“Revolt of the Elites”: Society Is Divided, Self-Absorbed and Powerless to Stop Them

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    This article was written by Charles Hugh Smith and originally published at Of Two Minds.

    Editor’s Comment: There are many people, like the readers of this blog, who are wide awake and staring at the power structure, and the problems we face, that make this kind of work worth doing.But for everyone of those individuals, there are probably a hundred more who are unaware, asleep and caught up in distractions and pointless debates over trivial and meaningless issues.

    The divisions within society have been purposefully created in order to put up walls that separate the many from the few, and instead pit them against each other over cultural clashes about race, gender, politics and popular culture. Those who aren’t at each others’ throats are tuned into a digital world of escape where entertainment and fantasy can rule over their lives.

    All of these divisions work very well in the modern society to keep the people – no matter how angry they get – from ever focusing their collective power against the handful of powerful people who have made it that way.

    In shadows, and out of the reach of the media and thus the public eye, these figures are free to control the way that they wish… while the rest of us agree to go along with the whole thing either because we can’t figure out what’s happening, or because we can’t figure out how to change it. Either way, our divided and distracted age is losing out on what counts the most – we have lost our power as individuals, and our rights as members of this nation and this world. It past time to recognize and reclaim that.

    Why Social Fragmentation Suits The Powers That Be

    by Charles Hugh Smith

    The Elites have successfully revolted against the political and economic constraints on their wealth and power.

    Ours is an Age of Fracture (the 2011 book by Daniel Rodgers) in which “earlier notions of history and society that stressed solidity, collective institutions, and social circumstances gave way to a more individualized human nature that emphasized choice, agency, performance, and desire.”

    A society that is fragmenting into cultural groups that are themselves fracturing into smaller units of temporary and highly contingent solidarity is ideal for Elites bent on maintaining political and financial control.

    A society that has fragmented into a media-fed cultural war of hot-button identity-gender-religious politics is a society that is incapable of resisting concentrations of power and wealth in the hands of the few at the expense of the many.

    If we set aside the authentic desire of individuals for equal rights and cultural liberation and examine the political and financial ramifications of social fragmentation, we come face to face with Christopher Lasch’s insightful analysis on The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy (1996 book).

    “The new elites, the professional classes in particular, regard the masses with mingled scorn and apprehension…. Middle Americans, as they appear to the makers of educated opinion, are hopelessly shabby, unfashionable, and provincial, ill informed about changes in taste or intellectual trends, addicted to trashy novels of romance and adventure, and stupefied by prolonged exposure to television. They are at once absurd and vaguely menacing.”

    Though better known for his book on the disastrous consequences of consumerism in an era of economic stagnation, The Culture of Narcissism:American Life in an Age of Diminishing Expectations, Lasch’s The Revolt of the Elites and the Betrayal of Democracy is the more politically profound analysis, as it links Elite dominance of the media, higher education and cultural narratives to the erosion of democracy as a functioning institution.

    Extreme concentrations of wealth and power are incompatible with democracy, as Elites buy political influence and promote cultural narratives that distract the citizenry with emotionally charged issues. A focus on individual liberation from all constraints precludes an awareness of common economic-political interests beyond the narrow boundaries of fragmenting culturally defined identities.

    In a society stripped of broad-based social contracts and narratives that focus on the structural forces dismantling democracy and social mobility, the Elites have a free hand to consolidate their own personal wealth and power and use those tools to further fragment any potential political resistance to their dominance.

    The Elites have successfully revolted against the political and economic constraints on their wealth and power, and now the unprivileged, unprotected non-Elites are rebelling in the only way left open to them: voting for anyone who claims to be outside the privileged Elites that dominate our society and economy.

    As long as the American public chooses to focus on individual liberation and consumerist expressions of “freedom,” the Elites will have a free hand politically and financially.

    The Powers That Be excel at claiming they are busy reforming a broken system,even as they co-opt, water down or outlaw any real reform that threatens their concentrations of wealth and power: Why Our Status Quo Failed and Is Beyond Reform.

    Precisely what does individual “liberation” mean in a neofeudal society of indebted financial serfs?


    This article was written by Charles Hugh Smith and originally published at his Of Two Minds blog. His most recent book is Why Our Status Quo Failed and Is Beyond Reform.


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      1. “Precisely what does individual “liberation” mean in a neofeudal society of indebted financial serfs”?

        It means the 2nd Amendment, it means when tyranny becomes law…rebellion becomes duty. It means when you are for warned…you are for armed. It means the principles invoked in the Declaration of Independence. It means molon Labe if you got the balls. It means when wimpy articles like this try to instill a lost cause…you stand up and call it out!

        I doubt Charles Hugh Smith…the hippie who got kicked out of Hawaii is armed at all..please satori…,nice disinfo try…

        Live Free or Die…try me!

        • Talon
          thanks AGAIN for the laugh

          apparently you did not notice that I did not post this article
          some guy named Mac Slavo did

          HE is the disinfo agent your are looking fer !!!

          readin’ KoMPrEhSHuN is yer friend LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • HA!…your the guy who likes to post to that CHS blog right? How odd we see you not opposing the article. That’s beside the point. Here’s my question to you. You say you like to argue facts from facts and yet when I present facts you run away without a response…who has who right where they want him?
            Before you respond..let me here your take on your cowardly guru CHS

            • I don’t oppose the premise of the article
              as a matter of fact I strongly agree with it

              and as to the “facts” you presented
              I’m assuming your referring to how Trump is gonna finance all these pie in the sky promises he has been making ?

              there was no need to respond to “the facts”
              what you presented was a wish list,conjecture at best
              opinion,wishful thinking-feel free to stop me ,the list could go on forever,in short,you presented NO facts
              a FACT which once again has eluded you

              what matters is what der Trumpster says about how he is gonna keep all these promises
              so far
              crickets chirpin’………………………………..

              I did notice he tried to save $35,000 dollars by screwing that “mom and pop” paint company
              maybe he was gonna use some of that money to send to the VA ?

              • Very clever…a wish list?…discounting GAO reports, Congressional Oversight Committee findings, major news outlets all confirming those findings. I bet you think there is no government waste, fraud and abuse…Obama care is the best thing to ever happen…right?
                I’m wondering which specific “pie in the sky” so called promises made that you think are unattainable?
                Social Security
                The Wall
                Better trade deals that bring jobs back
                NATO paying
                Other countries paying for our defense
                Ending big Lobbyist influence

                Is the other candidate addressing any of this?
                Which one is it that you find unattainable?

                • woulda

                  that’s not how you run a business or a government

                  a wish list of what he would like to happen

                  like all these other countries are gonna role over
                  and start sending the US hundreds of billions ???

                  HA HA HA

                  good luck derTrumpster

                  let’s be realistic
                  so Trump gets elected
                  the Dems will oppose him at every turn
                  just like the Repub’s opposed Obama
                  Trump has no support among establishment Republicans

                  good luck getting anything through Congress
                  maybe he can use Executive Orders and signing statements ?

                  • And so there you have it…according to you, The establishment on both sides are rulers and not servants. That, what they say goes…oddly you forget the fundamental tenet by which the Constitution was created…We The People…
                    We are the fourth branch of government and the final power rest with the people. We rule over them..if they have forgotten that..then 1776 will soon begin.

                    • aaahhh
                      I see you and many others still haven’t figured out how the world REALLY works


                      which sacred document was written by a slave owner who boldly proclaimed
                      “all men are created equal” ???

                      that’s how the world REALLY works

                      now I would love to engage further
                      I have work to do…..

                    • The world is not a level playing field , EVERYTHING is controlled….. it’s about control … look at our so called education ……….it’s all LIES……wake up AMERIKA… red America.

                    • Wow, I’ve never seen somebody sooo in the dark. The time for “revolution” has passed long ago. The petro, Argo ,chemo industries run the country. Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court cemented our roll as serfs in this tyrannical oligarchy. You think YOUR VOTE counts? ROFL Read up on how hilldebeast stole the election. She’s like Teflon… nothing sticks to her. 90 dead (pre benghazi), qaddafi gold plundered, corruption scandals and a favorability rating lower than whale shit but, the fix is in.

                    • Blah, blah, blah, can you save us all and take your endless argument else where

                  • Satori,
                    Wrong, Congress has not opposed Obama. They have in fact given Obama a literal blank check several years in a row. All of Obama’s failures are on him only.

                    Further congress has made no effort to reign in Obama’s criminal diversion of Federal funds. Congress has taken few steps to limit Obama in any way.

                    • Plan Twice
                      Republicans gave nothing to Obama.
                      They traded for cool stuff like ending the prohibition on selling domestic oil production outside the US. Another one they negotiated was written by Chase Bank and pre-authorized another banksterl bailout estimated taxpayer cost $30 to $300 trillion. They gave your sad are away… for their corporate owners. There are more. These are fairly recent and the most damaging.
                      They had their way with Obama and taxpayers both.

                    • Congress??? Is this small group of people even relevant anymore? I almost forgot we had a Congress, because they don’t do anything … why are these people still collecting a paycheck if they are not going to uphold our very own Constitution?

                      Ahh … nevermind … I answered my own question – Our Constitution & Bill Of Rights apparently are ‘null & void’ for the time being … or forever … only the illusion of existence still remains!

                  • The Laws are already in place for the solution to ALL the problems you site…
                    Namely, all either Hitler-ii or Trump have to do is;
                    Declare an Economic/National Security EMERGENCY…
                    Then, as FDR and Nixon did, change The CURRENCY.
                    Done deal.
                    (‘course, I wouldn’t wanna be an enemy of the state at that point, since, anything goes with our new dictator. In that case, I prefer Trump as dictator to a Hitler-ii.)

                  • It’s obvious Satori hates America like Obama and Hillary does, who forgot to fly the American Flag at the DNC. You see Hillary does not represent America. She is running for the Pres of the New World Order. And continue the destruction of America and destroying our traditional Values. Continuing to devide America up into fragments, and keep the population fighting over which bathroom to use, she can consolidate more power. Who do you think the Zionists want in Power. Hillary or Trump? That’s your first clue Satori American Hater.

                    -WWTI…Not on my watch you stooge.

                  • Screw you, smart@$$

                • Wouldn’t just about everything you have mentioned ‘go out a window’ if communities started taking care of their own needs, and people, meaning there would be NO NEED in the least for a bunch of government workers keeping tabs on other government workers, because I can speak from experience that it just doesn’t work. Here is just ONE reason why it doesn’t and cannot work:

                  I was Navy for 21-years (day for day). At the END of each Quarter (four ‘quarters to a year’), the Commander of a Unit would be ‘tasked’ with spending “As Much Money As He Could Justifiably Demand, to including ordering 1,000’s of pencils, chairs, desks, file cabinets, tanks, munitions, etc” in order to ensure that how much they received for the NEXT Quarter would NOT be “lessened” to match what was actually “spent” before the Commander “artificially” inflated the true amount of what was really spent for virtually everything (except power and water). All munitions, all the gear that was used prior to MOLLE (at the time), and every last firearm and type of ammo we used, baclavas, gloves, diving equipment, water transportation (mini-subs, Avons, etc)…and so on.

                  Sorry …didn’t mean to ‘run on’ like that again… lately I’ve been sorta “on edge” as if I can “feel” SOMETHING completely unwanted is about to ‘roll through my life’, yet like the article there is nothing but “circumstantial evidence” and “the insane actions” of Uncle Sam as of late to gauge what may be coming, and at what intensity. imho I agree that one MUST have a way to self-sustain everyone they are responsible for, for at least a year (food, water, warmth, shelter, health, etc). And even during the time you are feeding off what you have prepped away, you’ll still need to be putting back as much as you take …daily, or eventually you’ll be in the same boat as those who never even tried or considered ‘prepping’ …and “it” will happen three times faster than it took you to collect it all, because “sources” will be either extremely limited or non-existent for most everything (and for quite a length of time).

                  One needs to prep even if what hits you is nothing more than a bankruptcy. Children NEED TO EAT! Adults seem to do better on balanced diets too, but there is still a huge line running from WalMart to McDonalds. Why not just put a McDonalds in every WalMart and save the petro?

                  • It works that way in corporations too.

                    Look what can I say? This is what happens when you have an inflexible organization that thinks of itself in terms of functional “grain silos”. If you’re a department manager you HAVE to protect YOUR PEOPLE from under-funding which will impair their function and get them all in trouble (deep deep trouble).

                    Contrast with an organization capable of seeing itself as a contiguous entity and capable of diverting funds to the areas that need it AS they need it based on their profits, balance sheets, and projected income.

                    AND remembering the fact that they did so? No short attention spans… so if it goes bad you can’t blame the department that got its requests denied because at the time it appeared that they had no need for it strategically and some other department did…

                    Strategic failure is on the damn CEO “class”. You all are always blathering on about how you deserve it because “risk”.

                    I risk my job quarterly to bring you shit that actually makes money instead of failing out of the box (and oh my how you fight me for my risk taking). Time to nut up or shut up little girls. Take on some of that risk you’re always babbling on about. The kind that makes you “superior”.

              • Did somebody mention unpaid bills?
                ht tp://www.politico.com/story/2008/03/cash-strapped-clinton-fails-to-pay-bills-009259
                ht tp://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/10/us/politics/10clinton.html?_r=0
                ht tp://whotv.com/2016/03/11/police-frustrated-with-clinton-campaign-over-unpaid-bills/
                ht tp://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/04/30/hillary-doesn-t-like-unpaid-internships-but-clinton-foundation-sure-does.html
                ht tp://nypost.com/2015/08/17/hillary-clintons-intern-al-hypocrisy/
                ht tp://freebeacon.com/blog/hillary-clinton-lives-the-high-life-while-unpaid-staffers-struggle-to-survive/

                Just a few examples..too many to list

          • I is gonna taken that right after i finnish Evelin Woods Sped Reddin Coarse!

        • Nice that this veiled argument for collectivism did not even get past the first commenter. Good job talon, every once in awhile one slips past Mac…I remember way back when he thought Elizabeth warren was genuine. No offense Mac , you got a lot going on, just keeping you honest buddy.

        • Come on, Talon — Give Smith a break.

          For a person without an extensive background in economics, he clearly sees elites as the bane of society. The fact that elites are concentrated on Wall Street and their affiliates is easy to overlook, even when Goldman Sachs gives million dollar bonuses.

          The Fed makes every effort to conceal their scam. They want you to believe they “loan” money to the government to fund deficit spending. The obvious irrational concept that a government creation claims to be loaning money to the creators of the agency should not require Toto to expose the hoax.

          The Federal Reserve system, if a person understands it, is a (privately owned corporate Board of Governors controlling 12 FR bank franchises) Ponzi scheme. Each “dollar” of deficit spending is created as a debt that must be repaid with interest. The principal is created but the interest does not exist. A contract that cannot be culminated is an act of fraud and is void from its inception. You have been witnessing the exponential increase in national debt to feed the Ponzi scheme. Without new debt, the system collapses. But then again, Ponzi schemes are inherently self-destructive.

          Wall Street is accused of currently embezzling $6 billion daily from the US government to fund nefarious acts which include using and acquiring control of government entities. The relevant client accounts that are exclusively handled by the FRBNY have never been audited. There is no other viable destination for the funds created by deficit spending securities. All audits of the Fed are conducted according to guidelines established by the BOG. Ref. http://www.scribd.com/doc/48194264/rip-off-by-the-Federal-Reserve-revised .

          Those funds have additionally been used to create world-wide economic chaos and endless “civil war” and terrorism. Kermit Roosevelt used CIA funds in 1953 in the first operation to create domestic chaos in Iran. The pattern has been used worldwide since then and makes daily headlines. The threat of nuclear war comes freely from the media. The ultimate goal is economic control of the whole world—or its self-destruction. Ref.

          There will never be a change if the source of the problem is not identified. Smith may some day figure it out.

      2. Charles Hugh Smith, You are either on ZOG payroll or a wimp . Either way go to hell with your anti patriotic article to achieve a reverse psychology.

        • It is called “division”, which is running rampant in The United States right now Stolz Vorfahren. The article was probably taken from another source of doom porn…

      3. Reads like the perfectly planned storm on the horizon.

      4. This is GENERATION Z for ZOMBIES.

        • The current generation cares Nothing about Reality. They just don’t care.
          Their minds and concentration is on Sports-Porn-Video Games-Internet Social Media-Cell Phones. They are cell phone and entertainment addicts.

          When I go out to eat i often see putz’s of the upcoming generation that will be running things. The young guys and gals faces are turned down, looking at their respective phones. They don’t talk to each other. No conversation. Just heads down in the phones. Idiots do same thing when driving car.

          I believe cell phones are addictive. Just like Alcohol-Drugs-Fatty foods- and Slutty women. Cell Phones somehow hook people into an addiction just like preceding list. So do video games and TV.

          I hate phones. Especially cell phones.
          (Tangent gripe: I also hate computer music on the devices. MP3 kill audio quality to crap. Records and CD music is MUCH better quality. Better than Live sometimes. But ipod music quality, really just sucks.)

          But these kids don’t know any better. They have grown up with MP3 so they are satisfied with the poor music quality.

          USA kids also grew up in a communist-anti American-anti human-anti normal, education system. The kids are BRAINWASHED. Right is wrong. Wrong is right. There is no normal. Everything weird is OK. Except Christianity. Schools demonize morals or Christianity. They are not taught ANYTHING about Constitution.

          If you destroy a nations morals and history. You destroy the nation.
          That is ENTIRE purpose of USA school. Re Education.
          They are well trained eco collective members. Cogs in the wheel of the collective.

          PS-Arrest Hillary. “Hillary for Prison 2016”
          Arrest FBI director for being Accomplice to BREECH of National Security.

          • Well I mean yeah… when real life sucks a huge throbbing scrotum you gotta get your dopamine hit somewhere. I’ve little doubt computers and phones can be addictive because you can veil them as necessities but use them for entertainment / porn / venting (gee… LOL) / pretending you have friends… on and on.

            I mean look life sucks balls right now.

            Go live in a major city and turn everything off and live on chicken breast and water and see how long it is before you want to kill yourself.

            I’m going to attempt to switch most of it over to fava beans. Well at least the most destructive things. And St Johns Wort and 5HTP. Hairbrained. But why the fuck not try it I have nothing better to do.

        • I like those new Zombie Buster bullets that are for sale here and there. Funny name and box cover to boot. (And a “killer mushroom”).

      5. There’s something wrong with that photo-shopped American Flag.

        It does not have the “Star Of David” in the Middle.
        Without it … none of those Corporations could exists!

        • FTW, Star Of David is hidden with a purpose. If is visible the SOB’s can’t claim victimization and to collect ransom. Rest assure it is tattooed in the politicians brain.

      6. My god how many apologist for evil do we have to listen to. Article after article is written to discourage those who love this republic from seeing any form of a quality life or happiness in our future. When the flag goes up, these individuals will be swept away as their lives are totally a waste of carbon. These so called upper strata individuals are going to be taken out so easily, yea some may have bodyguards but when the pressure is applied and money can’t buy you anything they will turn on the elites an take what they need. These writers are as evil as a demonrat supporter of the whore of Babylon, they hate this country and want to see it destroyed.

        • I don’t think that this article is meant to discourage people, but to try and wake them up and direct their attention to the REAL enemy of the people.

          Sadly, what’s said in this article is absolutely true.
          The vast majority of us will be busy with our smart phones, X Boxes, the lives of Hollywood “stars”, TV, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, pot, partying, the Left/Right/Democratic/Republican Hegelian Dialectic, and other mindless drivel (and false narratives) meant to distract us and occupy our time.

          Even here, you can read idiotic comments showing that the brainwashing and division of the population has been successful.

        • Nam/reduc/amsoil::::::> Seems like everyone, these days, have their damned agendas don’t they? Whatever happened to REAL “hard work” actually paying off and getting you somewhere, and where do folks get off writing such articles that DO “disenchant” the reader from living life itself …which is obvious from reading most of the replies.

          Like Alex Jones keeps screaming; The Is A War On For You Mind (and, he as does everyone has his own small faults), but he’s rarely misled those he’s trying to keep informed of what’s the latest truths and possibilities, and what would outcomes possibly be.
          As for reading these sites; I like zipping through and commenting, but I’d really rather be relaxed, fishing because it is a challenge and not because WE MUST (because at some future date there won’t be ONE fish in that lake or any of the streams leading to it …all due to some airheads that have a hair across their ass and now want to run The Solar System …which is why we have spacecraft scoping it all out. All the money for that Jupiter probe would have fed a LOT of America’s homeless for decades, saved cancer patients and saved American jobs and families (which are not no longer in vogue and are being forced out of business, much like Obamas latest EO that is putting HOT HEAT on “gunsmith style” business (even those that just make ONE PART for a weapon are considered “Big Businesses” and must pay a King’s Ransom for their license, or suffer some very stiff fines and jail time (so, they’ll just go out of business).

          Sound alot like Infringement to me …so I doubt it goes tooooo far …yet 2016 has held many surprises so far, thus there are a host more to come in the remaining months …December will probably be canceled due to lack of money or interest (since it’s criminal to be Christian and dangerous to attend church, and now that there are people out there willing to kill a church-full of worshippers …it’s beyond frustrating and maddening). It’s time to draw the damned line and kill all who dare cross the sob…

      7. The Elites are all selfishness, the more they take the more they want.. Even if they have to ruin others and even kill them.. We notice that any one who goes against them, lose their jobs, have a accident, commit suicide or they disappear.
        They been falling apart and warring with each other for some time.. It is because more people are waking up to the corruption and their crimes against humanity.

        • It once was that there was a party of people called
          “The Majestic Twelve” (and the world assumed they must have been the world’s 12 richest families), yet now, about 20 years later, we are down to 7 families.

          I can’t help but wonder who the others may have been and what became of THEIR billions? Perhaps they also hunt each other when it serves their purpose?

      8. All in all this sums up the “why” as to why they (the elite) are hell bent on a gun ban. If we lack the ability to stand and deliver they walk right over us. The problem as they see it is neither the sheeple (easily fooled/controlled) nor the criminal element (small in shear #). It is US! Those that will not go silently into the night. Be weary of their patience. Be steadfast and resolute in your resolve. If we do not hang together we will most certainly hang separately- Ben Franklin.

      9. Charles , take it easy. We havent even begun to fight yet


      10. I have the same problem in talking to people who have NO UNDERSTANDING of what I call the global one world government, want to find out who runs the world ….look up and find the C.F.R. a good book on details is ‘The Controllers ‘ by (Ed Whitney) secret rulers of the world. I know that all of this is true from much study,,, Wake up America ……….

      11. We and this writer are afraid to name the ones who rule over us. We call them “elite”. We call them “TPTB”. We call them anything but “J*ws”.

        “To discover who rules over you, learn who you cannot critize.” Voltaire.

        “For fear of the J*ws.”

        Even I for fear of censorship via moderation, drop the “e”.

        • Jews like Soros not the Christian Jews.

        • “Who’s Applauding Internet Censorship?”

          Brother Nathanael – Duration: 2:31


        • The Holo hoax:

          The official number of J*ws who died in every single concentration camp during WW2, according to the Red Cross is exactly 271,301. That figure was taken from the meticulous notes of Germans overseeing the operation. Remember the people had a number tattooed on their arm in order that no mistakes would be made.

          After the war ended, bodies of dead Germans who had succumbed to Typhus and Mal Nutrition were stripped naked put into piles and have been seen being bulldozed.

          Typhus is a wasting disease like Cancer and Aids. It is spread by lice. The clothes must be fumigated in order to kill the disease carrying lice. For this purpose ten foot by ten foot chambers were constructed and the gas used was Cyclon B. There was no gassing of humans. This lie is a myth perpetrated for financial and political advantage.

          • And since it is well established that the Red Cross, the Vatican and even the US government ran “rat lines” to smuggle Nazi’s out of Germany, I’m sure that the Red Cross (member of the United Nations) wouldn’t think of manipulating the numbers?

            What about the other 6 million people who were slaughtered during the Holocaust, for example, the gypsies, the handicapped, gays, political dissenters, Christian ministers, nuns and priests, members of the resistance?
            Were those numbers also fudged?
            Keep drinking the Kool Aid BofCA, I’m sure when our enemies come looking for us, you’ll be too busy checking for yarmulkes to notice.

          • B from CA – funny, my Grandfather, who helped liberate Auschwitz, clearly recalls cremated bodies in gas chambers. He also was ordered to bull doze dead bodies into pits, most definitely not German citizenry. The local Germans were ordered to view these scenes. Or are you calling a 92 year old veteran a liar?

            You are, for some deluded reason, a neo NAZI propagandist with scant regard for the truth! Grow up. The gas used was zyclon b – not cyclon b – racist ignoramus! Plus, your command of English is barely 7th grade!

            • A gentleman my family knew when i was a kid had the tatoo on his forearm and had been in one of those camps, it was real, his daughter lives here, she is old now, but has his writings, he dealt with the horrific memories by writing about them, anyone who denies that this happened is delusional.

          • B from CA: Check out This famous Quote of famed holohoax book scam artist writer Elie Da Weazel, that he has said in his own defense whenever questioned about his too Many to list here outright lies!

            However, when we recall words he wrote early in his career and has repeated many time since then, we have a possible key.

            “Some events do take place but are not true; others are true although they never occurred.”27 Telling a “true lie” with good intentions is simply not a problem for Wiesel.

            B/CA I will add a LINK to the great article by an atlanta usa univ professor’s article that I copied this elie weazel Statement from, but the LINK will get posted up in Next reply after this one so this reply wont get moderation Limbo-ed forever due to a live link in it.

            Pleae Read the entire article as it provides a great insight into the lying mind elie possesed. Article also explains why Hollywood kikes so hated Mel Gibson for his “Passion of Christ” movie etc…Great article everyone here needs to read!

            • Here is a LINK to article that elie da weazel statement came from. Very great article and info insight etc all here should read it! Especially them what has always believed whatever elie wrote of on the holohoax events!

              An Eye opener article!


        • Interesting, but I don’t think that the Clintons, the Kennedys, the Carnegies, the Rockefellers, the Li Family, the DuPonts, the Fords, etc. were Jews.

          NWO globalists are allegedly members of every religion on the planet. Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, and Muslims are all very well represented in the membership of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, Bohemian Grove cultists, the Committee of 300, etc.
          Focusing on one group only distracts us from others who are planning to destroy our sovereignty and institute a One World Government.

          • You left out Luciferian.

        • Why do Jews often have larger noses than Americans?

          The air is free!

          • Why do J*ws often have larger noses than Americans?

            The air is free!

            He’s right, you don’t have “freedom of speech” of on this site.

      12. Do they really think to rule by arbitrarily reducing the population? clearly they haven’t thought this out. first how is this to be accomplished? Do they think we wont object? nature provides the correction every billion or so years. Earth itself evolves. and with it its residents. if they do not they are among the extinct. Man hasn’t the mental capacity to manage earth or its evolution. We can survive if we adapt but to believe that we can bend earth to serve us is foolish. Earth always wins. The elite will find their ego’s will find them wanting and equal to all of us. The system that protects them will fail. If they cannot adapt they will die.

      13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hlg8B95f94Q

        Listen to this and you will see what will happen next. This guy just talked to Cliff High from halfpasthuman.com


      14. Excellent topic and piece! As the elite like to say, “keep them looking sideways and down, so they never look – up”.

        Unfortunately, the buttons are so easy to push. You can get blacks rioting in the streets with a few well placed, distorting videos and the right words. Muslims can easily be made to kill just by telling them lies about Allah and the rewards in heaven. I mention these two groups because they are the source of most of the violence and terrorism in the world today.

        I remember being at a conference for the elites and one just screaming at us to “get the God damn New World Order in place, already!!!”. They were really pissed things were behind schedule (this was before the financial crash). They are not behind schedule now.

        Unfortunately, the masses do not have the brains nor the curiosity to work out what is going on. At one time, in the 19th and early 20th century, the sharpest political commentary and debate could often be found with the working classes. They had vibrant self-education classes at night after work. Try doing that with some of the black inner city people (folks). Try talking to them about the long and proud history of working class resistance: they would just tell you “why do I need to know about some stupid-ass white folks. Sheeeeet. Dat’s raciss.”

        • This observation comes from longtime black friend:
          “Everyone blames the Black man for violence.
          Then what about that island?
          The Population is almost ALL white.
          The Population is almost ALL practicing mass and church going Christians.
          The gun laws are strict there.

          Yet The Irish have continued butchering each other since anyone remembers.
          These good Christians gun down, blowup, beat up, each other continuously for decades.

          Just goes to show that even White, good Catholic, good Christians murder, kill and maim one another very well. They don’t need any help with that from the blacks.
          The White Christians are very proficient and professional at killing one another.”

          Point to Ponder.

          Historical British Model of Warfare.:
          –Divide and Conquer. Turn Brother against Brother, Neighbor against Neighbor. After they kill each other off.
          –Then bring in the serogate troops to war with those remaining.
          –After that is done. Then you bring in your own troops to do final mop up.

          This is what is happening to us now. Globally. Political leaders are Allowing the immigrants to cause the problems and chaos. To induce fear in general population.
          Fearful people will accept Anything and will give up Rights/Liberty.

          • You are wise. The Irish have engaged in a brutal war of liberation for many years until finally accepting a peace accord. However, on a daily basis, the Irish are mainly peaceable people. It is the daily behavior that marks people out. Certain communities are just criminal in their daily habits. I think this is a solveable problem but it needs honesty. An honest discussion that things aren’t “rayciss” but that people just have bad habits and behaviors that can be changed if they wish. Take gypsies, they just live in a way that is criminal: begging, stealing, etc. But they do not have to live like that. They could start companies and build businesses instead and live without begging and stealing.

      15. Look there’s a Pokemon! Everybody run for to get it! Don’t worry that it’s at the top of a pile of $hit!

        • Hey you found a prized Picaturd.

      16. People are dilusional they have sold their soul to the devil. Fancy threads luxury cars big houses are more important to them than their constitutional rights. My rights are worth dying for all that other shit isn’t. You cannot take wealth with you when you die. Nobody cares what your status is in life.

      17. Stevor, a well-placed .22LR round would take care of that pokemon.

      18. U.S. Slaves to Pay $40 Bil. Aid Package to 1st State Israel Largest Ever!

        Who owns the American taxpayer? – The ones with the most money that get the most aid?

        Money from the mouths of homeless Americans?

        Money from the jobless Americans?

        Money from Veterans who fight wars for oil, power, & control?

        Money to bomb the world?

        How does the nation (Israel) with the largest drone manufacturer get aid from a nation that can’t even feed its own people?

        What is the aid for – to bomb Palestinan People?

        Same drones that are bombing the world to death?

        Are Americans paying to bomb the world?

        $40 Billion in Aid? What National Parks will shut down this year?

        How big will Purim be in Israel in 2017 – Super Big – Thanks America!

        2017 Purim – Return of the Atlantic Slave Trade without the Boats?

        Jew On This! – Minisode – What Is Purim?

        Making fun of Jesus?

        Making fun of anything American?

        Making fun of dumb Americans who haven’t found the trillions of missing dollars or the $30 billions in gold stolen on 9/11?

        Israeli Father Puts His Sons in Twin Towers Halloween Costumes

        This is an extremely insensitive Halloween Costume, showing the Twin Towers being struck by Airplanes. How much did he know? How did his stock dividends payout after the towers fell? I guess this is what passes for humor in Israel these days.

        2013 Ground Zero Celebration Purim Party

      19. Sorry for the absence , I was dealing with a partially blocked coronary artery. Being treated with medication. Good to be back.

        • Good to have you back SR. Best wishes to you — keep those pipes clear!

      20. Came across a book,
        “The Book of Two Guns: The Martial Art of the 1911 Pistol and AR Carbine”.

        This guy says he has tried to elevate the art of fighting with firearms to that of a martial art. Interesting concept. Has anyone here seen other similar books or instruction?

        Haven’t read the book, it can be found on Amazon, and reviews online. Opinions anyone?

        • PTPO
          Read everything you can and mess with it and see what you can learn and how it can be used.

          • 1911 .45, Karate and jujitzu? Ah…SO!! Chop Chop!

        • Your small arms have Limited value. Your preps have Limited value.

          Here is One of the Problems:

          Of course with each weapon system there is a counter to that system.
          But you don’t get all dressed up unless if you intend to party.
          You buy, build, practice with party dress BECAUSE you INTEND to Party.

          Small arms and preps might help you live longer in conventional meltdown. But only extends inevitable. If we loose civilization due to nuclear war it will be a LONG time before things return to current technology. If Ever?
          The Problem is the People running the System of Death and Destruction.
          UN Agenda 21-NWO-Defense Corporations-Bankers-Bilderbergs-Tri Lateral-the puppet masters need to be dealt with.

          Current politicians need to be dealt with. Impeach and Arrest.
          The people of Desden Germany were wiped out, fire bombed into before stone age, in WW2. BECAUSE they allowed a mad man who was a meth addict run Germany.

          If anti American TRAITOR Obama and his kind are allowed to run the USA. What happened to Dresden will be a real possibility for ENTIRE USA. These IDIOT MORONIC bought of scumbag Politicians are DESTROYING their own countries by DESIGN. Look at Europe, Germany, USA, they are destroying their own nations with radical violent criminal immigrants ALLOWED to FLOOD and DESTROY civilization for the original inhabitants.

          Immigration must be CONTROLLED.
          NUCLEAR war must be stopped. Stop the MADMEN trying to start a war.
          Politicians MUST be stopped. Traitor Criminals now run the USA.

          Stop them.
          If not. Then your .45, AR, Preps, will be for nothing. You might extend the inevitable? Doubtful. Nuclear weapons trash the Earth globally. More in Northern Hemisphere.

          Stopping the madmen.
          Leaving prime target USA is more realistic action. Leave USA while you can.
          If you want your family to live. Get OUT.

          .45-AR-Preps are not a solution to nuclear weapons and being at prime target Location. Get realistic if you want to live. Leave USA. Criminal Traitors are in charge of government. They are LIKELY to provoke Russia-China into a war.

      21. Anyway I’ve been replacing my light bulbs throughout my house to led. I had a few CFL bulbs but never liked them. They give me headaches. The new led bulbs blow away your common 60watt bulb in lumen output. A 60watt led uses 11watts electric. For 66watts you can run 6 of these LEDs big energy savings. There are programs the electric company has where they come to your house and do an efficiency evaluation. They will replace the bulbs for free and make other recommendations. Think about how your generator or solar system will be maximized by having these bulbs. Walfart has 2 60 watt LEDs for $1.97 a good deal. I don’t know if all Wally’s have em that price though. If you save 25 percent on your electric bill monthly in my case my bill is $200 month that would be $50 in my pocket a month. I can use that for preps or towards paint and other odds and ends to improve my home. $700 a year in my pocket is better than the grids. if you live in an apartment you can still change the bulbs just take the old bulbs out and store them in a box if you move out put them back in and take your LEDs to your next apartment. Just some food for thought. There are led bulbs for every fixture they are long life too. The solar ones you put along your walkway can be brought inside to light if grid goes down just put them out in sun to charge daily. They don’t throw a lot of light but probably a little more than candle and won’t burn your house down. I’ve had the same ones outside for well over 2 years they are on every night and just now one of them is not lighting anymore. It’s probably the battery either way I’ve gotten my $ worth out of them and that’s rare these days.

        • Yes, have brought the solar garden lights in twice this week due to power issues… love them… no batteries required and they work great. They’re a good investment for new preppers… inconspicuous because they’re just garden lights… and they were cheap!

        • For years I’ve been using CFL’s and of late LED bulbs. Most of my regular lighting, I have on timers, and use low energy bulbs. Places I used to use 15 to 25 watt CFLs I now use 5 to 15 watt LEDs. LEDs seem more immune to vibration like garage door openers and ceiling fans. For security the timers give my house a consistent look whether I’m home or not, and if we come in late we come into a lit house.

          When the big storm hit and I was running my generator for ten days, I gradually brought on more load. At first just the critical, refrigerator, freezer and furnaces. As evening came I started adding up wattage and realized all my normal lighting, including lights run just for security was under 200 watts, I turned it all on and the house was lit up like a Christmas tree!

          In the days when CFLs were it, we had a couple hour power failure. Short term we just used battery powered lighting. The power came on and all my lights did too, but it was a strange looking twilight, because the CFLs take a couple minutes to come up to full bright. With all my lights on timers coming on just before dark, I never really noticed how long they took?

          I have an in-law forced to retire early (Obama doesn’t count that as unemployed)! My birthday gift to him last year was a bag full of LED bulbs and the help to change them out. He’s a proud man and wants no handouts, but this gift will keep on saving him money he needs for years to come.

          LED bulbs seem to be one item Ikea does well.

      22. Wow, ultra slow night.
        Any one watching Jeff Ross ‘Roast Battle’?
        Funny shit.
        I want to say, the lady who called me a prepper was relating me in a term used now.
        I was prepping for Y2K.
        For someone to gig me for stating what she said, well they were grasping for straws.
        Does that make any sense?
        I would really appreciate it if I could remove this poster taking certain sayings and warp it to thier own fucked up mind.
        I was prepping before prepping was prepping…
        Genius, now you know…

        Be well all…

        • Didn’t know you were a prepper eh? Yeah, I can connect to that one. After being raised in Maine, in the boonies and where wood is the ONLY way you can heat your home (well, it was the most popular back when I was a wee one), and everyone had gardens and canned as a part of everyday life. Up until I joined The USN I didn’t know any other way of life remotely existed, and about went into shock on my to Chicago Training Center during my first jet plane ride, getting to Boston and having to figure out “the system” to get to my next plane, then seeing “BLACK PEOPLE” (for the first time in my life, at 17yrs-old).

          Long story short, the wife and I never had an inkling that we were very hardcore preppers before it was a word (I think). lol… We’ve always had firearms yet I’ve not always had a license to be toting one around, because out here you just don’t have to worry about it. (I am now ‘legal’, though I still believe I do NOT need to pay anyone nor receive “a permission slip” from a local politician (Sheriff) in order to pack heat. Constitution says so and that’s more than ample for me and my tastes.

          We’ve always had a garden, and canned (we had a few ‘off-years’ of being lazy, like anyone else), yet every since Obama started off on his 2nd Term our damned alarms have been all but “on fire” and our very worst fears have been fully realized and the sob STILL isn’t done. Rumors about him were all over the veteran’s “water fountains” and danged if they weren’t correct in their information on our POTUS.

          Ya ever THIS POTUS doesn’t give all that many speaches, and when he does he “commands respect, and actually expects to receive it knowing that WE know he is purposely tearing apart America and nothing is stopping him aside from Congress denying everything and Republicans doing precisely the same …in an all out attempt to stymie his ass as much as possible (or if not they are doing a great job making things appear this way). Otherwise, why would Congress essentially just sit on their hands …for the most in history, or I should say ‘upon these reasons and premises’?

          Anyway, I’m glad we were both raised as we were yet there are many more raised just the same in ways or ‘tougher’ (for lack of a better word) and there’s no doubt ANY “country boys or girls” would not mind showing you “how to mind a garden from first ‘rolling the soil’, tilling then combing, rowing, planting, bedding, hilling, stretching, transplanting, harvesting, stowage, seed retention/drying, canning (if not ‘stowed’ like a potato).

          This would bring a far better aftermath and set of scenarios than would be no sharing of knowledge at all, and I am talking “in the midst of all else” this is a needful thing that has to be done, or ultimately none will survive. You are your brother’s keeper or you’ll be rather riddled with guilt, as he would quite likely make amends for you as well. I see nothing wrong with extending this hospitality to all others who are willing to “bring something to the table just as soon as they can” after getting established, situated, housed and comfortable. *(Wars tend to turn lives upside-down and inside-out and many families are forced to restart life with all new people/friends and surroundings, and perhaps ‘ways of life’ that are ‘strange’ to them (such as prayer before all meals). …well, that was fun but back to work since Hoppes has had time to ‘eat the lead out’).

        • Wow the crybaby rattler is back still whining. Now he decided it was for Y2K. Funny sh!t there garden snail.


      23. I don like that hillry none


        Clinton Cash, is a feature documentary based on the Peter Schweizer book that the New York Times hailed as “The most anticipated and feared book of a presidential cycle.”

        Clinton Cash investigates how Bill and Hillary Clinton went from being “dead broke” after leaving the White House to amassing a net worth of over $150 million, with over $2 billion in donations to their foundation. This wealth was accumulated during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as US Secretary of State through lucrative speaking fees and contracts paid for by foreign companies and Clinton Foundation donors.


        From/AT incogman dot net Link to yutube video is there also.

      25. First hey folks!
        What is one person to do?Throw a coup by myself!The ones that need to be removed are untouchable by me or you.
        Some idiots on here say don’t pay taxes,your part of the problem!Really!Being in prison is going to do what for me or mine.Don’t vote it doesn’t count,maybe not,but not voting does what?
        Me I work to provide for my family,to hopefully do something I like to do.Spend time prepping for a family that that thinks I’m weird.
        Alot of my projects are prepping,little time and $ do what I can when I can,like it or not it’s coming,get ready!
        Be well all!
        Maniac –out

      26. Very interesting,
        It turns out government facial recognition doesn’t see minorities. It’s blind to all but White People.


        Google it. American citizens, you are the target of this government. Not terrorists, not the people most likely to commit murder, but you, you saps.

        It won’t track Muslim terrorists, or the largest single ethnic group of murderers on the planet, the whole system is designed around identifying the governments White Enemies.

        I’ll bet this is scrubbed from the Internet in short order!

        • I don’t understand your point, or the site is not what it was when you posted it. The site only points out how frigged up iPhone facial recognition is, showing lots of photographs where facial recognition determined that the strangest objects were faces, while leaving (EVEN WHITE) faces out of the picture.

          Perhaps the entire page has been ‘wiped’.

          However, facial recognition is ‘global’ in usage, all over France, Europe, Nederlands, etc. (especially at airports, but not so much at The Arab Emirates, who have minor security issues (so far).

          I believe I’ve seen more blacks ‘recognized’ by CCTV on websites than whites, but I never counted. No doubt that on commercial TV they only show BLACKS on CCTV ‘grabs or frames’, and they are more than accurate enough, in a metro, to find someone (if they are on the streets), in a matter of 1 to 3 minutes. I believe the largest of which is in Houston, which is “Command Central” for LEOs on their radios now isn’t it? (Meaning, isn’t it still in Houston)? Their cruisers work via Houston, but they monitor and conduct illegal surveillance, openly against our demands and laws, from within each city or ‘growing-fast-areas’ with high incident rates.

      27. “’…Earlier notions of history and society that stressed solidity, collective institutions, and social circumstances gave way to a more individualized human nature that emphasized choice, agency, performance, and desire.’” That’s basically contradictory–that “solidity” and “collective institutions” gives way to a more individualized human nature. Moreover, this whole attempt at characterizing what’s wrong today is by apparently trying to say “if we were all “with suit and tie, and slicked down like good little white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants, like America is ‘supposed to be’, we wouldn’t have so much trouble”. That seems to be the veiled gist of what this article says. What is being called “fragmentation” is actually individual liberty–something modern Americans have been trained to not recognize, and to recoil against as being “lawless” (without someone else’s law) and “disorderly” (out of someone else’s imposed and enslaving order). In other words, free–though self-rule is the advisable policy for anyone who doesn’t want war with the victims of one’s recklessness or disregard towards others.

      28. Despite the opposition to the TPP, the so called “free trade” deal in the works, Obama says he still wants it passed before he leaves office. Killary pretends she has heard the voices against it and will oppose it, yet everybody knows she is a big fat liar and is for this drain of more US jobs. She backs it 100%.

        • Free trade has screwed us,
          Spent some time in our local ford dealership this week, most of the cars are built in mexico now, hows that shit,
          It seems the government is our biggest enemy, wait till farmers figure out what the FSMA really does to their bottom line, there will be even more jobs lost across the border, and the worst part of that is the farms south of the border can freely ship their produce into the US but do not have to conform to the FSMA, hell, now even the truckers are based south of the border.
          IMHO this is all part of the globalist grand scheme, what the hell else can it be? Im not usually a conspiracy guy but this is too in our faces to ignore.

          • FREE trade screws everyone , soon no one in Amerika will be able to buy slave made goods , yes CHINA is all about slavery , how come the dumbed down Amerika can not get it. it’s the slave education (socialist ed ) that will never work..in fact socialism has never worked anywhere. so the dumbed down will vote Hilary ( the free hand outs) and socialist Clintons who are top level GLOBALIST – one world government.. Amerika lost liberty long ago … we are about 57 % SLAVE in the USA NOW.. 2A is our last freedom….

          • Hey there Kulafarmer; Actually caught a tiny pic of you at some other site, yet I’ve no idea which. Looks like there is somewhat of a lot of forest type fauna behind and around you, a large ‘palmetto’ (that’s what they call them in FL anyway), and I think a palm of some sort behind you (weird bark on it to me). lol…

            You are right, it certainly does seem that our government IS our biggest enemy. If you take a Point Of View (POV) that we have a POTUS whose job it was to do everything which has been done (to invoke all of the bad things he has brought upon America, including the hatred of America by other nations that USED TO LIKE US)! Add to that his refusal to remotely admit there is a WIDE OPEN BORDER that he has purposely left open so that “who really knows how many” can freely enter America ‘at will’, unfettered, with no chance of being dragged back to Mexico. Keep in mind that mingled with the Mexicans are Hondurans, Guatemalans, San Salvadorians, Brazil-Babes (couldn’t resist that), Puerto Ricans and all manner of Middle Easterners with a mission …to kill (dead) all white Christians, and Christians of any color. So no matter how it goes down, there WILL be somewhat of a race war (and the blacks won’t ever know what they are fighting against or for unless they win and can view the dead enemy). That’s going to be a bitch, and I’m happy to be white based upon that alone.

            I also believe you are right about this being IN OUR FACE (as if we are being dared, and damn it’s tempting), to assure us “in the know” that everything IS a ‘grandiose scheme’ cooked up over decades of conspiracies in order to arrive at the point we now find ourselves. *On the edge of ‘we don’t know’.

            Realizing we have not yet begun to fight, it will get interesting very fast to see just how fast WE will need to be to retain our freedoms and sovereignty, and that goes triple for ALL children who stand to lose and pay “most dearly” for our failures and be either killed at birth (harvested for body parts if needed in that blood-type, etc), kept for a quick sale into black market slavery/human trafficking or pedophile-type sex “seeking mates.”
            The true “old enough to pee, old enough for me” fucked-in-the-head-people (some of whom we have at the head of our government, with an admitted lesbian fixing to ‘take the helm of America’ and run her ‘hard aground’.

            War? Yeah! Revolution? Okay, whatever it takes! Since I know I’ve made most of the top lists I want to ensure I live up to the murdering bastard they’ve made me out to be to the general public.
            Veterans used to be thanked for their service a few months ago. I’ve ran into two situation where after I was ID’ed as a “lifer” veteran, and “special forces”, WOW …I was instantly demoted to lower than whale shit. That’s a big change in “big city” attitudes, which is why we have nestled deep inside the boonies. Someday, I hate to say, there just won’t be any “boonies” left anywhere. I’d imagine by then Mother Nature will have killed off her own ‘dead’ in her own ‘without-warning’ way.

            Dang …sorry AGAIN for the long post! (trying to quit…)

            • huh …a post that did not post again, yet others go thru just fine? This is a test, nothing else.

      29. Back prior to 9-11 the Project for the New American Century which in reality is when the New Jewish Century was planned, it could have been a decade or more before that. This war of terrorism has murdered over 8 million people, mostly muslims, over a million civilians. The Jews own nearly everything of consequence corporation wise in the world. This is a war on humanity at large. Why is America funding Israel, to what benefit is this to the American people? Israel has the 6th largest military threat in the world. The entire US government is controlled by these psychopathic murderers. The world’s common people are waking up to this reality, thus the push to kill off the majority before a critical mass is reached to effectively challenge these evil controllers. All of these ruthless killers, collaborators need to be lined up and shot, no blindfolds. There is not one speck of truth spoken by the establishment. Usury has built the greatest evil ever on the face of the Earth.

      30. There is no place on Earth to escape the Rad. No one is exempt. Less than 3 weeks short of 2,000 days since Fukushima, the daily release is the radioactive equivalent of 6.45 Hiroshima bombs directly into the atmosphere and the Pacific Ocean. To date this equals the detonation Of 12,738.8 Hiroshima atomic bombs and still going strong with no end in sight. This weeks highest reading in the US is Phoenix, AZ at 2,186 counts per minute, 427.2 times normal. This is an extinction level event. Still think this was a naturally occurring event? I don’t.

        • Sounds like AZ is going to need a great deal of Iodine tablets to protect their endocrine systems from ‘rad’ that is purposely being allowed to lay waste of earth’s oceans. (Or at least we have seen pictures of The Great Barrier Reef, and unless it was photoshopped the entire reef is just plain dead and “ghostly” looking dead calcium ‘branches’. (Much the same as what happens to the reefs off the Western Shore of Costa Rica, out 450 nautical miles is an island. During these extended La Nina’s, the fish don’t bother coming as they know the reefs have no edible life within them. It appear that now they’ll never again be edible life, and hence the sighting of more and more “never seen before” creatures of the deep?

      31. Aljamo, now just yesterday I read a thread that stated Obama would NOT allow a penny to be expended on Israel, and here you are asking why we spend so much on Israel!

        Damn this gets confusing as there are tooooooo many “side-roads” leading nowhere lately. Misinformation is at maximum-torque and tightening.

      32. fascinating how americans do not try and understand first, but it seems that they primarily wish to denigrate other blog writers. this attribute can be found in many forums. to find some petty reason to call another blogger stupid seems to be a priority. we are not going to get far with such confrontational attitudes. working together and putting small differences aside – and being happy about sharing the common ground we have – that will get us all a lot further.
        anyway, you get a lot further by gently correcting that which you disagree with, and sharing your common view with your blogger colleagues.
        do not inherit the political methodology of making as many enemies as you can. americans should resist that now, it is so last century.
        check the title of this article!

      33. Thats pure fox tv BS! Hobammy has zero to do with israel gets plenty free cash every year since 1948.

        For Many Decades now usa congress Votes and Passes a NEW Ten year israel funding plan every ten years! To Last for a full Ten year pay out and then re passes it again and again.

        Nuttyahoo came to the whitehouse and demanded an xtra $2 billion per year a coupple Months ago…Hobammy said the usa would thibk on it…A Month Later usa congress Voted to Increase israel pay out cash by just One billion more instead of two billion nuttyahoo demanded.

        Facts is Ziojewry and leftist bolshevik jews OWN/RUN/KONTROL/WRECK/RUIN America Period.

        Everything that matters..Fed govnt, TV TV News Hollywood Newspapers magazines websites most of web sites and all that is included in daily overall control of society, medias, govnt. universitys, unions, schools, BANKS! Fed Reserve, ENTIRE Usa Justcie/leagle systems, Courts, Fed judges-Most are jewish…US supremes at least 4 are jews and probably a fifth is a crypto jew….And whatever I forgot to name here that controls society and Nation and down to how folks Think and Act is and has been totally Hyjacked by the usual suspects.

        No matter WHAT uncle joey says about he liberated aushwitz camp, when it was really Soviet Russian Kommies that liberated that camp! and no matter how many dead skinny starved bodies uncle joey from WWII claims he saw etc…NONE had a huge “J” Stamp on their foreheads right?

        So use yer heads folks..Your WWII dads and uncles Saw WHATEVER their usa army Leaders and Officers TOLD them they saw period…And like good lemmings they all believed their officer superiors commands to believe they saw dead jews in ditches etc.

        How or What determines the visible difference as an army infantry soldier marches passed a ditch full of dead bodies?…What determins difference from dead jew or starved skinny dead polak or german or french men?

        ZERO difference is what! Yet they just Knew every dead body every place seen had to be jews correct? Come on already eh!…Even the TOP Jewish man curator of the worlds biggest holohoax Meuseum IN jeruselem israel a couple years ago, ADMITTED that they do NOT even Know the true real number of dead nor of current so called camp survivors! Because jews globally since 1945 WWI end has been sending into that hoax center to add to the massive survivor or dead jew killed by nazis lists, every jew that died regardless WHEN or Where death happened! He ADMITTED this in Public to various journalists.

        That hoax meuseum in israel also HIRED one of worlds biggest computer maker corps Hewlitt Packard, to assist in figureing out a program for comupter to finally figure out which to kepp on said lists and which are duplicates or out rght wrong to add. WAKE UP You have been Holohoaxed! and jewry has turned the holohoax events into a Giant Industrial Cash Cow!…While always Down playing all non jewish WWII Victims as if them goys do not even Matter!

        Several MILLION recent released former cia and army and state dept and russian and german and french etc etc documents have proven that the six million jews numbers are a huge LIE Hoax!

        Putin had his WWII KGB files opened to gen public in 1999 and 2000…Russian soviets HAD the full actual Documented papers and jew lists etc in Russian possession since WWII Ended!

        Facts prove YOU all has been royally Lied to, Holohoaxed to the Max, and you and usa nation has been Pimped big time by survivor holohoax jewry and israel.

        But due to so many believe everything MSM and fraud apostate pastors tells them about the “self chozens” it seems no amount of facts or proofs can pass into their duped warped minds eh?

        Wake Up, and..smell…the…Jew!

        Go to that codoh website I Posted a LINK to above see for yourselves as that website contains every possible issue on holohoax events and israel and jews from A to Z and the info is UN refutable proof solid period.

        OR sit there and Remain hoaxed and under thumbs of your master Race jewry controlers you duped Goyim!

        They been booted out from Every nation they ever been in! 109 so far! and for the main reason of, like niggers who always mess up all they come in contact with, so does jews do the same only 50-times worse than niggers!

        Are You going to belive ALL 109 prior nations that booted out their jewish problem were all wrong? were All evil nazis? and in every case all 109 times jews were simply inncocent Victims?!!!!!!! How can You be that duped and

        And where Did you get all Your jew info and holohoax info if not from TV, TV News and Hollywood movies all which is and has been run by and owned by, jews!

        So never trust a damn thing from MSM TV news…Unles its about jew victims and holohaox events than its always 100% truth correct? See how utterally stupid you sound when reading how idiotic that really Is?

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