“Threat of 3rd World War Real” – Billionaire Soros Warns Currency War With China Could Go Hot

by | May 21, 2015 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 106 comments



This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and first appeared at PrisonPlanet.com.

Editor’s Note: Behind the saber rattling here, is the very real importance of the acceptance of China as a major economic player who must be recognized officially and given credibility along with the American, Anglo, European and Japanese partners to avoid an alignment with Russia, and the BRICS nations that would undermine the Western world. China basically has two dance partners, and sees the promise of a better global hand regardless of how Ukraine plays out or Cold War tensions resurface. Hence, China’s yuan will be made part of the IMF global basket of currencies, despite American annoyance over ‘currency manipulation’ and the launch of China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

Here billionaire George Soros – who has played instigators and puppeteer to color revolutions dating to the decline and fall of the Soviet Union to the modern day Arab Spring and beyond – makes the implicit threat that acquiescence to China is now mandatory for global players, lest the bankers find reason to show WW3 in the door. The danger for world war essentially lies in the failure of currency battles and economic warfare being played out on a massive scale. Soros warns: “There is a real danger that China will align itself with Russia politically and militarily, and then the threat of third world war becomes real.”

George Soros: “We are on the Threshold of a Third World War”

By Paul Joseph Watson

Billionaire investor George Soros told the World Bank this week that the planet is on the verge of a third world war that could arise out of an economic collapse in China.

“If there is conflict between China and a military ally of the United States, like Japan, then it is not an exaggeration to say that we are on the threshold of a third world war,” Soros said during a Bretton Woods conference.

The billionaire warned that China’s difficulty in transitioning from an export economy to a domestic demand-led system could force Beijing to whip up a conflict with an external enemy in a bid to keep the country from collapsing.

Soros said the only solution to the prospect was to allow China to join the IMF’s basket of global currencies so that it could compete with the dollar.

Without this measure, Soros warned that, “there is a real danger that China will align itself with Russia politically and militarily, and then the threat of third world war becomes real, so it is worth trying.”

Soros’ comments came in the same week that CNN revealed how China’s Navy has repeatedly issued warnings to U.S. surveillance planes flying over the South China Sea. Beijing is attempting to increase its influence by building a series of man made islands in the region.

A report out of Russian state media outlet Sputnik News also speculates that the presence of American ships in the South China Sea could lead to a war between the two global superpowers.

In a People’s Daily editorial last September, Chinese PLA Professor Han Xudong warned that Beijing should prepare itself for a third world war which could arise out of the conflict between the United States and Russia over Ukraine.

“As the Ukrainian crisis deepens, international observers have become more and more concerned about a direct military clash between the US and Russia. Once an armed rivalry erupts, it is likely to extend to the globe. And it is not impossible that a world war could break out,” wrote Xudong.

China recently increased its military budget by 10% for 2015, making it the world’s second-largest military spender.

Fearing global unrest and the possibility of another major conflict, many members of the elite have been buying remote property and land in places like New Zealand, according to reports that emerged out of January’s Davos Economic Forum.

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    1. eppe

      Soros sure likes to stir poop up???

      • eppe

        I hate to say it, but Soros is probally correct.
        Done alot of research on him, Jim Rogers was his partner in the 70’s running the ‘Quamtum’ hedge fund.
        They made 42 times thier money in 10 years.
        Soros has done some wicked stuff over the years…

        • TPSnodgrass

          I agree, in the biblical sense, Soros IS one of THE most evil people alive in the world today.
          He has done more to cause more human suffering to personally enrich himself, and to gain power, than any modern persona in the last 20 years.
          He is despicable.
          What IS HIS end game in this? He is the real enemy here, not China or Russia. It’s Soros all the way. The world would be a much more calm place, politically and especially economically without George Soros in it.

          • eppe

            TPS, he is close or over 90. But he has set up his sons to keep the ‘dream’ alive…

            • SterlingSilver

              Soros probably is the money behind China’s militant rise

              • eppe

                SS, do you not wish we could know the ‘true’ truth to what is going on???

                • Pissed Off Granny


                  For the best look of what Soros has his gnarly fingers in go to Muckety. com, Type in G. Soros. Watch the amazing map that comes up.

                  Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page for more info.

                  Also while there at the very top of the page you will see a square that says something about Russia and American investments. That is also one interesting place. Shows you Putin HAS NOT put sanctions on lots of American investors in Russia. Gives you a different picture of what is going on behind the scenes.

                  Muckety is one great site to see the connections the PTB have with one another.

                  Enjoy. It is a great site to peruse.

                  • OutWest

                    just because someone is a billionaire,
                    does that give them the credentials to
                    be a global guru?

                  • durangokidd

                    The NWO is forcing China’s hand as they pursue war with Russia. Right now the NWO with America military prowess, has a distinct advantage over both Russia and China in conventional weapons and can match both in nukes.

                    By making China its Full Partner and Co-Managing Director in Asia for the exploitation of Central Asia and Siberia, it is giving China a choice: integrate with the WEST and continue to prosper, or align with Russia and face economic and military conflict; understanding that BOTH Russia and China need 10 years to match current US capabilities.

                    MATCH. That’s the operative word for now.

                    The US controls the IMF and the Yuan will not be given WRC status until China chooses sides. The right side. 🙂

                  • durangokidd

                    Outwest: The amount and quality of information that flows to Soros is first rate. Information is power. He has been successful as a global investor because he has assimilated that information and acted upon it with a keen insight and serious financial analytical skills.

                    Understanding geopolitics is a prerequisite for successful global investment. Don’t under estimate this guy. The British Government did …. and they lost. 🙁

                • Cara

                  Soros claimed the recent successful attack on the Bank of England. He wanted to hurt it and he did. Outside sources confirmed this. He then stated that the US dollar is done and he wants to bring that down very soon and replace it with the Chinese currency. So when HE says that the world must allow the Chinese into the monetary system he is not speaking as an observer but as someone who is at the center of the action. It is not a prediction, it is a threat. The end result will be the same no matter how it starts.

            • ffff

              reptilians live long

              • TPSnodgrass

                Yes, the MasterSoros is 87 at last birthday,m and perhaps his “heirs” will continue his “legacy” of currency manipulation and Political-Puppet-Mastery. Or, perhaps they will get greedy and screw themselves out of everything;or, pick the wrong people to partner with, and become like Putin’s Critics….we can only hope they choose the latter. A well deserving family.

          • TEST

            Soros currently owes 7 billion dollars in taxes he refuses to pay. Just another Learner leftist hypocrite

            • ?uestion

              You can say that again.

          • TEST

            Soros currently owes 7 billion dollars in taxes he refuses to pay. Just another Learner leftist hypocrite

          • bert trim

            I couldn’t have said it better. Thanks.

        • Rick

          Soros is correct! China’s and Russia are backing their currencies with gold, while US Currency is backed by debt. Why shouldn’t China be included as world reserve currency when they have sound money and we have a fiat currency? This is what happens when you print more money to get out of debt! US is practicing economic fraud and only the US is to blame when other countries don’t see value in a currency based on thin air.

      • laeagle

        Soros is everywhere!

        • eppe

          If you have 14? billion, you can be a little of everywhere.
          He turned on his own folk as a teenager, collaborating with the Nazis.
          Got to admit, you don’t get that kind of wealth being dumb???

          • PWYPreach

            Nope, from my experience, narcissists only love two things: Themselves and money.

          • Hillbilly

            It is easier for a camel to walk through the eye of a needle Than fora rich man to enter into the kingdom

            If I could only remember where I’ve read that ???

            • Indy Colts

              Hilbilly, that was Jesus that spoke those words about the rich man.

      • Zero

        Ain’t that old bastard dead yet? It will be a good day when he enters hell.

        • apache54

          AMEN to that, He should have been removed by some of those he bilked years ago, they would have done the world a favor!! and probably kept thousands of people alive that through his scum bag deals got many people killed!

      • Genius

        Shit the chinese are coming, I better go out and get some car insurance lol 😛

        • Jonny V

          Yeah them little slanty-eyed bastards can’t drive worth shit lol!!

    2. Johnathan Stiner

      I don’t think China will be the problem. War will come from Russian and EU collapse.

      On a side note: It is obvious to everybody that the US is going back into a full economic recession. It the times past the FED would lower interest rates and that would pull us out of the recession. The problem is rates have been zero for 5 years now. How are we going to get out of the recession?

      Bad times are a coming.

      • Genius

        Gather up all your defective chinese crap and when they get here demand a refund lol.

        • durangokidd

          LOL. 🙂

      • Gonetoolong

        Recession looming? It’s going to be fun watching them raise rates to HELP the economy. Painted into a corner. Gonna be good.

    3. European American

      Any country that is a chronic aggressor, i.e. attacking sovereign countries for the sake of profiting for the central banks, needs to have it’s military be destroyed.

    4. Sgt. Dale

      No one wins WW3
      China might have the man power but if for one second they can take over the US with conventional army. Is nuts.

      The logistics is a nightmare. Getting here would be a nightmare. Going up against an armed populist would be a nightmare.

      • TPSnodgrass

        Which is one of the reasons, I believe, China is building the world’s largest port in Mexico. They are the world’s leader in containerized shipping, and many experts have been theorizing for decades now about China weaponizing shipping containers to mask their real intentions globally.
        Nothing about what the PRC is actually doing is for “global commerce”, it’s all about projecting it’s version of Communism as well as acquiring the means to feed it’s huge population to keep them from revolution.
        Ports in Mexico, on the pacific side, can and are being used to ship commodities to and from the PRC, and can easily be used to ship in weapons to the narcotrafficante cartels to destabilize the Estados Unidos FOR the PRC and without them ever firing a shot or appearing aggressive.
        it’s what they do and HOW they do things now.

      • Northern Reb

        The armed Populist is the reason why Japan or Germany did not what to try to invade the USA. I think it was Adm. Yamamoto that say that if Japan invaded the USA they would run into a rile behind every blade of grass.
        He was right. Now We have GUN CONTROL. it’s every other blade of grass. Don’t think the USA cant be invaded because that what Hitler thought also, look what happened.
        As far as that goes they are pouring over our borders every day.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • TEST

          NR…the quote by Yamamoto is generally considered spurious. However, it DOES capture a very real and important point

        • Genius

          Reb, but amerikans will be easy targets they are fat and slow. Chinese are thin and fast lol.

      • Sailing Jim

        Agree 100%, the logistics for them or Russia is not practical here to project power ashore, but a complete collapse of EU, over run of all the resources in Middle East, all the while this could very well be the trigger for implosion here at home……….seems like a good play for them.

        Orrrrrr the return of American sensationalism and a rise of the way things were with pride in USA values could be just what we need to get back on track??

      • jmac

        Obama is doing his best to take care of the “Armed Populist” thing

      • Captain Crunch

        Sarge – excellent post as is the norm

        I would differ on one point. They are already on this continent. 250,000 pla troops are stationed in MX with heavy armor as we type. They are on the border for a reason

        • durangokidd

          Captain Crunch: I couldn’t verify the claim of 200,000 PLA troops in Mexico. Can you? An internet search cannot substantiate that claim.

          That said, it would justify Jade Helm, wouldn’t it? 🙂

      • Kevin2

        Sgt Dale

        The nation with global ambition is the USA. Chinese troops were never on the Rio Grand but US Troops were at at their border.

        China now industrialized needs energy that the west in general and the US in particular controls. China will not put itself in a position of potential future political blackmail to have its oil cut off. China cannot export its military forces but it literally owns the territory within the Asian land mass and a couple of hundred miles off that coast. Only the use use of nuclear weapons would hold them back and there is no monopoly on them. Their growing technical ability to shoot drown a satellite has the potential to at least momentarily disrupt the high ground advantage the US possesses. Once neutered technically numbers prevail in the, “Bottomless pit of Asian manpower”.

        Like Giap predicted in Vietnam when he said that, “I will loose 10 of my men for every one of yours but you will eventually tire and leave” The US will blink before China regarding true access to the oil in the South China Sea. For us its strategic planning, for them, survival.

        • Northern Reb

          Please tell me what nation has the U.S. had a military presents in that was on the Chinese border in the last 60 years. The only one that I can think of was North Korea back in 1951-52. Philippines, was a territory of the U.S. now a independent nation sense 1947. Guam is a territory of the US. Japan a friendly nation sense 1945. and there is a military presents there and in South Korea an other friendly nation but to on the boarder of China.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • Northern Reb

            that’s but, not on the boarder of China.

            • Genius

              PLAN AHEAD! Open a chain of chinese restraunts! You CAN profit from all this if you use yer brain lol 😛

              • eppe

                Genius, I am a 6′ tall, skinny, 170lb at best, but when I go into a chinese\seafood buffet, they tell me to “go home, you eat too much”.
                Got hollow legs…
                Funny part is my wife is allergic to seafood, and hates chinese food.
                We all have our crosses to bear…

              • Northern Reb

                Genius: Eppe:
                That is one heck of a good idea, but my problem is I would eat up all the profits, because I like Chinese food.
                I’m not like eppe I’m 5’11” 205lbs and I have a big belly no hollow legs here!;-}
                I have been ask to leave one time, so far!;-}
                S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

          • Kevin2

            Yes it was North Korea.

            The Chinese have stayed in Asia close to their own borders.

            • Northern Reb

              We were there for 3 months, China is I Mexico now and have been there for a couple years.

              • Kevin2

                “We were there for 3 months”.

                We fled our military forces because China pushed us away from her border.

                I have no idea what your talking about. Chinese troops are not in Mexico.

                • Northern Reb

                  That was the United Nations at the border.
                  Would you like to bet that there are no Chinese troops in Mexico. How do you think is building that big sea port and paying for it.

                  • Kevin2

                    “That was the United Nations at the border”

                    The US was the 90% of those forces and Douglas MacAuthor was in command.

                    “Would you like to bet that there are no Chinese troops in Mexico.” Actually, yes I would.

                    China is quite busy in Asia and will be for decades.

                    The US is the expansionist world power as the enforcers / bully boy for Wall Street. Read, “War Is A Racket” written by a 2x MOH recipient USMC Major General.

    5. anonymous

      Hey strategic military genius, you think maybe they’d launch some nuclear weapons beforehand? Or maybe you’re still thinking its 1941?

      • Sgt. Dale

        There you go acting dumb.
        If they nuke an area they can’t go into it. If they nuke large areas of the USA then they defeat the purpose. of the USA being a food basket. If they nuke the USA don’t you think that we wouldn’t hit them twice as hard as they hit us? Like I said nobody wins WW3.
        Now if you would have said and EMP now there is a possibility. The problem is if they do that we would respond with all sorts of weapons that we have no Idea we have. Well then maybe not with Obullshit in Office.

        • Genius

          Anon, why don’t you get a name here? If your going to post stupid shit at least have the balls to have a name.

          Sgt. Your right, why nuke your own property? They own so much shit here it would be stupid for them to do it. Kinda like shitting on your dinner plate lol.

          • Unreconstructed Southron

            That’s why they’ll EMP us, let us kill each other, then waltz in and set up ‘New China.’

        • nlightened2

          Hey Sgt. just to let you know the neutron bomb changed a lot of that M.A.D. stuff. Its an airburst weapon and its the gamma radiation flash that kills and leaves very little residual radiation. We are actually in a game of “First strike takes all” now.

          Btw heard Beale AFB is on highest alert today. Heard something big planned in SF area this weekend??? Stay tuned……….

          • Night Breaker

            Nlightened ,
            Isn’t that the base of the 9 th AF Reconassianse Wing and also the home of the LOOKING GLASS AIRBORNE COMMAND POST DOOMSDAY AIRCRAFT ?

            Semper Fi

        • Anonymous

          Chinese expansionism is not driven by a need for food, it is driven by a need for women.

          Their one child policy has resulted in a vast over population of men in relation to available women and this is an unstable situation that they -the rulers- cannot endure so they need war to either eliminate a large number of men or occupy areas with large numbers of available women.

          Whatever means of invasion they choose it will be aimed at fulfilling one of these needs.

          Keep in mind that they are Communists who,, like bees, do not consider the life of individuals important, only the health of the hive.

          • Kevin2

            Its all about energy resources specifically oil.

    6. Bevin Chu

      Soros’ disingenuity would be laughable if it consequences were not so serious.

      China provoking war with the US???

      What nonsense is this?

      Did China cross the Pacific to get in America’s face?

      Or did American cross the Pacific to get in China’s face?

      We all know the answer to that.

      • Sgt. Dale

        Little history here.
        China fell to the Japanese in WW2 The USA push the Japanese into a surrender. We set up bases in the area because we won WW2 and we made Japan a state/nation under our or protection.
        75 years after the war we won and now China is after islands claimed by Japan, S. Korea, Viet Nam, and others.
        China is now trying to be a world power, and flexing her muscle.
        She is the big bully in the area. The US tried in Viet Nam and failed to stop the Commies. Now Korea so far so good.
        Yes Ask the small nations in the area the China is trying to take their Islands away.
        They are getting into the face of them and us.

        • TEST

          Sgt, re VN, I respectfully disagree. South VN didn’t fall until 1975… And AFTER the leftist congress at the time pulled funding… While Russia continued to pile in aid. S VN was lost to the crypto commies in the U S Congress, owned by Democrats. It was NOT lost to N V other than that they were the military arm, practically speaking, of their fellow leftists in the US Congress

          • Kevin2

            The Vietnamese fought China for 1000 years. They weren’t about to quit regardless if they used bows and arrows. The VC alone made vast areas of SVN ungovernable regardless what the official records show. Like a elephant fighting ants the large creature wins every battle but the ants make the area so uncomfortable the huge created relocates.

            General Giap said it accurately, “I will loose ten of my men for every one of yours but you will eventually tire and leave”. “I cannot leave because I have nowhere else to go”.

            In the end an armed civilian population with tenacity defeated by default a much stronger enemy. John Paul Vann spelled it out in his book, “A Bright Shining Lie”. In the end the US used a sledge hammer to kill termites in a home. William Westmoreland’s battle plan played well for the Military Industrial Complex but was a playbook of his WWII artillery experience. The greater the firepower used the more alienated the civilian population becomes. The strategy of attrition is in reality an absence of a strategy. The birth rate in NVN alone was greater than the casualties we inflicted. Curtis LaMay’s statement, “We’ll bomb them back into the stone age” reflects this heavy use of firepower in a war that will be won with hearts and minds. How do you bomb a country into the stone age that is for all practical purposes already in the stone age? You can’t destroy their capacity to make war because they don’t have an indigenous arms industry. You can’t cut the supplies because your unwilling to destroy USSR / Com Block / Chinese assets thereby triggering WWIII.

            It was however a great war for the fortune 500 companies.

            • Kevin2

              The smart play would have been to allow the 1954 reunification elections to take place. Yes we thwarted democratic elections because we knew Ho Chi Minh would have won. Vietnam had a historic animosity with China and that could have been exploited post election.. Vietnam could have been played like Boz Tito.

              The really smart play would have been to keep our word to the Vietnamese when they helped us fight the Japanese and not allow France to reclaim a colonial possession that she had no right to have.

        • Kevin2

          China wants guaranteed access to an energy supply for the growing industrialized economy that the US helped facilitate. The Power Elite through the US desire China to manufacture good while being de-facto controlling their access to energy.

          For the Power Elite controlling the western worlds energy is geo-political strategy. For China control of a secure energy resource is its independent survival.

          Any bets on why has more tenacity?

          In the end, the West will blink first.

        • Kevin2

          Sgt Dale

          “The US tried in Viet Nam and failed to stop the Commies.”

          I have a simple question. Why do we fight communists? Who cares if some nation decides to run their economy with a failed system of economics? Communists acting as such build shit items and don’t take away American Industry and jobs.

          The reason for the above is post WWII the body politic was conditioned to shed its treasure and blood for Wall Streets globalist expansion.

          Communists in Washington DC concern me. Communist North Korea never took an American job.

          The above is my analysis.

    7. Northern Reb

      There might be a war with china but I don’t think so, at lest not in any time soon.
      If you want to see a war starting all you have to do is look at the Middle east.
      History is repeating it’s self, the only difference is that it has moved south out of Europe to the Middle east. One group taking over a small part of the country then they will control the hole country Germany 1930’s. Then they will move into the weaker country next door, with allies half way around the world, like North Korea, Venezuela, Indonesia, ECT.
      We are doing the same thing we did in the late 20’s and 30’s. No real military left, it had been down sized just like it was back then. With no real leadership in the White House. The countries of the world tried to deal with Hitler and with Japan, and if you know any history you know the rest of the story. I’m not saying that the USA was blameless, He!! we sold Japan scrape metal that built the planes and bombs that hit us on Dec.7th 1941.
      So now we are going to wait to see another Pearl Harbor, but I don’t think they will hit a military base this time. They will hit a large population area.
      They know that those hand out mopes will cry and surrender, because their entitlement will not be there any more.
      Not saying they will not hit a military site, but they know were this countries weakness is. It’s the entitlements mopes that are living off everyone else hard work.
      Well that’s my 2 cents worth that and $1.50 will buy you a cup of coffee at Joe’s dinner.
      S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      • Cede

        China wont come and attack us. That’s just plain silly talk. China invading the US isn’t going to happen! They don’t want to logistically support hundreds of thousands of their troops fighting on our soil thousands of miles away from mainland China! No!!! They ain’t silly.

        But remember, we have treaties and Military pacts with Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and SEA (South East Asia) countries. It’s more likely that China would attack them first, to draw us across the Pacific to fight along side our Asian Allies to defend them. We’d be fighting them on their terms, on their turf, and under the same environmental conditions as the Korean War and Vietnams. China could easily force us to fight an Asian wide regional war for several years. Unfortunately for us ….. We’re broke.

        Consider the potential losses we’d sustain going up against China? They aren’t the Taliban, and they arent the Iraqi National Guard. And it’s very likely that several other countries would happily join the Chinese. We’d loose millions. The country would collapse financially, millions would starve …. And at the end of the day, with most of the planet against us, the US would end up being occupied and carved up into dozens of territories ….. Just like we did in the Balkans.

    8. Sean

      Has Soros made any large investments in defense companies lately? If he has…watch out.

      • eppe

        Soros rarely shows his hand.
        But he does own Progressive insurance, and Buffet owns Geico.
        I wonder if Gates, Buffet, and Soros and all the other ‘players’ ever talk???

      • Kevin2

        Soros is nothing more than the sacrificial media wiping boy for a much larger cabal.

        Soros while a member is one small part of TPTB. I think, being the media, owned and therefore controlled by them flaunts his presence on purpose, he is a small member at that.

        Rockefeller, Rothchild, Warburg, are as the street hoods would say, “OG, original gangster”. They been at trying to, quire successfully I might add, controll the world before anyone alive today was even born.

        • Anonymous

          It isn’t the PTB that we face, it is the one they serve.

    9. PA farmer

      Soros,This guy needs to be in a 4×4 cell, about six inches shorter than him so he cant stand up straight, completely dark and Silent, and feed slop like the pig he is. You know he’s the only one that wants war and probably going to get it..

      • Thinker

        Right you are soros is as evil as it gets if he and the rest want war, to make more money let him personally lead the way,but he won’t he has no backbone only ligament and money, to have some one else do his evil for him. He will get a slow and painful demise !!!

    10. aljamo

      Since when did the u.s. warmongers own the South China Sea?

      • TPSnodgrass

        Since when did the PRC own the South China Sea? They never have. They are creating “islands” nearby the Spratly Islands, which remain contested internationally.
        This is about the PRC seeking oil from the South China Sea, without any EPA regulations to hamper their “drilling” and production. Must be nice to be the PRC and feel one can imperially do whatever they want to do in international waters. Like creating artificial islands to protect one’s imperial oil exploration.

        • Kevin2

          “Since when did the PRC own the South China Sea?”

          Since when did the US control the world?

          China will by I believe use any means necessary to independently secure the oil resources for her growing economy.

          When did the British Government, with US blessing have the moral authority to control the Middle East once BP found oil there in the 1920s and re-write maps, install governments and hand over Arabia to the Saudi family which did their bidding?

          There are no white hats in geo-politics.

      • Archivist

        Since when did China own it? It’s part of the Pacific Ocean and is international waters, supposedly open for anyone to sail in.

        • Genius

          Since the white man owned the continental US.

          • Genius

            “The Last Resort”

            She came from Providence,
            the one in Rhode Island
            Where the old world shadows hang
            heavy in the air
            She packed her hopes and dreams
            like a refugee
            Just as her father came across the sea

            She heard about a place people were smilin’
            They spoke about the red man’s way,
            and how they loved the land
            And they came from everywhere
            to the Great Divide
            Seeking a place to stand
            or a place to hide

            Down in the crowded bars,
            out for a good time,
            Can’t wait to tell you all,
            what it’s like up there
            And they called it paradise
            I don’t know why
            Somebody laid the mountains low
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            Then the chilly winds blew down
            Across the desert
            through the canyons of the coast, to
            the Malibu
            Where the pretty people play,
            hungry for power
            to light their neon way
            and give them things to do

            Some rich men came and raped the land,
            Nobody caught ’em
            Put up a bunch of ugly boxes, and Jesus,
            people bought ’em
            And they called it paradise
            The place to be
            They watched the hazy sun, sinking in the sea

            You can leave it all behind
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            just like the missionaries did, so many years ago
            They even brought a neon sign: “Jesus is coming”
            Brought the white man’s burden down
            Brought the white man’s reign

            Who will provide the grand design?
            What is yours and what is mine?
            ‘Cause there is no more new frontier
            We have got to make it here

            We satisfy our endless needs and
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            in the name of destiny and the name
            of God

            And you can see them there,
            On Sunday morning
            They stand up and sing about
            what it’s like up there
            They call it paradise
            I don’t know why
            You call someplace paradise,
            kiss it goodbye

            • Genius

              “Run To The Hills”

              White man came across the sea
              He brought us pain and misery
              He killed our tribes killed our creed
              He took our game for his own need

              We fought him hard we fought him well
              Out on the plains we gave him hell
              But many came too much for Cree
              Oh will we ever be set free?

              Riding through dust clouds and barren wastes
              Galloping hard on the plains
              Chasing the redskins back to their holes
              Fighting them at their own game
              Murder for freedom the stab in the back
              Women and children are cowards attack

              Run to the hills, run for your lives
              Run to the hills, run for your lives

              Soldier blue in the barren wastes
              Hunting and killing their game
              Raping the women and wasting the men
              The only good Indians are tame
              Selling them whiskey and taking their gold
              Enslaving the young and destroying the old

              Run to the hills, run for your lives

    11. Jim in Va.

      If money is made off of it Soros will be in the neighborhood. He’ll get what is coming to him eventually.

    12. snowflake

      This is what Zog Amerika CIA and zio-jew George Soros funded ‘Democracy’ looks like in the Ukraine…


      Make me Soooo Proud to be a financial supporter of such international acts of terrorism by American jew kosher ponzi scheme tax fraud and zio-gov taxes.

    13. John_Allen

      Please spare us the propaganda-driven “we are as pure as the driven snow but the other guy is so nasty” routine.

      Military bases far from home? Who does that remind you of? Who has military assets in 150 nations around the world and has been at war continuously for about 220 of the last 240 years?

      China wants to “challenge” our currency dominance do they? Which archangel did God send down from Heaven saying we were beyond challenge and we’d always rule the roost?

      The Twentieth was the American Century. Saw a Youtube video comparing Chinese, Russian, British and US military assets. From their peak in WW2, GB has shrunk down to “has been” status. They’d be tough defending their home turf … and that’s about it.

      How dare the Chinese challenge our “dominance” in waters close to their backyard and 5,000 miles from ours?

      I call bullshit on the war is imminent theme. Not unless the banksters foment one … as they’ve done nearly constantly for 100 years or more.

      • Northern Reb

        No one said that the USA was pure as the driven snow.
        But!!! Every nation that has a strong U.S. military presents is pretty peaceful and calm and so is the area around it. And every Area that doesn’t have a strong military presents is in chaos, secular fighting or under commie rule.
        Is the U.S.A. perfect, NO we have made some mistakes.
        I just wonder how many people try to get into any other country like they do in the U.S.A.????
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • snowflake

          keep drinking that zio-coolaid dumbass.

        • Kevin2

          “Every nation that has a strong U.S. military presents is pretty peaceful and calm and so is the area around it.”

          That US Military Presence did wonders for peace and tranquility in SE Asia 50 years ago killing a million of our former allies and reneging on 1940s promises to the Vietnamese.

          There are no white hats in the world. Over time our adversaries hats have become lighter while ours increased their tarnish. Its always been about controlling wealth and resources. The excuses from both sides were always ostensible. Interestingly there is no “our” and “we” in the sense that we accept. We control nothing.

        • Cede

          Reb, the U.S. isn’t exclusive when it comes to new immigrants coming in (legally or illegally) I think you’ll find Europe is swamped with them. You think a few million Latinos is a problem here? Then go to Europe and the UK. Millions, from Africa, Eastern Europe, India, Asia, Middle East. We have nothing to complain about. We got a long ways to go before we catch them up.

          As for us having a strong military presence around the globe? I think if Canada put bases in every State in the U.S. and countries like Germany, Italy, Japan and South Korea moved thousands of troops onto our soil? They’d be as welcome here, as we are in their countries. We’ve pretty much worn out our welcome in most countries I’m afraid. They want our Freedoms about as much as a starving family in Pakistan wants a drone strike. And as for our Democracy? I’m pretty sure an STD is preferable over our enforced brand of Democracy. At least you can get rid of an STD

        • Anonymous

          Europe is being inundated by Muslims from most of Africa and the rest of the middle eastern Islamic countries.

          In current times, it isn’t so much people trying to get “into” anywhere, it is people trying to get out of other places that drives both legal and illegal migrations to the western nations.

    14. Ass hat

      I’ve been saying this for along time trading with a communist nation. Back in the days this would have never happened now they want trade with Cuba too. They have sold we the people out folks. But people don’t care as long as they get their free shit. Do people think china will not fight to destroy us. There is huge profits to be made building war machine nations. We haven’t had a major world war since ww2. Just think about the $ to be made rebuilding the destruction. Soros and all the other rich scum are evil and will sacrafice us like pawns in a chess game. We put up with this because we are made to believe the guy with the most $ should rule. We could destroy the rich evil scum if we wanted no need for huge amounts of$ just sheer numbers of angry people hell bent on crushing the scum for the problems. These rich scumbags laugh at us they use our $ against us and we idolize them for their success how fucking stupid we are when will we smarten up. When I talk with people they act as if life is a joke. Family financial survival is no joke IMO. The scum better hope the system don’t fail because People will be retaliating against them. They will be blamed for everything and it will be open season on them.

    15. Anonymous

      This is what Zog Amerika CIA and zio-jew George Soros funded ‘Democracy’ looks like in the Ukraine…


      Make me Soooo Proud to be a financial supporter of such international acts of terrorism by American jew kosher ponzi scheme tax fraud and zio-gov taxes.

    16. Hout/cypress/Katy/shtf

      What, it this suppose to surprise us, what are we frickin idoets.
      The rinkled up rat bastards aposum, is announcing to the American people that it’s crunch time. He and his Rothschild banking buddies just put in and order for 20,000 tanks and equipment, 100,000 mercenaries, 20,000 Mexican soldiers to cross the border, 1,200,000 Chinese soldiers on a hunt for women when they cross into Texas, what could possibly go wrong.

      Soros- hey did the ranks arrive yet, let’s hit them on June 15 the before the start date, we are running out of time. We need to attack them now, we have to start now.

      Breizinski-remember George it’s easier to kill a million people than to control a million. Get everything ready we are going to mass genocide the country..let’s roll it out we got the food and everything under ground 1 month ahead to time, so we are actually ahead..

      Well you get the picture. China and Russian central bank is controlled by the Rothschild. Russian is does are her for a reason, this explains it. All the elite are waring against the people..this is what the founders were fighting. When you of low the constitution, it safe guards us from tyrannical BS. We are literally serfing.on the SHTF EVENT HORIZON AND SOON TO BE SHTF COMMENSES..

    17. tom

      Let me tell you how much I hate soros. If sorass was on fire and I had to take a piss I would piss all over him then restart the fire. Whatever he wants Im against.

    18. Genius

      Well let them have their women. They can get all they want here at their own store for chinese>>> http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/

    19. hank

      Remember you need a credit card to rent a car to get out of Dodge (or a debit card with at least $250 on it.)
      Have a Passport current, inside of a TechProtect bag. Get a International Vaccine shot history pamphlet, record your immunizations- you may need proof of certain shots to move across borders.
      A throwaway cellphone, cash, maybe a few 1/10th ounce gold eagles, maybe some American Express travelers checks for that certain “Angel, you are hell and gone from Cartagena” moment.
      A pair of Teva sandals & Levis shorts in your backpack for when you reach the beach, one last look around, and off you go

    20. Dan

      What Soros is saying is not near as important as what he is doing. He is talking to manipulate the market and other factors to his advantage. He’s not ‘warning’ ANYONE
      as he couldn’t give a damn about anyone but himself. He’s making noise trying to manipulate events so he can
      profit from them both monetarily and in terms of power and control. If the Chinese manage to upend the cart and remove the dollar from it’s current status as reserve currency it will happen NOT because the Chinese want it but because the people who run things want that.
      The “illuminati”, the Rothchild’s, the Rockefeller’s etc. et.al. The people who pull the important strings,
      the people who control the markets, the people who control the banks. If THEY stand to better by dumping the dollar it’s gone. If not then the Chinese are pissing into the wind.

    21. Ben Dhere

      when you search on who owns or controls China’s monetary system…SURPRISE! It’s the Rothchilds, etc., just like the United States monetary system. All the so-called problems between China and the U.S. is just more bankster bullcrap! Believe me, when U.S. and China bankster underlings get together, its all slaps on the back and party time, just like old pals. When the Rothchilds, etc., get together at some family get together, it’s all slaps on the back an oh what pals. But American and Chinese regular folk are supposed to be angry at each other and want to fight. Typical bankster con artistry.

      • Pissed Off Granny


        Wonder what percent of SHTF posters ever bother to find out that what you have posted is the truth?

    22. swinging richard

      Soros is about the profit and nothing else. Once you figure that out, the man is easy to figure out.

    23. Angry Old White Guy

      I’m sure Soros will be on the winning side, no matter which side wins.

    24. Drew

      This sounds like a not-so-veiled threat. Either we allow the international banking interests to further tighten their strangle hold on the world -or- They will unleash WWIII.
      As a side note with the continuing resource race/war only escalating, a world war will eventually happening anyway.

      The only real security is in Jesus and he commands you to protect your family and the innocent!!!

      • RP1776

        China will be able to stay at home and beat us. They won’t have to set one foot on the ground here. When the collapse for whatever reason happens all of the fat, lazy, dumbed down Americans will turn on each other because they never saw it coming and weren’t prepared. There will be many lives lost and rounds fired but it will be directed from one neighbor to another. Once these countless lives are lost the first one at the door will be able to waltz right in and clean up. Sure there will be pockets of resistance, but by that time anyone who prepared for it will more than likely be displaced or have exhausted many of their supplies. That’s my take.

    25. Dave

      I can’t understand WHY doesn’t someone splatter this Soros guy’s brains out all over a sidewalk?

    26. Agent Smith

      George Soros pulled this out of his arse to try to get people to got short on China so that he can make a fast buck and if what he says is true then China would rain nukes down on the USA anyway to turn all the green backs glow green in the dark.

      Six months ago we got the propaganda that Russia was going to sink, it didn’t and now they are having a go at China.

      It’s not about money it’s about USA agression as it tried to suround China and Russia and if they do not back off then push will come to shove regardless of the price of bonds or anything else.

      If China is not building tack to sell to the west then they will use the production capacity to build weapons so phone up your congress man and tell him that you demand to pay more taxes so that the jewish owned military corporations in the USA can somehow defend against 30,000 nukes heading your way.

      Yes and before yanks pick a fight with Russia or China will you please remove your forces from Europe because we want nothing to do with the $hit storm that Sore ass wants to create.

    27. GenEarly

      When Georgie Soros is “looking out for you” ….your days are numbered.

      Now his pal Bloomingbird is scooping up the guns. With no guns or butter, the USSA can be flushed down the toilet and purchased for pennies on the dollar.

      Quite deservedly I might add. I do not support this USSA, I do not like it at all, and it will surely fall, full of hubris, arrogance, debt and progressive offal all.

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