What a Dollar Collapse Will Look Like

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    The following introduction is the prelude to Troy Grice’s Indivisible, a blovel (blog novel) about what it may look like when the dollar collapses. Troy has made the blovel available for free to interested readers – details follow below.

    Unable to sleep one night, you turn on the television and hear this…


    …the selloff started about midway through the session with rumors swirling about the cash strapped Bank of Japan liquidating half their U.S. Treasury holdings. Prices on the Ten Year Note plunged taking yields up one hundred basis points over the span of about eight minutes.  Record volume led one trader to speculate that the Central Banks of the U.K., Saudi Arabia and China were stepping in to halt the U.S. Bond collapse.

    Yields seemed to level off for about a half hour but then the frantic selloff resumed driving Ten Year Treasury yields up another whopping one hundred and ninety basis points!” Observed a reporter in Australian accent.

    So what impact has this had on the currency markets?” asked the anchor. “Is everyone moving into cash?

    Yes…well, the conventional wisdom is that such a dramatic move down in Treasuries would drive many investors into U.S. dollars but that has not been the case. There is a dollar selloff happening concurrently with the dollar down almost ten percent against the yen and euro and off a whopping fifteen percent against the Chinese yuan. These are all unprecedented moves, Sam.

    Where are the investors going?

    Right…(nodding and holding earpiece)…well, it’s been a huge day for metals, ag commodities, and oil with oil itself up almost twenty five dollars during the session.

    So what happens from here?

    Yes…(nodding and holding earpiece)…well, with commodity futures still climbing and Treasuries still tanking, it looks like the bloodbath will continue when the DAX opens.

    Thank you, Mel…uh huh…one moment…(holding ear)…uh we’ve just received word that the Federal Reserve will be holding an emergency session in…

    About Indivisible


    The professorial Fed Chairman, his ever-whitening beard and ever-receding hairline making him look ever-the-more gnomish, loosened his tie and poured himself a drink at the 7:30 open. Perhaps the great ship would not sink, he hoped. The Fed had key-stroked hundreds of billions of dollars throughout the night and had managed to prop up the wobbly futures markets. Their hope was that the animal spirits could be tamed by the NYSE open. But the entire system sank right from the bell.

    Indivisible tells of survival amidst the turmoil of an economic collapse in contemporary America. Triggered by an Asian selloff of U.S. Treasuries, the United States devolves from currency collapse to price controls and shortages, riots, Martial Law and ultimately into civil war.

    Bob Garrity is the Under-Sheriff of Jefferson County, Colorado. He is a man willing to exceed the bounds of the law in order to solve a rash of recent kidnappings in his normally peaceful jurisdiction.

    Maiden Lane is an assistant to the Secretary of the Treasury. A femme fatale, Mae is not afraid to use her ‘œassets’to get what she wants.

    Jimmy Marzan is a soldier, tormented by allegience to his unit and adherence his morality.

    Vaughn Clayton is an unemployed father who must figure out how to keep his family together in the chaos.

    Their lives converge on the backdrop of the American implosion. To what lengths will they go to survive? …And how far will the D.C. go in order to preserve the established order?

    If you’re ready to kick back with a book that promises to be as exciting as it is timely, check out the options for readers below:


    Click here to read Troy Grice’s blovel online, for FREE

    If you prefer to download an easy to read electronic, printer-friendly version, Troy has made Indivisible available for just $2.99 in PDF format. Click here to order the online version in PDF format.

    You can also download the e-book on your Kindle or order the paperback at Amazon.


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      1. Barry’s running up the steps to AF 1 & stumbles on the 5th step.  The teleprompter is onboard.  News tonight @ 6.  The banks have lines forming & tv camera’s are filming.  The grocery stores shelves are being bought out.  People are fighting inside the stores.  The DOW & S&P have been halted today on trading.  This has been a test of the National Broadcasting Network.  BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP

      2. Tom,  I agree.   If you are not prepped, then fight with the horde for scraps…


      3. I bought the book in PDF format.  It’s good, and it’s scary.  I have prepped, as best I can.  Good for a year or so.   Also why I never rely on credit cards, always have some cash.  And I fill my gas tank daily, no exceptions. 

      4. One Gun

        One Break Action Shotgun: $200
        400 Rounds of #6 Shotgun Shells: $100
        Being able to survive the collapse of the US Dollar: PRICELESS!

        Get it. Learn to use it. Survive.  -NetRanger

      5. It may be interesting reading, but it is fiction. There is no “dollar” collapse coming, but real inflation is coming. Read a rational analysis of current financial events:

        Bankster Gangsters: Bailout Number Two 


      6. NR: 2 3/4, 3, or 3 1/2?  Not 00?  Kent, how many pages?

      7. Being as how The Bank of Japan Is the Federal Reserve, they lost me in the first paragraph, they’re never going to liquidate half their U.S. Treasury holdings.

        Not that that wasn’t a good premise though.

        I’ve begun to think it’s not going to be a quick bang event, it’s going to be a long slog. A big drag-out,… slow and full of ups and downs.

        Currency war, followed by trade war, followed by the real thing.

        Down… down… down. With TSA gropings in between.

        #6 Shotgun Shells? … Dude, at least get #4’s… for hunting anyway.
        For self-defense? Forget that.
        GLOCK ROCKS, all the way to AK/AR/.308

        “This debate… is about political philosophy: what kind of society do we want to live in? One ruled by an ever-growing, all-controlling state or one in which people have freedom guaranteed and protected?”

      8. Two hundred and thirty, Tom.  Excellent read, made my gut tight.   I haven’t been able to prep like some here, but my best buddy told me I had ninety-five per cent of the population beat.  Cost me well over ten grand, you include the guns.   I am now trying to get some silver rounds, so far I have about a thousand dollars worth.   Not much but a start.  Just in case, for cash may be worthless.  But I do have a LOT of stuff here, camping gear, generators, first aid,  propane, heaters, wood, water, meds, and lots of chow, water filters, fire steels, fire extinguishers.  I can’t remember it all.   Almost a years medication, for my wife’s cancer is in full remission.  I pray to God it stays that way for obvious reasons.   I am fortunate to live in a small town.   Barter would become a common theme and a man’s word will be priceless.    Most of all, I have my guns……..guns and good friends, an excellent combination, watching each others backs keeps everybody healthier and alive longer.   One man may have one thing, I have another, we trade, or exchange favors.   I would skedaddle my ass home double quick and watch it on the tube or listen on my hand crank shortwave……….and remain quiet.  May God watch over all of us……

      9. I had to stop reading this (and other) websites because my blood pressure is off the hook and these websites seem to make things worse and not better.  Doctors fear for my safety……..

        Here is what I have to say.

        You cannot spend your whole life wound tight and waiting for the spring to snap.  You cannot wait for something to happen like a scared child hiding in a closet.  You cannot pile up enough Spam to make it through an economic collapse (even if you could, your wife and kids would murder you!).  They’d soak your poor bones in bleach for months as a warning to other would-be do-gooders.  The stress and waiting will shorten your life by more than ONE DECADE!  How the hell is that helping your family?!?!?!?

        Do like NetRanger says, buy up about 5000 rounds of ammo.  Get some rice and beans in storage.  THEN, start spending some time out in the open air and laughing.  Look up Hickok45 on Youtube and check out his videos.  Get your FAT ASS OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!

      10. Yes, a look in the eye, a hand shake and word is priceless.  Yes, small towns are a big plus.  Don’t tell anyone all of your business.  I will read the blovel.  I agree.

      11. Only 5000, you sic bastard!  Your funny JV.  This site & others is what makes me feel alive except for the smell.  What kind of rice & color of bean? 

      12. Comments….. I could see many different scenerios happening , involving the falling dollar. But in the end, does it really make any difference how it happens? Whether by inflation, or any other means, most are simply screwed in one way or the other.
            I would not want to be whoever the public decides is at fault when it all comes crashing down.  I predict an “off with their heads” mentality. If you’ve lost everything you have, what’s a little rioting going to hurt.  Besides, if you go to jail, you have 3 hots and a cot.
            Seriously, I don’t think we’ll have to wait much longer.  The pot is boiling over, and the natives are asking way to many questions to the leaders, who must come up with newer answers to the same questions.  Are there still any people out there that believe everything is ok??  Wait a minute—I just talked to one, and he’s in my family.  he thinks just because he can go to the bank, and get his money out, and enjoy travel, that things will all be ok like that, and that I  am obviously “overreacting” to what I hear on tv, or some stupid idea.  I would still love to be wrong, but I can’t see escaping from this disaster that’s about to happen. 
                I just try to remember, if I’m wrong, no big deal, but if he’s wrong, he’s got a serious survival problem. Oh well, you can’t make someone except something they don’t think can happen.

      13. No system is perfect and there is no such thing.
        Any system can be destroyed by corruption.

      14. The rest of the world sees what’s happening (the falling dollars and creditors are unloading their dollars); therefore, the system will collapse.

        I fear the NEW system will replace the OLD one and WILL BE controlled by the ruling elites.


        So be careful for what you ask for, you may get the worst.


      15. Well said Jane.

        Things really do happen for a reason.   George Soros will reap what he sowed (eventually).  I do not waste one brain cell of thought or one once of anger on him.  It shall be done.

        My thoughts & prayers to all.  Keep stocking up & buy more silver at or about 25.00 a once.

      16. I will also recomend a “Blovel” named  ” The day the dollar died “  Go to:   http://johngaltfla.com . it is an interesting read .   As well as Mr. Rawls book ” Patriots” .

        • If you liked those, check out “lights out.” Another good read is WWIII

      17. Unless SERVERE austerity measures are taken… that means EVERYONE is going to have to give up something or NO ONE is going to have ANYTHING… it’s game over.  I find it funny how now the talking heads are saying that we need to make cuts… yet no one wants to have theirs cut.  Though it’s not funny… I’ve been laughing my ass off as Obama get’s bitch smacked at the G20.  Everyone see’s through his lying and swindling bullshit and no one is willing to make a deal anymore.  Also I’ve laughed as he’s stumbled with words during his speeches without his teleprompters to read from. 

        I think we’re somewhere between 2-5 years out from the big crash.  I see 2011 being the year people start to really notice that the jig is almost up.  2012… the world isn’t going to end like the movie… but financially people will really be feeling the pain.  2013… rioting nationwide… European style, possible marshal law.  Anything after that is anyones guess… just my humble opinion. 

        I’m aggresively paying down debt… slowly but gradually building up food supplies and silver stocks.  Once the debt is paid off… I switch over to aggresively stocking on food & miscellaneous prep’s.

      18. Cynical Optimist ….I’ve been laughing my ass off as Obama get’s bitch smacked at the G20.  Everyone see’s through his lying and swindling bullshit 

        Yes….their patients are wearing thin. He is going to walk away looking like a big dumb ass.

        I know that we have a lot of people that visit this site that are NOT from the U.S. but rather from Canada, Europe and Austrailia. I love to hear their view points of the world and what is going on in their “neck of the woods” I think it was Mantos that said that after the first of the year they are getting ready to implement a cashless system and a paycard will be needed for all transactions but I can not remember where in Europe that was.

      19. @Tom

        Always 2 3/4. Breaking from the standard for standard usage is unnecessary and expensive (at least double the cost with little benefit). #6 is most versatile. While 00 buck will give you longer ranges, under 20ft theres not much difference and if you need to use it to kill small game, 00 buck is nearly worthless. Maybe a mix would be better. But, for the inexperienced, just stick with #6.

      20. People that just “buy lots of guns an ammo” or just “buy lots of beans and rice” will truly be better off than those that do nothing, however, you need three things:

        1. Security. The one gun approach will work but can be improved upon. However, if you have no security, just get that done. Then, after you have points 2 and 3 taken care of, improve the security situation.

        2. Sustenance. You have to eat and drink. All the security in the world is not going to protect you from hunger. After you get point one taken care of, stock some food. No, you won’t be able to survive forever but you will be able to survive for a while. …and maybe with the help of neighbors and friends, things will get put back together and life will continue.

        3. Shelter. You need a place to keep you warm and dry. While it can range from a tent to a castle, you still have to have it.

        After you get a reasonable amount of thinking and doing done on all three points, start improving them. Depending on your location and situation it may appear to others that you’re going too heavily in one direction or another. Just don’ t lose site of the goal: survival and longevity.

        A steady progression to security and food reserves gets you there. While the gun might be a bit of a bump, $150-$200 should be attainable by most people in a month or two. After that, ammo is $5 to $10 a box. (…more expensive is not necessarily better in this case…)

        Every pay figure out how much you can divert to prepping. Stick to it. Box of shells, 4 cans of food, bag of rice or beans. Rinse. Repeat.

        Guaranteed, if it all comes undone, you’ll be way better off than the grasshoppers. ( http://www.thesurvivalpodcast.com/starting-the-journey-from-grasshopper-to-ant )

      21. Comments….. The dollar colapsing means NO international trade takes place, denominated in FRN or digital US$. FRN`s are Legal Tender IN US (Gov.t says so). Going back to barter is so 1880 ish. Anyhow, to show up on world`s market, you need more than nukes. OR you can export surplus created internaly.
        Production not consumption is the answer, not the threat with war. US$ from surplus countries will come back in the US, oil
        producers will hate that so all imports will cost more! Counting bullets, cans of food, pigs, goats, chickens will not help when in
        Cushing – Oklahoma is nothing left. So, going back in time is not
        the solution (hunter / gatherer style). Send kids to school, help
        them with their homeworks, pushing them towards the  math/science/engineering field, will help you rebuild what was
        scorched in decades. Social engineering, ‘living the high life’ promises ruined the ability of the individual to make the right decisions, 70% consumers, god-knows how many producers,
        with lots of ‘history of arts’ graduates but no history knowldege.
        Go figure what will happen if that alaskan redneck Palin will be
        elected president, you will howl for Bush to come back.
        Someone say: it must hurt harder …
        Running a country into the ground is not an easy task .. .

      22. Comments…..And because US$ collapse is in the cards, enjoy:

      23. CO, I would tend to agree with you on time frame with a “wild card” that could swing things into action (in a hurry)!  I can see the gold speculators riding the wave in it’s brackets as it increases in decreasing FRN’s.  Comex Warehouse has a run and the paper/physical price separate.  All those that invest in paper gold/silver will be the prettiest jack asses in the glue factory like a cry after the housing bubble or dot com.  The ETF’s or locked in government gold/silver retirement accounts that are backing their paper will have it’s hard assets mysteriously disappear like a street shell game with Maddoff Ponzi in charge.   It amazes me of the mass’s that do not really understand a bubble.  Even the stupid intelligent can’t see why the largest “rich” country has to borrow from the poorest and think this game can continue.  Johnny V, I understand what you are saying.  I’ve had a few friends that cut themselves loose & let me go a few years back.  Now they are asking questions & begging for some knowledge.  Others “in the family” are too busy & see “some” of the kitchen preps such as a Berkey & ask “what is that for”?  They see that as a waist of money but don’t say anything negative because they are too busy planning their next vacation while managing their paper investments.  Some of those that I’ve had issues with, I have explained to them that they are much smarter than I while I believe quietly that I am much wiser.  There is a price to pay, even for the ant.  But the grasshopper’s only chance is to lay some eggs & die during the winter to be carried off by the ants in smaller pieces down the hole.  Not even the birds will pick up a dead grasshopper.  Winter is coming & I’m ready for another spring.

      24. Many good points, I take them all to heart.  Something always slipping through a crack, like much to my chagrin, discovering I had forgotten tooth paste.   But on the whole, unless things went south fast, I now live life, seek to emjoy it, mentally at condition yellow.  As I can afford it I buy silver rounds to be kept here, never more than five hundred bucks worth at a time, for I believe at six they must file a report of some sort, not sure.   I can only imagine banks trying to foreclose on homes after a crash, as they would mine,  wiping out my savings account, only to be facing a shotgun.  Actually most folks would probably be to concerned with their own loved ones to do much work, at least initially.  I wonder about wannabes and gangbangers figiriing it’s holiday time.   I actually worry more about them than anything else.  But the problem would be solved by angry townspeople with their guns, make an ecample out of somebody. But yes…to live life, knowing we are all out there, watching yet doing our own thing…….one young woman at work teasing me, “Well Kent, how many guns do you have now?”  But stuff is cash in a barter society, be it a firearm, ammo or anything else of use to someone.  Very few people speak of it, many allude to it, but folks are stockpiling quietly.  No one in town here knows of my preparations.   One friend living in the city does, he is welcome.
        But yes, we can keep each other in the loop, encourage and advise……for we all share a similar concern. 

      25. all this palaver about some kind of dollar crash is absolute nonsense. our magnificent federal reserve banking system was created 100 years age at the jekyll island georgia hunt club by a group of self effacing hard working global bankers to provide debt free financial security for the intelligent hard working american middle class. does anyone seriously believe that this rock-solid system is going to falter after one hundred years of continuous success?

        there may be a few small ripples in our stalwart economy caused by chinese mafia pinko commie currency gangsters and their rag head teen age taliban storm troopers. but everybody with common sense  can protect themselves from these minor short term inconveniences by keeping a few crisp new ten dollar bills in the safety deposit vault of their local neighborhood goldman-sachs bank.

        when i read all these comments about buying gold and silver i ROTFLMAO. look at the current minnie crash in gold and silver as well as the disaster in gold and silver stocks. one silver stock (AGQ) even crashed ten percent in one day. this stuff is junk. as a matter of fact some honest dealers call it what it is, i.e. “junk silver.” 

        god bless amerca and god bless bernanke and our magnificent federal reserve banking system. america is truly the envy of the world…and rightfully so.


      26. The Bible predicts New World Order.

      27. Yes Kent. Condition 3 during yellow on its way to 1.

      28. Yes Kent. Condition 3 during yellow on its way to 1.

        sorry but can you explain the above?

      29. “One Break Action Shotgun: $200
        400 Rounds of #6 Shotgun Shells: $100
        Being able to survive the collapse of the US Dollar: PRICELESS!”

        My QUESTION: How do we weed out the good guys from the bad guys?? There is safety in numbers and not everyone is looking to take but to share and build strength in numbers. Do we tie a white flag to our kid? Loud speaker, “We’re the good guys don’t shoot”? Friend or foe? How is that determined or do we act stupidly and shoot each other until the last man standing makes the rules? Let me tell you that is NOT SMART. You won’t be able to put Humpty-Dumpty back together again ever. All that talent and intellect gone, who do you put it back together?  What are the rules and who makes them? Most of us we’ll be armed. Then what?

      30. This is assuming the worst case scenario at every turn.  What if the powers that be use the “divide and conquer”  stratagedy on the people and they don’t disolve into infighting? What if they keep their eyes on the prize and hold togeather and oust the administration that does not serve this nation?  What if prayer and fasting defeat those that seek to destroy freedom and a constitution that supports and protects the individual? What if we remember what and who we are?  And what if we don’t settle for less?

      31. Time to watch Ireland since it went belly up yesterday. I figure the social structure will come unglued within a month or so.

        #6 for shotguns is fine. Several, years ago, my father-in-law was reloading some 12 ga paper hulls with #6. To hold the crimp, he dipped the end in melted parafin. He couldn’t hit squat for ducks, so we patterned the loads. At 25 yards, nice 0.72″ holes in paper target and 1 for each round. Trap loads with #7 1/2 worked fine for a trapshooting buddy for honkers (seems with enough shot in the pattern, a few always hit the head). He just kept to 25 yards or less. Trap and skeet loads are dirt cheap compared to 3″ magnums.

        Don’t forget a .22, ammo cheap and light weight.

        I resent that comment about Palin an Alaskan redneck. Recall her comment about soccer moms and pit bulls? The pit bull was bred to grab a bull by the nose and never let go in a sport called bull-baiting. Palin quit within a few months. Well folks, an Alaskan redneck never quits even if it might be in their best interests.

        The blovels, novels and predictions won’t happen in all areas, but other scenarios will. Understanding each possibility will help you prepare. If you are right, great. If not, better part right than totally wrong and any prep is part right.

        Well said NetRanger.

        JonnyV, exactly. Live while we still have the free time and money has some value. It takes very little to enjoy so much once we start living rather than buying more junk.

        Never forget, we vets will defend the Constitution. Mayhaps a fool’s game, but we took the oath. Either our word is good or … .

      32. baloney. use 3 1/2″ 12 ga hot loads with OOO on all game at all ranges.

      33. @Tina: In Scandinavia most people are not concerned about the current situation. We have not really been hit by the crisis. Sweden has higher unemployment, but a good benefit/training system. Many people are even getting new jobs now. We have however thousands of immigrants from Iceland who are really angry with their government. Furthermore we see pictures of social unrest all over Europe. It is however strange to see that this is happening close to us.

        Without the internet I would not know much what is happening in the US. The ordinary person here will know that Obama is struggling fixing the US system, that unemployment in the US is way to high and that China and the US are fighting over the value of the Yuan. Foreclosures seem to be  a problem, but then they showed a documentary on TV where lots of happy Americans bought cheap houses in Florida profiting from the burst of the housing bubble.

        What I am concerned about is weather the Euro or the Dollar, or both of them will collapse. I am afraid that it is a race between the two currencies which is going first down. In this case even we would have huge problems as I have no idea what will happen to our currency and economy. Another thing I do not like, is the perspective that either Israel or the US go to war with Iran. Not to be misunderstood, the regime there should be removed. However, the consequences at this time could be devastating. There is a good chance that oil supply from the gulf would stop temporarily. That could trigger the oil prices and hit international trade hard and thereby cause more unemployment and unrest. We would see increasing terrorism and soon violence would rage all over Western Europe and the EU would probably disappear in the struggle of the Western European countries for survival and in civil wars.

        We have a strong community sense in our district so I do not fear rioting here, but food shortages and rationing when SHTF. That is what I am preparing for. I have food for six month, some seeds, tools and medicines and think that is sufficient as I live in on a remote island with good fishing grounds and fertile soil.

      34. Comments….. To me, it still boils down to a simple concept.  If I’m wrong, no big deal.  I have a little precious metals to sell down the road, and some extra food, and some extra supplies.  But , if  they’re wrong, they are in a world of hurt, with no real way to play catch up.
             I’d still rather do what I’m doing now, and be wrong if I have to. it’s a no-brainer.

      35. Comments…..why am I still awaiting moderation

      36. I agree with NetRanger, but believe everyone needs an AR- .223 and lots of ammo. IMO, that should be your first weapon, but not your last.

        Shelter will be more important than I think many really understand when the SHTF because we live in warm, toasty houses. Nights will be cold no matter where you are at. Some places will be much colder than others. Give that some thought in your prep. Especially those of you who think you are heading to a “bugout” location. Be there if you want to get there.


      37. Through studying history and by the way we are consistantly lied to about the economy I have no doubt that the future holds difficult challenges for us. There is no way to predict the future but current trends indicate specific problems ahead. This is where folks like Gerald Celente and James Rickards step in and say “wait a minute”! Dr. Ron Paul is right up there with them to advise us on what we can expect from the destruction that our elected and appointed officials have caused. I can see the writing on the wall too! That is why I am prepping but there is a balance somewhere, between expectations and every day living. I try not to dwell on it too much and sure enjoy the days I can go shooting. God bless you all and be careful where you point that weapon!!!

      38. As usual Mushroom, like Obama, is as bright as a 10w light bulb. 

      39. We still have a year or so to go before it gets to the GO point . Inflation by that time should have really kicked in ,the pri ce of metals (gold/silver) will have taken off, Real;iseing its not gold and silver going up in value, its the dollar loseing more value . In the last phases of a Nation, government always cracks down on the people, useing new laws and regualtions  and finding a way to get all the money they can from citizens .Soon enough the Fedeal Government will be bailing out the States ,its just a matter of when and not if . Meanwhile the economy doesnt get better, although the news rooms are blasting out disnfo in full force .Unemployment is allready near Great Depression levels, dont be fooled by media folks .Without decent paying Jobs, america will never recover .Instead they plan to use more bailouts and stimulus,Qe1, Qe2 and Qe3 and even Qe4 .that is the last thing they have to drag this thing out before the total collapse.By that time the dollar will be near worthless . The price of fuel could possibly reach 200.00 dollars a barrell,which means 6-7 dollars a gallon .Inflation will be rageing !   The future looks like hell to me .Thier is no stopping it ! Instead we have republicans and Democrates running the show in the same system and still controlled by Corporations and the Federal Reserve.you can change all the people in congress and the house ansd senate but if you keep the Federal Reserve and other illegal institutions in place, its all for nothing . The most time this system has is 10 years or less.If americans can not make the changes  for thier Nation, They will be enslaved in a society of servatude and under a police state with out much hope of nothing but a meager way to live and survive .

      40. Greetings All ~

        Everyone commenting on this site has a different opinion of what will be required to get by and survive as we attempt to live through the coming tough times that most here see in our near future. Unfortunately, prepping for the coming hardships isn’t a ONE SIZE FITS ALL situation. What works for my family and I, may not be the best answer for your family.
        Some of the recommendations that folks are making out there are simply unrealistic for most folks. I don’t have unlimited funds to meet my current monthly obligations and prepare for the future at the same time. I am assuming that most folks here don’t either.
        The answer to this problem? Do the best that you can do in your own individual situation to prepare while greeting each day’s morning sun with a smile, loving your family like there is no tomorrow and living each day to the fullest.

        With regard to survival weapons:
        1. More people are killed in this country each year with a .22 cal. weapon than any other caliber. So please don’t underate a high quality .22 rifle, 4 or 5 high capacity detachable magazines and lots of ammo in SHTF situation. It’s more than most of your neighbors have and a hell of a lot better than nothing.
        2. A reasonable quality 12 ga. pump action shotgun is hard to beat at close range. 2 3/4″ rounds pushing #4 buckshot is the prefered choice of most state Highway Patrols. If you go for one of the pistol grip models, invest in one of the pistol grip fore ends. Otherwise your hand holding the rear pistol grip will have a completely numb thumb after akout 5 rounds. Buying ‘used’ can get you ‘in’ for under $300 including ammo.
        3. The idea that you ABSOLUTELY GOTTA HAVE an expensive AR-15 type of a weapon complete with all the bells and whistles and night vision scopes is a load of complete and utter ‘horse-puckey’! Go on Cheaper than Dirt’s website and check out what they are selling for “maintenance/repair” kits for the AR-15. There are so many springs and assorted ‘do-hickies’ inside the AR-15 that are prone to breakage that it isn’t even funny. Besides, it is machined to such tight tolerances that if you aren’t constantly cleaning it, then it is prone to jamming up on you when you need it most. Way overpriced for a combat weapon with so many deficiencies. (Pissed about half of America off with that one, now haven’t I???)
        4. You can get into an AK-47 platform for around $500, current manufacture 7.62 x 39 ammo in a ‘spam can’, 640 rounds, will set you back less than $200 and 30 round magazines are less than $20. They are very reliable and reasonably priced.

        Live for today while you prepare for tomorrow. No one, on their ‘death-bed’, has ever said; “Damn, I sure wish that I could have worked a few more hours for the XYZ Corporation!” See through the ‘smoke n’ mirrors’. Get your priorities set straight for your own individual situation.

        God Bless and good luck to all.

      41. The freshman politicians are checking in this morning.  They all know each other & anxious to meet each other.  Let the brain washing begin.  Tea or Long Island ice tea with a shot of liberal poison?  And, on the agenda first:  fundraising for 2012, it’s never too soon to start! Last on the agenda:  the Constitution, if we get to it.  Now open your politician books to page 101.

      42. i’ve just been chuckling over the huge economic problems in ireland. tsk  tsk  tsk. it seems they’re on the brink of a currency collapse caused by some worthless bond problems. so what did anyone expect from a gaggle of potatoe farmers. it’s obvious they need some expert financial advice from some of our skillful federal reserve economists. i can’t understand why they haven’t started TARP programs there to solve their problem like we did here in america. eventally they’ll have to call in the IMF to bail them out. the IMF,  of course, is staffed by highly proficient american gentlemen who provide helpful services to distressed countries with no strings attached.

        if you have relatives in ireland i would suggest that you send them crisp new uncirculated american federal reserve ten dollar bills. the security these little gems provide will make them feel a lot better- just like they do here in the good ole USA…

      43. This was interesting. “information on caliber used in homicide and other crimes isn’t readily available.”

        However; “Maxim machine guns used by both sides during the Great War will have killed far more than the .223 or any other .22.”

      44. @mushroom…why don’t you just send Ireland a few boxes of your incredibly valuable $10 bills you have stashed away…I’m sure they can always use some more TP.

      45. General Comment on weapon systems:

        I own an AK47 that I modified.  Has a rail system on the front end, collapsible buttstock (too many Americans keep them fully extended instead of squaring their shoulders to the target, which puts you on target).  I have a optics system for it (sighted in but not on, practicing iron sights).  Single point sling so it falls out of the way of my pistol (thigh holster or chest mounted, I switch).  A vest is very important.  Having access to magazines on your chest is very important.  A chest rig (MOLLE I prefer but pre-configured ones are cheaper) with mag pouches, medical pouch, utility pouch and I have a map pouch (AK/AR 6/9 mags, 3 pistol mags (plus one on thigh holster)).  $150 and its Multicam which works nicely (I find) in urban and woodland (I live in the Pacific NW).

        The gun is great out to 400 yards, hits hard.  Easily maintained (went 9 months without cleaning it, it always goes bang).  I pack about 300 rounds on me with my vest plus 50 rounds of pistol ammo.  Weight is not bad at all, if you find it is, get in shape.  I also have a buttpack with 4 days worth of meals and a hydration pouch with 2 or 4 liters (forget).  I always have that with me but don’t wear it unless we’re doing a walk and shoot.

        I also have an AR15, LWRC M6A2.  Thing is as reliable as my AK, needs to be cleaned more but nothing like a standard AR15 (I do it every second shooting session but its pretty clean then).  A piston system is much more reliable.  The M6A2 reaches out a lot further and would work a lot better for hunting, I feel, then my AK47.

        With my vest, I can carry 12x .22 25 round magazines, which is quite funny.  Weighs less then my AK magazines too.

        People are so picky about their weapons.  A cheap XD pistol, $137 for a .40sw on cheaperthandirt is a good weapon.  How can you not get one?

        A 12 gauge pump action (forget 10 gauge is just not worth it, unless you only want to eat birds) is $300 for a good Remington/Mossburg, etc. are good and easy as sin to learn to use.

        A 10/22 is just as easy to use as the pump action, but harder to clean/disassemble (shotgun doesn’t really need cleaning, though you should).  At $180 its hard to pass up also and is good for small game.

        Go to a store, hold/feel the weapons.  Find one you like.  Just realize that you want common sized ammo (easier to find).  Hunting rifles cannot hold up to the riggers of combat shooting, so do not rely on that for your personal safety.

      46. Comments….. I stick with regular rifles and shotguns in common calibers rather than go with the “black rifle” frenzy. In a total collapse or major disaster anyone wandering towards my home sporting one of these black rifles will be in the crosshairs of my scoped .270 rifle. I am a huge fan of pump shotguns with special choke tubes to keep a tighter pattern of buckshot at 40 yards. I also have a levergun carbine with matching revolver. If I were to walk down the street after a crisis with an AK-47 or AR-15 I could expect to be shot at by any scared homeowner, policeman or thug wanting to upgrade his weapon.  I will keep what I have, thank you….

      47. @Michael – Only problem with those weapons, I have rifles too.  They’re not ment to do a lot of shooting.  So if a large group (5-10 people) come to attack you, you’re weapon could overheat, jam or fail before you get half of them taken down.  You will be shaking and not shooting right.  I will not be carrying a long rifle in public period.  My AK/M4 are for home defense.   I can put 500 rounds through it without it even flinching.  My hunting rifles (.270 is quite uncommon and you’ll have issues finding ammo later on btw unless you have reloading gear, just a thought) are all .380 (since the law here doesn’t allow deer hunting with anything under .303) and I know I cannot put 100 rounds through my remington in rapid succession easily.  5-10 round magazine (yes modified) its still a bolt action meaning you’ll likely lose your sight picture and your scope might not be able to handle close in enough.  All things to consider.  The chance of people walking up the street to your house is about nil.  I suspect they’ll be hoping fense and you’ll be engaging a group (2-3 lets say) at under 25 yards.  Good luck with a bolt action or limited magazine weapon.  My AK turns cover into concealment at best.  Not sure what your .270 does to trees but my bullets go through a 6″ stump and through a target behind it (I’ve tested it).

        Just food for thought.  I’ll be carrying concealed (handgun) in public legally when I go out.  A shotgun for home defense is possible but slow cyclic rate.

      48. All this talk about guns and which are best. The fight I avoid is one I win. Get the H*** out of Dodge. I am way back in the bush, over a tank of gas from the nearest major center, and well off (Miles from) a very secondary road, with no telephone, electric power, cell phone coverage etc. even close. Sure I am going to get some hunters who know the area as virgin wild. Yes, guns and a medium of exchange such as gold are necessary but not everything.

        I like my perrenial plants/trees and few species of animals. Not that I have totally neglected guns and defense, but someone using their head and acutely aware of the terrain can put up a great defense unless they get caught out in the open. Even then preparations will minimize how vulnerable they are.


        PS Operation Phoenix, a must read. Quote; “If there ever was a story that predicted a very possible future for us today, this is it.” Free to read online for a limited time. Go to AllenCurrie.ca


      1. The First 12 Hours of a US Dollar Collapse *Video* - [...] What a Dollar Collapse Will Look Like [...]

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