Liberals Suddenly Embrace 2nd Amendment: “Support For Extreme Measures Has Faded”

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    This article was written by Shaun Bradley and originally published at The

    Editor’s Comment: The more that liberal states attempt to restrict gun ownership, the more that the reasons for having self-defense tools rears its head. Crime goes down where gun ownership is strong, and where they clamp down, Americans come out of the woodwork to purchase weapons while they can, and prepare to defend themselves no matter what.

    The 2nd Amendment is perhaps the most tangible of American rights, and not a piece of heritage that many are willing to let go of, nor should they.

    Here’s Why Liberals Are Suddenly Embracing the 2nd Amendment

    by Shaun Bradley

    Bureaucrats in California are ringing in the new year by doubling down on their failed policies to stop gun violence. As of January 1st, six new bills are being phased in that close the so-called ‘bullet-button’ loophole and require background checks to buy ammunition. Another policy would have banned magazines that hold over ten rounds, but in a surprise move, the magazine restriction was repealed on December 29th, just ahead of the deadline. Although California has always been a poster child for the progressive agenda, support for these extreme measures seems to have faded — especially since the result of the presidential election.

    These new standards were signed by Governor Jerry Brown in the wake of the San Bernardino attack last December, and in many ways, they mimic the registry created in Connecticut after Sandy Hook. Even though the changes solidify California’s status as the most draconian state when it comes to gun rights, public opinion may be at a turning point.

    The reality of a Trump administration has shocked many Californians into a newfound appreciation for the 2nd Amendment. Since November, there has been a record number firearms sold in the Golden State — and many of those buying them are liberals. Hopefully, instead of being blinded by identity politics, this can be a moment for both parties to realize gun ownership is a necessary check on centralized power. The 2nd Amendment has long been a point of contention between the left and the right, but perhaps a year like 2016 is what was needed to find some common ground.

    Regardless of one’s beliefs, when the president has far-reaching, violative power, concerns of authoritarianism will inevitably come from both sides of the political spectrum. An armed populace, though, has much less to fear from the whims of a dictator, whether they are a fascist or a socialist.

    Yet if the original magazine ban hadn’t been repealed, thousands of innocent people would have been turned into felons overnight. Those who don’t comply with the numerous other new stipulations are still at risk.

    For this reason, those who oppose the drug war should empathize with gun owners who find themselves in the crosshairs of the State. People who have experimented safely with marijuana or psychedelics understand that when used responsibly, they can be important tools in improving quality of life. That’s why it’s infuriating to see politicians who have never experienced the benefits of these substances make laws that put people in jail for simply possessing a plant.

    But why isn’t there the same anger when politicians who have never been in a fight or shot a gun (yet are protected by armed bodyguards) create laws criminalizing individuals’ choices on how they defend themselves? The drug war uses law enforcement on non-violent people to enforce arbitrary victimless crimes, but it is just as immoral when law-abiding gun owners are targeted by the State at the behest of a fearful public.

    This targeting amounts to the collectivization of millions of people, the vast majority of whom will never harm anyone. In the same way, the majority of cannabis or psychedelic users do not harm others — let alone themselves — proving blanket bans unreasonably violate the rights of non-violent individuals.

    Further, instances where firearms are used in self-defense are almost never covered by the press —  but lives saved by guns should carry significant weight in the discussion. Taking away legal firearms only limits options for those who become victims when the police aren’t close enough to intervene. Obviously, not everyone has the desire to carry a firearm, just as there are many people who have no interest in using drugs, but entrusting government as the mediator of what is reasonable and ethical is a fatal mistake that has been highlighted throughout history.

    The well-known tactics of doublespeak and problem-reaction-solution have been deployed on the public to link society’s perception of gun ownership to criminality. Terms like bullet-button, high-capacity, automatic rifle, and ghost gun are all manipulative words that have been used to confuse those who aren’t assimilated into American gun culture. With little personal experience on which to base their opinions, many liberals unquestionably accept the State’s assertions that guns are to blame — accusations that inevitably follow these tragic scenarios.

    Unfortunately, the government has a poor track record of addressing the root cause of the issue and not just a symptom of the disease. There is no amount of laws that can be written to solve the underlying societal problems driving the violence, and like it or not, the weapons of millions of Americans are here to stay. When crucial information from the media is being intentionally omitted, the result can be just as deceptive as an outright lie.

    Even the infamous false claim that there were 355 mass shootings in 2015 made its rounds and was regurgitated on major networks. But deliberate wording was used to skew the data and guide the public’s reaction. Out of those 355 incidents, only a handful resulted in any loss of life, even though the audience associated mass shootings with the few mass murders they had seen broadcast non-stop.

    The source of the data is a site called Mass Shooting Tracker, and their calculations are vastly different than most would assume. The organization clearly states how they define mass shootings on their web page:

    The current FBI definition of mass murder, commonly accepted by the media as a proxy for ‘mass gun violence,’ is three or more people murdered in one event. We believe this does not capture the whole picture. Many people may survive a shooting based on luck aloneOur definition is this: a mass shooting is an incident where four or more people are shot in a single shooting spree. This may include the gunman himself, or police shootings of civilians around the gunman.”

    The statistics echoed throughout the mainstream media to convince the public that we’re in the midst of a mass shooting epidemic — and that assault rifles are largely to blame — has been a spectacle. Even something as simple as the number of gun deaths is consistently inflated by the rate of suicides, which are often included in tallies. The gun control position would at least have some integrity if they went after the weapons that are used in 68% of all murders — handguns. But instead of standing on the values they preach, gun control advocates turn to emotional manipulation that undermines logic to target rifles, which account for only 3% of all murders. FBI reports have consistently shown an overall decrease in violent crime, but only cities that have instituted the strictest gun control, like Chicago, have fallen victim to unprecedented turmoil — turmoil that, if state gun laws worked, would be avoided.

    The democratic nature of the United States is only valuable if it remains representative of all opinions without marginalizing the rights of the minority. The rise of the Calexit movement has created a unique opportunity to open up the debate on the issue of state rights, which until now has mostly been associated with right-wing parts of the country.

    Hopefully, the perfect storm of political upheaval and government overreach can bring people together behind individual freedom. The new laws being implemented in California exemplify a failed solution to a complex problem. If 2016 did one thing, it highlighted the differences in values and vision that separate the ideologies of the nation. In the pursuit of diversity, the differences in ideas have been placed on the back burner, but if progress that is more than skin deep is going to be made, then all views — even the unpleasant ones — need to be heard.

    This article was written by Shaun Bradley and originally published at The


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      1. Don’t be fooled, the left will double down on their anti-gun crusade just as soon as they have a headline to hide behind.

        The lapdog lefties who do own a gun will line up for licenses valid only inside their own homes, if that’s what they were told to do.

        • “as soon as they have a headline to hide behind.”

          Or create.

          • And how many people did the Cops shoot? And Kill in 2016?

            How many people did Obama and the US Military shoot and Kill in the World in 2016?

            How many people did the Clinton’s Kill in 2016?

            Wanna know why 27 Million guns were sold in the US in 2016? Thats why.

            • Most guns are bought just because people like guns. Newer, older, historic, lethal…..the reasons are endless. Tell the American public that crime is high and therefore they must turn in their guns and they buy more in fear. Tell them that crime is low and you therefore don’t need guns so turn them in and they say, “Why, crime is low”?

              The debate has been fundamentally won regarding the acceptance of individual gun possession. There are pockets of resistance but all in all we have won and they have lost. While this appears good it has reduced the Second Amendment to a popularity contest verses a right making it susceptible to the every changing ebb and flow of public opinion.

          • Mac just wondering, everytime I scroll down through the articles on your site, I always get a picture of that Ugly Wench Hillary. Is that something you put on here are is it just a popup on my computer. If you have control of it I wish you would delete it from your site. I saw all of that wench that I could stand before the election. Trekker Out

            • On my latest NRA magazine they had a an entire page picture of hilldawg. When my wife went to read through the mag she complained to me about the ugly picture. I went and got a pair of scissors and cut it out. The wife said “throw that ugly thing on the burn pile”. I told her I was taking it to the range cause I had a place where I could staple it up.

          • As long as George Soros owns an interest in the arms industry, you can expect more of the same. Buy, buy, because you may not have the right much longer. If Soros sells, watch out.

        • Smokey you’re right on the money!

      2. In one sense, this is good. Back in the day when I was doing my graduate work, I tended left. The abject, utter and complete **hypocrisy** of the left (cf. the Learjet leftists, such as billionaire hedge fund baby Chelsea Clinton boarding a private jet to go to a global warming confab), the limousine liberals (for a hoot, google George Clooney or Michael Moore mansions, then click on images. Clooney, if I recall, has FIVE mansions around the world) or the Hollywierd hypocrite rhinestone commies (yes, Ben Affleck or has-been boring Bruce Springsteen, are you listening?… of course not…). All this is what woke me up big time. So… thanks leftists. And once you start respecting the 2nd Amendment, how long can it be before you start respecting the rest of the Constitution, or – HORRORS – the dead white men who wrote the darned thing?

        As CS Lewis advised atheists, “you can never be too careful what you read if you want to remain an atheist (i.e, you must NOT read too widely, lest your presuppositional foundations get shaken); similarly, for leftists, you must NEVER think too deeply, and NEVER, EVER think rationally or objectively. You just might end up like the writer of this post did!!!

        George Orwell once said in the socialist workers’ paradise, we’ll all be equal – only some of us will be “more equal” than the others. That may be. But if and when that occurs, many people are not blind. And from that hypocrisy comes the very seeds of the end of the fascist left.

        • if you’re not a liberal at 25, you have no heart….if you’re not a conservative at 45, you have no brain.

          • The Churchill philosophy…that worked for me, bcod, only subtract about 7 yrs. from 25, and 12 from 45.
            Now I consider myself a modified, hybrid Libertarian.

            • “a modified, hybrid Libertarian.”

              I’m with ya.

          • BCOD I would say you just broke my heart with your statement, but since I don’t have a heart cause I wasn’t a liberal at 25 or even 18. I was a Goldwater fan long before I could even vote, but back then you had to be 21. Liberals in Hollywood and DC have been pushing gun control for over 50 years. Bought my first rifle out of a catalog and it was delivered to my front door. Trekker Out.

            • My Dad and I went halfsies on a Marlin 39A, $67.50 delivered, ordered it on a Monday and it was at the door the next Monday, just before Christmas.

              I was saving my lawn mowing money for a $19.95 Luger pistol, when the 1968 GCA scotched that. Mom put her foot down, too, so between Congress and Mom, my Luger dreams were toast.

              Didn’t buy a Luger for another 20 years, the price certainly went up in the meantime.

            • i started shootin’ meat for my family over 45 years ago…and bought my first NEW gun(870 ducks unlimited) when i turned 18…still got it, and never had a MINUTE’S worth of trouble with it…..i had a heart at 16…not sure i made it to 25… a few ex-wives that ALL will agree i NEVER had a heart….the reason why they are exes?….they were liberals every damn one of ’em….still got hearts at senior citizen age. i got to admit, i named my daughter after carter’s daughter…turned republican with ray-gun, and never looked back….until lately, the repugnantcans turned against U.S.

      3. To wit:

        Apocryphal, but still a fun story: In the late 1970s, Leonid Brezhnev’s elderly grandmother, who had lived in pre-communist Russia, comes to visit him at his communist headquarters. Leonid is beaming with pride as he introduces her to all his aides and servants, shows her his gold plated desk, his 15 Zil limousines waiting, all with engines running, pictures of all his well-appointed dachas in exclusive, VIP areas across the USSR, his gold plated, Italian marble-floored bathrooms, etc.

        Finally, at the end of the day, all the assistants, aides and servants leave. The old granny very nervously and carefully looks around to make sure absolutely no one is anywhere near, then leans over and very, **VERY quietly** whispers in Leonid’s ear:

        “This is all very well, Leonid…. BUT WHAT IF THE COMMUNISTS COME!?!?”

        I was going send this note to Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama, “Mr. Solyndra” George Kaiser, or any of Obama’s czars, cronies or corruptocrats, but I don’t think they’d get it. And besides, I’m sure Michelle is on her monthly uber-luxe vacation. Meanwhile, compare this fable to the real story at OWS here

      4. Flash. Liberals have always embraced he second amendment because you asshats are batshit crazy. Many of you fuckheads think we will be easy prey. Keep thinking that. It will make it easier for us sane people to get rid of you lunatics when SHTF.

        • Flash! You are full of shit.

        • shtf?….when’s THAT gonna happen?….liberals ALL KNOW money grows on trees, so why on earth would the shtf?

        • can’t stand bs, I’ve known a lot of liberals and for the most part they absolutely hate guns because they’re afraid of them.
          You voted for Obama twice- means you’re batshit crazy.
          You’re one in a million as libs go. The rest will use their new gun on themselves.
          That will save us some serious ammo. For ones like you.

        • the only thing you “embraced” is yer boyfriends ass

          and “cant stand BS” is a perfect screen name for you

        • Another psychotic who’s going to get rid of his neighbors when SHTF.

          Decent people are not going to put up with that kind of behavior from anyone.

        • Question: if you can’t stand BS, how do you stand to look in the mirror everyday. Just asking.

          But I will give you fascist leftist trolls this. You are right that some of you hate-filled fascist leftists do guns. Such as the vile Bill Ayers, who stated “…we’re also going to make it clear that when a pig gets iced that’s a good thing, and that everyone who considers himself a revolutionary should be armed, should own a gun, should have a gun in his house.”
          – Bill Ayers, leftist activist and confidant of gun control happy Barack Obama, in A Strategy To Win, appearing in New Left Notes, September 12, 1969.

          So yes, you are right – leftists, who MURDERED over 100 million last century, per the Black Book of Communism, Oxford University Press, are always full of H8TE, murder and evil.

          But of course, most of you leftist snowflakes don’t know one end of a gun for another. Heck, most of you don’t even know how to keep a job, unless it is some nanny state sinecure. So, keep posting your idiocy here, as it is critical for others to see the actual mental illness of you leftists.

      5. Maybe they could build a wall around Cali and make Governor Moonbeam pay for it.
        “As California goes, so goes…..” ( OH CRAP!).
        They should check with Bath House Rahm in Chicago to find out what works.
        Good thing there is not 1 single gun shop in the Chi. Hardware stores are not allowed
        to sell spray paint in that city. That solved the graffiti problem. lol

      6. The United States is a Republic not a Democracy.

        Just because liberals are starting to buy guns does not mean they want you to have guns. They just might be waking up, a very little, and probably think they need a gun to protect themselves against patriots. Those evil people that are going to take all their stuff when the shit hits the fan.

        Lastly, don’t be fooled. They will get back on the warpath soon enough. We are the ones that should be worried. Keep your eyes on the other hand. Don’t look at what they want you to see. Look at what they are hiding.

        • Fishandmud, damn right. And you’ve got to do some digging to find what they’re hiding.

        • You mean Sandy Hoax. How about Fast n Furious. Btw/ 27 Million guns were sold in the US in 2016. So F-you.

      7. LIBTURDS SUDDENLY EMBRACING THE 2A? GMAFB! They’re up to something. The anti-gun crowd NEVER gives up. They just wait for the next best opportunity to push their agenda again. And of course we have to be ready and waiting for that so we can counter them and stop them.

      8. Guns are NOT the issue. The issue is people with bad intentions toward other people using a gun to harm someone else. I already carry certain self-defense items in my vehicle everywhere I go since the Clinton era. The said items are probably illegal to carry but I don’t follow any restrictions on self-defense. In my mind, self-defense is too sacred to follow any stupid law, etc. that can interfere with it. I consider it an act of treachery to tamper with self-defense in any way, shape, or form. I’ve already been at risk for my whole life to criminal attack. When I get into a life-threatening situation, I’ll do whatever I consider necessary to get out of the situation alive. I won’t be concerned about legality or illegality of my actions. All that matters is getting out of the situation alive.

      9. I have been a Second Amendment advocate for about 30 years. The true believers not just realize but stand behind its intent as as a bulwark against government tyranny. The social supporters of the Second Amendment site crime as its primary purpose. An armed citizen can defend themselves and may have some limited deterrent effect. The reality is that a great percentage of felony murder is clustered in an underclass, commonly involved in criminal occupation both forbidden from gun ownership but carrying one anyway. The deterrent effect of them coming into contact with an armed victim is moot as they prey on other armed criminals. More guns, less guns, in “The Hood” it really doesn’t matter as they’re sufficiently armed regardless. It might be considered cruel but hoodlum A killing hoodlum B is good riddance. The media portrays these murders as being tragic implying that, “It might be you”. The reality is its an occupational hazard, like asbestos, for thug street criminals preying on one another. Lead a law abiding life and chances are overwhelming that you will not be criminally attacked, however in the words of President Theodore Roosevelt, “Walk softly but carry a big stick”, if you deem it necessary.

        • Kevin2, AMEN to your comments. The FBI and DOJ crime statistics make it clear which group of people is more prone to crime than any other and that is black males. People can say what they will, but it is fact and most of their victims are other black people. If ‘black lives matter’, then stop killing each other.

          • I believe that the percentages pretty much are in this area.

            12% underclass commits 55% of the murders and 68% of the armed robberies. An argument can be made that the criminal justice system is flawed and many in prison are innocent. I’m not going to engage in that debate but its obvious that a black male is rarely confused with any other race. There are black guys in prison that are innocent but a black guy did commit the crime that they were convicted of.

            What is especially bothersome is the capacity of the black community to tolerate such behavior. I worked with what would largely be the cream of the crop of black blue collar workers. Almost all were good operators, sharp, rarely missed work, saved and retired as millionaires. Talking to them, somewhat socializing too, I seen that their acceptance of the use of violence to settle disputes was much greater than white people. The, “Illl kick your ass” can come out of a middle aged mans mouth. In the white arena you might hear, “I’ll sue that SOB”. These guys somewhat reminded me of the first generation Italians, the stories from my grandfather, great uncles regarding this. Two generations later the Italian American sues. Its called assimilation.

            • It’s even less than 12%, that’s the percentage of the entire group. Now figure that it’s males, ages 15-35 who are largely responsible, and that 12% shrinks right down to no more than 5%. Now reduce that by the numbers who are law-abiding, and it’s under 3%.

              So you could deal with crime in a very major way by dealing with a small subset of the population.

              • smokey

                Good analysis, “math doesn’t lie”.

        • Sounds about right, but even stopped at a red light these days can get you shot just going home from your “law abiding” job, never mind honking at the fool sitting there in a stupor or looking at the cell phone when the light turns red.

          I try not to honk, but if I do, I already have my hand on my 40.

          • Who Knows Who Cares

            I agree that its wise to be legally armed but statistically it doesn’t lower crime as much as one would think because an abundance of murder is armed thug (forbidden to own a gun) killing armed thug (forbidden from owning a gun). Chicago could hand out carry permits and Glocks but it wouldn’t matter because the people being murdered already have the Glock and couldn’t pass the background check for the permit.

            I’m fortunate that I neither had to work, or drive through a high crime area to from work. Now, retired in the 17th safest city in the US and second safest in Florida its a pocket weight. Cross the bridge into Ft Myers and they’re filming the TV series COPS. Its demographics, old and white here, not so over there.

            • Cape Coral?

            • … but statistically it doesn’t lower crime as much as one would think because an abundance of murder is armed thug (forbidden to own a gun) killing armed thug (forbidden from owning a gun).
              … it wouldn’t matter because the people being murdered already have the Glock and couldn’t pass the background check for the permit.

              On a off-shoot of that –
              Personally, open carry would be better than concealed. While concealed is good, it implies that everyone assumes that everyone may carry.

              With open carry, everyone knows and can see that one is carrying. Instant acknowledgement.

              • I like the element of ..SURPRISE! .. yep the punk ass thought i was just another white boy, so he thought he’d take advantage .. and than.. SURPRISE! .. wrong punk, now your leaking out of that hole.. want another?

                • Carrying a firearm obviously protects self but its deterrent effect on overall crime is low. If you are involved with criminals they are armed and they expect their victims to be armed also. If your not involved with criminals the chances are 99+% that you won’t be bothers save those that must deal with the potentially criminally inclined public. The crime rate dropped in the last two decades primary due to the demographics of age. There are less youth and hence less crime.

                  In the end as I have stated the majority of shootings are confined within a group of people that routinely carry a gun and are forbidden firearm possession because of a criminal record. There is little anyone can do to change them, they are what they are, they behave as they do. Cut welfare, bring in jobs that they can handle that pay a living wage, return Detroit to its 1950s glory and you’ll have an impact after a generation to two.

        • Funny how a generation ago, even the Democrats got it:

          “The right of the citizens to bear arms is just one more guarantee against arbitrary government, one more safeguard against the tyranny which now appears remote in America, but which historically has proved to be always possible.” –Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey (1911-1978)

          Extra Credit:
          “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom; it is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” –British Prime Minister William Pitt (1759-1806)

          “A new study shows that 60% of young Americans plan to buy firearms. The other 40% were confused, saying they thought they were free under Obamacare.” –Fred Thompson

        • Asbestos is bad for babies.

          ht tp://

      10. If your a gun owner, have a concealed carry permit ( like me) , pay attention:

        Dear William

        Yesterday, Congressman Richard Hudson (R-NC) introduced legislation to grant national reciprocity for Americans who can carry concealed firearms in their home states.
        After years of discussion and negotiation, Rep. Hudson’s new bill, H.R. 38, unifies the major components of the Second Amendment community and has the strong support of Gun Owners of America.
        The Hudson bill would ensure that victims of crime, like Pennsylvania concealed carry holder Shaneen Allen, do not face decades of imprisonment merely because they took an erroneous turn into another state.

        It would cut through the labyrinth in which 50 different sets of rules create an incomprehensible jumble which even lawyers cannot fully understand.

        We are constantly hearing from law-abiding Americans who want to drive from Florida to northern New England — and are confronted by up to 15 different sets of state laws.

        You can cross a state line in an instant — frequently without warning. And not being able to distinguish between the laws of New Hampshire, New Jersey, and New York may mean the difference between lawful conduct and a twenty-year prison sentence.

        Which brings us to the final point: The Hudson reciprocity bill would make America safe again — by allowing Americans to exercise their God-given right to protect themselves, their families, and their communities.

        There are countless examples of people who have used their firearms in self-defense when they were away from home. Make no mistake about it, this bill will save many lives.

        ACTION: Urge your U.S. Rep. to cosponsor the Hudson reciprocity bill.

        Erich Pratt
        Executive Director
        Gun Owners of America

        • “Make no mistake about it, this bill will save many lives.”

          Yes, it will. But the libs won’t like it because it won’t save the “right kind” of lives, such as the criminals they so love.

          To understand the liberal mind is to know that they love everything that fails miserably and hate everything that works really well. In electrical work, this would be called “miswired”.

          Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any real cure for this, although some form of treatment might be possible for those who are not terminally liberal.

        • If any of them actually wanted to do something for the citizenry, they’d get rid of their permission slips entirely.

        • Any profiteer that knowingly sells guns
          to thugs should become lamppost ornaments.

      11. Those Libtard bastards are trying to pull something. What I like is to see them try it, and it failing again and again!!!!

        They will find that us “Despicable Clingers” will hit them back hard, very hard!!!

        Now if they are being honest about this just maybe some of them are waking up. WE CAN ONLY HOPE! Or they have finally learned that they have lost the battle and we won!!!! GAME OVER!


      12. There may a commonality in either side owing a firearm….
        ….but there is no commonality on ideology or the intended use of a firearm

        Live Free or Die…oil does not mix with water

      13. Libtards still suck,
        If they are holding a gun it will make me even less likely to hold back,,,

      14. WHY YOU LONG EQUITY IDIOTS ARE STUCK ON MT. STUPID!!!!!!! Trump will have to spend $20 trillion in newly created federal debt in seven years in order to keep GDP at 0%, he must out do what Obama just did plus a little extra to cover higher interest rates… just to get a goose egg!!

        • Burt is commenting on the wrong article. lol

        • Bert, put down the beer glass and read what you posted.
          If GDP is at zero, umm, what does that mean?
          Stands for gross domestic product.
          Not debt.
          Mt. Stupid, eh?

        • Ain’t Bert a frigging queer. King of Mt. Stupid ass.

          • Guys,believe point bert making is even with govt. spending 20 trillion nothing of value will come of it,can actually agree with that,hope Trump doesn’t do something so dim.

            • i don’t speak spanish, so i don’t know what bert said?

      15. Much of the 2016 record taxation collected was actually never collected as that money was projected from Obamacare payments that likely will never be recovered. Also, they will come in 100% short on taxation projected in the future from Obamacare revenues should Trump axe it. The talking bitches on CNBC are going to cry the week S&P trades in at 300.

      16. Week old news from drudge

      17. Until there is solid data to support the idea that liberals are suddenly buying guns I will refuse to believe it.

        • Lets hope they do. When it’s over they will have some salvaqge possibilities. I’m a Browning guy but i’d like a Sig just for fun.

        • Perhaps a reasonable question at this point is, “Should liberals be allowed to buy guns?”. Buying a gun is only the first step. After that comes training and then a lot of regular practice. Are they willing to do these things? Probably not because that would require some time, dedication, and effort on their part.

          • There will certainly be an increase in accidental shootings.

          • Consider the definition of mental deficiency, and liberals fall right in there.

      18. Liberals are the most angry, violent group of people there is. I’m not crazy about liberals being armed.

      19. What’s all the rage over guns. It’s like a crack addiction. Jeez. No big deal folks. Get one or don’t. i laugh at the gun newbs. For them it’s like the first time they had sex. dont get e wrong their are some good people in the gun community but most are a joke.

      20. California is home to a diverse people. Not everyone here is liberal. All liberals don’t agree on every issue. There are rich, poor, black, white, yellow, brown people. The culture changes from one area to another.


        • 45% of those living in California voted for Trump.

      21. I’m in Commifornia and I want to correct a mistake in the article. They did not repleal the standard capacity magazine ban. What the Doj did with withdrew the hi cap magazine regulations after the out roar from the public. It doesn’t mean they won’t re submit a modified version. If you had legal standard caps that was grandfathered from the original ban in 2000 are now all illegal to possess. You have until 7-1-17 to destroy or turn them into the police. After possession is an infraction. I know for a fact that most won’t turn them in.

      22. They want an angry, divided, and heavily armed populace so they can at some point stage false flags and try to play the public off against one another. Order out of chaos is what they want.

        It is all by design. Don’t fall for it.

        • Chicken dinner winner

          • Recent FT Lauderdale airport shooting = government gun control false flag

      23. For those who have supported gun control in the pass. I would not allow them to have a weapon simply because I do not believe they can be trusted. How many other beliefs do they harbor against the Constitution and have induced laws to restrict conservative values. Using the very rights it guarantee’s to twist its meaning to fit an agenda to disarm. Now because they feel threatened I should forget all the damage they have done and agree to them arming themselves to which I may engage them in some future war. I think not! As soon as they become armed they STILL would restrict others for THEY have THEIR’S. Senator Feinstein come to mind?
        I have no redemption for them. Let them protect themselves and family with sticks and stones.
        If you have been for gun control in the past. You will be for gun control in the future.

        • Most of these people are total hippocrates, they are the same ilk as the likes of chuck schumer etc,

          • through my 3 year old glasses, i read hippycrits….i like that word better to describe my fellow californicaters….all the drugs they took in the 70’s explains a LOT.

      24. fuk the liberals, they are left wing terrorist, they have supported the destruction of this country, liberals are just as big a threat to humanity as islam

      25. Wouldn’t it be nice to turn the tables on the Libtards?

        Had about enough of their bullshit.

        How about calling them TRAITORS and COWARDS and all the rest of the BULLSHIT words they used to degrade freedom loving people. I would go as far as saying they are guilty of extreme effort to destroy the culture of this nation by supporting illegal immigration and communist ideology, and therefore TERRORIST.

        Libtard Traitors. Libtard Terrorist. Libtard Communist.

      26. The moment when a person wakes up, realizing the inescapable fact of being a useful idiot, in full face of an obvious truth. Then, in one split second, making a conscientious decision to switch sides.

        While he or she will never admit it, all are welcomed with open arms, so long as they point those arms in the proper direction.

      27. Since Liberalism is a metal disease, it stands to reason that no liberal should be allowed to purchase a gun of any sort.


        “Quemadmoeum gladuis neminem occidit, occidentis telum est.” (A sword is never a killer, it is a tool in the killer’s hands.)
        – Lucius Annaeus Seneca, circa 4 BC – 65 AD

        “Americans [have] the right and advantage of being armed, unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust their people with arms”
        – James Madison, considered the father of the US Constitution

        “[T]he people are not to be disarmed of their weapons. They are left in full possession of them.”
        – Zacharia Johnson, speech in the Virginia Ratifying Convention, 1788

        “During World War II, six million Swiss had guns and six million Jews did not.”
        – Author unknown

        “…sort of like the people who repeat foolish slogans like “guns kill” – as though guns sprout little feet when no one is looking and run around shooting people all by themselves.”
        – Doug Casey, financial columnist

        “If you don’t have to give up your car because others drive drunk with theirs, then why do you have to give up your gun because others commit crimes with theirs?”
        – Anonymous internet wag

        “When a crime is committed, does the gun go to jail?”
        – From

        “Let’s stop playing games. The problem is people, not guns. Our society suffers from a deficiency of personal responsibility – not from an excess of personal freedom.”
        – Star Parker, African American writer and commentator

        “The horrifying truth is this: we live now in a culture that not only does not respect life, but discards it like trash — not only at the beginning of life, but also at the end, and every place in between. What has happened to us?”
        – Catholic Deacon Greg Kandra

        “The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.'”
        | – HL Mencken

        “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government”
        – Thomas Jefferson, 1 Thomas Jefferson Papers, 334

        “The ultimate authority … resides in the people alone. … [T]he advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation … forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition, more insurmountable than any…”
        – James Madison, 1788

        “Blaming Newtown on guns is like blaming Chappaquiddick on the Oldsmobile.”
        – Ben Crystal, Personal Liberty News

        “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.”
        – Robert A. Heinlein

        “Eliminate guns and they go to bombs, eliminate bombs and they move to poison or something else. Bad people are just bad people.”
        – “David,” otherwise anonymous internet poster.

        “The trigger is in the head, not the gun.”
        – Michael Howell

        “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms … disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes.”
        —Cesare Beccaria, 1738 – 1794) Italian criminologist, jurist, philosopher, politician, widely considered as the most talented jurist and one of the greatest thinkers of the Age of Enlightenment.

        • Guns are built so well, they will even outlive you.

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