yep,FTW, you are so right! (BTW– the Chinese word for shit is “zhen chou”.) Means REALLY NASTY STUFF LIKE SH…!

        • You are dead on right!

        • There is a Dale Brown book called “Tiger’s Claw” that was written 3 years ago, and it is a story written on exactly this premise.
          It’s a great read of fiction, but in todays world events, it’s almost like reading non-fiction.
          Scary stuff for everyone involved.

      4. You’ve gorra roll up your sleeves from time to time and knock your opponent clean out… Who said life was easy, or even fair for that matter?

      5. We go to war the idiot stay in office. Elections won’t happen. They know Hilary a loser they ain’t giving up power.

      6. Legalities aside as only the underdog follows the law China has reached the point of a huge industrial power. Its maintained with oil. China will obtain a secure independent source of oil or die trying.

        • Russia will supply China with all the oil they need, Keven. Haven’t you heard about the deal between China and Russia?

          • I’m well aware of that. They currently have a pipeline that supplies some of Chinas demand. Russian oil is not an independent supply. Overthrow Russia or have them manipulated by the globalists and China is beholding. Independent means independent.

      7. The STRONGMAN takes what he wants… USA are still THE strongest… Believe in yourselves. Liberal tards are taking their toll.
        Fight, fight, fight,,, AND WIN.

        • USA WAS the strongest,,, before China and Russia joined forces… our goose is cooked.

      8. The “shy” Trumpsters will vote for the right candidate on the day.

        I’m SO hoping Trump wins and stands by his words.

        You don’t know how important it is for America to reject what we in Europe have had forced upon us… We have had to suck it up and be grateful for our plight or be delegated as a… “shock, “‘orror” a FOOKIN’ RASCIST! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…

        Vote Trump AMERICANS and keep your land FREE from political Islam.

      9. Oil and natural gas. These are the reasons for the fighting in Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, and even Kosovo. Not democracy, terrorism or freedom. So when the smiling heads on TV ask you to send your kids to fight in the military, you might actually know why. If someone wants to fight for freedom, they should lay siege to Washington, D.C.

        • Observer is precisely correct –

          All about keeping other Nations in check, and further forcing them into using US Petro-Dollars. A day will come, when other Nations will remove themselves from this forced tyranny.

          Yes – the young gullible men and woman will die – fighting to keep the Petrodollar and stealing other Nations resources.

          Of course, the typical line(s) of “defending our country” … “protecting our freedoms” will be used consistently to keep the sheep asleep from their(government) true intentions.

          • FTW

            ” A day will come, when other Nations will remove themselves from this forced tyranny.”

            You and Observer are correct. There is a technological curve ball that came into effect in the last dozen or so years; fracking. The Oil Peg depends upon nation A needing oil and using US dollars exclusively to buy said oil from nation B. If Nation A finds its own domestic oil and natural gas it no longer buys it from nation B and it therefore doesn’t need US dollars for a transaction that never occurs.

            No cheap form of energy goes unused.

        • It IS where the greatest number of Domestic Terrorists are situated, so I will 2nd the Motion.

        • Observer:

          You go attack them in DC. I’m Going to take out the monetary arm of this octopus, The Federal Reserve, Goldman Sucks, Lieman Brothers, and the Center on Foreign Relatives.


      10. Bare with me peeps, diplomacy ain’t my strong point.

      11. The Islamists want to cause you harm… Reject, AT ALL COST the peace loving Muslim Mullahs… AGENT SKINHEAD telling you as it is in an attemp to draw your attention to the way that the Muslim mind works… It ain’t pretty and you’ll become victims of Islamic savagery.


      12. Mac is cool.

        Couldn’t do this shit for GOLD.

        And that’s the friggin’ truth, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

      13. I would be very surprised if this actually went hot. The reason is this: the Chinese have to be the most money-focused people on the planet and would ALWAYS rather do a dirty business deal than fight. They really are enjoying themselves buying real estate and businesses and getting blown by high-end prostitutes as they celebrate another mega deal. Why ruin the fun?

        I do, however, suspect what they will do is fight this via cyber warfare. The Chinese have vast armies of young tech geeks who can overwhelm systems just through their numbers. Akin to a fire works display – lots of dazzle, small explosions and then rapid fire explosions – it will pop off in various unsuspecting places when the Chinese need to apply pressure. They could bring down the financial trading systems, parts of the power grid, or use sophisticated psy-ops warfare to get BLM rioting. Just upload a handful of bogus videos of whiteys killing blacks and watch the sparks fly. That would do more harm to the US and it would be totally cost free for China.

        • The western world is fascism at the top with communism being imposed for political control of the masses. China at the top is communist that is using fascism to further development. The Russians gave up on communism two decades before the USSR fell apart. They seen its inherent failure but the system in place kept the powerful powerful. Russian leaders were three generations removed from Lenin of 1917. Russian leaders, due to lifestyle, generally lived 2 decades less than their Chinese counterparts. The Chinese leadership, living into their 90s, recently just one generation ago, marched the “Great Walk” in 1947. China still believes in communism as a viable system of government.

      14. It’s always comforting to know that people will continuously underestimate the u.s. when it comes to big picture events. Some bitch and complain when we sell the commies our country and then bitch when we allow them to secure energy, rare earth minerals and everything else a developed country needs without any competition. One day the citizenry will figure out that hitching about our loss of resources and control over these things will hurt us as bad as the grid going bananas. When your enemy dictates supplies and pricing you are fucked. It’s time to take care of ourselves in the world.

      15. WW3 by the end of the decade……..
        All the signs are there………

      16. Water board George Soros.


        • Agreed! After that has been implemented, we shall mock him some more and play the game – “pin the tail on the donkey” – with the ‘old fashioned Lawn Jarts as tools for the trade!

      17. I’ll wager that it will be Russia that “makes the decisive move first” in The South China Sea, because I can’t envision The USA doing anything more than reacting (these days we don’t even ACT like the DOMINANT WORLD NAVY), so we are not respected as one.

        If not this time, at some time soon there will be a “gathering” of vessels or troops at some place, and then “all hell will erupt” and we’ll never know what truly started things (meaning: WW-3 …which would be fought in a matter of days or hours, yet would have 1,000’s of years of ramifications and total ‘life-changes’ for millions and millions if not billions.

        We already KNOW how ISIS would like to do us in, but how about the other world powers with the ‘ass’ to actually do it? Would Putin actually strike pre-emptively if Hillary cheats her way into The White House? Hillary is a KNOWN CENTER OF TROUBLE. Trump is an unknown, therefore, we are SAFER with Trump (and to hell with Democratic stupidities forever). Actually, I’d rather see a Revolution than a damned Election, because it will not nearly fix the problems by having Trump as president. We need a whole new, ORIGINALIZED GOVERNMENT (and to downsize Uncle Sam to the midget he’s supposed to be, under the powers of both the States AND We The People (not what has been created that you see now …of which NONE of it is remotely Constitutional thus none of it is remotely lawful …society as a whole lies outside the box of Constitutionality (because that has been meticulously hidden from those coming up in age in the world, such as the present college kids are just now seeing the importance of The Constitution and Amendments for the first time in how long? Screw BLM but at the same time screw the Bureau of Land Management of fire/destroy all ABC Agencies (none of them need exist nor should exist). Did anyone here vote for these things or these statues or those bridges and wow …they spend our money like it’s theirs! (And always are find ways to make you pay even more, even if you are unemployed you are still expected to pay certain things …food isn’t free if you are broke, is it)?

        • America is not attacked, not because it would be hard to mess with the US, or because people ‘admire’ America: it is because – and this is hard for Americans to understand – most people in the world really just want to trade and raise their living standards. They don’t hate your freedoms, they REALLY do not want to have sex with your land whales, most do not want to eat America’s crappy food. Most Russians just want to drink and screw, most Chinese just want to make a lot of money and drink wine, Germans like beer and sex, French just want to have sex with your wife or daughter and drink wine and wear nice clothes, the English just want to drink anything that is available and eat curry and wank over a beautiful Asian babe, Canadians just want to have a BBQ, buy a cottage and vegetate, the Dutch are just weird but their women are hot, the Nordics want to design you something nice and their women to bang you all night long, North Koreans just want to pass wind on you after eating kimchee for three days, and the Arabs, oh, the Arabs, they are a problem. Lazy f-ers want to do bad things to the US but couldn’t get off their butts to do it themselves so they outsource it to losers.

      18. George Soros ain’t the only one suggesting war could break out soon. Former NATO chief said its quite possible we will be involved in WW3 before the year is over. (At PCR website).

      19. •••••White Pride••••
        Democrats and Republicans unite to fight the J*wish takover of the United States.

        All our problems, foreign and domestic, are being instigated by J*ws. The International J*w is hellbent on creating division and stirring up conflicts in which white youth are injured or killed. The only way to have peace in the world is to first identify the guilty and then depose them.


      20. The USA is nothing but trouble where ever it goes and the occupation US force in Europe should be fought at every turn and the same also goes for Japan.

        It’s not directly the fault of the Americans who are too chicken shit to deal with the bankers who has taken over there country and uses the U.S military like there own play toys.

        China will stand it’s ground against banker backed aggression and its weapons might not be as good as the ones made by Jewish owned corporations in the USA but who cares when they cost ten time less money to produce when they send ships to the bottom of sea

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