California Woman Busted With Illegal Gun: A Stock-less 10/22

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 60 comments

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    California woman Leticia Sept was taken into custody after officers on patrol encountered her near a recreational vehicle that was parked illegally and found her with the firearm.  The illegal gun was a stockless Ruger 10/22, and thanks to gun laws, she’s in a lot of trouble with the government.

    Police in Fresno arrested the woman Monday after they found her in possession of a .22LR rifle that came up a little short on their tape measure. Her trouble wasn’t with the fact the rifle had no stock, although it didn’t slip past the more “gun savvy” out there. California law requires rifles to be at least 26 inches long, and this particular rifle was only 24 inches in length. But the federal government has regulations on SBRs too.

    The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives considers “a weapon made from a rifle if such weapon as modified has an overall length of less than 26 inches or a barrel or barrels of less than 16 inches in length,” to be regulated under the NFA.

    According to, an inmate search at the facility shows Sept is still in custody as of Tuesday morning. Her bail set at $12,000. Officers also recovered “composite knuckles and an illegal narcotic” from Sept, and she was booked into the Fresno County Jail on charges of misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia and two weapons violations– a misdemeanor for the knuckles and a felony charge on the SBR.

    So much for “shall not be infringed.”  Although it stands to reason that the cops were looking into the possession of the narcotics, the illegal weapon just compounded the issue with the state.



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      1. no such thing as an illegal gun

        • Gandhi, damn right and f#$% the NRA. They don’t tell me what the f#$% to do.

      2. the NRA members believe in common sense gun laws like this

        • No they don’t you moron.

        • gandhi

          You certainly didn’t take a survey of 5 million members. Your claim is beyond ridiculous.

        • I think, they niggle over technicalities, not over “shall not be infringed.” Thousands of pages of politicking have been fit into a single fortune cookie.

        • BULLSHIT!

        • NO WE DON’T…

      3. GUN CONTROL: Being able to hit your target. (Little sign in my window!) 😉

        • you are an idiot if you have that little sign in your window

        • Yea and really strict gun control is being far away from that target and can hit it

          • yes but the NRA helped pass the 1968 gun control act that prevents slaves from owning 105 howitzers. NRA members would cringe if you had one.

        • For what it’s worth: I read an article that said that an interview of convicted burglars (in prison) revealed that they often look for signs of firearms ownership (NRA stickers, etc.) and target those homes, because they are eager to steal the weapons that are inside.

          • Karl V

            But they target those homes when the occupants aren’t home.

      4. Good thing it didn’t have a stock or a magazine or it would have been a weapon of mass destruction. They would of had to shoot her as soon as the cops saw it.

        • We don’t know from this story what was going on with the gun. According to another article, she was carrying it wih her when the cops stopped her and tried to hide it. If she was carrying it, I assume it was loaded, which is different from a legit field stripping for cleaning and maintenance. Also, she was reportedly carrying illegal drugs.

          • Reader1,
            I find it troubling that this is construed as an illegal length firearm. I take my Ruger 10-22 apart to clean it, and once the stock is off you need to be careful or the pins that hold the insides together can fall out. And they have. The stock covers those pins and keeps them from falling out.

            Without wrapping the receiver with tape or carefully gluing the pins in place, it’s not a viable weapon, as it will just fall to pieces. I zoomed in on the image and see nothing that would retain the pins, in fact it looks like the magazine release, and magazine release plunger is already missing from this weapon rendering it a single shot manual loader, if it still works at all.

            That said the woman was discovered with drugs, plus the receiver of the 10-22 that is the part deemed a firearm, whether the weapon is functional as is or not. She did illegally posses a firearm, while also in possession of drugs. I’m thinking they piled on extra bogus charges that prosecutors will negotiate away. That’s usually SOP.

            • It’s nothing more than a club.

      5. Anonymous, that’s right. You’ve got to be able to hit the target. Doesn’t matter what the target is wearing either. I don’t care about any ‘weapons laws’. And I DON’T recognize the concept of ‘illegal guns’.

      6. I’m confused, if the U.S. Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, and any State or Federal law that comes in conflict with the U.S. Constitution is null and void, why is California’s law for firearms still valid?

        Also, if I have a right to bear arms, why do I need a “permit” to exercise a right? Lastly, if this woman was exercising her right to bear arms, why is she being molested by government authorities in exercising her rights?

        • Cycloneous

          How we all wished it worked as intended. The 14th Amendment which was ratified to include the newly freed blacks post Civil War as full Americans implied that the Bill Of Rights is tied to the States. Originally the Bill Of Rights only applied to the Federal government. The logical conclusion was that a part of the Bill Of Rights can’t apply to the States unless the entire Bill Of Rights is tied to the States. This “no brainer” like many others has yet to be tested in court regarding the “Bastard Child” the Second Amendment.

          There was a small town in Wyoming that didn’t have enough work for a single lawyer but had plenty of work for two.


        I Was told that they are going to use HARRP to finish off Houston and Texas. HURRICANE ERMA TRAVELS 5,000 MILES AND is heading right here to Houston Texas to flood us out again. UNTIL START TO LISTEN TO WHAT I am trying to tell you. And get this, the weather channel has not even alerted Houston on any of this. I am not sure if it will do that yet, so is anyone is in Houston reading my post, get ready and make sure you have gasoline, preps, more preps, etc again. I cannot guarantee that this will happen, I am alerting my HOUSTON, CYPRESS, KATY SHT-EFFERS ABOUT THIS POSSIBLITY.


      8. A SBR is a short barreled rifle. No stock makes this a long barreled pistol although since it was a rifle first, it stays considered a rifle.

        Common sense is not common anymore.

        • It is a partially-disassembled rifle. Why was the stock removed? Where was the stock? Was it damaged in some way, no longer capable of being reinstalled on the weapon? Did she find the abandoned weapon laying in the dirt nearby? Hope her public defender has a few brains,and the lady in question answered no questions…


        I also noticed this morning that we are being chem-trailed very heavily all over the Houston Tx region, just VERY HEAVY CHEMTRIAING ALL OVER THE CITY.

        I am hoping that its not something serious, but don’t take any chances.


      10. america’s dun lost it’s(collective) MIND!….but let me guess? she was ASKED ever so politely if they could SEARCH the vehicle, and she said OK……otherwise, she should have received a parkin’ ticket…..bankers, rattlesnakes, skunks, and COPS are to be avoided AT ALL COST!

        • I have a rule,
          I don’t talk to cops.
          Be polite, be professional,
          and devise a plan to kill,
          should it become necessary.

          • Agree 100%

          • That’s why when a cop ask you something just say I don’t answer questions type that phrase in to YouTube its amazing how the cops don’t know how to respond

        • Aren’t you leaving out a certain (((group)))?

          • LMAO! yes, the simps….errr liberals.

      11. Everybody repeat after me

        • Sarge,
          If you are referring
          to her getting busted for the 10/22
          I call that bullshit.
          When I clean my 10/22 I disassemble
          it, completely, if that violates some state
          law that is bullshit.

          • the NRA disagrees, they believe in responsible gun control

        • Sarge, BULLSHIT!

        • Guess I need to throw my Henry U S survival away, barrel is 15 1/2 inches long. Nah not likely.

          • Mud, you mean the AR-7? I tried my neighbor’s AR-7 once. Good weapon. But when I tried hollowpoints in it they wouldn’t feed. I didn’t see any point in buying one if I can’t use both types of ammo in it.

        • Sgt.
          You know all this its rhetorical, but I wanted to take advantage and tack this on here.

          I live in a state with an “assault weapons ban”. Since true assault weapons are a military only product that are easily defined, they are selective fire, the intent in my state laws was to ban civilian weapons.

          My state instead made a certain look and feel illegal. Modern military weapons are ergonomic and fit a huge range of human frames and allow many add on features. This is what my state targeted. First two features is a pistol grip and detachable magazine. One more feature in common with a military weapon and you have committed a felony.

          According to my state law, to posses the means or parts needed to make any weapon an assault weapon is a felony. So should you take apart your legally purchased firearm to clean it and just hold one critical component in your hand, you have committed a felony. This is my state law, bang ten years in prison.

          It’s even worse if you own two weapons that have different characteristics, so parts from both that might be made to fit together violate the nutty laws directly should they ever be intermixed, or sit on your workbench at the moment police break in.

          It sounds far fetched, but there are people languishing in prison in my state who were caught by these crazy anti-gun laws.

          • anyone in our state, make a mental note….if you ever have WIFE trouble, you might just end up in prison if you got the wrong gun…, no drinkin’ and hittin’ the wife(ESPECIALLY YOU, cops)….no loud parties where the POE-leece mite bust in….you get the idea….and DO watch the video, “why you should never talk to a cop”….those second-responders can be downright DANGEROUS…

      12. So everytime I break down my firearms to do a thorough detailed cleaning, I’m committing a felony? All gun laws are unconstitutional.

        • No proof in this story she was busted for cleaning a weapon. Another story indicated she was carrying it when the cops approached and tried to hide it. And she was carrying illegal drugs.

          • let me guess, you heard THAT version on cartoon news network….CNN

      13. Rellik, I do the same with my 10/22 for maintenance. I also say BULLSHIT!

      14. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.
        How lovely, what could possibly go wrong with a combination like that! Could only be conjured up by an arrogant, bloated, overbearing bureaucracy. It’s high time for a reset!

        • >>>The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

          They’re smokin’ and drinkin’ and using bombs when they come for the guns.

        • I dunno Cris P
          it works for me. give me my beer some smokes my trusty s and w and turn me loose with the dynomite. yeehaa

      15. No stock…..

        I didnt realize thee had been a change to federal law. I though the barrel had to be 16″ for federal law but cali wants another 10″ to overall length. Heck you can abrely find most of the cusks with 1″

        Next they’ll be passing maximum girth laws -lol.

        Of course this is cali… WTF knows what goes on there.

      16. Well, clearly this woman despises freedom. Why else would she be in California?

        True story:
        My daughter asked me last night, “Daddy, if I could live in Paris or California, which would you prefer?” I thought about it for several minutes and said,”I would want you in California. Both places are run by communists. But at least I could come and get you in California when SHTF.”

        Take care,

        • if she is that stupid i would cut the ties

      17. Hahahahahahaha… Dumb b*tch…… They should of beat her over the head with it….

        • Orion, if YOU had been in her shoes I’ll bet you’d be singing a different song.

      18. Oh and by the way, in case any of you tards haven’t noticed, the SHlT has already hit the fan…. a looooooonnnnnnggggg time ago.


      19. California is ass backwards! Do us all a favor and exit the US before we up and give you to China! China would never forgive us.

        • yes, and we should offer them our constitution, since we aint usin’ it anyway.

      20. Hell, here in Maryland they have to be 29 inches OAL.

      21. PO’d Patriot, I have 2 10/22s. My regular 10/22 in the original stock is 37.5 in. OAL. My 10/22 Charger is only 18.5 in. OAL. I don’t know what my state’s law says about OAL for a rifle and don’t care. I don’t care what BATF says either. I’m not giving up any weapons under any circumstances.

      22. Order of selection for government law enforcement:

        – Secret Service / CIA 95%+ score
        – FBI 86 – 94% score
        – BATF 85% and below.

      23. Document carefully who passed these anti-gun lawns. They are the enemy after a collapse or civil war. They will find the hard way that actions have consequences.

        • “remember” carefully. Do NOT “document” ANYTHING.

      24. I have to wonder if Ruger Takedown 10/22 are legal in Kali and I am real happy not to live there… !

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