Brexit Double Cross? Plot for Greater Centralization in “The Long Game”

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    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his site.

    Editor’s Comment: Is it possible that we have all been played through a crafty game of reverse psychology and scheming double games in the market place for greater global power?

    There is certainly evidence that the banksters placed bets on a successful Brexit, all while using the crisis of the event as a means of further integrating the EU under tight, centralized control – some of the very plans that have been put forward in the wake of the UK vote to divorce from the European Union.

    Check out Brandon Smith’s explanation of the the stealthy moves by some of the most notorious power brokers (Soros for instance) and an outline of their plans to use the pro-sovereignty sentiments of the people who oppose the for greater power and control.

    Brexit Aftermath – Here’s What Will Happen Next

    by Brandon Smith

    In my article ‘Brexit: Global Trigger Event, Fake Out Or Something Else?‘, published before the U.K. referendum vote, I outlined numerous reasons why I believed the Brexit was likely to pass. As far as I know, I was one of very few analysts that stuck to my call of a successful Brexit right up until the day of the referendum instead of slowly backing away as the pressure of conflicting polls increased. My prediction was verified that evening.

    In my post-Brexit commentary, which can be read here, I then outlined why so many analysts in the mainstream and even in the liberty movement were caught completely unaware by the referendum results. Today, however, I now see hundreds of analysts using the same talking points I argued before the Brexit, but still missing the first and most VITAL underlying truth.  The core reason why I was able to discern the Brexit outcome was because I accepted the reality that the Brexit does not hurt globalists — in the long run, it actually helps them.

    Now, I fully understand the excitement surrounding this event.  For many people it was a complete surprise because they assumed that international financiers and the ever-pervasive global elites would do anything to stop it from happening. It feels like a kind of revolution; a pointy stick in the eye of the beast. While I applaud the people of the U.K. for their ongoing battle for sovereignty, I can assure you that the Brexit is NOT an obstacle to the plans of globalists.

    What is rather amazing to me is the number of people that, before the referendum vote, were arguing that the elites would “never allow” the Brexit to continue and were thoroughly convinced they would use their influence to disrupt it.  Now, in the face of a successful vote, those same people now argue that the elites had no influence over the Brexit, and do not benefit from its passage.

    I would remind readers that it was actually “pro-EU” globalist puppet David Cameron himself that presented the prospect of a referendum to exit the EU.  While some may argue this was bungling on the part of Cameron, I think this is a rather foolish notion.  Cameron does what he is told like every other elitist owned politician.  Furthermore, the behavior of internationalists leading up to the Brexit was rather strange, hinting to me that they were preparing for a Brexit surprise.

    Globalist financiers like George Soros jumped into the markets and bet in favor of stocks going negative, indicating prior knowledge.  Hilariously, Soros’ advisers are now playing damage control by claiming that Soros “lost money” on bets on the English Pound.  While they admit he did “make profits” on all of his other investments due to the Brexit, they will not say what the magnitude of those investments were, nor have they provided evidence supporting any of the information they have given to the media on his losses on the Pound.  Truly, a slapdash lazy play at spin control.

    The Federal Reserve’s Janet Yellen used the Brexit as the primary reason for the latest rate hike delay, mentioning that such conditions may have influence “for some time to come”.  This indicates she may have had prior knowledge of its coming passage.

    And the world’s central bankers all convened in Basel, Switzerland to take marching orders from their masters at the Bank for Internationals Settlements right before Brexit voting commenced, something they most likely would not do if the Brexit was destined to fail rather than prevail.

    Not only did the globalists through David Cameron originally introduce the concept of the Brexit vote, they also apparently knew that the U.K. referendum would succeed.

    As I originally stated in my prediction article:

    “…the failure of the EU does not necessarily mean a failure for the internationalists. For groups of globalists that promote an ideology of Fabian Socialism, a breakdown of the EU, whether partial or total, can be used as leverage for a larger and more centralized global power structure in the long term. Mark my words, when the system comes crashing down (whether after the Brexit or after another trigger event), internationalists will say that the EU failed not because it was centralized, but because it was not centralized ENOUGH.”

    “If the Brexit succeeds, the globalists can allow the market systems they have been inflating for years to finally crash (at the speed they choose). They can then blame those dastardly “far-Right extremists” in the U.K. for triggering a domino effect within the global financial system, conveniently scapegoating British conservatives, moderates and sovereigns for a breakdown that was going to happen eventually anyway. Their solution will once again be to argue for the end of “barbaric” conservative principles and install complete centralization and socialism as the cure.”

    Already, this narrative is being presented by internationalists in the aftermath of the referendum.

    Bloomberg writes that the Brexit “casts a dark shadow on the world’s great move to openness,” as if globalism is a bastion principle of free markets rather than the murderer of free markets and the outright tyrannical socialization and centralization of everything.  European elites are out in droves admonishing the Brexit as a move towards dangerous nationalism and isolationism. The Chinese premier is in the media warning of a “butterfly effect” in global markets caused by instability in “certain countries,” obviously referring to the U.K. and the EU.  His solution?  He wants even more “enhanced coordination” among all the economies of the world (Interpretation: more centralization).

    EU officials only continue to strengthen my predictions by calling for an EU superstate in response to the Brexit; in other words, a completely centralized Europe.

    And, Bloomberg has reported on Mario Draghi’s recent call for a “new world order” in response to the UK referendum in which central bank policies around the globe are completely coordinated.  Bloomberg removed the word “NEW” from the article’s title an hour after it was published.  Go figure; I guess mentioning the “new world order” was just a little too honest.

    Of course, Draghi does not mention that all central banks are ALREADY coordinated through the Bank for International Settlements, which is why numerous central bank heads were at the BIS when the Brexit vote was underway.  What Draghi is pushing for is open centralization among the world’s central banks – the next step towards a single global central bank and a single global currency system.

    For more information on why the elites desire an economic crisis and what they hope to gain from it, read my article ‘The Economic End Game Explained’.

    In my prediction article I also stated in part reference to the Jo Cox murder:

    “…the goal may only be to perpetuate a longer term narrative that conservatives in general are a destructive element of society. We kill, we’re racists, we have an archaic mindset that prevents “progress,” we divide supranational unions, we even destroy global economies. We’re storybook monsters.”

    “The murder of Jo Cox has had a minimal effect on Brexit polling numbers.  In the end, the elites may find Thomas Mair more useful as a mascot for the Brexit after the vote, rather than before the vote.

    So now the Brexit movement, which is conservative in spirit, is labeled a “divisive” and “hateful group”, and if the referendum is triumphant, they will also be called economic saboteurs.”

    The concept of a dangerously volatile and destructive populist movement for sovereignty is being heavily pushed in the mainstream media. The racist angle is now being implemented, with the MSM warning that racism is on the rise in the U.K. due to the Brexit campaign.

    Most if not all of the developments I warned of when I predicted the Brexit are also coming true.  So, if I am as correct about the motives behind the Brexit as I was correct about the outcome of the Brexit, here is what will probably happen in the coming months as the drama unfolds.

    Federal Reserve Catch-22

    All eyes will soon be on the Fed to see if the central bank behind the world reserve currency will take some kind of action to mitigate the possible negative effects of the Brexit.  The problem is, the Fed has created a catch-22 scenario here; not for them, they are happy to instigate an equities crisis as long as the timing is right.  Rather, they have created a catch-22 for the markets.

    If the Fed raises rates to prove they can, stock markets will see this as a shock move and initiate a sell-off.  If the Fed lowers rates or institutes negative rates, the public will see this as an act of desperation and a loss of credibility.  Really, the only safe measure the Fed can take from now on is to do nothing.  I highly doubt that they will do nothing.  In fact, even in the face of the Brexit I still believe the Fed will raise rates a second time before the end of the year.  Why?  This is what the Fed has always done as recession takes hold.  Historically, the Fed raises rates at the worst possible times.  As with the Brexit, I am going to have to take the contrary position to most analysts on this.

    Referendum Catch-22

    The globalists have conjured an interesting paradox with the UK referendum.  Look at it this way; even if you believe that the globalists were “caught off guard” by the Brexit, one must admit that it is still in their best interest to initiate a crash.

    First, the elites spent so much time warning of the doom that would befall the world if a Brexit vote succeeded, they must now fulfill their own prophecy or appear foolish and impotent.

    Second, if globalists and the central banks they control act too aggressively to stall a market plunge, they are sending a message to all other EU nations that they should not worry about seeking their own referendums, because the central banks will save the day if they do.  More referendums mean exponential crisis in equities.  So, markets will crash if the central banks don’t act, and they will crash if central banks do act.

    This is all an academic discussion, though, because central bankers fully intend for the existing system to at least partially crash.  They simply want to decide the pace of the implosion.  Most will do this through jawboning and minor policy maneuvers, but not much else.  The Federal Reserve is the only wild card in this equation.

    Slow Grind Towards The U.S. Elections

    While the Brexit vote is a considerable shock to global markets, and there is a likelihood of referendums in other European nations, I do not believe the Brexit alone is enough to cause the kind of economic crisis the elites are seeking.  There needs to be a one-two punch combo here, and the second punch has not arrived yet.

    What form will it take?  I have no idea.  I do believe that with the Brexit drama in full swing, the timing is perfect for certain unstable EU banks, including Deutsche Bank, to announce insolvency.  This could be the next moment of shock.  That said, there are hundreds of possible trigger events ready and waiting to be exploited.

    So far it would appear that equities markets in particular are in for a slow grind down (with sporadic but short lived rallies) going into the U.S. elections.  I would not expect much to happen until the Fourth of July holiday has passed and I would expect low trading volume to persist until then.  I believe that by the time November arrives the global economy will be in a clear and visible recessionary mode.  This does not mean a “collapse” in the Hollywood sense will be in full swing, but our fiscal structure will be visibly worse off to even the most oblivious citizens.

    A Trump Presidency

    In light of the Brexit I’m going to have to call it here and now and predict that the most likely scenario for elections will be a Trump presidency.  Trump has consistently warned of a recession during his campaign and with the Brexit dragging markets lower over the next few months, he will probably be proven “prophetic.”

    Those who read my articles regularly know that I do not trust Trump and that I think his behavior signals that he is controlled opposition, but this is really beside the point.  Even if Trump is a legitimate anti-establishment conservative, his entry into the Oval Office will seal the deal on the economic collapse, and will serve the globalists well.  The international banks need only pull the plug on any remaining life support to the existing market system and allow it to fully implode, all while blaming Trump and his conservative supporters.

    If Hillary Clinton, a clear establishment puppet, is the chosen one, and markets crash after her inauguration, then the establishment gets the blame.  However, if Trump becomes president, and markets crash, then conservative and freedom movements get the blame.

    The mainstream media has been consistently comparing Trump supporters to Brexit supporters, and Trump himself has hitched his political wagon to the Brexit. This fits perfectly with the globalist narrative that populists and conservatives are killing the global economy and placing everyone at risk.

    Sovereignty Is The Villain

    Imagine that the economic and political events of our world are for the most part a cleverly staged piece of cinema. The globalists are writing a screenplay for that cinema and we are all supposed to believe that the movie we are watching is real life rather than an engineered fantasy. The Brexit in our story is an act of “evil sovereignty activists” and “right wing extremists” who lure ignorant people away from the light of globalism using “emotion” rather than logic.

    These conservatives and populists promote barbaric principles of nationalism that no longer serve humanity in our age of “reason” and multicultural “civility.”  Globalism is the future and pro-sovereigns are holding the world back from “progress.”

    This will be the narrative pressed in politics and social discussions from now on.  The story the globalists are writing is one of the terrorism of selfish freedom movements, how they brought the planet to the verge of complete collapse, and how globalism and collectivism finally “triumphed” and saved humanity.

    Divisions Between Young And Old

    An interesting and very manipulative propaganda campaign being put in motion around the Brexit is the idea that the U.K. referendum represents a division between older generations and younger generations.  The mainstream media argues that older generations in the U.K. that have already benefited from the EU are now “taking it away” from the younger generations and essentially screwing them out of their futures.

    Anyone who understands the root failings of the EU and the fact that it has been on the edge of collapse for the past several years knows that such arguments are patently ridiculous. The EU has been beneficial to no one except in minor part to perpetually insolvent nations and peoples.  The EU aids these folks by stealing from solvent nations and peoples.  The Scottish were extremely anti-Brexit, for example, exactly because they have become a welfare dependent society and they know where their bread is buttered.  Most Muslim refugees aren’t flooding into the EU on the premise that they plan to start from scratch and work their way towards prosperity.  They march into the EU on the promise of free goodies.

    Yes, according to recent polls around 73% of voters 18 to 24 years old supported the EU, but around 27% did not.  Does this 27% not count?  People aged 25 to 34 voted 38% in favor of Leave.  Anyone over age 35 was increasing more likely to vote Leave.   Hardly an example of the “old” destroying the precious collectivist futures of the young.

    To claim that the Brexit was about young versus old is simply a lie, but we should expect that this narrative will be pushed further.  The globalists need to own the minds of the next generation, and they hope to do so by blaming all their future economic woes on the kinds of sovereignty movements that voted for the Brexit.  The young are often desperate to believe that they are wiser than the old, desperate to assert their place in a world they don’t yet understand because they have little experience in it, and desperate to prove that new ideas (usually old failed ideas rehashed) are better than traditional ideas.  The elites know this, and are quick to con the young with the concepts of futurism.

    The Long Game

    The great weakness among economic analysts and many independent analysts is their refusal to examine the long game of the elites.  They become so obsessed with the day to day parade of stock tickers and the month to month central bank policy meetings that they miss the greater trends.  We can focus intently on each drop of water that makes up a tidal wave and forget that we are at the edge of the beach staring down death.

    The Brexit is part of a globalist long game that is designed to finally and completely demonize sovereignty movements.

    Think about it for a moment — what better way to remove the only obstacle in their path? The globalists create an economic crisis and then foster conditions by which their primary opponents (liberty activists) get BLAMED for it.  They then swoop in as the heroes of their little cinema after the damage is already done and offer their solution: complete globalization.  With enough people destitute from a global financial calamity, they may very well be begging the elites for help.  This is not to say that the elites will ultimately succeed (I believe they will fail), but that does not stop them from making the attempt.

    I realize this is not what many in the liberty movement want to hear, but this is reality.  This does not diminish the value of a British movement for sovereignty, but it does demand that we temper our celebration and recognize when we are being targeted with fourth-generation warfare.  If we accept the fact that the Brexit is an event the elites plan to exploit for their own ends, then we can identify the threat and deal with it.  If we continue the delusion that the Brexit is some kind of slap in their face when it is not, then we allow them yet another weapon in their arsenal of propaganda.

    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his site. Please visit and support his work there.


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      1. CFR Member Calls on Elites to “Rise Up Against Ignorant Masses”

        h ttp://

        “In a column for Foreign Policy Magazine, Council on Foreign Relations member James Traub argues that the elite need to “rise up” against the “mindlessly angry” ignorant masses in order to prevent globalization from being derailed by the populist revolt that led to Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump.”

        I just love it when the propagandists on the FAUX News Network say their isn’t any class warfare

        how much more obvious can it be ???

        • Once again Brandon is trying to portray himself as some insightful thinker who can come up with insightful predictions about what will happen, or what the elite are up to. However a quick search will reveal that this is more old news that he has repackaged.

          From January 2007,

          • I never claimed that I predicted the plan for the EU superstate. That plan existed long before 2007 or before I was even born. I did however predict that the Brexit vote would be successful and would be used as a tool to institute an EU superstate. My first prediction was obviously correct and now the elites are pushing for the second. You seem to have a problem with reading comprehension.

            • People who are SECURE don’t get agitated and defensive when someone smarter calls them out on their errors …

              • People who are insecure “call people out” on FALSE errors in order to make themselves look smarter than they really are.

              • Who exactly is “smarter”? The guy above who completely misread or misrepresented what I said? It doesn’t take much of a genius to do that.

        • Of course this was a slight of hand trick. Brexit occurring according to the will of the people after 43 years of centralized control (especially when the heart of the Rothchild regime is housed in London) held no more chance of success the Texas seceding from our federal and central chokehold.

          Everything they’re doing is reverse psychology. “Muslims” are responsible for 911, muslims attacked Orlando and San Bernadino and and democrats did everything else. Meanwhile, Obama brings muslims across the border by the tens of thousands, strips references to Allah out of the 911 calls, and protects them while flaunting their attacks on the people. This is done on purpose to foment anger and division. He lets Hillary slide and run for the highest office while rubbing it in our faces her captial crimes and smiles as he watches are faces of her her getting away with it. He cries “gun confiscation” yet causes 50,000 guns to be sold daily in America.

          The people behind Obama have set the stage for a massive war. Don’t watch the obvious hand. Focus on that which they’re hiding.

          • Remember these so called elites .. Are just people who inherited a ton of money . Paid off our curupt professors for a degree. And have the best money managers on the planet doing all the real work. The elites go to parties and vacation . And the big meetings as a figure head . They might not even be able to control the money making machine their ancestors created. A machine that seeks profit regardless of the destruction . If war makes it money . It does war. And if war keeps it in control it does war. A machine trying to survive and grow just like an animal. A wild animal that will eat your whole family if it needs to to survive. And the only way to stop it . Is to kill it?

        • HEY OLD WOMEN…

          STILL THINK I’M A “NAZI”???








        • Satori, I also have to laugh. Elitists ‘rise up’, like they’re not already up? Last time I checked, elitists live in ivory towers, looking down their noses at all of us. People like us are the ones who need to RISE UP. “Mindlessly angry” they call us? They don’t know half of what’s on our minds.

      2. Good analysis: it doesn’t take long to work out the British ‘sovereignty’ movement is made up of a bunch of losers who could not organize a piss-up in a brewery. A mixed bag of sociopaths, Nazi wannabees, grumpy oldies, mouth breathers on welfare, drunks, racists and bigots.

        This group of people are ready-made to get handed a laughing bag of dog pooh when the economy tanks because of Brexit. Then, the well-educated people and the ones with the money and power, the young, the aggressive blacks and Muslims, all of them will turn on the Brexiteers. Can’t remember in my lifetime ever seeing old white people rioting in the streets; but I have seen over and over again violent young blacks and Muslims riot. So, who would most likely stir up trouble?

        • Whites are the nicest people in the world…UNTIL THEY’RE NOT…

        • Got to keep beating on those pesky ol’ Brexiteers. I mean, how very dare these disgusting common little folk be allowed to voice their disfavor about being dominated by anti-democratic tyrants and remove the UK from the EU. It just isn’t fair on us Remainiacs!

      3. Liberty. Live free or die.

      4. I don’t think anybody has this figured out yet,too many variables. A year from now it may be something completely unexpected. This planet may see more new countries created,some splitting up and maybe a few going out of business. Too many people with too many agendas,too few resources and pent up demand for numerous agendas.

      5. Screw it all. I only waiting tor the shooting to begin.

        • Yep and eventually the shooting will begin. trump might delay it a bit? electing Trump will be just like the Bretex vote. It might feel good? However it actually will not change anything for the better. Just what are we stalling around for? I see no reason to wait and let the NWO get better prepared. Vote Hillary and lets get the confrontation started.

      6. Since when have the common people decided anything that matters? I think never.

        • They do in Switzerland.

      7. If the people cannot recognize how the Federal Reserve system (hidden owners of the BOG) is embezzling $6 billion DAILY by the FRBNY’s exclusive control of disbursements of the auction accounts of Treasury securities, and that the ECB is undoubtedly using the same Ponzi scheme with the EURO, the perfidy described by Smith could conceivably be pulled off.

        The flow of funds generated by the auction accounts have no viable alternate destination. Ref.

      8. The powers that shouldn’t be are not going to take back talk from mere common folk. This popular conservatism that is spreading world wide will be snuffed out.

        The NWO crowd will never openly attack, rather the long knives will come out and key people in the movement will be murdered in their sleep, or will have accidents, or will suicided.

      9. Only in the USA is there a large armed force that cannot be subdued. Certain people will have to be hanged in the end but so be it, they bring it on themselves.

      10. Things that make you go hmmmm!Oh what a tangled web THEY weave!The scary part it makes sense.There’s that smell again,something evil this way comes.
        Stack and pack
        Maniac –out

      11. I think Brandon Smith is onto something here, but my take on it would be a little more expansive.

        Whereas Brandon sees the blame for a coming economic crisis being placed on the heads of conservatives and Brexiteers, I am inclined to the thought that the economic crisis will be held off until WW3 and that it is WW3, not merely an economic collapse, that TPTB are hoping they can cite as the great disaster of our time caused by conservative thought.

        What they want, one suspects, is a revolution in political thought worldwide, or in the West at the minimum. So emerging out of the ashes of WW3 I would expect supranational statehood with a ban on organised religion per se, a ban on conservatism, total disarming of the populace, totally cashless society, in sum, all of the things that are presently coming under heat from the controlled media. Bible-believing Christians will be, if this theory is correct, targeted for unprecedented persecution and perhaps even executed just for being believers. TPTB would say, “All proven causes of this terrible war, such as religion, cash, sovereign statehood, etc., etc. must be banned so that it can never happen again”.

      12. That article from a couple days ago,to make bad -good,you have to make good -bad!So we become the bad guys for wanting to save our country,from them.Save for our children and grandchildren ,yet pit them against us.
        Bernie Sanders,the young with closed eyes,follow to their own demise.Sad!
        Teach what you can,do.

        What you can
        Maniac –out

      13. The Big and always perpetrated Psy-Opps plan.

        Same as the typical oft used Plans of which in aprox every ten yrs or so…The ADL and SPLC locate one of their Own and also Fund him to change his name, rise up as The Latest newset Neo-Nazi hitler wannabee leader of some obscure new fangled nazi Org in usa.

        Then their fellow travelers in MSM TV news Cry and Whine Bucket loads of Tears and massive complaints of yet another holohoax event certain to occure unless those vary bad fellows get halted asap fast!

        Then some other fellow tribe member org, SPLC usually Demands a Fed Ct Case to Stop those neo nazis free speech as the 1st amendt never considered This type free speech!

        Then another fellow tribe member org steps in as the nazis saviours!…Yep the ACLU Lawyers pontificate profusly on every stations tv news shows on how important even free speech by nazis remains a 1st amendt Right like it or not!

        This series of events can last as long as 10 yrs before te US Supremes finally get the case…Or can last much shorter spans if the ADL/SPLC/Perps get whatever they really want faster.

        Then as per always and per typical usual…as events slowly unfold with 24/7 Daily TV news updates and many close up photo shots via strategicly located camara robots for each tv show, that portray just how pure evil said nazis org is etc…

        Sooner or later the Real Truth finally emerges and folks in usa again realize it was ALL a huge Pre ordained Psy Opps to garner more sympathy and real serious concerns for the main “Victims” group of a certain ethnic bunch of swindlers!

        But NO mentions shall ever be stated by same MSM’s and TV news shows about how huge of a Hoax it all was, Nor how every signle person involved from that new wannabee hitler guy to last new nazi to join his org were also ALL ADL-Sayanam Plants! Even a few likely Mossad agent imports eh!

        Because by that late point when real truth and facts become as obvious as your own nose is, the same perps aka ADL and SPLC and Banksters in NY zioland will for certain have conjured up yet Another new lastest scam opps!

        And Now every msm and tv news show will be forced to Re focus all atten spans on This new latest swindle scam, designed to again Rob Americans and Patriots of yet More Rights and privacy etc! And of course Gain more $$$ for them Perp orgs in the forms of Fed Tax outlays to fund their so important “works” and yet even greater amounts of $$$ funded via so many fearing it all is so real and deadly serious it really could create yet another six million hoax event, and their mass donations are All that will prevent such a travesty! Oy Vey!

        This article by Brandon well portrays the realities of current globalists events and desires no?…Almost as if it was written in a more modern day equal of the 1899 Protocols of elders of zio were written eh?

      14. No doubt the recent Bilderberg meeting has had its say on the eventual outcome of world events of late and they’ll have all their basses covered for sure. Whether it be Brexit or Trump or any other episode it’ll be fully advocated by them and they’ll always have a scapegoat. Death to the NWO… Take Back Control.

      15. If they can, the Zionists would like to see a war between white people and everybody else. They will take off to their luxury islands. So don’t focus on fighting based on race.

        Global Zionists don’t care how many of their own are sacrificed either. Ultimately this group of sociopaths just want to wipe out enough people so they can control the remaining as slaves. The Problem they can’t understand is that they will kill so many that the brilliance that brought us the 21st Century is going to disappear and there will be no one around to prop them up on their high horse.

        We need to neutralize these globalists before they destroy all of us. Basically they are insane.

      16. Trump’s economic speech yesterday failed to point out that if he is successful changing or eliminating NAFTA, and keeping the U.S. out of the TPP, he will essentially be creating an environment of “exit” for the U.S. The U.S. is dependent upon imports and when they are no longer coming into the country or not coming in cheap enough for the average Joe to afford, the shouts of protest against Trump’s “Make America Great Again” plan will seal the fate of America’s liberty (so-called isolationists) movement. It took 20 years to ship manufacturing away. To say he will “quickly” make changes to bring those jobs back remains to be seen. Unless manufacturing plants that have been dismantled/decommissioned “quickly” go online again, America will face a serious shortage gap of products. How long is “quickly”? It’s subjective…just like “change”.

      17. Meanwhile the treasonous leaders of the US, Canada and Mexico are moving the NAU forward. We are getting screwed in every hole right now. If I hear one more word about climate change I’m going to puke.

        I’m convinced Obuttholio has no soul. Lets get this party started already, ain’t getting any younger.

      18. President Barrack Hussein Obama, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto are now speaking at the North American Leadership Summit in Ottawa, Canada.
        The masks are off folks, Obama stated that America’s strength lies in immigration and increased cooperation between our 3 nations.
        Visa requirements between Canada, the US and Mexico will be eased.
        Obama is stating that a global economy is already a “done deal, there’s no going back”, and that a comprehensive immigration reform plan will be implemented.
        Obama is calling Canada, the US and Mexico, our “North American Family” (NORTH AMERICAN UNION).
        Lots of criticism of Brexit (“if it DOES go through” says Obama), and that protectionism and isolationism is a thing of the past and would not be acceptable for the US, Mexico or Canada.
        Details keep coming in, more to follow, but none of this bodes well for US sovereignty.

      19. In Terms of U.S.A. Elections, even thought maybe not currently known in public media. There is another candidate running for President in 2016…His name is Andrew D. Basiago and He is running as a Independent Write-In Candidate.

        He has said the last 4 Presidents have been Secretly told that they would be Presidents of the U.S.A. in their Youth. In the case of our current President Obama, he was told he would be President of the U.S.A. when he was 19 years of age, but they didn’t know what year!

        As you know President Obama became President in 2008 about 30 years in Advance from the time he was told! Andrew D. Basiago was also told about the same time, that he too would eventually be President of U.S.A., but again he wasn’t told what year!

        This program Andrew D. Basiago and his father was involved in back in the late 60’s and early 70’s involved Time Travel and Teleportation. This Secret Program involved D.A.R.P.A.and the C.I.A. in America! There is a lot of info. online and YT for those of you who want more info. on this matter!

        For those of you in the U.S.A., you do have a alternative to Trump and Hillary…Go to and read his 100 Proposals if elected He wants to enact!…God bless!

      20. Jean-Claude Juncker also wants to impose EURO currency to rest of the EU countries which still have their own for better control. And he wants to use Brexit to do that, since people are scarred now when they saw GBP going down 10%, stocks going down…

      21. It is a complex sub5ject but nothing happens by accident The Brits are not fools they have an intelligence service and probably keep Brussels well monitored as well as the Bilderbergers etc. Brexit caused the Brussels Stalinist to tip their hand too early. The concept of the EU army was floated too early. Who controls the army, who funds it who makes up its troops. All those young military age moslems who speak the same language and who need a purpose in life They are not there by accident. Organize them arm them an6d you have a Moslem SS force ready to kill on command. Britain is fighting for its life for the next 200 years. Beware when they come here by the millions not to live equally but to take over and to dominate all. You will kneel to the sword of Islam directed by the global elite

      22. Have you noticed the striking similarity between the EU authoritative faceless unelected financiers and corporate controllers that have devastated the European group and the projected structure being promoted by secretive treaty negotiations involving the United States ??

        The embezzling of money by the Federal Reserve for the TBTF banks, and the same scheme by the ECB with the Euro, provides humongous funds for their perfidious acts. Ref.

      23. Smith has an interesting credible analysis….how does Clinton fit into this if she “wins”….? War with Russia?

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