China Just Had ANOTHER Massive Chemical Explosion… But Why?

by | Sep 1, 2015 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 171 comments

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    Editor’s Comment: What is really going on in China? What is the motive, and what is it about? Who is behind these explosions? Are we witnessing a covert economic/cold war between China and the U.S. or other entities? When will President Obama or the media address what is really happening? Are these questions irrelevant because we are simply witnessing a terrible streak of luck and numerous industrial accidents? Come on… there has to be a better explanation.

    For the third time this month, the Chinese have witnessed a massive chemical explosion in one of their cities. This is the second blast to occur in the province of Shandong in less than two weeks, which itself followed the massive Tianjin explosions that killed almost 150 people and injured 800 more on August 12th. The explosion was heard at around 11:30 PM local time in the city of Dongying, at what is thought to be a chemical factory. For now, no casualties have been reported.

    Some have theorized that the Tianjin disaster was really an American attack against China. Do you think this particular incident is related? Or are all of these explosions accidental? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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      1. Is it not possible that a new people’s revolt is starting?
        Who knows–maybe like in the Ukraine and Arab spring, Amerika, Soros, Nuland and company may be supplying and financing a future civil unrest against the Chinese government–gotta bring them into the globalist fold ( even if it requires a few million bodies to do so.)

        • BS. That’s just Chinese made trinkets blowing up. Everybody knows that Chinese made stuff is pretty much worthless.

          • Not so, I use a Chinese made Bottom Bracket in A Merlin bicycle and it has outlasted the Italian made Campagnolo version. Some of the Chinese stuff is pretty good, not all, but some.

            • 2008 – US Grain Reserves Dangerously Low
              As of 2008, “Our concern is not that we are using the remainder of our strategic grain reserves for humanitarian relief.

              Our concern is that the U.S. has nothing else in our emergency food pantry.

              There is no cheese, no butter, no dry milk powder, no grains or anything else left in reserve. The only thing left in the entire CCC inventory will be 2.7 million bushels of wheat which is about enough wheat to make half a loaf of bread for each of the 300 million people in America.”

              2015 – The U.S. No Longer Has Any Strategic Grain Reserves At All
              “Grain silos sport quaint silhouettes on country roads, but these stores of corn, soybeans and wheat have played an essential role in the history of drought, flood and frost, and they suggest a solution to the specter of inflation.

              No one questions why the United States maintains a Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The very threat of bringing reserves to the market can moderate the spiking price of crude oil. But when it comes to food prices, our country cannot even threaten to bolster the national supply because the United States does not possess a national grain reserve.”

              “…President Franklin D. Roosevelt created a grain reserve that helped rally the price of wheat and saved American farms during the Depression. In the inflationary 1970s, the USDA revamped FDR’s program into the Farmer-Owned Grain Reserve, which encouraged farmers to store grain in government facilities by offering low-cost and even no-interest loans and reimbursement to cover the storage costs.

              But over the next quarter of a century the dogma of deregulated global markets came to dominate American politics, and the 1996 Freedom to Farm Act abolished our national system of holding grain in reserve.

              As for all that wheat held in storage, it became part of the Bill Emerson Humanitarian Trust, a food bank and global charity under the authority of the secretary of Agriculture.

              The stores were gradually depleted until 2008, when the USDA decided to convert all of what was left into its dollar equivalent. And so the grain that once stabilized prices for farmers, bakers and American consumers ended up as a number on a spreadsheet in the Department of Agriculture.”

              “History is not on our side. Since the days Joseph ruled the granaries of Egypt, nations have relied on vast storage systems to safeguard against bad weather, bad luck and the occasional revolution.”

              The government will still have access to grain and food…ours
              Executive Order 13603 – National Defense Resources Preparedness – 3/16/12
              Authorizes Gov. to Seize Farms, Food, Processing Plants, Energy Resources, Transportation, Skilled Laborers During National Emergency

              Note: China has agreements for large purchases of corn and wheat from the U.S. Since the U.S. is in debt so badly to China, we can assume they will get their bushels first.

              • dude I work in shipping and theres plenty of freaking grain. oh my goodness.

            • They kept a comin’ at Chosin. Stacked ’em like cord wood.

              Semper Fi

              • Hats off to ya brother. Glad you’re back.

          • I agree Les – Anything I ever bought that said “Made In China” turned out to be crap. One time I bought a pair of flip-flops for the beach. Paid regular price, no discount. Later that day my feet were all blue. The dye came off on my feet and caused a rash. I had to go to the doctor to get cream for the rash. Figuring I couldn’t be the only person this happened to, I googled it, and saw others had the same problem, only much worse, their feet were in real bad shape… from flip-flops, made in china.

            A woman I know bought a summer skirt that looked really nice, but as the day went on it unraveled. She had to throw it out after one wearing. Kids toys from China contain inferior materials, very dangerous chemicals, especially if the child puts the toy in their mouth.

            I am not saying everything they make is crap, but I am saying most of it is crap. They don’t care about safety. All they care about is $$$$$$$$$$.

            • Got a package of Chinese socks. All the right socks gave my foot a bad rash. The left socks were fine. Think they didn’t wash the dye out. No quality control is a big problem. I’ve gotten Chinese fishing rods for $3 that lasted for years. Generally, Chinese steel is S%$&! SDuring Mao’s “Great Leap Forward” home-smelted steel was worthless and had to be resmelted.

        • Good points. The insane powers that shouldn’t be certainly like to use color revolutions to prime their pretexts for so-called peace keeping intervention.

        • What caused the explosion? Thats an easyone: The Fire Triangle. Heat-Fuel and Oxygen. Or chemical reaction called the Tetrahedon process.

          Any questions? Just read the last several sentences again.


          • WWTI

            Those of us that have gone through Military Firefighting School had their own baptism of fire.

            • WWTI, I thought it was “MADE IN CHINA”! Chinese are so useless.

              • Howdy cuz… Those darn cheepo Chinese products should be filled with lead.
                Keep your stores acomin’ over to the bol cuz, we sure are enjoying eating your massive stash.
                Thanks be to Braveheart.

                • NGIC, I know that’s you posting under a different moniker.

                  • Oh shucks cuz, sounds like the stresses & strains of that there city life is agetting to you. I meen…
                    Fancy imagining that I’m pretending to be someone who I aint! Brave that’s just dowg gone stoooopid…
                    What’s the matter with you boy?
                    Tell you what cuz, me and the folks over here at the bol will all chip in together and buy you your favourite lead vitamins! Grandmammy says that’s what your needin.
                    Anyways cuz we’ll be seein you over here soon enough and well have a mighty fine time together.

                • Hey Anonymous, I’m gonna get my Ventilation Team to take out your Anonymous Team. How you like ‘dem apples boy?
                  STOP YOUR TROLLING!

                • Anonymous will rain hot lead from my ventilation team if you eat my goldfish stash.

                  • and so right!

                    i love it when you do that 🙂

                  • All these trolls posting as anonymous are giving me some pretty good laughs.

                    • well sir, we’ all a gots sum bad news thar fer ya cuz, ya see, we wuz a goin to sneak sum o’ yer goldfish crackers but when we dun opened up the box thar wuz this here hole in the bottom and all that wuz left in the box was mouse shit, so we figgered we best be a tellin ya now in case ya’ll decided you wuz a gonna eat ’em anywho.

        • Javelin, you could be right and probably are, but I just wonder if the Chinese Government itself is not causing internal unrest with these explosions so as to have an excuse for their falling stock market and faltering economy. Just a thought and nothing more. thaks

          • You believe a government would commit a false flag? Preposterous!

            • Yep, they would! It’s the air force they’ll use to attack the people, just like Assad has done in Syria, under the ruse of the people being to blame for trying to eliminate the Communist government’s wealth and power base– their industry.

              That’s the same wealth– “Made in China”– that the U.S. Government has signed Americans’ names to in order to pay off the failed moguls in America for whom the Communist Chinese-made junk is made and that Americans waste their government checks or hard-earned pittances to buy. Communist China’s collection of that failed debt in the form of territorial confiscation (invasion of the U.S.) is what the U.S. Government will call “humanitarian assistance” after the U.S. Government attacks Americans and blames it on either the American people, the preppers, or their foreign stooges like Kim of North Korea, Putin, Communist China, “ISIS”, or such.

        • But WHY he asks? Duh, we need something new to worry about every day, don’t we? What does it matter why, all we care about is it DID. Wonder what’s on the plate for tomorrow?

          • Does anyone perhaps think lax Chinese safety practices and corrupt businesses and inspectors just might be the issue here?

            It’s so bad there they have to shoot engineers and inspectors when things go south and dozens die.

        • I don’t see the CCP getting worked up over just a few million dead.

          But…keep away from my Beemer…

        • False alarm! It was just my head exploding after reading another story about a ‘transgendered’ teenager.

          The poor thing is distraught because the girls don’t want to undress in front of him/her/it. “Why should I be treated differently because I’m the only ‘girl’ with a schlong?”

        • sorry to disapoint you bunch of fucktards but due to security issue, overall 2014 china explosion/problem with chemicals and so long been 249 event…

          for 2015 we got 27 event of explosions, so 3 per month, it is media maipulation to display what always existed just to push he opinion beyond the line…

          get your facts strait.

          • Go back to school and learn to spell Sweetie, then we will hear what you have to say.

        • Did see “Alice’s Restaurant”? Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times……… The civil war has started.

        • Through a thermal scope, it doesn’t matter how black they are. You can see them plain as day even on a pitch black night. How stupid can they be? Out numbered and out gunned, they will go down!

          • I’d have to agree with you there

            they also aint very bright , as being only 15% of the countries population , it would be committing self genocide, but .. if thats what they want maybe we should oblige ?

            • Let one of those black fools try that on me and I’ll turn him into another Michael brown.

              • That’s fer real cuz! Ya’ll best be keerful tryin’ to git ole’ cuz, he’ll fill em’ all with lead nutrients! Only thang to worry ’bout is if the gun jams, then ole’ cuz is a gonna be nuthin’ but worm food.

                • That’s why he carries backups, lots of ’em.

                  Semper Fi

                • Here had, I can turn you into worm food.

                  • Oh, I knows ya’ll is bad cuz, even tho I’m still yur cuz, ya’ll be a turnin that ” ventilation team” o’ yourn on me cause you’s so dang bad to the bone! Ya’ll caint be one o’ them heroic security guards fer 33 year on without bein so dang bad cause everbody know ya’ll be putting yer life on the line ever time ya’ll shakes a doorknob somewhar!

                    • Howdy cuz HH. Grandpappy always did likes you the best, I can see why.
                      Lookin’ out for you both cuzez.
                      Especially little Brave.

              • I will introduce them to my ventilation team… lead first. Although I have absolutely no combat training, Anonymous has read tons of books and watched lots of movies. PLUS I sing “bad to the boner” in the shower, so you know Im tough.

                • These trolls love the crackpipes, don’t they?

                  • Or maybe they’ve got a really accurate take on you braindead.

            • Amen!! It’s time to be done with those cancer infested pavement apes, once and for all, my God and baby Jesus.

      2. It’s like they say, when shit strikes it strikes in three’s. There has to be something behind all of this though, it’ can’t merely be a consistence. If we hear about a fourth explosion somewhere in China then there’s no doubt that all the explosions were pre-planned attacks.

        • I don’t buy it. The Chinese wanted to rapidly accelerate their society from agrarian based to high tech industrial in one or two decades.

          Their people are ignorant of the risks. Only a few have the education to guide the rest who are little more than drones, always looking for the easy way to do, at times, very dangerous jobs.

          Their attitude about pollution says it all. Like the US in the 60’s, they have rivers that catch on fire due to industrial dumping. This problem exists even though information on the problem and it’s solutions are readily available.

          They live in an ocean of ignorant people, who only have communism as their moral compass.

      3. I don’t believe that this was done by any established nation state,If the explosions are not accidents they would need to be acts of terrorism!The only nations that might get involved with terrorism are North Korea & Iran.And both are on friendly terms with China.If this is a terrorist act the only thing I can believe is that the terrorists are Chinese Muslims from far western China!

        • North Korea is not exactly on great terms with China right now so they would definitely go on the ‘suspect’ list, IMO.

        • how is it that you didn’t include the BIGGEST terriss nation of ALL, the U.S.?

          • Moron

            • Go fly your Patriotic Flag and sing the National Anthem JIMB!
              Continue to support Fox News while you’re at it too.
              The United States Of America is the biggest supporter/promoter on World Terrorism, and it is taxpayers such as you and I that fund their illegal actions.
              I won’t burn our Nations Flag, but I have no problem taking a healthy dump and piss on it though.

        • retired….Change your name to retarded with such stupid analysis.

        • China does not have the EPA or OSHA. Worker safety is not a concern. With 2.1 Billion people there are plenty of extra abled bodies ready to take the deads place.


        • @retired, I guess you’re deliberately not counting the USA, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the UK?!

          • They have no motive.China is a big country with a big military.Why would any of these countries make an enemy out of China if they had nothing to gain by doing so!

        • I agree with your summation that it is “western” Muslims. But not Chinese! The USA has been full of them and they take their marching orders from TPTBankster!

        • Very insightful analysis. Thank you.

      4. Just as likely that the warehouse owners sold off some of the stuff they were storing, and when the owners of the stuff needed to sell it or move it – because of their stock market collapse – the warehouse owner removed any evidence. China was doing this with metals and ores stored in warehouses.- selling the same metal to several buyers – so why not do it for chemicals too?

        • Norseman, excellent point, since all of the buyers for the same product would have had the purchased insured. Gotta watch you closely!

      5. retired

        “The only nations that might get involved with terrorism are North Korea & Iran”

        Interesting but flawed hypothesis

        • What about germany, england, US, russia, isreal, and all the countries that have done false flags? Oh just the mass media targets of north korea and iran(who hasn’t invaded another country in 100s of years), that makes sense, the media said so.

      6. The most probable answer is that all of these were accidents. Given China’s size, growth, market share for dangerous chemical manufacturing, and history of unsafe business practices, this sort of event probably happens every week but never gets noticed outside of China unless there is good video and lots of people killed. Consider how many building fires occur daily in the United States vs how many make national news?

        We are only paying attention thanks to the large industrial accident in Tianjin that had video of the fire followed by multiple secondary explosions and lots of press coverage. It will probably take a few Tianjin style disasters and a couple of decades for the Chinese to adopt and implement the same sort of safety practices and culture that developed in the United States following accidents we had in the past like the Texas City disaster shortly after WW2. The conspiracy talk about micro nukes, space weapons, and state actions is stupid and discredits those who advocate these “theories”.

        • Dr. Richard

          Having been employed in the Chemical and Oil Refining industries for three decades I second your theory. Familiarity breeds contempt.

          The public has no idea how many close calls occur.

          • I learned about close calls the hard way,
            Inadvertantly tossed piece of steel wool landed on top of a hot batch of cordless tool battery chargers charging makita batteries in a ultra fine fog of sawdust in a woodshop adjscent to a spray booth with wind blowing the wrong way,
            Luckily we all just got singed facial hair and heads and escaped what could have been a disaster.

            • Kulafarmer.

              Those close calls.

              Been in a couple of car wrecks. Hit by a car. Started a fire in a barrel with gasoline (Hahaha). Almost went over the side at sea. Missed going down a jet intake. Almost hit by a turning plane propeller. Missed being run over by a boat. Accidental firearm discharge (bad sear).
              Life is boring without them. ;0)

        • Having designed stuff used on airplanes. I have had it beaten into my head to eliminate all possible failures. It really does not cost that much extra. If you ever had to write to the FAA and explain a failure of your design, and get lots of other engineers to agree to the fix, you will make extra sure you never have to do that again.

      7. we got a dude here in AZ who is shooting at whitey when whitey is driving on the freeway. Texas cops being executed, Virginia reporters murdered( allegedly) , I hear Michigan has a freeway shooter too. and probably every mad nigger in “the D” wants to have a white tear drop tattooed on his face

        It’s on! People Wake The Fuck UP!, as it appears to this viewer. I think Bloomer is a little late, c’est la vie!
        your reloading too slow , and better not have any empty magazines “just laying around”

        • FYA, lead the charge in eradicating these vermin, we are all right behind you in this suicide mission.

        • These shootings are all false flags with the intent being a gun control agenda and the distraction provided by the racial component. Don’t fall for it. The FIRST word out of Obama’s mouth after each of these staged events was “gun control.” Starting with the GA church shooting, the story lines have gotten less believable and sloppier. Research any shooting of interest with the keyword hoax, and you will find all the evidence you need.

      8. What better way to get rid of huge inventory piles of commodities that are not moving?

      9. Having spent a year in the Far East courtesy of Uncle Sam, I can say that there is no single group of people more disrespectful of the environment than Asians. They are willing to pile any trash about anywhere, pollute the air to where normal breathing is the equal of two packs a day, kill off any number of animals for no reason at all (not even to eat, just to kill), dump any sort of waste wherever they please, and then set up a little koi pond and listen to lame flute music.

        Incredible as it seems to us, I find it entirely possible that the Chinese have piled up so much chemical waste that it just blew up.

        • Agreed, if anyone has ever spent any time in any one large city or industrial area in Asia one of the things you notice is the frantic pace that everything has, sorta freaky, so yea, some fork lift operator got yelled at by a supervisor for moving too slow and knocked over a stack of pallets of drums stored in the wrong place and kaBOOM!!!

          • Even here that is the case. I was on new worker probation at a local factory and pointed out numerous safety violations, repeatedly.

          • Exactly Kula…..Occam’s razor applies here folks…Kulafarmer’s guess about a harried forklift driver is far more likely to be the truth than some batshit crazy idea about how the Jews hit the chinks with miniature nukes…

        • Asians do not have the same sentiments as we do towards the environment, women, fair trade and knee-grows. Just because they aren’t white does not mean Asians get up every morning and open a book of the Great Sayings of Rachel Madow and the Holy Church of American Political Correctness.

          That being said – and they have totally poisoned their countries to get wealthy – they have very hot women and they know how to have a good time. Best sex I ever had outside of Scandinavia and Germany was in Asia. Mind-blowing in fact.

      10. The bankers blew it up all three times. Tianjin, solid evidence it was nuked by Rothschild Israel and the U.S. possibly from space weaponry. This explanation was laid out by veteranstoday over a week ago. The bankers don’t like China dumping dollars one bit, this is the result showing who is boss. Tianjin was not a result of chemical explosions or fires. It was called a sub surface nuke strike.

      11. It’s obvious nukes have entered the war options for the WMD mad U.S. war machine. Many of the recent terror bombings in Asia and the middle east have been attributed to mini nukes, not unlike those used in 9-11. Proven recently Syria mini nuked by Israel and in Yemen the same. This is now the desired offensive weapon, to hell with the little conventional stuff. It won’t be long until American experiences this type of attack again. Up to date it has been mostly completely hidden.

      12. Once is an accident,
        Twice is a coincidence,
        Three times? Enemy action.

        Need to see if there will be a fourth.

        Start watching other nations, including our own, for same type of incidents.

        Mike M.

      13. Don’t forget the Chemical Plant explosion in Russia and the Ammo Storage explosion in Japan.
        Something is a foot!
        Five massive explosions???
        Me thinks these are Not accidents!

      14. FYA, believe me, i am awake. Welcome to the board. Thats got to be some crazy sh…t. Are those black panthers threatening open season on Cops. That group needs to be foreceably removed from our state immdediately. They are coming to the wrong city. That incident here in Houston took place literally just 6 miles away from me. Who ever is behind the cop shootings is asking for trouble. I believe that the cabal is behind it. They actually think that cops are stupid to by into the BS, and turn against everyday Americans. This will not be happening in Houston.

        Houston cops deal with some of the craziest sh..t you can imagine. These black dred lock are constantly breaking into my customers, and lets not forget the latino ganster problem, since they are busy robbing, and vandalizing homes, stealing air conditioner blower motors, whole AC units, vandalizing properties all over Houston, and it’s reached epidemic proportions.

        So, with this type of crap going on, then we can expect that Houston cops with ramp up against the Katrina, and local dred lock problem. You thug derilicts just shot yourselves in the foot, now the cops are going to enforce new driving rules in the city. When one of my cop friends told me to join HPD, i asked him if he was f…ki…g serious. I said, f…k that. I am a natural cop, and observer, i dont trust anyone, not even me.

        And for you dumbass dred lock that like coming on here posting, keep up the BS, expect to get your ass pulled over more frequently in Houston, since 90% of you dred lock pieces of sh…t that like to drive around with your decked out mag getto rims, with crap sticking out 12 inches over on the street white lines, Smoking dope with no car insurance, with you pimping hoes solicting me on the Hwy, F…k you dred lock tash pieces of sh..t and your street hoes. What the hell on Gods earth would make you f..ks think that i would even condider sticking my d…k into that trash. Alot of thug dred lock will be getting there asses shot by African Americans post shtf. They are not prepping to defend from whites, i know this for a fact, one of best friends is black.

        Retired, welcome to the board. What you said was mentioned by Dr Jim Willie recently. Something is taking place in China. I was thinking that it may be them. But i am not sure, i dont have any info on it. I believe that Hawk on Survive to Trive may be right. It may be and MMV attack, form the “White Hats”. The white hats are 25% of the US navy. I know this for a fact, it was told to me that we literally have a split in the cabal. If the chinese crash our dollar, eveyone who has a house or car note, will be loosing both and the people are going to pissed off the level of something else. As mush of and shtf-effer doom junkie i am, i have to admit, i don’t want to see a calapse. It’s results i am told will be and extinction level event, leaving on 50-100,000 in habitants per state. This is concerning.



        F… k all dred lock.

        • HCKS, Amen to your comments. I’ve got the same problems in Memphis but on a lower scale. I don’t have any use for the dreadlocks either.

          • Just wait until they are done shooting cops and figure out that (most) ordinary people are even easier targets.

          • That thar is nuthin but fact thar hcksy, you know, when we all wuz little we’d be a’ teasin on ole cuz sum ’cause he wuz always repeatin’ everthang that ever body else said, nuthin else ever, just a repeatin’ ever thang we said. Well sir, ain’t nothing changed in dern near 50 year or so cause ole cuz is still just a repeatin’ everthang that everbody else says, nuthin else.

          • My wife’s nephew is a PO in Memphis. Graduated college here in KY and moved to Memphis as it was the only decent cop job to hire him. Pay is better in Memphis compared to here.
            I got lost driving home from OKC in Memphis late one night couple of years ago. Spooky at night, whole sections of street lights and traffic lights were out but it wasn’t storming.

        • HCKS,

          Please take over control of everything right now and lead us to salvation! We aren’t going to make it without you hcks so now is the time for you to rise up and lead humanity before it’s too late! PLEASE hcks, we’re depending on YOU!

        • Amen my brother. I’m standing with you.
          I just lost another Cop Brother today in Illinois. I’m PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Don’t worry sargy, you can head over to sixpack’s place fer sum chikken pot pies, that’ll git ya to fergittin ’bout ever thang else.

            • It’s bout time fur you to shut da fuck up…better yet, bust a cap in to yo worthless commie boot licking head…

              • Well shoeweeeee thar chauffeur, ya’ll sounds almost as tough as cuz! I’s just a shakin like a leaf on a tree waitin’ on yer sorry ass to bust that thar cap in my ole’ coomie head sure nuff. Ya’ll keep up that thar big talkin’ and maybe someday somebody gonna git real skeered of you maybe someday, but I don’t thank I’d be a’wastin time waitin’ fer it ifn I wuz you cause ya’ll is just a bunch words in cyberspace now aintcha.

              • “C”
                Don’t waist your time on this troll. It changes its name every time it goes on the site. Even though I agree with you.

            • Sarge would be welcome any time.

              • Sixpack
                It would be an HONOR.

              • Sixpack
                It would be an HONOR!!!!!

              • You see, there isn’t anyone here that I’d turn away from my door, including those that I don’t agree with.

                Thinking the same as me isn’t a prerequisite for me to assist a brother or sister in arms. Your value as a human life does not depend on whether I like you or not, either.

                If you prepared as best you could, are genuine, honest and willing to team up to make things a little easier, then you would receive any assistance I could spare.

                In short, if you have integrity and morals, then you are worth my time and effort—regardless of your opinions on world affairs.

                You’d pretty much ALL be welcome, but that’s just me, recognizing you’re right to be a free thinker.

                I wonder how many would turn me away, only because I didn’t agree with them…

                • Or better yet—I wonder how many would turn me away, because I can’t walk, and therefor not able to do enough to earn my keep. By some of your stated standards, I’d be a liability, a useless eater not worthy of living.

                • Sixpack
                  We don’t always agree, but we keep it Civil, unlike some here.
                  Yes I would have you over before and after the SHTF, and I make a mean bowl of Chilly!!!!!

                  • Hey dale brain surgeon, it’s spelled chili, not chilly! Sheesh, no wonder Illinois is so fucked up with idiots like you on the State payroll.

            • h.h.
              You worthless piece of shit. One day you will need a LEO and I hope he, or she is 45 minutes away, and you get your worthless piece of shit ass handed to you. Eat shit and die. TROLL!!!

              • USA and other concerned Americans, don’t pay attention to the trolls. We’ve got a lot of much more serious things to focus on. They’re just trying to distract us and fog our thinking with anger. It’s just words. Save your counterattack for when it really matters. Trolls aren’t even worth the effort of moving my fingers across my keypad.

              • Hey thar usa, didja’ all just shit yurself? Only ole pussies like yerself ever has any use fer them leo’s , I’ll be a bettin that ya’ll like to meet on yer knees ever time dontcha?

              • hey usa, dern near fergot to ask, What the hell kind o’ sorry ass loser is up at 2.00 Am postin’ on interent chat rooms? Normal folks is all a’ sleepin then so I reckons you’se either a drunk er crazy, er maybe both!

      15. Dr. Richard… you know what is said about conspiracy theories. That they are ridiculed, then they are considered, then they are proven as truth. The establishment brands “conspiracy theorists” as kooks and some of those deceptive agents even go so far as calling conspiracy truthers as terrorists and a threat to existing norms. Get a grip, by discounting conspiracy truth you place yourself as an agent of the status quo and discredit yourself. Simple as that!

        • aljamo,

          There are plenty of conspiracy facts but there are also plenty of disinformation, psyops, lies, and false information spread as “conspiracy theories”. In this case, I’ll go with the science of combustible materials, the fact that there was a major fire before the large secondary explosions, the lack of safety focus and best practices, and Occam’s Razor (the simplest most obvious possibility is the correct answer).

        • Is that how you rationalized your belief that the Rothschild’s nuked Tianjin from space?

          You’re not being branded a kook. You are an entirely self-made kook.

      16. Anyone reading my post know by now that i am not fan of russian spetsnaz, “Special forces Natzi’s”. Now it looks like you russians are targetting preppers now. We are preppers and we need to be concerned about this.


        Ever heard of the Unites States Red Neck Special forces. I think i may have read about this one, on this site about a year ago before i began posting. David Hodges and steve Quayle, are two men, i can certainly rely on.



        • Russian Spetsnatz Targeting Preppers?

          That headline alone is beyond laughable, you actually believe that Dave Hodges crap?
          Steve Quayle and Reliable do not go together.
          You are being played for a fool.
          Not saying nothing bad is going to happen in this country, but taking Hodges and Quayle for reliable accuracy reporting is like saying Alex Jones is Jesus H. Christ himself.

      17. Never ever get caught without at least one firearm. People here get robbed and killed in their own back yards. Don’t gas up at night, or in bad ‘hoods. Look inside and all around before going into that convenience store. And avoid going there at night. Don’t answer your door without a gun. Day or night. We have animals that will go from house to house knocking on doors. The first house where there isn’t an answer, they enter. The first house with an open door, they enter. Your wife or daughter is home? Guess what? We’ve had 86 year old women raped and beaten. No ‘hood is safe. If you think you are, you are inviting tragedy.

      18. A friend just had a C5 fly at low altitude over his house. No airfields in this area that can handle them. I had an aw-ax do the same thing a couple of weeks ago. Saw three black hawks that day too. Things are becoming strange.

        • AWACS

      19. Good advice Prophet. The Indestructible New Mossberg 590A1, is a HCKS favourite. Its the untimate anti-dred lock., latino ganster weapon. Every cop or American should own one. Its what our military was issued to use in war.

        The last two dred lock that came to my condo and demanded that i open the door, as i looked into the peep hole and saw his spicked dred lock hair with tatooes all over his face, neck and arms. I kindly told both of them that they have the wrong Unit # and told them that i would blow the f….k away both of thier asses if they don’t leave my door.

        They told me to open the…..g door or we gonna come get yua. I dont fall for this crap in my house or outside. Open the Gad damn door, they that moth… f…ker to open the damn door. I wanted to fight both them at the same time for a little exercise, but i could not tell if they had guns.

        Luckily both of them complied. Wise decission on their part. Gee i am such a nice guy.’ I cannot stress it enough, that if we calapse, that when that happens, we can expect literally thousands of them going ape sh….t all over the cities, and then within 4 days, your would literally know what the hell you are really dealing with.

        If you plan to be in the 3-5,000,000 survivors.

        You will need two 55 round blackhawk bandaleers, 110 rounds total, with all the various types of round, 00-9, 000-15, SST, Brekecke Door breachers, No#4, for leg and arm removal at 25-40 yrds, Acutips 2 1/2,.3′ for Big game, Thug 6’4 250 lbs of bigger. Believe me you don’t want a guy like that experiecing caloric reduction 3 days later, he is going to be one violent animal. As far as hunguns are converned, get .454. This is just as your back up side arm in case you dont time to reload.

        Two shell holders on the recoil stock and one one the side of the trigger assembly, one EOTECH RED DOT. One iron site and with a heavy duty Led Gun light, then your ready. Dont foget your tactical bug out bag with extras in there. If you can afford body armor, then get some. Any women coming on this site and reading my post may think that this is over the top and a little extreme. You tell me that you think that living in and apartment with 30-500 Units of men, running out of food and water, while you are in that complex, and your unarmed, and think that this is just conspiracy talk. I have news for you, you are in a lot of trouble. Choose your boyfriens wisely, and because the one with the caps, and big trucks make much better partners when shtf commenses. We are not the metrosexual types, we are readly for the end of the world as we know it.



        • HCKS, I’m looking into getting either a 500 or 590. Tell me about the 590A1.

          • Brave:
            Go with the 590.
            More rounds in the tube.
            That is the only difference.

          • 930 SPX
            Way faster
            Way easier to shoot more rounds
            Bad ass bang stick

            • Sarge, how many rounds does the 590 hold?

              • Don’t worry nun cuz, thar’s more’n enuff to blow yer dang fool foot off with! Then we can commence to callin ya’ll ” Hop a long” cuz!

                • Time for you to leave this site trollboy…Tell your commie masters we Will deal with them.

                  • Ok thar mr chauffer, I be’s a leavin right now! My commie masters is sho nuff’ skeered bout your badass keyboard tactics too, ya’ll is a legend in yer own mind that aintcha?

              • moren you can count without takin yer boot off braveshit.

                • Anon and hee har, both of you are pretty good for some laughs, I’ll give you that.

              • My ‘Ol Trusty 12 gauge holds 6 in the tube and always has 1 in the chamber. Anything more than that is just added dead weight.

                • Anon, all of you trolls are just dead weight.

      20. The Chinese have little regard for the environment or anything in it. They are one of few species that shit where they eat. There are a lot of possibilities here, but it could be just poor housekeeping.

      21. Another day, another 300+ points down for the DOW. Almost all the markets in the Far East, Europe, and the US are down a lot.

        • Correction. Another 400+ points down.

          • minus 500

      22. Aljamo, check out this link, you on to something. Jim Willie sys that was no accident. Now it 4 incidents. Either China had a OSHA, cluster f….k with safety management, or they are getting to dump the US dollar to forment calapse here to get the chance to invade and cross over from Mexico. I am no fan of russia of china, but i see that things are heating up now and the fact that Russia just deployed a battalion in Syria, its getting close now. The dollar is about to be dumped, China gets thier ass nuked, Russia suddenly deploys in Syria. Whats wrong with this picture.

        Then again the agency ass clowns will go on major attack on me about conspiracy and my bad grammar. When sh..t starts to bust out all over the fricking country, let me see the excuse they are going to post on here. These dumb ass dont know that i have my own buinsee for the past 10 years, and these dumb f..ks think they are smarter than me. Totally fuc..g laughable.



        Yes my grammer is bad, and i dont give a rats ass.

        • That’s correct everybody. All of you here who have ever, in any way, shape, or form, have derided hcks will definitely be singing a different tune VERY soon. Anybody with the intelligence to run their own buinsee for 10 years while living under Houston bridges is NOT to be messed with ANYTIME! Yes, you all laugh now, but wait until those dreadlock zombies are feasting upon YOUR brains there folks, you’ll soon be wishing that you were riding on Niburu too, safe and snug between hcks and Dave Hodges, with the scientist friend who must forever remain nameless at the controls. You won’t be laughing so hard when that waiter at the Chinese restaurant in Houston you like pulls out his Ak47 and serves you new world order egg rolls along with a side order of financial collapse, oops, make that calapse, no, that won’t be so tasty now, will it. So go ahead, just keep making fun of hicks, but remember this, the seating on Niburu is extremely LIMITED, and he’s keeping a record of whose been naughty and who’s been nice, so Merry Christmas shtf’ers.

          The Agency Azz Clowns

          Looks like hcks gave up on his posting ban of us

          Don’t you just love it? wtf iz buinsee anyway?

        • No conspiracy HCKS
          These bombing episodes has the CIA fingerprints all over it.
          As an agency ass clown myself, ISIS [Israeli Secret Intelligence Service] I should know first hand experience, not Dave Hodges.

      23. This could be how WWIII will start. The U.S. starting a war with China so that we won’t have to pay back the trillions that we owe them. The U.S. Fed Gov’t is the most hated and evil that there is in the world. They are killing our Vets, calling Christians and Patriots, domestic terrorists. Bringing in swarms of Mooslum refugees from the Middle East. Immorality is off the map. America is no longer a good place to live and raise a family. Look whats infesting the WH now. A massive fumigating won’t get rid of the stench thats in there now. One big natural disaster and we will have the Russians and ChiComs all over the country, this Sept. maybe. God’s Hand of judgement is coming soon. Watch all the 2 legged rats in DC head for there hole when everything falls apart.

        • TOOLMAKER REX.

          So true that things do not look good. Change is in the air. A touch of civil unrest. I can not remember a time that I have been so frustrated by not being able to fix what is wrong with the country. I am constantly at war with myself for being angry and one hell of a grouch. Was not built that way but was formed from all the bullshit I put up with now. There are plenty of things I call bullshit too. If they start things, I mean to finish it. I am not playing around and will not under any circumstance put up with anybody’s shit in the RESET.

          FYA and HCKS

          I am as ready as I will ever be.

          • Amen Boss
            Right there Along Side You

      24. this explosion & other explosions are caused by NO health & safety policies & no environmental protection policies.
        This is how china undercuts other countries as they dont care about health & safety of people or fire safety at all!

      25. I can see several reasons
        #1 Pour storage
        #2 Pissed off employees
        #3 Islamo terrorist.
        #4 Hacking
        #5 Start of WW3

        • Not pour, but poor.
          Too much on my mind. Lost another Office, and my Dad just had a light stroke last night. Market down another 400 points. Sept is starting off with a bang.

          • Dale. hope your Dad recovers quickly.

            • A
              Thank you! He was doing a lot better this afternoon, and my brother and sister bolt said that he seems to be almost back to normal. Been tuff few days. As you know just put my Mother-In-Law to rest on Sat. Again Thanks.

              • Sgt. Dale,

                Sounds like you have been through some difficult times in the past week. Glad to hear your Dad is doing better.

                Prayers for you and your family.

                Take care!
                KY Mom

              • my condolences also, sarge.

          • Sgt.,
            My condolences on the loss of one your fellow officers. May he rest peacefully. May the killers be caught and soon.
            My prayers are for your Father-hopefully he got taken to hospital quickly-given the “clot” buster drugs as soon as possible. That’ll cut his recovery time from months to weeks or even days-depending upon various factors.
            My father had a bad stroke in 1972-took him the better part of 3 years to get partial mobility in his right side. Medical science has come a long way.

            When out and about-keep your head on a swivel-instruct your partners and teammates to do the same. Stay safe.
            As for me, I’m looking at getting some soft armor to wear to and from work-never know when individuals will drive by looking to make “their bones”. Already have plates, but kinda hard to explain to others that are asleep why caution is needed.
            Be well.

            • Yu guys here are great thanks for everything.
              Dad is doing a lot better this afternoon.
              Tuff last few days.
              AGIN THANKS!!!!!!

      26. Off Topic
        Another Officer down. In Illinois. This make 4 in the 8 days.

        Another one of my Brothers dead!!!! I’m pissed!!!!!

        For those how are happy, and think this is OK I pity you.

        I know I have raised my alert status! It is getting to the point that my wife wants me to completely retire. I just can’t there are too many good people out there that might just need me someday. I can’t turn my back on them.

        For those who care. I’m asking for your prayers for the fallen and for the rest of us that are out there. In advance Thank You.


        • SGT. Dale

          Done your time. Now get off the streets. People are going to have to learn how to defend themselves.

          Do the home defense when retired. You know the shit is coming. You gave your time now take some time for yourself.

          • Sarge, slingshot is right. Everyone has to fend for themselves. We all know what’s coming down the pike and have known for a long time. Your family comes first as you’ve said yourself previously. Now that we’re in September I could be going back to Ga early. Just have to wait and see.

          • I agree, I myself am a retired fireman… time to focus on your family…

        • In case you haven’t heard. Obama don’t like white cops. The AG past and present don’t like white cops, and they are letting the nigs kill them. No cop deserves to be executed without a trial. cops should patrol in pairs and watch each other’s back. Not just sitting in a car together shoveling down donuts.

          • Anon, spot on. Both black trash AGs are totally against white people. As far as I’m concerned, nothing Holder ever did or anything the new one will do has legitimate basis whatsoever. I won’t follow anything she says.

        • Praying for you and your family and your dad.

          Take care. Times are changing fast.

      27. Prediction: This sept and october will usher in the beginning of the end for the dollar. Collapse is inevitable over next 6 months. World war III will begin toward end of summer 2016. Obama will invoke the wartime act of suspending elections and retaining the current president under a decleration of War in Nov. Its already been planned. You will have an official dictatorship by Nov 2016. All counter-revolutionaries (anti gays, pro-lifers, Born again Christians, returning vets, militia members, preppers, anit-govt protesters, etc…) will be apprehended and incarcerated into FEMA camps. All federal agencies (TSA, FBI, DHS, ATF, etcc.) will be centralized under full control of the president. They will, for all practical purposes, become the Gestapo/SS of the Obama regime. The secondary groups (Black Panthers, Black lives matter, Nation of Islam, etc…) will become Obamas “brown shirts”.
        America has turned its back on God and morality (and Israel)….and so the time has come to payment.
        The nightmares and the devil are at the doorstep.!!!!!

        • J
          I hope you are wrong, but I also believe you make some very good points. This could very well happen. If this comes to pass the USA will look like Beirut Lebanon!!!

          Battle lines are being draw. And nobody’s is right if everybody is wrong.
          “For What It’s Worth”


        • J, you make some valid points, but someone will take you only if you let them. As long as you have the means of resistance, you have a fighting chance.

      28. Dear Sgt. Dale, we can only think of how this effects you and all of the Police force. If I were to witness something like this ,I would run the tards over or do something for an officer. This war. I’ll always side with those officers who put themselves on the line everyday. We have so many public educated losers in this country. I’m locked and loaded for all you guys. Stay Safe Dale, God Bless, Rex

      29. I am getting long winded and off topic. I meant to say that this is now war, with all the police officers that are being executed. One is to many. We should all know by now that this is not going to end well. The U.S. has launched the God Rod’s(small nukes from a space location) in China. We have never been so deep in trouble as we are today. Obullshit is the best piece of crap to captain this sinking ship. All of the damage done cannot be reversed. We are taking on water, and we are sinking. Soon and very soon we will all see Jesus. I am looking forward to seeing him. There are probably more that do not want to see Him. I’m done with my rant. Good Night.

      30. CNN has blood on their hands. They’ve promoting an insurrection for over a year.

      31. If you foresee going to war with another country in the not to distant future and they were holding large stockpiles of materials, basically unguarded, that could be used against you, wouldn’t you try to get rid of it before the first salvo is even fired.

        • China is nothing without dumb, lazy white people to sell crap to. If the whites can no longer afford the crap, then China has to find new markets – fast. Africa is the next one for them but the problem is the Africans are not getting richer fast enough to pick up the slack from the US and European markets. Even still, a great flight of Africans is underway out of Africa and to Europe. This will reach the hundreds of millions until, like locusts, they eat the ‘grain’ of Europe and bring Europe down to African standards. At that point, Russia will go full fascist and launch a holy race war to clean Europe of the invaders and make it white again. Dark times ahead for Europe.

          • China already has those markets. Russia, Africa, SE Asia, Europe, and Latin America are flooded with Chinese goods.

            Africa is granting huge concessions to China for mining and agriculture to avoid having to pony up the balance of payments.

      32. You are absolutely right “J”

      33. China doesn’t give a shit about any type of safety laws. All sorts of crap is just laying around. Of course it blows up. The extreme lack of law and safety enforcement and the extreme corruption combine to make the whole damn country a hazard.

      34. F…k you two agency ass clown trolls. Its obvious that both of you are dred lock. Like my black friend says, is not white we are prepping for. My black friend have careers and are not entitled and live sanwiched between red necks. So i am not sure from what Crap pond scum like the both of you two pieces of sh…. come from. Keep up the cop shooting BS, your not going to get away with that crap in Harris county. You sons of bitchs may be getting plastered by your own race of Black cops. Except that the black cops are professionals, and you two are dred lock.

        Bravehart, the Mossberg 500, holds 9 rounds total. It has a regular platic cabon type trigger assembly, it also comes with the rail wholes drilled into the top of th trigger assembly, unlike the Maverick 88, excludes that feature. The 500 breaks at the trigger asembly, under hevy firing over 100 rounds nonstop. One way to pevent that from happening to get a Speckops recoil stock to reduce recoil by 80%. This lowers teh recoil preventing the trigger assembly from craking, jaming up the shotgun rendering it usless. If you go with the 590A1, this is literal hell on earth as we now it. It built tough like the Trench Shotgun from ww2. Its all thick cast iron, and it can handle physical distruction, and after 3000 rounds on on stop fireing, its still holding up and does not break. So its designed to last in firefights, most most dred lock would be taken out within 30-1hr making the barrel and trigger assembly rest. The shotgun can still fail but less likely to fail than the 88 or 500.




        • Yes hks, I too am a big fan of the regular ” platic” carbon type trigger assembly. I like the fact that is has rail ” wholes” drilled into the top of the trigger assembly. You can never be too prepared against an army of brain eater zombie dreadlocks alright, or maybe I should keep to the secret code, you know, ” oobie oobie”.

      35. Sgt. Dale, there’s a much bigger majority here that are with you than you might think.
        We all have an interest in that thin blue line keeping things from going to complete anarchy. As much as a lot of us want the reset to happen, no one knows how bad it could get.
        The anger we feel at the loss of our country and freedoms bears this out.
        If what J said comes to pass I hope there’s one senior general that will take out the scourge in the white house, for the good of the country. Too bad he’s forced all the good ones out, though.

        Tax slave #675-597-xxxx retired.

      36. Another officer just shot in his home in Abilene Texas

      37. Sarge, I know the feeling.. I call it natural shtf..nothing sucks like loosing a family member. I have seen it and experienced it, it’s difficult to deal with especially when they become I’ll and there time is up.

        Tool maker received, welcome to the board. Watch out for the agency ass clown trolls, they may not lie your content. And if they don’t who gives a rats ass.



        Agency ass clown super moderator

      38. J. We hope your wrong, the thing is that what you saying is lickely to happen. This is hat is scaring the living crap out of most of us. But if ww3 and war hits, then we will make the best of it..just heard from a source that russian investor just bought all the Academy stores. I wonder if the facial recognition cameras will be going into the store soon. Did anyone. Her about this? I am asking legitimate posters, not trolls. Looks like it maybe time to stop shopping at academy.



      39. Hcks,

        Yes, no doubt at all, it IS legitimate! And I know what you mean bro, I too once had a really scary ” hat” so I don’t wear it anymore.

      40. I don’t think you need look further than corruption and the setting aside of safety regulations to promote the fast growth of industry.

        China is an (several0 ancient civilization which promotes the genetic preponderance of pathological types in society and their immediate supporters the establishment brown nosers who above all things will “fit in and get on” to maintain their position in the power heirarchy.

      41. Chinese exports are way down across the board. Sounds like a nice way to get rid of some extra inventory and get a nice fat insurance check in the process. Expect to see more of this as the masses realize how easy it is.

      42. i don’t think even the US is irresponsible enough to entertain underhanded attacks against China, just one iota of proof against them…and there you have it WW3, with America being severely nuked first,
        No, i think it’s just a combination of really terrible bad luck, and factories in bad disorder, with safety being at the minimum.

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