Specter of Debtors’ Prisons Looms Over Americans Who Just Can’t Pay: “You Can’t Squeeze Blood From a Turnip”

by | Dec 30, 2014 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 333 comments

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    A special report highlights the growing disparity in America, and the issues many are having in keeping up with payments, which can even lead to incarceration for failure to pay – in spite of constitutional protections.

    Thanks in part to the growing trend of private collection agencies – including those who service fines and penalties assessed by government agencies – the inability or failure to pay debts is resulting in arrest warrants, mounting costs and, yes, jail time.

    And things are only going to get worse:

    The ACLU highlighted the growing issue of “Court-Sanctioned Extortion by Private Probation Companies.” On Debtors’ Prisons:

    Across the country, in the face of mounting budget deficits, states are more aggressively going after poor people who have already served their criminal sentences and jailing them for failing to pay their legal debts. These modern-day debtors’ prisons impose devastating human costs, waste taxpayer money and resources, undermine our criminal justice system, are racially skewed, and create a two-tiered system of justice.

    This case started with traffic violations and trouble with serious medical expenses:

    PBS reported:

    Cities across the country are increasingly turning to what are known as private probation companies to collect unpaid fines. But are indigent people ending up in jail because they can’t afford to pay? Since NewsHour Weekend’s first story on this issue aired last spring, the Childersburg Municipal Court issued a “standing order” stating that “In no case shall an indigent defendant be incarcerated … based solely on his or her inability to pay fines.” But the practice continues elsewhere in the country. Special correspondent John Carlos Frey takes an in-depth look at what some are calling the return of the debtors’ prison.

    From the transcript:

    In 1971 The Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution prohibits imposing “a jail term solely because the defendant is indigent and cannot forthwith pay the fine in full.”

    1,000 people every month are going to jail in Alabama because they cannot afford to pay a fine.”


    TIM FUGATT: It was all at one time, just– just hit us all at once. And I explained it all to them. But we– you know, it was either pay or go to jail.

    JOHN CARLOS FREY: Being threatened with a jail sentence, did that help you to come up with the money?

    TIM FUGATT: It helped to try a little harder. But, you know, still. I mean, as the old saying goes, you know, you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip.

    JOHN CARLOS FREY: Over the next 8 months with JCS monthly fees adding up, the couple missed at least one court date each and were fined additional fees for failure to appear. Then a warrant for their arrest was issued. By the time of their arrest in February of 2012, the Fugatt’s had racked up $2,500 in additional court fines. Remember all this began with three traffic violations for which they were found not guilty.



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      1. Paranoid

        When everyone’s in jail who are the guards?

        • SterlingSilver

          One item NEVER covered on these prepper threads/blogs is something that is in every post-apocalyptic movie ever made and its something of note that we as preppers shouldn’t neglect; and that is a good pair of fingerless gloves. When did you last see a doomsday movie where the protagonists didn’t wear fingerless gloves? You gotta have em. No walk down armegeddon alley is complete in the absence of these textile gems. Have you ever tried to run from the golden hoards or take down a zombie without a good pair of leathers covering your palms yet allowing your digits to roam free to maneuver triggers and blades with dexterity and precision? Your run into the deserted wastelands of the future won’t be very deep without a good pair.

          In time, as your clothes become ratty and dirty, and all the colors turn to drap earth hues, you’ll see grime and grease build under your fingernails, but thats part of the script. Its gunna happen; and how better than with a good pair of fingerless gloves. Get a pair off a dead biker, sneak them from your favorite rockstar after the balloon goes up, or even grab some from the dollar store. Do you think Rick Grimes would have made it 5 seasons or Mad Max 3 movies without them? Neither do I.

          • KY Mom

            Sentenced for Debt – The New Debtor Prisons

            A friend emailed me, “If a prisoner in our local Detention Center has to have health care, she or he must pay that bill within 30 days – regardless of the amount. If they don’t, they are picked up and put back in jail.

            So, you have 30 day to get your life re-established: find a place to live, get a job, buy groceries, etc. … and pay off a bill that sometime runs into the thousands of dollars.”

            “When, an individual is convicted of a crime, there are state required fees and court costs which the defendant must pay…”

            It is a ‘catch 22’ situation for many people. Without a job, many struggle to pay the fines. But, many cannot have their record cleared and be eligible to work until their fines are paid. So, until the fines are paid, they cannot work.


            • Babycatcher55

              This worries me. There are so many people I know who are living hand to mouth, they are working, but one unexpected setback could do this….and what is the state going to do, jail EVERYBODY? Because as obummercare costs go up, only the rich can afford it.

              • Calgagus

                Racking up criminal histories on folks means a harder time getting or keeping a job.
                Those who get a felon charge, well that means gun control.

                We have Hitler and our own SS. Amerikka has arrived.

                • Gods Creation

                  It is unlawful to lend credit, and there is no money, thus no debt can exist in the current environment.

                  Even the corporate courts will dismiss a case if the defense is that the so-called lender lent their credit and therefore have no real loss and no claim against you for which relief can be granted.

                  Happy New Year to all. Just go into it knowing that 2015 is the last year the USA will be recognized as a country.

                  Take care of yourselves and your family. You don’t need a country or a government to live. Only those you love and are deserving of your heart and mind.

                  • Attilashrugs

                    Please explain. What do you mean by “lending credit”?

                    • Gatortrapper

                      I’m assuming that he means that because Federal Reserve Notes are not money as the Constitution contemplates then obligations reciting amounts in the lender tender of “Federal Reserve Notes” are fictional obligations to be honored by tender of fictional “money.” Excepting the system honors form over the substance… an age old problem.

                    • stderr

                      He means he’s a k00k.

                  • pokerchip

                    corporate court?

                  • BJ

                    It is really nice to see you back. I am glad you, as of now, appear to of been wrong on the Ebola thing as well. You and your educational posts on true law were missed.

                  • Racklefratz

                    Well, that’s pretty much wishful thinking. No court’s going to dismiss the case if you’re still driving around in the bank’s car. They own the car until you pay for it. And no court’s going to dismiss the case against a deadbeat who won’t make his house payments. Not happening.

                    And we don’t need a “government” to live? No fire department? No police to defend us against the mayhem going on everywhere now? No roads or road repairs? No military? No air traffic control? Those are all “government”. Give some thought to doing without all that, and report back.

                    • Bill in IL

                      Rackle, you just made the perfect post as an uneducated, ignorant American. Have you ever read a history book? Do you ever bother to look outside your closed little world? There are many, many ways to live without government, that you cannot see them speaks volumes to the effectiveness of government brain washing. Good grief, no wonder we find ourselves ion such a mess today, with people like you running to the voting booth every cycle.

                • Bambi Hussein

                  This can’t be true. Obama is our king. There is no poverty, no crime, no violence, no war; every citizen is wealthy, well fed, and wants for nothing. We live in a Utopia.

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                UPDATE: Conspiracy!!! RE: MID-Asia Airplane Crash – As I said a few articles back, I wanted to know “WHO” was on the Planes Passenger Manifesto. Planes don’t just keep flying into a storm for no reason. This plane was taken down for a reason.

                Watch this Video that names the Culprits and Spells out the MOTIVE: COVERUP!!! Boeing and GE are part of this scandal.

                Watch “AirAsia Bombshell! Alstom Energy Director, Involved In $4 Billion In Bribes, Was On QZ8501” on YouTube

                Murdering 150 People to take out one guy. Sound familiar?

                • Nobama

                  The one fact that the Malaysian PM was playing golf with Obola just days before this incident, all while the Malaysian people were suffering through massive flooding from monsoons, is enough evidence that this was an intentional sinister event.

                  • Anonymous

                    The prime minister of Malaysia is still hiding from Zoolander and Mogatu.

                • Bluesky

                  You mean like Korea air that was shot down 30 some years ago?
                  269 people on board I think. 2 Americans. Larry McDonald was
                  Congressman from Alabama, I think. He was making the rounds out
                  loud about the banker control. Sound familiar?

                  • Nancy T Napoli

                    “Leader Kim Jong Il will live forever.”

                    They praised him as the greatest thinker and theoretician who developed in depth in an all-round way the Juche idea, Songun idea founded by President Kim Il Sung, and the master of leadership who ushered in the great heyday of prosperity unprecedented in the history of the Korean nation.

                    They stressed Kim Jong Il is alive in the hearts of the Koreans and other progressives.

                    • Racklefratz

                      Pssst! You’re posting in the wrong discussion. This isn’t about “Korea air”.

                • PsychoSanta

                  Also wonder who was on TWA flight 800 when “G_Ds chosen” shot that one down over Long Island sound?

              • Ablubud

                You right wing nuts should have supported single payer. Then no charge for health care services.

                • Mark Hall

                  Abluud, your comment should have been:
                  “You right wing nuts should have supported single payer. Then no health care services.”

                  Ever heard of VA health care?

                  • jack listerio

                    You might as well die as go to VA you wont get seen and if you get appointments itswith 300 other guys all vying for the same service. Zerocare cost so many people their jobs and insurance they had to turn to va as a last resort.

                • Lee

                  Single payer does not mean “free”. Not for anybody.

                • Steamingpileofobama

                  Any type of gov health care is anti freedom. Us right wingers are for freedom and the constitution. Two things losers like you are against.

                • Kaya Hund

                  Ha !! Only people with jobs would be paying (and paying, and paying) for the rent seekers and slugs of the world.

                • TotallyPeeved

                  You stupid, insane commie rat bastid. Why don’t you just move your worthless carcass to britainistan, you moron. Or romania? Or cuba?

                • fableraye

                  What does that have to do with a jet going down? My health insurance premiums increased 100%, and a higher deductible. I now pay nearly $12,000 per year for the insurance and deductibles, before my health insurance company pays a cent.

                  • Bambi Hussein

                    My premiums increased 48%. I will pay $20,400 just for premiums. With the high deductible, I will be out of pocket well over $30,000 before insurance pays anything. Thank you obama!

                • rhgates

                  Then the money just cokes from taxes. What do you think happens when you don’t pay a bill from the IRS?

                  Nothing is free. Anyone who says otherwise shouldn’t be trusted.

                • really?

                  Ah, the old liberal “free lunch”. Sorry pal, someone somewhere has to pay.

                • Randi

                  Who do you think pays for that healthcare in the end? The government – where does it get its money from??

                  • BillyBob

                    That’s easy, they print it!

                    • Bill in IL

                      No, they do not print it. If the government wants more money, they either steal it from us, borrow it from foreigners or borrow it from the federal reserve. You really should know more about where your money comes from.

                • TheBruce

                  Only an idiot could suggest that giving up 40 percent of their income in federal taxes to PAY for that “single payer” (as they do in countries that have it) isn’t the same as being charged for medical care.

                • Anonymous

                  Nothing is free

                • stderr

                  > You right wing nuts should have supported single payer
                  Single payer for criminals who won’t pay their fines? How does that work?

                • Anonymous

                  Free health care for all huh? Does that come from the “Tooth Fairy” or if not whom?

                • Brad

                  You left wing nuts should realize nothing is free. Socialism is great until you run out of other people’s money.

                • Albert8184

                  Well, there seems to be an epidemic of liberal Left Wing radicals in this country, not being treated doesn’t give me much confidence in your Left Wing dominated government HC system.

                • Douglas Johnstone

                  Seriously? I’m curious how idjits like you think things get paid for? Magic money trees? Taxes would HAVE to increase with a single payer system which means…. drumroll please.. either way, you’re paying for it. SMGDH.

                • libtard

                  You are a stupid ignorant fuck

                • Racklefratz

                  Yeah, right, it’s all “free”. Your abject ignorance is stunning. How do you think health care functions at no cost? Do you actually believe, in your alternate reality, that health care workers do it for nothing but the love for what they do? How do they eat? What about the massively expensive equipment used in medicine? All that’s “free” the the hospital where it’s used? If there’s never a “charge” for any of this, how do you suppose any of it happens? You need to seriously get a clue. SOMEONE’S PAYING FOR ALL THIS. GUESS WHO? (and it AIN’T your savior, obongo)

              • bahmi

                Change has come to America. Hooray, this is surely a great president. I guess it was time to bring in a commie to run the country, right?

              • Rothmere

                Qui bono? Why, possibly, US corporations that run the private prisons where this is occurring. They need bodies as units of revenue. Private probation? You mean bounty hunters. And no criminality necessary; we’ll just shake you down claiming righteous asset forfeiture. When all the People wake up the 2nd and 4th Amendments will be very handy. Peace.

            • BJ

              It’s worse than that….a lot of county jails charge you room and board regardless of any health care. And you must pay it or you go back, and it isn’t a matter of a few bucks a day.

              • the renegade braveheart

                BJ, our local jails also charge room and board. If I remember correctly there is a Supreme Court case from the 70s or 80s concerning that practice, but I can’t think of the case name; maybe it’s the ruling mentioned in the article.

                • durango kidd

                  Last year a law was passed in Arizona at the request of the GB and car companies; and is little known by the general populace. I just happened across it myself.

                  Arizona is a “Title state”. That is you own the vehicle and the lender has a lien on the vehicle. If you fail to pay your loan as prescribed by the loan agreement, the lender is authorized to repossess the vehicle. This is not new.

                  What is new is that, if you fail to pay and the lender requests the collateral, you must relinquish the vehicle. if you do not as many did not in years passed; you can be charged with FELONY THEFT.

                  I am sure that many of those sub prime borrowers with 72 months loans on new cars and trucks have NO idea. 🙁

                  • mad irishman

                    Repo business will be a breeze real soon. They now have the technology and it is in place and being used to shut the vehicle down electronically from a distance to make car immobile.

                  • possee

                    All laws

                    apply only



                    who don’t make the laws


                  • mad irishman

                    the technology already exists and is in place and being used where the lender remotely and from a distance shuts the vehicle down electronically making it unable to start if the borrower is behind on payments

                    • Big Bear

                      Would the lender have the ability to know where the vehicle is when they hit the kill-switch? Randomly shutting off an Amurkin debt slave’s car on the 405 during rush hour would be detrimental…

                    • Nrg

                      The technology once activated will prevent the car from starting. It will not shut the engine when in operation. Look for cars parked in unusual places though. LoL!

                    • George

                      Low end car lenders have been doing this already.
                      Most that failed to pay didn’t know about it.
                      Went out to start the car and it’s dead.
                      Been going on for a while now. Normally
                      lower end financial services, on better cars.
                      They don’t need “OnStar”, this is an add on
                      package like it.

                    • Randi

                      Lenders have been sued for shutting down cars and preventing a parent from getting a sick child to an emergency room.

                    • Anonymous

                      What is the difference between “remotely” and “from a distance”?

                    • Racklefratz

                      Which is as it should be. People have no responsibility anymore, and can’t be counted upon to do what they say they’ll do on the loan app. Lenders have every right to do whatever it takes to protect their interests.

                  • Skull Smasher

                    Duh, the car is the collaterial on a car loan, no pay no car. Has always been this way.

                • Green bananas

                  Laws being ignored More and more. No protection can be expected anymore.

            • plowboy

              People should have to pay their medical bills. We have a hospital in our town that is taxpayer supported and all the ugimmes go to the emergency room because they know the hospital has no recourse to make them pay. The hell with paying other people’s bills. They can work and save or stay on drugs, keep having kids out of wedlock, or as far as I’m concerned, ROT.

              • MontanaMan

                That’s kinda the abuse and waste that Obamacare intends to remedy. Everybody (including the poor) will have to have insurance. This should encourage people to have primary care that will discourage emergency room visits. All such primary care and any (reduced) e-room visits will be covered by insurance. Insurance companies, in turn, will help enforce cost controls at serving healthcare providers, including hospitals. This is why MA (which introdoced the concept at the state level) has some of the best-rated healthcare and lowest overall healthcare costs in the nation.

                • BillyBob

                  Two things: Some can’t afford the insurance, and two,
                  illegals are not allowed in the system – where do you think they will go!

                • Lana

                  Montana Man
                  MA has some of the highest premiums in the nation and some of the longest wait times to see a doctor. And the MA health care program was not ACA compliant so it had to be reprogrammed. They had to build a multimillion dollar website that malfunctioned and barely works today.
                  Hardly a program to pattern anything after.

                • Jason

                  You must have moved to Montana from California because you are one stupid, liberal clown. Please go back. If you were born here then you are an even worse clown.

                • taxlady

                  You haven’t done your research on Romneycare. It is NOT some of the cheapest health care in the country. It is made to look that way because of HUGE Federal subsidies. Taxpayer dollars were used from the beginning. . .and remember, Federal subsidies means taxpayer dollars from all across the country. So no matter where you live, you’ve been helping to support Romneycare.

                • libsalwayslie

                  This is why MA (which introdoced the concept at the state level) has some of the best-rated healthcare and lowest overall healthcare costs in the nation.

                  Bwaaaa ha ha ha ha ha….MA has the highest health care costs in the country,and their health insurance premiums are usually the highest too. Geez, is there nothing you libs won’t lie about, lol?

                • Jack Kennedy

                  ahhh ……….. more special obama “facts”

              • Skull Smasher

                My local hospital will stabilize you and ship you to the free clinic hospital if you have a history of not paying. You’d be surprised how fast people all of a sudden fin that cash.

            • Hmmmm....

              Learn ‘100 Heads’ theory. Coming to your neighborhood soon!!!

              ht tp://sipseystreetirregulars.blogspot.com/2009/01/one-hundred-heads.html

              “””””But I was reminded this week that no man is an island, entire of itself. On my trip to the post office box, I was rewarded, in addition to statements from Social Security and the power bill, a single anonymous envelope. It was postmarked from somewhere in Oklahoma. It said this in handwritten block letters, spelling and punctuation as written:


              I have read you on the internet and believe in what your doing. One day the ATF will come to count coup on you & take your head. I promise to take One hundred heads for yours.

              Cheyenne 0317/8541

              There is a small, delicate ink drawing on the bottom of the sheet, showing what appears to be a coup stick crossed with a tomahawk and over-arched with what I’d guess are eagle feathers. 0317/8541, for the uninitiated, are the current and former MOS numbers for a Marine Scout/Sniper.

              One hundred heads. I sat in the car, reading and rereading this piece of paper, touched by its simple sincerity. I have no doubt the man means what he says. I also have no doubt that a Marine scout/sniper has the skills to take a hundred heads if, God forbid, this should come to guns.

              I shared this with a friend yesterday, and he had only this comment: “A hundred heads properly targeted could finish this thing.” Indeed.

              On the assumption that Cheyenne is reading this, I would like to tell him this:

              I do not ask you to take those hundred heads, sir, but I appreciate the commitment to our common cause that such a promise implies. I do not know what the future may bring, but if it should be grim I merely ask that you get the right hundred heads.

              In liberty, and with gratitude,

              Mike Vanderboegh

              I’m honored to be added to one more list, NSA.

              • jgalt15

                Agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments. No matter where I go, there are former servicemen and other patriots who make no bones about being there to protect Americans and take out the anti-Americans who are now in charge. No one is looking for a fight, but no one seems the type to flee from one either. To paraphrase, 500 million guns aloading, not 200 million, makes the libtards and communists break out in a cold sweat.

            • Anonymous

              its called turning someone who made a mistake into a CASH COW.the local gubments and state gubments feed off of someones mistakes.fine plus probation. then if you cant pay its more fines and probation plus jail time. In Ga the state pays the county jails for every day you are in jail. thast why the jails want to keep you 6 month to a year.and the sheriff,prosecutor,DA and the judge are all in bed together with this.

            • Lida

              THEN…we all have to look at the OVER-INFLATED Hospital costs. WHO is monitoring THEM??

            • Old Guy

              Looks like the court system has got itself in a corner. They need to stop with the fines until they can work out how the fines can be collected.

          • JRS

            Hey, good idea Sterling…

            Wonder if I can find a pair to match my assless chaps and the upholstery in my Mad Max sand rail?

            • laeagle


              Thanks for bringing attention to the problem of debt and its long term consequences especially in this economic environment. The Government and TPTB continue to set a bad example for the citizenry and make it that much more difficult to get out of debt.

              I want to wish you, all the great posters and everyone who visits this site, a most

              Prosperous, Successful, Healthy, Safe, Blessed and Happy New Year!

              Louisiana Eagle

              • the renegade braveheart

                Laeagle, Happy New Year to you and yours from braveheart. What’s mentioned in this article is in direct violation of a US Supreme Court ruling. Let one of these so-called private collection agencies come after me and it won’t end well for them. Just another damn good reason for me to stay debt-free. I wouldn’t give up a dime to any of those crooks anyway.

                • Shithead (Shi-theed)

                  This is a good incentive to drop out of the system or ignore the gubberment rulz. WTF, if I’m always going to be a fugitive anyway, I might as well make it count!

                  • Green bananas

                    Were all on verge of verge of fugitive status.
                    21k new laws passed in 2014. You won’t know when you’re breaking laws.

                    • the renegade braveheart

                      Green Bananas, that’s 21k new laws along with all the other laws that have no legitimate basis to them. I’ll wear the fugitive label with honor.

                • Rebel in Idaho

                  They do lots of things that are unconstitutional. The whole government is so corrupt that the dictatorial executive branch ignores the thieving legislature and the committee for legal fairness all the time.
                  Truth be told, they’re so corrupt now that I ignore them too on a regular basis.

                • laeagle


                  Thanks! I do hope no one tries to bother you or collect something. You have made a great point about being debt free and the freedom of not having any debt. Many of the early patriots and heroes were put in prison for their debts as the bankers came back from England and started collecting their debts. There was a revolt and a march on an armory up in Massachusetts but it was quelled and the leaders were rounded up and imprisoned. There was some much needed reform that took place as a result but still not enough and many of the heroes lost everything to the Banksters.

                  May the Good Lord watch over you, keep you safe and bless you beyond measure as we go into an uncertain 2015. To you and to All a most Happy New Year!

                  Louisiana Eagle

              • Green bananas

                I owe some $200k I student loans. Say I’m crazy for borrowing it? My 2 kids are employed and employable, paying taxes not sponging. For me, I’ll probably never own a home , new car again. Is government crazy to lend anybody that much money over5 years? He’ll yes. Like nothing in my life would EVER change. Obamaeconomy changed that.

            • shooterbob

              All chaps are assless.

              • TheGuy

                Must make it hard for those poor chaps to take a dump…

              • PO'd Patriot

                Until you slip them on.

          • Shithead (Shi-theed)

            I can’t wait for the apocolypse. I already have my leather jacket, hockey pads, and what doomsday costume would be complete without chains or handcuffs dangling from the jacket? I beez stylin!!!

            • TRUTH BE TOLD

              I thought about this outfit but I got me a one of a kind coral leisure suit – see the enemy sees you in this and their like “how can you go against style” then shoot themselfs. Something to think about

          • Anonymous

            I’ll bet you’ll see an add for them now after that comment Sterling. Macho man gloves just made my prepper list!

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Sterling – Unless you enjoy spreading your finger prints around, I would consider this: Solution: I cut small slits in my full finger workman gloves near the 2nd digit on the palm side, where if I need to, I can poke my trigger finger out and squeeze. Same with the thumb function, if I need to grab something.

            I tell you what, when SHTF, and your Barrel is a glowing, smoking, hot stick, flame thrower, you will be glad you have a full set of gloves on your fingers and palms. WWTI

            • SterlingSilver

              WWTI – Great points! But apparently no one told Hollywood. Are you saying that movies don’t always promote the most practical solution?

              • IMPCALGI

                You mean like running around in the merciless Australian desert under a blazing hot sun wearing black leather? 🙂 Yeah, I know those movies are stupid in a lot of ways, but they’re just for entertainment value. Gee whiz feller, we can’t be prepping every second of the day.

                Plus honestly, I believe the first five minutes of Road Warrior is the single best intro in movie history. Still gives me chills

                Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

          • TZinser

            Football shoulder pads and Dune Buggies are also required equipment.

          • Curtis Wood

            “golden hoards”.

            Please elaborate…

          • donicc

            Actually, if it’s cold, what you want is two pairs of gloves and you just need to cut out the thumb and 1st two fingers of one pair, which you put on first, and then wear the full fingered pair (or mittens, even) on top of the finger-less pair. When you need to use your fingers, you take off the outer pair.

            Outdoor photography in the bitter cold taught me this. I only needed to cut the fingers from the right hand glove. You simply can not operate tiny buttons and dials with your fingers covered. The feeling is more important than the dexterity.

          • plowboy

            I love ’em, just remember to cut off the fingers before you put them on. thanks

          • Max

            Basing post-doom needs on movies is foolish. Use FINGERED gloves, as they wear they then become fingerless! Then you get a new pair.

          • Colt

            I have dozens of pairs of fingerless gloves. Stocked up on them years ago. They are right handy in cold weather target practice. Troops have also been using them for quite awhile as well.

          • General Zod

            They’ll get my fingerless gloves when they pry them from my cold … er … hands.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          This is good, Finally we can Justifiably Jail the Entire Federal Government.

          I have been selling most useless everything, my house and property is next. Will use the cash to buy silver bars and coins to bury

          • anon fu

            Who, put a price on yourself yet?

            • Anonymous

              No eppe but I see you are down to your last .02 cent worth.

          • YARRRR


        • ready down under

          Off topic but I wanted to get in early …….

          It is New Years Eve here in Aussie and I want to wish all the good people here and their families all the very best for the year (and years ahead) from the family” Down Under.

          It pleases me greatly when family members offer assistance and advice to others based on their knowledge and experience rather than the sniping and criticism some go in for.

          Special best wishes and thanks to Mac and your family too, keep up the good work please – it is very much appreciated.

          Catch y’all in 2015 🙂


          • Kulafarmer

            Have a happy new year Aussie,
            Watch out for those goanas

            • ready down under

              Hey Kula, goanna’s are good eating (or so I’ve been told 🙂 something to consider in TSHTF) …….. unless you are talking about the “lizards” they get up North ….. up to about 21/22 feet long ad a ton plus?


              • oicu812

                Happiest New year, down under mate.

                We celebrated with you this morning (although a few hours later) here on the east coast of the ussag as we watched the fireworks in Sydney.

                awesome display. Hope you all have a good one!

          • the renegade braveheart

            Aussie, Happy New Year from braveheart.

          • Sgt. Dale

            Have a Blessed and Happy New Year!

        • FuckingPissed

          There will come a point when you will draw the line and blow someone’s head off for fucking with you.

          • the renegade braveheart

            FP, that day is coming a lot sooner than anyone thinks. I’ve already drawn my line. Let some scum cross it and he’s history.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              That’s why I have lots of ammo. Lots of ignorant stoopid sheep cowards out there begging for death.

              • the renegade braveheart

                WWTI, I have my own supply also. The day is coming when we really need it. This article is only one more reason for me NOT to use credit for anything. With people in debt now being treated like criminals, I could see this practice eventually start to discourage people from taking out loans for anything or even getting new credit cards, etc. A couple of articles back someone called me an idiot for never using credit for anything. I’m an idiot for staying out of the trap called debt? I’ll never understand that one.

                • Smooth Criminal

                  You’re smart braveheart. Debt=Slavery. Best to be avoided at all cost. In many countries, the concept of going into debt to purchase something is laughable. Many people simply do not do it.

                  • the renegade braveheart

                    Smooth Criminal, thanks for that. I always knew I was doing something right, despite what 2 turds think who I won’t name but they know who they are.

                • Troy

                  If only 50% of Americans felt this way, we would all be better off. Cash is, was, and always will be king…or precious metals.

          • Kulafarmer


        • BigB



          • BigB

            I don’t want blood, I want money. Money you borrowed either in cash or services or fines and fees you refused to pay because you thought you were smarter than the system. People who think it is a right to not pay legitimate debts are the slackers of society. No honor and no morals. Just warped ethics.


            • BJ

              And that is fine, as long as we derive “legitimate debt” from legitimate (true) law.

              • the renegade braveheart

                BJ, I agree. This article has me all fired up. What the system is doing is totally wrong and illegtimate. If anything like that is ever aimed against me, I won’t submit.

            • the renegade braveheart

              BigB, as long as it is truly a legitimate debt, OK, that’s one thing. But hen it’s something illegitimate like what was mentioned in this article, that’s another. There is a world of difference between legitimate and illegitimate debts. What the judicial system is doing is nothing more than a scam and in violation of a US Supreme Court ruling.

            • Shithead (Shi-theed)

              I’m not sure how any “legitimate debt” was incurred by people who were found innocent of the original minor offences.

              • Anonymous

                Request a trial and this is where Jury Nulification comes into play. Case Dismissed.

                I suspect the day that Bank steal your deposits to cover their gambling losses will be tgw day we will see lots of shooting and killing of Bankers. Banks will be ablaze and burned to the ground. Smart people take all their assets out of the bank NOW. YOUR INSECURITY UNSAFE DEPOSIT BOX WILL ALSO BE LOOTED.

                • Smooth Criminal

                  Anon- You have absolutely no prayer of getting a jury nullification. The courts intentionally omit telling the jury about this and if your lawyer attempts to do so, the judge will threaten the lawyer with contempt and will inform the jury to disregard what was said. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

                  Plus, given the vast amount of utterly stupid people in the USSA, do you really want to take a chance with a “jury of your peers”?

                  • dbreeze

                    I disagree SC. Certainly the system will do every thing they can to squash it but all I want is my right to address a jury of my peers. All I need from a lawyer is to get me a reasonably decent jury to start and I’ll take my chances from there. I know that I have done, and will never do anything worth jailing me over.
                    There’s far more people aware of the situation than the media will ever acknowledge and part of their game is to make us all think everyone else is an enemy and not to be trusted. If I can’t find 1 out of 12 of my fellow Americans willing to stand against tyranny with me then we’re all just living as prisoners anyway.

                • Big Bear

                  It won’t be only banks burning. Courthouses too. And private collection agencies.

                • dbreeze

                  Yep. The American people need to wake up to the need for jury nullification of corrupt laws in these times and depend on each other to take care of each other. Never forget, there really are way more of us than there are of them.

              • plowboy

                Court costs, filing fees, court appointed lawyer fees, administrative services, just to name a few, even if you are found not guilty. The system never says ‘innocent’, just not guilty. Either way you pay, less if not guilty, more if guilty. Thanks

            • Shithead (Shi-theed)

              Throwing people in jail is a surefire way to get them to pay. People make lots of cash while incarcerated. Look at how well it works with child support. BTW, these guys who “owe” tens of thousands in support usually have their occupation listed as laborer. A lot of the amount listed is from “fees”nd “court costs”.

            • Nine

              Jailing people over debts is the cornerstone of enforcement for Obamacare.

        • Vodin

          When every little person is in prison the security will be robots..

        • 4.6 Frigahertz

          In the USSA the crime commits you.

          It justs keeps getting worse and will continue to get even more worse until we reach the breaking point.

          Things that can’t continue, continue until they can’t continue anymore.

        • 4.6 Frigahertz

          In the USSA the crime commits you.

          It just keeps getting worse and will continue to get even more worse until we reach the breaking point.

          Things that can’t continue, continue until they can’t continue anymore.

        • JR

          Seems to me it ALL started with a violation of LAW!

        • JR

          Just think, it all started with a violation of law.

        • Anonymous

          When i lost my job i lost everything. What bills i pay.i do my best with the small job i have, if they want to jail me at the behest of bankster piss on them. I can be burdwn to all the tax payers 3 meals a day a bed to sleep on all the sex i can get with my celli,hell i,m tired of being a producer now…peace lisa

        • Tran

          Debtors prison, go back and watch tv moronic Americans

        • Ebola Jenkins


        • Pat

          The guards would be the people we voted into office. One version of Obamacare contained a provision that if a person did not have health insurance, that person could be sent to jail. Our beloved congressman at the time David Obey (he has since retired) voted for that version.

        • Htos1

          But we can’t have a return to pea farms and penal brigades. WHEN, Pentagon?

        • Karl Lentz

          Google Karl Lentz Talkshoe and learn how to avoid debtors prison for free. Don’t wait. Do it.

        • Karl Lentz

          Google Karl Lentz Talkshoe and learn how to stay out of debtors prison. Free for your brain to learn.

        • Anonymous

          I just went through this. I had to go to jail for unpaid traffic fines and a junk vehicle fine. The judge didn’t want to hear that I was already facing consequences because I had no driving privileges, and couldn’t afford the fines. I was locked in a cell for my first three days in jail with a girl who is a needle using heroine addict who was puking and crapping everywhere and when I told the gaurds it needed cleaned they tried to make me clean it without gloves. (Very easy to catch hep-c). I was humiliated and treated like a criminal over summary offenses.

        • Fargles Fergusun

          “Preppers” lol freaking retarded, inbred idiots.

        • Racklefratz

          But what I find puzzling is, why is it so hard for these debt addicts to understand that going into debt means there will be payments on that debt? Is that so complicated?

          The obvious way out of all this is, DON’T GO INTO DEBT. If you can’t afford something, don’t BUY the fu$kn thing. Duh.

        • Alex

          You guy’s aren’t even talking about the prison lol. Bunch of idiots

      2. Kfilly

        That’s just swell. I can’t wait to see some sheeple get arrested for debt. The expression their face will probably be priceless. That will be especially true of the bobble head type that run everything up on a credit card. Serves some of those inattentive morons right. As for people who go there for medical bills or some other reason beyond their control, that really sucks, and I have a little bit of pity for them.

        • GMAFB

          Debt: A trap which a man sets and baits himself, and then deliberately gets into.


          Saying more with less…

          Same shit, new day.

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          Kfilly – Ever read the current laws regarding Debt collection. No Harassing phone calls after 8pm or before 7AM, No calling you at work, Only 1 phone call per day. If they violate these rules, you can then turn around and sue them and possible for more than you own them. Balance cancelled case closed. And if somebody tries to show up at your house, make sure your No Trespassing signs are up. “Trespassers will be shot, Survivors will be shot again.”

          But if they do call just say no he ain’t here, he moved away and I have no idea where he went. But here is BraveHart’s phone number I think he is living there. haha.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Yes, Hefty Heavy Duty Black Construction Bags work pretty good for disposing of unnecessary debris. A part of your Prepps.

          • the renegade braveheart

            WWTI, I’ll have something for them they don’t want. LOL

          • BJ

            They don’t cancel the balance owed. What happens is that particular debt collector cannot go after it anymore. So they sell it to another and it starts all over.

            And the best thing to say is “I do not discuss my or anyone else’s financial matters over the phone. If you think I owe money, send a certified letter providing me evidence.” and then hang up.

      3. drillerman09

        add another group of D-bags to the hit list…..

      4. Doorman

        Meanwhile, the federal government continues to spend billions upon billions of dollars that are not theirs. The Federal Reserve continues to create billions upon billions of dollars out of thin air and the big banks get the bailout money, yet the average American citizen gets threatened with jail time for not paying their debts. That’s just great, absolutely amazing.

        • oicu812

          In our great state, the legislators and governor have devised a way to increase revenue while passing along another burden to taxpayers.

          Now, all persons convicted of drunk driving charges that result in prison time, will serve that time in local/county jails, instead of state prisons.

          Removing them from the state’s prison system, requires the county to house and feed them. The added expenses have to come from somewhere. I see increased property taxes coming next year for all those folks with $100k +, homes and land.

          It is gonna get real expensive, and real quick like, for the folks on fixed incomes. The property tax rates will explode when the shtf anyway, so this kind of shit, just adds more fuel to the fire. All those 3500 sq. ft. homes with fancy drives and landscaping is gonna be a burden to the folks living above their raising.

          When those wealthy types, that live off of the profits and interest of their portfolios each year, have to lose those deposits to the jooster/bankers when it fails again, they will not be able to pay all those expensive property taxes and the fines and penalties will start rolling in. Next on the list is, property confiscations and auctions.

          Those little shacks that they laughed at and turned their noses at when they drove by years earlier, will start looking real good from under that bridge they are homesteading.

          Snobs knob will have new tennants that speak a language that isn’t english.

          just sayin’

          • sixpack

            I personally can’t wait for it to reach farther up the ladder. It’s time for those above the lowest rungs to have some of the fun too…MAYBE THEN THEY’LL WAKE THE HELL UP!

            • Smooth Criminal

              Sixpack- If things play out the way we SHTF people believe they will, I think EVERYONE (minus the jew bankers) is in for a world of hurt.

          • BJ

            And how many of the dui’s were really too intoxicated to drive. I wish people would wake about in regards to the color of laws and who is passing them.

            All in the name of “safety.”

            • the renegade braveheart

              BJ, I agree. This article is only one more example of a broken, beyond-saving, evil system that must and will be replaced. No legitimacy to it whatsoever.

            • Shithead (Shi-theed)

              Sure they were drunk. After the threshold for “intoxication” was lowered. See how easy that was? I had a friend who racked up DUIs until he was broke and heavily in debt. The local pigs knew this, and when he got stopped for his next DUI, they didn’t even arrest him, just gave him a citation and cut him loose. The next morning, he went to the DMV, told them he lost his license and needed a replacement (I’m sure he hadn’t planned his course of action), and fled to another state where he immediately got a license from their DMV, all before the latest DUI was entered into the computer system.

              • BJ

                And they now want to drop it to .05.

                If I were a bar owner, I would buy the BAC breathalyzers and supply them in the bar along with a taxi service.

            • orn

              Peeps in the jackpot gotta eat. Feed ’em Ramen. Beef, chicken, shrimp, hot and spicy and the new illegal immigrant inspired spicy lime flavor. What an investment opportunity for the wise nondebtor. Nutritious (just kidding) filling, delicious and cheap.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              BJ Get this: Since these 2 NY Cops were assassinated,

              Arrests plummet 66% with NYPD in virtual work stoppage
              12-30-2014 • New York Post
              It’s not a slowdown — it’s a virtual work stoppage.

              NYPD traffic tickets and summonses for minor offenses have dropped off by a staggering 94 percent following the execution of two cops — as officers feel betrayed by the mayor and fear for their safety,….

              **The NY Cop Revenue Raisers are Skeered Shitless, and stopped Harassing the Public, afraid they will be killed too.

              • sixpack

                …as they should be. cops should not have to be afraid to do their job, it’s what they do BEYOND just the job that warrants a second thought.

                You can arrest somebody according to the law, but you can’t beat them bloody, just because you’ve been having a bad day.

                Anyone who can’t tell the difference, should not be allowed to be a cop.

              • The Old Coach

                This is how the NYPD does a work slowdown. This is not the first time they’ve done this. Usually it’s a union contract issue at stake. This time it’s that they feel that deBlasio has supported the criminal elements in the city first, and the cops last. They are, for once, right.

          • Green bananas

            Sound like a 99%er.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Doorman, I hear you. I think it was Timothy Geithner, a SECRETARY OF THE US TREASURY, who was facing a charge of income tax fraud, but was still allowed to serve in that position. Then you have Al Sharpton who owes $5,000,000 in back taxes to the IRS and is still not held accountable for that. Go figure

        • Green bananas

          Go south cross the border. Give immigration false answers and BAM. you’re in without penalty and govt checks. The guy playing by the rules get shafted.
          Maybe tax revolt where enough of is pay NO tax APRIL 15. Shut govt down ourselves. Need a grassroots and large coordinated movement.

      5. incognito


      6. GMAFB

        Confucius say… prisoner who paints in jail, will have brush with the law.


        It is comforting to know I can offend so many by saying so little…

        Same shit, new day…

      7. Anonymous

        Jesus, they always cry about not having enough jail cells available to put dangerous criminals in, having to release murderers,rapists, etc, early due to lack of available space, so they can put DEBTORS in instead? I’m calling bullshit on this paper threat.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Anon, the worst criminals always get released early because of the light sentences the libturd judges hand down anyway, but I do agree with your point. I also call BS on the whole thing and it violates a US Supreme Court ruling. go figure.

        • Shithead (Shi-theed)

          The gubbermint figures they have less of a chance of sqeezing cash out of murderers serving life sentences. Some (usually not-violent offenders) are kept in prisons to serve as slave labor.

      8. oicu812

        Since the early Roman Empire began taxing it’s citizens and assigning penalties for non-payment, governments and their sister empires of the judicial system have been throwinf people in jail for not paying their fines and penalties.

        It has now become a game of cat and mouse with these theives of the injustice system. If you are not one of them or have an “inside pull”, person, you are sol.

        The wealthy can hire a lawyer to judicate and negotiate and the whole damned fine/penalty will be forgotten.

        A common person will not get a break.

        Just like trying to fight the IRS and their fines and penalties. If they get something against you, right or wrong, they will rake you over the coals until you get it paid.

        My fiance’ had a lot of debt from her previous marriage. her pos ex would not work, and pay his taxes. Because they had filed jointly every year, the IRS came after her and laid all his post tax debts on her and even garnished her paycheck.

        I had went thru a similar deal a few years previous and told her she would never win and to just pay the damn thing off. She fought it and it cost her almost twice as much.

        She underpaid on her income taxes a few years ago and got bills from the state and federal. Once again, i said, “borrow the money and pay them off immediately, or you will lose”. She spent countless hours talking to IRS people and state tax reps. She said i got it all worked out and they are working with me and are eliminating penalties and interest while i make payments.

        Once again i said, “borrow the money and pay them off or they will screw you over because they lie”.
        She would not listen and guess what…it wound up costin her half again as much as what they told her it would.
        She still had to pay interest and penalties.

        Yoy will not win with these people. Pay off your fines and fees asap. No ifs ands or buts, or you will lose.

        They are the modern day Cesar, and they get what they want.

        • Anonymous

          Stoopid people One spouces debt does not carry over to the other. Only Stoopid sheep are duped.

        • Chantilly Lady

          I have had multiple people tell me it is less expensive to put it on a credit card than pay the IRS interest rate (and the way the way they calculate it) and penalties

          • oicu812

            From what I have experienced in dealing with the IRS and state tax collectors, that holds true.

            My fiance’ had everything written down in a tablet from day one. Everytime she called them, she never was able to talk to the same person twice. Guess what, everytime the balance of what she owed had changed to a higher figure, and sometimes as much as a hundred dollars over just a few weeks. Eventually, a beginning balance owed of $1280.00 ended up costing her well over $2000.00, when said and done.

            Outside/contract billing agencies are used and it takes weeks from the time your account is debited, to when it actually gets deducted from your IRS balance.

            As a reply, to the statment from the “stoopid” anon above,… you cannot win with the IRS. They have the power and authority to dub you as an outlaw, and will send badge wearing, gun toting, agents to find you.

            When the tax owed, is for the time frame that a couple was married, either party can get fined and held liable.
            When my fiance’ said it was his debt because we were legally seperated at that time and he should be liable, the IRS rep said, “Yes we agree, however, we can’t find him, but we got you, so you will have to take up the matter with him thru your attorney for that part of recouping any money.”

            Whe the IRS says..”we got you”.. they ain’t just whistling dixie, cause they really got you by the asshole, and you will never excape as long as you work in the USA.

            Pay the thieving pricks by whatever means you have and be done with them.

            You can fight, or run and hide, but they will eventually win, unless you are able to go underground with a new identity.

          • Skeptic

            Years ago I had some back personal income taxes and worked it out.When the IRS called I was straight with them and paid what I could pay when I said I would pay it. I did not dispute that I owed it. At that time it was cheaper interest than I could have got at the bank and the penalties were not terrible. One thing though. I paid my employees withholding like a slot machine. There is no fudge room there. I recovered and went on just fine. I am not an IRS shill. Just my experience. I have known people who did not pay withholding from employees and they might as well have put their dicks in a meat grinder. Not saying all others have had the same experience. My beef has been more with city, county, and state taxes and small time prick authorities. Would like to hear from others with similar experiences.

      9. Clem kadiddlehopper

        If this is the case, everyone in Obuttcracks administration and Obuttcrack himself will go to jail for running up debt the US can’t pay? Ummm not.

      10. Warchild Dammit!

        Time to start hitting these private probation companies ect,fuck em!Someone works there they know they are part of the problem and are taking a risk.

        • Warchild Dammit!

          You could go the Joe Stack route,e-file fail?,try airmail!

        • the renegade braveheart

          Warchild, last time I checked, ‘accidents’ do still happen on occasion. Some collectors are just as vulnerable to ‘accidents’ as anyone else.

      11. wrong

        i love being debt free… well, other than taxs. Oh and insurance and food and gas and medical expenses… you know what i mean.

        • oicu812

          There is so much truth to the old saying that you can’t escape death and taxes.

          It is now looking like we are so close to the end, that I might possibly escape death before I do taxes.

          Being out of debt,and retired, sucks; because you just get all the taxes and insurance paid up,and think you are home free for a while, and botta bing,botta bang, …it all starts over again.

          We are now putting back, double monthly installments for property taxes, before it all comes due next year. Hopefully we can pay our 2015 property taxes before the financial collapse, so that will be one thing less to worry about. Phuck the auto and homeowners insurance. Staying home basically 24/7 will mean no need for those things anyway. Unless, they start requiring liability/travelers insurance for horseback riding on state roads.

          • Warchild Dammit!

            The economy collapses last thing will be concerned with is taxes/fed debt ect.

          • Shithead (Shi-theed)

            If you prepay property taxes, the records may end up with Lerner’s e-mails. They will tell you your receipt is fake.

      12. Copperhead

        No matter what they do to the common man and how they break the law every single minute, way–way to many people don’t have the balls to stand up armed and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! They will continue to complain and gripe until they start walking up the ramp to the cattle cars and then they will say why didn’t someone do something to stop this. As Phil Collins sang “I don’t care any more.” This SHIT will go on till TPTB says its over, and for us to stop it, well time ran out long ago. So just prepare for yourself and family; stand tall, and when they come, look them in the eye and say so go FU~K YOURSELF then make a big pile of brass. One very important question must be asked: Are You Prepared To DIE.

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

        • sixpack

          It’s getting to the point where it feels like that’s all that is left.

          • Ghost Rider

            Good post Copperhead, I’m feeling the same way.


        • old70

          one person can hold off a hundred people with a six shooter unless they is one among them who is willing to sacrifice their life for the rest.

        • Smooth Criminal

          Well said copperhead. I’ve come to the same conclusion as you. Those who are willing to stand up are to few and the time to alter the current path was long ago. It is all about self preservation now. Fuck those people who refuse to heed warnings and prepare. I have no sympathy for them and I have even written off friends because of this. Don’t want them around when SHTF. Not enough food and ammo to go around.

      13. vtfree2

        We wouldn’t have all this debt if we didn’t use debt currency issued from the crime syndicate know as the FRB .

        During the Roman Empire an ounce of gold would buy the finest toga, the best sandals and a hand crafted belt.

        Today an ounce of gold will buy the finest tailored suit, the best shoes and a hand crafted belt.

        In 1970 a ounce of silver would get you about 7 gal. of gas.

        Today an ounce of silver will get you about 7 gal. of gas.

        The cost of merchandise/labor has not gone up, the value of the USD has gone down.

        • Nine

          You keyed on what actual value is. 7 gallons of fuel for one ounce of silver. if this equation remains constant. Thriving is a matter of hard work, determination and most importantly never accepting failure as defeat. get off your ass’s and prepare along side of living well.
          Hiding under a tin foil hat is still hiding. be ready for EITHER WAY the deal goes down.
          God Bless America. We are Stronger than they are.

      14. Sierra Dave

        There are two kinds of people.

        Those who work for a living and government parasites who live off them.

        • GMAFB

          Prison inmates are treated to cable TV, hot meals and a college education, while on the outside some people can only afford these things through a life of crime!

          Alfred E. Neuman
          fictional mascot and cover boy of Mad, an American humor magazine

          Same shit, new day.

        • Renee

          Sierra, what about the millions of Americans who had 1/3 of their income taken each month for Social Security and decades later find that it was squandered? My uncle, sister and mom ALL paid into social security and they ALL died before getting one ZINC CENT back…

          There isn’t even copper left in the coins! Same with plumbing these days. My house has only L 3/4 pipes and not that PEX crap.

          Anyway, don’t knock people who worked HARD, paid thier SS, and end up with NOTHING…

          • Warchild Dammit!

            Renee,pennies 81 and back mostly copper,why I save em and just fun to go thru change as occasionally find some wheat backs/buffalo nickels ect.As for pex love the stuff though use the pex with a very thin inner sandwich of copper to hold bends ect.The reason I like it is that it wont get destroyed but mineral rich/and or acidic water like the copper will,have used meself and in others homes successfully for decades but to each their own.

            • old70

              about Oct 82 pennies became 95% zinc and 5 % copper, before that they were 95% copper and 5% zinc. I get a brick of pennies about once a month and sort them, being from a hick town, the bank doesn’t like to sell bricks and the girls in the bank don’t like to lift them(about 20#s) after sorting probably eight hundred dollars worth, I have three hundred dollars in copper pennies, I have found one mint cond indian head penny, over two hundred Wheaties and lots of foreign coins.

              I know of people who have a sorting machine and do hundreds of dollars worth a week hoping the government will scrap the law saying pennies can not be melted for the copper, a copper penny cost a penny and scrap value was up to about three cents at one time.in five yrs there will be no more pre 82 pennies.
              nickels aren’t worth anything unless they are War nickels 35% silver 1942- 1945. Indian heads aren’t really worth anything but a nickel unless you get one with a date which is next to impossible.

              • old70

                can you imagine, some idiot put a thumbs down for the above post, must be a real loser

          • Babycatcher55

            Renee, that was the plan all along…to set the numbers so that people would die before the Feds had to pay out…it rots. I’ll never see any of what I put in, so I’m not holding my breath…just gonna keep working with what I know how to do…

            • american

              Obama-care, I think, is almost certain to eventually include the means to get rid of senior citizens not only via denial of care, but also like in Nazi Germany, there will be people coming to homes to remove the elderly, and then kill them. The government stands to save all kinds of money. Their organs could be sold, too. You can’t trust the government, but you especially can’t trust liberals. People who declare abortion is not murder, also will declare euthanasia not murder, especially if the government says its legal and calls for it.

              • Anonymous

                Is there a market for the organs of old people?

                • The Old Coach

                  Damn! Time for me to take up heavy drinking and smoking.

          • Someperson

            if the gub is behind it, its a scam. unfortunately most college goers are brainwashed through 13r years of school, parents, peers that its college or mcd’s. by the time they smell the shitstorm, its too late.

          • Sierra Dave

            All part of the government class screwing over the working people. We have cause for throwing them all out when you look at their ‘better’ benefits and pensions.

            Obama-care should apply to ALL OF THEM!!!

        • Anonymous

          Its time to start cutting off EBT CARDS, WELFARE, CORPORATE WELFARE and Subsidies, and ALL FOREIGN AID.

      15. JD

        Until obama,America had a governing body that created an economy for people to work in and took responsibility for maintaining it.The democrat party refuses to help the economy. So you have a economy that doesn’t sustain itself without government help!!!!!!!

        • Renee

          These problems existed long before obama. It’s all been smoke and mirrors for as long as I can remember. Obama is nothing more than a puppet and the real agenda is FAR behind him. There is NO left or right. BOTH wings are controlled by the same HEAD and that’s it.

          The EXACT SAME head.

          • dbreeze

            Bingo. It’s been nothing but a divide and conquer game for a long time…..

        • Nine

          Our economy would be STELLAR if the federal government did what it was chartered to do and NOTHING ELSE.

      16. swinging richard

        How about prison for those that abuse our money or those that charge fees for using our money?

      17. Townsaver

        Might as well rack up the debt!

        Monkey see, monkey do. I wrote my State Senator about the Cronybus bill. He was one of the few to vote against it. He wrote me a letter back, and told me how wonderful he was and all the work he was doing on my behalf to fix things like this.

        I have done my bit for king and country.

        Next high limit credit card on the way. Spend Spend Spend!


      18. Stewpedaso

        Its a legal matter easily loop holed…For the collection agency to get authority to collect the debt they first have to buy it…you don’t have a contract with them…thank them for helping you out but legally there is no contract. Or offer to pay in pennies, if they refuse get it in writing and you are done paying…if they yes…oops. But if you make one payment you are bound to the old contract so don’t.

      19. Just sayin'

        The US government owes $17 trillion ($17,000,000,000,000) which can never be repaid, so let’s put the government in debtors prison.

        Are ” We the People” the “governmet” or the “governed”.

      20. Ass hat

        Assess chaps ha ha I use that one that’s like a sore prick you can’t beat it . Or how about an addadicktomy I work with some funny guys . Any way was just thinking of some thing to get for shtf . A couple of balaclavas so we don’t get identified doing what we gotta do thin leather gloves too black leather great coat any thing else shtf is gonna be fun hahahahhahahahahahahahahahah

      21. dirtygreek

        Soooo if you cant pay the fines and they put you in jail,when you get out of jail does it mean that the debt is paid????? No one even asked this question yet???? If it were me,id insist on going to jail save some cash,as im a good turnip,lol!

      22. Jim in Va.

        Well, you can’t take it with you…..spend it all! Let them put you in jail where they have to feed you,house you,clothe you and keep the tv going. Break the govt. before they break you.

      23. Kevin2

        The prison industrial complex will need new arrivals as the marijuana laws disappear state by state. The void created from no longer incarcerating these non violent individuals will need to be augmented by new non violent easy to manage violators of some sort.

        In the end the system must expand.

        • Shithead (Shi-theed)

          If there are not enough criminals, you make more… Atlas Shrugged

      24. Patti

        A lot of formerly middle class suicides coming up.

      25. tishie

        This is complete B.S. It has already been established that this is illegal. I was once with a friend in court (for support). This was around 2009. A young woman, before my friend’s turn, was asking for a restraining order from an abusive spouse. She had several outstanding parking violations that were unpaid. Put before the Judge he announced that he would not hear her statements until she paid these violations. She said she could not. Without another word the bailiff was called and hand cuffed her. Brought her downstairs to the jail. My guess is she went to prison since this was only a day holding cell. Sickened my heart. My discuss for our Judicial system is beyond hateful. May we never find ourselves in their Never Ever Land.

        • NCClyde

          Sounds like that judge needs some help being cured from his apparent lead deficiency.

        • libsalwayslie

          My guess is she went to prison

          You guess? She must not have been much of a friend then, or you’d KNOW whether or not she went to prison.

      26. Ass hat

        I don’t pay bill anyway it’s my money fat boy u can’t have shit I’m gonna steal money from them by not paying hahahaha and I don’t use banks try to get it there . What you gonna garnish my pay im ago on welfare fuck me noooo fuck you how’d that be . If everybody did this I mean everybody I don’t think they could really do anything about it they gonna haul everyone into court noway and they gonna keep the lights on the water flowing and the sewer going . They don’t give welfare I will just resort to crime . Think about it you only get screwed if you let it happen money is just a means for the elites to controll the folks who care everyone else is gettin shit 4free if you do this the bums won’t think any less of you Obama gonna pay my bills haaaaaaay hahahahahahahahah

      27. the Lone Ranger

        Mac, none of my posts are getting posted. When I repost hours later, it says I already posted it.

        Can you explain?

        – the Lone Ranger


        QUESTION ?

        Where is the PRES. flying to play golf next time ?

        How much does it cost to fly EXECUTIVE ?

        How much does it cost to fly on COUCH ?

        Which one will he fly ?

        What will he do ?

        What will he do ??????????????

        • The Old Coach

          I want to think that by “fly the COUCH” you were thinking back to the ’70s druggie days when “flying the couch” meant you’d smoked so much hemp that you couldn’t get up off it, but had also done enough speed that you couldn’t go to sleep.

      29. Mike

        18+ Trillion in unpayable debt. Who’s going to prison?

        • Jim in Va.

          Just put bars on my windows and I’ll stay home for my punishment. I’ve no debt but with coming healthcare,taxes and regulations I won’t be able to be debt free for long. Just thought I’d save the government a few dollars instead of building another debtor’s prison.


            Better you just put on a ankle tracker.

            Oh wait! never have your cell phone off and keep it on you.

      30. Cellar Spider

        If you find yourself in the cascading debt problem, lawyers often recommend that upon receipt of a debt collection letter, immediately send a registered letter asking the debt collection company to verify the debt. Lawyers have often said that this needs to be done within 30 days of receipt of the debt letter.

        The fair debt collection practices act is one that every person needs to become familiar with.

        One might also learn how to file Objections when they receive a complaint. There are several books that deal with how to represent yourself in court.

        Also, one might read up on Affirmative Defenses. I have heard lawyers say that if a defendant is on any form of public assistance, that is an affirmative defense. No further action would be taken by the court.

        I wonder if one is receiving a subsidy from Obamacare, that that is a form of public assistance…thereby nullifying any debt collection activity for millions.

        Of course, always consult an attorney, I’m only providing hearsay information.

      31. Ass hat

        Is it a crime to not participate in modern society I don’t think so but they will find some way to make you a criminal . I want to live like an Indian or a mountain man off the land make my own things and live close with nature I’m not interested in going to doctors when im sick I will boil tree roots and drink that and feel better in the morning I don’t want to own a vehicle I will saddle up my mule I don’t want to buy heating oil I will split and burn wood I don’t want to live in an apartment building with other family’s on the other side of the wall I will live in a log cabin I built myself I don’t want indoor plumbing I will go to the creek and fill a bucket oh and I don’t want to pay taxes on land that has been in my family for over 100 years . We the gov are putting a lein on your property for non payment of taxes . Well looks like I better get a job and pay the taxes or lose my land and I need a car to get to work gonna have to buy oil to heat house no time to split wood May as well get an apartment with plumbing well looks like the dream is gone don’t it . so is freedom of choice

        • Townsaver

          Every post from you is a wall of text.

          Slow down your thoughts.

          Your ideas are valid, but they could be expressed better.

          Living off the land is a pipe dream. Impossible for most. You have land, and the ability, tools, animals and willpower, than more power to you.

          Most people have a hard time raising chickens, so…

        • Kevin2


          I’m continuously amazed how profits are generated from that which would normally considered be a liability. Conventional wisdom would suggest that society would want less people incarcerated. Derivatives are the greatest example where a bet is made that an investment will drop, its sold and once again down becomes up.

          Ostensible and convoluted best describes modern society in the US.

          • BJ

            Satori and Kevin,
            Look up CUSIP……..TPTB make money on everyone when they go to jail…..without performing labor for them.

      32. Chris G.

        This has to stop…It’s so blatantly wrong….in every way….How could any public official even entertain the thought for a second….let alone approve of it….whats wrong with these people?

      33. Ass hat

        When I was a child there was this man who lived down the road he had an out house goats chickens no electric this was a real homestead this man was allways outside working he wore coveralls and the subdivision grew around him a little more each year . And neibors started complaining about the manure smells coming in their window . Us kids would be playing nearby and the police would go to his house at least twice a week . And it seemed like they were harassing him . he was an old man then one day his wife died . He kept on working his homestead and cops keep harassing him my father went to town meetings and said there was numerous complaints about the smell we never complained because it never really smelled just on really hot days sometimes no big deal . Finally old man died the town animal controll came in and rounded up his animals and the place lay vacant for about another year before being bulldozed the point is this poor old guy was doing the green thing for the earth. Before it was cool and he was harassed by neibors that came after him and didn’t like how he was living . These people caused him great stress and I’m sure he felt his way of life slipping away . I never really understood this as a kid but I do now .

        • Shithead (Shi-theed)

          Where I live, there are people who complain about the local landfill or commercial airport. The landfill has been there longer than most people have been alive, and the airport has never been secret.

          • Angry Old White Guy

            My state of New Hampshire has a “Right to Farm” law. It came in very handy 10 or 15 years ago when a large housing development was built directly across from a family-owned pig farm that had been in business for over 100 years.

            New people came in, bought houses and then started complaining. The state said, ‘Too bad, you knew it was there when you bought your house”.

        • Townsaver

          Today we just eminent domain them out. No need for town hall meetings or complaints to the Sheriff. Simply grease the county manager, buy the judge a bottle of hooch, and thy will be done.

          That green lifestyle is gone. You want green? Grow some grass. You are not going to sustain today’s population with a steer and plow. It can not be done. This alone is reason enough for collapse. Food production. Everything else is truly secondary.

          My strength is not gardening. So I work with others that have that strength. Their strength is not communications and off grid power, but they can grow food. It works out well for both of us, as it has since we sheltered together in caves.

          I wanted to be the lone wolf forever growing up, and well into my early 30’s. Now, I try to talk my 17 year boy out of that same fantasy. It is truly romantic, but like most romances, it is unsustainable.

          Happy New Year.

        • Kevin2

          You were obviously a child some time ago. In todays time a host of regulations would have been drafted requiring the home owner to comply with what the majority wants.

          “Normal” has an incorrect assumption within it that its somehow right, correct, preferred. The reality is its just the path of the majority. Ask people the advantages of “Democracy” and the reply is, “Majority rules”. They’re too ignorant to understand, “Tyranny of the masses”.

      34. CB

        So is there any doubt from anyone other than the liberal, socialist, pussified leftists, that its time to start tar and feathering these assholes who right the stupid ass laws? It is pass time to drag those sorry asses in d.c. out of their offices and introduce them to hemp!!!

        • CB

          “WRITE” (sorry didn’t notice that)

      35. TheGuy

        I fucking knew it would come to this.

        Yeah you dumbasses, they’ll really be able to pay now! Stupid fucks… they have no job anymore thanks to you… what are you gonna do, work it out of them and then harvest their organs?

      36. JRS

        There really is no way out of these current circumstances. Too many enforcers and .gov apparatchiks depend on a paycheck to ever do anything but “what they’re told”. If any thought ever entered their heads about right or wrong, I’m sure it is quickly pushed to the back of their mind.

        Because…”It’s the LAW”.

        Of course we can discuss what SHOULD be done…like repealing the legal tender laws. That would immediately take the control of the money away from the banks and allow competing currencies with no profitable usury and thus no reason for constant debt growth.

        I think I dreamt that last night…

        • PO'd Patriot

          There is a way and that time will come soon enough. Not wishing for it. Debtor’s Prison… just another way to place you behind a fence and keep you down. Very similar to the FEMA camp scenario. I keep hearing that it is all gonna crash, everything will tumble down in 2015. I’ve heard this for the last ten years around the end of December cause those who predict it have another full year to be proven right or wrong. Everybody’s “frig this bullshit” moment can come at different times. It might be a bullshit traffic stop, a repo’d attempt, or something trivial on just another bad day you’re having. One thing is for sure, the chaos is going to grow.

          • Kulafarmer

            Nobody really knows,
            Fact of the matter is that the asshats in charge are juggling like there is no tomorrow because if they stop their manipulation the hammer would fall!
            Personally i wish it would, im over this crap.
            Yea yea i know some of you donkeys will say only a psycopath would wish for that,
            SO FUCKING WHAT
            Maybe i am

      37. swinging richard

        A teller at Fifth Third Bank asked me to apply for a credit card because she would get a fifty dollar bonus if I was accepted. I did so with no intention of ever using the card. Three months later the bank started sending me a bill of 25 dollars for not using the card. I have been in HVAC for 30 years and never sent a bill for services not rendered. I believe if I started billing people at random, I could be prosecuted.

        • Angry Old White Guy

          This is not surprising to me, my wife and me owned a small seasonal greenhouse business. We use to take credit cards and since we where a seasonal business, our credit card processing company started charging us $15 each month we did NOT have any credit card sales. That on top of $45/month fee to have the service available.

          Only in Amerika can a company charge you for doing NOTHING.

          • Big Bear

            Assigning value to nothing creates lots of phony billionaires, and their phony millionaire sycophant shareholders.

            Only when the mighty microchips fry will the 1000-year Reich of the Phony Age come to an end.

      38. Copperhead

        Will you give this to my Daddy?

        Last week I was in Atlanta, Georgia attending a conference. While I was in the airport, returning home, I heard several people behind me beginning to clap and cheer. I immediately turned around and witnessed one of the greatest acts of patriotism I have ever seen.

        Moving through the terminal was a group of soldiers in their camos. As they began heading to their gate, everyone (well almost everyone) was abruptly to their feet with their hands waving and cheering.

        When I saw the soldiers, probably 30-40 of them, being applauded and cheered for, it hit me. I’m not alone. I’m not the only red-blooded American who still loves this country and supports our troops and their families.

        Of course I immediately stopped and began clapping for these young unsung heroes who are putting their lives on the line everyday for us so we can go to school, work and home without fear or reprisal.

        Just when I thought I could not be more proud of my country or of our service men and women, a young girl, not more than 6 or 7 years old, ran up to one of the male soldiers. He kneeled down and said ‘hi.’

        The little girl then asked him if he would give something to her daddy for her.

        The young soldier, who didn’t look any older than maybe 22 himself, said he would try and what did she want to give to her Daddy. Then suddenly the little girl grabbed the neck of this soldier, gave him the biggest hug she could muster and then kissed him on the cheek.

        The mother of the little girl, who said her daughter’s name was Courtney, told the young soldier that her husband was a Marine and had been in Iraq for 11 months now. As the mom was explaining how much her daughter Courtney missed her father, the young soldier began to tear up.

        When this temporarily single mom was done explaining her situation, all of the soldiers huddled together for a brief second. Then one of the other servicemen pulled out a military-looking walkie-talkie. They started playing with the device and talking back and forth on it.

        After about 10-15 seconds of this, the young soldier walked back over to Courtney, bent down and said this to her, ‘I spoke to your daddy and he told me to give this to you.’ He then hugged this little girl that he had just met and gave her a kiss on the cheek. He finished by saying ‘your daddy told me to tell you that he loves you more than anything and he is coming home very soon.’

        The mom at this point was crying almost uncontrollably and as the young soldier stood to his feet, he saluted Courtney and her mom. I was standing no more than 6 feet away from this entire event.

        As the soldiers began to leave, heading towards their gate, people resumed their applause. As I stood there applauding and looked around, there were very few dry eyes, including my own. That young soldier in one last act of selflessness turned around and blew a kiss to Courtney with a tear rolling down his cheek.

        We need to remember everyday all of our soldiers and their families and thank God for them and their sacrifices. At the end of the day, it’s good to be an American.

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

        • Kulafarmer

          Brings tears to my eyes,,,
          God bless and happy new year

        • BJ


        • vtfree2

          I have to ask, if anyone supports the troops and their corporate endeavors are you not supporting political generated illegal wars based on lies and the killing of innocent children, women and men?

      39. royrdsjr

        Back in biblical times people who couldn’t pay their debts were sold into slavery. Just imagine a “debtor’s prison” as a slave labor camp for the prison-industrial complex with “slave wages” that is automatically garnished to go towards their debt,but not significant enough to get them out of debtor’s prison any time soon,possibly keeping them imprisoned for decades.

        • BJ

          Every 7 years all debts were cancelled…..Deuteronomy 15

          Oh and usury was not allowed.

          • royrdsjr

            Don’t expect THAT to be part of the plan in the country that has 100 year home loans(am I exaggerating? I’m not sure) & has no problem whatsoever charging exorbitant interest on money owed.

          • Just Me

            We used to have this before they changed the Bankruptcy laws.

      40. KY Mom

        Maryland police target out of state gun owners (with a concealed carry license) for traffic stops.

        Stories pile up but police say searches are legal.

        “A year ago this New Year’s Eve, John Filippidis of Florida was driving south with his family on Interstate 95 when the Maryland Transportation Authority Police pulled over his black Ford Expedition and proceeded to raid it while his twins, wife and daughter looked on — separated in the back seats of different police cruisers.

        The officers were searching for Mr. Filippidis‘ Florida-licensed, palm-size Kel-Tec .38 semi-automatic handgun, which he left at home locked in his safe.”

        Maryland does NOT recognize handgun permits issued by other states.”

        If police find the gun, they confiscate it and arrest the owner.


      41. Ass hat

        Monday was the worst for me In a while I’m not mad though woke up Monday went out to start my truck the thing was dead just a dim dummy light so I’m scratching my head battery is new I’m no mechanic so I jump start it with wife’s car ok back in business I go to work I get there and find the guys loaded the freight in my work truck wrong stops out of order now I have to run out of order it’s too late to strip it and reload it . About around lunch time the wife calls cryin the kids pet rabbit died. I said I’m sorry hunny but I’m busy trying to deliver a huge sign that was loaded against the wall and it’s packaging is falling apart I’m trying to rig it to move out and lower it to ground with the lady watching and a guy that don’t know how to run a forklift . My phone ringing all day I know I’m not that popular. Finally I make it through the day. I go to leave work the car is dead again so had to bum a jump to fire it up again. Had to drop it off at mechanics wife come and get me . Got like five hours sleep and back to work for another 12 hours . I figure it’s just life these things happen. Now gotta pay a mechanic to fix truck kids want another pet rabbit . So didn’t make any $ this week . Put up with all that for no $ it’s not all about $ to me in fact I don’t really esteem $ like other people do we all need it though. We don’t drive fancy expensive cars or wear designer suits and clothes or live in big house but what we have we own debt free no mortgage no vehicle payments and we like it that way I will save the Cadillac for my dreams. Wife says about people having $ to have BMW or Mercedes I said hunny they are in debt don’t envy them they have more stress than we do I still do vacations and get my wife nice things occasionally but I don’t have to look like I have $ to the world I’m happy with having a nice bank account and financial security knowing if I get laid off I won’t go into debt right away .

        • american

          I recently read the book,God Is Interested In Your Work. What you describe is holy work.

      42. Arizona Dude

        About a year ago my spouse and I were summoned (ordered) by the court to provide the whereabouts of a relative who owed money to a large bank. After some investigation by me I learned the judge who approved the order turned out was the friend of and close neighbor of the two attorneys who service the collections for the bank. They all live a a high end part of Tucson. We had to hire an attorney to threaten to sue for harassment the attorneys for the bank. The order was withdrawn. They had no legal right to act on us since those debts did not belong to us. This was indeed harassment by the attorneys who worked for the bank and a corrupt judge who was willing to issue an order to force people to give information about debtors they were looking for. In essence a legal lynch mob. I know now that the system is indeed corrupt and will never have faith in it as it stands. I know of other cases such as this but what is there to do except wait for real justice to kick in someday.

      43. Ass hat

        Have an uncle in Kentucky he has 150 acres and a mountain on it went to visit a couple years back these are very humble god fearing people he has 100head of goats he’s known to have the best goats in the county show them at the county fair . Me being from northeast I really liked the simple life they have. So us men were talking and admiring his goats and he was telling me how the goats eat all the grass and he has 4 big working dogs that protect the heard and it is like a life circle he will sell like 30 goats and let them multiply again to 100 or so he gives them all their shots himself you can see how proud he is of the goats . He told me it took 40 years to get the farm to where he wanted it . These people are truly happy and grateful for all they have . He told me he don’t go down to the city said he has not been there in years he just goes into town when he needs things . He has been so self reliant he don’t need much . But the natural gas producers come around and went to him and he allowed them to put a gas well on his land they pay him to have it there it’s small like a 15 foot square chainlink box with a well head inside and he gets all the free gas he wants everything runs on gas there even the air conditioner in the house . I’m thinking how long before the greedy oil people want more wells on his land . These people will stop at nothing to have their way as far as I’m concerned. But free energy is hard to turn away

        • The Old Coach

          I’m on a place that HAD wellhead gas, lease going back to 1946, but the house was vacant for a year before I bought it, the company shut the gas off. For five years now they’ve come up with more and more creative excuses not to turn it back on. They know I can’t afford the lawyers. Happens a lot around here. I have no technical objection to fracking, but I certainly DO object to these Texas companies coming in and screwing the landowners. Pipeline companies ditto. If they ever demand anything from me, it’s gonna be cash up front. Lots of it.

      44. Ron Ahrens

        Typical expected tyranny in the collapsing Stasi Fascist shithole of Corporatist Fascist Murica, where the boot licking slave COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIES still wave that filthy piece of shit Corporatist Fascist Murican flag of GENOCIDE, and the boot licking slave COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIES still sing the fascist filth National Anthem supporting GENOCIDE…MURICA, where all the COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIES just wallow in the filthy lies and fantasies of a collapsing Orwellian Fascist nightmare….while the slave COWARD PUSSY ZOMBIES poison their children and dumb them down more with Big Pharma psychotropic drugs, Big Pharma vaccines, Monsatan and Big Agri evil filth GMO poisonous toxic chemical filled FAKE FOOD HORROR. Of course the evil filth have to make sure the dumbed down Epsilon Slaves have plenty of SODA POISON, so just like in Huxley’s “BRAVE NEW WORLD” the dumbed down brain dead sugar sucking Zombie Epsilon’s can line up chanting “SODA” “SODA” “SODA”, as the sugar sucking Zombie trash get their “154 POUNDS OF SUGAR ANNUAL AVERAGE” in the shithole of GENOCIDAL Murica……”SODA” “SODA” “SODA”…step right up Epsilon Slaves, and make sure you bring the children you COWARD PUSSIES should of never had, so the evil Corporatist Fascist Globalist filth can get them addicted to sugar and SUGAR/HFCS filled poisonous toxic FAKE FOOD…”SODA” “SODA” “SODA” step right up GENOCIDE SUPPORTING COWARD PUSSIES, and get your children real dumbed down for the evil filth who want TOTAL CONTROL OF YOUR DUMBED DOWN BRAIN DEAD CHILDREN, and you COWARD PUSSIES are just handing them over to these evil GENOCIDAL trash in collapsing fascist Murica.

      45. Sgt. Dale

        Hell we have been debtors prison from 1963 on under LBJ.
        Someone else debt! The Zombies and Leaches. What the difference other that we didn’t make the debt but we have to pay it. It is only fair right! (NOT!)
        If you want to go back even further try 1913. The Fed!

        • BJ

          Just do what you’re told by the law, and there won’t be any problems for you.

      46. Ass hat

        Went to florida back in November took my piece with me to planned my route to not go through bullshit states .there is law that allows you to travel with gun not sayin you won’t get your balls busted by cops but I will not travel anymore without it nearby have copy’s of all papers with it and had it in a nanovault it was secured all the time never needed it of course but having it nearby made me feel better knowing I wasn’t 1000 miles from my gun my days of travel without the piece are over . I will take my chances the police are ridiculous busting your balls with your family in the car . The cops rights are stronger than your right to keep a gun with you . Leave the glock at home these are more controversial than a snub. And don’t look all tactical . Have gun will travel. If hotels were smart they would cater to the gun toting public. I know people that won’t travel because they are afraid to get in trouble for packing heat they say the hotels always have a prostitute and a pimp and drug dealers I agree have seen all kinds of criminal activity at hotels I try not to stay at these places myself but you see it at nice resorts too criminals just dress better there and disguise it better too .had a guy trying to talk to my girls at the pool wife says this guy is creepy I gave her the nod . Which means go back to the room we were leaving in the morning anyway . Dta don’t trust anybody is my motto . But what if this creepy guy kicked the door in in the middle of the nite and went after the girls I don’t want problems . When I travel I don’t make reservations and that stuff because I don’t want people knowing when I leave my house I fly by the seat of my pants and let the adventure take me where I end up . Travelers are usually targeted by criminals because they carry $. I don’t put luggage on the roof this is a dead giveaway your traveling and my van is just plain looking no stickers license plate frames no aftermarket accessories looks like a rental. I’m not a secretive person but I like my privacy . Just a few travel tips have taken about 20 road trips myself and have had no problems . Just some crack heads trying to bum $ at gas stations get a job losers. People don’t even realize I’m gone till I get back . Then I tell them we had a good time . Only my old man knows I’m leaving he takes the mail in while I’m gone the mailman don’t even know the kids don’t know till we leave so they won’t tell anyone .we like to travel and see things by car it is fun but use your head .i won’t fly anymore it’s just too much of a headache. Plus it’s cheaper for me to drive .

      47. Ass hat

        Ron ahrens why you so pissed and cussing brother I know people who say Murica hate this country I agree with you being pissed with the corporate agenda it sux and is way out of control but Americans are not all brain dead try to see the good people here that are smart and don’t beleive the lies and propaganda either stop watching cnn news I think I has corrupted your view of Americans . Stick to Americas freedom loving ideals you will see it is still a great patriotic country.

        • Ron Ahrens

          Your Murican fantasy is over Ass Hat, and anyone still supporting a GENOCIDAL FASCIST country is a boot licker, and no different than the boot lickers of fascist Germany circa 1930’s…they have you and innocent children under CHEMICAL ATTACK Ass Hat for their NWO de-population plan going on right in front of your face, right here, right now, not in the future, not tomorrow, but right NOW Ass Hat, so please wake the fuck up from denial and delusion about what your country is RIGHT NOW, and make no mistake it is a GENOCIDAL STASI FASCIST COLLAPSING CORPORATIST CONTROLLED POLICE STATE ORWELLIAN NIGHTMARE.

      48. Migeulito Jose

        Yeah, well…the government goes first! When they can pay their bills then they can worry about everyone else’s!

      49. JDHise

        Is the world going to place the USA in a debtors prison when it can’t pay back the eighteen trillion it it in debt?

      50. Edward Teach

        Arrrrrgh. I fart in your general direction.

      51. Ian

        Utterly and absolutely RIDICULOUS this idea of modern-day ‘debtors prisons’ given the FACT that the biggest debtors in HISTORY now are western countries and especially the USA, who have re-financed, forgiven and re-scheduled the debt of second-world countries for decades heretofore.

      52. David

        As has been said many times,elections have consequences. You voted Obama into office twice. Once is forgivable and the country and its people could get through that and people could have made a comeback. But after two terms it is to much time and people are going to be to far behind the 8 ball. It is really a shame. If the media would have only told the truth during the first term America could have been spare the 2nd. I feel sorry for those that lost everything and were smart enough not to have vote for this community organizer and America hater.

      53. they are all lying

        The next Civil War is coming.

        If they judges won’t uphold the Constitution, then eliminate them by any means necessary. They have failed in their function to faithfully execute the Constitution of the United States. This isn’t 17th Century England.

        By any means necessary. Give them the option first of leaving peacefully.

      54. Sagebrush

        I want to be sure I’m getting this right.
        Wall Street and financial elite fraud causes billions of dollars in loses for the general population. No one gets investigated, charged, goes to jail or has to pay the money back and they get bailed out by the Federal Government.
        Some poor citizen whose retirement income went up in smoke because Wall Street sold his retirement fund worthless toilet paper could end up going to jail because he’s penniless and can’t pay his bills.
        Maybe it’s for the best, probably as good a way to start a violent revolution as (‘ Let Them Eat Cake”).

      55. JRS

        “Zombies and Leaches”

        FSA and .gov goons.

        Opposite sides of the same coin. Both are parasitic leeches that live off the largesse of the producers.

        In reality, there is not a red hair’s difference between them. Both think the lives they pursue are upright, justified and acceptable.

        Neither one is. Get rid of the pack of them, let me live in peace, stay out of my f-in pockets.

      56. Wolverine

        If someone or some organization is coming to put you in jail and take away your freedom isn’t this the SHTF situation that you were preparing for ? I really hope that my fellow prepares don’t think that they are preparing for the day when they get to sit in a tent and eat MRE’S until they drop dead from rotten food. Out of all my heros , ( John Wayne , Charles Heston, Clint Eastwood ,even old yellar.) they never died from old age, they lived to the very end ,and still live because they stood for what was right . Your only die once make it count.
        ” Fill your hands you sons a bitches “

      57. Ass hat

        Hey I was just sitting here and was looking at this big popcorn tin and said this would be a nice faraday cage . Got it as a gift here is a prep I didn’t know I had it is huge will easily hold a base radio unit keep the coffee cans for hiding things in plain sight in the kitchen lately I’ve been a fan of containers I say hunny look at this . And we can use the container later for whatever we did this as a kid my mother would use the coffee can to bake pumpkin raisin bread it comes out as a nice little loaf you can slice easily my mom is the frugal queen we used to poke fun at this . But she always pulled rabbits out of hats . She would be low on milk and put a little water in it I hated this because it didn’t taste as rich but it worked . She would take a 9by 12 cake and slice it through the middle with dental floss and then slice up a half gallon box of ice cream and put in between the cake layers then frost it with cool whip this would be a birthday cake we couldn’t afford carvel ice cream cakes these cakes were good everybody liked them. She would keep the bread scraps and make bread pudding later it’s funny this stuff is coming back to me now. She’d sand and paint things that started to rust and save money. Honestly I don’t know how we survived and managed to thrive too these things weren’t done because she was cheap but because we were poor . My family does well today we have money years ago we could only dream of but I will never forget where I came from

      58. Noah Fing-Whey

        Welcome to the ongoing “fundamental transformation” of the U.S. brought to you by Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett. Never elect people who have a fondness for 3rd world countries. Subconsciously they want to return home without leaving.

      59. lyntwo

        Ah the cold cockles of the hearts of so many collection agencies are now warming.
        But, what shall we do with the overflow of those we put into debtor’s prison? How, after the government confiscates their estates, shall they pay for their upkeep?

        Yes. Long sentences of involuntary labor, but to where shall we send the excess? We need new colonies to settle with those who cannot fit here.

        What! What! You protest that this is why the United States was founded. Really? For people to escape to a new life of liberty.

        Naw. That was the liberal interpretation of the Constitution in the old days. We now look at a new dawn for the Restoration of The Rights of Property.

      60. Don

        There is all kind of work they can do for the state or the city. They can clean streets, fill pot holes, and wash windows ect.

      61. Marty

        The state of North Carolina regularly imprisons indigent parents for failure to pay child support. It happened to my girlfriends brother. He was living with his mother, had no money, and no income, but they repeatedly imprisoned him.

      62. Dave

        The story has no details about how people are being put in jail for not paying. There is always some other reason, like not obeying a court summons, not answering questions about your assets, etc.

      63. Anonymous

        The main challenge during a zombie apocalypse will be hiding my excitement!

      64. ElCid

        The parallels between the rise in Fascism in Italy from 1919 until World War 2, and the United States from 1970 until now are unbelievably the same. The same Bankers vs the Public welfare, Union busting, migrant workers exploitation, attacks on the Church, and violence against anyone who stands against the tyranny. The Fascist used the excuse of fighting against Socialist as justification for protecting the rich against the poor, while the Nazis used the same excuse to protect the Nationalist Socialist against the Communist and the Capitalist. If we continue to go down the same road as Italy. We will end up exactly in the same place. As, Fascism is just another face of Nazism both ending up with a totalitarian Dictatorship. History always repeats itself, and it will apply itself to the United States if we don’t stop the takeover by the Fascist of our Congress, Senate and Supreme Court.

        • snchs

          How would you know if history was repeating itself. Everything you wrote was just propaganda re-puked. hhahhah :WINSTON CHURCHILL SAID THIS ON FEB 8 1920 IN NEWSPAPER IN LONDON: “In violent opposition to all this sphere of Jewish effort rise the schemes of the International Jews. Most, if not all, of them have forsaken the faith of their forefathers and divorced from their minds all spiritual hopes of the next world. This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing…and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.
          There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews.”
          “Hitler will have no war (does not want war), but we will force it on him, not this year, but soon.”- Emil Ludwig Cohn in Les Annales, June, 1934 (also quoted in his book “The New Holy Alliance”).
          “We Jews are going to bring a war on Germany.” – David A. Brown, National Chairman, United Jewish Campaign, 1934
          We have exterminated the property owners in Russia.We are going to do the same thing in Europe and America. (The Jew, December 1925,Zinobit)
          The world revolution which we will experience will be exclusively our affair and will rest in our hands. This revolution will tighten the Jewish domination over all other people.” – Le Peuple Juif, February 8, 1919
          “Israel won the war [WW I]; we made it; we thrived on it; we profited from it. It was our supreme revenge on Christianity.” (The Jewish Ambassador from Austria to London, Count Mensdorf, 1918).
          As Napolean said of the jews “They have a creed that blesses their misdeeds and thievings”
          “The United Nations is nothing but a trap-door to the Red World’s immense concentration camp. We pretty much control the U.N.” Harold Wallace Rosenthal (Jew)
          “Masonry is based on Judaism. Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic Ritual and what is left?” – “Jewish Tribune of New York”, October 28, 1927
          “Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment, whose history; grades; official appointments; passwords; and explanations, are Jewish from beginning to end.” – Rabbi Isaac Wise – 1927
          “The Jewish people as a whole will be its own messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy, and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this “New World Order,” the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property, and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.” – Baruch Levy, in a letter to Karl Marx, published in “La Revue de Paris,” pg. 572 – June 1, 1928

      65. snip snap

        Unfortunately debtors’ prison doesn’t result in repayment of the debt…. the obvious problem is preventing people from using credit that they are incapable of repaying.

      66. patriot639

        Before one working/tax paying American is put in debtor’s prison for falling behind in their bills, first must go those living on the backs of We the People who work and pay taxes. Once we get back to funding only the Constitutional elements of a central government, we will have more of our own money to raise our families, instead of someone else’s.

      67. tomthung

        Hell, they’ve been doing this for 35 years to farthers going through divorce, including hearings held in secret so you can’t face your accusser. The federal government gives bonuses to state judges for the more they collect from fathers, so the state jails you when you can’t affordd the child support so they can extort your family and friends.


        This is the beginning of Fascism in the USA. USA citizens need to rise up against the Banking cartels/tyrants


        When will the USA citizens rise up against the banking cartels?

      70. Georgio1955

        Neither a borrower or lender be. The borrower is slave to the lender (Proverbs)


        When will the USA rise up against the Fascist banking tyrants?

      72. Silverfoxx

        In the long run, the Fed’s money printing is actually contributing to deflation because Main Street didn’t see any of the newly created money and they are the consumer base that drives the economy. The $4 trillion that was printed was used by the 1% to pump up the asset and commodity bubble through speculation, which caused the economy to slow even more due to higher prices for goods and services, even as wages were declining. Now that QE has ended, the Fed-created bubble is starting to deflate. First oil,
        stocks and housing are likely next. This was predicted in the book:
        Deflation: Seismic Shift In Finance, available on Amazon.

      73. b

        File a chapter 7 bankruptcy. Debtors prisons are illegal in the USA, for one thing. And once you file bankruptcy and the discharge comes through, those debts (unless they are IRS liens or education loans)are wiped away. folks in this situation need to lawyer up.

        • Just Me

          BK laws changed, quite a few years ago. Can only file CH.7 if you make below median income for your state. It’s now means tested. If you earn more, you have to go 13.

      74. Cash is FREEDOM

        Sheeple, you need a passport and passport card NOW. Once you have both of these items, you need to move CASH outside this sinking ship and make plans to renounce. You can watch the coming police state attack the citizens on TV from another country with more freedom or you can watch the action from your living room window. I suggest you choose while you still can.

      75. american

        What kinds of things can be used as currency when the banks close and refuse to cash paychecks or refuse to allow business without the Mark?

        • General Zod

          Silver. And lead.

      76. Tiredofparasites

        we would be better off with NO federal government at all. I’m fed up with supporting all the low life, parasitic trash expecting me to foot the bill. Revolution is the outcome I believe is enevitable for us.

      77. Godot

        This is bullbleep, you can’t be locked up without a hearing on ability to pay. If you are found to HAVE the ability and DON’T, then it’s contempt of court which can be cured by paying. Just blowing things off will get you summoned for “failure to appear”, a STUPID thing to do because that starts the “can you afford to pay” process. Most, if not ALL states have some kind of legal services for the poor system where you can get information and maybe even a free lawyer. NOBODY in my state gets up for not paying unless they have the dough in the bank and just won’t turn it over.

      78. Steve Kane

        Imprisoning people for debt is a terrible idea. How can anyone pay a debt if they are in jail or prison? Debtors’ prison impoverished children and families and prevented people from ever being productive citizens. Our founding fathers knew that and placed a provision in the Constitution barring any imprisonment based on debt. The money hungry state and local governments have gotten around the prohibition by casting the case as “criminal.” One partial remedy would be a law which provides that once a debt based on a fee, fine or court order is sent to a private collection agency for collection, it automatically becomes a civil matter and nonpayment cannot result in incarceration. I am sure that the vicious collection agencies love having the power to threaten people with jail if they do not pay. This practice represents the government, banks and the wealthy grinding poor people under their heels. It should be completely abolished.

      79. bob

        Land of the slave, home of the whopper.

      80. Anon E Mous

        The headline is a bit misleading debtors prisons are a far cry from going to jail for a probation violation.

        Not paying fines and court costs usually is a violation of the terms of probation and therefore puts you in jail. The headline implies people would go to jail for not paying a regular bill.

      81. BangStick

        Ain’t it great? Now we have the gov’t mandating you have to buy something (health insurance) making it harder for you to have money to pay bills and now they wanna throw you in jail for not paying.

        America, the former land of the free. Now pay up, Sucker!

      82. Yubin Chimpslapped

        I have an idea, it’s going to sound kind of crazy but here it is. Don’t ring up a big pile of debt if you can’t pay it. Credit carditards who run up piles of debt need to learn that being stupid has consequences. Pay as you go if you have any doubts.

      83. Anonymous

        A deadbeat is a deadbeat. Nuff said.

      84. saj;elkfsdaljk

        Ridiculous. Prisons cost money. They’ll be directed to employment and their wages garnished before they go to prison.

        Unless, of course, convicted of crime that carries a prison penalty.

      85. Ditchdigger

        I really enjoyed reading this blog. It makes me feel better there are many who feel exactly as I do about where the U.S. is heading. I don’t like the way our Government is trashing our liberty. My father, who is 88, has told me since I was 10 that we couldn’t go on the way we spend money and survive as Nation. He also told me ammo would always be available, but, I failed to listen and bought it anyway. I am happy I always don’t listen.

      86. Jimmy Vick

        Brilliant, put the check cashing company guys in charge of fine collection. Humans are such petty and pathetic creatures, utter oblivious of what is really worth fearing. They will get an education not too long from now.

      87. rationalist

        Thank your low information and narcissistic self absorbed single issue voter “useful idiots” friends for these priceless moments…

        They’re the ones who helped elect the Wealth Redistributionist-in-Chief.

      88. Realism

        Suicide would be an alternate to prison. Save everyone alot of money and aggravation.

      89. Melvin

        Al Sharpton owes over 4.5 million dollars in back taxes. The government doesn’t seem overly concerned in collecting from the good Reverend.

      90. Joe blow

        Carry weapons on you at all times, the thugs endorsing mafia rule need to worry about making it home to their families just like we do

      91. Wolverine

        I posted a comment that I thought was the way people should think about these privet parties taking over for the legal system and collecting money. But to my surprise the comments that followed were the same , the people of this country will just sit back and let it happen.they didn’t do shit when the banks foreclosed on all the houses and left cities in ruins and they won’t do anything now. Wake up, prepping isn’t about how much food you have stored. It’s about being a man and standing up. Don’t ever let any one just come and take your shit without a fight, field if you have to but don’t live like a coward.

      92. Jambo

        Well, now we know why governments are de-criminalizing and legalizing drugs: they’re going to need the jail space for people who either can’t or won’t pay their debt.

        Big Guv isn’t going to tolerate not getting their money!!

      93. fflandro

        Let every elected Government Official who is unable to balance their budget go first.

      94. Rob Clary

        So, either pay your fines, or let the state create a special work prison as an alternative.
        Put these worthless slugs to some use.

      95. jack listerio

        Wait til the IRS starts throwing people in jail for not paying zerocare premiums and other such infractions of a federal tax on just being alive! That’s what it is as you get nothing for paying for a plan that’s deductible is almost more than some folks make in a year!

      96. Albert8184

        This is another bleeding heart liberal scare story…. ginning up the fear tactics for 2015 campaign season… another “victimization of the underclass” kind of story…

        Notice the culprit, as usual, is PRIVATE debt collection firms (sinister capitalists) working with government to collect debt. And they’re just TOO efficient at finding debtors. That’s the problem. They’re doing the job the GOVERNMENT is paying them to do. But of course, the blame isn’t being pointed at government. No… only Tea Partiers and right wing fanatics point the finger at government.

        And the justice system which is run by, of course, bleeding heart liberals with degrees from liberal Left Wing run universities… now seemingly in collusion with the evil capitalists to oppress the poor.

      97. Karl Lentz

        Google Karl Lentz Talkshoe and learn for free. Protect yourself from the courts when they come for you.

        • BJ

          That guy knows a lot but won’t teach many….he is a compassionless prick with ears. He acts just like a dick cop or judge….not many going to want to listen to him long.

      98. gbrghb

        it is beyond comprehension how anybody can support liberal politics (democrat or republican they both stink to high heaven). and make no mistake conservative politics abhors debtor prison.

      99. Yukiko

        Even when I was a child I couldn’t understand how a debtors prison could be helpful to anyone and especially to the person trying to collect a debt. You don’t make money in prison or at least not enough to put a dent in a large debt. All you get is the dubious satisfaction that the debtor is miserable.

      100. MoreFreedom

        If I could get the government to jail those who owe me money (or jail them myself), I essentially become their master and they become my slave. Which is of course, an easy way to enslave others as you tempt them with an unpayable loan. I’m not surprised government is doing this and thinks it’s justice. Since the NYT said the real debt is $210 trillion, which includes promises to pay Social Security and Medicare benefits, it appears we will all be debt slaves or we’ll acknowledge that politicians have made promises they cannot keep. Perhaps then, we’ll make the politicians debt slaves, because in their mind, that is justice.

      101. FedUp

        Then the next stage will be private licensed companies sending armed people out to arrest debtors and it will escalate from there because those people will find out fairly early on that they are now targets as well and no doubt we will see a large number of them being killed. America is finished.

      102. Warchild Dammit!

        Armed private companies collecting/killing for debts,hell,time to start killing em now,along with govt. debt collectors,seems the attitude I see to a larger degree in this country and seems to be growing,ah well,USA was a fun ride for the most part while it lasted,won’t see it’s rebirth but believe it will be reborn and folks will start again,and one time in the future,get it right and keep it right!

      103. TexasOlTimer

        I’ve often wondered why people who can’t pay their child support are put in jail and/or have their driver’s license taken away. If you don’t have the money to pay, you certainly can’t come up with it in jail. Without a driver’s license, you can’t look to find a job.

        The same goes for those owing debts. Garnish the wages or put a lien on property so the debt is paid when the property is sold. The thought of jail is meant to be a deterrent so people will come up with the money but when a job is lost, being in jail just isn’t going to help the parent with the children get any money nor the business that’s owed money.

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