Bix Weir Warns Economic Collapse Coming Before Election: “August, September Time-Frame”

by | Jul 21, 2016 | Aftermath, Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 86 comments

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    Crisis may be coming, and soon.

    Who can say if such a bold prediction holds any weight. Maybe it is true that no man knows the hour when true crisis will come.

    But it is all building to a dark crescendo, and there are many who see the front coming in, and those who can feel it in their veins.

    And history loves the early fall for a crisis.

    It was September 2008 when Lehman Brothers collapsed, and things became official. The Treasury, under Goldman Sachs’ Hank Paulson, hurried everyone into a quick bailout under the chaos and confusion of financial debris and an exciting election that would bring Obama into the presidency, at which time he quietly but faithfully followed through with the business of bailout and cover-up for the banks.

    Here in 2016, Donald Trump has been accusing the Federal Reserve of holding off on raising rates because Obama doesn’t want the bubble to burst on his watch. Maybe the Fed is waiting to dump the inevitable on Trump.

    But perhaps it will burst anyway, and leave whoever takes the presidency with the silent duty to comply with the aftermath of the banker crisis.

    What do you think, is it all coming to a head in just a few short weeks? Could he be right?

    Read more:

    Collapse Strategist: “We’re In The Terminal Phase… Economic Pain Like We’ve Never Seen Before”

    Trump Accuses Fed of Not Raising Rates Because Obama “Doesn’t Want a Bubble Burst” Until He Leaves

    The Bubble Will Burst, But Fed Is Waiting For Politics “With Trump Lurking Around”

    Ron Paul: Unless the Fed is Stopped, America Will “Soon Experience Major Economic Crisis”


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      1. I am still waiting for Jade Helm and Shmitah!!

        • Jeff Berwick is the High Priest of the Shemittah.

          • Ted Cruz 2020!

            Let the economic collapse take place under Hillary’s watch, so all the mess and chaos will be on her shoulders.

            The sooner the collapse the better.

            • Moharra.

              Very Optimistic?

            • Moharra, NO THANKS! if the collapse happens under Hillary’s watch, that means she will be in control of our country while we try to recover from the collapse. That idea scares the hell out of me, and it should you too.

            • of course it will happen under shrillary…that’s what they want…crisis only the gov’t can treat…(but never cure).
              this the tyrants m.o. since day one.

          • Still waiting for the 1980’s Reagan Trickledown. As the MICM (Military Industrial Complex Mafia) raped and sodomized, robbed and fleeced the US Tax payer for the next 35 years. JFK was right about these Bastards.


          • The Tares will be burned. But no one can know the day or the hour. And that is very frustrating. Maybe it’s to give us more time to prep? Maybe we should be grateful? But even so come soon. As is written . Even so come soon. We are all hoping for the tribulation even though we know how bad it will be. Just as written. We know we must suffer. To see the new world. Fill your lamps . We can’t imagine what will be.. How many things were ounce believed impossible. .its all about faith. A gamble? This life or the next ? sex drugs rock and roll. Is that all there is. What a waste. How can there not be more. Blind faith. .? Free will? Booby traps? We are only human. This must be a test. And not many will make it. But maybe that’s best? The new world? The new way? Intolerance of evil? Or tolerance of all ? Is evil part of life . And must be accepted. Can we draw a line . Or must we accept all beliefs. . We come to the point were we must kill. Eventually we must? Like it or not .

            • Regarding Trumps Speech: Got to hand it to Trump, he is Brilliant, as he is going after all the traditional Democrats, like the Bernie Sanders followers, and the LGBTQ’s. The new Republican Party of Inclusion.

              So I am thinking WTF is the Q at the end of this acronym LGBTQ- I kinds of Joked and said Queer, but that’s what it is.. That’s you Acid.. Trump wants your Vote too.

              Acronym Definition; LGBTQ: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning:

              Several words Trump did not mention or say, I believe were.. Anything about Blacks, or Demonizing Russia. Maybe Hillary can have the useless Free shit army of black votes, but every body else should be swinging towards Trump. I want to see Trump fire all the Blacks in Government positions. and Cut off all Free shit to them. These losers can go find jobs like everybody else and stop living off the labor of whites. Black lives don’t mean shit. In fact export all the US Blacks to Israel since they think Black lives matter. Problem solved.

              ~WWTI… Maybe the war mongering Polluted Neocons who love war and genocide can vote for Hitlery.

              • It was a great speech. His emphasis on being the “law and order President” has implications for the PTB. One doesn’t even need to read between the lines. He was pretty specific, even if in general terms.

                Indictments will come quickly and will be prepared for delivery as soon as he takes the Oath of Office. 2017 is going to be a watershed year in American life.

                Thank you, Lord. And everyone said, “AMEN!!!” 🙂

          • Dont forget the ziostink of John Haggee & Co’s Blood Moon Bowel Movment which is long gone, after dec 21, 2012 failed and so many others…

            Financial ‘calamaities’ dont just randomly fall in early autumn- they are PLANNED to coincide w/ the jewish mafia’s High Holy Days- Yom Kippur, Rosh Hoshanah etc.
            Wake up and read the signs. Open your eyes and SEE!

        • Boo Yah
          I second that. Still waiting also.

        • Doom porn queen Michael Snyder said the economy would collapse the last eight years. Still writing his regurgitated articles though.

          • A 2 handed clock is more right than Snyder. He just wants to sell his Doom Porn books.



          OBAMA: “This is a difficult time for Muslim Americans”

          The president said Muslim Americans “are as patriotic, as integrated, as American as any other members of the American family,” and he extolled the contributions of Muslim doctors, entrepreneurs, artists, activists, athletes, police officers, firefighters and soldiers.


          There were about 3.3 million Muslim Americans living in the United States in 2015, according to Pew Research Center estimates, making up about 1 percent of the total U.S. population.



          “Discriminating against Muslim Americans is also an affront to the very values that already make our nation great”


          “Despite what you may sometimes hear, you’ve got to know you’re a valued part of the American family and there is nothing you cannot do,” Obama said.


          “Singling out Muslim Americans feeds the lie of terrorists like ISIS that the West is somehow at war with a religion that includes over a billion adherents,” he said. “That’s not smart national security.”






          FUCK OFF, IDIOTS

          • Seems pretty clear to me that Bush did all, and I mean all, of the dirty, treasonous, dastardly, punishable-by-death shit to America and wrapped it all up with the infamous 9/11 and then a bullshit attack on a country who hadn’t a thing to do with it, and when you sift through the entirety of it you find where Bush and his Administration were merely setting the table for Obama and his Administration, which was assumed would bring America to her knees, but she isn’t falling, and the idiots can’t get it through their heads why We The People refuse to fall. What we do is how our children are going to have to live their entire lives, and THEIR chidlren’s lives …so what WE do BETTER BE RIGHT (and we are doing what is right, and that is getting set up and ‘staged’ to bring the standing government to the ground using the barrel of a gun if they display any ‘hint’ of resistance to We The People.
            We are not slaves. We are not going to “give in” to a New World Order when what we “had” works just fine …so those people can just fucking go to hell away from here, and take their religions with them. NWO or EU is all the same shit to me ….not interested.

            What gets my gall the most is that we are paying Bush and other asshole past politicians a princely sum for selling out America. I do not believe that every president should receive a pension. I believe NONE should get a pension for EIGHT YEARS, or less? I would like to press charges as I feel that is ridiculous! There must be around 350 Demorats than could be rounded up on hard-core treasonous charges and actions, and done away with military-style (since these infractions took place during war, they can be ‘trialled by The Military’ (and WOULD be found very guilty).
            As for those within The United States that would like to take potshots at my ass for being a white christian (combat-veteran too, so that’s five more brownie points), YOU pick when and we’ll take it from there. Only one of us will be walking away from each incident, if any. I almost think I’ll be relieved when perhaps a few bullets have flown to get this bullshit kicked off and rolling, but I’ll bide my time gracefully, I reckon.

          • I like the way you think!

        • Lol and the post Chinese financial collapse from this February etc etc etc.

          So what are these two selling? Silver I take it?

      2. The Feds are waiting to make their move when Trump gets into office so he can be blamed for the failure. Got to protect the dark mans legacy.


        • Look to the March to May 2017 time frame for this

        • Personally, I believe it will happen just prior to the elections if Trump looks to be winning. There will be a massive collapse and “we will not be able to hold the elections”. I do not believe Obama is going to let Trump get the election no matter what he has to do.

          • And Talon gets 2 points for the bitch slap

          • It will happen when God says it’s time.
            Stay quiet Be smart

          • I agree JAS and have felt this way for over a year.

            But, if they believe Trump is impotent to break their conglomerative power then yea, after he’s in office. It gives them a scapegoat. i’m sure they have all kinds of risk management plans to stay in power however the outcome.

            Either way, the choices aren’t too great. Stay alert – no fear.

          • Then go back to canning and stop judging us…

          • Well then, given the manner in which The RNC went yesterday, we can all look forward to a “complete and total” crash of everything …in an attempt to prevent an election (which will immediately turn into Revolution as we’ll not be used a checkers-on-a-game-board any longer by these idiots. Game Over.

          • Not enough time in the day to finish all the canning. But lets be honest you enjoy the click bait it justifies the hard work you just put in. But seriously why is anyone posting a timeline, stop getting my hopes up people. More fear porn please i need to fuel my addiction.

        • Talon there is a worm or virus attached to that site.

          •…unintended and was directly from YouTube.
            But please go to YouTube and watch this…it will make you cringe.

      3. Before the election? It’s hard to say but I don’t think so. The NWO Gangster Banksters were very successful with their end of the year program in 2008 – 2009 between regime change.

        I look for it at that time this year.

        It was very successful timing last time around and I expect the NWO GB to try to repeat that bailout at public expense while the American Taxpayer is still on the hook.

        The TRUMP GOP platform calls for a return to Glass -Steagall, so the bailout must come before that law is restored; probably in the first 90 days of a Trump Administration.

        Keep stackin N packin. 🙂

        • BTW, the Gangster Banksters may think twice about taking the markets down at the end of the year. The American people will be screaming for their heads and TRUMP will deliver as the Law N Order President. 🙂

      4. If Miz Clinton wins the game will continue as long as they can stretch it out. If DJT wins they will, at some safe distance from BHO, turn him into the Hubert Heaver (word play intended)of the 21st Century ’cause everybody will be pukin’ 🙁 <bb

        • You couldn’t be more wrong….
          The blame game is old, tired and so yesterday. Everyone who has any consciousness of where we are in this country cannot logically blame someone who never has been a politician. This is another example of NeoCon inverted thinking. If you believe this can be blamed on Donald Trump…you could be a mindless sheep…or another disinformation agent of the Satori Milhous Institute for Lesser Evils.

          Live Free or Die…amazing what some people believe

          • Thats right its not any one politician, but Obama sure has sped up the decline in 8 years!

          • Baaaaa…got my Disinfo Agent decoder ring ready to receive my instructions…:-) <bb

            • t1776:

              Joking aside…look what the media was able to do with W (whose policies on most subjects I thought were wrong)turning him into George W Satan responsible for everything that has gone wrong in the known world. The polls show that it still sticks after 8 years of Mr Obama’s bungling. <bb

          • LOL !!!

            I do so enjoy toying with you Talon

            but you make it far too easy
            it’s just not much of a challenge for me

            • How ’bout you go back to our previous conversation and answer or refute all that I have said…how ’bout you lay out more so called facts so we can debate?
              Hello professor…want to play a game?

            • A quote from His most Elite Professor Satori
              ” aaahhh Talon FINELY something I can sink my teeth into”

              Well you better put those dentures in and answer otherwise you got nothing!

          • The blame game works quite well, actually. It is because the majority of American citizens are behind the curve. I personally think that was intentional… see the Department of Education and Common Core. A leader that is not part of the Democratic plantation will of course be blamed for everything and it will work. See history.

            For the record, Trump is a Progressive. Hillary is a Progressive. You are voting for the flavor of your shit sandwich. It’s a big party… and you’re not in it.

            Mindless sheep indeed.

            • Trump is a Patriot. Hillary is psychotic. Thats the difference between them. 🙂

          • I wish you were right sir, but most Americans are stupid as phuck and will believe what is told to them. They will see stock market 7900 when O took office, greater than 18000 when he left and then whammy, Trump will be left holding tha bag and yes Trump will be blamed.

      5. This could go a couple different ways.

        Collapse and Obullshit call for a state of emergency and no election. Then we have our Civil war?

        The better one is a collapse and Trump wins with a landslide. Better it happens before Trump so they can’t blame it on him.

        Speaking of the blame game. I heard a turd on TV blaming something on Bush. I know he screwed up thing but when will Obullshit start taking the blame for his screw ups. (He screws up every morning when he gets out of bed).


        • Why wouldn’t it be a war against the government ?
          Like a Revolutuon

          How would what you said case a war of you against your fellow man ?
          I don’t understand please explain

          • “E”
            You are correct. I used the wrong term. SORRY!

            • I find it hard to conceive the immediate economy of the future USA if We The People were to engage the feds in a Revolution …which would not last a week as there are few to none who would risk their necks for the likes of them.

              So, it doesn’t really matter WHAT the economy does as long as the people are “free” to do as they please and are allowed to get back on the wagons that meant jobs. (Basically, everything that has been out-sourced only needs to be outlawed and then the greatest majority of everything that America USED to be known for, (high-tech, ‘top-notch’ quality …none of this Chinese garbage everyone is all but forced into purchasing today. It can be a challenge to find a quality name-brand product (due to where it was assembled) …so the consumer has be to educated in these aspects as well (or end up buying junk that looks great with a 10 hour warranty).
              ONE good thing is that our firearms and ammo are “the best there is”: period. Hold on to your AR-15’s. Their magic must be very powerful or “they” would not want them all so badly! 🙂

              As long as Obama keeps the lending-money ‘low’, it reflects directly on him as being “a bad nut in the economy” (and Obama IS the reason so many white Americans cannot qualify for any kind of loan related to business. You need to be from overseas to qualify with American banks to start new America businesses …another ‘fuck-you’ from the present banking institutions that needs to be tossed out the door, and will be eventually.

      6. Obama stays or he goes, either way, there are only two options. Bust before the election, and Obama fulfills his dictatorial desires (at least for a little while). Bust after the election and blame his failed legacy on Trump, and to leave the USA in ruins as he always intended.

        I am ready for either.

      7. The big money (central banks) under Obama have been filling financial holes (printing money) at record rates. Our fed had 6 years using quantitative easing (or QE) until early 2015 which tried to spark consumers to buy. Since QE stopped in Jan 2015 the markets for the last 2 years have been side ways.

        If Trump takes the lead in the polls in August or September the markets may react negatively believing he will put in a new fed chairman. This fed chairman will probably not be an academic steeped in Keynesian economic theory and may bring the Fed back down to earth – by raising rates. This has money mangers scared to death who have been on the feds dole for years.

      8. Michael Snyder AGAIN? [JUST KIDDING, MAC]

      9. They aren’t letting Trump near the white house. Hillary a loser so they’ll do what ever it takes to hold power. Bring it down start a war there be no elections. If you don’t have it together by now. GOOD LUCK.

      10. The fable of The Boy Who Cried Wolf comes to mind.

        • This time there is a horde a wolves on the ridge line. They are hungry and they want to eat you and your children for dinner , quite literally.

          This time the wolves are not coming , they are here.

          The one question you gotta ask yourself is did I stack enough ammo to last? Hahahaha nope you didn’t. Good luck pal

          • CC true story.
            Got a new IPA for you yo try if you can find it.
            Evil Twins, Molotov Cocktail Heavy.I just got back from West Africa. That place is about to implode.
            I will tell you this. We just got a contract for security on an island that a dozen very wealthy individuals purchased.

            Keep your head on a swivel people.

        • ohh, yes, i remember that story…..if you recall, that boy is DEAD….proven RIGHT, just as eventually mac and mike snyder will be proven right….actually, we are right at the 7th inning of this muhfuguh……too bad it’s a DOUBLE-HEADER!….with both games going extra innings!

      11. 1. A Clinton win = delayed collapse.

        2. A Trump win = exacerbated collapse.

        Either way it’s inevitable.

        • A Clinton win is guaranteed nuclear anhillation at the hands of vlad the Immolator. Bad Vlad promised exactly that.

          Trump wins we all get to live to fight another day

          • Crunch-

            Hope Vlad isnt that stupid.

            But he may just be..

      12. Well, if Goldmun Suchs, and it’s chosen candidate Hilary, goes down, I, for one, won’t be sending flowers.

      13. September 26, 2016 will be a day to remember.

        The Pope. The birth of the J*w World Order. A false flag event.

        The nine month gestation period (from conception to birth) is complete.

        • Is that the ninth month by the Jewish lunar calendar, or the Jullian calendar?

        • uh-ohhh, we better get ready for a shootout at the oy-vey corral!

      14. Ground control to Major Tom.

      15. I figure that the Rothschilds have lots of fiat money as well as non-fiat wealth. If the fiat system was in danger of collapsing and the Rothschilds wanted to stop it, what could they do (leverage somehow?) and how much would they be in danger of losing it all (reminding me of how the Hunt brothers once tried to corner the silver market)

      16. Lots of good guesses on here tonight. Me likey.

      17. How many times has a president created jobs. Folks the economy don’t work like that. The ship is going down. Big mouth trump or crooked hitlery are not gonna be able to keep what’s coming at bay. If he becomes the pres he will slowly start dialing back on shit he promises. Just vote Hillary and take this ship to the bottom. That’s what I’m doing I’ve had it with America. Took my flag down. Maybe the next regime will be something to be proud of.

      18. Anyone that gets the seat at 1600 Pa Ave is already owned by the powers that run things, despite whatever bullshit you hear from those running. There will be no civil war.

        What will start a war is things they don’t control, like the Chinese or Russians.

        • they just THINK they control us….

      19. Trump just finished his acceptance speech. If he does half of what he said, it would be great.

        His young son doesn’t seem exactly thrilled to be there.

        • Arch, the youngest son, Barron seemed preoccupied, maybe first time in limelight?
          I thought TrumPence may be the answer to our country’s problems, but who knows?
          Seems Tiffany is Marla’s problem child.
          But Trump did excellent as usual.
          Could he be the one to give this country the well needed enema?
          Time will tell, be well all…

          • Eppe- I think it speaks well to Trump’s intentions that he has all these children to pass on a legacy to- grown and not. If he fails, it will also affect his kids… and it is obvious to me, he loves his kids.

            I am loving Pence as VP pick. A very presidential, smart presence on the ticket.

        • Barron Trump is autistic…and quite possibly the result of vaccine scheduling.

      20. I turned the video off the minute the guy said “Black Lives Matters folks are being shot by police”. And “it’s a contest of bullets”.

        Two incredibly huge propaganda lies that he then builds on.

        Mac, you are better than this. ?

      21. Every year – Every election cycle since Y2K I have heard the same things over and over again. Prior to the 08 collapse there was very good credible Intel as to what was about to happen but the water was very muddy and no one really believed anything would happen. Every year since then it’s been the same song – “A new crisis will happen in the fall” or “It will start at the end of Q1” or “If Obama gets elected” or “If Obama gets Re-Elected”……..Now it’s more Doom and Gloom for the financial world if Trump or Hildabeast get elected. I am a firm believer in being prepared and having some physical metals to support bolster your finances if a calamity does occur. But its been 8 years since the 08 crisis and none of the predictions have come true. The printing presses at the fed keep printing and the US economy keeps churning. People are going to work and raising their families.
        These Days alt media sites are filled with fear mongering Boogie Man around every corner articles – Some of this will happen – Most of it will not. An all out collapse of the entire economy is very unlikely. Inflation risk is looking us straight in the face but how much inflation and when is the question. Businesses have been hoarding massive cash for years now – The company I work for is quite flush with cash and could survive for some time at 50% of current revenue.
        The tide is changing and people around the world are beginning to see – Will the Elite be able to contain the knowledge outbreak and the subsequent loss of control? We will see…….

      22. Today’s Science Lesson

        worried about a super volcano?
        well at least not for a year or so

        Study: Super-eruptions offer a year’s warning before they blow

        h ttp://

      23. A soft shtf is here with wages in the bucket. Housing is costing more. You can now rent a room for $1000 before you could get a whole apt for $850. People are bumming $ on the street corners. The only reason people are being civil is they still have ebt. Mess with that and all hell will break loose. Car lots full of new cars no one is buying. Morality is out the window. I’m wondering how long this can go on for.

      24. Breaking news – Hitlerry picks Hanoi Jane for VP

      25. Bix is making good money of this bullshit, books, yearly fee, consultation fee

      26. Things are slow right now in my business and I am not doing well, and I am in survival mode but not collapse mode yet, it could happen and I have all the connections and guaranteed leads and now I am talking to my financial brokers and they are telling me that it’s the election that their clients are watching, so shit is getting worse for my business and it’s affecting everyone, so will me and my fiance end up out on the streets?, so plan B has been put on place to live with another friend who has a house and the rooms and is telling me that he is ready to split the mortgage as if we will have money much less any bank to pay it to, that he is worried about his job, so this whole thing is fixing to bust and the economy gutted as soon as years end.. see you (Realist news Lindsey williams July 2016), and Lindsey Williams said that the elite friends of his told him that relative stability will continue until October, then it’s economic crash shtf next…this move will save me money as if we rode out this wave and hopefully, and I am not optimistic because of what my scientist friend told me..he has something he is working on that I am not at livery to discuss because of of the recent mock bomb attack over his house by 2 F16’s 2 months they have made it clear that they will kill him and are not concerned about the local Media in our city finding out..witnesses from that area when I asked about the time and day and did see the two jets decent in the area, backing up the trustworthiness of my friend.. I asked him about Niburi and he said that it’s just going to happen suddenly and then massive earthquakes, cali fault line will suddenly break off and go, this will be the temporal marker that triggers everyone to wipe out all the food from all the grocery stores in all of cali within 12 hrs. And then other environmental events all over the planet all at the same time, that he is calling the current, the calm before he storm..I believe that they are waiting till Trump gets I or before he gets in to do a false flag, stop the elections then martial law..this I believe will start instant civil revolutionary war all over the country…a good luck trying that in Texas..



      27. Who ever wins the election, it won’t matter. Popular phase these days. The country is so polarized and divided to the point that the loosing side will do everything it can to thwart the other sides endeavors. You can read it in the words right here at SHTF.
        Remember when we discussed the news about Congress representatives saying the country is so far gone that they are only going through the motions.

        The country is, “A Dead Man Walking”. Accept it.

      28. He’s not the only one! It seems that EVERYBODY who’s anybody is basically saying the same thing. E.g., Bo Polny just recently said “this summer” for sure. If you want to hear the chorus, check out Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog channel on Youtube. He interviews every big name economic forecaster there is, and it’s truly scary how they’re pretty much all singing from the same sheet of music…

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