CENSORSHIP: Infowars’ Alex Jones Is ‘One Strike’ Away From A YouTube BAN

by | Feb 28, 2018 | Aftermath, Alex Jones, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 61 comments

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    YouTube censorship is getting really noticeable in recent days, and honestly, it should bother everyone.  Now, Alex Jones is saying his channel Infowars is one strike away from a YouTube ban with 2.2 million subscribers.

    According to The Hill, the YouTube channel said it received an alert from YouTube on Tuesday morning, saying Infowars received a second strike on a video about the Parkland, Florida high school shooting and will temporarily be unable to upload new content.

    And for those who say “it’s just Infowars, what does it matter?” Remember, YouTube isn’t taking down videos that are fake, like all those flat earth videos, or others that claim the moon is only 70 miles away.  They are removing videos with content they don’t like and are censoring the information people are exposed to, just like Hitler did in Nazi Germany.


    “This is the second strike applied to your account within three months. As a result, you’re unable to post new content to YouTube for two weeks,” the alert said to Infowars. “If there are no further issues, the ability to upload will be automatically restored after this two week period.” Infowars’s second strike comes as social media giants like YouTube and Twitter grapple with how to handle non-state media offering alternative views of certain events.

    While Infowars has several other ways to promote its videos, (including an online radio show, its own website, Twitter, and Facebook) a ban would cut Infowars off from its YouTube subscribers, which number more than 2 million. CNN reported last week that the channel, which is run by host and owner Alex Jones, had received its first strike for promoting a conspiracy theory about the Parkland shooting. Jones didn’t tow the mainstream media’s line and parrot the official narrative? Oh, the horror!

    There sure are a lot of complaints from mainstream media about alternative media lately.  Which we think is a good sign.  It means they are worried they’ve lost control of the minds of the public and have no other option but straight-up Nazi-style censorship.

    They are whittling down online freedom of speech to the point that there will only be allowed one story. The government prescribed official version of reality,” says Melissa Dykes. It should be everyone’s right to search for answers especially when most people don’t trust the mainstream media to be honest with them in the first place. When there are gaping holes in the media’s stories, people will search for the truth and they will then not parrot the official narrative, and be called “conspiracy theorists.”

    “What’s a fake video? It’s pretty much anything that would call into question the official story,” Dykes says.  Bingo.  Jones is simply questioning the narrative, and the government and propagandized media can’t have anyone stepping out of line.

    On Wednesday, Twitter Safety released a statement regarding the Parkland students. Anyone “harassing” (disagreeing with) the Parkland students demanding your disarmament will be banned. Twitter also said that they are using “anti-abuse tools to weed out malicious automation around these individuals and the topics they are raising.” According to Natural News, in other words, if you dare question or refute anything these teenagers say, you risk being banned from the platform. How dare you question the wisdom of children who didn’t know last week that eating Tide pods is dangerous, but have now decided what kind of gun laws you need to be regulated by. –SHTFPlan

    When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”― George R.R. MartinA Clash of Kings


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      1. It doesn’t matter if corporate fascists or government communists control the media, the end result is the same. The Telecommunications Act Of 1996 allowed six corporate conglomerates with interlocking corporate board membership to own the media. Its naive to believe that deregulation which facilitates this is beneficial for “We The People”.

        • Is it a Jooish corporate board membership?

          • Mexicans spraypaint red swastikas, in response to the blue, African American gang.

            Firstly, is an actual white person asking us the j/q.

            Also, where is your white media platform.

          • They are from all faiths and truly no faith. They’re Interlocking Board Of Directors.

      2. If you have the desire to understand what is going on in the world, listen to Don Black, Father Francis (Copperhead), Stormfront Rense Radio, The David Duke Show, and others who really challenge the official narrative.

        Read Eustace Mullins. His video interviews and audiobooks are still up on YouTube.

        The first step is to understand where we are, and how we got here. These people, especially Mullins can help in that respect.

        Even if everyone knew the truth, we still will need to do things to change things.

        YouTube has two must see long but great videos.
        Adolf Hitler, The Greatest Story Never Told (Dennis Wise)
        Communism By The Back Door


        • Fuck David Duke.

          I was at a Civil War Reenactment in the early 1990s. Duke was running for US senator, I think, maybe governor so something.

          Anyway, that asshat showed up for a campaign stop and started spouting racist bullshit about how the reenactors supported his cause as demonstrated by them being at the reenactment.

          EVERYBODY was super pissed. We were there to enjoy history and reenact the battle of Pleasant Hill and that asshole tried to make it into a KKK rally. Fuck him and the horse he roe in on.

          • agreed!!!!!!!!! OBVIOUSLY B from CA is a nazi……and I mean that literally. neo-nazis think they can spout anti-commie posts and we will fall for it. WRONG! BOTH commies and nazis are a cancer that needs to me eradicated.

            • Enough:

              Typical attack on freedom of speech. Even if true, and it is not true I am not a Nazi or neo-Nazi, I am seeking truth wherever I can find it.

              Name callers are not helpful. They use intimidation rather than honest discussion of facts. This here is what people fear. People are afraid to be called names.

              _ thank you, enough, for demonstrating how suppression of free speech is done.


              • I will defend your right as a US citizen to free speech, even when I believe it is totally FALSE, JUST as I have done many times with the Klan, whom I hate. I will ALSO discredit everything you say in every way I can if you are a nazi, a commie, a Klansman, a liberal etc. A HALF truth is a WHOLE lie and nazis, commies, KKK and liberals are all experts at half truths.
                So feel free to write what ever you want here. This is supposed to be a free country, but know this, I will jump on you like white on rice if you start lying…….KNOW THAT

              • My feeling are hurt. Where is my safe zone?

                • Go find a safe space with the other snowflakes!

              • 1000 upvotes B from CA! Typical attack on someone who tells the truth! Hey enough, open your eyes and see what’s really going on in the world. I will jump on you like white on rice(triggered by the colour?)every time!!

        • I believe David Duke to be an evil man.

          You believe what you want to.

          David Duke is an evil man with an evil message.

          • Grandee, agreed about Duke. He only looks out for himself. He’s not what he makes himself out to be.

            • What is it you are insinuating? Do you mean to say he is in it for the money? There are better ways to make money, you know.

              And Duke left the KKK a long time ago.

          • Please enlighten me what is the evil message??

        • Yeah sounds like your’re really getting some truth there bro.

        • Go back as far as early 20th century. Rudolf Steiner digged much, much deeper than any of our contemporary truthers, whistleblowers and the like could. Most of them are essentially grey noise intending to drown out the real truths.

      3. Some people claim that Alex Jones is a government controlled insider, listening to his bit and piece distraction blathering I tend to agree. He will tone it back to stay in the good graces as a government confuse agent. There are those who think that Mars and the other planets are flat or just lights in the sky. All of the fake news being pushed forces humans to tune out making it a piece of cake to carry out endless warmongering and financial crimes against humanities future survival.

        • About 10% of Alex Jones material is good news reporting, the other 90% is garbage and without merit.

          There is so much garbage mixed into the good reporting that I really can’t listen anymore. There is just too much bullshit to weed out.

          • Alex Jones has ADD and ratchet jaw on steroids. And the day someone else grows a pair and says what needs to be said like Alex he will be out of business, but until that day comes, which doesn’t look like it’s happening soon, I’m supporting ALex………

            • Agreed. It is better to be woken by a raucous voice than to be left asleep through it all.

      4. 2 points. And I’ll be honest, I just find Alex Jones repulsive on a visceral level. Maybe it is his voice, his alternation between whiny tearing up to his professed prowess in every area of life…. I just don’t care for the guy. The number one issue is that YouTube/Google are a company. I own a company. Nowhere near the scope, size or worth financially; but, a registered corporation all the same. It is mine to do with, deal with, deal ‘how’ in any manner I so choose. If I didn’t want to deal with Alex, I would not. The second point is that the Amendments are to govern only those rights and laws of the land. Not of corporations. Yes, we have the right to expression – print, speech, media. But, those are public rights. Not commercial/corporate. The owner of a company as long as they do not conduct their business in an unconstitutional manner striving to regulate public policy can do whatsoever they wish to do. YouTube/Google regardless of our hopes or wishes can do so too. There are other ways to see a video, do a search. The internet is not a public enterprise. Rather, it is a conglomeration of corporations who own the equipment and offer the services on a pay-as-you-go basis. Maybe I’m old enough to remember libraries, printed news. A public library could attempt a ban on a certain book and that same public could properly and legally protest such a ban. A private library always had the choice as to what they wanted on their bookshelves. Folks, it is no different today with the ‘net.

        • everything you said is spot-on correct…….but we’re in a bit of a pickle……..the internet IS the library, the newspaper, the public forum now. Imagine 1 day without the internet …..total shutdown of US businesses. SO now we are in a position like we were years ago with ATT. A private company has now become a “necessity”. You really couldnt have a business in the 60s without a telephone and you really cant have much of a business today without the internet. Alex Jones has grown BECAUSE of youtube, a PRIVATELY owned company that has the right to not carry his videos. Alex’s complaint is he feels discriminated against because the “policy” YouTube is using to censor him is NOT being applied evenly across the board to other videos posted and he’s right. YouTube is owned by Google, A GLOBALIST NEW AGE company of astounding size and influence. And I for one think Alex needs to immediately to fins another site to post videos on. That other provider SHOULD welcome all the millions of new viewers to their site because of the new Revenue generated. JMO

          • Alex Jones already has his own web sites that have his videos.

            Anyone can start their own web site and publish whatever they wish.

            I have web sites of my own, and I won’t have anyone forcing content onto my sites that I paid for.

          • “YouTube is owned by Google, A GLOBALIST NEW AGE company of astounding size and influence.”

            We should also remember at one time, about a decade ago or more, there was talk on the internet about Google intending to build a huge complex somewhere in Montana, on the banks of the Platte river. Since that time, the internet has been completely silent about this. Google’s ambition at one time seemed to be to make all the internet go through itself (but I suppose the same goes for the big social media, which want to be everything to millions and billions of users, which they want to bind to themselves exclusively 24/7).

        • He does seem like an actor most of the time.

          • Irrelevant.

      5. I follow Alex casually. He’s got the followers. If he gets banned. He needs to put out the call and we can bring their call centers down.

      6. Hello everyone. I had to chime in on this one. Everyone who is involved with the truther movement has an opinion about Alex Jones some good some bad. Everyone can say what they want about Alex. He does seem to get out of control and I understand his frustration when trying to wake people up. Whether I love him or hate him doesn’t matter to me. Some things he does I do not agree with. Some say he is counter intel. Some say he is real and legit. I give credit where credit is due. I do not listen to him nearly as much as I used to. Things have changed with Alex over the years and I wont even open that can of worms. I will say that he has helped to wake me up and helped me to look and think about things going on in our world. He will get shut down as well as many others. I am sure most of us that visit this site and others that speak truth are not surprised of this news. In fact when the google/youtube cartel are finished with their agenda there sites like these are next on the hit list. So use the info while we can get it because you folks know as well as I all of this is on borrowed time. Keep your faith in the Lord and your powder dry. The times ahead no matter who the president is are going to get lots rockier. God bless and ya’ll take care.

        • Mike in Canada, welcome back and a good post as always. How’ve you been?

          • Thanks my friend and I have been well. Very busy with a new job and just trying to be more productive with my time. So not much but thanks for the welcome back and hope you are doing well also. God bless and take care

      7. Lol.
        Are y’all even Americans?

        • If they are not, then they are totally wasting their money. Only about 50 people a day read this website.

          • It’s always the same people who are commenting. And people who comment later than 2 days after an article are like white tigers.

            There are almost none.

      8. Go to full30.com to view firearm reviewers etc who are starting to be banned from youtube. Please pass this on. Also, encourage other youtubers to start posting on full30.com instead of youtube.

      9. Youtube is also censoring firearm video’s and sending warnings to gun bloggers. Many have moved to full30.com. we need to support full30.com and encourage others to go there as well to avoid the liberal censorship going on.

        • I am surprised that more alternatives are not coming into view.

          Maybe they don’t pay money like Youtube does. That is why people make videos now. It is like a job and they get paid. They are always complaining about demonetization.

      10. You can have any opinion as long as it ours. Dont worry about reading a book we will tell you your opinion on it. Four legs good two legs better Dont think we will think for you. Disagree and you are a racist etc, We are your leaders for life We will bring you paradise as soon as we cleanse society of old white people (Oprah) Bury your war paint you will need it soon

        • Cecil Red Day sounds like another useless nigger trying to lecture white people about something. Go take a flying leap.

      11. Youtube’s vaunted media platform is within the scope of any highschooler, with an adequate computer technology course.

        Jones’ material is derivative of msm sources, which he shows you. It seems like an aggegator, who takes no direct responsibility, makes no effort, except to repost it, improvise idle chatter, and battle inane trolls. There is no actual journalism, of which I am aware.

        • highschooler, with an adequate computer technology course.

          If that technology is Snap chat or Instagram then my daughter is all over it.

      12. I liked him better as a comedian, ( Bill Hicks ) not that I am against recycling or anything.

      13. Just a quick note to those people that are not familiar with me, I am an American citizen living abroad in New Brunswick Canada. My mother’s roots are Newfoundland Canada and my father was a USA citizen from the socialist state of California. They produced me and I spent my growing years mainly in the Republic of Texas, also including Oklahoma, Arizona and numerous other places in the USA. My loyalties are not divided as I love both countries and am grateful for the freedoms both countries still have at the moment. I am a patriot and am proud to exercise my rights. I am saddened to see where both of these countries seem to be going and realize That Canada is a socialist country and has a Prime Minister who is a very good chameleon. Anyway just thought I would let some of the folks know who I am and what I believe. I am also a God fearing man that tries to follow his law as best I can. Anyway just thought I would put that out there for those who are not familiar with me due to the fact I do not post very often. God Bless and keep your powder dry. As I believe we are going to need those firearms so keep them cleaned well and handy. Hate to say and am not certain what or who will be the main players but war will be coming to our door step before all is said and done.

        • I am a patriot and am proud to exercise my rights

          You’re in Canada, you don’t have any rights.

          Why don’t you post your resume too…. just kidding, welcome.

          • JS, let’s be careful there. Mike in Canada is one of the “old timers” on this site when I first came in 2012. Mike, you need to come back more often. I miss your posts.

          • Well John Stiner although I live in Canada and am aware that it is pretty much a socialist government they still have an actual bill of rights which is very similar to the rights which are in the USA. The important thing to remember is that these rights the governments think they are allowing us to have are actual God given rights. When I compare Canada to other countries it is way ahead of most countries and in some aspects this includes the good ole USA. So although you said you were kidding maybe look into the country of Canada and see exactly what rights are given up here. I have always found after working with people for about 30 years that when a person has the need to say they are kidding at the end of what they say it is just a cover for saying what they actually mean. I am not offended but usually when I have got that type of remarks with the just kidding at the end comes from the adolescent aged clients of mine. Anyway John you have a great day and God bless. Oh by the way if you want my resume I’ll send it to you… just kidding Have a nice life bye

      14. A few weeks ago, Q anon urged his 8-chan readers in the US and all around the world to go on the Twitter offensive, on the day of POTUS’ fake news awards. They spent many hours strategizing about how best to blast Twitter with fake-news memes, targeting CNN, Mornin’ Joe and all the rest.

        They later estimated that they’d tweeted nearly half a million individual tweets within less than 24 hrs.

        But as Q anon told them, every day at 4 am, the fake news have a phone conference and get their talking-points for the day. (Did you ever wonder why they all say exactly the same freaking thing, at exactly the same time?) And the 4 am talking-points the next day said the mass Twitter deluge was due to “Russian bots.” So ALL the fake news-media magically ran with EXACTLY the same story about Russian bots on the same day.

        In the meantime, articulate patriots who’ve been tweeting and youtubing about Q anon, who were reaching countless thousands of people every day, suddenly found themselves banned–by YT AND Twitter, all at once. Isaac Green (Anti school channel) was one; Dustin Nemos was another. Isaac set up a Gofundme to pay a lawyer to file a lawsuit… and Gofundme immediately shut that down too!

        We’re witnessing an obviously coordinated effort to SILENCE DISSENT. POTUS and the Q group have taken on the cabal, and this is how they’re fighting back.

        Remember this when someone tells you that Q anon is fake. Remember this when someone tells you that POTUS tweets too much.

        • Does anybody really read Twitter?

          I have read President Trump’s twitter just because I don’t believe the news, but I have NEVER read anybody else’s twitter. I have never met anybody that has a twitter, I have never seen anybody talk about twitter.

          I think twitter is mostly fake with fake followers. Probably why they STILL have not turned a profit.

          • JS, agreed about twitter and all other social media. The only accounts that get censored are white people’s and no one else.

          • The Trump twwets are not fake, this is one thing at least we can be certain of.

            I never read tweets myself, but if you do, you’ll know you are reading Trump’s own words, not some speech prepared by a speechwriter.

      15. Demolition Ranch and Vet Ranch are also being censored as of late by you tube. They are working on destroying freedom of speech in a more feverish manner.

        • They will only drive these channel creators to a new form of video website.

          They are cutting their own throats.

        • Jooootube and Google deserve to burst into flames – nothing but ultra liberal, commie trash. Long live the US Constitution – It is the law of the land period.

        • In the early 2000’s, I remember there was this software which never got very popular but which allowed you to securely talk to any IP you connected to. It was a very small application called “Pssst” (or Psst) – not a social media or “platform” or anything like that, just an independent endeavor at offering something truly useful without any attempt to get your soul or your wallet.

          • I think there was also a hacked, malicious version however. Beware!

      16. The first and second amendments are under fire bigtime. I think events are being created to hasten their demise. Wwe have to be on our toes and oppose those who are doing their damnedest to destroy them.

        • Jim: Amen brother. there is no doubt that the rat bastards are out to destroy the Constitution and certainly the vital 2nd Amendment. These liberal fools that seem to think banning AR 15’s would all of the sudden make life just dandy and super safe…they are so god damned Stupid period!! NEVER give up your guns, especially your AR’s and AK’s.

        • Jim in VA, the day when our weapons will have to speak for us is getting closer and closer. They have no idea of the hell they would be unleashing onto themselves. They need to back off for their own sakes.

      17. Alex Jones is a buffoon, a Christian Zionist shill for Israel. I cannot believe any sane person would listen to his unending infomercials masquerading as “news.”

        Listen to Pastor Chuck Baldwin of Liberty Fellowship for the truth.

      18. Like Baldwin he was kicked off a site for his views.

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