With A Phony Stock Market At 20,000 “Only Precious Metals Give Opportunity To Make REAL Gains”

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    This article was written by Stefan Gleason and originally published at Money Metals Exchange.

    Editor’s Comment: While there is no guarantee about what will happen in the future, it seems certain that holdings in stock are paper thin and vulnerable as hell. Real assets aren’t there; bubbles go bust and boom, and the effect of Federal Reserve stimulus-retreat will leave everything open for manipulation – or even the big crash.

    Under these circumstances, and other volatile economic factors, holding onto a certain investment in gold and silver seems only prudent, and perhaps one of the wisest investments an individual can make. Holding physical gold ensures control over the asset itself, and the slip and slide loss on investment in the markets means that these tangible commodities would only increase and appreciate in value during a major economic decline or monetary reset period (such as a transition away from the petrodollar into sort some of digital, global currency, etc.).

    Though the state has often attempt to seize and control the trade of gold and silver and its store of wealth, reality dictates that possession of wealth is still an important factor, whether bartering, trading or hedging against a faltering and inept system. At least some of these precious materials should be considered by every serious prepper as one of the most favorable means of exchange during times both rough and relatively normal.

    Stock Market Highs Make Strong Case For Precious Metal Buys

    by Stefan Gleason

    Dow 20,000 was ushered in with great fanfare. Traders on the New York Stock Exchange sported “Dow 20,000” hats. Even President Donald Trump joined the celebration.

    Trump told ABC News he was “very honored” that the stock market gave his presidency a symbolic vote of confidence. “Now we have to go up, up, up. We don’t want it to stay there,” he said.

    Everyone loves a bull market. Expecting stocks to go up forever, however, is a dangerous mindset to have as an investor. Recent history suggests that major milestones for the Dow should be viewed less as cause for celebration and more as warning signs.

    What 1999 Can Teach Us About 2017

    A case in point: Dow 10,000. On March 29, 1999, the Dow Jones Industrials closed above 10,000 for the first time ever.

    The financial media, of course, cheered the milestone, feeding the public Wall Street propaganda rather than healthy skepticism.

    Sure, the perma-bulls will always concede, there might be a pullback at some point. But books like Dow 36,000, released in 1999, bolstered the conventional wisdom that stocks were destined march higher over the next decade.

    In fact, stocks went nowhere for 11 long years. The Dow suffered two crashes – one in 2002 and a bigger one in 2008.

    In mid 2010, the blue chip average was right back where it was on March 29, 1999. The Dow crossed back above 10,000, as it had dozens of times before, to little fanfare.

    It turned out to be the 10,000 cross that mattered. Finally, more than 11 years after the Dow first hit 10,000, stocks were in a new bull market. The Dow was on its way to 20,000.

    Anyone thinking of buying stocks at today’s lofty valuations would be well advised to take heed of what happened to investors who bought at Dow 10,000 in 1999 and held on through today.

    Yes, they did double their money (before dividends) in nominal terms.

    But in real terms, the Dow hasn’t made any progress.

    Investors would have been better off selling stocks when the Dow hit 10,000 and using the proceeds to purchase gold bullion.

    Back in March 1999, silver sold for $5.20/oz and gold prices traded at a mere $285/oz. Gold values got as high as $1,900/oz in mid 2011 and today come in at $1,200/oz – still more than four times their 1999 levels.

    That puts the Dow’s nominal rise from 10,000 to 20,000 in perspective. The index has merely flat-lined, at best, in real terms since 1999. Going forward, it may not even manage to do that.

    Trump Knows He Inherited a Bubble

    The price/earnings ratio on the Dow is now arguably in bubble territory. Valuations have been artificially inflated in no small part by the Federal Reserve. Last September, candidate Donald Trump called the Fed-fueled market “a big, fat, ugly bubble.”

    President Donald Trump no longer sees it that way. Dow 36,000 here we come!

    It will come eventually – even if only because of currency debasement. That doesn’t necessarily mean the next 5,000 point move in the Dow will be to the upside.

    History suggests that investors will have better odds of making real gains in stocks by waiting to buy at lower valuations. A bear market in equities could commence at any time, and a final bottom could be years away. In the meantime, stocking up on alternative assets including precious metals will give you other opportunities to make real gains regardless of where the Dow heads over the next few years.

    Will Trumpflation Be to Metals What Stagflation Was in the 1970s?

    Gold and silver markets have posted some of their biggest up moves when the stock market has been down or flat. The stagflationary late 1970s weren’t kind to stocks, but they gave rise to a spectacular bull market in precious metals. It culminated in January 1980 with the price of an ounce of gold briefly equaling the quote on the Dow Jones Industrials.

    From 1980 – 2000, Dow to gold ratio moved from as low as 1:1 to as high as 43:1. From 2000 – 2011, it fell to as low 6:1. The Dow to gold ratio now stands at around 17:1. Should it ultimately revisit the 1:1 ratio, we’d be looking at a massive stock market crash, an explosive move higher in precious metals prices, or some combination of both.

    Dow:Gold Ratio 1980-2017

    Could gold prices one day meet the Dow at 20,000 or some other number? A return to the 1:1 ratio is an extreme scenario, to be sure. But it’s not far fetched at all to suppose that history might repeat itself.

    Even if Dow to gold only got back to a 4:1 ratio, moving out of stocks and into precious metals at current levels would be the trade of a lifetime. It would imply a potential $5,000 gold price to a 20,000 Dow – a 317% return on gold versus a 0% return on stocks in this hypothetical scenario.

    In any major bull market for precious metals, the more volatile metal – silver – can be expected to post the bigger returns. Silver, being both a precious metal and an industrial metal, may also be well suited to benefit from Donald Trump’s pro-industrial policies. Silver is essential in many areas of manufacturing, especially electronic and high-tech products.

    Silver is also one of the world’s most enduring forms of money. Along with gold, silver stands as a “hard” alternative to depreciating fiat currencies and bubbly financial assets.

    Stefan Gleason is President of Money Metals Exchange, the national precious metals company named 2015 “Dealer of the Year” in the United States by an independent global ratings group. A graduate of the University of Florida, Gleason is a seasoned business leader, investor, political strategist, and grassroots activist. Gleason has frequently appeared on national television networks such as CNN, FoxNews, and CNBC, and his writings have appeared in hundreds of publications such as the Wall Street Journal, TheStreet.com, Seeking Alpha, Detroit News, Washington Times, and National Review.

    This article was written by Stefan Gleason and originally published at Money Metals Exchange.


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      1. Can anybody share where they have been selling their gold and silver at?

        No to may places around my town want to buy it back. The ones that do want to pay junk sterling silver prices.

        • Try where you bought it. This may not help you but I can sell back to the company that sold me the coins. There is an arbitrage fee and it requires registered/insured US mail but maybe it still works for you. Also, ebay works for my brother in law’s numismatics. Otherwise, I am in same shape, my local area can’t support any competitive gold or silver buyers.

        • JS
          Now is the time to buy not sell. The time will come and very soon were paper money will be used a toilet paper.

          If you can buy gets some and put it away. Or spend the money on food, and Ammo.

          • what the Sgt. says!

            • Also if you have extra $$ you should consider getting medical issues done. Get your teeth fixed (crowns, fillings, etc.) or cataracts or your back or any number of things that will haunt you if tshtf. All the gold in the world won’t do a thing for you if you die from an infected tooth. I advocate metals but also preventative maintenence that if neglected could be extremely serious.

              • Good points made.

              • A relative-by-marriage recently had a stroke that left him severely (and permanently) damaged, including brain damage.

                It turns out that it was caused by an infected tooth that somehow did not cause any pain, and went unnoticed for weeks even though the victim had a number of medical appointments (including neurology and dental). Somehow, everybody missed this and now the poor chap will literally never be himself again.

                Keen attention to dental care cannot be overestimated. Being so close to the brain, an infection can travel the short distance very easily.

          • Sarge, my ‘precious metals’ are still lead and brass. To protect everything else I have. Going to a gun show for more ‘PMs’ this weekend. LOL!

            • i will be selling at the victorville ca gun show in 2 weeks….meanwhile….PARTY LIKE IT’S 1939!

              oh, and i just bought some more gold from my guy, who says they call him mr. ten percent….because he buys 10% under spot, and sells at 10% over spot….i get a little better deal from him, but you get the idea……and NEVER SELL YOUR GOLD!

              • D.B. and BCD

                Went to my gun show last week end. Lots of folks buying ammo and guns. I sold three myself though a dealer. The only get $10.00 a gun for selling them for me. A couple of bolt action WW2 guns that I rebuilt. I used the money to buy a Ruger Charger 22.(10/22 pistol) Picked up some reloading supplies, 2000 more rounds of 22Lr. H.P.s, for($150.00), and some more 10/22 mags for the Ruger. Picked a 12 Rd. Drum for the DDI12, and tried it out. Going to get another for the wife’s Saiga. (The DDI 12 is a updated version of the Saiga 12. better safty, gas system, sights, and charging handle. all at around $600.00)

                I went to the gun show two days in a roll. I did get a chance to talk to people and everyone was very optimistic about Trump in the White House, but they were afraid of the BOOBIE TRAPS that Obullshit has left him. To the person everyone stated that they were afraid that thing could go south very fast. Most were concerned as to the way the Libtards and the protesters are acting most of them said something like this. ” if I was a at rally and someone start beating me I would fight back and if they started hitting me with bricks and sticks they would end up with lead poisoning. Several of them even told me that they are getting more stuff because they think when it warms up more that it is going to HOT VERY HOT, and they are going to be ready for it.

                Now to the PM. Looking at getting more silver this Wed. and ordering some more 00 Buck. Just got my DD1 12Ga. On my birthday and took it out and wow I like it better that my wife’s Saiga. Going back to the silver and gold. The price of silver is down right now. Buy now and sell when it around 40 to 50 bucks. Or just hang onto it because paper money will be T.P. very soon.

                You guys have a good time at the Gun Shows.


                • walmart had buckshot 25 rounds for 10 bucks a few weeks ago. check with them, i doubt you’ll find it that cheap ANYwhere. and the thing i like MOST about the gunshow, is the PEOPLE. it’s the only place i know where almost all of them are conservatives. i gotta get some new friends, and that’s a great place to find them. i’m sick of dealing with the stupid americans these days, and the calipornians are a special breed of stupid…..i gotta get out of here. oh, and keep an eye on Dick’s, they had 22 for 20$ for 325 rounds just a few days ago….i got 500 rds for 28$ a few months ago.

                  • Why the fuck does anyone still shop at worldmart? Love funding you demise?

              • BC of D. 10% over spot seems a little high. You can get some good deals from JM for much less than that. Of course I have my own opinions about PM’s in shtf, I don’t think numismatic is a smart buy. I believe if the shtf, they will lose their collector value and default to weight and purity. Just my opinion.
                Stay quiet Be smart

                • agreed, jacknife….i do get a better deal, and i got so much now, i aint ever going to need any more.

          • So how much gold and silver do you need?

            Have you ever asked yourself that question.

            First of all the average person is in debt and can’t raise $400 for any emergency. You know the drill.

            But if you are reading here I assume you may be in good shape financially.

            You might own your own home and car. Have a few investments with some cash in the bank, a credit card or even a checking account (Oh No!).

            You have the means to but Precious metals.

            Total up your net worth. Then you should decide what percentage you would need in precious metal to replace it all. Also you can carry that wealth with you if need be.
            I would hope you have life insurance and Home insurance.

            It is the same redundancy that we use in prepping.

            All this arguing about gold and silver is crap.

            It is what works for you and what you can afford.

            • Ya good point. Both properties paid for and just work for the basic shit and fookin property taxes. Got o pay for your fuckin stupid kids skool ya know. Take a tax break for your pretard as a dependent? FUCK YOU! Make me pay your share and skoll shit? PAY FOR YOUR OWN FUCKIN KIDS YOU ASSHOLE COMMUNISTS!

              • I doubt anyone with ,kids will respond because YOU KNOW you are forcing the rest of us to foot your fuckin bills! You get a tax write off for your decision to have kids while the rest of us pay full price? We have to pay at gunpoint for your fuckin kids schools and parks and bullshit? 70% of my property tax is for kids bullshit! I say FUCK YOU….. PAY YOUR OWN GOD DAMNED WAY YOU COMMIE LEECHES! Make property tax a line item veto so you can select the services you want and don’t want.

                ANYONE DISAGREE?

                • Genius, yea I disagree with you. Parents aren’t forcing you to do anything, da gubmint is. Besides that, the child tax credit doesn’t come near to offsetting my property taxes. Other than da gubmint, the real culprit(s) are renters if you so choose to see this in such a manner. Now I know how your feelin and I can’t blame you but rest the blame where it belongs. I live in a township that has built, over the last 30 years or so, a ridiculous amount of low income housing. The tax base here is so narrow, and topheavy with the takers that our property values only go up bout 1% a year. Most of these dwellings are about 2-3 miles away from us across a major highway, which is the only bright side to this situation. It’s complete insanity, the newest ones they built are really nice places and since they’ve been built, they have been trashed by the residents and also are the go to place if you want drugs. Our tax dollars hard at work. It’s comin. By the way, you seem to be really angry lately. Relax….can’t do nothin bout it right now
                  Stay quiet Be smart

                • Agree Genius. No kids here but I have to subsudize the commie pinko’s wreckless sex lives and your nameless bastards cause you Commie breading Ho’s cant keep your legs closed. F-You Ho’s!! Pay for your own problem’s education. Having kids is a lifestyle decision. My life style decission is boating. So you can chip in for my boat gas. In fact I will attach my boat gas bill to your property tax bill. You fail to pay and I forclose on your house. See how that works for you commies with bastards sucking off my labor. Buy your own education Aholes.

        • If you must sell, Apmex has always been fair with me.

          • I have sold to Apmex but they buy at under spot if you only have small quantities. So I have been trying to build to a sellable level (which is similar to their buying bag sizes). Pawn shops are usually under as well, so I have only gone there on big up price days. I have also sold to sdbullion and that worked out well. But as others have said – today’s prices are at ‘hold’ levels – unless you really have to dump your PMs.

            • I will start selling my Silver at about $50 an Ounce. However I will buy your fine .999 silver right now for $10 an ounce, if you are that desperate and or stupid. Bring it here!!

            • just remember, those pawn and coin shops get hard-up for money too…..never hurts to ASK, or make an OFFER at whatever price you are thinking….they just may surprise you.

          • APMEX–my favorite place to do business.

        • Sell it to me. I’ll give you a fair price.

        • John S,
          depending on how much you are wanting to sell, there are private buyers that will pay spot price, you will have to live in a heavy populated area and you would need to put a add out. and of course be VERY careful of scammers and scumbags. BUT unless you really have to sell some, this is NOT a time to sell. hope that is not the case for you.

          • I am not selling, but if I ever had the need to I want some ideas on what others are doing.

            I just bought another 100 ounces of silver when it hit 16 an ounce. Last check is was back up to 17.50.

            • send an email to all your “friends”…..PFFT! i’m going to do that right now!

            • John Stiner

              I am going to buy land. Should the markets tank you can bet Reality will do the same. People who have Large Lifestyles might sell some off. I am watching an area that has many towns people selling their property.

              They are asking way too high a price. I do know this, if the paper money sucks and they’re hurting. I will offer them gold or silver. They might trade. Or is that sell? ;0)

        • Silver hit a high early this AM at $17.81, then got a “.50 cent hit in the head beat-up loss” in the back ally by the paper shorters later on today. Siting at $17.30 right now.

          I see $18.00 by next week. Lots of buyers out there. And we have had some great upside momentum in the last few days. As business picks up and more solar panels being produced worldwide, the demand for Silver will go up big in 2017. 50% of Silver produced is bought and used by industry.

          Do NOT Sell silver right now. You would be an idiot. You would be selling still at the low. Wait till Silver hits at lest $25 an Oz.

          If you are trying to sell junk silver good luck. Get the real deal .999 fine 1 Oz rounds or bars.

          Buy Low Sell High, don’t be stupid.

        • JS, you’ve discovered the scam. Buying PMs always over spot, selling under spot (if you can even find a place to buy it from you when YOU want/need to sell it).

          So many people fantasize over PMs, but will regret when they realize they got duped when they try to sell it later.

          • the reason they are called DEALERS, is because they make money at it….how would they stay in business(and MAKE a market) if there was no money in it….i can’t see how that’s a “scam”. if NObody could make money at it, there would be no marketplace to buy/sell, so you’d be stuck with your gold, or you couldn’t find any to buy.

            • oh, and you’re FREE to go out and find someone that DOESN’T make money at it to trade with….good luck.

              • Buttcrack, you made my point… PMs are NOT MONEY, despite what so many people fantasize about it.

                • gold has been REAL MONEY for several thousand years. just because the dimwits of the 21st century don’t know that doesn’t mean it aint so. they think debt can go forever unpaid too.

                • Hell yeah, PM’s have been money for 5000 yrs. Anybody with 2 brain cells rubbing together for a synapsis knows that.

                  Got brain cells?

          • BlackMoe

            There will those of us who will exchange goods for only gold and silver. Think of it as trading on different levels.
            Ammunition, Gun Parts, Primers, Powder and brass cases I will only trade for precious metals.

      2. The dollar along with many currencies have been reduced to digits in a digital account. If you draw it out and wish to look at it, it is numbers on paper. So the real value of ‘money’ is the value of the paper you hold in you hand. The faux value is what the people believe it is. It is a shame to see people sell their souls for digits and paper. Good luck to all you guys here.

      3. Isn’t the one dollar bill still backed by gold. When I read on the bigger bills it says federal reserve system, and the one dollar bill says federal reserve bank of Denver…..?

        • No! All U.S. currency is fiat in nature thanks to R.M. Nixon. He took any gold backing of “the dollar” away in 1971. The others on here that say it will be toilet paper are sooooo correct.

          • yes, the french one day sent a BATTLESHIP over to collect THEIR PM’s, and it only took ONE DAY! shortly after, nixon nixxed any MORE of that sh*t happening.

        • The one dollar bill is backed by the same thing as the rest of the fiat paper money supply. Your faith in it.

          • I felt I should move this post here. Think about it!

            Genius says:
            Comment ID: 3660296
            February 2, 2017 at 10:22 pm
            Speaking of thinking for yourself, did it ever occur to anyone that Trump was installed and allowed to do all the things that he is doing to create an ever deep divide in the people? Why is Soros allowed to fund all this leftist shit? Obama could do only so much (it was more than enough) to divide the land. With Trump as president and a well funded opposition (to whatever they are told) This can and will cause a gigantic fracture that will become more violent by the day. So if you think about it, it plays right into the NWO playbook. A civil war of sorts that is so bad that major action is justified. Trump is getting all the patriots behind him even the ones that were on the fence. Soros (and his cronie nwo peeps) are funding opposition like it was nothing. It’s a perfect play being performed before your very eyes. Is it real? Or is it exterminex?

            Genius says:
            Comment ID: 3660309
            February 2, 2017 at 10:47 pm
            Put yourself in the rulers position (think like them). This is what I would do if I wanted to instigate all out civil war. It is perfect. No one will blame the rulers (elite) and blame it all on indifferences. Anyone who cannot comprehend this strategy is a pretty poor chess player!

            • it’s ALL about the debt….that can’t be paid back….THAT’s why we will have to have these wars…..math sho am a BITCH sometimes….but it IS law, after all.

            • The world is crazy,, the left is mental, who knows the truth anymore on any of this shit, sad fact is the only way to get rid of huge numbers of the useful idiot leftists is for everything to come unglued and for everyones true colors to come out, and unfortunately that includes some peoples inner Nordic savage,,,
              Our society has degraded to a point where not too terribly much makes sense any more, people have no class and show no personal restraint nor moral fortitude, they mistake a sense of entitlement for pride and are quick to disregard anyone els rights or views in favor of their own even if they are way off,
              The only way any of this clears is a lot of bloodshed, sad but true, in the past people could pull together as a nation in time of need, now the nation is divided beyond repair, the left says everyone needs to unite under their design, the right is silent and only random rumblings from idiots like me are floating around,
              Sad fact is people dont care what others think anymore, im as guilty of this as anyone, and only see my skepticism and dislike for the opposition growing, and i know im not alone, most people are too passive, have become this from years of comfort and civility, where its someone els problem, it may well be, but at some point it will be in our faces and unavoidable

            • Genius, I think Trump’s win surprised the crap out of tptb.
              Everyone expected a crooked Clinton win.
              (DHS tried to hack State of Georgia and probably others during the vote count.)
              Soros, pos, said in Switzerland recently he won’t stop until he takes down Trump.
              Hope he loses a lot of money. He and the mainstream media are doing all they can to make him look unorganized, along with the traitors Obama left in the woodwork, i.e., everywhere.
              The country was divided before this started.
              Gasping for breath now.

              • President Trump needs to confiscate Soros’ assets in the United States, citing Soros’ conspiracy to commit sedition.

        • No. Gold backed dollars disappeared years ago, So did silver certificates, but I still have a couple.

          If it says “Federal Reserve Note” it’s FIAT backed by the largest largest economy in the world, the most powerful military in the world, and soon it will be protected by the longest WALL in the world outside of China.

          Yeah, it could happen. 🙂

          • Some have faith in the US Dollar because it says “In God We Trust” on it. LMFAO!!! lol Still waiting for Jebus to come back to save you? How’s that werking for ya so far?

            My Silver Certificate US Dollar says on it:

            Silver Certificate
            This certifies that there is on deposit in the Treasury of the United States One Dollar in Silver Payable to bearer on Demand.

            This certificate is legal tender for all debts public and private.

            **This is Real Money folks backed by Silver.


            If it says “Federal Reserve Note” it’s phony FIAT backed by thin air, a IOU Promise secured by nothing, as the rest of the world knows this and is already dumping this phony Fed toilet paper at record pace. Get out of it ASAP and trade it for physical PM’s.

            • The already banned the US $1,000 Bill and the $500 Bill. The $100 ad the $50 are next. Bank on that.

          • “If it says “Federal Reserve Note” it’s FIAT backed by the largest largest economy in the world, the most powerful military in the world”

            i think i’ll shop around a little!

      4. We’ve been witnessing a massive transfer of wealth from the poor/middle class to the rich. I’m not talking about just incomes, bubbles, and bank repossessions. I’m talking about all these poor/middle class folks over the last 7 years selling their gold/silver jewelry to make ends meet. I live in Phoenix, and we’ve seen an explosion of title loan companies and storefronts advertising to buy gold/silver. The rich are buying right now on the cheap. They understand the fiat currency and massive money printing scheme the fed reserve has been doing. They also understand that a hard convertible asset like gold/silver (which can be sold in any country in the world) will eventually explode in price, relative to fiat currencies. We’re close to that breakout now, and with a stock market collapse that eclipses 2008, your going to see the greatest bull market in history. If you can be one of those that has expendable income to acquire gold/silver, then do so. Most cannot. Remember: Mr. Potter isn’t selling, he’s buying. Even gold/silver stocks, and especially junior mining stocks will be a spectacular play. And of course gold/silver bouillon and coins in your possession (not a holding vault)……Millionaires will be made for the few that have the insight to see the big picture. Stack and Prep. Cheers

          • one of the top 5 best movies EVER made!

            • I love that movie but do you really think people nowadays will be that understanding? Hell no. Do you think banks today are that understanding? Double hell no. I got a buddy who was in an awful car wreck, laid him up for a long time, if it wasn’t for the people helping him, he’d have lost his house. Of course eventually he’ll be made whole cause he wasn’t at fault but banks couldn’t care less. They’ll take your stuff without thinkin twice.

      5. Fu ck the stock market.
        Fu ck PM’s
        I’m going to buy a year and a half old Mule
        with Tack.
        Gets me where I’m going, keeps me company
        mows the yard, and at my age, may out-live
        I’ll have about #200 of wheat berries stashed
        this month, a new mill, and a new pasta machine.
        All for way less than the price of two 1 oz. Maple
        I guess the question is are you a gambler or a prepper?

        • Rellic

          I’m both a gambler and a prepper.

          • I feel as though every prepper is a gambler, betting that the safety and well being of their family and friends may soon be in jeopardy, stacking necessities in their favor.

            JS must be a shill, first coin/antique shop I walked into offered spot price.

        • I guess the question is are you a gambler or a prepper?

          yes 🙂

        • Yeah, I love these idiots who think there is some sort of law out there, that if you buy food, ammo, guns etc, that you are then barred from being able to buy gold.

        • Prepper, never been into gambling, have definitely taken risks and continue to do so but are more of a practical nature,,, stuff like, do i keep the cash or do i buy more and better tools for my trade?
          Of course the tools win every time because i can make more money but the tools may be unobtainable at some point,,,

      6. VIDEO: Thousands Of Muslims Take Over Streets Of NYC In Islamic Call To Prayer; Speaker Yells ALLAHU AKBAR!
        Muslims Flood The Streets Of NYC

        Thousands of Yemeni-American Muslims took to the streets of New York City in what is being called the ‘bodega strike’ to protest what they believe is a Muslim ban from President Trump.


        • did anybody THANK them for showing themslves????

      7. Never forget, Noah was the village idiot BEFORE the flood. Amen.

        • I have a feeling me and Noah be brothers from another mother

        • it is. thank you

      8. Brass,lead,copper,tp,canned goods,medical supplies,hygiene goods,fuel,tools,weapons,health and no debt.

      9. now is not the time to buy. Gold is too expensive and silver is under valued. Now is the time to just sit back and wait. Now is the time to train your body and mind. Now is the time to force yourself to hard living. Don’t buy anything if your set with your preps. Fine tune your plans. Build things your gonna need like chicken coops and rabbit cages. Prepare soil stock lots of firewood. Make needed repairs on your home and vehicle. If your roof needs replacement get it done now. If the car needs repair work get it done. Get dental issues handled. Get off of meds if you can. Get out of debt.

      10. Jim in VA, I’ve got everything you mentioned and still stacking. Especially good health and no debt. Anon is right about being both a gamble and a prepper in order to survive.

      11. Contrary to what a lot of people say, physical cash is not going to be worthless, and you are definitely going to want it in your possession. You are also going to want to back that physical cash with physical metal, which is exactly what I do.

        When all these bubbles pop, and they’re going to do so, anything that only exists electronically or is some sort of re-hypothecated paper credit is going to go up in smoke. Savings account at your local bank? Poof! 401K through your employer? Poof! Brokerage account through an on-line broker? Poof! What people don’t realize about retirement and brokerage accounts is that they don’t really own anything. What they actually do is cram your account with re-hypothecated paper credits.

        Re-hypothecation means two things. First, for the game to continue, they need to have the liquidity on hand to cash out your paper credits when you hit the cash-out button. If not, the whole thing collapses in on itself, your “holdings” go poof, and you are left with nothing. Second, if these accounts actually had to go out and acquire the actual holdings for your accounts, the entire scheme would collapse in on itself because they would not have the liquidity to do so.

        There isn’t a whole lot of physical cash out there. Only $700B physically circulating in the US versus the $11T sitting on computer screens in depositor bank accounts. That means those physical dollars will be coveted and buy one hell of a lot more than they currently do. The bubbles will pop and take the banking system down with them. That means if cash is not physically in your possession, it does not exist regardless of what your ATM receipt says. That’s a severe contraction in money supply which will trigger a massive deflation.

        Where do metals come in? That’s how you’ll acquire the traditional measures of wealth, such as land or the means to produce further wealth. That’s where something one would consider a polar shift in the balance of wealth would originate. This is also the precise reason why I back physical cash with physical metal.

      12. All the folks hyping silver are actually going to be surprised when it outperforms their prognostications. Yes, they are sinners in their own eyes… and suddenly, they will be saints. All things are subject to the value that people place on them. Superbowl tckets… a piece of paper costs at least 2k right now. My husband told me that if the price went down below 2k we would go. Ha. I told him that would be wasted on me since I am a very casual football observer at best. He is a bit of a cheapskate but he is willing to pay over a thousand dollars for a hard seat at the stadium. Such is the nature of silver…. watch it. People will want it and it is scarce.

      13. Any opinions on stacking regular clad coins verses paper dollars? Would a hundred in quarters be a better move than a hundred in dollar bills from a preppers POV?

      14. As a retired trader, 35 years of trading, I can say that THE END signal has been given on all indexes!!!
        What you see (20000 on Dow) is not what you people think it is.
        It’s THE FINAL WARNING…!!!!
        SP500 is the Index to watch and it’s highest ever was 2300,99 last week. Don’t ask how I interpret this but it says; THE END WILL BE IN MARCH followed by total wealth destruction.
        They just cancelled the final sucker rally.

        • How many years have we heard this for now….? Blah, blah, and blah.

          • Steve
            Don’t waste your time here.
            Enjoy the remaining last few weeks of your life.
            Go, watch football.

            For the rest of us… Good luck to all, bless you all.

      15. “THE END WILL BE IN MARCH followed by total wealth destruction.”

        May you be right Bobane –

        This phony, manipulated world that we are all living in – needs to come to a halt.

      16. Ok let’s say Nutty Yahoo gets us to declare war on Iran. Would that help or hurt our economy? How many of our children will die so Is real hell can steal other peoples land. The West Bank is being annexed. We have nothing to gain by going to war with Iran.

        Leave Russia alone. End sanctions.

        __ if you have no preps, start preparing. Things could blow up any time.

        Get some chickens. Eggs are a nutritional powerhouse. Let your chickens out to peck into dirt. There is bacteria in the dirt that turns into vitamin B12 in the hens eggs. If you buy eggs from the store, buy farm raised. Put oil on the egg to keep it fresh longer, even without refrigeration.
        Use chicken poop as fertilizer.

        If you live in warm climate, you can have rabbits outside in cages. Collect droppings for fertilizer. Even better fertilizer than chickens.

        Start growing a garden. The only way to learn is to do it. Start by turning the soil. Add earth worms to your soil. Add compost, raked leaves and grass to the soil. Plant seeds according to instructions on package. Spring is right around the corner.

        Start buying basic gardening tools now from made in USA companies. A shovel is probably your best bet. Also buy gloves.

        Stock up on food and personal hygiene products.

        If there is only a month or two before the crash. You need to act now. The crash won’t be the time to do it. Everyone who did not do their homework will be competing for their basic needs. The stores will not be able to supply everyone. Shop now. Stay home when TSHTF.


      17. Don’t get too hung up on PMs. Fine if you can afford or find it. It’s only for wealth preservation if we have a reset that will use it.

        I would consider stories like what happened in Bosnia, the current armed socialist attacks in Venezuela, and what the jihads are doing to citizens in Europe to gain an understanding of what will be attempted here.

        Lead, nerves of steel and iron fists will the real PMs to consider.

      18. “Ok let’s say Nutty Yahoo gets us to declare war on Iran”

        That would be considered: GAME OVER for Israel and the United States.

        It would be the ultimate suicide for both … considering Russia & China will come to Iran’s dire needs.

        It’s fine by me if Nutty Dumbass jerkoffwho starts a conflict of this nature, if it benefits the future for humanity. I’m all for it!

      19. Has anyone seen where obama sent over 9.2 billion to the UN…? And 360 million was given to a terrorist group!!

      20. “Iran On Notice, Will Trump Pull The Trigger”


        12 minutes on YouTube

        __ no more American lives to serve Is real hell__


        • Somebody needs to politely tell Trump to settle down, before something bad happens. Screwing around with Iran is definitely a bad deal for everybody.

          “This is not the first time that an inexperienced person has threatened Iran”

          Ali Akbar Velayati, senior counsel to Iran’s supreme leader

      21. Just another call for $5000 an oz gold. Surprised he didn’t call for $5000 an oz silver.

      22. Yep, we are literally financially fucked and on the precipiss of the buttcrackofdoooooooDoooooM.

        And since Iran is now on notice, I can expect intercontinental ballistic misscles over of frisking head any day, as me and preps get vaporized.

        You fucking chi-coms, jihadist and Russians are not on notice in my city.

        The Veteran Gun battle scene. Enjoy.



        SHTF will commense.

      23. I have my precious metals back with powder

      24. I’ve found it almost impossible to find a place in my local area to buy silver or gold boullion type products. Especially when I ask for gold – just about every dealer gets really cagey, and tells me things like he doesn’t have any right now, or the guy who has the combo to their safe won’t be in this week, etc.
        One of the shops I went into had a Muslim man behind the counter. I knew this because of his name on the tag, and because he told me he was not open on Fridays. He offered to sell me a gram of gold at a price that I knew was excessive. So I just told him no thanks, and I told him what that day’s spot price was, to show him I knew he was trying to cheat me, and I left. Later I mentioned my experience with this shop owner to my daughter, and she told me she had gone to the same shop with a silver ring she no longer wanted. It was worth $90, she found out later, but the guy had offered her $6 for it.
        Then maybe a month after this, I saw in the local paper that this guy had just been arrested for buying jewelry from an undercover cop without asking him to fill out the required paperwork (purpose is to prevent criminals from fencing stolen goods). LOL! Just deserts!


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