Number Of “Ultrapoor” Americans Has Doubled Since 1996: “Living on Almost Nothing”

by | Sep 2, 2015 | Aftermath, Commodities | 83 comments

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    Detroit Area Economy Worsens As Big Three Automakers Face Dire Crisis

    If you’ve been paying attention to the economy for the past seven years or so, you’ve probably been wondering when the whole charade is going to come crashing down. When will all of those inflated markets and debts reach their apex, and start crumbling under the weight of economic reality, and leave us all destitute? There have been plenty of predictions, but none have truly come to fruition.

    Well the truth of the matter is that there may not be a single day when everything grinds to a halt, and there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that our standard of living is crumbling in slow motion. For many Americans the end has already arrived, and their ranks are growing a little more every day. In fact, the number of Americans that are earning what amounts to a third world wage, has doubled over the past 20 years.

    The number of U.S. residents who are struggling to survive on just $2 a day has more than doubled since 1996, placing 1.5 million households and 3 million children in this desperate economic situation. That’s according to “$2.00 a Day: Living on Almost Nothing in America,” a book from publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt that will be released on Sept. 1.

    The measure of poverty isn’t arbitrary — it’s the threshold the World Bank uses to measure global poverty in the developed world. While it may be the norm to see families in developing countries such as Bangladesh and Ethiopia struggle to survive on such meager income, the growing ranks of America’s ultrapoor may be shocking, given that the U.S. is considered one of the most developed capitalist countries in the world.

    “Most of us would say we would have trouble understanding how families in the county as rich as ours could live on so little,” said author Kathryn Edin, who spoke on a conference call to discuss the book, which she wrote with Luke Shaefer. Edin is the Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Sociology at Johns Hopkins University. “These families, contrary to what many would expect, are workers, and their slide into poverty is a failure of the labor market and our safety net, as well as their own personal circumstances.”

    Of course, this article comes from CBS news, and being a mainstream source they couldn’t help but provide a statist solution to the problem. The author tries to connect the rise of the “ultrapoor” with the creation of TANF in 1996, a program designed to replace previous welfare systems, and provide temporary financial aid to poor families with children. There’s so many more poor people today because TANF isn’t doing enough to lift up the poor. What we need is more welfare apparently.

    In reality, most of these Americans are already receiving some form of assistance. These numbers have been thrown around before, and they are very liberal estimates. They’re not taking non-cash programs into account like food stamps, housing vouchers, and tax credits. When you include all forms of welfare, those numbers fall dramatically. While the percentage of Americans that are earning less than $2 a day has grown significantly, very few are actually living on less than 2$ a day.

    As I wrote about last week, government assistance is essentially masking the symptoms of our crumbling economy, and creating millions of dependents along the way. And that’s the really scary fact to be gleaned from this report. We have millions of families in this country that would literally die without the help of the government, and their growing ranks indicate that our economy is completely unsustainable.

    And since the economy is on an unsustainable path, someday those bubbles will burst and our debts will become impossible to maintain. When they do, there will be a whole class of Americans that are both earning and living on less than $2 a day, because the safety nets that we have now will cease to exist. It’s hard to fathom how these people will survive in the new America.


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      1. Obullshit has made us a 3rd world in some places.

        Welcome to the 3rd world USA.

        • My oldest tells me all the time,
          “there’s never enough money, Mom.”

          Oldest grandson still living with his mother @ 23yrs. Why?
          He can’t make enough $s to get even an apartment. Sometimes he’s working two jobs.

          Sister is the working poor. Barely makes enough to live in a rented unit. No health insurance. Why? She makes enough to qualify for lower premiums, but the deductable is more than she well use in a year. She would always be paying for something she couldn’t use. The (un)Afordable Care Act. sheeeeeesh.

          • Hmmmm… what is the income stream from advertising? When I loaded this page, AdBlocker icon indicated that it blocked “66” ad attempts.

            • I’m hip, and it sucks !

            • Not much. I had one site that only made $1.92 in a whole week. Of course, I didn’t get the traffic that this site gets.

              Don’t tell anyone. That’s one of the conditions for the ads I ran. I’m not supposed to reveal what I made, whether for individual clicks or an aggregate figure.

          • The entire healthcare system is wacked. The insurance companies really screw people over. One regular ER visit with one x-ray is just over $1200 deductible is $1000-1500. After you pay them $600 per month your still paying out of pocket.

            When they finally run out of other peoples money and the EBT cards shut down this country will get scary really fast.

            • try paying 1000.00 plus for insurance a month for same coverage.! That is why we are not insured…. Affordable health care NOT………..

            • That’s not the insurance companies. it’s the health care providers. We’ve deified doctors (except when we want to sue them), so we always assume it’s insurance to blame for the charges, instead of the providers.

          • To all. It’s what happens when you finally run out of “other peoples money”. Get use to some missed meal hunger pangs ’cause they’re going to be unwanted company.

            • aint seen nothin yet !

          • Oh my gosh….don’t get me started!! I totally agree with the “UN-affordable care act”. Same here. Although make a living wage and therefore don’t qualify for Medicaid, too young for Medicare….so the gov’t says I’m supposed to buy subsidized insurance from the exchange website. YA, RIGHT!!! Not happenin’. There is no way I would ever pay $3000 deductible, then (with the subsidy I qualify for) $179/mo for a policy that only pays 70% after the exhorbitant deductible and monthly premium….and I would STILL be left paying for the other 30%….now you tell me….who is doing all the paying???? Besides all this, I have NEVER used $3,000 of medical care in one year. We call ahead when we need to see a Dr. and tell them we’re self-pay. They tell us what we need to bring that day. We set aside money all year to pay for any medical expenses we might have. The most we’ve EVER had to pay in one year is $1,200 (when husband had a kidney stone). Why would any sane person pay for this Obamacare??? It’s stupid and I refuse to be part of the system.

          • Your kids need to do two simple things: 1) Learn a trade, and 2) Join a union.

        • obullsh!+ is right! there’s no ultra poor in this country unless they’re
          1.roaming the streets with mental illness in which case they refuse unsafe shelters
          2.they’re to lazy to go on Obamafare in which case there’s no excuse because even illegal aliens are getting it – hell, it’s advertised in mexico….

          do agree though that our world not ‘will change’ but that it has changed in a very dangerous way already – you just haven’t noticed…..and you haven’t seen anything yet …

      2. When half of all illegals are on welfare its a wonder it hasn’t crashed yet. Stock up people and be prepared to fend off those that have little or nothing and will be coming for yours. China and Russia and others are dumping the dollar. buy a wheel barrow now cuz you’ll need it to carry the cash to buy the small stuff.

        • JIM
          You are 100% right!!!
          Now being a Prepper I won’t have to pay for the sniff I’ll be making the sniff, and so will you.
          With all that paper money we won’t have to worry about T.P.

        • Jim,
          The last post I looked at said 75 % of immigrants on welfare.
          No telling how many illegals.
          Stay safe my friend, the wolves are at the door.

        • Jim in Va: I read on another website that half of illegals and 30 percent of U.S. citizens were on some type of gov dole outs. I told a relative several years ago, people shouldn’t have kids if they have to go on SNAP,EBT, etc. I told others same thing. A simple operation can prevent breeding since America is without hope or a future anyway. It’s hard enough supporting yourself and spouse both working!! Loser parents won’t feed their kids getting free meals at schools and other public dole outs. Folks, don’t run around in public with expensive jewelry or even wear fake that looks expensive, drive a low key car like Kia, Nissan, etc. as econ. goes kapoot, people easily get robbed in parking lots in front of Walmarts, mall stores, etc. Recently a robbery in front of a cell phone store and Dillards, etc. in daylight. Stay out of crowds, rallies and sporting events, etc. Not worth the risk. ISIS has infiltrated the U.S. and cop killings motivated by Muslim Farakkan and radical groups are on the move. Political rallies are useless anyway, as these guys are controlled by puppet masters behind the scenes.

        • Sorry, You people look to humans for results… Christians look to Christ and the Rapture for redress and total Justice !! “God cannot lie.” –Titus 1: 3. [email protected] –Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70.

      3. But…But…But… how can this be? The Jobs data! The Recover… Everything is fine right?

        • According to the stock jocks and pundits on CNBC(Can Never Believe Communists).

          • They report the ‘news’ as ‘directed’.

            NBC = National Barack Channel
            ABC = All Barack Channel
            CNS = Communist News Station
            CNN = Communist News Network

            • I thought CNN was the “Clinton News Network” but that also works.

        • Statistics:: Real Unemployment 27.7% and growing
          Real Debt: $232 Trillion, October 20 USD collapses?/

      4. The Reservations might be a good place to visit to see just what the NWO has planned for all the US. Most young men have no hope of work, unless it is for the Feds.

        • KRY: Yet other native Americans have long left the reservations and assimilated into society, some in the trades or run their own biz. incl Mexicans second generation here legal. There is no excuse to not get a job and move on. I know people that have borderline IQ’s, some didn’t finish school and some had their own biz or trades. Unless handicapped, there are no excuses to live on handouts or like many young adults, losers still living with parents who are enabling them, unheard of in my time decades ago.

      5. It is just a matter of time before it all falls apart. We let illegals come across the boarder take jobs and put a drain on all of our systems. SS,healthcare, education,law enforcement and welfare. Meanwhile you have the welfare people who can work not doing anything or working under the table so they don’t pay taxes either. This means they raise everybody else’s taxes to cover them. Very simple solution,close the boarders,remove illegal aliens,offer welfare recipients the jobs that illegals are doing if they refuse the job STOP their welfare checks period. Also, stop the regulatory powers of agencies like the EPA who are killing our country while the rest of the world doesn’t follow the same rules and stop giving our tax dollars to countries that hate us. We need to worry about America for awhile. Put tariffs on imports especially China and Mexico and any American company that relocates to get cheaper labor. Just a thought!!!

        • I’m not buying into all this Shemeeka, super-duper blood moons and planet-X voodoo crap. Rome took decades to fall. It’ll happen when it happens. Nobody knows how nor when. Easiest thing to do is keep prepped. It don’t really have to be anything to do with a collapse. Just really the prudent thing to do.

          • Rome took decades to fall but a financial collapse can happen overnight. The velocity of money today is 1,000 times faster than in Roman times.

            I don’t believe in Nibiru or Planet X either. There’s absolutely no proof. Just a crazy woman in the 90s who claimed she received messages about it from extraterrestrials through an implant in her brain.

            As for the Blood Moon tetrads, big things in the history of Israel have happened during the last two: In 1948 Israel became a nation. In 1967 they recaptured Jerusalem. The multinational attack on Israel is most likely what’s coming next. Most likely, America will join in the attack. God himself will wipe out the attacking armies as prophesied in Ezekiel 38 and 39. God will also strike the nations that attack Israel. Maybe we’ll see an asteroid strike Washington DC.

            I think we’ll see massive changes to our country and possibly the world by the end of October. I’m prepping like I don’t have a lot of time left because I might not.

            • Take care. Stay steady and diligent.

            • The implant WAS her brain. And apparently it bore a marked resemblance to a Radio Shack $2 pocket calculator.

            • It took the Western Roman Empire centuries to fall and it took the Eastern Roman Empire over a millennium to fall. Outside of a massive event, such as a large asteroid impact or a Yellowstone eruption, we’re going to be just fine (on average) for the foreseeable future.

              • Have you been smoking the main stream media bong? It sounds like it.

                Everything is awesome, happy days are here!

                Rome took forever to fall, but they didn’t have a world economy doomed to fail to help speed the process up like we do today. Not to mention nuclear weapons.

                They also didn’t have an $18 trillion dollar debt.

              • @nosuchuser

                Have you been smoking the main stream media bong? It sounds like it.

                Everything is awesome, happy days are here!

                Rome took forever to fall, but they didn’t have a world economy doomed to fail to help speed the process up like we do today. Not to mention nuclear weapons.

                They also didn’t have an $18 trillion dollar debt.

          • The Shemitah seems to be a valid idea. There have been depressions or recessions at 7-year intervals with few exceptions all the way back to 1917. The big one-day crash in 2001 happened 9-17-2001, which happened to be Elul 29 on the Jewish calendar. The big one-day crash in 2008 also happened on Elul 29 on the Jewish calendar. Elul 29 this year falls on 9-13-2001, a Sunday, so the crash might be the day after or weeks after. But the crashes are intensifying and becoming more exact, so I’m just waiting to see what happens in the next month or two. I think there’s a very good chance that we won’t have a country before long, whether it’s this fall or a year or two down the road.

            The last three sets of blood moons were in: 1493, when the Jews were run out of Spain; 1948, when Israel became a state; and 1967, when Jerusalem was recaptured by Israel. Is it just a coincidence? We’ll see what happens in the next year.

            Planet X is probably not a problem. I have just read a book explaining how there probably is a giant planet or small brown dwarf star orbiting the sun way out past Pluto between the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud. It’s too far away to affect us at any time, especially now, when it’s thought to be close to its furthest from the sun. It’s theorized that it may have planets surrounding it that may have large enough orbits that might bring one or two of the planets close enough every 3,000 or 4,000 years for us to see. But that’s not very likely now either. So I’m not worried about Nibiru, or Marduk, or Planet X, or the Dark Star, or whatever you want to call it.

            I and my group plan to keep on eating, whatever the situation.

            • Why was my comment moderated? I used the same name and email that I always use.

              • Here is a revised version of the message that wouldn’t go through:

                The Shemitah seems to be a valid idea. There have been depressions or recessions at 7-year intervals with few exceptions all the way back to 1917. The big one-day crash in 2001 happened 9-17-2001, which happened to be Elul 29 on the J–ish calendar. The big one-day crash in 2008 also happened on Elul 29 on the J–ish calendar. Elul 29 this year falls on 9-13-2001, a Sunday, so the crash might be the day after or weeks after. But the crashes are intensifying and becoming more exact, so I’m just waiting to see what happens in the next month or two. I think there’s a very good chance that we won’t have a country before long, whether it’s this fall or a year or two down the road.

                The last three sets of blood moons were in: 1493, when the J–s were run out of Spain; 1948, when Israel became a state; and 1967, when Jerusalem was recaptured by Israel. Is it just a coincidence? We’ll see what happens in the next year.

                Planet X is probably not a problem. I have just read a book explaining how there probably is a giant planet or small brown dwarf star orbiting the sun way out past Pluto between the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud. It’s too far away to affect us at any time, especially now, when it’s thought to be close to its furthest from the sun. It’s theorized that it may have planets surrounding it that may have large enough orbits that might bring one or two of the planets close enough every 3,000 or 4,000 years for us to see. But that’s not very likely now either. So I’m not worried about Nibiru, or Marduk, or Planet X, or the Dark Star, or whatever you want to call it.

                I and my group plan to keep on eating, whatever the situation.

        • Thor, it is a good thought, but that is all it will ever come to.

          That is what I have been saying for the past ten years to many, many, people; that there has to be three things to happen if we even have half a chance to continue in seeing our kids and grand kids, some with great grand kids now, growing older with us.

          The nation as a whole must repent, repeal the abortion law completely; and (now obolacare and queer marriage), then throw out the bums, and replace with term limits and new leadership.

          I’m afraid it is too late now, and it is evident when anyone brings God and the Bible into the conversation, the idiot liberals and self-lovers jump at the chance to blame us and criticize our beliefs.

          Their only real reasoning is that ‘we christians” are the problem, which they lump in with religion as a whole, which is entirely wrong; and then just piss and moan but never really get up off their ass and do anything.

          The system has been rigged to eliminate the middle class completely and keep the poor down and cause the middle classes to join them on the bottom rungs of society.

          But, according to the liberals and atheist here, I am the sick one with the mental issues. hey, that is the only way a dumbass can make him or her self feel good about themselves is by kicking a christian. Kick on… idiots, we christians will be the ones having the last laugh.

          • Your commentary shows how truly disturbed you are passin, Nobody is ” kicking” you as you claim, we’re pointing out that your ideas aren’t a problem in and of themselves, and Christians aren’t a problem. The problems begin when self deluded people see themselves as some kind of trumpet of God and decide they need to hijack every fucking thread and make it into an unwanted Sunday school bible thump. And exactly WHEN have you ever done anything but piss and moan about everything on an internet chat room? Perhaps people are skeptical about your preaching because they know you’re an over the road truck driver with absolutely no formal education who has nothing but your so called ” visions” that God transmits to you somehow. Do you think that MAYBE that just might have something to do with your credibility as the self imposed voice of ” God” on this website? No, I’m sure that thought will never cross your mind, your way too far out there now.

            • So, a degree in Business with a minor in Banking & Finance is not formal.

              Owned and sold three successful businesses, and retired early at 55, debt free after selling off real estate investment at 400% profit.

              Hmmmm? Not to shabby for an OTR Driver that racked up 2 million accident free miles, while sight seeing the country and witnessing for Christ.

              So, you think you are better than me. Well, I really don’t give a shit, cause what I have in the Eternity is what counts. Credibility with people here has no consequence with me, so sorry to burst your little bubble. Have you pulled off enough rope yet? I think you have enough to hang three atheists.

              What have you accomplished but run your meeley mouth? NADA!

              • Passin,

                You forgot to mention that you were also an astronaut, fire fighter, and casino owner. Right, a guy with a 4 year business major decides to himself, ” you know what, even though I spent 4 years getting this business degree, fuck it! I’d rather drive me a big ole 18 wheeler, yeehaw!” The only thing you’re good at is telling tall tales on the internet, Hell, it’s not like anybody can check it out and you sure as Hell don’t have to prove anything, so next time just make yourself an international billionaire spy like James Bond, who knows, if you pray long enough, you may even come to believe that’s true too!

                • That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. I don’t give a shit what you think or believe. You have issues that only God can help.

          • PWTW.
            What a friend we have in Jesus.
            You either got it or ain’t.
            Some people think they are “Rich” with money…
            We are blessed in Christ. Who would of thunk it!
            Pity the poor.
            Blessing to you.

            • You got that right.

              Rich is so empty inside that he can’t stand in front of the mirror too long or he starts seeing the evil that lurks within himself.

              Sadly, he has plenty of company. Their days of loneliness will soon come to an end when their god/satan comes down to be with them. But that time has been shortened, and they will know that their time is just about up, and the White Throne Judgment, is all that separates them and the Lake of Fire.

              Many will perish, but we will not mourn for them. I have relatives that will perish also, but there will be no tears, for we believers will have crossed into the Eternal Realm where there are no more tears or mourning or sadness.

              • You can ” stick” your story alright passin, and you know where too. And you had better be right about all this crap starting THIS month nutboy or I’m going to ride your ass like a ten cent pony on this site permanently.

          • How can you support the same people who would rather save a thief then your lord?

        • It’s not illegals that are sapping our systems, it’s the “legal” immigrants that are brought here by churches & humanitarian groups who sponsor them long enough to hook them up to every government teat (free housing, food stamps, medicaid, etc) & then the sponsors step away. Boise has been inundated with Middle Eastern & African refugees for years now. Every low-income apartment complex has nothing but immigrants. Our own citizens can’t get housing help. Our schools are full to bursting with extra people needed for translation for dozens of languages. And every one of those immigrant children go back to school with free backpacks filled with free supplies & every child gets free clothing allowance. And extra money needs to go into school program to be sure their religious dietary needs are met. Yet you never see one working anywhere; but they keep on having more babies and guess who’s paying for that? At least the Mexicans who come here do so to work & as a farmer I can tell you they work hard doing jobs you can’t get an American to do. I can’t blame Africans for wanting to get out of that hell hole but the people that bring them here need to assume ongoing responsibility for them.

      6. When the stock market crashes and Obama’s Iran deal turns out to be TREASON by POTUS, all of those folks that have turned a blind eye to their own people will suddenly be in the same boat. They will cry, wring their hands, and pray to God. But it won’t help. At all. They will be selling their shit, pawning their jewels, having their cars and homes repo’d, and BLAME EVERYBODY ELSE BUT THEMSELVES.

        Karma is a bitch.

      7. They won’t stop until we are all peasants. That’s what immigration crisis is about.

        • The Prophet: It’s known as the Cloward-Piven agenda and is ongoing in European countries, Australia, Canada too, flooding them and us with third world trash that are unscreened. Who will become radicalized and further trash the country killing and plundering. Farakkan is calling for Muslim killings of Americans and we are not hearing all that’s going on overseas with crime soaring, murders, etc. PC news overseas too and dumbed down people without any guns when hell breaks out.

      8. It all sucks and if we are not careful, the dumb bastards will take us all down.

      9. They aren’t living on next to nothing. They get welfare.

      10. Sarge, Brave and others, see this video. Its what my scientist friend recomended to me Jay Weidner. The Great Cross of Hendaye. And asteriod from the asteroid belt of Nibiru is responsible for alot of the destruction to the earths environment, that triggered and ice age, that lead the the sea level rising to over 300 Hundred Feet. Thats why the Pyramids are under water. They did not sink from Earth Quakes, the sea level rose to over 300 Ft. This time around, the levels will be rising to over 600Ft. So this is why my scientist friends move to higher ground over 3 years ago. See this link, and it will explain.

        Get ready to see the most severe attacks on me, following this link. The elites have Life extentions technology, LET.

        They know what is coming. Also we are decendants of Neandertals, and Cro Magnon’s decendents is Homo Capenses. They worship lucifer and eat human babies. They are very evil and dangerous and they are the ones in charge.

        This race is the Pyramid builders, the elongated skull humans. They were the dominating species before the last Ice Age. Humans exceeded them afterward, but they remained hidden, and took control of the Banking secret and rules in secret. Karen Hudes, exposed them, she is the former IMP Lawyer who exposed this secret. I already knows about the elongated head rat bastards. I am exposing this now, because they are gong to pull the plug, crash the economy to regain back control and count on the environmental destruction, to give JH15 TIME TO CONTAIN THE POPULOUS, so the the elites can have a safe exit to the DUMBS.

        See this link. Its very important to listen to what she has to say. Its time for your guys to know whats really going on.

        Without this information and listening to all 4 of these videos, which will answer whats really going on the planet, we wont be able to make any sense of it. Like i mentioned before, i have secrets. This will help you put it together. It will require some patience. Sarge, Brave , eppe, Jim In the VA, buttcrackofdoom, just to name a few of you guys, please listen to all 4.. I didn’t not want to take about it, but i have to let you all know what we are really fighting. You are going to see attacks on me following this post. Just remember what USASECURITYGUATD POSTED. its that serious. They are going to attack me bigtime. Mac, you need to listen to all 4 of these. Its literally the missing link. Karen Hudes get death threats all the time for a reson. Watch the agency ass clowns call BS on the credibility of me, and all the people on the 4 video’s. Listen to all 4 and the entire videos and you will see why hell is about to bust loose on me with these trolls.



        And the truth will set us free.

        • Sober up you loon.

      11. Many of my peers over 50 haven’t had a steady job since 2009. Pensions nearly exhausted that were to be used for retirement, ha! Allow the Marketplace to dispense cyanide pills so we don’t have to starve to death. Death with dignity at least.

      12. Like I stated before.

        Everybody please put a Enblem on your forehead so I know who I am shooting at.

        Muslims. Crescent
        Jews. Jewish Star,
        Christians. Cross
        Irish. Shamrock
        Russians. Hammer and Sickle.
        Chinese. Scribble Something.
        Black Panther’s. Self explanatory.

      13. Test

      14. We are still the slave of Cro Magnon. Cor magnon enslaved Neanthertals over 300,000 yrs ago. Neanthertal was not not a good hunter, survivor like Cro magnon, and they were less intelligent. So they enslaved them up to the begining of engineering when it was developed, and slaves were needed to grow the food, domesticate the animals to be the slave of the new advanced race of the decendent of cro magmano, Homo Capenses. Neandertals decendants was us, Homo Sapeins. Our IQ was 100, theirs was 300-3000. Moses, Akenaten broke away, and he was Homo Capenses also, he rescued the slaves, and invented the Gold standard and Capitilism. Look at the back of he one dollar bill, it show the Pyramid, and ocean behind it. That ocean is the red sea, the Akenaten crossed to make to the other side of Egypt. Akenenaten told his slave that he is coming up with a new system based on Commerce, Capitilism, allow the people to built weath, and lift themslevs out of poverty, that the system woutl motivate people to work without the wips and chains slavery, allow man to become and advance civilization and reap the benefits. This species Home Capenses is resposible for all the major wars going on for thousands of years that projected from that Base underneath the vatican, worldwide. They will be responsible for WWW-3

        The roman numerals on the pyramid is 1776. The founding fathers knew about this secret about Homo Capenses had a big base underneath the vatican, and projected prower to the rothchild banking family who are natiz’s and decendants of roman ceasers. Thats they the vatican supported Hitler and the rothchilds funded him. Anyone one, country, trying to kill our dollar is not good, because our dollar is built on God principils. Akeneten discovered God, the almightly God and ended brutal slavery in Egypt. I have confirmed that this is a true story that Karen Hudes and Jay Weidner is right on the money. Expect and attack on my post, bigtime one this comment shows up. You will see post about how my story does not make sense, that i need to do more research, that i am lying, etc. Watch and see. The rat bastards Homo Capenses, has been hell bent on going Type One for thousands of years, This is the first time that they ever got to this point, so they wil kill anyone in thier way, who tries to prevent this from happening and it literally means that they will wipe out 6,000,000,000,000 in the process. JH15 is here because of these rat bastards, The cabal is who manages the populolation for that species called Homo Capenses. They have lost control of the tech slaves, and now they have to eradicate us, because they have no intention of letting the public know that nasa is nothing more than a lying money laundering scam to fund the preparation for whats coming, before they pull the plug. The bastards are currently colonizing the solare system. Ganemede is already occupied with Humans, Mars, Triton, on lost of other moons in our solar system. If the American people every found out about that, it will be a literal nightmare of a situation for them. See the reaction after this post. If you ligitimate guys posting on here may think this is all crap, but you said that you need to know the truth of what the scientist is telling me, so i am telling you, so you guys need to listen to the 4 vidoes, all of them conpletely. No one expected Karen Hudes to expose and blow this stuff out into the open, i just found out about her post, and decided to post it, since i have another person, her talkin about what i was told. The jewish pilgrims knew the secret, told it the founders and then both decided to add to the dollar.

        NWO-wrong order

        NOA-New Order of the Age-right order-by Akenaten. Homo Capenses, had a split. And in fact, each group is running different countries and regions. Then the reptilian extra terretrials stepped in. This when all the big troble began.



        The truth is not easy to accept, yet what i just posted is indeed a fact of life on planet Earth.

        • I can personally verify that everything hcks just posted is the total and undisputed truth here folks.

          • Yea I guess he missed the latest findings from the best laboratories testing of tissue found on skeletal remains of Neanderthal and Cro-magnon. I think it was a couple years ago. The scientific powers in gov have kept it out of lame stream media.

            After millions of processes, the determination was that they had no genetic link to homo sapien DNA. One marker had a resemblance, but the findings led to only one determination and that was Primate.

            All Primates have that resembling marker/gene akin to humans.

            • Homo Capensis is just Homo Sapiens with larger than normal brains. They used to be on TV back in the 1970s. They were called Coneheads, who always said they were from France.

              Jeff Rense, Coneheads, and reptilians. It’s getting deep here. And just pegged my BS meter.

      15. So who is responsible and what are we going to do about it?

        Everybody is responsible and we are not going to do one thing to fix it.

        It only get worse from here on in.

        • I put the responsibility at Clinton and the unions feet.

      16. What we need is more welfare apparently.

        5000 BC style.

        Kick some other country’s ass, take all their shit, re-distribute their wealth to our people.

        … oh yeah. Nukes huh? Dammit…

        OK! Next great plan! Ummmmm… Soylent Green? Everyone over 65 or under $25k income?

        • Go Green!

      17. is this why car sales and Iphones are up?, smirk..

        • I haven’t seen car sales go up. The dealers around here are practically begging people to come look around. I get contest flyers from local dealers almost every week. I go to one of them, take the $5 Wal-Mart card prize (never win anything bigger), and go spend it. I did win some insulated tumblers. I gave those to a relative for Christmas.

          My newest vehicle is way over 10 years old, but I don’t plan on replacing it anytime soon.

      18. My aunt is extremely poor. It’s a long story, but thr same woman who embezzled my moms soc secutiry payments embezzled my aunt and uncles state sales tax and soc sec payments (she was a bookkeeper, and unfortunately convinced folks to write her one check and she would cut various checks for taxes, soc sec, etc.) my aunt said to my other aunt ‘you expect to work hard and some day things are supposed to get easier, and maybe you can have what you want instead of just what you need. Unfortunately, my needs have become my wants….I want to be able to buy some food, I want to be able to pay my electric bill.’ So sad, but helping her pretty much means giving my money to her dope blowing son who lives with her.

      19. Unfortunatly this is now the new normal. I’ve worked as a Tool + Die Maker for ever. Things were in decline when all of these Eco. treaty’s were signed for the benefit of Mexico, China, Asia and so on. Our skilled labor force has been screwed every time by politicians and their stroke of the pen. Now I have MS and with that I’ve had to find a new normal being in a wheelchair. It is what it is. Life in Amerika is not going to get any better, Its going to get a whole lot worse. Jesus is the only solid thing to hold onto in this crummy world.Amen. The guys who frequent this blog are the salt of the earth. Take care, its going to get interesting in the coming days. Rex

      20. Yep, going to be real interesting. On the down side, my son in law and my granddaughter, who both work for the same company were just told today that they, along with 32 others, are done at end of September. I told them both to get out and apply for every job they can and take any offer they get. You may not want to work there, but it is a job until something better comes along.

        • This won’t make you feel better but the company I worked for for 12 years (started when there were four of us) the new ‘management’ decided to sell my ‘business unit’ for scrap value. Due to our proven track record, reputation, and proven quality work, we were able to work a ‘back channel’ acquisition by another entity. We surveyed the battle field and decided were we wanted to take out team; and then we manipulated events to make sure that we ended up where we wanted.

      21. Total deflation of the dollar here happening for years, thus the reason for QE. All those public pensions will be bankrupt soon, and then the cuts to the benefits. It’s going to get ugly folks, the only thing to save the planet will be WWIII.

        • Correction… The WW111 should read WWTI.

      22. The simple fact is there are just too many people on the planet. Most do not have the mental ability to handle the changes being made by technology and science. That’s why we have so many who can’t read: as they used to say “Charlie don’t surf sir!”, well, “knee-grows don’t read sir!”. Without basic literacy skills and a passion for knowledge and learning, civilization and prosperity grind to a halt. And that’s why the losers are turning to welfare and violence: it is all they have left.

        Into the gap come the race baiters. They will get their unrest but it won’t end well for them. While whites of European decent are today’s target, others will become the target and there are a hell of a lot of Chinese people on the planet. I don’t think they will take getting attacked lightly.

        • I took care of my dad 24/7 for8yr. until he died. I now can not get any help, period. My debit card was scanned at Wal-Mart by thieving punks. Police useless, bank useless. Rent dues and I have nothing. I know collapse is coming and I see no survival for myself. I almost wish I were as blind as about 75 percent of population. So to say everyone is ignorant is on welfare is in and of itself an ignorant comment.

          • First of all,bless you for your unselfish care of your father. Secondly, I am truly sorry for your present set of circumstances. I understand hard times – been through a lot of them myself. All I can say is take things one step at a time. Don’t worry about getting through the month, just work on getting through today. You will be in my thoughts.

      23. Its odd to think my grandpa was making $50-$75 an hour back when minimum wage was in the $3 range. Today the richest guy I know makes $50000 a year, with no highschool diploma, while the people with college diplomas are working at mcdonalds. Strange world we live in. I was born poor and I’ll die poor. Hand to mouth is all almost everyone I know knows. Its been this way since before Obama so we can’t blame him. I blame Clinton.

      24. NY estimates their homeless population at 60,000.

        NY Police attacked a homeless camp last night. They drove off the people and put all their possessions in a dumpster. Police come in the night when they are most helpless. What they can carry they flee with.

      25. I have continuing arguments on economic websites about price inflation–one reason we are so broke. I went to the supermarket and bought 2 boxes of frozen chicken, 4 boxes of pasta, 2 jars of sauce, 2 boxes of K-cups, a quart of half and half and an avocado. All of it was on sale and it still cost me $42. Nobody in the media wants to know about any of this.

      26. Ufo’s to Nibiru. I hope that your comment is real and you are not being a smart ass. If you actaully know this secret through research, then i accept you post and you have gained my respect.

        Passingwiththewind. Those scientist who are talking about neanderthal, are lying their asses off bigtime. All those programs that are shown on History channel about primitive man is nothing more than lies to cover up the Homo Capenses species, that is suling in secret and controlin the Major Super powers. They own the banks, and use the United Nationls, and Rothchild banking family, the pope and the US cabal to use the congress and local govenments to so call Manage the population. Homo Capenses refers to government as management. What are they managing, its called bahavior management. We have been restricted for thousands of years to not know anyting about space or the solar system. All they tell us is the planets are out their, spoon feed us crap, and humans are stading on mars, laughing their asses at us, as they place mars rovers on the surface and send my crap photos, talking crap about life pass life BS. They must have forgotten to tell us the the planet Europa, has life, as aquatic life in the ocean and its full of all sorts of life and has Oxygen on the surface of the planet, lost of it, more than the entire earth combined. Ganemede also has aquatic life forms and lots of crustasions. So does Mars, which has a blue atmosphere and is breathable by Humans is being terra formed. Everyone can prep all they want and prepare for whats coming, but if you don’ look into what i am posting, then you will miss the big picture. We are still slaves to Homo Capenses until this day. They cannot walk out in public because from the moment that the people see them, all sh….t is going to bust loose, follow by all hell breaking loose all over the planet. You need to listen to Jay Weidner and Karen Hudes. I am told both of the these people blew out some major stuff and the cabal is very worried about and with good reason.



      27. The last line of the article asks how the ultra-poor will survive the next crunch.
        Probably better than many. They have had to learn how to survive on less, how to repurpose and re-use. They’ve had to learn how to scrimp and scrounge. They’ve had to endure the hardship. Granted, many won’t get by but a higher percentage of the general population will fall by the wayside because they haven’t learned to cope.

        • I agree. There’s an old country song by Alabama that goes, “Somebody said that Wall St. fell but we were so poor we couldn’t tell”.

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