Economic ‘Recovery’ Not Easing Overwhelmed Food Banks: “Get There Before the Food Runs Out”

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    Food Banks Overwhelmed

    Why are hungry people lining up for handouts when the economy is – at least according to the mainstream media – improving at a steady pace?

    Officially, experts are baffled at why a rebounding economy and a drop in the unemployment rate has not slowed demand for food assistance.

    Closer to reality, those involved in administering aid seem to understand that the jobs out there are part time or low paying, and many struggling families just aren’t making it under the Obama “recovery.”

    During President Obama’s two terms, enrollment in SNAP, better known just as food stamps, rose to a record 46 million Americans receiving government assistance just to eat. Between 2008-2009, when the economic collapse hit, and 2013, the number of households on the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) swelled dramatically from 15 million households to 23 million households.

    Food banks and volunteer organizations have traditionally worked, often overtime, to fill the gap between government assistance and the real world demand for food by those in need.

    Today in 2015, these organizations are taken aback at why better times is NOT reducing demand for food aid – as it reliably has in the past.

    The Associated Press interviewed many of these food bank organizations:

    “The economy is really not getting better for low-income people,” Rice said.


    Food banks across the country are seeing a rising demand for free groceries despite the growing economy, leading some charities to reduce the amount of food they offer each family.


    “People who have low-wage jobs, who aren’t receiving regular raises, are finding those earnings stretched thin,” Ziliak said.

    The drop in food stamp rolls by nearly 2.5 million people from recession levels could be contributing to the food bank demand, he said, because people who no longer qualify for the government aid may still not earn enough to pay their bills.


    Lisa Hamler-Fugitt, executive director of the Ohio Association of Food Banks, who has been working in food charities since the 1980s, said that when earlier economic downturns ended, food demand declined, but not this time.

    Last year, Real Clear Markets addressed this conundrum, too, drawing from statistics to show how different the world of government dependence has become.

    From 1969 until 2003, SNAP has been very responsive to changes in the unemployment rate with the number of recipients rising as unemployment rises and declining as unemployment declines.

    But that seems to have changed. As unemployment declined between 2003 and 2007, the number of SNAP recipients marched steadily higher. Then, as the Great Recession hit, the SNAP caseload went even higher. The recovery after the 2001 recession did little to interrupt SNAP growth and now-as the economy has strengthened with unemployment declining and jobs growing (although slowly)-the number of SNAP recipients has barely come off its all-time peak of 47.8 million recipients hit in December 2012. Since then, the number of SNAP recipients has only declined by 2.7% — and oddly ticked up in the months of April and June 2014.

    Again, this differs drastically from decades past, and shows a vast change in the number of vulnerable population groups.

    Adjusting for population, in the four years following the 1981-1982 recession, there was a 12.5 percent decline in SNAP recipients. In the four years following the 2007-2009 recession, SNAP recipients increased by 15.6 percent. If this recent recovery had behaved like that of the 1980s, by 2013 only 11.5 percent of the population would have been receiving SNAP benefits: 36 million individuals as opposed to 47.6 million. That’s a big difference.

    A silent economic war has taken place under globalization during the Clinton, Bush and Obama years, where jobs have been fast tracked overseas, and new immigrant worker groups have been ushered in to take low wage jobs here in America, and in other developed countries.

    As a result, more people from all groups are finding themselves increasingly desperate, and increasingly trapped under government assistance.

    While some may enjoy the “free money” in the short run, many studies have found that over time, people tend to feel stuck in their positions and unable to find good enough opportunities to leave food stamps, welfare or other programs behind.

    And the clichés don’t necessarily apply either, since more and more people are working, but working at low wage jobs where they still require assistance. Wal-mart has been criticized for epitomizing this unfortunate trend: its multi-billion dollar business profits handsomely from food stamps spent on groceries (it joined megabanks in lobbying Congress to avoid cuts to SNAP)… yet many of its workers receive food stamps, leading many to see it as a corporate welfare queen of the highest magnitude, while taxpayers supplement the income of its struggling workforce. Or maybe that’s just a byproduct of the nation we’ve become.

    Maybe, just maybe, that’s even how the collectivist system wants it to be.


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      1. our little local foodbank is overrun as well.
        Alotta old folks too proud to ask for assistance from the government.
        Sometimes we have to bring people food because they are ashamed to come in .
        Its rough .

        • Just made a drop off at our local food bank. There was an older gentleman there getting food, but driving a new Hyundai sedan. Go figure.

          I was talking to a teacher who teaches in the inner city, the “hood”. The teacher said once people are on benefits they never get kicked off, even after they are working at the “low wage” jobs. But the combination of wages and benefits puts them in better shape financially than the teachers teaching their kids. The kids who have cell phones, and the parents driving around in nice shiny cars and SUV’s. It seems like I have read that a family of 4 can get about $55K in benefits, tax free. Not bad for sitting around smoking weed and watching TV all day.

          • I know a guy who, in the seventies, decided to fulfill his public obligations by working in a drug rehab program. He wporked there about a year. Got fired for certifying one of his “clients” to be drug free and no longer in need of rehab services. He told me this only a years or so after being fired, when we both worked at another company. He is still a flaming liberal, and now denies that it ever happened. But I know it did.

          • Muddy, back in July 2012 right before I first started posting on here, I made one donation to our local food bank. While there I saw an overweight black woman going out with 2 boxes of food and putting them in a CADILLAC ESCALADE. Food banks to me are just another ripoff program for minority groups. that was my first and last time donating to a food bank. I only donate to the “pantry of braveheart”.

            • Brave, if we want to see the real poverty in the ZOG infested USA, we need to take a trip to the rural America and witness the white children going to bed with hungry stomach.

              The 300 lbs females with designer nails and their lazy ass males use their EBT’s for other expenses and then use the food banks for the free food.

              I don’t think a fix would be possible without a total reset.

          • You are correct! See that all the time in the South. Down here any money they make from a supposed low paying job is all disposable cash. Ever since I was a little boy the “joke” was when I made money from cutting grass, washing cars/animals we were told that we were now “ni99er rich” all because we didn’t have to pay any bills, or taxes, and I am 55. The things I have learned, seems also in the deep South most government, do nothing jobs and county/city jobs are run by blacks, which watch for their kind! Know a rare black family, rare as the 4 kids have same daddy and ma an pa still married, all 4 kids have cars, and also gone to college for “FREE” 4 plus years, yes all 4. Plus dad gets 2 full disabilities from the government, fed and State, and runs his own business. Go figure!

          • They can lease a 2014 Escalade and it will not count against them for getting benefits, as it’s not considered an asset they own.

            Totally ridiculous.

        • Tip: put hot chicken noodle soup in your thermos and put some hot dogs or chicken or beef inside. The soup will keep the meat hot and then you can put the meat on a sandwich and eat the soup with a spoon.

          When youre bugging out in cold conditions.


          • Oh yeah throw that sopping wet meat on that bread and see what happens to it. Smooth move there ‘Exlax’.

          • AE = Idiot.
            Thanks for replying to my comment,your spot on topic.
            Dont go away mad , just go away and eat your wet meat.

          • Acid, I’ve actually done that a couple of times in my younger days. It wasn’t gourmet but it did keep me alive. Now here’s a tip from me: stockpile a lot of Vienna sausage and crackers, any type of crackers will do. that used to be my lunch many a day back in the 80s when I was poor. again, it’s not gourmet eating but it will keep you alive in tough times.

            • BH ,
              You can put them on ramen noodles ( drained ) with saratcha sauce and some cut up peppers , quick cheap meal that will keep you going . Seems what was old is new again . After living thru the last big down turn 1979 -1983 living on a lance corporal’s ( canteen / messhall food sucked) pay learned some tricks that came in handy . Vienna sausage , ramen , spam ( all flavors) canned corn beef ( expensive now) rice etc . Will get you by in a pinch. You just have to be creative . mix with some canned veggies for variety .
              Some combinations are not bad. Beats starving and storable too.
              And can be cooked field expediantly if necessary in a canteen cup for a hot meal.

              Semper Fi

              • Another tip is to stop by any fast food place you go by and pick up the free seasonings such as mustard, ketchup, mayo, S & P, and a whole lot more that can turn that Ramen into a real tasty meal. The employees a those places don’t care.


            • peanut butter is a great food to keep in your car too…lots of calories, don’t have to cook it, and it keeps for a loooong time(just finished a jar over 5 years old).

          • Nice idea AE. Lots of people like Dipped Italian Beef sandwiches, French Dip Roast beef is great, and Ree Drummond makes a great Drip Beef sandwich. A little juice is also great if you are dealing with stale bread/rolls or if those are cold from the air temps.

          • Dude u crack me up sometimes!!!!

        • Hammerhead: Why are they in that condition, if they really are! Do they have tv, cell phones, computers, etc. Are they truly poor or just too stupid to priortize their lives?

          • They’re smart enough to know that as long as someone gives them food and benefits, they will not have to prioritize their lives. All incentive to do so is removed.

        • Tell the bastards to go to Mexico. The government is giving 1.6 billion dollars worth of digital tv’s to the proverbial poor people. Can you imagine that, they can’t feed themselves, but they scramble in line to get a free tv. also, no matter where it is in the western world, why are all poor people fat? Why!

          • I get $562.00 each month.. that is it, no more. I am given some food at Saint Vincent’s and I am very grateful… and I am not fat.

            My television was a gift, and so is this computer.. old hand down from an office I guess, but it works and I am happy to have it.

            Some people are old enough to know what gratitude is, and they get hungry too.

          • poor people are fat because:

            their few dollars are spent on high caloric food that stops the hunger pains, especially in kids.

            junk food satisfies, is cheep for the large amount you get.

            if they ate veggies and cheep meats they would still be hungry compared to the junk food they could have bought for the same amount of money.

            remember when mom would say “don’t eat before supper and spoil your appetite” ?

            junk food satisfies. they don’t feel hungry. then comes fat.

      2. Looking at that picture reminds me of how important it is to be more self-sufficient and working my preps I have tried to produce a good amount of food for my family. have to respect the farmers it is a lot of work. I have covered up to three months worth of food for my family while working a full-time job lots of work

        • Washington A Man of Prayer 2015 – Jonathan Cahn’s message

          “Jonathan Cahn’s message given at the 226th Inaugural Anniversary of President George Washington which took place on April 29, 2015. Members of Congress, Christian leaders, and people of faith joined together in the Capitol’s Statuary Hall to honor Washington as a man of Christian faith…”

          Cahn said America’s biblical foundation was affirmed throughout history and the nation came into existence “solely for the glory and purposes of God.”

          “They (ancient Israel) drove God out of the government. They worshiped idols and served other gods. They celebrated immorality and they persecuted righteousness. The blessings of God were removed and replaced with judgments,” he said.

          Now, he said, “America has made the same mistakes.”

          America, he warned, is faced with a critical decision, “Choose you this day whom you will serve…”

          • God is just another fantasy Idol. Stop being duped. Show me one person that ever got everlasting life??. Proof. Until then, don’t be a stooped brainwashed sheep.

            America was in NO WAY founded on Christianity or any other farce religion.

            The Treaty of Tripoli (Treaty of Peace and Friendship between the United States of America and the Bey and Subjects of Tripoli of Barbary) was the first treaty concluded between the United States and Tripolitania, signed at Tripoli on November 4, 1796, and at Algiers (for a third-party witness) on January 3, 1797. It was submitted to the Senate by President John Adams, receiving ratification unanimously from the U.S. Senate on June 7, 1797, and signed by Adams, taking effect as the law of the land on June 10, 1797.

            The treaty was a routine diplomatic agreement and was later replaced. It has attracted attention in recent decades because of a clause stating that “the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.”

            Art. 11. As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquility, of Mussulmen [Muslims]; and as the said States never entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mahometan [Muslim] nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.

            Again % Ratified by Congress and signed by the Pres.

            • Do you believe God is a fantasy idol because you’re a worshiper of allah,perhaps? The treaty with the barbary pirates would be the result of America’s war with those thugs. President Jefferson began the U.S.Marines to deal with the pirates. America was a country. No,it wasn’t founded by muslims,so don’t even try.

            • Anonymous: The Apostle Paul said it himself, “Those that don’t work should not eat.” How much more to the point can it be. thanks

              • 2 Thessalonians in proper context: “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we command you, brothers, to keep away from every brother who is idle and does not live according to the teaching you received from us. For you yourselves know how you ought to follow our example. We were not idle when we were with you, nor did we eat anyone’s food without paying for it. On the contrary, we worked night and day, laboring and toiling so that we would not be a burden to any of you. For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: If a man will not work, he shall not eat. We hear that some among you are idle. They are not busy; they are busybodies.”

                Perhaps you should have read the whole of 2 Thessalonians with an understanding of the Word before quoting. Paul was referring to followers of Jesus that were being lazy in attending to the needs of the poor (in other words Christian charitable obligations) because they believed the return of Jesus was imminent. He also warned of misuse of scripture.

            • Whowouldathunkit: First, you are a complete asshole idiot, and not even an educated asshole idiot at that. The treaty you discuss was signed in 1796 when the United States was barely a nation and struggling daily just to survive. Therefore, to have navigation rights to the Mediterranean we notarized a treaty of lies for convenience. Not an honorable thing to do, but we did it until we were strong enough to violate the treaty, defeat the Muslims with our own Navy under the command of Stephen Decauter (sp), which was in 1815, I think. From 1796 until the Muslims defeat we paid many tens of millions of dollars in gold bullion just for navigation rights without our ships being pirated. This type of information is in books, and I hope you get around to reading them some day, after you have read the bible and come the conclusion that the only fantasies concerning God, are those that are in your own twisted psyche. Repent dipstick, or just keep ambling along until you stand before the judgement seat of Jesus Christ and hear the Angel say, “Lord his name does not appear in the book of life.” Good luck on your fantasies after that.

              • Well said t2p. WWOTI Why are you mugging off dear eppe? You’re a friggin’ bad man as far as I’m concerned.

            • WWTI, you are a bigot. A petty, small-minded, unintelligent, bigot.

              You’re even too stupid to understand that treaties between nations are full of lies intended to get ratification.

              The Bey of Tripoli wanted the treaty but couldn’t survive an uprising if he had signed a treaty with a Christian nation. So, the language you cite was added.

              It’s in no way determinative as to the status of this nation. You’re conflating unrelated words into what you want them to mean to vindicate your own bigotry.

              Stupid is as stupid does.

            • “Love is just another fantasy Idol. Stop being duped. Show me one person you ever loved??. Proof. Until then, don’t be a stooped brainwashed sheep.”

              LOL, So prove it, imbecile.

          • Amen sister…this man is a messenger from God Almighty…I’ve been listening to him for a few weeks now after reading his books that a friend gave me…the Lord has shown me bad things are a coming…I kept getting FOOD FOOD FOOD planted in my head then I read where Joesph told Pharaoh what his dreams meant then a few days later I was watching Rabbi Cahn and at the 57 minute mark of His message to america he started talking about the same scripture…the wife and I stopped the video and broke down and cried at the fate of our country…the only thing that will bring us back is the REPENT and turn from our wicked ways…its time for Christians to stand up and preach the Gospel of Christ. Without REPENTANCE WE DO NOT STAND A CHANCE.

            Did anyone see the image of the Gods Rainbow and the lighting…look at the cactus in the pic it appears to be pointing to the Lord God Almighty…just saying it time to get back to God…He will always protect His children.

            A loyal humble servant to Christ Jesus

          • KY MOM:
            Thanks for your post.
            The Rabbi is correct the United States will Pay dearly for its sins, just like Israel did.
            And we will pay also, for letting our government get away with everything they have done. Remember the U.S. is suppose to be a government for the people by the people.
            It’s way past time that we get our government back.
            And it is time to get right with the LORD.
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • Cahn said America’s biblical foundation was affirmed throughout history and the nation came into existence “solely for the glory and purposes of God.”

            Not true our history is one founded in blood and oppression under the guise of supposed freedom. All most people know about history is what they learned in school. Which is a lie. This country is what it is because our government was willing to get their hands dirty.

      3. I really don’t understand how unemployment can be under 5% in my county, and there are record numbers on .gov assistance. It is unbelievable. Even a high school kid was $15 an hour, or they will just sit home. Something has to give.

      4. People are clueless, had someone tell me they will not eat carrots because they are “dirty”, because they are grown in dirt. People have no clue.

        • BJinME, I’ll bet those same idiots who said that would change their tune if that was the only thing they could find to eat.

      5. Our local (Lib) paper ran this story today and most people know it’s a crock! We try to donate to three separate food banks, and they are all hurting. Drudge also had this story with an AP by-line and there was no procedure for leaving a reply. Most of the asinine lies have no method to rebut their propaganda. We have found that baby food and dog/cat food are in highest demand at the city shelter which prefers cash donations. Our local church shelter needs baby food and accepted the older formula of Karo syrup, clean water and evaporated milk. I made copies of the recipe which the church shelter welcomed. The Big City shelter was horrified and said they could only accept the name-brand formula. Horrified, why? I raised six kids on it and they are all doing well. The church shelter also was happy to take fresh produce, and the Big City shelter said they couldn’t take it as there was no official inspection and that most of their clients wouldn’t know what to do with it. They suggest Chef Boy-Ar-Dee as “everyone” loves it, or microwave macaroni and cheese. Our country is broke and no one will admit it.

        • juliette, i tried to donate a half of beef that was locally processed , but not FDA inspected , they were told they had to throw it out.
          I went back and got it !
          And i volunteer at this foodbank , its small and very rural , but the gov stuck their fingers in it.
          And the foodbank is church run i would like to add.

          • hh and Julliette, thank the sharks(lawyers) for that. All somebody has to do is get sick from one little thing and they’ll have inspectors and lawsuits up the wazoo. We’ve shot ourselves in the foot.

        • Our local shelter also takes fresh veggies brought in by the locals who grow more than they can use. Not only that, but they take eggs from private free-range flocks. No “certification” needed. We’re talking fresh, often organic produce! This stuff is expensive in the stores.

          Unfortunately, too many don’t know what good food looks like!

        • @Juliette…could you please post the recipe here. We have three new babies in the family and I hope that recipe is not needed. I can’t afford to stockpile formula and neither can they.

          Thanks in advance!

          • Sorry so late…Just walked in from work. Recipe below:
            1 13 oz can evaporated milk (Carnation, use whole milk, not fat free, low fat or sweetened)
            19 oz purified, or boiled water.
            2 T Karo syrup. Dark Karo is normal, switch to Light if they have have loose bowels, or add an extra teaspoon if they’re constipated. Corn syrup gets a bad rap, but it works in this.
            Combine the water, evaporated milk and Karo, then pour into sterilized bottles and put on sterilized nipples. Store in refrigerator up to three days. This makes one quart, and I doubled everything for a three-day supply. I did buy vitamin drops, which smell and taste terrible, and put them in juice. I’ve heard that a new thing is to add coconut oil, which has to be a bad idea in formula for a new-born. This recipe supplies a close exchange for breast milk. Be sure that everything has been sterilized, which is a pain, but necessary. Good luck!

            • so refreshing to see someone put up USEfull information!..thanks for contributing julliette.

        • broken…….it’s BROKEN!(and broke).


        Listen to the Audio on this article. I was not sure if everyone had a chance to hear this one. Its looking like that the elite plan to EMP the crap out of us, after they pull the plug on the economy. The scientist being interviewed in indicating that we will need electricity, and its looking like the grid will infact get taken purposely to have a massive kill off effect. Listen to how the elites are trying to stop what he calls a run on the Grocery stores, and to make sure that the public is not alerted. They want the public to get caught off guard once they have their preps in place.



        My scientist friend was right, is right and still is right everytime.

        • My Guns and ammo, crossbow and arrow bolts are all EMP PROOF. Bring it Bitchas’!!


          • wwti. You have guns. ammo and a crossbow, but you are still stupid.

          • It’s illegal to use your crossbow against Christians, WWTI, better dig a deeper bunker.

      7. Simply put, people go to food banks for the same reason they get other forms off assistance: They are too damn sorry to do anything but breed so they can then feed at other people’s expense. There is no such thing as a free ride, someone is paying the bill and as long as it is not the freeloader then they don’t give a damn. Take away the bastards right to vote, the politicians lose interest then they let the ugimmes starve to death and it’s game over and the taxpayers can get on with their lives, untethered from lowlifes that would rather die than work. ’nuff said

        • Taxn2poverty, spot on. The people who deliberately get on those programs for life and won’t pull themselves up by their own bootstraps are the ones who deserve to be cut off and starved to death. What burns me is I know some people who really need help temporarily and can’t get a damned thing because they’re WHITE.

        • How nice that you have this all figured out – everyone pigeon holed by someone who obviously knows everything. Well, this “lowlife” happens to be 70 yrs old with a disabled son & his 3 children to raise. My ex-daughter-in-law is a crack head, in & out of prison. I worked since I was 15 yrs old, put myself thru college & taught school for 25 years. We all live on my Social Security check. The kids have summer jobs & help all they can. So if I need help from a food bank or even food stamps from time to time I’ll be damned if someone like you will make me feel guilty!

          • I do not think he was commenting on your particular type of situation–you worked–you contributed your entire life–you need a hand up–you should get a hand up–your exactly why the food bank should be there ma’am. I believe the point he was expressing was centered on those that DO NOT contribute in any way whatsoever to their own welfare, sense of responsibility OR to society. You do not fall into this category. I do agree with him in regards to the inner city rats, and that’s what they are and breed like. The bigger the nest of rats–the bigger welfare check–They have not nor ever will contribute to any part of society. They riot, they bitch about shit from 150 yrs ago–they loot the businesses that support them–THEY BURN THE very neighborhood THEY LIVE IN. Does not seem like a group that I wish to waste time or resources on– to be honest–They are a drain on resources that could be used to help people like you who did contribute their entire life. You have a nice day now–and good luck to you and yours

            • Ohsotired: Thank you for the defense, and you are correct, I was not talking about Linda S. and other people that have contributed to society all of their lives. However, here is my problem with people like Linda. She has a disable son. How was he disabled? Was it drunk driving and hit a tree, or a construction accident on the job that he could not have prevented? One rates help, the other should be left to die in the ditch. Secondly, her daughter in law is a crack head, in and out of prison. Now, believe me, I am very serious in asking this question. Could Linda, if legal to do so, put a gun to her daughter in laws head and pull the trigger. If not Linda is part of the problem. We can’t rehab these bastards/bitches, so why won’t the law just let us get rid of them. It’s a family affair, so to speak. Until we come to the very real conclusion that we must rid our society of deadbeats, druggies, and criminals then there is no hope for us. thanks

              • Star Chambers, Death Panels and Death Squads.

                You never know.

              • Again–I fully agree with your premise. At some point you have to cut your losses–I definitely have NO tolerance for crack heads, meth heads or any other of the various heads or the crimes they commit to supply said habit–you victimize a productive member of society in support of your stupidity–bub bye–period. Not sure your ever gonna get a momma bear to cut and run from her young–regardless of what caused the disablement–He may be 50 but when she looks at him he’s 8. She will go to her grave believing this is her good little boy. I know–I see it from so many momma bears–don’t matter how fuked up the kid is–he’s still a sweet 8 year old–draining the life out of said mamma bear and surrounding family–sad BUT That’s the way it works in our current everybody is special environment ( you as well as I know that EVERBODY is not special)–I am curious though, if he is disabled, why he is not getting some sort of SSI or assistance to help with the expenses–again it goes back to what you said–why is he disabled because at some point he was enabled enough to make the several grandkids. Your point on putting a gun to someone’s head and pulling the trigger, is laughable, considering most of these retards don’t think any harm came to animals if you buy your meat at the grocery store. Slaughtering an animal is unconscionable to them, lol so how you gonna get them to pull the trigger on a human. We are so fuked in so many ways. To far removed from the self reliant people of the 30’s and 40’s. You take care now–bad things are in the air. Tired out.

          • Linda S

            One thing for certain is, if something bad goes down.
            We will be the ones who determine who is fed, sheltered and protected.
            Let your conscience be your guide.

          • Linda S

            Yeah, sounds like you have had a real productive life. Seriously, how does a person get to your age are still have nothing to show for it? You wasted your life, admit it.

            • Kinda Harsh there Tick Tock–although that is what is needed now–shit happens–that’s life–A momma bear gives 2 shits what her off spring have done and will do anything to fix their fuk ups or protect them–I see it in my ole lady everyday–Appears SHE (linda S) was a productive member of society her whole life and then the “everybody is special” shit kicked in. Every generation seems to get farther away from personal responsibility and personal reliability– I see it in my kids–it’s the way they are educated in these goddamn socialist at best schools==they like to throw it on the parents to fix their fuk ups. Guilty of it myself, TO A CERTAIN DEGREE–Where I have drawn the line in the sand, many are not able to. THERE IS A REASON LIONS EAT THEIR YOUNG. THERE IS A REASON THE SPARTANS THREW BABIES OFF A CLIFF–Contrary to popular belief–AND THE FUKED UP GUBERMENT statistics–Linda S IS THE NORM now–she will go to her grave, having worked her whole life, contributing to the fuked up system–worrying about her fuked up offspring (and I do not mean that offensively)–just the way it is— I do wish Linda S the best of luck with her situation–I certainly don’t want to be her age dealing with that shit BUT that’s what we do now. My youngest is 26—poster child of the I’m special generation–cept–I tell him HE”S NOT SPECIAL—He’s a vet–I’m a vet, his granddaddy is a vet–his great granddaddy was a vet–we all served–get over yourself–your not special–we serve to provide the sheeple the opportunity to whine–period. We all served to protect the retards to stupid to see the world as it is–there is NO PLACE LIKE HERE in the world–4 more years of whorocrat rule–we will be done–were at the fulcrum point right now—I do miss the America of my youth and seriously question the direction we are going for MY grandkids. Asalways–TIRED out

          • Linda. the food bank up here where I live always has food on the shelves because people like us donate, and would never let someone like you and your family go hungry. The bible demands it, moral values expect it, and you earned it. I will make a donation of 100$ of new canned goods in your name to the Action food bank this month. (on payday)

      8. Grocery stores have an incentive to donate all the food they can before the expiration date; and expiration dates do not indicate that the food is bad or inedible.

        That economic incentive is that all food donated to food banks can be deducted as an expense at MARKET VALUE, not the COST to the grocer.

        So while they can deduct the full value as an expense against other revenue, increasing profit margins. At the same time these donations represent an increase in SALES.

        It should not come as a surprise that “food banks” are experiencing greater demand, because the “food banks” in the main, are part of the 500 St Mary’s Food Bank Alliance spread across the nation, DESIGNED to supply the massive influx of ILLEGALS and help them locate; primarily into the states with the largest Electoral College Vote.

        There are 42 million (mostly ILLEGALS) immigrants currently in the United States waiting for AMNESTY while they are subsidized by American Taxpayers.

        The goal of the NWO PTB is to overrun America with Hispanic Foreigners, make them citizens, and have them vote in a Referendum to merge the United States into the North American Union with Mexico under a NEW CONSTITUTION while dissolving the US Bill of rights: and the SECOND AMENDMENT in particular.

        Engage. By ballot or bullet, but engage. Death to the North American Union !!! Death to the New World Order (while it is still Constitutional) !!! 🙂

        • This victim will need years of rehab. The pavement apes will do 30 days in jail and be set loose to become productive members of society once again.

          There will be no turn around. Watch as the baby boomers die off, leave their heirs nothing, and the gimme dat crowd looks around to find no one willing, much less able to work.

          If you are white, you are a minority now. Take your diversity and try and protect yourself with it. Remember, a liberal is just a conservative that has not been mugged yet.

          • Townsaver, those 2 niggers would’ve been shot in the head by me before they could get close to me.

            • Was glad to see someone step in,unless the victim was say a molester/rapist hope those fucks get killed by either the man or one of his relatives.I do not carry due to my temper but have some basic training martial wise and a karambit,they would have been bled out/gutted as even on ground have karambit set for easy access.

        • He shoot have shot the brother’s dead. I sure as hell would as I am always armed. Can’t be white here in brownieville now without being so. Use hollow points.

        • White guy bleed a lot: Why: No gun, got what he deserved. Stupid is as stupid does. Also did you see the other chickenshit white guy go out the door instead of helping the victim. What a lousy race of people we are! And with this bloodline of cowards we are going to win a civil war. Naw, don’t think so!

      9. Our local gas just went up by 60 cents to $3.00 a gallon overnight because of an outage at refinery. Does not leave the requisite “warm, fuzzy feeling” to know that ONE refinery covers about 6 states. Gas is expected to be high for at least a month….how convenient.

        • New refineries are rarely built because getting them permitted and approved is a process so long and difficult it makes it almost impossible.

          • Anonymous

            Rarely? How about never since Nixon was in office and made a deal with Saudi Arabia to accept only dollars for oil. Thus propping up the price of oil through out the world.


        • Yep , i am in mich and that indiana refinery goes down alot, usually when prices drop.
          Aint it amazing how coincidence happens ?

        • Gas here has gone down several times in the past week. It’s down to $2.25 today.

      10. We have relatives that we bring groceries to regularly. When things are on sale we buy double, some for us, and some for them.

        Neither can they afford to lay out the money to buy in bulk, so some of the staples like paper products we get double of at the big box shopping club, otherwise they’d be burning through cash buying small quantities at the dollar store.

        I’ve also seen many of the gov assistance programs change the rules so they have lost and can’t get aid that was available just a few years ago.

        • Good job on changing the rules so they can’t get aid. Wished it had happened 50 years ago!

          • It’s a disabled widow with two young children. Thanks for caring. Government was dying to cut off the rest of her aid, but mandated brain scans show her condition has worsened!

            The government has purposely destroyed small business with excessive regulation. They knew exactly what they were doing. Never the less it was part of Obama’s plan to spread the wealth around the world. He is a globalist and hates American exceptionalism. Revenge is sweet when Americans are going hungry.

            Because so many Americans are going hungry, there is massive competition for government aid.

            I’m seeing the government taking in record taxes, sucking the economy absolutely dry, but still running up record debt. The US government has become an insatiable monster. Not this widows fault!

      11. in the know

        food banks come with a price…zog usda approved poison food.

        use them at your own risk of disease, cancer and eventually premature death.

        • I’m sorry but Obama don’t look ZOG to me, in fact he seems to hate Israel! How do you justify your ZOG remark with a Jew hating black man in charge? Obama spent 15 years in a church that preached Jews are the enemy!

          Where do you people come up with this crap?

      12. The food banks here are running low I was told. I was also told that we have had some people coming in from other areas. (IE) moved to town form the bigger cities like Joliet and Shitcago.

        I was told that they told them that they were trying to get out before all hell breaks loose. I was also told that they were asked where thy worked before they moved to the area and they were told that they didn’t work that the Government owes them and they take care of them.

        When all those SNAP cards stop working the food bank will be over run in less than an hour. I feel sorry for the folks there trying to help people. When the Zombies and Leaches hit the places they won’t give a Damn how they hurt or over run. Just look at Wal-Mart on Black Friday.

        Grab you Butts its going to get rough!!!


        • Sarge, Black Friday will be nothing compared to when TSHTF. If/when an EMP hits, the EBTs and everything else stop working, the free shit army will run out with baskets overflowing with food and no one will be able to stop them.

          • If I was Russia or China and wanted to EMP the US, and we know Obama won’t shoot back, I’d hit the US in early January, right after a major stock market collapse.

            Just watch the stupid fat Americans freeze to death.

          • Yeah, and you’ve been salivating for years waiting for it to happen brave, if it weren’t for doom, despair, and gloom porn, you would have NOTHING to live for.

      13. Guy I no works at the one here in medicine hat ab, told me they are experiencing food shortage problems as well.

        • One of the most painful statements to read ever 🙂

      14. Grow your own food.

        Locals trade produce and mountain beef for odd jobs and food they don’t grow like eggs and pork or milk.

        Get out of the towns and find a grubstake in the country. Billions of unfunded liabilities are about to be liquidated in the coming years by starvation.

        When the global credit links break, international trade stops. Most food and goods travel thousands of miles to get to your store. Stop depending on them.

        Best get your locals together on the same page. Small community groups of 5 to 10 people are the best way to co-operate and avoid the .gov pig’s attention (NO, don’t invite your local LEO thugs…they will eventually dime you out).

        “Card game” get togethers or a kettle of ham and bean soup at your camp with neighbors will either get you on the same page or weed the statists out.

        Get crackin’

        • OK , No card games , just a pig roast and 3 kegs of beer.
          Next weekend , be there or be square , hahaha.
          And a plate to pass , please.

          • Bring a covered dish, dude.

            • You can cover it if you wish , just bring it , and we probably got enough green bean cassarole already, lmao.

              • Hammer,at moment don’t drink(though have a few bottles #7 stashed for the final blowout!)that said,coffee drinkers welcome?

                • YEP ! BYOC
                  Yer always welcome .

          • Well, if you don’t like playing cards, you can hang with the gals and talk shoe styles.

        • When they pick up the homeless the bus drivers should have a switch to vent the carbon monoxide to the inside of the bus. Of course the driver would need an airtight cubicle for himself, other than that the gators got to eat too.

      15. Around the tourist areas here in Florida, they are picking up all of the homeless and taking them to other towns. They are dropping off bus loads of them, overwhelming the smaller rural communities with these people. Don’t want the tourists to have to look at panhandlers while they are supposed to be spending money. Crime is the same way. They have at least one murder or armed home invasion every night, but don’t talk about it, as it might scare away the money. My advise to anyone coming to the area is always the same. Take a shuttle to and from the hotel, or better still stay on the theme park grounds and don’t go out walking around the shopping districts at night.

      16. At the church we no longer have a food bank. We had to quit because of miss use of the food bank. Plus we had food stolen a couple of times.
        If you can buy cigarettes, booze, tattoos and piercings, but you will not buy food for your kids don’t come to us and ask for a hand out. And you let your babies run around filthy and you and they smell so bad like you have not bathed in a month.
        I don’t care for the government interfering with the family, but there comes a time when you have to do some things you don’t like to do. Like call DFS (Department of Family Services) and report those MOPES.
        And if you don’t want to work and have never worked to try to pay for your families food, YOU DON’T GET ANY!!!.
        Not saying that the church does not help anyone we do, but we check things out first. We make sure that the family really needs help and are not some bottom feeder that is living of the state (you and Me) and are just want hand out because they are lazy.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • Anonymous: The Apostle Paul said it himself, “Those that don’t work should not eat.” How much more to the point can it be. thanks

      17. When they pick up the homeless the bus drivers should have a switch to vent the carbon monoxide to the inside of the bus. Of course the driver would need an airtight cubicle for himself, other than that the gators got to eat too.

        • You’re right. You can look it up in the Bible, the apostle Paul clearly says it’s your Christian duty to gas the homeless and anybody else you don’t want around. Make sure you read his fine print about what happens to YOU when you get to old to be productive or can’t work anymore, ever take a ride on a nice ice flow? Look forward to it, it’s what the apostle Paul wants for YOU.

      18. Keep adding to the stash….every little bit helps. The more food given to the food banks the more they get used and abused.

        • Jim,I believe you mean”The smalls add up”!

      19. Good post Sarge. These azz clowns like to come on here talking crap about me not know crap. At least we know for certain that we are being set up for a disaster. who the hell would want to be in a place like Cali, or New York. Its just so happens that the food banks are empty. One has to wonder if that is a shortage problem or was it engineered, well think thats a no brainer, its engineered. F…..k the rat bastard turd azz cabal.

        I am sure you all listened to that audio. Alls holy sh…t is about to bust loose. We are almost into total shtf in another month and i am mentioing SHTF EVENT HORIZON. i think i need to call it commense next month.

        I am asking you guys, click on the Link and listen to that audio, its very upsetting to hear the truth, and we know its the damn truth and nothing buyt the truth.



        F… k thuggary and gangster crap.

      20. What Braveheart said. Need i say not more. SHTF IS GOING TO BE HELL ON EARTH. like i was told WWZ is what it will look like except that they wont have soars on them. One of my Old Geiser retired Ranger friends from the South West outskirts of RedNeckville, just told me something similar to what Sarge just mentioned about empty food banks a few months back. As much as i talk acting like i am some badazz and i am, i am still scared to death.


        Shtf don’t you love it.

        • HCKS ,
          Same here food banks HEAVILY DEPLEATED , every trip to the store seems to be an adventure shelves not as full as theybused to be and prices increasing each time , packages are also,getting smaller . You have to get real creative on meals .
          I think things are getting close to the breaking point or at least you can see it from here .
          It would not take much for things to spiral out of control .
          As SGT says the smalls add up , keep stacking those supplies , store what you eat and eat what you store . This fall and winter are going to be extremely challenging to say the least .
          TPTB and the MSM cannot cover things up for much longer , even now there is not much credibility in their so called ” Recovery” .
          I really feel we will not have to wait much longer for “things” to happen , I believe we are in collapse now but most do not realize it. We still have it good because the grid is still up, for now.

          Seen any ” Black” swans lately ? Anything could go wrong at any time , with little or any warning.
          Remember NO ONE IS COMING TO HELP US .

          Got Preps?

          Semper Fi

      21. Once again bums living off the fruit of others labor with no shame either. I went to the market got my stuff and this welfare bitch was in line with prime rib meats lobsters live in the bag all expensive food. She gets out an ebt card and swipes. Really I work 55hours a week and I’m eating mac and cheese. Anyone of these welfare bums try’s to take my food they are getting the but of a rifle upside the head. They can go back to their daddy obummer he will take care of them. Once again there are jobs out there folks don’t believe the lies about that. People are just picky about the work they get. Suck it up bitches it life all jobs suck. You gotta do what it takes to survive in this pre collapse world. Or your starting the collapse in the red. There is no reason for people to struggle it’s just laziness and addiction. Call it what it is.

      22. I thought the police state was no arresting people for trying help or feed the poor.

        Y’know…. to add to their harassing of 9 year old girls selling lemonaide (see

      23. now arresting

      24. Man I’ve been screaming about the useless eaters like every other post. They are the same as leeches to me they suck resources away from future generations and hurt working people. Fuck all the bums get rid of em fire up the furnaces. That’s the only way as I see it. The useless eaters seed will learn that handouts are the way this will perpetuate and get worst as future generations of useless eaters multiply. When you put your bleeding heart aside and look at shit for what it is your using your head for once. No reason grown men and women shouldn’t work bums.

      25. Shit I grew up dirt poor my momma struggled to put food on the table but she never took handouts and I never missed a meal for lack of food in the house. Where’s your dignity people.

        • Right on A-hat. I grew up with food like a small scoop of chili over a big bowl of rice. Stuffed peppers and cabbage filled with rice and a little beef. Spaghetti with Spatini sauce. Fried bologna. Potato pancakes. Nothing fancy. Nothing expensive. Most cooked from scratch. Always filling.

      26. Went to Walmart today, the ammo shelves were stocked to the brim. Except for .22. lol. Poachers love that round.. Besides being chest deep with guns, Im going RealTree Camo stealth and crossbow with 2″ inch broadheads. Silent and deadly, creates a real fear factor once the hungry hords let loose. I’ll dangle bags of chips as bait from trees. The you know who freeshit army crowd cant resist that treat. I’ll put a few signs up blocks away. Free Chips!!! This way…

        • tons of 22lr here, Canadian tire always has tons. its 30.06 that’s hard to find, well at least from what ive seen, I like the chips idea though lol.

      27. Just got done with county fair,prime livestock sale but no poultry. If you want a source for
        High quality meat the fair is a good choice,ours trucks it to the slaughter house for the buyers.
        Funny the locals do not seem to have trouble with their poultry like the big producers. Fall stock
        Up will be in grocery stores soon seems they like to encourage prepping for winter in canned
        Goods. People if you can not grow your own food at least put food up for winter when the snow
        Flies take advantage of sales.We have a family grain farm and raise a few livestock,cut some wood and always prep for winter.Four generations, never sell your land , gods not making
        Any more of it and it will take care of you……..

      28. Wally’s has ammo all the time here. No 22 but I have a shit load. Got the walther mp5 sd 22lr they say it’s not a silencer but the thing is damn quiet sounds quieter than a air rifle. It’s a fine rifle IMHO beats 10 22 ruger just not as much upgradable parts but the thing is sweet there is nothing you need to do to it. Cost me $500 at the time I got it I’ve seen them a little cheaper. Mags are like $30 not cheap. But nice quality there is a bolt speed adjusting screw so you can adjust it to burn anything I never messed with it works fine. No jams ever. I wanted a nice 22 rifle so I payed extra for this over the 10 22. I like the ruger too though.

      29. NB.,you isn’t kidding. I have been hearing some really serious sh…t to say the least. Cops get to hear some really serious sh…t a the time. Hawk told us on Survive to Thrive 6 months ago that the Rangers were told to have at least a o.e month supply of shtf provisions and to be prepared to live out in the middel of now where without any help coming for them..that the cops wrr tokd to not say anything.. now it’s that some crap or old fart ranger find told me this sh.. t almost a year ago.. believe me I listen alot.



        Keep plenty of seasoning post shtf. Like Wesley Rawles says, you may need to eat your dog or cat.

      30. three days ago the headline read, WE”RE IN A FULL BLOWN DEPRESSION, and now this, ,

        experts are baffled at why a rebounding economy and a drop in the unemployment rate has not slowed demand for food assistance.

        how can you people keep reading the same crap every other day??

      31. I’m working on my ” food bank” today. I picked two buckets of green beans yesterday so today I’m cleaning, breaking and canning them. Tomorrow, we have a single dad of two friend, and we are going to his place for a ” canning party” . He was invited to pick his friends beans and doesn’t know how to can them so we’re getting together for a canning party. It may involve laughter, country music and a few beers.
        That’s our food bank here.
        Take care all!

      32. From 15 mil to 23 mil hmmm…? I would like to see the stats on exactly how many are wet backs that jumped the border. With the major push to get more free loaders into this country, it would not surprise me of the answer.

        • I often drive past two local food banks on their open days of the week. A minimum of two-thirds of the people in line are Hispanic. A few old folks, white, some single moms and kids, and a fair percentage of potheads and dopers, but the majority are not Americans.

      33. As for that Applebees attack. Had that happen to me, the news would have report that a patriot beat the living f….k out of the 3 n….g…. thugs. I would have literally dismantled those three idiots. I woud have gone on camera to let the other know that pain is coming their way.

        I literally get exited when someone tries to fight me when no guns are involved because i know that i will the fight..SI LAT is some really nasty stuff.



        Si Lat, the mathematic formula of

        bone desconstruction.

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