Oil Busts Triggering Economic Seizures: “A Stream of Bankruptcy Attorneys Running Around”

by | Apr 16, 2015 | Commodities | 86 comments

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    Bankruptcies are mounting in some of the biggest firms, even as the appearance of normalcy remains. But cash injections will likely keep the largest corporate-corpses going on and on.

    How much trouble does this signal for an already troubling economy?

    Wolf Street reported on how the oil bust is surfacing in the form of bankruptcies – along with a string of major bankruptcies in other sectors including casinos, securities, electronics (Radio Shack, the once huge chain) and at least one health care provider in the top 15 pending bankruptcies for the year:

    [I]t’s not just in Houston or in the oil patch. It’s in retail, healthcare, mining, finance…. Bankruptcies are suddenly booming, after years of drought.

    In the first quarter, 26 publicly traded corporations filed for bankruptcy, up from 11 at the same time last year, Reuters reported. Six of these companies listed assets of over $1 billion, the most since Financial-Crisis year 2009. In total, they listed $34 billion in assets, the second highest for a first quarter since before the financial crisis, behind only the record $102 billion in 2009.

    The largest bankruptcy was the casino operating company, Caesars Entertainment, which has been unprofitable for five years. It’s among the zombies of Corporate America, kept moving with new money from investors that had been driven to near insanity by the Fed’s six-plus years of interest rate repression.

    And that’s not all.

    Walmart, the retail mega-giant among giants, is drawing suspicion after five of its stores are mysteriously closing for at least six months – and laying off thousands of workers – on the pretense of plumbing repairs.

    Those watching it think something more disruptive is at work – troubling as the low wage-paying store is the biggest private employer in the nation, and a major employment force in many communities. At least one store – in Midland, Texas – is at the source of the oil business, and could be catching contagion from turbulent prices.

    Something large is lurking under the surface, and by all appearances to patch things up and keep the problems swept under the rug, it could be bad news.

    The inherent nature of the de facto ponzi scheme of easy Fed money – and its potentially devastating effects on low-level investors is apparent:

    None of them has shown up in bankruptcy statistics yet. They’re part of the “activity under water,” as Garcia put it.

    But these Colt Defense and Walter Energy notes are part of the “distressed bonds” whose values have collapsed and whose yields have spiked in a sign that investors consider them likely to default. These distressed bonds, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch index data, have more than doubled year over year to $121 billion.

    The actual default rate, which lags behind the rise in distressed debt levels, is beginning to tick up. Yet it’s still relatively low thanks to the Fed’s ongoing easy-money policies where new money constantly comes forward to bail out old money.

    But once push comes to shove, equity owners get wiped out. Creditors at the lower end of the hierarchy lose much or all of their capital. Senior creditors end up with much of the assets. And the company emerges with a much smaller debt burden.

    Will it all just be recycled through the manipulated markets, or will the music stop and leave most holding the bag, while the usual suspects walk off scene for a drink with their friends in government and power?


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        • Great embalming job on those corporations.
          They almost look alive.

        • Capitalism has its faults but communism invents nothing because there is no incentive.

          Capitalism is the preferred system but it damn sure like fire needs to be controlled because it will eat itself.

          • Amen!

            • Well, crap, Mac, the Federal government owns all the property (dirt) so why shouldn’t they own all the water as well? Next, they will have us pay to breath their air!

              (Was thinking about this yesterday: we can never own property– we have to pay taxes to them or they will come and re-poses your land. Even a trailer in an out of the way rural area– you have to pay lot fee. And the people who own the land where you pay to park your trailer? they have to pay taxes on that land. EVERYTHING belongs to the government, in their opinion.

              • Oops! My comments were concerning a different article ;(

          • “communism invents nothing”
            Perhaps you should do a little investigation. E.g. Wikipedia

            “Pages in category “Russian inventions”
            The following 200 pages are in this category, out of 247 total. This list may not reflect recent changes (learn more).
            (previous 200) (next 200)
            3D holography
            Acoustic microscopy
            Aluminothermic reaction
            Androgynous Peripheral Attach System
            ANS synthesizer
            Anthropometric cosmetology
            Anti-ballistic missile
            Arc welding
            Arktika-class icebreaker
            Armored cruiser
            ASM-DT amphibious rifle
            Automated cargo spacecraft
            Baked milk
            Banya (sauna)
            BARS apparatus
            Bayan (accordion)
            Bekhterev’s mixture

            And hundreds more.

          • Capitalism and communism are both thugs, but the difference is that communists are at the very least “honest” about it, Just look how those so called “capitalists” moved US jobs and factories to China. Now if that isn’t COMMUNIST, WHAT IS?!?!?!
            . I don’t know about you, but if I am going to get screwed over no matter what, I’d rather be told about it, that way I can at least have a fair chance to react. Which is a god given right.

        • Corporations never pay taxes. YOU pay all the taxes. I never understand how anybody thinks that corporations ever pay a dime in taxes. ALL corporations that send anything to the IRS have collected the taxes they pay from consumers……

        • Capitalism works just fine unless you try to infuse progressivism/communism/socialism into the mix. Like oil and water, they just don’t mix.

          • This is the results from the “giant sucking sound” that Ross Perot warned us about many long years ago. This is the result of FREE TRADE that was sold to Americans as a FREEDOM by the NWO Crony Capitalists who have pushed Agenda 21 down the throats of Americans.

            The numbers are in. Clark, where are you? LMFAO!!! 🙂

        • @Acid Etch…

          You don’t even know what capitalism is you fucking moron.

          What we have in this country now is not capitalism. It is cronyism…or corporatism….or fascism. Take your pick. They are one and the same….the merger of government and large multi-national corporations. And this current system bears no resemblance to free markets.

          Take a few minutes of the time that you usually spend whacking off in your mommy’s basement and educate yourself so you won’t sound like such a moron.

        • They are crony Capitalists, supported by government. Real Capitalism is independent, doesn’t take bailouts, and pays taxes like everyone else. This is how government turns businesses into liberal supporters making them dependent on government as a poor person on food stamps.

        • Yes. But USA hasen’t had that in a while.

        • What other system would you suggest?

      1. Just a giant Ponzi scheme???

        • What part of waking up homeless don’t they get?

          • The homeless population is the most suppressed and repressed group in this country, no wonder many of them end up going to the bottle or drugs to self medicate as the majority of people treat them like dirt or worse. I know because I am one of them. As clean, non-dependent on any illegal crap, honest, etc. where ever I go I get treated like garbage or at the very least I get looked at as if I am some type of animal who does not belong there.
            One of this country’s specialties is to manufacture such people, yet to only turn around and blame them for being created. If they try to commit suicide for the sake of vacating this shit hole called earth as that is the only available exit door, they’d probably be arrested for “trying to hurt themselves”. Yet cops and civilians in different parts of the country are killing them as they would maggots with full impunity. All they have to do to walk is claim that the homeless “attacked them”. and that’s it.
            So let me assure you, no homeless is waking up. Many of them are hiding in rat holes, underground gutters and under bridges but that doesn’t mean they are waking up.

      2. I have a notion that all of this shit is going to hit the fan at the same time. Iran goes after Saudi Arabia, draws Israel into the fight, which draws Russia into the fight. Meanwhile, we’re hit here from across the Mexican border on our soil by ISIS, as our economy continues to grind to a halt, like the author says. We also get hit by guerillas who entered the U.S. as illegal aliens.

        With the U.S. in crisis, China goes for what they can get in the Pacific, and Russia looks to retake some old Warsaw Pact territory. What is left of NATO defends Europe, which is being overrun by Africans now.

        Only God knows fur sure, so watch out fur them hogs!

        • iran is not the problem.

          iran has no need to attack anyone!

          iran is very content to continue just chilling and develop further economically under russia and china’s protective economic umbrella.

          • @Solus,
            I’m not certain if your post is sarcasm, or you have a meth problem?
            When O’Stalin lefts the sanctions on Iran, they get billions of $$$$ to fund more terrorists and buy more nice new military toys with “Made in Russia” on the side.

            Needless to say, when gas is $20 a gallon, due to a war in the Middle East, Comrade Barry might declare martial law, or something……ya think?

            until them….watch out fur them hogs! Especially your Ragheads, I hear pork is like Kryptonite to ya’ll.

            • hey dumbass , no need to get nasty @themhogs , i’m well aware of what is happening in the middle east and iran’s role there ya’ prick.

              the problem is not iran , the problem is the illegal jews of israehell squatting illegally on sovereign Palestinian centuries old Palestine lands. it is the jews who are the invaders , aggressors , terrorists , who are scared of irans ability to support and arm the Palestinian Patriots , Lebanese Army , Syrian Army and other Shiite Patriots fighting again the jews of israel constant manipulation and murder of the Sovereign Arab and Persian Citizens of the middle east.

              It was israehell and the zio-jews who benefited from the terrorist jew created false-flag attack known as 9/11!

              ISRAEL DID 9/11!

              • Thank you solus!

              • The Five Dancing Israelis – 9/11/2001 – Our Purpose Was To Document The 9/11 Event




                THE JEWS DID 9/11!

                • The Five Dancing Israelis – 9/11/2001 – Our Purpose Was To Document The 9/11 Event



                • THE JEWS DID 9/11!

                  • Correction: Yes we Zionist jews did 911, and if you (US) don’t let our people go we will use one of our 400 nukes on DC. We really, really mean it. Game over.

                  • The synagogue of satan.

                  • Yeah, OKC and Waco too.

                    I think they also started the Civil War, Lincoln got his orders straight out of Tel Aviv.

                    • Wade, you have to understand that he’s a persecuted ” truth teller” and the zogs are on a mission to ” get” him before he can tell the WORLD!

              • Oh wow….we have another little Hitler.

              • shut up solus, he had a right to ask you. You sound so stupid, its not a time for jokes !
                ThemHOGS IS RIGHT ON. Go joke somewhere else.

            • Maybe YOU have a meth problem. Solus is right. The enemy is within our borders and europe not in iran. How many countries has iran attacked? How many have we attacked? Sounds like you listen to way to much Hannity lol.

              • I am going to jump into this conversation as i have been in MANY places around the world and have been active with many of those people, in most cases ANY of those countries have NORMAL people just like you and me, it is the RADICALS that make those countries look bad BUT, remember there are THOUSANDS of the radicals , so even though most are good people we are still in a world of CRAP until all the scum has been removed!!

            • “Only God knows fur sure, so watch out fur them hogs!”

              Summarized Reply of Solus Lupus: “No! You watch out fur them ZOGS!”

              • Well said Free Slave, you took the words right outa my mouth.

            • solus lupus: Iran IS a problem and they ARE funding terrorism all over the globe, particularly in the Middle East and Africa. And it doesn’t take a lot of money to support their Jihad Cells when Europe and the USA give them welfare.

              Iran is also laying their networks in Central America, South America, Mexico, the United States and Europe for Global Jihad down the road. It takes a long time to put these assets in place and they are doing so now; and have been doing so for some time with the assistance of the Muslim in the Oval Office.

              Death to Traitors. Its totally Constitutional. 🙂

              • The biggest terrorist organisations are the CIA, FBI, Skull and Bones Society, many in Washington, Mossad, MI5. Iran is not interested in attacking or bombing any other country. But when you have a US lead coup waiting to pounce under the pretence of a natural ‘people lead’ revolution, Iran has to do what it can to arm itself.

                • Jason: I don’t disagree with your assessment of these abc agencies and other organizations as terrorists; however to believe that Iran is benign is akin to burying your head in the sand.

                  “Natural people lead revolution”? LMFAO!!!

                  You obviously know NOTHING about the activities of the original Supreme Leader, Khomeini, while he was in exile in Paris.

                  Educate yourself. 🙂

                  • Iran is benign, unless you believe the MSM BS. The Shadow CIA-MI6 Network Put Khomeini And Militant Islamists in Power. Via the pretence of a ‘people led revolution’. Just as they put Marcos, Gaddafi, Sadam, in power, they then removed them under the pretence of a ‘people led revolution’. Not because they were a threat to any other country, but because they no longer served the interests of Corporate USA. I could add the attempted removal of Chavez, the US backed coup to remove the democratically elected Sandinistas….. Iran knows if it attacks any Western ally, it will be flattened and the power elite in Iran would be out. Iran is a threat to no one. It never has been.

            • You haven’t got a clue. He is Dead ON!!!! the scum keep on claiming that Iran is set on obliterating Israel from the map, but actually Israel is the one who is set on Obliterating Iran out of the map, just look around and pay attention to the pig’s propaganda. There are a minimum of 35,000 Jews living in Teheran in PEACE. And if they want to kill Jews, they’d start with those first. Oliver Stone said that CIA is a terrorist organization and he also is dead On! the wrongful killing that it does are unfathomable. So they do anything in their power to distract from that by making false claims about any nation or anybody, American or not that dares to stand up to their wasting of this country’s Mega Mega resources. Israel is not God. They have rights just as anybody else but that is hardly a reason to give them the upper hand over everybody and anything. It’s not enough that they blew up the WTC, killing 1000’s and 1000’s of innocent people and blamed on people that were found alive after the fact, in order to advance their criminal agenda, and now we need to eat more of their shit. That is disgusting!!!

          • That’s not the way they’ve been talking.

            And that’s not the way their actions indicate they are going.

            Iran is rabidly Islamic, and Islam never “chills”, it attacks unless forcefully contained. As testified to by its founder Muhammad -he founded it through military conquest- and every one of his true followers since.

            • So we need to blow every muslim nation to bits? Some christians are insane radicals also. So called christian nations have attacked and destroyed a lot more countries than muslims.

              Question for everyone here…
              Who are you more afraid of… The US govt., police, fed agencies. OR Muslims?

              • Genius,
                have to say (ALL OF THE ABOVE)got to call-em as i see-em and it is all!!! they gotta go!!

                • I agree!

              • Sharon is spot on as usual. Yes I am more concerned about Islam than I am about my own government as tyrannical as it has become.

                American Justice does not cut your hand off for stealing a loaf of bread. And Islam? 🙁

              • “So we need to blow every muslim nation to bits?”

                Well, yes, if they keep on with what they’re doing.

                “Question for everyone here… Who are you more afraid of… The US govt., police, fed agencies. OR Muslims?”

                muslims. You think the govt in the USA is oppressive? Check out Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Turkistan, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Qatar, Burma, Pakistan. Try being an “out” Christian in any of those countries.

                You are no genius, Genius. Just another paid troll.

                • go gettem coach 🙂

            • Yeah, right!!!!that is why bush and gangsters let them build mosques across the US, THIS, while keeping Christianity ILLEGAL in saudia as well as the Arab world to the exception of few countries?!?!? Based on this, that does not take much for any no brainer to see who is the terrorist here and who needs to be “forcefully contained”. When you have power, you use it to get things done. Economic sanctions were all enforced against innocent Iraqi children and babies but not against the Saudis to legalize Christianity in that shit hole. Especially since the US troops are right there protecting those fat assholes. But they can’t even dare to peacefully walk to, say, a Christian Cathedral and pray there for 15 mns because there is none. But they have to protect these scumbags so the bush can continue to make money off of them. Again, in the US, so long that you have the cash, the State Dept will pull down their pannies and bend over for you if you are an Arab.

              This on one hand, on the other, they are killing innocent people there by the 1000’s and not allowing anyone to report it here, but when their people try to retaliate, they are “terrorists”. Stop killing their people and they will yours. It’s that simple.

              BTW, I read, it might here or else where, that CIA was funding ISIS in secret!!! Well I guess that works for the depopulating agenda. So long that Isis is killing the right ethnic group for them, they don’t mind giving them money. Slim balls!!

        • right on, hawg….but you left out the most important part…WHY is it happening to U.S.?….the WORLD hates U.S…..NOBODY likes the bully!

      3. The author failed to read the story linked to Wal-Mart closings. It’s labor costs not a big “Ponzi scheme”. Wal-Mart doesn’t want to have to pay higher wages so its just shutting down the stores with employees that are pushing for more money or unions. Clearly a warning to workers to shut up or lose your job.

        • That warning implies, “threat of force or promise of benefit” which is still part of Section 8b (Unfair Labor Practice) if memory serves me in Taft Hartley. To be effective the employer would desire to let the people know the cone cation between the two.

          • come cation …. damn computer… meant connection

        • I used to live in vegas in the 90’s and early 2000’s. The population was less than a million then went to over 2 million. The lake was nice and full in 1990 and as you see it is shit now. They have had a new boom in construction there lately with a ton of new casinos/resorts. People are so fuckin stupid it makes me puke!

      4. Call me chicken!;-} THEW SKY IS FALLIN THE SKY IS FALLING. Just what we have been preparing for T.S.T.H.T.F.
        Get ready it’sa com’n soon to a neighborhood near YOU!!!
        S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb



        the only way to win this game is not to play it and learn to operate under the radar without leaving a financial paper trail.


      6. http://www.autoblog.com/2015/04/16/auto-repair-shop-refuse-openly-gay-customers-video/

        You fucking “Christians” sure do excel at hatefulness and stirring up the negative passions. Jesus would have behaved differently I think.

        First of all, if you run your fucking mouth in public about anything controversial, you are asking for it. That’s not what we do here as preppers.

        Secondly, this fucking retard is whining about being threatened by the gay mafia even as he is spouting off hate speech about the gays. /DoesNotCompute/

        I still love and trust God, but I fucking hate Christians. Why do you hate us so much? The constant threats, degrading comments, insults, insinuations. I have a right to be a hateful man. You made me that way.

        Neither me nor my boyfriends are flamboyant in manner or appearance. I just wish I could go out holding hands with a loved one and be left alone to enjoy my movie/dinner/etc. Why do I have to conceal myself? Why cant I get a little freedom?

        We are winning. The majority of people do not like it when businesses discriminate. Eventually we will win in every state.

        • The answers you seek are in the Bible It is the word of god! YOU SHOULD READ IT!!!!!

        • Why do you want to force a business to accept your business if they don’t want to? Go somewhere that it’s wanted. I’m not trying to be a bitch but get the fuck over yourself. I shouldn’t be forced to accept your lifestyle. It’s yours not mine. I don’t hate gay people at all, but I dislike being considered a bigot because I believe homosexuality is a sin. We are supposed to love the sinner and hate the sin.

        • Acid, you fall into a Group and are Categorized as an “undesirable”. This is why the majority do not care for you kind. You and the like are not winning, society as a whole is not ready to accept you for what you are. If you don’t want to get blasted by others by your lifestyle, don’t expose yourself for what you truly are, because in reality. Nobody, for the most part cares about the Gay Community.

          • can fix this gay marriage thing.. make it illegal for them to get a divorce

            fags are playing right into the corporate court system,, they have just opened up a new register just for their money

            cant fix stupid, and according to them , cant fix a homo

            people can refuse to do anything for anyone for any reason .. get over your so important self

          • Alpathetic Whitey, You have placed yourself firmly in the category of ‘undesirable’ with your throw back statements, and the majority do not care for your ignorant and intolerant bigotries. You are a dying dinosaur. Why should a business, be able to descriminate against its customers, based on their lifestyle. Their life style does not involve you or a business owner. Me thinks you protesteth too much… Time for Alpathetic Whitely to come out of the closet? Let me ask you this, do you think a bus company should be able to, insist that blacks go to the back of the bus, or have to give up their seat to a white person? Under your reasoning of businesses should be able to serve whom they wish etc.

        • AE, you may THINK you’re ‘winning’ but the backlash againgt the gaystapo will be your worst nightmare. No culture that condoned the fag lifestyle has ever survived. If you believe Darwin, homosexuality is an evolutionaty dead end.

      7. solus, Some people can play the game and win. I have a friend who is a multimillionaire and he pays 0 taxes. He gets audited almost every year and wins lol. He once told me the way to beat them is use their own shit against them. His stories are hillarious as to the things he does.

        On the other hand, to operate under the radar is hard. I do it to a degree but I still work a normal job and pay taxes etc. I tried doing the soveriegn citizen thing once and it was a nightmare of bullshit.

        Learning how to survive under the radar is invaluable as we may all be forced into it soon. I could do it but for now it is a lot easier not to.

        • @Genius, Thank You for the support.

          I’m basically patiently comfortably sitting on the corral fence at the moment, just watching the nwo zog fascists destroy once free America.

          Waiting for the dust to settle to see which state is the better to buy farm land in for a off-grid gentleman farm.

          I simply want some land, 20 acres with water right’s for a lil’ self sustaining farm , mules , goats and a couple of beeffalo cows.

          And Wyoming is looking better every day, compared to ‘sold out’ to the nwo zog u.n.agenda.21 Montana.

          time will tell eventually where i should go to build my dream home, till then i intend to stay right where i am , patiently sitting on the fence with my .45-70 leaning on the fence post beside me watching the NWO ZOG destroy once free Zog Amerika by fascist greed driven taxation and over regulation.

          • solus, Joel Skousen tells people to buy land in several states, but the state he lives in and doesn’t promote is UTAH! Something to think about 😉

            • yeah ;0) i noticed that!

              utah is to much a mormon gestapo police state!

              utah is on the western fukushima fallout side of the rockies and just as bad as montana, the fanatic mormons have sold out to the zionists (aipac) for their own mormon religion to receive nwo zog protected status stamp of kosher(jew) approval.

              plus it’s home for the zog nsa data center.

              wyoming is still tops on my list.

              • Just don’t move to green river, you will be a frozen statue in no time lol. Southern wyoming is a windy, cold bastard from hell. I grew up in Idaho and have been there. Now Idaho is a fooking police state from hell. Avoid southern Idaho at all costs! Montana is nice as is upper wyoming. Ahhh the days of going to lunchcounter rapids and tubing the snake river and laughing at the rafters 🙂 Jackson hole, Driggs, Palasades, Swan Valley, the most beautiful places I know. I miss it but I don’t miss the libs that took over and all the police.

                • Actually now that I think about it, Soda Springs area in ID wasn’t bad. Nice mtns. some farmland, not a lot of cops. Lots of elk and deer too. But I haven’t been there in a long time so it might have changed.

                  • idaho? no thanks. idaho governor butch is also a nwo zog stooge! plus idaho is a military depleted uranium radiated equipment dumping / decommissioning dump ground!

                    i worked as a horse wrangler and wagoner in wyoming for a bit back in my care free days of life.

                    the area i’d be moving to is pretty remote even for wyoming.

                    • Boy oh boy, youse guys sound like the prototypes of that pair from Brokeback Mountain.

                    • Got that one right coach, I think these two here want to do a little more than just sleep under the stars together.

        • Genius,
          In response to your comment about struggling with the tax paying curse, here’s a documentary made by Aoron Russo, where he investigated the law that says that an American is required to and must pay taxes, and found that it DOES NOT EXIST. One then is led to deduct that “No wonder the filthy rich do not pay it or do very little in general on the millions and millions of $’s that they make!!!!!”. HE found out that the law says one has to pay taxes on “Gains and Profits and not mere wages”. The majority of people are just struggling to stay on top of covering their necessities. Please watch it, it’s at the very least very educational. And Also pass it on to others please. Thank you.

      8. Obamacare has actually helped a lot of people


        look out for this if your self employed
        and your income could take a jump during the year

        How Obamacare Screwed The Stuges

        h ttp://davidstockmanscontracorner.co…d+Da

      9. We were forced to bail out the banks who now borrow money at zero percent and lend it to us at 4% and upwards.

        Now i understand you have risks and rewards plus admin fees but something is not right with this picture and all the bankers have been doing is playing at the casino with our bail-in money so anyone who said they had more than ten gallons of oil have had money thrown at them just like happened during the dot.con boom where no one had made a cent but was worth a fortune on paper.

        Just keep printing more money to keep them afloat but its like giving a rich man more fiat paper when he is in a desert and he will kill you just to get a drink of your water regardless of how poor you happen to be.

        Insurance costs will soon rise because its odd how buildings just start to catch fire when no profit is being made, you see.

      10. The NWO amurikan ZOG is plotting to eat your hamster.

      11. With all the Jew hatred here, perhaps Mac should change the name of this site to Stormfront II.

        • Jew hatred, Stormfront II??? Not even close anonymous3. It’s unfortunate that you and some others are unable to see the obvious of what the power structure of Israeli is all about.
          You neglect the past and present events that they themselves have been involved in. You buy into the sympathy and indoctrination blatant lies of the Holocaust. Not saying it didn’t happen, I’m just saying it didn’t happen the way it was written for the History books.

          What is a true Holocaust?
          How about the extermination of the Native Americans? That there is a holocaust, and a lot more Indians had died compared to the fictional numbers that was being reported back in the 1940’s about the death of Jews.

          Continue to walk through life being half blinded by the truth that you neglect to investigate for yourself.

          • @Almighty Whitey…

            Thanks for confirming my observation.

            Hitler would be proud of you. I’m sure there’s an autographed copy of Mein Kampf in your library.

            • anonymous3, what observation do you have because I do not condone a holocaust onto anyone or anything. Yet, you support the likes of Israel and condone their behavior of what they have been doing to the Palestinians. Genocide is being committed onto them, and you seem perfectly ok with their actions.
              How many Israeli’s have died in this recent ongoing conflict?
              Literally ZERO, though thousands of Palestinians have been slaughtered. A Holocaust is being committed against Palestinians, yet many do not see the obvious.

              Come out of your shadow moniker and show us who you really are. Why are you hiding behind a anonymous moniker, what are you afraid of?

              • I suppose your real name is “Almighty Whitey”?

                Perhaps you should take your own advice.

      12. It’s not the End Yet?

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