Mexico Is Building A Border Wall “To Keep Illegal Immigrants Out”

by | Sep 15, 2016 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 32 comments

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    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Comment: The humanitarian, bleeding-heart cover that liberals in power would suggest that the very notion of a border wall is offensive, taboo and outrageous to consider. Yet, countries around the world have implemented them to deal with being overwhelmed. It shouldn’t be out of the question to discuss, propose or advocate for a sovereignty-sealing border wall. Treating people humanely, on the other hand, is important, but gets lost in the focus.

    In many respects, Central American refugees, as well as Mexican illegal aliens are reacting to economic time bombs that were set off in their countries, and reacting in the only way they can. NAFTA and other globalist agreements have altered the landscape, destroyed local agriculture and spawned a generation of border crossings and fierce economic competition.

    The UN and other elite institutions have purposefully exploited migration and economic woes to drive a wedge between the native U.S. population, and undermine the well-being of its people. The truth is that we’ve been played, and the exercise of a border is only sensible. Somehow Robert Frost is lost upon everyone as well: Good fences make good neighbors.

    Mexico Builds A “Wall” (And Guess Who Paid For It)

    by Tyler Durden

    Mexico is building a ‘wall’… on its southern border (to keep illegal immigrants out). Perhaps even more ironic, The FT notes that the Obama administration is coy about its role in Mexico’s crackdown but is sending $75m in equipment and training to help stop Central Americans from crossing illegally into Mexico… in other words, US Taxpayers funded a Mexican wall to keep immigrants out.

    The UN estimates 400,000 Central Americans cross illegally into Mexico each year and as many as half of those are fleeing violence. But as The FT reports, Mexico already acts as a formidable barrier for many…

    Zero net immigration of Mexicans into the US and an 82 per cent fall in people caught trying to cross the US-Mexico border in the past 10 years means that most would-be immigrants detained there are Central Americans. Even without Mr Trump’s fortress frontier, Mexico finds itself under increasing pressure to stem the migrant tide near its source — its own southern border.

    “Mexico has become a wall for migrants,” said Sister Magdalena Silva, co-ordinator of Cafemin, a privately run shelter in Mexico City that takes in refugee families, including Rosa’s. “The current policy is to arrest migrants to stop them from getting to the US border.”

    Unlike in the US, Mexico has broadened asylum laws to recognise that fleeing violence of the kind practised by the street gangs of Honduras and El Salvador can classify someone as a refugee. But the odds are still stacked against asylum seekers: Mexico deported a record 175,000 Central Americans last year, up 68 per cent from the previous year and nearly two-and-a-half times the number deported by the US.

    “By the end of the year we estimate we could have as many as 8,100 individuals seeking asylum in Mexico,” almost all from Central America, says José Sieber, the head of protection in Mexico for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. That is more than double last year’s number.

    Finally, and perhaps interestingly, guess who is funding this ‘wall’ of deportation…

    The US is coy about its role in Mexico’s crackdown but is sending $75m in equipment and training to help stop Central Americans from crossing illegally into Mexico.

    Hosting Mr Trump two weeks ago, President Enrique Peña Nieto said that “making Mexico’s border with our friends and neighbours in Central America more secure is of vital importance for Mexico and the US”.

    Physical wall or legal wall… it appears Mexico agrees with Donald Trump that better walls make better neighbors… we just wonder what he thinks about Americans paying for it.

    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.


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      1. All I remember about mexico is I could get shitfaced drunk pretty cheap.

      2. If it wasn’t for American money. Mexico would be a worse shit hole than it is now.these Spanish people have been genetically corrupted by the Muslem invaders years ago . They will never recover. And all you people that think Mexicans are wonderful . Take a stroll through a Mexican neiborhood and see what happens . Then take a stroll through a white neiborhood and see what happens . And report to us the results.

        • I have always said; there is a reason Mexico is a shithole. Mexicans ! Do the bleeding heart American libs honestly believe these immigrants are going to change their habits and practices because they make more money. NOT !!! I have lived in a border state ALL my life and have witnessed firsthand the filth, trash and detritus they leave in their wake.

      3. I lived I Mexico. You can’t brush your teeth with the water. How can you take a shower ? These people will bring us down to that level. Its all what they are use too. They accept it . We don’t. We are incompatible . We have borders for a reason.

      4. Democrats will pay for a mexican wall but our ass no. See the Trump, Be the Trump, elect the Trump. And vote out these scumbag of both parties.

      5. What better use of Tax payer money. Sure beats sending billions to Isreal.

        If South Americans aren’t stopped at Mexico’s southern border, many wind up coming thru Mexico to the United States. I have no problem what so ever helping Mexico build its Southern border. As mentioned, many South Americans coming into Mexico are escaping gang violence. Not mentioned is that many ARE the Gangs who are violent and perpetrating that violence. We don’t need to be shy or feel in any way embarrassed about wanting to keep our people safe.

        Now, build the wall on the Northern Border between Mexico and the U.S.

        It’s only fifty years late. But, better late than never.


        • Americans are a race of slobs, obese, transgendered, addicted to all sorts of prescribed medications, OTC medicines and synthetic vitamins, extremely gullible and unable to think for themselves (trained not to think critically). These undesirables are the offspring of failed generations that were allowed to keep breeding due to non-stringent sterilization regulations carried out by the states involved in eugenics during the early decades of the 20th Century – and worst of all, the chances that their descendants’ DNA carrying a more complex sequence of these failed genes are 100% guaranteed.

          Without the massive influx of immigrants, this race of subhumans are destined to perish: during the next two decades the United States will need the arrival of at least 200 million newcomers to help paying the gargantuan costs related to the care of these insult-to-humanity people.

          • Klaus you will drown in a lake of your own sour blood when one of my kind slits your throat from ear to ear. Good riddance.

          • Klaus:

            You changed your screen name but not the content of your obnoxious rhetoric.

            __ do you enjoy living in Palistine?? You and your people are deluded imposters to the thrown of the King of Kings, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will send you back into the Lake of Fire from which you came. All the peoples of the world will unite to drive you back. So it is written. So it shall be. Even Americans you so despise will some day stand above you as you grovel for mercy. Better do it soon. The time to repent is now or never, you sorry excuse for a human being. It is you who are an animal. Your people murder men women and children; foment wars, and steal the riches of other Nations. You are on your way to hell, to be with your father, Satan who was a liar and a murderer from the beginning. Like father, like son. The foot of the Lady of Heaven shall crush the head of Satan whom you love. Begone troll. You weary me.


            • PROOF! of Paid kike Trolls from Israel!

              Question put to a Mr. Shurman from the Israeli Foreign Ministry…

              “Will the responders who are hired to POLICE blogs in Israeli interests present themselves as ‘ordinary surfers”?

              Shurmans answer…

              “Of course, our people WILL NOT say “Hello, I am from the policy explanation department of the Iseaeli Foreign Ministry and I want to tell you the following”, nor will they necessarily identify themselves as Israelis. They will speak as net surfers and citizens and will write responses that will LOOK PERSONAL….BUT WILLL BE BASED ON A PREPARED LIST OF MESSAGES THAT THE ISRAELI FOREIGN MINISTRY DEVELOPED”.

              So SHTF community it is the same old story….BY WAY OF DECEPTION…..

              It seems that the kosher thought cops are on patrol.

          • More cut and paste from the same shit head troll. You posted this same exact shit, line for line under a different name just a few days ago. Hey dick head, why don’t you take your anti American, immigrant loving ass back to Mexico where you can mingle with all your third world, disease infested buddy’s. You keep coming here you just might end up getting a cure for your third world diseases. It’s called the high velocity 338 Lupua, it’s sure to PERMANENTLY cure what ails you!!

      6. Dam right. Build it high, build it tall. And start doing like the Philippines and shooting these drug dealers. That shit is destroying this country.

      7. Just like rifles, if one is good, two is better!

      8. I want a wall. A BIG wall.

        I want a wall like the Great Wall of China.

        The Chinese knew what they were doing two thousand years ago.

        How many illegal Mexicans do you see in China?

        • Is the answer 2?

        • too funny, man….but really none…’cuz I ain’t never been to china…..

      9. Just like rifles, if one is good, then two is better!

      10. Put a bounty on the head of the drug dealers and their gangs.
        It might be cheaper than a wall. Most people don’t want to be a refugee in another country. But, they flee the violence. I can’t blame them.
        Then, decriminalize the weed and treat it as a health problem.
        No money for the cartels. No cartels.

      11. 2 or honey Ham.…:-P

      12. I think it might more sense to do away with ‘Jus Soli’ (Right Of The Soil – Birthright) where you’re automatically a U.S. citizen just by being born on U.S. soil…. no other reason/qualification necessary.

        Maybe they could change that archaic law and make it so one can only be considered a US citizen if at least one parent is a legal US Citizen at the time of the child’s birth AND if the child is also born on US soil — make BOTH a requirement to US citizenship.

        As of now one is automatically a US citizen if they are born in the US, even if neither parent is a US citizen — that’s just asking for problems and system abuses.

        Or they could change Jus Soli law so one can only be considered a US citizen if at least one parent is a US citizen at the time of the child’s birth, but where being born in the US to non-US citizen parents is no longer a way to get easy/automatic citizenship.

        Just change that law already. I think Jus Soli is the source of the problem. Once the new law takes effect see how the illegals stop coming here to give birth (anchor babies)just to get automatic citizenship for their child, mostly for the freebies/benefits paid for by American tax dollars.

        As far as the others entering the country illegally not seeking US citizenship/freebies (for themselves or their unborn child) they can forego above-ground entry, and the wall won’t stop them, as they can still enter via the elaborate Mexico-U.S. underground tunnel system.

        • Or, we could just recognize that Mexican law, which says a child born abroad to Mexican citizens is also a citizen of Mexico, and kick them out anyway. They get to come back when they’re 18, if they want to enjoy their dual citizenship, but no one stays here and gets a dime from us.

      13. if I remember correctly the Great Wall was not particularly effective

        maybe we could build another Maginot Line ?

        oh wait
        that wasn’t a good idea either

        • The Maginot Line was successful in defending the border between France and Germany. Unfortunately, the funds to extend it along the border of neutral Belgium came too late and the Germans just invaded two neutral countries to bypass it.

          Parts of the Maginot Line were later incorporated into the German Siegfried Line, and delayed our invasion of Germany for months and allowed time to build up German units for the Battle of the Bulge.

          • spreken ze deutsch ?


            yo hablo ingles

            not to kill anybody’s buzz


            Hispanics will be the dominate social group by about 2050
            some studies say as early as 2035

            habla espanol ?

      14. Satori:

        The Great Wall of China was extremely effective. Several dynasties improved, extended, and repaired this magnificent structure which still stands as one of the seven wonders of the world. The warring tribe of Huns were kept out. These Huns left their mark on those Countries who were unfortunate enough to have been invaded by them. The Asian eyes of European women although beautiful betray a secret of rape and plunder by the invading Hun. Even if the Middle Easterners and North Africans are removed from Europe today, evidence of this current invasion with its many rapes will show in the generations of future Europeans. The same is true of Americans. It is really a tragedy. Hopefully this madness will end before the European Caucasan is totally genocided.


      15. Build baby build!!!!
        Trump said he would get them to build a wall he just didn’t say at what end of the country. Now all we have to do is build one on the north end. It won’t keep all of them turds out but it will keep some of the turds out.


      16. smokey, I don’t think that recognizing they are a Mexican citizen and kicking them out of the US is a realistic, cost-effective solution. I think it’s better if we just remove the incentive — abolish Jus Soli.

        On Another Note:
        The illegals come here to escape violence, but also for the freebies and they can’t get them unless they can prove their child is a US citizen, which they can easily prove if they get pregnant and end up on the doorstep of a US hospital and their baby is born there — automatic US citizenship for the baby who is entitled to food stamps, free health-care and welfare. It’s not true that illegals get freebies such as food stamps and welfare, again with the exception of certain types of life-saving medical care.

        The Mexican babies/children who are US citizens due to Jus Soli are entitled to these US benefits and the illegal Mexican parents just happen to benefit. That’s really why they get pregnant and then come here for the birth.

        I am saying that if the Jus Soli (Right Of The Soil law — automatic US citizenship just for being born here) is abolished in the US it will significantly reduce the number of illegals coming into the country because the incentive won’t be there.

        Trump lacks common sense. He’s all smoke and mirrors.
        Hillary is a useless criminal and Trump is a poor judge of character. But both are ineffective — not presidential material. His idea to build a wall is typical of his ideology. No solutions, just knee-jerk reactions.

        Trump doesn’t know how to build bridges, just walls.

        • Jules: You need do your Homework on this laws issue!

          #1 if we did your plan then no real euro white kids be ameicans either.

          #2 The usa founders based every such Law upon what they learned Via Vital’s book of International Laws etc.

          It already is a known fact that the kids gain citizenship Thru Fathers home birth nations.

          The birthright of nation followes the fathers nationality, always has.

          The only two variatians to too many centuries old internationaly recognized laws that now screw it all up are.

          Only international jewry determines a cild is jewish based on the Mothers dna.

          and Only kommie leftist libs Twist the 14 ammendt into gobly gook nonsense to claim any kid born on usa soil equals a Natural born usa citizen no matter if the parent or both are illeagle aliens etc.

          NOTHING needs change but for to go BACK to proper law interpretations and end all this crap period.

          One needs to see this vast problem in a similar way as to vast problem we now deal with thanks to the past 100 yrs of usa delusional false bible interpreatations, that has also created every current ziojewry/israel state problem we suffer from.

          Both groups are filled by total deluded duped idiots that falsely interpret the usa const laws and the bible.

          Both groups has all but destroyed america from it.

          Both groups are also stiff necked and too stuborn to ever admit they are wrong as can be…Kinda like the bible Does state about them self chozens eh.

      17. We might have to move to Mexico to find work soon. I wonder if the Mexican government will treat us as well as we treat them?

      18. Jules is pretty Ignorant, and just likes to repeat other uninformed democrat talking points. Trump can build anything he wants, he is proven, he is a builder. Obama didn’t build any bridges in 8 years nor will Hillary the other useless Zionist shill.


      19. We watch NAFTA and other treaties eat at our nation a bit at a time, but this globalist crap eats third world countries for desert.

        The Globalists like a plague go country to country, strip them, use them, and destroy them, then move onto the next poor sap country. In the end they blame these countries problems on the US, but it was the likes of George Soros etc.

      20. If people weren’t breeding like rabbits, the world wouldn’t be in the mess it is in now. We need WW3 to clean up this mess. While we’re at it, get rid of all governments, religions and corporations to.

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