Actors Dress As Syrian War Victims… Indistinguishable From Real Thing: “Much Has Been Fabricated”

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    This article was written by Tony Cartalucci and originally published at his Land Destroyer site.

    Editor’s Comment: Can we believe our own eyes? Not when what they see is mediated by the television camera. When it comes to Syria, there is a clear agenda to portray Assad as a human rights abusers, and given a lack of clear evidence to hang him on, play up the survivors has become a favorite tactic.

    The only problem is that it is all backed by the same phonies that are casting ISIS and al Qaeda members as ‘Free Syrian Army’ rebels, liberators and saviors of the region. Nobody is buying it, and the U.S. and its sordid cast of allies have gone to greater and great lengths to find a working narrative. In a land of fiction, where they hope to remap altogether. They are wagging the dog. Is is working?

    “White Helmet” “Save Aleppo” Protest Proves How Easy it is to Dress Up Actors as “War Victims”

    by Tony Cartalucci

    Recent protests held across North America and Europe staged by supporters of armed militants in Syria have staged scenes in Western streets eerily similar to those featured in the photos and videos of the US-European funded “Syrian Civil Defence” also known as the “White Helmets.”


    Image: This is not Aleppo, Syria, but rather the streets of Europe where a recent “save Aleppo” protest was staged. Actors posing in fake dust and blood proved just how easy it is for anyone to create “war victims” anytime, anywhere.

    Saudi state media, Al Arabiya English would report in an October 1, 2016 article titled, “Worldwide protest against Assad, Russia to ‘save Aleppo’,” that:

    The stalling talks between international powers on Syria – with Russia ramping up its air raid campaign – has ignited worldwide protests calling for an end to the horror in Aleppo.

    Protestors in Turkey, France, Netherlands, America and Canada took to the streets opposing Bashar al-Assad’s and Russia’s crimes in Aleppo, carrying posters that read “Stop bombing Aleppo” and “Save Aleppo”.

    Al Arabiya’s ironic hand-wringing over Syria as Riyadh devastates Yemen with its own aerial bombardment and ground incursion, attempts to portray eastern Aleppo as a horrific cauldron where “where more than 250,000 civilians are trapped without food or clean water.”


    And while undoubtedly war is raging in eastern Aleppo, it should be noted that the vast majority of Aleppo’s population – 1.75 million in fact – live in the government-controlled majority of Aleppo.  But despite this reality, the West and its allies – including Saudi Arabia – have attempted to use their sway over international public opinion to exaggerate Syrian security operations and fabricate a “humanitarian catastrophe” to serve as yet another pretext for wider Western intervention.

    Central to this appeal to public opinion has been the so-called “White Helmets,” also referred to as the “Syrian Civil Defence” despite the nation of Syria already having a legitimate, professional civil defense force.

    Posing as an impartial rescue force, the “White Helmets” are transparently auxiliaries serving exclusively side-by-side armed militants including US State Department, UN, and EU designated foreign terrorist organizations. Their primary function is not “rescuing” anyone, but to manage a public relations campaign aimed at swaying public and political opinion, leveraging “humanitarian” sympathy worldwide.

    Their primary means of doing this is publishing photos and videos of their members – wearing elaborate, matching uniforms and driving brand new ambulances – pulling dust and blood covered victims from rubble allegedly brought down upon them by Syrian and Russian airstrikes.


    The veracity of their photos, videos, and many claims have never been independently verified, and in many cases, evidence suggests that much of what they present to the public across their extensive, well-funded social media presence has been fabricated.

    The recent coordinated “save Aleppo” protests held across Europe and North America, perhaps revealed just how transparently fabricated and fictional the “White Helmet’s” work really is. During one protest, photos retweeted by the official “White Helmet’s” Twitter account showed actors dressed up as “war victims,” covered in fake dust and blood, appearing almost indistinguishable from the alleged “victims” the “White Helmets” regularly “save” in Syria.

    The protest, staged in European streets far from the Syrian conflict, even included children – likewise covered in fake dust and blood – cradled in the arms of adults, posing with despondent looks upon their faces. Also part of the staged scene were actors dressed like the “White Helmets” themselves.


    Image: The only difference between admittedly staged scenes in European streets during a recent “save Aleppo” protest, and the daily output of the Western created and funded “White Helmets” acting troupe in Syria is that in Syria, the devastation of war provides a much more convincing “set” for the actors to perform on.

    While the acting troupe that organized this protest may have thought they were cleverly “bringing the conflict to the streets of Europe” to invoke global sympathy for their cause, what they really proved was just how easy it really is for the “White Helmets” to create “war victims” anytime, anywhere.

    In Syria, where years of US-backed violence has left many parts of the country devastated, such staged scenes playing out with the devastation of war as a backdrop become all the much more convincing. With “White Helmet” videos heavily edited before reaching the public, they are able to create tragic scenes of war, anytime, anywhere – even in the streets of Europe thousands of miles away from where Syrian and Russian warplanes are operating.

    Their primary goal and that of the special interests funding them tens of millions of dollars, is to manipulate the hearts and minds of the global public in support of Western-backed armed militants – not “save lives” nor bring peace to Syria.

    This article was written by Tony Cartalucci and originally published at his Land Destroyer site, which regular features some of the highest quality geopolitical analysis anywhere.


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      1. I’m going to get really spooked if one or more of the actors identically resembles someone at Boston, Sandy Hook and or Orlando.

        • Kevin2, don’t be spooked. These actors are international. One day they are in Iraq, another day in Argentina, then Libya and on and on and once the script is complete and the innocents start to get butchered then they all end up in Tel Aviv and DC and London.

          • Lots of Ammo and High Capacity Magazines. Any questions?


          • Unfortunately that is logical and limits the number used which improves their operational security. Someone recognizing this, because of its outrageous nature to the unsuspecting public, would discredit any further discussion. Their Psych-Ops are very good at being very bad.

            “All the world is a stage”
            William Shakespeare

            What we had seen at one time was a great production with depth that was buried deep in the covert world. This has been reduced to a cheap off Broadway Play with stage sets more set up for a cartoon rather than to simulate reality. Now they’re only making half hearted attempts at concealment as it appears that their attitude is, “Who cares as there is nothing anyone can do about it”.

            • I’m not surprised by it at all. A lot of unseen currents running under the bridges feeding bulk lots of bullshit. It can comprise of photos as well as articles. Pick your poison. Keep your mags full, fingers ‘long side the trigger, the switch on ‘Rock and Roll’,a good blade handy and trust in “the Father”. All else are just deuces in spades.

              • Actors hired for protests, democratic speech audiences, fake war scenes, chat rooms, etc.

                Master, master, where’s the dreams that Iv’e been after
                Master, master, promise only lies
                Master, master, all I see or hear is laughter
                Laughter, laughing at my cries!


                  • Thats all good and stuff but my wife and kids (all 4 legged) are all that matters (my wife has 2 legs lol). Good song though, it hits emotions. But logic needs to rule the day when we are in crisis. Without logic, we are truly doomed…..

                    • You are also truly doomed when you do not know who your enemy is.

                      You cannot expect to win a battle against a tiger when you don’t even know what a tiger is.

                      In order to win, you must be able to identify the enemy or else your just pissing in the wind….

        • “Their primary goal and that of the special interests funding them tens of millions of dollars”

          This is what George Soros funds , its all deception and misdirection to simply cause mayhem .
          It opens up the country to “new” investments , his !

          • Those pics are soooo fake jeeesus! Bad makeup job there minimus….

      2. The question is will Trump play along with the BS, or will he find a way to expose the false propaganda, the whole Syrian fiasco, that the globalists are using to push WW3?

        Two debates left. I’m not holding my breath on him calling it all out, but would love to be pleasantly surprised.

      3. Meh.

        Propaganda is as old as time… best bet is to look for hard facts and figures, and not emotional images/sounds that try to sway the heart (whenever the head obviously cannot be).

        I honestly do not really care what images they splash across a webpage or TV screen… even major media outlets nowadays have made their biases and even some attempts at propaganda rather naked, no?

        • Yep, just like religion….

      4. “Shindler’s List” won so many academy awards, one would almost believe it was based on a true story. But, alas, me friends, it er only make believe.

        The NOVEL it is based on also won an award, the literary award for the NOVEL was for, I know you know this. At least, I hope you can figure it out. It takes some intellectual courage; the award was for FICTION.

        The same people who brought you the Holy Cast. Nice story, a real tear jerker, but it is FICTION.

        No event of History has ever been enforced by law except the Holy Cast. “Denial” gets you jail time in Germany. Why? Because the whole story has been PROVEN to be a hoax. Just like this garbage before you in Syria.

        These people are incredible. They have zero credibility. But leave it up to them. They smear your credibility. They turn the victims into aggressors in their lying version of what took place. Where ever they go. They hurt people and then accuse the victim. It is despicable.

        Now they are found out, they will either run away to their luxurious homes somewhere romantic for sure. Or, they will unleash punishment on us for daring to figure out how badly raped we have been. Not just once, but again and again.

        Can’t they just stop and go enjoy what they have now. Let us all admit our failures and start fresh. How about a little John Lennon. Give peace a chance. Ya, we know you did him. Ok. So, you should be smart enough to know your goose is cooked. Give it up. You aren’t going to win in the end. No matter what it says in your book. It’s a lie just like everything else.



        • So your calling my granddaddy a liar ?
          He was there in germany , at the camps and helped all those starving “crisis actors” out .
          HUH , so his nightmares were fake and manufactured ?
          There were no prison camps ?
          Wow , YOUR ONE SMART DUDE !!! mensa brainiac .

          • interesting info on Patton
            something you never hear

            What Bill O’Reilly ignored about George Patton

            h ttps://

            just ordered a copy of THE PATTON PAPERS
            gonna find our for myself

          • No hammerhead, no one is calling your grandpappy a Liar. Mistaken, but no a Liar. The Valanet U.S.A.A.F. bombed the German infrastructure (Rail, Roads, Canals) to hell and back. This affected the Wehrmacht’s ability to get food and medical supplies to the Interment Work Camps.

            As a result, thousands of prisoners died because of OUR tender mercies in bringing the Germans to heel. Eisenhower did not care HOW many prisoners of the Reich (Russian, American, Jew, French, etc, etc) died in the effort to crush the German War machine. Look it up – its called HISTORY.

            So many German Historians have been jailed for writing the Truth that there should be a new series of Nuernberg trails against the current puppet .gov employees. What other article of History has been removed from further investigation by LAWS that criminalize the publishing of newly discovered information?

            Believe – Don’t Believe. We are not here to provide you with the resources you’ll need to uncovers this 60 year-old lie.

            • Nubbin-Finger Jake Rodell

              THANk YOU.

          • One of our family friends was a survivor, was just a kid when he was put in a camp, separated from the rest of his family,,,
            That shit was as real as the scars on his body from being beaten and the number tatoo on his forearm

          • I too have met and known survivors of the Holocaust, as well as one US soldier, a neighbor, who liberated a camp.

            I find the same people who claim the Holocaust was a hoax also make Zyklon-B jokes. Yeah they know the truth.

            The Germans were fastidious keepers of records. Building permits and blueprints of the camps, as well as train schedules, and supply records for the camps, are still public records.

            If people need to hate, they will hate, but the real sin is in testifying against a neighbor they don’t even know, based on the hearsay of others. The Germans didn’t mass execute the banksters that run the world and start wars, they killed clock makers, and shop owners, farmers, tin smiths, seamstresses, restaurant owners, maids, carpenters etc. The Nazi final solution, solved nothing, but kill 150 million people in a global war of profit.

            If we fail to remember these lessons of history, God will surely let us relive them, to re-learn the lesson again.

            • What was the population of j*ws in germany just before the war?

              How many were warned to leave before the war?

              How many countries have kicked the j*ws out in history?

              Why were they kicked out?

              Make some fookin sense and answer the questions…..

              • The answers to all but your first question can be found in the Bible. We are witnessing the age old battle of good and evil.

                The world is living in the great tribulation and has been for centuries. It’s what I prep for. Like I said, Hitler’s solution never touched the Globalists. People like Soros and other elites who are members of the synagogue of Satan, are above the fray.

                I highly recommend preppers listen to what the bible teaches. It is quite prophetic.

                In the next Great War Christians and Jews will be the outgunned Indians. I will not fall for the globalist crap that says my Jewish neighbor, or my Asian neighbor etc must be my enemy.

                I have come to firmly believe Islam is the religion/governmental system of the antiChrist and False Prophet. Even so don’t hate Muslims, offer them the word of God, some may even repent. As for the rest, love the sinner, but hate the sin and do what you must to survive. I believe you ain’t seen nothing yet.

            • Yep George Soros Profited in turning in his Fellow J^ws in WW2. Profits off of a lot of other people misery.


          • Looks like someone’s grandpa lied.

        • Swindlers List I buy, certainly Syria I do not.

      5. The MSM tv news shows have also been proven to have used various Older, even five year old actual war zone video and especially still photo shots like those seen in this article…..About six months ago RT tv did a documentary show which showed several “famous” Afgainistan and Iraq actual war scenes on video that happened over five years ago. Being Re-shown on Every usa tv news channel and as if it just happened a day or a week ago! Only in Syria or Iran!

        RT showed the actual footages side by side with the “supposedly” new war scene of devestations and death complete with crying kiddies for mass effect.

        Its the same as when GW Bush and all his aipac/foxtv buddies like bill krystal and that other fox zioboy in the wheel chair I forget his name now?….When they keept insisting it was factual real that Sadams iraq soldiers were smashing incubator babies at a Hospital ward against a wall to smash their tiny fraigle heads and kill them all.

        Fox and cnn et al and all them zio talker heads/faces told us all that it was eye witnessed by some mid east ambasadors daughter…But she and her ambasador dad turned out to also be zioinsts and were acting their parts to change hearts and minds.

        Kinda like a few here promote of pen vs sword etc…They used the pen to manufacture falsehoods galore.

        I rekon its the reason that to date no real battles or wars and certainly zero real true freedom was ever yet won Via “ink”…Since in every case to date it was rather won by Blood not ink eh. Yes I too would prefer pens and ink and zero bloodshed…but that aint how the world functions yet.

        Like the usa declaration states…Sometimes when two seperate groups that prior had same political ties etc can no longer see eye to eye, then it means one group, the righteous and goodguys group, must make a move Away from the other group period.

        And even back then when wrote in 1770’s it ended up being Blood not Ink that saved the day and created real Freedom for that “right” group.

        And if what we now know as facts due to rt tv as stated of use of copied and pasted older war scene videos or photos used as if its all a brand new event…Then how Much More stuff like that have we not yet found out about?!…I say…TOO many/much to even attempt at listing here in this forums space!

        In fact, this reeks of and reminds me of all those Older newspaper headlines I found online at sveral websites, that had headlines claims of “Six Million”! Will Perish, Unless…….etc etc” Usually it was unless mucho Cash donations were sent, to a tune of $35 million typically, or soldiers were sent asap pronto fast to “Save” the Six Million innocent Victims.

        Only Problem with ALL those old newspapers headlines is that the Top front main page Date also is shown. And every such date of newspapee edition date was from as old as Late 1880’s!! right up untill it finally stopped for good around 1945! I personally found at least Two dozen such different dates newspapers with Identical six million soon be dead and several stated six million Already dead! But send Cash anyways to save the rest!

        Yet now today 2016 we Know from various documented vetted proven true factual evidences that there were NEVER any such six million at risk ever period…Not even during the big Hoax of WWII events did any such six million exist for that event cycle…We Know from recent released actual hidden govnt papers etc that the real largest number was closer to Under 300,000 total in the wwii events…And That included ALL races and religions and types of peoples combined!

        With such better high tech ability today and many more easy to dupe foolish souls, especially in usa it seems…We probably will never know the real true extent of falsified tv news crap portrayed as actual events eh?

        You Must look at it ALL same as a Liar on a court witness stand that is proven to commit Perjury/Lies…IE: if he lied Once and got caught?…Then what Else is he lying about also eh?…logic dictates You Must consider Everythinf stated as a huge Lie period.

        This may have been ongoing for all time since way back when, but it sure seems to have radically ramped up by the Dozens in magnitudes ever since the Klintons took office early 1990’s era eh…They got away with More total lies and scams and “Firsts” than probably every usa prez admin combined prior…And ever since the klintions era its been a Free for all ride for all polititions Worldwide and every Talmudvision (TV) news show since.

        It took me 50 years of my life, and at least Twenty years full time massive reading research to finally figure out that “Yes Virginia, we ALL in usa has been totally LIED to since day born and lied to about at least 98% of all we ever got taught as truth or facts, with of course the grand scheme events of holohoax and six million being the 20th centuries biggest ever scam hoax done to date. only almost outdone by the 1913 fed reserve act swindles so well hidden till recent times…Close to but still Not as big a hoax as holohoax events claims are.

        And once one comprehends that huge scam, the rest seems to just fall into place as you do that research.

        Best ever WWII truth I discovered yet was from gen pattons personal Diary entry that stated “We americans fought the Wromg Peoples in wwii!” Indeed general patton, and if still alive today, you’d really blow a few gaskets at what else we located as wrongs done and that we was lied to about. If I had kids? I’d be very tempted to teach them to become very adept Hitmen! and go for broke by starting at the very Top levels and working their way down the coruption ladder I think. Rekon its good I got zero kids eh?

        • rats!

          thought you went away.

          • Themguys. your version: Its the same as when GW Bush and all his aipac/foxtv buddies like bill krystal and that other fox zioboy in the wheel chair I forget his name now?….When they keept insisting it was factual real that Sadams iraq soldiers were smashing incubator babies at a Hospital ward against a wall to smash their tiny fraigle heads and kill them all.

            *** Actually this was GH Bush Sr that touted this Big Lie, than- pre Dessert Storm, that Iraqi Soldiers that invaded Kuwait, had looted a Kuwaiti hospital and threw Kuwaiti babies out of their incubators onto the cold damp floor to take the incubators back to Iraq. That was a lie, as several years later the phony nurse that claimed that was not even a nurse or even worked at that hospital. It was a big propaganda lie to speed up the drums of war. Same as 911 false flag to gin up the invasion of the middle east.

            At that time Kuwait was pumping more oil from a common reserve in Iraq, and stealing Oil. Saddam got pissed and built up his army on the Kuwaiti border. Then the US’s “WOMAN” Ambassador to Iraq basically gave them the green light to invade Kuwait. Then GH Bush took a step back and called Iraq an aggressor after they did invade. It was phony from the beginning. Anyway to make profit from a war. And that it did. I saw GW Bush speak back during Dessert Shield to protect Saudi Arabia, then Dessert Storm to invade Kuwait and Iraqi forces back into Iraq.

            25 Yrs ago… On January 16, 1991, President George H. W. Bush announced the start of what would be called Operation Desert Storm—a military operation to expel occupying Iraqi forces from Kuwait, which Iraq had invaded and annexed months earlier. For weeks, a U.S.-led coalition of two dozen nations had positioned more than 900,000 troops in the region, most stationed on the Saudi-Iraq border. A U.N.-declared deadline for withdrawal passed on January 15, with no action from Iraq, so coalition forces began a five-week bombardment of Iraqi command and control targets from air and sea. Despite widespread fears that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein might order the use of chemical weapons, a ground invasion followed in February. Coalition forces swiftly drove Iraq from Kuwait, advancing into Iraq, and reaching a cease-fire within 100 hours—controversially leaving Saddam Hussein in power. While coalition casualties were in the hundreds, Iraqi losses numbered in the tens of thousands.

            ht tp://


            • Here is what lead up to Iraq Invading Kuwait in 1990. Just like I said above “Stealing Oil”. Read the whole article. this is the part of WHY Iraq Invaded Kuwait.

              The crisis started to deepen following that failed mission of the Emir in Baghdad. While Saudi Arabia commuted an essential part of its loans on Iraq to gifts, Kuwait started to press for the repayment of the $12 billion of Iraqi war debts. In response, Iraq began to criticize Kuwaiti overproduction of oil that contributed to the 30 percent decline of oil prices, reaching as low as $14 per barrel. In an Arab summit conference in Amman in May 1990, the Iraqi President pointed that for every single dollar drop in the price of a barrel of oil, Iraq’s loss would mount to $1 billion a year. On July 16, 1990, the Iraqi foreign minister, Tareq Aziz, reiterated these accusations in a letter to the Secretary-General of the Arab League. In that letter,

              {{{Iraq accused Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates of overstepping the quotas of oil production agreed upon by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). The letter also accused Kuwait of stealing oil from the Rumaila oilfield on the border between the two states.}}}

              On July 20, Iraq moved about 30,000 of its troops to the border, threatening Kuwait. Several Arab leaders tried to mediate between the two governments. These included President Mubarak of Egypt, King Hussain of Jordan, Yasser Arafat of the PLO, and the Saudi foreign minister Saud Al-Faisal. Their efforts succeeded in reaching an agreement between the two sides to hold face-to-face talks in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. By the time the talks began on July 31, Iraq increased the number of its troops on the border to about 100,000.[2]

              **Link for entire article. Good read. Know your History Folks. I like facts, do you?
              ht tp://


        • ANOTHER EXCELLENT POST THEM GUYS! I have seen that shit too!

      6. B from CA: Very well stated on swindlers list movie eh. I can almost hear distant sad violins in the background for ‘effect”!…Also are you aware that some guy swindlers list movie portrayed as an aushwitz camper victim had so many lies about that guy he got pissed off and Sued spielberg and Won!…

        Just like that other camper guy victim that realy Was there in a camp, but now deceased(finally) eli weazel said in one of his many scam books that he, Eli was that guys Bunk-Mate and slept directly in lower bunk from elies upper bunk bed!…But elie Lied! Eli was Never there at all!…That guy also got pissed at so many eli lies he too went to fed ct and sued and Won!

        Yet even on live tv interview when eli was asked about the various proven Lies in his many books?

        Eli answered something akin to this:.”Some things that Never happend are still Real! and Other things that Did happen never happed and are false!”

        One can also say it this way “Woe to them what turns Lies into truths and truths into Lies eh!”

      7. Gotta hype up the story. Everything is sensationalized now. people are so weak and their hearts bleed for any hard luck case especially kids and animals. war is ugly and they know this is totally possible to be legit but will fabricate if needed to get the people to go along with us getting involved in the war. Propaganda

      8. B from CA, Your post caused me to do he Horah which is an Israeli circle dance typically danced to the music of Hava Nagila when the children of satan do their killing ceremony.

        Stop spreading the TRUTH you right wing anti semite. LOL.

        p.s. Thank You for truth telling.

        • yep, how’s that go now???

          if you tell a lie long enough and loud enough, people begin to believe it.

          i don’t believe your lies.

          • Because you never researched the truth so you don’t know the difference eh?

            • i don’t believe your lies

              • Because your ignorance blinds your eyes…

      9. Might be a little over the top. Still LMAO


      10. Things are said by our gov about North Korea human rights abuse. When I look at footage I see brainwashed people but they do not look impoverished like we are told. The children look well cared for and loved. Ok there are poor people blah blah so what we got them here too. America puts itself as being a beacon of morality and experts on human rights bullshit. The biggest lie ever told about this country. Our gov is just as evil as any other.

        • Damn straight , evil and corrupt .
          Good post .

        • you really do need to do a little more research on
          North Korea
          numerous first hand accounts of what life is really like
          for the average person who lives in the countryside
          and who is not one of the very privileged who are allowed to live in the capital city are available

      11. ***********************************************************

        Can Assange turn it around for Trump? Wikileaks boss WILL release ‘damaging information’ about Hillary tomorrow after initially cancelling ‘October Surprise’ speech from embassy balcony

        h ttp://

        will he?
        won’t he?
        I’m really getting irritated and bored with Assange
        he seems to enjoy jerking people around
        struggling to stay relevant ???

        anyway this info supposedly will shut down Hillary’s election run
        at least that is the hype
        it had better be good


        • I agree , Assange is a pinhead on a power trip.
          Release the info or stfu is my attitude about it.

          • Yes only the non-believers will still love this heathen demon. The rest will reaffirm what they already know to be true. The end result will remain the same as life goes on. Gonna be one helluva Fandango.

          • There is a little more at play such as distribution of the info to insure his personal security. Don’t think for a moment Obama and Hillary don’t want him dead.

            • I am very grateful for the work Julian and wikileaks does.I am saddened that despite such info. being made public there never seems to be any solutions/actions from said information.

              • The solution has been posted here many times. It’s just a matter of implementing it….

                • Genius,you sound so sure,like you have a idea of the,uh,right solution,er,positive solution,nope that’s not it,perhaps hmmmm…..,maybe a,final solution!?

                  • Have you ever gone to bed with a problem on your mind and woke up with a solution in your hand? Just kiddin ya man. I know the solution that would work for me and a lot of others but it will never happen so I just wish upon a star and think how lucky I really are 🙂

      12. Pentagon Paid British PR Firm $500mm To Create Fake Al Qaeda Propaganda Videos

        h ttp://

        in this case propaganda was used to track terrorists

      13. When the public starts finding our criminal representatives hanging from light poles I promise you that won’t be a staged event.

      14. Satori don’t we have the same class system the haves and the have nots. The people who used to be in the middle are now have nots. what country doesn’t have poor people. I will move there because their gov is effective. It all depends what you think your gov should be doing for you. Most poor slobs think gov should give them free shit me. Most business owners and workers want to be left alone so they can make $

      15. You know,with these actors doing this/cross gender/guys dressing in burkas to flee Syria,whites identifying as blacks Warchild is starting to feel tis just fine I identify as a ring tailed lemur!

        • Warchild, you really are missing out on my whiskey lol. 5 star rated!

        • I identify as an organic lifeform that has slowly devolved into a state of utter disgust

          • I identify as a soul that has chosen this time and place (for whatever reason) to experience the human existence. An interesting experience for sure! Definately not the top of the galactic food chain but a lot of good and bad times. In my later years I realize I am surrounded by idiots and nothing I can do will change that. Humans are self destructive and irresponsible. Like you I am in utter disgust. I will do my part to cleanse the oppressors when the time comes then move on to the next adventure in being. Kill my body but you will never kill my spirit I will move on hpefully to some smarter race of beings lol. 😛

      16. A former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) clandestine services case officer has now come forward and stated, “Most terrorists are false flag terrorists, or are created by our own security services.”

        David Steele is an intelligence whistleblower, a 20-year Marine Corps intelligence officer and the second-highest-ranking civilian in the U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence.

        Jay Symopoulos of The Free Thought Project reports that Steele said:

        “Most terrorists are false flag terrorists, or are created by our own security services. In the United States, every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag, or has been an informant pushed on by the FBI. In fact, we now have citizens taking out restraining orders against FBI informants that are trying to incite terrorism. We’ve become a lunatic asylum.”

        Cited from

      17. Wonder how all you naysayers will spin it when the cities of the US start getting carpet bombed like they did in WWII

        • That may not be as bad a thing as you think. This planet desperately needs depopulation and getting rid of the big shitty dwellers would be a great start. Those in rural areas already know how to be self sufficient and conservative while the shitty dwellers are just a horde of consumers (planet killers). I know it sounds bad but hey, it’s a fact. Look into the rate our resources are being consumed and the massive landfills from hell to dispose of the zombie’s waste! Look at the insane pollution and medical waste generated by these shitty dwellers! If you want to look past the fookin bumper of your car and see the future, at this rate there is no future whatsoever. I sometimes work with mining equipment makers and they tell me stories from hell about the huge mines that go 24/7 mining more shit than your mind can grasp to keep the hordes consuming habits fed. How long can this last? IDK but it has been going on for freaking a looooonnng time! Why do we need nuclear power plants? Why do we need so much oil? Why is everything so god damned toxic? Oh ya to keep up with the race to the end of it all huh? Mine the fuck out of the planet till it ends then what? Oh ya….. WERE FUCKED ROYAL!

          • 3rd world countries have a big death rate because they are overpopulators. Give your money to them so they can breed more? Are you insane? Let’s see…. the answer couldn’t possibly be…..RESPONSIBILITY? Oh hell no, just make more retarded mouths to feed, that will solve everything lol…

          • Very true: I traveled around the ME for work for years and saw nothing but over-population and horny, unemployable young males everywhere. None of the countries could work out how to keep the young men busy or to find them purpose in life. This is why they push them into Islamic fanaticism. It is something for them to do. The entire ME needs to be de-populated and reduced to what it once was: a million or so camel jockeys and nomads selling dates.

          • Genius. Fracking is the worst of the worst. They drill down then dump toxic waste in the hole to loosen up the fuel, then suck it out and abandon the well. all that toxic crap infests the drinking water aquifers. No accountability, just more toxic crap dumped into Mother Earth’s bowels. Its even more destructive than Abortion.

            The religious freaks should be marching on these oil polluters. zzzzzz crickets. Religion is f*cked too. Its all about them and screw the planet. The beast of burden BS. Beat the shit out of everything for their pleasure. Holier than thou.

            I appreciate my Solar. No electric bills in 20 months.


      18. Asange will turn up dead by hillarys clowns before anything leaks. This is my prediction. Of course it will look like a suicide or accident.

      19. wow
        Cali is REALLY getting worried

        In a first for San Bernardino, heightened earthquake risk temporarily closes City Hall

        h ttps://

      20. about that labor force participation rate that we here so much about

        Out of Prison, Out of Work

        ht tps://

        well worth a few minutes of your time to read

      21. A friend who worked for Israeli intelligence told me once “there is one thing you can guarantee: Arabs are bullsh#tters and are totally untrustworthy and will betray each other”. And he was right.

        They deserve the death and misery they are experiencing. For one, rather than learn from other regions where civil movements gradually changed society from dictatorships to free markets and democracy, Arabs, against all historical examples and sense, chose the most violent route. Rising up against a dictatorship is going to start a vicious war: any fool can tell you that. The most pathetic thing is the way they pretend they didn’t know and now try and flee to the West to get welfare and public sympathy after destroying their countries.

        We need to block them from escaping from the s-hole that is the ME and we need to sell them more weapons so they can do the work of de-population that is urgently needed. We also need to pick the prettiest women ONLY and let them move to the West. The men have to stay and kill each other. There are some seriously smoking women in the region but they need to be integrated into a Western lifestyle, not under the control of some Arab goof who spreads his seed all over the place but can’t earn the income to support all his kids.

      22. I also think that the number of parasites will by necessity be reduced. For some reason the Reduction so far has been the producers. The parasites have increased in number? And It seems the predominately white productive middle class is targeted for extinction? And no presidential election between a Turd and Poop is going to change anything for the better.

        • I agree but think we are in a two-phase situation. Phase 1 seems to be wealth and power consolidation. The 0.0001% are doing everything they can to eliminate all other wealth and power sources, thus the attack on white men and the middle class. This is why they let the ignorant, low-IQ hordes multiply and invade the West to live on welfare. But that is only Phase 1. Phase 2, once they are satisfied they have enough power and wealth and no competitors, will be wide-scale population reduction. They know the brutality required to do that would be opposed by liberal-minded middle class ‘folks’. So, better to reduce those liberal-minded middle class folks to techno peasants who are subsumed into the muck that is the mud peoples of Islam etc.

          The plan since at least the 80s has been to jam everyone into the megacities. Not to keep a closer eye on them but to make it easier and more efficient to kill them. The elites do have a sense of humor: they are making the muppets pay for it all by having to buy an over-priced micro apartment with a massive mortgage in a neighborhood filled with women in burkhas. Then, when they feel the time is right, and all the muppets are in their micro apartments, scared to walk most streets for the roving gangs of Muslims and Africans, they will either a) unleash neutron bombs that take out the human population and leave the buildings standing, or use some nano bio weapon of some sort to take out the human population. This would effectively eliminate most of the world’s population in one blow and just leave the farmers and the elite to have the planet to themselves. It is genius if you think about it: and it is all going to plan very nicely.

      23. if you think this is something u should see terrorist play acting the part of migrant Mexican farm workers

      24. Julian Assange is a fùcking tool

      25. LAME LAME LAME

        Assange shows up at the whorehouse without his Viagra
        disappointment ensues

        PRESS: Will WikiLeaks #OctoberSurprise ‘Destroy’ Clinton? ASSANGE: I’ve Been Misquoted A Lot

        h ttp://

      26. Wag the dog…….

      27. Well,it seems they got to Assange,they either threatened family/friends,got to the embassy and said all ties would be cut ect.

        I still hope he if has info. gets it out but if not am grateful for all he and wiki has done exposing a lot of the horrors of of powers that want to be.He and those that help him are heroes,done more to expose the bullshit then all the regular lying media combined,he is doing what the media should be doing.

      28. And THE PHONEY AWARD goes to the bad actors of Aleppo.
        Blood is to bright red. I hope they use the white hats as targets

      29. What’s new? Been going on for a long time.

      30. Yes the camera does lie and the likes of the BBC were feeding us fake pictures 40 years ago but with the advent of computers we can all become editors and now know not to trust our own eyes.

        I don’t like Mrs sex with the bankers Clinton but Youtube has become awash with fake video’s about here and the ET fans are doing fakes all the time.

        Trouble is “Project Blue Beam” will fool your eyes when you look out your own front window one day because thats comeing too.

      31. My late dad was an anti tank gunner in WW2,in North Africa then Italy.Before he passed we were looking at his photo album together ,he was very emotional as he commented that it was all for nothing.He actually named all his friends that died keeping the enemy from the gates (Beautiful England) and look at it now he said.The enemy has scaled the ramparts and is destroying her from within.To hell with politicians, never fight for them,watch out for your own family,and for sure as the sun is going to rise tomorrow ,some politician is going to expect your son to die to correct yet another one of their co@€ ups!

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