When They Fall, It Will Be Like Dominoes: “Next Employment Crisis Is Already Here”

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    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his Economic Collapse Blog.

    Editor’s Comment: The problem is not only that jobs have not become more available, and that so many are struggling. That is bad enough.

    But the unemployment crisis, which appears to be surging, will also effect other areas, and could amount to a trigger point. Layoffs and loss of employment obviously impacts bill payment, loan repayment, and on a big enough scale, could grind the levers to a halt. Changes in Fed policy could drive this major problem into a major crisis. Hold on to what you’ve got, and keep an eye to the future…

    The Next Employment Crisis Is Here: Job Cuts At U.S. Companies Jump 35 Percent In April

    by Michael Snyder

    Should we be alarmed that the number of job cuts announced by large U.S. companies was 35 percent higher in April than it was in March?  This is definitely a case where the trend is not our friend.  According to Challenger, Gray & Christmas, U.S. firms announced 65,141 job cuts during April, which represented a massive 35 percent increase over the previous month.  And so far this year overall, job cut announcements are running 24 percent higher than for the exact same period in 2015.  Meanwhile, on Thursday we learned that initial claims for unemployment benefits shot up dramatically last week.  In fact, the jump of 17,000 was the largest increase that we have seen in over a year.  Of course the U.S. economy has been slowing down for quite a while now, and many have been wondering when we would begin to see that slowdown reflected in the employment numbers.  Well, that day has now arrived.

    At this point, U.S. firms are laying off people at a rate that we have not seen since the last financial crisis.  Here is what Zero Hedge had to say about these latest numbers…

    While one can debate the veracity of the BLS’ seasonally adjusted data, one thing is certain: when a company announces it will layoff thousands, it will. So for all those who suggest that all is well with the US jobs picture based on initial claims reports, here is the latest report from Challenger according to which the pace of downsizing increased in April jumped by 35% to 65,141 during the month of April, from the 48,207 layoff announcements in March.

    Looking further back, in the first four months of 2016, employers have announced a total of 250,061 planned job cuts, up 24% from the 201,796 job cuts tracked during the same period a year ago. This represents the highest January-April total since 2009, when the opening four months of the year saw 695,100 job cuts in the aftermath of the biggest financial crisis in modern history.

    So what is causing this?

    Why are firms laying off so many people all of a sudden?

    My readers are very well aware of the pain that the energy industry is experiencing at the moment, but surprisingly it was not the energy industry that announced the most job cuts in April…

    Computer firms announced 16,923 job cuts during the month; the highest total among all industries. That total includes 12,000 from chipmaker Intel, which is shifting away from the traditional desktop and laptop market and toward the mobile market. To date, computer firms have announced 33,925 job cuts, up 262 percent from a year ago, when job cuts in the sector totaled just 9,368 through the first four months of the year.

    Yes, the U.S. energy industry has lost well over 100,000 good paying jobs since the beginning of last year, but the downturn is so much broader than that.  All over America corporate earnings are down, and when earnings fall it is inevitable that layoffs will follow.

    As I have written about previously, earnings for companies listed on the S&P 500 have fallen a total of 18.5 percent from their peak in late 2014, and it was being projected that corporate earnings overall would be down 8.5 percent for the first quarter of 2016 compared to the same period a year ago.

    And in the chart that I have posted below, you can see that corporate profits after tax have been falling precipitously since peaking in mid-2015…

    corporate profits

    As this new economic downturn intensifies, the layoffs will accelerate.

    In plain English, that means that a whole lot more people will be losing their jobs.

    Unfortunately, a very large percentage of Americans didn’t learn anything from the last crisis and are living on the financial edge.  In fact, the Federal Reserve says that 47 percent of all Americans cannot even pay an unexpected $400 emergency room bill without borrowing the money or selling something.

    So just like back in 2008, we are going to see huge numbers of people unable to pay their bills when they lose their jobs.  Foreclosures are going to skyrocket, and lots and lots of families are going to be put out into the street.

    This is why I have been preaching the importance of having an emergency fund for years.  It is absolutely imperative to have an emergency fund that can cover your bills for at least six months in the event that there is a job loss or some other sort of major disaster strikes.

    If you have not done this already, you are probably already too late.

    The cold, hard reality of the matter is that it would take most families quite a while to save up a six month emergency fund if they are starting from zero.

    So if you are in this position and you lose your job, you may have to move in with family or friends when your money runs out.

    I don’t mean to be cold, but this is the situation that we are facing.  The next employment crisis is already here, and it is going to get much, much worse.  No matter who becomes “the next president”, job cuts are going to accelerate and good jobs are going to become exceedingly difficult to find.

    I am certainly not advocating that anyone give up.  If you still have a good job for the moment, tighten your belt and use this time to feverishly prepare the very best that you can.

    Sadly, tens of millions of Americans believed that this bubble of false prosperity would keep on rolling, and so they wasted immense amounts of precious time and resources.  Now the day of reckoning is here, and vast numbers of our fellow citizens are going to discover the horror of being unprepared.

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book [amazon text=Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It&asin=150522599X].


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      1. Maybe they have been reading the writing on the wall.

        Be well all…

        • Maybe it was here when 50,000,000 were no longer in the workforce? I’d say that at a 100,000,000 we’ve been at the wall for sometime now. Would you like fries with that?

          But then again it’s another pile of the same old defacation accompanied by another planetary rotation.


          • When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Create your own job. That’s the American Way !!! 🙂

            • BTW, I believe the “helicopter money” disbursements have just started. One of my banks dramatically increased my available credit line without my asking.

              Phase one is increased credit lines for those who can pay, hoping they will use them. Phase two will be unsecured credit lines for those with jobs and a pulse. Phase three will be NO FICA taxes for those who receive pay checks, hoping that they will spend the increase.

              Phase Four: Its a bird, its a plane, no … its, its, THE HELICOPTER: AKA BASIC INCOME FOR EVERYONE !!! 🙂

          • Allright GM!I knew you could do it!

            • WELL, Obutthead just came out and said everything is GREAT, things are getting better, so i don’t know what all this fuss is about!! HA HA, what a joke, sad part is HOW many sheeple believe him!

      2. The csash of 2008 was turned into a glide and we missed the mountains and we are in fr a hard landing. The 64000 dollar question is what are we landing on?

        • Landing on another round of QE and lowered interest rate.

          And away we go again for a bit. SSDD

        • What is it going to land on you ask? Socialism, that’s what.

          • Your country lands on socialism. Get fucked long and hard before getting annihilated by other puppet govts.

      3. SNYDER AGAIN? HO HUM, I’m going back to sleep.

        • Agreed. Listening to Snyder talk about the economy is now like listening to Algore talk about global warming.

          • Pay attention to Snyder. He does a good job DOCUMENTING the great Unraveling !!! 🙁

        • Brave

          My friend. He does a wonderful service of letting people know what is happening in the economy. His timing may be off but so has mine and pretty much everyone else. I would have thought the darn thing would have crashed by now.

          Thank God my friend that we are way ahead of most. Actually pray that most catch up.

      4. It wasn’t clear to me if they are talking about a layoff, which is temporary, or a RIF, reduction in force which is long term. Laid off workers can usually be hired back. Once a RIF takes place, those workers usually won’t come back. If they are lucky enough to find other work, they will stay where they are.

        Large companies forecast sales several years in advance and they are quite good at it. Apparently, the forecast for them is not good, hence the layoff.

        When companies lay off workers it is usually after a hiring freeze and an early retirement package have failed to reduce the headcount. Either way, they believe that dire days are ahead for them.

        • April and May are normally great job increases with kids finding summer jobs, tourist season, construction starts, and more traveling in warmer weather creates jobs….. But not this April and May when new job growth is way down and its not supposed to be that way. And more jobs are disappearing than being created with the GDP almost zilch. In the meantime, you have millions more youth entering the job market from college and high school without the jobs being there.

          It seems in the facts presented it will be long term because the full brunt of the recession hasn’t hit home yet. We never fully recovered from the last one which makes it very bleak in the next 5 to 10 years, knowing the same old socialist failures will be implemented again.

      5. Ignore the fake numbers.

        • The fake numbers are coming out of the government. Looking at what is happening around the world,especially Europe….we are next. Its happening but the government isn’t tell us.

          • Jim

            So true. Really all you have to do is look at what is happening around you. I look at so many houses here in VA that are worth probably 400,000 dollars. They all have two brand new vehicles out front. There are not that many great jobs out there. You would have to make 150 just to be able to stay afloat. People are up to there rear ends in debt.

            So sad.

            Stay safe my friend and contact me if you ever need anything.

            • Mike, Jim,

              The true tell is Virginia is all the empty store fronts with Rental signage…everywhere.

              Businesses are taking on debt and rebuilding newer stores in “better” locations. Just take a drive to the nearest mall- in which half the stores moved from the “older” mall, to see the empty spaces available. Strip malls sit vacant and with small, independent churches being the only tenets, while WalMart continues to expand and kill more mom and pop ops.

              Meanwhile, in Nelson County we cannot find a doctor to work at our rural clinic (built with Obama bucks).

              • Marcus

                So true.

                You and I are very close to each other. I am in Fluco country. The side closest to you. If you would ever like get a bite to eat at Lumkins let me know.

      6. No offense, but you people who look to Trump, with watery eyes and “hope” remind me of democrats who cried and wrung their hands over Obama… the same damn misleading BS… nothing will change for the better__ its only going to get worse until the whole thing collapses.

        • You may well be right, be ready either way!

        • Anonymous
          Trumpster is now peddling paying off our national debt for pennies on the dollar. Some are freaking out because it destroys our credit standing.
          Not one mention that it is unconstitutional.
          Trumpster has filed bankruptcy too many times and left others holding the bag, it is his go to solution for trouble.

          • There are an awful lot of retirement funds holding US treasuries.

            Trump is really a democrat, he just is vocal about hating Mexicans.

          • From what I understood, the “Trumpster” filed bankruptcy on approximately 10 busineses. That is out of over a HUNDRED. It would seem to me, to think simply, that a 10% “failure rate” still outpaces the market at large. And then you have to ask why the “failure rate”? The right product at the wrong time? The wrong location? All business people understand such things…so, with your business acumen, what specifically is your real issue with the “Trumpster”?

      7. “Someone’s paddling friction” said the teleprompter-in-chief. “We’ve had the longest run of job creation in forty years. Anyway, gotta go. Tee time is at 4.”

      8. The present state of affairs reminds me of 2 records back in the early 70’s;EAGLES-BEST OF MY LOVE;(every morning I wake up and wonder)and STUCK IN THE MIDDLE-STEALERS WHEELS(clowns to the left,jokers to the right-our presidential race).All we can do is keep prepping and praying cause SURELY the day is coming where HARDER times will present themselves and it won’t be nice.

        • Witchie Woman

      9. Donald Trump is the only one talking about jobs and the economy.
        To Quote Bill Clinton, “Its the economy stupid…”

      10. Just the continuation of 2008. Wait til the banksters claim their newest bailout courtesy of the Republicans.

      11. It’s really about the value of the worthless dollar. Since 1913 and the birth of the fraudulent reserve banksters, the value of your dollar has been reduced 96%. Think about it, in 1913 you could walk into a bank and trade a $20 bill for a $20 gold piece, or $1 bill for a silver dollar. You’ve been robbed, but pay no attention to the theives behind the curtain.

        More caca, nuevo dia


      12. no worries

        Walmart just announced recently that they are going to go back to hiring “greeters”

        minimum wage crap jobs for EVERYONE !!!

        I work in healthcare
        and the job situation is picking up nicely
        wages are going back up because the competition is getting fierce

        got a job offer recently that came with a $10,000 sign on bonus and $5,000 for relocation

        there are still a few areas of the economy that are doing well,I have a couple of nephews who work in computer security,they have plenty of work and had no problems getting jobs even long before they graduated from college

        • Satori

          You are correct that there are a few areas doing well. The problem is that the great jobs are declining. Health care and security in the current environment will probably be some of the last jobs to decline.

          Example would be the last two jobs they put out at the power station they had over 200 applicants. I live in the middle of no where so that is a ridiculous number.

      13. It galls me when I see people coming to my place to fill out applications dressed all kinds of ways, loud and foul-mouthed, bad attitudes, with tattoos all over them, etc. The bottom of the barrel, so to speak. Then the ones that get hired only last 1-2 weeks on average. People are just not what they ought to be.

        • Some of the hardest working red blooded Americans I know have ink
          Some of it very patriotic
          I’d stand shoulder to shoulder with them in the trenches
          Because I know they will fight and not puss out

          Maybe the guy that grabs your shot up ass and refers first aid and a good field dressing while field stripping your weapon for you to get back in the fight
          Just might be one of those people with tattoos

          We ain’t afraid of pain or sewing up flesh with a needle and thread

          I happen to be a business owner with very good education and definetly not afraid to get my hands dirty
          I have a 3% tattoo
          One to commemorate our independence
          An eagle , and a few more that signify I don’t take any government bullshit
          And if I ever worked for another mans company I’d be dam sure I gave that man my back and my pride

          So , what was that you said ?

          • Rebel,have no ink but agrere with ya’s.I have long hair/look like a refugee from back of a 70’s Tull album cover,that said,work hard/have a lot of tools/got a builders license/try to learn more.Treat me right wether a customer or boss and will do the same.

            I will say left me last gig Monday,have needed a break for well over a year and a half and they kept saying”Stay a little longer”,just saw no end to it even though was very clear was only temporary,which kept extending.I realise some need the work and wish em the best,I mentally would be junk as a worker and as a human without a long overdue break from daily grind of life,world ends,well,am ready as one can reasonably be and would rather die happy then miserable in the “Brave New World”.

            • I hear ya War Child

              It’s a shame that too many people judge without truly knowing the quality of a mans resolve
              Those people lose out on some of the most richeous individuals ( there’s a word we don’t see much of any more ) that I have ever met in my life

              Salt of the earth , hard working , give you the shirt off their backs , have little fear of reality when it’s up in their faces

              Some of the best Men I have had working along side of me , with me and for me
              Have tattoos and long hair etc
              It’s not what’s on your skin that counts it’s what’s inside
              Shame people have a hard time seeing past this

              I think I’d rather have a tatted up long haired biker in my “ventilation ” team than some wimpy no skilled political richeous wanna be that would turn turtle at the first sign of Shit Hitting The Fan

              I’ve got references if needed ,of my resolve
              There’s no mistery of what you’ll get with me watching your 6

              • Rebel,I will say some jobs require either a certain look/or a anonymous look as the face of business.You know what,either would not work there but have been known to put me hair under a hat for bids and let it down when folks get to know me and realise will do what I say,I get some jobs you just can’t do that and tis OK.I just won’t work there,same as say,you dont deal well with site of blood,ER a bad job choice for ya’s,you and all here enjoy the weekend wether working/playing,or like me,lying like a dog on the lawn if the sun ever comes back out!

              • DK,

                Thanks for delineating their plans for ‘helicopter money’. Very interesting!

                Louisiana Eagle

              • RS,

                I am with you. I know and hsve worked with a lot of good people with tatoos and long hair who truly are the ‘salt of the earth’. Appearances can be deceiving, they say. Tattoos are a way of life down here. Many would be better off saving the money spent on tattoos but as the saying goes, ‘different strokes for different folks’. There is a time and a place for everything.

                Descerning the times that we luve in and planning and preparing for what lies ahead is the difficult part. Michael Snyder is right about hsving an ’emergency fund’. DK has been saying for a long time to save $10 and $20 dollar bills in number 10 cans. They make good points. Do you want to save the proposed new bills or the old bills? Might make a difference when it comes time to pull them out of the can and use them! I have been in countries where the older bills became obsolete as the newer bills lost value and there was a black market exchange value. Gold and silver should retain their original value vs paper.

                Prepping is the way to go but a lot of food is in the category of ‘perishables’ and without a garden or a field/farm may not easily be renewable. Without electricity, heat and humidity can quickly destroy a cache of food supplies. Interestingly, even MREs do not do well in adverse conditions.

                Louisiana Eagle

            • “Feeling alone
              The army’s up the road
              Salvation a la mode and
              A cup of tea.
              Aqualung my friend
              Don’t start away uneasy
              You poor old sot, you see, it’s only me.”

          • I have plenty of ink….wrapped around my 18+ inch biceps on a 210 lb 5 foot 10 inch frame. What I can’t stand is a fat key board commando popping munchies in his pie hole, worrying how some one looks. A large amount of ex servicemen have ink.

            • My guess though both Rebel and Dave if applying for a job would dress at least cleanly/not be foul mouthed unless already knew owner/customer and was par for course and would not hide but dress to push the tats,once folks get to know you found that they are much more open to different people.Seems where Brave works folks acting as if just by showing up they deserve a job,have seen it meself with folks from across the spectrum.I really do not believe someone who believes in freedom as does Brave would care about ink on it’s own,again,not hurting others tis just,well,freedom.

              • Warchild, how are you? On the tattoos, people will do what they want and I know how to respect other people’s rights. I don’t care for them myself, but to each his own. the only problem is that in my line of work we have clients in some ‘high-profile’ places that are against tattoos and don’t want to see that on our people, at least not on their arms, necks, or faces. If the tattoos are located on another part of the body that is normally covered up, that’s OK, and we can work around that. We can’t force such people on our clients. On the other hand, our person who does the hiring says, 1. That’s all there is coming in to apply for work and, 2. They’ll sue us for discrimination if we turn them away. [I HATE THAT WORD AND WORN-OUT LIE ‘DISCRIMINATION’.] The point is that we’re caught between the proverbial rock and hard place. These people that insist on having tattoos on their arms, face, and neck actually hurt themselves more than they hurt a company. They cripple their own ability to make a living. Sure, they can keep those tattoos on them all they want. All I’m saying is that there are consequences; a price to pay for doing so. When you make a decision on something, anything, you have to live with the consequences of that decision. That’s just part of life.

                • Seems like you threw around plenty of discrimination of your own for someone who claims to hate it so much

                  • Rebel Son, you misunderstood one part of my post. I’ve NEVER been in a position to hire people. I’m only saying how a lot of other people look at tattoos. I don’t care what anyone does for themselves as individuals. My point is that it can be a serious disadvantage for someone.

          • The laziest people I know are covered up in tattoos and piercings. They can’t afford groceries for the family, but they find enough cash to get another tattoo or a bigger ring to cram in their earlobe. They are hooked on that stuff just like drugs or alcohol. If they have that addictive personality, they won’t be a success in anything.

            Clothes don’t make the man, and you can’t judge a book by the cover, but they do give you clues.

            • Eh,know plenty of lazy people with and without ink,the ink does not make them as plenty with ink are hard workers and make millions,as do many without ink work hard/make millions.I really do not see a discrimination case in this as tats unless forced on someone(nazi germany say)are a choice.I personally also believe you should be able to hire not because of ethnicity/age/religion/sexuality what have you,tis your business.That said,was offered a very high paying gig if I cut me hair a decade back,choose not to drink the kool aid.They called a year later for a good but not head position originally offered,told em straight out not interested in drinking their kool aid.I have a bit of Maori in me(not nearly enuff to justify facial tats known for),suppose you could get a discrimination suit out of that but not from me nor do I agree with that.

          • You are both correct. The job market has become so competitive that good people are there. Tattoos have nothing to do with anything. It is a different world.

            Then there is that element of society that does have a bad attitude. They feel they are entitled to start at the top. They don’t understand getting there hands dirty and proving there worth allows them to move up.

            Or at least it used to most of the time.

            As a business owner you have had to get your hands dirty. You also have a great pool of prospective new hires to choose from in today’s world.

            People never understand that owning your own business is a 24/7 proposition. Thank you for your hard work.

          • My neighbor is a 1%er.

            He has plenty of tats. One of em sez “81”.

            Self employed. Takes no .gov cheese.

            Good guy. Just don’t cross him.

        • We have an employer problem here. Employees are not treated well by their bosses. They lie about their pay, their position, and demean those who do a good job. There are only a few that advertise jobs here which is repeated every few months and some don’t take out the ad and run it every week in the year because they are so bad. I know, I worked for them all.

      14. I know we feel like it is the same shit, different day, but I will give Michael Snyder a thumps up for he still cares and wants to warn people.

        “Your a better man than I am, Gunda Din”.

        The past week I have see two Families belongings laid out on the street. People will lose their jobs. Then their homes and further on the adult toys like cars and boats. Not to mention the collateral required for special purchases that the banks get.

        Live in a Mansion one day and in the Forest the next. So I do not have any sympathy, as we all have warned our friends and family as to danger than is coming.

        The numbers do not mean much. I look more to the available resources that people can use. EBT, Snap, unemployment, social security, Good Will, Meals on Wheels, Rescue Missions and other church organizations.

        How are they managing against the rising tide?

        I want to make a distinction here. Those who help people in times of need are doing good for their community. I also applaud those that go over seas to help stricken people.

        My problem is bringing people here to add to the burden that now consumes our country. If we do not survive who will help the others or ourselves for that matter.

        A good way to lose our Independence.

        • A factor I’ve not yet heard discussed publicly is the ObamaCare impact on IT jobs. ObamaCare had electronic record keeping requirements for doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and health insurance carriers. Further ObamaCare changes to the industry had to be automated into insurance systems for handling policies and claims. Pretty much the entire healthcare industry had to rewrite all their software. Now years later this is all done and the new systems development will be downsizing.

          This is going to be a huge impact on the economy with millions of high paying jobs going away. Lots of McMansions will be going on sale.

          • Plan

            Excellent point. I can only speak from my point of my small piece of this earth.
            The union and the company are currently struggling in negotiations for a new contract in the IBEW. They have already cut new hires insurance in salaried jobs. They are trying to cut retiree’s insurance. Current employees insurance as well. It is all because of Obama Care. Price’s have gone up tremendously since it was passed. Large companies are transforming from insurance plans to an effort to put people on Obama Care. This is having a huge effect on prices. I am amazed at how little is said about it. Not in the main stream media. I am talking about alternative media. Maybe Michael Snyder should look up some numbers on that.

      15. Why keep publishing this guy? He has predicted economic collapse since ’08, he hasn’t predicted anything correctly. But he still keeps writing the same old recycled crap hoping he will be right about something one day. Maybe he should quit writing and go into politics until he gets something right.

      16. ….just sitting here pondering if “this is the way that has been put into effect, (a plan of sorts), to turn America into the 3rd World Country many have been saying it would eventually become.

        After all, if there are no jobs and industries (ALL OF THEM) are shrinking back …then at some point we’ll barely have 10 – 30% of a work force, and probably ALL of it federal workers, state workers and the remaining incomes would be received by retirees or people such as 100% disabled Veterans (and all lower %’s).

        By adding to the populace just as Obama has ensured was done, people willing to work for peanuts are (virtually) all over the damn place and unlike us can move “in a heartbeat” (as they own no home or property). They are most likely to GET the available work since they would be willing to work for pennies on the dollar as compared to an American …so there’s another ‘screw you’ America to add to the list of reasons we do NOT NEED immigrants within The US of A.

        Again, until the people, WE THE PEOPLE, of the nation collude and start taking BIG STEPS TO TURN THIS AROUND (THE SOONER THE BETTER), it WILL come crashing down upon our heads, and nobody will come out the better for it. Consider what you’d be willingly leaving to your children to contend with if you care nothing about yourself, which shows when you do nothing for yourself (or yourselves, depending on how you wish to take it).

        Whoever was asking, there is no “known” truth to the rumors that the feds are secretly attempting to buy up ammo companies. (They’d just shut them down on ‘dreamed up’ technicalities (like lead in the environment), if they thought it would make any difference nationally). *Not to mention the black market would explode (no pun intended) with millions of rounds in all calibers, shapes and sizes.

        The NRA came out with the TRUE reason that America is low on ammo. No, the government didn’t buy out ammo in an attempt to “dry it up”. What’s happened is that millions have run out and purchased handguns, based upon Sheriff’s warning us twice now of pending problems, and so along with a shortage of weapons, of course there is a shortage of ammo as the companies cannot keep up with a demand they’ve never had to meet before …and it is just that simple and no more complex that than. (Thank goodness on that much).

      17. I run a landscape maintenance business. 40 employees. 35 outside workers. At least half of them have college degrees. They tell me that when they graduated, they went around to various companies, resume in hand. The ones that did get hired, soon realized they were going to spend their days in a cubicle, doing meaningless, mind numbing work. They were more than eager for the independence of outside work. The concensus of opinions were that they were brainwashed to believe that a college degree would lead to a better life. A total waste of time and money!
        LEARN A TRADE!!

      18. E,absolutely no shortage of ammo(@ the moment).Plenty on store shelves and on net,even the pesky/hiding .22 is around a bit,will say,like other products you will use keep buying but leave a few boxes for the nest guy/gal,they just may end up saving your ass one day and the more ready for whatever comes our way,the better!

        • W D …. its kinda funny that .22 rimfire has been hoarded to barter later on. Every one that barters, will already have a shit load and won’t want it, and the sheeple that want it, won’t have anything to trade.

          • Dave,not sure about your region but in N.H. plenty for sale,1000 round cases,40 grain I believe,works about 6-7 a round,not priced like the good ole days but then,what is?I would also say a solid airgun will do most a .22 will in regards to training/small game,and,the forgotten but still enjoyed just shooting at old soda/beer cans.

            • Just hit ammoseek,plenty in 50 round to 5-10 thousand round cases,buy a little or a lot,still seems 6-7 a round,no real discounts?

              • Warchild, for the first time in 2 years, .22LR is in pretty good supply in my area. Every time I’m in one of the sporting goods stores here and see some .22, I go ahead and buy some. I’ve never bought ammo online before, but as the old saying goes, there’s a first time for everything. The hardest .22LR round to find right now is Aguilla Sniper Sub Sonic, 60-grain roundnose, the most powerful .22LR round ever made. No one in my area even carries them anymore. I found 4 50-round boxes of them at a gun show in April and bought them on the spot. I found some last night at sportsmansguide.com, where I’ve purchased some other gear in the past. Looks like I’m getting ammo online for the first time ever. I also buy CCI whenever it’s available. Can’t go wrong with Aguilla or CCI.

                • Brave,plenty of 60 grain on ammo seek,about 13-14 a round but there in 500 round boxes,just waiting for you.As for buying online,you are already on lists,what the hell is one more?!

                  • Warchild, LOL. Good point about the lists. And never forget we have lists of our own. Lists do work more than one way.

      19. I’ve been a machinist for 25 yrs. worked long days and nights. I’m laid off now. Since February. I could drive 35 miles to a job that pays half of what I make now. They pay 10.50 per hour. Nights. I get more for unemployment. I’ll cut wood and work in my garden.

        • Dave

          Hang in there my friend. I feel that your trade will be in demand in the near future. Thank you for your hard work. I work around several machinist in the electric industry. They work long hours at times because there services are required when a major piece of equipment fails.

          It is a shame what has happened in this country to mechanics, welders, electricians, and machinist.

          • Dave,perhaps if you can set up a small shop for individual pieces/niche stuff,know a lot out there do that with old Indian parts to keep them beasts running. as a example,different folks specialise in different parts.I would say also perhaps teach a basic machining course might be a option.I would love to take one but any places that teach too expensive with campus costs ect.,would be great to have someone with a small shop take on a few students at a time and give em a foundation to start on.Am looking for a decent mini-mill,seems so far cheaper to get say a full sized Bridgeport used but too heavy and space consuming.Best of luck with whatever you move forward in.

            • My cousin couldn’t get enough work to stay afloat in small appliance repair so he was offered to teach at a Jr College and took it. He gets all the benefits he couldn’t afford being self employed, and summers off.

      20. Obama came on TV today to address economic concerns. In a nut shell he took a victory lap for all the jobs he has created, and said the economy has a few problems but generally the recovery is working just fine. Obama offered no specifics, just a plea for congress to move on his free trade treaties that he now has renamed to “tax reform treaties”? Obama offered that they are moving on helping small business which likely means another ten thousand pages of regulation will be loosed to strangle small business.

        Reporters followed up with several questions, most about Trump, none about the economy.

        Right after Obama was done the markets all turned positive for the rest of the day.

        It was absolutely surreal, twighlight zone stuff. Time to double down on food preps.

      21. Unemployed? Need a job?

        Apply for a vacation agent for Michelle Obama. I hear they are hiring like crazy.

        And don’t worry. The “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters are too stupid to figure out the irony.

      22. Ammo has been easy except 22lr and 22wmr. It hits the shelves and is gone quickly.

        • Richard,plenty on ammoseek,standard 36-40 grain/hollow point/60 grain,excepting 60 grain all about 6-7 a round.

      23. These tech companies go to India. The people are better educated, have intact families with children who grow up with traditional Indian values, and most importantly, they speak English and work for a fraction of what an American is paid. Our dollar is worth fifty dollars in some Countries. So if they get paid fifty cents an hour in US dollars, it is the equivalent of $25.00 an hour.

        Either we make this practice illegal or we will continue to go under while the Corporate owners keep getting wealthier. Donald Trump talks about Fair Trade. And jobs and protectionism. America First is right. Trump supporters aren’t naive. We just know that Hillary is a pawn of Goldman Sachs just like Obama. Trump isn’t Jesus. He’s just a rich American Real Estate Investor who might actually care more about American interests than an Isralis dual citizen neocon Trotskey communist ZioNWO traitor. One can only hope.

      24. I don’t get it people are complaining about no work but I see signs everywhere saying help wanted. Fence installers pool installers construction. How can there be no work if there are people saying they are looking for help. I go to these places to make delivery or pickup and ask them why they can’t get help. They say people fail drug tests or are not qualified. They have told me they hired people that do have skills in their business and they just quit. I think people don’t wanna work they just wanna complain. I could find a job tomorrow if I needed one. There is no excuse no job is beneath you if you need to survive. If you cannot make it now in good times what makes people think they will survive shtf hmmm. Take a job and work your way up if you can’t go somwhere else. I’m so sick of hearing the whining about no jobs or low paying jobs. I worked 2 and 3 jobs if needed. I get overtime daily so I don’t need to but you gotta do what you gotta do. I mean it there’s jobs everywhere.

        • Ass,as a carpenter with other trade skills many times we quit because the company sucks and are assholes to work for/sometimes just not a good fit nothing wrong with either party sometimes though people just don’t get along,they have a better opportunity ect.The company keeps having folks quit they are doing something not right or are uncompetitive in the employee market.

          I left last job not because the people were bad but actually very nice/pay good enuff/was just supposed to be temporary and they kept pushing the end date(some not their fault but other bad faith businesses),was coming to a point though that got in stupid argument over nothing really and said,well,the gate is open!Sure,could have used the reference and could have had a chance to work on their home when businerss settled in new locale,but you know what,just wasn’t worth it.

          There is a lot of work it seems and folks take first job they get,that said,they see something better they jump ship,tis rare to have a company that really cares about their workers and workers who care about company,there,folks stick it out long term.

      25. Mike in va you workin at Verizon they are on strike up north. I see them holding signs everyday. They are Ibew Verizon sucks as a union guy myself I feel their pain and give them respect for standing up to greedy corporate scum. I hate corporations fuck them. Just how it goes.

      26. Asshat

        No I am salaried now. I went on strike back in 2002. My company has taken and taken from first line salaried guys. Now they are trying to take some of the same things from the union. I so hope the union ends up getting a good contract. Normally what happens to me is a signal of whats coming for the union. We are all in it together. IBEW for the electric company in VA.

      27. you Union guys are gonna get fucked by your own Union

        Im not for or against Unions , Im just stating a fact

        so many are “underfunded” because of the crooks you are supporting with your hard work and blind support

        pensions for many unions are so far under , but yet the top dogs keep taking whats rightfully yours , and yet no blood shed .. ?

        love how the unions are now going after the companies that hired the union guys for the pensions that both the companies and workers paid into , but none of the union workers are holding their Union reps feet to the fire for the contracts they signed for their pensions to be 100% funded ..

        the ass raping is coming folks , be careful who you think is your friend

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