“Calling for Peace Was a Mistake”: Mother of Police Victim Says Uprising May Have Created Change

by | Jun 25, 2015 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 119 comments

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    This article was written by PM Beers and originally published at AntiMedia.org.

    Editor’s Note: Assassinated president John F. Kennedy famously stated “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” His brother, Robert Kennedy, also slain, echoed with similar words during a decade of revolutionary fervor and upheaval.

    Hopefully violence is not inevitable, but the powers that be – in Washington, on Wall Street, in positions of power across the globe – are trying to make it so, or so it would appear. While the media continues to make this an issue about race – with the mass killing in South Carolina and the banner #blacklivesmatter – it is worth remembering that of the 500 plus police killings tracked so far in 2015, half were white, and all races and demographics were represented. Perhaps if the real issue is addressed, violence can be avoid and a co-opted phony “revolution” (fueled by plenty of righteous anger, but misdirected) averted. #alllivesmatter

    Mother of Man Slain by Police Said Calling For Peace Was a Mistake

    by PM Beers

    For three years, Genevieve Huizar has been peacefully protesting alongside many other families who have lost loved ones to police murder. She has seen no justice and no change. Her son, Manuel Diaz, was shot in the back of the head by Anaheim police officer Nick Bennallack on July 21, 2012.

    Last Saturday, families of people murdered by police gathered at the Long Beach Police Department to speak out and march against police brutality. Genevieve Huizar, mother of Manuel Diaz, spoke at the rally.

    First of all, I want to give my condolences to every family member here and across America. I don’t know if every one of you have [heard of] this but I want to say it just in case you don’t. There is something on Facebook called Killed by Police. If you don’t have this already on your Facebook, you just like the page Killed by Police. Every time there’s a murder (by police) across America, it’s gonna pop up. Well, let me tell you, they are popping up every single day. Every day across America people are being murdered by police.

    My son, my only son, 25 years old for eight days, four o’clock in the afternoon on Anna Drive in Anaheim, he was talking to his friends at a truck or a car. Police pull up and they point at him. He had been in jail before so when they pointed at him he ran. He had his cell phone in his hand, a black one. We all have black cell phones. The cops said it was a gun. The first shot was to his lower back and as he was falling to his knees the second bullet was to the back of his head.

    He wasn’t married. He did not have any children. My son Manuel Angel Diaz, in Anaheim, if you look it up, there were ten days of uprising. At that time, I called for peace. I regret it. I regret calling for peace because maybe if there would have been more of an uprising there wouldn’t have had to be Baltimore. There wouldn’t have to be New York. There wouldn’t have to be Atlanta, Georgia. There wouldn’t have to be Long Beach. Too many murders, too many families suffering. Never forget, Never stop fighting. Even in the courts, don’t stop fighting. I don’t care what these lawyers say, keep the fight until the very end. You cannot give up. These lives mean so much. My son means so much and I will see him again. God says.

    After three years of peaceful protests it is clear to Genevieve Huizar and many others that peaceful protests do not bring change. Nick Bennallack still walks free.

    Activists in Orange County along with Genevieve are planning an event on July 18th, commemorating the three year anniversary since Manuel was murdered by Anaheim police. Follow @LAPeoplesMedia on Twitter or Los Angeles Peoples Media on Facebook for more details.


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      1. “Caedite eos! Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius”

        • No , killing them all solves nothing.

          Another leftist activist stirring the pot?

          • A New York police investigation supervisor for criminal investigations in seven counties admits he and another lieutenant faked fingerprint evidence so often that the New York Times called it an “almost routine fabrication of evidence in criminal case”
            – A Camden, New Jersey police officer admitted to framing 185 innocent people
            – A deputy sheriff in Florida said: “Planting evidence and lying in your reports are just part of the game”

            A judge found that San Francisco police paid people to lie on the witness stand, in order to convict innocent people
            – Police in Louisiana, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Texas have been caught on tape framing innocent people.
            They’ve also been busted planting weapons on people, as a false flag “justification” for shooting them.

            • It’s time…………….To crush em…it’s time……for God to sort em out

          • Just out of curiosity, was she or her son an illegal alien?

            • Should that matter? I’m sure the bullets had no idea. If it was up to me, I’d deport every single illegal I found, but NOTHING makes it okay to shoot an unarmed man who had not hurt anyone, in the back…Not even being in the country illegally.

              If we allow them to JUSTIFY even one murder, then they’ll justify ALL murders.

      2. We need a movement similar to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). This time it is Mothers Against Police Murders (MAPM).

        • I put the blame on the mother and the obviously absent father. This guy, Manual Diaz, was nothing but a pimple on the ass end of society. Could not have been very intelligent if he ran when he saw the police who ordered him to stop. It is also obvious he like me has never heard of this author PM Beers?

          Why do people run from the cops? I mean they see proof everyday that people who run get shot. Mama Diaz should have instilled this into him at a young age, you know, when teaching kids to use a cross walk?


          • BigB, while I can agree the boy made a mistake running away, those cops could have still taken him alive. The 4 retired cops in my family always managed to take in their suspects alive and never even had to shoot anyone in their entire careers. I guess they were just lucky.

            • He wasn’t a boy. He was 25 yrs old which makes him a grown man. If he didn’t know any better at 25 than to NOT run from the cops, then perhaps its better he weeded himself out of the gene pool before he could develop a huge, costly welfare dynasty for the rest of us to support…

          • Why do people run from the cops, are you fucking kidding me or something?

            Because they’re really mad, really stupid, and really fucking strapped, that’s why.

            Every time I come across one I’m convinced they’re minimally going to beat the shit out of me just for kicks.

            I’d run too but then what would be the point?

            • running from the cops to avoid getting arrested, definitely deserves getting shot twice in the back and head while armed with a cell phone. Don’t run=Don’t get shot in the back of the head. Pretty logical if you ask me ;);) Support the troops!!! and the police!!! USA!!! USA!!! Well I’m proud to be an American……where at least I know I’m free…….. Man I love Lee Greenwood!!!!

              • sarcasm appreciated.

          • What horse shit. Without intending to, you prove your opposition’s point. “I mean they see proof everyday that people who run get shot.” Exactly, dildo-breath!

            Nobody deserves to die my the means that kid died. If cops are going to continue making life-or-death decisions every day, they need to be held accountable to a higher standard than the public at large, who rarely have to make such decisions.

            How have you and others like you become inured to what it really means to extinguish a human life? People like you are just as much a problem to society as are criminals and killer cops.

            • Laughing out loud very hard at some of these comments. Why do some of you relate to this Diaz character? Braveheart, you and I agree on just about everything over the years yet I know you are not an inner city person. I just don’t understand what life styles some of you live that makes you so unsecure around cops.

              I am no saint and by far believe in keeping my business mine. Yet the lifestyle I live by and large has not and never has been subjected to police misconduct except upon an occasion or two when I knew I was pulling the tigers tail.

              Just one mans opinion.


              • Lucky you. Many others are not so fortunate, but since when does one man’s OPINION of another man’s LIFESTYLE make it okay to murder them? I have no desire to have the value of MY life, decided, based on what some jerk that doesn’t even know me, thinks of me.

              • ” I just don’t understand what life styles some of you live that makes you so unsecure around cops.”

                Of course you don’t.

                Just like Marie Antoinette didn’t understand why the peasants couldn’t just “eat cake.”

                It’s not like your type to try and actually UNDERSTAND things. You just label and mock and ridicule, and then are surprised as hell one day when war breaks out.

        • The group should be People Opposing Police Murders.
          That would be POPM.
          Retaliation aint othat obvious right there.

      3. I am so tired of every branch of government trying to stir up trouble. They want us to be divided.
        The lady does have a point about standing up. Had we stood up long ago, the troubles heading our way would not have been as bad.
        Trouble is coming. I feel it will be here sooner than we think.
        Prepare for it now!!!!

      4. Why is that everyone of these people have been in jail. Or have a gun on them, or even if it is a plastic one and they run from a cop or they point it a cop. You have groups call for the execution of cops, you have people attacking cops.

        Yes there are less than 2% that should not be cops and they are generally found out.

        Cops are people to and they want to go home to their families at night. If it means you or I going home, because you put me in a situation that I have to use deadly force you can bet it is going to be me.

        Twice I could have just taken the guy out and it would be justified. Once a guy wanted to have a shoot out with cops (this was the note he left.) but because I was tied up on a kid getting hit by a car, he shot himself. The other time was when a guy beat the living shit out of his girl friend and when we knock on the door to get him out of the house he came to the door with a 9mm in his hand pointing at the ground. If he would have raised it or started to raise it he would have received a 230 Gr. Hollow Point right between the eyes. I talked him down and he dropped the gun. Gun was loaded with a round in the chamber and the safety off.

        This is nothing but trying to get the civilian masses to fight with the cops DON’T FALL FOR IT!

        I know that there are cop haters on this site and I’m going to get a rash of shit for my post. To you when you or your family life is in danger who is one of the first persons you call? You might depend on yourself at first but you will call the cops! If you say you won’t that won’t be true.

        • My problem with pigs is that the police unions bend over backwards to defend dirty cops, and that the good cops never challenge the dirty cops.

          If you sit back in silence you are JUST as guilty in God’s eyes as the dirty cop.


          • Acid, I won’t attack you on this thread. You did make some valid points on that post.

            • hell braveheart, i wish I had said THAT!…if there were GOOD cops, there wouldn’t be any BAD cops.

              • There are no such thing as good cops. Cops do not help people, they are there to control, harrass and intimidate, arrest, issue citations and collect revenue. If they wanted to be good and help people they would not have become cops, instead they would be paramedics or firefighters, but definitely not cops.

          • Yep…of course Acid…ALL cops are bad…no good ones. give it up,they are no different than the rest of society. There are bad apples in any profession including cops. There always have been and always will be…just like everybody else. Any other profession perfect? N0,didn’t think so. we all have to keep our eyes open for bad apples. Put your broad brush away!

            • Can you please point out another profession where the workers get to lie at a trial without punishment, falsify evidence, murder without accountability, extort money from another sovereign through “Tickets”, break into your home by gun point and even have the law on their side to murder you or loved one’s in your own home, be involved in organized crime…etc?

              If anyone else did any of these things stated above they’d be in prison, but we live in a distorted society where a certain group of people are placed above everyone else because they’re wearing a uniform.

              I’m not saying all police are bad, but many of them are, that’s the facts, why else would all these murders by cop happen so frequently.

              The good cops never speak out. I understand why, by mentioning one name, Serpico. Now if a cop can’t speak out against evil, then there’s a bigger problem than anyone realizes.

              Wolves in sheeps clothing comes to mind. Not all, but many are like that.

              • ALL cops are by definition bad.

                If there weren’t bad, they WOULD NOT BE COPS.

                Exact same thing for the Nazis, back in old Germany. If the people were good, they wouldn’t have been Nazis.

          • Excellent points, very true.

            Police never go after the monsters at the top aka Bankers.

            They’re taught to be quite and get paid to turn a blind eye to the real evils of the world. Yet everyday your average John and Jane Q Public gets abused and taxed to death by the “Protect and Serve” crew.

        • DALE,
          The whole article stinks of left wing activist propaganda.
          Stir the pot and create more hate and trouble and then they will offer a solution to the mess they make.
          More regulation , laws and more socialism .
          It never stops.

          • Hammerhead,
            That was my first thought too.

        • This is a rock and a hard place.
          I agree TPTB want an insurrection so martial law can be declared.
          This is only one of the angles being worked on.
          Police however, no longer “serve and protect”.

          I’m an average person who no longer cares about cops.
          They allowed their badges to tarnish in the publics eye.

          • Same here. We don’t respect our cops at all and no, we never call them for help. In my small town we’ve have cops murder five people in the last ten years with the worst incident involving three cops holding a 19 y.o. white kid who they had already handcuffed (behind his back). Two cops held him while the third pulled his gun, put it to the kids head and murdered him in front of his mother and sister right in their front yard. Anything happen to the cops? NO! The coroner’s office ruled it a homicide but still no charges. That was about ten years ago. One day the family members of those murdered by cops won’t settle these cases in court.

          • Vet1:
            Yes this is a rock and a hard place, most cops I know are just like you or me. They want to do a good job and try to keep the bad guy off the streets and You and me safe.
            Just like any other job there are some good hard working honest people and then there are those JERKS, you know what I’m saying.
            Most people only hear one side of the story about how their child was gun down and we find out later through Private, federal and state investigation that it is not true.
            I was at a shooting range where they had a program that you went through with a plastic light aim point pistol (Glock) that simulated what you might see as a cope.
            You would have to know when to shot and not to shoot. I thought did pretty good, I thought, big mistake. I shot a deaf and dumb young man because he would not heed the constant order to stop and he pulled out his tablet to write on from his back pocket. I also shot a young person with a plastic gun, that was being pointed at me. I have been shooting and training for a very long time thought I would “Ace” the course. I did not!!!
            So don’t put cops on any throne just because they wear a badge, they are human. They do and will make mistakes just like you or me. Just like anyone else you treat them with respect just like you would like to be treated and things will work out ok.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

            • I was killed by a lady pushing a baby carriage. She reached down for her baby and came up with a gun. It was lights out for me. I was in the low ready position and because it was a mother reaching for her baby, I didn’t react fast enough. I’m dead. Maybe that type of training should be available to everyone, then the public would know what situations L.E. go through doing their job.

            • Well NR, I guess the difference between you and those bad cops is,

              YOU didn’t plant a gun or drugs on any of your victims to try to justify yourself.

              YOU didn’t lie about what happened.

              YOU didn’t laugh and/or brag about it to your friends, because you thought it was funny.

              And YOU don’t seem to have the “I AM IN CHARGE and YOU ARE SCUM WHO DESERVES WHAT YOU GOT” attitude.

              For me, it’s not the mistakes or bad judgment that I abhor—it’s the lies, deception, coverups and “better than” mindset that most of those bad cops have.

              The reasons that justify taking a life, are VERY VERY few, indeed. And failure to obey an order, is simply not one of those justifications.

            • You said it at the end:
              Treat them with respect like you would like to be treated and things will work out fine.

              That is the main problem with everything right now-

              The lack of common decency, of respect for one another has become almost completely absent. Respect police officers? When people can’t even respect each other?

              People flip each other off in traffic, tell one another to F*CK off when they get angry, frequent blogs that insist that someone is out to F*CK them, be it the govt, the police, their neighborhood committee. They watch shows that are anything but respectful, hell, they love shows like Hard Core Pawn which makes it a huge joke to be the biggest asswipe a person can be.

              People wonder what happened to the days that police officers didn’t act like this, that we didn’t have shootings, that we didn’t have half of the problems we have now.

              Gee what’s changed?

        • You won’t get a ration from me. That 2% of the police force is being dealt with, but that 2% of the general population who are low-life scum are being canonized and turned into some kind of screwball role models.

          I’m calling BS on this story about the kid just standing there and getting shot. If he had just stood there and had a conversation with the police, he’d be alive today.

          • Smokey:
            I agree, there something fishy about this story.
            It is about as bad as someone getting shot by a cop and there is no investigation by local and state and sometimes the fed’s and the coroner finding it to be a homicide and not convening a grand jury???
            He!!, I hit a deer one time and asked the officer to shot it and put it out of its misery. He told me that he would have a hour of paper work to do just for pulling his sidearm out and if he pulled the trigger he would have another hour of paper work. I know that he was he was stretching the truth, but I got the point.

          • Smokey, I agree and have my own suspicions about the story. Definitely something missing from it.

        • Why are there so many stupid and many times unconstitutional laws?!Why tis it OK to shoot a running man who is armed with a cell phone,there is no doubt some good cops but the bad are certainly more then 2% by a long shot.Every cop that lies(blue wall and all) is guilty also which would raise percentages even higher.Why do we have a court/cop/prison/prison industry cartel system?!

          • WC, the better question is why aren’t you on the deck with me eating goldfish crackers and drinking shine and watching it unfold. I know the world is coming to an end because my solar powered hot tub is leaking like a sieve! Get your butt over here and help me fix it dammit! Speaking of solar, my neighbor put in a solar well and now I have all the water we need 🙂 Hope all is well, I will check in next time I’m in civilization and have internet 😛

            • Oh and speaking of moonshine, I drank a lil too much a couple weeks ago and gave the neighbors up the road a piece of my mind lol. They are the wife and kids of my best friend that died 2 years ago. He absolutley hated his wife and called his kids useless eaters. And he was correct, they are the laziest most worthless, lying ass bullshitting walmartians ever. I bet 70% of everything they say is a lie. I almost kicked his son out of my house for pouring out so much bullshit. When my friend was alive he traded 2.5 acres of his 10 acres for some well work so the guy he traded with drilled a 1100 foot well on what should be his land and put up a small cabin. Then a local rancher put in a solar pump and 10K tank and spigot for water for his cows and us.
              Now the wife says it’s all her’s and the rancher had better pump water to her shack. My friend could not legally subdivide the land so I don’t know whats up but she is stabbing him in the back now that my friend is gone.
              So with a lil shine and a bad attitude I told them off like a mutherfooker and now theres a fued lol. Thier road passes across some of my land so they better stfu if ya know what I mean 😉

              • Had some this evening on the rocks with a little OJ. Damn good.

                • PO’d, try making some with brown sugar and coconut, you will thank me lol. 🙂

                  • Roger that. Sounds good. Got a friend who just did some stripping runs and will run it through again to bring up the abv. Looking forward to some.

                    • Genius,a hot tub?!My,you do live the life of the 1%(rich,not biker).I mean damn,hot tub and goldfish crackers,we are talking rock star lifestyle now.As for hot tub leaks,found most of the time is joints not either soldered/glued properly and with vibration from motors over years a tiny leak becomes a geyser!The other normal repair is many times fiber glass cracks,as with a kayak not too bad a repair.Perhaps the nasty neighbor and her children having romps in said tub while you are on the road!They sound like a good use of any federal you have lying around that you need to get rid of!

        • Sarge, you know I’ll always stand up for good cops. The 3 retired deputies and 1 state trooper in my family were just like you, they entered LE to help people, not to be predators or anything like that. I don’t want any war between the people and cops either. But if one of the ‘bad apples’ confronts me with bad intentions toward me, he/she will lose their life. Uniforms will be irrelevant to me.

        • Less than 2% should not be cops???? I would think 25%… And Roofers want to go home to their families too.. They have a more dangerous job than a cop. I don’t agree with killing cops or anyone else just for their line of employment, but the cops are bringing this upon themselves by protecting the bad ones and using excessive and often deadly force with impunity. By the way. I read that so far this year the men in blue have shot 500 people this year….half of the killed were white.

          • You might want to confirm that number, are the cops killing 3 people a day in every state?

            • @ Smokey…I did, and you are right…..its 538 as of today. Sorry for the low number.

              • I was thinking it was too high, our state has maybe 20 such killings a year. If wounded was added in, I wouldn’t question it, perhaps, it’s difficult to picture places like Rhode Island and Montana having 3 people a day shot by the cops, though.

                I’ll check it out online, thanks.

        • I miss the good ole days when you could try to run from a cop and if you got away you didn’t get arrested and if you got caught you went to jail. It’s scary that there are so many instances these days of when you run you get shot in the back til you’re dead. I think back just a few years when I was a little younger a little wilder and a little dumber, and I have ran from the police on a few occasions, mostly just drunken fist fights late nights out on the college strip. And sure it was dumb, but I think forward to today, with the lack of accountability, and If I did the same thing I would be very likely to die. Does that really warrant a death sentence? And sarge, asking why criminals always have criminal records is redundant and arbitrary. The question should be why the police officer that shot the unarmed runner in the back of the head doesn’t.

        • Sgt. Dale,
          From the sound of your post you must be in Law Enforcement.
          THANKS!!! It is easy for those who have NEVER had to worry if today is going to be their last day to see their family to judge police. They have never had the fear of knowing today could be the day some meth head or some other dirt bag may kill them. I spent 4 years doing law enforcement and that was all I could take. Being outgunned and outnumbered did not add up to a long and prosperous life to me so I chose a different profession. In my 4 years I only had to draw my weapon twice. Once while apprehending a murder suspect, the other was apprehending a drug trafficker known to shoot at L.E. Realizing that the R.O.E. always favored the perps, I decided this wasn’t a wise career choice for me. I was active from 79-83 and things were not near as bad as they are today. People today have zero respect for anyone or anything, especially if you’re L.E. Anyone willing to risk their life to protect others deserves THANKS.

      5. Couldn’t agree more . This shitty situation we find ourselves in is one of our own making.We basically allowed this to happen because we got too complacent with our nice fat checkbooks, 3 cars , huge house and so on . As a society we are destined to fall and fall hard soon. We ignored our history and we are repeating it. Shame on us . We sowed and now we are reaping and not liking it . Greed is what killed us .

      6. off topic; The supreme court (Scrotumcare) has “allowed” that a typo occurred in Scrotumcare so that the subsidies can continue. No more law, you can make it up as you go. If these bastards won’t obey the law, why should we?

        • They are the law .
          We must blindly obey and never question.
          Thats how fascism works .

          On the bright side , i am sure that congress will pull the funding and clean up this little mess in no time at all.

        • @Confederate

          “Laws, we don’t neeed no stink’n laws!”: John Roberts

      7. Let’s see, the young man is an ex-con, a known gang member, he was hanging out with someone in an alley, that someone had a shotgun, he ran from the police and tossed what apparently was heroin over a fence. A federal civil jury found that the officer did not use excessive force. The police department and the outside investigative body found o cause to arrest the officer. I also notice that the young man’s last name does not match the mother’s. Was there a father anywhere in this picture? Everything about this screams “idiotic little punk thug criminal”. Just because someone is a “minority” doesn’t give them the right to just flaunt the law. Back the blue. Plug more thugs.

        • J.D.- well said.
          And thanks for the details and facts.
          The articles author, PM Beers, is quite the champion of the plugged thug brigade – her latest FB page project is Ezell Ford, a literal crazy-ass (‘mentally challenged’) L.A. slum skulker with the obligatory police record that includes illegally packing a loaded pistol, tresspassing, etc.
          ‘Ezell’ got all hinkey and grabby on a cop and wound up shot, just like ‘Angel’ Diaz.

          • Thanks JESS-
            The article read that way, kinda obvious where it came from.
            Left wing nut cases , but they seem to have the power to make law as well .
            See’ins how congress relinquished that power to the judicial and executive branch .
            But i am digressing again…..

        • Fuck all the drug laws,end the drug/cop/court/prison industry cartels,tis no ones business what another eats/injests as long as say not behind wheel endangering others.You disagree start with the pharm industry/liqour/tobacco industries that kill more then the so called illegal drugs many time over,or,live in your hypocritical world like a douche.Hmmm….,was that a disparaging remark,hell yes,but just to hypocrites!

          • WD-
            I support the decriminalization of marijuana, but not heroin. I’ve known people who would do bad things to be able to have money for skag.
            Back on topic though-
            All bets are off when you start running from the cops, that’s just a fact.
            Like another poster here said, Mommy should’ve taught that important thing. You argue it in the courts. Watch your mouth around cops, be carefull what you admit. Don’t run like a guilty person with something to hide.

          • WC, Fuck all unconstitutional laws! If there is no victim there can be no crime. I’m getting to the point that coming after me for bullshit is becoming a very dangerous proposition….

            • Genius,I agree,your moniker fits at moment!Jess,if heroin legal much cheaper,folks want to die they will wether legal or illegal,just don’t want me mum say jumped because drugs expensive,let em have what they want as we do with other substances.

        • We have something called “PROBABLE CAUSE” in our rules of law. That means that if the officer isn’t seeing us do something illegal, or have an articulable reason to believe a crime was being committed, we are considered INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY, in the current HERE AND NOW.

          Going back and finding excuses for murder, is just that—finding excuses after the fact.

          What you’re talking about is the reason why we no longer have a right to privacy, to be secure in our person and papers and the right to be LEFT ALONE if we’re not doing anything illegal.

          J.D., you just highlighted darned near every cops line of thinking—that we’re all guilty of something, it’s just a matter of them finding out what we’re guilty of.


      8. I’m just wondering what this fine upstanding family does for income. Are they self reliant or are they mooching off the taxpayer with EBT Cards and other subsidies.

        • So poor people should be shot, because they’re of no value? They’re not worthy to enjoy the same rights and protections that you SAINTS enjoy? How elitist of you.

      9. Holy crap acid just made total sense

      10. Mom needs to go on a diet and stop eating so much Government Cheese.

        As for her kid, one less gun-thug, one less looter when the SHTF, one less target.

        Sounds like a case for Raylan Givens!

        • TH, spot on. If she’s sponging up any of our tax money, she ought to be cut off. She looked like she needed to skip some meals anyway.

      11. “Fun Facts”

        Cops Kill 8 Times More Americans Than Terrorists

        ht tp://www.thedailysheeple.com/cops-kill-8-times-more-americans-than-terrorists_112013

        Americans Killed By Cops Now Outnumber Americans Killed In Iraq War

        ht tp://www.infowars.com/americans-killed-by-cops-now-outnumber-americans-killed-in-iraq-war/

        in NO other first world country do the police kill people at the rate that American police do


        h ttp://freer.com/bits/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/police-state-when-did-this-become-this.jpg

        • So what?

          In no other first-world country do we allow a large criminal underclass of felons and criminally insane people to wander the streets freely.

          Totally meaningless ‘fun facts’. Lies, damn lies, and statistics category for this.

          • @ Smokey, we have 25% of the of the worlds prisoners in our jails with 5% of the population. You need to do some research BEFORE you express your opinion.

            • I’m well aware of that meaningless statistic about our population figures in and out of jail. It means nothing in the context of how many are being shot each year by the police, except, if the figure was 10% of the population in jail, the number shot by the police would be much smaller.

              We have a large segment of society that refuses to accept any control or behavorial standards from society. That ranges from feral gangs in ghettos to sovereign man timebombs you will not find in many other countries.

              We consume about a third of the world’s illegal drugs.

              Much of the world doesn’t incarcerate petty criminals. We do.

              We have large numbers of criminals who are NOT in jail, those are the people being shot by the cops.

              The number of people in jail is entirely irrelevant to how many are being shot while not in jail.

              • The average prison cell cost taxpayers 40-60K per year…its a business along with the court system, property confiscations( cars cash guns etc), and property taxes.

                • What does that have to do with the number of criminals shot by the police each year?

                  You’re conflating an apple into a Buick. It’s not related in the slightest way.

                  • So, if you think the cops shoot all the criminals, next time you accidently run a stop sign, they should shoot you. If you sell some cigs out of you pack… bank your dead. If you are a female Hispanic delivering newspapers from your truck with your mom, and you are mistaken for a 260lb black man…. fire 48 rounds through the back instead of pulling you over. I don’t think we will agree on the cop situation, which is OK, because I rarely have common ground with your posted opinions. When the boot is on your neck someday, you may wake up.

                    • The discussion was about the cops shooting criminals. You’re the one who was unable to address that, except just now by mentioning some examples. All your examples are ‘outliers’, however, and by far the exception to the rule.

                      You still have yet to show us how the numbers of folks in jail has anything to do with how many people are killed by police each year. You’ve been trying to hang your hat on that, hopefully you’ve stopped.

                      I’m glad you don’t find common ground with my posts, it’s pretty clear that in this instance you have not formed an intelligent opinion based on evidence that is germane to the issue, just a collection of random biases and rants seem to be sufficient for you to vindicate your world view to yourself.

                      Let us know when you stop condemning 100% of the police for the actions of the 2%.

              • “We have a large segment of society that refuses to accept any control or behavorial standards from society.”

                Well, let’s just take a quick look at what kinds of “behaviors” society at large expects us to accept:

                Society today seems to think that we don’t own our property, or DNA or our children.

                We should divide what we have and share it with the ‘less fortunate’. They DESERVE it, whether they earned it or not.

                They want us to conform to THEIR BEHAVIORAL STANDARDS, like—it’s okay to murder babies, because they’re not really people yet,

                …and it’s acceptable to burn down a man’s business because he won’t cater a gay wedding.

                Being a fag or a black or an illegal gives you super powers that the rest of us don’t get, because you’re gay, black or in the country illegally.

                It’s now acceptable to completely ruin anyone’s career because they said something you didn’t like.

                It’s now acceptable to beat a person to death because they tried to avoid being beaten to death.

                It’s okay to lie, cheat and steal, as long as you’re politically well connected and never admit to any of it.

                It’s no longer acceptable to defend ourselves…

                Those are only a FEW “BEHAVIORAL STANDARDS” at play today. So if I’m expected to accept those standards, then they can all go to hell—because I DO NOT ACCEPT THOSE BEHAVIORS. I will NOT conform,


                Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


            • thank you D for that. I had to do a double take on smokeys comment, I almost for a second thought maybe he was joking. And smoke I’ll add to D’s that our prison system also doubles as the largest mental health facility in the country…if not the world

              • I agree the prison system is large and doubles as a mental health facility, but again, what does that have to do with the numbers of criminals being shot by police?

                Unless they are shooting insane felons in prison exercise yards by the dozen, any and all comments about the prison system, numbers incarcerated, the population of the nation or the world, etc., have absolutely nothing to do in making a case about the number of people being shot in the streets. Two different things. When folks try and support their discussion with meaningless comments not remotely germane to the issue, they look less than able to form a valid opinion on the subject.

                Now, explain to us ignorant fools how the claim that the cops kill 8 times as many Americans than Muslim terrorists is absolutely true, as long as you omit 9/11, USS Cole, troop losses in Iraq, troop losses in Afghanistan, and so on and so on, and how manipulating numbers to get a desired result to support a fanciful claim is honest.

                • Muslim terrorists had nothing to do with 9/11 and Afghanistan is a CIA drug running operation, NOT run by muslim terrorist either. Western-backed regime changes don’t count either. Tally up and let’s see who the REAL terrorists are…

          • Maybe other countries execute more and incarcerate less?

            Anyway, you need a license to get a dog, but most any woman can have a baby, to raise or ruin.
            Around here if the cops come to a domestic call they look in the fridge to see if there is food for the kids. What if, ironicaly, Angels’ life of crime was due to poor parenting by (wait for it…) the mother?
            Should single mothers be shamed for forgetting how babies are made? Women with less education statisticaly have more children- should dropouts be sterilized like a dog? How many people on the planet will be enough, the limit? Shouldnt we plan backward from that scenario? Does freedom mean freedom to breed?

            “What we have here is
            failure to communicate.
            Some men you just can’t reach.
            So, you get what we have here today.
            I don’t like this anymore than you do.”

        • Cops kill the guilty who are attacking them and the public, terrorists kill the innocent who have done nothing to merit it.

          • NOT NECESSARILY.

      12. Satori:
        So what you are saying is that 2400 people were killed on 9-11 by cops?
        Also what is the population of those other countries, plus how many of those killed by cops were trying to do bodily harm to someone and or how many of those killed were trying to die by cop?
        Just a few questions that I have.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • He makes up his “facts”, so they can be anything that suits his agenda.

          • You know, the way I make up facts too. Whatever gets my agenda across. I don’t much care for the truth I just want to hear what I want to hear. I just visit this site for entertainment not facts. I really have nothing to offer but it is fun to try and dispute others. I get my ass kicked a lot but I’m not the brightest bulb in the box ha ha ha.

        • May 11th, 2015: In many cases, police are able to inflict any kind of harm they want to on detainees before they are taken to jail. Unless the person shows significant and obvious signs of injury, then they will usually not get medical care. Many of these inmates, unfortunately, are ignored until they die in the cell. This is not a problem that is limited to Baltimore, but is a symptom of the institution that exists in EVERY city across the country.

          Many detainees in Baltimore are too injured to enter the jail when they are brought in by the arresting officers. Correctional officers at the Baltimore City Jail actually refused to admit close to 2,600 suspects because they were too badly injured, between June 2012 and April 2015. In most of these cases the injuries were inflicted by the officers. Head injuries were one of the most common reasons for detainees being unable to enter the jails.

      13. Ex convict running from the police. Enough said. You don’t get to play a race card or anything else after that card is on the table. There is no downplaying failure to heed police orders, mom.

      14. Sigh…

        So many statists…

        So little time for them to learn the meaning of liberty.

        • So true JRS, so sadly true.

          • JRS, I think many of us who grew up with statist thinking will never know or comprehend what liberty is. Here’s a good question for you all…

            WHAT IS FREEDOM? post your answers below.

            • Hmmmm no takers? Oh well I will let you all discuss it and check back when I’m back in internet land. Toodles 😛

              • Oh sure,run and hide Genius!I am more then ready to take on the challenge if others will not!We need to “educate”these folks,perhaps a camp/some solution?On a side note,”toodles”?!Dude,you drinking some bad ass moonshine!

            • Freedom is being left the fuck alone, unless you do something that harms another, or infringes on THEIR freedom.

      15. Los Angeles. Is anyone surprised?

        Ohh our cops are really nice people, come on… hah.

        Calling for peace won’t change anything.

        Violence won’t change anything either.

        In fact, nothing will change anything. Shut up and get back in line.

      16. what some people call murder, others call justifiable homicide.

      17. Why Do We Ignore The Obvious?

        h ttp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-06-25/why-do-we-ignore-obvious

        waking up is a CHOICE
        albeit a painful one

      18. So, does this gal lament her call for peace? Is she calling for violence now? Or is she just thinking about a GoFundMe page?

      19. let the useless eaters fight the police i dont carefor the police myself im not gonna fight them but if others do im certainly not gonna help the suits. they have to live with the consequences of their actions.

      20. I personally would say this, it doesn’t matter if he had been in prison before. It doesn’t matter that he ran with a cell phone. The only thing that matters is he wasn’t threatening anyone with physical harm, on what grounds did the cop have to shoot him..in the back.. twice?

        Anyone who says he’s just another dead scumbag, maybe so. Maybe he was in for selling dope or B&E or maybe he beat some girl. For that he served time. But running from a cop is grounds for death? WAKE THE FUCK UP! You are a citizen, know your rights! Cops are there to serve us and our country, not to shoot us in the back. Just saying, you could be next.


        The Offspring – LAPD

        “They’re shooting anyone who tries to run. They’re shooting little kids with toy guns! Take it to a jury they don’t give a damn, the one who tells the truth is always a police man!”


        • AMEN.

      21. I have two dogs. They will chase down and kill anything that runs. If it walks they just let it go by. My wife’s cats have learned not to run. The dogs will just lick or ignore them, as they walk by. Hard to believe, cops aren’t smarter than my dogs. Hard to believe humans aren’t smarter than my wife’s cats.

        • LOL. Yeah they keep licking them periodically to see if they taste any better. One day you’ll come home to a pile of hair and a couple of cat ears laying on the kitchen floor with both dogs laying there, eyes half closed, stomachs big and their breath smelling like tuna.

          • Actually, I’ve already had Vet bills for the cats. Dogs aren’t allowed in the house. If wife hadn’t beaten me senseless, the cats wouldn’t be in here either.

        • I’ve got a cat. A BIG tabby. About twice as big as most cats. There are two German Shepherds that live down the street from us. When my cat goes outside, the dogs run away.

          • I’ve got a neighbor buffaloed about my cat, she is quite certain it will kill her dog if it wanders into the yard.

          • My Maine Coon thinks small dogs are his chew toys.

      22. Lets face it TYRANNY at all levels of Government is running rampant. Sitting at the keyboard, bitch’n with friends over coffee about what is going on is not going to stop it. There is only one way and yes only one way to put an end to the BULL SH~T. Will that work NO, because we have let it go on way to long now, we have truly reached the point of NO RETURN. I fell the only thing left is make your own personal life as free as you can, they will be no organizing to take back the country and TPTB know that all to well, and are proceeding as they have planned as it has been said “resistance is futile”, so live your life as free as you possibly can, prepare to die and when that time arises go out standing tall and as free as one can be. Let them know that they did not get a slave or a kiss ass yes master whatever you want, just show them the true meaning of A FREE MAN.

        Old Copperhead is going to lay low for awhile and do some serious thinking, be safe friends, be safe.

        • copperhead

          unfortunately you are 100% correct. Very true and well put. Hey at least one way to look at it, it’ll be a good quick ticket out of this hell hole we’ve found ourselves in. Nobody gets out of this world alive. Peace and chicken grease friend..

      23. PM Beers= afternoon at the local watering hole.

        • Pint of moonshine= guaranteed fight with whoever your pissed off at lol 😛

          • Yup sometimes I have that problem too. The wife keeps reminding me of it. But I don’t remember. LOL.

      24. Acid itch, I have to back you up on that comment and I also have to back up Sgt Dale k. His comment. People have a bad habit of just saying cops did this cops did that. Cops are human too, they have families too. Can you imagine if we did not have cops, the people would simply say or lie that they saw someone do so am thing that they did not then the people would then kill that person and the worn person gets killed
        Cops serve a buffer to get the arrest in, then the courts have to determine who is guity or innocent..there is a reason why you need cops..bad cops,this is a whole nother topic in itself..now you have physco nut jobs, with physciatric ailments working as cops.. one night about 20 yrs ago, I must have been about 25 at the time, a Mexican punk attacked me in a night club, I beat the sh….t out of him, out his azz in the ground, the cops came up, slammed my azz to the ground, handcuffed me, one of them told me that he is going to beat the f….k out of me, as they are dragging me of to the cop car, another cop from the group comes up stop them, removed the cuffs tells them that he had sen me before that I wa not a trouble maker, told the others to remove the cuffs apologized to me told me he was sorry for my mistreatment, that incident changed my life. I stopped the cop bashing ever since. I talked him, he was and older cop, but the younger rookies was about to give me Zimmerman treatment. Then he lectured the young cops and told them that they can’t be doing that kind of crap. Not all cops are bad..but when it comes to elite rat bastards I am going to have to back acid 100%, no mercy for those sons of bitches. The only good elite is a dead elite. Cops since I am friends with some of them, they are waking up big time, in fact these elites have something to worry about. That’s why they out the cops on the blue, you see they are planning on killing out the entire force..they are tying to disarm police officers now isn’t hair interesting. I am sorry folks I can’t bash cops, I know better than that. So Sgt Dale I an cool with you.

        • “People have a bad habit of just saying cops did this cops did that.”

          Yeah, and cops have a habit of just saying a person did this or did that.

          And getting away with it scot free.

          Because they’re COPS. With badges and guns and the force of law behind them. Whereas I’m just a poor redneck trying to live his damn life.

          “Cops are human too, they have families too. ”

          It doesn’t matter. I DON’T CARE. Cops have CHOSEN to make me their enemy. Therefore I am. And I will not rest until every one of them is buried.

          If Sgt. Dale doesn’t like that idea, maybe he should get a clue and turn in his badges. Maybe he should stop VOLUNTARILY being part of a criminal organization.

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