Cryptic Emergency Alert Alarms Residents In Salem, Oregon : ‘Prepare For Action’

by | May 31, 2018 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 36 comments

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    A glitch in the government’s system sent out a cryptic warning to residents living in Salem, Oregon, and surrounding areas. The head of Oregon’s emergency management agency has since apologized, but that was too little too late after many were left in a state of panic.

    A cryptic emergency alert was forced out to cellphones in and around Oregon’s capital city, displaying the words “Civil Emergency” and “Prepare for Action,” but carrying little other information. Andrew Phelps said late Tuesday that a technical glitch had cut off the crucial information in the alert. There were elevated levels of a natural toxin in a local reservoir. Children and people with compromised immune systems have been told not to drink tap water in the Salem, Oregon, area after an algae bloom caused the spike.

    Wednesday morning Cole Mahaffey, a Salem resident, set down a case of bottled water he was carrying down the sidewalk and described the uneasy feeling of seeing the first alert arrive on his phone, with an ominous warning but no other information. “It almost made me not want to go outside,” Mahaffey said, adding that the alert caught him at the gym and that he had interrupted his exercise routine to ask the staff at the front desk if they knew what it was about. “I didn’t know if there was something going on in the area, or if there was a shooter, you just had no way of knowing.”

    “The integrated public alert warning system inadvertently defaulted to a generic message,” Phelps said in a video posted on the social media by the Office of Emergency Management. “I apologize for the confusion and the anxiety this incomplete message has caused.”

    Following a false alarm sent out by Hawaii officials in January warning of an incoming ballistic missile, the incident marked a high-profile glitch in government authorities’ use of emergency alert systems. Phelps said Oregon’s cryptic message had also been broadcast via local television stations, likely heightening the panic.

    The government’s emergency alert systems are capable of pushing messages directly to every cellphone in a given area even if users haven’t subscribed or downloaded an app.

    Officials sent a second message 31 minutes later with more information about the contaminated water and a link to a municipal website, which briefly crashed under the stressful load of people desperately looking for information.

    Water is now selling out in supermarkets in Oregon as a result of the algae in the government’s water system.


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      1. This was a test. They’re preparing for the real civil emergency coming in November if the gun confiscation measure passes.

        • Infidel – I agree.

          They apologized for the glitch is laughable. There was no “glitch.” It was planned. Everyday, getting closer and closer to taking our guns away. That’s what it’s really about.

          • None of the people that actually come for weapons should be spared. They all die.

            • Menzo: Agreed. Those who actually received this “warning” should consider it the “gift of a tipped hand”, and plan accordingly.

              • Time to start digging those hidden firearm/ammo caches in your back yard!

          • Indeed. If it was a glitch, then heads would roll. Something of this magnitude shouldn’t be tolerated.

            But like all False Flags, this won’t make the MSM news and the panic will fade away. All the while the Deep State is taking notes on public reactions and slowly de-sensitizing the proles/sheeple into not taking these notices seriously.

            That way they won’t be ready when the jack-boot thugs kick in your door, demanding you hand over your guns… all while at gunpoint, of course.

      2. I remain at this level of alertness always.

        • Menzo, I’m always ‘prepared for action’ myself against anyone who comes to harm me, etc.

          • Ahhh yes, Life is good in the mountains. No govt. buttlickers, no cops, just peace and quiet. Just checking in while I have internet for a minute. Our German shepard died and we got a new puppy. 1/2 border collie, 1/4 blue heeler, 1/4 australian shepard. Man is he a handful! 3.5 months old and cute as can be. Been testing out the new (to me) 4 wheeler and it does great. Been to windy to do much shootin’ but at least I am caught up on my chores at the retreat. Hope your all having a good summer, I will check back from time to time 🙂

            • Enjoy your pup! Our 15 yr old lab mix died in April- we weren’t going to get another dog so soon, but we donated her food to the local rescue shelter, and hubby showed me a pic on the homepage of their website. I asked to see her, and when I gave the “sit “ hand signal, she sat right down! She had me then! She had been spayed 10 days before, and this was the first day she was up for adoption. We went back the next day, adopted her and brought her home. She’s 3.

      3. I wish this would happen here. Then I could test myself to see where I stand.

        You never know you might learn something.


        • Yes. Have built a hardened defense perimeter with force multiplying surprises. I don;t want them at the doors. I want them 50 yards out and exposed.

      4. These automated alerts are a joke , they cant seem to stop the false alarms
        And we are supposed to think A-I is gonna be a good thing ?

      5. Sometimes a glitch is just a glitch. Stay loose, and stay frosty. Nothing of consequence has happened yet, so chill out. For those of you concerned with a nation-wide gun confiscation, consider this: Since the math does not favor law enforcement and the military, they will undoubtedly enlist the help of a lot of your civilian neighbors to get the job done. Some reward offered to them will be a good enough incentive, and they’ll probably throw in a lot of “patriotism”, too. Remember that the Gestapo had their effectiveness multiplied many times by all those “good Germans” willing to rat out their neighbors.

      6. I think these so-called “mistakes”are planned. TPTB are watching our reactions and planning accordingly. Sgt. Dale: be careful what you hope for……

        • I agree with you Southside, they are planned. It’s to make us think every warning is a malfunction and catch us off guard. Kindda like the boy who cried wolf. Treat everything as real until you see for yourself with your own eyes. Be alert, keep an eye on the sky.

      7. My opinion is if gun confiscation comes it will be from U.N. Troops as US troops are gun owners. And Sean may be right your neighbors turning you in for food or water in the case of crisis. Just my thoughts.

        • Out here on the left coast our neighbors and kids will rabidly look through the fence boards for something to turn you in for. Just for an “atta boy.” We are behind enemy lines. Really.

        • aim just below the blue helmet or blue beret

      8. Could mean a coup is being planned to take over the govt by the left They may have been testing the alert message for that effort. Groups like Antifa and others would be the enforcers to take over govt buildings nation wide. It does not take an emergency message to warn about water problems just inform the media and they would do a better job of it. Stand by for action does not mean dont drink the water it means action of some kind as in physical effort. What kind of physical effort is the question

      9. This Country needs a Reset. A reset of our crooked Politicians,the Bankers on down. It’s time to breathe the sweet Breath of freedom.

      10. What are you talking about gun confiscation in November. What Fear porn left tard talk is this BS! There is no gun confiscation going to take place! Geeezzzz and stick to the article in commenting.

      11. Leave it to govt. to ruin something, anything.

      12. Yes, I agree. This most likely is a test to see how or who reacts, to spread fear and keep the public in an anxious state. They probably calculate the increase in consumer spending, alcohol use, drugs, and entertainment distractions.

        I can hear laughter. They must get off on their power to scare children and old people. Typical of anti-social sadistic jerks, and affirmative action supervisors.


        • Did you know they are scaring children at the border, abuse of power once again. When the mothers come to the US Border from Mexico seeking asylum to enter the States illegally the child is immediately taken child from the mother, screaming and terrorizing the child. This has been going on for almost 6 months. Even little babies and toddlers as well are taken away while the child screams for the mother.

          They are taken from the mother and handed over to a complete stranger, screaming, and some of the children they are doing this to are babies and toddlers, most are older kids from 5-16. Still outrageous no matter the age.

          They are committing an illegal act coming here illegally but separating mother from child is not the answer.

          I don’t want the families coming here illegally but I also don’t believe in terrorizing and traumatizing a child. There is never an excuse for traumatizing a child and making the child pay for the wrongdoings of their parents.

          This is happening every day at the US/Mexican Border, on Trumps’ watch. He knows it because he ordered it, he ordered ICE to carry this out. No excuse for this horror.

          I don’t care what color a child’s skin is, you never cause harm to a child and traumatize a child. No one has the right to do that. So yeah, “getting off on their power to scare children” is actually happening. Every day.

      13. Perhaps someone hacked into the system to put out a false message. Enough of those will get you to ignore future ones. The state govts. aren’t much better than the Feds. Remain cautious…

      14. Anyone know who made this famous quote?

        “When a country has ‘The Right To Bear Arms’, they are Citizens. When a nation is disarmed they become Subjects.”

      15. Having been exposed to a fake Nuke alarm, I can appreciate the people of Salem Oregon going nuts. Most of this is due to having Democrat Union people running the system. They only hire good party members. Salem is full of them(state capitol). I don’t think is is a conspiracy. A lot of my family( parents, brothers, sisters) lived in Oregon for a lot of years. I don’t think the Portland Metro area Liberals stand much of a chance if they want to try to disarm everyone.

      16. When people do “take action” the powers-that-be may wish they’d never been in power.

      17. All patriot militias should muster. That would send a panic up ‘their’ spine.

      18. In every city there are “important” and “vital” people that you want to get evacuated to their taxpayer-paid bunkers. When trouble comes, it is far easier to evacuate them if the civil defense alarms never sound. This is especially true of the Washington, DC area.

        It is possible that some of the people that received the false alarm came to realize their unpreparedness. Most will probably not prepare but a few might prepare. Maybe some good will come from the false alarm for whatever reason it was given.

      19. Sounds like another false flag beta test or maybe a false flag thwarted. Be on the lookout for more of these, the deep state needs a distraction right now – big time.

      20. Lol you sheep with cell phones Glad I’m not one of you!

      21. The “do not drink the water in Salem” due to algae infestation” sounds more like a terrorist attack on their water supply. When boiling, or iodine, or distillation can’t make water safe it is a beast of another color. Their Lesbian Governor thinks people can’t handle the truth, that’s why Oregon is the “Stay Safe” State.

      22. They issue alarms for incoming disasters and they put warning labels on cigarette packs and other hazardous substances. They don’t put warning labels on certain types of people when they really should.

        Femnazi- Men, protect your genitals.
        Liberal comedians – Warning! Known to say things that insult the intelligence of a four-year old.
        Politicians – Warning! Never allow him out of your sight or turn your back on him.
        Hillary Clinton – Keep looking up for falling houses. The Munchkin Liberation Front keep trying. Free the munchkins!
        IRS tax agents – Warning! IRS tax agent! Don’t talk freely about your tax returns!

        If we label certain people, life would be far easier

      23. Fuck off,loser!!

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