Alert: Mainstream Media Now Promoting “Gun Confiscation Orders” As Solution To Mass Shootings

by | Nov 11, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 238 comments

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    In what many saw coming a mile away in the aftermath of both the Las Vegas Massacre and the Texas Church mass shooting, liberals in the government, with the help of their mainstream media allies, are now pushing what amounts to plans for gun confiscation, outside of normal law, for Americans across the country.

    The new push for gun control from the left comes courtesy of ABC News which recently published a piece promoting the use of an Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) that many believe is nothing more than a thinly veiled confiscation plan that would allow a judge to “issue an ex parte order” for the direct confiscation of an American citizens firearms.

    Unbelievably, the order can actually be issued without the firearm owner even being present, which would in turn end with police at the citizens door demanding he hand over his weapons or face violence from the state.

    ABC’s Andy Fies, on the other hand, apparently wants Americans to see the orders differently, painting a more friendly picture of the ERPO’s while quoting two different left-wing gun control groups as seemingly unbiased experts on gun violence.

    As of now, only Washington, California, Connecticut and most recently Oregon have ERPO laws (while Indiana and Texas have modified risk warrant statutes). Over the past year, however, spurred by a string of mass shootings beginning with the Pulse Nightclub attack that killed 49 in June 2016, legislatures in 19 states and Washington, D.C., have taken up 32 separate ERPO bills for consideration, according to Everytown for Gun Safety, a nonprofit organization that advocates for gun control.

    Everytown’s deputy legal director, William Rosen, told ABC News that list will grow. “We expect to see at least as much interest in 2018,” he said.

    “There is a growing consensus,” added Lauren Alfred of the gun violence prevention group Sandy Hook Promise, “that this is the first step we should be taking when we are talking about people who are at risk of hurting themselves or others.”

    Current laws barring gun ownership are limited. Generally, a person with a long history of mental health issues can still legally buy or possess firearms if they don’t fall into specific statutory categories such as having been adjudicated mentally ill or under a domestic violence restraining order. But, as was the case with Texas church gunman Devin Kelley, even these restrictions may not work if the person’s troubled past is not recorded on a background registry.

    With an ERPO, however, if family members or police can show a gun owner to be an imminent danger to themselves or others, they can force the person to surrender their weapon(s).

    Keep in mind that Everytown for Gun Safety is a Michael Bloomberg funded, left-wing gun control group that was created as part of a rebranding effort by the billionaire gun grabber after his previous group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, was outed by multiple former members as actually pushing an agenda of full-scale gun confiscation.

    The Extreme Risk Protection Orders scheme seems to be nothing more than another attempt at slowly eroding the right of lawful Americans to own firearms.

    As AWR Hawkins reported in an April 2017 article about a similar law being pushed in Oregon, “Oregon state Sen. Brian Boquist (R-Dallas) is pushing a confiscation bill that would broaden the number of prohibited gun purchasers as well as require certain individuals to hand over any guns in their possession.”

    At the time, gun rights activist and NRA member Keely Hopkins rightfully described the law as an attempt to remove your Second Amendment rights by using a third-party who would need little evidence to declare you unfit to own a firearm. (Imagine a vengeful ex-wife/husband)

    “This bill allows for a protective order to remove your Second Amendment rights, not because of a criminal conviction, but based on third-party allegations using an evidentiary standard that falls far below what’s normally required for the removing of fundamental rights.”

    It is also important to note that gun control advocates and the mainstream media are using The Las Vegas Massacre, which the authorities are openly lying about (there were at least 7 different shooters) as a pretext to further take away Americans right to bear arms. This is, and has always been, the modus operandi of the power elite.


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      1. I’ve seen burial vault tubes, for storing firearms, for sale and wondered who could ever need one of these?

        Hmmm, Mystery solved.

        • P2P1 : People say bury some. People say don’t bury. If you are burying them you should be fighting with them. It is easy to say what you are going to do until you get pulled over for speeding or something else minor and before you have a chance to do anything you are pissing your pants because you just got tased. Now you get out of jail 2 days later, mistaken identity, all your weapons confiscated and guess what, you were found innocent. Yea, I bet they hand you all thirty of your weapons back and all of the ammo on the courthouse steps. I am starting to think that if you really have 30 or 40 ( and that is not really that hard to do ), why not bury a few with a change of clothes and some MRE’s. A piece of 6″ PVC would hold all of that and more. Put it in with a pair of post-hole diggers and it would be hard to find. A few staches hear and there might be useful to get out of dodge anyways. Never put all of your eggs in one basket.

          • James well said and I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve already been pushed as far to the right as anyone can be. 100 million gun owners in this land will give libturds more than they bargained for unless they back off.

            • 100-million cowards pissing in their pants. (Former) gun owners: “Don’t shoot me bro.”

              • Jew troll.

                • edm…I want to see ovens being built. I want to see dead tribe in the ovens.

              • To whom are you referring to, sir?

                • CharlieKing1, blamey lives in a fantasy world.

                    • If you want them to stay out of YOUR country why don’t YOU STAY THE FUCK OUT OF THEIRS!

                    • Ohhhh ya were the USA, we can destroy anyone for the hell of it because we want your resources. Like attacking Idaho or something because they wear a different hat and don’t go along with your globalist masters will? Karma is a beeech MFers!

                    • In honor of your illegal invasion and murder please donate to the wounded warriors of iraq and afghanistan families who lost their family members to the invasion of US troops and need medical help badly. Do the RIGHT thing won’t you.

                    • Sadly Shiva is a vile, sick and demented miscreant.

                    • “If you want them to stay out of YOUR country why don’t YOU STAY THE FUCK OUT OF THEIRS!”

                      GREAT POINT! If you want the US military to stay out of your country, stay out of the US! Brilliant take on immigration! Kudos!

                    • Interesting how your hate video doesn’t include Obamas escalation of 2 wars an invasion of 2 ther countries… You’re an Idiot.

                    • yeah, keep thinking that the hornets nest was knocked over yesterday. This war started a long time ago. before our fathers, fathers.

              • Blamey, you don’t know what you’re talking about. While a small percentage might I can’t picture ALL 100 million being cowards. Actually only a certain percentage would be needed to stop the gun grabbers.

              • blame-e:

                • James, blamey underestimates gun owners. That is not a smart thing for anyone to do.

              • There was a reason the US government made the Liberator Pistol for the French.

                Those dipshits gave up their guns to the Nazis.

                • Gen. Eisenhower refused to allow the Liberator pistols to be dropped after D-Day. He did not like the idea of giving the French that many guns, but kept some as an emergency reserve stock. The rest were sent to the Pacific theater, were some were actually distributed.

                  Why bother with such a thing now? If it comes to that, it’s over anyway. The frog is already boiling…

                  • Most of the French are collaborators. Siding with the Nazis

                    just like the Vichy French.

                • the Glock is based on the liberator pistol?

            • sure they will, i been hearing all my life about what the militia is going to do when the shtf, after the fukn country is gone what good is any of the dumb shit that most spew.

            • :yawn:

            • Ya know, it’s been alleged that someone once said that Japan never invaded the U.S. mainland ( I won’t call it commie “homeland” ) after Pearl Harbor because they feared “there’s a gun behind every blade of grass”.

              I subsequently read from someone else that the quote was never uttered by the Japanese.

              Nevertheless….thank God that the statement is true, & thanks to The Founding Fathers & their wisdom in defense of the populace against any unjustified tyranny.

          • Fishandmud, I believe it’s OK to bury some weapons, ammo, and other provisions ‘for a rainy day’ aka bugout, etc. but keep the weapons you will be most likely to use cleaned, oiled and ready to go when the balloon goes up along with a good supply of ammo. It’s definitely best to have the egss in more than one basket. If one basket is lost, stolen, etc. then you have the other basket in reserve so you still have a fighting chance.

            • It would be really easy to burn someone’s house down. All the riots and “protests” we have seen lately all involve some form of Molotov cocktail.

              Lots of businesses being burned down.

              So, yes, just like in finance, diversify. Keep some defensive stores located away from your home.

              And if you do bury them away from your property, don’t do it where metal detector people will be snooping around like parks and play grounds.

              • JS, I agree. NEVER bury items on YOUR property. Bury them in an out of the way place accesable but non suspect. Another thing you can do (depending on your terrain) is hide things in trees. I personally know a man that did it and it WORKED. Hardly anyone is willing (or stupid enough) to go to DC and start shit. If you want to go Bronson, do it locally, use your brain. That’s all I have to say for now.

                • Old, disused or unmaintained graveyards are perfect for burying things, have lots of metal in the ground already, and are ignored by most, and avoided by the rest. Interesting social stigma about digging in a graveyard that might make it perfect to put something in, and easily named or numbered markers make it easy to locate what you put there later.
                  Just an example, think outside the box. not advocating anything.

                  Just saying.

                  • Yeah digging in an old cemetery would not look odd to by-passers

              • Bury a ten foot 6″ or 8″ PVC pipe on end with the cap a foot below ground level. All caps and fittings should be well glued using new primer and glue. Let it fully dry then apply fresh high strength silicone adhesive/sealant to all joints on the outside. On the top have a tee fitting so you can solidly attach a hook on the inside out of the way. Use lots of thread sealant when you close it. Dig the hole a foot or two deeper and pour in some pea gravel to lead water away, backfill with some pea gravel and finish filling around the tube with clay soil. It’s now installed, cover the sealed top with a small upside down bucket, spray the hole and the top with sent killer like hunters spray on their cloths, then backfill.

                Cut two wood discs and screw them to the ends of a half foot piece of 2×4. Attach your wood piston looking thing to some heavy nylon para-cord and drop it down, attach the other end of the cord to your hook. This thing will stand your stuff off the bottom should any condensate get in, and can be pulled up to retrieve anything that got loose. Anything placed inside needs to be bundled and tied with nylon para-cord, attach the other end to your hook. Now you can pull stuff out, without fishing. Leave the top three feet empty so metal detectors can’t find the stash.

                Reason number two for burying a supply is theft. Imagine coming home from a short vacation and finding a thief just cleaned you out. And you are weapon less. Down the street from me a thief hit a house. Word is they had a big safe. The thief hand trucked it and just pushed it down the stairs. Smashed the crap out of the house. He hand trucked it to his waiting pickup truck in the garage and drove away with the safe. After filling the truck with everything else of value he could find. Police have no clues.

                With cheap tools from Harbor Freight, most safes can be opened in under 20 minutes. Unless a safe has a minimum of a 1/4″ hardened steel outer shell on all sides, it’s garbage. In any case every safe needs to be bolted to the floor and wall. Thieves may yet take a chain saw to the walls and floor to free the safe and just take it with them, whichever is fastest.

                I put down inexpensive safes, but most thieves want to get in and out fast. It is a rare thief who has the confidence to take on a safe. The extra breaking and entry tools needed, mean more time in prison if caught. The extra time or noise to remove it or break into it can mean getting caught. Those inexpensive safes will protect papers from fire, put no ammo in a safe it can ignite the safes contents. Fire is by far the highest risk. A safe with a two hour fire rating is hard to find, but protects even electronic media in a house fire.

                I’ve heard the saying that locks are intended to keep honest people honest. Thieves will still break in.

                Anyway, have a plan is my best advice.

                • PTPO, good advice. I have cached several tubes in the past and here is what I learned….

                  GLUE both ends well! If you think grease will be ok for the opening end you are WRONG!

                  I lost a significant amount of ammo due to using “grease” as a sealant. Don’t worry, I have plenty more lol.

                  Duct tape DOES help in keeping your seal secure. Also silicone caulk over the glue helps too.

                  I had 7 firearms buried for 7 years in PVC tubes laid horizontally (in an old landfill) and EVERY one of them were in PERFECT condition when I dug them up!

                  I used cosmoline on the exterior and corossion-x spray for the internal parts.

                  I just beat the caps off with a hammer (beat off lol) and it was easy. Thank god I glued both ends.

                  If the terrain your stashing your stuff in is hard (calieche) etc. put some junk metal over it. An old washer or whatever. Bury it horizontal with cover.

                  MAP YOUR STASH! I have 2 caches of ammo I have never recovered because I thought I would REMEMBER where they were. Not a lot but still…

                  The environment changes a hell of a lot more than you think. Make sure you use permanent markers and get a metal detector! There is enough old junk metal in the woods near me to use this as disguise.

                  Thank god I found my silver stashes lol 🙂

                  • “GLUE both ends well! If you think grease will be ok for the opening end you are WRONG!”

                    Forget “glue”. Use standard PVC sealant, which chemically melts both pieces together. Seals your PVC drain pipes just fine for years, will do the same for cache tubes. Just plan on having to cut one end off.

                    • I’m saying the top should be a screw on cap. Use a thread sealant that is rated for natural gas lines and PVC. Use a lot of it. Put the upside down bucket over the top to keep it clean so it can be opened and closed repeatedly.

                    • When I worked in chemical plants as a pipefitter in the ’70s, we used the PVC sealant, as previously mentioned. There is a primer and a sealer. Then we had a hot air “welding gun” with PVC rods to run a bead around the connection. I still have a hot air gun and the welding rods. It would be a good idea to use both means of sealing a tube if you have to bury it. If you use threaded parts, a PTFE pipe dope or Teflon tape, either one, provides a good seal.

                  • Thanks for the heads-up on CorrosionX, Genius. I just bought some.

                • You ever try digging an 11′ deep hole?

                  • DirtMover gave this great link for making vault holes.

                    A $30 post hole digging bar from Harbor Freight can get you past or through reasonable rocks.

                • safes are great. I store bricks from top to bottom, front to back in a conspicuously placed cheap safe in my home. If someone wants to break in, they can waste their time trying to drag it out of its location and breaking the locks etc. By the time they get in and realize they have a bunch of rocks, its less likely they will expend the energy to continue the search.

                  • you be one smaaaaart man……..

          • Agree. Prepare for chaos, social unrest & disruptions to the supply chain. Value life & liberty. Please Subscribe. -Corey @ Prepared 2 Thrive (On YouTube).

          • yep, bury your worthless NRA hunting magazines too

            • Yep and scrape off your NRA stickers too. Be the grey man. Why the hell would you attract attention to yourself? Don’t be an idiot, you are NOT making a point rather you are making yourself a target. Does anyone change their view because of your advertising? Be cool fool!

              • Genius, I’ve never been a member of NRA and never will be because they compromise the 2A. They’re not what they make themselves out to be so I know I’m playing it right. No stickers of any kind on my vehicle so I’m as gray as anyone can get.

          • I was reading about how the NA Indians cached stuff along travel routes. Then I found a cool web page They have a digger that uses PVC pipe. When you are done digging the pipe can convert to a cache tube. They have some good blog articles on cache tubes and the digger can dig to 15 or 20 feet. It uses a shop vac. They have a reamer for making holes large enough for 8” pipe. It looks like they have a small engine driven vac for remote areas. I never considered caching anything until I saw this site. The old guy that has the site gets out and digs holes himself. Retired engineer.

            • You don’t have calieche do you? lol Or a shitload of rocks!

          • If you bury some of your guns they can easily find them using a metal detector walking around your land. So you need to bury them near some large metal like a metal barn or other large metal object.

        • yes well, the NRA is behind gun free zones so what is the difference if MSM wants to increase zone size?

          • i did not renew my NRA because of the bump stock issue.

            • But did you buy a bump stock?

              • I bought one a couple of years ago but I never installed it. It was about $350 if i recall.

                Into the vault it goes.

                • Good for you! 350 a few years ago? Must be the good one! They want a fortune now for the cheapies….

        • Must mean that all the bobble-heads who deliver the news are going to saddle up and come around themselves to take our guns,(I don’t think so). Cause the first round that blows through the eye socket of the weather guy, all the rest of ’em will be slippin’ in their own shit. As far as that slippery, sleazy Bloomburgers’ Mayor Possee, how many now have been carted off to jail due to underhanded dealings and theft of taxpayer’s money? Now there’s a stellar bunch, huh?

          • The propaganda media is anti-America. Boycott them!! Yep. Prepare for chaos, social unrest & disruptions to the supply chain. Value life & liberty. Please Subscribe. -Corey @ Prepared 2 Thrive (On YouTube).

            • PO’d, there is more than one way to skin a mule. They are partial to jerkey and shine and such too if ya get me lol.

            • Half the nation is already boycotting the main stream media. That is why Netflix and Hulu is so successful.

              • I have a Hulu account and am amazed at the volume of left wing crap promoted as “featured” or suggested to me. Sara Silverman, crap “news” vids about gun control or the current president, etc. even the promo emails I get are littered with it. This poison is seeping into everyting.

                • Try watching Supergirl. I thought that would be a good family show and it is all about lesbian lovers. Sick.

                  • Yeah even Walking Dead is moving Left.

            • Thanks for posting the videos of Puerto Rico.

              You drive around videos are not what I was expecting to see. It looked like everything was OK except for no gas and no power.

              I did not know about the trucker strike, but that is typical for socialists. quit working during an emergency then demand more money.

          • PO’d Patriot LOL. I like what you said about the weather guy, haha. I expect ‘UN peacekeepers’, antifa, BLM, MS-13, ISIS, Hezbollah, etc. to be among the gun grabbers. There will be more than enough bullets for everyone.

        • what fukn good is buried guns, you will eventually have to use it or give it up, and all the blowhards on this site will get to prove the bullshit you been spewing for years about what they gonna do when they come for theirs. It aint about what you gonna do its about what the hell should have already been done, and since no one has done shit about shit i dont see any of you as a threat but to yourself. I will be watching to see how many died fighting to keep your own guns.

          • Good for you Chucky, Go down in history as just another buttlicker that didnt do nuffin. I figure they will get me eventually but you know what? THEY WONT HAVE ANY FUN DOING IT! Other than that I don’t harm anyone (the golden rule)…..

            • you bury your guns to keep them safe UNTIL the shooting starts.

              Think of the time line of the Nazis. The came came to power in 1933 but did not start murdering the Jews until about 1941. When do you start shooting?

              1933, 1936, 1939, 1941?

              Do you wait until they are knocking on the door or do you start shooting when they are knocking on your neighbor’s door?

              These are tough questions. If I lived alone, I would be more free with the lead, but when you are married with kids, the scenarios change.

              It is easy to be a braggard, but in reality, these blowhards won’t do anything.

          • Charlie, uh, you’re sounding like blame-e. Most likely a lot of people on both sides will die but the ones who are standing up to tyranny believe it’s worth the risk. What would YOU have people do? Rollover and just give in to anyone who has bad intentions toward them? Surrender is not an option or even in our vocabularies. The only good point you made was about burying guns.

            • All well said and makes one think, however, the question remains…. when does it start? What is the final straw? If the fight is truly to preserve Liberty we would be in it now. If you’re waiting until they knock on your door you are not in it for Liberty and when they knock on the door it is to late. Those of you who like to pound their chests online and have a family may need to make a decission one day. Most peope, even the chest pounders, will elect to stay alive and turn over their guns and become a drone for the sake of their wife and kids.
              We are frogs in the pot and the sheep are winning an inch at a time.

        • Amen to that.

          Unfortunately here we are 100 years later from the Russian Bolshevik Revolution…..& many just do not understand.

          For we are under attack from modern day, Velvet Gloved Bolsheviks in Education, Press, Entertainment, & Really Big Business….& some Clergy !

          And they NEVER quit. So neither can We The People.

        • As badly as .gov wants this, cities and counties know the lawsuits for these warrantless search/seizures will bankrupt them, and street level cops know it’s only a matter of time till they bear the brunt of the pain. Some people will decide they have nothing left to lose. Those people will be hard to intimidate.

        • whoops, i am going to need lots of burial vault tubes for my guns, ammo, NRA stickers, clay pigeons, magazines, tactical vest, steel targets, old NRA magazines that i used for toilet paper, gun cleaning kits, dueling trees, spotting scopes…geeze those tubes will cost me a fortune.

      2. I will obey NO law that is unconstitutional. That is the duty of every American to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic.

        I firmly believe that the hopes of the libtards and the muslim brotherhood to remove western Christian beliefs has failed in spectacular fashion. Their foaming at the mouth has made them a laughing stock. They keep poking the slumbering patriots and very soon they will get their wish. Too bad none of them will survive to see this Christian nation repent and turn back to GOD. Worshipers of false barbarian gods and luciferian sex perverts no longer speaking on behalf of this Nation, demanding rights for such evil sick lifestyles. Bet the house on Jesus and the Holy Trinity they have already won.

        • WELL SAID James, you posted what many believe to be true. Including myself. My sworn duty to protect this country over 20 years ago from both “foreign and domestic” enemies didn’t have an expiration date for me. And many other veterans feel the same way…..

        • I will obey NO law that is unconstitutional…

          Oh, you already do–just to name two–license to drive a vehicle and taxes on income.

          • Add to that a concealed carry permit.

            • Add to that supporting wars with your tax dollars when war has not been declared by congress as its required in the constitution.

            • Add to that supporting wars with your tax dollars when Congress has not declared war,which the constitution requires.

              • Oh I’m sure there are a shitload more too. Invading soveriegn countries and stealing their shit for your (unconstitutional) masters? Mass murder and conspiracy to commit mass murder? Genocide? Extortion? Coercion? Murder under false color of law? Illegal occupation? Prosecution without lawful trial?

                Ring a bell?

          • “Oh, you already do…”

            you ASSUME he does.

            Me personally, I dont know either of you so I cant claim to know what you do.

      3. Does not sound like a well thought out law if it only takes someone saying a certain person is unfit.

        Who’s to say the accuser is “fit” to make this accusation? If the accused is found to be okay, will their firearms be returned and will the accuser be held to account?

        No, no, no… This is definitely a wrong turn. And more ways for lawyers to get rich.

      4. It is relentless….on TV,newspapers,internet and any other form of information. There will be more false flag events with massive killings until both parties repeal the 2nd amendment and ban all or most guns.A civil war will ensue,too many people refusing to give in to government. It looks to be written in the script. Time to cache weapons and ammo if for nothing else…personal protection.

        • what do you expect, you vote dont you, your vote is consent to be ruled over, your consent to be a us citizen waived all your rights, even your gun rights, now all you have is priviledges that you pay for. legally they can take every gun that every us citzen has and there isnt a damn thing you can do about it, and please dont give me that shit about constitutional rights, the constitution doesnt give rights and it only gives protection from the govt to a certain class of people, and you voters and us citizens aint it. now lets hear all the dumb shit from those who dont have a clue about these things.

          • True! There is a big difference between LEGAL and LAWFUL. AND as a US citizen you are volunteering to be a pawn in the US corporation and waive your constitutional rights. I have done the “soveriegn” thing and it is much easier to use their own system against them (although not very free) it is a lot better.

          • Charlie: Do the country a HUGE favor and just slice your own worthless throat, you fucking asshole clown you. If we want anymore shit from you, we will simply squeeze your empty head little boy.

        • issue an ex parte order

          An ex parte order means temporary order prior to a judicial hearing.

          So, no right to a hearing. Isn’t that every American’s right? Even simple traffic tickets get a right to a hearing.

          What I think will eventually happen is that anything over a misdemeanor C will result in removal of gun rights followed in ten years that even traffic tickets will result in the removal of gun rights.

          • You know what I have found works great for tickets? Just plead not guilty and keep doing it! They HATE that and will 90% of the time reduce it to a minor infraction. Don’t get me wrong I am a good driver and have 0 tickets in like 20 years but I did that on the advice of a friend and it worked!

      5. For those that’s gonna put their weapons in the ground,thats not the answer. It’s slow consent of an unlawful law.Even the most subtle land animal will die before giving up their natural right for self defense of self and loved ones.We dont need permission from anyone for defense.

        • It’s way pass time for us to only be reactive to what the left does, it’s now time to be proactive. It’s time to take the fight right to their doorstep.

          • Yep, fall right into their trap! good advice…

            • So what’s your plan Genius, wait till they show up at your door? If your reacting to your adversary, You’ve allowed them to take control of the engagement. They’ll then control the tempo, and the violence of action of your engagement. That’s a quick way to end up in a jail cell, or even worse, a grave. No matter, i still wish you, and your family the best in these troubled times!

        • Bill, truer words were never spoken. I make my own decisions for myself. I don’t even follow any laws that can interfere with self-defense. Our rights come from God, not from any manmade government. Those rights are not negotiable. They’re not even on anyone’s table. I’ll blast the damn table with 00 buck.

        • bill you are very correct on this! For year upon year we have been hearing this crap of banning this and taking that and I have been hiding hiding hiding weapons! The whole time, they keep making new laws and banning this and banning that, all little chunks out of our American wall. If we keep hiding, at some point the wall will be gone and it will be too late to dig up those weapons which will have decayed in storage and whose ammunition is now non-functional! I have been expecting all of this to go down when I was 25 and in great shape to fight! Now after 40 years of hiding weapons here and there, I am 65 and still can fight but not as effectively. I am tired of hiding and listening to this bullshit! I’m tired of these leftist liberal communists and I think it is 1776 again and time to stand our ground! I don’t know false flags from the real thing, but I don’t give a rats ass anymore! I just spent 40 years of my life worrying about this Government taking away my rights and I can tell you this, our Founding Fathers would never have waited this long! Let these bastards pass their bills and start their confiscation because I stood at Lexington and Concord and I felt what my 5 generations removed Grand Father John Stark felt when he said “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”!

          • Then just hide the things you figure will be banned. Ammo has a long, long storage life if you do it right…

      6. Go ahead and do it! I am at peace with my maker and willing to ruin you day when youtry

        • Nailbanger, same with me. I’ll shoot any mofo who kicks in my door.

        • Whereas I agree that we must not allow our firearms to be taken; it is another thing completely to consider that the men/women at our door should be shot and killed. That is the real conundrum. I’ve no desire or fantasy about gunning down some badge-flashing (or not… just flash-banging my home first) officer. In all honesty, I do not ever wish to harm such a person. The government will send some patrol out with orders. No amount of talk will suffice to change those orders at my home, no matter the truth of the argument. The cop has his/her orders, I have my adherence and belief in the Constitution. There is going to be at least one death. Like most/many here, I reckon it will be me and unfortunately some police officer laying on the ground bleeding out – both right, both wrong, both dead. Such is what the government and idiots who propose such legislation desire it seems.

          • Order following asswipes are the #1 people that need to uh go. If I was your authoraty and told you to do that would you do it? If you said yes then YOU need to perish. Same all the way to the top…

            • no Genius, I would not obey such an order. However, we’ve a generation or two between myself and the majority of LEOs now employed. Again, it is not now or ever I’d desire to shoot any fellow American. Let’s hope it never comes to that – for like many here, I would if the cause was just.

      7. Arm up and join us. We are coming for the banksters first. Then the corrupt
        Political class. No mercy. Then every Scumbag that committed a felony. Your days are numbered. America will rise from the burnt ashes of their corpses. The civil war has started 2017. Amen.

        • Do you mean the same bankers that sent you to their war? A felony could be anything. Cheating on your taxes? Possesion of dope? Having a concealed weapon without a PERMIT? Get your shit straight asshole!

      8. Another knee jerk reaction.

        Concealed carry is the way to go.

        Responsible, level-headed, constant training and learning.

        “Tables Turned on Attempted Robbery Suspect”.

        In Rochester, New York.

        Attempted Robbery suspect shot in the leg, runs from the


        The worker he tried to rob, had a legal pistol permit

        to carry, and used it.

        Thumbs up for the good guy.

        • yes

          • Under the constitution he didn’t NEED a permit….

      9. The gun grabbers and their UN spawn will get my gun when they prevail…not really afraid to die.

      10. Nailbanger and everyone else: I don’t think my hatred of libturds, the chew controlled MSM, and government can get any stronger than it is right now. The only laws I follow are what’s in the Constitution and Bill Of Rights. Everything else is illegitimate and null and void to me. The libturds can take those orders and stuff them. Anyone who comes to my place to forcibly take anything away from me had better make sure their insurance is paid up and kiss their loved ones goodbye. They will only get themselves killed and for no good reason. I don’t care whoever it is that comes. Don’t even care if they’re wearing badges. I don’t give up shit. Libturds have already pushed me as far to the right as anyone can get. If they want a war, 100 million gun owners can and will damn sure give them one.

      11. I’m not surprised that the chew-controlled MSM would promote a harebrained scheme like this. It’s also no surprise that every member of congress who has ever introduced and/or co-sponsored any major piece of gun control legislation is a chew. Feinstein was behind the original assault weapons ban back in 94 and has now introduced another such bill. Michael Bloomberg is another disgusting chew who has his own gun control group. My local congresscritter, Rep. Steve Cohen {D} Memphis, has a CCW permit and carries a 9mm concealed with him all the time but he also supports any and all gun control bills. BTW he’s also a member of that disgusting tribe. The tribe has no shortage of good goyim to help carry out their agenda. Bullets will work on anyone.

      12. I see I’ve been moderated again but that’s OK. I don’t follow any PC crap.

      13. We see people on both sides this past few weeks saying incredible things. I expect it from the left, but we are hearing it from people like savage, and infowars suggesting that no one has a need for large capacity mags (savage said clips). One said we need to be able to report family members or friends, and acquaintances when they are acting strange, or buying lots of ammo, etc.

        Of course, this begs the question of what is strange, and what is a lot of ammo. It is a very slippery slope! A day at the range is a ton of ammo to someone who knows nothing! Strange is so subjective it isn’t even a little funny! Sounds a lot like nazi germany where they reported their neighbors to the ss. Also sounds like the last days where family turns against family.

        • FREEEEEEDOM!!! Anyone against the Constitution is a traitor. Prepare for chaos, social unrest & disruptions to the supply chain. Value life & liberty. Please Subscribe. -Corey @ Prepared 2 Thrive (On YouTube).

          • 99% of people don’t even know what freedom is… good luck.

            • dont bother, he’s posting random crap on every article to spam his crappy youtube link

      14. In Feudel Japan all citizens owned swords and spears for protection. The lords wanted total control over the people so they came up with sword control to prevent crime. They really did say they would pound the swords into plows. and they took them away from the people by force. They kept the weapons in arsenals and the people were now servants of the lords. Why would you think it would be different here do you think Obama or Hillary would be merciful Not likely Once total control has been achieved there is no mercy for a serf but a fast death

      15. It is also very amusing to hear this today when we clearly see a government that is corrupt beyond repair, along with open borders that could have let anyone in. A country of thugs, and cartels, terrorists, and an ever increasing divide between libtards and conservatives. Sure, give up your guns.

        • Personally i think it all sucks, everyone and everything is so manipulated and most dont even realize it. When they do and they say hey wait a minute, it will be too late. The reality is that the political class is scared shitless of a citizenry that could push back. They want loyal subjects not informed and independent constituents.

          • The people in our government that style themselves as the ruling class have long forgotten that they are voted in to do the will of the people, to be our representatives. Somehow they decided differently and the voters have not pushed back on that detail.

      16. So this is like Child Protective Services, except for guns.

        Yeah, I’ve personally seen how this sort of thing works out. “Rat out your neighbors for fun and virtue signalling. If no offense exists, make shit up”.

        So that’s good.

        Pretty soon no one will ever talk to anyone else again, ever. Keep it up, assholes.

        • I HATE RATS!

      17. Most of these mass murdering shooters are ex-military, seems like solving the problem could start there.

        It is sad how quickly it was Unaddressed that the Air Force did not report this latest ex-military mass murderer about his mental issues which would have limited his ability to buy guns.

        Taking guns away from mentally stable, law abiding, citizens is not going to end well… but sometimes it appears the people in charge do not want things to go well in our country.

        As anyone who has been paying attention knows…
        “They” have been stocking up on guns, ammo and bullet proof vests for over ten years now and it has frankly been puzzling the inordinate amount of guns and whom is getting them. It looks like they want to pick a fight with the most well armed populace in history, it is not going to end well.

        • Time for everyone here to get their own PC and plates. Time is getting short. It’ll be the next thing that POS in DC snatch from your reach.

          • Yep. Prepare for chaos, social unrest & disruptions to the supply chain. Value life & liberty. Please Subscribe. -Corey @ Prepared 2 Thrive (On YouTube).

        • Prior military? B.S!!!! They are MK ULTRA whacked out CIA useful idiots that are committing these shootings. PERIOD!

          Prepare for chaos, social unrest & disruptions to the supply chain. Value life & liberty. Please Subscribe. -Corey @ Prepared 2 Thrive (On YouTube).

          • Agreed!

      18. Gun control advocates are focused on the wrong thing. I grew up in a home with guns (always safely locked up) all my fathers friends had guns, etc… I do not remember problems with gun related murders years ago. Polititions should look at the prevalence of prescription drug use as well as street drugs. Any time I go to the States for a visit I am amazed at the amount of prescription drug ads on television. People taking a cocktail of mood altering drugs any time they get into a bad mood, is bound to have some catastrophic results. I would bet a lot of gun violence is not due to the gun, but due to the owners’ brain being turned into a psychotic mush from pills.

        • tahini- well stated. I grew up in an era much like you. We could bring our hunting rifle or shotgun with us to school and take up hunting when school was out. No one was hurt or killed. No SWAT teams locking down the school. It was all part of a normal upbringing in a small Texas town. Why now are we having such a spate of shootings of innocents? Could it by SSRIs?

          • I have been around guns since I was born. One thing I NEVER dared do was to commit any crime with a gun. I was taught to respect guns and taught how to use them properly. Guns were never locked up and ammo was right there with them and I had the fear of god to try and mess with them without permission. But then, those were the good ol days of morality and responsibility….

        • Your absolutely correct on this subject matter. So, do some of the psychiatrists get to have their firearms taken away due to being drug pushers involved in drug trafficking and being complicit with menticide which is another form of genocide? Let’s call it out like it is shall we? Some psychiatrists do more harm than the average gun owner.

        • Lots of issues with antidepressants,

      19. It seems that we are on the brink of another Civil War or a Revolution.

        I say leave me alone.

      20. Hello my fellow Patriots!

        100 million gun owners, well we will see when the police swat team shows up at their door. It will not end well for the gun owner. What many do not seems to understand is that there is no organization amongst gun owners but the government is very well organized and have more resources thanks to our tax dollars. So, to say 100 million gun owners is not s realistic analysis, many will falter at the first sign of government aggression as they will often be alone to fend for themselves, there are no sizable groups that would fend off the police. I understand the willingness to stand, however, unless you are part of a well organized group that trains consistently the government will just run over you.

        Just being realistic.

        • Misfit, welcome. I’m sure you mean well but even with organization the ‘authorities’ DON’T have the numbers necessary to carry out such an operation. They would need a lot of help from somewhere. Think foreign troops, gangs, antifa, terrorist groups. They would only be too happy to go kicking in doors to take guns and anything else they can find. There’s plenty of bullets to go around for all the scum.

          • You mean YOU will need a lot of help from somewhere. If they come and kill me I have some unexpected suprises for them that may take a few days afterward for them to get it. I know human nature and it is their weakness lol.

          • Braveheart1776. Thank you for your point of view and you do make an excellent point. Although we (God loving Patriots) greatly out number them 20:1, through the years, they have been able to control the masses through mere aggression and the threat of violence, imagine the influence and the mental impact on the family man/gun owner with a large demonstration of their power. Many who are hard working family men and women will have a big decision to make when it comes to go time.

            In reality, I firmly do not believe the dogs on the leash will not bite the hand that feeds them (confiscation) because once they do and it become public, the dogs of war will reign down on them. For God and Country!

      21. Create the problem (bad record keeping / transfer) and then ostensibly (we’ll use it for this but its really for that) demonstrate the solution.

      22. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!!! Prepare for chaos, social unrest & disruptions to the supply chain. Value life & liberty. Please Subscribe. -Corey @ Prepared 2 Thrive (on YouTube)

        • Are you a fed or something? Why do you keep trolling your website?

        • Unprepared: Once with your little post is more than enough – come on seriously. . . . .

          • seriously. Paging Mac…

      23. A standing army, a National Guard, a Swat Team, a police force are all a “Regulated Militia”, a force controlled and directed by a Political force, ie,,,Governmental power, a fear, a great fear, that all the founders and early Citizens of the Republic had of POWER itself!!! So it was that the founders explained in the first sentence of the 2nd Amendment why it was necessary to RESTRICT government in it’s never ending desire to regulate the armaments of the Citizenry and at the same time keep a standing army, a “well regulated Militia”, sufficient to repel and destroy all invaders!! A well armed Citizenry is necessary to counter any Tyranny that may arise and anyone is a damn fool who cannot see the Tribal Tyranny trying to rise as it did in Russia in 1918. Woe to America, if it does not awaken!!! If the 2nd Amendment is repealed, they all are repealed!!!

        • Well with the advantage of drones, military asswipes, police asswipes, fed asswipes, space weapons, chem weapons, bio weapons, heavy artillary, robots, control of medical and every other aspect of emergency relief, highways (truckers), railways, warehouses, fuel supplies, and every other MF’en supply chain I think they could easily take the masses to their knees. Think about that for a while….

        • Aurelius

          You do not understand “a well regulated militia…” in 1780s American English.

          “Regulated” then meant “works well, or as intended” NOT ‘controlled’

          Sort of like we all hope for our intestinal system to be ‘regular’ – not specifically controlled by some outside force. I don’t want or expect my Bowels to be controlled by someone in Atlanta or Washington, DC, I just want them to work well.

          In order to have people who are skilled in the use of firearms in our society, the Bill of Rights proponents wanted our Government to recognize our Natural Right to have access and possession for collective and individual protection – Common and Individual self defense. – Including defense against a Government which has become lawless.

          The people who wrote the 2A discussed this at length at the time…

          Please don’t impose the 21st Century meaning of ‘regulated’ on the 2A.


          • bb in Ga, You mean well but it is you who does not understand . If anything worked well, it was because of the discipline in obeying their orders coming from a central authority, ie, government . They weren’t different humans then and it wasn’t a different English then and it stands that the great fear of tyranny was the sole and only reason for the 2nd amendment to the Constitution! You must go deeper into the mindset of the founders and those who lived in those dark days.

      24. These shooting events may be for that purpose in that the public will tried of the “numbers” and petition for guns to be either confiscated or establish a point where it will be illegal to purchase such guns and illegal to transfer upon the death of the owner.

        In order for America to succumb to the totalitarian rule of The New World Order, its citizens will have to be disarmed and be placed at the mercy of the criminal, terrorist and will gladly accept the infringement on their 2nd Amendment rights.

        Another issue will be the declaration that The U.S. Constitution is void and out of date with international laws and for us to progress along with the rest of the world we have to make sacrifices. A new constitution must be implemented.

        How many of you remember former President Obama telling a reporter, Christians are holding up our progression in The New World Order?

        A number of times he said The Old Order is Dead.

        Recently, on line there was an article posted that The U.S.
        would accept UN Troop Supervision during Martial Law. I was not asked about this, were you?

        Gun free zones(Confiscations) are nothing new. How many Old West Movies have you and I seen where the Town has an ordinance that all weapons must be surrendered at a collection point to the Town Marshall or deputies before they could enter the town? Very few, but appears to have happened. In a recent movie from 1992-Unforgiven-Clint Eastwood with Gene Hackman they did.

        When trucks and cars are used as weapons, there is no call for vehicle confiscations? Or planes? Or knives? Or the number of people each years killed/maimed in vehicle accidents.

        In my opinion, people make the choice to use guns and other devices in an illegal/evil manner. What happened in Las Vegas was as evil as was the running down of of the pedestrians in New York using a Home Depot Rental vehicle.

        I remember a partial line from a Crosby,Stills and Nash and that was Teach your children well….

        My opinion on this matter.

        • Your preaching to the chior but thanks anyway 🙂

      25. “….and that, kids, is how the war started.”

      26. The water was nice at first, said the frog as the pot began to boil…
        How do you in-act full-on tyranny without spooking the sheep…Slowly.

      27. The truth of a Saudi coup attempt in Vegas:

        There was a King Fasal who had a son, Prince Al-waleed, bin Talal.
        King Fasal took ill and named his brother Salman as king in his place.
        King Salman has named his so an heir to the throne, instead of his brther’s son Prince Al-Waleed.
        Al-Waleed is a Wahabbi. Salman is Suni.
        Wahabbi is extreme Islam.
        Salman wanted a more modern, non extreme Islam for Saudi.That’s why he named his own son as heir.
        In Las Vegas, Prince Al-Waleed owned the upper floors of the Mandalyn Bay resort, including the 32nd floor that was one of the points of shooting at the strip.
        The Mandalyn Bay has a heli pad on the roof. That is important, because that was the escape route after the carnage.
        Paddock was a pilot. He was also a gun runner between the Phillipines and the US.
        He was running guns for Prince Al-Waleed.
        He didn’t win at the casino. Those millions came from smuggling.
        On the night of the attack, King Salman was in Las Vegas.
        Salman was at the Tropicana.
        The FBI knew Paddock was running guns.
        They were tipped off.
        They didn’t know there was going to be an assassination attempt on Salman by Al-Waleed just down the strip.
        Paddock brought the guns as he usually did.
        Instead of getting paid this time, he was killed.
        He was victim one.
        The guns were used to shoot at the country music venue.
        That was to create chaos and distract from the real target over at the Tropicana.
        Al-Waleed’s assassins shot from Mandalay Bay, but they also were at the Tropicana trying to kill Salman.
        That explains why there were shooters on the ground as well as in the air.
        Remember the videos of the helicopter fly over.
        It was the assassins who ran up the stairs to the roof from the 32nd floor.
        Remember they sealed the door to the stairwell?
        Paddock had access to the service elevator, because the boss said he could use the elevator.
        Nobody questioned him.
        Meanwhile the assassination attempt on Salman failed.
        Now we are seeing the result of the failed attempt.
        It was not only an assassination attempt and a terror attack, but an attempted coup in Saudi.
        This is why everyone shut up in Las Vegas.
        The response is still ongoing.
        You are watching it play out.

        • I think you may be right. Well documented ballistic reports, eye witnesses, videos, recordings, etc all point to the official narrative not being supported by the evidence.

          What really interests me is the caller to the Info Wars show and his take on what happened (allegedly a former Spec ops intel analyst from Hurlburt). He was the first to break the story of the Saudi involvement as far as I can tell. What is interesting is the response to his pronouncement on the air being taken into custody by the FBI. Kind of a back door way of saying what was said is true.

        • The King was in Russia that day.

          ht tps://

          Most likely the target was Crown Prince Mohammad.

          ht tps://

          Has a very interesting narrative.
          It is curious to me, why this isn’t getting more exposure
          from sources other than Blogs. So I’m not sure it is factual,
          but it is quite plausible given the recent
          actions of the Saudi’s and lack of official information
          on the Vegas shooting.

          • Curious? I would say more of the manipulative bullshit

          • Also notice how that all pretty much just dried up, hearing nothing of it now

            • So many red handed lies how can they defend it? Best to just STFU?

      28. I’m OK with this so long as it is a member of the MSM that comes to confiscate them.

      29. I think you nailed it.

      30. I think JJ nailed it>

      31. Just think where this nations people would be right now if the guns were not in the peoples hands. Not a comforting thought with the sellout greedy warmongering picks calling the shots.

      32. Good post Jay Jay;

        This explains everything that happened that night. This is “International
        Terrorisum” and probably why nobody is talking. Tptb want us to believe
        this was about one rogue mental case to pass laws to ban guns. The
        fact that they (CIA, FBI, LAW, are silent, and are trying to silence the
        public through threats, killings, coverups, and destroying evidence, shows
        to what lengths they are willing to go to keep this charade from being exposed.

        Jay where did you get this info?

        • Wasn’t Hillary the first one to publicly call for gun control from the lib side? The same one who claimed it was a video that caused Benghazi. If not the first, among the very earliest making the call for more laws.

          If laws could stop bad actors with ill intent, we’d be the most peaceful place on earth.

      33. No one lives forever
        And this is going to put a lot of people in danger
        Many of them will wear costumes in their daily job of extortion

        Guess we will see just how dumb they are

        I don’t give my guns up to anyone, and no false testimony is going to change that one dam bit

        • @ MW, I expect a civil war will begin when the government tries to take our weapons by force. Some above say we are too yellow back to fight. I say what if 3% of us are not? That is about 3 million. What if each of us knock down 3 enemy before we go down. 9 million. That is a rat killing. To those that mock us don’t forget many of us have been shot at before.

          • Beowulf, the ones who say we won’t fight are full of shit. If they think I won’t, they don’t want to try me. They do so only at their own peril.

          • ???

          • After a handful got a good ole blasting, others would NOT be so inclined…

        • MW, same here. It doesn’t matter what the gun grabbers are wearing. They just need to forget about confiscation if they want to live.

      34. When it comes to the Bill of Rights, there is no gray area. There is only right and wrong. Any erosion of it is wrong. Period. It matters not how it is presented, not at all.

        • UE, welcome and I agree. BTW, your moniker is rather curious. You sound good for someone who calls himself ‘useless eater’.

      35. These people are LIARS. They care nothing for safety, crime prevention nor ‘the children’. They care only that the American inhabitants are toothless and controllable. Not one more inch. Gun rights violation is TREASON and treason deserves death. We had gun control and it failed. The only thing more laws will do is take guns from the law abiding and make criminals more powerful. Half of them are liars. The other half are stypid sheep not realizing that what they advocate is the slaughter of the sheepdogs and themselves. Democide is not cool.

        • Yep,

        • I agree NeRanger with you…

          Everything they do revolves around ABSOLUTE CONTROL of the sheeple…

          I believe the guns must be made to go for them to actually assume the dictatorship they so desperately desire…

          I believe gun removal as an individual God given right is coming: for them to rule,it must…
          I don’t think they’ll wait for all of us to die off and for the indoctrinated children to grow up…

          As I watch it seems they really no longer care to hide their hand whatsoever???

          They may simply sign a global treaty, nullifying an outdated Constitution, then outlaw the guns…

          The politicians do not care in the least about our individual liberties or our families safety…

          Too early to make a stand otherwise you will be branded any number of things and your sacrifice will not be accorded the valor deserved…
          We’re in the “wait and see” era of our discontent…

          No man lives forever and “the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still on them”-Thoreau…

          When the time does come you will have two choices. One kneel before the master of this world, or not::.
          Your family has to eat, you have to work, unless you are a good global citizen, you and your family will starve and have no health care..

          Families and friends will rat each other out and in a short decade or so, when the free global states of the NWO is brought into existence…(you may not believe in the Bible but all of this is pretty much in accordance with prophecy…)

          America has been blessed since it’s inception those many years ago and with the passage of time the rot of our cancer has become more pronounced. We are undone by our enemies within…

          God watch over each of you as together we wait to see what tomorrow brings…

          • ???

          • Truth this is.

          • Vet1, then WHY IN THE FUCK DID YOU JOIN THE MILITARY? You fought for the VERY govt. you preach against? Are you insane? Maybe you were just a fool that never questioned shit and joined up because of TV PROPAGANDA? Glad you finally learned to see and think! Do the next generation a favor and DO NOT let them stupidly follow the propaganda and march themselves to war for the benefit of the elite. GET OUT THERE AND TELL THEM WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT! Otherwise you ain’t no hero or Genius…

            • “To understand the actual world as it is, not as we should wish it to be, is the beginning of wisdom.” BERTRAND RUSSEL

              • Good point! To understand the world as it is requires discernment! Not the shortminded reaction of fools. Investigation should be priority #1 especially when one is considering laying his life on the line. That my friend IS the beginning of wisdom 🙂

        • Ranger: We cannot give one damn inch because the rat mutts will in turn take 20ft! They will just never learn and stop with all of that.

      36. If they go door to door and to my door it will confirm all my thoughts as to what is going on in this country and at that point I guess I’ll die in a bed of brass!

      37. If you recall it was gun confiscation that started the revolutionary war at Lexington/concord The brits were marching to confiscate guns and powder and the people said come and take them The Brits had the best army in the world at the time and they lost the war Hillary and all the tyrant want to bes should think about an angry court of gun owners victorious in a civil war over gun rights.

        • Speaking of that (revolutionary war). I can’t believe how absolutely STUPID soldiers were back then! Wear red coats? March out in lines and have it out with muskets? How stupid and imbecillic can you be? The settelers won only because they FINALLY grew a mind and used guerilla tactics. Fuckin dumb ass limey’s made great targets after that lol. Thanks to them all I live a fairly good life (after they murdered all the natives) I guess people never change….

      38. curious, if your family members feel you are a danger to yourself or others and need to have your weapons forcibly removed from your possession, who’s going to be the one to knock on your door? And if you are a danger to yourself or others, who is going to make that determination? And what motivation is in the mind of the person making that claim? Suppose your feckless daughter just wants to get her hands on your savings, or once you have been “taken away” to move in her drug addict boyfriend and trash your house? Or suppose the government entity that makes that determination also appoints a government “guardian” who then proceeds to drain all your savings by charging $500 per phone call “on your behalf”? This just sounds like the first step in another government asset confiscation scheme to me.

      39. Gun advocates are now asking the MSM and Democraps to turn their weapons over to them as one is promoting gun violence and the other is acting them out.

        Too much for US says Gun Advocates. We demand Democraps disarm saying, it’s the right thing to do. And that MSM execs be held personally responsible for encouraging Democraps to be angry all the time and having “father” problems.

      40. I say make SSRI drugs illegal… more anti- depressants, and no more ridalin or adarol given to children. And pass a law that a mandatory toxicology report be made public after any homicide, so we all know what the bastard was on. The victims can then file a class-action suit against the drug company for damages. In the case of the Las Vegas shooter, Eli Lilly (the manuf of valium) would end up paying billions in damages….essentially bankrupting the company. This country is medicated to the point of insanity, and if we are to survive, we must destroy big Pharma….before it destroys US.!!!!

        • How do you plan to do that?

      41. NetRanger, welcome back. Someone will take your guns only if you let them. NEVER EVER SURRENDER YOUR WEAPONS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

      42. A few weeks back a Ambulance chaser Lawyer was assassinated on his front porch. I have not heard if the shooter has been caught yet.
        It would be a shame if Judges ordering people to give up their guns met a similar fate.

        • That is the very base principal of 4GWF
          Its not if but when,,, they most likely need FEMA camps to house the obediant grabbers

          • Nail,
            Forgive my ignorance, but what is 4GWF?

            • Fourth generation warfare,
              mike vanderboegh fourth generation warfare For a good piece on it. Sipsey Street Irregulars

              • OK! ThankX!

      43. Just a reminder to those who attempt to confiscate our weapons,YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES become legitimate targets of retribution for obeying the deep state hacks…

      44. 7.2 mag earthquake along the Iraq/Iran border

        Fox News

      45. Rellik, those judges and lawyers would be better off NOT getting involved in any gun issues, at least not on the side of confiscation.

      46. All I know is that if/when they start booting in people’s door to confiscate guns, that will be the “shot heard around the world” 2.0. JUSA is the last bastion against the roll out of the NWO the khazars are so hell bent on shoving down our throats. They’ve used false flag one after another in their pursuit. The true capital of JUSA isn’t DC, it’s Hell Aviv so expect our pansy ass (s)elected officials who are all AIPAC pandering sons of bitches to lick their boots and follow suit with some sort of unconstitutional legislation to usurp our rights to own or posess guns sooner or later. With more and more LEO organizations being trained by IDF and brainwa shed to believe that the average citizen is an enemy combatant, expect your local or state thug stormtroopers to be in lock step.

        Keep you powder dry and your eyes open, I think we all know what’s in store for us. But then again, this shithole Bolshevik communist nation needs a good douching, let’s get the party started, let’s party like 1776.

      47. Here’s my ‘permit’,

        “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government”
        Thomas Jefferson, 1 Thomas Jefferson Papers, 334

      48. It seems these marxist turds are really pushing of for Civil War II, with this gun confiscation crap. Once they start, there will be no way to turn off the response they didn’t expect to happen….

      49. I want to take a moment and GIVE THANKS TO THE SOME OF THE GREATEST MEN WHO EVER LIVED, the forefathers of The United States of America.

        God bless these wise men who did more common people of the future while taking very little for them selves at the time, than any men who lived before or since.

        THESE GREAT MEN KNEW!! They knew the cycle of servitude that has been going on this planet for 4000 years. THEY KNEW all the little BS games the powerful have played with common people to keep power for the rich and powerful while screwing the common man for 4000 years!!!

        THESE GREAT MEN KNEW they had to write some GOOD RULES to help the common people of the future stay free from tyranny as as long as we can… and one of those rules was the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS TO PROTECT OURSELVES FROM THE RULING CLASS AHOLES!!


        THESE GREAT MEN knew the ruling class can not be trusted to do the right things. The knew all about trumpedupBS charges to lock people up, they knew all about false imprisonment, they knew all about ilegal searches, fishing expeditions looking for anything … THEY KNEW!!!


        Thank God those great men wrote some good rules for us or the common people of THE U.S. would have been re-fkd a lot sooner than they probably will be sooner or later, because the ruling class is evil.

        The ruling class will keep coming and coming and coming taking more and more and more until they have it all… as they have been doing it for 4000 years.

        They have no new tricks, they play the same little BS games they have played for 4000 years… but thank goodness the GREAT MEN, THE FOREFATHERS OF OUR COUNTRY WROTE GOOD RULES TO HELP US!!

        If/when the common people want to wimp-out and give up our right to arms then the common people WILL GET what they deserve. The ruling class WILL COME again, as they always have, and they will do what they have always done.



        Give away my guns? ARE YOU FKG KIDDING!!?? !!!!

        If/when we do that we will be mocking, belittling, disrespecting the forefathers of my country and I will never do that.

        I am not some nutjob making silly threats.
        I have no huge armory. I don’t own assault rifles.
        I only own enough handguns, shotguns and ammo for my personal use to defend my home and property from tyrannous evil men, which is what my forefathers would expect me to.



        • Amen, good post, i resent being labled deplorable by the left as well as labled a domestic terrorist by their think tanks.

          • Nailbanger, Obola called me a bitter clinger for hanging on to my guns and Bible. Hillary said I’m deplorable and irredeemable. DHS says I’m a domestic terrorist. I don’t mind the first 3 labels, but DHS can blow me. They and the rest of the alphabet soup agencies are the real terrorists. Think Ruby Ridge, Waco, OKC bombing, TWA Flight 800, 9/11, etc.

            • THAT GUY, Yes the founders had a great vision for this country. And I love the laws they set for it. But where they failed in their wisdom was the fact (throughout history) that man ALWAYS VOTES HIMSELF INTO SLAVERY. They made a great attempt but it failed. Just as many (for the people) governments have failed. I commend them and I love their ideals but… as since the beginning of time, it has never lasted. The real freedom you seek is a frame of mind now. It is not in some plethora of legal bullshit. For instance I am as free as I can be because I do whatever I figure I can do that is “illegal” and not get caught. I disregard govt. shit to that degree. You are not free nor will you ever be as mankind will see to it. Kind of embarassing to be part of this dumb assed life form but it is what it is. Hopefully in my next adventure I will be among more intelligent friends…..

              • Me too damn…..

        • ??????

        • That Guy, BRAVO! Good post.

      50. If you bury a ammo box bury it upside down ,so it acts like a cup in case of flooding ? And wrap it in multi garbage bags .

        • Duct tape

          • PVC!

      51. If your rope is frayed, buy more rope. if your boots are worn buy a new pair. If there is a shortage of butter, up-stock your supplies. Yea, this is costing you nothing but money… But is it better to have beer money or brass money. Tighten up, before the noose does!

      52. If the liberal progressive Marxists want to “confiscate” my firearms, I encourage them to come and try it, personally. Cmon Senator Schumer, Former Mayor Bloomberg, let’s see if you clowns have the personal testicular gumption to face a citizen who believes in the Constitution.
        Nah, these clowns can only send in their personal Gestapo to do that. And they, won’t be successful anywhere in this Republic, except where the voters in metropolitan areas, have already sold their citizenship for a mess of Marxist pottage. Those fools deserve what they get from their political commissars.

      53. Or, if you must face the noose, do so with head held high, as one who has supported the Patriot cause as our forefathers did. You have nothing to be ashamed of.

        • Babycatcher, no one will even get close enough to me to put a rope around my neck. That’s what bullets are for.

      54. Regarding gun storage . Had a pump shotgun in a leather fake sheep skin lined case in the trunk of a 76 Cadillac in San Diego for maybe three months . Parkerised shotgun. The hammer froze cocked. Was unable to free it without disassemble. Pull the bolt back a little and pull the trigger to release the hammer , so pumping the gun will break the hammer loose. Maybe same with all guns , expecialy in extreme cold. Also ,If the bolt is not connected to the gas piston you can’t break the gas piston loose. Rust and cold weather changes everything. Even in San Diego. Dry climate, San Yisedro to be accurate.

        • TH,
          Take it from someone that lives in a place where everything corrodes, Safari CLP is your friend. I works miracles on guns. Use 50% Kerosene and 50% ATF mix to loosen up everything else.

      55. Maybe I’m getting stupid , but the more I learn the more I like high power revolvers. Saves brass ,good stopping power , low powder consumption, cast bullets, easy to reload, Lee hand loaders. Speed loaders,Absolutely reliable under all conditions. Keep it short and simple? A concealable almost rifle power gun? Drawbacks not very suppresible. But seems like nothing but a 22 is?Seems 44 mags. Are expensive, but 44 special isn’t . Maybe those old west guys knew something from hard experience, we have lost?

        • AR SBR

      56. My 308 takes 45 grains of powder, my 5.56 take s 30 grains of powder. My 44 takes 8 grains of powder. That means 25 dollars of powder and 35 dollars of primers gets me 1000 rounds of ammo for 60 dollars, if I can cast car batteries lead free almost. With good stopping power. Aim small miss small?

      57. Only your enemy,wants you disarmed?

      58. Is hair straightening cultural appropriation?

      59. We are at the doorway…

        I expect the false flag killings to increase…

        It’s better to have the people beg for you to take their freedom to get the governments protection…

        There’s way too many guns to confiscate going door to door…

        They need to create a larger rift between us…

        There was the story of Samuel Whittemore who went to war with the British during the revolutionary war. On their march back from Concord the British encountered the 80 year old veteran of the earlier French and Indian war. He had strapped on his sword, two pistols and grabbed his musket.

        Taking his table outside he set it up as a barricade and waited. As the British drew close, he stood up, fired his musket and two pistols killing three men.

        The British were on him before he could reload and he fought them with his sword. A British officer fired and shot him through the cheek. They then bayoneted him 12 times to make sure he was dead. When the townsfolk later found him he was still alive and trying to reload his musket.

        Samuel Whittmore lived 18 more years and continued fighting.

        This is the stock we are from..

        • Then a drone shot him and blew him and his property to smithereens!

          • Piloted by some zit-faced retard in a bunker who was a phsycopath by design.

            • You have an edge to ya, I ‘ll give ya that!!!

              We all need to work towards having the with, but with maybe just a touch of optimism…

              Have good one!!!

              • Long day on the farm, have a great night!!!

              • Happy Veterans day (for what it’s worth). Ya know I do appreciate the bravery and courage men like you have for defending the country (although it is not for us but the elite) I sincerely hope you will join us in the upcoming fight that will be for US! If only more vet’s would wake up and set aside the BS pride they falsely feel (for conquoring and occupying for the masters) and see what is REALLY going on we COULD win this war! YOU have the training, YOU have the skills, YOU have the knowledge of the modern war weapons, YOU have the voice that others will listen too, I am just some asshole in a forum that tells it how it is. Some like me, some hate me, but I tell it like it is and the TRUTH. If I were to go tell kids what a bunch of shit the military is they would think I’m a crazy old man (at their expense). However, YOU have been there and done that so they WILL listen to you. The voice of reason is more believable when it comes from experience. If you can do that small justice to man, I will consider YOU a true hero!

                • Genius what war are you gonna win? there is a War on the White Race! but there are no defined borders or any way to determine who is friend or foe. And having raised children I will tell you this. Know it all young adults don’t listen to anyone. telling them not to do something almost guarntees that they will do exactly that something. Ouit being a denialist. Face the fact that as soon as our generation dies off. The minneials will do exactly what the public schools and mainstream media has brainwashed them into believing is the correct good thing.

                  • maybe…

                    but don’t give up one those teachable moments that come along on a daily basis.

                    Keep talking the talk.

                    One day they will see the light, just like mom and dad (and grandma) said would happen.

                    There’s may be the generation that sets the thing right.

      60. And who listens to these ignorant jackasses on the media? Only gullible, ignorant people who are ALREADY on board with the leftist fascists. Just like with Trump, who cares what the media thinks? They are only broadcasting to ignorant leftists who have already drunk the kool-aide.

      61. NO MORE GUN LAWS, Those on the books need to be removed. THE END.

      62. Its all a dog and pony show. The USA is a nation in decline. like Rome and later Great Britian the spreading of our army to far away diverse places eeventually takes its toll. As soon as the US military can no longer force oil producing nations to deal only in Petro Dollars that’s it the crumbling will accelerate. The fact is the USA has gotten too big for its britches and is bursting at the seams. And just who I going to come after my Guns. I don’t know how many guns I have and all are private purchases. Some where inherited. Ive sold and traded guns for decades. So just tell who is going to come and take away guns they don’t even know I have? and I see the fat obese slobs who own guns. Its deer season and Friday they where buying cartloads of crap food and booze to take to deer camp. Driving in a high dollar 4 wheel drive. and having a high dollar 4 wheeler to ride. because the fat asses cant walk 100 feet. All they need to do is turn off the electricity for a extended time. Starve the majority of gun owners into submission. Germino was a hardened warrior. has a great location. Armys couldn’t do anything. The a New commanding officer arrives. He ask’s what are they eating? The reply was horses. So they started killing every free roaming horse they found. The drove hundreds into a big ravine and shot them all. Germino could not stand to hear the crying of the starving children and came out carrying a white flag. And spent the rest of his days in a cage. The buffalo being killed brought the plains indians down. And no electricity will bring the land wales in to surrender also. Its over the Republic is no more. There will not be any watering of Jeffersons Tree of Liberty. I really hope im wrong. But I think not. I keep hoping for some sort of divine intervention. Maybe a whole lotta space rocks totally destroying certain places and people?

        • Sadly, this is probably the most accurate post here about how it will go. Interesting to read the insight.

          The “just turn out the lights” rings true, what we did to the Indians is facts and this generation of millennials are indeed… mostly… a predicable result.

          Indeed the sign that is all close to the end is when the Sauds announce they no longer care to protect the PertroDollar and will happily take gold for oil… and that could be soon.

          There IS some MAJOR SHTF in SA right now. Winds of change are blowing hard and the MSM is not talking about it AT ALL.

          All the dumbass MSM here in the States is talking is sex scandals…. as if we didn’t know that is how actresses have gotten jobs for decades.

          The Hollywood casting couch has been a well known thing forever. All this daily listing who-do is distraction bread and circus.

          It has been a nice run, I have enjoyed myself… but… all good things come to an end.

        • Old Guy,I’m afraid it wouldn’t even take nearly that much for the majority of Americans to throw in the towel and surrender within two weeks,if that long.Simply by disconnecting cell tower service where cell phones would be inoperable,the majority of the Internet generation would panic and surrender within a day or two in order to have their precious iPhones working again.Some would commit suicide if they had to live a couple weeks without their iPhone.On top of that,imagine the Millions receiving food stamps,HUD,Wic,etc.,being informed they were being permanently cut off all aide unless they do as ordered,and you’ll see just how many will do anything and everything their told in order to get their benefits back.We have become so soft,sensitive,obese,lazy,and far too dependent upon modern technology.Anyone wanna bet that 90% of people under 35 years of age have never even killed and butchered an animal and prepared it for the table? As beneficial as modern technology has been in certain areas,in other areas,it has hurt far more than it’s helped.

          • shut down the grid and very soon the cell phones will no work. cell towers require electricity. Hard line home phones use 32 volts also. I think the 90% figure is probably correct. The thing is the former middle class is no longer needed or wanted. They do not need our production. Everything can be made cheaper other places. They don’t need our votes. Both partys are the same any how. So we are simply in the way. Manifest Destiny? We are at the same place the plains indian was when the first wagon train started rolling across the plains. What they desire is peons and serfs. White folks do not make good peons & serfs.

      63. I have said it for years: These mutts want OUR guns GONE period!! Once the guns are gone, the Gov’t can quite literally do Anything under the sun…

      64. This world has gone to hell “SMfH” fucked up people in fucked up world ✝?✝?✝

      65. Stop watching the fake news and better yet throw your TV in the trash where it belongs.

        • I haven’t watch tv in about 15 yrs. I never got the digital converter box so i couldn’t watch even if i wanted to. A friend told me he would buy me that box for xmas, but i said no i don’t want one. I get my news from the net. I do have two very small old tv’s and i just watch dvd movies on it.And something interesting i saw the other day on Youtube. It was “The Truth About Smart Meters”. He said that the smart meters on the house can TELL when we are watching a pirate dvd. I didn’t know that. The meters can tell exactly what appliances we are using and the time we use, they can tell when we wake up, make coffee, toast and when we turn off the lights to go to bed! That is super creepy!

      66. There is another agenda, the left wants chaos. Chaos is a revolutionary tool the globalist exploit to overthrow nations.

        By creating a system for confiscating firearms, the left will pit conservative America against Law Enforcement.

        The left using ANTIFA and BLM already pitted African Americans and the radical left against police. The assassination rate of LEO’s has gone through the roof as a result. This was planned and executed by the Globalists and Deep State. The exploding murder and crime in major cities is intended, and is another goal, it puts more groups against each other. African Americans have already been forced back into a tribal gang culture in all large cities. The other goal is to isolate police from the citizenry. It’s working.

        Reason number three for hiding some firearms, ammo and food. When police come, they will come at four AM, likely you will be caught off guard, and they will handcuff you while they clean you out of weapons. Those police are cannon fodder, they really aren’t your real enemy. The “powers that shouldn’t be” want you to fight against law enforcement, they want more LEO’s assassinated. It’s an agenda that isolates groups, makes enemies out of friends and family and gives the left more power.

        If the left manages a system for confiscating firearms, have an immunity to their agenda. Have a stash.

        • The government extortionists have made their bed. Let them sleep in it. I shed no tears​ for those who enable tyranny by acting as the pointy end of the government spear against people who just want to be left alone in the so-called land of the free.
          Government issued costumes don’t alter the fact that it’s just organized crime with a fancy name. The blue gang simply has more members and more guns.

      67. Your president made promises.

        Hold him to it !

      68. I’m here in Oregon, one of the ERPO states. No examples of it being used yet that I know of. I have a feeling this is “much ado about nothing”; in other words, this is the best Bloomberg can do with his millions, and it ain’t much. Cops are clearly uncomfortable with laws like this (due to concerns for their own hides!). Many county sheriffs have stated publicly that they flat out will not uphold any such order.

        It all gets back to the crucial point: what are you going to do if the goons show up on your doorstep? If you choose to submit and hand your guns over, you aren’t worth beans to RKBA and never were. “Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.” If a confiscation is tried, even just a particular (as opposed to a general) one, the only correct choice is to respond with a hail of bullets.


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