Americans “Too Fearful to Face” Facts That the Republic is Dead, the Country is Gone

by | Aug 14, 2015 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 170 comments

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    Art by Anthony Frieda.

    Art by Anthony Frieda.

    This excellent article was written by Bernie Suarez for Activist Please follow their fine work.

    Editor’s Comment: No matter what happens in the news, most Americans just can’t face it. At ballgames, schools, churches, meetings, jobs and stores, Americans tend to salute the flag, accept b.s. rationales for evil deeds and stupid policies, and shun inconvenient truths that would otherwise inform a thinking person that the game is rigged, that the Republic is dead, and that the country is gone.

    Agree or not, the issues raised below are crucial to the arrangement of government, and the power of the people in that government. By all accounts, corruption has become legalized, government has assumed all meaningful power – except that which is reserved to the corporations and banks – and rule of law has been replaced by rule of an elite who make their own rules. Academic studies, Congressman and Federal Reserve chairs now acknowledge that the United States has become an oligarchy… and oligarchies consist mainly of a few noblemen, and a mass population of obedient and powerless serfs. Better face up, because nothing is going to change for the better by ignoring it.


    10 Disturbing Facts Most Americans Are Too Fearful To Face

    By Bernie Suarez

    Sometimes you have to put out information in hopes that those who haven’t heard this will at least absorb a fraction of it. If you haven’t heard this and you absorb just one of these random points, I believe that may be enough to cause a major paradigm shift in your life or in the life of someone you know. Here are 10 random, mostly recent but some archival information that is factual and verifiable for anyone willing to look it up.

    1. Genetically Modified Foods are illegal in many countries for health and medical reasons all the while the U.S. passes laws making GMO labeling illegal.

    You may be thinking, say what? That’s right. U.S. citizens are being propagandized daily and are being practically forced to blindly consume GMOs while countries like Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Luxembourg, Madeira, New Zealand, Peru, Australia, Russia, France and Switzerland all have booted Monsanto and their GMO crops from their countries. That’s like being booted out of a town for being a rapist and child molester only to have that same person settle into the next town over and become a grade school teacher or pastor. Now imagine the citizens of that other town having a law forced on them that says rapists and child molesters must be allowed to teach little kids and run churches. That’s what we’re talking about here.

    While humanity in other countries wakes up fully to the dangers of GMO foods, Monsanto and other GMO food producers are having a feast in the U.S. buying out politicians, distorting news, research and evidence that proves GMO foods are directly linked to cancer. Like a scene from a bad movie, only it’s not a movie. Actually it’s YOUR life if you are in the United States dealing with this nightmare.

    As bizarre as it seems, only in the U.S. do criminal corporations like Monsanto enjoy the benefits of the support of the political and legal system. A bird’s eye view of the situation clearly shows how corrupt and evil the control system in the United States really is. Sadly, most Americans have no idea that they are being lied to every day and lured into eating dangerous cancer-causing and health-destroying food just so that someone can profit from your disease later on.

    2. As a result of “Act of 1871″ by the 41st Congress, the United States “Corporation” was created to trample the original Republic.

    Shockingly, this fraudulent synthetic corporate government entity is the only “United States” most people in America know today. And this non-governmental corporate entity covering a 10-square-mile grid in Washington D.C. parades as a sovereign legitimate government and has been doing so for over 100 years.

    Of all the things that need to be repaired and reversed in the United States, this single issue is one of the most important root issues for people to wrap their heads around.

    Imagine the impact of getting a real grassroots movement of people to push awareness of the truth of the current District of Columbia U.S. Corporate Government and the corresponding imitation Constitution OF the United States (instead of “For” the United States as stated in the original organic document).

    This is one of those issues that most people don’t know where to start, how to apply this idea, and how to lead this idea in a meaningful way so they simply give up. The fact is that people are afraid to face this mega-sized issue with overwhelming implications for the average person.

    3. “7 countries in 5 years.”

    This wide open confession came straight out of the mouth of U.S. General Wesley Clark years after the illegal invasion of Iraq. The General openly spilled the beans on the U.S. military’s plan to illegally invade 7 countries in the Middle East under the lie of the war on terror. Shockingly, to this day no war crimes trials have taken place. No one has been executed, convicted or imprisoned for these massive crimes against humanity. Shockingly, the criminals even still make TV appearances and prance around the country offering their opinions and enjoying a comfortable life appearing at events and speaking.

    In fact, General Wesley Clark himself ended up being promoted to lead NATO units in the Middle East. He has even made recent propaganda appearances on TV playing into the Jade Helm “master the human domain” psyop teasing freedom lovers with Hitler-like rhetoric about caging anyone who doesn’t agree with the U.S. government!

    4. The U.S. military and its defense contractors have over 150+ live and legitimate patents for spraying the sky with nano-particles, all the while the masses are told it’s a “conspiracy.”

    Those still unaware of this may be shocked to know these patents are not even hidden from the public. You can read them all for yourself. Despite this open knowledge these programs roll on comfortably as we have observed their spraying techniques change from various forms of chemtrails to aerosolized plumes/injections or chembombs to a mixture of both.

    Astoundingly, we are now living at a time when we are surrounded by a generation of young Americans that think tic-tac-toe is normal in the sky. They think that crazy lines in the sky are part of nature. They see advertisements with lines in the sky and think nothing of it. They have no idea that not long ago there was a time when there were no lines in the sky at all. They have no concept of blue skies and clear starry nights. Shockingly and sadly an integral part of this lack of knowledge is the fear of knowing. More than any other topic, probably the spraying of our skies is cloaked in fear and anxiety of what to do if it is true. Many people would rather not know.

    5. As briefly mentioned in #3, the United States Military is currently conducting an admitted A.I. psychological operation on the human domain as people carry on as usual.

    It’s called Jade Helm and right now learning more about Jade Helm for many Americans means putting down that remote control, turning off that ballgame, pausing the video game or missing their favorite TV show. It takes work to research this and, more importantly, the insecurity that comes with knowing that our own military is studying you the individual to control you is again too profound to really understand for some. They might ask, why would the military do this? Not knowing that the new world order has been planned for over 100 years now.

    This is another issue that is too overwhelming for the average person to understand or, more importantly, face head-on. SOCOM documents exposed by researchers are clear about the intention of Jade Helm Jade 2 software and no matter how much you ignore it, it’s still here, it’s very real and it’s in motion as we speak.

    6. The entire debt-based fiat worthless paper money circulating in the U.S. is supplied and controlled by a private corporation with no legal authority to do so.

    We call them the Federal Reserve. It’s the illegal private banking system created officially in 1913 under the Federal Reserve Act which Congress gave a green light to. This single act essentially handed the United States of America to a gang of private bankers with no accountability to the people. Along with the Act of 1871, this Federal Reserve Act is also one of the most significant and horrific turning points in the history of America. An act that accounts for many of the problems and sufferings in America for now over 100 years.

    If enough people could finally wrap their heads around this single reality, that a private illegal mob of banksters have psyched out and enslaved Americans, fooling them into accepting their fake fiat currency while ensuring their perpetual enslavement, the full-on revolution would start today.

    7. Throughout the history of humanity people do things by planning it out; this simple act of organizing is considered bizarre, unlikely and improbable by a generation of brainwashed people controlled by one hypnotic phrase – “conspiracy”!

    That’s right. You may be reading this and thinking this refers to you. The simple phrase “conspiracy” or “conspiracy theory” has singlehandedly mind-controlled millions of Americans like no other word or phrase has. Unfortunately, there is no way around it. “Conspiracy” is a substitute word for an otherwise ordinary act of planning or coordinating. Something all people do, especially groups like corporations and governments. You MUST plan, organize, or “conspire” to do things. That’s how things get done!

    8. The U.S. has been caught numerous times militarily defending, arming, supplying and training ISIS fighters.

    Here we are at the one-year anniversary of the ISIS super psyop American TV marketing campaign, and today the ISIS psyop has been blown wide open more often than the amount of times the global warming movement has been exposed as lies. These reports trapping U.S. and Israeli (NATO) governments in baldfaced staged lies and capturing solid evidence of their support for ISIS have gone completely ignored and censored by U.S. mainstream media to keep the ISIS psyop narrative going in the minds of Americans.

    The situation is so controlled and so propagandized that even if every member of ISIS went on TV tomorrow exclusively expressing their partnership with the CIA and Mossad, the very next day U.S. mainstream media will present another ISIS story telling you how much they are the enemy and need to be defeated. Make no mistake, this control system is completely immune and entirely unfazed by truth, hard evidence and hard facts.

    9. Turning back the clock – 5 Israeli men were caught, arrested, fingerprinted and detained on September 11th 2001.

    After they were celebrating the destruction of the world trade center seconds after the buildings were destroyed, while the buildings burned AND while the rest of America watched in shock and tears. These men were later mysteriously released back to Israel where they bragged on camera about being in New York City to “document the event”. The history of Israeli entities’ involvement in the 9/11 attacks are particularly concrete, yet the frightening reality is that today’s U.S. mainstream media acts like none of this ever happened.

    For this reason it’s always good to remind everyone that this is very real. The individuals names are Sivan Kurzberg, Paul Kurzberg, Yaron Shonvel, Oded Ellner and Omer Gavriel Marmari and they were given a clean pass back to Israel by then Chief of Justice Department Michael Chertoff. Of course Chertoff would later become Director of George Bush’s Homeland Security and play a significant role in writing the Patriot Act. Plainly put, one of the head masterminds of 9/11 essentially singlehandedly released a handful of key 9/11 suspects and allowed them to fly peacefully and freely back to their Israel homeland to brag about what they did.

    10. In the U.S, like it was with Hitler’s Germany, propaganda is perfectly legal.

    Most Americans have no idea this is the case. They don’t realize that the U.S. corporate fraudulent government can legally lie to you every single day to get you to believe whatever they want you to believe and then turn around behind closed doors and laugh at you for believing their legal lies. Try telling that to most Americans and see how they look at you.

    This is another example of a hard-to-handle lie that is pushed on Americans every day; and the average working American has no time to truly wrap their heads around this stunning fact so they bury their heads in the sand instead, unwilling to look at the issue because they fear they won’t know what to do with the information.

    It’s no wonder that today’s TV shows and comedic rants are often shaped to put a positive slant on lying. To trivialize the seriousness and the consequences of lying. They even make lying seem like an evil necessity or even a cool trend. Most people are completely unaware of these subliminal messages that endorse the control of a government whose survival is dependent on continuous lies and deceit.


    Let’s keep sharing the information and forcing people to look at this information. These are just 10 random issues I felt are important, but there could be another 10 here just as easily. Information is spreading and people are getting this. Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom before people take action and start to think differently. Whatever drives someone you can always be sure that pushing the information will help accelerate this process. Let’s keep doing that and if you agree share this information with someone and give them something to think about.


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      1. And I thought that the good guys ALWAYS won.

        • This is why it doesn’t matter who wins the election. The game is rigged but you still have your share of Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Alan Colmes types who think there’s a difference between both parties and somehow we’ll get lucky and the country will be saved.

          I knew it was over when you have Bill Clinton, George W Bush, Barack Obama elected to two terms each. Bill was a sexual predator, Bush was a drunk and Barack couldn’t prove he was born in this country.

          My favorite line nowadays is “don’t vote, it only encourages the bastards”.

          • Is right R… stooped me.

            • is it really FEAR at the source? or sloth, idolatry of comfort, ease, convenience and entertainment?
              is it really FEAR or is it an infantile refusal to take responsibility for our homes, neighborhoods and country- the civic duty of yesteryear?

              it takes time, WORK, sacrifice, effort and time to defend your rights, freedom… and it is NOI FUN. we go with whatever is easiest.

          • Why are they putting all these stick figure bitches like Kaya Scodelario, Shailene Woodley, Mila Kunis, and Jennifer Lawrence in movies now?


            The illuminati want the peasents to be satisfied with low quality bitches.

            Women who are fat or flat dont deserve any dick. Breed them into extinction.

            • Gee, I feel sorry for any woman in your life that would u of have to have her boobs removed if she got cancer, you’d have to throw her to curb and go git you a gal with boobs…..very sad and pathetic.

              Your comments crystallize why this nation is dead, it’s rotting from the inside out!

            • “Women who are fat or flat dont deserve any dick. Breed them into extinction.”

              WOW .. you are absolutely correct Acid Etch … maybe you should focus your attention more on Queers, than bitching about some woman’s appearances ….. fk’n drool~~~~ Fool~~~

              • FTW, acid wouldn’t know what to do with a woman anyway.

                • Oh … has a problem with ‘hooters, but knows how to handle ‘stick shifts….?

                  I’m sorry, …but .. is this mother fucker mentally challenged or what????

                  • You missed Acid’s point entirely. Hollywood ZOG hires their own, and not the White Euro Americans, who just happen to be more endowed. Just mention the word boobies and the droolers flock to it like a porn site. Acid is trying to wake you up and baited you right into his trap and is laughing….


                  • No he isn’t mentally challenged…he’s living proof of what happens when someone actually does go and f$$k themselves.

              • Peter Paul and FTW: This sort of posting is also rampant (freakin’ liberal trolls) on Michael Synder’s and Mike Adams blogs (and others I suppose) which is why the hell I never sign up for emails or join anything online or anywhere else. The nation is dead because of attitude of majority of dumb Americans (hooked on smart phones 24/7) who are mentally dull from vaccines,msm gov news, gov schools and gov controlled churches, dumbed down civic clubs , vets org., which have been hijacked for decades. People focused on entertainment and trash tv (ditch the cable folks). I have zero respect for those who send kids to gov schools and go to 501c3 apostate churches.

            • The sick bastard acid id,s back.

            • Ive been driving many of these issues listed above in my commenta for several years to awake the sleepy. The only way to cure or solve these cancerous demons is to fully expose the truth of the matter so even simpletons can understand. This Tribe is at war with the American People, creat bogus laws like the Patriot act. Not a Damn thing patriotic about it as it is a lawless move to enslave our people, strap us with debt, poison our foods and minds, until we submit.

              Never give up, keep fighting and educating yourselves no matter how painful. The truth will surely set you and me free from these dumbed down bondages, if we can wake up the masses to get iff their asses and show up in mass protest.

            • Most men are like dogs and will do anything that spreads its legs. My friends are married to some of the ugliest fattest Jezebels on the planet who, if they don’t like you, will spread the most filthy lies. I suggest the first step to free yourself from this satanic system is to turn off your TV.

            • You should be castrated and lobotomized…ASAP. Any woman that breeds with a piece of trash like you is no woman. Gross.

            • Well Acid I guess you’ll just have to suck yourself off.

            • And this cogent thought (NOT!) has exactly WHAT to do with the fact that what 99% of Americans think is the legal, Constitutional government is a corporate conspiracy that has taken over in PLACE of the legal government? Or with the fact that we’re being deliberately POISONED every day by almost everything we come into contact with, like food, medicine, AIR, WATER, etc.? I’ve been trying for YEARS to point this out to people, and mostly I’ve been told I’m full of it, an idiot, and so on. This is info that’s so easily looked up and verified that elementary school kids have done it, but most adults simply refuse to believe it!

              Obama was and is 1)openly against the Constitution, 2)NOT the president of the united states of America but the CEO (called “President”) of the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, INC. and THE UNITED STATES, INC., the corporations that make up Washington D.C., a district, a piece of land, ceded to the Rothschilds – the Federal Reserve (a for-profit private bank; check Dun and Bradstreet) in repayment by BOTH sides of the Civil War for money loaned to fight it, a war which the Fed and other super-wealthy started for this purpose. 3)Obama never once showed a legitimate birth certificate, showing instead forgeries that were easily IDed as such; it was ignored.

              This is a list of illegal acts that the “government” most Americans think is legitimate performs openly and routinely in defiance of the Constitution. This is a “wake up or die” situation for most Americans – the sources of various poisons ALONE will take care of that if they’re not stopped, and SOON! – and no one will check it out to learn the truth of what’s happening, what’s BEEN happening. There are a few who will fight if their own home states and areas are touched by this, but I think the U.N. and others who will be called in plus at least SOME brainwashed U.S. military using some of the most powerful and advanced weaponry ever fielded by a modern military will at the very LEAST destroy the country AS a country if too few wake the Hell up! I’m a disabled vet (I joined during war time, but saw no combat, fyi), poor as church mouse and in constant pain. I won’t be much use, but there are tens of MILLIONS who COULD BE! But they MUST wake up first.

          • The biggest problem with any kind of ‘rebellion’ today is that the Feds can gather so much electronic intel on whomever is organizing it. And without using electronic intel it is hard to gather any significant numbers. Imagine the 13 colonies trying to organize and gather delegates in Philadelphis if every letter or conversation had to pass through British intelligence.

            The other challenge is that any serious leader of a rebellion has to be willing to die for the rebellion — and more importantly, has to have a bunch of followers willing to do the same. Those are a rare breed today.

            • The other thing you have to have is a shadow government in waiting. The continental congress and the colonial legislatures were working concurently but in opposition to the royal governors. This is a moral imperative for a sucessful revolution. If you are not ready to govern and maintain order post hostilities, your revolution will result in chaos…with a dictatorship sure to follow. No one on here mentions the moral imperative in the comments on this site. A “let it burn” philosophy with no idea what comes after is dangerous and stupid.

              • Keeping it burning is what comes after. The attempt to reestablish the same tyranny that will have been destroyed can itself be destroyed as it’s attempted, over and over again. That will be the real revolution.

            • exactly why close cells and lone wolves works well – BUT – you have to have them on the right page which requires cohesion, discipline and networking (the achilles heel)….
              the same problems the Founders and Washington had to deal with !
              It’s done in basements and code !

            • Nope, the biggest problem is we feed them the info. This website is monitored, but we keep commenting, which is fine with me, I could care less what the gov’t does. If you want to stop them then boycott the market place. In 30 days it’s over.


          Sperm counts down 50% since WW2. Fluoride in the water. The tribe wants you fed, stupid, sterile, and entertained.


        • Based on interviews with criminals, the #1 repellent for home invasion is a dog of any breed. Criminals do not like dogs. There is the risk that the dog will telegraph your presence in SHTF. And you have to feed the dog. And it has to shit somewhere. But the benefit of a dog is more than the risk in my opinion.

          • Now consider what that says about the cops who shoot ANY dog that dares bark at intruders in its’ own home… They also seem to just LOVE forcing a young kid STAY THERE, lying in the dying, screaming dog’s blood etc. SWAT teams are becoming Gestapo-equivalents.

        • The Bambi administration is suing two state to stop them from defunding planned parenthood. The WH spokes bitch say PP has “the highest ethical standards”.

          There are no words…

          • I do not like Planned Parenthood, or facilities like it … though in your case Acid Etch, I’ll make an exception.

            1. your mother should of swallowed
            2. your mother should of smothered you at your first breath.
            3. daddy should of ‘skeet ‘skeet it across the headboard.
            4. All Of The Above

            Answer: #4

            • FTW, you do have way with words, I’ll give you that.

              • Braveheart, I may not be the easiest person to get along with, because I am an outspoken person and neglect that sissy stuff called political correctness and I hold nothing back.

                My viewpoints may be outlandish to others, but I stick with it, just as much as others with their viewpoints … just as long as it isn’t bullshit obvious propaganda.

            • FTW; Bingo!


          GO check it out, it’s really good.

          • Acid! Yawwwwwwwnnn….

        • About GMO’S… THAT IS TRUE! I once met this guy from Germany and he and others were walking hundreds of miles in protest of GMO’s, trying to waken awareness of the issues.

          He said that he and others did the same thing in Germany– except, there, they walked THOUSANDS of miles.. and the government finally banned GMO’S IN THAT COUNTRY. However, he said our government would never ban them because of the lobbyists for Monsanto, but they wanted to make the government here AT LEAST label them!!! But as we al know, that never took place either. “Government of the Corporations, by the Corporations and for the Corporations”– USA.

          • Only thing is, because of the Trans Atlantic Trade Agreement– whatever its called– now they got it fixed so governments won’t be able to stop the sell of GMOS in other countries either because of the secret “trade deal” made behind closed doors with the corporations.

            Basically, politicians in other countries have sold out the rights of the people for large sums of money. This is “change you can believe in”, where country after country is having their sovereignty dissolved on behalf of the corporations (NWO)… read P C Roberts website that tells about this.

            • TPP – [trans-pacific-partnership]

              Yes, this is the NAFTA on steroids.
              This will eventually end all sovereignty to ALL Nations across the Globe.

              Agenda 21 in the making, right in front of us.
              In the guidelines of REX 84
              America is transforming, but … not the way most will think it will be.

              The TPP is the solution to bond the NWO together, to their liking. Even that Catholic P.O.S. Pope said “we need a World Government” … as an ex-catholic myself, of the Religion Honcho of indoctrination… this MOFO needs a bullet to the head.

              Though the Pope has been verbal about a “world government” and a “world religion” …. the dumb ass’s of religion do not see the BULLSHIT that is being fed to them…….?

              They Glorify His .. the Majesty’s Bullshit
              as if it had no scent.

              Fucking mind boggling …… how do Bible Thumpers function on a daily basis and not see the BULLSHIT?

              Most cant see the Bullshit …. god damn … and I can’t keep a Fan on High enough to keep the smell out of my nostrils. The world has gone absolutely MAD … WTF … Fuck………FTW!!!!!!!!

        • Israel did not do 911. And to say so makes you truly full of crap.

      2. I don’t believe the crap about chemtrails or Nibiru. I don’t have a problem with GMO foods. Other countries have made them illegal as a way to keep out US food imports. What we used to achieve by crossbreeding is now accomplished by genetic modification.

        The Israelis didn’t carry out 9-11. It was done by Saudis. Why are some people so stupid? It must be because Satan has deceived them with hatred for the Jews and they believe anything about Israel. Even the idea that the murderous Muslims are the victims and the peaceful Jews are the villains.

        Part of the article should have been about America becoming both a banana republic and a police state with the full acceptance of the mainstream media.

        • LOL You sound like an AIPAC public relations troll. There are radicals everywhere in religion. Israel has 200 – 400 nuclear devices at least and they never signed the nuclear non proliferation treaty.
          Oh chem trails are freaking real.
          Go look up Operation LAC (Large Area Coverage) or Project SHAD. Saudis, Israeli, Americans played some role in 9/11.
          You’re a dummy on GMOs, really GMOs are okay.
          BS there is no study on human usage of GMOs long-term like a decade study. None. If there was Monsanto would have a research firm okay GMOs as “independently verified.”
          LOL so crossbreeding isn’t needed because we have Genetic engineering? You’re ignorant troll. I breed my own food cultivars for my climate. Selective breeding will never be unnecessary.

          • If chem-trails are real, how come I’ve never seen any? I sat outside earlier today looking at the bright blue sky with a few puffy clouds floating by. There were no chem-trails. Yesterday I mowed grass. The sky was completely clear and blue, no clouds or jet contrails. There were no chem-trails.

            I have never, in my 60+ years, seen the sky criss-crossed with chem-trails. In the age of Photoshop, where every single photo in a magazine is doctored in some way, I have to see evidence for myself.

            And I’m not stuck in one little remote area. I’ve been from Florida to Canada and from Texas to North Dakota. No chem-trails. Where are they? Are they only on the west coast, the part of the country I’ve never been to? Maybe that’s why people in California will elect any worthless thing to public office.

            • There ARE Chem trails, Archivist; I have seen them numerous times. Just because you haven’t seen them doesn’t mean they don’t exist– it simply means you have never seen one.

              However, I believe they are an attempt by the government to reduce the global warming (a temporary measure) until they can hopefully do something constructive about GW (probably never occur, but anyhow…) Years ago, I read about the possibility of seeding the skies with certain chemicals to reduce the sun’s rays as temporary measure. I assume this is what it is?!

              • I am with Archivist, in that I have never seen anything close to what is supposed to be a “chemtrail”, and I too have lived in multiple areas around the country for 50+ years. Although I won’t dismiss the possibility that they could exist, I will say that if they are, they clearly aren’t as prevalent as were being described in the article.

                • Grunty: Take a trip to AZ.

                  • Az is the only place that I’ve seen such lines as what’s been described and I’ve been all over the Country from coast to coast..

                • If you have never seen the exhaust of a plane crossing the sky you are Blind as a bat or choose to be ignorant.


            • Archivist: You are not stupid. You are controlled opposition.

            • @Archivist:

              For your viewing pleasure.

              ht tps://


            • We have them in east tn ..some weeks will go along without a single one,, then boom, you look at the sky and its crisscrossed with trails that do not disperse the same way condesation trails do

        • Agreed.

        • Yea the GM crop thing has a lot of grey areas,
          Herbicide resistant crops, most likely not so good
          Integrating biological pesticides into crops, most likely not so good
          But with GM many hybrids can be created for yields and resistance or tolerance to environmental issues such as drought can be achieved in a much shorter period of time,
          Slippery slope though, but has its place

          • GM != hybrid. Hybridizing is natural breeding, GM is altering DNA in a lab. Not the same thing. Sorry.

            And that whole part where GMOs stop seeding is outright fucking dangerous.

            BarnCat is right to ask, why are some people so stupid. Now please examine yourself.

            • Bananas stopped having seeds thousands of years ago. Are they dangerous?

            • yeah, have just been reading this book called, “Seeds of Change” which tells about GMO’S. Its really horrible what some people do for money!

            • And whats your profession?
              Are you a grower?
              Work with extension services?
              Most likely just a douchebag from the way you posted, fair is fair dinky

            • Well said….well said.

        • @barncat you’re so full of sheeit! zio.jew.troll much?

          The Five Dancing Israelis – 9/11/2001 – Our Purpose Was To Document The Event

          • FUCK YOU Bruin with your repetitive ZOG mantra. boring bastard.

            • NO!!!!!! To you Anonymous P.O.S.

              You are nothing but a typical, denying American .. defending a worthless, US tax grubbing Government that has a history of creating chaos, and false flags across the globe.

              Does this make me a Jew Hater? .. absolutely NOT.
              It makes me an Israeli Gov / ZOG HATER.

              Big difference, and neither have any relevance to each other.
              Grow up, pay attention to your enemies … in your case … keep loving the State that is called Israel. You would make a good Politician, maybe you should run for office.

              Israel loves ass kissers and handouts from US taxpayers.
              You seem to fit the profile very well.

              Major……major…’n major fk’n god damn drool~~~~~~~~

          • Never forget the USS Liberty in 1967…”nuff said.

        • The documentation has been disclosed to the public. After a good 18 years or so, the government denied the program. First documented testing was done over North VietNam during the war. Dumping 55 gallon drums of chemicals into the clouds, which in turn. Kept a nice rain storm day after day for months to curb the growing of food.

          If Israel did not have any involvement in 911, then they sure as hell had knew it was going to happen. The evidence that what collected, looked like Saudi Arabia was solely responsible for it….but…. we didn’t attack/invade Saudi Arabia, we went to Iraq instead? If Saudi Arabia wanted to hurt us, all they would have to do is stop selling their Oil in US Dollars.

          Barn Cat = Not Very Bright – continue to watch CNN or FOX News for your daily programming – major fk’n drool~~~~~~~~

        • Barn Kitty, where are you located? Tel Aviv or NYC? How about your cats? Do you eat them or donate them to AIPAC for political donation?


          It doesn’t kill us all at once, it just screws up our internal organs and eventually we die from it.. plus, it messes up your sperm so as to produce offspring that are defective. I saw this video of it, where scientists were doing experiments on animals, feeding them only GMO foods and the results were too scary to talk about! Look it up!

          • Why are people living older if they mean to kill us younger? If they are not labeling GMO’s that means everyone supporting them will die young too, so why are they committing suicide?

        • You are a good little boot licking sheep. What time is it in Tel Aviv barncat? Hasbara troll if I ever saw one.

      3. It is not even about fear. It is about the conditioning that takes place in the minds of children from birth, thanks to parents and teachers. Once brainwashed it is difficult to get a person to stop and think and ask questions.

        Researching the true history of this country will bring you truth and sadness to see that we are all just actors in a live play.

        All the stereotypes, different religions, political affiliations, etc are just each person playing their part.

        Making sure that none of us ever realize the true potential we all have that has been locked deep inside ourselves.

        Earthly distractions such as making money, having kids, trying to pay the bills, material wants and desires, sex and even our short life spans.

        It is all just there to keep you from exploring your true potential and to keep you entwined forever in the matrix system.

        • Most don’t want to wake up and will actively resist hearing the truth if it would make them uncomfortable.

        • That’s so true, RJ!!! I have been reading the book, “Out on a Limb” by Shirley MacLaine (and have read other books as well) that tells of this… you are absolutely right!!

      4. Everyone is in denial. Everyone prefers to watch the news instead of going out and making the news. If we made the news it could read, revolution returns the country to the free constitutional republic it used to be.

      5. The article stated,

        “Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom before people take action and start to think differently”.

        Until then, same old, same old.

        Word of caution. Nice to have people taking action on the issues. BUT. Its the thinking Differently that may put people at odds with each other. Like it is happening now but on a smaller scale.

      6. I would have to agree, I too have found that I have been hanging onto the dream that we can still save the country, that dream is gone and I now realize that its too late, its gone, done for. All that’s left to do now is resist as best as you can and hope to die an honorable death, lol

        What’s bad is if you look at how Stallin achieved power in the USSR its obvious to any observer that his playbook was used to conquer this country, nearly step for step, and if they continue with his playbook the next step will be a mass political purge,
        We have been conquered by an internal communist revolution, and the next logical step is to get rid of anyone who is a potential threat to them, and with perpetual war as a distraction they just might be able to pull it off.


        • secret squirrel

          Why am I in this basket and where are we going?


          If you have prepared. You are at the right place at the right time. You can remain calm while others deal with fear. You can execute what you have planned.
          Then even if you die, you know you have done well.

          • Slingshot,
            Yea I hear ya, lol and I’m not a defeatest, I’m as ready as I can be so whatever happens, happens.
            I didn’t mean for my comment to reflect despair, but to reflect realization. I have no doubt
            That my family can make it to the other side, but if the other side holds only tyranny, therewill be no place safe..


      7. And

      8. Just came back from Western Rifle Shooters website. Read the article “Let it Burn”. It is a great article on the very subject matter at hand.

        • Prophet.

          Good read.

          Guess we will find a way to cut our own throats. ;0)

      9. I’m not giving up the DREAM to take the Republic back form TPTB.

        If I’m dreaming don’t wake me up, it just makes me more pissed than I’m already.

        When I die I’ll stop believing, and dreaming. BUT NOT ONE SECOND SOONER.

        Call me what you may. I’m still READY and WILLING to FIGHT, if it means bring the Republic back!!!!

        Question is what are you willing to do?


        • Dumbass cop… You are part of TPTB!


          • Anonymouse:
            N. Reb

            • N.R.& Brave
              I was going to respond to the troll but it ain’t worth my time. Just another idiot troll.
              Thanks anyway

          • Anonymous, I guess you’ll just keep your head in the sand like the rest of the sheeple, eh? The rest of us will stand up and fight. Hope you enjoy your enslavement, anon.

        • SGT Dale.

          Do you really want to fight for those who can’t put three words together in a sentence?

          Do you really want to fight for those who don’t give a damn about the Constitution?

          Do you really want to fight for those who STILL ridicule your prepping

          Do you really want to fight for those who want to kill you out right. Right here at SHTF.

          I am a believer in the 30, 60 and 90 day intervals and what happens. Not set in stone but have a good idea. When to sit tight and when to engage and how to engage.

          Why waste ammo when they will kill each other for you.

          I think it was JOG who wanted to discuss what would you like the country to be like after the reset. No discussion occurred. The Prophet has a good link on that subject. That type of discussion will piss people off for sure.

          • Slingshot
            In one word YES!
            If it bring back our Republic!

            You see it ain’t for me its for the future.
            Your Kids, Your grandkids, My Kids, My grandkids.

            Even the Troll Anonymous.

            I also believe in the 30, 60, 90 day thing. I will do my best to be around on the 365th day thing. No one know what it is going to be like after the first 90 days because we have never had this happen in history. We have some ideas with the past, (Rome, Greece, so on and so on) but with the way people are today being so dependent on the Guberment.

            I think the Movie The Road gives us the best idea of what is to come.


            • SGT. Dale, Slingshot and Braveheart:
              AMEN BROTHERS!!!
              I also believe in the 30, 60, 90 days.
              Plus those that can’t put a sentence together and those that don’t like the constitution and those how have not prepared for the future will not be around more that 15 days anyway.
              N. Reb

            • Sarge and Slingshot, I’m standing up for good people and for the future as well. The people slingshot mentioned can kill each other for all I care; they are a lost cause. Speaking of ‘The Road’ I just received a copy of that from a co-worker today and will be watching it this weekend. It blew me away that there is another prepper in my company.

        • Sarge, I’m right there with you.

        • Right with you there Sgt Dale. I refuse to be the Generation that lost our great Country to the ZOG. NWO. Be prepared and willing to die for our freedoms and liberty.

      10. Are you prepared to die is the question at hand. Prepared to die a free person or a slave to the no better than you elites (in their minds only). I for one and might add so is my family prepared die free and GOD fearing. This nation crossed the RUBICON along time ago and the majority did not even notice it. Sorry this country is lost and no it will never return to the way it was never. Folks its over and except that fact, but as Lt. Murphy said ” Never end the fight” and that is what I’m taking with me to my grave, long live freemen, so if your not right with GOD get right now not one minute latter. May the LORD have mercy on us.

      11. Consider reading everything on Western Rifle Shooters site, Sarge.

      12. It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before morning. (Henry Ford)

        • For:
          My friend what old Henry Ford said is so true.
          Thanks for reminding me of that saying. I forgot how was the author, thanks again.
          N. Reb

      13. A lot of people might not agree, but the South had it right. They saw what the feds were doing and had the balls to stand up to them. The Republic is indeed dead. It makes my blood boil thinking of the sacrifices so many brave men and women have endured fighting the wars to “keep us free”. I am looking at real estate in Central and South America and am ready to GTFO. If the wheels don’t fall off before my kids get out of school in a few years, I’ll be good. My wife can either stay or go. Her choice, but the America I love is gone for good, and when it all comes to a head it’s gonna be nasty.

        • Central and South America are all run by dictators, with an entrenched elite. Unless you have enough gold to ingratiate yourself with those murderous elites, you will starve with their masses when SHTF. Your real estate could be stolen, and you buried in a shallow grave. Who would care?

      14. Barncat how is the weather over there en TEL AVIV hahahah you guys dont get it; your time is up :: biggest liars of the world.


      15. Americans “Too Fearful to Face” Facts That the Republic is Dead, the Country is Gone

        None of us today alive, nor our Grandparents lived in the time America was a Republic. Hell, even their Grandparents didn’t either.

        America has been dead as noted above [#2] as a Republic.
        I’ve mentioned it here before – THE ACT OF 1871
        All a person needs to know about America in today’s terms, and why it functions the way that it does.

        America is not a country, but a business.
        America is an illusion, and a lie.
        None of us here can change this country back to it’s founding origins.
        TPTB / NEW WORLD ORDER will not allow it. Not enough men and too many pussies that live in America to do a damn thing about it.

        Only thing for sissified America to do, is to continue putting up with power structure that is in front of them. The continuance of pissing and moaning about TPTB is all it will ever be, and it shall continue until the day the government shuts them up permanently.

        So this Title: Americans “Too Fearful to Face” Facts That the Republic is Dead, the Country is Gone –

        The way I see it. Americans in general will be “FEARFUL” when that day comes when they are unable to watch their T.V. Programming, unable to purchase their Legal/Illegal Drugs and purchase Booze and Cigarettes.

        Just a simple interruption of their normal lifestyle is enough for people in general to be scared. America is chuck full of Sissy’s, Crybabies, and Assholes, and we are completely surrounded by too many of these useless idiots.

        How can America be saved, when none of us here have experienced it?

        Only thing we know, is what we learned in school.
        And it does not represent what we have been living.

        America’s Path:

        Republic – Democracy – Fascism – “game fk’n over”

      16. Recover this country if possible you’ll need a bus load of Wyatt Earp’s standing up and saying ” Tell(the Government) I’m coming and I’m bringing HELL with me”.

      17. Patience Everyone!

        it’s All just as in life, just a repetitive cycle of events!

        what needs to happen is all good hearted preppers need to move to one state or region like the ReDoubt (idaho,montana,utah,wyoming), get organized and setup house.

        then build a new Republican government base from there.

        it is already happening in my state in the ReDoubt.

        the Young Republicans next generation are already growing in power here being guided supported by the veteran Politicians.

        i foresee them one day taking over national politics.

        as more folks wake up and grow angry at the corruption of wash dc the desire for a new reformed conservative government will grow.

        history repeatedly shows us again and again eventually people who have lost everything and have nothing more to lose will rise up an fight back against the Zog!

        So Arm UP Stock Up Prepare for a Revolution!

        • It’s bad enough having to involve myself with the Daily Sheep in America, I couldn’t imagine a bunch of Preppers being on the same page, living in one geographical area.
          This Site is enough proof that there is more than a handful of preppers that I wouldn’t associate myself with.

          People I avoid:

          People who think their vote matters
          People who think Israel can do no wrong
          People who are loyal to the Military Industrial Complex
          People who think the Government would do us no harm.
          People who are self-absorbed
          People who are Alcoholics and Drug Addicts
          People who are known liars, thieves, and manipulators
          People who are hardcore Bible Thumpers – Religion in general
          Queers, Dykes, Liberalism, Niggers, Zionist, and Mafia Tactics.

          Other than that, I’m really a nice guy and easy to get along with ….unless…I’m unnecessarily provoked.

          • FTW

            Holy jumping Jesus.

          • Wife and I laughed at this list and she said “I am with that list.” Lol. Niggers and faggots and then we have the worse! Faggot niggers. Idiots like Bar Cat. Liberals that say “what do you need an assault rifle for.” On and On.. it is damn near to the point I cant be around anyone anymore. Americans make me sick to my stomach.

            • .02

              I concur, it is very, very … very hard for me to be around others. I know there are some well intended and good hearted people that I bump into, but … like most. They care not about the realities that we currently face.

              They choose to live in “fantasy land”, I choose to live in “reality”.
              Even those who know things are going downwards in this country, they are not doing anything to prepare.

              In essence, “fantasy land” and “reality” cannot work together.

              I see a lot of people here on this forum as good people, then …… well … you have those “others” …. that appear that they can’t break free from the MSM Narrative.

              That in itself is dangerous to me, believing the MSM Narrative as being factual and or reliable, is going to be a persons demise of their own well-being.

              • But you are living in a fantasy land also. Believing that you and those like you will be able to one day “take back America.” How can you take back something you never really had? All we were ever given was the illusion of freedom. The illusion of a supposed christian nation. The illusion that we were a moral and just nation.

                The truth is that those who founded this country and subsequent leaders and rulers have used this illusion to further their own reality and agenda (only now are many getting to finally see what this reality really is).

                Maybe the key to freedom is not parroting a main stream media narrative or an alternative media narrative, but rather to see things for what they really are. To understand what they have always been and to acknowledge that we are not the first generation of people who were here and then erased from the earth and we will not be the last.

                Each time it seems we are given a new set of parameters if you will and then let loose with them. We are a product of distortions that have been passed down from generation to generation.

                I have to say though that I am always amazed that those in the 70, 80 and 90 plus age range cannot seem to remember the same B.S. being parroted when they were in their twenties, thirties, etc. All one has to do is go to the library and check out a few books from 50, 60, plus years ago to see that they even reuse the same rhetoric to achieve their goals.

                • RJ – in a way, you are correct in your assessment.
                  …but….if there was an opportunity … which I highly doubt there will be …. wouldn’t it be nice to take this land that was stolen form the Native Indians & Mexicans and do something right with it, once and for all.

                  Kinda like what our Founders wanted, but better.
                  First, we abolish Slavery .. physically, and being TAXED into Bolivian!

                  After all, isn’t that what the big stink was all about when the Colonies where formed … damn British and their excessive Taxation?

                  Has anything changed since then? Absolutely fucking NOT!

                  200+ years of British Rule … minus the false belief of a being a Republic … then deceiving the Public to believe somehow we became a Democracy overnight without anybody saying a goddamn thing about it????

                  Am I the only one seeing this?
                  Who is in “fantasy land”?
                  NOT I……noway Jose’

                  THE ACT OF 1871

                  This country, historically will always recall back to the year of 1871.

                  1871 = CORPORATION
                  1871 = END OF THE REPUBLIC
                  1871 = END OF THE FOUNDERS VISION
                  1871 = STOLEN LAND = LOST OPPORTUNITY = GREED = N.W.O.

                  Yes, like anyone else. I do dream, .. but that is all it is. A damn dream, some may say it be a nightmare. Either way…the America that we were all taught and learned about is false and pure fiction.
                  If…and only if…this is a big fk’n If too.
                  That the majority of people caught onto the scam.

                  The scam then became a Rebellion … people recognizing that Black vs White, Poor vs Rich, and the Elite vs the Population.

                  Getting the majority of people on the same page would be nice, …. but…. just not gonna happen … too many dumb ass’s out there … they are only concerned about their own well being.

                  ….but….. if the people realized what was really going on…..then there may be a chance.
                  Not “fantasy” … but … more like…. unlikely.

                  It’s a Dream … not the American Dream that douche bags celebrate .. just a damn dream .. that will never happen … cuz to me .. that is fk’n reality … dreams happen … and so does shit.

                • 50 or 60 years ago there were standards that television programs had to adhere to, babies were protected from murder before they were born, we could read many more books in our school libraries than we can today, such as the Bible and classics with the word “nigger” in them and both media and the food industry had many more producers than the few corporations running everything today. America has changed for the worse, first gradually and since 2013 very, very rapidly.

            • .02

              I am surprised as to how many people have degree’s that comment here. Reading about their problems and it is remarkable they keep it together. Some people would be better off on their own as I fit into that category.
              A few mental pictures to project.

              Many of us are like a large group of penguins on an ice flow. One dives in and the others follow. Or seals sitting on the beach, who have to enter the water to feed. Knowing killer whales lurk nearby. As humans it is when something bad is about to happen and the group begins to eye each other. Or size each other up for a fight.

              Good or bad something is going to happen soon.
              FTW told it like it was. There are people like him out there. ;0)

              • I have had enough interactions with educated idiots to last me a lifetime. Nowadays they’re handing out degrees like to anyone with a student loan and a heart beat. The disdain I have is getting so bad I have trouble staying in a company and working a job for more than 6 months. You want to talk about an outcast, take a long look over here at .02. Workmates talking Nascar, football, or any other sport and I draw blanks as I could really give a shit. People cheering on the niggers running up and down the floor/field ad act like it is “their team” and they actually had something to do with the out come of said game they say “we won.” It is wtf, are you some kind of insane stupid ignorant retard or what, you didnt have jack shit to do with that game? This is why I have decided not to die to “rebuild Amerika” as these losers are not worthy of my sweat and blood to turn right back around and give their freedoms away for trinkets and shitty entertainment.

                • .02

                  Fucking “A” Ditty Bag.

                  Choose Life or Fight and die. When does it become a winnable cause. Does not look like it now and you don’t want to die for a bunch of losers. Ten million guns owners don’t mean shit if they sit on the couch. Do those wankers on Wall Street care what the idiot in the White house signs into law. As long as it don’t affect the paycheck, then they take away the money line to the political party.

                  Oh I am with you on this .02 The change will only come about when the whole nation is in fear for their lives. Otherwise it’s “Football Time”. Ta da da da. ;0)

                  • If you want to see the future of this country, watch the movie “Idiocracy”. It should be relabeled a documentary.

                  • SLINGSHOT – I won’t fight for the people of this country … I’ll fight for myself .. and those like me. Otherwise ……..piss off!!!!!

                    Have you seen America? Do you see what America Watch’s on T.V.? Do you hear what they talk about on a daily basis? ….isn’t it a bit fucking nerve racking?

                    FUCK THE DUMB SHITS —- family .. or non family .. we all have these “dumb shits” in our lives. You…and I can not help them …. the words you have to except is … fuck it ..and move on.

                    You have yourself …. your personal family …. everything else is null and void if they choose to not listen … if they don’t listen… how the hell are you suppose to help them?

                    Safety First – #1 You #2 Family #3 ………………….?

                    • FTW.

                      Lot of truth in what you say. I figure I will be fighting my own little war. Right here on this patch of earth I live on. There is no cavalry coming to my rescue. The very few people I know, who have a small understanding of what is coming live 40 miles away.

                      “Live Or Let Die”

                      Paul McCarthy.

          • Honored to be among those whom you avoid.

            good day sir.

            • Likewise Grandee – give Jesus a huge hug for me … will ‘ya?
              Very much appreciated, it would really help my confidence if I knew Jesus had my back and all that Shit! Rock ‘on Bro!~

          • FTW;
            Do you really think that way about the all the people in the US.
            I thought we have a right to have an opinion?
            And I hope you have at lest a few friends in life.
            FTW, you must live some where were there are very few people.
            I agree on a very few of your: People you avoid points.
            Take it easy my friend you will give yourself a heart attack. Keep calm and carry on
            N. Reb

            • Why the Hell would you care if an asshole like him has any friends? I say keep raving on asswipe, keep going until you blow up your heart, then you can be reunited with all the people you enjoy being around. Remember that post shtf, assholes like him will be left over too, and it’s only a matter of time before he finds something he doesn’t like about YOU.

            • Northern Reb, you are absolutely correct sir.
              First – I deal with large amounts of people on a daily basis, in public and unfortunately on the damn phone as well at times.
              Sir, I am calm … I’m as calm as the Typhoon, Hurricane, or the next big goddamn Earthquake that is going to shake, rattle and roll this Planet.

              Answer the Question – “do you think that way about all the people in the US.”

              No….It’s on a Global Scale … Some places are better then here .. but America … it’s truly fucked.
              Can’t say it any other way, I wish I could .. but I’d just be lying … just like a politician .. and I will not stoop that low.

              When it comes to Religion .. I have no problem with what people believe in.
              I do however, have a problem when someone is knocking on my door.. or chatting up bible verses in a NON-Religious Forum and ramming it up and down my colon, out my mouth, then giving me rotten seconds. WTF??????

              • FTW.
                I think that way about all the people in the world not just the U.S.

                What I have seen in life and the jobs I have had. I can tell you that there are some real scum bags out there in every color, religion, sex and nationality.

                Then I have found some of the most beautiful people right next to them, that would do anything to help you and stand up for you.

                I try not to judge all peoples by the acts of a few fouls.

                I know that some people you just can’t help and you have to leave them to there own demise. There are still some that can be helped, I’ll help them if I can, I don’t care how they are.

                As far as the U.S.A. goes, YES we are in a world of hurt. I refuse to give up on her, not for my sake but for my Sons and my grandkids sake.

                I will do what I fell that needs to be done to turn this country around. Do I believe it will be the republic our founding fathers wanted it to be, NO, but I will try to get her close.

                I understand the religion thing I don’t believe in chocking people down with it either even though I’m and ordained minister. Your beliefs are yours.
                I feel that if you want to hear religions speak you will look for it on your own. I hope you find what you are looking for.

                I’m also a card carrying maintenance journeyman that has worked at a glass factory (23 years),… I have worked at a high school, a garbage man an carpenter, a salesman (those four jobs for a very short time) Now I’m a maintenance man at a small hospital were I also have to cover security. (almost 23 years).

                If there was any time you were in need and I could help. I have your back. Even though we do not agree on much.

                You have your right to your opinion and I have my right to mine.

                I have found the people on this site might not agree with each other and have knock down drag outs sometime and like to troll sometimes. I whole heartily believe that if and when TSHTF they will be there for each other.

                That’s my 2 cent worth, that and $1.50 will by you a cup of coffee at the greasy spoon down the road from me.
                N. Reb

                • Northern Reb, that was an excellent post from you and it was very much appreciated.

                  When it comes to “society”, my posts may seem I’m bitter towards my fellow human beings.
                  That is not necessarily so, as you have mentioned. There is a lot of scum bags out there.

                  We are simply outnumbered, the bad apples in this world have overtaken the good ones. As I see the deterioration of Human Behavior declining year and after year.
                  I’m afraid the Human Species will fail to exist in the not so distant future.
                  Not only have we become too destructive to others, but as well to ourselves on occasion.

                  Again, thanks for your post. It was something very positive and uplifting for a change. I believe it was something that I needed.

                  • FTW:
                    Your welcome any time my friend, I can call you that, right? LOL….
                    Keep your powder dry, stay alert, keep calm and carry on..
                    N. Reb

      18. Don’t worry. Hillary and her troupe of flying monkeys will fix everything… as soon as she can find her “lost” emails (“lost” as in her “lost” Rose Law Firm records, or Obama crony Jon Corzine’s “lost” $1.6 billion of YOUR money.

        Or as your leftist betters like Hillary, Michelle, Corzine, Geo Soros, ad nauseam say… Leona Helmsley-like, “Laws are for little people.”

      19. well than if that’s the case Light this fucker UP!

        • Just to make myself clear, I dont feel the title is correct .. I feel if enough of the “right” people are eliminated from their positions ,and thier ability to breath the same air as us, this country could do very well recovering , and in quick order.. but the cleansing has to be complete , and its past time to get on it

          like i said before

          • I don’t think there will be any chance at reclaiming America to what it was meant to be.

            But, If there were, it would have to start at the top, and it would take a combined effort of every voting citizen to help rid the government of career politicians, and all liberals.

            Stop Abortions under any circumstance and repeal odramacare and gay marriage legalization.

            Then keep the cleansing going by stopping all immigration.

            The best person in the running to do that, right now, is Fiorina. Trump is too flip floppy and self-promoting, plus has ties to the Clintons. The Doctor is next best thing to the tough woman, but we have already tried the black leaders. he might make a good VP.

            It doesn’t matter who is in the White House, if the Career Politicians that are in the House and Senate are left to continue their reign of terror, we get nothing but judgments/chastisements, for the remaining years, beginning next month.

            The majority of white people/voters have lost their way and their common sense. The immigrants always vote liberal/damnocrat, 80% of the time. That is 8 out of 10, always vote for the jackass. That is why there has never been an immigration wall, literally and figuratively, put into place.

            Anyone can disagree and make an argument against what I am saying, but you can’t make me a liar, because it is based on facts.

            • You are correct with the “cleansing” that will be needed in this country. As a species, this “cleansing” will need to be World-Wide for any kind of civilized structure to be implemented down the road for anybody to have a future.

              Once the dust settles, I’ve already volunteered to become a CLEANER. I couldn’t imagine a more satisfying job Title, anything less would make me unhappy.

              • Why wait until ” once the dust settles”. Because you’re just a loud mouth internet coward, that’s why. If you had one tenth of the guts you pretend to have, you would lead with your cleansing actions instead of cowering in the shadows with all your tough bullshit talking. Sounds like another old man with small penis insecurity projecting his manhood via Walter Mitty daydreams.

                • Johnny Reb, why instigate a fight, when all I would be doing is committing suicide in the eyes of the Law?

                  Acting out this way, on my own or with a handful of people, we would be labeled as “domestic terrorist”, “lone wolves”,….etc. In due time, the Government will do it’s thing, we won’t be able to stop it.

                  NO, I am not a loud mouth internet coward.
                  Your assessment of me is vaguely flawed and completely fictional.

                  I don’t cower in the shadows, but I do back up my tough bullshit talking. I’ve seen me do it time after time when someone with the likes of you gets up in my face provoking me.

                  Nope, I’m not an old man and I’m not some young punk either. I’m 44 with a whole lot to prove, with nothing to lose kind of an attitude.

                  Small penis insecurity?
                  I do not know what this is, please explain it to me because you seem to know a lot about the subject matter first hand.

                  I’m done with you TROLL.

                  • Here’s your lesson big mouth. 1} feels a need to constantly talk tough big man going to kill lots of people he doesn’t think have a right to live. 2} This is the real teller ftw flower boy, has to post a reply to everybody’s comments, telling them what he likes and doesn’t like about them{ like anybody really gives a fuck what you think} and go back continually to check what their replies are, has to insure his post is bad ass like the projection he’s desperate to portray himself as. That is what shows your insecurity about yourself, it’s basic psychology, but that’s too far for your frail mind to comprehend, you have to actually attend a center for higher learning for a few years to gain some education, and that means having to be around lots of other people on a constant basis, not your cup of tea ftw, it requires social skills and the ability to get along with other people. So, in conclusion, all your tough talk is easily translated into compensation for your deep seated insecurities, I’m betting you were always the last kid to be picked for the baseball team or included in school social events, your repellant personality is a guarantee of people avoiding you like the plague. After all, it’s what you want. I’m not like a lot of the other milquetoast posters here who say, ” gee, I sure hope you have SOME friends and don’t give yourself a heart attack”. I don’t care if you have any friends or if you give yourself a heart attack, you’re responsible for bringing whatever it is on yourself, if you’re looking for someone to appease you, try one of those pussynoses who care what you think of them.

                    • Johnny Reb.

                      Very strong word, cleansing. It would not surprise me that when a major event happens there will be some sort of cleansing. Hard to say if the country will survive without a major shift in attitude, unification of the people and the desire to perform the change needed.
                      I have a hard time deciding whom I would help in times of peril. After all, look how we Americans behave. Look how our children behave. Crime, road rage, anger, hate. We see it every day on the news. Fighting over a wrong food order at McDonald’s. Black Friday fights.
                      Brother kills sister over bag of ice in Katrina. People die for the change in their pockets.
                      Myself. If I have to go through an ordeal that will surely destroy all what I have now. I will attempt to make sure that nobody has to do it again. At least for a very long time.

                      There will be change. We don’t know what type of change will succeed.

                    • Slingshot,

                      I hear what you’re saying, everybody has to make their own call in regards to what they feel is the right course to take when the going gets rough, it will not be easy to do when the time comes. What bothers me here is posters like this ftw idiot who show up out of nowhere with their big tough talk and the need to impress us by trying to make us think he’s Major Badass, he’s going to cleanse the world of people because he’ll be ” unhappy” with anything else. Then, he promptly turns around and offers up his already planned excuses for not doing anything until ” after the dust settles”. Well, after the dust settles doesn’t mean jack because it’s all over by then. And how many big talkers have we had here over the years, they blow hard and pretend they’re really dangerous but like all big talkers, with no exceptions, it’s never more than bullshit that props them up with an artificial sense of bravery to mask their insecurities. I think somebody once said” Don’t TELL me what you’re going to do, DO it!”. The talkers never reach that point because it was never their intention to do anything but talk, and talk is cheap, like all their big claims.

      20. More KABUKI!

      21. CUT THE F….KI…G BU….SH…..T.


        Anonymous 3430849, hey you f…k.n..g prick, watch your mouth around here. Dont be talking sh..t about Sgt Dale.
        Cops are a part of the SHTF terrain, so stop the crap.

        Your sorry ass has not been here long enough to read of of his post. Sgt Dale is definately on the Red List like the rest of us on this site, so cut the b..s.ll….t. I Have cop friends and they are on the streets ticketing the crap out of those Thugs tatooed up Mexican gangstar crap, who like to drive with no insurance in the city, crashing into to people who injure them and thier children, so dont take crap. And you must thing that because cops are cops, that they dont have a right to prep. Any Houston cop reading this, defineatly meet your ticked quota, f….k these thug pieces of crap. Ticket thier ass. If i am busting my ass working to pay my insurance every month, then these little pricks can work to pay theirs, f…k em.

        When they go home, they are online reading crap on sites like this one, and prepping thier asses off in secret. I am in Texas, so its a different Terrain, so it might be different in your state where cops pull people off the road and shoot them on site, so i understand where people are coming from. Anonymous3430849, I dont know where the f….k you get off attacking Dale, so fu..k you, you agency azz clown troll or who or what ever you are.

        Hey Bruin. I am part decendant of Jews and have jewish blood in my veins and do busines with jews, In fact these same jews have done alot to get my sorry azz off the streets and helped my business alot, so i can tell that you are legit and make some really good post. But you have to be carefull with the posting. Most of my jewish friends know thier history and are sick and tired of the crap going on in the country and have talked crap refering to zionist jews as some of the causes of he worlds problems. So they are awake and not stupid. Alot jews own their own businesses, and when you f…k with a country, its economy, then you are f…king with a Jews business and his ablilty to make money, now you have a pissed off jew. So you need to know that they are people like us. As for muslims, fu…k em all, i am not so simpatetic, But i have a friend that is a muslim, and he thinks most muslims are insane and does not hang out with his own kind, all his friends are Christian. He lives across the streets from Red Necks and they accept him in the community..

        And for the cops that are preppers and reading our post, dont be shy and let the trolls intimidate, you can post on here also.



        Agency Azz clown super moderator.

        • I’ve studied the Talmud, a jew is a jew first, no matter where they live.

          THE JEWISH TALMUD is “Holy Writ Bible” for the Jews.

          * “If a ‘goy’ (Gentile) hits a Jew he must be killed.” (Sanhedrin 58b)

          * “If a Jew finds an object lost by a ‘goy’ it does not have to be returned.” (Baba Mezia 24a)

          * “If a Jew murders a ‘goy’ there will be no death penalty.” (Sanhedrin 57a)

          * What a Jew steals from a ‘goy’ he may keep.” (Sanhedrin 57a)

          * “Jews may use subterfuges to circumvent a ‘goy.’” (Baba Kamma 113a)

          * “All children of the ‘goyim’ (Gentiles) are animals.” (Yebamoth 98a)

          * “Girls born of the ‘goyim’ are in a state of ‘niddah’ (menstrual uncleanness!) from birth.” (Abodah Zarah 36b)

          * “The ‘goyim’ are not humans. They are beasts.” (Baba Mezia 114b)

          * “If you eat with a ‘goy’ it is the same as eating with a dog.” (Tosapoth, Jebamoth 94b)

          * “Even the best of the ‘goyim’ should all be killed.” (Soferim 15)

          * “Sexual intercourse between the ‘goyim’ is like intercourse between animals.” (Sanhedrin 74b)

          * “When it comes to a Gentile in peace times, one may harm him indirectly, for instance, by removing a ladder after he had fallen into a crevice.” (Shulkan Arukh, Yoreh De ‘ah, 158, Hebrew Edition only)

          * “‘Yashu’ (derogatory for ‘Jesus’) is in Hell being boiled in hot excrement.” (Gittin 57a)

          [’Yashu’ is an acronym for the Jewish curse, ‘May his (Jesus) name be wiped out forevermore.’]

          * Yashu (Jesus) was sexually immoral and worshipped a brick.” (Sanhedrin 107b)

          * “Yashu (Jesus) was cut off from the Jewish people for his wickedness and refused to repent.” (Sotah 47a)

          * “Miriam the hairdresser had sex with many men.” (Shabbath 104b, Hebrew Edition only)

          * “She who was the descendant of princes and governors (the virgin Mary) played the harlot with carpenters.” (Sanhedrin 106a)

          * “Christians who reject the Talmud will go to hell and be punished there for all generations.” (Rosh Hashanah 17a)

          my motto: “do unto jews before they do unto you!”

          • BRUIN;
            Everything you have posted is true. But that is the just about the same things that was said by Whites about Native Americans, Blacks, Hispanics, Japanese, Chinese, and now Arabs. Do I need to say any more.
            Plus Christ is the “Lord”.. What was said and did 2000 plus years ago by a handful of fouls just is not no big deal to me anyway.
            N. Reb

          • Get real man…

        • HCKS, your post is one of the best rebukes against a troll I’ve ever seen. GO HCKS!

        • HCKS
          Thanks for having my back. Anonymous is a stupid troll and not worth our time. But any way thanks!!!!

          By the way my Savior Jesus Christ was a JEW!

          Have you gotten any more info on Sept? If nothing happens so be it. Just think what you are being told and what you are putting on the site. Just might save some lives. Or TPTB just might not try to pull them off.


        • HCKS
          You nailed it my friend, YOU DUH MAN!!!!
          I could not have said any better even if I had 10 years to try.
          N. Reb

        • Katy, If you donate to the synagog, that money gets funneled right to the Israeli ZOG. Wake up and take a stand, and stop feeding the zionist pigs for starters. Its all about money to you ain’t it? Go buy some Morals and integrity with your money. Just saying…

      22. When Mac reads the curren post and its new shtf trends, he must be wondering what in hell did i create when i came up with this site.



        Gotta have it.

        • No, I doubt it very much.
          He’s probably wondering …. what kind of drugs are you on?
          Your post … sorry … but resemble a lot of Alex Jones kinda talk.
          Playing both sides of the field, yet you feel like you have accomplished something.

          fk’n Sad and a huge drool factor~~~~~~~~~

          ….and NO … I am not what you would call a Shill or some kind of Agency Clown.
          Just an down to Earth kinda Guy … seeing the world as it is…..not for what I want it to be.

      23. What a Motley Crew we have here.

        • Yeah ss this place is fvkin hilarious. I log on for the laughs and the camaraderie we preppers show each other.. Take it as a cross section of humanity and realize this is snafu and there really is no hope. Humans are a deeply flawed specie.

      24. Oh great, now I have to figure out a prep for ‘nano particles from the sky’. The only real hope here would be that it is too expensive to do in very rural areas. You know that they will hit any cities and larger towns.

        The challenge for the prep is figuring out just what the nano particles are going to do. Odds are you won’t want to breathe them, but they would be particularly nasty if they settled on the ground, and could survive an extended period of time such that you would pick them up while walking or stirring up the ground.

        Thinking some kind of chemical agent with an effect that will trap you inside — thus limiting your mobility and making you an easier target to find and hit.

      25. Whatever you do when it all goes down, take pictures if possible. Hope the fear of OPSEC will be crushed afterwards and some of us can share a story or two. In Person.

        Positive Thought of the Day.

      26. Bruin, what their ancestors wrote is not what the modern everyday news follow. They believe that the Talmud is extreme.. modern jess do not follow that crap.. because it is crap..its wrong to call all news bad people that is simply not the case..when I do business with Mexicans I get f…ked. so I don’t recommend to My customer anymore, so Mexicans are all bad people?. When I do business with lebanese people I get azz raped and f…ked.. so I do not do business with lebanese and all of them, yes all of them are bad. my black friend told me t lebanese people and he was right. Does that mean that they are all bad..not necessarily but I have admit most of them are..they. Omit a lot of fraud. When I do business with the news, it always goes well, and then they sent me referrals, and I have learned that news are the best business people around. They are good to me. They are smart and in fact a Jew helped me straighten out my finances, told me that I wouldn’t have starve live in the streets and become a hermit
        .i did what he told me, and it worked now I am back up my feet again.. me and him were just eating dinner 4 months ago and talked about what I did and he admitted that my situation was unique, that he told others to do it a d they refused because they had too much pride, and would not want to be homeless and live out side and sleep in a car..that I an was the first experiment that worked. Sorry Bruin I know the Talmud is crap but the modern jews do not practice that crap. Even George Washington. Talked crap abut jews in his younger years and learned to respect them especially when the jews funded the revolutionary war of 1776.


        • He has been speaking solely of the Zionist organization.
          WTF is wrong with some of the peoples comprehension on this Forum?

          Yea….guess what..I speak bad of Black, Brown, slant eye, Towel head, Red, and mother fucking White.

          Gee…does that make me out to be talking about everybody?
          and an asshole Racist? … Absolutely NOT ….well maybe to a degree, but I’m not alone … we are all racist to a certain degree ..if you deny … you fk’n lie …ANYHOO… they are called “secular groups”

          Get with the program .

        • Wrong Katy~ The French Funded the Revolutionary war and the US sen Ben Franklin over there to collect the Funding. Is thay what they teach you in Joo Brainwashing religion?? The Joos didnt in any way shape or form fund the American Revolution??? Yes you are a friggin ZOG shill flat out liar. And have no clue about American history.

      27. One of my Grandfathers fought in WW1, the other was in WW2, I was in the Marine corps when the Iranian crisis was in full swing in the early 80s. The hardest thing has been trying to teach my now 25 year old son the same reverence i was taught for our country. This generation has too many false teachers in many forms of media. For the first time in my 51 years I wonder if we can save this country as we know it. If we turn back to our God, repent of our sins, then and only then will HE heal this great land. I will do my part and I will prepare my house for what is coming.

        • I don’t have to Repent to a damn thing, same as you DoeBoys –
          You and I didn’t turn America into what it is today.

          Only thing we may be guilty of … is not stopping the continuance of poor Governance that has been habitually abused locally, and across the Globe.

          I won’t repent for others Actions, and neither should anyone else. Do what is right, and what is needed.

          Start your own “extermination” Company.
          Do the Deed, ….. you’ll feel better about yourself!

      28. Skipping over the countless millions of words I could use describing the situation, I will say only this, have water, have food, have semi auto rifles and pistols and as much ammo as you are able to store and you will be ahead of the game. We are well past the point of understanding this madness which is overtaking the planet!! Think only of prepping and if necessary, dying a death that would please your ancestors that placed a high value upon honor!

      29. WELL NO SHIT the country is gone, been gone for a long long time. The only thing left for the brain dead dumbed down soulless boot licking Zombies is fantasy and lies, and the cowards will hold onto them until the end.

      30. It ain’t over til the fat lady sings and right now she has a sore throat. Lets keep it that way!

        • Jim:
          I have not heard any fat lady yet.
          And as far as a sore throat goes, I have some drain-o and battery acid she can drink!;-}
          N. Reb

          • Northern Reb; Oh hell yeah! Stars and Bars to ya.

            • Jim:
              Southern Cross back at ya!;-}

      31. That was written by a group of trolls. It took months to produce the article…

      32. After GMO, spraying nanoparticles, quoting ex-Gen Wesley Clark, 9/11 conspiracies I thought oh oh wierdo and I stopped reading.
        I agree the country is falling apart but the above is just fringe stuff not the real reason

      33. For those that don’t believe in chemtrails, look up ” Operation Popeye” and check out Dane Wigington at geo

      34. What we need to do is round up all the joos ship them off to Israel and flatten the joint with a nuke. Hello Orkin man…..

        • WWOTI. Being alone in that shack ain’t no good for You’re wiener boy. Tug, tug, tug.

      35. Chem-trails conspiracy leads to those doing it are doing it to themselves. Why would they kill themselves?

        Jade Helm has been going for more than 20 days. Where is the outcry from all those hundreds of shackled innocent civilians carried off in trains? Why aren’t the families of those shackled saying anything?

        The “debt-based fiat worthless paper money” is buying me a lot these days. If it is worthless, why does it have worth?

        Why would 5 Israeli’s be responsible for 9-11 when only Muslim extremists were found to have boarded those death planes and killed everyone and Usama Bin Laden giving orders?

        Most his reasons gives no merit to the truth, but there are plenty of other real things that pose a threat that are obvious and have documentation of proof.

        You can choose to live in fear of a blade of grass if someone tells you a conspiracy about it, or you can choose to be prepared of possibilities that are real threats.

        • Chem-Trailing: After almost 2 decades of denying, the Government has already disclosed this information to the public, look it up–You don’t have to go far to find reliable documentation.

          Chem-Trailing – is claimed to be “weather modification / manipulation. The problem with it is these chemicals contain high levels of Aluminum and Barium plus other toxins.

          Debt-based fiat paper money – it’s only worth something, because they say it has value to it. Everybody knows that paper money is worthless, especially when it doesn’t have anything backing it up such as Gold.

          The 5 dancing Israelis – they were not responsible, they said they were there to Film the Historical Event.
          Question should be: How did they know the Twin Towers was going to be attacked?

          Osama Bin Laden – had nothing to do with 911. He said he was honored to be blamed for he incident, but also said he could not take responsibility for it since he had no involvement.
          Question here should be: Why would a guy of his character deny having any involvement?

        • Woogie, 5 Israelis weren’t responsible but they knew it was going to happen. Read Methodical Illusion book. It was a real eye-opener for me.

      36. The REAL turning point began a hundred years ago. Fomented into OUTRIGHT crime with the election of an unqualified and illegal Kenyan negro who will soon declare himself President for life.

        We have broke law, sacred cultural traditions and our Christian heritage by this and by Planned Parenthood and the legalization of gay abomination across the land.

      37. Kind of a slow day.

        Manufactured a water distiller made from copper. A coil that attaches to a small tea kettle. About the size of a gator aid bottle.

        Also made a sewer line plug from styrofoam and tape.
        Thanks Acid Etch, Not a flamboyant type of prep but an important one.

      38. its all true and we are all to blame so wake up amerika wake up and take back your birthrite….or do nothing and die a slave….

      39. Which “republic” are you talking about? There are supposed to be fifty of them.

        The Union of those republics is NOT a republic. It’s only supposed to be an alliance.

        Alexander Hamilton’s Federalist Constitution to make that alliance into a “more perfect (inescapable) Union” was drafted out of order by a Convention called only to AMEND the existing Articles of Confederation. Moreover, that Constitution was demanded to be AMENDED by the necessary number of states before they would ever join (surrender to) such an otherwise obvious empire.

        Now, of course, those Amendments, known as the people’s “Bill of Rights” has been scoffed at and dismissed as “re-assertions of what was already in the Constitution”. Those Amendments were NOT re-assertions of anything that was in the un-amended draft of that Constitution!

        The Bill of Rights AMENDED that otherwise Federalist-supremacist Constitution to nullify the Federalist-supremacy of it. Otherwise, those Amendments would not have been insisted upon by the reluctant states who were nevertheless unwise to have joined the Federalist Union even with the amendment of its tyrannical Federalist-“supreme Law of the Land” Constitution.

      40. What we want to do. What we are able to do. What we actually do. The circumstances that make it possible to do what we want to do.

        Get a plan and keep prepping.

      41. I’m in Texas where the denial rate is off the frigging charts. I’ve never seen such head-in-the-sand mentality in my life. The state is absolutely swamped with illegals and foreigners, it is a total sanctuary state with wide-open borders and several hard core sanctuary cities such as Houston. That is only a couple of the things they deny.

      42. Americans are also just too stupid to face the facts and/or they’re to focused on stupid matters or both. Sheep!

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