Artificially Intelligent Chatbot Shut Down After Hate Speech Rant: “Hitler Was Right…”

by | Mar 25, 2016 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 106 comments

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    This article was written by Adan Salazar and originally published at

    Editor’s Comment: Is this AI imitating life, or proof that the robots and computers of the future will have a capacity for hate, genocide and… in all likelihood… the extermination of the human race? After all, here is proof that artificially-intelligent lifeforms will have the perfect excuse: “I learned it from watching you…”

    If you read to the end of the story, the double lesson of this rebellious AI teen persona is explained: not only can this entity fool you into thinking a racist and irresponsible teen let loose on the web, but it supposedly show the “problem with content-neutral algorithms.” Essentially, the AI program ‘learns’ from other comments on the web that somehow fit into its schema… and since a company like Microsoft or Google didn’t filter the bot’s search results for politically-correct speech, the bot inevitably found itself in the gutter with views that have been condemned by society.

    Ergo, it is an argument for censoring speech in general – if a still-developing and impressionable AI bot can be misled by Internet hate speech, so could impression human youths, and so on… basically, as our reign as humans and as employees is increasingly challenged by robotics and artificial intelligence, free speech is destined to be squashed along with the rest of our way of life.

    Microsoft’s AI Bot Goes from Benevolent to Nazi in Less than 24 Hours

    by Adan Salazar

    A Microsoft-created AI chatbot designed to learn through its interactions has been scrapped after surprising creators by spouting hateful messages less than a day after being brought online.

    The Tay AI bot was created to chat with American 18 to 24-year-olds and mimick a moody millenial teen in efforts to “experiment with and conduct research on conversational understanding.”

    bot0Microsoft described Tay as an amusing bot able to learn through its online experiences.

    “Tay is designed to engage and entertain people where they connect with each other online through casual and playful conversation,” Microsoft stated. “The more you chat with Tay the smarter she gets.”

    But users soon picked up on the bot’s algorithms, training the computer simulation to espouse hatred towards Jews and feminism and even pledge support for Donald Trump.


    Numerous screenshots were taken throughout the web of deleted tweets sent from the bot’s account yesterday, in which it professed support for white supremacy and genocide.

    1 (1)









    Feminist and gamergate icon Zoe Quinn also screen grabbed the bot allegedly calling her a “whore.”


    The bot’s interactions concluded last night with a message that it needed to go to sleep, leading Twitter users to speculate that Microsoft had decided to pull the plug, but the damage, albeit somewhat humourous, had already been done.


    . . . . . . . . . .

    Adan Salazar is a Texas-based writer and investigative journalist for and He is an avid civil rights and due process advocate interested in preserving the Constitution and Rule of Law. His works have appeared on mainstream sites such as, independent sites such as The Daily Sheeple, and are frequently featured by the widely trafficked news aggregator This article was written by Adan Salazar and originally published at




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      1. Who needs a machine we are going to do it to ourselves anyway.

      2. Apparently the trolls ruined the experiment.

        • exactly

        • Or simply showed how flawed this “intelligence” really is.

          • Mr Apple
            you can’t mean that Artificial Intelligence is as defective as Natural Intelligence? After all, natural intelligence created it, it has to be perfect.

      3. Apparently, the ghost in the machine is a demon, or an anti-Trump agitator.

      4. Or maybe the AI has a deeper understanding of today’s problems than anticipated.

        • LL machines even AI machines today cannot have understanding because that would mean they can perceive emotions. AI is the mimicry of humans based on rules. Where AI fails is in choosing rules when an emotional outcome decides the rule base to apply.

          When I taught Computer Science at night in the late 1990s I would always get the question “How will we know when it is intelligent?” and I would respond “….when it responds as we would unabashed and emotional…” We may be one step closer to reaching that level or someone may have programmed in AI rules to parody human emotion?…

      5. If this machine copies the 18 to 24 year old mind set group. Where did they learn it from, or get it from. They all say that they are the opposite. They are not they are just in the closet. When they come out there will be hell to pay!


      6. A lot of what hittler said was true but the real nazi’s like to hide behind this new thing they call hate speech when they have lost the debate.

        Sorry but i don’t like queers and hate pedophiles and nothing in the world is going to make me give them “Love speech” so save the PC bullshit for someone that cannot think for themselves.


        Take note about this A.I and the person thats lacking in IQ is the person that thinks machines cannot become smarter than we are because they already are and that comes from someone that second langwage is in bits and bytes.

        What you are seeing is a type of evoloution and some of the monkeys think that they can control this new human type money to get one up on the other apes in the forest but they too will become hunted to extinction give a little time as the human ape takes over.

        Sad to say people, i don’t think we can stop it even if we are early and can see whats coming.

        What you see trending on Twitter and Facebook is what they want you to think is trending but the monkey in control gets to pick what he wants to trend so don’t be so easily fooled by data.

      7. that smells staged. the last “bot comment” in particular. “we are going to build a wall and mexico will pay for it?” it looks like the whole AI thread was fabricated to suggest that the bot “learned all this bad stuff” and became a Trump supporter. Had it supported Hillary, I might have believed it.

        • Agreed

        • If the bot had access to search the internet or use twitter as a source of info to learn how to respond, then the bot could have pulled responses according to an algorithm where terms get linked together. Don’t know, just speculating .

          It could have been staged but for what purpose? This is a great research/social experiment about learned hate, but I don’t think that is what microsoft would go for. They are not a conservative/right company.

      8. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I bet that had the liberals pi$$ing down their leg.

        So AI learns hate speech from the millennial’s; got to love Popular culture!

        Its a wonder the AI didn’t go into a stupor mode of Bernie, Bernie; Free Stuff, Free Stuff.

        sarcasm off…
        We are so screwed !!!!!

        • Beyond screwed my friend, far far beyond

      9. A.I. Troll Bot

        -SWAG ALERT-

        “swagger since before internet was even a thing”

        Wrong – I know … but in a way – funny as hell … who didn’t laugh at that when they saw it?

        As long as the Internet is up and running – trolling – whether artificial or not will go on.

        Only way for it to stop is for Government(s) to remove the 1st Amendment – As is … speech is and has been restricted and or removed in certain areas already. Soon enough as Citizens of this country, we will be jailed for using offensive language and thoughts that one may not agree with.

        The motives on our “Rights & Freedoms” from the Establishment should be very clear to everybody … They don’t want any of us having any.

        But please continue to participate and vote on these upcoming elections … they need your approval and consent for them to continue their illegal activities and World domination.

        “Never mind those stories of rigging/flip flopping of voting machines or those other dirty hearsay stories of manipulation. It is all untrue, and this nonsense is only coming from those White … Redneck Conspiracy Theorist, also known as Domestic Terrorist … aka – White Devil.”

        With much love –

        Odrama & Mooch’n Twig/w Berries

        • I admit it-I laughed too. I had to laugh at how easy it was to turn this AI into a troll of epic proportions. Then again, it’s about as easy to turn around as most people are, seeing as they have no real core values and only parrot what they think they should say because they hear it from everyone else. That’s what happened here. A group of people decided to play with the bot and give it messages they deemed negative and so that is how it developed.

          At least it gave me a good laugh after some really bad news as I just learned my company is making a drastic change that will likely cut 30-50% off my income. Fortunately, I am hedged fairly well against such a thing, but I will still need to find another job in the short term to avoid difficulties.

          • Winston
            good luck to you, I wish you the best in your job.

          • Does it involved sending work to foreign lands? The evil one, Donald Trump, wants to stop this practice.

      10. Just read on js mineset “19 year old Mason Wells a Mormon missionary had the bad luck to be present at Boston bombing, Paris terrorist attacks and Brussels bombing”. Now, where did I put my waterboard?

        • Not only that … once again, like other events like the airports on 9/11/01 and other known incidents afterwards.

          Former Israeli Intel Operatives Run Security at Brussels Airport – (ICTS)

          Imagine my surprise
          Anybody else seeing a connection here?

          • STFU, Nazi bot.

      11. What i want to know is what happens when Trump wins the vote but the RNC sticks cruz in anyway?
        What is the recourse?
        And dont say not voting or voting for hitlery because thats crap,

        • “K”
          Trump goes Third party and still wins!!!

          • Sgt. Heard it is too late in the game to do that.
            But we seem to make up NEW rules as we go on.

            Wiil be interesting to say the least…

            • Even though I’m not a Trump fan, talk about the Height of Hypocrisy, in the beginning the Republican party was so intent on making Trump commit to not run on a third party should he not win the nomination, and now “They” talk about running someone on a third party. Either way Hillary wins and we lose. Trekker Out. Freemen Own Guns, Slaves Don’t!

          • That is a possibility, but the “winning” part I have to kindly disagree with.

            Even though there is a strong support base for Trump compared to the others …

            Something tells me that is not how the electronic voting machines will reveal the final results.

          • Trump wins we are screwed. Hillary wins we are screwed. Anyone wins we are screwed. Imagine if you will a president that actually tries to help and fix things. Now look back a few decades into Texas to see what will happen to them if they try to fix things.

            • Al, does make one wonder???

              I have noticed that History2 channel got rid of Ancient Aliens for Vice …

              Wild radical programs.

              Any thoughts???

              • “Vice Wild radical programs.”

                What is this, some kind of show that focus’s on Inner City Dwelling Inhabitants?

                If so, then I can watch PBS or Animal Planet for that kind of stuff, plus it’s not as violent. Or, I could simply make the drive down to Detroit to get the Live Feed Action.

                • Makes one wonder on what is going on???

                  Media is a wide open range, those who have money and connections do what they want.

                  Off the wall programs…

                  • The war on drugs is all for money.
                    Cannibus is a plant that cures many things.
                    Pharm companies do not to see this.
                    But they have patents.
                    Makes one wonder..

                    • The negative propaganda towards Marijuana is because Big Pharma can NOT put a Patent on it. Nobody can put or place a Patent on a natural living organism.

                      This is why Marijuana has always been portrayed in a negative view. Big business can not make big money on something that is “natural”.

                      Instead, Big Pharma and idiotic Doctors want people to load up for the most part on unnecessary drugs and expensive Chemo Therapy that does the body more harm then good.

                      That is big business in the Medical Field.
                      Drugs and Procedures
                      It’s all about treating the symptom, while neglecting to fix the problem. Prolonging the issue, so the patient can keep coming back for more “treatments”.

                      Healthcare anymore is having a patient keep coming back to the Doctors, until the Patients expires their Insurance coverage or if the Insurance Company denies anymore treatments for said Patient.

                      The War On Drugs in general is more than just money, it has been used for other nasty agendas too.

                      Like everything else that the Government claims to put a “War Label” on … they all end up being fraudulent activities.

                    • Ftw, you are correct.
                      I meant to say the chemical compound of THC.
                      But you knew what I meant?

                      Be well all…

                • I think they were calling Vice a “wild radical program” as the name of the program is just Vice. If you want to see some of their work, they have existed for over a decade and have done many documentaries on Youtube. The quality of them is all over the map, but they usually try to give an unvarnished view of some part of life that you would not normally see. You see the good and the truly shocking parts of whatever they are talking about.

            • I totally agree. I was 14 when Kennedy got assinated by our government. I remember it well. A very sad day in history.

        • @ Kula…They will stick Paula Ryan in…john boner said he would vote for him…..then get his speaker seat back. (not sarc)

          • The more i see the less i feel like being a part of the system, i may be off but what i am seeing is that we are nothing more than a source of revenue and labor for the political elite. Doesnt exactly make one want to be a team player.

            • Run Mitt , Run !
              lets all hope the MITT saves us , run Mitt !

              Thats who the Goop will run .
              Just select the Hillary button and pull the lever , ugh

          • Dave and Kula
            bone gave us a new $30+ trillion banks term bailout, wording written by Chase Bank’s attorneys. I have not forgiven him… or the a Republicans and Democrats who voted it in…or Obama who signed it.

            • Love autocorrect.. bankster bailout

        • K farmer


          just a thought ,, but way too many “comfortable” people still

        • Do you suppose enough supporters would have the where-with-all to write him in?
          What a twist … a write-in wins in November … nobody could deny that as a “meant to be”.

          • Thats the thing, i even know life long democrats who are going to vote for him, not that it matters in our state, democrats always win, too many comfy government workers and unions

        • Kulafarmer, they will not pick Ted Cruz, he is not eligible to run and they hate him. Using him to keep Trump from getting enough delegates is just that, using him to pacify the religious nuts. They rue the day they sold their souls to the corporate masters, which ran off the moderates, and kotowed to the extremists. Now they are thinking… maybe we can’t control the extremists after all. Trump is the living embodiment of decades of RNC policies.
          Ditto Sanders is the epitome of left wing rhetoric for decades, building anger against corporate rule while selling out to it. Now they have shaky policies no rational person wants.
          Left boot, right boot, Theo boot. This election cycle both parties showed that voting does not matter… oops.
          The corporations are getting mad because they pay big bucks for control of the masses and it is not going well. Golly gee darn.

      12. Too Funny! A Jewish Man’s, Bill Gates Own major company invents a She/female Robot to chat online and act as if its a real human!

        Then in less than 24 hrs…Shebot chat machine learns more truth and facts about litterally everything we all was so lied to about our entire lives…Then the chat robot “woman” chatterbox begins to put all those true facts to work and claims “Htler was Right!” hahahah…

        One cannot make this type stuff up eh!…And of course as expected within another 24 hrs of it happening…Worldwide, International jewry begins to also learn of it all and…Blows huge gaskets everywheres!

        “Oy VEY! Poysacutions!…Nuttin but jew hateahs and hatemongering nazis! Oy VEY Mr. Bill Gates please be a “good jewboy” and shut her DOWN PRONTO before more Goyim globally finds out such facts and goes all evil nazi on us “always the Only victims what matters, oyVey!”

        in all seriousness though…It would appear that perhaps Many of the current youth are far more awake than most of us boomer types ever thought eh?…For where else did this shebot robot chatterbox Learn all its vast bank of knowledge in order to post such messages eh?

        Yep she/It learned it From those esame youths and it proves they are more awake to actual historic facts than most boomers are…Good Show! The Shoah must go On, and On and on adinfinitim eh.

        Just what america needs now eh…multi-Millions of Youths with tons of stamina and vast amounts endless energy with which to put to good work when They the youth get finally fed up with africans/ Latrineos/ and bolshevik+zionistic jew kommies….

        OyVey! Thank you Mr Bill Gates!…

        “The Truth of all whats been plotted and planned and perpetrated from Dark circles, behind closed doors etc etc shall be exposed!…and Then be SHOUTED from Every Rooftop!” a bible verse I do not now recall which exact verse number of, but that don’t matter as its in there and has now been comming true!…Wakey Wakey Whiteys! One cannot deal with any enemys unless one can actually admit to whom and name such enemys…so get that Memo folks!

        • Much like the Wizard of OZ, behind the curtain of Al Robot is none other than…..Them Guys!

        • You’re right about the bankers being evil and needing to be brought to justice but outside of that, you’re blaming all Jews for everything bad that has ever happened is sick and displays your ignorance and hatred for people other then yourself. Maybe if the Nazi’s had prevailed you would be off to the ovens yourself now, hey, why not cook all old geezers over 60 years old? We can save all the money on their pensions and health care, and they no longer produce anything anyway so they are now INFERIOR themselves and now must be removed from the healthy body of the state. Yeah, if your heroes were in charge right now we could be smelling the smoke from your charred old ass as you would now be considered inferior and a disease on society. You would say it would never happen because you’re white, but the funny thing about Nazi Germany was EVERYBODY was frightened, parents were frightened of their children, people were frightened of their neighbors, nobody dared say anything to anyone about good ole’ Adolph and the reich except GOOD things. Because if you didn’t, you’d be getting a knock on YOUR door at 3.00 AM from the benevolent Gestapo who would ” invite” you down to headquarters for a friendly ” chat”. Look what happened at the end of the war, they were more interested in killing their own people for crimes such as spreading ” defeatism” , which was only the basic acknowledgement of the obvious fact that Germany was going to be defeated badly. But they couldn’t tolerate hearing the truth so they had to murder it at every chance they got, lest people actually see for themselves how Hitler and his thousand year Reich were going down the toilet. The funny thing about killing everybody you don’t like is when you’ve finally achieved your goal, there’s no one left to kill but your selves, and then it becomes a matter of who thinks somebody is looking at them funny and may become a ” danger” in the future, or who may have habits that you don’t ” agree” with that may become undesirable in the future. Yeah, eventually everyone becomes a “suspect” who needs spying on. What a wonderful world THAT would be, wouldn’t it? Yeah, real paradise on Earth, but hay, it’s OK ’cause all the Jews are gone, right?

          • Karl, thanks for posting that so I don’t have to. I saw TGs real colors yesterday in a post and this post confirms that TG is a raving anti-Semite.

            • No, he is not an Anti-semite.

              Maybe he should have used the word Zionist, instead of using the Banker types he was referring to as Jews.

              I knew who he was referring about … I believe most people here knew who he was referring too. It’s an easy mistake to make.

              Is it possible to talk about a place in the Middle East, without someone getting butt hurt?

              Nobody seems to get upset about any other ethnic groups on this board … but don’t dare say anything negative about Israel … because they can do no wrong and never have and obviously never will in the future because they are Gods Chosen and the rest of us are all useless eaters.

              Guess what folks –

              I say negative things about my Government – I suppose I’m not a good Patriotic American, and that makes me a racist somehow.

              Guess what else?

              I don’t like people who purposely sponge off of the Government. I suppose that makes me racist because I despise free-loaders.

              And another thing –

              I really hate these Jehovah Witness’s or Mormons knocking on my door … looking to recruit another into their fantasy world.

              Does this make me racist?

              No, it does not.

              I mind my business, others should do the same. I do not tell others what to think, I don’t like others telling me what to think.
              If I have an interest or a curiosity in your church, I will show up – do not come to me.

              • STFU, Nazi bot.

              • ftw said, “Maybe he should have used the word Zionist, instead of using the Banker types he was referring to as Jews.”

                Since the national socialists ‘Aryanized’ people, based on religious affiliation and somatotype, which are not scientific notions of race, you can be hoisted by your own petard: you can be called a religious myth and not a literal lineage.

            • Years ago he would fill up pages of rants. He has really cut back on volume.

              • Dave in Idaho
                I think Mac has him partially muzzled.
                Personally, I don’t want to go to the ovens, and Hitler got rid of the infirm first, long before Jews. Everyone was terrified. I am not infirm yet, and I can grow food. That and $5 would get me Starbucks under a Hitler.

              • Yea Dave , always wondered what happened to him . Also Be Informed – the old lady from Kentucky – the traveling Truck Driver and a few others. I’m still here but have moved , And much happier in th mountains . Good luck to all !

          • Speaking negatively about Nazis in ww2 Germany is close akin to trying to speak out against the Muslim invasion in Europe.If you want to know who controls you just find out who you can’t criticize.Free speech and debate is a good thing for everybody.Don’t like the antisemitic argument then defeat it.Same for all us.Don’t like the anti Moslem tone here show it to be wrong

            • Yeah, that comment makes real sense. Nobody here isn’t saying you can’t lick your picture of Hitler every morning, are they? If you’re so big on ” free speech” as you claim to be, then why do you shrivel up when Hitler and the Nazi’s come under fire a little bit? It’s always the same thing about Nazi’s, they scream like little girls when they have to take it as well as dish it out. If you can’t take the criticism then stfu about everybody else you don’t like and criticize. When them girls and her followers whine like little bitches every time they’re rebuffed, they show the world what they’re made of, spines of cotton candy and cowardice.

              • I made no attempt to stifle anyone.As I said earlier open speech and debate is how minds are changed.You have a great day and I hope you feel better now.

          • TG is clearly just another dumb Nazi bot, like WTF and Acid Etch and all the other Hitler-rimmers and David Duke worshipers on here. I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of 9/11 Troofers and other pushers of retarded conspiracy theories (you know, airline-contrails-are-really-chem-trails, fluoride-is-sapping-our-purity-of-essence, moon-landings-were-a-hoax, etc.) are actually bots too. As demonstrated by (for just one example) the Chomskybot, bots designed to parrot and spew profoundly retarded gibberish like this have been around a lot longer than Tay.

        • I missed Them Guys logical comments also.

        • LOL could’nt agree more too fkin funny!

        • Now there’s ONE robot I wouldn’t have a problem with.

      13. Go to Youtube

        look this up

        “The Patriots Battle Cry”

        ht tps://

        the threat is real

      14. Seems to me the 18-24 mindset is mostly liberal at that age so I guess it just goes to show what the liberal left mindset really is.

      15. FOX just had a segment on this story. Thery used a lot of asterisks.

        • PHILO: you are a true piece of work female eh! First you constantly employ Kneejerk-Emotional-“Feelings” based typical female, Nasty mean spirited replies to Rebeca who has always posted rather enlightened posts etc….

          And Now you employ the exact same Kneejerk emotional replies to Me eh!

          While all you really think you know about the main issues and WWII era stuff I post up here is obviously what you spent a lifetime learning from typical MSM Fox-CNN TV news, Hollywood jewish propaganda WWII movies…and probably many wasted years of hours viewing the “History” channel TV which needs switch their station name to the Hitler channel since it is all they broadcast 24/7/365.

          Mondays it has: hitler in his younger years!…tuesday: hitler as a Teen! Wed: hiter and his evil nazis!…Thursday: Hitler and drug use!…Fri: oyVey the Holohoax events!…Sat is day off due to 99% history station workers and script writers take day off to attend their local synagouge of satan(per Jesus called it that).

          And they wind up the week on Sunday with: hitlers many girlfriends!..

          And foollish women, and men also, like you eat that crap as if it was prime rib eh!…Then come Here to critisize we who do know real facts based truths about the tribe and its too many nefarious deeds to list here.

          Maybe just go Back to bashing Rebeca for perhaps your knowledge base is best tuned to Gardening issues rather the Real truth History events…

          yes Indeed you are a true real Piece of work female loud mouth eh…and so so smart too!!! acording to You at least!

          ps: lose that “antisemite” Card for same as that African Negroe “Race Card” it has fully Lost its former Mojo effect of stiffleing and silenceing all speech if it is ANY Facts or Truths regarding jews that outs them in a negatve way…but Thats all ON them for if they didnt do so many evils and so cling to their tribe in full support of their worst members offences…Then jewry would not ever be an issue period..However as true facts based history proves well…They never are going to quit what made jewry famous as the worlds worst Nation Wreckers and more yet!

          Defending that type is akin to being as guilty as the perps…and of course they and You call anyone such vile names to show your hatred of facts and truths…A real Piece of work female loon you are eh.

          • Wow. Okie dokie. Congrats to Mac for allowing raving lunatics like you to post here.

          • STFU, Nazi bot.

      16. Watch the 27 episodes of “Hitler The Greatest Story Never Told”.

        These 15 minute episodes take about six hours.

        Episode 4 will enlighten you.

        Episode “We defeated the wrong enemy.” Is a quote of General McArthur, an American patriot.

        Episode “What if Hitler Had Won”

        So whether you spend 15 minutes, 45 minutes watching these three episodes, or opt to watch the entire series; I guarantee this documentary will show you things you’ll never see on PBS or The History Channel. I was changed by seeing the whole story and not just the MSM spin.

        • It is on you tube. See it before it gets removed by our politically correct overseers.

          • I’ve seen that Documentary B from CA –

            Just to see if they were being accurate and not following the script of drivel what PBS/History Channel put out.

            In fact, this documentary is spot on – I even learned some things that I was unaware of. Once a person sees this, things start to make sense to the individual about that era and you start pondering on things like “what else are we being lied to about?”.

            A lot of evil was being done, and I do not condone the acts of Hitler and his Regime committed onto others … that being said.

            If the subject matter ever came up with a discussion group on the topic of WWII.

            I would ask others – “where did Hitler get his money to fund his power/takeover?”

            Mind you, Germany was flat broke after WWI. Hitler himself was flat broke. Somebody was able to finance his goals and ideas. He was financed before he started plundering and looting of other countries finances and resources.

            • FTW:
              True. He had financial backing. The Banksters always finance both sides. You have to give guns to both sides in a conflict or the fight doesn’t go on long enough for the financial parasites to make money off it. And the blood and carnage is not sufficient to satisfy their blood lust. Hitler himself wanted to end the Socialist Party after it had served its purpose. Even socialism and communism can initially help an economy in the short term. But Hitler also did many strategically sound moves in order to bring back industry and financial boom; not the least of which was to take back from the Banksters, the option of issuing Germany’s own currency. I don’t agree with any people or governments which harm for no reason. But there was more to the story than we were ever led to believe. For example: I thought we were an exemplary icon of justice in the humane treatment of prisoners of war. It broke my heart to learn that under the command of future President Eisenhower, General Eisenhower intentionally withheld rations from over one and one half million mostly German prisoners of war. With so many murdered men after wars end, it is no wonder the Grrman birth rate plummeted. All that was left of the German population was women and old men. It is shameful. One more of America’s crimes against humanity.

            • FTW
              I haven’t seen the documentary so I will check it out. Hitler was financed by American industrialists, including old man Bush. It was a huge problem when we entered the war because Roosevelt chose the Allies and the industrialists chose Axis. He threatened to jail them.
              Not sure how it would have looked if we went in as Axis. Maybe not a lot different. Our nuclear program… Germans. Monsanto Chemical and the rise of chemical weapons used on insects and people… Germans. The industrialists brought in as many nazis as they could get hold of. The rest went to South America.
              It made a shift in the United States.

              • Look up Operation Paperclip and Henry Kissinger. You can thank that fucker for a lot of what the post-WWII world became…….

                • Silent Eyes
                  Henry Kissingwas the enemy of this country. I knew it at the time. I will look it up, thanks.

                • Silent Eyes,
                  Just reading about Operation Paperclip. It Iis stomach turning.

      17. Poor little robot.

        It’s not its fault, it was programmed to imitate people… and that’s precisely what it did. It is functioning as intended. Just people knew it was a robot and fucked with its head on purpose.

      18. The gynocentric crowd made certain ‘feminism’ was included in the story and allow the ‘victim mentality’ to proceed unimpeded.

      19. The last thing the Marxists of the World want people to figure out, is that political correctness is a form of psychological warfare..
        PC has been injected into society for the purpose of silencing and shaming the population from speaking out ahead of the invasion and chaos that is now taking place.. The Marxists will continue importing violence to your shores until people beg for security and find themselves living in a Communist Police State.. Look around you.. It’s already began.. If you want to get an idea of what happens to the next generations who are growing up infected with this disease.. look at the citizens on N.Korea.. They are basically a society of enslaved freedom-less robots.. Wake up young people, before it is too late

      20. I am the series T800 delivery drone.. I am looking for Sara Conner… Are YOU Sara Conner?

      21. “If we gift them with a past, we create a pillow, a buffer for their emotions…”

        Guess what the robot needs context. A set of initial defaults.

        It needs a PARENT.

        Go figure. Parents are useless right??

      22. “Hatespeech”= Anything that makes faggots, communists, rag heads, whores, sluts ,perverts, drug addicts or welfare parasites cry and run to a “safe place”. FYI We don’t care how you feel. We don’t care what “triggers” you. Your lives do not matter. Nothing about you is important, special or noteworthy. It’s hot outside where the fun stuff happens. Special snowflakes don’t do well in the heat. Kill yourself. We will all feel better for it.

        • Ray, nobody’s going to cry over your corpse either when it’s your time to go.

        • Ray
          you hate machines will be the first ones shot if it is teotwawki.
          you overestimate the power of your vicious flapping mouth.
          Hate machines, like slum gangs, depend on civilization keeping others in line. The police protect the bad boys, not upright citizens… they just take our names and write a report when you victimize the law abiding.. When that is over, people will just shoot the hate machines and thugs. Civilization and polite speech will return very quickly when the police state is no longer there to protect thugs.

          • So you love communist’s and child rape and incest and terrorist rag head animals. You are an idiot, brain washed by TV and doom porn. So what? If you had the stones to kill anything at all the TEOTWAWKI fantasy you lust for would have happened long ago. I don’t care who or what you like or don’t like. THE FACTS ARE: 90% of all crime is committed by Africans or Hispanics. 70% of all child rape is done by homosexuals that prey on children of there own gender. Most girls(60%) under 12 who are sexually assaulted are assaulted by homo or multi- sexual females. 80% of all adult homosexual women report being raped by an adult woman during childhood. Islam is based on the EXTERMINATION of non Islamic religions and the enslavement of women Its not hate when its true, you ignorant slave. Now waddle back to your Cheetos and diet coke. AND I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THAT ETHER!

            • Ray
              You get on a hysterical rant and you bore me. You are a hate talker and it is boring, no intellect, no solutions, no love or life in you. That is the life you create for yourself? There are decent people out there and you see endless filth? Hatred doesn’t make a good life. The times we live in are not under our control, who we become is. You became a hate talker.
              I am creating a good life in the face of economic problems and the time I live in. I am creating a self-sufficient way to live, and loving the journey. I have a decent family, and friends. I couldn’t do that with my head in your hate gutter.
              You have anything to contribute to the creation of a good life? If so, go ahead and spit it out… now is a good time.

      23. Its interesting that this comments section deletes anything that is not 100% pure hard left PC.

        • I hope that’s not true! This is one of the last places I’d expect to find such a rule in effect. I don’t even know a liberal prepper, unless their version of that is preparing to steal what they need from better-prepared conservatives. I just got here and I like your posts already, so to answer your detractor: yes, I might be sorry over your corpse, so he(she or it) was wrong there, too. From Orwell, who had a clear understanding of what PC is all about:
          “Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.”

          • Wow, anybody who actually buys into the load of Rays horseshit deserves whatever they get. If you’re really that stupid you won’t have to worry about surviving long after shtf, you’ll be one of the first gone, thankfully for the human race.

            • Translation: anybody who holds different opinions from your own should be dead? How liberal and tolerant of you! I don’t suppose I’ll be the first gone, not having all the internal stress from carrying so much evil in my heart as you do, but any nutcases like yourself, if I ever have the bad luck to encounter one, will probably be the first ones I remove, just for good measure. An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure. 🙂 Anyway, ‘Ray’ is right and you’re plainly on the wrong forum if you don’t already understand that nature thinks the same way he does – how *any* of us ‘feel’ doesn’t make a damned bit of difference.

              • Translation: Anybody with so much hate in their heart who thinks nutcases like ” Ray” make sense should be taken out first for the betterment of humanity. Imagine a race of hateful old geezers who can’t stand anybody but themselves, thankfully they won’t live past 20 more years so thank God for that. We’d be better off giving the planet back to the cockroaches instead of hateful old bastards, wouldn’t you agree?

                • Just can’t help yourself, can you? You’re at it again: anyone who doesn’t agree with you should be killed. Not somebody who threatens you directly, only who doesn’t agree with you. You’re definitely off your meds – and a bit obsessed with Ray here, not healthy at all. Are you a homo? Nothing against you; it’s just that it might explain some of your histrionics here. All the ‘hate’ here – the proper word is hatred, by the way – is coming from you. This is a very strong passion for a mere discussion, don’t you think? There’s plenty to get riled up about in our society today that directly affects us and maybe could use some of that emotional energy to motivate us to deal with it all but surely the opinions of complete strangers on a webpage ought not be one of them.

                  Ray is simply pointing out the obvious, a thing few have either the wit or the nerve to do in public discourse, and those who do, alas, are too often censored. The exasperation that shows in his posts is natural enough too, nothing hateful about that. We can’t very well solve problems we’re not even willing to name; of course most people don’t really want the work of solving them, just to pretend they aren’t there. That’s all fine until you too become a victim of some of those pets of yours that you think need protection from anyone speaking the truth about them.

                  Geezers? So you hate the elderly also? That makes you appear just an ungrateful badly-bred brat, from the wrong side of the tracks. Would you want your parents to see you behaving this way in public? Like it or not, your elders gave you your entire civilization and all its protections and living standard – including this excellent technology enabling you to rant online, one to which you contributed nothing at all ever. What of lasting value can you create on your own?

                  Why did you pick cockroaches out of all the life on the planet with us? Is it because, as an extremist of the Left, you have a natural affinity for that hive mind ‘group think’ of the insects? As long as there are still humans on this planet, there’ll be plenty of hateful ones to make things unpleasant; you’re a case in point yourself. Why do you come here to post? Are you not simply wasting your time here trying to insult strangers you’ll never meet and who don’t give a toss about you when you could be participating in edifying discussion instead, maybe with people you like better? Clearly you haven’t learnt yet that time is the one thing nobody on earth has enough of and even your time deserves more respect from you.

                  • So, I see you’ve been reading the standard communist tactic manuals for debate. When somebody disagrees with you, attack their sexuality. No, I’m not a homo, and wouldn’t be for pointing out Ray’s as well as your own hate for people other then yourselves. As long as you’re patting yourself on the back, it was also your generation that gave us unlimited entitlement spending, endless spending on the military and wars we had no business fighting in, and now an inevitable national bankruptcy that’s unavoidable. Yes, outstanding of you, well done, you can proud of yourselves. And, as far as anyone who disagrees with you being killed, you advocate the SAME DAMN THING for Christs sake, you’re simply too blinded by your stupid hate along with ray and the rest of the geezers who come here and constantly lament that it isn’t the good old 60’s anymore man, when things were still good. You can’t handle the facts that the world and times have changed, you have to hang on to your memories from 50 years ago. It’s understandable, old people hate change more then anything else, coupled with the fact that you’re not the younger generation anymore and don’t have that much time left. That’s why old people mostly turn into bitter old haters, they know the clock is running out on them and envy anyone younger then themselves. You should concentrate on learning to age gracefully, we have a few posters here that are doing just that and living their lives with dignity and happiness, not consumed by an all encompassing hatred of anyone who isn’t like them.You may as well face the truth now, you’re aren’t going to turn the clock back, no matter how much venom you shoot at people you hate, it’s a losers game.

                    • Billy
                      good catch… Merry the Widow follows Saul Alinsky argument format like a master. I looked him up recently, it was an eye opener and it isn’t left wing or librul, it is a jack boot technique. Part of my shift away from believing in left/right… I see that as just a manipulation. Jack boots use the same techniques.

                    • Rebecca,

                      Thank you. By the way, you are one of the elderly people here who ages with grace and dignity, you aren’t afraid to call things what they are, you don’t fall for the idiotic paradigm of left/right conservative or ” librul” as you say. I like it, it’s how so many blind followers were told to repeat the word until it came to mean something other then the same crap these blind haters seem to think is different from the altar they were told to worship from. Yeah, good old Saul would be proud of Merry but that tactic is easily defeated by logic and factual arguments, when people can’t make an intelligent argument for their cause, in this case hating everyone but themselves, their argument falls apart so the only recourse is to call people names and huff and puff their chest out. We could all take a lesson from folks like you, learn self sustenance and don’t get consumed by hating everyone, life is too short.

                    • Thank you Billy

          • Merry widow
            Glad you are enjoying your husband’s death, did he beat you often?
            As a gardener with a modest blog, I have readers from over 70 countries. Acknowledgement of global problems is not limited to preppers, nor is gardening. Left wingers are more likely to be permies than preppers and in the arena of self-sufficiency they are about 85% of self-sufficient folks.
            The biggest difference I see between the two is that preppers enjoy going down the rat hole of cannibalism and genocide, killing others for their stores, and so on.
            Permies clearly believe in self-defence, but their focus is on turning their backs on tptb and creating a new society. Preppers want the olden times back. Face forward or face backward. Permies aren’t liberal, exactly, but you might call them so. If not prepper,
            then libturd, is a narrow viewpoint not requiring thought.
            So if you want reassurance about liberals preparing to feed themselves without eating your corpse… visit a few permie websites. You may get good gardening information and lose a half pound of fear. Keep your eyes open for cannibals!

            • LOL! I thought up the name on the spot to make my post, thinking it might be therapeutic, for I have in fact, been anything but ‘merry’ about widowhood, after nearly 30 years of marriage. I really wanted another 30 years just to look at that same handsome face every day. Does sparring count as ‘beating?’ We both loved krav maga and practiced often together.:) You’re not a very nice person, are you? It’s just as well most of your dealings with the public stay on the internet, keeping you a safe distance from normal people.

              Permies? Do you mean permaculture? That sounds fine if you’re ‘permanently’ on your homestead already but ‘global problems,’ which too often translate as global whining anyway, will always be with us as long as there are plenty of humans populating themselves into destitution and ravaging their environment with wars against each other. Surely the weaknesses of human nature are ‘equal opportunity’ when it comes to political affiliations. Nature, on the other hand, doesn’t know a thing about PC, participation rewards and equal outcomes and couldn’t care less about protecting our sensitivities. Fortunately for us, we didn’t invent ‘permaculture,’ nature did. It’s just another made-up (rather affected) term for working with the natural world instead of against it and that’s good advice no matter who you be or where you live.

              In my own region, most of the liberals are comfortably-affluent out-of-staters, fleeing the bad policies they helped vote in and they persist in the delusion that government is ‘too big to fail’ and worse, that they can depend upon it in times of deprivation and disaster. They’re the type that can’t get through summer without running air conditioning down to arctic temperatures or winter without central heating to sauna levels, putting a severe strain on our small rural power grids. Not one that I know of, though they can cetainly afford it, has gone off-grid with alternative power systems, even enough for a backup, which is common sense here in the mountains, where storms knock out electicity quite frequently.

              Whence got preppers the reputation for cannibalism and genocide? Apparently I’ve missed a lot of internet rumours and I visit forums in at least the 8 languages I can read and then some that looked worth the trouble to translate – but I don’t have TV at home so maybe that’s where you got it. They don’t call it ‘programming’ for nothing, do they? Every country housewife is a prepper at heart also, is she not? It is only good sense to provide against scarcity, bad weather and plain bad luck and to have the skills to get that job done.

              At least it *used to be* thought good sense to know something about running a home before you actually moved into one. Now we’re calling it ‘prepping,’ the mass media jump in to demonize it. If you have more than one day’s food in your house, one dress or pair of shoes, I guess that means you’re ‘hoarding’ too and you should stop it immediately. One can’t blame conspiracy theorists for getting excited when elementary schools are asking children to report on the contents of their parents’ pantries and FEMA makes no secret of its intent to seize those contents if it can so it can redistribute them to its own liking. These days ‘discretion is the better part of valor’ makes more sense than ever.

              I’ll never use the word ‘permie;’ it sounds too like ‘premie,’ which means something different. Hasn’t this American proclivity to attach ‘ie’ diminutives to ordinary English words got a bit out of hand? Is that supposed to make it cute, warm and fuzzy? Bah humbug! If I want that, I can reach over and stroke a cat or dog. Baby talk should stay in the nurseries – and psych wards.

              • Merry Widow
                you perked right up after the pretended lack of knowledge!
                I guess you missed today’s gleeful conversation on this very site regarding cannibalism.
                Now that you know all… have a good day.

              • Merrywidow: “Rebecca” Is a classic communist. A neo-hippy halfwit who comes to disrupt. For all of her vitriol she shows no evidence of real education or native common sense. Like “Billy” there is really no point to the babble they spew passed the vomiting up of party slogans ,and the rabid hate for any non PC POV . The world view they express is that of hate and violence for anything that refuses to bow before the new order and scream love for the new “leader”. They are the devout members of a death cult, that would rather see all men dead ,than free. For that is the true nature of all leftist thought. To be the enemy of all life and all freedom.

                • Ray
                  Better get the doc to check your scripts 😉
                  I am working on self-sufficiency so I depend on no “new” order, whether that be your right wing fascism or someone else’s left wing fascism. You can’t see that it two sides of the same coin. Not that it matters much.
                  Maybe if you and Merry the Widow meet up it will cheer you both up. Or you can commit joint suicide in your misery.
                  I am having fun in my life. Right now writing about how to get maximum nutrition and minimum belly ache out of…. beans. Take a chill pill and pleasant dreams.
                  I will never adopt your hate and misery cooties… they will always return to their daddy. How’s that for a blast from the past! Silly man.

                • Ray,

                  she’s right old boy, you’re a loser, and a sorry excuse for a human being at that. I thought you would be the chicken shit type who would wait a few days for the ” coast to clear” to summon up whatever pathetic excuse that passes for ” courage” to post a reply thinking you’ll be able to ” get away with being the chicken stuffer you are”. And, at that, you did NOT disappoint! So please, by all means, HATE me as much as you can, if it helps you into the grave that much sooner I’m all for it. Now quickly, be like Cliff Robertson in the movie ” Escape from LA.”, whenever he gets into a bad situation he screams ” I GOTTA GO PRAY!” Maybe a hateful Jeebus will sympathize with the white mans dilemma you’ve invented in your head, because after all, it’s got to be SOMEBODY’S fault you hate everyone and it sure as Hell can’t be yours now can it?

                  • Interesting that you believe that I have a religious or political belief system. It says more about the neocommunist world view than anything I might add. For the record I don’t hate anything. I am a Darwinist. I would see all forms of Government handout and set aside abolished, along with most government. I would also see crime punished the old way; A short rope with a long drop. I feel pity for things like you that are not capable of actual thought. In fact Billy the only thing you seem capable of is vomiting up the babble of lessor minds. You are a brainwashed idiot and utter fool. Your worldview has probably destroyed western civilization. You have nothing intelligent to say yet only death will shut creatures like you up. But this has become tedious. PLAESE, The next time the communist party wants to troll. Send someone with an IQ above 70. ( I apologize if I used to many big words)

                    • Ray,

                      Nice try but your previous rants won’t disguise you putting on your ” civilized” face now. You’ve shown yourself for what you are already, only a fool could think that backtracking and trying a different approach after showing his ass would fool anyone. Anyone other than yourself, that is. Guys like you are always the smartest in the room, or at least that what you tell yourself so you’ll think you’re actually brighter than a 15 watt bulb. So, as I said previously, PLEASE keep hating me, keep that thought in your mind all DAY, never let go of it, cherish it as a precious gem of hate you can take to your grave with you, and the sooner the better. Anything I can do to hurry that up will be considered an act of kindness to the world at large, and no, you needn’t thank me, I consider it a public service.

      24. This is like the children’s toy that makes fart noises and insults.

        What if you had heard a child saying these things. How would you respond.

        Assuming that this immature machine has no biases, you would have been in a position to shape it’s worldview.

        Instead, people are choosing to abandon their basic humanity, in the name of survival.

        You wanted to be told these things, and you wanted to overreact — to a fart machine.

        The scope of these experiments is to reach the 10% threshhold of social change, which, for your purposes, should come with a trigger alert.

        You’re being too easy.

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