A Major Terror Attack Is Coming, And the U.S. Is Next: “Mock IED Onboard Chicago-Bound Flight”

by | Apr 6, 2017 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 60 comments

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    Given the way things are, with the powers that be, this was only a matter of time.

    A major reset, complete with another inciting (and major) false flag attack is coming – and there is every sense that such an event will once again strike the homeland of the United States.

    During the past week, there have been overt threats to preemptively attack North Korea; there have been claims that Assad used chemical weapons against children in Syria (though the episode is obviously dubious).

    Russia has absorbed another major terror attack that killed 14 people in a train station, and police then found another explosive in the home of one of the suspects – with surveillance shots of young kids with backpacks and ill intent, it is rather reminiscent of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. The details are still unfolding, but the message is clear enough:

    An unexploded bomb has been found in St Petersburg during police raids searching for accomplices in a terror attack that killed 14 people.

    Russian security services said the explosive device found in a residential building was similar to one discovered on the city’s metro days before.

    Hidden in a bag and apparently disguised as a fire extinguisher, that bomb had been covered in metal pellets designed to cause maximum destruction at Ploshchad Vosstaniya station. (source)

    Now, following up on these bizarre and disturbing events that are literally driving the world back into a renewed war on terrorism, and more war in general, is a mock explosive found on a flight out of Canada and headed for Chicago.

    The message could not be more clear – Americans are once again under threat.

    As Dahboo77 reports, the threats are back… and something big is going on:

    Mock IED Found On Chicago-Bound United Airlines Flight from Canada

    And that’s when it becomes palpable.

    It could be almost anything. A cyber attack; a mass shooting; an explosion; a crash; an EMP. The possibilities are endless. But psychologically, they will all mean the same thing – submission derived from fear.

    President Trump has signaled his readiness to go to war, and to play ball with the deep state, in numerous ways.

    The chemical attacks have changed his mind; and so have other major incidents.

    If that works, then Trump can also be pressured and/or expected to go along with a major incident that takes lives on American soil. With so much anger and chaos directed against the new president, and against this nation in general, the scapegoat could be almost anyone.

    The scare tactics of reporting on a would-be explosive on a plane is enough to stir fear and general anxiety for now.

    But sooner or later, the powers that be will need something bigger, something more emotional, something that defies credibility, yet cannot be looked away from.

    This type of pattern of events should put us all on heightened alert – there are wars they want to drag us all into, and there are various political and opposition groups that they want to again marginalize or silence.

    And nothing is more deafening than…

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      1. Solution is easy.
        Kill all Moslem’s.
        Every one of them.
        We have the technology.

        • For your info those ain’t pellets(as stated in the article. They are steel ball bearings). And yes Relik kill them all just to be on the safe side.

          • I’ve often thought that another attack here in the U.S. is quite probable, but the next one being a lot of smaller coordinated attacks. Just my opinion but considering all the unvented refugees coming into this country, it makes the most sense. I also think that because the next attack will bring war and violence in much of this country. I think a lot of people are so fed up with the way this country is being run that if one major attack takes place, the backlash would be so brutal to any person who shares origins with the attacker(s). If their purpose is to destroy us, one major attack wouldn’t do anything but backfire on them. Just my opinion.
            Stay quiet Be smart

            • I totally agree. First the cops will be overwhelmed with all kinds of chaos then consistent hits. Muzzie like cop hq’s.
              Loose lipped Liberals provide info while Neocons provide the means to conduct activity.

              FBI knows where the camps are but for some reason have done nothing.
              Ruby Ridge over what, a single family?
              Waco a religious group who minded their owns business??
              Cattle Ranchers grazing cattle???
              Old men probably with oldtimers at a waffle house talking BS???
              The force applied exceeded the threats.

              • The film World War Z did a good job of showing how quickly civilian police lose control of things. Most policing counts on most people behaving well most of the time. If they face a military-style attack, by either terrorists or gangs, then they quickly fall apart. The whole process and methodology of policing does not work in such a scenario. The police work on paper work. Fill out a form, throw up some police tape and bring in a forensics team. Make sure you have women and ethnic minorities in the photo shoot for the media. It is useless against terrorists.

          • the left wing liberal extremist terrorist group is just as bad or worse

        • rellik

          It isn’t Muslims its Muslims exposed to oil fumes. Indonesia has the greatest number of people of the Islamic Faith, 300 million, and yet they have nary any terrorist activity. They have little oil or geographic location for its transportation. Conversely let an Islamic get on top of or near oil and a threatening metamorphosis occurs.

          Can you see the connection?

          • no kevin2 There is no “connection” there. there are some very ignorant comments on here, but that one takes the cake.

            • Well its just coincidental that Iraq was over the Oil Peg, Libya, where the US flew air cover for Islamic Fundamentalists was over the Oil Peg. ISIS was created and is funded/supplied by the US to overthrow Syria because of a natural gas pipeline. Ok no connection.

              Ignorant? Me? LOL.

              Read and learn.

              • K2, Mindanao (southern Philippines) is heavily muslim-infested, has no oil, yet has terrorist incidents almost daily. You just don’t hear about them because MSM doesn’t want to acknowledge that the world has a muslim problem. Rellik and PO’d are correct.

                • Explain Indonesia 258 million people, 87% Islamic.

                  You think this is about terrorism? Its about control of resources. The US destroyed Secular Governments (Iraq & Libya) that fought Islamic Fundamentalists thereby facilitating their expansion. ISIS is funded and supplied by the US.

                  One More Time

                  Tulsi Gabbard | Stop Arming Terrorists Act, End Regime Change And War In Syria

                  h ttps://youtu.be/EpzaLCPdbUs

                  • Ok, so how many goatfucking muslimes would you welcome into your home to live with you and your wife and daughters?

                    • BlackMoe

                      I’m not sending there here. I don’t want them but don’t buy the ‘news”. The US is supplying and funding ISIS. The US used its air power to help Islamic Fundamentalists take over the Secular (non religious) government of Libya. Likewise Saddam was Secular as is Syria that has a 10% Christian population protected by the government while the terrorists the US funds and supplies cut off Christians heads.

                      None Of This Is About Terrorism. None Of It. Your being suckered by Globalist business interests. Read, question, learn.

                  • Yeah, 258 million 87% Islamic. Lots of conversion Islam is not the historical cultural religion in IndoChina. They were Christianized for over 100 years prior to Islam.

                    • Doesn’t much matter as Spain was Muslim before it was Christian. The point is that terrorism is the ostensible excuse for US military occupation, use, and regime chance which shockingly transfers non religiously controlled states into Islamic Fundamentalists states.

                      Read, question, learn. Its not about terrorism.

                • Same in Europe, Sweden just had a truck attack, killed several. If these incidents happen here and increase, our voting for Trump was all for nothing. State dept. is still allowing Muslims in the U.S. as Trump cannot control the globalist controlled State dept. ref. and bookmark:

              • dude wth ? you respond with logic and fact to some subhuman with no iq who suggests all members of a religion should be killed. You think you can reason with people like this ? lol, they are no different than the animals in the penitentiary

            • vocalpatriot

              Maybe you didn’t get my attempt at humor. Its not oil fumes (I was being funny) but the globalists plan to control the world energy resources using Islamic terrorism as the ostensible reason for military operations, domestic and foreign spying and destabilizing regime change (putting Islamic Terrorists in power).

              Yes the USA is supplying ISIS

              Tulsi Gabbard | Stop Arming Terrorists Act, End Regime Change And War In Syria

              h ttps://youtu.be/EpzaLCPdbUs

        • Rellic:

          That is exactly what the real rulers want. The world is controlled via the likes of Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs, Lehmans, Solomens, etc.

          The deep state is run by an organized bunch of sociopathic supremists who use their money from fraud, theft, drugs, prostitution, porno, taxes, charities, guilt money from their psychologically traumatized victims.

          They work through The Masonic Lodges, the United Nations, and other groups like the Tri-lateral Commission, IMF, but they are not predominantly Muslim. Their cover is another violent supremist cult.

          Muslims and their kill Em or convert Em idiology is being used as the weapon of the former.


        • Wrong relik, That is what the Zionist and their MSM propaganda mill wants you to believe. However, Many US airports are actually run by Israeli Security companies. That’s right, they let it happen. FACT: Every 911 Saudi highjackers that flew that day, came through a US Airport run by Israeli Security company hired by the TSA which is an ARM of the DHS which was then run buy Zionists. 911 was a plot to let that false flag happen so they could easily consolidate all US law enforcements under the same roof of the DHS, therefore eliminating all check and balances.

          A Israeli security company chosen for the Boston Marathon Bombing by the Zionist DHS under dual citizen at that time was Michael Chertoff who was the chief of the DHS. Imagine that, the biggest law enforcement chief in the country was run by a dual Israeli citizen, and allowed a private foreign Zionist security company to run an American running event on US soil in Boston, therefore you had the illegal house to house search dry run for martial law. These rat bastards laughed their asses off while Americans were kicked out of their homes for the illegal searches. Yeah GO USA USA USA.. BS.

          Its all a plot to destroy America from within. You want to know WHO the enemy is. Start from the top of my post and read it again and again until it sinks in. These Rat Bastards need to be destroyed once and for all. Wake up America. The enemy is already here. Not what or who they want you to believe the enemy is. Its them.

          • TSA and DHS didn’t exist at the time.

            This is why we can’t have nice things.

          • Horse shit, 2 of the highjackers came in from Canada, drove down rt. 201 in Maine, and got on a plane in portland. That is a city run airport and I personally know quite a few of the people who work security there, they are a LONG way from anything Israeli related. Turn off the Alex Jones for a while geez.

        • They ALL need to be dealt with once and for all…

      2. By the time they’re done with the false flags they’ll have Trump as conditioned as a pavlovian dog and make attacking Canada a possibility if they so desire.

        • I hear a bell ringing. The(war) dogs salivating yet?

      3. Not surprising, just look at how many islamist have been admitted to canada, all the ones the state dept rejected

      4. RELLIK; How in Gods name is this country going to kill every raghead in the world when there are 1.3 billion of them? Do you know we haven’t even executed the filthy pig Maj Hasan for the Ft Hood massacre.? If we were truly a country of common-sense God fearing and proud people, that pig would have been executed the next day.
        We can’t even stop more of them from immigrating here. Trump tried…a filthy pig in black robes stopped him. We are doomed. The country is ripe for a complete Islamic takeover. Its already happened to Europe, and its coming here.!!!!!

        • Liberty or death, im ok with either but sure as fuck am taking some along for the ride

          • obama pardened him ,he works for obama now

      5. The muslim “prophecy” includes a world war with them and they will prevail..blah blah blah. point is, they are purposely provoking war, so let’s give them what they want.

        • An Imam on YT in IndoChina says that the Chews are pitting Christians against muzzies for their own purposes. He says that Christians are called Goys by Chews.
          He says the Chew wars are also used to replace the Christians in EU as well.

      6. How about just getting the hell out of the middle east and putting all efforts into helping Americans survive. No war, no warmongers. Hang all the murderous liars infesting this nation from within. When it comes to truth this nation does not have a leg to stand on.

      7. Canada’s Muslims have been coming INTO the United States. Don’t kid yourselves. Canada’s Muslims are OUR Muslims.

        If you want to kill Muslims, at least kill the ones who are invading OUR Continent, starting with the ones on American soil. Why travel half way around the world. There is only one answer. It benefits the illegal State of Rothschild commonly referred to as ISREAL.

        The problem facing the US now is like the Lavone Affair, the USS Liberty and other false flags perpetrated by Isreal. With the Chew revolution and takeover of Russia having a 100 birthday, we are now seeing false flags from THEM blamed on Muslims. Don’t get me wrong, the Muslims are a real problem. They must be kept away from US.


        • The best solution to our Countries problems is for all of us – Mexicans, Native Americans, White, Black, Asian, Others who love America to ban together and with one voice demand that TPTB Repeal THE IMMIGRATION ACT OF 1965. That opened the floodgates to what has become the beginning of the end to America. If not overpopulation alone will turn this Country into Bangledesh. There will be shit in the water. There will be blood on the streets. And the lights will be off permanently. Your children will die of disease, malnutrition, and violence. Act now to save America. Let Washington DC know. Sign petitions. Start petitions. Call, write letters, make signs and hold them up for all to see. Save America.


          • Who is the head mucky muck overseeing immigration? Nobody really knows. Its almost like
            its a covert operation and if anyone speaks out on it they are labeled extremists. Then those same people that defend immigration wonder why their college degreed kids cannot find jobs. I say slow it down to a small trickle until zillions of jobs are created and there is
            prosperity for everyone. Wishful thinking there. I have seen areas of big cities that actually
            resemble Bangladesh. Store signs in foreign alphabets and ineligible symbols. People
            speaking with their throats instead of their mouths. People that care absolutely nothing
            about assimilation. Then their Balkanized kids get educated in leftist universities and then
            become political candidates representing the same screwed up districts they were raised
            in. The fact that Keith Ellison is considered mainstream by the Democrat party should tell
            everyone about the direction of that party.

          • You know that will not happen. All the groups, but Whites, want the US to end.

        • Canada put a Muslim in charge of immigration: that tells you all you need to know. They also have ramped up the presence of Muslim border guards. One of the most powerful diplomatic missions in Canada is Saudi Arabia. Canada is funding and arming Saudi Arabia.

          Canada has been quietly taken over.

      8. Fuck foreign wars,bring home our troops/fuck foreigners in US excepting tourism/kick em ALL out!That tis just a start,feel though we as a country will really need to get ugly to get OUR country back.

        • Hear ! Hear !

          Definitely bring our boys home. The rest of the world will burn just fine without us fanning the flames.

      9. The unexploded device found in St. Petersburg raises a question for me.
        Why are blundering fools being used to pull off these false flags?

      10. I cant even shut down the fucking computer at the office, change out into my read neck apparel, to go work the fuck out and make myself productive, while my girlfriend is texting my shtf ass, asking me bullshit about me forgetting to put out the garbage today. Now WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS. Now I am hearing the same bullshit that was under Obama, that Assad just hit the populous with chemical weapons, and now Trump is saying that he has to go into Syria to get shit under control. No US marines are coming forward calling BULLSHIT.

        So they got caught this time, since Trump owns oil interest in Saudia Arabia, and the isis jihadist lost popularity and, we the US populous is on to the bullshit. NOW IT BECOMES EVIDENT THAT NOT A DAMN THING HAS CHANGED, THAT HE IS OBVIOUS BEHIND THE REMOVAL OF ASSAD, AND THAT WW FUCKING 3, will be up in our faces, weather we want it or not, which comes right back to us as preppers, that we better damn well get ready for something big to go down. I told you all what my scientist friend had told us, that is was the same bullshit re-branded under Trump, that the cabal had to clean up their image with a new look, to get the cleaner looking people into the White House, to bullshit us, that was the intention all along to make us think that the Constitution was restore, “BULLSHIT” and that America would be Great again, My ass. Now he is repeating the same things, saying the same shit that Obama was saying, now we have to go to war with north korea, which means that china will enter Korea, then attack Taiwon. Now Bannon was fired from the White about having arguments with Kushner and other fictiscious non sensical bullshit, as the president purges the people that we support to bring in the tyrannical regime. I laugh when I hear that things will get better, people I work in financial services, NUMBERS DONT LIE, NUMBERS DO NOT LIE, LET ME FUCKING REPEAT, NUMBER DO NOT LIE, THEY DONT, THEY DO NOT LIE, things are slow, the economy sucks right now, customers are taking a hit and they are hurting. Now the solution is going into Syria, to take our assad, and then attack north korea is going to make my life better, improve my condition as a citizen, that this is good for me and all citizens, that I must relax, have a good time, things will be okay, and I am a fricking retard? Since when the hell I am so stupid to lie to myself and suck up to fell good porn bullshit. When, since when the fuck?

        EVERY WHERE IS LOOK, EVERY DIRECTION I TURN, ITS WW3, ENVIRONMENTAL DISTRUCTION, TOTAL ECONOMIC AND SOCIETAL COLLAPSE, and it coming right down to individual responsibility, that we must prep and get ready for a living hell on earth as we know it. This why I busy on Saturdays busting my ass doing construction work, almost getting my ass bit by coral snake, getting ready for when SHTF COMMENSES, BECAUSE IT’S COMING.


        Looks like bullshit, smells like bullshit, and must really be bullshit. It is BULSHIT.

        • HCKS – Finally nails it!
          We await the Russian response.

        • Good post. This was a test and Russia failed.All their boasting of having Assad’s back has come to nothing and America easily struck him. This is just the start. Look for the US moving on the other threats now that it has been proven Russia can’t stop US missiles or over-flights.

        • HCKS,

          The sad thing is that people seem to be too afraid to see reality in more detail.

          I’m not afraid of reality and yet I still don’t get the whole picture, but I will say that all this right/left, republican/democrat rubbish is just a distraction.

          Look, politicians are actually worse than the sleaziest used car salesman.

          The only side they’re on is the side that benefits them at any given time. ALL of them. Period.

          People truly need to STOP participating in this WWE type circus that’s 100% proven scripted.

          Stop getting your hopes up simply because a new face comes along hissing promises that most people want to hear in order to hold out hope for yet another term of worsening misery.

          Things are getting worse and will continue. It makes absolutely no difference who’s president.

          This country as we have known it is dead. I’m almost 50 years old and I will always have fond memories of the pre TSA, DHS, NDAA, etc. days.

          Take care.

          • MidMo, “Things are getting worse and will continue. It makes absolutely no difference who’s president.

            This country as we have known it is dead. I’m almost 50 years old and I will always have fond memories of the pre TSA, DHS, NDAA, etc. days.
            Take care.”


        • HCKS
          Hey there my fried I see this differently. I see that Obullshit knew that they had weapons like these and when they used them last time Obullshit did nothing keeping in his back pocket knowing that they would use them again, and that Trump would have to do something. To try to make him look bad.

          I think the attack was planned and pulled off by TPTB to see just how Trump would react. They know now and because he acted like a TRUE American Pres. they might think twice before they do anything else.



      11. The government cannot solve the problems not because it creates them but because the size of it. We the peaple have let it grow and the longer this overgrown mess has to grow the more work it will be to prun this wild garden.It is time that we all pick a spot and start weeding it will take time everyday and soon we will see good results from are work. Blaming Israel, Muslims,or all of the others is not going to do a damn thing. We all must individual begins to weed out little corner of the world and use your brains they want confirmation of hate by us so as we all weed the garden smile and keep on pulling weeds.We all know what to do in our area so if we just start weeding it it will be impossible to stop us all because we will bring doing different this and one by one the problems of our great nation go away.Many hand’s make light work.

      12. “He whom fails to learn from the past, is destined to repeat it.”

        Wait, wait. Let’s fix this, ah. Uhm. Ok.

        “He whom fails to understand that his past is a lie, has no clue where he’s destined.”

        Hmmm. Still missing something. Let’s see… Oh. yeah. King James Style. Here goes:

        “Let not the past be a reflection of one’s future. For your Lord shall save thee from thine own self.”

        Now sing a few hymns and go have yourself a Latte, with whipped cream and extra sprinkles. Oh! Don’t forget the offering plate on the way out!

      13. HCKS, I hear you loud and clear. I’m doing the same things myself. I’ve had it with Trump. Yeah you just heard me say it; WE’VE BEEN HAD ALL OVER AGAIN. Trump’s not going make ANYTHING great again. You’re right it’s BS!

        • And yet, in the run up to the election, when I said Trump was no better than any other politico you chewed me out calling me a commie pos!

          Are you ever right? Have you ever been right? You’re like a cushion, you retain the impression of the last person who sat on you.

          Two months on and you’re jumping ship. Sheesh!

      14. Hey everyone, check out the latest CFR membership roster at cfr.org/about/membership/roster.html as of today. Two VERY INTERESTING NAMES I found on the latest roster. Herbert R. McMaster and Dina Habib Powell, the National Security Advisor and Deputy National Security Advisor respectively, ARE BOTH MEMBERS OF THE CFR. Now there’s something that speaks VOLUMES! How many other CFR parasites in the Trump White House? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

      15. Just in trump had 60,000 pounds of bombs dropped in Syria. Check it yourself.

      16. US warships launch Tomahawks Missiles into Syria.

        On Drudge.

      17. Russia has issued warnings also on Drudge.

        Russians have boots on the ground here too. So what is there role assist the Syrian refugees being flown in at doubled rates? Can’t blame the muzzies for all the blood shed. Also Iran is being very very quiet??

        A few years back saw reports of Chinese troops (armored) south of the nafta zone in MX. We can hope the metal is of the same strength of he junk they’ve been selling US! Right now China prez with DJT in FL. Wonder what kind of BS deal is being made there?

        Nato troops still on the line in EU.

        Don’t forget to add in the gangs, antifa communists, basic criminals etc…

        I’d say its time to beef up personal defenses and stay out of crowded areas, change up routine and make a few drives at night just to see who may be out moving about. Be ready to loose power that will go first. Finish up any business medical etc…

      18. Given that you Americans were nuked on
        9-11 by the Zionists and did nothing about it says history will repeat itself.
        Keep believing in your Zionist puppet Trump.

      19. NOPE Sweden just got nailed.
        Another unarmed nation!!!

      20. People have been talking about another “major” terrorist attack ever since 9/11.

        It hasn’t happened, just little stuff with a lot of publicity but no real serious effect.

        It’s going to be kinda hard to do a sequel to 9/11, we aren’t going to be caught by surprise again by allowing hostile Muslims to enter our country and have a free run while they make their plans and carry them out.

      21. Sarge, you might be right. Could it be that the generals bombed the crap out of Syria, to place Trump right in the middle of he bullshit. If your president, then you will have to comply, if you refuse to comply, we generals have a way to forcing you to agree with our behavior. ? Could this be what happened, or are we getting played, and Trump is really in on it with em. I have to question this.?


      22. I’ve been lurking here for quite awhile before posting a few times the past week or so. I remember back in July or early August through late November there were many posts warning us about Trump from people who knew him or had a history with him and his antics as they lived near him in the 70’s to 90’s when he pulled some stunts then in NYC.

        They sounded sincere and not like they were making it up. At the time I didn’t know if they were repeating rumors or being hateful. No they were right on, truthful I think now.

        They were against Hillary so it wasn’t that they were trying to sway anyone to vote for her. Some of the comments are true they were anticipating what Trump would pull as they had his number and knew what he was like through years of experiences watching him say one thing with the Atlantic City casinos and then do another, pulling the rug out from under. Eminent domain, unethical behavior, ripping people off, lying, something about the NYC ice skating rink debacle he caused in the 90’s and his involvement with the Mob and shady gambling enterprises among other things. Saying bankruptcies were a smart business move and claimed BK 4x and thought nothing of it. They liked him at first in the 80’s, then saw he was a creep and a con man by the 90’s and all the locals who were there back then and also NY Elites turned against him.

        Most of the commenters here blew them off so those posters apparently gave up and left shtf. I haven’t seen them for months and I read here almost everyday. Appreciate this site. Good articles and I get my news here. Hardly post but I do read. I was just reading some of those comments from back then from those posters. It’s all coming true. Yep, slow but sure it’s all coming true. Thanks for reading.Mike

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