Into the Meat Grinder: A “Market Meltdown the Likes of Which We’ve Never Seen Is Upon Us”

by | Aug 28, 2012 | Charlie McGrath | 314 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    America is about to be put through the meat grinder and despite what President Obama or Governor Mitt Romney say they will do to fix the fundamental issues facing our country, the end result is inevitable.

    Neither the Republicans or the Democrats can change what’s coming, because the fact is, they are equally responsible for where we are today.

    As Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News notes, it’s no longer just bloggers  and alternative media in the fringe corners of the internet warning about the coming collapse of life in America as we have come to know it.

    The crisis of reality is being forecast by some of the most elite institutions and insiders in the world, and we’d better be paying attention.

    I want to give you a few predictions and then tell I’ll you who they’re from. It might surprise you.

    Prediction number 1: We’re heading headlong into a financial meat grinder.

    Prediction number 2: We’re about to plunge off a financial cliff.

    Prediction number 3: Major market meltdown the likes of which we’ve never seen is upon on us.

    This wasn’t from some alternative media site or somebody that’s peddling gloom and doom.

    The first one is from JP Morgan, the second from Ben Bernanke, and the third was from Steven Rattner, former Obama Treasury adviser.

    The IMF and the US Congressional budget office are both warning about the largest tax increase and the largest spending cut in history hitting this country.

    They’re doing this for a reason. 

    It isn’t because it’s not going to happen. It is because it’s going to happen.

    When it all comes crashing down, when it all comes falling apart, when the sovereign debt landmine explodes around this planet we will be sitting here in a deflationary spiral, the likes of which we have never seen. They will be sitting there ready to swoop in and grab up everything at bargain basement, bottom of the dollar prices. It will be the Tulip bubble all over again. You will be sitting there holding nothing and then blaming your neighbor for being here.

    These same criminal elite that promised to end wars, that promised to audit the Federal Reserve, that promised to get our financial house in order, are continuing to expand the power, the role and the control of government.

    At this point it is our position that there is nothing – absolutely nothing – that will be done to change the course on which we’ve embarked over the last several decades. The consequences of years of spending, borrowing and centralization of control cannot be reversed.

    The system as it exists today, where we enjoy relative wealth, stability and peace, will inevitably experience a complete reset.

    The elite know this is coming, as evidenced by their recent actions and the whispers on Wall Street and throughout the upper echelons of finance and government.

    Hat tip: Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News. Listen to Charlie McGrath Monday through Friday (5pm – 7pm PDT) on the Rense Radio Network.


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      1. HAte me, First!

        • What….No lunch crowd?

          • Lunch was good today, started late because of the rain. Good one!!!

            • Lastly, use “first” in a sentence, you still get thumbs down.

          • Add the effects of the drought into the mix.

            China has agreements for large purchases of corn and wheat from the U.S. Since the U.S. is in debt so badly to China, I assume they will get their bushels first.

            Years ago, the U.S. used to keep large surpluses of corn and other grain…just in case. But, that is not the case now.

            As of 2008, “Our concern is not that we are using the remainder of our strategic grain reserves for humanitarian relief. AAM fully supports the action and all humanitarian food relief. Our concern is that the U.S. has nothing else in our emergency food pantry.

            There is no cheese, no butter, no dry milk powder, no grains or anything else left in reserve. The only thing left in the entire CCC inventory will be 2.7 million bushels of wheat which is about enough wheat to make half a loaf of bread for each of the 300 million people in America.”

            This information is 4 years old. With the drought, I wonder what the current situation is?

            US Grain Reserves Dangerously Low (AAM Concerned with CCC Inventories)

            • I think I will choose to ignore the very existence of government. If everyone did it and squatted in their unpaid homes and continued life as if there was no ruling class then the very concept of government would fall. Governments have been with us for a long time. I’m in for tribalism, not nationalism.

            • Woman,… will you P L E A S E stfu and finish the dishes ?

            • listened to a US ag commodities broker talking on Oz radio at the other end of the world yesterday. Your MSM is massively overhyping the effects of the drought, the harvest is predicted to be the 10th best on record. This from the guy responsible for doing the measuring.

            • Early in the Obama administration they drew down all strategic reserves because they said we had never needed them and so would not need them and they cost money to maintain (this from the most free spending administration of all time). This draw down included oil and food stocks.

          • Not going to happen till after obama is re coronated by the powers that be. QE II was good for the markets – look it up – and QE III will be just as good – enough to make everyone believe BJ Clinton when he says obama just needs a little more time and if you don’t agree your’ racist.

            • Jim,,,We’ve had QE-1, QE-lite, QE-2, Operation Twist,and Operation Twist continued. Regardless of the name, it was all the same thing. With each one, the markets went up and when they stopped, the markets went down. The common denominator was, it did not create a single job. The only ones to profit were the too big to fail banks, as the can was merely kicked down the road. QE-111 will not save Obama or us. As far as being called a racist by BJ Clinton, I’m hurt. Crushed! I’ll never recover my former esteem.

            • Swift it won’t save us but it will steady the mkt for 71 days.

            • obamas fault? this country was alredy a rotting corpse before obama was even elected; any rational adult not suffering from memory loss knows that. lehman brothers, big panic, market meltdown, emergency congressional session, tarp, billionaires siphoning off our 401ks, 750,000 jobs lost per month, all before the 2008 presidential election and all of this is recorded history. these facts do not make you nor i racist. get “you’re” facts right jim.

            • Would that bj stand for??..oh, never mind.

            • @ davall. The fact is that the way you allow an economy to heal is to allow deflation. If anyone believes in capitalism, non interference from the government. It hurts for a while but the economy comes back eventually stronger. BO and that idiotic helicopter ben thinks that by flooding the U.S. with currency will heal everything. Printing up money doesn’t work. Screwing with the economy didn’t help in 1930’s and only made it worse. Only WW2 brought the U.S. out of the depression. When the government “charges” jobs on its credit card, it is a death sentence. It is like someone hiring a bunch of work done on their house using their overblown credit card. Looks real good to everyone that all sorts of expensive work is being done, yeah all on credit.

              The fact is these politicians put on a show to get re-elected. BO is trying to stimulate jobs at the expense of the financial well being of the country. Granted that junior f’ed up the country big time. It was bubba clinton that allowed the country to really sell off through free trade. Free trade brings in cheap products made by slaves at the expense of American jobs. The death of the country started with free trade by peanut man carter. Jobs stimulate more jobs in a country. The products may be more expensive, but there is money to easily pay for them because most everyone is working and money is flowing through the economy.

              Free trade has been cyanide to this country. Back 50 years ago one breadwinner family could buy a house and car and have plenty left over. The price of gold and silver in U.S. dollars back then proved this. Money used silver certificates and used silver in coins. The U.S. manufactered almost everything of its own. Then some ass monkey came up with the notion of having slave labour produce cheap products and American jobs begin flying overseas.

              I have said this before, free trade is ONLY viable with countries that have similar economic worth. Poor countries SUCK the good jobs out of well to do countries because companies can hire children and other poor people to do sweat shop work. You get cheap throw away garbage that doesn’t last. BO and his rival would allow more free trade and stick the final nail in the coffin.

              Every single leader and the congress that has allowed free trade and watch good American jobs be wasted away has created a national security risk to this country through the destruction of its economy and the infrastructure. Such actions as trading with the enemy, which China is now, would never have happened with Hitler of Germany or Tito of Japan. It won’t happen, but there should be some convictions for treason.

          • 90 million gun owners hold the future of America in their hands. WE must create and support NEW political structures to wrest control of the American Republic from the Retards and Demturds.

            90 million gun owners must organize, communicate, volunteer, donate and vote for NEW political parties like America First!; The Constitution Party; or the Patriot Party.

            $100 dollars from every gun owner in America could finance a 50 state, grassroots political movement of Patriots that could elect Patriots to office at every level across the country; but particularly at the Congressional level as the Congress controls the budget.

            Eliminate the G Flue: R1,D1,L1.

            • It’s too late for election theatre to solve the core problems in this country. Elections are the mechanism by which we vote for either faction of the elite interests. Third parties and outsider candidates do not win. Ron Paul’s only influence in the Republican nomination process is to create about 5 minutes of debate on the laughable notion of gold-backing a currency when you owe trillions of it to communist Chinese..not gonna happen. The strategy you are proposing already happened in the previous two elections. Look at this supposed “Tea Party influence” in doesn’t exist. The Tea Party position is now to steal what’s left of a safety net for old people (medicare and social security) while not touching the “defense” budget (which is really a budget for offensive wars of Empire…and NOT for defense, as Ron Paul has pointed out many times).


            • No Dboy, the solution I have proposed has NEVER been tried post 1950. The problem with previous third party candidates is that these candidacies were about INDIVIDUALS.

              It has never been about the US Constitution. It has never been about OUR liberties. It has always been about egos, wanting to run for President without an organized political base.

              Gun owners must organize a grassroots movement all across the nation: a political movement in every state of the UNION designed to preserve, protect, and restore the US Constitution and defend personal liberties.

              That must be the ONLY issue pursued and addressed by a NEW Patriot’s Party.

              No planks about gays, or right to life. No planks about taxes, or budgets, or definitions that marriage is one man and one woman. These are SIDE issues to be debated in Congress after the election of true Patriots and proper interpretation by the Courts.

              It is enough to group together around the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; with candidates of this NEW Patriots party to sign a legal CONTRACT stating that he/she will never vote for any legislation that is contrary to OUR founding documents.

              This contract will ensure that office holders are LEGALLY bound to the Constitution and can face civil penalties from the party (by a vote of the members prior to litigation) for failure to support the Constitution and promote or sign legislation (like the Patriot Act and NDAA) that is contrary to the US Constitution.

              Organize a “freedom cell” in your neighborhood with one purpose and one purpose only. Do not become distracted or divided by side issues.

              The traitors and criminals who have infiltrated OUR government and populate every agency, department, and office can only be weeded out by a sustained, single minded effort over time.

              That is how these radicals have come to power and that is the only way they can be routed out. Its not about being President. Its about being a Patriot.


            • Dream on.

            • Update! More like 190 million gun owners!

            • YOUR generation is the one that has failed to engage. Gen y and the melinnials will have to clean up your mess.

        • Love me, second.

        • Good job, love to see someone get that “First” in there!

        • I believe in evil as I believe in good. Those that are afraid to face the “TRUTH” will suffer the most! What your saying is true and no matter what anyone else say’s that can’t talk away $16 Trillion in Debt, America is

      2. A little bit off topic, the prepping is paying off. Sitting here with my family waiting for Isaac to make landfall and I feel like we can weather the storm for at least the short term. No panic or worry about having enough, worry about property damage but there is only so much one can do. Anyone else involved in this storm in the coastal areas, good luck and God Speed

        • I just spoke to my mom in Baton Rouge. She is worried, and my brother will be there with her.

          Honestly, I think they are making way more out of a category one than needs to. It’s likely the Katrina Reflex, but it can still be bad for a lot of folks.

          I will be praying for all there, while wishing Obama was camping on Grand Isle.

          • It just occurred to me that a levee breach in New Orleans, made made or natural, would surely help wash away the expected bank collapse scheduled for Friday afternoon.

            Who knows….

            • ooops, Man Made or natural…. Sometimes I be dumb… must be the fluoride in the water.

            • Why do you think it’ll be Friday?

            • What’s scheduled For Friday afternoon???

            • what Friday bank collpase Please?

            • EVERY BANK CLOSING happens on Friday after close of business. The FDIC walks in and cleans up the mess over the weekend so it can reopen under a different name on Monday. The “buyer” and sale were arranged long before the bank is shut down.

              It hides the fact that the bank failed, and the customers (and employees) are none the wiser. The bank is closed over the weekend anyway so it is no big deal so long as they get can get their money on Monday.

              It must be done that way because if it was done on a Monday, they would have to shut the bank for a couple of days to get reorganized. If there was no buyer already lined up, it could be shut down for weeks. There would be a huge run on the other banks from people trying to get what they can before their bank ends up locked on them.

              They money changers will issue whatever credit is needed to hold a major bank over til that black Friday comes. By the time Monday rolls around, the failure will be old news and not as heavily reported. The paper trails will have been deleted or otherwise destroyed, and the new owner will know nothing about the old one. The crooks can disappear into the night.

              The “major bank” has likely already failed. The story has just not been released, and will not be, until the people are out enjoying the weekend.

              Now that you know that, you have a couple of days head start on the sheep.

            • Mal: Friday? Its that once in a “Blue Moon” kind of thing ….

              Just saying.

            • GODS CREATION-Get off your fat ass and go help mom you selfish pos. When you get there you can pray with Jimmy Swaggart after he jerks off on another prostitute. Such a good Christian you are. Not.

          • This storm diverts attention from the RNC going on now. It’s just that simple.

            • What convention? I didn’t know they were having one. All I see on the TV is dire warnings about a minor hurricane.

            • can you see its been steer from the beginning and now is coming with tons off water for the drought affected area 🙂

            • Those sneaky repubs, ordering up a hurricane to mask their evil deeds.

          • Yo GC! Baton Rouge and the rest of the state seems to be ready. From what I hear on the radio this is going to be a test for all the new procedures put in place from lessons learned from Katrina. For those of you who didn’t know because CNN didn’t tell you Katrina did not hit New Orleans. It did wipe 30 miles of the Mississippi Gulf coast off the face of the planet. Mississippi just didn’t have 500,000 welfare voters like the 9th Ward screaming for help AFTER a mandatory evacuation was ordered. Yes buses were PROVIDED. Yes accomedations were PROVIDED. Yes everything they needed was PROVIDED. People got on buses with kids and NOTHING in hand for their kids. No toys, clothes, snacks, NOTHING. Take care of me and my kids. Pretty sad really. I guess those facts add to the reasons we ( witnesses ) are racists. ( BS ). I hope your family does fine. Alot of rain seems to be the big concern. BTW, old, poorly maintained levees built by companies owned by family members of politicians gave way to the water. That is the word I heard anyway. Don’t know if it’s true but it is N.O. we are talking about here.

            • Thanks ECHO. Rain is about the only concern really. That, and this storm doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere.

              Of course, the corp will tout it’s success in rebuilding the NO levees to withstand a hurricane, even though a category one would never have caused a problem in the first place.

              Obama will say how prepared they were. It’s role in the cleanup will be spoken of as if a miracle. No need to worry about prepping for yourself. The government is here to take care of you and we just proved it. I can see the teleprompter now.

            • You are totally wrong. N.O. was the ONLY place hit by Katrina. I saw it on the news. I never saw fleets of school buses patrially submerged or thousands of sheep sitting in and around the Superdome whining for help.

              The Superdome scene begs the question: When you see hoards of people who are obviously destitute milling around outside , why would you walk TOWARD that scene? Oh, things were surely better inside the roach motel. Once they checked in, they couldn’t check out. I think that’s a common thread among refugee camps.

              One must ask: With the Kartina scene fresh in America’s mind, why is the population of N.O. not 0?

              Note that most of the refugees had no intention of returning. They planned on squatting somewhere else (sorry, Houston) to “Be All That They Could Be”.

          • Tropical Storm Allison June 2001 caused 5 billion in damages, over 40 inches of rain in Texas then headed east doing more damage, and it was JUST a tropical storm.

      3. I know better, but I sure hope that something can be done to stop it.

        It’s just too depressing to think about.

        • There is nothing that can stop the collapse of a Ponzi scheme. The best we can hope for is that the survivors don’t become part of the new Ponzi that will be offered as the solution to the collapse of the old one.

          The only one who will be able to help your situation is you. You can only do that if you know the enemy as well as you know yourself.

        • I’m with you….it is too depressing to comprehend. I prep and plan for the worst and yet the worst is something that is too horrible to imagine. I know I can handle it, but I just am sick about the world my kids will inherit from me……what a great job I did for them??!!

          • What I’m most afraid of is our governments reaction to the collapse. I can handle the monetary loss, the job loss, the status loss, the lawlessness, being hungry, whatever, throw it at me.

            What I can’t handle is a government who will become so big & powerful that it ushers in communism.

            If we collapse, I think our very last freedom will disappear quickly as 95% of our citizens turn to the government for security and “help” (as if they haven’t done enough already…..).

            They’ll give them security alright. For a price. The worst price imaginable.

            • Blutarsky, look to the bright side. 5% will choose freedom and fight to restore it. Count me in that group.

            • The government already knows how to react to this. After gleaning the various news stories online, I am POSITIVE the reaction will NOT be in the best interests of the public, in general.

            • if we become a communist state then it is our duty to become the american freedom underground and fight them tooth and nail. we are the most armed people in the world and if we come together americans can prevail. we owe it to our children,god and the founding fathers.

            • The 95% that turn to government for help, had better do it within days of a collapse. After that, there will be no government as it will all be underground in bunkers, leaving the praetorian guard to fight to keep them in power. When the government finally comes up, they’ll find out they lost. But, the fighting won’t stop. Too many dirtbags will be trying, via private armies, to install their version of government. Foreign intervention is a given. Only after America is totally exhausted, will the fighting stop. Then we’ll see what kind of government we have, IF we even want one. They all are blood sucking scum, so why bother?

          • GP, I prep like a mad woman, but I also buy a little silver and small amounts of gold when I can. This is the ONLY thing that makes me feel better about what’s coming, bc I WILL have something to pass down to my kids. Not what I had in mind when I started having kids, but at least it’s something!!!

            • I have been squirreling away a few nickels and Eagles for my baby girl, too. As her mom, all I can do is teach her skills to take care of herself in a future that promises to demand hard work, skill, and perseverance. We butchered two chickens on Sunday. She’s not even two yet, but she stood on a bucket in the kitchen and helped me eviscerate it. She grabbed a severed foot and said, “Chicken, Mommy! Yum!” She works with me in the garden and doesn’t whine or complain. She works in the shop with her father and hammers when he builds things. Teaching the kids how to WORK will pay dividends in the future. That and teaching them how to pray. (Well, we do in my family anyway.)

              Good luck to you all.

          • The worst will be you being forced from your home with all your preps being left behind. As the bus pulls away you get to see the illegal alien family that will now be living in your stolen home and eating all the things you worked so hard to store for your families needs. The new owners turn an yell to you,”Gracias, sucker”!

        • Sad part is; somebody(s) has the money. The crash created via theft. They are horders with evil intent. We are preppers with noble intent.
          Folks don’t worry be a prepper. God willing we can all weather the storm.

          • Good video, but McGrath missed one major point…. it’s not just the two-headed political hydra….it’s the monetary system itself as well. There is only one other thing on earth that functions on the same level: cancer. It’s only purpose is to grow or die. It has no choice but to keep consuming until it eventually destroys the host. That’s where we are now. It’s time to get off this ride and refuse to be a victim. NOW is the time.

            Gold Leader standing by.

      4. Timing Is Everything!

        • @MI,,,,,Yep! Ready on the right; ready on the left, all ready on the firing line. Commence firing at your own dog target. Timing is Everything!

          • ready on the right, ready on the left, ready on the firing line, the flag is up, the flag is waving, the flag is down, TARGETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • That’s what I say.

      5. Thanks for the video, amazing what times we are in.
        Things are not good any way you slice it

        Check: Dailyjobcuts com

        • In a years time we will be looking back and remembering these as the good old days.

      6. Let’s face it… the only things worth investing in now (in the material world) is food, water, and bullets… and all associated equipment – and, not necessarily in that order.
        Ready or not – reality is coming.

        • Add to that “land that can be farmed”. The coming reset will be so violent and long-lasting that I’m betting even most preppers will find hunger in the cupboard. You need to be all about growing seasonal food, planting fruit trees, and building your community relationships.
          Hunker down, a long cold spell a comin’

          • After much consideration I decided now is not the time to become a farmer. As you said, the coming reset will be violent and long-lasting. Farms will be overran by hordes of hungry people and stripped bare with their owners fleeing or left dead.

            I reallocated those funds into multiple years of food storage, made strategic alliances with those who own farms and ranches, planted a forest garden, and built livestock pens. I grew up gardening and have one here in town along with all the tools, seed, and supplies, but will not commence full-scale farming until after the die off.

            • I’d be very interested in hearing more about your forest garden, PP – what did you plant in it? I have access to some woods near my place and have been considering something like this.

            • There were already some wild nut trees and berry bushes there which I supplemented by planting fruit and nut trees and more berry bushes. I also planted perennials like garlic and asparagus. Potatoes will also grow in partial sun.

            • Thank you! 🙂

            • All…Sepp Holzer’s book “Permaculture.”

              bought it at yesterday. $27.

              Check it out.

          • Land that can be protected.

      7. Funny looking market meltdown !!!!

        • I was going to comment but it will be a waste of time. I couldn’t find the back button. Hate little keyboard. Looking for donation for a bigger one. This is getting to be a pain in the ass. You are too.

        • The markets not going to meltdown. It may be manipulated at certain points for the longs and shorts to make money by mutual agreement but no meltdown while the big money is in the market. That’s all the market is now the wise guys playing with the taxpayers Tarp and bailout money. Great deal if you can get in on it.

      8. were a boat in a perfect storm . we may have been there before and survived. however,this time our trawling nets our weighing us down with “dead fish” ( debt, unfunded liabilities, etc.) unable to manuever , . WHAT HAPPENS NEXT??

        • …CUT THE LINES!…and throw all the useless govicorp leeches overboard,set sail for a safe harbour and get this USS America retrofitted…for starters 🙂

      9. @chef nunzio:

        …no hate Brother…got any good spam recipes…

        …prep your finances boys and girls…if it isn’t in YOUR pocket, it belongs to someone else…

        ….invest in lead….it will be worth more than silver and gold.

        …be safe…stay the course…BA.

        P.S.–…because of Hurricane Issac and Obummer’s speech today, FEMA(DHS) has deployed their Rapid Area Response Team to Louisiana,Mississippi, and Alabama.

        Obummer’s F.A.R.T. team will be silent but deadly.

        Obummer’s F.A.R.T. team will blame it on the dog.

        Obummer’s F.A.R.T. team will stink it all up.

        Obummer’s FART is everywhere,so watch your six and light a match. you have been warned…BA.

      10. Don’t worry they have extra printing presses at an undisclosed location. They will continue to print money even after the rest of the world stops buying our debt.

        Don’t believe me though, just look in your own wallet! In my test more then half the bills in my wallet were 2009 and newer.

        I’m sorry thet was awefully insensitive of me. I know you don’t have any bills in your wallet and I didn’t have any change to look at.

        The only real question I have is can they hold it all together till after the elections???

        • Did you ever compare the actual bills (newer ones) in your wallet to monopoly money? I tried to post a link to the picture the other day but I don’t know how to do it.Anyway, you can search monopoly-money.jpg and pick the one out that shows the monopoly bills laid onto the FRNs. They match up pretty well.

          • Monopoly money is smaller and not as soft, so it is not as useful for toilet paper. Therefore, FRNs are more valuable than monopoly money.

            The sad thing is that is the only reason I can come up with to place more value on them five years from now.

            • For a serious second. Do not use FRN as toilet paper unless they are brand new and you have soften them yourself. I know this sound stupid. But the bill are carrying some of the most harden bacteria there is out there.

            • A sack of well worn $5.00 bills will make a great pillow

            • …well they are larger than mono money so theyd cover a wall faster…they also are made out of a slightly better base so theyll hold up to moisture and if you use them for TP then they could stand up to a good washing and reuse…theyd probably burn better for heat and as a fuse theyed probably be more dependable,you know how paper chars up and burns out just when you need it most,theyd also give a bit more realism for your kids or a deluded family member who wanted to sit on the bed and throw them into the air whilst screaming “Im rich Im rich”…really the uses will be limited only by your lack of imagination or ability….thats gotta be worth somthin,dontcha think? 😉

            • As a side story about monopoly money, I gotta throw in this “true” story.

              In the late 70’s I worked as a loan/collection officer for a Finance Co. before my stint as owner of a couple (successful) small businesses in the 80’s and as a professional freight re-locator thru the 90’s and later.

              When I started with the “collection business” I was a gung-ho,fresh out of college,gonna set the world on fire, kind a guy. I went thru all charge-off accounts and sent out form letters to see if I could get a rise out of some people and possibly create some new business for the company. There is a group of mountain people in our county, kinda like the Hatfields and McCoys. They are the Pikes and Wagoners. Mostly uneducated and some were inbreds. The old man Pike was a legend of a character that was known to have sex with his daughters.

              Anyway, unknowingly, he had a $160.00 charge off account from early 70’s and was sent one of my form letters by the secretary. One morning,coming into work, after getting coffee next door, I was greeted by the whole office with smiles of disbelief. The main teller had noticed an envelope under the door when she opened up the office, which was directed to me with barely legible and scribbled print. “to ** *****”. Inside was a scribbled note: “this is to pay all that i owe you, so dont take me to cort– T Pike.” Sure enough, payment in full $160.00. In monopoly money!

          • No joke, Monopoly money is worth more then the shit were using..serious

          • Yeah, thanks for that search tip. The recoloring of the FRNs is like a subtle in-your-face joke. I’ve framed the image and titled it, “The Joke is on You Moron”, and hung it in my office. Let’s see what the sheeple say. I’m sure many will think it’s cute. As for me, it speaks volumes of truth. There is no doubt the recoloring of the FRNs to exact monopoly money denominations colors is some sort of coincidence.

        • should start at 06..

      11. My mind is spinning….brainstorming my preps. DH and I have been doing this for years and are very far along, but in the back of my mind I can’t help to wonder…

        Whatever happens, I try to reassure myself that:
        1. God is in control.
        2. We heeded his warning and prepared the best we could.
        3. We’re better off than 99% of the nation who are still oblivious!

        Prepared NOT scared…but sometimes it’s a challenge! 🙂

        • More salt, bic’s and batteries. You can’t have too much of these things.

        • RightWingMom, the same here. And you know, after I read the mosquito post on West Nile Virus, I realized we did not have adequate stock of the correct essential oils to make scented repellent ourselves.

          Now, I’m stacking more filled buckets and upping the feed/grain/hay storage. Time to bump-it-up. Again. More. Faster. Focused.

        • I like that alot, “Prepared NOT scared”, bery-bery guuud!

      12. Hi All,

        I agree with Jerry, you have to invest in the tangibles they serve many purposes and hold there value in these uncertain times.

        On another note i hope everyone topped off there gas tanks between all of the refinery fires and the production in the gulf being put on pause for the storm.
        Personally my wife and i ran out last night after dinner to top off both cars and our gas cans that we just up the other day on out lawn equipment. Today i am going to go out and top off my classic car because it has a tank that i can always pump out if i need it. Its like having an extra 3 gas cans laying around.

        Remember people prices can sky rocket over night and will hurt a little more each time something happens. You never know if another refinery fire or hurricane will follow this incident right up.

          • PS… my focus of the web site I posted was to look at the living conditions, and the mental stresses people lived with. It’s food for thought…

            • @ Jerry C.
              I too look at the mental state of people and thier living conditions. It’s appalling in some cases. The good deeds are off set by bad ones and the stress levels are still containable. I read of the killings in Chicago and Detroit. The Flash Mob Robberies of department stores. Home invasions and Road Rage. An I don’t care anymore society, is what we will face.

          • @ Jerry —thanks! Very interesting reading of a terrifying situation! A good view of how it would probably go down!!!

        • You are so right Azam. Gas prices here have jumped 20 cents in 24 hours. I bought 10 gallons last night while at the coast for $3.33/gal. Later this afternoon I purchased again for $3.59 and when I got home to NC, the price was $3.95. I’m glad its just a cat.1.

        • In SW OH, gas went up 40 cents overnight.

          • You will see $5.00 a gallon gas very soon!

        • Azam, we have a truck with a 20 gallon gas tank–I think of it as I do the cans filled in the shed.
          Yep–20 gallons secured in the tank of an old pickup.

          • I think it so one of the best safest ways to store extra gas. And its a lot easier than carrying around gas cans. Also it does not throw up red flags. People don’t know you are using your 20 gallon gas tank as storage but if they seen 4 five gallon gas cans they would be wondering what they are for and what you need that much gas for. Go figure right.

            • If it is ethanol gas you better use it before six months. I hosed my old trucks injectors by not driving it for months and then the fuel clogged everything. Six months to get it running right.

      13. The difference between Obama and Romney is with Romney we will have a debris field after the impact. We may have some junk left over to rebuild a civilization. Obama will just leave a hole and we will be a third world country, or at least hope we could be.

        • Good analogy.

          • kind of funny we still think that anyone is better then anyone in anyway in the gov. ( minus the random few like they say exception to every rule there are a few )also that debris field left by romney will be our bones.

            • The only reason that both parties are fighting so hard in this election is to be in power to install the new form of government after the collapse. That does not bode well for us.

        • There’s not even that much difference. The only different candidate was Ron Paul. The others are ALL part of the problem. Ever wonder why elections never seem to change the course of any policy at all, especially foreign policy? The “choices” that are offered are all members of the same little club called “the elite interests”. Elections are nothing but a way of going through the motions to make the population think they are being listened to. After the election, everything continues to proceed as before.

          • “the elite interests” I think what you mean are “globalists” I just call them globs.

      14. I feel that I “woke up” too late and am furiously trying to catch up…it almost makes one want to “go back to sleep” but once you are awake there is no going back to sleep…just the feeling of panic and dread as you see the storm right over top of you and you have nothing but a day old newspaper over your head to shield you from the thousands of gallons of sh** about to hit you.

        Sorry for being a downer…just feeling a bit of panic. Even if I would have had years to prepare, I’m not sure I would feel any better. God help us all.

        • Don’t panic….just continue….and He will.

        • Just an example of kinda bad: 3 weeks ago one of my neighbors lost 15 years of prepping due to fire. He’s shaking it off mentally and is replacing the loss with help of fellow preppers. He’s always helped others that really deserved help. He could have gave up, but he makes the effort to continue despite the adversity. BTW, insurance didn’t cover.

          Besides, depression & fear are what TPTB WANT you to feel; much easier to manipulate you to their advantage.

          • Thank you Bert…that really puts it into perspective. I will not let them win by being fearful and depressed!

            • Welcome & the best to you & yours.

          • Sometimes I wish I could spit out the “red pill”, go back in The Matrix, and have a steak. But, once you wake up, you can only pretend otherwise.

            Your knowlege of the situation is as important as physical preps. Just being awake puts you way ahead of those who refuse to look around objectively, and admit to themselves that we are facing some rather tough issues. Stay focused and do your best.

            Good Luck, Southern Gal

        • “””but once you are awake there is no going back to sleep”””

          That is a very true statement, and should give everyone hope. As our numbers grow, the number of sleeping, compliant sheep gets smaller.

          • How right you are GC,
            Once awake, it’s too late to take the blue pill.
            Just purchased 2 inverters from harbor freight (theres a 20% off coupon
            and a sale right now!) got a 750 and 400watt) . $24 and $43 plus SAMs cut.
            I think I’m going to make some solar panels.
            Sustainable power is a huge hole in my Preps.
            Oh yea,
            Got a 25 gal. Gas caddy off Craig’s list for $100
            Craig’s list…an awesome resource!

            • Good find. You got to love harbor freight. I’ve been looking at their 45 watt solar setup. I know it’s not the best but it is all I can afford.

            • Slick, just bc you mention Harbor Freights, there’s a forum that has ALOT of information you talk about…. it’s called floidareadiness(dot)org, if you’re interested.

          • @Gods Creation….must agree with your “words of wisdom”

            My local hardware store had to “order” a pressure canner last week for me…. .(they were on sale, but sold out quickly)…it came in yesterday….. wondering if any of you could share with a beginner on what is the best thing to try my hand at first?

            It was recommended to me not to fool around with a used canner, so purchased new, but did get a great “like New” food dehydrator for $20.00 on kijiji…..still in the box!!

            • Hi Canada Canuk, We do lots of quarts of green beans here in sw Michigan. They are easy to grow,only take 50 odd days till they are ready and are prolific producers, even up here. Keep em picked and they will just keep making more beans till frost.

              We planted 3 100 foot rows and are swimming in green and wax beans. We really like blue lake bush beans cause they are so compact and are easy to take care of.

              Home canned green beans are so much better than store bought. We can barely eat those lies after eating ours.I think we are up to 57 quarts this season with another 19 we will do tomorrow. One bushel of green beans will make 19 -21 quarts.

              Try doing some on sale bulk chicken or beef in the new canner. It is really easy also and the meat prices right now are as low as you will see in many years to come. Lean meat is good any cheap cut like thighs(deboned) or round steak will can up great and make its own gravy.

              If you hunt or fish start canning it up,venison or perch is awesome canned, Tuna fish? we hardly touch the stuff any more after eating a canned perch or bluegill sandwich.

              Good luck

            • Oh really important, Get the Ball Blue book of canning, newest version (has a pie on the cover I think)Amazon or any local canning or farm market type place should have them for under 10 bucks US . Best all around canning book produced and will have everything you need to know about canning or freezing just about anything plus a lot of good recipes. follow their guidelines on times and you wont worry about making anyone sick.

            • Using a pressure canner isnt all that difficult,get a good pressure canning cookbook,like a Ball Blue Book or similar,as a newbee itll really come in handy,and even old timers can use one…Id caution you to exercise diligence and caution as carelessness can get you hurt,not trying to scare you but Ive seen “old Pros” get careless and make a mess outta things,keep the unit clean,especially the “jiggler” or valve ontop that you close to build up steam pressure,a plugged one can cause you grief,Id recommend you DONT cook food “loose” in a pressure canner either as theyre not really right for that purpose and thats how the jiggler hole can get plugged,not good,use a pressure “cooker” for cooking a meal and save the “canner” for canning(besides if its aluminum youd be poisoning yourself 🙁 …been using the one I have now for decades(it was Moms before I got it)theyll last a lifetime and more and they are very handy…I do both water bathing and PC,but rely alot more on my PC…meats are best PC,as are most low-acid foods..just be careful,take your time and youll do fine! Enjoy! 🙂

            • There is nothing wrong with purchasing a used canner. We have a really good, old fashion hardware store nearby that sells the valves and gaskets to bring old canners safely up to speed. The County Agriculture Extention Agency tests them for free. You can learn, on line, how to use a pressure cooker; different times for different veggies, meat, fruit and jellies. Modern veggies do not have the acidity for safe cold packing, so you can lean about that too. Food dehydrators are great, but it takes a lot of experimentation on different items because the time table on the instructions, is never right.Also, sample taste what you produce right away. Some of it, you may want to “take a pass” and move on to something else. Good luck on your new purchases.

            • Canada Canuk, I would try applesauce or tomato sauce because if, for some reason, the lids did not seal, these 2 foods can be re-canned without ruining the consistence. They’re already sauce, know what I mean??

              When I first began using Tattler lids, I had to learn a slightly different way to apply the lids and metal rings. I did batches of applesauce and tomato sauce — wouldn’t you know, there were 2 lids from the tomato sauce that didn’t seal. It wasn’t a problem to re-can those jars at all.

              Pressure canning is great! The process gives you the ability to can almost any food and with much less water! You’ll enjoy it.

            • Canada Canuk – can MEAT!!!

              You don’t even need to cook it ahead of time, just raw pack it into the jars, add water or broth and mild seasoning. Most meats have to be processed for 90 minutes at 10 pSI (depending on your altitude)

              The p-canner cooks it fully. I do pre-cook ground beef because it has a better texture that way.

              I just did a dozen quarts of chicken quarters in broth and 6 quarts of ground beef in sloppy joe sauce yesterday.

              Note: if you are making something like beef stew – do not add the flour or thickener until time to heat and eat – it does not preserve well.

              Did you get the Presto or the All-American?

            • Tomatoes. easy to can and a good starting veggie/berry.

            • What we have learnt never use the lids twice , its not worth the risk.

          • GC, there is a quote I have heard often but I cannot remember the source:

            “A bell, once rung, cannot be un-rung.”

            …so it is with waking up.

            But, to all, the waking up part is 50% of the battle. I believe everyone that has had a chance to mentally prepare themselves has a good chance of surviving.

            So, if you’re new here or new to prepping, take note: the fact that you are awake NOW means that as we head into the storm, you will adjust your course.

            I used to be a member of the local skywarn. As a HAM, I would spot a storm and head right for it. My inlaws, some very good but very, VERY conventional people thought that defied logic. “One RUNS from the storm, not to it.”

            I explained that I was like a vampire to the storm, drawing my strength from it. As the storm got worse, I got stronger, more determined, faster, better, smarter.

            …and so it is with the collapse. The worse it gets, the better I get. The more dangerous it gets, the more secure I become. The poorer it tries to make us, the richer I become.

            Mental preparation is the most important. Through it all other forms of preparation are rooted.

            • The bell thing is a perfect analogy for when the idiots talk about a world free of nuclear weapons.

              “Those who beat their swords into plowshares end up plowing for those who don’t”

            • Nice to hear your opinion femacamper.

              What sort of idiot would want to work towards a world where a few can kill everyone.
              You can’t unring a bell but you can melt it down so some a-hole stops waking up the neighborhood.
              But only “idiots” would want to leave the world better than they found it.

              “A fool and his money are soon parted but only a real idiot pays every Sunday to be told he is worthless.”

            • Ranger

              “””Mental preparation is the most important. Through it all other forms of preparation are rooted.”””

              I agree in totality.

              note: after some rather substantial changes to the docs, I am trying to get together with the chosen witness for signature and mailing. Should be a day or two. keep you posted. I’ll send you the actually used docs AFTER I have sent them to the clerk.

        • Southern Gal – I know exactly how you feel. It’s easy to become overwhelmed, the important thing is to assess what you have, prioritize what you need and just start crossing things off your list. Stay organized. Don’t panic. If you haven’t yet, make a plan and stick to it. There’s still time.

          Trust me, just having the mindset puts you ahead of the pack – when things start seriously going downhill, you’ll know it ahead of most everyone else. And every time you add to your preps, you’re in that much better shape. Good luck!

        • Southern Gal,
          Agree w/ Bert, don’t panic! God will honor your preparedness, no matter the level. Trust in Him, continue to prepare until the last minute, and know you’re not alone. You have prayer warriors on your side!

          Also, pray for the sheeple who won’t realize the truth until they’re being sheered!!! :O)

          • “Also, pray for the sheeple who won’t realize the truth until they’re being sheered!!!”

            yes, thats my biggest worry is how bad its going to be for those who are not or do not have the ability to prepare. i do hope there is a special place in hell for the government officials that will cause them to go thru hell on earth.

        • just take your time and dot your i’s and cross your t’s, i think you have time.

          i was worried i started too late too, but if you look at europe; there were in a bad spot a year ago; and they are still muddling along today. even spain and greece are still functioning and they are in depressions now.

          its possible it all falls apart in a month, but its more likely the powers that be keep kicking the can down the road into 2013, just like they have done.

          my sign its too late to do any serios prep and just be ready is the first i hear of bank holidays in the US and/or fuel and electricity porblems.

        • Southern Gal

          I am also a ‘late starter’ and as such get the odd panic attack regarding missing preps. I found as someone who is relatively inexperienced I actually listed the meals I had in stock, not literally listing each item for each person, but approximately how many meals in the cupboard then how many in the freezer and so on. Then each time I went t the shops I would buy a meal rather than an item, for example potato flakes and stewing beef and a tin of veg…a meal each for the two of us and so on.

          I am sure the more experienced would feel this takes precious time but for me I felt better knowing how many days I could feed us before. The days turned into a month, then two months.
          I still do it occasionally when i am stock rotating, makes me feel better.

          Take care

        • Damn that red pill

        • The bible says in the latter days seven women will chase one man. I believe this is because of how bad things will get. Women have enjoyed fifty years of independence from protection by men because of the false economy and now it is coming to an end and going back to men having to protect women for them to survive. Maybe the feminists will get their just deserts and the ones who didn’t support feminism will be protected and survive. Sounds practical and logical considering the times.

      15. Seriously, we all KNEW this was coming. We just never had a exact time frame. Some of us acted as watchmen & warned. Some took heed and prepared, while others ignored. Now those that ignored the warnings & signs have seen their folly and are now just prepping on a overdrawn bank account. We preppers are now being demonized from every facet of America for displaying common sense. All one needs to do is just look at who & what is being attacked by the general un-informed public to realize that we are extremely close to extremely difficult conditions & tasking of our moral fiber.

        Best to the Preps.

      16. I am feeling a lot better then a did at midnight on 12-31-1999.

        Even at 60, I can see the writting on the wall. I wish to God it was Alzhimers setting in, but I know it’s not.

        God bless all of you and know-matter-what, keep on prepping.

      17. “These are the times that try men’s souls.”

        Tekel — Daniel 5:27

      18. So here’s the question. When the meltdown hits are our children going to be working in sweatshops making crappy toys for over-privileged Chinese children, or is our meltdown going to drag them down (and every other country that manufactures stuff for us) too?

        • If you have children, it’s imperitive that YOU survive & ensure the conditions you describe DON’T come to fruit. That’s what you can do to help your kids.

          • My main reason for being a full prepped person. If I were not for my children I would disappear and pop out for my pound of flesh at a time of my choice.

        • Casey Research had a good interview over at the daily crux dealing with that. He only talked about china, japan, EU and the us. But because they are so dependant on each others economy they will all drop at different times but he says they will all end in the same place. Kind of like the titanic. Different parts of the ship sank first only to drag the entire thing down to the same place at the bottom of the sea.

          I also read a pretty interesting article by Paul Craig Roberts on his page about how it happened in his opinion.

        • The bankers have their claws in every country of the world. It’s all going down. Everyone , including myself, talks about economic disintegration. But he real disintegration will come shortly after, when the veneer of civilization comes off. Your kids will not be working in any factory.

        • I’d wager you’re being very optomistic…

        • Part of the problem is that we had other countries make crappy stuff for us instead of us making our own crappy stuff. We will probably be happy that our kids have a job even if it is making crappy stuff.

        • If USA goes down, China will follow quickly. If they attain 10% unemployment, they have huge trouble. Of about 1.5B Chinese, if 50% are of working age, that’s 75M hungry, pissed off people, with no safety net to speak of.

          • I first thought that too! But, however China Inc. even if the USA goes “DOWN” they will not become an implosion as most everyone thinks. They already consume 75% of what they produce! Not to mention they have an unbelievable amount of hard assets much more than you can read about “OFFICIALLY” and getting all they can while they can! They need approximately 2 to 3 more years and they will not need anyone antmore. I realize that you most likely got the info about this, “if we go they go”, from the MSM and not from your own sources. I have not watched “TV”, CABLE for years now. There are multiple of other sources out there that are free and are very truth telling, not to mention I have saved about $3,000.00 over that time frame, and yes I bought silver and now it’s worth much more! China is the new kid on the block now and will be for many years to come. You will be surprised that the powers that be will come up with ways to keep this game of “We are not bankrupt” here in the USA going for much longer than you or I ever dream of. Could it happen by the end of this year, absolutely, but chances are it will happen several years from now. China will be way better off than us no doubt and they will be like the USA was decades ago, so sad we the people gave it away, many people died over this and we simply gave it away. Have a wonderful day who ever you are. John
            I woke up on Sept 12th 2001,,,,,,

        • It’s likely that significant manufacturing won’t be coming back to the US, with the possible exception of military equipment and related items. Even if Chinese labor becomes too expensive there are many other countries where factory labor could go. For young people in the US, it will be low pay retail jobs and fast food (working at the Apple Store or McDonald’s)…UNLESS that young person works harder than the average person and is smarter than the average person. So the solution to that kind of outcome is: don’t be average, because average isn’t going to be very good.

      19. I have a friend who says that he feels events are “quickening,” which is the best description I know of how world events are coming together. One of the advantages of not having any money or investments is that I won’t lose much in that way when things do collapse. Is it really going to happen as quickly as this Friday? We’re prepping hard and have our routes and destinations planned. The feeling is ever-present and growing stronger. The bastard (sorry, Mac – can I say that word in this forum?) bankers and politicians will just lying and hedging their bets, thinking they will come out of the coming chaos in good shape. They won’t. Stay safe and strong, keep prepping, Misneach, fianna.

        • @ CelticNana –

          A “quickening” is a very apt description of the ‘acceleration’ of events that is happening in the world around us.

          I may have it all wrong; but isn’t Morgan Stanley a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of America? I believe that Morgan Stanley is where B of A dumped all of their ‘bad’ mortgage paper and losses from the housing collapse? Perhaps someone who is more knowledgeable of the banking world than I can comment on this? If so, then it’s about time for B of A to be ‘lightening-their-load’ (bad debt load) by throwing Morgan Stanley on the trash heap of economic history.

          Around our house, we use a very simple formula; we never keep more than our monthly expenses + $500 in our checking account. If you don’t have it ‘in-hand’ or in your actual physical possession and control …… it isn’t yours.

          God Bless & good luck to all who post here.

          • Perhaps you are thinking of Merrill lynch?

      20. Should have/Would have already happened if the Fed hadn’t stepped in and started buying the majority of new debt. This delayed the collapse. I hope the Federal Reserve doesn’t actually expect to be able redeem all those treasuries.

        • It’s as if the Brain is dead & Body is still functioning albeit, poorly. No-one has the gumption to pull the plug.

        • Ultimately, they don’t care about “Treasuries”. They care about POWER, which they, and thier cronies have in abundance.

          All of these banking scams going on are not just about theft. They are also about breaking America in preperation for the installation of marxism. That they parasites get to line thier pockets is just icing on the cake for them.

          Karl Marx would be extatic…

      21. It is the biggest GDCF that I have ever witnessed. A polarized politcal system/nation with a bunch functional illiterates running around in circles trying to make ends meet. We do get the government we deserve. The biggest bunch of blowhards ever. Blue, Red, Tea party, all the same to me. Now they want to be able to say, We warned you! Always kicking the can down the road and if is a mathematical impossiblity to service the national debt would it be consider morally unethical to continue this facade upon us. It may be one thing to help thy neighbor but with the multitudes of the disadvantaged, they will feed upon each other till exhausted. For many of us, this site is the only place to express ourselves. I would hope that I contribute something as I extract a vast amount of useful information.
        And Yes, I was crazy when I got here, But I’m all right now!

        • ‘And Yes, I was crazy when I got here, But I’m all right now!’
          I had to read that a few times to make sure it wasn’t from me 😉

          • As Waylon once said in a song…”Ive always been crazy but its kept me from going insane”

      22. “” with a bunch functional illiterates running around in circles”””

        Reminds me of a Spongebob episode when the butterfly was on the loose. One of the fish in the street said “What do we do now”, Another said “run around in circles and scream.”

        So that’s what they did. And that is what most of the sheeple will do when they are required to think their own way to survival.

        • funny you bring that episode up..when I saw it years ago with my kid, the first thing that came to my mind was, it was a perfect analogy of this countrys sheeple and exactly how they will act

        • Reminds me of the old cartoon where the little dog is jumping around in front of the big dog…”Hey Spike…we gonna get a bone? Huh,Spike,huh…gonna get a bone Spike?”

          • JRS, Obama will make sure we get a bone…uh … er, if he has anything to say about it.

      23. Southern Gal: I understand your feelings; better to wake up a bit late than not at all. Just take it easy, buy what you think you can afford a little at a time, Just start with the basics: storable food, water, containers for the water; water purification tablets and a good water filter like a Katadyn are MUST HAVE ITEMS; nothing can disable the human body faster than drinking bad water. if you have any kind of guns, make sure you buy a LOT of ammunition for them; especially if you have .22. You can stockpile an unbelieveable amount of .22LR ammo for less money than you can for any other caliber. If you have some heavier artillery, then yes stockpile some ammo for them, but if all you have is a .22LR, it’s better than nothing. .22 CAN be a defensive caliber as a last resort; you can also hunt small game with it to help supplement your food supply. if we’re hit by an EMP or solar flare, no more internet. A shortwave radio with single sideband capability is a MUST to keep up with what’s going on and to see where you stand. Stock up on medical supplies plus basic household items we all use every day. Try to keep your spirits up and have faith in God; He always takes care of his people. take care and keep prepping.

        • Forgive me, but I just can’t see the use of a shortwave radio in SHTF scenario. There are, effective this year, executive orders that the Obama administration takes over all airwaves in a national emergency. Once that happens, they may refine the lies and propaganda that MSM feeds us, but it’s nothing that I’d want to hear. For instance; lets say their is fighting everywhere across CONUS. FEMA comes on the radio to plead for peace. They say that the entire mid-west has laid down their arms, and the people’s food and medical needs are being met by NORTHCOM forces. Already, they claim, stability is becoming the norm and children are even returning to school. Sounds inviting right? But, it will be a big crock of shit because government’s credibility will be totally shot! Want proof? We all know something is coming. Has Obama, Neapolitano, Jay Carney, Axelrod or anyone else in this administration warned us? No! We are mushrooms to them and EVRYTHING is a State Secret.

          • Sorry about all the spelling errors. My blood pressure, don’t cha know.

            • Its cool SWIFT, I can relate

              One of the items I listen to for intel on local goings on are the police radios and emergency definetly get a feel for what is going on in real time close to you.., CB radios and shortwave will probably not get you far when the brown stuff starts hitting the rotational air moving device

          • The reason for the SW receivers is that eventually Pirate Ham Operators will be transmitting low power & relays set up. Short term, the more reliable news is coming from outside U.S. The equipment is already in private hands for short range FM transmitting now. I do know of older Hammers that have Morse Code Keys & use One Time Use Pad encryption for just such SHTF incidents. And yes, they’re operating analog, not digital.

            As for government propaganda, it’s always been with us and will continue through all sorts of media. Pretty much means we are responsible for weeding out the bullsh*t.

            • Bert Gummer,

              I have a friend who is a ham operator. He was on his radio on 9/11. (with his job, he has changing days and shifts). His wife called him to come look at the TV, so he logged off.

              He told me that a short time later, he tried to get back on his radio, but it was as if a “switch” had been flicked. He said he later spoke with others with ham radios and they said the same thing.

              Was this just here, or did others around the country experience the same thing?

              Stay strong. Keep prepping!
              KY Mom

            • @KY Mom:

              Not my area, PNW. UHF/VHF were working also plus all StateCom repeaters. There was a slow-down of land-line internet services.

            • There was a move several years back to promote “Boradband Over Powerline”. HAM operators tried to get the authorization killed, because BOP kills HAM signals. Pleas to stop it fell on deaf ears, tptb were not concerned over the loss of HAM. Expect any HAM signal to be suspect, if it continues to exist at all. Obummer’s EO about taking over all commo will include HAM.

          • I’ve had a shortwave for twenty years for the same reason that you do not. I can hear broadcasts originating overseas and outside the ever-decreasing influence of the U.S. I suppose they could jam the signal, but hopefully our wilderness location would make that difficult. If nothing else, hearing about what is happening in other countries would relieve the boredom.

          • When you’re listening to any government transmission like from FEMA or whoever, you’re NOT listening for information, you’re listening in order to find out what they want people to believe. And that goes for right now as well, not just during an obvious crisis. Because the truth is, we are ALREADY IN our SHTF scenario. And in THIS world, the government and their media are not producing news in order to inform. They are producing news in order to shape human perceptions of reality. <—worth making sure you REALLY understand this and it's deep implications.

        • 22. stingers rock for a 22 an never had a dud

      24. Be informed: Up date on ILL. State Route 1. Family member called today, he has a friend who works for IDOT and he ask him about the bridges, he got a one word answer I Quote-“WEIGHT”. I say a M1A1 weighs around 68 tons or 136,000 lb. Is there a connection, your guess is as good as mine.

        • @ copperhead. The bridges are an essential link to areas that have a lot of water flowing through them. ANY large earthquake in the midwest will certainly topple them. Just as freeway over passes all over california. People have no idea just how totally unpassable roads will be just from bridges be destroyed by an earthquake. Geology of the plates right now are going through a resetting process, this seems to happen often after a 7+ earthquake. The New Madrid zone and california are hardly safe. The next series of earthquakes will show where the new stress spots have developed. Right now they are too small to get an accurate reading. There was just an earthquake in Italy, this is one of the 14 locations I warned about in the future for a big earthquake.

          Please let us know about any further activity.

          • 426 earthquakes when I woke up this morning, this can’t be normal!!!! I’ve been watching that site for over a year and never seen above 220!!!!

      25. Just read where in Neb. school district says. A deaft 3yr boy must change his sign for his name Hunter, because it looks like a gun. NOW NOBODY TELL ME THIS IS ALL OUT OF CONTROL. When will it be enough!

        • Funny Kev. 🙂

        • Its the suits. You know you are a underground disco maniac.

      26. although, our local financial show in Houston, which correctly called the biginning of the 2008 recession is on record stating that the recession the US will have wont really start until 2013; i agreee with these guys,

        a serious crash is coming; the likes which hasnt been seen in decades, the local show isnt considering how serious things are, but i will give them their due for being right before and am not prepping for the end of the banking system currently.

        my only concern is will it be something really quick, in which case; there’s no way to escape it; or a steady decline into a global depression.

        i think it’ll be a slow decline as both greece and spain are essentially in depressions now and they are still functioning countries; so i gotta expect it will be the same for the US. IMO, in 2013; economic reality starts coming to John Q. Public and 2014 may be a year you wish you could sleep thru.

        • @lena,,,With all due respect, if the financial show in Houston says the recession won’t start till 2013, they are bent over so far they must look like a bicycle stand. This country has been in a recession going on five years. In some places, it is a depression, complete with tent cities,soup kitchens and increased violence. Call the station, tell ’em to get off the dope, as you want clear headed information. It’s no wonder we have soooooooo many difficulties waking people up.

      27. Braveheart heart has it in a nutshell, should have fliers printed and dropped from airplanes across the country!
        If people would learn to live prepared they would have it a lot easier. I am from southeast louisiana and my family is getting clobbered now,they have decided to ride it out as usual but they are all preppers and survivalist and were taught from childhood.
        prepping and survival skills are a must,living for the day is great but it does’nt hurt to look a little into the future to see whats comming for you.

        • Lycan, eh?

      28. Gas jumped 25¢ between 0600,& 1200 in the metro Atlanta area. This will be a stay at home and clean guns holiday weekend. If you haven’t already got it I’m your care control and custody you probabily ain’t getting it this week. 4.00$ gas is not going to help my budget at all, and makes me glad I’ve got food on hand, and the bills are already paid for the month. This is not helping with anything that I needed to accomplish this week, and the hurricane\tropical storm is window dressing for the MSM to trot G. Bush out even if he’s not running in this election.

      29. Why do I feel like quoting Hudson from “Aliens”?

        *runs around with my hands waving over my head*

      30. Good! lets get this shit over with. everyone on here is a prepper, so stop worrying,everyone else who is not,well coin the phrase “only the strong survive”

        • its time to thin the heard. It is a bitch of a thought but just like the cattle in the Midwest. The system can’t handle the load.

          • And for all thumb down. Think it out before you rate. And then post another solution. Bet you can’t.

            • Two day and not one single alternate idea. Not even a stupid one. Point proven.

      31. I too woke up a little late for prepping. I only got serious back at the first of this year. I have always tried to have canned goods in the pantry, but not enough for six months or a year. I have been working very hard this year prepping. Every time I think I have a good supply of one thing; I realize I need more of something else. It keeps me jumping from one supply to another. DH and I have added two more weapons for protection, but I know we don’t have enough ammo. I hope we have more time to get ready. I am over 60 and it scares me reading all your comments. I too see something bad coming.

        God protect us all!

        • Granny try buying 50 pound bags of rice at SAMs or Costco for 16.00. Then get your beans.

          Best way to catch up. Loads of nutrition.

          • Don’t forget to get those gravy packets for rice, pasta, potatoes and taco seasoning for beans. You will not regret variety of taste WTSHTF. With the exception of Brown Gravy, they all have excellent shelf life.

        • We all fear, in fact a little fear is a healthy thing. But, don’t let fear become paranoia.

      32. Where I am in IN gas went up .30 from yesterday!

        • Up to 4.09 here in sw michigan bet it goes up again tomorrow

      33. I don’t know how to eloquently say what I want to say, but I am reminded of a scene in The Watchmen, where Malin Ackerman’s character (Silk Spectre) is pleading with Billy Crudup’s character (Dr. Manhattan) to intervene and save the “millions of people that will die.”

        His response – “And the universe will not even notice.”

        I would like to point out that this market meltdown is but a blip in humanity’s history of what was and what is yet to come. It will come in some form and time, and go, and there will be effects, some dire and horrific and others seen as good or at least “necessary” in the end no doubt.

        But, and here is my point, it will not “change” anything. This sad dance of humanity that we ALL are participants of, irregardless of your wealth or poverty, your faith or disbelief, your social standing or obscurity, your preparedness or exposure, is without an audience. Indeed, even standing on the closest celestial neighbor, the Moon, absolutely none of this is apparent to an observer.

        The arrival and eventual passing of our species on this unremarkable planet, circling an insignificant star in an arm of a commonplace form galaxy will be without notice. It is a mathematical certainty that an asteroid or other body with collide with Earth again someday, wiping it clean to the mantle. It is an even greater certainty that the Sun will become a red giant, engulfing Earth as well as most of the other planets. And even these cataclysmic events will be of no consequence or notice to the galaxy, let alone the universe.

        In sum, what does it matter? Prepare, don’t prepare. Worry, don’t worry. Do, or do not. Whether we devolve into a dystopian apocalyptic society or one of an idyllic paradise where all are provided for and equality is the rule of the land, it simply, in the end, is all for naught.

        • Sounds like you’ve been reading Solomon. All is vanity.

          • I have not, but will now.

        • Darn. But, awesome post anyway 😉

        • Heel old boy, with that outlook, I think that you should have all sharp objects taken away for a few days or so…just say’n

          Do you know Jesus?

          • NA,

            My sharp objects are staying put, thank you.

            I have known Jesus, but as a child. As a man, I have put away childish things.

        • AH: OUR physical lives on earth measure a short span. OUR souls are immortal and pass on to other realms of existence.

          Quantum physics and string theory suggest that there are at least eleven dimensions to Creation and they have mathematically proved at least ten at my last count.

          Life is not about quantity or duration. It is about quality: how you live, the principles that you live by and the motivation that drives you to make your free choices with your life as a agent of Creation.

          That is why America, as conceived by OUR Founding Fathers, is so important for the expression of each individual soul that incubates here.

          This is why the America IDEAL of personal liberty is an example for all the world to aspire and emulate.

          It is also the reason WE must resolve to preserve that ideal against all foes; both internal and external.

          WE are all God’s Creation, whether WE realize it or not. Pun intended GC 🙂

          Life is not in being, but becoming. Its all about OUR growth.

          • I Like your summation of our existence on earth and also of what being American is all about. Good work dk!

          • DK,

            I would be very interested to know more about these eleven (at least) dimensions of Creation that have been mathematically proven, or at least the ten that have. I assume you mean proven and peer reviewed by reputable mathematicians across a broad spectrum of unbiased backgrounds? Would you be so kind as to link one or a few sources?

            I understand and respect your views about life, America, liberty, God, and other constructs of reality that we ingrain into our consciousness to help grapple with existence. I do not share them however.

            • DK

              Do you mean theoretically proven?

              Nobody has yet seen them, touched them or have any tangible evidence for their existence to my knowledge.

              I know several physicists have posed the mathematical possibility of their existence but have yet, to my understanding, got to find a way to prove their theory.

              Take care

            • AH & Burt; Yes I mean peer reviewed and mathematically proven.

              String theory and quantum physics rest upon these mathematical proofs. I do not have a link available but you can find it if you do a little research.

              Burt: Mystics, Adapts, and Seekers of Truth have experienced some of these other dimensions and reported them back to US.

              Obviously WE must separate the wheat from the chaff, but many individuals throughout history have transcended this world and experienced parts of the next.

              If you were God would you want to communicate with your Creation and interact with it, and them?

              Our Creator YEARNS for OUR companionship as a lover yearns for their beloved. Consciousness is the mechanism, prayer and meditation the door.

              Knock and it will be opened unto you.

          • Excellent summation, DK–and it illustrates the wide divide between the despairing, souless and Godless, those who would react to the horrors of history with a shrug and a yawn, and those of us who know that a mighty Creator loves his creation, and “his eye is on the sparrow, so I know he watches me.”

            Nothing has illustrated this to me more than the fierce God-given love that I feel for my own children, in whose creation I had the privilege of playing a small part, and for whom I would lay down my life.

            • I’m getting sick of you christians saying that because I don’t believe in your tribal sky god that I don’t love my children, or my wife, or that I’m pro-abortion, or otherwise a bad person. I’m an atheist. I love my wife and daughter dearly. I won’t allow anyone who has participated in an abortion in my home. I don’t lie, cheat, or steal(unlike most christians I’ve met) If you want to live in a childish fantasy world, fine, but stop running me and mine down because we prefer reality.

        • Nice post, and could agree with it if it wasn’t for my kids. But I will do EVERYTHING in my power to make sure they not only survive, but thrive in the new world it is about to become!!!!

          I’ve lived a great life, but my kids have just started there’s. I find people prepare ALOT more when they have kids.

      34. With the scare of Obamacare about to be implemented, receptionists will be asking more questions as to why you are there.

        I see this as an additional problem as you answer in front of others and tell what’s wrong and sometimes it will be embarrassing.

        There’s nothing worse than a Doctor’s Receptionist who insists you tell her what is wrong with you, in a room full of other patients.

        I know some of us have experienced this, and I love the way this old guy handled it.

        This 75-year-old man walked into our crowded waiting room and approached the desk.
        The Receptionist said, ‘Yes sir, what are you seeing the Doctor for today?’

        ‘There’s something wrong with my dick’, he replied.

        The receptionist became irritated and said, ‘You shouldn’t come into a crowded waiting room and say things like that.’

        ‘Why not, you asked me what was wrong and I told you,’ he said.

        The Receptionist replied; ‘Now you’ve caused some embarrassment in this room full of people.
        You should have said there is something wrong with your ear or something and discussed the problem further with the Doctor in private.’

        The man replied, ‘You shouldn’t ask people questions in a roomful of strangers if the answer could embarrass anyone.’
        The man walked out, waited several minutes, and then re-entered.

        The Receptionist smiled smugly and asked, ‘Yes??’

        ‘There’s something wrong with my ear,’ he stated.

        The Receptionist nodded approvingly and smiled, knowing he had taken her advice.
        ‘And what is wrong with your ear, Sir?’

        ‘I can’t piss out of it,’ he replied.

        The waiting room erupted in laughter.

        Y’all Beware! Gotta smile sometime!

        • thanks, i needed that

        • Best laugh of the week!!!!

      35. O/T
        on the NYC shooting subject of why the police cant hit shit

        this is from a NYC cop

        his quote, his words

        I’m posting this here instead of politics or AMA because I’d rather talk about gun side of things because I want to answer and discuss issues

        NYPD officer here to answer any questions. Here are some facts:

        •Every officer hired since the introduction of pistols in the NYPD back in the early nineties is NOT allowed to use a revolver as their service weapon. They must choose between a Glock 19, S&amp;amp;amp;amp;W 5946, or a Sig p226. All of these guns are in DAO variant and have NO external safety.

        •Everyone who is allowed to carry a gun in the department (not everyone is) has to re-qualify once every six months (give or take, it’s been as short as five and as long as nine sometimes).

        •MOST NYPD officers fire their FIRST gun, ever in their entire lives, at the police academy, some as young as 21 to as old as 35 shooting for their very first time, and on a DAO pistol.

        •The qualifications are HORRIBLE mad get dumbed down every year.

        •The NYPD offers once a month training for members to use, on their own time. However, all that is done during these sessions are the same basic dumbed down qualification exercises. You will only receive real help if you outright fail. Missed 12 out of fifty @ 7 yards? GOOD ENOUGH!

        •Our tactical training is a joke and maybe ten people in a department of 34K have had Active Shooter training (I’m not exaggerating).

        There is a lot broken, basically.

        Some of our members NEVER take their service weapons out of their gun belts, and never carry ANYTHING off duty. I’ve seen people with 3 years on have brown rusted rear sights. Some never clean their weapons unless forced to by the firearms unit.

        The NYPD has been tight fisted with ammo for the longest time. Take your one box and be happy.

        I’ll answer any questions you guys have.

        PS: Our holsters are shit also.

        EDIT: Replaced DOA with DAO

        EDIT: It’s true, twelve pins trigger springs suck

        EDIT: We at only allowed Gen3 Glocks.

        UPDATE: Guys I’ll be back tomorrow morning and I might send the verification to HCE.

        Verification Update: I’m not sending any pictures of anything. The purpose of this throwaway is just to answer any questions you all might have. I’m sorry but that’s the way it will be. I will probably keep answering until the end of the week, then I will delete this account or let the mods archive it if they want. My job has a zero tolerance policy on officers making it look bad online.

        • your protection is your own responsibility,,they cant hit shit..and are not going to change thier training to get a better result, because more then half the police department would FAIL!

          I shot better then these goons when I was 13, and my hands were small than..if this is any reflection on the rest of the police forces around this country they cant even protect themselfs..NYCPD is one of the largest PD’s in this country and thier training sucks!

          who knows maybe its a blessing in disguise, for when the SHTF..they wont be able to hit the innocent if they try aiming at them either!

          hey..its your tax dollars at work..but are you really getting your moneys worth..look at what these low trained and unskilled unionized cops get paid, and what their retirement package is…you mad yet?

          • VRF,,,this is actually good news. What with the Federalization of police, arming those dead eyes in the National Weather Service, Social Security, USDA and similar combat ready agencies, the future is looking better all the time.

            • SWIFT….don’t forget the shotgun order for the Dept. of Education!!!

        • Several of us here looked at that incident from different angles. The most plausible is that the NYPD will only issue sidearms to administrative types. The foot/car patrol LEO will be issued either M-4 rifle, submachine or shotguns as primary weapons.

          Without getting technical…If you look at the skill levels involved from military standards; Shotgun, rifle, submachine, pistol, knife are the low to high skill order. Misuse of any weapon results in catastrophic loss of life, which seems to be ignored. With so many sheep around, I can see by their attitude they don’t GAS about collateral damage.

      36. Neither the Republicans or the Democrats can change what’s coming, because the fact is, they are equally responsible for where we are today.

        Finally, some inteligent words on this site. Usually, it is all Obama bashing. He is not the sole source of our problems. In fact, the major source of our problems are the self-indulgent and egotistical and illogical attitude I see expressed here.

        • LoL started out so strong so so strong ( sounded like you were quoting one of my posts 🙂 then you had to put the last 4 words. 🙂

        • I think that we should bomb NC back to the stone age.

        • I GOT IT! You are an immigrant of that specie reported to live in the Himalayas. You and your friends DO walk upright. I knew I was on to something.

        • JoeinNC, Seriously. Do you see the double-standard at all:

          “the self-indulgent and egotistical and illogical attitude”

        • Joe

          Please, for the love of God shut up.

          Take care

          • Never mind him Burt, he is just one of the inbreds from the mtns. that somehow got enough SSI(welfare) funds saved up to buy a computer.

            • Bwhahahahahaha
              Now now, be nice Don’t Tread

              Take care

      37. Also wanted to add the answer i gave to one cop in my local twp..he asked me why I carried so much ammo,(two fully loaded 13 round mags, one in the pipe, and a spare loaded mag in the glove box) so i said this
        “The only times you can have too much ammunition are when you’re swimming or on fire.”

        • Amen Brother..

          I loves my ammo!!! and my snacks!!

      38. I can’t take the bullshit anymore…..first its a Biden false flag and now its a militia assassination and then its a market meltdown ….I’m watching football , let me know when any of these things happen !!!!!!

        • Rich, I’ll say one thing good for you and that’s you keep coming back. Scoff if you must, but at least keep coming back.

        • RICH,

          No one can predict with any certainty what is going to happen and/or when. But, if you have watched the arc of events for the last 20 years, you could only pretend not to see the pattern, or project the end result.

        • Rich,

      39. Oh by the way , I drove from New York to Pennsylvania and I saw ZERO. military vehicles ….I thought they were setting up !!!

        • I don’t see them where I live Rich. Who knows? Rumor has it Denver is supposed to be the new capitol of the US. I don’t know about that, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

        • They are all in NC. I saw over 50 Saturday in a 45 min. drive. I-85 and Hwy.74.

          • Yea, they are ramping up for the DNC just down the road from us. There is a LE training center and shooting range across the hill from my friends house. Last week we saw about a hundred HwyPatrol’s leaving from there. Most were from neighboring counties.

            I think they are expecting something big with the demtards and o-drama coming to town. Could be just business as usual, but something smells fishy.

      40. I am so glad to have woke -up. Every morning now as I wake I feel more alive. Ready to take on this new challenge ahead of me. I do hate though what is happening to what used to be the good old USA. I will keep prepping, learning, there is so much to do. I have to be strong. No (I will be strong). I was born a fighter,brought up to do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. With that said I was also taught and eye for an eye. The best thing I was taught was a little hard work never hurt anyone. Peace out

      41. VFR,

        I have seen that the Sig P226 comes in a variety of models. Others here can discuss Glock and S&W.

        You can view here – sigsauer . com/CatalogProductList/pistols-p226.aspx (remove spaces at the .)

        The DAK is DA only at 6.5LB pull and the SA is about 4.4lb on DA/SA, some have both DA/SA. I imagine they were shooting the P226 DAK, if Sig was their weapon.

        The video should show how far the police officers were away from the subject. Maybe this could be used as a training method of what and what not to do.

        It is sad so many others were injured.

        Y’all Beware! Always be aware of what is behind your target! Easy for me to say as I was not there.

      42. I’m no economist, but I sort of think our economy will crash a lot faster than Europe’s because our dollar is the standard. Europe isn’t getting involved in any hanus wars and pretty much every country in the world hates us and would probably love to see us suffer. Am I wrong?

      43. OK..Since my ammo count seemed to “rub” some of you “wizards of smart posts” the wrong way, I have a new one.

        Just inventoried my stores:
        Funyuns….100 bags
        Bugles….100 bags
        Pringles…200 cans
        Doritos (Nacho) 300 bags (never have enough.
        Fritos….50 bags
        Twiglets…10 bags
        Cheese Nips…300 boxes (I loves my nips)
        Bean dip…25 cans
        Assorted nuts…Too many to count.

        I am ready….Oh yeah, and TP…300 rolls 2-ply.

        Oh crap I just realized…

        John W. says: …You are a fool to post that.

        don’t tread says: …I have to agree. He’s either blowing smoke or completely hidden away or a total idiot.

        Malcolm Reynolds says: Rule number one of Fight Club is to never talk about Fight Club. Why do nutbags insist on posting their stuff on the web? Is it bravado? Is it stupidity?

        Darn it now I have to worry about the snack police showing up and eating my stuff…I must be CRAZY!!!


        • Where do you live in case I run out of doritos!

          • I will send the 8 digit grid..Shhhhh…Keep it to yourself, I don’t want to share!!

        • What, no zingers? No twinkies? No Little Debbie’s oatmeal cookies? No nutty bars? No Hostess cupcakes?

          • SM…I love em all…Sooooo Gooood in my tummy!!

        • Pop Tarts Pop Tarts or I am not going to play.

          • OHHHH Twinkie.

            • Fried Twinkies…..I think so..Stock up on vegetable oil and firewood!!

          • Cherry frosted…MMMMMMMMMMM Daddy Like!!

        • OMG!!! You actually put Funyons in your body!? YUCK!!!!

          • Natural Body Preservatives

          • Just me..Have you ever heard of sarcasm…..It was a tweak of the “too serious guys”… LOL

        • Wallydog

          What no soda? beer?…and YOU call yourself a man!

          How about onion dip or salsa, are they just tooo tough for you to handle, huh Mister?

          I don’t see any beef jerky either, you nancy-boy!

          • OK OK….All that too….But don’t you get it….BY listing all my “preps”, I am just asking for LEO to break down my door, taze me and drag me off to a “junk food FEMA camp”..You know, the hidden JFFC’s….Oh well they will have to roll me in…Take care!!!

        • I see you are one of those health food nuts.

        • Nope. you’re an idiot.

      44. U.S. NAVY SEALS -vs- The CIA Commie Puppet Prez

        True Story …

        I killed a Navy Seal Once … in a training exercise with a Navy Seals Team at night … Once in the Philippines … ;0) I caught him sneaking around a Aircraft with my k-9 dog … I was Strategically sitting out of the Nightly Rain at 0400 hrs on a toilet rain wet BDU pants down around soaked water logged combat boots with the lights off and door open to a dark F4 Aircraft Hanger and “Poof” my very wet stinky k-9 unit Lady lunged to her feet growling at the door … I grabbed my miles laser geared rifle shuffled to the door to peek see who it was interrupting my very dry nightly bizness , an saw a All Black Covered Shadow lurking crouched by the F4 Aircraft parked in the hanger … I Pointed my miles laser geared AR-15 combat rifle at him and Pulled my Trigger !!! :0) “POP POP POP” “WEEE WEEE WEEE WEEE WEEE WEEE” Alarms Went Off …

        He was BIG … REAL BIG WEARING ALL BLACK WITH A BLACKENED FACED BLACK WATCH CAP an Boy OH BOY was he Pissed !!! HE ACTUALLY TOLD ME ” I’M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS AND EAT YOUR DOG!” !!! Then Stormed Off into the Night Swearing words my 19 year old mind never knew existed !!!

        He scared the Sheeit Outta Me – literally !!!

        … My Reward ??? I got a LOR Letter of Reprimand for Abandoning my DESIGNATED Sentry Post DISOBEYING MY SENTRY POST ORDERS to Sneak in to Use The VERY DRY Head (toilet) in the darkened very dry aircraft hanger ! ;0p pssszzt

        The Scary thing is THIS NAVY SEAL Hiked 18 miles at Night through the Philippines jungle country-side in a torrential Rain Storm – then PENETRATED our Air Base’s concrete wall , THREE LEVELS OF PERIMETER SECURITY EACH LAYER HAD fence , K-9 sentry patrols layered , STATIC TOWER SENTRIES , ELECTRONIC SENSORS , NIGHT VISION , AND A F4 PHANTOMS IR HEAT CAMERA ON THE BASE TOWER SWEEPING THE WHOLE AREA AROUND THE FLIGHT LINE AIRPORT – ON FULL ALERT !!! And No-One saw any of his Seal Team but Me and my k-9 dog Lady !!!




      45. U.S. NAVY SEALS -vs- The CIA Commie Puppet Prez

        True Story …

        I killed a Navy Seal Once … in a training exercise with a Navy Seals Team at night … Once in the Philippines … ;0) I caught him sneaking around a Aircraft with my k-9 dog … I was Strategically sitting out of the Nightly Rain at 0400 hrs on a toilet rain wet BDU pants down around soaked water logged combat boots with the lights off and door open to a dark F4 Aircraft Hanger and “Poof” my very wet stinky k-9 unit Lady lunged to her feet growling at the door … I grabbed my miles laser geared rifle shuffled to the door to peek see who it was interrupting my very dry nightly bizness , an saw a All Black Covered Shadow lurking crouched by the F4 Aircraft parked in the hanger … I Pointed my miles laser geared AR-15 combat rifle at him and Pulled my Trigger !!! :0) “POP POP POP” “WEEE WEEE WEEE WEEE WEEE WEEE” Alarms Went Off …

        He was BIG … REAL BIG WEARING ALL BLACK WITH A BLACKENED FACED BLACK WATCH CAP an Boy OH BOY was he Pissed !!! HE ACTUALLY TOLD ME ” I’M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS AND EAT YOUR DOG!” !!! Then Stormed Off into the Night Swearing words my 19 year old mind never knew existed !!!

        He scared the Sheeit Outta Me – literally !!!

        … My Reward ??? I got a LOR Letter of Reprimand for Abandoning my DESIGNATED Sentry Post DISOBEYING MY SENTRY POST ORDERS to Sneak in to Use The VERY DRY Head (toilet) in the darkened very dry aircraft hanger ! ;0p pssszzt

        The Scary thing is THIS NAVY SEAL Hiked 18 miles at Night through the Philippines jungle country-side in a torrential Rain Storm – then PENETRATED our Air Base’s concrete wall , THREE LEVELS OF PERIMETER SECURITY EACH LAYER HAD fence , K-9 sentry patrols layered , STATIC TOWER SENTRIES , ELECTRONIC SENSORS , NIGHT VISION , AND A F4 PHANTOMS IR HEAT CAMERA ON THE BASE TOWER SWEEPING THE WHOLE AREA AROUND THE FLIGHT LINE AIRPORT – ON FULL ALERT !!! And No-One saw any of his Seal Team but Me and my k-9 dog Lady !!!




      46. I have to send a salute to Charlie McGrath. He has been out front trying to wake people up for a long time.

        It is interesting how people refuse to look around them. I continue to wonder if it is this way at the tail end of every civilization the parasites have collapsed. The bad part is, this was known previously, but people craving power and money could have cared less about the long term effects of thier greed on thier people.

        “I have never seen more Senators express discontent with their jobs….I think the major cause is that, deep down in our hearts, we have been accomplices in doing something terrible and unforgivable to our wonderful country. Deep down in our heart, we know that we have given our children a legacy of bankruptcy. We have defrauded our country to get ourselves elected.” — John Danforth (R-Mo)

      47. WallyDog,

        Just a thought but with all those goodies you might need some Ex-Lax as a back up before you back-up. Lol.

        Y’all Beware! Mans gotta have his Doritos!

      48. I’m a firm believer that prepping should pay off for everything short of a direct nuke, Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun, or other Extinction Level Event. I put money in to stuff you could use no matter what the future brings as stuff just gets more expensive or in tumultuous times, unprocurable. I just make sure I buy what I would use or want to try to use.

        The area where I live is rural and they have had an event in the past that preppers would have been kings (or really great civilians). I’m not talking about the recent derecho that hit western Virginia (downed trees & power outage for weeks). I’m talking about an aftermath of a Hurricane named Camille. Hundreds dead and missing, struck during the night without warning, it was what most people thought the end of the world… Roads blocked, phone lines gone, bridges (road and rail) gone, and cut off completely from the world. They say that air drops and helicopters had to be used to supply. Kids were out searching for dead bodies. Some where never found. This happen in ’69 and I’m glad I didn’t live here then…

        I can’t imagine anyone wanting that or something like it to happen. But I can’t imagine someone not preparing for an unknown, but surely expensive future.

        • Interesting article, while warning people, I take exception to 2 things:

          1) Saying “Soldiers are getting in on the act”, like they are scamming, after risking thier lives in uneccessary wars.

          2) There are a couple very touchy unPC subjects the authoer does not touch, that contribute to his thesis.

          • What a bunch of characters!

      49. !

        • ?

        • &

          • *

      50. The world elite will use the collapse to kill hundreds of millions if not billions and to implement the UN’s Agenda 21. We’re seeing the stage set for the one-world government prophesied in Revelation.

      51. This is what I have been saying about the presidental election, it doesn’t matter, we are screwed no matter what. We get a pile of horse manure with one, and a big piece of bull manure with the other. Everyone wants to get rid of BO, but why couldn’t it be someone that actually could have done something, or tried hard to save the country. Neither of these bums will do anything other than allow the country to fall into the abyss.

        Just think if there was a third party candidate that had the way with the people to connect with everyone. A third party candidate that was completely anti-washington and anti-establishment. A third party candidate that had a whole lot of other third party individuals running for senate and the house. A third party candidate that brought true hope. My teacher was right, the two party system would eventually help destroy this country. Guess it is time to refortify the old supplies and try to get what you need before it happens.

        • our chances for some hope in gov went out the window last night….. romney 2061…. :/
          Ron Paul….. 190 ( clapped for every vote for crazy uncle RON )

          time to rewatch or reread this video or the transcripts from it. WE NEED TO UNITE !!

          Seriously ppl release the hate it is not just us it is world wide remember, know, and live that. We got mad at them not going after the Black panthers for saying kill whitey,and going after our young military friend, they didn’t do it becasue they are part of them. They still seperate us divide us kill us walk over us and we all just fight with each other take it out on each other misplace our anger onto each other. FOR YEARS grps like ANON, SHTF, and others have been warning telling sending the message. When one stands to try and help to try and lead they are treated like crazy uncle Ron. PPl are awake ppl know ppl see every day more and more yet they still say “im prepping to protect ME and MINE.” IT HAS TO BE WE AND OURS!!!! Just like the nice article up top about the man from Bosnia. You need a community.

          Please at least read the transcript it is on the same page right under the video if you do not want to watch the 3 minutes 🙂 and if you have seen or read it do it again. Get pissed off again get scared again reawaken yourself to the unity we need.
          ( so you all know just spreading the words not saying the ppl here are asleep not awake not helpful in anyway you are we are you have been we have been.)

          It was Anon who woke me up. Anyone who presses the message on is an instrument of freedom!!!
          UNITE AND SURVIVE!!!!!
          I am starting to feel like Iron Eyes Cody, but instead of trash on our highways and shedding a tear, im am watching the trashing of our nation, and yes Shedding a Tear.

      52. This is a serious question:

        With all this collapse stuff as near as this September, should I just quit thinking about going to college? Or maybe it might be a morale booster? Seriously, when it happens, I doubt anybody is going to be worrying about waking up at 6 in the morning to go to school.

        What do you guys think?

        • go to school! (but prep just in case)

          • Agreed, and even if it does come early, were still going to need educated people to pull this all back up ..
            never underestimate the need for higher learning, if anything it should help you adapt, and seek stability

        • GO TO SCHOOL …

          Depends What you desire to do with your life . Go to 4 year college for a degree in Medical , Engineering , Electronics .
          Pharmaceutical …

          Anything else go to a Affordable 2 year Community College with guaranteed transfer of all transfer of course creds to their sister 4 year school and finish it All Quickly get your Assoc. Degree as quickly as possible , get your Associates Degree First and try to specialize in a Blue Collar Trade on the side – Plumbing Electrical Veterinarian-Animal Husbandry Nursing Agriculture trades you can use in a barter economy .

          If your in High School go to a Trade Industrial Arts High School – Learn a Working Trade young !

          No matter what schools you pick STAY THERE till you finish that schools requirements for your degree from that school GRADUATE ! OR YOUR WASTING TIME AND MONEY !!!









            FREE YOUR MIND
            FREE YOUR HEART
            FREE YOUR SOUL


        • Do NOT quit school!!!!!

          Always, hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

          • I agree. My daughter just passed the Bar exam on her first try. She is a good kid too! My other just started back to school to get her doctorate. Both are working, just not in their desired field. Maybe one day if I can keep them fed and protected.

        • Go/Stay to/in school! There are 3 collages/universities 4 hours from me. There are preppers there in school taking full courses. From talking to them, they remain positive in attitude but are very aware that “things aren’t right” & could fold in a matter of days. So they prep in the area of bugging out to home. They have part time jobs to get their gear/supplies. One commonality of the ones I know, they all come from families that have a vested interest in their success in school. They would, however, bugout to home prior to SHTF.

        • @ 7Amps…Mac is right! Go on with your College plans…just make sure you have real good supplies with you.

          I am just helping to get my grandson ready for his 1st yr. and some of the first things I packed for him (in bug out bag) was flashlights, TP, swiss army knife set, lots of dried pasta mixes, and chocolate, along with all the regular “stuff” he will need. Yes I am concerned for him, but we will just need to “cross that bridge when we come to it”

          Live your life the way you have planned, you may be one of our future LEADERS and you will know so much more when you are finished your studies!! Good luck to you and have a great year!!

        • Makes you wanna puke dont it? Hard to watch,been too close to this myself…too close…times running out for these bassturds who do this crap..problem is the bad ones hurt you and too few good one do anything…paybacks just walked in the room..and,well man you know what they say about her 🙁 oh and for the record…Im with her!

        • Yup seen it months ago, pretty sick, and the fact that they cover it up and none of them rat out the baad guys makess them all bad guys, if they dont police themselfs and weed out the bad, they will all get painted with that brush.

          theres a saying..”If you lay down with dogs, your gonna get fleas”
          latin..qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent
          should be cautious of the company you keep. Associating with those of low reputation may not only lower your own but also lead you astray by the faulty assumptions, premises and data of the unscrupulous.

        • “land of the fee, home of the slave”

          We are pathetic as a nation of men, more proof to the sheep, of what kind of a nation we REALLY are.

          “THEY” hate us because we are free!!

        • My favorite one is-“wheres my money”

          Tackle an underaged girl and arrest her for what?

          She is under arrest for what crime?

          A cop saying she has his 20 dollar bill.

          “lawful order”

          WTF is that?

          ANYTHING they tell you.

          A bunch of little tyrants they are!!

      53. Open Range…seen it?

        • theres a dialogue in that movie that says alot

          it goes like this

          man1)..”Shame what this town has come to”
          man2)..”You could do something about it”
          man1)..”What”..were freighters and Ralph here is a shop keeper”
          man2).. “Your men aint ya”
          man1)..”I didnt raise my two boys just to see um killed”
          man2)..”well you may not know this, but there’s things that gnaw at a man worse than dying”

      54. I agree but when will all this happen??

        • no one knows at all

          my prior comment reveals just the tip of the iceberg of some collapse pundits who have been crying collapse for years now

          definitely “there’s gold in them thar hills ”

          just keep shouting “collapse!”

          someone will buy into it

          and sooner or later they just might be on target..


      55. The only thing I can’t understand is , when one likes to tell you guys the truth ,it’s always the same he gets a lot of thumbs down, why is it ?? don’t you get it that they brainwashed you like crazy over decades of Hollywood education.

        A little Quiz, for the guys which are a not ´´so slow in the head´´.

        For which group fitting this characteristics
        They have been kicked out of around 120 Countries and cities since 200 years, because they managed it to screw the people bankrupt for manipulating the money system?

        Which group you cannot (and you have for sure not the backbone too) criticize in public (because they are in charge)
        Which group are in charge of the declining culture in the western world ( who owns the entertainment industries and Hollywood)

        Which guys were responsible for the immigration laws from the sixties?

        Which groups get what they want and what they want is not necessarily what others want (leading to conflicts of interest) or what is good for the country as a whole? The wars against the whole world for instance?

        Which group are behind Marxism / Communism and have been behind the Russian Revolution in 1917?
        Which group has been and are today behind the gay right movement?
        Little tip.. no it’s not the evil Nazis .. Not this guys have forbidden the Germans to read more than 36000 books and throwing the people in prison for questioning the HOAX OF THE TWENTIES CENTURIE in sixteen European countries, not the Muslims neither… Smarty

        • frankonnliss fromeurop,

          “A little Quiz, for the guys which are a not ´´so slow in the head´´.” Learn how to write you idiot. Is that you JoeinNC? Get a life.

          • O si yo, Ohcumache, O gi na li i, Dto hi tsu?

            A ka dv ga nv
            U ne ga
            Do lo di ge i
            Gv na ge i
            O yo i
            Tsi go ti
            Yv wi ya hi
            A yo hu hi s di
            U do

            Still learning 🙂

            • lol typoed your name sorry :/ add the g please 🙂 was more worried about the other spellings, and misplaced it :/

      56. Ok thanks guys

      57. HOW HUNGRY ARE YOU ???

        courtesy of modern survival blog

        Whenever the feeling of hunger overcomes me, I am reminded of the extreme danger that we would be in if a large population of people ran out of food to eat. I compare my immediate feeling of intense hunger and the desire to make myself a sandwich, to the desperation of so many people at once who will simultaneously be hungry and looking for food. I realize then how society could deteriorate rapidly into social chaos.

        How much food does the ‘typical’ family have in their home? How long would it take for the majority of folks to run out of food?

        Hunger is a VERY powerful emotion, and one that WILL lead to desperation. Our bodies want to survive and survival instincts WILL kick in. People WILL do what they have to, to survive. Think about that. How dangerous will it be if you live in suburbia with the thousands of people around you slowly starving? And if you’re in the city, Fogetaboutit. You’re screwed.

        Yes, this is a worst case scenario, but listen up… it would not take much in today’s uncertain world to disrupt our systems of supply and distribution to bring this on. We are living in risky times. Most people are fat (and happy?) and have NO CLUE of the risks that surround their ability to remain fat. IF that ability is removed, we will have social breakdown in short order.

        GOT ENOUGH FOOD ???
        GOT ENOUGH WATER ???
        GOT ENOUGH AMMO ???


        • Hello C.C. -N.O.

          No BS -N.O. Speaking for myself you have put up some thoughtful posts and replies to this thread.
          Looking forward to others. Your connections to other sites helps me get informed. We are in for some terrible times

          Thank you!!


      58. Collapse predictions

        Jan 9, 2010..major collapse in 2010
        March 30th, 2009..major total collapse by 2012
        Tuesday, January 12, 2010..Celente predicts another economic collapse in 2010
        December 16, 2008 Gerald Celente predicts the collapse of 2009

        Dec 31, 2010 US markets will crash like dominos so many things are bound to happen in 2011 The dollar will collapse and we will see a greater economic disaster.

        US dollars will go all the way to zero and gold will go at least $5,000 an ounce..Sep 9, 2009
        Peter Schiff



        • That just means that so far we are going down a steady glide path. Maybe, just maybe, it will be steady all the way down like Japan did.

          No problem with it happening that way!

          Good luck to us all.

      59. Collapse prediction…

        Babylon is Fallen, is fallen…
        The most misunderstood entity on the planet.
        What is ‘Babylon’? Here’s a clue…
        When it falls “in one hour”, ONLY the “merchants of the Earth” see it… currencies and economies “burn down”.
        Babylon invented the current System, believe it or not.
        Banks, Kings, and Religion, as One.
        Enforcing fixed contracts in a world that is variable ensuring ultimate profit for the money changers, backed up by the Kings laws of enforcement, and the Temples rules of “submission to righteous authority”…
        Sound Familiar?
        How do you fight an economic war? Shared logistics, alternate underground, alternate money. In time, you will come to this conclusion. You must tear down the tables of the money changers in the temple. The Lord’s final battle, becomes the final war…

        The statue of Nebuchadnezzar, the Left and the Right legs of the ideologies of the Rich, descended into the 10 toes of Iron and Clay, the Iron of Mind, and the Clay of Emotions. 10 Toes, 10 Virgins, 10 Horns that are Shofar’s of the Tribes, the 10 families of Gold, of the Lost tribes, that own the world, (Or think they do.), and keep everything and everybody held by the power of Mystery. The preachers will say no, but the preachers didn’t ‘see’ the Lord when He came either, did they?

        The Grail gives the hidden power in the Rock, that tears down the statue. So the woman clothed in the Sun, with the 12 stars in her crown, may stand upon the Moon, and thus the ‘Mystery of God is finished’. The power of Anti-gravity is the Holy Spirit, the Light of God. The power of darkness is reality. Those who love this system, are of the Darkness, and shall get their heart’s desire.

        The power of the Grail show’s the power hidden in the Universe, the edge of the Galaxy, the Dark Rift, the “Dark day of the Lord” comes, and the Catholic “divided the times” wrong. The end of the age is 2033, not 2000, exactly in the center of the Dark rift, where madness comes, and evil destroys.

        You must have the Love of God and neighbor to survive, but you must trim your wicks, fill your lamps and hide in a backroom. To bring your light, such that we may see each other in the dark, to join together as a web of lights in the darkness, in the wilderness.

        The Piper plays a New Song,
        so the Chorus may sing,
        and the people will dance,
        that the forests may echo with laughter.

        Contact The Piper,
        and he will see,
        if you are worthy,
        to become a seed.

        bagpiper at babylonwilderness dot com

      60. Why we are on the brink of the greatest Depression of all time


      61. My neighbor came over and asked for $25.00 this morning, I said “no” and he immediately became hostile and walked away. This is a man who is barely 62 years old last month. He has not worked hardly any time of his life, he was claiming disability for the last several years and it is a lie. He has a son who lives with him who is in his late 40’s and he doesn’t work any either. They both are American men, with no initiative or drive to do any thing in life. These both men are very poor and lazy, I have helped them in the past and have given to them, but these times are now starting to show the lazy people that they better get moving and I think a lot of these people are in for a big surprize at the end of this year for the Holidays. If you are like these two men who do not prepare not even when times are good, your existence will not be a long one. If you think that the government will save you, because you are white and vote republican your in for a big surprize! I hope that you realize that the end of this nation is very near. I personally have begun to make arrangements to move to another area that is safer and away from these neighbors and the strangers that will for sure come along when the SHTF! Please be weary of your lazy neighbors and especially the ones that rely on the government cheese.

      62. Thanx to all of you above for the GREAT info on getting started on my pressure canning “mission”….all great advise.

        I wrote all your names down to thank each of you personally….but can’t seem to find the paper now.(had to go out for a couple hours, so someone mislaid it ):

        I suspect I will have some fun with it! I was hoping to have lots of stuff from my garden this year, but unfortunately, here in my part of the country (with a summer long drought) a lot of gardens did not do well…..including mine, so guess I’m going to have to depend on buying elsewhere! i.e. farmers market, roadside markets and yes, even local grocery store specials! Thanx again….

      63. Live your lives, relax and enjoy it

        Everyone should have had a plan. Spent some, saved some, invested some, lived within your means and planned for contingencies. If so, none of this will have an impact.

        Sadly most people spend it all, save none, invest little to none, don’t plan for anything or sponge off the government. Most people fall into this group.

        The government has failed at every turn and stolen trillions from all of us. If you think they are going to help you when it collapses you are sadly mistaken. You will be a slave to whatever they tell you to do. If you aren’t prepared you should be scared. It is too late now.

        So enjoy it while you’ve got it


        MAC SALVO COMMENT: “They will be sitting there ready to swoop in and grab up everything at bargain basement, bottom of the dollar prices. It will be the Tulip bubble all over again. You will be sitting there holding nothing and then blaming your neighbor for being here.”











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