The Worst Ever Stock Market Start Is Just the Beginning: “Unprecedented Chaos Is Coming”

by | Jan 8, 2016 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 228 comments

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    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his Economic Collapse blog.

    Editor’s Comment: The conditions for the next great economic collapse have been mounting over the past several months, and many experts and observers have warned, and watched as risks approach the toppling-over point. Just how much more can things take before they reach absolute crisis?

    Based upon the most recent words from George Soros, probably not much. Things are reaching a limit, and the effects of bad Federal Reserve policy, and induced debt crisis will likely crash the markets and cause great suffering for the masses. Get ready, this one could get real any time now.

    Stock Market Crash 2016: This Is The Worst Start To A Year For Stocks Ever

    by Michael Snyder

    We have never had a year start the way that 2016 has started.  In the U.S., the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 have both posted their worst four-day starts to a year ever.  Canadian stocks are now down 21 percent since September, and it has been an absolute bloodbath in Europe over the past four days.  Of course the primary catalyst for all of this is what has been going on in China.  There has been an emergency suspension of trading in China two times within the past four days, and nobody is quite certain what is going to happen next.  Eventually this wave of panic selling will settle down, but that won’t mean that this crisis will be over.  In fact, what is coming is going to be much worse than what we have already seen.

    On Thursday I was doing a show with some friends, and we were amazed that stocks just seemed to keep falling and falling and falling.  The Dow closed down 392 points, and the NASDAQ got absolutely slammed.  At this point, the Dow and the NASDAQ are both officially in “correction territory”, and some of the talking heads on television are warning that this could be the beginning of a “bear market”.  But of course some of the other “experts” are insisting that this is just a temporary bump in the road.

    But what everyone can agree on is that we have never seen a start to a year like this one.  The following comes from CNN

    The global market freakout of 2016 just got worse.

    The latest scare came on Thursday as China’s stock market crashed 7% overnight and crude oil plummeted to the lowest level in more than 12 years.

    The Dow dropped 392 points on Thursday. The S&P 500 fell 2.4%, while the Nasdaq tumbled 3%.

    The wave of selling has knocked the Dow down 911 points, or more than 5% so far this year. That’s the worst four-day percentage loss to start a year on record, according to FactSet stats that go back to 1897.

    When CNN starts sounding like The Economic Collapse Blog, you know that things are really bad.  I particularly like their use of the phrase “global market freakout”.  I might have to borrow that one.

    Even some of the biggest and most trusted stocks are plummeting.  For instance, Apple dropped to $96.45 on Thursday.  It is now down a total of 28 percent since hitting a record high of more than 134 dollars a share back in April.

    So that means that if someone put all of their retirement money into Apple stock last April (which may have seemed like a really good idea at that time), by now more than one-fourth of that money is gone.

    For months, I have been warning that the exact same patterns that we witnessed just prior to the great stock market crash of 2008 were happening again.  To me, the parallels between 2008 and 2015/2016 were just uncanny.  And now other very prominent names are making similar comparisons.  According to the Washington Post, George Soros says that the way this new crisis is unfolding “reminds me of the crisis we had in 2008″…

    Influential investor George Soros said that China had a “major adjustment problem” on its hands. “I would say it amounts to a crisis,” he told an economic forum in Sri Lanka, according to Bloomberg News. “When I look at the financial markets, there is a serious challenge which reminds me of the crisis we had in 2008.”

    Don’t get me wrong – I am certainly not a supporter of George Soros.  My point is that we are starting to hear a lot of really ominous talk from a lot of different directions.  All over the world, people are starting to understand that the next great financial crisis is already here.

    As I write this tonight, I just feel quite a bit of sadness.  A lot of hard working people are going to lose a lot of money this year, and that includes people that I know personally.  I wish that my voice had been clearer and louder.  I wish that I could have done more to get people to understand what was coming.  I wish that my warnings could have made more of a difference.

    I just think about how I would feel if everything that I had worked for all my life was suddenly wiped out.  And that is what is going to end up happening to some of these people.  When you lose everything, it can be absolutely debilitating.

    You only make money in the markets if you get out in time.  And unfortunately, most of the general population will be like deer in the headlights and won’t know which way to move.

    There will be up days for the markets in our near future.  But don’t be fooled by them.  It is important to remember that some of the greatest up days in U.S. stock market history were right in the middle of the stock market crash of 2008.  So don’t let a rally fool you into thinking that the crisis is over.

    The financial crisis that began in the second half of 2015 is now accelerating, and everything that we have witnessed over the past few days is just a natural extension of what has already been happening.

    Personally, I am just really looking forward to this weekend when I will hopefully get caught up on some rest.  Plus, my Washington Redskins will be hosting a playoff game on Sunday, and if they find a way to win that game that will put me in a particularly positive mood.

    It is good to enjoy these simple pleasures while we still can.  Unprecedented chaos is coming this year, and we are all going to need strength and courage for what is ahead.

    beginning-of-the-end-snyderMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. Stuck in Bend Oregon, the fascists blocked the roads to the refuge we are hearing. Met up with other patriot groups and militia members. All I can say is prepare for civil war, will try to keep updating.

          • Acid, be careful what you wish for. At a CC, the 2nd amendment could be stripped out entirely. The existing political class would love it.

            • Well yes, it COULD be stripped out, but it wouldn’t be lawful.

              The first ten “amendments” are also known as the bill of rights. Theoretically the bill of rights only *acknowledges* natural (inalienable) rights, and doesn’t grant them. In other words, only everything AFTER the ten is changeable.

              This doesn’t preclude the ‘amending over’ of things like free speech and the right to bear arms. And doing so would depend on popular ignorance and public misunderstandings about the distinctions between the first ten amendments (the bill of rights) and all the rest.

              The bill of rights should never have been part of the ‘amendments’. It should have been “Constitution version 2” or somesuch.

              • From just a legal perspective the “Bill Of Rights” have no greater legal status than any of the Amendments. Culturally they are held near and dear but legally they can become the 18th to the 21st.

                • Interesting Snyder writes another article about gloom and doom. I scan several of the comments and nobody is talking about the article. I guess Michael lost his influence when the Shemitah came and went and nothing remarkable happened.

                  • most here KNOW it’s happening as we type…no need for talking anymore…all we got left to do is keep on stackin’!…and thanks to the powers that shouldn’t be for giving U.S. the extra time to be ready for it…BTW, don’t go trying to SHORT this market…these S.O.B.’s can turn this around on a dime and take all you got…i know, i DID it myself…and watch the movie “the big short”…those guys shorted housing, and were proven right, but just barely made it out with a profit…those bankers are evil…and SMART…meanwhile, PARTY LIKE IT’S 1941!

                  • I believe the Shemitah is the beginning of Judgment events and not the end of all things as we have known them. There is not a cataclysmic collapse but a slow collapse of our economy, unless you prefer a crazy people on the streets in the dead of winter. Might want to get ready, you have a little time left. I’ve been doing preps for two years and counting. Please don’t get so anxious for SHTF. I’d rather avoid it if possible. peace

              • At a constitutional convention, the whole document would be opened up for “fixing.” The Bill of Rights would be gone in the first vote, before the seats of the chairs were even warm. Amend the constitution in the old fashioned way if needed, but never a ConCon.

                • Con Con is the best description I have seen. Double con. Take the bait if you will… Abbott says X and no more, Abbott has no control whatsoever. It would allow them to legally junk our Constitution altogether. Do you see wisdom in these guys? A majority of them?

            • that would never happen. the way it is written, they put forward everything they are to discuss before meeting for one, and there are far too many Republican governors to let that happen. Constitutional Convention is what is needed to restore the constitution. Fear mongers and those opposed to a con con are the ones pushing that myth.

              • How many Republicans have to throw you under the bus before you get it? One party owned by the NWO and globalists.

              • Freedom Fighter,

                Governor Abbott, along with most govenors, is a member of ALEC. American Legislative Exchange Council. ALEC is a group of large corporations that write state laws in their own favor. They give them to governors and state legislators to submit and make your State laws. Governor Abbott of Texas was a keynote speaker not long ago… 2014? In any event, Governors are I’m bedded in this treasonous and criminal organization. The Double Con is just that.

          • I think the most logical thing to go for is secession. The country could be split into two or three pieces, two liberal and one conservative/libertarian. The northeast and the rust belt would be one country, the West coast and Hawaii another and the South and middle of the US and Alaska yet another. This leaves each nation with good ports, agricultural land, an industrial base and borders with Canada and 2 of the three with Mexico. Trade between the three could remain friendly but there would be fundamental differences in the amount of liberty and social programs each would offer. Those who wish for more of one over the other could move during an adjustment period where migration would be allowed relatively free of restriction. After that, each nation could set it’s own immigration policy and would be responsible for it’s own border security. I doubt any of this would happen, but it’s probably the best outcome for everyone concerned if it did.

            • As long as the Midwest gets to be the conservatives/libertarians.

              • I would move back to the Pacific Northwest to live with my family. It is one thing living in NM but not a different country.

            • Good idea but you forget one crucial factor: how would you divide up the military? Any attempt at secession would trigger a civil war…

          • 90% of this is addressed if they just followed the Constitution as it is especially the 10th Amendment. The “Interstate Commerce Clause” has expanded way beyond Interstate Commerce.

            One Amendment I would like is that every law passed by Congress that is applied to the US public must also apply to them. A second is barring anyone employed in a decision making capacity in any regulatory agency from going to work for any company they potentially regulated for 5 years after leaving government service.

            • No. Five years is not enough. Bar them for working for companies they regulated…forever. Bar their friends. Bar their families. Bar their sons sons.
              These cocksuckers think in generations and decades. Not in ‘years.’

              • Devilmaycry,
                YUP, they need to be barred for life! if not put in JAIL!

              • Thats impossible to do unless they are promised life time employment. If your a Chemical Engineer working for the EPA how do you give up that education forever?

                Offer them a lifetime job and it could work. I’ll agree these thieves are smart, shrewd, cunning and resourceful. Stop their Son In Law from getting a job? No problem, he divorces your daughter, accepts a Goldman Sax job and just lives with her. Your correct with family. Fighting bribery is very difficult

                • In essence you need police (Regulators) to police the police to police the police………

                  • exactly Keven. All this would do is to restart the process. Even if we got rid of every person in our government we would be right back to the same problem 10 years from now. The problem is not the government it is the fact that corrupt people run it and as the old saying goes “Absolute power corrupts Absolutely”

          • We DO NOT want The Constitution NOR Amendments fucked with any ANY manner ….period. What (he’s proposing would decisively lead to ‘annihilation of law’ …and “it” to boot. (So …fuck that AND the white horse he rode in on).

        • Ron:

          I live near Bend. I would like to meet you. If you would like to meet up go to my alternate email address and leave your middle initial. Also leave your middle initial here on a reply to me. If it matches I will give you my real email.

          • Ron: My alternate email is justmeat633 @

            Take out the spaces. I forgot when I typed the original address that it would be hung up in moderation for who knows how long.

          • You know what that’s called?

            SCAPEGOAT, that’s what.

            This is the same fricking mayor that said “women should take precautions” (or… per the Feminist translation, “you shouldn’t have worn that short skirt, you were asking for it”… since every single time ANY official around here says “take precautions”, that’s precisely the words the Feminists put in their mouths).

            And this chick is… well… a CHICK…

            Deflect attention as fast as you can, Ms. Mayor… just realize that if this works AT ALL, it only works once.

          • I hate when politicians lie. “I had no idea” and the shit rolls downhill. The mayor had no clue huh?

        • The total number of women in Cologne, Hamburg and Stuttgart who have filed complaints with police alleging they were groped, molested or robbed by mobs of up to 1,000 men when street-party celebrations turned into wanton violence climbed toward 300.

          • I heard natural blond women were dying their hair darker to attract less attention from these third world scum. Soon the EU will become a caliphate, (some predict by this year) with shiria law, it will be open season for women and older girls who will be forced into marriages, mass killing of infidels, and destruction of churches and monuments, etc. to incl the Vatican and St Peters royal house in Rome, etc. EU won’t be fit for sewer rats or other vermin to live in, like Detroit, parts of L.A. Europeans are idiots for allowing invaders to take over. They get what they deserve for cowardly standing by doing nil. Males over there have been gelded.

            • Laura M., it would be poetic justice to see the Vatican itself destroyed by the muzzies. The Catholics are responsible are some of the world’s problems.

            • It’d be a shame, but the remaining whites with backbone would probably emigrate to the USA. Of course, the US government would do their damndest to keep our white brothers from joining us.

        • Is this the same “Civil War” that was going to happen at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, or is this a new one?

          • If you read about our revolutionary war, there were many sparks before it happened. My hope is we lay off the civil war because our problem isn’t really each other, it is way up top… and tptb are not conservative or liberal. They just divide and conquer. We went into the revolutionary war very divided. Liberals are the same as Loyalists. Human beings were ever so. Even if you divided the states, your children or cousins will have different views. Anything else is like North Korea. Different opinions it is the price of liberty.

        • I live between Bend and Burns, traffic flowing in both directions.

        • when the Stock Market does crash and the Bail-in’s commence soon after I myself have less than a $1,000.00 in my bank. I don’t have much to lose so I may just pass under the Radar.
          People like John Elway, Michael Jordan, Tom Brady will get hit hard and won’t be able to handle the lower standard of living. If you are falling off a cliff and you have tree branches on either side you grab the larger branches Elway, Jordan, Brady,, to save yourself. you don’t grab the twigs like myself, lol. people whom have never had to do without and have had everything handed to them on a golden platter like Paris Hilton for example are going to go absolutely postal. Gerald Celente said it best. when you lose everything and have nothing else to lose you will lose it (your sanity).

          • Folks like Paris Hilton have tropical islands with servants set up. Like Mel Gibson. She is marginal crazy and not happy anyway, so even her paradise will not make her sane or happy either one.

      2. “Plus, my Washington Redskins will be hosting a playoff game on Sunday, and if they find a way to win that game that will put me in a particularly positive mood.”

        They got a chance. The Packers aren’t playing that well.

        Bread and circuses forever, bay-bee!!

        • “It is good to enjoy these simple pleasures (watching football) while we still can. Unprecedented chaos is coming this year, and we are all going to need strength and courage for what is ahead.” No truer words were ever spoken!

          • I agree!

            Some of the best things in life are free.
            Good Memories

            • But you have to buy chocolate and it’s not grown in US. Look at it this way– Which headline would bother you the most: “Washington DC destroyed by N-Bomb, people dead, Buildings safe” or “Due to money collapse; No more Chocolate to be Imported”

              • You can stockpile chocolate. I have kept Hershey bars for over 10 years. I still have M&Ms from 1999. I think cocoa will keep even longer.

                • P&A,
                  Hershey’s cocoa powder seems to store well and for a long time. I have eaten M&Ms from MREs that were stored a long time as well. Chocolate bars with nuts do not store well and I had some that got bugs in them and some that developed mold. Cooking chocolate may have a shorter storage life.

                  It sure is nice to to enjoy something special like chocolate when shtf. I heard Twinkies keep well too. Hot chocolate when you are cold and miserable is especially comforting.

                  I agree. The simple pleasures of life are the most pleasurable of all!

                  Louisiana Eagle

                  • You cannot have too many twinkies in SHTF. When they are gone, they’re gone !!! 🙂

                    • I think the shelf life of a Twinkie is near the half life of radioactive nuclear power plant waste. No self respecting bacteria or mold touches it for decades or longer.

                  • I have heard that the shelf life of Twinkies is completely dependent on the life of the shelf.

                    • Not true. I bought several boxes and kept them in their boxes in a room that was cool in winter, around 50 degrees, and very warm to hot in summer. PA. I can’t remember the exact duration, but I think after less than a year the Twinkies were beginning to harden, and some even had light mold spots. It may have been much less than a year. I had to throw them out since they were not very edible. You might have better luck if they are properly sealed with 02 absorbers and kept cool. Tonight I had Barilla pasta stored in the same room that says ‘best by Nov 2010’. It was perfectly fine.

              • I have sooooo stocked cocoa powder. Years worth. One year supply is too fragile I cannot grow it or anything like it. I made Old Fashioned Fudge last week. Mmmmmmmmm. That’s being snowed in does to ya.

                • Chocolate liquor stores forever 🙂

                  • Chocolate liquor? I never heard of it. Then again I only just started tasting alcohol. Now I have to go look that up. You got a recipe?

              • The headline about DC would bother you???

          • I agree!

            Some of the best things in life are free.
            Good Memories

            • sex
              buffalo wings
              horror movies
              video games
              feminist bashing
              race baiting

              • Sex is free?

                Huh. That hand of yours must be quite the slut is all I can say.

                • LOL TheGuy I was thinking the same thing

              • Acid Big SMELL on that one LOL

                • If acid gets on top of someone…..KATY, BAR THE DOOR!

        • FS
          I can’t hold it against you for being a Red Skin Fan. It all depends on the team My packers bring to DC.
          Go Pack Go!!!

          Have a Good Sunday watching the Game. I will win or loose.

          • Hey Sarge,

            I’m not a Redskin fan. I actually have a Packers shirt as a gift that I often wear from friends that live in Milwaukee.

            I have a weakness for fantasy football, lol.

        • Free Slave… Beat the Packers! Not a Redskin fan, if the Bucs would of held on with their once 24 pt. lead Gruden would have been history. Oh well, at least Lovie is history.

      3. As far as the market is concerned. It is like the sun It comes up in the east and goes down in the west. Then repeats.


        • I’m heading for SAM’s this weekend and pick up a few things for the pantry. Been toying with the idea of getting up in the deer stand. Sunday’s the last day of shotgun in the county I hunt in. My tally so far stands at nine. I’ve had some summer sausage done along with having some backstrap smoked. Damn good eatin’.

          • 9 deer! damn man we only get 1 per year here. But they are mule deer. You must live in the south…

            • Eastern portion of the Delmarva peninsula. Deer ’round here breed like rabbits. We’re allowed 36 per year (per person) if you combine shotgun, bow and muzzleloader totals.

              • If thats Delaware you can handgun hunt too correct?

          • @PO’d
            Saw where you asked about eating Muskrat, yesterday?
            Truth is, I’ve never had it.
            The Glades have been changing a lot over the past 20 years. Frist Big Sugar dumped mercury into them in the form of fertilizer. Then The Government allowed the lower Glades water level to draw down to build new roads like “The Sawgrass Expressway. Last of all Burmese Pythons, are destroying small game like Opossums/Rabbits/Coons. (All good fried or roasted)

            Turtles make great Chili, and I like my fish raw, (except cats) soaked in lime juice/garlic/onions/cilantro/& hot peppers.

            Nothing better than fried Catfish or Frogs Legs with hushpuppies.

            • Seminole,
              YUMMY, you made my mouth water, yup, they sure have ruined the country for all of us who understand and enjoy living in the REAL country!

          • PO’d Patriot, summer sausage is part of my preps. man, you’re going to make me hungry.

        • Years go by and silently I sit. Frog lube, patches, uppers, lowers and beans. Grab some wet stones for those pretty little Moras laid out in a row. 15 feet in the canopy, trusty hog hunter in tow. The question we need to ask is “how low will it go”….who cares I think to myself, we could use alittle EMP tonight – free from all this as what really gets the blood flowing is a tad bit of fright.
          The reality is what we will experience shortly is a deflationary recession or maybe even a depression – what we wont tolerate is the oppression. Either way this goes, things might get cheaper – least you forget that I know the grim reaper. My metals are hollow and the cross reads zero. I keep a blood soaked nail because he is my hero. So crash it now and let it burn, I will show no remorse and little concern. For those that believe they can take it all away, me and 5 million buddies might have something to say.

          • Wow, that is truly badass, did you scribe that?

      4. The Stock market only affects the rich people.

        For the average person the huge gain in jobs over the last 3 months leaves them optimistic and looking up.

        • Odd, exactly the same thing we said in 1929.

        • That is made up BS by the gov’t. Businesses all over the country are laying off a lot of people and closing according to the news reports. 2,000 workers have been laid off last week in my remote area alone.

          I have not put my money into those type investments since 2007 and got out. I hear the average person in the stock market lost $4,500 last Thursday. I was not one of them but the “bank” economists were predicting it will bounce back today and I laughed at them. Dow is down again 167 pts. It will be a long time before the stocks get back to their highs of last year like they are saying they will.

          The rest of the civilized world is in a recession and with the US being dependent on the rest of the world, we will fall as well. This is what happens with globalization.

          • Was watching local news this week. Govt dependent a pissed they are losing some welfare food stamps at the end of the month here in MS. 200+ jobs in Jackson. One company hiring over 100. They are having problems hiring because they want full timers to train and folks complain they can’t work more than 2 days a week so they don’t lose benies. Another employer said she would hire anyone if they met 3 conditions. Full time, show
            Up on time and work hard. She can’t find anyone to fill positions.

            • NPPH, we’ve got the same situation in Memphis. a few companies here are looking for people and also having trouble filling positions. the few people they do get don’t last more than a week, in some cases less than a week. been hearing some grumbling from the free shit army here about losing some of their beloved benefits end of the month. I’m not scheduled to back to GA til’ March, bit if things blow up in my area at the end of Jan., then I’m bugging out. just have to wait and see.

          • At least 1 dead cat bounce ahead.

          • Ditto, Alcoa is set to lay off over 600 in Victoria, TX. Invista is laying off 3% of their work force and closing one of their plants. The oil fields have been gutted and on it goes.

        • Part time seasonal jobs…..

        • Anon:

          Is your post sarcasm?

        • The 401(k) scam lured most Americans into the Wall st casino.

        • Eh well not quite true.

          The stock market affects anyone who simply could not afford to wait for interest rates on CD’s and etc. to go north of 2.5% on a 10 year, whilst inflation goes stratospheric. And who had no rental property at their disposal.

          If you were already saved up well in advance you could soak that up perhaps. You’d hate life but you could absorb it. Many people can’t so it’s either risk it in stocks or adopt Blade Runner’s definition of “retirement”.

        • When the rich lose their money, the jobs become fewer

        • Shit, if you think there was a job gain you’re looking through the wrong end of the telescope. Who sent you here?

      5. Know God and make Him known.

        • In the end, God is all that matters.

          • God is fine. I have no problem with God or being spiritual. But is makes you sound like a loon when you make that kind of claim. Does God pay your mortgage payment? Does God clean your toilets? Does God fill your freezer with meat for the winter? Does God plow your fields and harvest your crops? Does God build your house? Does God wash your clothes and fold all of that nice clean laundry? Does God cook your dinner? Oh I love this one, does God do your dirty dishes?

            No no no no no no no no no no and no.

            God is fine for 1 hour on Sunday but God sure don’t do any work or pay any bills at my house.

            • No, God doesn’t do those things for you, however; have you thanked Him for having all those things that need doing and the accumulation of said things?

              You could have been born into a family in a sparse country in Africa, and the only concern you have for the day is which direction you need to walk in order to pick up a huge bundle of sticks and dried dung, to haul back to your tent shack to boil your water, to make your bowl of gov. handout mush, for the day.

              I’d like to see you live like that for a week and then complain about what God doesn’t do for you. Most privileged characters don’t have any compassion or a clue about real life, much less give thanks.

            • Philosopher

              Does God pay your mortgage payment? No, but He provides the blessings of work so you can.

              Does God clean your toilets? No, but He provides the blessings of a home so you can.

              Does God fill your freezer with meat for the winter? No, but He provides the blessings of the wildlife and domestic animal life so you can.

              Does God plow your fields and harvest your crops? No, but He provides the blessings of earth, sun and rain so you can.

              Does God build your house? No, but He provides the blessings of labor so you can.

              Does God wash your clothes and fold all of that nice clean laundry? No, but He provides the water so you can.

              Does God cook your dinner? No, but He provides the earth on which ALL your food comes from so you can.

              …does God do your dirty dishes? No, but may we thank Him that we have dirty dishes to wash. It means you ate today.

              … God sure don’t do any work or pay any bills at my house. No, but God has done His part and now He expects you to do yours.

              • Grandee: So I guess he just screws with millions whom he doesn’t provide for across the globe. By the way, what kind of sick parent needs to be constantly thanked for doing what any descent parent should do. I never asked for praise or even thanks, it was my love for my children that I did these things, but this god of yours needs constant praise, unlike most parents. He sounds like a bit of an egomaniac.

                • We were created to PRAISE HIM!

                • G8,

                  What makes anyone think that the Creator of the universe needs our thanks or our praise? Who are we in comparison to His Grandeur, Magnificense, Omnicience, Omnipotence? Showing adoration, admiration, awe, respect, reverence, and giving praise, honor, and gratitude is just the right and natural thing to do in His presence. If one is not in His presence you are missing out on a wonderful phenomena, it would be like being blind and deaf at the edge of the Grand Canyon! One needs but open his/her mind and his/her senses. God is here and He is not silent.

                  Louisiana Eagle

                • Gregory8 says, So I guess he just screws with millions whom he doesn’t provide for across the globe.

                  God provides for ALL 7-8 billion us, equally.
                  Mt 5:45b …for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.

                  It is man that takes to himself and leaves the poor to fend for themselves. It’s called War, Dictatorship, Absolute Power, etc.

                  It goes on even now, all across the globe.

                  Yet God provides for even these poor:

                  Luke 6:20 ¶ And He (Jesus) lifted up His eyes on His disciples, and said, Blessed be ye poor: for yours is the kingdom of God.

                  The Kingdom of God, the best prep you’ll ever have.


      6. Remember: Obamacare only works if you don’t!

        And given that under Obungler, 100mm working age people are now working, just under 50 mm on food stamps and of those who are working, half are working as travel agents for Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama and other Learjet leftists, I guess we could say it is working well!

      7. It will continue, until it can no longer continue.


        • Ron:

          See my message below your original one……

        • Convention of states. Kevin has proposed liberty amendments. Good convention of states and mark levin

          • Damn I hate autocorrect. Levin. Google convention of states and mark levin

        • Live feed; interview w/ Ammon Bundy
          ht tps://

        • Martial Law isn’t ‘remotely’ Constitutional – and We The People do NOT HAVE TO COMPLY (with an illegal ‘law’ such as ‘martial law’ …and there IS NOTHING “THEY” can do (legally) to just start ‘scarfing up guns’. The Feds are seeking to use ‘crocodile tears’ and “PSYOPS” (plays on YOUR ’emotions’ – in an unprecedented attempt to make yet another ‘play’ for our weapons. (Anyone notice that Obama said, (at the town hall thingie) that there is no problem with having a gun if you are too distant from a Sheriff or other LEO. (IF <—that's the ass-clencher), and to follow that, Obama also stated … "…if it is determined that you NEED a gun you'll have one." In other words, he is once again "talking in circles" because "something rotten" is fixin' to hit the fan …and I expect this year (with each passing day matters will grow more desperate everywhere) "should" be THE KICKOFF as well. As for the remainder of this year, Week One went precisely where The Feds intended to take it, and thus these things will continue "as planned."
          * Please don't "fall" for The Martial Law BS but rather, stand your ground (but get off the damned "X")! lol…

      9. These words from an article at Zerohedge seemed fitting.

        Perfect Storm

        “One of the (many) fascinating things about this latest global financial crisis is that there’s no single catalyst.

        Unlike 2008 when the carnage could be traced back to US subprime housing, or 2000 when tech stocks crashed and pulled down everything else, this time around a whole bunch of seemingly-unrelated things are unraveling all at once.”

        At 429, The Baltic Dry Index is now at a new record low.

        • Subprime did not cause the crash. That was MSM cover up for the banksters and wall street. When banks made Subprime mortgages they bet on failure. Their wall street buddies collude with bundled Subprime mortgages that were insured with AIG in case of failure. Made them AAA investments. They got so excited about this scam they sold those bundles 5-10 times each. Yep… fraud. All counting on enough Subprime mortgages to default and trigger AIG payoff.

          Except… they did not get enough defaults! They were headed to prison! Panic!

          Some clever boy or girl found a solution… just foreclose… the people cannot fight it. So they illegally foreclosed (admitted) 4.1 million homes that were current on their payments. This took AIG down. It started the global crash of 2008.

          Bush and his AG started Deferred Prosecution Agreements allowing banksters and Streeter to not go to jail for these same practices so long as they promised to cut it out. If they did not stop they agreed to go straight to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Sowe crashed and burned while Bush and his AG protected the banksters and their buddies on the street.

          Enter Obama and Holder. Obama was put into office on bankster money. If you believe Obama is a commie…. haha haha … and he and Holder protected them from prosecution for 8 years. Not even prosecution, they had go to jail agreements in hand.

          Resoution? Banksters fessed up, paid fines, and are now off the hook. The people? Eating bankster poo.

          Just before the crash someone did a massive short sale. It was commented on openly at first. They made trillions. I have never seen even a hint about who it was, have you? Absolutely illegal. That cannot be a secret, all trades are tracked. It is covered up.

          These are facts, folks. Look them up. Commie socialist? Snort. Obama is a tool of global oligarchs just like his brother Bush. Everything else including the conservative liturgy conversation is street theater.

          • Sorry… conservative – liberal conversation.

            2015 John Boehner and Obama pushed through a $30+ trillion bankster bailout. One voice against: Elizabeth Warren backed by Bernie Sanders. Pretty good for a socialist. Even your favorite Libertarian did not vote against it.

            Enter Paul Ryan… he gives our oil away to foreign countries at bankruptcy prices… and sticks us with over a trillion budget.

            • Skirt,

              What the hell are you talking about? What $30 trillion? The GDP of planet Earth is only $60 trillion.

              • Skirt? Is that the latest and greatest in Christian talk? More like quintessential Muslim talk. I guess it is better than cunt.

                Look up the global derivatives market… it is passing $1.2 Quadrillion dollars. The banksters that did not go to jail for turning home mortgages into derivatives and selling them 5-10 times have returned to the markets and sold over a quadrillion dollars in new and improved derivatives. Your Republican boyz pushed the new new bailout through Congress and it has no actual limit on our liability for their criminal behavior. Now the law. Some estimates say $300 trillion but hey, it’s all good cuz it was done by the Republicans, right? Obama signed that puppy right into the Law of the Land… but he did not write it.

              • Acid, behave yourself or I’ll get the trolls after you.

              • Hey you! Micropenis! Try keeping a civil tongue in your ass! Rebecca only enlightens. She and maybe 3 other people on this whole blog know what they’re talking about. It might do you some good to get out of your mom’s basement, shut your shit skewer and listen to her. Some people’s retro abortions……smh

            • Rebecca:

              Although Warren rails against the banksters; spend some time on the internet tracking her involvement with them. She is another bullshit controlled opposition.

              • I don’t dispute it but haven’t looked into it. She pitched a hairy fit about Boehner Obama and the new law requiring a $30 trillion bailout for the banksters. It would not have been reported otherwise. Treason on them all. As we fall… add 30 trillion minimum to our debt.

            • ALL the politicians NEED to be tried for treason and those found guilty HUNG!! we need new BLOOD in the white house, anyone there now is corrupt and or has so many skeletons in the closet they cannot be trusted!

              • Yep… they are all committing treason. I am so mad I can spit.

            • Paul ryan sucks, needs to try and fly off a tall building

              • A RINO by any other name …. is still TREASON !!! 🙂

              • Yea, he is another progressive flying under the conservative banner, but he likes guns. And right now, guns and bibles are the only “real” property worth owning, that the liberals want to take away.

          • Rebecca… I really enjoy your posts for telling it like it really is.

            • I am laughing. Most folks don’t want to hear it! My son is a recovering bankster and shows me proofs on these things. He has been educating me on global finance. I got a long way to go, but I know enough now to read the Wall Street Journal, and CNN Money, etc. Should be front page news. When it all falls down they will lie just like they did over mortgage derivatives. Sigh. Things will be so bad no one will have the energy to take them down.

          • @ Rebecca

            The Community Reinvestment Act of 1966 was mostly created by progressives. As the decades went by, they had it amended to REMOVE “irrelevant lending standards” (sic), such as income and credit worthiness, of people applying for mortgages. People who couldn’t qualify to buy a used rice rocket were being written for mortgages. Later still, the Act was amended so that groups such as ACORN were given veto power over bankster operations. The banksters involuntarily were forced to contribute to ACORN. Can you say embezzlement? Am not saying there was no bankster greed or corruption. But it makes my blood boil to hear the regressive LIE that, absent proggie political maneuvering, it was ONLY capitalist greed. Banks make a profit by getting interest on loans made to people who are creditworthy. They have no incentive to loan money to people who can’t possibly repay it. The political vermin forced them to gut their lending standards.

            • So they bundled mortgages that they said were forced on them… like gambling in a casino… and sold them 5 to 10 times. Insuring them and laughing at taking AIG down with the fraud. Their precious lending practices were wrong. The loans held! The fraud should have had them never see daylight again. You may want 4.1 million illegal foreclosures designed to cover up fraud to be someone else’s fault… but they made those choices. After the crash there were plenty of legal foreclosures to help them spread misinformation. They settled with Obama/Holder on it. Now there is no recourse. 4.1 million families lost their homes. Even stupider… after they got out of jail free they all sued each other in civil court. Now they are suing the government over the bailout. Yeah buddy they got Boehner Obama to make it a law that we will bail them again.

              • Just as a side light about bankster lending practices and making a profit. I lived in a part of Dallas that was red lined as a refusal to give loans area. No mortgage loans! I bought my first little house on owner financing. Fixed it up and rented it to buy another house. Same deal. When the banksters could no longer refuse loans in the area it took off. Lots of remodeling and fixing up, yuppies moving in. Totally revitalized. Close to downtown. Banksters destroyed that neighborhood for no decent reason. They get free money from the feds and kill neighborhoods. I am proud that I fixed up a bunch of beautiful older homes in that area, all gorgeous Craftsman homes with massive oaks, elms, and pecan trees. I was racing to get into beautiful neighborhoods before the gay boys jumped in and raised prices with their beautiful renovations. I laughed all the way to the bank if I got there first. I have had a good life.

                • You, Durango Kidd and KY Mom are 3 of only 5 intelligent people posting consistently great things on this whole blog. Much appreciated and please keep up the great posts.

                  • Thank you. I recently retired and have more free time while I work my 5 acres… snow everywhere! I can’t wait for gardening season, it is where my heart is and woods are my chapel of God.

                    • Rebecca, my female relatives in north GA have gardens at their homesteads. They all grew up on farms so gardening is second nature to them. I turned them on to this site and yours. They find your website interesting.

                    • Thank you Braveheart. I hope they email me! I love gardeners. I would think Georgia folks might have year long gardens like I had in Texas? My gardening weather is ferocious but the mountains are glorious.

                    • I garden, hunt, fish, etc. I also prep, shoot, and tinker. Come from a long line of rednecks. 🙂

                  • Hey redneck, you must be from the south! I am from the backwoods of Oregon and Alaska. I’m a hick from the sticks. No mechanical ability at all… my family all call me a sissy girl because of it.

                    • Rebecca, from the south but live in PNW. I like it hear fine, not the politics though. Getting out of Puget Sound area… Got a place northeast of there I’m semi-retiring to.

                    • Puget Sound area is pretty, but lefty mean to southerners. I returned from Texas there and some old gal told everyone I was a Texan. I would not deny my people in Texas because Texas and Texans were good to me. Ate dirt for a year before they got off it. Never did admit I was an Oregonian to them, I can be hard headed that way. You going all the way over the mountains to the Spokane area? It is conservative on that side.

        • Baltic Dry Index is, apparently, settling to the bottom of the Baltic. Kinda like the Titanic did, only further east.

          • TEST,

            I agree.

            Expect to see additional bulk shipping bankruptcies in the near future months.

            2015 shipping bankruptcies include Eagle Bulk Shipping, Copenship, and China’s Winland Ocean Shipping Corp.

            I remember reading about concerns in the financial news (in 2014) when the index was in the mid 800’s.

            1/8/16 – Baltic Dry Index to Another Record Low – 429
            “The overall index, gauging the cost of shipping dry bulk cargoes including iron ore, cement, grain, coal and fertilizer, fell 3.6 percent to 429 points.”
            gcaptain dot com

            1/30/15 – The Baltic Dry Index drops to 632.
            The index is down 95% since 2008.

            6/24/14 – The Baltic Dry Index Is Down to 867
            had collapsed over 60% year-to-date
            worst first-half of the year on record

            The Baltic Dry Index NEVER recovered to anywhere close to the levels reached in 2008.

            For comparison…
            May 20, 2008 – The Baltic Dry Index reached 11,793 points.

        • It’s amazing to me how many empty storage containers are sitting in the back of our local Walmart. Maybe they will give them away for cheap and I can build my Raymond Reddington Black List bug out in one:) Seriously though, who needs any more Chinese junk? The tide is turning as home styles change to a more uncluttered modern aesthetic. No more dust catching knick knacks all around. No more lady’s mediums that wouldn’t fit a 12 year old American girl. Walmart’s future is less in the things that built their brand like cheap clothes… and more in groceries and hardware. The whole electronics department thing is in the process of going down the Radio Shack path. How many TVs, phones and game systems does a family need? We are saturated with shit (pardon my French). They took out most of their fabric and pattern areas to sell videos and such… but that really is becoming more of an Amazon thing to buy.

      10. Three percenters from Idaho militia shows up at refuge, more on the way, reported militia coming from all over the country at this time…tune into Pete Santelli broadcasting live from the scene….IT HAS BEGUN…ALL I CAN SAY

        • Live feed;

          ht tps://


            ht tps://

            Watch as it’s happening

        • Ron I love what your doing but santilli is a shill be careful!!!

          • This from an article at Sipsey Street Irregulars:

            ht tp://

            … All the major players in the operation of that (Bundy)Ranch will soon be together at the wildlife refuge… that’s no coincidence. I assure you. Payne, Cooper, Pete Santili… All well trained provocateurs who are doing everything in their power to lure patriots to the ranch.. Case in point…Santili just released a video try to say that the FBI was TRYING to shut him down.. Dont you think if that were the case…with ALL of the resources the FBI has, they would just go ahead and do it…do you really think this shmuck is smart enough to outsmart the ENTIRE FBI? Think about it…

      11. The stock market is the heartbeat of all economies, and it just went into cardiac arrest. Even if you don’t have any money in the stock market it is still a big indicator of everything. Big money has seen this coming for year’s and the rich have built castles with all that funny money. Majority of blue collar guys and middle class are busy bustin their ass just to get by. Things could get ugly very soon when unlimited resources in stores begin to get limited.

        • Still down less than 10% for the year.
          Wait till it’s down 20 to 30 percent and then we can all get excited about the middle class losing their life savings.
          The wealthy only have a portion of their assets in the markets, so they hardly ever feel the bite. It is called diversification.

          Gold went under 1100 bucks, silver under 14, and the putrid methane gas continues to spew out over S Cali. and D.C.

          Every ting is lovely mon.

          • Life savings of the middle class? Hummmm. 63% of people in the US don’t have enough money to pay for a $500 repair bill NOW, and much of that includes the middle class. Their savings are already gone for half of them and they live hand to mouth.

            Sure will be a devastating blow to them when it does hit the rest of the middle class….

            • Exactly. Even those left with the pretense of middle class are mostly sitting on debt they cannot afford. I wish it would hold off longer.

      12. “Unprecedented Chaos Is Coming”

        QE, “Its not just for breakfast anymore”.

      13. markets just closed… Dow down another 170 pts
        S&P down another 21pts

      14. Chaos has been predicted for years and years. The elite (gods of earth) won’t let it come crashing down completely. They have invested to much to start from scratch.

      15. Folks the BDI is down another 22 points closed today at 445 this is not good.

        • The Baltic Dry Index measures the cost to ship containers. Its been used as a rough estimate of supply / demand in the quantity of shipping containers. The cost to ship is also heavily related to the cost of fuel oil to power the diesel engines to sail the vessel.

          How much of the Index drop is lower demand for goods and how much is the lower cost to ship said goods?

          Is there any index of containers actually shipped?

          • Not sure Kevin. But as a better gauge, perhaps we could use the MOULV Index – the Michelle Obama Uber-Luxe Vacation index.

            Would be a great proxy for jet fuel usage, carbon emission for faux global warming, hotels, golf course usage, etc.

            • Wow, thanks. Very insightful.

          • The Baltic Dry Goods Index has been a leading indicator. The price of oil has been following and dropping with it, HOWEVER the price of oil has stalled in the 30’s, the BDGI has continued to drop.

            When you watch the BDG index find a chart that either corrects for oil or at least shows them together.

            Listening to Jim Creamer on Mad Money, he is almost always a bull, he’s getting pretty bearish right now.

            I am out of the markets and actually exited at the top several months ago in June/July. As well 401K money is in the cash account making only 1/8%, but at least not losing.

            • Plan

              Thanks. Your correct regarding the oil in the 30s and still a drop.

              The question still is how much does the lower fuel cost effect the BDI? I don’t know the % that fuel cost is upon the total but I assume its the greatest cost occurred in shipping.

          • When you crunch the numbers, you will see that the bulk of the BDI drop is relative to useless plastic/toxic/junk toys being shipped from Asia, that isn’t a necessity for everyday living, anyway.

            The buyers and accumulators of such junk, mainly for stupid parents and grandparents to give to spoiled kids, are finally seeing a more important need for those dollars.

            The reckoning has begun, and walmarket and k market, is where it starts. China is seeing the results of their flimsy markets, primarily based on manufacturing toxic junk, while spewing toxic wastes into the worlds atmosphere and oceans.

            The downward spiral had to start sometime, and it could not have come at a more opportune time as when the fuel prices have dropped some. For the average driver/worker, that buys about 20 to 25 gallons each week, it only amounts to an extra hundred bucks in savings each month. They can piss that away at a couple family meals to go, at KFC, and then feed the useless mutts chained up in the back yard the five lbs. of excess grease, fat and bones, from the gmo chicken meat. Not to mention the cheap instant potatoes with 1000% sodium overloaded gravy. Even the biscuits now taste like some ground up cheap loaf bread stuff.

      16. I wish more attention would be brought to the Baltic Dry Index!

      17. This is the beginning of the end boys and girls, I hope your ready!

        • ……prayin’…….

      18. Good job Barry, you old dick sucker you!

        Gee, economy in a mess, “The Religion of Hate” taking over Europe, LEO getting shot while eating donuts in their Squad Cars, Obutthead wanting to take away my right to loan a gun to my Mom/Sister/Grandma, next thing to happen is they’ll stop bottling Bourbon and brewing beer! (The horror!)

        Dump Trump/Choose Cruz

        • Got any good muskrat or turtle recipes?

          • Muskrat is delicious fried like rabbit. Fool your buddies for a rabbit fry and after they eat it and tell you how good it is, tell them they just ate rat!

            Older snapper needs a pressure cooker to make it more tender, delicious as a stroganoff.(sour cream, beef stock, and noodles). Makes me hungry just thinking about them.

            • My Grandma used to make Cooter stew. Cooters are a type of snapping turtle here in NC. Anyway, someone would catch them and she would put them in a big Washburn with water and let them stay in the rub for a few days, to clean them out. Then she would kill them, skin them, and soak the near for a day or two before stewing. Fyi.

              • Once you behead a turtle, drain blood.
                Take an air hose and shove up the neck, hold neck tight and pump air in.
                The skin will balloon up, making for easier skinning.
                Turtle meat has seven different flavors, but it all tastes the same to me…

                Eyes open, no fear…

                • Thanks eppe- we have tons of turtles in the lake. I have no idea how to clean them. Good tips.

          • Both are great in the crock pot. For any recipe for chicken just replace with meat of choice. We have used muskrat, turtle, beaver and rabbit, all to great success.

            • Thanks woogie and JAS. The only way I’ve had turtle is deep fried. Muskrat was steamed and then placed in gravy with onions of a cast iron skillet and simmered. I’ll give the old crockpot a whirl.

        • Funny! It is an impressive list of accomplishments: makes Jimmy Carter look like Roosevelt.

          I remember being told in 2010 that in 2016 all hell would break loose. Obama was to not go quietly.

          A quick list of what 2016 will bring:

          – economic crash
          – 10 million plus migrants flood Europe. Violence breaks out every weekend in most European cities. Angela Merkel imposes a curfew on German citizens and orders all young women to wear baggy trousers so as to not tempt Muslims.
          – Canada agrees to let in 1 million Syrians.
          – Bill Clinton’s scandals are too much and Bernie Sanders becomes the President
          – Justin Bieber comes out as gay
          – US troops invade Libya
          – riots at the Euro Tunnel close it down. Entry is only possible into the UK by boat or plane

      19. Say it over and over Snyder.

        • There is something to be said about excessive pessimism.

      20. You ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait till oil breaks below 30…

        • You won’t be waiting long!

      21. Watch yer top knot!

      22. Redskins hosting a playoff game? If that’s not a black swan event I don’t know what is.

      23. It is my personal opinion that if the Dems win the election, Obama will go crazy writing EOs since they won’t over turn them and if the GOP wins, he will crash the economy on his way out, so as they are taking office everything will be mass chaos.

      24. HTTR!!!

      25. Anyone looking at the BDI or Baltic Dry Index. Way lower than it ever has been in the past and dropping fast. Seems no one is shipping dry goods – ores, coal, etc.

      26. can you hear the thunder? There’s a storm coming……

      27. All who blew off the shemitah year, don’t look now but our economy is paralleling previous shemitah years.

      28. Broke! No money for American citizens or anything besides basic sustenance. Have to keep the peons from revolting. No jobs available that meet the income needed for higher rents and healthcare costs. “There are no stocks or bonds or real estate in the Social Security Trust Fund. It has nothing of real value to draw down.” Oops, somebody screwed up. “Law is no longer a shield of the American people, but is a weapon in the hands of Washington.” A very good article is at Dissident Voice titled, 2016: A Year of Barbarism, by Ben Schreiner.

      29. Let’s get this show rolling. Fellow patriots I pray you all will be safe and keep your heads down and remember booger hooker off the bamg switch till you see the whites of the scums eyes

      30. “Tell Senator Wyden to audit the fed”.

        Must be the ‘joke’ for January 8th. He is a dual Israeli citizen and his voting record is straight AIPAC.

        Could his new facelift get any tighter?

        Yes, Oregon is “blessed” with a great group of politicians represnting them. Now we have a bi-sexual governor who took over the office when the old crooked governor was outed.

        These people have no shame…..

      31. Warren Buffett impresses me more than Michael Snyder and George Soros combined. Snyder makes a common error. He mistakes the price of a company’s stock for the intrinsic worth of the company. They don’t necessarily have anything to do with each other. Buffett encouraged value investing, based on an objective analysis of companies whose worth was belied by their share prices.

        Buffett’s capsule advice was to invest as though one were going to hold only 20 companies in one’s life. From when I got started investing as a young kid, to when I cashed out, I did pretty well doing as Buffett recommended. I paid as little attention to the financial media as possible and slept very well.

        I do credit Snyder for his “get out of intangible personal property” advice in 2012. Did, so I can afford not to give a flying f ck what China is doing. If the bond market collapses tomorrow I”ll break out the popcorn. Would that mean no more municipal taxes … wouldn’t that be sweet.

        I don’t remember who posted it a few threads back, but thank you for the embedded video of “Jump, you f cker Jump.” Precisely.

        • I followed value investing… it is percect. New problem is Enron Accounting… now used by all the Bigs. Can’t tell their worth. One thing I have seen is Buffet shifted to loaning money to the Bigs, leinholders get paid when stockholders do not. Now he is in hard assets.

          • Rebecca

            I invested in what I knew, oil refining. Its more difficult to, “cook the books” as their thru-put is reported to too many environmental agencies. So the margins are known and quantity run.

            Between, “creative accounting” and QE money back fed into the market complements of the demise of Glass-Steagall its pretty much a crap shoot (emphasis on crap) investing today. I no longer buy and hold. I jump in and jump out as I did with Smith & Wesson (SWHC).

            As George Carlin said, “Its a big club and your not a member”.

            • I worked the market jump in and jump out a couple years ago, always put me sell order in as soon as the stock was showing in my account. If it hits X sell. I didn’t even try to time the market to get a max return. I doubled my stash in 7 months, not Warren Buffet, but my son started with the same money and I doubled first. It is too hard on my nerves to keep that up. I am a gardener and naturalist! Give me peace in the backwoods. Besides, I am not a member of the club… making what I did 100% gambling… and next time could be 100% loss. I check annual and quarterly reports, news, online perception, and because of my background, lawsuits pending.

              I used to hold longer but the market wasn’t as volatile when I started. Silly memory, I was a secretary at an oil company in their government policy group. I had to file Warren Buffet’s reports and started reading them… the company bought his service for execs. My boss encouraged me and I started with a paper portfolio before I ever purchased a share. He was an awesome boss! He gave me higher level tasks and I hated when he retired.

      32. Thank you Dirty Laundry.

        “You’re good at stealing and you’re good at lying,
        let’s see how good you are at flying,
        jump you fuckers…”

      33. I cashed out my 401k this morning to buy Power Ball Tickets!!!

        (I think my odds are actually better….)

        • I’ve already bought the winning ticket, you should have checked with me, first.

          I might buy a ticket today, the prize is over 900 million bucks!


        • Well crap, I guess I’m gonna have some serious penalties with the IRS and some explaining to do on Monday……

          But if that Planet X hits us, or the Russians/Chinese invade via Bayou City as we keep hearing about, my little tax evasion will be small in comparison.

          How are all those foreign soldiers gonna plug in their 220vac stuff here in the states…..I hope they thought of that before the invasion!!!!

      34. OK folks,there has been a lot of talk about the situation in Oregon which started with the Hammonds.Here is a link to sign to ask that ridiculous resentancing decision be reversed,folks,no matter what you think aboput current situation these folks need true justice,here is a chance to try and see it happen,here is govt. link: ,will sit in moderation till Mac aproves but come on,this is a chance to at leasttry and help.Mac,perhaps you could delte my post and put it at top of article or have a article regarding this petition and the whole situation happening in Oregon.Warchild thanks you in advance for all of you signing!

        • Warchild:

          If no subject is posted about this petition, please continue to post your comment on each new subject that comes up to make anyone who does not see your post aware of the petition.

          I think the petition says we only have until the first week in February to get 100,000 signatures. Is this correct?


            • Day,Grand has the date right,will keep at it pushing on this and other sites that do not have info. yet,nice if others do the same.This is a peaceful/easy way to perhaps sway some opinions/let the feds know people see what they are up to,and,if very lucky get these poor folks free from the fed tyranny of this bogus prosecution.I realise folks have differing opinions on Oregon situation,this,as have said before though is a no brainer.

              We the people own these lands,not the fed minions and their puppet masters,time we let em know that.

        • I posted this petition on my FB page a few days ago.

          • Excellent LSB,if we as a country can’t get a 100,000 signatures in a month,well,we have more work ahead of us then I thought!

        • Signed.

      35. We did not lose anything in the market today. We did pick up a few things to add to the stash. Can’t do anything about the market, but we can make our pile bigger.

      36. Warren Buffet sold 130 million ounces of silver in 2006 into a clearly rising silver market at about $9/oz….silver later went on to get near $50/oz.

        He clearly missed that one……

        • The evidence back then suggested that buffet was coerced into selling.

      37. You have drunk the cool aid. There is no shortage of funds. It is the magic of the Banksters. They get richer and put the squeeze around the neck and waiste of the average bamboozled working American. Just like that highly organized crime syndicate at the Federal Reserve. We need to get the Malitia out of Oregon and put them where they can do some good. When asked why he robs banks, John Dilinger said, “Because that’s where the money is”. The gold at Fort Knox may be at the Federal Reserve. Now that is worth risking death or incarceration.

        • I believe that “that’s where the money is” is widely attributed to Willie Sutton.

      38. OREGON UPDATE: My son and I are leaving today, plenty of good experienced militia arriving this morning, going back home wife is alone at the farm scared to death they have our plates and address. NOT SCARED ANYMORE AFTER BEING AROUND HUNDREDS OF PATRIOTS… going back to form 3% militia in home state as many others are now…for all those keyboard coward drunken bums claiming this is a psyop or this and that person is a fed or anything else, just get drunk and watch football little boys-the real adults will handle this revolt-you are too drunk, ignorant, and chemically altered to even know what evil is anymore and what to do about it

        • Hey Ron- so glad you and your son had a great experience over there. I was hoping you would, and that you would get to see the spirit of dissent at its finest led by a man like Ammon Bundy. What they are doing is important- and yes, I was very surprised at some of the comments I read here about how stupid they were… bad timing…etc. They picked the perfect place to make a stand and the perfect time in my opinion. It’s an election year and nobody wants to be pinned with another Waco. Sounds like any bad apples are being weeded out… well, that’s no big surprise because that’s the way it is with all groups. But, I guarantee, you met some very fine people on this trip. And I did, Ron, keep you both in my prayers as you asked. Hope that you felt the power of that and the sense of being in God’s will. Wish I could go but I’m not in a position to do that.

        • Satori:

          An even more interesting story at dailykos dot com is about Ted Cruz.

          Both dad and MOM signed Canadian voter rolls as natural born citizens of Canada.

          But not to worry, Cruz is a very valuable asset to Goldman Sachs and with their gold they are able to cover over anything.

          Like Test says “Cruz is not perfect, but he is Tests choice”. When is having a wife as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations not deemed a wakeup call to all Americans who support Cruz?

          Obama was provided cover in the same way, “not to worry, he is not perfect, but”.

          Are we willing to accept another deceptive candidate? Are we really that stupid?

          • Looks like we are.

      39. Obama’s plan to succeed Ban Ki-moon when the South Korean diplomat ends his term as United Nations secretary-general on December 31 of this year.

        Sorry folks but this must never happen!!!!!!

        • Someone suggested that we might just see Eric Holder as a supreme court justice in the near future.

          And the chimp in charge (of the bath house) as head of the UN?

          Anybody hear a great sucking sound as the world swirls around the sewer?

          • I was wondering what that noise was,,,,

      40. Hey legit preppers I heard some really bad stuff. Your mats maybe needing to position yourself at your BOL by the end of March.. you see and attack on this post..i will let you guys know what I know soon..i going to wait till 30 days out to let everyone know.. I can’t comment on it right now..I was not even going to post for another 2 months.. so I am giving you all a temporal marker.. you will know that I
        Not buksh… see what’s going on in California.. you have and idea..Texas get ready for the first 20,000 people coming here..also another tectonic plate just cracked open and oil a.d methane and carbon and other toxic chemicals is going to make the California state literally inhospitable..I meet with my friend next Sunday and he has info on California..i am also inviting on someone I know who is currently active and working for Fema..he was trapped somewhere. and I can’t mention it to protect his identity and he was evacuated. Brace your self for massive attack on me.. the next persons that calls BS on my post are trolls.. you already have Angry beaver figured out, you will notice others…you noticed that angry beaver attacked me then went on and attack on the government run began to praise other posters.. watch the response from this troll and others fooling this post..I am going to follow what my scientists friend told me to post this comment and told me what to say, to watch the troll response then not say anything, the supprose is coming.. he read the last 5 articles and all the comments and attacks on me..get ready for one hell of a ride
        He said kit to worry about Oregon, that far worst in coming, that the foreign fighters invading us are not even being told what’s about to happen..remember what I told you told me about this year.. ED Dames????



        Now we learn.

        • HCKS
          Keep your head down, and let us know what you find out.

          On my end it has been very quiet. We aren’t even getting any chatter about Or., and what is happening there. We generally hear something. That makes me wonder what is going on. Last time this happened we had the Ruby Ridge, and WACO. We should all pray for the folks in Or. even if we don’t agree with what they are doing. Right or Wrong they are standing for something!

          About Ed Dames. He is like everyone else. He is only about 50% right. As far as I’m concerned that is enough.
          He is closer that most. I’m not going to live every day by what he predicts but I will keep an open mind.

          HCKS, stay safe!


        • Good Lord, you are a babbling idiot.

        • Hcks I really must’ve rattled your cage. Loose any sleep? First let’s see what you’ve written here. What are you going to tell us in 30 days that you can’t tell us now? According to your last post your scientist friend told you to stop posting because you were headed yo BOL in 3 weeks will you be sending posts from the BOL?
          seems the more your called out on your bullshit the louder you scream troll
          Do you know what a Jovian planet is ?
          Or is that top secret info
          And to be fair I’ve only called you out. I’ve had intelligent conversations with others on here some I agree with some I don’t. But you YOU are just here spreading horse shit. 3 x now myself or others have caught you changing your story back peddling it just plain old making up something new. You refuse to acknowledge any legitimate questions or call them out as trolls.then threaten to leave forever but each time your back. and that’s fine spew whatever you like but when you get challenged as many of us do it doesn’t mean were government ass clown trolls.
          Kinda reminds me of a situation where a minority gets caught red handed committing a crime and his only defence is the race card
          From now on well call this YOUR ASS CLOWN TROLL CARD. I’m not a government troll I’m Canadian and enough folks here can confirm that just from the way I talk.
          I think you post this outragious shit just to see how many follow-up comments you get ( like a little lottery win) you seem to have comments and stories that elevate you to some privileged status underground government bunkers scientist contacts forigen spies and agents trying to silence you. Your hours spent at the gym chiseling your manly body.
          It all seems just a bit to grandiose. You always have the same theam going in you friend tells you you can’t tell us and were to wait till next post ensuring (in your mind) that we all hang on your every word.
          That fact you got up at 3am yo take a piss and then come comment after myself and other called you out suggests I’m hitting pretty close to the mark
          The more you post that shit the easier it will be for me to expose you as a lier and a fraud.
          How’d that feel eh ? That lo beaver tail stings don’t it.especially when wet lol


          • Hcks has friends and scientists who report to him. I don’t u swear and why hcks is so vague. He likely consults with high placed people who tell him to get on the Internet and kinda say something sort of. Don’t cite your sources while you are not saying anything. Hcks needs to relax and quit trying to be the center of attention. No one really wants to know your sources because we all know they don’t exist. Why hcks? What’s the point of lying? Love some of your stuff and it’s often entertaining. You don’t have to impress us (ha) just give your opinions and reasoning. We are not interested in cryptic, stupid crap.

        • Thanks HCKs. I would not be one bit surprised if we got a huge influx of Californians due to a natural disaster there.
          A good percentage of California’s have already discovered the Hill Country (drat). Yep, so they have friends or family already here perhaps, that could help them in case of evacuations. They are overdue for a big seismic event for sure… the last big earthquake happened before I had my kids who are grown up with kids of their own now.
          About Gov. Abbot. I have been living in the greater Houston area since 1977 and I have NEVER liked a governor so much. I am so proud of him for not caring to be PC, all the time being very much a true gentleman. I truly feel that there is more to his comments on Twitter, requests for a Constitutional convening of States, and our gold repatriation than meets the eye. Although we happen to be on the Entergy grid here in East Texas where we live, I feel that this governor is working towards making us as Texans, more autonomous. We’ve come a long way from being helpless at a Luby’s cafeteria because the law was such that people couldn’t carry a concealed weapon… to open carry. Time will tell what all this will bring, but you can only have the boot on your neck for so long until you get mad and get up swinging. It’s been push, push, push for so long at our liberties. I think ObamaCare broke the camel’s back. I don’t see how working people who are reasonably young and healthy can spend that much money for something they don’t need. 5K deductibles?? Might as well pay out of pocket for years.

      41. Hcks. Preemptive calling out of trolls. Awesome. Saying the financial markets start is the worse ever is not a fair comparison. The market is substantially different than even 10 years ago let alone since the beginning of stock markets. The main difference is the type of person who owns stock and they way non sophisticated people react. The derivative market is also different and has average investors playing with ideas they don’t understand. You also have hedge fund investing open to everyone. A short time ago you had to prove your net worth and it had to be high. I really can’t prove it but it lends to reason that the high end players cause downturns intentionally and short going in and then drive it up. Playing the spread and the spread is average Joe money. I agree with the article generally. Comparisons are spurious.
        Hcks. You are full of poop. ( sorry but I thought your last post was silly and took your preemptive troll comment as a challenge).

        • Lol yup me too punk.
          Hcks I only troll you.
          Still wanna know your scientists field of study
          What are the coordinates if this Jovian planet
          Did you not say you would not be posting because you were going to you bol with your group permently
          That nuke the feds jacked in Texas what bridge what city on what date.
          What area did that techtomic crack where were the people evacuated too.
          If you can answer any one if these questions accurately and can back it up I will personally apologized


        Once Islam gets to a certain %, they always start demanding political control and their Sharia laws. Wonder what the radical gays or feminists will do when Sharia is implemented in San Francisco or Boston? Or hasn’t the left thought that far ahead. (Rhetorical question only; we all know thinking – along with intellectual honesty – is not in the purview of the left. Cf. faux global warming).

        The American Muslim population stands a strong chance of doubling in size by 2050 and becoming the second largest religion by 2040, based on new estimates from the Pew Research Center. At the moment, Pew believes that there’s approximately 3.3 million Muslims living in the United States. Given the total U.S. population, this means that Muslims currently comprise 1 percent. But by 2050, Pew thinks that Muslims may surge to 8.1 million.
        Part of the reason for that surge is due to Muslim immigration, Pew noted, since about 10 percent of all legal immigrants are Muslim. Another is because Muslim families tend to have far more children than the average, which is the case in Europe, as well. Even before that, however, Islam itself is projected to become the second largest religion in the U.S. by 2040, which is a far greater increase than that expected among Jews and Hindus

        Cited from:

      43. There have been significant methane releases along the coasts of wa and or in the ocean. Detractors call them “whale farts”, but Ocean Shores WA has reported deaths in the community from these large plumes.

      44. Cont divide
        Were not here hcks banned us remember

        • And yet you are still slapping your tail!

          • I most certainly am. Anyone that’s has had a “beaver problem” will tell you were damn hard to get rid of lol. We just keep coming back.

      45. Looks like they are setting up a perimeter at a local ranchers place, I hope to meet some of you there. Mac or whoever is monitoring this, I can be your imbedded reporter and I would love to do a live feed, my son knows how to work all the shit…Any ideas????

      46. The collapse began in September of last year and will continue on into 2016.

      47. Laws at the State level have mostly been made by ALEC for quite some time. I am a member of a group outing these corporations and leading boycotts against them. We have run a few out of there. So if ALEC owns the states, then ALEC owns the Constitutional Convention, Con Con Double Con.

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