Campaign Claims Pollen Caused Hillary’s “Worst Coughing Fit Ever”… Despite a Clear Forecast

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    Hillary Clinton cough fit

    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Comment: By now, everyone should know. Hillary is either too sick, or too evil to be trusted in another position of power, especially the highest office in the land. Clearly there is a cover-up (and much more) at work here.

    Strangely, despite having very “low energy” support among the actual American population, Hillary’s every flaw is covered up, blacked out or justified by the corporate media. There remains the clear suggestion that this is not an election, per se, at all, but something more like an arranged marriage between a tyrant and a population that has lost to the levers of control. Hillary isn’t the only one who needs a doctor; the country is in desperate need of care, but the only provider in the area is under Obamacare.

    ‘Coughing Clinton’ Shrugs Off Health “Conspiracy Theories” As Questions Emerge On “Pollen” Explanation

    by Tyler Durden

    Hillary Clinton said this morning that she was not distracted by “conspiracy theories” about her ill health, and that attacks were not rooted in fact. However, the Clinton campaign’s propaganda arm is in full swing as the mainstream media attempts to dismiss any health concerns by claiming that pollen counts were high where she spoke. The only problem with this is, in fact, pollen counts were low to moderate in Northeast Ohio (and what about the previous 10 coughing fits?)

    As we detailed yesterday, Hillary suffered a coughing fit that lasted for over four minutes during her speech yesterday, prompting a fresh round of speculation about her ailing health.

    And then, the presidential candidate then had yet another coughing fit while on her plane with journalists, which conveniently meant that she didn’t have to answer any questions.

    “Alt-Right fanatics and conspiracy theorists” immediately questioned her health – is she ok? And concerns over Hillary’s “worst coughing fit ever” was raised by MSNBC.

    But as Paul Josepth Watson reports, MSNBC regurgitated claims by Hillary’s campaign aides that, “Allergens were high in Northeast Ohio on Monday,” before asserting that there is “no evidence to indicate she is unwell.”

    The problem for that propadandist line is – It was a complete fabrication.

    As numerous websites that track daily allergen levels confirmed, grass pollen was low, tree pollen was low and ragweed pollen was moderate.



    Allergens were not “high,” as Hillary’s campaign and MSNBC claimed.

    Watson further notes that prevaricating over pollen counts was also a convenient way of avoiding the fact that Hillary has had the exact same coughing fits on innumerable other occasions over the past year.

    This year alone Hillary has had numerous counghing fits, and despite what one physician described as an “outbreak of vituperation and anger” against those with opinions about Hillary Clinton’s health, notes that more doctors are expressing concerns during the 2016 race to the White House.

    “There is absolutely no credible evidence to backstop any of these claims,” CNN claims… but as reports, many physicians, based on publicly available information have raised concerns. Among them are:

    • Dr. Jane Orient, M.D., executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, said images of Clinton being helped up stairs and propped up, and videos showing odd, seizure-like head movements require an explanation to voters, she contends. The author of “Emerging Diseases: Protecting Your Family from Pandemics, Viral Threats, and Rogue Vaccines” noted the “vituperation and anger” that she’s faced for raising questions. “I’m not making a diagnosis,” she told WND on Monday. But “I can look at the video. You can look.”She said for a medical professional to simply ignore the evidence would be “completely reckless.” Meeting someone with these symptoms personally would require a “How are you?” she said. “These are not ridiculous questions.”
    • Dr. Lee Hieb, author of “Surviving the Medical Meltdown: Your Guide to Living Through the Disaster of Obamacare,” agreed. “They made a huge deal about [Sen. John] McCain because of his melanoma,” she told WND. “Melanoma doesn’t give you dementia!” She said the images and videos are evidence that should be reviewed and explained to voters, contending Clinton is “not being forthcoming.””If she doesn’t want the American people informed … we know where she stands.”Citing Clinton’s previous concussion, Hieb said such injuries can cause long-term side effects, seizures, personality changes and cognitive deficits.
    • The Fox News medical “A-Team” of Dr. Marc Siegel and Dr. David Samadi had questions. “In 2008 … I looked over a thousand pages of John McCain’s records because of a melanoma he had 10 years ago. What about Hillary? In 2009, a severe fall. She breaks her elbow. In 2011, she boards a plane, falls. In 2012, she has a severe concussion which Bill Clinton says took her six months to recover from,” Siegel said. He continued: “Then she ends up with a blood clot in the brain and a lifetime of blood thinners. Just that point alone – if she’s prone to falling, you can see from that picture up there that it looked like she can barely get upstairs without two people carrying her. Guess what if she falls and hits her head? She’ll get a blood clot.” Samadi added: “The picture going up the stairs speaks a million words. Is she fatigued? Is she dehydrated? One of the main reasons she fell in 2012 and had the concussion was severe dehydration. They’re holding her and going up the stairs. So she may be really dehydrated, she may have arthritis, she may have back pain, she may have fallen again. We don’t know.”
    • Dr. Drew Pinsky’s television show on the HLN cable network, “Dr. Drew on Call,” was canceled after he raised questions about Clinton’s health in an interview on KABC-AM in Los Angeles.
    • And another prominent doctor expressed concern. Bob Lahita, a professor of medicine at Rutgers University, told Fox Business, “The very fact that she’s having these [blood] clots and she’s had two bouts of thrombosis is disconcerting to say the least.

    “You go back to the history of our presidents and we’ve had many presidents up until Lyndon Johnson who’ve concealed their health during their campaigns, and it had dire effects for our country, going from Kennedy to Roosevelt, to Woodrow Wilson whose wife ran the White House for some time – so we have issues here and I think both candidates should be very forthcoming and perhaps have an impartial panel of physicians review the data and make that kind of decision before Americans go to the polls,” remarked Lahita.

    Finally, there is The Huffington Post’s take – which calls any health-related questions ‘sexist’…

    Gender bias “absolutely” plays a role in the conspiracy theories around Clinton’s health, even if it’s not the primary motivating factor, Fenster said.

    “Every part of his critique of her has a gender component to it,” he said. “I think that’s true with the health conspiracies. It’s very much mocking her as an ‘old lady.’”

    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.


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      1. Now we know why her husband became sex addict and chased other women including underaged teens via his pimped Jew….

        • Perhaps one of these will be a fatal event.

        • Sounds like you’re a little jealous there, huh

          • Anyone who sights Fox news as a source immediately loses credibility with me.

            • You obviously went to a lot of trouble putting this story together. Time to get out of your moms basement mister

              • This is perhaps the silliest article I almost read

      2. Truth is she had a coochie,hoohaa,box hair caught in her throat….

        • LMFAO!….good one, godsoldier…these amur-cuns is a funny bunch…they find a reason to hate trump, yet killary the CONFIRMED CRIMINAL gets a free pass…amazing.

      3. The good ol’ Clinton 3 step shuffle: Deny, delay, then divert attention. Worse every time with the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters.

        • Pay attention to the VP , not hillary .
          That dudes a hard left socialist .

          • Warning to other Preppers that come here to learn.

            There are con artist among us. I spot them and call them out and you should too. Over the last 6 years as I ramped up my prepping skills I watched a lot of Youtube video for insight and intel. Some prepping videos were pretty entertaining. One such Fraud was MiamiPrepper. A bigger than life kind of guy, probably a narcissist. He was basically a Gypsy soliciting funds of viewers, cause his fake wife got into a fake car accident, and she was recuperating supposedly in a hospital in Cuba, and he was short on funds. He conned people out of money, ammo, and other gifts, like swords, etc..

            Anyway, Watch this video how this other Guy Jeremy Hopper after watching so many videos, unravels and calls out this Hollow fake and fraud, as he claims to be this great Prepper / Survivalist/ Green beret/ special forces sniper, basically a Valor Thief and con-artist.

            As you all seek legit info, be aware, and pay attention to what people say over time, and as you can find out here their stories just don’t add up. Dates don’t match, or bigger than life stories and BS. There are a few that post here regularly. Besides online, these Frauds hang out at church, on the street, and other places to set up their cons..

            Anyway you may have watched some of these videos in the past of MiamiPrepper. This guy was busted so bad, he had death threats, cause he ripped off so many people who tried to help him. Like Hillary MiamiPrepper also erased a lot of his past videos to cover up his lies, and invented new lies, to cover up past lies. And then it all unraveled and this Guy disappeared never to be seen again, at least online.

            Miami Prepper (Miami 1) Exposed as a Fraud
            ht tps://

            Now as you can see below, this bigger than life dufass who got caught and called out by me, starts attacking me. Its the same protocol Hillary uses against her accusers who point out discrepancies. Attack attack.. So all you do is keep pointing out their lies and expose these frauds. It is for the common good and safety of the prepping community to do so. As they try to befriend you then set up their cons, like try to get your email addresses, send you malicious code or viruses, or meet up. Be very cautious. These con artists make lists of the gullible people that they can con, and work on them over time to build trust. These kind of people will Rat on you to save themselves, so don’t give them your Info.

            And there is a lesson here also for Blowing one’s OPSEC, where you live, or what town you live by, what you show in your videos, what City, County, etc your kids win contest in, etc. This video points out how easy it is to find someone on a map, by their bragging. Its EGO OPSEC blowing. And that can get you killed. Learn from this video, what NOT to do. YOU LIE- YOU DIE!!

            OPSEC is #1 in Prepping, keep your traps shut.

            ~WWTI… Eyes wide open, frauds out there. Be safe!!

      4. Time to tap the fluid off ole cankles lungs again.

        • Karma’s a B!tch when all that comes out of your mouth is lies and excuses.


          • This coming from the mouth of the most slanderous lying piece of shit ever to disgrace this site.
            Your mind is so full of evil, it is black, rotted and cankerous.
            In 06/03 I sold out to a developer, pocketed a cool half mill, while you were getting ass reamed by your ex wife’s lawyer.
            Bought my bol in 08/07 from the kid I was mentoring when he ate a tree on a pocket rocket.
            As for weapons, I got my share.
            Your messed up mind might get you in prison, while Big Lance pops out your eyes and skull fucks you. Then they all pull a train on you daily.
            Any more questions fuck face???
            Signing off for a while, you posters need to fuck with asshole, he is just wrong.
            How would you like him as a neighbor???
            Think about what his neighbors think of him, being the shit he is here…

            • WTF?!Time to kick back with a few brews and rest your feet Eppe.You will be no good for yourself or those around you if a poster can get on your nerves like this.

              • Just sick of his shit.
                I can be ten times worse…

                • I have no doubt you could be,the ? would be why?I.e. as in why waste the energy/time?

                • Eppe, a few threads back he started attacking me and I shot back at him just like I do with the trolls. Looks like I’m having my own conflict with him. Let the turd bring it. I won’t back down from him.

                  • That is what I am getting to, when I did not post for 11 days, he started in on you, Satori, Durango and others.
                    Everyone needs to get in his shit, like Sally Jane and Whoville did a few days ago.
                    Thanks SJ and Who, he thinks it was me.
                    He can dish it out but cannot take it.
                    What is that called, hyprocite???

                    • Eppe, it sure is, last time I checked. I never thought I’d say this, but he’s making the trolls look good. Like I said, let him bring it, the useless POS.

                    • Hang in Eppe…bet he wouldn’t stand up to you in person. He might be Eisen…

                    • sometimes we must speak our mind because it hurts too much to bite our tongue…right, eppe? it SHOULD be obvious, even to those that rode the short bus to school, that WWTI is a trouble-making troll. he’s a person of rare intelligence. It’s rare when he shows any. WWTI is living proof that God has a sense of humor. Let’s play horse WWTI. I’ll be the front end and you be yourself.

                    • Ehhh, she was just coffin up some zionist dingleberries! 🙂

                    • For the record, I am NOT Eppe, I am Sally Jane and I came to the defense of Eppe because “WWTFK” is a stinking, smelling pile of CRAP, who gets its kicks (yes, it is an “IT”) from slamming anybody for anything because IT only feels powerful in this word being destructive – in reality, IT is probably living in grandma’s basement spending her Social Security check on crack and pretending to be a prepper.

                      EPPE – please hang in there. Think of IT as a test for future choppy waters when the shit really hits the fan. If you stop posting, then IT wins. Lastly, remember that IT rhymes with SHIT. lol………..

                    • Sally Jane and Whoville, who rant just like you dopey word for word. Is that too your imaginary army from your Imaginary BOL? LMFAO. Did ya go type that from multiple computers at work? lol You are such a fraud.


                    • “Bully” according to Websters. That’s interesting… “Bullying” prepppers is decidedly going to be bad for anyones health. (You’ll end up on some prepper’s “list”…)

            • Eppe, I understand your feelings about WWTI, but don’t let him drive you away from the site permanently.

              • I will get into “spirited debates” at times but beyond that,not fucking worth it.The times are getting “interesting” and we all better figure out what we have in common and how to keep it then fight over nonsense.

                • Amen War, have I always tried to be positive and uplifting?
                  He went too far, slandering me, wife, my mother and others.
                  Just tired of his lies…

                  • All one has to do is read the tripe he left below. Proves my point.
                    See yall later…

                  • You need to look up the word slander. Calling out a liar is not slander dumbsh!t. Are you really that stooped? seems so.


              • BCOD, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! damn good one.

            • Wow Mr bigger than life. You just need to stop lying you scumbag, you lied to everybody on this site and blow everybody’s Opsec. Is the liquor courage kicking in? Come on down big shot. Give it what you got. You got nothing you fricken sissy. You need to go get permission from you wife to shit. No weapons, No BOL, No real Job, 100% on the grid and calls himself a survivalist. You are a fake and a fraud.

              Then you come here and take your daily cyber shit bragging how you invented prepping before it was prepping, bigger than life, then slam Mac for posting articles you call Fear Porn. You are on the wrong website pal if you don’t like Mac’s articles? SO go start your own website bigshot, you fail at everything. You have no prepping plan. Nothing. Big fat zero. Go run over to Facebook, They love to blow their OPSEC there, and their families OPSEC just like you like to do. You are the weak link. You learned nothing here. and you never read any of the articles. All you post is nonsense. SO go shake your rattle crybaby.

              Trying to think I rag on these other people is ridiculous. Mr bravehart comes on here and says like 10 times in the same article he’s going to his BOL in Oct. OK we got it. lol Just go and tell us when you get there.

              Eppe you add nothing to this site but space wasting. Jokes, not much about prepping. You got ADD, Attention deficit disease. You have no concentration to focus on the article at hand. ZERO. You are just Sooo Jealous that I am doing what most people should do. SO you day dream and wish you could invent diamonds. lol But you are a slob living in suburbia on the grid. Some survivalist. lol

              So tell everybody here what is your biggest accomplishment you did for prepping mr survivalist? No BOL, No weapons, nothing. You are a fake. You sat on your ass for 5 years here, and did nothing. All while everybody else here is prepping their asses off to do what they can do. Its all in the archives bro. So throw your child tantrums and drink come more courage. Mommy will wake you up in the morning with your lunch and send you off to go work and punch a clock for somebody else.

              Sheesh. Run along now.. you coward, that’s right run away. Yo Mommas calling and screaming at ya.

              ~WWTI.. LMFAO.. Go buy a real battle rifle and be a man. Your family laughs at you, You are a joke snail boy.

              • Great,just keep the arguments up,you play into the hands of powers that be by fighting over nonsense/trying to divide folks,time for both of ya’s to cool it/have a beer and move on.I get everyone is getting more riled,hard not to be with all the BS in the world and more coming to light daily,tis why we need to get it together.

                No one here can prove what they have/don’t have without visits ect. to different places/or what they own/skill sets ect.Hell,can’t even prove you bought 50 lighters cheap off of e-bay/amazon ect.Point is we take each others word for it,seriously,enuff of the BS guys,we are probably in for very trying times,don’t waste time energy that the govt. puppets would like us to.

                • Actually Warchild I found that deal and bought 400 lighters in total. It comes out to about $12 for each 50 lighters on Amazon. Just Google it.

                  I think eppe is just frustrated since there are others out here walking the walk doing real prepping. And he get so jealous, he begins to make sh!t up to make himself bigger than life because he is not. His EGO says stuff reality can’t cash. He is so jealous. Like who cares. I give examples on here that I have done like moving out of the city to a rural BOL and hopefully other can emulate what I did to improve their situation for safety. eppe’s problem is he does NOT run his own house, his wife wears the pants. So he is reduced to the status of the family dog with no decision making ability. So he wanders off drinks they types bigger than life BS on here. I see right through the BS he writes over the last few years. Its so obvious.

                  One other person on here who seem to have it together is SGT Dale, and he’s got a great group going, seems pretty prepped up. eppe just seems very jealous, because other are acting on this Info posted like I have. And time is running out for him as he diddles his time away dreaming, because he has no plan. He and his family may become a statistic with his current plan. You can’t FAKE, Prepping or security or BOL’s etc. I said on this site before, I would never lie to anybody and give the best advice in all subjects. I can’t stand liars or thieves. And they need to be called out when they brag about stuff they don’t have. His cage is fragile and when it gets rattled, he looses it. That is a weak trait to stay away from.

                  Anywho.. F-him. Liar.


                  • WWTI, I read your posts and have a basic understanding of what you have and I have a significant amount more than you but I don’t brag about it very much. Like you I share my info and ideas and thats why I like this site. Your doing very well and I commend you for it it takes ACTION! Of course this is an internet forum and nothing is provable but you can get an idea who’s lying by reading posts and finding discrepancies and who has all the right ideas. I believe you have what you say and thats great. I too call out bullshitters because I hate them. I have all I have said I have and more but Im not going to tell all for opsec sake. We have a lot in common but I try not to fook with people more than 2 days and let them hang themselves because the truth…… is irrefutable!

                    • Basically what Genius said – what to do now?

                      “Lets make some ‘Shine!

                      ‘Fk’da dumb shit!!!

                    • G. Thx,. I look to you also for experience and answers. Real people don’t need to lie.. But he constantly comes on here posting BS and you know damn well he doesn’t even read the articles, by what BS he posts, article after article. I asked him many times, to stop posting so many jokes, several years ago, as it dilutes the content of what we all come here for. And try to stick to the article.. He has no attention span. zero.

                      Hey, all that matters to me, is I have my shiit together. And I hope everybody else here can too. Life is already full of needless distractions, we don’t need childish BS here. Maybe he will get the message. And maybe not. Lets all see. And I did not start this here on this article, read the threads. My comment was referring to Hillary’s coughing, and what my post was about.

                      Since He never reads the article, His twisted mind thought it was a comment about him. Like I said, he just confirmed that he is like Hillary with his rant and took it personally. And that sh!t is pretty funny.

                      I will always defend my integrity from lying A-holes. Come cross my path you GA dickwad.


                  • Hey IT, your butt plug fell out again.

                • WCD
                  Well stated. Don’t need this. Things are getting worse, and we don’t need fighting between folks here. This where people come for help.

                  I’m proud to say EPPE is a friend, and as a friend I will back him. Also as a friend I will ask him to just ignore WWTFK.

                  And to WWTFK as someone that I read and agree with most of the time, and respect for his insight, I ask WWTFK to stop the fighting and stop the cutting down of people it doesn’t help. You sound like very smart person. This in- fighting here doesn’t help anyone, when helping people is what this sight was to be used for.

                  Trying to be a PEACE KEEP here.

                  • SGT, Look who started this nonsense on this tread article. Spaz boy did. Oh he attacked me, Oh he’s picking on me again. F off eppe, puzzy.

                    My comment was referring to Hillary, you know the article, read it. eppe just wanted an excuse to spaz out. You are a child. Grow up.

                    Out– ~WWTI..

                    • Don’t matter who started the “nonsense”

                      Knowing that you realize this is what it is … “nonsense” ..

                      Don’t dwell on it and fk’n move on bro.

                      It’s not like Eppe is “passingInTheWind”

                      Talk about a habitual liar … I am the reason … why he[fk’n ‘Passin] don’t post up on this board anymore … cuz I called him out on his lies.

                      I don’t hate the dude … but … if you are going to do a 180 from what you said a day earlier … I’m gonna notice … and ask …. WTF? … and if said person says … “I did not say that” … then .. for sure … I’ll kindly remind them with positing copy/paste/time stamp/ etc … back onto the forum for a friendly reminder.

              • WhoWTFKnows –

                Let it go ‘bro!

                Enough is enough … let’s not make this out to be some kind of teenage high school drama episode. I’ll back you up on most things on this site, but this …??? I can not do … Please stop instigating Eppe … If you feel he is full of shit, then at this point in time, please keep it to yourself… I on the other hand haven’t caught wind of it of what you claim.

                Not saying you are wrong … but regardless … on a forum like this … anybody could be full of shit and pretending to be a prepper – that includes myself, if anyone has those feelings.

                This bickering needs to end now – thanks in advance & Regards – FTW

            • Whaaayyyyy crybaby. Stop lying.


              • What’s even more funny is that the comment I posted above. I was referring to Hillary and the Article. But since you never read the articles, “YOU” took it personally. That some funny Sh!t. Then spaz out like a retard. LMFAO!! This was my post.

                WhoWTFKnows… says:
                Comment ID: 3606206

                September 6, 2016 at 3:14 pm

                Karma’s a B!tch when all that comes out of your mouth is lies and excuses.


                So your response just shows what a fragile, crybaby throwing a tantrum.. Thanks for playing. You are so gullible.

                And I will add if you loose it like this on a website, just think what a spaz you will be when Karma comes knocking at your door in SHTF. You are forked!!

                • A certain poster here sounds like one of those talking heads from MSM. More specifically, someone from neocon Fox News.

                  • Brave.. Just drop it. eppe is a crybaby. You stick up for him because he pays attention to you. We already discussed many of your issues, and You seem to be in control and doing something about it. I give you credit. Unlike eppe. I took the big step a year and a half ago and am doing what this entire site is about. Everything at my BOL is an experiment. I don’t come on here and lie, and there are challenges and some fails. And I can surely tell you there are way more people with a lot more money than me, with million dollar BOL’s, but I try to learn from them, I don’t slam them, or try to compete to be the king of prepping, especially when he fiddled for years, still living all on the grid and dependent of everything since he claims to be a prepper since 1997. That’s 19 years and he did nothing, he has not learned a friggin thing to be independent or self sufficient. GMAFB..

                    eppe offers nothing to learn from. Its all BS for 5+ years. Then he seems jealous when other post legit info. Instead of being jealous, he should ask more questions so he or you can learn and get prepared. This is what this website is supposed to be about learning. Dipstick comes on here doesn’t even read the articles, and is just a needless distraction posting EGO BS. Like some place to hang out. Go get a life.. take your wife out for dinner, go look at guns and take your family to the gun range or something. sheesh..

                    People who lie, will get their asses handed to them.

                    ~WWTI… You can’t fake prepping in SHTF. Try bullshitting your way through SHTF. Pffttt.

                    • I agree…..

                    • @WWTI…of COARSE eppe thinks you were attacking HIM….because you OFTEN ….DO!…or is there other people you attack too? i see you as an asshole troll, and you keep removing all doubt with every post HERE….how is it you think you are the big “expert” on this site, and if somebody isn’t on the same “level” as you(supposedly), that means they aren’t a “real” prepper? i think it would be a big upgrade if you would just find another site to eff with posters…you know, the ASS is always greener on the other side…..

          • Yeah, WWTFK, you are now called “IT” because it rhymes with “SHIT”. Now go shove your butt plug back in because you’re leaking all over the place you FREAK.

          • Wwti,

            Isiah 2 8
            Their land is full of idols;
            they bow down to the work of their hands,
            to what their fingers have made.
            9 So people will be brought low
            and everyone humbled—
            do not forgive them…
            People will flee to caves in the rocks
            and to holes in the ground
            from the fearful presence of the Lord
            and the splendor of his majesty,
            when he rises to shake the earth.
            20 In that day people will throw away
            to the moles and bats
            their idols of silver and idols of gold,
            which they made to worship.
            21 They will flee to caverns in the rocks
            and to the overhanging crags
            from the fearful presence of the Lord
            and the splendor of his majesty,
            when he rises to shake the earth.
            22 Stop trusting in mere humans,
            who have but a breath in their nostrils.
            Why hold them in esteem?

            … Hopefully you can take something from this… Because it seems you need some humbling.

      5. beaver cheeze

        • Huma must be contagious, and so soon after she split up with her boy toy to spend more time with Hillary. Maybe it all started with the Big Weiner.

      6. in a jet?

      7. But…. But…. But….. doesn’t she love the smell of napalm in the morning?

      8. Heartburn maybe? That usually gets me coughing. Too much of that hot sauce she keeps in her purse?

        • Hot sauce in her purse? Is she Mexican?

          • Its a black thing….

      9. as per usual, .. we get what people?


        and we will continue to get lies as long as we tolerate it

        the problem that these pukes dont realize is when the American people finally get sick of it , it will go from acceptance to revolt in the snap of a finger .. and that is something they are not ready for

        lets give that a try for a change folks , how bout it ?

      10. Isnt Pollen season in the SPRING?

        • “Isnt Pollen season in the SPRING?”

          Technically … YES … but … in Michigan this time of year, our pollen index increases mainly due to crops being cultivated.

          The term “hay-fever” is in play right now … well … simply put … farmers are cultivating.

          Something tells me though, that Cleveland Ohio does not have this “cultivating” hay-fever issue.

      11. shes smoking way too much weed

        we all know the sound of that cough .. shes got ol resin lung

      12. shes smoking way too much weed

        we all know the sound of that cough .. shes got ol resin lung

      13. When Trump becomes President, perhaps he should make an amendment to the Constitution. A President shall be “between the ages of thirty years old and sixty years old when starting his first term”.

        I think a person needs life experience before leading others. But, with a few exceptions, most people in their seventies and beyond are physically unable to stand up to the stresses and strains of so much responsibility. Trump is exceptional. Hillary is not.


        • Also should have served in the service any branch with honorable discharge. And not like that pinco commie fag Kerry

          • Oh you mean a brainwashed idiot that is willing to kill for his unseen masters???

            • Strongly Agree!!! … much like our own Government … neither one of them has any legitimacy.

              Stop supporting World Domination … you may as well sign up to be a UN Observer GODSOLDIER … guys and gals in our Military right now … Fk ’em … they are not working for you and I … as usual … they are working for the establishment … your pride of the US Military is fogging your senses.

              You have been lied to and it’s time to move on … and remove yourself from that mentality of US Military B.S.

              • Now Now you know Its not Acceptiable (politically correct) to bad mouth The troops. you know they are heros protecting our freedoms. LOL

            • Yes dumb ass Gung Ho kids duped by some recuter into being cannon fodder for the NWO. And many peoudly wear the UN blue helmets. No I would rather have the kid smart enough to avoid being used by the NWO voting.

        • Once upon a time one could have been worldly and experienced beyond description by age 35. Now we have 55 year old wankers whose experience is as deep as a youtube video and answer to an argument is “Get out of my safe space, you trigger me!”

          No constitutional amendments should be brought up. That is a Pandora’s box. It’s bad enough the income tax was most likely never properly ratified but the people have allowed it to be in place as law for 100 years.

          The foundation is cracked and crumbling. The Republic is leaning off to the side. It is coming down. We are not stopping it. When it does fall, be ready to pound some nails to rebuild it. The fight will be for a progressive/socialist architecture , classic, maybe even anarchist decentralization. Know where you stand, be able to argue your points , and find peace and your center now.

          • Boyo:

            Yes, I knew that. Just testing to see if anyone is actually reading this stuff.


            • BfromCA, I like your stuff. You are awake.

          • “Get out of my safe space”

            Somebody say “safe space?”

            Okedoke – South Park – Safe Space – “In My Safe Space”

            Duration: 2:05


        • I totally agree with the age restrictions. A person in their seventies should not be running a country. A person in their seventies have already lost many of their capabilities i.e. Memory, health and stamina.

      14. Crack pipe??? Suckin on the glass dragon?? Dear old Aqua lung sitting in the park watchin the pretty panties run…

        • Godsoldier,as a Tull fanatic appreciate any mention ot the band,but,please,Aqualung is one word!My handle should let you know me favorite album!

          • Warchild, were you sitting on a park bench eyeing little girls with bad intent???

            • Yes,but was a little boy at thee time!Not a well mannered/innocent little boy though!

      15. We came, we saw, she fell down.

          • … or … the real / unedited reason why Clinton fell down.

            Hitler makes Hillary Clinton fall down

            Duration: 1:47


        • HM, that’s one of the funniest comments I’ve read in a long time! Now I have coffee to clean up…

          Thank you!

      16. CROOKED CLINTON is NOT suffering from “allergies”!! She’s CHOKING ON HER OWN LIES!!!

        • bullshit DOES that to a person.

      17. I know its wrong. But I take real delight seeing that old hag finally getting her just desserts. Don’t have any faith in Trump. Heis a schemer & shyster. But I hope he wins in a land slide. Please lord keep her alive till after the election. I want to see her agony of defeat.

        • Old Guy, if that bitch were to cough herself to death, that’s one video I’d be happy to see over and over.

        • Say everyone/anyone …what the heck would be Standard Operating Procedure in the event one of the two candidates actually died or were “completely incapacitated” just prior to an election?

          Obama surely wouldn’t get an extension OR Third shot (Term), so what might happen in such an event as that?

          • interesting question, I don’t have the law answer, but i would imagine IF the democrapper died the democrappers would declare something to the tune of a mis-trial and post pone the election until next year, and or cause enough disturbance to get a martial law declared. i will be watching to see IF anyone here actually knows what the law is pertaining to this.


        • Mexican tap water
        • A wolverine with a ‘pet me’ sign
        • A mixed drink made by Bill Cosby
        • A straight edge shave from Jodi Arias
        • An elevator ride with Ray Rice
        • A night out with Aaron Hernandez
        • Brian Williams memory
        • Michelle Obama staying at a Motel 8
        • Visiting the capitals of all 57 states Obama thinks exists
        • Pinocchio
        • The Boy that cried Wolf
        • The Cleveland Browns going to the Super Bowl
        • A Nigerian inheritance email
        • An unconscious pilot alone in the cockpit
        • Harry Reid’s exercise equipment
        • An IM from Anthony Weiner
        • Anything Nancy Pelosi has ever uttered
        • A factory packed parachute
        • A kiss from Judas
        • An Afghan wearing a backpack
        • Whatever Bill Clinton’s definition of “is” is
        • If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan
        • A North Korean trial
        • A BIC pen that doesn’t leak
        • A tuna fish sandwich left on a city bus for three days

        • Test. Loved it. Hilarious, I just hope this liberal whack job goes down in flames. What a crooked bunch. The more I read, the more I hate the clintons. Come on trump if you win , don’t let us down

        • I trust a Tijuana prostitute with my wallet more. I trusted her twice. I won’t make that mistake with Hillary.

          • I trust Ted Kennedy to take me on a shoreline drive more then billary.

            • I trust Ted Kennedy to watch my drink and hooker more than Billary.

      19. My top 10 Hilary scams. What are yours?

        10 things the leftist media will never tell you about Hitlery:

        1.) How she made those “miraculous” cattle future trades
        2.) How Vince Foster “flew” into Ft. Marcy park AFTER he was dead
        3) Whitewater still a scandal
        4.) Travelgate still a scandal
        5.) BenghaziGate caused by a video? Really? Meanwhile, people are still DEAD because of her fecklessness.
        6.) That idiotic “sniper fire” in Sarajevo BS
        7.) How those Rose Law firm files miraculously appeared
        8.) Why is she hiding all those emails
        9.) Has she EVER done *ANYTHING* not a result of Bill’s coat tails? And “I was dead broke” when I left the White House in 2000
        10.) WHERE was she for Paula Jones, Juanita Broderick, Dolly Kyle Browning, Kathleen Willey, Gennifer Flowers, that poor junior worker abused by a workplace superior named Monica, ad infinitum?

      20. Just a quick reprise of Lordon Glightfoot’s song on Hilary, in case you missed it:

        THE WRECK OF THE HIL’RAY FITZGERALD (Sung to the tune of… oh, never mind!)

        The legend lives on, from the Chippewa on down, of the big fake they call Hil’ray Gumi;
        Hil’ray’s emails, it is said, were a-bound to be shred, when transparency turns tot’lly gloomy.

        With her load of BS ore, 26 thousand emails or more, the Hil’ray server was emptied;
        The public and the truth were a bone to be chewed, when the lies of November came early;

        Hil’ray’s server was the pride of the of the Communist side, coming back from fund raisers in Wisconsin;
        As big liars go, she was bigger than most, with her fibs and deceits well-seasoned.

        Including some terms shaking down firms, for money from LA to Cleveland;
        then later that night when the BS bells rang outta sight, could it be yet more lies we’d been feelin’?

        Her lies in the newswires made a tattle-tale sound, as her techs did their email a-slashin’;
        When afternoon came, Hil’ray was fibbing again, with the force of a hurricane west wind.

        When suppertime came the IT guy came on deck, sayin’ fellas there’s more lies to feed ya;
        at 7 PM Hil’ray’s main campaign caved in, he said fellas is been good to know ya.

        Hil’ray’s spin meisters wired in, they had water comin’ in, and her tissue of lies was in peril.
        And later that night, when her lights went out of sight, came the wreck of the Hil’ray Fitzgerald.

        Does anyone know where the love of truth goes, when her lies turn our faces so dour? The bloggers all say, Hil’ray’d be raking in political hay, if she’dput 15 more bald lies behind her.

        Th’server might have split up or it might have capsized; but it sure rolled deep and took water;
        And all that remains are the blank emails and the games of Hil’ray and her Wall Streeter bankers
        Old Bill Clinton rolls and Hil’ray flings, in the rooms of her ice water mansions. Harry Reid steams an old liars dreams, and Pelosi’s pronouncements ring hollow;

        And further below, the lamestream media all know, they take in what the leftists can send them.
        But as the big liars go, the public now knows, Hil’ray will lie in November.

        In a musty old hall in DC we prayed, for the restoration of the Constitution;
        the church bell chimed, it rang 29,000 times for each email “lost” on the Hil’ray Fitzgerald

        • good one, test!

        • HCKS, thanks for that link. Just finished the alert. Everyone else click on that link and check it out. A MUST READ!

        • Hcks,good read,hope that dude walks when it gets tough.I will say the confiscation part might work very short term,then,any still govt. stooges will also be among the dead.

          • Warchild, the first ones to come after me and mine will be history. don’t care who they are.

            • I hope,we may also be poisoned/the wrong end of a hellfire missile in a bloody vapor ect.All we can do is try.

          • HCKS, thanks for the link. Are you near Kilgore TX? I have a trip near there soon.

        • HCKS
          Thanks for the site.

          I know I will walk when they come for the guns!!!



          • Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

          • Genius,love it! I still write checks to pay bills,stamps aren’t that high.Know people do banking on line ,get after it!They know to much as it is.F them!
            Only do what we can!Last as long as I can!Good lord willing and the creek don’t rise.
            Maniac –out

            • Unless you start & password your own online bank account. Anyone can get your account number from your checks and without your knowledge open a online account. So open & password a online account and don’t use it.

              • Old Guy,guess that one of problems with being a Dino!Being behind the curve can end get you behind the eight ball,lol
                Thanks for the advice.
                Maniac –out is

          • Genius, uh, let’s be careful there. Sounding like acid.

        • Thanks for the link HCKS. I have always thought the NSA had the ability to track and record all electronic transactions in the world.

      21. Pollen? In September?

      22. I calling it now.

        Hillary deemed unfit to serve or finish the race, Obama steps in and boom 3rd and 4th terms for Obama(and probably he just assumes lifetime appointment at some time during those terms).

        • perhaps Lena,but I then call it and say we will see multi generational 4th gen warfare,a shit ride for all!

        • Yup, he’s not going anywhere.

          • If THAT is the way things truly go down, then it was all staged and “play acted” from Day One, beginning with her “being undecided” about running for Office or not.

            Seems reasonably to me that they’d use her to “lie We The People” into a “Circle-of-Deceit”, and then switch horses mid-river …leaving us “outside” the true Rule of Law and UNDER Obama’s Fundamental Changes he spoke of so very long ago.

            I must admit it’s the best “call” I’ve heard yet …and it gives me a sour-stomach to think we’ll get to experience War all over again, on our soil – – all in the Name of Allah, Muslim beliefs, Sharia Law ….not to forget the rest of the earth will be using some level of nuclear weapons to “clean house” in Europe …though it appears Putin has other ideas (and nobody in Europe can hope to compete at this point).

            TIP: Break all of your “strike anywhere” matches so that you can store more in a ‘tin’, or “split” them with a knife, dip the end in candle-wax or tallow (having a tallow candle or several gives you the option of eating the tallow (fat) if nothing else is available. Also, anytime you strike a match (at camp), always light a candle (to save matches). If you have a match that’s trying to crumble due to dampness, and your hair is not oily, roll the match up in your hair, or your girl’s hair, and the static will dry the match in short order. (The above are all from the SAS Survival Handbook …just passing them on).

      23. A few more falls, and she’ll eclipse Gerald Ford’s accident record.

      24. I hate to see Hillary suffer. The only humane thing to do is put her down.

      25. Was never personally bothered by pollen excepting open windows in home,called it bunny dust.I never thought i would view pollen as a friend/ally,learn something new daily.

      26. Maybe Sorso will add more string to his puppet. This cheap thing need a string pull with 7 answers no hacking.

      27. food for thought

        Our Impoverished, Pathological Society

        h ttp://

        ” If asked what’s intrinsic to human happiness, most people in consumer societies will offer up answers such as money, status, a nice house, etc. But as Sebastian Junger observes in his book Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging, what’s actually intrinsic to human happiness is: meaningful relationships within a community (i.e. a tribe); opportunities to contribute to the group and to be appreciated; being competent at useful tasks and opportunities for authentic experiences.

        If we assess our society by these standards, it is impoverished and ill.”

        ” If you set out to design a society that drove people to self-medicate with self-destructive drugs, you’d end up with our society. In a pathological, dysfunctional society, the answer to painful impoverishment is of course to criminalize some drugs and pass out others like candy, in a haphazard, crazy-making fashion that sends hundreds of thousands of people to prison, further destroying their lives, while others get immensely wealthy from selling the legal drugs.

        The terrible irony is that the pursuit of wealth and status via self-absorption and self-glorification not only makes the individual ill, it destroys the foundations of actual human happiness. ”

        if Hillary is elected or the Donald is
        probably doesn’t make much difference in the long run
        it’s kinda like arguing over new carpet and wall paper
        when the foundation is crumbling and the roof is leaking

        we have MUCH bigger problems to contend with
        and it these that will bring us down

      28. The BEOYCH has TB or Cancer or COPD. TPTB just want her in so she can complete the fall of the USA.

        • I still thinking brain worms SGT Dale.

      29. I’m thinking large colored chalk sticks. Weird! Just popped into my head.

        No coughing though.

      30. Personally I think she’s dying, you know when a family member is dying you try to set a goal for them like a birthday, holiday to get them to last a little longer. HRC goal is the presidency. And I do hope the Evil one fall’s short one way or another.
        She hasn’t campaigned any, just like Ryan and McCain, and look what happened . Trump must win 2016!!

      31. Hillary like many 60-plus slightly overweight women, has what those in the medical profession call Triple A-it’s a combination of allergies, asthma and acid reflux. The more the use their voice, the worse the coughing. A puff of advair upon arising, plus an acid reducer like prevacid before eating breakfast, and a series of vocal chord exercises would probably be helpful.

      32. If it was pollen Why was ole cankles the only one trying to hack up a lung? One foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. Its pitiful to see. But damm I cannot stop smiling. I want her to live till election day. She will lose big. When her ughly ass counter part Blanch Lincoln from ARk was defeated I got great joy in seeing the anguish and disbelief on her face. Old cankles defeat will make me even more delighted. I bet she can feel the hate and ill will that is directed at her.

      33. Stupid who cares about this coughing shit. What the hell that gotta do with being a leader. Shit happens we’ve all hacked what’s the big deal. This bitch is smarter than everybody because she changed the talking points to her coughing episode.

      34. The deceitful bitch is obviously sick,(Bill,honey don’t you think you should drop out?Hillary,f.u. Bill it’s my turn,they stole it last time,gave to that n—er,I’m not quitting !
        It’s okay Trump is taking it to them big time!LANDSLIDE!
        Who ever said something about LA. being hazy,I about choked on my whiskey! I’m not from LA the shitty city,La the state
        Geeze ,swamps in LA, well swamps of shit!
        Shot a AK a friend has for sale 762/39 liked it,seiga?Any advice?
        Maniac –out

      35. My cats don’t cough up nasty looking things like that! At 37 seconds into the video, she hoarfs up a ???? That ain’t healthy. Uh uh…

        • Padoo

          It’s called a, “LUNGER”

      36. MAC

        What do I have to do … to get out of Moderation.
        Been stuck in it for over month now.

        Only thing different is … change to a different Linux OS.

        Same name (obvious)
        Same E-mail address

        It appears your Moderation Program … is unable to identify my IP Address … and if that is the case …. “good job Linux!”

        • I made a few changes this morning — not sure if it releases you from moderation but it might 🙂

      37. Mac what did I say wrong to go to moderation? Posted later went right through?
        Maniac –out

        • The words “good lord” was probably enough to do it … never know … the system is a bit picky with certain words … everybody knows by now the word Jew gets moderated … and it does not have to be used in a negative way … just happens …

          Just like the word Bitch … this one for sure will keep me in moderation for a few hours … and I sit here and laugh about it.

          I never used the word Kike before … so I don’t know if that gets put in moderation … but … probably does … cuz that for sure is racist ‘n shit.

          Not sure what’s up with this Moderation System … but it frowns on words like “bitch, cunt, nigger,jew,…??? but it does not frown on the word FAG!

          Not sure if this Moderation System is a Hasboro toy or if Tel-Aviv coined it … but … for one thing … it sure is full of pure entertainment.

          • … also … lets not forget this one … and it don’t matter which website you post on …. the words “cracker” or “white trash” will never … ever … be put into moderation … regardless of the site … try it … if you don’t believe me … it could be a website about flowers or dildo’s … it don’t matter … it won’t get denied.

      38. The cough sounds like esophageal spasms, maybe exacerbated by post nasal drainage.

      39. America can do better than any Clinton or Kenyan.

      40. Both Hillary and Bill are very ill. Bill, with some sort of degenerative sex disease (AIDS?), and Hillary with cancer or something along those lines. Had a neighbor who coughed like that: he never went to the doctor even though it was obvious he was very ill. Persistent coughing like that is not normal and is indicative of an underlying condition – any doctor will tell you that.

        Want a laugh? The biggest drinkers of Hillary Koolaid are in Canada. The media there just loves her and endlessly pumps out anti-Trump propaganda.

        I think Obama is well aware both Hillary and Bill won’t be around much longer and he is playing the game like a Vegas gangster. Keep an eye on what they want to switch in when Hillary and Bill kick the bucket. What is the next scam NWO shake-down organization to replace the Clinton Foundation?: the Barack Obama Foundation for World Peace?

      41. Well, of course, the first thing I do when allergy season hits is get out the wheel chair.

      42. Is that why she spit out a piece of Reptilian lung?

        • Its probably a cough drop. The so called lesion on her tounge is likely a cough drop. She has conjestive heart failure. Her lungs have been drained at least twice. When they start draining your lungs your at the end stages. you choke to death on the fluid in your lungs. old hagitha cankles is fast coming to the end of her days.

      43. Hillary hides her cough by avoiding press interviews.

        Hillary gets criticized for avoiding the press.

        Hillary finally meets the press on her plane – and coughs!

      44. nobody is not going to vote for Hillary cause’ she’s got a bad cough
        they’re gonna vote against her for a million other reasons
        conversations such as this allow people to blow off steam
        are of little use,give the topic it’s 15 minutes and then please
        let’s move on to things that really matter

        Identity Politics = Totalitarianism

        ht tp://

      45. Are the Clinton’s living together?

      46. Satori

        What things really matter?

        • Anon
          it’s kinda scary that you ask that question
          and I do not mean that by way of any kind of insult to you
          a LOT of people are asking the very same question

          What matters ?

          for starters

          h ttp://

          I’ve asked myself that very question many times
          I’m in a profession where I see a LOT of substance abuse
          if you think illegal drugs abuse is bad
          you ain’t seen nothin’ until you see the legal drug abuse going on
          not to mention the tremendous number of people with alcohol problems

          why do so many people feel the need to dull the pain of life ???

          • Satori

            Read the article and had to reprint a part.

            “If you set out to design a society that drove people to self-medicate with self-destructive drugs, you’d end up with our society. In a pathological, dysfunctional society, the answer to painful impoverishment is of course to criminalize some drugs and pass out others like candy, in a haphazard, crazy-making fashion that sends hundreds of thousands of people to prison, further destroying their lives, while others get immensely wealthy from selling the legal drugs.”

            I could add that people now have a low tolerance of pain and would rather find the easy way out instead of confronting their problems head on. That’s the hook.

          • Perhaps if the medical profession was not captured by Big Pharma, there would not so many addicted and in dire straits on “legal” drugs.

            There are many herbal remedies that are not toxic to the body.

            But Big Pharma does not like competition so they get the DEA to demonize plants from the coffee family (Mitragyna Speciosa) and call for them to be placed on Schedule 1 with no research beforehand. They then will roll out a synthetic replacement with a patent to line their pockets.

            We live in a authoritarian police state when it is possible for the corrupt government to do this on a whim. They are a bunch of bought off grifters and hacks…all of ’em.

            To hell with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

            No victim, no crime.

      47. Hilary “Businesses don’t create jobs.”

        Right, Hilary. The **Clinton Foundation** creates jobs… for cronies. Oh yes… miraculous cattle futures also create jobs I guess, and I assume she thinks the Soviet Union created jobs . Forbes has story at Here’s the quote: “Don’t let anybody, don’t let anybody tell you that, ah, you know, it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs. You know that old theory, trickle-down economics. That has been tried, that has failed. It has failed rather spectacularly.” Here’s the video of her saying this (36 sec):

        One thing Hilary forgot is that Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama monthly uber-luxe vacations also create zillions of jobs in the travel industry. Rumor has it that she is renting out the country of Lichetenstein for just her and 800 of her corruptocrat cronies from the Thugocracy of Chicago this month!

      48. After watching several of the Beotch’s coughing spells. I can tell you from experience that she has COPD. More than likely from smoking (something?). I know because my Mother-In-Law die from it, and my Mother has it.

        That green/brown stuff they cough up is infection/build up in the lung caused by the COPD. If she stays on her meds and o2 she could live for a long time. Sorry for the bad news.


        • If she only has COPD she might live a long time. What about the Trombosis. What about the VD. She wears a catheter and sometimes her shitty pants syndrome over flows her diaper. And They have drained the fluid from her lungs at least two times. I think She has conjestive heart failure. It would have symptoms similar to COPD. And she is a heavy drinker and that has affected her liver. I pray she lives till after the election. She is dying fading fast. It now appears Trump will win but the Citizens will still lose. Don’t fall for the dog & pony show.

          • What is the proof of her overflowing diaper and a catheter? Have you been inspecting her up close?

      49. Hillary wouldn’t be in this mess if she hadn’t put pollen on Huma’s crotch.

      50. She did something onstage in the Cleveland speech, (if you could call it that). She unwrapped a lozenge and put it in her mouth while having a coughing attack. It would have been really easy to aspirated that, and I am thinking she almost did. There was a moment when both Kaine and someone else were offering her lozenges as well. Who carries lozenges around like that? Can you imagine what would have happened if she had choked on that lozenge? Bad judgement on her part. Lozenges don’t get to the root of a cough. She needs steam inhalation, guaifenesin and Broncafect.
        Say it again… she is very run down for such a rich woman. I see her as treating symptoms and not addressing the root causes of her several health issues. That black handler that accompanies her is a doctor who specializes in sleep issues and neuro problems. Shades of Michael Jackson.
        I would have her in a pool everyday doing water exercise, stretching and breathing work. 30 minutes a day would do wonders for her vitality and appearance. I just cannot, for the life of me, understand why the people around her don’t steer her into better core health habits unless they are deathly afraid of her.

        • I long ago gave up on the American medical profession giving honest and scientific advice. Pretty well all doctors now just peddle pills and services that generate high bills irrespective of the health benefits. That most American doctors look at their obese patients with a straight face and never tell them to get fit and eat right as the only ‘cure’ for their problems, shows these doctors are quacks.

          As for Hillary, if she were receiving efficacious medical advice, she would be undertaking very different remedies. As you say, exercise would be core to an effective approach. Swimming is fantastic for the elderly and boosts strength, endurance and overall vitality. Why is Hillary allowed to waddle around with a big gut and butt in elasticated pant suits? If you cared about her health, you would tell her to get fit. They are letting her die for a reason. What is the reason and qui bono?

      51. Did anyone see “Dave”? In this movie the presidency is in danger because the President is in a coma. The team goes out and finds a look-a-like who plays the part. Not even his wife is told. If you can believe that I have a bridge for you. But otherwise, the senario is plausible. There are people who have pointed out the changes in the Queen of England. It’s not the Queen they are parading around. Once Hillary is ordained, they can put in a look-a-like for a lot of stuff. Like waving from the stairs of an airplane.


        • History is full of examples of leader deception. The Russians covered up Brezhnev’s senility and poor health; Roosevelt was a cripple and often too ill to do much but they covered it up and let his lesbian wife run the White House; Churchill was a manic depressive drunk, often incapable of doing much; Britain’s Gordon Brown was so mentally unstable he was on a regime of anti-depressive drugs; London’s mayor was a sex addict and was rarely at work but the civil servants just ran the show; Angela Merkel is notoriously lazy and indecisive but is kept in power because she does what the US tells her. If Hillary’s health continues its slide downhill, they will just re-arrange her diary and throw up other place holders to do the public stuff. If she dies in office, they could just switch in a lookilikee. Or run a holograms of her manipulated to say new things. It won’t matter much because the agenda is WWIII and the shtf will be so distracting few will notice if Hillary is physically there or not.

      52. Since Common Sense,Justice, and Integrity seem to have died together in a three-way suicide pact; we can’t really even HOPE that Hillary will face indictment (at all, but especially) before becoming president.

        All we can hope is that this illness literally debilitates her before the election.

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