U.S. Government is Now “World’s Most Dangerous Terrorist Organization”

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    This article was written by J.D. Heyes and originally published at Natural News.com.

    Editor’s Note: As Dr. Paul Craig Roberts so often points out, the United States is the worst aggressor in the world, and has been since the end of World War II. Its undemocratic and unconstitutional empire has set up bases in nearly every corner of the earth, spent untold volumes of money to start wars everywhere, and rules mainly from the strength of the dollar, which in turn backs up the military force.

    After Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and others, the U.S. has done everything possible to destabilize the Middle East region, and yet it is eager to paint Putin as the aggressor and the one who must be contained. In reality, we are witnessing the tantrums of an empire upset that the dollar is being unseated as the world reserve currency, and is doing whatever it can to desperately project its force and prop up the illusion of superiority and dominance. It may not work, but everyone knows a wounded, cornered animal is at its most dangerous moment under threat.

    Gen. Wesley Clark (yes, the same one who called for rounding up dissidents) long ago called out the neocon strategy in the Middle East, which sought to provoke war and ‘take over seven countries in seven years.’ This is the Wolfowitz Doctrine.

    The United States government has become “the world’s most dangerous terrorist organization,” warns former Reagan official

    by J.D. Heyes

    A former top member of the Ronald Reagan administration has issued a dire warning about the current state of American government: it’s evil and will become even more evil in the years ahead as the world itself becomes more dangerous.

    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, who served just over a year as Reagan’s Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy, said on the Shadow of Truth radio program that Washington, D.C., is a major den of inequity.

    “The United States [military policy] has destroyed seven countries,” he says. “The populations there are subject to ongoing continual violence either from the U.S. or these Jihadists or from the Islamic State. In Libya there’s various factions, no government – just warlords fighting and nobody’s safe anywhere so the populations are getting out. You can’t live in that type of situation.”

    Early in the interview, the hosts ask Roberts about a recent column he penned in which he states that all current Republican presidential contenders are essentially in favor of war. The hosts then ask him about the potential of nuclear war with either Russia or China, “because we seem to be moving in that direction.”

    “I think what it will take is the European countries to realize that they’ve been enabling American aggression in the 21st century, and aggression that is now brought them millions of refugees particularly from Syria and Iraq, and they can’t cope with these refugees,” said Roberts in reference to the fighting between ISIS, Syrian rebels, and Iraqi and Syrian government forces that has caused a wave of migration out of the war zones into Europe.

    War hawks are also warning

    He also said that Europe’s blind pursuit of American-led goals was putting the entire continent in potential conflict with Russia, which has established bases in Syria and has deployed men and material there in support of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, including tanks and combat aircraft. The Obama White House opposes Assad and wants him to step down.

    “All of this is nonsensical for Europe, so it’s possible that they will come to the conclusion that being a vassal of Washington doesn’t pay,” Roberts said.

    As further noted by Investment Research Dynamics, commenting on Roberts’ interview:

    Lost in the rivers of humanity that have been streaming out of Africa and the Middle East and flooding into Europe is the fact the U.S. military is responsible for this crisis. Not only has the U.S. destroyed several countries around the globe, the U.S. Government now appears to provoking Russia into a military conflict in both Ukraine and Syria that risks escalating into a nuclear war. Even Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski – two notorious warhawks – have both recently stated that the U.S. Government is pushing Russia too hard.

    In his interview, Roberts said that he believes the only way to avoid an eventual nuclear conflict is to break up the European Union and the NATO military alliance, the latter of which was formed at the opening of the Cold War as a counterbalance to the former Soviet Union-led Warsaw Pact. He says the U.S. uses NATO as “cover” to implement unilaterally dangerous, aggressive military policies around the world.

    No peaceful candidates

    In his cited column regarding the Republican candidates, Roberts added:

    There is not a peaceful person among the Republican candidates. Even the female is heartless. Carly Fiorina positioned herself along side the macho men as a warmonger. She let the military/security complex know that she, too, was for sale. Send in the campaign donations, and she will see that the money flows back to the military/security complex in the buildup of fleets and armaments that will send the Russians a message.

    He also says that the EU is essentially addicted to U.S. money and that it might be virtually impossible for the nations within the coalition to act on their own, which he adds is their own fault.

    You can hear the entire interview here.

    Sources include:





    This article was written by J.D. Heyes and originally published at Natural News.com.


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      1. Indeed it is

        • I posted this on the “China is coming” article, but it fits on topic here as well…

          the United States JUST SHOWED IT’S ASS TO THE ENTIRE WORLD, IN THE MIDDLE EAST! We just showed EVERY LEADER IN EVERY COUNTRY what we’re capable of.

          REGIME CHANGES — Nobody wants us to pull one on them. They all have to wonder “AM I NEXT?” And for good reason, they just might be.

          I’m afraid now that the CIA illegal/covert regime changes and other color revolutions we’ve been pulling is out of the bag, the entire world will look at us a lot differently.

          They all know that we believe we should RULE THE WORLD AND IT SHOULD BE FASHIONED IN OUR OWN IMAGE.

          So now I ask you — what should they do, if they don’t WANT to be shaped in our image? What if they LIKE the way it is on their sovereign soil?

          Or better question —WHY SHOULD THEY TRUST US TO LEAVE THEM ALONE? We haven’t left anyone else alone.


          I’ll forego the long list of regime changes committed by the United States, let’s just agree that the list is too long to be appropriate for a “democratic govt”.

          Other countries KNOW that we’ve been spying on them, our allies included. Do you think they still feel like our “allies” now?

          We’ve even been caught spying on UN and NATO private talks. We’ve been caught spying on everybody.


          Was it just coincidence that France had the Charley Hebdo attack just days after Hollande rebuffed the sanctions against Russia? Maybe not.

          Venezuela, Argentina and Guatemala all suffered similar attacks on their countries, right after refusing the west their corporate desires.

          Russia has had a front row seat to our leverages. There are other “coincidences”, I’m sure you all know of one or two.

          The world knows we were responsible for recent, devastating cyber attacks against other countries, along with Israel.

          All of our dirty, covert little CIA-instigated and executed tricks are out of the bag for all to see. We’ve even openly ADMITTED to some of them.

          Our banking system and corporate domination in other countries is out of the bag. They know we’ve been using both as leverage to gain compliance and access to their resources that we think is ours for the taking.

          THEY KNOW WHAT A DOMINANT BULLY STATE WE ARE, AND EACH LEADER NOW KNOWS IT WAS NOT ONLY THEM WHO WAS VICTIMIZED…they can see the other victims coming out, a few at a time. They are no longer alone, and I believe they’ve been talking amongst themselves about it.

          They now realize the extent and sheer reach of our treachery.

          So I ask everyone here —WHAT WOULD YOU, AS A LEADER OF A SOVEREIGN NATION, DO?

          You’d prepare to defend yourselves. You’d PREP and prep some more, just in case.

          What China and many other countries are doing is no surprise. They are preparing to survive against a heavily armed, aggressive bully that believes it’s destined to rule the world.

          Think about THAT. The way the world sees us is changing fast…and we brought it all on ourselves.

          • Please be careful how you use that word “we”
            This regime or userped government might be a better choice of words
            Because I don’t support any of this shit

            The terrorist are within the belt line aka DC
            And that’s where the problem lies
            We have to be careful to paint the brush on the right perps

            • The terrists are the ones that enforce the terror. THE MILITARY. Support our terrists you patriotic knuckledraggers.

                • “Man can live and satisfy his wants only by ceaseless labor; by the ceaseless application of his faculties to natural resources. This process is the origin of property.

                  But it is also true that a man may live and satisfy his wants by seizing and consuming the products of the labor of others. This process is the origin of plunder.

                  Now since man is naturally inclined to avoid pain — and since labor is pain in itself — it follows that men will resort to plunder whenever plunder is easier than work. History shows this quite clearly. And under these conditions, neither religion nor morality can stop it.

                  When, then, does plunder stop? It stops when it becomes more painful and more dangerous than labor.” ~ Frederic Bastiat

                  • YMWW, I have a copy of that book and recommend it to everyone.

                    • “The law perverted! And the police powers of the state perverted along with it! The law, I say, not only turned from its proper purpose but made to follow an entirely contrary purpose! The law become the weapon of every kind of greed! Instead of checking crime, the law itself guilty of the evils it is supposed to punish!” ~ Frederic Bastiat, “The Law”, 1850.

              • And who gives them their orders?

                Nuff said!

            • Six pack, I have to agree with eats about using the word we when it’s really TPTB who are responsible for everything. Otherwise, that post is one of your best ever.

            • Agreed EOS. I think those of us are smart enough to know “We” means our usurped govt of dual-citizens, not “We, the decent citizens being terrorized” by that govt. I know I personally do not include myself, so I don’t include “us” here either. This, I wrote for a yahoo comment. We have to deal with really stupid people on yahoo news.

          • Sixpack, indeed you stated the truth. I would like to take the liberty to add something as a continuation of your post:

            While the word ” We” was used it meant the corrupt Government and not the typical Americans. Most of us in the US of A are dealing with the same issues as the rest of the world but indeed in lesser severity. Most of in the US of A are sick and tired of our Zionist owned puppets in DC to cause so much bloodshed and injustices to almost every country in this planet. The net is we are being told that we are free but actually we are the biggest slaves to our criminal banking systems. Many of us are currently suffering financially by either being out of work or not able to support our families due to wage degradation and high inflation. Note that compare to the lives of innocents in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq and many more countries we are the luckiest people to not face your devastation but such is not because we have God fearing politicians rather it is due to our constitution as being armed. The attempts are being made to disarm us but it won’t happen since we are God fearing and freedom lovers and well educated to understand that being armed is our God given right and our only chance to survive.

            I pray each day and night to bring peace and justice to our world so we all can leave in relative peace. While evil can’t be destroyed 100% but once the forces of good are in power the evil will be diminished and hopefully paralyzed.

            So for those international readers who read this wonderful site note that we have one common enemy and we all must work toward its destruction. The enemy is called the international banking cartels and the multi national corporations. Now in your respected countries do what is needed to weaken these criminals.

            God Bless.

            • Absolutely, Thanks.

            • Stolz…..

              A word to the wise, sir…

              ..in between prayer secessions…practice much, per accuracy w/ whatever center-fire weapon of choice, you possess.

              …’cuz in the end, we’re gonna have to “FIGHT”…to protect / survive, the enemy’s onslaught / agenda.

              …there is “NO OTHER WAY OUT”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • You’re right on all points except the last sentence. We did not bring this on ourselves. The piece of shit named Obama did it. And the fucking pussies in congress went along with Obama.

            For the love of God, who would cheer when Obama says he would bypass congress. Is that not a dictatorship?

            Fuck him.

            • What is it that was said, something about evil flourishing when good men do nothing?

              No. “we” didn’t do this, and no one of us, or even small group of us could do anything about these events.

              I guess “we” in that instance means “WE, The People of The United States of America.”

              So which does one minimize — our collective non-participation in politics, or our broader responsibility for what the govt does in our name?

              I guess what I mean is, Do we call ourselves United States Citizens, or North American Slaves?

              Free Citizens bear the responsibility of what’s done in their names, while slaves have no choice whatsoever as to what their masters do.


        • It’s the people that make the decisions and force them to be carried out and anyone that actually carries evil out that are to blame. Banksters, Politicians, etc.. Federal/state employees, etc… I hope they see justice in this life, if not, damnation awaits.

          • The politicians don’t force shit. The brainwashed masses agree with it and go along with it. The enforcers carry out the force not politicians. They cannot escape responsibility by saying I was just following orders like a good nazi.

            • Genius says:
              Comment ID: 3457972
              October 10, 2015 at 1:18 am
              TnAndy, When you get done cornholing your cousin you might want to get online and check out what I am saying. You sound like a jealous freak or something. I actually do all the things I post about. But you are a newbie so I can kind of see why you think I post crap. Go back to my hundreds of posts over the last 4 years and you will see I post a LOT of valuable info. Can you say the same? I don’t bullshit and I call out people that do. If you disagree with something I post then man up and say what. I will gladly respond and if I am wrong I will admit it. Don’t be saying shit about me without doing your homework or I will bury you. I am not some keyboard commando parroting bullshit I heard, I post my personal experience with the things I say. Call me a liar and you will have hell to pay as I will disect every post you make. Friend or foe it’s to your advantage to be my friend because I will back up every true statement you make and then some. I don’t use the name Genius because I’m stupid. I offer a lot and say things that go against the mass brainwashing of the sheeple. I am a fortunate man and use my fortune wisely. I hope you do too.


              • Genius:

                I like your posts. I love your name. Genius is not appreciated enough.

                I read a little about the Unibomber Ted Kazinski. The apprehensions he has and expressed in his Manefesto are coming to pass demonstrating his genius. I noticed that he believes in free trade for a fragile interdependence of Nations. I disagree. But I’m no genius and I could, often am, just wrong. My objection is because it has caused unemployment, with jobs outsourced. At least that is what I believe. Ted a certified genius was supposedly the victim of psychological torture yet none of the perpetrators of that cruel abuse of authority. (Ted was a minor and his teacher at Harvard humiliated him as a sixteen year old in an environment of adults). He tampered with and probably created the fertile ground for what surfaced later as this man’s crimes. MKUlrta CIA has done this to others and some believe Ted was a victim.

                If Obama is releasing 6,000 violent criminals do you think he should release one more? If he promises not to use UPS. I doubt the guy is actually dangerous. If anybody belongs in prison, it is the sadistic creators and perpetrators of mind control games on gifted children entrusted with their education. What a waste. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, indeed! Care to comment.

                • I think a lot of the mass shooters are MKultra victims. Also you will notice almost all of them are on psycotropic medications. I have no psycological issues so I don’t have a comment about that. Like you say, Kazinski was probably MK ultra or some other control program.

                  • I too, believe the key to mass tragedies is psychotropic drugs. Pair that with a master manipulator and we have mass murderers who usually end up killing themselves, so there’s no evidence left to worry about later — dead mass murderers don’t tell on their programmers.

                    Then you have the lone survivors like the batman shooter guy. I guess they were pretty sure he could tell no secrets…or at least that nobody would pay any attention to him.

              • Genius.

                You sure do talk some shit.
                Don’t try ‘n’ piss on peoples backs then try telling ’em its raining.
                One day you’re likely gonna find your skinny neck busted.


                • I don’t talk shit I talk the truth. Is that all you have to say? Care to refute me or are you just another knuckledragging brainwashed dope?

            • Yes they can force shit. The scum politicians have the power of the purse that writes the paychecks to the scum enforcers. Not everyone goes along nicely either. Thought you were a genius.

              • You cannot force anyone to do anything with money. Coerscion yes the enforcers volunteer for this shit. They voluntarily carry out the wishes of their masters. So they do anything for a paycheck, is that too hard to understand?

                • Bullshit line of thinking. People are forced to do things all the time if said people perceive that they have no choice. What’s so hard to understand about that?

                  • So your saying the enforcers have no choice? I say thats bullshit.

        • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sqh1h8SEcEc



          • Yes they are, and Yes it is.

      2. I’ve always liked what Dr. Paul Craig Roberts has to say.
        If anybody has an inside scoop of dirty business practices in Washington D.C. – this guy knows what he is talking about.

        A country that is so far in debt such as ours.
        That Debt, that is not remotely payable will result in default – thus will trigger WWIII to cover the implosion/crisis that they(government) has created.

      3. “U.S. Government is Now “World’s Most Dangerous Terrorist Organization”


        • HALF-truth. The US government is just a high-level willing accomplice. Global command and control is vested in the tribal banksters and financiers. You do need to pay attention to the men behind the curtain and clicking your heels three times won’t take you home to Kansas.

          • The USG and the tribe are one and the same!

          • “The Fedcoats are coming! The Fedcoats are coming!”

            • Thats a good one.

        • Well at least last night I heard the pentagon announced they are ending their program to fund and arm and train the “moderate” rebels in Syria at the cost of 500 million dollars…..well that or they just announced they are ending announcing their program to us. I don’t know maybe the gov’t bastards are starting to get an accurate gauge of the publics distaste and distrust for them and their motives and actions. Like I’ve said before the articles are becoming abundant about the U.s. creating and funding “isis” even on more mainstream “news” sights like yahoo, etc., an abnormally large number of the commenters posting on articles are saying the same things. Where just a few months ago everyone was banging war drums, and hee hawing about how scary and evil “isis” is and we need to go kill them because of some BS execution propaganda video.

          I don’t know, I know it is a lot to hope for, to think “our” gov’t actually will follow the will of the people. But I’m starting to think that we are worrying them that they could end up with a mutiny on their hands. They thought they had us sold and delivered but they underestimated us. That or maybe they just got scared when putin called their bluff. But just keep up the emailing and contacting the evil bastards in congress and let them know we still aren’t buying it, and tell Lindsey graham and McCain and all the other evil warmongers they can all go to hell.

          That or expect something big to happen, so we can all band together, wave our flags, and go to war to the tune of a new patriotic toby keith song…..

          USA!!!! USA!!!!

      4. Only a matter of time until every nation, friend or foe looks at America as America looks at N. Korea.

      5. It’s good to see someone finally put into words what most of us have known since obama took office. The U.S. government is the worst terrorist group.

        • While I’d love to blame it all on the HNIC, I have to say that this started happening long before oblunder took office. Our war hawk military industrial complex, and the shadow Rothschilds govt who handles them, has been changing our foreign policy since after WW2. Ostupid is only the last in a chain of aggressive presidents. The next one will probably fall in line after they are shown the JFK papers.

          All of our presidents since JFK have been puppets.

          • Curious as to what a HNIC is.

            Does it stand for:

            1) Homosexual Nigerian In Chief?
            2) Homosexual N***er In Charge?
            3) Halfbreed Nutlicker Is Communist?
            4) Ass Injected Death Sentence (oops, wrong acronym)
            5) Homosexual Negro Ingesting Cock?
            6) Halfwit Neophyte Inviting Communism?

            Well, you get the idea. So, am I close on that acronym? Please expand.

            • It’s hockey night in Canada ….up here

              • Omg that’s fucking perfect LMAO

            • It’s a redundant acronym, Head N_____ In Charge.

            • JR it’s head nigger in charge.

            • You can say nigger, it’s o.k, but only if you are black.

              • Everyone is black at night.

                • Nobama.
                  No they ain’t you dumbass pale faced prick.

              • JS, hope you’re only being sarcastic. NO ONE tells me what I can or can’t say.

              • Russians say it every day! Sixpack should know.

                • Actually, Laeagle, I am partly of Russian descent, and I DO read what more common Russian-speaking people say about us and the current events.

                  You gonna make something of my heritage now?

                  Maybe insult my great-grandparents who fled the Soviets? I am also part American Indian on my mom’s side…maybe you can disparage my mom and grandfather.

                  Well! Let’s have if laeagle, you’re absolutely descended from PURE Anglo-Saxon blood, right?

                  You’ve got room to talk, do you?

                  • Hello six.
                    I’m pure Angle.
                    You don’t get many of me for a dollar.

                  • sixpack,

                    I didn’t mean to get under your skin or ruffle your feathers. I have great love and respect for your Russian heritage and was merely acknowledging that in what I thought was a clever and offhanded way. You were the one who used the acronym HNIC.

                    It is my understanding that the “N” that is used in that acronym can stand for a particular republic in Africa and is a commonly used term in Russia to refer to people who come from Africa. It is considered distasteful here in the US but people in Russia commonly use that word to describe the ‘Chyrnamirdin’ of Africa. Again, my apologies. I thought you knew. I assumed and I made a total a……me.

                    I don’t agree with you often, but you are one of the best and most articulate posters here. I appreciate and respect you for that.

                    We all tend to see things through the filters of our upbringing, heritage, language, experience and education. As a result, some people’s observations are sharper and more focused than others depending on what they were exposed to but, that does not make someone else’s view point less valuable or less meaningful. This great variety, like a buffet lunch, is what makes this forum so valuable, lively and interesting. Thanks everyone!

                    Coming from Louisiana, very few of us are pure Anglo-Saxons. We have a large population of Jewish descent, French/Cajun, Spanish, north and south European descent, African and Asian descent. Many of us have African blood mixed in our heritage as well. A lot of Asians have made this their home and are truly thriving. We are the descendants of nobility, commoners and slaves. You can call me a ‘Coon Ass’ if it will make you feel better. Again, my apologies, madam sixpack!

                    Yours respectfully, from the Swamplands of the Atchafalaya, “Laissez les bons temps rouler”,

                    Louisiana Eagle

                    • It has been more than 2 hours since the above comment has been in moderation. Just saying! It happens to all of us. I was just wanting to let sixpack know how much she was appreciated.

                      I am not sure where everyone gets their news but, there is major war going on, the old observation about how news and information becomes unreliable because of the ‘fog of war’ is particularly applicable at this time. I trust folks are not getting all their news from Russia Times, Pravda, Xinhua, Aljazeera, or any of the other msm outlets. There is a lot of puposefully planted pieces and skewed data being presented by various factions which are agenda driven, some wittingly and some unwittingly. Select your sources carefully.

                    • You know, LAEagle, I get pretty combative after doing the comment thing on yahoo news. That’s the main reason why I’ve liked coming here. Here, the crowd is smaller and more personal. I don’t want to be reduced to a few ASCII characters in a data stream.

                      Sometimes I forget where I am.

                      After reading my own comment, I realized that I didn’t need to respond here, like I do when attacked on Yahoo.

                      So My apologies to YOU.

                      This isn’t yahoo. Maybe that’s why it offends me when the few, the stupid trolls (we know who they are) get on here and dominate the thread with pure hatred and BS. — I don’t want to lose the one last refuge of decency and common sense.

                      Whether we agree or disagree, I’ve got yer back if I can. And LAE, you are definitely “clever and offhanded”

                      Have a nice day.

                    • “Laissez les bons temps rouler”

                      ‘Let the good times roll’.

                      French class in high school. Who would believe my brain still retained that?

                    • sixpack,

                      Thanks for the reply. Hold tight, it promises to get rough up ahead soon. We all need each other.

                      I watched the season premier of TWD last night, it wasn’t disappointing. I had never watched it until last year when I found out my children had been watching it and felt I needed to know what they were watching. Now, it has become the only must see show of the week. FTWD, the prequel to TWD has been interesting as well. I have come to appreciate the show more from a survival point of view and the psychological interplay between the various characters under horrendous stress in a truly apocalyptic situation.

                      Have a great week! Be careful out there and as we say down here in bayou country, ‘Laissez les bons temps rouler!’ and watch out for dem alligators!

                      Louisiana Eagle

          • sixpack

            Even people that don’t understand the globalist influence get the feeling that its been downhill since November 22nd 1963.

            • Me included…and I was only 3 yrs old then!

        • …Since Cheney-Bush took power after being appointed by their Scalia-Right-wing Supreme Court. Their “second” election was by the people under the duress of the 9/11 attack allowed by Cheney-Bush.

          • If Al Gore was in the White House at the time things would have been no different.

      6. One million seconds is 12 days. One billion seconds is 32 years. One trillion seconds is 32 thousand years One trillion dollar bills laid end to end will go around the planet 4000 times. How many trillion do we owe but it’s not we owe it’s our government owes we didn’t borrow the money they did.Rothchilds family supposedly has 500 trillion in assets that about 80,000 plus per human being on this planet. And all the other ultra I inherited trillions families combined would probably be a million dollars for every man woman and child on this planet.Could you imagine everyone a millionaire . The tarp bail out of the bankers instead could of givin every working household 300,000 could you imagine how the economy would of boomed. Every one would of bought a new house a new car anew everything . But no it was better to give it to the bankers

        • If that money was given to the people, the 300k would have bought you a room in a house and that is all due to inflation. Then the depression that would have followed would be enormous.
          You want to fix the economy? Get the gov out of it and return it to the people where it belongs.

          • I don’t get why the banks aren’t lending much of it it’s mostly electronic . What are they doing with it.

      7. Well shit, I woke up from my nap to read something I knew for years? Several years ago I use to listen to 680AM talk radio out of Baltimore. An old Geezer by the name of Tom Marr would spout off always about the Muslims (terrorists blah, blah blah). You could call in(which I did many times) and debate with old Tom and I use to tell him that we(the citizens of the US) didn’t have to look any further than DC to find terrorists. Of course the conversation would end in angry words and Tom would cut me off. But you know what would really torque my nuts? Tom’s false teeth would get to clicking when he talked (slipping down) and the mike would pick it up. It was like fingernails scratching down the classroom chalkboard. Ahhhhhhggggg…….

        • “torque my nuts?”
          ❤ CLASSIC ❤

      8. Anyone dumb enough to believe this pig sh*t deserves a lobotomy.

        Watch out fur them hogs!

        • I had a hog eat the back pocket right off my jeans once. Apparently he was after the pencil I used to keep count of chickens and ducks.

          • Ewwwwwwww… sniff, sniff, sniff…

            Watch out for them horny hogs!

            • You must’ve seen my date to the senior prom…we even rode the hay rack into town.

      9. The government (CIA and military) have been used for the benefit of Wall Street. Ref. CONFESSIONS OF ECONOMIC HIT MAN

      10. CONFESSIONS OF ECONOMIC HIT MAN by John Perkins.

        • good book. Read it a while ago.

        • I have a copy of that book and highly recommend it.

          • PS, another book worth your time is War Is A Racket by Gen. Smedley Butler.

      11. I’m a Vietnam era vet(SAC B52’s North Dakota).
        My father was a Korean war era vet.
        My nephews were Iraq war era vets.
        My BIL and one of my nephews is an
        Iraq hot war vet.

        In all of this actions, war was never declared
        as required by the constitution.
        Many people have died, been disabled,
        and suffer, I see them at the VA medical

        In that sense I agree with the author.
        We are operating outside our laws.

        We should not get involved in any long term
        warfare that has not been constitutionally
        authorized, by law called an “act of war”.

        As far as being terrorists, the only people
        that really scare me are Democrats.

        • Then why don’t the troops just say NO! ???

        • Iraq and Afghanistan had congressional authorization. Vietnam had the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution in congress.
          Those were declarations of war, just called something different.

          • Libya was bombed supporting AQ in overthrowing Gaddafi with not only no Congressional Approval but they weren’t even informed.

            I know of no authorization to bomb Syria other than a blanket, and may I say jute bogus, “War On Terrorism”.

            • Quite not jute.

          • I said a law, read the one passed for WWII.
            Passed by the senate, house and signed
            by the president.
            That is not a resolution.
            You can always back out of a resolution.
            You have to repeal a law or follow it.
            The one ending war with Japan,
            according to the law the war was to end
            when they surrendered.

        • I lived in a democrat state and they scared me so I moved to a republican state and they scare me too….. Just in different ways.

      12. 7 countries gold reserves ,oil, and anything else we can use to delay the inevitable collapse. as son as there’s nothing left to steal lookout.Theres still a few countries left to loot and then the American people.And if you want your food ration you’ll take the ration ID chip its your choice but if you don’t no rations. Ah free will. No ones forcing you. Try to convince your wife it’s better to let your kids starve to death than take the mark . Tell yourself it might not be THE mark so it’s ok. Then the smoke from your torture will rise for eternity. No problem you can bounce back. How long is eternity anyway. This life is just a testing ground to see who will be allowed to go further.

      13. General Wesley Clark said that the United States plans to invade seven Countries including Lybia, Sudan, and get this, Iran.

        No surprise oil is a factor.

        Iran, IRAN the U. S. Invading, more fighting equals more soldier’s with head trauma, missing limbs, and body bags. Do we need this shit? Did we ever? Can we call it a win and bring home our kids/young soldiers before any more get hurt or killed.

        There are places off shore where a wind turbine would look just fine. We don’t need no stinking oil. I didn’t see George Bush in the line of fire. Barack/Barry is just a pawn for the oil billionaires. This administration is carrying out the policies. of the Bush administration. I guess that’s the real continuity of Government.

        • Why would oil be a factor if we have so much that Congress is trying to remove the oil export ban after 40 years?

          • I didn’t know that Congress is wanting to position us as an oil exporter. May be it has to do with moving money and reinforcing global interdependence/control/ NWO. Me just guessing.

          • The oil patch has an oversupply of light, tight oil from North Dakota that it cannot use. Most refineries are set up to crack extra-heavy crude from South America and Canada. Some LTO is used to dilute the bitumen from Canada so it’s viscosity is suitable to transport in railroad cars and pipelines, but there is way too much.

            Although the carbon chains in LTO contain gasoline equivalents, most are suitable for plastics. Gasoline is not a good export fuel since most of the world operates on diesel. Heavy crude contains a lot of diesel when cracked and this is what the refineries want for export trade.

            LTO is mostly garbage that the refineries don’t want. The oil companies are desperate to unload this crap so it stops building up in storage.

            • JRS

              Light crude, West Texas Intermediate is well sought after. Its a premium but its scarcity from 1970 on facilitated the closure of sweet crude refineries in place of heavy crude refineries. Sweet crude is easy to run requiring little processing and energy input.

              The problem with the fracked oil in the US is that their is no distribution piping. Its being transpired by rail which is not economical.

              They’re diluting the light stuff with heavy and its working well in refining.

          • john stiner

            Its what oil is traded in. The US Dollars value is predicated on its virtual universal payment in US Dollars. Both Saddam and Gaddafi attempted to break this “Oil Peg” agreement. Syria is a tad more complicated as it involves a Natural Gas line proposed by the Saudi’s into Europe which would cut into Russia’s sales. The Ukraine is pretty much the same reason along with geographic significance.

        • B, Clark is the same POS who said dissidents should be rounded up. Clark should have an ‘accident’.

          • Wesley Clark is an example of why the Founding Fathers feared a standing army. Their distain for the rules within Constitution that they take an oath to is typical. They’re all pretty much cut from the same bolt of cloth regardless of nation.

        • B from CA

          Indonesia has the greatest number of people in the Islamic Faith (roughly 300 million) and as far as I can see no terrorist threat. No real oil resources nor strategic location in relationship to oil.

          The common denominator is energy (oil and natural gas) not religion. Its fortunate for TPTB to have those with oil to be so easily painted with the brush of lunacy. They could however be Bible Toting Canadians in wheelchairs and given enough time the MSM would convince the public that they were a threat. The Muslims just make it so damn easy.

      14. 15 aircraft carriers baby who’s the man feed the devil or die. Most of them are barbarians anyway so who cares. Through out history we’ve been culling the savages so the meak could inherit the earth. But it backfired and the richest savages are inheriting the money and the earth. Maybe if you can’t beat them join them buy gold can’t get enough of that yellow stuff. Then you can bargain with the devil. I’m sure he’ll give you a fair price. You’ll have lots of stuff. What’s a soul good for anyway. Fairy tales for stupid children. Wallow in it baby. More money more money. Lay on the beach in Tahiti getting a full body massage while eating cracked crab and lobster. You’ll be the man for a little while. And then eternity.

      15. Terrorism = if you don’t do what we say well lock you in a cage for as long as we want . Shall not be infringed. Is old and out dated. Things are different now . We’re more civilized it’s not like people are cutting people’s heads off and burning them alive. So what do you need a gun for . Chances are you wont get your head cut off or be burnt alive so chill out. Someone else might but that’s none of your business . Boys will be boys. Just sit back and watch. It’s not your job to save them let someone else do it. Enjoy your life who cares about your fellow man . As long as your having fun.

      16. Putin is effectively kicking Obama out of the Middle East. When Obama has no outside enemies to attack, he will turn his eyes inward to America. He is that evil and that desperate.

        • Plan twice; that was his plan all along.

        • He already has….with his EO pen. And that’s why the republican side of the house is in disarray. They’re those who want to retain status quo and some who would like to turn things around. Who will win remains to be seen.

      17. WELL NO SHIT, the US government is the most villainous criminal evil fascist vile government the world has ever seen. Now just try to wake up the brain dead dumbed down chemically altered coward pussy zombies in the collapsing fascist terrorist sponsoring shithole of America to the FACT their country is controlled by evil psychopathic genocidal monsterous filth, and maybe we can start arresting ALL the Republican and Democrat fascist boot licking scum of America and their Corporatist fascist puppetmasters for TREASON, GENOCIDE, AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

        • Don’t forget to punish the ones who actually carried out the crimes Ron!

          • I grow tired of people saying “Obama is going to take away your guns” Oh really dimwit? So Obama will show up at my door and demand my shit? I don’t think there is a chance in hell that will happen. But who will show up? Oh ya the stupid asswipes that joined the terrists and cannot say NO! They just suck their masters member no matter what. These are the creatures that need eliminated. With no enforcement your bullshit laws have no effect and are null and void. If I wore a suit and sat in some supposed hall of power and said I want you to go kill the people that disagree with me would you do it? Most people do and it;s pathetic. Assholes that try and shift blame to the govt. or state for their actions are more guilty of theyre crimes than the douchebags giving the orders (they need disposed of too). Oh but I will be in big trouble if I say no… I say fuck you asshole you made your bed you lay in it! Kill yourself before killing innocent people whom you have no business fucking with in the first place. Americas finest my god damned ass! Bunch of braindead animals. They even tell you what they think of you lol. But your too stupid to even believe it. Groupthink, borg robots to carry out the wishes of their enslavers wooo hoooo!

            • Completely agree, the fascist boot licking coward pussy trash in the US Military and Police Forces in the shithole of collapsing America who carry out any orders from this evil fascist filthy criminal government of psychopathic monsters are just as guilty of TREASON, SUPPORTING GENOCIDE, AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. ALL those disgusting vile criminal boot licking coward pussy scum in the US Military and Police Forces who follow the fascist criminal US Government terrorists will be arrested and put to trial right along with their fascist slavemasters.

        • Ron, I just love the way you put things. Can’t dispute any of it.

          • And I bet no one can dispute what I said either lol.

            • Genius, you know I agree with your post as well. Great minds do think alike.

              • It takes one to know one!

          • I can’t call the people in the Armed Forces cowards or pussies but rather just strongly impressionable that are by their nature unquestioning followers. The three letter word,”WHY” is not in their vocabulary. Kissinger despairingly referred to them as ignorant.

            I personally know one MOH recipient and on my best day I could never ever, regardless of cause, do what he did. My legs would go on strike and refuse to leave the relative safety of a hole.

            My real heroes are firefighters. I put in almost 30 years in an oil refinery and fire scares the hell out of me.

            • Yes they are cowardly pussy Zombie filth, because they refuse to see the TRUTH about the most criminal, the most evil, the most vile, the most psychopathic, the most fascist filthy disgusting government of pure shit stain scum the world has ever known, and those cowardly pussy boot licking trash in the military and Federalized Police Forces follow orders from them…THAT IS WHAT MAKES THEM ALL COWARDLY PUSSY DISGUSTING FASCIST BOOT LICKING FILTH, and they are absolutely NO DIFFERENT than the Nazi scum who fooled Hitler to hell.

      18. There is very little wrong in the world today that can’t be solved through the judicious use of nuclear weapons.

        The only question is does Obama have the guts and sense to use them before Putin does?

        First strike will determine which one who solves their problems.

        • Your mad, absolutely mad

      19. Yeah, I’m thinking the Iranians were on to something when they started calling the US the great Satan. Meaning the
        US gov.

      20. Interesting to note today that yahoo stories were not allowing their usual comment sections, and were redirecting news stories….for example…if you clicked on one of their “lead” stories “obama Travels to Roseburg” or “obama Greeted by Protestors on Oregon Visit” you were rerouted to a totally different story…”obama Focusing on Condolences, Not Gun Laws, in Oregon Visit”. This said, yahoo also took away the readers ability to comment on SOME stories (I call them stories because yahoo has NO journalists on their payroll)…..
        I found this to be rather disturbing as to the stories that were redirected and the fact that no one was even allowed to comment on any of those “stories”.
        Food For Thought…..restriction of free speech and very few even recognize it….
        Be ready in all things….physical, emotional, and spiritual..
        “For The Times, They Are A’Changing”….

        • FOB, good to see you back. Yahoo is no different from the rest of the MSM.

        • Yahoo??? 🙁 pfftt!

      21. The inequity of man . If one family is living in a palace made of gold and everyone else is living under a sheet of plastic. Is that ok .? It’s pure capitalism . Didn’t the founding fathers say that our countries survival depends on the morals of its people. Presidents of honour would only seak two terms .untill fdr then we had to make a law to limit them. How much do these rich people need. Will a billionaire strangle us so he can have more. How much is enough for these people..you can be too rich and too thin. Are they just money junkies. And they will never be satisfied. To save ourselves do we have to confront them. Just as you confront a junkie .

      22. We’ve always been the world’s foremost terrorist organization. We killed the Indians, enslaved the Africans, bombed multiple countries into the stone age, killed each other just for fun, and murder our own babies before they are born just to sell the body parts. And given the slightest opening in the window of opportunity we will launch thousands of nuclear missiles and bombs just to see if it really will create a nuclear winter. Then we’ll make trillions selling fur coats and long johns and start all over again. Would you like radioactive glow in the dark fries with that? Sorry, Bloomberg says no more Cokes or Pepsis. God I love an American!

        • Well actually the Christian Cult is the world’s most villainous terrorist organization of all time. They have historically murdered more people all in the name of their bullshit religion than any other criminally insane group.

          • Yes there is a lot of stuff done in the name of Christ as people claim to be Christian but are wolves in sheeps clothing doing the work of satan. A walk with Christ is a one of love and peace.

          • Not so Nobama ! More people die by democide, death by government. While religion has its bad times, governments carry the record. Stalin, I believe holds the record for deaths caused. Reading Bloodlands at the moment.

            Everyone ought to read this one.

          • Not so Nobama. More deaths are caused by democide, death by government. Religion has had its bad times for sure. But governments hold the record.

            Reading Bloodlands right now. Seems Stalin holds the record for deaths, not Christianity.

            Everyone should read Bloodlands.

            • Grandee, spot on. Nobama needs to restudy history. AS JQP and Them Guys have proven in the past, the original Bolsheviks were primarily made up of the ‘tribe’ and killed many millions of Christians in Russia.

          • I don’t suppose you have any actual facts to back that up?

            Of course not.

          • Nobama,

            When working in a leprosy clinic, once upon a time, one of the doctors who specialized in orthopedic surgery pointed out to me that most of the clinics around the world and in Muslim countries were run by Christian NGOs. The Christian view/approach to life, suffering, and death are different. Every human being is precious and to be loved as a child of God. How you equate Christianity with terrorism is beyond me!? What is your religion, if I may ask?

            Louisiana Eagle.

      23. To the suffering unemployed on food stamps living in your car or tent or someone’s basement couch. It’s going on get worse. Most of us have no chance . It’s hard to believe that if you don’t do evil you’ll go to a better place.but that’s our only hope. The apostles refused to lie under extreme torture. They could of saved themselves in this life. But they where totally convinced this life didn’t matter. It’s a test. An unbelievably hard test. Why so hard. An unbelievable reward. How can a mear human have such strength . The apostles saw it . We can only hope . That satan greatest weapon won’t be countered by God . Is everything present of man a lie.

      24. Our Forefathers warned us about meddling in foregin affairs. And we we not to become involved!

      25. We all know we’re this is going some are just in denial its neo slavery were getting too uppity and must be put in our place. How dare we. They inherited the money not us. So God must want them to rule . He works in misterios ways don’t you know. The rich she’ll inherit the earth. The meek get wiped out. According to the rich . Can’t wait to see the looks on there face. Spoiled rotten little rich rats .

      26. Happy Birthday SHTFPlan…

        One day in the future, we may not be able to communicate as we do now, be it phones, internet or TV.
        I wonder often what is in store for the USA population, been waiting for a long time for the world to implode.

        Thanks, Mac for all you have running here…

        Be well all…

        • Dang, slow night…

          A family is at the dinner table. The son asks the father, “Dad, how many kinds of boobs are there?” The father, surprised, answers, “Well, son, a woman goes through three phases. In her 20s, a woman’s breasts are like melons, round and firm. In her 30s and 40s, they are like pears, still nice, hanging a bit. After 50, they are like onions.” “Onions?” the son asks. “Yes. You see them and they make you cry.”
          This infuriated his wife and daughter. The daughter asks, “Mom, how many different kinds of willies are there?” The mother smiles and says, “Well, dear, a man goes through three phases also. In his 20s, his willy is like an oak tree, mighty and hard. In his 30s and 40s, it’s like a birch, flexible but reliable. After his 50s, it’s like a Christmas tree.” “A Christmas tree?” the daughter asks. “Yes, dead from the root up and the balls are just for decoration.”

          • A teacher is teaching a class and she sees that Johnny isn’t paying attention, so she asks him, “If there are three ducks sitting on a fence, and you shoot one, how many are left?” Johnny says, “None.”
            The teacher asks, “Why?” Johnny says, “Because the shot scared them all off.” The teacher says, “No, two, but I like how you’re thinking.”

            Johnny asks the teacher, “If you see three women walking out of an ice cream parlor, one is licking her ice cream, one is sucking her ice cream, and one is biting her ice cream, which one is married?” The teacher says, “The one sucking her ice cream.”

            Johnny says, “No, the one with the wedding ring, but I like how you’re thinking!”

            • Eppe, keep them coming. I’ll be back in GA in the next two weeks.

          • Marriage goes through three phases as well.

            1. Tri-weekly
            2. Try weekly
            3. Try, weakly

            • Good one. Had a chuckle!

      27. How do like your hope and change NOW!

        • well sarge, give credit when is due. The hope and change crap really made the richest of the richest even more wealthy BUT many of us hope to give it back to them soon by saying:

          How do you like your rope and dance now bitches.

          • That is the kind of change I hope for.

      28. It’s funny that the title of this article includes the words “terrorist organization,” and one of the ads to the left, at least on my computer, is for:

        Muslims4Marriage (dot) com

        “Muslim & Single? Join now.”

        And the girl in the photo wasn’t wearing a burqa either.

        • Tracking cookies.

          You must have been on one of them Saudi Arabian porn sites.

          Saudi Arabian porn…a picture of a woman driving a car.

          • I don’t go to those sites. The computer will catch VD. I don’t even go to CNN any more.

            I don’t think it was tracking cookies. A lot of the ads are placed based on the web page’s content. One of my websites has ads, and that’s how they’re set up to work.

      29. Interestingly Major General Smedlley Butler USMC and two time recipient of the Medal Of Honor wrote about this in his book, “War Is A Racket”, published in the 1930s.

        The only thing that has changed is TPTB are far more powerful in political control, wealth and its control, military power, media control and unfortunately psychological control of the masses entertained with food and circus.

        • Kevin2, I have a copy of that book and everyone should read it.

          • whatonearthishappening.com everyone should read that too! But the real truth can be scary and shatter your paradigm of false belief so be careful lol.

          • Braveheart

            Too many don’t read or read useless entertainment nonsense. We come to the BB and “preach to the choir”. Trying to educate a sphere worshipper regarding how things truly are is an impossible task as it requires not hours, days or weeks of study to lay the foundation but months at a minimum and preferably years. This is one thick intricate web that continues to shock me and I been reading this stuff since the late 1980s.

            The public senses something is wrong but its like being a young kid learning about, “The Birds And The Bees” thinking; NO WAY MY PARENTS COULD DO THAT. Its hard to conceive that government can be corrupt as it is with so many not just going along with it.

            • Kevin2, I hear you loud and clear. I gave up many years ago on trying to get people to see the light and I’ve been awake since the early 1970s. The book that first awakened me was “Nobody Dares Call It Conspiracy” by Gary Allen. The 2nd one was “Tragedy And Hope” by Prof. Carroll Quigley. Both books are available for free download and viewing online. Everyone should read those 2.

              • Read them along with “The Creature From Jekyll Island”, by Ed Griffin, “Best Evidence” by David Lifton, “Trading With The Enemy”…… a few more if I think about it.

                The John Birchers seen this in the 1950s and were ahead of the curve by a good decade.

                They hide in plain view which is the best camouflage. Several people scoffed when I showed them material and replied, “If they were doing that it wouldn’t be published”.

                They’re brilliant at deceiving and manipulation but when you have unlimited funds you hire the best. They’re Achilles Heel is the truth is not on their side. Their advantage is that the body politic generally has a collective “Stockholm Syndrome”. Its too big, its too dangerous and like an ostrich they prefer blissful ignorance. As long as food and circus is sufficiently available politically stability is maintained.

      30. “…NATO military alliance, the latter of which was formed at the opening of the Cold War as a counterbalance to the former Soviet Union-led Warsaw Pact.”

        The North Atlantic Treaty was signed on 4 April 1949. The Warsaw Pact was established on 14 May 1955 in response to the integration of the Federal Republic of Germany into NATO.

      31. U.S. global control policy is sheer madness. Both political parties are bought off to support the killing machine that is the Pentagon, the defense of the traitors is assured by the obscene level of military spending. All the billions poured into Syria in the attempt to oust Assad thrown away like worthless paper. The fleets of new Toyota trucks supplied by the U.S. to the highly paid terrorists for hire being demolished by Russia’s weaponry. Calls to send more cash and weapons by Americn warmongers. Now they want to reinstate the draft taking the young and naive American’s off to die for their insatiable greedy power trips. I was watching that older video where McCain was honoring Kissinger and the protesters were yelling that Kissinger is a war criminal. McCain told them get out of here before I have you arrested, you low life scum. he then went on to apologize and honor the old Nazi. I watched another video that stated Jimmy Carter was the only president since WW2 to not fire a missle or wage war while in office. Today’s criminal government terrorists are worse than ever.

        • “Code Pink”

          Gotta love ’em…

      32. The question on everyone mind should be this: What are you going to do when they come for you!! Make no mistake they are coming. IMHO!

      33. Prepare for a Nuclear War.
        Prepare for a Civil War. Police, Government, Muslims.
        Prepare to fight off your neighbor.

        Doesn’t matter who starts it or who is wrong or right. Once it starts you may be in the thick of it.

        Keep It Simple Soldier.

        • Muslims are the pawn in the game.

          We left them alone for years and they left us alone. Overthrow governments, create failed states, arm fanatics to facilitate the former and you reap what you sow. Syrian rebels allied with AQ get TOW missiles from Saudi with our blessing. What the hell do you think we’re going to get?

      34. Enemy road blocks will have over watch a sniper on each side count on over watch everywhere.you won’t be able to drive anywhere . Or walk down any street or trail .Just like selco says. Only at night can you move in small groups mostly to get water and that’s were they’ll be waiting at the water hole.Like selco said if your going to be a murderer all you need to stock is bullets.Then you’ll turn into a cannible .solar panels on roof dehumidifiers to take water out of the air .And you won’t have to expose your self to get water .In humid climates one dehumidifier per person should do it. Or drill a well in your basement floor

      35. The elements will burn like the sun, Uranium is an element and it burns as bright as the sun.Peoples eyes will melt in their sockets before their bodies hit the ground .in one hour all heaped on wealth will become worthless Sure sounds like a full on nuclear war.

      36. Nothing new here. Those of us who are awake have known for decades that the U.S. government is the largest, most well funded and deadliest terrorist organization in the world.

      37. Genius could you repeat your short gun comment I replied Thats very genius genius Then lost it

      38. Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank,
        Give a man a bank and he can rob the world.

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