Bio Warfare Test? Mysterious Illness Leaves 6 Dead, 8500 Hospitalized After “Rare Asthma”

by | Nov 28, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 73 comments

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    This article was written by Piper McGowan and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: The capabilities are there. The shadow government has test, prepared for and mulled over the possibility of using biological, chemical and viral warfare – and it seems clear enough that there have been at least isolated episodes where this has been done. Entire cities have been bombarded with bacteria strains released in aerosols, though they were supposedly harmless. Many other tests may have been conducted, but the extent and effects of those efforts are unclear and indispute.

    Nonetheless, when bizarre episodes like this take place in specific regional areas, and a large number of people become sick or die – as is now happening in Australia – it really begs the question of what is really going on. Right now, excuses are being made about allergies, pollen and other particulate that has been stirred up by storms… but is there really much more that is going on? And if so, what is the purpose?

    IF something is going on, it is obviously covert, and nothing will admitted, so for the time being, it remains a mix of speculation, educated guessing and a field of inquiry for independent researchers… or acceptance of the inconclusive official story. But it is certainly very strange, and very disconcerting. 

    Bio Warfare? “Like 150 Bombs Going Off”: 6 Dead and 8500 Hospitalized in Australia Due to “Rare Thunderstorm Asthma”

    by Piper McGowan

    The official story on this just sounds totally made up.

    More than 8,500 people were hospitalized last week and six have now died in Australia due to what is being reported as a rare phenomenon known as “thunderstorm asthma”.

    (I told you it sounds totally made up.)

    Right now if you search for this story on Google News Australia, there isn’t a peep about it in the top news. You have to type in the word “asthma”.

    Then it’s like a horror show.


    The Sydney Morning Herald reported that at the peak of this “thunderstorm asthma” outbreak, people were calling for an  ambulance one every 4.5 seconds and “it was like 150 bombs going off”:

    “When we’ve had people calling for ambulances – one call every 4½ seconds at the peak – it was like having 150 bombs going off right across a particular part of metropolitan Melbourne.

    And that’s something we’ve never really planned for.”

    Here’s the “official story”.

    What officials are suggesting happened is that pollen grains from rye grass fields surrounding Melboune were blown across the city just before a sudden downpour. Once the rain hit, the pollen grains absorbed the moisture and burst in the air, releasing thousands of much smaller allergen nanoparticles that were inhaled and became trapped in people’s lungs.

    Once the rain stopped, thousands of people began suffering asthma symptoms all at once, everything from breathing issues to cardiac problems.

    Some people suffered heart attacks. Six people have died so far. One girl died in her family’s arms in their front lawn after waiting more than half an hour for an ambulance. The system was completely overloaded. Apparently in Melbourne they ran out of ambulances and had to resort to every other emergency and even non-emergency vehicles they could find to help get people to the hospital. More than 60 people are still in the hospital, some in critical condition fighting for their lives.

    Officials claim this can occur when weather conditions suddenly change, but in an era where they’re trying to get us to believe in man-made climate change, I call B.S. Doesn’t that just sound ridiculous on the surface? The weather suddenly changes all the time. If that’s really all it is, why doesn’t this “rare phenomenon” happen a lot more often?

    The official story sounds fishy to say the least, which is why speculation has risen that some kind of biological warfare agent is being tested. Sure, that’s conspiracy talk, but for once the conspiracy sounds a hell of a lot more plausible than the official narrative of “thunderstorm asthma”.

    This article was written by Piper McGowan and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.



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      1. Ok, what’s up next cow flatulence flu?

          • The civilian version of the M27 IAR is the MR556A1.

            Very nice, it’s design fixes several of the fouling problems that plague AR designs. The civilian version was tricked out to make it a gold standard and a cash cow for the manufacturer. It’ll run you about $3,300.00

            The smartest thing they did was dump the long gas tube that feeds barrel pressure to a prison in the receiver. Instead where they tap the gas from the barrel there is a short stroke piston that uses a long rod to impart motion into the receiver to operate the bolt. This prevents the tube from fouling and piston leakage from contaminating the interior of the receiver. The civilian version has a slightly longer barrel that is said to be very accurate.

            I’m almost tempted to trade in my Daisy Red Ryder BB gun.

            • Damn that autocorrect. Piston in receiver not prison

            • You mean they followed the ak47 design.

        • This is bull shyte.

          My wife and son both have asthma. Never once heard of any kind of bullshit like this.

          • Nunya, Tell them to take a daily Omega-3 supplement and to eat more foods rich in Omega-3 than Omega-6. They should limit foods high in Omega-6.

            Two of the richest sources of Omega-3 are wild-caught Alaskan Salmon and grass-fed beef. If the Salmon is farm-raised or Atlantic it will not be beneficial.

            Asthma is at its worst when exposed to triggers like dust, dust mites, mold, pollen, etc, but also when Omega-3 levels drop and are lower than Omega-6 levels.

            They need to get their Omega-3 levels up higher to control the asthma (but do not overdo it with the Omega-3) which can be accomplished in about 24 hrs time with a daily supplement and also diet change. It can also be controlled if they stick with these simple changes.

            I actually cured my asthma just with these changes, plus an air purifier and a shower water-filter.

            • I’m sorry to say Jules that the reverse is true. A friend who studied under Nobel Prize nominee Dr. David Horrobin after he was cured of disease the medical establishment couldn’t diagnose, learned from the good Dr that omega 6 is far more important. Not only that but today we’re drowning in overdoses of omega 3 and most of them are ethy ester variants which are not good. If one takes omega 3 you need to get it from cod liver oil that’s not been altered to make it “extra” or “super” strength. For omega 6 the best is from Efamol which was pioneered by Dr. Horrobin.
              The correct balance is 1 ea 1000 mg cod liver oil to 2 or 3 Efamol each day for healthy people.
              He also stressed the importance of changing diet to get rid of Sugar, Processed Oils (like Mazola. Crisco), Processed Carbs as much as possible. Instead of processed oils cook with butter, coconut oil, olive oil, peanut oil, or even lard.Eliminate trans fats as much as possible and make sure you’re getting proper balance of omgeas.

        • “Officials claim this can occur when weather conditions suddenly change, but in an era where they’re trying to get us to believe in man-made climate change, I call B.S. Doesn’t that just sound ridiculous on the surface? The weather suddenly changes all the time. If that’s really all it is, why doesn’t this “rare phenomenon” happen a lot more often?” Usual right wing stupidity… climate change (I REPEAT) is not weather change… climate is NOT weather!! climate is OVERALL weather… for example, in the desert, it may rain occasionally, but for the most part deserts ARE HOT AND DRY– that’s the climate… get it? Geesh! Its really difficult dealing with you clowns! I voted for Trump because Hillary is by of and for the 1%. However, democrats have credibility in certain issues too– for example, climate change, which, weather you like it or not– IS REAL!!!!

          The oceans are taking in most of the CO2 dumped into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels… (YES, BURNING FOSSIL FUELS EMITS CO2)… However, around 2030, the oceans will become saturated, at which point, they will start EMITTING CO2, at which point, our goose will become thoroughly cooked!! (GAME OVER!!) and you people, in the meantime, are worried about some asteroid which may or may not land on the earth in the next hundred years or so… while YOUR CHILDREN will have a snowball’s chance in hell of surviving catastrophic climate change…

          I REPEAT– its not that bad yet (although winters are beginning to resemble summers, somewhat).. but when the oceans can’t take in any more CO2, we are all dead meat!

      2. When I read about this, my first thought was Bio Weapon Test.
        The fact that the “Lamestream” Media is not reporting this story leads be to believe it was a Bio Weapon test.

        • George J,
          some agency maybe feds or who? has been doing airborne flu testing for years, about 20 years ago in Oregon AND Washington there were several smaller cities that had helicopters flying over them at night and the next day there was MASS flu outbreaks, and there is NO way 90 % of the whole cities populations came down with the flu at the same time!! there was discussion amongst the people but it never got hardly ANT media time and so appeared to be more covered up than anything else. so it would NOT surprise me for this to be a type of test! the world has many evil enitities trying to control it and has for hundreds of years!

        • I wonder how many of these victims were Asthmatic in the first place? I thought there was something very fishy about this as it’s like someone just plucked this stupid title from their backside. Thunderstorm Asthma… what a joke!

      3. Don’t give em any ideas PO’d Patriot.

        • Bf, probably a test run for results of what they might use on the Metropolitan areas here. Georgia Guide Stone is no myth. “Captain Tripps” is what it sounds like.

          • GOT CHARCOAL?
            Online search, “charcoal medicinal properties.”
            Specifically activated charcoal.
            I have some but it’s for water filtration in aquariums but will be adding to the supply. The book, “Back to Eden” has 5 good pages of info on it although it’s dated.
            As a poison antidote, (only good for certain poisons) a general health addition, and even wound dressings, it should be in your med supplies.

            This site came up: (remove the space between ‘t’s)
            ht tps://

            and this:ht tp://

            and this: ht tps://

            • Charcoal is a part of our (optional) water filtration system. (It is excellent for removing odors from water, namely to remove a ‘sulfur-like’ scent (when the water table starts to “dwindle”). Thank you kindly for the links Ketchupondemand, ‘preciate it.

      4. Why Bio warfare test ? And not Muslem Bio warfare coverup? They used gas in Syria. Maybe we are next? A 35 dollar painters dual filter gas mask from the hardware store may save your life?

      5. Not much actual factual info. It sounds like some kinda Grim Reaper sowing the plague story?

        • Not Much Factual Info? 6 Dead, 8500 Hospitalized After “Rare Asthma” Sounds like Facts to me.

          And this comes from an OldGuy who says oil is natural in the environment like snakes in the grass. And I suggest you drink a glass of 10W-30 and tell us how natural it is for your body.

          Most uninformed people spew BS to make their mark. Informed people post links and facts. Asthma is mostly due to an airborne toxic particles, such as from Coal Burning power plants, many living in these areas around Coal plants have a lot higher incidences of Asthma especially children. You want to get rid of your asthma, go move to the country away from pollution.

          This sounds like part of the overall plan to bring Australia down, as the Newest Country Target by the illuminati. They are eliminating cash and creating Australia as a launching point for an all out war in the south China Sea. If Australian’s were smart they would take their country back and kick all the (((shills))) out. Of course since Guns were banned in Australia, they are weak and ripe for a hijacking take over. Never Give up your Guns Folks. NEVER.

          As for the facts, and no BS, here is a list of Gas, Oil and other pipeline breaks in 2016. Oh no hazards here is there Old Guy?
          On January 2, 3 people were injured, one seriously, one home destroyed, and 50 homes were damaged in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, when a leak gas from a gas main entered a home. Preliminary results indicate that a leak occurred at a weld seam on the gas main. Later, Oklahoma regulators filed a complaint over the failure with Oklahoma Natural Gas. The complaint alleged the utility failed to properly inspect its system following eight previous leak failures in the neighborhood going back to 1983.[552][553]
          On January 9, a 30-inch Atmos Energy gas transmission pipeline exploded and burned in Robertson County, Texas. 4 families nearby were evacuated.[554]
          On January 11, butane leaking from a pipeline storage facility, in Conway, Kansas, forced a closure of a nearby highway for a time.[555]
          On February 14, a 6-inch crude oil pipeline broke near Rozet, Wyoming, spilling about 1,500 gallons of crude oil into a creek bed.[556]
          On February 16, an explosion and fire occurred at a gas plant in Frio County, Texas. 2 employees at the plant were injured.[557]
          On February 24, a 10-inch propane pipeline exploded and burned, near Sulphur, Louisiana. There were no injuries. About 208,000 gallons of propane were burned. The cause was from manufacturing defects.[558][559]
          On March 11, about 30,000 gallons of gasoline spilled from a leaking plug on a pipeline, at a tank farm in Sioux City, Iowa.[560]
          On March 22, about 4,000 gallons of gasoline spilled from a 6-inch petroleum products pipeline in Harwood, North Dakota.[561]
          On April 2, the TransCanada Corporation Keystone Pipeline was observed by a local resident to be leaking, near Freeman, South Dakota. The cause was a crack in a girth weld, and amount of tar sands dilbit spill was about 16,800 gallons.[562][563]
          On April 12, a pipeline at a gas plant in Woodsboro, Texas exploded, killing 2 men, and injured another worker.[564]
          On April 17, a 10 petroleum products pipeline failed in Wabash County, Illinois, resulting in a sheen on the Wabash River. About 48,000 gallons of diesel fuel was spilled.[565]
          On April 29, a 30-inch Texas Eastern/Spectra Energy pipeline exploded, injuring one man, destroying his home and damaging several others. The incident was reported at 8:17 a.m., near the intersection of Routes 819 and 22 in Salem Township, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Later, Spectra Energy Corp. announced plans to dig up and assess 263 miles of that pipeline, from Pennsylvania to New Jersey. Corrosion had been detected at the failed seam 4 years before the rupture.[566][567][568]
          On May 20, a Shell Oil Company pipeline leaked near Tracy, California, spilling about 21,000 gallons of crude oil.[569]
          On June 23, a Crimson Pipeline crude oil line leaked in Ventura County, California. Initial reports said the spill size was from 25,200 gallons to 29,000 gallons, but, later reports estimate 45,000 gallons of crude were spilled.[570][571]
          On July 6, a Plantation Pipeline line was noticed to be leaking in Goochland County, Virginia. The spill did not reach nearby waterways.[572]
          On August 12, contractors were working on one of the main lines in Sunoco Pipeline LP’s Nederland, Texas terminal when crude oil burst through a plug that was supposed to hold the oil back in the pipeline and ignited. The contractors were knocked off the platform to the ground, suffering injuries from the fall and severe burns. 7 contractors were injured.[573]
          On September 4, a pipeline broke in Kern County, California, spilling reclaimed water & oil.
          On September 5, a pipeline in Bay Long, Louisiana was hit by dredging operations, resulting in a spill of about 5,300 gallons of crude oil into the water.[574]
          On September 9, a Colonial Pipeline mainline leak was noticed by workers on another project, in Shelby County, Alabama. At least 252,000 gallons of gasoline leaked from line.[575][576]
          On September 10, a Sunoco pipeline ruptured near Sweetwater, Texas. About 33,000 gallons of crude oil were spilled. The pipeline was just over a year old.[577]
          On October 11, two Nicor Gas workers were injured, and two townhouse units destroyed in a massive fire and explosion, caused by a gas leak in Romeoville, Illinois.[578]
          On October 17, an 8-inch ammonia pipeline started leaking, near Tekamah, Nebraska. A farmer living nearby went to find the source of the ammonia, and was killed by entering the vapor cloud. About 50 people were evacuated from their homes.[579]
          On October 19, a contractor in Portland, Oregon hit a 1 inch gas pipeline during work. Within an hour, there were 2 explosions, injuring 8 people, destroying or damaging several buildings, and started a fire. Contractors claim a utility locate was done before work began.[580]
          On October 21, an 8 inch Sunoco pipeline ruptured in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, spilling about 55,000 gallons of gasoline into the Susquehanna River. The river was running high at the time.[581]
          On October 24, a pipeline ruptured on the Seaway Pipeline, in Cushing, Oklahoma, spraying the area with crude oil.[582]
          On October 31, a Colonial Pipeline mainline exploded and burned in Shelby County, Alabama, after accidentally being hit by a trackhoe. One worker died at the scene, and 5 others were hospitalized. The explosion occurred approximately several miles from the 9 September 2016 breach.[583][584]

          Nope, no hazards with pipelines is there now move along. Darn Indians trying to control all the water in the country.

          • Turn off your heat this winter and stop driving if you don’t like pipelines. Incidents can and will happen but the damage to the environment is far less than their counterparts, rail and truck accidents. Automobiles leak many many times more than pipelines. Pipelines are by far the safest way to transport oil and gas.

        • That’s what has been happening to this website for the past few years.

          When I first started checking it about 6 or 7 years ago, I kept coming back for the good info and accurate intel. It has, over the last few years however, become a laughing stock shell of its former self.

          Most stories now are re-edited re-postings from other sites designed to foment angry responses and stir up the easily agitated. I still check in periodically to see if something of real value has managed to sneak its way in only to be disappointed yet again.

          I am a Prepared American. Not a wing-nut measuring his schmeckle size via a keyboard.

          Good, accurate, factual. We need it now more than ever.

          • Good, accurate, factual. You will find information from the finest “in the field” on just about everything and anything, with links to more of the same.

            Just check the posts within the archives or search.


          • Reality, Agree on all points, but it is not just this site for sure. Have you realized that most people do not want to know the truth of many matters and that is also part of the problem you are describing ? The internet is a two sided sword. It can be used to get all manner of good answers and info and it is also used to manipulate and mind eff the masses as well as market them with unnecessary junk and bad ideas. Most people have no idea they are being used as click bait and go along with all manner of useless crap just to be part of some kind of group, even if it is NOT accurate or even useful ?

            Nothing new here in USSA today where google and other control freaks mind eff the masses 24/7/365. I also have noticed that most sites, including this one have very little original material or important ideas to pass on. This one favors ZH and repost them a lot and others as well. But I have been a ZHer since before it was an actual site , just a blog so that part is not a negative to me. I have wondered why they post it as Mac Slavo but it actually came from ZH or some other outlet originally ? I imagine the prepper thing has simply been saturated with everything that was pertinent some time ago and then some, and now it is a struggle to find relevant info that has not already been hashed over many times from every perspective. Thus more news type stuff from other sites and venues like ZH. Now that Trump is elected and BHO and Hillary are gone the prepper thing will not be quite as pressing for many reasons. The wicked witch is dead and the dragon has been slain ! I still find this one to be better than most and I am always interested in the comments, usually more so than the content of the articles.We will see many sites go banko now because the major threats have diminished greatly. BHO and crew were the driving force of the prepper thing for sure coupled with the 2007-08 economic debacle ! No question we still have lots of potential major issues and problems coming. But many are not even aware of any of it in real terms. They prefer the fantasy by far and refuse to think past any of it.

      6. Chem trails contain aluminum and other dangerous chemicals

        A storm could possibly blow some out and into other areas.

        Build up your immune system. Detox. Adrenal detox. Kidney detox. Liver detox. Heavy metal detox. Colon cleanse.

        Take an enema. Give children who are feverish or sick an enema.

        Fix the gut. Drink a quart of homemade bone broth daily. Eat sauerkraut, plain yogurt, and kefir. Take prebiotics and probiotics.

        Be sure to eat lots of colorful fruits and vegtables.

        Remove all high fructose, hydrogenated oils, store bought pre-packaged foods and only eat homemade from scratch.

        Remove glutinous GMO grains and corn. Ditch cows milk.

        Breastfed children do not get asthma as often and never die from “crib death”.
        Cows milk has proteins that can kill a child and make others very sick. Those who survive may develop ear infections, asthma, mental decline or emotional problems or possibly autism.

        Breastfeeding should not continue past the age of 2&1/2 years old. At this age the child loses the ability to digest even breast milk as the production of that enzyme is no longer being produced. The appropriate time for breastfeeding infants is from birth to between twelve to eighteen months.

        I realize that this article suggests the culprit is some type of bio weapon. Could be. But first eliminate the known causes of asthma.

        Also. Skip the electronics. Get your family organic cotton sheets, pillows, and blankets. Cotton sheets contain formaldehyde and other poisonous chemicals that cause asthma.

        Talk to your doctor. See an allergist or natural health doctor.

        When someone is having an asthma attack, get them calmed down. Fear of not breathing causes more intensification of symptoms. Have medicine on hand for flare-ups. Inhalers or shots are no good if no one knows where they are or how to use them. Stay on top of it. It only takes a few minutes to die. Be prepared.


        • B from CA, I take a tablespoon of Braggs Organic vinegar every mourning. But yes, Sauerkraut (especially homemade) is one of the best probiotics you can eat.

        • Good info B from CA. Nice to see legit info posted here Re Asthma, after muddling through the other crackpot BS here.

        • B from CA, all excellent ideas regarding detox and overall health in general ! Not very keen on the doctors though for good reasons. Most are little more than legal drug pushers these days and have harmed or killed millions of people on an ongoing basis.

      7. What if a Muslem suicide martyr. Carried two 5 gallon gas cans full of Bio toxin . To a room near the top of a skyscraper . And poured it out the window on a windy day. He would get his 72 black eyed virgins. And we ?

      8. No wonder preppers are regarded as loopy loos and fruit cakes when such nonsense is being perpetrated and promoted by an idiot like this!

        The world is indeed mad when crap like this is put forward for serious consideration.

        Before I’m shot down as a troll/shill I’ve just got off the phone after speaking to a friend in Keysboro (just outside Melbourne) who assures me this bio warfare story is the mad fantasy of a deranged lunatic seeking his 5 minutes of fame.

        Shit happens, even without government intervention.

        • Calling people “idiots” lessons your credibility. Your ‘opinion’ is duly noted. Please look up the meaning of the word. Your comment added nothing to this story. You (whoever you are?) spoke to a friend (whoever they may be?). Your comment has zero credibility and offers no factual information whatsoever. Name-calling is childish and immature. Your comment sadly reminds us all that we should take a look in the mirror before we start calling others idiots.

      9. Does this mean I should carry a gas mask around now too?
        I hope this story is as described, but we all know how evil ‘they’ can be. No limits.

        • Ketchupondemand

          An N-100 mask might help.

        • We believe in carrying around masks (in our vehicles), as ya never know what kind of crud you may run into. Smoke from fires, chemical spills are NOT predictable, etc. I guess Tear Gas isn’t either…

      10. O my dear peeps! Read the article–everything is going to be fine.

        ht tp://

        Thunderstorm asthma occurs when a storm hits during a period of unusually high pollen and high humidity, causing the grains to break up and disperse, entering people’s lungs and making it hard for them to breathe.

        Though grass pollen is the most common known cause of thunderstorm asthma, attacks can also be triggered by excessive levels of tree pollen and fungal spores in the atmosphere.

        • Why don’t people check these spurious stories out for themselves? It’s really all too easy. Is it because at heart people are really only sheeple? (even preppers):

          “A sudden and extreme asthma outbreak that occurred in London in June 1994 coincided with a heavy thunderstorm, D’Amato says. In the space of just 30 hours, 640 patients with asthma or other airway diseases attended London hospitals, nearly 10 times the usual number. For 283 patients, the storm triggered their first known attack of asthma. And for every patient that did seek help, many more suffered at home.

          “Fortunately, even though it can induce severe asthma, outbreaks associated with thunderstorms are neither frequent nor responsible for a high number of disease exacerbations,” D’Amato tells Guardian Australia.

          “However, the mechanisms involved in the release of allergens from pollens during thunderstorm should be known so that patients can receive information about the risk of an asthma attack, including in those usually only affected by seasonal allergic rhinitis [hay fever].”

        • Another viewpoint, from Y O U tube:
          Melbourne Thunderstorm Asthma BS…More Like “CHEMTRAIL ATTACK”

          On 21st November Melbourne apparently had a Thunderstorm Asthma Strike when a cool change came across the city. In all my life living here i have never heard of such a phenomenon. Apparently 2 people died and many were taken to hospital suffering from breathing problems. The authorities (liars) say this was due to pollen “packages” blown in from the north. The humidity change bursts these capsules, which explode tiny pollens at concentrations million times higher than what is usually in the air which irritate airways.

          What we saw here was a result of a buildup of CHEMTRAILS. It is the toxic metals in the air which have caused the breathing phenomenon.

          • Actually these “thunderstorm asthma” attacks are a not that uncommon occurrence in that part of Australia.

            Every 15 to 25 years when conditions are just right they happen. It really is the rainstorm and pollens with just a little mold spore.

            Now, I have to suggest that the epidemic of allergies in people these days from vaccines and engineered foods, is in my opinion, likely making it worse. Got Benadryl?

            Fifty years ago people with bad allergies would move to places like Arizona. Relieve from allergies was immediate. Problem is these fools who moved there wanted nice green lawns and lush landscaping. Their allergies are now as bad as they ever were before they moved.

        • grandee, Oh so now CNN is some legitimate news source? lol Seriously? Yep they blame it on nature. Has nothing to do with Pollution from man made sources is it. Are you aware CNN is a Fascist Fake News Source? I don’t believe anything CNN Clinton News Network says.. and neither should you. Did you learn anything from this past election and what news sources are legit?

          And of course, if you Google this topic, I am sure CNN and the rest of the Fascist News sources come up first on the list of the topic. Wait a few weeks until this plot unravels and the real culprit surfaces.

        • Grandee, isn’t that wonderfully amazing? For all these centuries it has never happened, and then one day everything is “just perfect” and “it hits”.

          I could care less if it is or is not done on purpose. The point is that IT CAN HURT YA AND IT IS DECIDEDLY NEW (we are supposed to believe differently, and so are the 8,000+ people who GOT IT!

      11. It would also make sense that people get sick in a cluster. Same conditions. Immune systems are lower because fewer people are exposed to anything other than sitting in their houses. Thunderstorm athsma is a real and reoccurring sickness. Albeit rare, it really does exist. Nice try in the attempt to once again making something nefarious when it’s easily explained. Complicated subjects are easily consumed by unsophisticated people providing its easily explained in a nutty way.

        • i’m calling bullshit on tunkuff…..i had never heard of it, and just googled it and all i can see is page after page of what’s SUPPOSEDLY happening in australia this week….you’ve been busted trolling before, tunk.

          • Google and CNN = Garbage In Garbage Out. And the sheep eat it up like a 400 Lb lard ass, at a Chinese buffet.

          • Am standing with Buttcrackofdoom. BULLSHIT!!! Ain’t no damn such thing.

            Rare? More like “unheard-of” and THAT “rareness” is “hypothetical” as is the lame-ass reason for it hitting so many people with “the wind” to keep it stirred up.

            Can you imagine the aftermath of this shit on a war-field where one group had the masks and the other did not? Nothing else matters when you can’t breathe. (And don’t think for a second that anyone wishing to take down America is “going to go easy on you” no diff than these “micro-attacks” are vicious).

            The fact remains that Muslim Extremists (or actors, whatever), are picking up speed, once again. It is “The Season of Christmas” (of God and Christ and so it will be ‘raped’ at every turn). Europe is “under warning” (all countries), and The USA should also be, but I would not expect Obama to treat it as anything except like umm, Jr. Varsity.

      12. I am inclined to (with tongue in cheek) believe that this was a Bio incident. A live test.

        Just my opinion

        • W & Watching, of course there is more to this story which just scratches the surface. Most likely the area that this occurred is some strategic area, to scare and kill people so they move out of that area, so then the thieves can move in. Like the BLM out in Oregon trying to get rid of the cattle ranchers, so the fascist corporations can mine the uranium minerals on that land in the area. Take a few steps back and look at the whole picture.

      13. Yea this happens all the time?

      14. If you never pull your head out of your ass. You have nothing to worry about.

      15. went to respiratory therapy school in 1976 … never heard of anything like that … plus heavy rain tends to clear the air of particulates (pollen). it’s BS. biowarfare or testing.

        • BSN since 1979, working ICU since….never heard of this ailment, either.

        • James – Let me guess, I bet, the Powers to be already have an annual Vaccine to counter the Asthma? And guess what, I bet the vaccines are free as well. Who would have thought?

      16. …All the disease epidemics that occur, cooked up by the CDC as test weapons????

      17. Did anyone take air samples?

      18. Something to remember is this: in Western societies we have fostered the growth of large portions of our populations of people who, just 30 years ago, would be dead. Medical and scientific advances give lifespans to people who would have never made it past childhood. This means our populations are very vulnerable to any adjustment from the norm. As an example, the large numbers of elderly who die if the temperature goes up too much by a few degrees or too low.

        Look at mental health: so many nuts are kept ‘normal’ through a cocktail of expensive drugs. Take that away for even a week, and they become shouting lunatics. Or look at the mentally retarded or the disabled: both groups are only sustained through welfare programs: disrupt that and these people are not self-sufficient.

        Or take the widespread rates of obesity. This has many consequences, from Type 2 Diabetes to diseases. But in a crisis, fat people do not do well. If they have to endure even small amounts of exertion, they could have heart attacks and strokes, overwhelming medical services.

        We wasted all the medical advances and our economic wealth. We spent it, not on creating a highly healthy and strong population that is resilient, but instead spent it keeping alive deadbeats, the obese, the retarded, the genetically inferior, etc. And this means Western societies are very vulnerable.

        • Your new-world-orderly views are noted. However, you do not mention the corporate control ensuring people have easy and cheap access to ‘food’ that kills. Nor do you mention the drug companies that make billions from people who have all these problems you mention. (Not saying that we don’t need change and that individuals should not be responsible for their lives where they are mentally capable of being responsible.)

          As a society we have lost our way, however, there is weakness at the bottom (as you have noted)and the top of the proverbial food chain.

          Also, as a mother of a disabled child I would like your solution? Perhaps smothering them with a pillow or something? Superior beings such as yourself always know what is wrong with society but offer no credible way of fixing these things.

      19. Do people actually believe this Thunderstorm Asthma. What a crock! This is a bio weapons test, or a terrorist event. PERIOD! Now you have a very liberal Australian government cover up, to appease the Muslin, Somalian, African community.

      20. Can I change the subject with a question?
        I have a small 10 watt solar panel that puts out about 18 volts.
        Can I use it to maintain a car/truck battery while it’s parked?
        With alligator clips to the battery?
        With cigarette lighter plug to it’s outlet? I don’t want to fry wiring.
        Will 18 volts (low amps, probably a fraction) damage a 12 volt auto battery?

        • Not sure Ketch. Most Alt gauges read 14 amps when the motor is running and with nothing being used (drawing). On my gauge (dash) 18 amps is in the RED. Someone here might be able to help you more.

      21. This is just the beta test for what’s next economist V told us in 2014 what’s planned for 2017, bio warfare is how they plan to take us down of we don’t comply.. the 4 star general told his source that he is leaving town, that we the people don’t stand a chance in hell of surviving what’s coming. We would have to be stupid to think that Donald will be able to prevent the end game.. i voted for him, love the man, but I don’t think we are going to make it. Like my scientist buddy tells us, nothing has changed, the win means that they know for certain now that the people are aware of the threat to them and their family, and and enevitable uprising will follow. So now they have to kill us off.. listen to Matt Bracken on, he explains that the elite are bugging out and have bad plans for us.



        Try this for coffee.

        • Thanks HCKS.

      22. Regardless of the veracity and cause of this so called thunderstorm asthma, there is such a thing as late onset asthma: when adults who have never in their life suffered from this, all of a sudden get severe asthma without prior warning. It happened to me.
        I did some research and went with the theory that perhaps the aluminium, barium and other stuff in geoengineering above my head could have something to do with it. So I started to take high dosage vit C, vit E, Bentonite and one or two other remedies and the asthma disappeared. On days when the streaks across the skies are bad, and when I hear the drone of planes overhead all night, I get wheezy again. I take more vit C etc and the shortness of breath abates.
        I have no idea if this constitutes cause and effect. I just know that it works in my case. (I was hospitalised before)


      24. Fox news is covering this story now

      25. What a beat-up. This phenomenon happens reasonably often to varying degrees … far there are 8 deaths and the explanation is genuine. There must be a severe shortage of tinfoil in the USA from all these perceived “threats”. Bernice….maybe you suffer from panic attacks or maybe even from an overdose of overactive imagination – not the aircraft flying overhead.

      26. We are all Doomed!!!!!

      27. Test the residue.

      28. I moved from a big city to a very very small town. We were sick and put on antibiotics for our first 4 months after moving. I asked different doctors why we kept getting sick and they weren’t sure but said perhaps we were acclimating to a “different kind of pollution.” Since that 4 months were sick on and off. Never just a cold, it’s always an infection. Also never knew what chem trails were until we moves. They’re in excess.

      29. I moved from a big city to a very very small town. We were sick and put on antibiotics for our first 4 months after moving. I asked different doctors why we kept getting sick and they weren’t sure but said perhaps we were acclimating to a “different kind of pollution.” Since that 4 months were sick on and off. Never just a cold, it’s always an infection. Also never knew what chem trails were until we moves. They’re in excess.

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