Bankers Push “New Global Monetary Order” That Would Hold Nations Hostage

by | Jul 7, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 36 comments

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    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his site.

    Editor’s Comment: They want sweeping powers over all of Europe, concentrated into just a few hands. They want the rest of the globe similarly controlled, too. The powers-that-be are now openly calling for compliance and submission to their schemes, and permission to have almost total control over nation states in Europe, including control of their borders.

    The price for bucking their system of power is economic collapse – currencies and markets are all subject to rise and fall, and gestures of sovereignty are likely to set off crashes. Everything is connected, everything is on edge. The tremors are becoming stronger.

    Globalists Are Now Openly Demanding New World Order Centralization

    by Brandon Smith

    I have said it many times in the past — when elitist criminals start openly admitting to their schemes it means that they are ready to pull the plug on the current system. They simply don’t care anymore who knows their plans because they think that victory is inevitable.

    There have been more subtle and less prominently published calls for a “new world order” in the past, to be sure.  However, at no other time have I seen international financiers and their puppet political mouthpieces so brazen about calling for global centralization than in the wake of the successful Brexit referendum. It is as if the Brexit flipped a switch in the existing narrative and set loose a flood of new propaganda, all aimed at convincing the general public that central banks must combine forces and act as one institution in order to combat an economic crisis that isn’t even visible to laymen yet.

    Though I predicted the activation of this propaganda campaign in my article “Brexit: Global Trigger Event, Fake Out Or Something Else?,” published before the referendum vote took place, the speed at which it is developing is truly astonishing.

    Now, under the current circumstances of the previous week’s market rally post-Brexit (driven by hopes of central bank intervention and extremely low trading volume) one would think that the globalist calls for total centralization of financial policy management don’t make much sense. Where is this “crisis” that the bankers keep warning about?

    As I outlined in great detail in recent articles, I believe the Brexit to be a partial trigger event for a future market disaster that has been engineered for many years. That is to say, a worldwide financial calamity has been deliberately staged in advance, and the Brexit is meant to act as a scapegoat for it.  The fundamentals of the global economy have been increasingly negative since 2008, and the only “indicator” left to appear positive has been stocks.

    There are plenty of people out there who assume that equities have escaped without consequence after the UK referendum because of the pre-4th of July rally. However, I would suggest they not get too comfortable with the hollow low volume spike in stocks at this early stage.

    These kinds of rallies should not be a surprise. They were common during the derivatives and credit crash that struck in 2008 after Bear Sterns and Lehman. Ultimately, stocks are an irrelevant faith driven indicator, and the fundamentals will always win in the end.

    As Forbes notes in a surprisingly honest analysis — the “Lehman moment” of 2008 was not really a “moment” at all. The derivatives crash was driven by numerous frailties within the debt bubble structure; Lehman was just a higher profile element of a more chaotic mess. When Lehman’s bankruptcy went public, equities took a considerable dive, rather similar in velocity to that which occurred right after the Brexit referendum. But, only a week later stocks had rallied back near the exact highs seen before Lehman had folded.

    The psychology of market investors is to always first go with what they are familiar with and what they have been conditioned to do, much like Pavlovian dogs. Investors today, as then, were conditioned to “buy the dip no matter what”. Of course, once reality and the fundamentals set in, stocks were back in free-fall only two weeks later.

    The Brexit is not going away, and the negative effects it heralds are still barely visible to the mainstream. This process is going to be actively weighing on the markets for months as investors continue to lose their blind faith in the system. We haven’t even begun the party yet, and this is assuming there are no other catalyzing moments around the corner.

    Beyond the mechanics of the economy, the elites themselves are often a good litmus test for predicting what is about to take place within the stock casino and outside the stock casino.

    The fact that the mainstream financial media is now awash in calls for extreme measures in central bank coordination and numerous elites warning of greater crisis should be of some concern to the public. Just as the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned of a crash back in 2007 and early 2008 and were proven “correct,” they have also been warning of a crash in 2016. Post-Brexit, the chorus of “warnings” from the elites has exploded. They are rarely wrong about economic crisis exactly because they are the people that create the conditions for crisis in the first place.

    George Soros continues to claim that the Brexit has “accelerated a financial-market crisis” even after the latest stock rally.

    Bloomberg, in support of European Central Bank President Mario Draghi, published an article titled “Draghi Wishes For A New World Order Populists Will Love To Hate.” Bloomberg later removed the word “New” from the title.

    The article repeats a rising call by central bankers around the world to stop concerning themselves with “domestic” policies and problems and start coordinating globally to deal with “global problems.” The BIS ALREADY controls the policy making decisions of all other central banks as admitted in the infamous Harpers expose on the BIS titled “Ruling The World Of Money.” But this is never mentioned by Draghi or Bloomberg.

    Interestingly, the BIS is now arguing not only for global policy coordination, but also GLOBAL RULES for all central banks. If the BIS already controls the policy decisions of the Federal Reserve, the ECB, and every other central bank member, then why do they want “global rules” put in place for those same central banks?

    They are doing this because the goal, the end game, is for the general masses to accept and even demand a global central bank, either in the form of the BIS or the IMF, or perhaps both of them combined into a single entity. Once again, the elites are using the Hegelian problem-reaction-solution strategy to manipulate the public into wanting globalist control.

    The BIS has been building up to this moment for quite some time.  In May, for example, BIS chief economist Claudio Borio argued that a “new global monetary order” was needed to replace the dollar system.  This new system would prevent crisis by reigning in all national central banks under rules which would force them to act in a coordinated fashion, apparently under the administration of the BIS itself.  Now it would seem the central bankers have the beginnings of their “crisis” which they clearly plan to put to good use.

    In yet another recent article Bloomberg calls for central banks to “kiss their domestic bias goodbye”; arguing that national economies are now so “intertwined” that central banks all need to work off a single set of guidelines in support of the global economy rather than individual national economies.

    On the day after the Brexit vote, China stated its desire for the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) to work closely with World Bank. For years I have been pointing out that the Chinese never had any intention for the AIIB to become a counter-system to the IMF or World Bank and that the Chinese were working with the globalists, not against them. Now we have open confirmation.

    The Chinese premier also warned of a “butterfly effect” leading to crisis after the Brexit, and called for “enhanced coordination” among all the economies of the world.

    European Union officials are going for broke as they suggest the formation of a European “super state” in the wake of the UK referendum. This system would essentially erase political boundaries and sovereign borders to make the EU a single entity in every capacity up to and including a single European army.

    The amplified calls for total centralization and a “New World Order” go on and on, and I believe they are a blaring signal that something very ugly is about to happen.

    Consider this: Central banks will never gain public support for globally centralized policy or a global economic authority unless they are proven right and a crash does indeed take place. The crash does not necessarily need to be immediate and “total”, as some liberty movement activists assume. It is more likely to be gradual and micromanaged, though still resulting in a level of suffering in certain regions not seen since the Great Depression.

    More bank coordination requires more chaos and examples of “conflicting policies,” which will probably take the form of “currency wars” among certain nations. The elites must conjure a theater in which some central banks work at cross purposes and muck up any potential recovery. They can then argue to the public that a single internationally recognized and obeyed global banking authority is needed to prevent this sort of thing from ever happening again.

    The concept of central banks “working globally” rather than domestically could only be sold to the masses if a fiscal disaster was triggered on a global scale that outmatched the needs of any single nation state. Each central banker initiative suggested after the Brexit requires a financial implosion in order to be justified.

    In my next article I will be listing the many reasons why I believe the globalist plan for centralization and a NWO is destined to fail. This does not mean, though, that extensive effort and sacrifice will not be necessary in the near future on our part. For now, vigilance is our best defense. The elites are telling us exactly what is about to happen through their very behavior and statements. It is time for those who are aware of the bigger picture to start listening if they are not already, and prepare accordingly.

    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his site.


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      1. Screw For Denmark

        This Slogan and others like it is part of a campaign in Europe that has answered the allegation that European Cauacsan whites need help from foreigners to reproduce another generation. Apparently the whites are screwing like rabbits and they have the babies to prove it. Parents are signing written agreements to have more SEX. The midwives are in awe.

        BRAVO!!!! Keep it UP Denmark!!!!?

        • When are the people of Europe and America and the World going to give the boot to these Banks. Two Centuries of Tyranny under these criminal cartels is too long. Say goodbye to the globalists and their oppression. No more threats. The people are done with you and your WARS and your Financial Monopoly Mr. Rothschilds and Mr. Warburg and the rest of your Tribe. Pack up your toys and go to hell. You are the Devil. The world belongs to Christ. He called you out. He kicked you out. Your mask has slipped. Your evil is made evident.

          • As President the first thing I would do is break up the US Media into a million pieces, and let the people have out airwaves back. Its the publics airwaves not 5 families Airwaves.

            Then I would issue a New US CURENCY not controlled by the Fed or pivate interests.

            Void all dial citizenship passports, and Jail any banker who refuses to apply the New currency.

            These tasks are not that hard to Impliment. You got the largest Army on the planet to enforce compliance. No more phony wars. Pullout of NATO and dissolve the CIA. Kick the UN out of the US and all their baggage and bribery.


          • Right on. I couldn’t of said it any better.

        • An organized effort by Politicians, Bankers, Corporations, to Intentionally collapse the Economic system and to erode ALL National sovereignty seems to be the objective. They are an organized criminal cabal. It seems that even the church is involved. Not only in “changed Amerikka” but world wide.

          Anyone that stands against these criminals has an “Accident”:
          Andrew Breitbart. Michael Hastings. Navy SEALS in self driving cars?
          Murder by remote control. Where a few can reach out and murder anyone with little effort:
          Cell phone
          Cable TV box
          Credit cards
          Your Banker
          New Cars. Self Driving cars.
          Toll tags
          And in near future Robots.
          All track, trace, listen, watch, report location and activity, surveil you. Snitches.

          I went to put in new water heater. They had one with wireless internet connection.
          WTF? To report if I am at home? How many showers? Creeped me out.

          Gun control. They never stop trying to disarm you.
          No Free speech, without being charged with crime.
          No more Journalism. All Media is controlled and everyone stays “On Message.”

          No accountability for criminals in Suites or Uniforms.
          Bankers, Politicians, Police, NO accountability for their crimes.
          Including Treason, Breach of National security, and Murder.
          FBI covering up for a treasonous criminal politician. WTF?

          Why do people stand for this? I want them ALL arrested.
          Start with the FBI director and Attorney general. They are conspirators to cover up TREASON. It is obvious.
          Why isn’t ANYTHING being done to stop these CRIMINALS?
          Seems like EVERYONE in any position of authority is part of this organized criminal gang.

          Sounds cooky? But look at what is going on.
          No Accountability anywhere in government. Makes me sick. How did it come to this?

          Allowing Hillary to get American intel agents murdered? Not to mention, She got an Ambassador killed in Bengahzi. No charges? FBI lets her walk? I can’t believe it. We are so screwed. Hard core Criminals are in charge.

          • Harvey, you are on point.
            We have allowed criminals to take over our government.

            ” The tree of Liberty must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants from time to time.”

        • Everyone MUST Watch this on YouTube.
          This is Insane:
          “Katherine Albrecht: Windows 10 Is Full Blown Electronic Tyranny”

          Criminals are out to Destroy you and your family.
          Politicians-Bankers-Corporations-Vaccine/Medical establishment
          ALL are out to destroy you. Recognize Your ENEMY.

      2. I would happily have sex with a Nordic woman: sign me up! Personally, I do not believe the ‘no babies’ thing: most of my friends have kids and my neighborhood is full of women pushing babies around.

        What is really going on has nothing to do with not having enough people. It has to do with pushing an economic model of waste and destruction. They decided to threaten everyone with a flood of mindless blacks and Muslims if they did not get breeding. What we need is not over-population but to invest heavily in the children we have and also to create sustainable communities with a high-quality of life; not over-crowded hell holes with crumbling infrastructure and packed out with migrants doing menial jobs. People would happily have families in such places.

        • Frank. Excellent post. U read my mind. And I’m moving to Denmark !

        • The population promoted by TPTB is exactly what this world DOESN’T need. Note the racial makup of the crowded, filthy slums of the world.

        • Thanks for that. Sobering indeed.

        • indeed. 🙂

      3. One of the reasons they killed JFK, he had made moves to end the CIA (started under Truman), and the Federal Reserve, restoring control to congress. Globalist Bankers could not have either one of those.

      4. Unless we stand for our rights, the old saying is that at the very, very end of history, the only thing left will be cockroaches and banksters.

        Of course, that depends on what the meaning of “is” is.

      5. Those who control the fiat money control the world. So do hold a lot of the Fiat Money. Just that simple!


      6. I have no complaints. I will comply. I shall comply. I must comply. I love the NWO. Hillary is the most qualified. And she’s beautiful, too! Where did I hide the Jack Daniels?

        • I found it and left you an IOU for the half gallon. Sad to say the bottle has been relieved on its contents. Thanks.

      7. Hmmm…so we have a failing EU central bank and their answer to the issue is to create a bigger bank. Makes sense in cartoon land.

        The problem with these big central banks is that they aren’t sustainable. All they seem to do is funnel the wealth of the producing countries to the poor countries until they “run out of other peoples money”. Wealth Redistribution on a grand scale. Britain and Germany have been supporting Greece and Italy for many years. To the point where Germany’s banks are just about broke. The US has been funneling money to south america for decades. Pretty much you could dump the monetary value of the US GDP into south america and they would be back for another handout within five years. It’s who they are. It’s what they do.

        I don’t think the Brexit vote was as much about race as it was about the Brits being tired of supporting the non-producing countries. Fixin’ to happen here in the US as well.

      8. Take back our country…. with or without Trump.

      9. Off Topic: Hmmm..Zero mentions yet that famed Hoax perp Eli Da Weazel has Died last week eh…Check this expose’ of his attempt to promote Black race issues etc.


        “…A SIXTH! version of events at the liberation of Buchenwald was concocted by Wiesel in 1989 when a black filmmaker and a Jewish producer were trying to create a new myth, namely, that a black unit, the 761st Tank Battalion, had actually liberated the Jews at Buchenwald. Their intention was to increase black and Jewish mutual “understanding” in Brooklyn through a movie to be shown on PBS called Liberators. For the benefit of the NYT, which gave serious coverage to this far-fetched story, Wiesel conjured up a brand new memory that he had never mentioned before: “I will always remember with love a big black soldier. He was crying like a child—tears of all the pain in the world and all the rage. Everyone who was there that day will forever feel a sentiment of gratitude to the American soldiers who liberated us.” He made this statement despite the fact that there were no blacks present at the liberation of Buchenwald on April 11, 1945, and the black unit in question was over 50 miles away on that date. After a gala preview screening of the movie in Harlem, it was gradually revealed that the film’s thesis was a hoax.”

        GREAT Article by Robert Faurisson, at Incogman dot Net

        He is one of those Truth teller Professors etc that were totally bashed and Lost his job and been lifetime harrased for simply he spoke truth about various liars such as Mr Weazel whom has finally died last week. Ironic no Mentions of eli here in forum with his so many defenders and supporters of his here eh?

        OPEN your Eyes to real facts truth VIa this article at incogmans website! You can Thank me later, no just kidding as zero thanks are needed since I LOVE Truth more than eli type falsified “stories”.

        Hope this Posts up in a Timely fashion and wont be land locked in Limbo-Moderations for 72+ Hrs eh!!

      10. Just when you Thought you really Knew why GW Bush finally decided to Attack iraq!!….

        7. Bob Woodard, Plan of Attack, (New York, Simon & Schuster, 2004), 320-1. Woodward recounts Wiesel’s visit to the White House in late February 2003, when Bush was still allegedly wavering in his decision to attack Iraq. After hearing Wiesel tell him that Israel’s security was at stake, Bush made the decision easily. Americans must fight to protect Israel.

        Did Bush know at the time that Wiesel is on the CIA payroll, as he boasts in his autobiography? Wiesel, of course, had previously been a leading supporter of Clinton’s bombing of Yugoslavia in 1998.

        Elie Got Paid by Taxopayers in usa for his Role as CIA agent!..All while his fraudulent holohoax books earned him, Gazillions of us dollars!

        I will again attempt to Post up a Live Link to a great article by a USA Univ Professor of french in GA state that this #7 notation of Documented Fact is listed at end of his article Expose’ of now deceased Mr Weazel, in the Next reply after this one.

      11. Here’s the LINK to…US Professor shoots down holocaust icon Elie Wiesel….Read it! Wize Up! Learn Truth.

        This website contains worlds largest number of Pages of such info proof etc Over One Billion pages of it!

        Seek Truth in ALL things? Then you shall not FEAR to Read this and more at this website.

        • Them Guys:

          I thought this Eli What’s-name was a near saint. His book “night” had me depressed for months. I believed every word except for one thing. He relates a story of a starving man who makes his way to a caldron of soup, then proceeds to sink his own head in the soup commiting suicide. This concentration camp horror story stayed with me. I couldn’t sleep. The horror of it was accompanied by the implausibility of it.

          Did he die of lack of oxygen?
          Did he scald himself to death?
          Mad from hunger, ok. Dead from suicide by soup? No matter how I tried, I just didn’t believe it. Eventually I forgot about the absurdity of this tale and just accepted that I would never know exactly what happened.

          Now that I know all or at least most of holocaust stories are lies, I am angry. I was traumatized by these stories. Children watching television are being traumatized. Sensitive people are made to suffer watching these graphic war lies and propaganda. What is even more horrible is that the real crimes are never reported at all. DRESDEN, the Russian holodomar, didn’t ever learn about any of it until last few months. I thought I pretty much knew all about ww2. Then I saw “Hitler, the Greatest Story Never Told” and I started listening to David Duke and others Redice radio. Storm front. I saw “Helstorm”, “What the Historians Neglect To Say about ww2”. “What Famous People Say About The J**s” J*w Well there are a lot of sources on the net and I can’t believe how deceived I was by these con artists.

          • B from CA: I agree as we ALL have been systematically by grand scheeme design hoaxed and swindled as you stated.

            Once Weazels book “Night” got published it soon became a fed us public schools high school senior Mandate they Must Read it or fail to graduate!

            B/CA have you yet Read that usa prof story about it at that LINK I gave?…A MUST READ!!! He the professor also details how elie weazel swindeled New York’s top Catholic Cardinal and a Bishop too by first calling each an antisemite! Then got the new york times jewspapers to trash each priest, then finally became “Pals/Friends” that both did Many letters of back and forth comunications with elie…ALL in a grand design to get a catholic cardinal and bishop to “admit all worlds catholics were to Blame for the holohoax events!”

            The whole article rips apart elies lifetime scams bit by bit…Elie Changed his story of life in nazi camps SIX different versions!…And also he and NY times papers Lied totally about elie was some guy in full face beard on a bunk in camp half starved etc… in worlds Most famous nazi camp photo..Elie was NEVER THERE! He was 15.5 to 16 yrs old teen then! he clamied camp stress greatly aged all men in camp to grow thick beards and look like 40-50 yr old Men!…Always has a scam answer thats later proved Lies! When that photo was taken by a usa army/cia opps hollywood type propaganda picture, elie was in a Hosp getting foot surgery by a Jewish Doctor in a nazi camp where his Care was provided for as good or better than todays usa hosp! 98% or more of every camp woe tale we was led to believe is alll proven false and lies B/CA!

            READ at that LINK! see for yoyurself do Not take my word even though I am being truthfull. Then WARN school age kids in advance what abject scam Lies they will get taught about the holohoax events etc so Their small minds dont get wrecked like ours did eh.

            When confronted by another reporter about elies many many changed camp stories etc…Elie said this. Paraphraseing here from my memory but Linked article contains it in full quote. Elies answer: “Some things that do Happen were never True! while at other times some things that NEVER happened Are TRUE!”

            Thats his typical scam answer B/CA whenever caught in his jewish web of camp hoax Lies!

            I too am sick and tired of being harrased all My life and forced to feel guilt over jews hoax event and slavery of niggers etc…I have ZERO to do on it and was not yet born so fuck em all I say..

            Maybe they did ok in 109 Other Host nations prior to got booted out?…But IMHO when they Chose to Make usa their next Host bitch nation…They bit off far more than they can ever jew. And one day it will crash upon their sorry ass heads in full force and they well deserve whatever happens as its ALL ON Them period. That goes for usa negroes too.

            Discalimer: yes yes we all realize exceptions exist in every such agenda or issue..but So What?!..just because each nation wrecker group has a FEW good apples dont make all them Bad apples majically become good too eh.

            Time for all americans and White folk especialy to READ of these Factual expose’s of such massive 80 yr long Lies designed as a Tool to destroy You whiteys, and wake up period…or prepare to fully LOSE Your Nation entirely very very Soon now…They are employing exact Same bolshevik Kommie tactics as their gradnparents used to kill and destroy Half of eastern europe and end with 250-350 Million whites dead. Thank they wont do that Here in usa? If you say NO wont do so? YOU are an idiot fool and an enemy of true patriots period. Your grandkids will Piss on Your graves for acting so damn ignorant always.

      12. I believe US should stand independent to the global central banks, even if we lose our dollar to foreign markets — they want to get rid of it anyway. We were just fine before this global BS, and could China reject 20% of their economy in exports to us? Could Mexico? Nope. It will hurt them more than it hurts us. We are self sufficient in food, oil and gas production, and we could get our factories running again and let the socialist “One World Order” fall into the abyss.

      13. we WERE self sufficient in food oil gas untill the epa came along and what are you going to do for manufacturing bright boy we have legalized ourself out of exzistance and it aint coming back

      14. And as we wind on down the road.

      15. As long as they have football, beer, and porn the cowards could care less what genocidal psychopaths destroy their children’s health and rule their children’s future as dumbed down, depressed, disease ridden Epsilon Slaves right out of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World playbook.

      16. A gal in England who reads my blog just quit writing to me over Brexit. She wants to stay in EU period. She has lived and worked in various countries and is so furious she flipped out because I wrote that they would survive. She believes EU is the only thing between them and mass death. No kidding.

        • Stockholm syndrome, Rebecca. So sad.

          Remember Patty Hearst. After being kidnapped and held in a closet and molested and repeatedly raped, she sided with her tormentors and against her parents, even committed armed robbery for her kidnappers until she was rescued and deprogrammed.

          We need to rescue all such victims of brainwashing.

          • Patty Hearst was part of the SLA before ever being “kidnapped”.

      17. rebecca she is brainwashed and weak to stand on her own. Quite sad really. It’s like when the woman victim sides with her perp because he has her so scared she won’t speak out. there is no shortage of fear mongering. The govs of the world have studied fears affect on the decisions people make and use it to get their way. It’s a win for Brits IMO. They may struggle a little but they gain their sovereignty and ability to choose where they wanna take their nation. The Europe cannot say and if I was them I wouldn’t make trade deals that weren’t in their favor.

      18. Rebecca: Send her that Link I posted above to a website calleed CODOH dot com.

        Besides that particular article on Expose’ of nazi hunter elie weazel, that website contains tons of facts and proof soild guarenteed to wake up even the most deluded and foolish folks in entire world including the UK folk.

        Every possible historic issue is exposed there by worlds best, brightest history writers mainly, with also a few writers that are avg reg type folk too.

        Best part is everything I ever yet read there always has at end of article a huge long listing of articles Numbered point of facts etc. At end of article a long listing of what and where each Fact and truth came from or was used to form proper truth etc.

        In other words Nobody can possibly argue nor deny the info as it is based on facts period.

        And facts that Few Dare to speak of in deeply hushed tones that cause the silence to be deafining!

        If That site cannot awaken your uk friend?..Shes too far gone already eh.

      19. Govs always attack self reliant people. They did it to Indians here in the us. Indians had their own nation leaders governing body. They didn’t need anyone to take care of their own. Then white settlers came and didn’t like their independence. Forward to now govs don’t like self reliant folks they always come down on small farmers and homeless bums why. They fight self reliance with free shit. People are generally lazy and will take the path of least resistance. If you get ebt why you gonna grow hunt or raise animals for food. That is constant labor. The war on poverty is a war on self reliance. People that are dependant are fat and lazy to stand on the merits of labor. Me I could probably get gov help for my family but I don’t want their handouts I have too much personal pride and dignity to take from others hard work. everything stems from your labor and who reaps the biggest rewards from it. If you work for less $ than your trade is supposed to pay someone stole your labor. It could be a contractor you worked for or the gov. The war is on for the fruits of your labor. Look at your coworkers they only care about themselves but the union says your a collective and those are your brothers and sisters. Sure ya right they backstabbers eachother and the suck pumps in the office kissing bosses ass. Some collective and the company works to weaken the collective so they can pander to their rats and work the good workers harder. People on assistance have to vote for politicicians like Hillary say to keep the free shit from being cut. It’s a big game and the folks who work lose everytime. When you labor for yourself on your homestead the fruit is all yours 100 percent. But if your too lazy and make excuses like health problems or whatever your saying you trust a gov beaurocracy to provide for you and yours. That’s fine just don’t look at people who are successful with hate because they were working all the time and secured what they needed to thrive.

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