As Hillary Steals the White House, Five More Added to “Clinton Body Count”

by | Aug 5, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 54 comments

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    This video was produced by Aaron and Melissa Dykes and originally published at the TruthstreamMedia YouTube channel.

    Editor’s Comment: Victor Thorn. Shawn Lucas. John Ashe. Seth Rich. Joe Montano. And counting. These suspicious deaths will not stop unless or until the candidate is stopped and put behind bars.

    It was just over a month ago that SHTF reported on the untimely death-by-barbell of John Ashe, who was slated to testify in a U.N. bribery scandal tied to the Clintons. Since his windpipe was crushed, a DNC staffer was murdered in the streets; a Tim Kaine aid had a heart attack on the first day of the DNC convention; a Bernie-supporter filed a lawsuit against the DNC for stealing the election before being found dead in his bathroom of unknown causes; and a conspiracy writer who authored several books on the crimes of the Clinton’s committed suicide on his birthday. Are any of these coincidences?

    Long-term followers of the vast right-wing conspiracy are quite familiar with the trail of dead who have been “suicided” or “Arkancided”  – if the conspiracies are correct – in order to cover up the crimes of the Clinton family. Of these, Vince Foster, former Rose Law Firm partner and close collaborator with Hillary, is only the most infamous. And things have only accelerated since.

    How many more bodies will drop to the floor before the first woman president takes office?

    Clinton Body Count +5 in Just 6 Weeks

    by TruthstreamMedia

    Hillary will stop at nothing to claw her way into the White House; unfortunately, people are dropping dead left and right in her path and, in the case of the last two found dead earlier this week, the mainstream media is pretending not to even notice they are gone…

    This video was produced by Aaron and Melissa Dykes and originally published at the TruthstreamMedia YouTube channel.


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      1. I love the title ” As Hillary Steals the White House”. No way this happens since we are the land of the free and the home of the braves. We are exceptional. We create fake wars and blame others for our criminal acts. We make hero out of scum billionaire while being raped by a known criminal family of Clinton and how soon we forgot the Bush family.

        The sad part is we do have many good patriots still in this country but the evil ZOG has and will suffocate them without any doubts. As Clint Estwood said: We are a nation of P……..

      2. People if this woman becomes president we will have war to keep our weapons. Don’t you remember what NAM looked like. I don’t want that here. Its working men against money men or nationalist against globalist. This election is our last chance. You don’t have to like him but we have to elect Trump.

        • Unfortunately, I think you are right. I was in Chu Lai.

        • I hate to be another wet blanket but that hag is going to be president just as assuredly as our half baked bro president was as well. The fix was in then and it is now. Rest assured. And prepare. You do not have enough ammunition.

      3. She is as evil as they come. Its hard to believe so many people are this stupid in this country as to even consider her for president. But just look at what we have now, a damn non citizen scum muslim. Fucked we are.

        • Menzo,

          • Apache54 It is like we live in an upside down bizarro world where evil is good and good is evil. It is a fact that you and I and many others that post here are walking through a world where everyone we come in contact with is a mindless zombie under some kind of hypnotic spell.

            • I agree. It appears that the years of chemically mining their brains for whatever dopamine they could extract has left them with out the ability to form rational thought or even think beyond basic bodily needs. Like Zika with out the shrinkage.

            • Menzoberranzan,
              What seems strange to me as well, ( I agree with your statement )
              Is when i am out and about and run into people it seems like they all have the same thoughts and or feelings, I rarely ever run into someone who is a liberal, and when i do they are so weird in there thinking it is like they are insane and cannot see the light for the dark. and those are the ones who seem to wlk around like zombies!

              • Apache54. I’m glad we are awake. The truth is much better than a lie.

              • Talk about “Zombie’s! Take a look at hitlary’s face as she talks about Seth Rich’s death/tragedy. Set the speed to slow mo while she talks about it, and you’ll notice “Not one muscle” in her “Upper Face” moves!
                Maybe it’s just me, but I thought I saw a slight grin as she finished talking about the tragedy of it all.

                There are 52 plus muscles in the human face…Is she “Strange?” A “Zombie?” Has “No Empathy?” Totally “Insane?” Or,is it that she is just “Very Happy?”

            • Menzo, God speaks of this very thing:

              Isa 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

              It is no surprise that it is happening.

              • No it’s not a surprise at all. The days of Noah are here again and pretty soon it will be time to sing!

                • Menzo, my song will be “Resistance”! MOLON LABE

            • Menzo
              That is exactly what it is,evil=good and good=evil. I’m in Canada where we are known to drink beer, watch hockey, and eat back bacon. That is what we are known for and yup the majority, are, zombies.
              I’m not, so I don’t fit in, which is why I come here, newbie alert.
              I feel that we are a communist country, without the sheep even knowing
              The lib government legalized bestiality, as long as penetration is not involved When you go down that slope, there is no turning back. We’re cooked.(that was a law that was passed, while people were, sleeping)
              I’m off to listen to some Floyd

              • Redundant, You’re so full of crap, it’s mind boggling!
                Were do you get off saying-The Lib’s have legalized bestiality? Get in touch with reality, Fool!
                I realize your butt “Still” hurts after harpo, your “Proven to be” a neo “Nazi associate,” and whites “only,” need apply kind of guy-beloved icon, was given the “BOOT;” But Get over it…Your inane comments sound like the same sort of “Dribble” that comes from the mindless “Bobble Head Pun-dents” at faux news!
                From A “Canadian” who has both Lib, as well as Con values!

        • Well said my friend.

        • agree 100%

        • Everything you said was true except claiming Obama is a Muslim. That makes no sense. He kills more Muslims than any one on earth. His mother’s side is actually jewish, a banking family too. Makes more sense when you put it all together.

      4. We all know that this whore is a murdering bitch along with all the democrats that support her. Yes it is possible that they are going to try and steal the election, but I would caution you assholes about one thing. If the whore gets in you who voted for her will become targets in the war that will take place so is your life worth having that gargoyle as your president just saying you will learn to be watching behind your backs for the rest of your life and when the realization that you are done for dawns upon you don’t say you were not warned.

      5. Clinton is UP by 15 pts. Mark my words: SHE WILL LOSE IN NOVEMBER !!! 🙂

      6. Clinton’s are scum. Those monsters trot out the Khan man and fat wife to pull at the heartstrings of America. Turns out the Khan Man has a very Sketchy past. Imagine that. I know the Islamic culture very well and Trump was one hundred percent correct in his observation of her Standing there like a robotic hajib. Khan man pulls out his pocket constitution ( cough dramatic effect). Then go’s on a five minute tirade attacking Trump. Then The Donald answers back with like eleven words and oh my the horrible Racist. In Northern Virginia ( Kaine and Gov Mcawful are scum as well) whole Cities, towns and communities have been overwhelmed and taken over by Muzzies and Latinos. As a Leo I see the lawlessness and nonsense that it going on. Arrestee’s deported only to return months later up to their same shenanigans. What’s wrong with tightening our borders. Why does Obama purposely hamstring Border Patrol. The democrats and sick minded liberals are determined to destroy our beloved country. Trumps not perfect but damn I admire a man that does not back down . Especially to political correctness. He does as my mother taught all the kids in our family that if someone attacks you . You hit back twice as Hard!!!

      7. This would be a great place for students to study expectancy violations theory… tho I doubt they could refuse pecking on the glass once in a while like an ant farm…?

        ⛄️:::stop that you little bastirds or the frost man makes you go bye-bye

        • Uh, What?

          • Expectancy violations theory (EVT) is a theory of communication that analyzes how individuals respond to unanticipated violations of social norms and expectations.

      8. The guy from the UN who ‘died’ was a big figure who had negotiated all the UN’s current development goals. He literally was ‘the man’ – the go-to dude who used bribery and money laundering to weave together a tapestry of global corruption. He was owed, and owed, by pretty well anyone who counted. He was also the big guy for climate change and the UN environment money laundering scams. That’s probably why they weightlifted him. He let his own greed and incompetence get him caught by the IRS and the FBI. And he got the Chinese implicated in his dirty dealings, a big motivation to rub him out. And the Chinese are connected to Clinton, so another reason to ‘choke the bar’.

      9. “Orwellian” is an adjective describing a situation, idea, or societal condition that George Orwell identified as being destructive to the welfare of a free and open society.-wikipedia

      10. Very small number of whats to come if she’d be elected.

        • She will be selected, As we know, she is backed my some major players, for this game called life.
          GOD HELP US

      11. The word “mafia” is an acronym. Some say it stands for “Mazzini Authorizes Fires (etc.)”.

        Mazzini wrote a letter to Albert Pike, a Free Mason, in 1870. Which was kept on display in a museum for many years. In the letter, Mazzini outlines a plan for World War One, Two and Three. Although the world believes the mafia is Italian, it is really Zionist. The Italian people were its victims. One outcome of the plan was the establishment of the State of Isreal in Palestine. A Vote for Hillary is a vote for WW3 by the Zionists to accomplish the complete takeover of the oil rich lands of the Middle East, the J*w World Order, and the genocide of white Christians throughout the world: and the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem for the purpose of animal sacrifice. All non J*ws are unclean animals, therefore they will be tortured by piercing and crucified in mockery of Jesus Christ.
        We’ve only just begun to see the murder of innocents.


        • you have a head full of poo laced with blind hate….

          • vocal patriot…At least his head is not up to his ass like you. Why is always “hate” when someone tells the truth about you SOB’s. Stop killing those poor palestinian kids and try to fight with real warriors but you cockroaches don’t have a guts except acting like poor and innocent victims.

            Go and F%^7% Youself.

        • B, do what now????

          • from AcronymFinder:

            What does MAFIA stand for?
            MAFIA stands for Mazzini Autorizza Furti Incendi Avvelenamenti (Italian: Mazzini Authorizes Thefts, Fires and Poisonings)

            *Music and Film Industry Association
            *Morte Alla Francia Italia Anela
            *Males and Females in Action
            *Miami Association of Filmmakers and Independent Actors
            *Mothers and Fathers Italian Association
            *Mid America Fists in Action
            *Math and Fun International Association
            *Management and Financial Information Analysis

          • Grandee:

            What do we do now?

            Send money to “Duke for Senate . Com”

            Dr. David Duke has been fighting against the insane policies of the Global Zionist’s that are destroying our way of life and bringing us closer and closer to nuclear world war. He has been an unapologetic champion for the survival of white Christians. Together, Trump as President and Duke as Senator (of Louisiana) we will finally have a say in how our Country is governed. With or without Trump, Duke’s presence in the Senate, for six years, can only be good.

            We must educate each other and especially the young who must stand up and get involved in government until we have reclaimed the Republic and secured our freedoms.


            • Also listen to Duke on the Rense Radio. He has a one hour broadcast that can be heard live or on archives.


              • B from CA: Good Luck with that idea for her! She is Never going to ever read or research any David Duke infos or articles or videos. Nor read any info from webite of John Q Public own site. JQP was/Is a reply poster guy at shtf here.

                His website is filled with facts on “zog” and israel and zionists agendas etc etc…Lots on WWI and WWII Facts also! www dot judaism dot is Check that site out!

                Hard to argue when its info in them Rabbis own words eh? Yet some folks still will! Same for facts of WWII biggie issues and Nazi Vs jewry issues…Too much real facts truth to handle eh?

                No, some folk here B/CA are far more likley to invest/donate cash to a 3rd temple rebuild so the animal sacrafices burnt offerings can be resumed again.

                Because you know, they claim Christs death on cross did it for all time and for all peoples….But at same time in same mind some also believe in 3rd temple anaimal sacrafices also are much needed! Cog Dissonence they calls it I believe. Same mind contains Two exact Opposites at same time and both are 100% correct!

                And Nothing they are told or shown will ever get them to change minds. Kinda like dem libs and marxist kommie think no?

        • I’ve recently read some newer additions related to your post. I’m sorry that I don’t have info for you on were to source the articles.
          The articles I read, described what was to be a slow methodical take over of the U.S. government, beginning in the early sixties. By having small numbers of Zionist elites elected to office at first, then using bribes, corruption, black mail and huge amounts of cash, they were to ensure more and more like minded vermin were elected as Senators and Congressmen, as well as slowly over many years, enable others of their ilk to be placed in any, and all positions of high importance when ever possible.

          Utilizing the above methods, they were supposed to incrementally increase their numbers in all areas of importance over these past 50 years; And as the articles predicted, it would seem the majority of high ranking gov positions, along with their staff, are now filled by Zionists, or, their traitors to the U.S. “puppets.”

          The articles all (3) stated, it would be extremely important to have absolute control over all MSM out lets as quickly as possible, in order to use propaganda to subvert rational miss givings by the general public.

          It seems to me the domination and control over all gov policies, the military, banking systems and especially the MSM has happened as these articles said it would.

          PS. If you check the last names of most of the high placed gov reps and their underlings, owners of MSM and ceo’s of military arms suppliers,(etc:) I think you’ll find it very interesting!!! Even Kerry’s real last name might surprise you…

          PPS. Also, If you think back to how the Israeli prime minister, nut job net en ya-hoo (MASS MURDERER!) received a 5 minute standing ovation from the U.S. Congress, I think it’s very telling.
          An ovation for a murderer of children-I just can’t figure that one out…

      12. This reminds me of that old story. “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” My how she parades around so proud. Touting that chin out just like Barry does. It’s almost like she believes the BS. Anyway, the story, for those of you who don’t know it, is quite simple. Taylors and seamstresses get together to make the king some new clothes. They are given all the best shit, so they come up with some clothes that are so awesome, that only people of true honor can see them. To everyone else, they’re invisible. The king can’t see them and questions his nobility. But ends up playing along because he’s the king, and goes around naked thinking he has clothes. However, everyone refuses to accept the king is naked and plays along with him, because nobody wants to be dishonest, until a child finally calls him out. Everybody can see the king is naked, but nobody wants to admit it. So you see, we all can see right through it, but how many of us can admit to each other? How many of us still play along? How many of us still feed it?

      13. The J** World Order is seeking white Christianic peoples genocide? I was under the impression, due to ALL of this year’s headlines, that a group named ISIS explicitly wants to kill all White Christians, actually, all Christians (to include Spanish/Castille descent), Roman Catholics are also Christians.

        All of those Christians are not exactly going to lay down and allow themselves to be beheaded, enslaved nor used for body parts “as needed.” Those who are entertaining such thoughts aren’t long for this world. Ain’t nothin’ we ain’t dealt with before. Different bullshit (money being the bottom line of course, and power), different day.

        Allowing trash to overcome a metropolis COULD EASILY INVOKE SEVERAL PANDEMICS (especially if the “gathered bodies outside” were “soaked” with the very horrors they want spread by mosquitoes would be spread beyond control that very evening. (Even in areas like Florida where aerial spraying is done every evening or the mosquitoes would “fly you away” the next day).

      14. And l expect it to grow more

        • Me Too.

          Can you imagine what her presidency will be like if she is elected after everything she has lied about and tamped down and swept under rugs ?

          rumors of supicious murders and people disappearing with no real reporting may become the normal. The corrupt countries that you hear about in south America will be the usa imo.

      15. they murder their way to the top…clear and simple…there is only one way to deal with this kind of ruthlessness….by using the same methods they do.

      16. so, the jews, very astutely, planned their decimation during world war two??? WOW….
        very sneaky, those zionistas…..

        • Amazing, isn’t it, that there were several million more Jews in the world after WWII than before. I feel sure that they didn’t go into high gear breeding!
          The Jewish financial power, such as Rothschilds (Bauers), Lazard, Sieff, etc. hardly cared a whit about the little schmuck nobody Jews who were sucked up by the Nazis. Shopkeepers, tailors, factory workers, fishmongers, of no consequence to the wealthy and powerful jews who financed Hitler & Co. into power. The Nazis rewarded them with the title of “True Aryans” – European Jews actually are Aryans (Caucasians) and are not Semites (though Semites are also Caucasians).

      17. The Propaganda machine is working over time. nights, weekends and holidays to convince you that she has already won the election and it is still 3 months away.
        It is unbelievably obvious watching the daily spin from all of the talking heads with daily mentions that if the election were held today Hitlery would win by…fill in the blank. Well, The election is not today and how the hell do they know she will win. Wait, I know the answer. The fix is in. The game IS rigged. Your vote, my vote does not mean a damn thing other than to give you and I that temporary patriotic do good feeling that you did your part. Until someone can convince me otherwise I really don’t think our votes matter anymore. I became suspicious when that phony imposter currently in the white house got elected the second time around. No way in hell that was going to happen without some cheating going on. We’re doomed folks.

      18. Old bones are coming home to roost.

      19. Hillary is getting to much help from Trump. Way to much at stake for the people of this country who crave change. If he was not serious, he should not have sought the nomination.

      20. Hillary has so many lieutenants in her camp who stand to benefit from maintaining the status quo that she no longer needs to give “direct orders” for a hit.

        Thus it is difficult to implicate her directly with anything. Corruption is self feeding.

      21. Trump pisses me off. We had the election in the bag. We could have run a rodeo clown and won. Nope, we run a dem turned republican who doesn’t know what’s coming out of his pie hole. Trump needs to get beat and badly. This idiot is not who he says he is and there are better choices like Cotton. We deserve what we are going to get and that’s HRC.

      22. Beowulf is Right we need Trump. But There is a lot to be said about A One Shot Sniper on if Trump Dos not Get in

      23. It’s now six bodies, an Iranian nuclear scientist discussed in some of Hillary’s hacked emails was just executed by the Ayatollahs for espionage.

      24. Unreported: Seth was apparently followed as he left his girlfriend’s walking to his place. His bruises consistent with forcibly hitting pavement while cause of death was two gun shots fired into the back of his head with a handgun. Execution style hit, no robbery. Investigation continues..

      25. “I believe in coincidences. Coincidences happen every day. But I don’t trust coincidences.”


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