Rich Becoming Overlords, Poor Becoming Serfs: “We’re Approaching a New Middle Ages in America”

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    This article was originally published at Washington’s Blog.

    You Know Inequality Is Bad … But You Don’t Know HOW Bad

    We’ve gotten to the overlord and serf level.

    Gini Graham Scott writes:

    Today, as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, it seems we are approach[ing] a new Middle Ages in America, as inequality increasingly spreads through the land. It is as if the super-rich are like the new royalty and the top 1 percent are living in mansions like the old castles of kings in the kingdoms that eventually melded into Europe and the U.K.


    This situation is much like what existed in the Middle Ages, with today’s poor underclass much in the position of the peasants, and the super-rich like the nobility ….

    The 85 richest people have as much money as the 3.5 billion poorest people (that’s half of the entire world population).


    The global 1 percent has increased their wealth from $100 trillion to $127 trillion in just three years.


    [Each year since the 2008 recession], the 1 percent took in anywhere from $2.3 trillion to $5.7 trillion per year. (All numeric analysis is detailed here.)


    [T]he middle class is disappearing at the global level. An incredible one of every ten dollars of global wealth was transferred to the elite 1 percent in just three years. A level of inequality deemed unsustainable three years ago has gotten even worse.

    America posts staggering figures as well:

    It was recently reported that just 47 individuals in the U.S. own more than all 160 million Americans (about 60 million households) below the median wealth level of about $53,000.

    But Forbes keeps building up the numbers. As of November 8, 2014 just 43 individuals own as much as the bottom half of America, based on the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Databook (GWD).


    Just one rich family, the six heirs of the brothers Sam and James Walton, founders of Walmart, are worth more than the bottom 40 per cent of the American population combined ($115 billion in 2012).


    A recent posting detailed how upper middle class Americans are rapidly losing ground to the one-percenters who averaged $5 million in wealth gains over just three years.


    The information came from the Credit Suisse 2014 Global Wealth Databook (GWD), which goes on to reveal much more about the disappearing middle class.


    The Upper Middle Class of America Owns a Smaller Percentage of Wealth Than the Corresponding Groups in All Major Nations Except Russia and Indonesia

    The upper middle class in the US, defined as everyone in the top half below the richest 20 percent, owns 11.9 percent of the wealth. Indonesia at 10.5 percent and Russia at 7.5 percent are worse off, but in all other nations the corresponding upper middle classes own 12 to 27 percent of the wealth.

    America’s bottom half compares even less favorably to the world: dead last, with just 1.3 percent of national wealth. Only Russia comes close to that dismal share, at 1.9 percent. The bottom half in all other nations own 2.6 to 10.2 percent of the wealth.

    And the top .01% of Americans now owns as much as the bottom 90%. Indeed, the 1% have gotten chump change compared to the .01% (you’ve got to see the charts to believe it).

    And the above figures are underestimates … because the very wealthy hide much of their wealth in offshore accounts which are hard to account for.

    The head of the Federal Reserve said last month that inequality levels are rising, and are near 100-year levels.

    Inequality levels are truly stunning … and inequality levels in America today may actually be the highest anywhere in the world ever.

    And studies confirm that America is now an oligarchy, not a democracy.

    Indeed – while fighting it for decades – mainstream economists now finally admit that runaway inequality destroys our economy.

    The lords are truly trying to make us all into serfs.   History may be repeating.


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      1. ….. there are those that have loaded wallets
        and those that dig,,,, we dig …..

        • The rich grow richer and the middle class continues to be squeezed.

          The Fed Won: America’s 0.1% Are Now Wealthier Than The Bottom 90%

          “In the late 1920s the bottom 90% held just 16% of America’s wealth—considerably less than that held by the top 0.1%, which controlled a quarter of total wealth just before the crash of 1929.

          From the beginning of the Depression until well after the end of the second world war, the middle class’s share of total wealth rose steadily, thanks to collapsing wealth among richer households, broader equity ownership, middle-class income growth and rising rates of home-ownership.

          From the early 1980s, however, these trends have reversed. The top 0.1% (consisting of 160,000 families worth $73m on average) hold 22% of America’s wealth, just shy of the 1929 peak—and almost the same share as the bottom 90% of the population.”

          • The top 1% KNOW a market plunge is coming. They have been doing things to increase and protect their wealth long term – like buying gold, silver, farmland, mines, etc.

            When I think of the top 1%, I think of people like billionaire, investor George Soros. With great wealth comes power and control.

            “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England” likes to uses his money and influence to ‘manipulate’ markets and the media.

            Soros-Sponsored ‘Agenda 21’ a Hidden Plan for World Government

            Anti-American George Soros trying to Control US Media
            “Every month, reporters, writers and bloggers at the many outlets he funds easily reach more than 330 million people around the globe.”

            Soros Bet on Market Crash Biggest Yet

            Icahn, Soros, Druckenmiller, and Now Zell: The Billionaires Are All Quietly Preparing For The Plunge

              • Back during the Middle Ages there was no such thing as the internet. Now everyone and anyone can find out what’s happening anywhere in the world in less than 5 sec.

                More and more people around the world are waking up to the fact that the Elite are stealing from the Serfs and at some point there will be something that lights the fuse and it will be game on…all at once.

                Fortunately for me, I live by the credo, you ain’t taking it with you. The older I get the less materialistic i’ve become. For me it’s food, shelter, clothing. That’s all that matters.

                • yes i prepare but if 95% of the general population
                  dies, what is the percentage of preppers that will
                  die?. 95%, they will just leave a lot of good shit
                  behind. which is good for those who find it!

                  • In a real true downturn or an economical collapse would the top 85 people be able to get to the stores to buy necessities. I envision these types of people as never being home in an attempt to enjoy life with all their money. If they are not home, will people camp out at their homes? On the other hand, once you have been in the lower classes you are able to make ends meet and know how to stretch what little food you may have.

                • As the present system melts down further, the super rich will be fine. The merely rich will be astounded at their reversal of fortune, and be shocked when they can’t do tasks for themselves and totally aghast that people don’t follow their orders to do said tasks for them.

              • Hope you do not believe that crap

              • Among other things incorrect, you spelled “Cincinnati” wrong as well

                • So Russia’s poor are better off that OUR poor. No wonder they love their leader more than we like ours. Apparently Putin watches over ALL of his country. Nice myth-busting…

              • Here is what Our “Boot Licker and Thief” Refuses to do:

                President Putin Bans Russian Officials from investing in any NWO (New World Order) Banks and or associated Investments that supports the Cabal.

                As part of the anti-corruption crusade, President Vladimir Putin has submitted bill to the lower house of Parliament to prohibit Russian state officials, their spouses and underage children from holding foreign bank accounts.

                The ban would apply to all high-ranking officials as well as employees of state funds and corporations, and members of the Central Bank’s board. An exception will be made for civil servants working as official Russian representatives abroad.

                If the proposed law comes into effect, civil servants will be given three months to get rid of their foreign savings and stocks. Those who fail to do so will lose their jobs.

                The main objective of the legislation, the document states, is to provide Russia’s national security, increase investments into the country’s economy and make the fight against corruption more efficient.

                Earlier in December, during his annual address to the Federal Assembly, Putin urged members of parliament to support the ban. He underlined that the limitations would appeal to all officials involved in making key decisions, such as the President, the Administration, deputies, senators and their close relatives.

                Meanwhile, a similar bill is being considered by the State Duma and has already been approved in its first reading. In addition to banning officials from keeping their savings abroad, the draft law proposed by deputies last summer also forbids them to have foreign property. Besides that, it introduces fines of up to ten million roubles ($ 330,000) or a jail term of up to five years as punishment for violations.


                • Our Neighbors to the North (Canada) are Screwing the U.S. Over now. Get this: Petrodollar Panic? China Signs Currency Swap Deal With Qatar & Canada

                  In the last few days, China has signed direct currency agreements with Canada becoming North America’s first offshore RMB hub, which CBC reports analysts suggest “could double maybe even triple the level of Canadian trade between Canada and China,” impacting the need for Dollars.But that is not the week’s biggest Petrodollar precariousness news, as The Examiner reports, a new chink in the petrodollar system was forged as China signed an agreement with Qatar to begin direct currency swaps between the two nations using the Yuan, and establishing the foundation for new direct trade with the OPEC nation in the very heart of the petrodollar system. As Simon Black warns, “It’s happening… with increasing speed and frequency.”

                  As CBC reports,

                  Authorized by China’s central bank, the deal will allow direct business between the Canadian dollar and the Chinese yuan, cutting out the middle man — in most cases, the U.S. dollar.

                  **And then Canada and the Republicans want to Build the XL Pipeling through the US, so Canada can sell their dirtiest sand oil to Chinaman. Brilliant. Anybody who supports the XL Pipeline is an UnAmerican Traitor.

                  Tis the Season for Traitors!!

                  • Canada is not screwing the United States. They are looking out for Canada.

                    How does the Keystone pipeline to LA get oil to China? If we hold it up long enough, a pipeline will be built to the west coast. Once that investment is made, Canada will have little interest in selling oil to USA.

            • …hmmmm. What to do with my 1% of wealth? Wait, wrong symbol. My $1 of wealth. I’ll invest in a liquid asset. A nice cold cherry slurpie sounds good….

              • You can get one of those for a dollar?

            • KY Mom

              As they quietly prepare

              so should we

              prepare accordingly


              • Possee,

                Agreed. They prepare, but ridicule and try to demonize us when we do.

          • I have stated many times that the goal of the global elites is a Neo-Feudal civilization. They want to take us back to the dark ages, complete with the “Divine Right of Kings”.

            If you want an idea of how that works, watch “Braveheart”.

            The policies of Agenda 21 are the practical implementation of it. If they have their way, no one will be allowed to even enter the King’s forest….much less take anything from it. And the same will apply to your own backyard. You won’t be able to grow anything there without permission…which of course will NOT be granted. Same goes for collecting rain water. They will say that it does not belong to you.

            Our Revolution in 1776 was compared to the French Revolution, an orderly and moral undertaking. But to my way of thinking….the next one needs to be more like the French Revolution….where those who are responsible for tyrannizing the world should pay with their own lives.

            • Amen, Walt, but it will take quite a few ‘bravehearts’ to make it happen. My clan will be one of those.
              You can count on that….

              • Y’all sound like a bunch of Obama brownnoses. Grow up.

              • Eppe, this braveheart will also be taking part, with his own clan of course.

              • My clan WAS one of those who fought alongside William Wallace. You can bet todays clan will be there and in exponential numbers.

            • I think I will watch that tonight…..Lord knows there isn’t anything new out worth a darn to rent. I think Hollyweird has had thee worst year this year with the lack of blockbuster releases.

              • BJ, you made an excellent choice for a movie, the story of my namesake. That movie gives me inspiration. I confess I took that name to post under and nobody plays the underdog like Mel Gibson.

            • Yup, heads on sticks

              • Coming soon to a ‘hood near you.

                Semper Fi 8541

            • Yes, Agenda 21 is very central, you are very correct. Aided and abetted by its twin ugly sisters of Malthusianism and the utter fraud of BIG GREEN MONEY faux global warming (you control energy, you control everything it touches, which is, well…. EVERYTHING

          • Its only going to get A LOT worse unless the masses rise up in NYC, London, LA and other such locations where most of the Uber Rich live and engage the elite.

            Just saying, this will not change without another Revolution. And another revolution is coming: in robotics which will replace the working poor, the middle class, and many professionals. Only politicians and some government workers will have jobs.

            Imagine paying $100,000 for an android/robot (which you will be able to finance) if you are the owner of a fast food restaurant. No health care costs, no vacation pay, no sick days. No pay wage demands. And no drama or bad attitudes to deal with.

            You recharge and replace the lithium ion battery pack every eight hours, so they can run 24/7. The battery packs are recharged from solar on the roof. The cost of three human workers for a year would be $75k. About the same cost as a robot. Spread that robot purchase price and financial costs over five years while taking applicable depreciation ….. and a robot is much cheaper.

            If the average worker has a cost of $25k a year in salary, benefits, and FICA, the robot pays for itself in five years or less. Robot life could easily be 20 or 30 years, and AI “updates” downloaded as needed.

            No need to hire a housekeeper, cook, or security. Robots will do it all much, much cheaper. Once they reach “replicant” quality, no need for wives or husbands either; because both men and women will be able to go to a sperm bank and select the desired egg or sperm for offspring. This will be the way that attractive men and women generate income. Fat and ugly need not apply.

            Its gonna be a brave new world. To coin a phrase. 🙁

            • Reminds me of the movie ‘I Robot’….
              Loved Alan Parsons Project too.
              Too bad many here do not remember that band.
              Utube it if you want to hear good late 70’s music…

              • I hope you read the book first. Movies tend to reduce good stories to cartoons.

              • Phil Collins

              • I robot, Pyramid, eye in the sky…. all great stuff…

                • Turn of a friendly card…..”if I had the mind to, I wouldn’t want to be like you”–great song about snubbing one’s nose at the .01%

                • And WestWorld – remember that movie. AI will turn on you.

              • Eppe ,
                The song “when I am old and wise” from that group is the theme song of the lead up to the collapse and surviving the aftermath. “Some other place some other time” is also a classic.

                About the only good thing to come out of the 21 century so far has been the IPod you can put your whole music collection on one a take it with you every where to listen to on your down time .
                Like Denzel in “book of Eli” .

                Semper Fi 8541

            • “Its only going to get A LOT worse unless the masses rise up in NYC, London, LA and other such locations where most of the Uber Rich live and engage the elite.”

              Yeah folks, engage them, and vote them out of their eliteness….LMAO

              • BJ: Email that sarcasm to Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obola. I’m not buying it. 🙂

                • Seems Durango a lot of us are not buying what you been selling lately.

                  Reid, Pelosi, and Obama have stole enough from America to live their sniveling, lying, cheating, stealing old age out in comfort.

                  And, it is my guess from watching what is happening to those republicans you so praise that their backbone is failing them (if they ever had one in the first place) and the above mentioned thieves are going to have the last laugh in the end.

                  Emailing any of our congress anything, will just contribute a piece of toilet paper to them. You know….they could give a shit what we think.

                  Right back at you with “you cant fix stupid”.

                  • Granny: “Seems Durango a lot of us are not buying what you been selling lately”. Yes granny, I can tell by all of the red thumbs I received!!! LMAO!!! 🙂

                    I think we are going to see a political fight in DC in January, the likes of which hasn’t occurred since Teddy Roosevelt and the Bull Moose Party; Andy Jackson; or Aaron Burr before him, when Obola executes an EO for Amnesty. The shit is gonna hit the fan in DC and Patriots, Liberty Lovers, and GB haters would be wise to vocally support them en mass.

                    BTW, I’m not trying to sell YOU anything since you are not smart enough to vote against any party in power. You can’t fix stupid Granny!!! 🙂

                    • Sterilize all the Jews Granny!!! You can do it!!! Then gas them all just to make sure they can’t reproduce!!! LMAO!!! 🙂

                    • Give it up kidd, you’re seriously drowning.

                    • DK:

                      As usual, I wasted a stamp to send in my vote this November. Just FYI, I have never voted for a democrat, never.

                      My comment about Pelosi, Reed, and the rest of that nasty crew having the last laugh meant they know who runs the two headed snake in DC and their goal of a One World Order will carry on; business as usual. AIPAC and the Robber Baron Banksters of the world own America and most of those republicans souls; right alongside the democrats.

                      By spring of 2015 I would expect that the wind will be taken out of your sails DK and your hopes and expectations dashed once again.

                      As far as your snarky ‘jew’ comment goes; I think we should punish the guilty and leave the innocent alone.

                      However, since you seem so damned intelligent have you ever stopped to ask yourself why the Bolshevik jews in Russia who tortured and slaughtered millions were not brought before a Neuremberg 2? Were those Russian people not considered valuable enough to hold someone accountable?

                    • “Were those Russian people not considered valuable enough to hold someone accountable?” No, Granny, they weren’t. In fact, the west continued to destroy what of Russia they could, and are still trying. Everyone who hates “Russian” for some unknown, unquantifiable reason, contributes.

                      We hate Russians, and most people don’t even know why, they can’t come up with any articulable response.

                      We as a people, can’t name one single thing the Russians every really did TO US. Oh sure, we have all of the old cold war propaganda to fall back on, but how much of that was true, and how much was made up to reinforce the govt loathing for a country who just will not submit?

                      We’ll never know.

                      The Russians are tougher than about half of America…you decide which half.

                    • stupid would be to support ‘them en masse’

                      just who is ‘them’I ask

                      the gop?

                      really ?

                      Good God dk…

                      it’s all kabuki theatre and you have willingly bought the front row seats..

                      You really believe the gop has our best interest at heart over obama and the dems agenda?

                      They are playing good cop bad cop at our expense..

                      There will be back door deals..and they will capitulate..of course..

                      The agenda moves ahead despite the mid terms..

                      always does

                      always will

                      History proves it.


                    • All these keyboard commandos on here. One person I give credit here and would want on my wolf pack team if needed is POG “Pissed off Granny.” At least she puts her money where her mouth is and mentioned she sent money to the Bundy Ranch when that went down. What did the rest of you do, when Americans needed leadership? Cyber squat here telling daily jokes? The rest of these Pussies on here too worried about being Unscathed, or how they fair coming out the other side. You know who you are!! Cry when they get a hang nail or quit if they get dirt or blood under their fingernails? Then try to call themselves leaders. Leaders of what? Joke of the month club? Walk the Talk Bitches!! or STFU!

                    • POG,

                      “However, since you seem so damned intelligent”

                      Seem: give the impression or sensation of being something or having a particular quality.


                      impression: an idea, feeling, or opinion about something or someone, especially one formed without conscious thought or on the basis of little evidence.


                      Opinion: a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.


                      I think you get my point Granny 🙂

                    • Granny: Go to the “Corbett Report”. There is a great video there tying the NWO origins and their loose ends together.

                      You will enjoy it. I’m heading to China for some R&R. 🙂

                    • WWHTI: Bundy Ranch was a legal clusterfuck that smart patriots should not get suckered into. Rancher Bundy is a multi million dollar rancher who has been mooching off of the American taxpayer for 20 years by trespassing on almost 500 square miles of TAXPAYER LAND without paying his just grazing fees.

                      Episode Two will be coming soon, and Rancher Bundy will get his just reward. If you, as a Patriot, want to find a just cause to bring armed rebellion against a Rogue Administration, try Illegal Immigration or forced insurance payments under ObolaCare.

                      The US Constitution would be on your side. 🙂

            • @DK,

              You know what, you’re not that far off with the robot thing. I mean think about it, the vending machine is really just a primitive robot. It’s operated on demand by anyone who wants a snack, a hot chocolate, etc.

              It’s really not that far fetched to have robots making food on demand. Just look at your average coffee shop or Mcdonalds. I agree, home implementations are just around the corner. Imagine if a robot could make the bed!

              And yes, I am in agreement, it looks like physical revolt is the only means. The money is just too imbalanced to go the paid political / mercenary route.

              • I so want tot go to that bar in “Fifth Element” and have the robot bartender ask… “you want more…”

                • CS: Its coming. All the more reason to limit the ILLEGAL immigration of more useless eaters. I see a time where people could buy into a limited partnership owning android/robots that could be leased out for income generation, like cars are now.

                  Can you say “Hertz” and Avis”? Its coming. 🙂

              • Cell spider, robots won’t need to make beds. All that would need to happen, is for ALL motels/hotels to just start handing out bed rolls and force customers to make their own damned beds (unless they pay $1000 premium per night, that is). People will make their own beds if that’s all that is offered.

              • Cellar spider
                I feel sometimes I am living in a Robert Heinlein novel , we are living the script from the ” Moon is a harsh Mistress ” mixed with ” the Revolt in 2100″ I feel in January the wheels are going to , come off on this administration , begining with a government shut down on the 11 December and the sooner civil unrest from fergusion there is some SERIOUS AGITPROP going on from the regime on this front .
                DHS is preparing for at least 8 cities involved in VIOLENCE
                St Louis
                Memphis ( watch your back BH )
                Los Angeles
                New York City
                Washington DC / Baltimore
                What happens in January if the previous congress refuses to Leave office under a flurry of EO ‘s
                With the excuse it’s to important to turn the country over to the opposition?
                Just imagine what the market is going to do when this goes down . The Quizlings among us will be screaming for UN intervention.

                I hate to say it but we are seeing the beginings of a NATIONAL NIGHTMARE of the likes never seen here or believed it could happen here . The regime is dying like a wounded animal it will strike out at anything within reach without consenous thought . The first test of national integrity was in 1865 , the next is in our life times, throught the arrow of time history will determine our national destiny and what we leave for those that come after us , let it be resolved that with honor , integrity and Devine providence that this Republic will never perish from this earth.That we will once regain a nation by the people and for the people as founded in the begining. Remember the past , it foretells the future . A century from now, new places known God will stand beside places as Lexington Green , Valley Forge , Trenton , Gettysburg , Manassas , And other consecrated hallowed ground in history where American citizens , reluctant soldiers of the Republic stood their ground and turned the tide of totalitarianism.

                Prepare now like there is no tomorrow , get your essentials , be prepared to leave everything behind If you want to live . Never surrender , never give up , once this starts there is no going back things will never be the same , it will be biblical in scope , just have hope we can rise like a Phoenix from the ashes and build a better future. Trust in a just God. Pray for deliverance from those that will do you and others harm .

                “These are the times that try men’s souls ” Thomas Payne

                The future does not belong to the faint hearted , it belongs to the brave


                Semper Fi 8541

                • NB;
                  Amen to your post. I’m way to close to Philly for my liking but we have a plan of action if needed.

                  I agree with your last line “…. the future … belongs to the brave” but I’d like to add that it also belongs to those dedicated to protecting and saving their family.

                  I say that because I do not consider myself brave just a man that sees the world as it is and will do all I can to see my family through to the other side.


            • DK

              Walter Reuther had a similar idea when he and Henry Ford (3rd?) toured a new manufacturing facility with 1st generation robotics in 1970 just prior to Walters death in a plane crash. Mr Ford said to Walter, “Those robots won’t go out on strike”. Walter replied, “They won’t buy any cars either”.

              Technology increases wealth by making goods cheaper to produce and therefore more abundant PROVIDING the mass consumer displaced by the new technology can afford to buy these goods.

              • Robotics. One big race to the bottom.

                • Wow, Just saw a US Postal Carrier deliver a package on Sunday to my neighbor’s house. They are fighting still to make themselves relevant in the package biz.

                  • They are in the grocery delivery business now, I understand. 🙂

              • K2: Nice quote, but the robots will not be sold to the masses. The robots will be sold to buyers of SUV’s, yachts, second home owners and other wealthy people and businesses to replace the masses; and is intended to reduce the population of useless eaters.

                The FED has already shown that useless eaters are IRRELEVANT to financial assets for the past six years. 🙁

                • Robots to replace the masses… reduce population of useless eaters…. it will happen next year at McD’s. They will probably have tazers or pepper spray to break up the ghetto fights inside.

            • Believe me, I have seen the future and it scares me to death. Think of what self-driving vehicles mean for the future of all the people who make their livings transporting goods. Say good bye to truck driving, pizza delivery, parts delivery, street sweeping, garbage collection, train engineers, mining and agricultural machinery operators and a whole host of other occupations that currently offer employment to people without a viable college degree. Policing will be done by robots too and so we will get a world that looks like a myriad of works of dystopian fiction all rolled into one. I sometimes almost think that a series of massive CMEs that wipe out modern civilization would be preferable to letting technology take it’s course.

              • Some very good points Winston, but what it says is what’s wrong with America. It’s anarchy but it’s corporate anarchy. The political system isn’t working and can’t work until the people realize the basic problem, which is corporate owned politics. It’s become little more than a bribe for votes scheme, and ,worse still, the parties leaders are greased from the time they enter that system. It’s all rigged even if the mentally handicapped who presume they are actually somebody because they “supposedly” were elected turn out to be still born stooges of their masters selected for their imbecility, whom are captured in the corporate sponsored corruption and then forced to do what they are told.

                So, I don’t know where it will lead, but it won’t lead anywhere good when essentially the people running the nation are rich psychopaths acting in their own interest.

                Most likely I presume it will end in the collapse of civilization and perhaps the extinction of the human species in the planned third world war.

                Americans, unfortunately, don’t have the advantage of Europeans who have thousands of years to reflect upon, and here I’m speaking about the knowledge of the rich and their crimes against humanity.

                What that means is what President Washington warned us about, and that was his personal fear that if we ever began dealing with the European Powers that they would worm their way inside our nation in order to destroy it.

                So they did and they have, and now their wealth controls the media, the media which is supposed to be the public airways, but is now owned by five corporations, which really means a couple people for all practical purposes.

                Ya know, you stay in power by dividing the people, and what you brought up is just another means to do that. Pit the working slaves against the homeless and starving. That’s what they have planned.

              • I’ll bet they’ll still require some sort of license to use a self-driving vehicle, wait and see.

                If the vehicle drives itself, why would we need a driver’s license anymore? There goes the revenue and control mechanism, right?

                They’re not going to give up the money or the control. They’ll be so expensive that only the one percent will be able to afford to own and maintain a self-driving vehicle.

                …AGAIN, WE LOSE.

                • Self driving vehicle? Yeah we already have it. It’s called taking the bus or train.

                  • 🙂

                  • +1

            • DK , Ya got a robot that can prune my apple trees ?
              Man , I hate doing that job.

              • HH; There is already in existence, a robot that can PICK the apples of your tree without bruising them. Imagine a android/robot working in your aquaponics warehouse producing all of your food.

                I like it. 🙂

            • DK, your analysis is in every detail coincident with marxian analysis, dating more than 150 years ago, even if you’ve updated it, and obviously it makes sense, since this is part of a very precise social science, dialectical materialism. So, could you explain me why when I try to explain some arguments like revolution, communism, class struggle, proletarian organization and so on, even on this site, american readers and preppers in particular react like I’m talking about the devil?

          • KY Mom, I found something that made my heart skip a beat — Apparently, there’s talk of hand sanitizers and bleach actually FACILITATING the spread of Ebola. This might be something we need to know….maybe not, but here’s the link.


            • Sixpack,

              Thank you for sharing this link.

              I had not seen that.

              • sixpack: I never use “hand sanitizers”. I spent two years in the Marine Corps and they taught me not to piss on my hands. 🙂

                • Well, somebody needed to. 🙂

                  I’m a Navy vet, but I’ll forgo the jar head joke…this time.

          • Everything is Right when the Wallet’s Tight.

        • It it not a shame how this USA is looking more and more like Hunger Games???
          I am ready and willing to take those who control out of the equasion…
          Anyone else feel the same?

          • eppe, you know I am with you all the way.
            I am so glad we met in the 70’s.
            Wish we could get more like minded people in our clan.
            When the curtain drops, we will prevail.

            • @Me.. When the curtin drops on you it will be the end of the show for you. No intermission, strait to the mass grave. Body bags are optional.

          • If history does indeed repeat itself, think French Revolution. Now that was bloody.

            • Red Leader…..funny….I read your post AFTER I wrote mine saying how our next revolution needs to be more like the French Revolution.

            • RL….Another French Revolution? Might give new meaning to the phrase “giving head”.

              • or losing one’s head…

            • It’s a terrifying prospect, but I think that is how it will happen. While, as horrible as it may seem to say it, it may be necessary to execute a small percentage of the population in order to achieve a proper reset (a la the French and Russian revolutions), we all know it won’t end there. Paranoia will set in and the vanguard of the revolution will start weeding out those who do not agree with them, in order to safeguard the revolution. Thus the revolution will lead to tyranny in the name of liberty and replace one evil with another.

          • eppe: With you 110%!


            • Copper, me and I have a group of guys and gals who have been prepping for years, great people too. We are so intertwined it seems like they are more like family than my own family. It has taken years to get to this point. When TSHTF, look out for a group who will take control and set people’s thinking right on what needs to happen.
              BTW, what does MTCFMF mean?
              Not up on my acrynoms…. spelling off…

              • eppe: MTCFMF May They Come For Me First. I’m ready to show them how the cow eats the cabbage. And does a Fat Dog Fart?


              • NO offense eppe, I like you. But I would have nothing to do with a group that wanted control, especially of my thinking.

                • BJ, someone has to lead?
                  Too many sheeple…

                  • Lol. And this comes from someone afraid to engage and looks to come out the other side unscathed. You going to lead as you go into hiding? Leaders are not afraid to take arrows in front leading. Just saying as I see mixed messaged keyboard comandos. LoL

                    • Wwti, you are so full of shit your eyes are brown.
                      As a lone wolf, you will die early.
                      That will be a good thing, we will take your preps with no problem.
                      You will not last long, since your neighbors hate you.
                      I know where you live, it was easy to track you.
                      You claim to be so elusive, yet you are not.
                      Be ready, you are targeted for.

                    • Today, “leaders” often are hiding behind those who are actually taking the arrows in the front…just saying.

                    • I think “eppe” and “me” are the same person using different profile names. Eppe are you confirming you statements with a 2nd profile personality? Split personality ??. You going to kill them with your jokes?. I guess you now have to make up new profiles since you lost your thumbs cheering crowd. You got too much time on your hands. Only way any body comes out the other end unscathed in this is if the go hide in a cave for a decade. Tell us how you are going to lead? How you are going to take them out tough guy. Oh me you know where I live? Where? Come take my preps now Fn coward. Bwahahaha. We know who is full of BS.

                    • Wwti.. I think you struck a cord. A few on here are all bravado talk. I never see any of them offering and solutions. They will be huddled in their cabins, clinging to their bibles looking for answers. No leader will emerge.. How do you move a group in a bugout stealty and in the winter? I see them as lost refugees begging for food or the nearest Fema camp for 3 squares. Trading their rifles in for shelter.

                  • Sheeple in a group? I may be missing something here?

                    • BJ. It’s usually the cowards that tend to migrate into groups for safety in numbers. We had this conversation before. You are only as strong as your weakest links as the wolf picks off the weakest in the herd one by one. Just watch any nature channel as a training film of the future of mankind. Opsec is null and void as well when you have children blabbing to their school pals of who’s parent is more obsessed with prepping. So groups may as well all hold hands chant kumbiya asthey get crushed. Just ask those at the Branch Divinian ho w well groups tend to fare during SHTF. Just saying.

                    • WWTI, note to self: If I’m ever traveling with a bunch of jackasses, try not to be the one taking up the rear… 🙂

                  • Every day I find eppe’s point of view more desirable. The sheep will always be sheep. It hasn’t changed in all of human history which is why the same events keep happening over and over. I have no more compassion for sheeple. They brought this horrible world upon themselves and the rest of us. If they don’t mind being killed, extorted, and ruled by the psychopaths in power now then they shouldn’t bat an eyelash should some other tribe, say the prepper “tribes” take over. However, we don’t sponsor free bread and circuses.

                    When rules become terrible, boot them out and take over. Get things making sense again. It probably will only last a period of time, but this is what Thomas Jefferson had realized long ago. Keep that tree watered.

                • BJ, someone has to lead?
                  Too many sheeple…

                  • I take it the hatchet you and WWTI buried
                    is buried in each others back. Too bad.

                    • Outwest, if you notice, I have never started any of that. I just hate to get jumped on, and retaliate as needed. Last night my buddy ‘me’ had a pool playing party, drank way too much scotch, smoked too many Cubans, got on the computer too much, basically had a ball. Sort of a mortgage burning party. Me is still asleep in the man cave. It is great to have lifelong friends like ‘me’. I wonder about wwti. But in reality, I could care less about lone wolfs. They are like that for a reason. Since many of my friends have died in the last few years, the ones you have now, show them that you care. I do, and it just shows that I love them like a brother I never had….

                    • Ok so that explains it the scotch was talking. Nobody here gets a lifetime pass to say contradictory soopid shit. Without being called out. Cant play both sides of the fence, or ya end up with a post up your bung hole. Alert on this end.

          • Well as a retired Engineer perhaps it’s time to start planning my second job as a sword maker, always a good job, never have to go to war, always busy. Shack up with a kitchen wench, get good food, be OK

            • Noid, wish you lived in GA, we could use a good blacksmith.
              Been collecting T-Model leaf springs for years, makes for great swords….
              Got quite a few old real metal parts, just for that reason…

              • Come to Casper; oddly we have a few blacksmiths

                • Big problem with sword making these days is best way to temper a blade is to run it through the heart of a Nubian slave and the EPA, OSHA are a real problem about that.

                • Noid, I will stay in GA, we seem to have a few here, one of our group does blacksmithing as a hobby, but he is getting better all the time. It is a hard task to master.
                  Hope you come out on the other side intact….
                  May all us preppers come out on the other side intact…

                  • Okay, a sword joke…. Enjoy…

                    A Frenchman, an Englishman and a New Yorker were captured by cannibals. The chief comes to them and says, “The bad news is that now we’ve caught you and we’re going to kill you. We will put you in a pot, cook you, eat you and then we’re going to use your skins to build a canoe. The good news is that you can choose how to die.”
                    The Frenchman says, “I take ze sword.” The chief gives him a sword, the Frenchman says, “Vive la France!” and runs himself through.
                    The Englishman says, “a pistol for me please.” The chief gives him a pistol, the Englishman points it at his head and says, “God save the queen!” and blows his brains out.
                    The New Yorker says, “Gimme a fork!” The chief is puzzled, but he shrugs and gives him a fork. The New Yorker takes the fork and starts jabbing himself all over-the stomach, the sides, the chest, everywhere. There is blood gushing out all over, it’s horrible. The chief is appalled and asks, “My God, more…

                    • Your joke must have been cut short or I’m dumb! Coils for swords? How about tire weights for the lead to be used for forging bullets? Old fences can be cut at the welds to make caltrops (rustier the better) lol. Were you on vacation there for a little while back?

                    • I hope Eppe didn’t finish because I don’t get it. I hope he didn’t die before delivering the punchline

                    • Get with it, he’s no use as a boat skin

                    • Thank you Noid, I appreciate your astute wisdom…

                  • in Ga also , interesting

                • Paranoid. I lived in Gillete, WY back in the early 80s. Made pretty good money working as a construction laborer (poured concrete) and worked on a couple of oil rigs (Exeter and Green drilling Cos.) Still managed to keep all of my fingers and teeth.
                  Wyoming is a great place, but the wind chill and cold takes some getting used to.
                  I’m guessing that blacksmiths would make a good living in your area with the demand for various types of metal work and shoeing horses.

                  • Wyoming would be an excellent place to be when SHTF…

                    • Why? WHYOMING? LOL. Cause your buddy Dick Cheney lives there?

              • eppe- Regarding your comment about making weapons from old car parts, The good book** says: “And they shall beat their leaf springs into swords, and their jack handles into spears…”

                **Note- please don’t anyone be offended. The good book referred to is the owners manual for a 1974 Cutlass Supreme (convertible with a/c and a built-in 8 track tape deck) Book of Oldsmobile, chapter 6, verse 7…

                • I can’t think of a better use for a pinto or a vega, or a pacer…

                • I’ve got better use for piano wire than playing a tune.

                • LOL OKIE , now i know what to do with my Duster .:)

                  • That depends on whether it ended up with a 318 in it…

              • Nels. Yeah eppe is collecting lief springs for the sword that fights around corners and trees. LoL. Or if a model T runs out of lief springs and needs a few more, eppe has a shop already set up. . How’s business eppe?. Maybe it was another joke? You are way ahead of your time..

                • Wwti, thanks for noticing. I am usually about 10 years ahead of most in prepping. And eppe and me had a pool playing, mortgage burning party last night. Have you ever built a knife from leaf springs? I made a Arkansas pigsticker from one years ago. They used real steel back then. Holds an edge great.
                  Have a blessed day…

                  • A better knife can be forged and pounded out of a railroad track nail spike. Full tang and sharpened razor sharp. Check YTube for good vids on that. Need a good Anvil and hammers. Stoke the fire with hot coals and a billows to increase the heat for a yellow hot spike, a sturdy pair of plyer tongs. And start pounding it out.

            • This is why I love to vote!!! Thumbs up!!! LMAO!!! 🙂

              • What happened to the vote thumbs?

          • We just had that asshole from NYC here in our state shilling to make law abiding citizens criminals with now communist laws out of his shithole.

            Yes, I’m with you …hell yes…sick of these fucks

          • If we are to win, Our Revolution must make the French Revolution appear bloodless. We must Kill all Politicians, the Rich and all their seed.

            And thereafter make it a right to kill anyone trying to pass paper money, and kill all the seed related to the one trying to pass paper money.

        • Why do you think they want our guns?

        • Let’s kill them.

        • Problem is there are to many pockets to fill and not enough loaded wallets.

        • “The World needs ditch diggers, too!” Judge Smails… Caddyshack

          • Yes the world does need ditch diggers. Who else will bury the Elite’s Corpses?

            • a funeral FIRE — a funeral fit for a king..

            • Why bury them? Buzzards got to eat, same as the worms.

        • They all need to be hunted down to the four corners of the earth, rounded-up, tried for robbery and high treason, and either hung or imprisoned.

        • Time to Massively Tax the Top 1% to pay off the national debt that they heavily profited off of, as the 99% of the rest of us got the tax bill.

          • Maybe just repatriate their wealth after they hang.

        • But we also have loaded six-guns, which could prove problematic for the oligarchs.

        • We may dig them into the earth before all is said and done.

        • i agree however the revolution in
          France cost a lot of lives.
          the revolution is necessary, but blood is going to
          flow. i want to think i will survive. but i will
          not back down. a lot of heroes are found in
          unmarked graves.

        • The bottom 50% of society are socialists.

          They leech and complain, moan and get lost on trivia, conspiracy theories and do not produce anything of value that is why they are there.

          The next 40% are trying to get to the top 10%

          These are the ones that produce value and are re-warded by it.

          The top 10% are pretty much there forever.

          Old Money, the changes in this group are much smaller but it is still possible to get here. FB,Google, Instagram owners all joined this class because they delivered value!!

          • and so it goes. people who are in charge of their
            lives, at least go out with a clear conscious. or
            keep living with a clear conscious. survival is not
            a given. even for good people who love their mothers.

          • Don’t know how old you are, but the bottom 60% are making the same wages I made 40 years ago. So leaches? Try hard working Americans trying to do the right thing.

            You are right about the other 39.9% trying to insanely achieve the same level as the top .01% which right there shows they don’t have good informaion, because few people I’ve ever know would like to imitate the crimes these people are guilty of.

          • “FB,Google, Instagram owners all joined this class because they delivered value”

            YEP , It IS STILL POSSIBLE .
            I wont stop tryin .
            Gettin tired of hearing from folks who have long ago given up on their dreams and just bitch about being poor.
            I may be poor , but not beaten down.

      2. I truly believe it’s all going to end badly for the so called top .01% as well as those who surround them .I’d hate to be a bank employee or any level of Federal worker!!

        • You need to watch what you say, Federal workers just do as they are told. A lot of them just deliver the mail. look after the parks and lands, guide the airplanes, wish they could be allowed to stop the illegals etc. Nobody has a real problem with them. DC; that’s another story

          • Some of the ones who “look after the parks and lands” were in on the siege of the Bundy Ranch some time back.

            But I believe that the ones that really need to be dealt with are in D.C.

            I’d like to build a wall around that place and not let any of them out…..EVER.

            • Yup, and you will notice they didn’t do anything.

              • Only because it was apparent that any attempt at further action by them would end badly……for them.

            • Walt:

              I’d like to build that wall, throw on some firewood and have a weeney roast. THEIRS!

              • I wish a was an Oscar Meyer wiener, that is what I’d truly like to be-e-e.

                For if I was an Oscar Meyer wiener, everyone would take a bite of me…er, be in love with me… 🙂

                • Granny/sixpack

                  You girls blow me away.
                  I love ya both dearly.


                  • Outwest:

                    How out west are you. Anywhere near Oregon?

                    • Granny

                      My handle is rather ethereal.
                      Even though I have been to
                      Oregon and all over the West
                      and love it dearly, I actually
                      hail from Michigan as an eighth
                      generation descendent.

                      OutWest comes from the 1862 Land
                      Grant Act that allowed anyone to
                      homestead 160 acres west of New
                      York which was considered Out West
                      at that time, which members of my
                      family did, hence my moniker.

                      I have entertained many times a move
                      to the gorgeous western half of our
                      great country, but being a Capricorn
                      on the cusp of Aquarius I never could
                      bring myself to leave the big waters
                      of the Great Lakes, where so many of
                      my ancestors have lived and died.

          • Don’t tell me what to say! Do you understand me! They Federal work force has been living large for FAR too long, and are exempt from many laws that the rest of us most abide by. So shut you mouth!

            • Oh and one more thing: The average Nazi Government employee just happed to “do as they were told” as well!
              You are either part of the solution, or the problem and I see compliant federal workers…and people with your way of thinking part of the problem

            • @Agent Provocatour,

              OK, you are correct. Who you work for matters. However, they are sheep at the end of the day. They’re just going about their merry business trying to make a buck according to the rules of the current game.

              It’s up to us like minded individuals to offer an alternative solution… they can understand and be happy with. Let them have a choice. Then, judge those who stay in the old way accordingly.

          • That’s an excuse used by every immoral person. I was only doing my job. When your job becomes the problem then don’t you think you have a moral obligation to join your fellow citizens?

            I worked around them as a contractor and they treated us like third class citizens and acted like we were their personal servants, instead of the civil servants they are supposed to be.

            Then, as a contractor, they allowed the contractor to violate State Labor Law, and claimed that the Code of Federal Regulations over ruled the Laws of my state, like I was a federal worker just because the contractor I worked for was a federal contractor.

            When I went to the Department of Labor they wouldn’t do a damn thing about it. Pure bullshit, and then the contractor fired me for complaining about them breaking the laws of the State. The State Employees were helpful as they could be, but in the end they simply said they couldn’t do anything because they got their money from the Federal Government. It’s bullshit is what it is, just fucking criminal bullshit allowing thieves to steal peoples money and then rewarding them with contracts.

            So you know what, take your I’m just following orders and rethink how well that’s selling with someone like me. Not too well I’m afraid.

        • Who says Organized Crime doesn’t pay.

          • Any criminal who does not work for the U.S. government…

        • AP:Why would you target bank clerks and tellers making $9 – $12 per hour? These people are your neighbors struggling to make ends meet just like you are doing.

          Even regional bank managers who make more money because they are better educated, get their marching orders from the top. They are hardly the “elite”.

          Know who you enemies are. Make a list. Check it twice. Know who has been naughty and who has been nice. You are responsible for the US Constitution in your neck of the woods.

          Identify and target those who have targeted American rights and liberties. They are the ones responsible for the death of America. They are Traitors. The penalty for treason is death.

          Engage. Its totally Constitutional. 🙂

          • Rule of thumb: The parties most responsible for the current situation, will be the hardest ones to get to. Look for the armed security guards, high security fences and hidden, premium bunkers.

            Everyone else must be struggling WITH us.

            • Sixpack. There is one simple weapon that will always find those in hiding, and that is “FIRE.” Its the weapon force multiplier that doubles in size every minute speading its message through heat and choking smoke “You can hide but I Will find you!”

              • Also remember when the US Invaded Iraq Saddam set all the oil fields on fire. He did this for multiple reasons. 1. To burn the treasure the US was after. 2. To blind his opponent so their visuals via satellites were useless and 3. Draw the US army to the wells to put the fires out and 4. Provide chaos for escape. It was pretty clever really.

                • Thats why the Russians burned the surrounding countryside outside of Mochba in their retreat from Napoleon.

                  Nothing new in military tactics. 🙂

                • I think you’re absofuckinglutely right WWTI! We all know Saddam was a Bush Family friend, just like Bin Laden was. I think Saddam had out-lived his usefulness, and he was executed/assassinated because he still knew too many “family” secrets…

                  He took those secrets harmlessly to his grave.

      3. Where’s any mention in this article that the poorest are also the segment of society that reproduce the most irresponsibly and at the highest rate?

        All this article really implies is that at least we, in the western world, MUST stop paying tax-funded benefits to people simply based on having a child they cannot financially support from the day it is born. Take away the incentive to get pregnant and you will see the population gap this article highlights narrow tremendously.

        These slutty, ugly, fat, dumb, unskilled morons getting pregnant by anyone they can find to impregnate them, only for the ability to cash in on the taxpayers, HAS to stop. Beyond stopping the invasion of illegals, stopping executive order amnesty, stopping the destruction of the coal industry, and stopping the tyranny of the EPA, THIS problem of illegitimate babies with them and their “mothers” on welfare is among the most important national security problem we face.

        These parasitic sluts crawl through the aisles of the discount retailers daily. They even try to hide their EBT cards at checkout, so maybe the word is starting to filter back to them that working, tax paying Americans resent them to no end.

        It has to stop.

        • And, may I add, produce nothing of value to anyone else. You get what you work for.

          How many super-rich in America got that way by building a company that made a product or provided a service for which people freely and gladly exchanged money? Would you refuse to buy or use their products because they got rich?

          Bill Gates (Microsoft)
          Jobs and Wozniak (Apple)
          Sam Walton (WalMart, yes dammit, Walmart)

          Sometimes they play to fools, but they are voluntary fools:
          Kardashian Apps

          Sometimes they built the sinews of our great nation
          Andrew Carnegie (Steel – which he quit to become a philanthropist)
          Stanford and Crocker (Transcontinental Railroad)
          Vanderbilt (New York Central Railroad)
          Rockefeller (Oil)

          Some created the aviation industry
          Donald Douglas
          Bill Boeing
          Frederick Rentschler (Pratt & Whitney Engines)

          Or an automotive industry
          Henry Ford
          Walter Chrysler
          William Durant (General Motors)

          One even personally rescued the American economy during the Panic of 1895 and again in 1907.
          Yes, J. P. Morgan

          (BTW the reason the Fed was created in 1913 was that nobody felt they could count on another J.P.Morgan, who had died in March, stepping up to the plate the next time there was a crisis.)

          Just something to think about………..

          • Exactly right Coach. Also, a number of the wealthy and power elite or celebrities struggled to get ahead for years, were homeless, lived in their cars, slept on a friends couch, and otherwise were in the same boat as many here; let me reference Iowa.

            The difference between them and many of those here is that they persevered; understanding that life is plastic, and they were determined to stamp their mark on it. They learned from their mistakes and began to make better choices.

            They were not content with THEIR status quo and instead of making excuses and blaming others for their own failures; they reached back, grabbed their ass, and forged ahead. They didn’t allow the lack of education stop them from getting an education, and they applied themselves.

            Eventually LIFE will yield to those who help themselves by working hard and pursuing their personal American Dream. Back in the good ol’ days, the days of thumbs up/thumbs down, the mainly Christian voices here, thumbed me down viciously for stating that the Lord gives the power to get wealth.

            That is BIBLICAL yet the vast, vast majority thumbed me down because as poor disgruntled wanna bees, they have no wealth. Now I have no idea why the Lord gave certain individuals massive wealth; or why he allowed them to acquire massive wealth ….. but I know He did. If you believe in the bible, you must believe that.

            The enemies of the American people are not necessarily the rich or even the Uber Rich. Our enemies are those who trample our rights while proclaiming that American is a nation of laws; until those laws get in their way.

            Death to TRAITORS!!! Its totally Constitutional!!! 🙂

            • Writing makes one think. (Well, makes some people think.)

              Occurred to me later that a lot of the big companies that people love to hate today turned into predators when the first generation entrepreneur died or left, and the Professional Managers took over. Business School grads who never created a thing in their lives, never had to suffer the slings and arrows, never took a course in Christian ethics, (and would ignore it if they did), but have been taught how to hoard money.

              • If you two don’t stop drinking glenn beck koolaid, you’ll end up like him….cryin and dyin

            • Yes DK:

              “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to get to heaven.”

              So God makes people rich so they wont get to heaven? Explain that, will you, oh smart one.

              Reading history shows MOST people on OC”s post got that way through hook and crook, somehow managing to have their noses up the ass of banksters or robber barons who control the real purse strings through the feral federal reserve or going back even further in history through Rothschilds Bank of England.

              Hate to tell you Dk, it is the rich and uber rich who are trampling all our rights. Get real….

              • POG: The difficulty in a rich man getting into heaven is NOT because he is rich, but because how he uses the wealth the Lord gives him. Many of those who become rich through their own efforts to not see the invisible hand of God making it happen, and consume it on his lusts.

                The Lord made many biblical characters rich, particularly those kings of Israel who prospered, and even Cyrus, a non jew, who he called “his son”.

                Granny the more your write the more you reveal your poverty; both in cash and in the spirit. Everyone is responsible for your poverty except you. 🙂

                • That’s a much shorter and more positive list than the one you reveal with each and every new drivel comment you write.

                • Durango Kid:

                  You have no idea what my financial situation is DK. No more than I know yours. As a matter of fact I am very comfortable.

                  Your definition of poor in spirit = telling the truth.

          • Yeah Coach, I also read where GE bailed out the Government around the turn of the Century. Maybe why the still never have to pay any taxes.

            • You’d have to quote me chapter and verse on that one. In all my reading I’ve never come across that story. Are you thinking 1900 or 2000 AD?

              GE has for many decades been an exemplar of what I just posted above your comment. A company taken over by pure money managers who have no ethics or loyalty to their country. When I was doing business with GE in the ’70s they were known sarcastically as “Generous Electric”. We hated ’em. I still won’t buy GE products when I can help it.

              I forgot Edison (GE) and Westinghouse in my first list. George Westinghouse developed the AC power grid we know today, but he is on my shit-list for what he did to the guy who actually invented it, Nicolai Tesla.

              • Old Coach. Yes it was stated on a history channel show. GE bailed out or loaned the Governmen money. Try google for more details. Yep early 1900’s.

              • Old Coach- I looked it up. It was called the Panic of 1907.

                The Panic of 1907 was a financial crisis that almost crippled the American economy. Major New York banks were on the verge of bankruptcy and there was no mechanism to rescue them, until Morgan stepped in to help resolve the crisis.[11][12] Treasury Secretary George B. Cortelyou earmarked $35 million of federal money to quell the storm but had no easy way to use it. Morgan now took personal charge. Meeting with the nation’s leading financiers in his New York mansion, he forced them to devise a plan to meet the crisis. James Stillman, president of the National City Bank, also played a central role. Morgan organized a team of bank and trust executives which redirected money between banks, secured further international lines of credit, and bought up the plummeting stocks of healthy corporations.[13]

                To back up and give some history on this: John Pierpont “J.P.” Morgan (April 17, 1837 – March 31, 1913) was an American financier, banker, philanthropist and art collector who dominated corporate finance and industrial consolidation during his time. In 1892, Morgan arranged the merger of Edison General Electric and Thomson-Houston Electric Company to form General Electric. After financing the creation of the Federal Steel Company, he merged it in 1901 with the Carnegie Steel Company and several other steel and iron businesses, including Consolidated Steel and Wire Company, owned by William Edenborn, to form the United States Steel Corporation.
                At the height of Morgan’s career during the early 1900s, he and his partners had financial investments in many large corporations and had significant influence over the nation’s high finance and United States Congress members. He directed the banking coalition that stopped the Panic of 1907. He was the leading financier of the Progressive Era, and his dedication to efficiency and modernization helped transform American business.
                Morgan died in Rome, Italy, in his sleep in 1913 at the age of 75, leaving his fortune and business to his son, John Pierpont Morgan, Jr.

                • WWTI:

                  You find it hard to find that accurate description of JP Morgan? How long did it take you to find the TRUTH?

                  Folks here need just let their fingers do the walking to verify info posted here.

                  Thanks for your post.

              • JP Morgan was just as guilty if not more in regards to Tesla as Edison

                • Tesla & Edison? They never had anything to do with each other.

                  • Old Coach: “I forgot Edison (GE) and Westinghouse in my first list. George Westinghouse developed the AC power grid we know today, but he is on my shit-list for what he did to the guy who actually invented it, Nicolai Tesla.”

                    I mis-worded my post, it should of read:

                    JP Morgan was just as guilty if not more in regards to Tesla.

                    JP, among others (govt.) wanted Tesla dead.

                    • Dead. Yeah, so much so that he (Morgan) 50% financed of Tesla’s research facility out on Long Island. Wardenclyffe, in Shoreham.

                    • Seriously? Come one, you don’t buy that hogwash do ya?

                      JP Morgan and the likes of him from then til now, wouldn’t be what they are if Tesla had been allowed to continue. There wouldn’t be energy companies. The rich and the govt took him out, that’s why they tried to keep him close, to know what he knew. Ever heard the old saying, “keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.”

                  • Tesla worked for Edison in his early days.

                    • eppe: True. 🙂

                    • I’d forgotten that. Right after he came to the USA, but he didn’t work there for long.

                • You should know something about Tesla and Edison. Edison hated Tesla’s Ac current because he was concerned it would kill huge umbers of people and ED felt he would be responsible as his inventions would be the direct cause. He wanted DC used as it is much less dangerous. Downtown Cleveland is wired for DC, It was Ed’s headquarters. Tesla won because AC could use the transformers of the time and be transmitted for long distances. That’s why we use 110 Volt not 220 Ed won that much. If we had used 220 as Tesla wanted we would kill lots more. (Ever been shocked with 110? Well you would remember every time you got hit 220, until the last time when you were well grounded) If the argument were restarted today it’s likely Ed would win As we know know how to do that. Ed was a good man, his argument with Tesla was an honest one, and they detested each other. You might know Ed gave his patents to the public when he died

                  • Right – the battle between Edison’s DC concept and Tesla/Westinghouse AC is beautifully laid out in the book “Empires of Light” – Jill Jones. Cut-throat competition is putting it mildly.

                    Another big reason for the success of AC is the induction motor. No brushes, so virtually maintenance-free. DC motors and generators of Edison’s were a constant headache. Not picking on Edison, but I do fault Westinghouse for screwing Tesla out of his royalties.

                    Ironically, with the advent of solid state drive amplifiers that can control DC motors without mechanical brushes, DC really could be a better system today. All of us that have any sort of off grid system would be glad to see the end of those inverters. Get everybody off grid and no more possibility for an EMP attack.

                  • And TESLA had his patents STOLEN by the wealthy, his free energy inventions SUPPRESSED, and his papers CLASSIFIED by none only but our own government.

                    Tesla proved he could transmit energy for free but once JP Morgan and others figured out they could not monetize it, we all ended up with monthly utility bills.

                    Einstein was a 6th grader compared to Tesla’s Ph.d.

                    – the Lone Ranger

                    “Truth never damages a cause that is just.” – Gandhi

                    • That’s what I was talking about….thanks Lone Ranger

                    • Could be the first “wi-fi”. 🙂

                    • You get paid by the post?

                    • Bj: “ka-ching!!!” 🙂

          • Old coach,
            You are taking everything at “face value”. Very few of the very wealthy people become that way without the help of government. Nowadays it is called lobbying the government, it used to be called a bribe. History books do not always paint a complete picture of what occured in that time period. History is a story, accuracy is not required, only your belief in the story. Most people believe the illusions that we call history, why shouldn’t you?

            • Face value? Not at all. But talking about the world since WW2, you are on target. Pre-WW2 it wasn’t so much that way. (Except for railroads, which even in the 1860s used Government to secure rights-of-way. And the transcontinental railroad did get monetary subsidies. Some of the shenanigans during the Grant administration would curl your hair.)

              Railroads aside, let’s take Rentschler as an example of the pre WW2 environment. He had an excellent design for a radial aircraft engine, more powerful per pound than the Wright J-5 could ever be. He presented it to the Navy, but all he got in support was a promise that they’d buy a few dozen IF he got it built AND it met all expectations. He had to find 100% private means to work with until the engine was proven acceptable to the Navy.

              Not that way today, or even Vietnam era. I know full well that today the Government would have financed the development, because in my career I was a Contract Administrator for a private sector company doing D.o.D. work. What goes on today… don’t know the half of it. So in today’s context you are right.

              This mind-meld between Government and business is an outgrowth of the WW2 effort, IMHO. The war effort was managed according FDR’s communist-inspired central planning paradigm. A very, very interesting book, if you can find it, is “The War Lords of Washington”, by Bruce Catton. Yeah, the same guy who wrote the Civil War books. He was a journalist in D.C. during the war, and tells a hell of an inside story.

              Today we of course have the Solydra paradigm – Government money thrown around willy-nilly to promote the latest social engineering fads. It’s become a business model – create a startup to groom some politicians’ fancies, politicians hand out millions of $$, some percentage flows back the politicians themselves, another percentage flows to the “entrepreneur’s” Swiss bank accounts, the company actually never produces a damned thing and goes bankrupt, leaving taxpayers holding the bag.

              Yes, history is a story. This is why you have to read a LOT of different sources before you can say that you really know anything. Even then, new stuff keeps turning up. The whole story of Pearl Harbor has been told again and again. Most recently in “Day of Deceit”, which drew on stuff that was declassified under Clinton. Then even more recently you get glimpses from “American Betrayal”, drawing on the KGB files. Then you realize that even Admiral Layton, who was there, didn’t know it all, because his book was written without those sources. All he could write about was what he saw himself.

              Another case it the history of the period from 630 to, say, 1000 AD. Many, many historians have parroted the Muslim claims of grand cities in Andalusia and on the southern Med littoral. Funny thing, modern archaeologists cannot find any evidence of them…… Lots of Roman stuff, but not much afterwards.

              Also, what really killed Roman civilization in southern Europe? For centuries it’s been gospel that “the Barbarians” did it. But modern archaeology shows that southern Europe had a healthy, even growing economy right through the supposed “collapse of Rome”, up until the Moslem wave in the mid to late 7th century. Henri Pirenne tumbled to this in the 1920s, but was ridiculed for it. He didn’t have the archaeologists to back him up.

              ….Sorry to be so verbose….I’ll try to cut it short in future.


              • Old Coach, railroads were the exact reason Jesse James did what he did, but since some here bashed me for it, well…
                JJ was a patriot, like us, who took matters in his own hands, and DID something about it.
                I still am amazed at the stupidity of some posters here.
                They must have rode the ‘short bus’ all their life…

                • BUSTED!! OK Proof, “me” is also “eppe’s” ultra ego, he used that same Jessee James Rant a few weeks ago. Eppe forgot to change his handle back to eppe before posting this Jessee James comment above. Busted!! I knew it. I can spot a shill anywhere. WWTI!! Too Funny!! Thanks for the laugh eppe. lol

                  • Wwti, me lives next door to me. He is a brother from a different mother. We have been friends since 1971. Me and I had a pool party last night, drinking excellent scotch whiskey, smoking Cuban cigars, played many games of pool. Do you have great friends like that? We got on my computer, and I did not change his moniker. Alcohol does that. I called a truce with you, and you have held your end well. Thank you for that. But, me does not care for you at all. Me is a hacker, and thinks lowly of you. Me is also a big person, so I keep on his good side.
                    But since you are so brilliant, answer the one question I have asked many times.
                    How did humans start or originate????

                    • The non believers opinions on how people got here hold a lot more water than the believers opinions on how God did. Always been amazed God is supposedly infinitely more powerful and complex than we are but, he just is; and we are to complex the have just evolved. But I mostly wish we would keep the debate out of here. Your relationship with God is yours, fine. If you are right good, if I’m wrong, it’s my problem. But Historically I can find millions of people who died praying to God to be saved and they went down. I have seen no one here claim to be a minister, IMHO this site is better used for: How to build boats,” than praying for the rain to stop. Go to your local church for that. That’s what they are for. And they seem to do a very poor job even there.

                • “They must have rode the ‘short bus’ all their life…”


                  They’ve read lots of history books, written by the winners and having total faith the “winners” wrote the truth….LoL

                  • Yes BJ:

                    Books that call the new generation of PTB “space cadets” instead of just a new generation of the bankster/robber barons.

                • Jesse James is an interesting study, which I haven’t done much on. I know that his “criminal” career started with his participation as a “Bushwhacker” on the southern side during the War of Northern Aggression. For a good study of the Bushwhacker phenomenon, read “Bushwhackers” by William R. Trotter. War sucks, and guerrilla war is no exception.

                  After the war over, as I get it he pretty much just kept on doing the same thing. If James was motivated to attack railroads being built or run by northerners, it sure is understandable – the behavior of northerners toward the defeated South was beyond reprehensible, and some railroaders were a part of it. “The Tragic Era” by Claude C. Bowers. My copy is 1929, but it seems to have been reprinted in 1957; still available on Amazon.

            • By far the Richest 1% are far more dependent on Government Welfare than any poor. Time to do drug testing of corporate boards and stock holders who accept government subsidies.

            • sd mule. The rich and 1% are way more dependent on Government than the poor, in the form of subsidies and Tax Free, Tax loop holes and using the US Army to invade 3rd world countries for cheap resources and monopolies. Protecting trade routes on the high seas, etc. It’s is Utter corruption and Hypocrisy. But the media and the GOP presents it differently eh like saying its entitlements? Trying to demonize the poor as Welfare Gimmie people. All these Billion of Dollars in Govn’t Solo Grants are buried in House and Senate Bills to Fleece our country dry.

            • SD Mule: I hate Zuckerberg. I oppose everything he stands for politically, and I do not use Facebook. Facebook needs me. I do not need Facebook. But he made an incredible fortune creating a usable product from a stolen idea.

              Ideas are only proprietary if they are patented.

              If you take an idea from a group brainstorming bull session and create a product that many billions of people will gladly use, then you are entitled to what profit you can make from it.

              His, is just one example. There are many. Buffet earned his fortune through hard work and risk taking over 50 years. I am sick of the crybabies on this site who do not know the difference between shit and shinola and believe the deck is stacked against them.

              Their belief makes it so. 🙂

              • DK,
                Your information on Buffet is more false information. I suppose he still lives in a little house in Omaha, Nebraska with his wife. Buffet is WELL connected in the circle of elites. Perhaps he worked hard at one time, I cannot speak to this, but to reach a level where you are considered an investing ORACLE by the public takes A LOT of help from the MSM. Buffet has been kept in the public eye for a reason. I am not saying he is not smart, I am saying he did not get where he is at by working hard, but with the help of those with A LOT more power than he has because he is useful in their eyes. I did notice quite a change in Bill Gates once Buffet took him under his wing. Do a bit of research on that “friendship”,pretty interesting. Hey player, believe whatever you want but very few things are EVER as they are presented to the public.

                • SD Mule: The brains behind Gates was his father, initially. And is the reason that MS became so successful once it had a real product to sell.

                  So Gates made his millions on his own with his peers; billions with the guiding hand of his father, and once his fortune was immense, then the government (NWO) stepped in to bring him on board and show him the meaning of life.

                  That he is a dick now, is the effect of being one of the world’s richest men. That much money would change anyone in some way.

                  Buffet is his handler now, but Buffett was a 40 year overnight success who made his money investing in consumer products and rode that wave to the top. 🙂

              • The United States is an “Inverted Totalitarian State” and has been classified as one now for some time.

                The idea that people worked hard to become wealthy has it’s place, what doesn’t wash is the idea that these same people do not use their self made wealth to maintain and deny the right to succeed as they themselves were once able to do.

                Very simply, the Congress isn’t passing 40 thousand new laws every year because they are filled with brilliant ideas.

                They honestly are and have been passing tens of thousands of laws each and every year. Those laws are sponsored laws that come from corporate collectives. These corporate collectives typically represent specific industries and operate under the umbrella of tax free non-profits where they make their donations to.

                Thus, each industry collects money from it’s associated industries and these “donations” which are tax free are then put towards lobbyists to enlist the passing of laws which protect their industry from competition and from upstarts wishing to become successful business people.

                So the idea that anyone can be successful is an outdated idea ignorant of what has transpired over the last 20 years.

                The organization of business is historically traceable and really it’s the model of any totalitarian or criminal model, which is to eventually have everyone working for a few overlords.

                It isn’t an accident that where once hundreds of builders of cars and trucks now consists of a handful. How you do that is by using the law under the guise of doing good and by engineering the need for laws.

                When you own the law, when you own the media, when the people are programmed to follow paths outlined for them as a means of success, then the ability to guide the majorities thinking is fairly easy to do.

                Unlike previous generations, where corporate leaders felt a moral obligation to their employees, the supposed leaders of today have adopted an entitled attitude themselves.

                Anyone who thinks that they could just start a business which conflicts with any reigning power in that industry is operating on accepted propaganda spewed out by those industries, and has not been exposed to reality.

                So there is no chance, whatsoever, that any person could create an industry which is going to compete or endanger the grip on power that exists by the dictators of the concerned industries.

                Go ahead, just try starting a another face book like that little Russian Boy tried to do and then see what happens to you.

          • @Old Coach,

            OK, all that took place during the formation of the country excluding the tech sector. Nowadays, the wealthy don’t produce anything. The don’t invent anything.

            What the wealthy do is manipulate money. They pick winners and losers by determining who they give money to. They do not produce anything of value. There hasn’t been any great inventions, industrialization in a long while….

            …and the tech products mentioned were essentially, just repackaging (i.e. MSDOS was modeled after Unix. Apple products modeled after Sony and redesigned according to madison ave specs..a la hipster sheek).

            • MMMmmmm, MSDOS like Unix? Gee, I had to work with both OS in my late career, and would never have said that. MSDOS was designed on the assumption that it would never have to manage more than 640k memory. Unix was a mainframe OS that could manage unlimited memory, and also multitask, which MSDOS never could. About the only similarity I saw was that they could both be addresses from a command line. I’m told that Windows NT mimics Unix, but not well enough. Does anybody use it anymore?

              Apple modeled after Sony? Never heard that one before. But I’ve never been an iGeek. All hat and no cattle. Marginally reliable hardware with visually attractive man-machine interfaces.

            • Cellar Spider:

              If anyone is looking for a complete history of how America has been stolen by the robber barons and the banksters the most comprehensive article I have EVER read on it is at:

              iamthewitness dot com Eustace Mullins the secrets of the federal reserve

              No longer will we need to guess how those ‘families’ seem to get richer while America is sucked dry. That book has listed every article where its information came from.

          • Half of those people you named. like Carnegie, Rockefeller, Gates and Vandebilt, went on to spawn the top-most elitist families in the world.

            HOW Rockefeller became an oil barron is horrendous.

            Carnegie was a eugenicist and certainly no angel.

            Gates hopes to alleviate the overpopulation problem with toxic, deadly vaccines.

            The “Aviation Industry” is the largest faction of our Industrial War Complex, responsible for bombing millions of innocent people.

            What a wonderful list of people who needed to DIE before they spawned more like themselves…

          • Thanks for providing a needed historical synopsis. Too many people are on the govt. tit and don’t know what it takes to contribute to society.

          • Thanks for providing the historical context. We have too many Americans on the govt. tit that don’t know what it takes to contribute to society. I don’t embrace Progressivism (stealth communism) but this government’s support of the Federal Reserve is the tool used to transfer more wealth to the would-be kings.

          • Your reason the fed was created is a fairy tale. Hope posters follow my link below to Eustace Mullins book on the fed.

            • This is a reply to Old Coach……

              • I hope everyone goes to Wiki’s articles on Mullins. And I hope they read it to the end where Mullins explains the FED. It is spot on OC.

                By the way OC, what is “your” version of the federal reserve and their monetary schemes that have bankrupted America.

                I know Mullins truthful book, footed for proof of his allegations there, will convince anyone who goes there that he knew the truth.

                You are a good soldier, OC, you should see if you can be placed on their payroll.

                • @ POG.. if someone disagrees with you and your followers, they are a “soldier on a payroll, maybe even a member of the TRIBE?..

        • The poor and minorities reproducing is nothing more than biological warfare. Same with immigration. It is working too. The hard ass generation like that of my grandparents are litterally bred out of society.

          The middle class will be gone soon, it will be the super rich and the ultra poor. A population that lives on hand outs has no desire to live free or have rights.

          I think an important step is realizing this degeneracy and these events are not accidents or unrelated. 95% of everything that is shit right now is completely by design…..IMHO

          • Well how about this???

            Let’s say that beginning with the swearing in of the new Congress and Senate in January, legislation is brought to a vote within the first 5 days which outlaws all federal welfare benefits for anyone whose basis for receipt is an illegitimate child. All federal benefits would include federal food stamps, Obamaphones, Section 8 housing and possibly other programs, including cash payments. All that would be left would be welfare issued by individual states, and that would vary from state to state.

            The basis for this legislation would be that there is a father whose name is on the birth certificate and that father would henceforth bear all responsibility for supporting that child to any extent the mother was unable to provide.

            Either the mother or the father would be imprisoned for no less than 10 years, at hard labor in the general prison population, for failing to provide the child’s support. In addition, if either or both failed to provide and in fact went straight to prison, the child would be put up for permanent adoption and would be moved to an orphanage until age 18 or being permanently adopted.

            Combine these two sweeping changes and watch the illegitimacy rate plummet. It is now close to 50% in all states.

            There is nothing inhumane about doing this. There is nothing cruel. This action would provide a strong and swift disincentive for irresponsible and/or opportunistic pregnancies, and, would place the child in a situation likely far more healthy and safer than that from which the child came.

            • You cannot legislate morality, or create good parents by making bad parents illegal. What is “unable to provide”? Who decides that line?
              Who will adopt a 14 year old overweight kid? I assume from your comments you’ve never been a part of the foster care sysyem. So you’re saying out of all the government agencies you DON’T trust, you TRUST them to kids??
              I spend a lot of time volunteering coaching baseball, climbing, water sports, etc… And let me say… Some of the “least provided” children (mentally, spiritually, and intellectually) have parents that drive $90k jaguars to work everyday.
              I couldn’t even fathom the increase in abortion stats as a result of that fantasy.

              • This has nothing to do with legislating morality.

                It has everything to do with getting opportunistic parasites off the tax-funded welfare roles.

                There is a place in our society — our civilized society — for tax-funded welfare for the truly needy. But there should be NO place for welfare based solely on having a child out of wedlock and expecting the taxpayers to take responsibility for all costs for mother and child. That’s outrageous and that’s what MUST stop.

            • Anonymous, we’d reclaim more public money by taking it back from CORPORATE WELFARE. So how about this: NO MORE NO-BID CONTRACTS TO CRONIES, and no more war bucks, FOR ANYONE. No more “aid packages” to countries that want to kill us.

              Feed the children, starve the war corporations.

      4. With regard to the rich vs poor; the gun is the great equalizer. A poor man can deprive a multi-billionair of every thing he owns with a 39 cent bullet. A good deterrent for those super rich who would abuse their perceived power.

        • The pistol bullet can deprive the things he owns of their owner. The structure of the wealth will continue on unabated. Think that through.

          • You are correct on that one, coach.

      5. It all boils down to the game players: The HAVES and The HAVE NOTS. In the final minute of the game the HAVE NOTS will have a party that the HAVES will not forget for a very long time. Be safe my friends and be ready to PARTY!


      6. Serf city, here we come…..

        • Well the Have Nots far out number the Have Mores. Its time redistribute the wealth pitch fork style.

      7. Blaming the rich is a easy cop out until you do the math. Take the ceo at your company take the wages bonus and everything he gets and spread it to all the employee’s. Lets take the top 1% turn them into slaves. The bottom. 99% would get around 1-2 dollars a hour…..

        • If you took all the wealth of the 1% and gave it to the 99%, they would get about $7,000 each.

          And, after the 99% blew their $7,000 on booze, dope, and some fancy dining somewhere, they’d wake up and find out they had no job because the businesses were closed and the treasuries were empty.

          • Yeah, but if you took that wealth, and restarted our infrastructure and economy, gave people not free cash, but better self-sufficiency, then those that swim, swim.

            …and those that bought dope with it instead, well, drown of their own accord.

            Problem solved. Useless eaters gone by their own hand, struggling people trying to get a leg up, doing much better.

            Perhaps THAT is also natural selection.

          • Smokey has been smoking Crack. Many people would use the $7K to launch their small businesses, which is the engine of our economy and innovation. Smokey would like for the 1% to hold all the money, and then calls them the only Job creators. What an idiot.

            People across America needs seed money to get their ideas into the market place. I would also release all these Billions of Patents sitting on the shelves by Billion Dollar Corporations to stifle the competition and carry on their monopoly. I would create a law that says if you own a patent and do nothing with it within 5 years, it returns back to the Public domain for US Citizens only to build the future and prosperity of our country. What good are patents sitting on a shelf doing, besides holding back innovation. I bet $10 Trillion of U.S. economic prosperity is sitting in captured patents, doing nothing right now but protecting corporate monopolies for 17+ years. Open the Barn Door and release the wild horses. That would bring us back to full employment. Vs. Smokey’s twisted current nightmare.

            • Facts are facts, WWTI.

              Go right ahead and launch a business with $7,000. Hope you make it, but that’s about the lease on a small storefront for 6 months, let alone inventory, taxes, profit, licensing, and labor.

              By the way, I don’t use drugs. Try another ad hominem attack on people you don’t agree with, like racism or being Jewish or something, just to change your debating style from sophomoric rants to something different.

          • No Smoky, majority of the 99% would take that $7000 and pay off their debts and loans, which would put that $7000 right back into the pockets of the 1%.

            • Half would buy a big screen and party (obambi voters). The other half would pay off debt. and maybe .01% would invest.

              • I’d put it towards land

        • 2nd that. spreading the wealth wont amount to dirt spread over hundreds of millions.

          and the rich getting richer while the poor get poorer is even older than the oldest profession. the rich will always seek to get richer and the poor will usually stay poor because of their inability to manage their money and to seek to learn to manage it better and create opportunity to make more money.

          now, did the rich increase their ability about 100 years ago with inventing the FED, yes; but i am sure so did those hundreds of years before.

          i’ve been living on just waht i need for years now and piling it up because i dont need the newest iphone, car or clothes. i suggest reading books like your money or your life and early retirement extreme to change your mindset.

          • What’s getting killed in this modern world is the middle class. People too well off for welfare, but by no means rich.

            Eric Hoffer suggests that it’ll be the dispossessed middle class that finally revolts. The naturally poor don’t have any inkling of comfort and security. Middle classes do, and they’ll resent losing it.

        • The current climate of grotesque over-regulation by the space-cadet idealogues in control of city/state/federal governments in the USA makes getting a small business off the ground almost impossible today. Not like the world was when aSam Walton started out.

        • That’s more propaganda BS. There’s an article just out that says the Bottom percentage of poor in Russia are doing better than the same group in the U.S., in which they may not have more money in the bank, but they are more self-sufficient than we are.

          Being more self-sufficient, is worth all the digital money (that you can’t access) in the world. Bottom line is, they are better prepared to live with less, than most of us are.

          How’s that so bad?

      8. White folks & black folks don’t make good serfs & peons. Brown skinned folks do. That explains why the illegals are being welcomed and will be granted ammesty.

        • Good point. They have been trained from birth in the Roman Catholic system of hierarchy, originally as slaves to the Spanish, who learned the techniques of slavery from the master slavers of the Mediterranean – the Moors.

      9. old guy,
        I think you hit the nail on the head with that comment,there is a reason for all that the NWO and lots of times it doesn’t make sense until you take in the whole picture!

      10. What we need is a Jonas Clark.

      11. Tip: Learn how to put set in a hand saw (teeth) and how to sharpen it. A skill to know.


        • Setting a saw needs the proper tool. Logically enough called a “saw sett”. (Why it’s spelled with two t’s I do not know.)

      12. The government wants to add 5M more to the poor population, now…

        • Try 30

          • Try 34 Million as reported in for processing greencards. Its a stagering invasion.

      13. @Old Guy, you know the Mexican farmers are defeating the cartels and they are taking their country back using the liberator method of arming themselves. Alot of Mexican families have strong family units, unlike the garbage we have been sold. The Mormons now in Mexico have formed self defense units are taking the fight to them as well.

        Understand your history, read about Great Mormon War of the 1850s. You will understand then why they are ultimate preppers.

        One man with courage is a Majority. He almost we was assassinated when he fought against the Bank of the United States. Both pistols failed to fire, and then he ran the man through.

        Andrew Jackson.

        • Thinking about the Mexicans – you see how far down they had to fall before they took action.

        • The only thing the Mormons killed in that “war” was ~120 unarmed men, women, and children who were on their way to CA. Overall, their goals to keep Brigham Young in power (theodemocracy), and to keep the US govt out of their land failed.

          • Actually, the Mormon’s biggest fight was against the enemy supply line.

            They killed livestock and disrupted food supplies. They burned graineries and messed with the water supply. Very very few human deaths from aggression/confrontation can be directly attributed to the Mormons, in their war against the govt, from Illinois to Utah.

        • Fidel Castro understood NO Revolution can be Won without the support and backing by the Peasants and pissants.

          And remember, an Army marches on it’s belly. Keep the troops well fed.

          • One quote from the vile, filthy, murderous Che about the peasants. Y’know Che – that same guy whose image all the nitwit “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters have on their T-shirts. Here is his quote (from memory, I might have this slightly wrong, but it is very close, if not ipssima verba)

            “Of course the campesinos (peasants) support us. But once we take power, they will have to be liquidated.” (They weren’t sufficiently communist for him, at least this group of campesinos)

            You can easily extrapolate this EXACTLY to all those Yes we can chanters. And the liquidation? Perfect Fabian socialism!!! These non-thinking 20 somethings now have a degree in 18th C. Belgian Lesbian Musicology, and collectively owe over $1 trillion. So Che was a piker – he just murdered people. These deluded kids are living dead – no careers, no future… AND they spend the rest of their lives paying their oppressors, WHILE AT THE SAME TIME frantically supporting the ones who destroyed their lives. Obviously, none of these young folks did a degree in rocket science!!!

            • Rocket Surgery.

            • If they did get a degree in ” rocket science AKA aerospace engineering ) they be in the same boat as me , working in some federal division WAY below their level. I went from an engineering contract job ( that eventually led to a federal position GS-12 ) at NASA to DHS doing low level admin. work just because I served as a grunt ,( there were very little positions the the private sector had at the time ) that was more important to them , education meant nothing in this rotten economy . My minor in applied science ( Astronomy ) didn’t help either, did not have enought credits for a teaching degree , my HH6 does this and hates it every day( she has a real problem with common core ) , did work doing Autocadd work for a local Architect on the side , Between the DHS job and HH6’s income we just about make it , living large is not in our vocabulary . Being stationed in NJ does not help its very expensive to live here . going to another agency halved my salary and the benefits suck also. Most who work for the lavithian do not pull that high of a salary, its WAY BELOW what you could get in the private sector years ago when those jobs existed . Those high paying jobs don’t exist for the average government employee , no pension just a 401 k if you can afford to divert cash into it.
              when the shuttle program went most of the jobs went also , NASA is just a shell of itself , the aerospace industry is also on its way out due to foreign competition. And lack of students pursuing this as a career ( its hard! ) I used the GI bill and hard work to pay for my education . One other guy here who does not post anymore did the same thing , he got disgusted with some of the brow beating he recieved and left , it’s a shame that individual had a lot to offer ( BI ) you never realsed you had a man that just missed the highest award in science in your midst! no S*it !

              I really think we all have to take a deep breath and think about what Mac has provided this forum for, the transfer of knowledge to enable enough of us to survive the coming purge to rebuild a better society that has learned a valuable lesson. We only get out of life what we put into it , criticizing others only plays into the hands of the regime . It does nothing constructive and is a detriment to what can be.

              I once had a stellar future where the sky was the limit , now just hoping to survive the coming conflagration. . There are many where I work that feel the same way , and will not support the regime when the time comes.

              Our only hope is to learn from our mistakes , the problems we have got ourselves into can not be solved with the same thinking that got us here.

              Remember that fact , reflect on it , so much for my rant , we really never know our potential until we are pushed forward into it .and it becomes one of necessity than convenience.

              Enjoy the day

              Semper Fi 8541

              • Nice post, NB. My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you.

        • Those Mexicans have tried and failed before. It seems history talks about a guy named Pancho Villa. The mormone are now part of the corrupt govt. Many Mormons receive food stamp and government help. Heck Mitt Romney is a Mormon. The fact is the former mostly white so called middle class is no longer needed or wanted by the rulers. They don’t need our college educated children they don’t need our votes and don’t need our production. They are doing the exact same thing the early rulers did with the native americans. The native americans didn’t make good slaves they wouldn’t work refused to eat and died. So the imported black folks who made very good slaves. The producing counstitioun believing middle class is at the very same place in history as the native American was in the 1800,s. We are being invaded & colonized by others. The federal government is waging war against us. The plan is to replace us with brown skinned serfs & peons.

      14. I’m tired of waiting. When do we start?

        • Non-violence, mon ami, is the path forward. The battle is education and information dissemination. Talk with your friends, your family. Write. Communicate. Use whatever art you have. Yes, it is going to take years. So get started now.

      15. If Obamacare is allowed to continue look for a Carrousel Event (from the movie; Logan’s Run) to start, say at age of 70 ever one goes to Carrousel to be sent to room temperature. It’s in the works. As for the age and health reasons they can be changed quickly if need be. Our future looks very bleak. Be safe every one.


      16. How far will the rich take this grabbing all the money and no amount is quite enough? Something has to break, then again if they get rid of all the poor slobs the world will be all theirs. This is what predatory capitalism has brought America and the world. It’s not free market capitalism that allows competition and innovation that benefits all people. The downfall has increased since 1980, as the article mentions. Reagan, GHW Bush, Clinton, GW Bush, Obama have presided over this debacle with another of the same lined up for 2016. Obama’s secret trade deals will further scrap freedom, elevating corporate fleecing of the poor and what remains of the middle class to unprecedented levels. The growth of civil forfeitures threatening drivers on this nations roads is criminal. When did it become a crime to travel with whatever cash one may be in possession of, having it stolen without being charged with a crime? Obama’s want’s the next AG to be someone who oversaw million’s taken from civil forfeiture practices. This is the new America, where the government and it’s protectors have become the cops and robbers of our livelihoods. Every day the oppression increases. How much more of this tyranny will the American people put up with? When is enough enough ?

        • Go drive through Mexico or Guatemala. More than half of the crimes are commited by the cops and federallies. Bribes or flat out robbery. Who you gonna call another cop? You take your lumps and move on.

        • Ajamo:

          Read the pdf book by Eustace Mullins “the Secrets of the Federal Reserve”. You will see that the PTB has been hidden from the American public for long before even the feral Fed Reserve. Robber Barons and Banksters were stealing the livelihood of Americans even then. They are getting more brazen and in your face now, as they think we have allowed our necks to get so far into their noose that there is no backing out. The American public has been so dumbed down that I fear enough will never come out of their slumber.

          May God come to our rescue.

      17. Keep in mind that a lot of the “wealth” of the very rich is only on paper. Inflated stock values, real estate holdings that are not worth half what they’re booked at, etc.

        Come the crash, they are going to fall the farthest.

        Some are trying to buy security in gold, but even gold is going to drop like a rock when the crash comes. Or be confiscated.

        • Always appreciate your posts, OC. Here, if I may, I would disagree. Gold may drop, but *relatively* it will keep its purchasing power. There has been a lot of talk about confiscation, but I think the consensus is that it won’t happen. In the 1930s, people trusted the govt more; today they don’t; people know what happened in the 1930s confiscation; there wasn’t actually that much gold confiscated anyway, more high profile cases; are they going to go door to door, and have shootouts with thousands of people? The amount of AU relative to the debt is really not even worth a spit in the ocean. Finally, they could just institute a windfall tax when people sell, so if you officially sell to dealer, they get a big cut in taxes, with no muss, no fuss.

          More likely, they will try to use some back-handed 401k confiscation, which value is roughly equal to our official debt of $17T. Can anyone say “MyRA?!” Google Theresa Ghilarducci (spelling may be off a bit) – she is the doyenne of this gambit. Basically, you will be shoved into govt bonds – all for your safety and protection, of course! And of course, this will merely be a reprise of what social(ist) security is, just 85 years later. Big diff. Of course, Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff says if you count ALL unfunded liabilities, we are now talking $222 T.

          IMHO, if people aren’t stacking silver (please folks, buy JUNK silver – i.e, pre 1965 coins, which are recognizable, no one will counterfeit a silver dime, can use for small purchases, etc. ) Did you know there is less available silver above ground than gold? It’s true. Silver, as an industrial commodity, gets used up. And particularly when silver based photography was around, that silver was lost forever. Even today, at these prices, it isn’t strongly worth recovering silver from solar arrays, etc., so that silver is also lost. The ratio in the earth’s crust is ~16:1 for AG to AU (the former is silver, despite the “G” in the element name), but the price is somewhere around a 60 or 70 to 1 ratio right now. Arguable in favour of silver. Also, the cost to get silver – and gold – out of the ground far exceeds what they are getting when they sell it. I know the banksters have all their games going on, but how long can this continue? There is a lot of talk that when the Shanghai silver equivalent of Comex runs out of silver, probably around Dec., that this could cause a massive short squeeze. But there is so much cloak and daggers around the whole issue, who really knows.

          One key thing is to watch the Swiss referendum, end of month, which will require the Swiss to massively increase their gold holdings. Just google this for details. Amazingly, right now the Yes vote is ahead. If they win, the price of AU and AG should skyrocket.

          One other thing: Do NOT buy ETFs like SLV and GLD. These are PAPER Ponzi schemes, with multiple holders having claim to one ounce. Ever play musical chairs? That’s what will happen here, if/when push comes to shove. ***TAKE PHYSICAL POSSESSION**. This has the added advantage of exposing the paper shorts as well. Also, do NOT store in a bank deposit box, as there are, and have been, all kinds of problems with that, and they could be accessed by gov’t fiat in an emergency. Being a dual US/Canadian citizen, I thankfully have the option of holding completely out of the US, but you will need to determine your own way to store the physical. One other thing. If you do buy gold, there are companies that have ALLOCATED storage – i.e., with YOUR name assigned to a specific number. I have used, domiciled on one of the British Channel Islands (which have a separate legal structure), but there are others. The Central Canada Fund is good, as are Sprott’s Funds in Canada. ****DO NOT BUY SLV, GLD!!****

          Around 1970 a silver quarter or two would buy a gallon of gas. Guess what? Today, it still more or less does the same. Tell me where you can buy a gallon of gas for 30 or 40 cents of fiat money today!

          In sum, folks, look at buying pre-1965 silver coins. Yeah, the price may drop a bit more, but you are not going to time the bottom perfect. One other thing. If you want to buy gold but are concerned about divisibility, Valcambi (and maybe some others) have an ounce that looks like a chocolate bar (i.e., little squares), that can be broken off in certain gram amounts (you can google it). To me, these would be too easily lost, but if interested, might be something to look into.

          Finally, if you are concerned about gold confiscation, buy PLATINUM. South Africa is a mess (the other producers are Zimbabwe, and even bigger mess, tho Mugabe is will into his 90s now), and Russia. Are they going to confiscate platinum (which right now is a GREAT buy?) Palladium? Rhodium? So, those are some other options to look at.

          • Ugh! And I forgot! The brilliant hedge fund guru, Kyle Bass, recently bought, if I remember correctly, $20 million in nickels. Nutty? Well, his rationale is simple: If there is deflation, that $20 mm is still $20 mm face value. If there is inflation, the metal content will be worth FAR more than that. Yes, there is a law against melting down – and of course I would never, ever, ever violate ANY of the laws, restrictions, bylaws, rules, prohibitions, threats, cajolings, intimidations, bullying, coercions, etc., nor would I advise you to violate anything in the Federal Register – which is, according to and Rep Randy Forbes (R—4th) 34,000 pages in length, and weigh 340 lbs. The Government Printing Office stated on June 14, 2011, the actual number of pages was 34,844 (but then, as pages are added every day, who’s counting!), but that was actually just the running tally of the number of pages published in 2011 to date. According to Jim Hemphill, Ass’t to Dir. of the Federal Register, the 2010 total was actually 81,405 pages, of which “only” 46, 758 were dedicated to rules or proposed rules (whew! I was worried there for a minute!). The rest were agency hearing, meetings, investigations, etc.

            But anyhow, back to the point. Presumably Bass thinks there will be some kind of implicit market if there is inflation. I.e., the nickels would not be melted down, but just trade at their real value. We have seen this throughout history, since the day the Romans diluted their coins (think Gresham’s Law). The other advantage? Ever pick up a couple hundred dollars of nickels? I have, and I am a weight lifter. Ain’t no one going to rob you unless they have a fork lift, a good number of helpers, and a lot of time.

            • Wide awake at 3 AM

              Thanks, Test. And right back atcha. You are obviously very well read and you write better than I do. A pleasure to read your posts.

              Guess my own bucket of nickels wasn’t a bad idear, eh?

              I see a fair amount of junk silver going at estate auctions hereabouts, but I’m not financially well enough to substitute silver for food/fuel preps.

              Just read the story on the Swiss election. Could be very interesting indeed. The referendum calls for reserves of 20%, and they are now at 8%. Buying pressure if it passes will be intense, short to medium term anyway.

              The plan to convert IRAs and 401Ks I’m also very aware of. She’s been at that hobby horse for several years now. Already been done in Argentina and Poland. Won’t affect me, but a large part of the middle class will be out for blood if it happens.

              They don’t have to confiscate PMs, just make them illegal for trade. Can’t have good money in the marketplace to compete with the fiat. Once that’s done, PMs are only good for black market transactions where the receiving party either can cycle them further in the black market or launder into legal fiat in some way. Of course, black markets can grow to rival the legal economy when times get tough.

            • BTW did you notice that the painting used in illustration here is also on the cover of Emmet Scott’s book “Mohammed & Charlemagne Revisited”?

            • Actually I believe he bought 20 million nickels, not $20 million.

              • I stand corrected. You are right.

                Either way, it’s a heck of a lot of nickels, eh!?

                I remember my parents tossing silver coins in large jug around the time they went out of circulation. I’m doing the same with all my nickels. Probably wont’ amount to much, but the opporutity cost is zilch.

      18. -If you can afford to live in the best neighborhood, hire the best lawyer, get the best medical care, send your kids to the best colleges, and you have the ear of the best political whore in your region….who really cares if the country is going to hell or not.

        It should be every ‘awakened’ person’s goal to live as well as they possibly can while this hologram economy and political Ponzi scheme remains functional; all the while remaining as independent of the government and it’s ‘services’ as possible.

      19. Did all of you see the leaked letter, re. the latest (of many!) Obamacare idiocies? Here’s a copy I just saw leaked:

        15 Nov., 2014

        Attn: Nancy Puhlosi
        From: Uhzekiel “Please Die at Age 75” Unmanuel
        Re.: Checking out

        Dear Nancy,

        I hope you recall that I – along with Jonathan “Americans are Stupid” Gruber – am one of your architects of the ObamaCare legislation you passed a few years ago in the House. I know, as you exempted yourself and all your insider leftist buddies, you may have forgotten all about what is in that legislation – particularly as you had to pass it to find out what was in it, and then never did actually read it – but as one of the leading “un-lights” behind OCare, wanted to notify you of some changes to the legislation that may affect you. Unfortunately, Nancy, due to budget cuts, as well as the fact that you have been cut from the list of approved cronies (think Lavrentiy Beria in the USSR here) we can no longer exempt you, and we will be converting you over to ObamaCare on your 75th birthday this coming March. Please find enclosed your first monthly bill of $4,998.98 with this letter, with rate increases every six months (and please don’t think of trying to skip out, as the penalties are double that amount, and I can assure you Lois Lerner’s “The dog ate my emails” team will be all over you like a cheap suit).

        As you know, Nancy, I recently penned an article saying people should “check out” of Hotel Earth at age 75. Thus, it is my socialist duty, comrade, to inform you that this means next March 26th, when you turn 75, your time is UP. Kaput. Finis. Lights out. I’m sorry to have to apprise you of this, but I’m sure you will understand. It’s all for the collectivist greater good, you understand.

        Nancy, as you, yourself, once noted, “‘Every aspect of our lives must be subjected to an inventory” to combat global warming and other politically correct tommyrot the gullible still fall for. Well, as the unelected czar who actually is inventorying everyone (what? You didn’t think that was just some political abstraction, did you??), I have taken it upon myself to inventory you, personally. And utilizing the same computer modelling programs that we have been using for global warming, it has been determined that you are what the computer calls a “useless eater.” Thus, Nancy, it is my comradely duty to let you know it’s time for you to consider volunteering to guzzle down some of that hemlock I have written about. Strictly voluntary, you understand – though if you don’t comply, you will be shunned, have your medical care eliminated, your water turned off, no food allowed in your home, and you won’t be able to watch Dancing with the Stars or Kim Kardashian, either. Please rest assured, though, that we plan on turning you into the very nicest cut of Solyent Green for others’ dining pleasure, so your (and Al Gore’s) goddess of Mother Gaia should be happy about that recycling piece.

        Is this “fair?” I hear you ask? But, dear Nancy, of course you know the answer to that: It depends on what the definition of “is” is. And really, Nancy, as Hilary already told us about fairness, justice and truth, “What does it matter?”

        On the other hand, Nancy, you really haven’t provided much value other than entertainment over the past few decades (the best of which was your “Hamas is a humanitarian organization” – better than ANYTHING I have ever seen on Seinfeld! You are a GREAT stand-up comedienne!), so we really needn’t worry about you being gone, as long as Mr. Biden doesn’t turn 75 soon .
        Bonne voyage, Nancy-baby! Don’t trip over your tongue as you exit stage left.

        Uhzekiel Unmanuel
        Self-Appointed Death Panel Czar

        • ROFLMAO at that one. Eppe’s got serious competition!

          • Old Coach. Anybody can cut and paste a joke. What makes a person funny is their own original work.

            • As a matter of fact, I composed this myself two days ago.

      20. It’s just time to realize that anyone who presumes to speak for billions is obviously a nut case, and by the same token it’s time to realize that no one deserves to have the wealth of the planet locked up in private hands for any reason. This generation, more than any other, is completely without scruples, principles, or sense of patriotic duty. In a nut shell, not only are the now dangerous to peace, to the lives of billions because of their excess, but now too they presume to threaten life on earth. So it’s time to realize we are all already living in anarchy, just that it’s been corporate anarchy, and so why do we need any of these people or their stooges? If we are living in anarchy already, then how much worse off would we all be without a pack of thieves, murders, child molesters, and insane people leading us?

      21. Well here’s the way I see it . I work for a living . I always have and I will continue to do so . I am in the building and maintenance trades . As long as there are owners and buyers of properties I will be fine . if you can live in it , I can build or repair it . I dont owe anyone a dime . no credit cards or loans . I have a good reputation in the community that I have worked my ass off to build . Its what my parents taught me and it works . Yes , greed is rampant in our world but I dont have to be a part of it and I have shown my children that you dont have to be rich to be happy , If it all crashes next week or next year ? well so be it . My family will have a roof over their heads and food in their bellies . For those that have to keep up with the Jones’s …well…good luck . I’m fine as is . I dont need to be the 1% or the 10 % or any other % , I do a good job for a fair price and I sleep well at night . If I have any explaining to do to God it wont be about greed . God bless you all and I wish all of you the best in these confused times . I really enjoy this forum and have great respect for all the real Americans I see posting comments on this site and I look forword to reading more from you all .

      22. opinions are like assholes. everyone has one,
        and they all stink but mine!!! yuk yuk yuk.
        i am starting to get discouraged. preparing
        to bug out, and actually believe i will soon
        be living the life are 2 different things.
        it all seems so unreal. surving is just a
        matter of not dieing

      23. It’s always been a feudal system..

        we pay

        they play

        so what else is new?

        yeah they just take more of our diminishing pay than they used to

        it’s the perfect mafioso model


      24. AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Dutch authorities said on Sunday they had identified a “highly pathogenic” strain of bird flu at a farm in the central area of the Netherlands and announced a temporary ban on all transport.

        sounds like Ebola didn’t work on getting rid of us peasants. round 2: peasants vs. NWO flu

      25. The brain dead dumbed down coddled COWARD boot licking shit stain pussies in the collapsing fascist evil vile disgusting shithole of Murica could care less. The boot licking COWARD pussy Corporatist Fascist slaves just want to eat their poisonous toxic GMO, sugar/HFCS, and Corporatist chemical filled disgusting shit food and drink, while watching their mindless entertainment, watching violent sports while they sit on their lazy disgusting chemically altered toxic waste dump fat asses, and while they pray to a useless man made ignorant MYTH, which keeps the COWARD pussies away from the TRUTH and doing the right thing about their collapsing fascist filthy EVIL Corporatist controlled shithole of the world….NOTHING BUT CODDLED COWARD FASCIST BOOT LICKING LAZY FAT ASS PUSSIES IN THE COLLAPSING CORPORATIST FASCIST SHITHOLE OF MURICA…NOTHING BUT COWARD PUSSIES, WHOSE CHILDREN WILL PISS, SHIT, AND SPIT ON THEIR GRAVES FOR THE FASCIST ORWELLIAN EVIL SHITHOLE OF THE WORLD THEIR LAZY FAT ASS BOOT LICKING FASCIST PARENTS ARE LEAVING THEM.

      26. It’s a small club and you’re not in it.

      27. Been telling people this for years – they used to be called kings, barons and earls, now they’re called ceo’s, cfo’s, cio’s……

      28. The wealth concentrated in the hands of the few accelerates as more wealth is acquired. Increased wealth translates to increased power which is a catalyst for obtaining even greater wealth; enough is never enough. Throughout history this pattern has been socially destabilizing and in the end it never ended well.

      29. Why the TRIBULATION MUST BEGIN in September of 2015

        Get right with the one true God and his son Jesus Christ.

        Make Jesus your Lord and Savior and repent of your sins.

        Judgment is soon to begin on this evil world and its leaders.

        This scripture tells us the who, when, where and how of what is coming for the world.

        2nd Peter 3:3

        Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,

        4 And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.

        5 For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water:

        6 Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished:

        7 But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.

        8 But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

        9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

        10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.

        11 Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness,

        12 Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?

        13 Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.

        God has his plan for this world and things are going to change. Get right with the Lord while you still can.

      30. The only difference is that the American serfs have the ability to put 3 rounds into a chest cavity at 500 yards, the middle age serfs did not.

      31. !0th command (10 Standing orders)

        “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s.” ……………… Like his money?

        • I don’t want their money. I just want some like it.

      32. @Baron……….

        Thank for your contributions to this thread of post’s to Mac’s article.

        IMO, I found them to be the overall best in quality and truthful substance.

        • I appreciate that and thank you.

          In these discussions and postings I like to think that what people are searching for are answers, but there is a difference between finding answers which are the truth and finding answers which suit one’s ego and vices.

          We are in a critical time, a dangerous time, a time where there is much collusion, crime, and underhandedness in high places, and here I speak really not about politics but of private ownership over our political process through corporate interests.

          The problem with wealth is it’s power. Failure to realize this has lead to the current situation. It’s fine to support peoples success in business, it isn’t fine to support business subverting the foundations of liberty and using their own success to destroy the capitalist systems which enabled them to succeed in the first place.

          I think people get a little confused by the propaganda on this topic. Anyways, thanks once more for the thumbs up. and right back at you on that one.

      33. We spend our time envying people whom we wouldn’t wish to be?

      34. FACT- the only reason the rich are rich, is , because your gave them your money.
        You got paid and ran to walmart and had to get a cart of shit.
        You got paid and had to get beer.
        You got paid and had to go to dinner.
        The real thing is rich people don’t even carry cash, yours is being deposited in their account every time you swipe your card because you won’t save your money.
        It’s simple , get a second job , don’t buy garbage, cancell the cable and 5 cell phone, in a few years of learning to get by , you will have saved money . Once you get a plan , you will prosper ….

        • youare right, or at lest you were 20 odd years ago. I taught some retirement lectures. Back then told people a $1 a day at 8% is over $100,000 in forty years. All they had to do was: Drink water, not pop or Beer. Pack their lunch and don’t smoke; and save the money. Doing nothing else they could become millionaires by the time they retired. Unfortunately that was before the Gov sold out completely to the banks and drove interest rates to zero.
          Now I tell them to buy silver and an extra roll of TP, At the rate we are gong the TP will be a million $

      35. I don’t care to be rich in money or assets like these people are. It is shallow for me to be that greedy. However, I am content to be poor because I lay all my treasures in Heaven.

      36. Fight to your last cartridge, then fight with your bayonets.
        No surrender. Fight to the death.


        • Excellent Idea;but I’d rather just buy more ammo. But I do have 8-0 bayonets

        • And Ross Perot Had it right way back in 1982.

      37. “Rich Becoming Overlords, Poor Becoming Serfs: “We’re Approaching a New Middle Ages in America”

        Those who say history does not repeat but rhymes…are liars.

        It most certainly DOES repeat, that’s how the elites have stayed in power for generations. They set it all up TO repeat.

        Brain W A S H
        -control the masses through propaganda and regulations

        Brain R I N S E
        -dilute the truth with lies and distortions till the truth is no longer accepted.

        Brain R E P E A T
        -Keep doing the above to remain in control and in power for years and years.

      38. What happened to the thumbs?

        I liked it when I could scroll through and read the posts with a lot of green thumbs.

      39. Whatever happened to “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress? I haven’t heard from them for a long time. Has anyone?

      40. “Rich Becoming Overlords, Poor Becoming Serfs: “We’re Approaching a New Middle Ages in America””

        Sweet! I always wanted my own baronial estate, complete with hot and cold running slave girls. 😉

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