Back At Great Depression Levels: “Millions Of Strong Young Men Just Sitting Around”

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    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his Economic Collapse blog.

    Editor’s Comment: It is obvious that there is an enormous issue with employment, a lack of good jobs, and a general economic direction for the future of the country. Let us hope that this improves.

    But it is fascinating the lengths that the Obama Administration (and others in government) will go to sweep the truth under the rug and pretend that the country ISN’T sitting on one of the worst problems it’s ever faced. Obama isn’t forlorn over all the idle and out of work people, or the tough times for their families. Obama celebrates each new family added to the dole and forced onto SNAP for groceries and welfare for rent, as if the handouts are really helping anybody do anything other than barely get by.

    Most people – out of work or not – would like to build something better and secure a legitimate and (relatively) prosperous future. Obviously those at the top either can’t or won’t help Americans to do that; instead, they are too committed to globalist trade deals and flirting with corporations who would prefer to offshore jobs and have more cash for the bonus budget and Christmas parties. Meanwhile, millions of everyday Americans are wondering if the future will afford the opportunity to accommodate their needs.

    The Percentage Of Working Age Men That Do Not Have A Job Is Similar To The Great Depression

    by Michael Snyder

    Why are so many men in their prime working years unemployed?  The Obama administration would have us believe that unemployment is low in this country, but that is not true at all.  In fact, one author quoted by NPR says that “it’s kind of worse than it was in the depression in 1940″.  Most Americans don’t realize this, but more men from ages 25 to 54 are “inactive” right now than was the case during the last recession.  We have millions upon millions of strong young men just sitting around doing nothing.  They aren’t employed and they aren’t considered to be looking for employment either, and so they don’t show up in the official unemployment numbers.  But they don’t have jobs, and nothing the Obama administration does can eliminate that fact.

    According to NPR, “nearly 100 percent of men between the ages of 25 and 54 worked” in the 1960s.

    In those days, just about any dependable, hard working American man could get hired almost immediately.  The economy was growing and the demand for labor was seemingly insatiable.

    But today, one out of every six men in their prime working years does not have a job

    In a recent report, President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers said 83 percent of men in the prime working ages of 25-54 who were not in the labor force had not worked in the previous year. So, essentially, 10 million men are missing from the workforce.

    One in six prime-age guys has no job; it’s kind of worse than it was in the depression in 1940,” says Nicholas Eberstadt, an economic and demographic researcher at American Enterprise Institute who wrote the book Men Without Work: America’s Invisible Crisis. He says these men aren’t even counted among the jobless, because they aren’t seeking work.

    So why is this happening?

    If you look at the inactivity rate for men in the 25 to 54 age bracket, it was sitting at just 8.1 percent in January 2000.

    In January 2008, right at the beginning of the last recession, it was sitting at 9.2 percent, and by the end of the recession it had risen to 10.3 percent.

    Today, it is sitting at 11.5 percent.

    Remember, these are men that don’t even count toward the official unemployment rate.  They are not working, but they are not considered to be “looking for work” either.

    So what are these men doing?

    You may be tempted to think that many of them have decided to stay home and raise the kids as their wives go off to work.  But according to NPR, that is not what is happening

    What the missing men aren’t doing in large numbers is staying home to take care of family. Forty percent of nonworking women are primary caregivers; that’s true of only 5 percent of men out of the workforce.

    We do have the largest prison population in the entire world by far, and without a doubt that does play a role in these numbers.  However, a far bigger factor is the millions of men that have become content being dependents of the federal government.  More than 100 million Americans receive money from the government each month, and a lot of people (both men and women) have found that it is just easier to sit back and collect government checks than it is to go out and try to work hard for a living.

    But of course the number one factor is the lack of jobs available.  I personally know people that have been looking for work in their fields for years and have not been able to get hired.  We have a major employment crisis in this nation, and it is only going to get worse in the years ahead as we continue to lose jobs to technology and millions more good jobs get shipped overseas.

    And a lot of the “jobs” that have been created during the Obama administration have been very low quality jobs.  Since December 2014, we have gained about half a million jobs for waiters and bartenders, but meanwhile we have actually lost good paying manufacturing jobs.  If we continue down this road, the middle class will continue to shrink.

    In addition to everything that I have just shared, here are some other facts that are pertinent to this discussion…

    -Right at this moment, there are approximately 102 million working age Americans that do not have a job.

    -Nearly one out of every five young adults are currently living with their parents.

    -The Wall Street Journal recently declared that this is the weakest “economic recovery” since 1949.

    -Barack Obama is on track to be the only president in U.S. history to never have a single year when the U.S. economy grew by at least 3 percent.

    The economy is far weaker than you are being told, the employment crisis is far worse than you are being told, and as I mentioned yesterday, the stage is clearly set for a new financial crisis of epic proportions.

    And if we are going to see markets crash, this time of the year is a good time for it.  In fact, CNBC says that history tells us that this is the “worst period of the year for stocks”…

    The worst period of the year for stocks has just begun — at least based on market history.

    Over the entire 120-year history of the Dow Jones industrial average, Sept. 6 to Oct. 29 tends to be the worst period for the market. And more specifically, the last few weeks of September have been an especially bad time.

    Someday when people look back at this time in history, they will not be surprised by how horrific the coming collapse will be.  The truth is that anyone with a lick of common sense can see that the greatest debt bubble in the history of the world is going to end badly.

    No, what is going to amaze them is that the system was able to hold together as long as it did.  It truly is incredible that the debt-based, fiat currency Ponzi scheme that the central banks of the world have been desperately trying to prop up has been able to keep chugging along all the way to the middle of 2016.

    How much longer can they keep the magic going?

    I don’t know, but history tells us that time is not on their side…

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book [amazon text=Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It&asin=150522599X].


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      1. A good world war is just the thing we need to get these lazybones off of the couch! /s

        • The men have been pussyfied. They’ll just go home to their moms and climb under their skirts. It’l be their women and us old guys doing the fightin.

        • Off the couch and flee to Canada?

        • Total horse shit.

      2. Sitting around, living as in existing, and not thinking about tomorrow.

      3. With black males it’s easy to explain. They refuse to work. They’re lazy, shiftless, have bad attitudes and chips on their shoulders; totally useless as people. they prefer to either live on working people’s tax money and/or commit crimes against whomever they choose. They think the world owes them something. Well, the world doesn’t owe any minority people any damn thing. Everyone is supposed to be responsible for their own well-being and pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. Black males never accept responsibility for their own actions. They always blame their problems on white people. I’m sick to death of those same ol’ black lies about my people.

        • You say it well. When a man has an excuse for not doing well, that man has an excuse to behave badly. And that man will go nowhere as he wallows in self-pity.

          Where I jog, you see yummy mummies with their kids, you see white women running, and you see black men sitting on park benches smoking weed. That’s reality. Oh, and they riot and commit crimes to break up the boredom. No prosperous economy was ever built on that behavior.

          • Does Snyder know the Govnt unemployment #’s are not accurate?


          • Brave: BULLSH*T I did linework for the local electric utility and worked with good blacks. They did kind of segregate themselves from the white lineman at break times morning and evening, but we all worked together in the field. The old blacks that retired in 1992 & 1996 keep them in line. They’re all gone now, man those were great days.

            • sodbuster

              I had similar experience in the oil refinery. In our place their fathers and uncles, working there from the 40s and 50s were the role models. This was true for the white people too. One thing somewhat unique in that work environment is that if you don’t do your job well it could often lead to catastrophic effects. The unit crashes (emergency shutdown) and everyone works their ass off or worst case a fire explosion. No one wants their name attached to any of that in any way. The peer group pressure alone is great.

              • Great men I had the opportunity to work with, great times. I bought a house on a years salary 1985. Same house is about 2 years salary 2016 at $300,000.

        • I worked virtually my adult life in an oil refinery and worked along side many black guys (20 to 25% I assume) and a few women. The majority of people in the refinery were two if not three generational. The rule was if your old man was a bum their kid doesn’t get hired. This was the most coveted place to work in an area that also had large chemical plants to work at which paid well not not as well. I can say that from a work ethic perspective I seen no difference in black verses white. I will say that black guys more often had a tad more “swagger” especially with each other as I think it was cultural. Interestingly divorces among our people, black and white, was I believe significantly below the average. Keep in mind that this workforce was for all effects cherry picked.

        • Brave
          In my area there are very few blacks. There are tons of Whites on the roles.

          The problem is if they give it away they will take it!!!!


          • Sgt Dale

            In the NE the majority of criminals on the news were black. Here in SW Florida blacks tend to do the majority of the street shootings that are virtually always in their own neighborhoods against their own people. There is a fairly large white underclass and that tattooed skinny white junky is highly likely pulling the convenience store stick ups. There is a great delta in have and have not here with pensioners living comfortably in $170K homes and a great number of people barely getting by.

            The loss of US manufacturing is responsible for lots of society’s problems; its a root cause.

          • Sarge, the YOUNG white males in my area are the same way. They dress the same, act the same, have the same way of thinking, etc. More losers. I doubt if any of them could pass a drug test or background check. Lost cause.

            • Braveheart1776

              Who would hire someone that looks like they attached a stencil over their entire body and then spray painted themselves and to top it off puts studs through their cheek? At 18 years old my father had me get a squared away haircut, a map with places good to work at circled and off I went. I repeated going to these places several times per year until I got a good job. Granted those places were there but the prospective employee has to present themselves accordingly.

              • Kennin2.. Todays kids think they can grow up to be rock stars, party all night and make millions. More and more, I see women all tattooed full arms, and legs and piercing across their faces. Like WTF, how do you think you will ever get a job or make a sale looking like a painted up cartoon. A kid 27 yrs old down the street has these wings tattooed on each side of his entire neck, and told me many employers said that was the reason he was not hired. Well DUH!!!!!

                When you look like a cartoon, act like a cartoon, you life will be a cartoon. No kid of mine would ever get a tattoo if they were living in my house. Chicks with BJ piercings in their tongues look like whores.

                If you show you have no respect for yourself, with self mutilation, and carnival tattoos littering your entire body, why would anybody else respect you or hire you?

                I told that kid 27 unemployed with the neck wings, every decision he makes gets him to where he is today. Maybe it sinks in or maybe not. A lot of this, is this Zionist Hollywood influence or crap for education, and video game push button lazy flunkies, is what we got. Kids have poor role models today when their parents and kids both sit around smoking pot, to be cool. Its a race to the bottom.

                The morality of the country has been reduced to a cartoon, BS jokesters who waste time, and bring the rest down to their childish, foolishness. They will be layed to waste when SHTF. And you know what, good riddance. Useless space wasting eaters who will all end up on EBT and welfare. And I am tired of paying for all their bad decisions.


                • I concur wholeheartedly!

                  • I personally like sitting around. Sometimes I sit on my hands but I have to take 1 to drink my beer. I sit and think a lot about stuff and have some good ideas with the help of my friend Mr. beer. I am not on the dole, I have a job, I only work 6 months a year. A lot of time to sit around lol. I’m not wealthy but I do just fine. Spend an hour or 2 doing chores then sit around and think lol. After work I sit around and read stuff like this forum. I am not depressed in fact I’m quite happy sitting around. It’s one of my favorite past times. If I was busy all the time I wouldn’t have time to reflect and think of stuff. Working all the time is for slaves. In fact I turn down work and let the slaves do it lol. Sitting around is good 🙂

                    • Genius, You know, I do the same thing. I have been self employed like 23 yrs. As a person who wears all the hats running a company, you have to take time and sit back and analyze what you are doing, strategize, and bounce ideas off yourself, plot new ventures.. Look at things from a different angle, or just rest.. ha.

                      I had this motto in my office for years, that I wrote on the board that I would see every day, “Innovate or Evaporate.” That’s the 2 choices in business, coming up with a new idea or ways to sell, keeping yourself motivated, if not, you go out of business. I have taken time off of my business from time to time, to help other people get their business up and running. I also have mentored many helping them create their own businesses and getting set up in buildings and storefronts. And it helps me refresh myself, when I then get back to my business. One guy I helped set up a T-Short business. With in 1 year he was selling $20K of T-shirts a month world wide. I saw his numbers.. Pretty cool.

                      Lately I have been thinking about how to make money or create more wealth in Post SHTF. Like a Trading Post, But I hate being pinned down like a slave to a retail store. I am semi-retired, but still like a good income. Living where I am at now, rural, most people are broke out here in the boonies. Lots of kids inherited their parents homes and property, which is all paid off, but some are who are motivated and pretty creative, are working on projects in there big garages. We hang out and chat, drink some beers. This one guy has piles of old scrap metal, from rake heads to saw blades, car parts to springs, etc. He had welded some of the parts together like in 2 ft tall figurines or Martians or animal like objects. Pretty creative, but he said he could not sell them in the area. I said that’s because nobody here has money, I said I could take them down to Tampa or Orlando to garden shows, and a lot of the people there with money, would easily buy them for lawn ornaments. I said get busy and creative and start putting more of them together and when he has like 30 to 40 of them welded together, I will look for a garden show and help him sell them. Its all about analyzing situations… Thinking out of the box, they created. Everything is recyclable and can be used for repurposing.. So don’t throw anything away or scrap it just yet. This guy is not computer illiterate, so I looked up some of the antique things he has, on-line to find their worth. Old sewing machine 1924 that goes for a few hundred bucks. An Old coke machine in great shape, easily $1000. Plenty of wealth sitting right there, just injecting some marketing knowledge into his arena. Anywho, opportunities are out there. The best way to predict the future is to create it.

                      ~WWTI… “Innovate or Evaporate”

                    • Good you share your knowledge and help people help themselves. Good saying too, I have seen a lot of businesses fail because they did not innovate. There is always a way to make $ on your own terms. The stupid and lazy will perish….

                • Pardon my ignorance but what’s a bj piercing?

                  • It’s what a stanky trollop does by having her tongue pierced and usually a round ball ear ring thing inserted. Usually seen on cartoon tatoo magoo freaks.

            • Pretty funny BH aka Mr know it all with no credit, calling out others as losers. Hey BH tell the board here what your personal Net Worth is? LMFAO… If you even know that that means..


              • Hey “WWTI”, you’re at it again, bashing others on this board. Leave Braveheart and Eppe alone you fucking ASSHOLE! Go do something constructive like sterilize all your butt plugs. Bragging about your imaginary fortune and immense success is a joke. People who have money don’t talk about it.

                • Sally Jane, Whoville, and Dean Jones, are eppe’s New Fake Army at his Fake BOL, and they are armed with Fake Battle rifles, to all take on the Fake Boogie Man.

                  I already told ya, Ya can’t fake prepping dopey.

                  Thought you were running off to hide for a while? Take your marbles and go jerk ff.


                  • Whats the matter, Nutria, cannot handle the thought there are many posters here hate your GUTS as much as I do?
                    You hate theives and liars, but you are the biggest liar here. And the most slanderous.
                    Everyone should beat you up, maybe you would just leave.
                    If you died tonight, this site would be way better…

              • Why is WhoWTFKnows such a low life and insecure loser? Friendless, I’m sure.

            • I worked as manager of a group home years ago. Our “clients” were mentally ill individuals, developmentally disabled(“retarded”)and drug-seeking (not addicted) convicts. The DD’s and the mentally ill wanted jobs and dreamed of living independently–yet were unemployable. The convicts, many intelligent and crafty in the ways of smuggling drugs into the home NEVER wanted jobs, and if brought to places of business to apply made certain that the interview went badly. Their plan was to sell drugs and live on welfare. Our staff–at first subject to a pre-employment urinalysis–could not pass a drug test, and so the company dropped the requirement that they be drug free if all they tested positive for was marijuana. If they hadn’t, they’d never be able to hire staff to care for the “clients”. Many staff were found to be muling drugs into the home, and in one case, stole Oxycodone to sell to a former client that had just gotten out of prison.

          • to all you old folks on social security thats the dole thats welfare you need to read your history before you speak you dont know what other people face or what the real truth is

        • Braveheart I know a lot of black men that are hard working the ones your referring to I define as plain ole nigger nothing more nothing less

        • Dang Braveheart, and to say you are virtually SURROUNDED by “them” would be the understatement of the Century, without a doubt.

          And I agree (with a big toothless grin) that they ARE worse than worthless, ignorant, irritating and one reason I always ‘carry’ (.45ACP)Glock21.

          Other than agreeing with all you’ve stated, I DO believe everyone should own one if they aren’t going to swim back home soon.

        • I know some white males that act the same way!!!

      4. The simple and hard fact is this: blacks do not know how to create wealth, period. So, putting them in charge of the economy is bound to end badly. All they have done is rack up as much credit card debt as possible, visited every pay day loan lender one can find, and put millions on the only thing they know how to work, welfare. As for creating stable, smart companies that create thousands of high-quality job? Has a black CEO ever done that? Last I checked, Steve Jobs was not black, nor is Bill Gates, or Mark Zuckerberg. Jheri Curl does not count. Chinese people do not need Jheri Curl and so you won’t be selling much of that stuff to China. Nor do they want back issues of Ebony. Or weaves or coconut body rub.

        Step up and make a black Switzerland, then you earn the right to run the world’s biggest economy. Until then, you learn at the feet of those who know how to make money and make prosperous economies and societies. You act respectfully, you tell BLM to shut the f#ck up and you put a suit on, pull up your pants and wash your underwear. Do that day after day until you have your sh#t together, then you earn the right to tell others what to do.

        • Frank Thoughts, both of your posts are spot on. The blacks don’t have a leg to stand on.

          • Frank, look at Africa, never did anything, never will.

            • Why don’t we all just form a very large team of men with mops. Drive around the USA wetting their lips and sticking them to mirrors or windows (to eventually dehydrate and drop off), then dispense with?

              Or hang Velcro strips (the ‘hooked’ part) everywhere you can find a place to put one. They be trapped by the Velcro and could be dispatched as time permitted.

              Crime would certainly take a huge dip, I should think….

        • In the end the saying, “Idle time is the devil’s play”holds true.

          • K2, thats true… I sit and think of all kinds of wicked shit I want to do to TPTB. And anyone else that deserves it.

        • “So, putting them in charge of the economy is bound to end badly.”

          The President is not in charge of the economy but the SOBs at the Federal Reserve have one hell of a lot of influence. Government is just the administrator of policy’s developed by globalists. Taking a cross section of society there is little doubt that Asians and Jewish people dominate as education is the number one priority. After that comes the white and at the rear black. I can say once again where I worked everyone maxed out their 401k and when someone retired after 35-40 years with one million everyone says, “Thats all he has”. I know lots of blue collar millionaires white and black.

          The basic downfall, the Achilles Heel of the black population is a great percentage of fragmented to non existent family units and very little emphasis on education. Asians, Jews are very strong in that area, whites less so, blacks generally real bad.

          • I find it interesting that you don’t count jews as “white”. Is it your experience that most jews are not classified as caucasian?

            • They are Kazzarians

              • Jews are white but their culture calls for a separation. You just can’t lump in a mainstream white American in emphasis on education and the dominance of family with American Jews. I know a lot of Jewish people and never met one or heard of one that didn’t go to college. No group has a higher per capita percentage of professionals.

                • I heard they have big noses because the air is free.

            • Jews are white but their culture calls for a separation. You just can’t lump in a mainstream white American in emphasis on education and the dominance of family with American Jews. I know a lot of Jewish people and never met one or heard of one that didn’t go to college. No group has a higher per capita percentage of professionals.

          • I think you are right about the habits and priorities that lead to life success. Most blacks are bathed in a culture of ignorance and violence. This means any smart blacks are viciously bullied or even killed for daring to act ‘white’.

            Because of this negative culture, a badge of honor is to speak with Ebonics, to dress like a gangster, to intimidate others rather than smile and present an outstretched, friendly hand, because that would make you a ‘whitey’.

            If blacks behaved more like Jews and Asians, they would be much farther ahead as a group. Knowing about money and saving, how to acquire assets, how to study, how to reach out to others. It is sad because the lack of wealth and success means most urban blacks have poor health, poor habits and thus the women fail to attract mates who could lift them up. Bad food habits lead to obesity and poor skin complexion, a big turn-off for attracting guys. Few to no white or Asian men aspire to marry a black woman. Yet, such a marriage would advance a woman’s standing very quickly. Because of this, black women pine for the strong black man with the big bamboo to come along and make a baby and take care of them. But instead, they get pregnant with the ‘baby father’, who splits to impregnate another woman, and she is stuck living on welfare in a project.

            Just do a test in any urban area: walk down the street holding hands with a black girlfriend if you are white, or god forbid, Asian. You will receive the worst abuse from other blacks. Teeth sucking etc. Or good luck being a white or Asian man fathering a black child. You will endlessly be told you are destroying the child’s ‘blackness’ and robbing them of their ‘black culture roots’. And if you try to make them smart and get them into Harvard, that’s the worst thing you can do. You will have BLM or some other activist group bitching you out.

            Instead, white men aspire to marry Asian women because a) they are hot, and b) they are smart. Equally, Asian women like white or Jewish men because they have a) bigger schlongs, and b) they have families and careers, something that matters a lot to Asians.

            • It is The American Indians who sport the largest. Period.

      5. Yea yea the white man is holding the black man back truth is there is too many pc crap rules like sex harassment over bull shit even the 3rd party crap but yet if your a man and feel like a woman you can piss in the womens restroom…and if you pray at lunch and someone is offended your gonna be wrote up…and never look at cleavage ..cant smoke at work or chew cus it offends and never speak up for your self cus that makes a hostile work environment so im thinking alot of people are like why bother to even try

      6. There are jobs to be had, but they won’t make a living. The initiative just isn’t going to be there when you’re breaking your back to break even. Not that I condone taking something for nothing, but it is sure easier getting up in the morning thinking you’re gaining ground.

        • Linemen $150,000 a year, good incentive to work, fast food not so much.

      7. Sixty three days. Party like a rock star until then. That is if you are done prepping.

        • ANON
          Never done Prepping, but I’m still going to live like it is the last day of my life!!!!

          Just put together more 6.8SPC’s. Has some more prepping stuff on the way.


          • SGT. Dale

            I have stuck to the military rounds. Still buying up various magazines for both pistol and rifle. I don’t have those type of weapons for them but since they are cheap at the flea market, I stash them away. Some Berretta and a lot or various AR-15 mags.

            As for preps it is fine tuning. Nothing major.

      8. B.S.-B.S.-B.S.
        Just ask any one in the Obullshit administration, and they will tell you its not so!

        Tell me it ain’t so! We are in a Depression? The last time we were like this was in 1930s to 1940s, And we all went back to work. (SSSSHHHH to tell anyone that we also had WW2.)

        This time We will go back to work like we did before. This time we won’t need electric lights we will all GLOW!



      9. Perhaps people are getting fed up being extorted for their labor, and sit around INTENTIONALLY to game what little shred of the system they can. The useful Mexicans happily come here and work like slaves to undermine the financial system of a country they ALL view as the enemy.

        They lost the battles and treatied away the land which used to belong to them in our western states, but they’ll win the war through our financial demise. Millions of Free shit army hand-out beneficiaries and 100’s of thousands of field workers, cleaning wenches, nannies, lawn mowers, drug pushers, thugs and prostitutes is a major blow to this country, we cannot continue to absorb.

        The illegal “Immigration” problem is a pc way to call mexico’s invasion of our country by a sweet-smelling name – nothing more. Obviously, if you are willing to break a country’s laws to get there, what WON’T you do once you already in it???!

      10. I don’t know about a Great Depression, all I know is that this SHTF stuff is Greatly Depressing. Like a Zombie Walk.

      11. Young men derive their self esteem from bedding young beautiful women. When those young women were controlled by their fathers and had no income of their own, a young man would bust ass to get a good job to win the lady’s hand in marriage.

        Now that the women have their own jobs and are free to mate with whomever they want, the young man has become an unemployed spornosexual (online porn and sports star) narcissist with no drive to succeed.

        • JRS, nowadays these young guys are sponging off these young women and it makes me sick to see that. That is wrong. The man is supposed to do for the woman, NOT vice-versa. That’s just how I was raised; that’s just me.

      12. Hell,reading the news of the world I suffer depression but tis only temp.I have a roof over me head and roofs at other places when needed for work ect.,good what is left alive family,good what is left alive friends,not a rich man monetarily but do OK for the time being,actually consider meself a rich man in many ways.

        Oh,also have a full head of hair with gorgeous locks 18″-24″ long!Sorry Sarge,couldn’t resist,must have been due to growing up on well water!

        • Jim Morrison got nothing on you…

      13. You guys are full of it. You have weeks to prep if not days. Why waste time.

        • Rec,disagree,believe many here have fair amounts of storage going on,though with out photos/receipts ect. no way to prove and is kinda dumb to show where and how much you have stashed.

          • WD

            But I like wasting time. Hehehe!

      14. I thing most guys are in prison right now that’s why you don’t see many riding bikes or homeless. Get laid off miss child support payments go to jail . Get out of jail lost car , tools , clothes . Can’t find job miss child support payments again second offense . Violate court order to pay . Back to jail. Or get laid off no money for car insurance big fine can’t pay go to jail. Get out get desperate steal from construction site go to jail . Get out no jobs . Get hungry steal again back to jail. Or get in fight in jail maybe set up get more time. Or living in your car get set up by cops go to jail. We really have no idea how many red list guys are being set up and imprisoned. The prison industrial complex must have full occupancy . And they need to expand. They owe it to their stock holders . No jobs fills the militaries ranks , and the prisons ranks.

        • EXACTLY!!!! Women get cared for, WHILE THEY BITCH ABOUT THEIR “RIGHTS”!!! All women have to do is pop a kid out,(or 2 or 3)and the “MA-YUN” is on the hook to pay support and health care for 20-25 years (A’la Obama Care) and DCSS. No ACTUAL expense records are kept or used to appraise the amount, and there is no line to input the precious mother’s contribution in the calculations – its just another form of wealth redistribution. Women get to double dip from the GUBBERMINT on food stamps, TANF, and cash aid while the evil life-support system for the cock is bled dry financially as HIS parental rights are ignored!

          Of course men are withdrawing from meaningful conduct – going MGTOW, the social contract commonly referred to as marriage has been completly skewed in favor of the snatch! It’s about time men take their balls back and go home! How’s that equal rights treating ya’ now girls? Here’s a thought, if women have equal rights, go get a fucking job and support yourself EQUALLY!

          The demise of society was completed when women were duped into the “Women’s Rights Struggle” – Yeah, women should be SOOOOO proud they can make money, fuck like badgers in heat, and ignore modesty while scuttling maternal instincts they have been ingrained with over millennia for the glorious title of “Sleep around slut” for the sake of an errant belief THAT is what it means to be a “MAN”

          What is happening is a revolution of personal awakening, (Mostly white) men are fed-up being told they are second class citizens to women, whites are tired of black whining, and LEGAL Americans are done being caught with the empty purse in their hand while mattress-riders, thugs, and terrorists are given the go-ahead to rape and plunder our values, culture, economy, land, and people.

          Let it burn, then we’ll see how many non-whites are purged from the country. We’ll see too if women are able to stand on their own to support their “RIGHTS” without the protection of men or a veneer of society to keep them from being rape-toys. There’s a reason it’s called the oldest profession in the world, those religious zealots out there know the story, Eve used sex to steal from Adam, and it’s ALL been downhill from there…

          Countdown to the vote held with ammo boxes, not ballot boxes is in full swing, like it or not, so prep like your life depends on it!

      15. These days yout women don’t wanna boyfriend that is always working and away. Being a nigger to impress a lady with$ is frowned on by the girls. You can sell dope and make a weeks pay in three hours without working in some chemical plant for 8 hrs a day freeing up time for your girl. Being a hard worker is for fools. Your getting exploited. I’ve said it before but wages are calculated by the least productive worker. That’s what you wanna be unproductive as possible for corporations. Just here for a check. I always laugh at guys who bust their ass they are getting paid the same as me. They can suck ass all they want I prefer to keep my dignity.

        • If that’s sarcasm then fine, very amusing. If it’s not then you’re being a bit short-sighted, don’t you think? Do you really believe your loafing/malingering routine is so seamless that your superiors haven’t noticed? You think they can’t spot a shammer like you, smoking and jokin the whole workday long? Well Mr. Hat, when the big squeeze arrives, and it will, I’d bet all the whiskey in Ireland that your neck will be among the first to get the axe.

      16. I have not been unemployed for more than a week at a time in my 60 years….I have not been unemployed more than 3 times in my whole life…And I was in a depressed area….

      17. Off topic they were saying on the radio that Wells Fargo bank has been incentivizing employees who can get people to open accounts. Well the employees figured out that they can take $ out of people’s accounts to open new accounts and collect bonuses for the opening of new accounts. For me I’m thinking about getting my $ out of banks before the bank runs start. The collapse is here and the facade has been wallpapered over but there is holes in the wall underneath. All these young guys out of work during their prime $ making years is gonna be realized when there is no more social security and no $ for nursing homes or funerals in the future. You will then know why. All these threads are showing us all the cracks in the financial fabric of society. Oh but I’m a doomed gloomier because I can’t find anything good in America anymore. I’m just negative for being real and seeing shit for what it is.

      18. This is an old article. Are you getting hard up for original material? I’ll write for you.

        Hi Folks!!

        Well things aren’t looking so good. Unemployment is up. Nuclear war seems like a real possibility. Blacks are rioting. Mexicans are procreating. Whites are becoming extinct. The Country has been invaded by Muslims who want to impregnate your daughter and behead your wife. Then teach you some sharia law. The J*ws control the banks and buy the Politicians. Hillary is a sick lesbo and Trump is a – we don’t know yet. The boys are effeminate. The girls are like boys. The kids are dumb. The food is poison. Entertainment is pornographic. The Pope is a heretic. Isreal is selling human organs removed from kidnapped Palestiniens. Eastern European girls are being held as slaves in Isreal sexually exploited by the unchosen imposters who are about to usher in the Anti-Christ 666.


        • B from CA.

          News at Eleven.

      19. North Korea just detonated a nuke. Seriously less than 5 min ago. It registered 5.3 on the Richter scale. It may be go time everyone

        • Should I bring the tomato plants in?

          • As far as I know it was underground , the next one may be overhead though

            Haha you’re good on the tomato plants for tonight I would bet

      20. There is PLENTY of work!

        That is, if you are a travel agent for Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama or an expert at deleting email files for Hilary.

        I hear Michelle is renting out the country of Lichtenstein for just her and 800 of her leftist Chicago corruptocrat cronies!

      21. If you do not work, you get welfare.

      22. yep the news just gets better things are looking up maybe I should go out and get a loan.

      23. Get a job bums stop smoking dope if you wanna job. Jobs nowadays are easy you just gotta show up duh.

      24. According to, the August unenjoyment rate was 23%.

      25. According to, the real unenjoyment rate for August was 23%. The Kenyon usurper is a criminal piece of garbage…failure as a president.

        • Pontus, by his acts, he is a success at what he set out to do. Ruin the nation.

      26. sure am glad i don’t live in cali…

        LEPROSY HITS CALIFORNIA Primary school kids ‘struck down with Biblical flesh-rotting skin disease’

      27. Sept. 11 2016 perfect time for a major false flag . A minor one would put trump in office . A major one would stop the elections.

      28. Actually time is not on OUR side. Patriots just kick the can down the road. The Obama/McCain NDAA destroyed our Bill of Rights. That was 4-1/2 years ago. What did we patriots do? Yea, jack.

        What are leaders associated with the so-called ‘Liberty Movement’ waiting for? Anarchy? I wonder. Then what are we are supposed to do? Don our thermal evasion ghillie suits and BO with our ARs? Then wait for weaponized drones to seek us out. That’s great for the Rambos. I guess wives and children will be acceptable collateral losses?

      29. In my area there are so many entry/managemnt level jobs that nobody can fill them everywhere you go there are help wanted signs. everywhere is short handed because of a lack of employees.

      30. In my area there are so many entry/managemnt level jobs that nobody can fill them everywhere you go there are help wanted signs. everywhere is short handed because of a lack of employees.It seems if you want a job you could be working in my area

      31. Obama [trying to make the economy even better for Hillary by having $1.50 gas by election day] is tapping 15% of the US strategic oil reserve, adding to the already over supply already on the market. Next week the PPT will prop up the markets and send them to new all time highs by October. It’s is all fucking fixed. HERE IS A FACTOID THE NWO WON’T TELL YOU… For every immigrant since 1980, either the immigrant or the legal citizen the immigrant stole the job from went on entitlements. look at the population data then look at the entitlement data.

      32. I find it incredible how a generation that has at its fingertips the tools to learn something useful and
        productive is completely useless. When I was a young man, when I needed to know how to do something I had to find someone who knew to do it, and pick their brains. Now nearly everything it took me a lifetime to learn is now loaded onto youtube. What it boils down to is that there is little or no work ethic anymore. A local company regularly advertises for machinist positions at an entry level at a very good starting pay, but they cannot keep their staff because they require their employees to take a piss test, which means that the turnover of staff is continual since recreational drug use to the twenty somethings outweighs the importance of being a productive member of society. It is no wonder companies are moving as much of their businesses to foreign nations. Something big is coming down the pike. We cant all get paid to “not grow corn”. Good Luck!

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