Self-Sufficiency Will Be The Only Way to Survive: “Nothing Will Have Any Value Except Food”

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    This article was written by Charles Hugh Smith and originally published at his Of Two Minds blog.

    Editor’s Comment: Here, Charles Hugh Smith argues that the scheme for world order will ultimately lead nowhere, because globalization is will leave everyone hanging. Instead, becoming self-sufficient and providing for food, energy and resources will be the lasting challenge – in the long run.

    While nations rise and fall, this will remain an important goal for the individual who can attain a certain degree of freedom by securing one’s own survival and needs for food and energy, and in turn providing an engine of wealth for anyone that they can trade or sell with.

    The Ultimate Long Game: Autarky and Resilience

    by Charles Hugh Smith

    Ironically, autarky and these cultural dynamics arise from decentralization and the free flow of information, not one-world centralization.

    In my recent essay Could the Deep State Be Sabotaging Hillary? I wrote:

    “An increasingly powerful sector of the Deep State views the neo-con agenda as a disaster for American interests, and is far more focused on the Long Game of energy, food security, economic and military innovation and a productive response to climate change.”

    This runs counter to the conventional view that the U.S. Deep State is rabidly attached to the neoconservative liberal hegemony model of geopolitical hard power. If you want some evidence for this shift, please read this essay from the journal of the Deep State, Foreign Affairs; if you read this carefully, you will find a devastating critique of the neo-con strategy and an alternative strategy based on autarky, a topic we’ll discuss in a moment.

    The Case for Offshore Balancing: A Superior U.S. Grand Strategy (registration required)

    What is the Deep State? Former congressional staff member Mike Lofgren described the Deep State thusly:

    “I use the term to mean a hybrid association of elements of government and parts of top-level finance and industry that is effectively able to govern the United States without reference to the consent of the governed as expressed through the formal political process.”

    I have been studying the Deep State for 40 years, and have written extensively about it for the past 10 years, including:

    The Next Superpower/Empire (July 16, 2009)
    The Dollar and the Deep State (February 24, 2014)

    The alternative media often embraces a model in which political and financial elites seek to consolidate their power in a one-world government and currency. My esteemed colleague Brandon Smith recently wrote an insightful essay suggesting that domestic instability and disunity could set the stage for further consolidation of power–a strategy he termed the Long Game:

    2016 Will End With Economic Instability And A Trump Presidency

    While I understand the model–Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism describes the strategy of “never let an engineered crisis go to waste”–I respectfully disagree.

    While many understandably view the Deep State as being wedded to globalization and centralized one-world power structures, I see the Emergent Deep State in the U.S. pursuing a much different Long Game: autarky (self-sufficiency), and the geopolitical influence that flows from an abundance of the FEW resources, my term for the essential resources of food, energy and water.

    (These are related, of course; with no energy and no water, you won’t have any food, either.)

    In addition to the FEW resources, autarky requires a culture of innovation, flexible social structures and multiple ladders of social mobility.

    I laid out my reasoning in three essays:

    A Thought Experiment in American Autarky (January 17, 2014)

    Globalization = Permanent Instability (October 29, 2014)
    What’s Scarce Geopolitically: Stability, Ways to Get Ahead and Innovation (July 18, 2015)

    In effect, globalization guarantees insecurity, and so further attempts to consolidate one-world power are doomed to fail, regardless of the resources thrown at the effort.

    The winning Long Game is strengthening autarky (self-sufficiency) and the ability to export food, energy and decentralized cultural models to friends/allies, while nurturing the essential social elements of self-sufficiency:innovation across the entire spectrum, not just in technology per se; social mobility; flexible, adaptive economic and social structures (i.e. decentralized, networked, opt-in), and a productive response to climate change.

    The Emergent Deep State doesn’t care to debate whether human action plays a part in climate change; it is interested in managing the consequences of climate change, regardless of its sources. Projections are always iffy in dynamic systems, but there is some compelling evidence that some nation-states will suffer relatively mild losses/gains in water and food resources while others may suffer catastrophic declines as a result of increasingly erratic climate change.

    In effect, when you can’t feed your people, everything else goes by the wayside: fancy political theories, one-world schemes of domination, hegemony, you name it–all go in the trash bin of history.

    The Emergent Deep State is keenly aware that geopolitical influence in the future will rest heavily on the potential impact of devastating crop failures, the resilience of nation-states in terms of water / food /energy supplies and the ability to export surplus energy and food to friends. Put bluntly: enemies starve, friends get to eat–if they recognize the value of what you’re offering.

    Not every nation has the social and economic flexibility needed to survive the future. The key dynamic is the resilience of the institutions that make up the nation-state and its Deep State: a nation-state with rigid hierarchical elites, little social mobility, limited FEW resources, a brittle social structure and a fear of innovation is a fragile nation-state that is one reasonably good famine away from collapse.

    Those with surplus food will be the ultimate arbiters of value. Autarky means having the ability to feed one’s people despite the vagaries of climate change, and I mean growing food, not buying it with energy, gold, or fiat currency. When push comes to shove (and it will), nothing will have any value except food and the resources needed to grow it: water and energy.

    Back in 2007, I charted out a simplified version of the U.S. Deep State. I missed a few components, but you get the gist: this is a vast, dynamic structure with some social mobility in the lower rungs.

    Future hegemony will flow from what’s scarce: autarky, the FEW resources and the cultural resources of innovation, flexibility, adaptability and social mobility.

    Ironically, autarky and these cultural dynamics arise from decentralization and the free flow of information, not one-world centralization. Anyone pursuing that path is doomed to instability and collapse.

    Oh, and the ability to defend your FEW resources from starving, resource-poor neighbors: that matters, too.

    This article was written by Charles Hugh Smith and originally published at his Of Two Minds blog.


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      1. The Survival Trinity: Water, Food, Energy.

        With an Awesome Security Covering. Got it.

        • People who can think critically and for themselves will do well with food. Those who cannot will lose their food. Having all the food you can handle doesn’t mean shit if your too stupid to protect it. Don’t keep all your food in one place either. Have at least 3 places to stash it. Same with weapons and ammo. Party on….

          • If you are thinking of stashing your food, perhaps you need to think a bit further. Like producing it.

            • are you questioning a genius?!??

              • Americans are a race of slobs, obese, addicted to all sorts of prescribed medications, OTC medicines and synthetic vitamins, extremely gullible and unable to think for themselves (trained not to think critically).

              • You have no idea what you are facing.
                “Russia-China are CURRENTLY conducting JOINT military exercises with the intent of destroying the USA and NATO with EMP and nuclear weapons. Surprise First Strike Attack on USA.” Read that again. This is not theory. This is FACT.

                If you are in or near ANY USA major city, near military installation, or downwind from any of these. Then YOU are in DANGER. Preps located near blast zone or hot fallout area do you NO GOOD. No value. You are DEAD.

                Get out of USA. NOW. While you can. That is how you live. Then assembly “preps” at your new location that is safe from direct nuclear blast zone.
                This is ONLY way you or your family has any chance.

                *********Your Survivor Prepper fantasies are childish and unrealistic.

                Leave USA NOW. Russia-China will hit when USA distracted with who knows what.
                They believe they will survive a retaliation by whatever the USA has left after USA is hit first. Russia-China is prepared to absorb any retaliation after their FIRST strike on USA.

                USA Politicians have provoked and acted as amateurs. They openly provoke at our country’s peril. Obama and company WANT our country wiped out. You folks just can’t accept the pure EVIL that has befallen our nation.
                The enemy is Within USA and intentionally provoking, in order to destroy USA.
                You win by Leaving. You Live by Leaving ground zero. Only way out. Leave.

          • Genius, what you speak is absolutely right, and yet 1 in 1,000 will have actually done it by the time it’s needed, and write their own epitaph by not doing what is so obviously needful. Cheers.

          • I hate to spoil you delusion, but repeating what you’ve read in other articles doesn’t make you a “genius”.

            • I have not read that in some other article. It’s just something obvious that I was pointing out. And as far as producing, our garden is doing just fine and I also know how to do aquaponics for backup. Got anything else intelligent to say???

              • Hey G. I went over to neighbors house yesterday, hanging out drinking a few beers. Basically hanging out in a 3 gar Garage Shop with a ceiling 24 ft high and a loft on top. The Guys father build it 20 yrs ago, and I swear this guy has every shop tool invented, plus a warehouse supply from hardware from bolts, screws, belts, pullys, table saws, lumber, piping, welding equipment, paint booth, you name it. The place looks like a friggin hardware store… Plus scrap metal piles from gears sprockets and old pitchforks, etc.

                So I read this headline and think, The writer has no clue, as to what has value. I guess the writer is all stocked up on his bucket of Wise slop, and thinks he is the king.

                I was able to find a bolt and nut for my picnic table in his garage warehouse, that I needed, “on the house” he said. So when you look around your community, or neighbors out here in the boonies, there is a vast resource of value, from experience to people helping people, which I helped him last week finish taking a limb that fell down a shed. Helping is a resource and has value, so get out there and build these valued relationships now. Help and volunteer to help each other. As it is also the food chain people helping people with a Vast resource of experience. Self sufficiency is only a part of community. And you sure do NOT want to be the needy person always begging for something. Those unprepared will be gone first.


            • SHTF is going on right now in Southern Louisiana, with lots of flooding. I have a chick friend over there who sent me some photos of the high water. Water up to rooflines for some, and she said some people were up in their attics to escape the flooding. (Time to put a Hatch mount on the roof) She said the flooding is in some places never seen before ever. Waterlines over the tops of Bridged that make them complete impassable. She is hunkered down in her house, and is stuck as she says, as all the streets are flooded. They are waiting to see when the high crest point is, and there is more rain on the way for the next few days.

              Last week I had a conversation with her about stockpiling up on food. She is one of those with a weeks worth of groceries. ugggg… So I have a huge learning curve to teach her about re Prepping for SHTF what if’s.

              SHTF comes in many forms, learn how to identify the biggest threats in your area. Tornados, to flooding to power outages, to Hungry hordes from the cities, wild fires, to loss of a job.

              I’ve only been getting about a third of her texts she sends me, as they are lost in space.. Another communications glitch when trying to reached friends and family. So have alternative methods. Looks like she will not be going to work this week since she is stuck in her house. Many of her neighbors houses are flooded with a foot of water on the main floor, and several people had just done major remodeling… She is lucky and said the water has not done any damage to her house since she is up just a little higher. I asked if she had flood insurance and she said no, because she is not located in a designated FEMA flood zone area. So see folks, what new SHTF situations arise, even when you think you are prepared. Prepare for the unexpected as well with unknowns, known unknowns, and unknown knowns, as Rummy would say.

              ~WWTI… I will keep ya’ll updated on that.. She did say she has friends with airboats, so if rescue is needed they can swing by to help people evacuate, and there is a curfew in her area to stay put. I told her to tie a pontoon boat off her back porch. This is when you ee looters stalking abandon houses for valuable, so I’d have a shotguns and rifles locked and ready to go throughput the house. You Loot We Shoot.

              • UPDATE: Louisiana Flooding. Yep she said the looting started yesterday, and they are under a boil water notice. I said, you would have no need to boil that shit water, if you had prepped with 10 Cases Min of bottled water and about a dozen 2.5 Gal spicket water containers, that she would be good for a month.

                She is really interested now in Prepping and sees the value. Sometimes it takes a crisis to wake people up. I told her the more prepared she is with stockpiles of food, water guns ammo etc, the less stress she will have in a crisis.. And you can deal with the situation of the moment on hand, cause you already have your other basic necessities covered. I said, if you went to the Grocery store right now, I bet they are fully out of bottled water, and probably much of the food stocks. She does have guns and they are ready to fire if needed, she said. She is on the right track, now time to step it up big time. I also said, I bet the looters are looking for food besides Big Screen TV’s.


          • Self-Sufficiency Will Be The Only Way to Survive: “Nothing Will Have Any Value Except Food”

            Only a peebrain from a Two Pee Brian Blog would think this way. If this was so, the Human species would have been dead millions of years ago.

            Ever consider the natural food chain cycle? Been that way for million of years. Everything has value, from a paperclip to a herd of cattle. And no doubt there is some person out there searching for the solution including a paperclip, and is willing to pay to fix his problem.

            I think some writers out there, are in this race to see who can post the most outlandish catchy headline, then with armchair experience create a premise to fit their headline. Any other names aks:(Doom porn writers) come to mind? M Snyder and J Johnson.

            Here I can write Doom porn headlines also.

            “5 things you need before the world blow up tomorrow.”

            “Food will be obsolete as scientists invented a food pill.”

            “10 ways to die in your Bathroom”

            “Will visitation rights be available in FEMA Camps”

            “The Unicorn will be the main diet post SHTF”

            ~WWTI… I’ll be back, I have a lot of writing to do, to push my survival products I’m selling.

            • WWTI, great string of posts! A LOT of things will have value, food wont fix your car or repair your hose lol. Can’t put food in your gas tank. Many people overlook fuel supplies and it is right up in the top 10 of things to have.

              • I agree 100%. Even during the very nadir of a societal collapse, people will still desperately need medical supplies (especially painkillers and antibiotics); traps and poison bait to keep rodents from spreading disease and raiding food supplies; sturdy footwear; eyeglasses; soap and detergents (to reduce the risk of disease that always accompanies unsanitary conditions); mosquito netting; and a zillion other things.

                Even fairly complex mechanical devices such as bicycles and timepieces –although they may not provide constant, immediate benefit such as food and water will do– will provide phenomenal advantages to those that have them, and greatly enhance odds of survival.

                Reducing a list of vital resources to ONLY food, water, and energy is so simplistic and short-sighted as to be ridiculous.

                I am somewhat surprised that this glib, superficial article was deemed worthy to appear on this site.

        • I thought the survival trinity was:

          Government Cheese
          Government Housing
          Government EBT

          Isn’t this the American Dream?

          • Just vote for “Her”, and we can ALL get the gov’t cheese! (Oh won’t it be glorious!!)

          • No, that’s the one for Mexicans that you typed out man.

        • This “trinity” will fail you without a means to defend it. If you scrimp on the security portion or your plan, that trinity won’t be in your possession for very long.

          Only fools leave out the weapons.

          The 7 Gs of Modern Survival – Leave out a G and you’re GONE!

        • Tim Kaine: How to Make Housing Fair in America

          “Hillary and I will not stand for this. Our plan will invest tens of billions of dollars to attack the problem from several different angles.”


          We’ll expand the supply of Low Income Housing Tax Credits that help keep rising rents in check.


          We’ll increase rental assistance for low-income families, and help families who receive support choose from a wide range of neighborhoods to live in.


          We’ll provide more resources to public housing authorities, and pair these investments with broader economic development efforts.


          We’ll support initiatives to provide up to $10,000 in assistance on a down payment for families looking to buy their first home.


          And of course, we’ll bolster resources to enforce Fair Housing laws and fight housing discrimination in all its forms.





          OVER THE MOON





        • A Must see for Every American. Hillary, Bill and the Clinton Foundation Bribes for Favors. How the Clinton’s SOLD OUT AMERICA. Incredible.


          Link: 1 Hour Presentation
          ht tps://

          Send this to all your Liberal Loving Hillary Supporters.

          See if they can actually handle the truth.


        • Agree, but need gun(s) and ammo to protect it ~ water generation and purification as well as seeds for long term survival!

          Remember you can’t eat gold, so why in the world would anyone trade food or water for gold? Might work out for the first few weeks but after that skills what will be needed!

        • Instead of bears I have to worry about the darkies. One got 3 of my watermelons last night.

            • Hey G. RE: The most Racist Cartoon ever.

              Watching this cartoon saying Blacks are stereotyped as lazy unless they have some music playing, or a hot chick stops by, is really no different than a Burger King or MacDonald’s Commercial we see on TV today, aimed at blacks. Where unless you have some Hip Hop jingle jungle Rap song playing like the Pide Piper to lure Blacks into the restaurant, they may not even eat there or buy those popcorn chicken nuggets. That is racist then too. Why has MacDonald’s not been sued over that yet? But being as deep in scientific Marking as these chain restaurants are, it may be a fact of life as it really does motivate blacks more if they have some hip hop song playing to get them more productive. Whistle while you work basically.

              That’s one thing about target marketing is understanding the market segment you want to focus in on to draw them into buy your product, and it works. Like a Rap Song in every bag of chips.

              ~WWTI… btw. that one black dude in the cartoon looked like Obama. lol

            • BTW/ Do you know why MacDonald’s now serves Breakfast all day? Because the majority of Blacks don’t wake up until 3 to 4PM in the afternoon, and MacDonald’s is fishing for that market segment to spend their money there.

              Is MacDonald’s all day Breakfast Marketing Racist? Or is MacDonald’s finally understanding the Black community’s daily living habits?


          • THAT was funny!

          • that was funny!!

        • Awwwww bears.

        • Definitely a step up from a watchdog. He’s safe if he can keep them fed.

      2. Autarky is the quality of being self-sufficient. Usually the term is applied to political states or their economic systems. Autarky exists whenever an entity can survive or continue its activities without external assistance or international trade.

        • Will the political state (be it federal, state, or local) allow the self-sufficient prepper to be left alone? Not to mention the golden horde.

          There have been preppers hassled for collecting rain water and for being off-grid.

          • usually only the ones that make themselves known.

            For example. The case in Montana where the farmer got a permit from the state to build a pond on his property only to have the Federal EPA comeback later and order him to remove it and restore the land.

            The problem was that the farmer followed the rules and got screwed. He would have been much better off not getting the permit. Just build the pond and nobody would have noticed.

            Instead the EPA reviews the State list of applications for ponds to find people they can fuck over.

            America, WTF happened.

            • John
              here is what happened we the people were led into the TV era and that was full of subliminal messaging, then they filled the schools and colleges with liberal professors and then the government was taken over by MORE scumbags and so over the years the people have been brainwashed to be couch potatos and wussies and brainwashed to NOT think for themselves and or NOT out of the box!! YES, they are still a good amount who know what is and has been going on but we are so few compared to those who don’t that for many years anyone who talked like that was laughed out of the circle and so we are now at the stage we have TOO many illegals and it will probably never recover before this country falls!! i hope not, BUT i would not bet money against it!

            • These days leave you little choice but to just go ahead and do what you want NEVER telling a soul about it (such as fucking with a creek’s water flow) or blowing a beaver damn. Just do it a stfu. (Or you’ll never get past city hall …seriously). I didn’t EVEN bother with permits for a damned thing, but eventually I was found out and mildly scolded (I played dumb as hell).

              I do not believe in having to ask strangers what you can and cannot do on your private property, assuming it doesn’t screw up a neighboring property in any way. (That goes double for “small town bullshit” like one can find in any small town, no two being alike, and often differing counties being even worse). *Many states have counties that disallow carrying-concealed, despite that it is legal to do so in the entire state, these towns have their heads up their asses (and will be the first ones “creamed’ when the time is right).

              Wouldn’t you, if seeking to destroy without worry of being shot, pick out all the no-gun zones? Entire counties (to me) would be tempting ‘targets’ (and perhaps they are, but we never hear of it due to our media being “controlled” (like it or not, believe it or not). In fact, if one were to learn ALL THE FACETS OF MANIPULATION that the general “American Person” is subjected to on a daily basis, to greatly varying degrees, would take several days to “wrap your brain around” – as there so very many “things” being done (that we are aware of, there has to be a few secret, but smaller, ‘experiments’ being enacted somewhere, in the name of controlling the public should we get too ‘unruly’ in their opinion.

              Unruly. Revolution. Yeah – same difference. Six or 1/2 dozen right?

              Molon Labe

            • Wrong; someone is paid to view every property via satellite(Google Earth) to check for additions, bldgs, etc.

        • Thinking of the definition I posted above, my question would be concerning the key word “survive”.

          Is that ALL we want to do is “survive” in order to be alive?

          In order to “live”, you need a little international trade. Trade routes have been a staple of civilized living for a long time. Eventually kingdoms come together for mutual benefit and survival.

          Without it North Korea comes to mind. Not sure I’d like surviving like that.

          • I prep to maintain my standard of living, not just survive. Anybody can survive, just look at all the homeless people in this country. They don’t have any problem “surviving”

            I want to keep my wonderful standard of living, not just eat cold beans from a #10 can.

      3. A bit simplistic – if I lack food but have a gun – and you have food but no gun – then I have food and a gun.

        There is one other “nasty” if you scale this up to countries. China has been vigorously buying up US farmland (as well as Aussie, and New Zealand, and South American). So who do you think those ‘farmers’ will sell to? Very likely you could see a train load of corn passing through cities of starving Americans – on its way to China!

        • NoWayJose: Just remember that you are the one that said “A bit simplistic” – If China owns land and grows crops in the USA – And the SHTF and no food in the USA – Then we have a train loaded with American/Chinese corn.

      4. Just going off the title: “Self-Sufficiency Will Be The Only Way to Survive: Nothing Will Have Any Value Except Food” that’s both true and it’s also not always so.

        Yes, you will always need enough food, but that does not mean nothing else could ever have value then to somebody else.

        Most people you might find you’d need something from in an emergency, regardless of how well you’d prepped; doctor, dentist, pharmacist, black market fuel, somebody to bribe for passage or other favor, etc., most of these people, because of their positions and pay off’s already accrued, may already have all the food they personally need, or are confident they can get more later easily enough.

        Point is, even when most are starving, if any are not, they are often the people in power or in high demand for some other essential.

        The only way you might get to the front of any very long lines for them might be something else altogether, that few others when hungry would ever value highly then, like gold, silver, diamonds, etc.

        While you can state you’d never trade anything you’ve got, much less food, for gold, silver and diamonds, you can’t insist another take something else if they insist that’s all that would ever interest them.

        So, yes, first load up on food and establish the means to produce more and everything else regarding prepping, but if you see you might have a fair amount of cash and/or investments remaining when done, it might be prudent then to diversify out of some of that remaining paper wealth into some precious metals and other things that might be seen as valuable to a few key others, even if not so much to yourself or anybody starving.

        – Shane

        • If you look at Cuba after the fall of Soviet Russia, they had food, but all other imports collapsed. They had to improvise technology themselves to keep things running.

          • “If you look at Cuba after the fall of Soviet Russia, they had food…”

            During Cuba’s “Special Period”, they did not have food, they had FAMINE, initially. But then this period created the largest, per capita, sustainable agricultural “communities” in the world.

            • ‘ello EA, got me a Land Rover DEFENDER 90, 2001 REG.

              My first two were wrecked in ATM Raids! BWAHAHAHAHAHA.

              Happy motoring fella.

              • A friend of mine had a landrover and it would constantly break down when off roading. Electronic shit for everything and it was such a piece of shit, he hired someone to steal it and total it just to get rid of it and get full value lol. Get an old landcruiser toyota FJ45, you can’t beat them!

                • Had no problems with this trusty ol’ friend apart from water getting in when it rains! common fault.
                  I’m a Land Rover freak G, love ’em for EVER.

                • I’ve owned Land Rovers, Land Rangers and an older jag. Lucas electronics was common frustration for them all, better known as “The Prince of Darkness”.

                  • Meant “Range Rover” above.

      5. I was thinking more on the lines of Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll. Open a good whore house in your community and you will be one of the wealthiest in your area.

        -WWTI. And a Trading post for barter and commerce.

      6. OK,hit the gateway pundit and then comments on leaked dem personal phone #’S and e-mail accounts.In the comments about 10-12 down is a link to the list with said info.Tis the weekend/feeling bored,send a e-mail/give a call to these elected officials,am sure they want to hear from you!

        • Wave a $100 bill at them and they will respond right away.

        • Interesting files and hints at more:

          ht tps://

          Just don’t go to Drudge right now. He’s got this great big ugly photo of Pelosi at the top of the page.

      7. A lake in the front woods in the back & me in the middle just a old man waiting. For it to start. Just want to die with my boot on and my gun in hand.Good luck every one hope you make it.

      8. The 600 lb. gorilla shuffles about the room knocking over chairs and urinating on the floor…

        ht tp:// two-way/2016/08/12/489810274/louisiana-governor-declares-state-of-emergency-as-floodwaters-rise

      9. Nothing will have any value except food ? No shit Sherlock. They will throw their silver and gold in the streets. Silver and gold will be valuable when paper isn’t . But when the food starts running out .look out. Would you trade your last sack of rice for a bar of gold? Ammo will be as valuable as food. Because without ammo you won’t have your food long. Guns? Their will be a million empty guns laying in the streets. Don’t spend another 500 bucks on another gun . Spend 500 on ammo even if you don’t have a gun to shoot it. Their will be plenty of free empty guns.

      10. off topic..
        Mac, these trolls are at it again:
        Tumbo says:
        Comment ID: 3596661
        August 10, 2016 at 4:25 pm

        Americans are a race of slobs, obese, addicted to all sorts of prescribed medications, OTC medicines and synthetic vitamins, extremely gullible and unable to think for themselves (trained not to think critically).

        Same thing by Yulop and Corbolan in successive threads.
        Mac, you have stated you will not tolerate postings by people denigrating an entire race of people. We get it.
        And many here have toned down that particular rhetoric. Now we have some jerk(s) posting just what you have spoken about attacking an entire race (group, if you will) of people, that is, Americans.
        Where does this go?
        Where does it end?
        Just sayin’.

        • Mac permits differing points of view. The poster you are whin8ng about just happened to post the truth. I have seen you post way worse. So why are you whining like a little girl when you have done the same? STFU and quit being a hypocritical, whiny moron……

          • True that.

          • Another one that sounds jealous. When will it end?

          • Silent eyes, what have you seen that I’ve posted that was way worse? You got an example?
            You part of the tribe, too?
            Fuck you

            • Ketchup
              You have posted bad nasty lies about me with impunity. Put your big boy pants on and stfu.

              • Rebecca, recall one for us. Accusations of liberalism, maybe.
                Still sore about getting caught using another screen name?
                Ho hum.

                • One last thing, see the (currently) 4th post up top by another foreign troll, word for word, same as the others.
                  So I addressed Mac specifically and let him know about it, trying to be diplomatic.
                  And you, pissypants & silent eyes go on the attack.

                  Either because you are as described in the troll posts, and/or you just accept it and STFU YOURSELVES! (rather than address the troll) Lol.

          • Me? STFU? …and you want everyone to nonchalantly permit the denigrating of themselves by one who doesn’t know them from a hole in the ground, telling them (me), that I am obese, when I am not, I am a slob, when we are not, neither of us are ‘addicted’ to anything (but I wonder about himself after a post like that).

            The poster did NOT remotely come close to posting the truth, so why don’t you, Silent Eyes, follow your very own advice and STFU, quit being a hypocrite and let’s not forget a ‘whiney moron’…!!!!

            I am quite sure that Mac is capable of answering for himself as well, and thus your input was neither requested nor needed. Another reason to stfu.

            • Where is the truth in calling me a commie? Not true and absurd at that. Just the nasty “insult du jour” to say if someone has a different opinion. Lots of untrue and nasty remarks said.
              How Trumpy to insult others then whine like a baby if someone disagrees. Snort.

              • Not sure who you’re addressing with the last post, but I never called you a commie and don’t know enough about you to post lies… “You have posted bad nasty lies about me with impunity.” A lie in itself.
                We’re done here.

      11. Selco said . There is no such thing as one shot stops . Except with a shotgun. Making head shots at a charging gang of deranged starving nothing to lose people? You might want to consider getting a shot gun? Or two. with long mag. tube extensions.

        • Well, there surely ARE “one shot stops” but they’re not used against an onslaught of half-witted, starving people. AND THE LAST THING YOU WISH TO DO IS STAND ON THE DAMNED “X” AND GET YOURSELF REAL DEAD REAL FAST.

          THIS is why you have a small amount of “vittles” inside your BOL that they would ‘expect’ to find. You make tracks to one of your three “caches”, do not engage, and return when they’ve left. Stay low. Stay quiet. Move by darkness, never by day. “Ghost” whenever you’re in the mood I guess. 🙂

          Ensure you’ll have enough water (above all else) that’s fit to drink or you can filter with a “Life Straw” or ‘the like’, and really try to learn two “hard ways” (from natural, forest “stuff”), to make a fire (cooked fish or red meats are far better tasting when they are not raw …and remember you CAN COOK IN HOT SPICES (takes a day or two and it is “warm”, but cooked ‘safely’).
          Lots of “how to” blogs on Google.

          • Equorial, a while back I received a sample of industrial diamond powder and while it didn’t work for the project it looks powdery off white, know what I mean?
            If need be I will leave it on a small mirror with a cut pc. of straw for the home invaders to sample.

            On the old show “50 ways to die” an African drug lord was sorting diamond dust and dope on the same table and mistakenly snorted the wrong mix. Dead before he hit the floor due to vessels cut to shreds internally. Cool!
            Another home defense project 🙂 !

            • I beg to differ on the one shot stopper. A 7.62X39 round to the head will stop even the biggest darkie. Not to mention a .300 win mag with match hollow poionts to about any vital area. If you can’t put down a crazed darkie with 1 round, you need a bigger gun man….

      12. Friends eat and enemies starve. Not quite that simple.

        I think the usual pattern is that when the ‘starving’ are in their early stages of lack, they get together with whatever weapons are at their disposal and attack those who have resources they need. If the government can organize that energy, they attack outside their country.

        They have a history of not going quietly unless they are very isolated geographically or lack organized forces/government, say like Ethiopia.

        Other exceptions – If the power structure is taken care of and don’t give a rip about the people, as in North Korea, the people can starve w/o the ability to do anything about it or to cause any neighboring countries any trouble.


      13. My north neighbor is concerned. He recently bought chickens – ducks & small goats. Just in case, as he has a family to feed.

        • I got the chickens and ducks.

          City won’t allow me the little nubian nanny goat I’d like to have. 🙁

          • That sucks.

            Cain’t you just get yourself one on the sly?

            Poor goat… It’s their loss.

          • Keep it in your house, they will never know lol 😛

      14. Just saw two very disturbing videos. Monumentally stupid anti trip video PJW. And Paul Joseph Watson exposed. In the first one. Look who they are these people need to go back to the third world . Before they turn us into one. This is going to get very dirty. And the sooner the better.

        • Sorry . Monumentally stupid anti Trump video. It shows you what the third world mentality looks like. We can’t allow this . It almost seems only an all out race war will save us. To bad. Or Mabey not. They started it. They want to turn our country third world. What choice do we have. None. So be it.

      15. What works for me is the maximum level of self-suficiency. Maximum level of self-sufficiency within the family and local community. Globalization is unstable and will not work. You cannot count on corporations for your survival, you need to acquire basic survival skills that do not depend on a paycheck.
        After that, trade locally.

      16. Watch videos on you tube of butchering.

        I’ve watched several videos of different types of animals being butchered, and the same animal being butchered in different ways. Quickly, one realizes that there are people with varying degrees of expertise who put up videos. Some are very professional and show the best way to do it. For example one guy skins squirrel and rabbit by pushing back the skin and fur from the middle of the stomach. This method is sloppy compared to the pro who cuts off the head and then pulls down the fur and skin in one move like pulling off a sweater. Leaving the fur in tact, he then demonstrates soaking the furs in a solution of plain no iodized salt and alum (one cup each in one gallon of water) for 48 hours, drain and redo for seven days. Dry the pelts and use or sell.

        Although, you or I may never use these skills; it’s better to know and never do, than to be forced to do and not know how.


        • When my dad was a kid he would just gut squirrel and replace its guts with a long stick and bacon tie it with cord Then roast it over a camp fire. The skin comes right off after roasting.

          For skinning deer, gut as soon as possible, if you have a sturdy tree hang it by the head, slit the skin around the neck, and connect with the gutting slit, also slit the skin around the knee joints. Skin free about 8 inched at the neck, wrap it around a golf ball and tie with a rope. The golf ball makes for a place the rope won’t slip off of. Attach the other end of to a tow point on your car. Slowly pull away, the skin will be pulled completely free.

          • Sound advice… Just add, watch out for ticks.

            • Says
              Before going out in the woods, steep a few leaves of mint in hot watee. When cool, rinse entire body with mint. When you return, ditto.

          • Huh …that’s different. In Maine we “gut” them where they fall, slit the entire neck to assist ‘draining’ plus to sever the esophagus, that during gutting you cut “the belly skin” all the way to the end of things, rip the esophagus, lungs heart, stomach and intestines, liver and all else, completing by cutting the anus in a circle so that it can be removed without having to cut into it (stinks). If you goof up and accidentally ‘stab’ the stomach, it is called ‘ponching’ and stinks like hell (and is usually ‘hit’ when cutting the underbelly – so do that with your blade ‘up’, sharp and cut by pulling up, and ‘walking the blade to the rear’.

            The cut is made in an X pattern, the throat is cut (underside to meet “the belly cut”, and in three days (just before butchering), the skin is just “pulled down” and off (I meant to say everyone “hangs” their deer). Some by the rear, others by the neck or antlers. All tastes the same to me!

          • Anytime I shot a deer I dragged it to an opening, and gutted it right there. Cut the windpipe by the head first, so the Guts slide and fall out easier. Save the heart and liver as that makes some great eating for camp dinner.. Add onions. I also left the hide on the deer, as it makes it a lot easier dragging it back to camp in the snow and keeps the meat clean from dirt and debris. Tie a rope around the neck by the head and a sling strap around your chest and drag. Back at camp hang the deer from a tree limb, take a stick to keep and prop open the stomach cavity for air circulation. Then boil a few pans of hot water and swish the water up into the chest cavity, helping remove any left overs. Let the deer freeze. Heading home, tie the deer on the trunk of your car with the tongue hanging out as if the deer looks pooped from battle.

            If you did not get a deer that season, shoot a squirrel and tie the squirrel to the hood of your car in the same fashion. Either way, still drink your favorite Brandy on the way home, as you have accomplished much to brag about the next time you are back to work.

            Any questions? Former Wisc Deer Hunter. Been there did that many times.


            • Had a friend who three days before Christmas got his deer with a great rack. Of course it bleeds at the nose. He ties his gutted trophy to the car and heads home. At a rest stop, a bus full of first graders on a field trip start piling out of their bus. They take one look at the deer with a bloody red nose and all scream and point, that man killed Rudolph!

              He never went deer hunting again…. LOL

              • Plan twice,
                That’s funny!!

              • Plan Twice
                My dad got his chops busted for killing Bambi. Made him feel bad. Still, he had a family to feed.

                • There’s a rabbit living in my yard, so tame it comes out whenever the wife and I have dinner on the patio. It’s like it feels safe when we are there, of course it devoures the corn husks I toss into the grass after roasting my sweet corn on the grill. What Tula doesn’t eat the mower turns into lawn mulch.

                  I call her “Tula” as in Tularemia. Always wear gloves when butchering game.

                • Rebecca,
                  The movie “Bambi” put a major dent in the deer hunting industry in the US. It was a marvelous example of propaganda that exploited children to modify adult behavior.

                  It shows how powerful the propaganda concept of applying human rational and emotion to animals can be. Every child who sees this movie thinks animals can think and communicate like humans do.

                  It is a well spun spiritual trap.

            • I always carry a hatchet to cut the breast bone and at the anal cavity. I hang it by the rear legs and cut the rectum loose and let the intestines fall to the diaphragm. Cut away the stomach and intestines. Be careful to not break the gall attached to the liver. cut out the diaphragm and everything left can be pulled through the previously cut breast bone. I dress rabbit almost the same way. I hang them by one rear leg. Skin like peeling off a glove cutting off one rear foot and both front feet and the head. then split the breastbone and the anal cavity . I can dress out a rabbit so fast the heart will still be beating in my hand. I skin a bantam chicken cut out the breast. Remove the legs and wings and feed the remainder to the pigs. or use it to bait varmit traps.

        • Can you post some links? Please?

        • the pelts would be good for some shoe material if TEOTWAWKI lasts too long.

          • That’s the TRUTH! I grew up with “deerskin gloves” (fur inside and out), and also had knee-high moccasins and I never once got cold. Many old “Main’as” use all the skins they manage to gather. Squirrel, rabbit, deer, bear, moose, fox …well, everything! It was The Passamaquoddy Indians (indigenous to there) that taught ‘white man’ how to live off the land (back when winters were killers compared to today). “Working up” pelts really isn’t all that hard, just a lot of repetitive things is all, and nasty looks from city folk who have decided to “hate real fur” – – and I saw it was placed upon the earth for a reason – since we are furless and in need of being covered “in fur” right? hmmm…. Maybe we were supposed to use fish pelts…

      17. To pluck a chicken; dip dead chicken in scalding water which loosens feathers. There is a rotary machine for plucking many chickens, but I guess one can do it the old fashioned way, one feather at a time. I haven’t seen a video of the old fashioned method or of skinning. But I’ll look for one.


        • B from CAs, I have plucked ducks and chickens by hand (scalding method), lot of work but worth it. If I were doing large flocks then I’d get one of those pluckers that revolve on a drum. They’re not that hard to make. Geese are the worst to pluck. Best to skin them out and breast them.

          Regarding this thread above I think that things of value after a crash, will be not just food, but many things of need. Food, clothing, water, currency, ammo, firearms, those with skill sets. And if time goes on those items will change/evolve.

          • Water scald temperature is very important…..145-150 for chickens. Use a thermometer.

            Too low, and the feathers won’t loosen, too high, and the feathers ‘set’, plus you damage the skin as it starts to cook.

            Dip the chicken in the hot water about 30-45 seconds, pull out and try a wing feather. If it pulls out easy, you’re good….if not, another 20-30 seconds in the pot.

            To hand pluck, scald, then lay on a table and start pulling feathers. Water hose to keep you and bird washed off is handy. I’m not fast, but I can have one pretty clean in 10 minutes.

            If you plan to raise them regular, a mechanical plucker is the way to go. I built a “Whiz-bang” (youtube it) plucker for the 30-40 broilers we put up a year. Worth every penny.

        • I have tried skinning, but plucking was easier for me. Water at 150 degrees, immerse chicken by dunking and swirling around a few times (making sure all feathers get wet) and I can pluck feathers by the handful..only takes a few minutes to pluck.

          • Plus the skin holds a lot of great fat you loose when skinning.

      18. Rigor mortise, stiffening of freshly killed animals.

        You have to refrigerate for twenty four to forty eight hours or meat will be stiff as a board. If you freeze without waiting for this process to play out, the meat will become stiff after defrosting.

        Gross stuff to get used to. I think it’s better to learn this now, while we can still get a steak wrapped up neatly in cellophane and styrofoam from a grocery store.


      19. Sewing, knitting, crocheting, and spinning.

        These arts have been all but abandoned. There will come a time when dressmaking is no longer optional. Either you will know how to dress yourself or you and your family will wind up naked or wearing rags. This may not occur. But why take a chance. Cheap clothing from India, China, Mexico and other Countries may become unavailable or expensive. These skills are useful anytime but depending on circumstances, these skills can be life changing.


        • I can do three out of four. Maybe I could open a shop. I can also make patterns and alter clothes. That might be useful, ya think?

          • Yes. You’ve got an edge over most.

          • Babycatcher:

            Your knowledge is worth more than you realize. A shop would be nice. A school and/or classes in conjunction with supplies and services. Your clients and students would probably provide plenty of young ladies for your baby catching. You could also teach infant care and precautions to young women. This generation really needs this.


        • Can do all four plus work a loom… Prison has its benefits dontch’know.

          Stich one drop one! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

        • Thanks “B” …

      20. In every animal, after killing, one must gently open thee stomach skin making the guts available to be removed, being very careful not to puncture which would release toxic waste and contaminate the meat.


      21. I don’t agree with this article.

        The rich rarely starve or go hungry. Somehow their money buys stuff unavailable to the general public.

        Example, there is not one grocery store in Flint Michigan, just small convenience stores. Food is for sale there, but only at top dollar. The crime rate there has driven this change, people who could afford it got out and found work elsewhere. Getting out of Dodge is often the smartest move. It’s what the rich do.

        The Flint MI models shows a large percent of the population will stay in dangerous areas where they have no possible future.

        Go to a place that has what you need. There are several farms in my area that sell a wide variety of foods. In an economic collapse will they stop selling food? I doubt it. What will they accept as payment or trade? That is what you will need, unless you are self sufficient.

        • No super wal-marts in Flint? Last time I was their they had a Meijer and from what I hear every church in the area is practically throwing food at you. Even fresh fruits and veggies.

          • I just checked the Walmart site, there are three stores that come up in a search, but all appear to be outside the city limits.

            Walmart doesn’t put stores in bad neighborhoods. They know better.

      22. Just a few words, what the hell.. we are lucky if were even alive by next year February.

        Like I have Said before, those who know me. And have red my past post over a year ago know that I just jumped on this site and unloaded some info about a massive die out coming up. Now today Hawk said that the new Madrid may blow, and cause fall out from weather weapons.. nothing supposedly me from this point on.. every bad event I ever experienced happened suddenly without warning, forcing me to evolve, learn and adapt.. now I prepare for all out hell on earth.. is a real site. They are showing us that we have to go. And the guilotines are hear, all 30,000 of them, then they roll in the UN military equipment right in front of us in our cities to show is that we are really dead, and you know the rest..i am not concerned about roaming dred lock. That’s easy to handle, it’s the foreign soldiers is what’s trouble scientists friend told me, keep posting and let the keep laughing, laughing ends this year between now and January 2017.. folks it’s not looking good for us..lets see what happens..Trump is going into the white house and this is a fact, so it’s no telling what kind of false flag or other shit these assholes have planned to stop the elections and declare martial law..

        • You are always the most entertaining poster here.

          I am not meaning to start a slap fight here, but some things you post just do not make sense that they will happen if you think about them.

          for instance 30,000 guilliotines. do you really think the feds are rolling these out all over the country and just having people line at a the fema camps and chopping off heads ? how obtuse is that thinking.
          if the feds really wants to kill off a lot of people, it is just going to allow for food shortages and sit back for a month and probably 1/2 the country dies off because its not prepared.

          I completely agree the the future of usa will be bad, maybe real bad and it could get real bad within 3 years if the currency collapses or world war 3 starts but venezula to 20 years to get to where its is today and the usa has a lot more going for it.
          even today with 100 million out of work the country still took in record taxes and easily paid its debts for the year, that’s not about to change in a year outside something like world war 3.

          so, summing up; yes the future will be bad; but not the immediate future.

          • lena.

            The problem with all this is there is no DRIVING Force.

            The degree of magnitude that effects peoples lives. There is no urgency to anything. That is why there are few preppers and if we divide the preppers into soft skinned to hard core, there are fewer.

            I pretty much know I am close to the end of all preps and the beginning of something. Not a lot of NEW force multipliers or prep ideas. The countdown to the election is ticking down. Like being in a train station or airport terminal and you can hear all the sounds but it is all jumbled.

            • yes, but katy underestimates just how much the world goes around normally all by itself and is largely unconcerned about anything outside of something like world war 3.

              this is why despite so many jobs being less than 30k today and millions unemployed and on food stamps; there were record taxes collected. the country should be in a depression given those first three but still keeps going.

          • Theres a nut house looking for hicks.

            • I can’t imagine trying to make ends meet on $30k annually.

              • I wish I made 30K. we live on my $1075 a month Social security check. and save a part of that.

              • 30k is easy if you HAVE NO DEBT 🙂

          • Years? 🙂

            ONE EMP (goes boom) at any altitude above 70 miles and our grid would be toasted for about two decades, meaning (literally) that the world as you know it could change forever in less than 14 minutes (or 7 minutes if fired from The Gulf of Mexico).

            As for WW3 – if we do NOT stop building The Iron Dome and surrounding Russia with nuclear tipped missles, we shall surely end up in a them giving us a taste of what a “Pre-emptive Strike” is all about (and I’ve listened to Putin very clearly state that he WILL nuke The USA if “we do not discontinue our present course” (which is bringing certain destruction of his country to the forefront – Putin ain’t gonna let that happen). He’s also been “buddy-buddy” with China as of late, and rumors of them combining military forces are “in the scuttlebutt” and rumblings amoung the men of every ‘military service’ we have.

            EVERYTHING is so damned “off kilter” I keep expecting a sign to pop up saying “TILT” …and things surely are tilting (globally), yet it only seems that the bad guys are making any progress. “Good” people are being stymied before they can initiate “fixes” as these people (globalists) want to see blood, oceans of it.

          • TPTB could create a grid down situation by ordering all power generation to cease for as long as it takes to wipe out as many as they want. Selected regions of the country could be supplied with limited power to keep some people around for performing needed labor–no civilian radio broadcasts being permitted so that those in blackout areas with battery operated radios have no way to learn of places to which they might migrate.
            Just one theory…

            • I agree with Leonard. They will use the power grid as a weapon to subdue the citizens. Maybe a false flag event and blame it on the Russians or a EMP from the sun. The chaos that results will significantly reduce the population. Im thinking sometime around the end of this year? the Dindus are easier to manage in the colder weather. The usless eaters sucking on the government teat will be easily rounded up sorted and culled. I actually think they will not be concerned with the hard case prepped folks. No blue helmets sent after them. Its a culling & reduction of population they are after not a war. The Government and forieghn invaders in the 1800,s greatly culled and Reduced the native americans. The same was done in Africa and Australia and other places. You can go to walmart when the EBT arrives and you will mostly see parasitic culls and they come in all sizes and races. Too many takers and too few makers. No election will change that fact. eventually something has to give.

          • if the feds really wants to kill off a lot of people, it is just going to allow for food shortages and sit back for a month and probably 1/2 the country dies off

            OR, just use those drones to deliver a virus and wipe out hundreds of thousands at once; now, how the bodies are disposed, I have no idea. But the expected smell will stop that plan until total desperation.

        • If you can keep you head when all about you
          are losing theirs and blaming you,
          If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
          But make allowance for their doubting too;

          If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
          Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
          Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
          And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise;

          If you can dream – and not make dreams your master,
          If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim;
          If you can meet with Triumph and disaster
          and treat those two imposters just the same;

          If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
          twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
          Or watch the things you gave your life to broken,
          and stoop and build ’em up with worn out tools;

          If you can make one heap of all your winnings
          and risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
          And lose, and start again at your beginnings
          and never breath a word about your loss;

          If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
          to serve your turn long after they are gone’
          And so hold on when there is nothing in you
          except the Will which says to them: “Hold on!”

          If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
          Or walk with kings – nor lose the common touch,
          If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
          If all men count with you, but none too much;

          If you can fill the unforgiving minute
          with sixty seconds’ worth of distance run –
          Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
          And – which is more – you’ll be a Man my son!

          God bless HCKS.

      23. In an economic/societal implosion lots of things will have value besides food. Tobacco, alcohol, antibiotics and other meds, ammunition. The list will be significant. If society goes far enough south into ‘Mad Max’ territory then there will be a period of time when ONLY barter material will be of value, (along with the services of nubile young females). But eventually order arises from chaos, a formal economic system of some kind will take shape and then barter will give way to commerce using some form of currency. At THAT point gold and silver will again be of value.

        And the odds are that while things may implode they will NOT reach the ‘Mad Max’ level. The chances are good that while fiat currency, which is just fancy toilet paper, will be worthless actual precious metals will always have value.

      24. It is our nature to survive. TPTB better remember that.

      25. Self reliance and Know How are better than hoarded goods & weapons. living off hoarded goods and defending it with weapons isn’t surviving that is enduring. You can only endure for short periods. So plan to endure only when absoultly necessary. After the initial collapse & die off everyone needs to become a producer of something and parasites not be allowed to leach from the productive. Your mental health will hinge on how well you can adjust to a new environment. I simply cant see many that will be able to actually survive. For a time its highly likely to be a stone age existence. How many do you know that could even mentally embrace a stone age existence let alone physically endure it.

        • Men will be pulling improvised plows. Maybe? Or we will live like the Indians . Farm like the Indians. Carrying water in buckets to plants grown in clumps. Guarding free range chickens . Cattle from rustlers . After the initial die off it would be like the old west. Where the nuclear reactors didn’t destroy everything . Everyone will work for food. Keeping shoes on your feet. Eventually you’ll get use to being bare foot. Keeping clothes on your back will be your biggest problem. Not many people stock up on clothes and shoes. This might last seven years. How long will a pair of shoes last you when you are walking everywhere . Farming everyday. Most of us only walk from our house to our car. Buy every pair of used shoes you can they will be like gold. It’s the little things like bug killer . Detergent. Imagine going for months without any kind of detergent. A bucket of laundry detergent could be used for everything . And be like a bucket of gold. Toothpaste mouthwash. And if you don’t think SHTF will happen think about this . Obama is rumored to be Muslim . But his mother was a Jew . You can only be a Jew if your mother not your father is a Jew. He is letting in the second worst enemy of Christians . Being and backed by the worst enemy of Christians. We are being played like fools. Our worst enemy is bringing in our second worst enemy to do their exterminating for them . And if don’t think exterminating . Read about what the bolshavics did in the holomodor. And what religion the bolshavics were. The have the media to keep it out of the news. As Alexander solsenitzen said . The world not knowing about the holomodor. Proves the people that committed it control the media. And you know what group ownes it . They even admit it . We are being slowly surrounded. By the most murderes and ruthless people in all history. But we don’t know it because they control the major media . They will try to starve us out just like they did in the holomodor . Then mop up the preppers. But as is written this time they loose.

          • If such is to be, let it be done and over with. Americans just do not have the mindset to allow themselves to be ‘vanquished’ nor enslaved. Neither will be allow the continuation of the annihilation of Christianity, related beliefs and principals, and all supporting ‘roles’ that go with such a society.

            I can’t help but believe that somehow the Pope (Pontiff) is knee-deep in this one, as he too is calling for a “One World Religion”. WTF? THE POPE CALLING FOR A MOVE from Roman Catholicism to what? Muslim teachings WITH Shari’ia Law, and already (actually, being added to) our government are more Muslim in all sorts of positions, with “special places” (similar to the mini-chapels once found in hospitals). Today, you are more likely to find “settings” for Prayer Cloths for Muslims Prayer Call than a ‘in hospital Chapel’. I know of one, and yet it hasn’t a Bible within it. 100% “nondescript” and void of suggesting ANY TYPE of religion. (Some fake stained glass on one wall, NO Holy Bible and no White Cross. Sometimes (rarely) there are lit, white candles (never three though), at a makeshift altar with a kneeling area).

            Someone please explain to me how “they got God removed from America?” Why did nobody make a stand for Christianity, and ska-rew whomever the complainers were, if that’s what started it. Or was it offensive to “REAL” religions (like Muslims and VooDoo practitioners)? ( I’m aware my old church had to take down the outside sign that only had the start-end times for Sunday School, followed by an hour or so of ‘adult’ Church). How in hell was that taken as to be offensive enough to justify removing it? Next we will be removing all tombstones that have crosses or remotely “suggest” Christianity right? Why not? They put the screws into everything else to do with Christians, why not devastate our ancestors graves with their heresies?

          • yep wolverine you pretty much described it. I doubt much agriculture will be done. Mainly hunter gatherers and nomadic herders. livestock & crops will be a target for varmit predators and human thieves. barring a accident or murder. A human will live until their teeth wear out. A nomadic herder will lkely have goats and sheep and possibly some chickens. Live in a sheep wagon possibly a tent or yurt. A goat or sheep doesn’t require copious amounts of supplemental feed. they can thrive on marginal browse and very little water. Imagine trying to harvest enough hay for even one cow by hand. And todays cattle are hot house creatures. they will die left to forage on their own. Without the commercial rations they will not produce much. In the wild west it took a longhorn steer 4 years to attain market size. and then it was mostly tallow horns and hide. My bantam chickens free range during the day. and they commonly follow the goats & sheep eating the insects that they disturb. when the animals lay in the shade chewing their cud the chickens are there catching horse flies and picking any ticks they find on the critters.

        • @ old guy…if you live self sustained already and off grid, not much will change. The Stackers and legends in their own mind, will have problems adjusting and surviving.

        • If the SHTF in early winter, those who have not stacked will die. Winters are harsh by me and there’s little edible green stuff. Most mammals hibernate and birds flew south. Good luck hunting. Ice fishing will be light at best. If there’s no electric for extra light you can’t fool chickens into laying in the winter.

          I see long term stored food as a door to survive that first winter, or the first few months in an insane world. Plant crops in these days and it will just make you a target for starving throngs. Just save the seed and hunker down for sunny days.

      26. Not that leftists would have the intellectual honesty to even consider this – by a person JFK considered of of the smartest Americans ever – but perhaps some of the rest of you might be interested:

        “[W]hen all government, domestic and foreign, in little as in great things, shall be drawn to Washington as the center of all power, it will render powerless the checks provided of one government on another.” —Thomas Jefferson (1821)

        • OK TEST…here are the Facts: JFK’s IQ was just on the high side of an average IQ score:

          IQ Reference Chart
          145 and over Genius
          120–144 Exceptional
          110–119 High Average
          90–109 Average or Normal
          80–89 Dull Normal
          70–79 Mild disability
          50–69 Moderate disability
          20–49 Severe disability
          Below 20 Profound disability

          Thomas Edison IQ Score: 145
          Charles Darwin IQ Score: 165
          Leonardo Da Vinci IQ Score: 220
          George Washington IQ Score: 118
          Muhammad Ali IQ Score: 78
          George W. Bush IQ Score: 125
          Barack Obama IQ Score: 130
          Jimmy Carter IQ Score: 156

          Bill Clinton IQ Score: 137
          Hillary Clinton IQ Score: 140
          Dwight Eisenhower IQ Score: 122
          Galileo IQ Score: 185
          Bill Gates IQ Score: 160
          Thomas Jefferson IQ Score: 160
          John F. Kennedy IQ Score: 119 ********
          Madonna IQ Score: 140
          Richard Nixon IQ Score: 143

          Ronald Reagan IQ Score: 105
          Harry Truman IQ Score: 132
          Arnold Schwarzenegger IQ Score: 135
          Sir Issac Newton IQ Score: 190
          Albert Einstein IQ Score: 160
          Paul Allen IQ Score: 160
          Lyndon B. Johnson IQ Score: 126

          ~WWTI… My IQ was like 124 back in High School, my buddy’s was 117, and another friend classmate was like 135.. because a friend 117 score, and I managed to get into (break into) the principals office and rummaged through the school’s paper records. We pulled up lots of classmates scores to see how we were placed. I would guess my IQ is much higher now, with a life time of experience and thought processing and analysis of understanding.

          • Damn, I’m 9 points shy of genius 🙁

            • But on another note…. the public is 60 points shy lol 😛

      27. So much for $10 bills in #10 cans.

      28. Just more from the not-in-the-leftist/fascist media any time soon files:

        FYI. More hypocrisy from the leftist Leona Helmsley (remember her?) “Laws are for the little people” type folks (cf. Hilary Clinton skating with her email server).

        Most outgoing US Presidents grant numerous presidential pardons during their last months and/or days in office, but President Obama seems to have adopted that strategy for his entire time in office. This week, he’s decided to forgive 107 gun felons.
        For a President so intent on tightening gun control – not to mention all the recent shootings – it seems odd that he would choose gun felons to forgive. The 107 criminals were either pardoned or had their sentences commuted. According to The Washington Times, their crimes included:
        • Using a weapon while dealing drugs
        • Carrying a weapon despite felony convictions
        • Lying in the attempt purchase weapons
        • Carrying weapons with registrations numbers removed
        Let’s keep in mind this is the president who repeatedly asks for gun control reform.

        “This is the most incredible hypocrisy,” complains Erich Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America. “The president has commuted the sentences of dangerous criminals who were convicted of gun-related charges. But then, he does everything in his power to block law-abiding gun owners from purchasing firearms.”

        During his two terms in office, President Obama has forgiven more than 600 federal inmates – including hundreds of drug dealers and drug users. This is more than the nation’s past 9 presidents combined. Last week, he told us why: “Our focus really has been on people who we think were overcharged and people who we do not believe have a propensity towards violence.”

        If selling drugs while carrying firearms isn’t considered “a propensity towards violence,” I can’t help but wonder what does.

        “On one hand, the Obama administration is attempting to limit law-abiding Americans from exercising their Second Amendment right and protecting themselves from harm,” says Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL). “On the other hand, the president will let criminals with firearm-related offenses off easy.”

        • What’s so hard to understand?
          He’s arming the rabble in order to have an excuse to declare Martial Law.
          Between the gang bangers coming over the southern border, and the Jihadists coming in from his home turf, and the BLM terrorists he’s egging on, he’ll have enough help to really screw this country even worse than he already has.

      29. Everybody has a plan until they get busted in the mouth.
        ……………….. Mike Tyson

        • It seems the old colloquialisms and adages like don’t put all your eggs in one basket are mundanity at best. Anyone that doesn’t have multiple contingency plans is planning for failure.P

      30. The people who have it all and throw fits when they don’t get what they want will have a rude awakening. If you are part of this group you will never live with less on purpose to harden yourself up. When your poor you have no choice you have to live on less just how it is. When your financially stable you become more civilized with a sense of entitlement to the best the world has to offer. Your sleeping on a $2500 mattress and feel you deserve it. Poor illegal immigrants are sleeping on a hard floor with just a blanket and happy to have clean water. Eating prime rib to eating out of cans is a huge jump. Skipping meals to eating out of cans not much difference. think about hardening your self up as a prep. It don’t cost a thing but will pay off big when the balloon goes up. Skip meals sleep on the floor skip showers go without sleep stuff like this sure it sucks but it will prepare you to cope when your forced to do these things. if you can’t handle these minor hardships how are you gonna survive.

        • Wow… You been spying on me Mr hat?

          Hope your dear family are in good cheer.

          Be well fella.

      31. Way back in WWII the US armed and feed the world literally. In a few short years with motivation we were making liberty ships in less than 24 hours. Tens of thousands of heavy bombers millions of vehicles. We gave Russia 440,000 heavy army trucks and never missed them we had so many in abundance. 100 aircraft carriers sailed the seas. What we have today is lack of leadership. No vision or goals. We limp along at 10% of our ability in6 WWII and they brag about it. As a kid I saw the 1950s when homes and new cars were cheap Everyon6e had a job5 that paid well. Gasoline was 2l cents a gallon It can be done again fools. Your bein6g taken for a summer sleigh ride

      32. At the end of WWII the American military in Europe noticed a vast difference in how the peoples there reacted to peace. the Germans started rebuilding as individuals taking it upon themselves to rebuild their homes and businesses. The French and the English on the other hand did nothing for themselves but sat in the rubble of their homes and waited for the govt to do everything for them. The Americans at the time felt the Germans were more like them than the allied peoples. how times have changed

      33. How do you know when you are at the end of prepping?

        You don’t need anything from Lowe’s or Home Depot.
        No more checking out garage sales and flea markets.
        Gun Shows become expensive flea markets to you.
        You rather watch the Weather Channel than the News.
        The Army/Navy store loses appeal.
        You have more canned goods than bullets.
        There is nothing new on the market that you don’t already have or gives you that, “Got to get one of those” feelings.
        When you don’t give a shit if Hillary wins.

      34. I truly enjoy all the comments about handling meat an other critters so I would like to pose a question. Have you devised a method of cooking to alleviate the smoke assuming that all electrical and gas sources are gone. An have you devised a method of masking the smell of food that has been cooked.
        We have obtained some solar cookers and utilized woodstoves with pipes under ground to difuse the smoke that they produce. I was asked one day from a neightbor who was about 100 yards away what was I cooking on the bbq. They said it smelled good as we were cooking ribeyes for the adults and burgers for the kids. when people are hungry they will be drawn to smells and smoke like moths to a flame.
        Then you have to figure out what you will do with the bodies of those that try to take what you have. Again a quick trip pulling them with a 4 wheeler down the road may suffice until the smell gets to you.

        • Most efficient form of cadaver removal= Hogs

          • John Westly Hardin lived for a time in a saloon at a border town. He shot and Killed a lot of people. And the free roaming hogs disposed of the bodys very quickly.

        • Perhaps this will help with cadaver removal
          ht tp://

          • The flys will transfer germs like crazy . To any cut or bite on you. We will need Miskito head nets and gloves always. And screens on every window. No short pants no short sleeves . Summer time will be hell. How long does it take a body to rot? Months? Then all the people to stupid or lazy to dig a latrine. A fifty gallon barrel of insecticide might turn out to be one of your most important preps?

        • Masking the smell of food cooking would be a tough one for sure! As for a way to cook the food, theirs always the Dakota fire hole / pit. Once they get going, very low smoke, and you can’t see the flames. Plenty of vids on YouTube..

        • N/r/a- our rocket stove does a good job at lessening smoke… not completely eliminated it as claimed. Needs tending and very dry fuel to do this, but it is very efficient. We are in a position where all we will need in a pinch is boiling water for awhile to reconstitute our freeze dried stocks. We just won’t be grilling outdoors at the onset of troubles, although a Dutch oven in a solar oven might be a good way of cooking a family meal without spreading aromas too far.
          I made a chicken and sausage gumbo last night, and when we came back from church this morning and opened the door, the whole house smelled of it. A good smell, but very illustrative of the powerful (and lingering) odors of cooking.

          Cadavers. Good practice to have tarps and painter’s plastic around. Painter’s drops to wrap… duct tape top and bottom- lay in a tarp and drag to a high place away from your water source. Keep your tarp clean. Roll the body off and open the plastic for exposure to the elements. Almost a “sky burial” like the ancient Zoroastrians practiced. Our bodies are consumed quite rapidly in the open. I’ve seen ants take apart small dead animals in hours down here.

          Our mindset has been preservation of corpses, hence the rise of embalming and professional handling. In a bad situation, the mindset would need to be one that hastens natural decomposition. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to think of a suitable place like that ahead of time. Rooftops of abandoned buildings would work… drained pools in the suburbs… sand pits on golf courses… anything away from water sources.

          Speaking of water sources… awhile ago I mentioned that some builder around here built a couple of spec homes over a spring, and he’s been unable to sell the houses because the street is always wet in front of them. We’ve had several weeks of drought here and as of yesterday that water pipe was still flowing. Absolutely amazing asset imo.

      35. Some
        People say there is a civil war coming. Think about it. 96% of minorities voted for this guy twice. Are you going to trust them with the life of your family? The first time . They were just stupid . The second time they are the domestic enemy. You can’t trust them . You can’t pick out the 4% that are patriots . Some will be spies .No white person would betray thinking he can hang with the black panthers or La raza. Unless they are completely stupid. It will be like prison law . If you are white you can’t join the blacks or the Browns . Just like they can’t join the whites. Start getting use to it. Regardless of your personal beliefs . Your families lives will be at stake. You will have no choice. You will not be trusted by a different race. You will have a choice between joining the panthers, la raza ., or the NAZIs. Take your Lilly white pink chicken skin kids into there camp and see what happens. They will use you and yours for entertainment. We have been set up to be taken down. Look what’s happening when they are only 15% . What will it be like when they are 50% . How much more time do we have to act. Before it’s too late.

      36. OFF TOPIC

        Has anyone heard the news of Obama banning 5.45×39 ammo? I heard just yesterday a federal judge upheld it. It’s ammo used for the AK-74. Thanks.

        • Mr. SouthSide,
          This is ONE of many reasons that your small arms are likely waste of time:
          Published: August 14, 2016

          But here is article about your question
          “Correction: Armor-Piercing Bullets-Lawsuit Story”
          By GENE JOHNSON, ASSOCIATED PRESS SEATTLE — Aug 11, 2016, 2:06 PM ET

          The biggest enemy we as a species have are NOT each other.
          Problem is Not other countries or nations.
          Problem is Not other races of people.
          Problem Not other religions. Jew-Muslim-Christian
          Problem Not rich vs. poor specifically.
          Divide and Conquer.
          PROBLEM is “leaders”. They ALL seem to be TRAITORS in a world wide conspiracy.
          The leaders seem to be NWO collectivist Luciferian’s worshipping Satan-Chaos.
          PROBLEM IS THOSE AT TOP of food chain INTENTIONALLY causing the chaos:
          German President Booed, Attacked; Claims “The People Are The Problem, Not The Elites”

          USA is not only country with a mentally ill TRAITOR posing as pretend president.
          These “leaders” WORLDWIDE are PUPPETS who are INTENTIONALLY DESTROYING their own countries. I believe they are Luciferian worshipers of Satan. Knowingly or unknowingly?

          I know it sounds a bit nuts. But that is conclusion you come to when you look at BIG picture. These “leaders” are ALL working in lock step CONSPIRACY. Cogs in the wheel of a conspiracy machine to DESTROY their own nations and people.
          Not just the USA TRAITOR obummer and Controlled/ IMPOTENT/ PAID for, congress/senate/media.

          We as a human species of MANY NATIONS are dealing with truly EVIL people.
          These “leaders” are bad actors with destruction of their own people as a goal.
          GLOBAL ECONOMIC collapse and NUCLEAR WAR seems to be their goal.
          The puppet leaders are INSANE.

          What is scary is it seems that only Putin is really looking out for his own people’s interest in a fashion? The west is PROVOKING Russia.


          The USA and Russia should be Allies working TOGETHER towards conquering Space and Interstellar travel with off planet exploration and permanent colonization.
          Instead of scrapping for bones.
          USA and Russia people have more common ground than appears on surface.
          But the “leaders” of the USA/NATO seem instead to want to provoke a war.

          Put the National Security threats Hillary for Prison 2016, obummer, and TREASONOUS war mongering “leaders” in PRISON. Impeach and Jail the TRAITORS.
          The Politicians are the problem making the CHAOS and WAR.
          They are dividing and conquering their own people. Turning them on one another.

          Turn to God, Live in Peace with one another. Stop the coming War by Impeaching and Jailing those instigators of war and chaos. Stop turning on each other.

      37. You forgot Meds.

      38. When the 68 Tett offensive broke out we were trapped for 3 weeks with very few supplies trickling in. The only thing that had any value was food and bullets. The value of each changed according to what we had the most of that day. Being in the delta we had loads of water or it too would have been priceless. It hit near payday so we had wads of money and it was worthless by 4 days into it.
        If you have food, bullets and some friends you can get all the other things. Don’t take my word for it.
        Read some of the horror stories from the breakup of Yugoslavia.
        A man named Selco has a blog describing a year in hell he went through over there. (SelcoSHTF).

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