America’s Fatal Wound? “What Obama Did That Is Unforgivable”

by | Nov 21, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 42 comments

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    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Comment: President Obama poured on the spigot of debt for eight years, at a faster rate than all his predecessors, with the cup running over.

    This massive pile of debt was accumulated at zero percent interest rates, but that certainly isn’t where rates will stay.

    Failed policies and a very harsh turning of the screw against the population has made raising interest rates at the Federal Reserve inevitable… for a couple of years now, Janet Yellen has been merely waiting for the right time, which many have speculated was waiting on the results of the election.

    Now, the enormous cost of the national debt will be further inflated by the steeper price at which it must be repaid, despite the fact that the money was lent by the very central bank institution that is supposed to serve this country. Misunderstanding the relationship has only made things more difficult, and hopelessly uphill..

    Nassim ‘Black Swan’ Taleb Sums Up Obama’s Legacy In 3 Painfully “Real” Tweets

    by Tyler Durden

    Having previously exposed the “intellectual-yet-idiot” class, Nassim Taleb unleashes his acerbic tone in 3 painfully “real news” tweets on President Obama’s legacy…

    How long before Taleb is banned from Twitter for such ‘hate-speak’?

    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.


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      1. Soon enough, he’ll be banned.

      2. You mean to say, Obama, the first multi-racial President (as far as we know), was NOT the greatest ever most ETHICAL President of these Divided States.?!?.

      3. Daily Sheeple website “suspended”. He comes the censorship, Mac your thoughts sir?

        • Just checked Daily Sheeple at 11:36 pm on Nov. 21.
          Came up fine for me.

      4. Dailysheeple account suspended. Never posted there or here until now. Cant email Mac cause the verification code rejected multiple efforts. My isp is EPB fiber optic in Tn. Very strange.

        • I am assuming you are using Windows or a ‘cell’. If ya wanna talk STRANGO-stuff you should see how TERMINAL in Unix is behaving as of the last 12hrs or so.

          I have reason to believe that when Obama let ICAAN ‘go’ – he REALLY put the screws to us “under the table” in a way we are not yet aware of. There are “myriads” of servers that we can’t access in ANY way (it’s as if they unplugged the Mains).

          Obama will “set everything in place that he can think of” between now and the big day, yet even Obama has expressed that his “power” is now limited by a great many things – – not to mention that Hillary blew herself out of the water and all the bad ‘rap’ on Trump that the media spewed forth actually worked in his favor, so they screwed themselves (as if Fox, CNN and all other truly thought THEY are FAR SMARTER than us “deplorables.”

      5. the daily sheeple is down again. This time, even the new domain “THEdailysheeple dot com”, says Account Suspended…..

        • Did they nix TDS? If they did, and its not just a glitch, the Ranger may have to put on his totally figurative gun belt and star and go after the perps!

          If anyone else out there needs help backing up a site, offsite, let me know. I have a secret place. We can’t serve it from there but we can stash it there for safe keeping.

          If the fake news controllers (aka the MSM controllers, aka The Establishment) took down TDS, I’m gonna be *PISSED*!!!


          • NetRanger, good to see you back. How’ve you been?

        • I just checked and it’s up:

          ht tp://

        • I just checked thedailysheeple and it’s back up.

        • Ol’ Billy Boy was jumping up and down like a little kid thinking he could get back into the WH and rape more women. I’m just as glad as anyone that the Clintons lost and had to eat crow. Now they need to have an ‘accident’.

        • I appreciate everyone’s comments on this site. I am… a deplorable. I really want all of you watching this video to notice two things. 1. the kid… how she clasps her hands when she hugs momma. (I say… strange body language).
          2. Please understand that this is most likely not election day celebrations. LOOK at her RED DRESS… She wore the exact same dress on the first debate with Trump.
          That said… I’m not praising any Clinton.
          I can tell you with all the money they have taken SHE would NEVER wear the same dress twice… Please… Think about that for a moment. The poster of this video didn’t have a clue. Sorry to burst a bubble or two. I think she was flat out drunk on November 8th and obviously into the weeeee early hours the next day. and. Indeed “The Sun Has Come Up” what a HUGE Trigger statement. All hell broke lose after that one.
          Good Bye Hitlery, Good Bye Obummer, Good Riddens. Lets get Soros out of his hole and make him say Good Bye too.

          Hold on to your hats, its gonna be a wild ride after the major holidays.

      6. Bad news.


        Hillary Clinton was like playing Russian Roulette with a full auto AK-47…

        And Donald Trump was like playing it with a revolver with 2 rounds in it.

        … looks like we got the bullet, kids.

        “He tirelessly repeated,
        the war of Russia against Ukraine is a serious challenge for the West
        therefore, Brussels and Washington are going to take a tough stance on
        the aggression of Moscow.”

        Yeah we’re dead.

        It’s been nice knowing you.

      7. Why can’t Obullshit be like others Prez. Just shut the F#$K up and go away.

        Did you see where he said that if Prez. Trump isn’t doing things RIGHT He will say something? Who the hell does he think he is King of the USA???

        Obullshit don’t go away mad just GO AWAY. P.O.S.


        • What could Obungler say? That he is raising Obamacare rates another 50%? That he is joining Goldman Sucks? That there are now 58 states instead of 57? Mistake the Malvinas in the Atlantic for the Maldives in the Indian Ocean thousands of miles away> Maybe call for a corpse-man if someone gets hurt?

        • Sarge, excellent point. Obola never had a leg to stand on anyway. He definitely needs to disappear.

      8. Forget “draining the swamp,” President-elect Donald Trump is building a cabinet full of “more swamp creatures than ever before,” Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) told CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday.

        Appearing on the morning show, the progressive lawmaker, who is running to chair the Democratic National Committee (DNC), said, “Donald Trump has already proven where he’s going with this thing,” based on the nominees thus far.

        “He has lobbyists and big-time investment bankers,” Ellison continued, pointing to the recent Politico article, “Why Wall Street is Suddenly in Love with Trump.”


        “He’s not doing what he’s said he’s gonna do for average working Americans,” he added.

        Trump has already appointed Republican insiders Rep. Mike Pompeo and party chair Reince Priebus, while he is considering Goldman Sachs alum Steve Mnuchin for the position of Treasury secretary. On Saturday, the president-elect met with former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who is reportedly in the running for Secretary of State.

        But even Trump’s so-called “outsider” picks—like the alt-right figurehead and newly-appointed chief strategist Steve Bannon and national security advisor Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, a known

        • If you believe anything Keith Ellison says, I’ve got a nice bridge in Arizona and some nice real estate in S. Florida I’d like to sell you.

          • Anon5, welcome back and I agree about Ellison; just another libturd POS.

        • They’re just trying to poison the well. More bullshit dug up by the left. He’s not even in office yet and they’re doing their best to preload the dissatisfaction buffer before we even get him in office.


          We’ve learned our lesson. We’re shoving it in your face.


      9. I am still waiting to hear about the soros death thing, taken out by white hats, to see if this is real. However, me and a friend just drove by FM 1960/HW 290 and saw a MASSIVE Bill Clinton rape poster literally mounted on the side of the fucking over pass close by Copperfield hwy 6 area, think this is bullshit, any shtf-effer in that area, go check it out.

        • A picture would be nice.

      10. 101 reasons why NONE of the recent events matter toward my prepping

      11. Did anyone on this site think it was a light at the end of the tunnel?? No, most of us knew it was the train coming at us. Personally I think a debt jubilee and force majeure could be the best thing to happen to America. We just cancel all debt, contracts and push the reset button all the way back to the creation of the Federal Reserve. We go back to real money on a gold standard and entitlements become a historical foot note. Everything you own with a loan or mortgage is debt free and yes your income will fall to 1910 incomes too, but it’s all relative to the cost of goods.

        Do you ever wonder what life was like before income taxes, employer based healthcare plans and a mountain on government regulation?

        • Patriot One, I like your ideas, especially cancelling the debt which can never be repaid anyway.

      12. Dr. Strangelove Obama.

        Remember the Doomsday device the Russians had in the movie? Well, this is similar. Per Wikipedia below. These evil people, headed by Georgie You-Know-Who, have created just that.

        Since the 1954 Castle Bravo thermonuclear weapon test demonstrated the feasibility of making arbitrarily large nuclear devices which could cover vast areas with radioactive fallout by rendering anything around them intensely radioactive, nuclear weapons theorists such as Leo Szilard conceived of a doomsday machine, a massive thermonuclear device surrounded by hundreds of tons of cobalt which, when detonated, would create massive amounts of Cobalt-60, rendering most of the Earth too radioactive to support life. RAND strategist Herman Kahn postulated that Soviet or US nuclear decision makers might choose to build a doomsday machine that would consist of a computer linked to a stockpile of hydrogen bombs, programmed to detonate them all and bathe the planet in nuclear fallout at the signal of an impending nuclear attack from another nation

        • It has been said that, the only thing alive after a nuke war will be the cockroaches.

          We may be gone, but there is usually always something that survives. Mama Nature can be a b*tch.

          • And the only edible food will be the spongy vanilla cake. Twinkies.
            I bet fleas and ticks will survive it. 🙁

      13. Obama is trying to push through another 11.6 billion to the warmongers he so strongly supports. He the NWO puppet has done nothing for the American people. Just an ugly boldfaced liar.

      14. Ellis, #1 follower Farrakhan, and a Muslim in the Senate, how the hell did that happen. Plus most likely a member of the radical terrorist Muslim brotherhood. Shouldn’t be head of the DNC.Goes to show where the Dems plan to take this country. No Caliphate here Soros, American people (we the people) will not have it.

      15. Ellis, #1 follower Farrakhan, and a Muslim in the Senate, how the hell did that happen. Plus most likely a member of the radical terrorist Muslim brotherhood. Shouldn’t be head of the DNC.Goes to show where the Dems plan to take this country. No Caliphate here Soros, American people (we the people) will not have it.

      16. America’s fatal wound would involve our treatment of Israel. The United Nations is especially worrying. Michael Snyder notes: “Obama knows that he is the only one standing in the way of a UN Security Council resolution that would formally recognize a Palestinian state…. If Obama decided not to use the U.S. veto power to block such a resolution, it would be legally binding on both Israel and the Palestinians, and the next president would not be able to go back and reverse course.”

        Given this administration’s history of slights and insults directed at Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, such a vindictive move is not out of the realm of possibility. If Obama is anything at all, he’s vindictive. If Israel goes, WE ALL GO.

        • Scripture tells us to watch Jerusalem. It will tell us when big changes are a foot.

          Jerusalem is the spiritual heartbeat of the world. It would be so telling if Obama’s last major act as president was to literally pave the way for the anti-Christ and Armageddon. Keep on stacking.

          As for the national debt, the FED is strongly signaling they will raise interest rates, probobly in December. It’s a great move, if they intend to prevent Trump from fixing the economy.

      17. So what about the parasites, illegals, pervs & red diaper doper babies that have supported him and his causes?

      18. If a debt jubilee was tohappen.only the goverments liability would cease to exist. Any debt you owe on secured collateral would still be recorded at your local courthouse. Judgments would still exist. Its stupid to think what the common citizens owes would cease to exist. Just like what you might owe a loan shark. You would still have to pay or at best sign over your equity in any assets. There will not be any so called Reset. Try and get this unrealistic notion out of your head. The commoncitizens debt on secured assetts will not disappear. A unsecured college loan might be forgiven but it its wiped out the degree should be nullified. You shouldn’t own something you failed to pay for. Im debt free. and I dont want to see those who wherent fiscally responsibe or are just deadbeats get to keep the plunder they never paid for. They made their bed they should have to lay in it. When you purchase anything on credit until you make the very last payment its not yours. Until its paid for you are nothing more than a glorified renter. Those who got too big for their britches and bought more debt than they could repay should have to experience first hand the real meaning and conquense of being a debt slave.

        • I was going to write something like that, but said it so well!!!

        • Exactly! We bought our first home in the 70s and paid 12% int. on the thing.

          We didn’t walk away and trash the place. Our signature stood for our good word and we made our monthly payments – ON TIME –

          That’s the right way people. Your word and your good name is your reputation. Don’t trash it by reneging.

          I know ~ ancient/foreign concept.

          Made their bed? Sleep in it. Lots of folks do.

      19. “. . .The poster of this video didn’t have a clue. . .”

        Yer right, I didn’t even look at it

        However, I did stop voting in 1968- waiting for SHTF ever since.

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