Billionaire George Soros Dumps 37% of Stocks To “Buy Up Massive Amounts of Gold” But Why?

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 77 comments

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    Why is George Soros moving billions of dollars out of stocks and into gold assets and other precious metals?

    Perhaps the point of collapse has arrived.

    The suggestion seems to be that a point of no return is coming for the stock market system of illusion and usury. The Fed’s great bubble is getting ready to burst. It is playing out on a time frame decided, undoubtedly, by those closest to the inside.

    Worse, the end of the U.S. petrodollar is playing out, with plenty of geopolitical drama as currency wars threaten to undo the foundation that the nation has been resting upon.

    When the music stops, the economy will shatter and collapse in a devastating wave that will catch the vast majority of Americans off guard. It isn’t the first time Soros’ positions have served as a stark warning.

    Soros is shifting towards gold because he understands what is coming, and likely has several tricks up his sleeve.

    According to the experts, fear of the dollar is driving his gold purchases.

    via Sputnik News:

    Maybe the best argument in favor of gold is that American legendary investor and billionaire George Soros has recently sold 37% of his stock and bought a lot more gold and gold stocks. 

    “George Soros, who once called gold ‘the ultimate bubble,’ has resumed buying the precious metal after a three-year hiatus. On Monday, the billionaire investor disclosed that in the first quarter he bought 1.05 million shares in SPDR Gold Trust, the world’s biggest gold exchanged-traded fund, valued at about $123.5 million,” Fortune and Reuters reported Tuesday.

    Watch this video by the Next News Network:

    Soros’ move with the gold price hovering well below 2011 levels seems in line with the great reckoning that is taking place across the economic landscape.

    Those who haven’t hedged and moved away from the false strength of the dollar are apt to lose everything they have.

    via The Last Great Stand:

    In the video, Franchi discusses how Soros, the “legendary billionaire and front man for the Bilderberg Group, and sometimes referred to as ‘The Currency Killer’” (a more appropriate description I think) recently sold off 37% of his stocks, and bought gold and gold stocks with the proceeds. What can we learn from that? PLENTY!


    Even though gold the price of gold is quoted in terms of U.S. Dollars (for now anyway), there is no “direct” relevance to the U.S. Dollar according to Juan Carlos Artigas, director of investment research at the World Gold Council. With that said, Gold’s moves are sometimes linked to the dollar, because the metal often trades inversely to moves in the greenback.When investors fear the U.S. Dollar is losing power (or on the verge of implosion in this case), they rush to gold to hedge their bets, and vice versa. Another tool many people have been flocking to as a means to hedge the U.S. Dollar is silver, because 1) it’s less expensive than gold and selling at a historically low price right now; and 2) when the big collapse does come, it will be easier to barter with small denominations of silver, than it will be with gold which is currently selling for over $1,200 per ounce.


    the U.S. is about to be SCREWED when it is no longer able to conduct trade with worthless U.S. Dollars and no gold.

    Pay attention to the large moves that are happening against the backdrop of entertaining and disturbing news events.

    Things are unraveling, things are accelerating and change is going to happen in a big way.

    For those who are unprepared, it will be very, very bad. Things will absolutely collapse once the dollar is dead.

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    Soros Warns of Violent Riots In America, Financial Collapse, Government Clampdown: “SURVIVAL IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING”

    Dollar Moves Shake the World: “Federal Reserve Could Start a Currency War”

    The Yuan Ascends to World Reserve Status: “Dollar System Being Done Away With”

    America to Collapse As Dollar Dies: “You Cannot Stop What Is Coming… 25 to 50 Million Dead in 90 Days”


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

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      1. May be he is getting afraid of the People and he is ready to go into his hiding place…
        l forgot the place but it is overseas and the places is where no Political leaders can be forced to return to their country that wants to take politicians to trial.

        They who fear a trial or worse will go there

        • Invest in gold. Speculate with silver. And hoard your lead. They won’t be making anymore of it after the Changes.

          If you have your preps in line. Buy more ammo or throw rocks at the NWO zombies. 🙂

        • So that is the same location we will find the Clinton’s next year?

          What about the Obama’s?

        • I believe it is Qatar but Israel houses numerous criminals and murderers fleeing from justice around the world as well.

        • This is BS. He’s buying PAPER GOLD, which is completely worthless because it doesn’t guarantee ownership of physical gold. This is just a stock play for him. He’ll sell it when it goes up. Just bizarre that people buy GLD, which has a 500 to 1 ratio of paper to physical, and is manipulated by central banks. Like Franchi’s gold cards. Excellent idea.

          • You should read again, says he bought Stock in the company SPDR… not paper gold…..

      2. There’s a shitload of lies floating around about Soros. Anybody posting up that he bought something is going to have to prove it, especially after all the lies about how he buys up gun companies like Marlin, who he supposedly “put out of business”. That stuff was all proven to be total bullshit but there are still many people stupid enough to believe it.

        • People should be a lot more concerned about Bill Gates and Steve Hanauer, and several others. Soros isn’t the only super rich liberal idiot out there. He’s just one of about 60 or so people (both left and right) whose money buys up every politician on every ballot in this once great nation.

          • Just remember that a couple of days ago I commented that Eldorado Gold and Silver Wheaton were taking off. Both up over 7% today don’t miss out. Trekker Out

            • Trekker, ya, but if your going to buy Gold or Silver, buy the real thing that you hold yourself, not paper Gold stocks. From the story it seems that Soros is buying both real Gold, and paper stocks. He has the wealth to afford taking a risk on paper Gold stocks. If a collapse comes and paper Gold stocks take a dive and become worthless he’ll still be rich.

              • Currently in the US, 99 ounces of non existent paper gold are traded for every one ounce of physical gold that actually exists. This is another bubble just like the 2008 housing bubble.

                It will go pop!

                No healthy banking system should be leveraged more than thirty to one. Reality will return to this market. But not after much pain and loss!

              • Colt I agree that the real thing is the best insurance. But I believe that a person will be able to reap a reward if he has some good gold or silver paper stock. Unless it’s the end of the world your never going to see the stock market go to Zero. Trekker Out.

              • 1. Soros buys stock in gold (paper) company
                2. Fear drives huge buy into paper gold (soros cleans up)
                3. Soros sells stock right before shtf and buys real gold

      3. Hmmmm….must be why gold took a 75 buck dip last week….so ole George could load up cheaper. So nice of the market manipulators to help him out.

        It’s up 29 bucks/oz this morning, straight vertical climb from 1210 at the opening.

        • “he bought 1.05 million shares in SPDR Gold Trust”.

          That’s not the same as to “Buy Up Massive Amounts of Gold”. I’m not falling for more of this same ole’ fear-porn.

          • Read further….Made him a majority partner who gets his before anyone else.

          • If you are a big buyer of the GLD or SLV you can demand delivery of the metal if you bought in excess of a $100,000.00. There are fees for the deliveries, but it’s not all that tough to do.

            Very interesting that in the last few years global news rarely moved the price of gold and silver. They were so well manipulated by Western governments that even war didn’t budge the price.

            Today’s job numbers actually moved gold and silver in a direction opposite to their recent trends. Maybe “the powers that shouldn’t be” are losing control.

      4. Deutsche Bank is having serious troubles today. Could be the dominoes are beginning to fall this weekend.

        • Remember when Germany tried to repatriate their gold and the US refused?

      5. The elections will be the tipping point. It has started and will gain momentum throughout the summer. I have some PMs but just bought an additional 1000 rds of the best PMs. Prep wise and be well.

      6. There is much more pressing news. It is now legal to attack white people attending political rallies. And the MSM approves of the attacks. The government approves of the attacks. Are you going to sit there and take it? Observer says goodby.

        • Relax; cannot think of anything that helps Trump more than a bunch of people rioting, waving Mexican Flags, and burning American ones.

        • Observer, uh, source for what you’re saying? Last time I checked it’s illegal for white people to be attacked by anyone anywhere. I don’t care what anyone else says. If I’m attacked by anyone anywhere they do so only at their own peril. I will strike in self-defense, period.

          • Braveheart1776

            Hope you have a bayonet for that carbine. I’ll tell you if they get that close I will run them through and through. Put a round in them before I pull out. Went up on Utube to see the videos.. Modern survival blog has a thread on the event in San Jose. Site manager is upset and angry. So am I.

          • The Mayor of San Diego pulled the police back so the illegals could hurt more people. He said that the Trump people deserved what they got.

            So, yes, in San Diego it’s now legal to attack white people.

            That’s why you’ll never catch me within 1,000 miles of California.

            • Archivist, if I had been there and been attacked, I promise you whatever bean-eater attacked me would’ve been needing some medical attention. Sounds like the spic mayor over there needs to have an ‘accident’.

            • oh! You are speaking of the event where the police just stood there for 90 minutes and let the blood fly …and then when it looked cleared out enough they stepped in, made a few arrests then left.
              I wrote about that earlier in another part of this site. Pisses me off as it is outrageous. You DID notice that all of the anti-Trump people “attacking” were immigrants, or at least “appeared” to be immigrants?

              Wish they’d try that shit here…

            • So at this point in time, should you have a police chief or mayor that is Black or Hispanic. It may give you, Pause for Caution as you may be attacked for your political beliefs. Wearing a Trump shirt for example.

              Might be Legal to attack white people in California.
              Could be legal to attack white people ALL over America before November.

        • Observer, such a “law” would have had to pass Congress, and no such thing has even been presented to Congress. You’ve been duped.

        • I was planning on attacking some political people too. Do you think the same standard would apply at the Democratic rallies?

          Maybe I should paint myself in blackface and start riots. We all know that black people are incapable of doing anything wrong anymore. If you accuse a black person then you are the racist and the black person is immediately deemed the victim.

      7. No Big Deal.

      8. I believe carl ichan is heavily short the stock market now also and so am I.

        Of course everyone has to follow their own beliefs and it is too soon to tell if we are about to lose 50% in the stock market again; but my indicators show a drop in the market is coming too and i think it’s at least 1,500 dow points.

        Guys like soros and ichan get rich being ahead of the curve and this is the first year since 2009 they have both been short; i’d say we’re pretty close to the drop.

        • 1500 points is nothing., Thats not even a correction. 20% is considered a correction. That would be about 3500 points.

      9. May jobs report out
        only 38,000 jobs created in May

        I daresay the “revised” report that will come out later
        will show even fewer jobs were created

        • Would you like to supersize that sir,,,,,

          • They will for $15 an hour.

      10. Anyone who follows that reptilian pied piper Soros into a paper gold ETF will greatly regret it. Buy physical gold you can hold.

        • exactly

      11. Soros is a muslim scumbag.

        • JK:

          No. But they are his cousins. His real name is “Schwartz”.

      12. So WTF is the deal,,,,
        Its ok for these POS turds to riot and such and its Trumps fault,,,,
        What the hell logic is that?
        Ok, tit for tat,,,,
        Next time theres a hillery rally or bernie rally its time to go ape shit on those assholes who support them, hitlery because she insulted us over our RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS, and bernie just because

        • To the spic mayor who says its justified,,,,
          Next beaner who pisses me off is going to get beat to death with a 2×4,,,
          Its because of what you said, you pissed me off and im justified,,,,,,

          • Kulafarmer

            Only a matter of time before things start to roll.
            The anger beneath and when that burst forth, not even Poseidon could hole back that tide.

            I look forward to that day.

            • Kula and Anon, I’m waiting for that day also. The spic mayor can go f#$% himself.

          • Isn’t it just a matter of when now before one of Hillary’s speeches or ‘events’ turns into a blood-bath like no other? Seems the same would be possible for a Trump event too, being that all those “hired hands” (read: PROFESSIONALS) are sent everywhere to do one thing: RIOT and create as much hate as possible.
            I’m with Kula, except a 2×4 isn’t hard hitting enough. How about an F-250 doing about 80mph with a full brush-guard and roll-cage? 🙂 sounds good to me but I’m ‘bent’ they say…

            • Your F250 wouldn’t work. You would have about 15 mexicans jump in the back with lawn mowers and leaf blowers.

      13. People focus on the buying of gold. Its the selling of stocks that are the concern.

      14. While I despise Soros’ political views, I respect his research staff and his judgment about investments. Gold goes up? He takes a cash profit and moves the money into some other profitable deal. That’s been his history for decades.

        Look at the track record, not the politics.

        • Desertrat…..Looks like you are in love with this muslim scum named Soros!!!

        • Many a politician has gotten filthy rich by preaching against the sin that they are getting rich off of.

      15. Well it sure is a shocker to me I tell you.

      16. Where did all the US gold go? Why no audit of the gold reserves? What happened to all the nations that wanted their gold returned from US storage? Did Texas really get their gold back? Did anybody ever shit a gold brick? Just curious.

      17. Meeting operating norms
        1) We discuss the facts, not opinions.
        2) We respect, honor and trust one another.
        3) What it takes or criteria for a consensus is agreed to.
        4) We work toward consensus.
        5) Disagreement is okay – but once we agree, we all support the decision. If agreement cannot be
        reached, the consensus process is reviewed, especially on how facilitators can help.
        6) We have one conversation at a time.
        7) We try to solicit input from every one. Our silence gives consent.
        8) We focus on issues not the personalities.
        9) We actively listen and question to understand.
        10) We do no attack the messenger.

        • did you get that of your kids’ kindergarten rule sheet?

          Should we all hold hands and sing kumb ba yah?

          I think you need a hug.

      18. If I walked in to an American Legion,
        Veterans of Foreign Wars or the Fleet Reserve, Would I be able to get 20 men to face down these thugs. And that is for any town in the USA.

        I am not a member of any of these associations but would that be the place to go for a Call to Arms?

        Would I be told to leave the property.

        • You would probably have the police called on you.

        • Those places are full of gays and women now. If you are going there be sure to dress in drag.

      19. That’s a massive amount of wealth Soros got.

        Oh, well…I started out with nuthin’ and I got most of it left…sigh…

      20. THE CRASH HAPPENS IN 3 DAYS… I heard it here last month….and last year. Lets not move the bar again for the hundredth time. Got to be the 6th.

        • D-Day

      21. I know why Soros is buying and selling. It’s the same reason he always buys or sells big. It’s to move the market up or down so he can make money.

      22. You want investment advice.

        Invest in sugar, salt, and honey.
        “. ” Canning Jars, utensils, appliances, products
        “. “. Solid American made tools, shovel, hoe, hammer, screwdriver, etc.
        “. “. Can Opener and canned top quality Seafood, beef, assorted food
        ” “. spices and herbs, extracts such as Vanilla
        “. “. fruit and nut trees, shrubs, edible flowers, strawberries as ground cover, and seeds
        “. ” Fresh water lake, or stream, a well, water purification system, bottled water
        “. ” a house with several acres, paid in full
        “. “. Medical supplies and medical degree
        “. “. Physical health thru excellent diet and daily exercise
        “. “. Knives, guns, martial arts, boxing
        “. “. Knowledge of Astronomy and Navigation, Nautical and Aviation
        “. ” Develop mental power by engaging in the Study of Mathmatics
        “. “. Buy musical instruments and sheet music, master one or two
        “. “. Learn a foreign language
        ” “. Study basic Law. Know the Constitution. Buy books. Read every day.
        “. “. Buy sewing supplies. Master the basic skill.
        “. “. Buy shoes. Keep them in vacuum sealed plastic bags.
        “. ” Buy children’s clothes in every size to adult, start with shoes then underwear and socks
        “. “. Top quality pots and pans, cooking utensils, cook books, experience the Joy of Cooking
        “. “. Beans, Rice, wheat berries, flour, grinder hand and electric
        “. “. Alternate cooking, fire starter, simple grill with charcoal, sun oven, rocks and wood
        “. “. Set up shelves for stocking supplies, food grade buckets, Mylar bags, hot iron to seal
        “. “. Good quality vacuum sealer. Plenty of bags. Buy in bulk.
        “. “. Soap. Buy and learn how to make your own. Baking soda, borax, vinegar, Vodka
        “. “. Personal hygiene products. Lifetime supply of pads (no perfume for ‘medical/bandage)
        “. “. Paper products. Toilet paper, paper plates, paper for writing, notebooks, pens, ink, etc.
        “. “. Envelopes (various sizes) stamps (forever) computer e-mail may not be available
        “. “. Vitamins, supplements, protein shake, probiotics, magnesium, Iodine/Iodide Selenium
        “. ” Books on home remedies. Find a Natural Health Doctor. An herbalist.
        “. “. Precious metals such as gold, silver, copper (copper pipes not lead pipes)
        “. “. Water catchment system and irrigation system for gardens from rain water using gravity
        “. “. Whatever I’ve left out.
        “. “. Worthwhile friends and family.

        • i disagree with honey.

          Honey has it good uses, natural antibiotic for cuts, great for waffles.

          But thats about it. If you are trying to use it as a substitute for sugar then the quantities you need are far more than you can stock pile.

          It is better to stock pile five gallon buckets of sugar.

          I tried making kool-aid with honey as a substitute. It took about one pint of honey for one gallon of kool-aid. It was drinkable, but not likeable.

          • Hi John:

            Sugar and honey are not needed for the same reason. Sugar is needed primarily as a preservative when canning fruit. It is an important ingredient in baking. I prefer organic.

            Honey has so many health benefits, you would need a book to list them all. One of the best things for me besides pouring it on my homemade ice cream, made by the way in my Vita Mix Blender, is using it to help me with my Alergies. Local bees pick up pollen and these tiny pollens act as a vaccine. I haven’t had bronchitis and it really helps asthma from getting the best of you when allergy season comes around.

            You are right about the amount of space. Sugar is easier to store. I prefer buckets of sugar. Honey is best for me in gallon jars or smaller jars. If purchased, I like to get it in a can. Safer during transportation or earth quakes.

            Actually, the best way is to have your own bee hives. I did not list live stock in my list of preps. So bees, rabbits, fish, chickens, goats; and for the ranchers horses, cows, pigs, dogs and cats, sheep or Alpaca. Ducks and geese, turkeys, and for those who live near the forest wild deer.

            We had deer in our yard. Northern California has some phenomenol forests.

      23. I saw an article about this not long ago.

        I DOUBT IT. Why? Because if anybody bought billions of dollars of gold, we’d be seeing the price skyrocket and that’s not happening.

        • He’s buying as Venezuela is dumping. Never mind the London fix.

          • That makes sense but I haven’t read anywhere that Venezuela is dumping. Do you have a source for that?

      24. What IS that old saying?

        Find out exactly what everyone else is doing, and then go out and do the exact opposite, to survive.

        Everyone is buying Gold, or so it seems. Money is the least of my worries, as in a scenario money will have little to do with anything …especially “survival in an area where no others are to be found.”

        So, we DO buy our PMs (lead, copper, antimony, brass and iron (for rust or “iron oxide” …used in making funky gunpowder).

        • Find out exactly what everyone else is doing, and then go out and do the exact opposite, to survive.

          I think that is the plot line to Gilligan’s Island.

      25. I agree with those saying to buy precious metals, especially the brass and lead type. If nothing else, look at what the price of ammo did just before the last two election cycles. Buy it now while the price is still low.

        • 22LR is still few and far between.

      26. When Mr. Trump takes office these protesters and demonstrators shall rue the day. A wall with mexico isnt enough, we need landmines, armed guards….booted feet should be kicking in doors and illegals removed with extreme prejudice. Welfare, EBT moochers,and people who cannot speak English should be very nervous. Working Americans have had enough.

      27. That’s cuz everyone and their brother is still trying to stockpile 22LR. I foresee no end to this trend.
        These days I’m stacking silver eagles and food.

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