Landing Strips, Farms and Hideaways: Secret Escapes of the Elite: “The Rich Are Worried and They Should Be”

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    This article was originally published by J.D. Heyes at Natural News.

    Editor’s Note: Obviously, those paying attention to the possibility of the SHTF already know this is happening, but the trend is accelerating as of this year’s Davos Summit, where various world leaders across politics, business and finance were seen openly discussing the what the growing inequality and possible civil unrest will mean for them personally.

    While they all have played their part in bringing about the current and continuing imbalance that is tipping the world towards social chaos, none of them want their own families to be caught up in it. Hence, they are hastening to buy up what they believe to be remote and relatively safe locations, where they can put a hideaway, retreat or survival station until the world regains its senses. New Zealand tends to come up a lot, but there are other hidden areas, too, where a few million dollars can still be a landing strip, a farmhouse or a homestead worthy of an “elite.”

    Maybe you don’t have the millions (and billions) these ultra wealthy tycoons do, but if you know what is good for you, you too should be making preparations to lay low and survive whatever it is that these insiders see coming down the pipeline.

    Here’s just a few to chew on:

    Lock and Load: Are You Prepared for Civil Unrest?

    Economist: Financial Collapse Will Cause Civil Unrest to Erupt In America By 2016

    What Will the Coming Civil Unrest Look Like?

    Switzerland Prepares For Mass Civil Unrest In Europe

    World’s elite buying remote hideouts to flee impending social unrest

    Many of the world’s uber-elite and super-wealthy are staking out retreats in remote lands like New Zealand to protect themselves and their families from coming unrest.As reported by Britain’s Mirror, hedge fund managers especially are staking out the secret escapes, “in the event of civil uprising against growing inequality,” the paper said in online editions.

    Included in the purchases are landing strips, homes and land in remote areas of remote countries where they believe they will be safe from the masses.

    The paper further reported:

    With growing inequality and riots such as those in London in 2011 and in Ferguson and other parts of the USA last year, many financial leaders fear they could become targets for public fury.

    The president of the Institute of New Economic Thinking, Robert Johnson, told attendees at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos (itself, ironically, representative of a class of uber-rich that exists apart from the 99.9 percent of the rest of the world) that a number of hedge fund managers and others with the means to do so were already busy planning their getaway.

    “I know hedge fund managers all over the world who are buying airstrips and farms in places like New Zealand because they think they need a getaway,” he said.

    He added that the global economic situation may soon become intolerable for many, including people in the richest nations, because inequality appears steadily on the rise.

    “People need to know there are possibilities for their children — that they will have the same opportunity as anyone else,” Johnson said. “There is a wicked feedback loop. Politicians who get more money tend to use it to get more even money.”

    His comments were supported by the executive director of the New Economics Foundation, Stewart Wallis. In an interview with CNBC Africa, Wallis said, “Getaway cars the airstrips in New Zealand and all that sort of thing, so basically a way to get off. If they can get off, onto another planet, some of them would.”

    That’s panic.

    “I think the rich are worried and they should be worried. I mean inequality, why does it matter?” Wallis continued.

    “Most people have heard the Oxfam statistics that now we’ve got 80, the 80 richest people in the world, having more wealth that the bottom three-point-five billion, and very soon we’ll get a situation where that one percent, one percent of the richest people have more wealth than everybody else, the 99.”

    The move by rich Americans to shield themselves from unrest actually began in earnest a few years ago. In 2012, for instance, The Huffington Post reported that handfuls of buyers had spent millions on the purchase of condos fashioned out of renovated underground Cold War-era missile silos.

    Other reports note that other wealthy Americans are purchasing luxury bunkers to ride out the waves of malcontents. As noted, ironically, on the website, last year:

    The billionaire bunker is becoming increasingly more commonplace. In an age of anxiety, where threats of terrorism, natural disaster, and Orwellian government surveillance dominate the media, where Russia, in lieu of recent political events in Crimea, issues a nonchalant warning like — “Russia is the only country in the world that is realistically capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash” -it’s logical that the super-rich would want to build luxurious strongholds against whatever doomsday scenario is on the horizon.

    Still, other companies are offering more affordable bunker retreats, as we reported in 2012:

    [A] shelter [sold by Al’s Army Navy Store,] which measures 32 feet by 10 feet, is designed out of corrugated metal, and comes complete with a flat-screen television set, kitchen, bunk beds, and electric-powered toilet. And although the structure lacks a shower, its creators say it could still come in quite handy should a local, regional, or even national emergency call for hunkering down and riding out the fray underground and out of sight.

    That report, which details the bunker business model of Florida- and California-based companies, is available here.



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      1. Run away fucking cowards. This is our home, and some things are worth fighting, even dying for. Our children’s futures is a prime example.

        • Oh they aint all running away. They think theyll hide on farmland here in the US and live among us. Me and the wife went over to another county and checked land purchases for the past 6 months. Found a few large tracts bought out of state. Research pays off. Now we know what might move in.
          Do your own snooping while you can. Find out who the new neighbors are before they decide to come in and make their demands. Money dont always win in the end.

          • YEP , CAL , I am doing the same.
            A 200 acre woodlot just sold next to me, it was bought by a guy nobody knows (around here)who lives in texas.
            I am in N central michigan.
            Its got a tiny cabin on it , i wonder if he thinks he can “blend” in here ? HAHAHA

            • Just curious….but did you ever consider that the guy from Texas who bought the 200 acres next to you, might be a fellow prepper?

              What are you going to do when he moves in? Be good neighbor and maybe try to become friends so you can watch each other’s backs? Or are you going to be an asshole and assume that because he’s “not from around here”, that he’s up to no good?

              Some of you people truly amaze me.

              • Well, if you examine the comments, you can’t exactly come to the conclusion that the majority of the people here are deep thinkers.

                Especially the anti-Semite loons. Now watch my thumbs for proof.

                • NAL-
                  “Now watch my thumbs for proof. ”

                  What would you expect when you choose to insult the
                  “majority of the people” ?
                  DUH , Maybe sink your head farther up yer anus and think deeper next time .

              • Anonymous2,

                Read the below post by Notaleftard and that sums it up for the majority of posters here. They seem to think that pointing a rifle and shooting a deer, along with skinning and butchering it is some kind of magical brain surgery that people with money can’t possibly have. Nor the ability to start a fire either, no, that sacred knowledge has to be passed down from secret ancient prepper ” Elders”. And of course, it goes without saying that ” if they aint from around here, the ONLY thing you can do is shoot “em!”. Yeah, with that abundance of wisdom prevailing the human race will surely be better off in the future, especially when you allow for their children’s inbreeding because they’ll all shoot anyone who gets within 200 yards of their ” bol”.

                • No, what is being said is that elites have no use for such knowledge. They often have servants who prepare their meals, so why would any of them get their hands dirty gutting an animal for dinner? Their gardeners do the work for them as well.

                  That’s what happens when you employ slaves to do your bidding — you don’t get your hands dirty, or learn anything.

                  I thought everybody knew that.

                  • so you’re confirming my post that because they have money and possibly servants, there’s no way they could master the almost impossibly difficult tasks of starting a fire and skinning a deer. Yes, your absolutely right there sixpack, if these ancient prepper secrets aren’t passed down through secret prepper elders, they’ll surely die within days. I think the truth may be closer to you’re a wee bit on the envious side perhaps, ANYBODY can skin a deer for Gods sake, it doesn’t take much in the way of brain wattage or every hillbilly would have died a long tie ago.

                    • I’m not saying the COULDN’T learn those tasks, what I’m saying is they probably see no reason to.

                    • “ANYBODY can skin a deer for Gods sake”

                      I respectfully disagree. It has nothing to do with intelligence.

                      My sister is one of those uppity people who enjoys the liberal leftist “good life”. I can confidently say that she could not, and would not gut and skin any animal, even if her life depended on it.

                      She might eat grass or steal robin eggs, but she could never bring herself to kill an animal and get it’s blood on her hands. She would not pull it’s guts out. She buys cut up chicken parts so she doesn’t have to face dismembering the already dead and plucked chicken.

                      She would die first. I believe there are many like her. It’s hard to believe we grew up on the same farm…

                    • And yet, here you are Junebug. Should us hillbillies and yokels consider that your illustrious and obviously superior persona is present here as some modicum of – what’s the word? – slumming? Or is it your ego that brings out such ridiculous, yet self-serving remarks such as those you have spewed forth?

                      It would be refreshing to find a discussion board, or a comments section on a website like this where the commenters supported each other rather than read their own version of what is being said in someone else’s comments. Essentially, if this site offends your delicate senses, go somewhere else. No one will even know you’re gone.

                    • Excalibur, I’ll be happy to tell you what I’m not, and namely that isn’t a coward who posts responses to anyone’s comments 4 days after the discussion is over. If you’re looking for a support group, try the battered women’s website, I’m sure you’ll be right at home there.

              • ANON , I never said i would treat this guy any way other than nieghborly.
                My point was that you cant just bug out into the woods and expect to be immediatly trusted .
                There are only six people that live on my dead end road, its a VERY tight knit community.
                Trust needs to be earned .

                • Endless shit, new day.

            • maybe, if he’s a n—- coke dealer from Chicago with his three bitches

            • Maybe he just wants to fish, or maybe he is tired of living in an oven state. Maybe he was from MI before and wants to spend time there.

          • I wouldn’t always see “money” as the enemy either, if I were you.

            Money doesn’t do anything, it’s just printed paper, metal coints, or whatever it may be.

            It’s the persons who have it and who wield it that count. It depends on how they think and what they’ve got in them.

            Can you imagine yourself being rich ?
            What would YOU do if you had a billion, or just let’s say ten million ? Do you trust yourself to always take the best decisions ?

            • I agree. So a rich guy moves in next to you and he’s a prepper. He probably will bring a lot of gear/stuff and looking for partners if/when TSHTF. OTOH, might be a “pirate prepper,” so best to make contact and get a feel for them before things go south. Or further south than they are now.

          • Part of my plan involves a recent purchase of land outside of my present state. I am not rich, i bought in another state because i had about $20k i pulled out of my retirement plan. It’s all the money we have. The land was dirt cheap, has a small spring fed lake and a river running through one corner of it.

            I only have a high degree ut i am hoping when the time comes it will be enough to build a solid shelter with. I know little about gardening, hunting and survival. Now i have to worry about being killed by meighbors for no other reason than they don’t me? Seriously?

        • Book Review

          Tactical Handgun: Israeli Combat Shooting by BK Blankchtein.

          I learned the Israeli Point-Shoot method. It seems bizarre at first but eventually I made a lot of sense out of it.

          Practicing drawing and aiming a handgun is stupid because you will have no fine motor skills under high stress. It’s better to learn to shoot from the hip.

          I do not like the isosceles stance. Presenting my vitals to the enemy doesn’t strike me as very bright. I’ll stick to the boxing stance.

          • AE,
            The Weaver stance originated from law enforcement for positive distance shooting you should be able to bring the weapon up with the two handed grip and aim for center of mass without relying on the sights , with lots of dry fire the sights to validate your grip , a plate carrier with plates can ease your angst about presenting your vitals . The ” boxing” stance originated from bulls eye target shooting in the military. It works but this classical stance in not as effective in a rapid , violent close quarters change . The best method. With lots of practice is the one that allows you to get inside of your opponents OODA loop ( Observe , orient , decide , act ) the first one that draws and accurately puts your rounds on target fastest before your opponent goes through the decision making process . Fast is smooth , smooth is fast practice till you can bring your weapon up with the sights aligned without consensely aligning the sights .
            The most important thing is your weapon must fit your hand well and feel if is as an extension of your body ,regardless of what advise or what weapon is considered the best you have to try different handguns , it’s a highly personalized thing what works for you many not work for otheres and vice versa , , you will know when it’s right by the feels in the hand and pointing.
            The next is practice , practice , and get professional training to get the most out of it
            As far as the Isreali method of close quarter combat handguning , it has it’s roots in WW2 in a special operations unit consisting of Canadian and American soldiers called unoffically “the Devils Brigade” 1 st special forces group , one man in particular developed it His name was Rex Applegate and it was further advanced by another trainer named William Fairbairn.
            There are are few good books about this traing method that are still applicable today .

            The Close Combat files of Colonel Rex Applegate
            Colonel Rex Applegate and Major Chuck Nelson

            Bulls eyes don’t shoot back
            Colonel Rex Applegate

            Being a martial arts practitioner you may find these books interesting .
            Keep an open mind learn as much as you can , get professional training ( NRA advanced Handgun ) if you can afford it . This knowledge will become priceless in the coming unpleasantness, practice , learn , use these techniques to your advantage to preserve the perishable skill of marksmanship ,, some day this skill set may be used to protect your self , the ones your care about and the innocent that cannot protect themselves . Being a younger person what you do in what is coming can make a real difference in what those that come after us will live with.
            Have a Code of honor , use it for good , use it to keep the torch of liberty alive .
            There is no greater reward .

            What we do here echoes for all eternity

            ” abuse no one and no thing , for abuse turns the wise ones to fools and robs the spirit of its vision , when it comes your time to die , be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death , so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live there lives over again in a different way . Sing your death song and die like a hero going home ”
            Chief Tecumseh
            Poem at the end of the movie act of valor .
            Posted in every special operations team room

            Semper Fi

        • Shoot them down before they can fly away. Great duck hunting by the end of runways. Ready…. Pull!!!

          Imagine this. FaceBook bought “Instagram” in 2012for$1 Billion Dollars. Today they insiders claim and value Instagram at over $30 Billion. LMFAO – Yeah we have a stock market bubble. So lets see the revenue balance sheet on the Phony overpriced evaluation. The end is near folks, look out below.

        • World’s elite buying remote hideouts to flee impending social unrest

          They look at preppers and non-preppers alike as zombies, like the AMC show, The Walking Dead.

          It’s hilarious, or ironic, in a way. Preppers are worried about the Golden Horde or urban rioters as crazed and bloodsucking violent zombies that need to be planned for accordingly.

          There’s talk by some preppers about how the NWO ZOG Bankster Cartel can run, but can’t hide, and those NWO folks will get theirs.

          And so the mega-uber elites see others as future zombies when or if the CRASH comes.

          Super-Elite to Realtor: “I need a private airstrip for my private helicopter and plane.”

          Realtor: “Why?”

          Super-Elite: “Just because.”

          Realtor: “Why?”

          Super-Elite: “I value my privacy and security.”

          Realtor: “Security?”

          Super-Elite: (Jokingly) Ya know, zombies. Ha, ha!”

          Realtor (who’s also a prepper): “This guy thinks I’m a zombie! Demmit!”

          • I dont imagine the elites will be flying anywhere if an EMP happens. I have been red thumbed before for stating it, but I feel an EMP would be the true preppers best chance.

        • They will be there for the new beginning as well. They repopulate the earth with their seed. It’s not that hard to see how they (the elite) do things. Reoccurring process, it’s been happening for thousands of years.

        • Sometimes, our childrens future is not worth much to worry about. A couple more selfies and they should be good to go, not sure where.

      2. Personally I would get far away from everyone.
        Because when the SHTF everyone will be after your stuff.

        • I agree. In a SHTF scenario, your life is only worth whatever is the most easily attainable resources you have and what somebody else wants.

          • I’m not going to submit to allowing somebody else to put a value on MY life. My life is worth whatever I think it’s worth.

            You just don’t let somebody else have that much power over you.

        • Well, I posted this the last time Mac put this article up but it’s good enough to repeat:

          Wealthy Frenchman in 1938 sees the writing on the wall, and packs himself and his family off to a remote island in the Southwest Pacific……Guadalcanal.

          • With any luck he packed his bags and moved to …. Tarawa.

      3. Home is where you make it home…

          Both ultra efficient…

          • One way ticket to Mars.

        • the elite are aware of some history that most people do not know where it shows the world has been devastated iin the past several times and each time there were certain areas that survived better than others and you will see most of the super elite own property at those locations, most of which are third world areas

          • When God’s hand of judgment falls, the wicked will have no place to hide. The just will have no need to hide.

            The most important part of your “preps” is to have your soul ready for His Judgment.

            Your material “preps” are to get you and your loved ones through the chastisements that precede Judgment.

          • Also, in third world areas, the native population is generally uneducated and unarmed, so they pose little threat to the elites. They can generally toss a few coins in the streets, and get anything they want for virtually nothing. Because the people there have nothing, anything is valuable.

            • “Unarmed” ?
              Even “uneducated” seems to me a really ignorant generalization.

              That may be generally true for the masses, but I’m sure much depends on the country, the culture, the regime in place, the social conditions at the time, whether you are talking about a city or the countryside, etc.

        • Happy hunting……..

      4. i wonder if they are stupid enough to think they can hide from the billions of people they have fukd over

        • They can run, but they cannot hide.

          • Well they certainly can’t hide in New Zealand. With so many ‘rich assholes’ moving down there buying up farms and exclusive properties, it’s not like they’re going unnoticed. Especially when they put up “big fuck off” front gates with surveillance cameras and threatening signs. Don’t forget, these scum bags still have your everyday Joe Blow New Zealander to contend with.

            When the SHTF, who do you think those hungry Maori boys are going to put into the Hangi (earth ovens) first? It’ll be big fat American and European Bankers and fund managers who are hiding out in rural New Zealand, that’s who. You can run ….. But you can’t hide.

            My advice to these bankers going down to New Zealand to hide …… If you have some smiling New Zealanders turn up to your house after the SHTF with baskets of corn, potatoes and pumpkin, RUN!!! It’s New Zealands version of Thanks Giving and ….. YOU’RE THE TURKEY!!
            Human tastes like pork. Hence the New Zealand saying “yum yum, pigs bum” when a special dinner is served. Seriously, don’t fuck with Kiwis …… You’ll loose!!

        • bulldog, corruption and greed makes them stupid and blind.

        • they only need to half one half of the population kill the other half a couple times and they have their end game.

      5. I could care less about someone else’s wealth and how much they have to worry about retaining it. I know who is pulling the strings. If I run into any of them, well…………Besides, I’ll probably have enough on my plate to take care of.

        • Amen PO’P. I don’t do jealousy much and I am sure I’ll be a little pre-occupied with keeping my own butt out of the fire.

      6. I will let the LORD take good care of me. I’m not going to worry, But I believe Sept 13, 2015, is judgement day..I see a pattern here, ever since the OCT 19, 1987 stock market crash, I notice a seven year stretch between crashes in the stock market. So will this Sept 11,2015 be another day that continues the seven year cycle? Well just have to wait & see..Also notice that the event’s are getting MORE Precise & Intense, with each passing seven years.. Just think of the Possibilities..If YOU prepare, YOU shall not fear..
        1. Black Monday October 19th 1987
        2. Black Tuesday Sept. 17, 2001
        3. Black Monday Sept. 29, 2008
        4. Black Friday Sept 11, 2015 ( Elul 29 )
        I did MY homework, & tried to find the TRUTH, How about YOU..
        May the good lord Jesus look after you & your family, stay safe & may GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS..
        BEST Wishes & REGARDS ROBBIE..

        • Jehovah’s day is coming, but when, not even the angels know. But our generation will see it.

        • Re: Robbie

          I’m with you there. The book “The Harbinger” by Jonathan Cahn, backs up your theory.

      7. You really can not blame them. I think they have a right to fear for their safety.

        • Theyre all heading to Brandon Smith’s house.

          • LOL , they are too .

      8. Happy hunting.

      9. This article is a topic talked about for over 6 years !! 2015 will come and go and 2016 will be more of the same

        • Screw NYC.

        • Let’s hope so Rich!

        • Joe, I am sure the same senator will introduce the bill for better quality Machete to be supplied to their head hunters aka ISIS.

        • OOPS , Is that democrat an islamaphobe ?
          Why is he so scared of head choppers ?

        • I propose a bill mandating PENIS CONTROL. Almost every dick in DC, seems to have a problem with what they do with their penises. Underage girls and boys, prostitutes, each others wives, up We, The People’s asses, they’re always sticking it in the wrong places, it seems.

          They need to learn to keep their dicks out of our asses.

        • England pushed through “Pointy Knives” control.. Now everybody there cuts their steak and mutton with a butter knife.

        • Joe,

          Forget machete control. Liberate the razor from a safety razor. Embed it in a toothbrush. You have yourself an up-close slashing weapon. Let’s ban safety razors and toothbrushes.

          Reference: the YT videos about prison culture. Southern Ohio. Folsom. San Quentin.

          Some of those guys are locked down 23 hours a day. They still manage to improvise weapons.

      10. How does anyone know that the “elites” are buying BOLs? Are the “elites” telling everyone they are buying them and giving locations? Anyone with half a brain keeps their secrets to themselves. People with money tend to buy vacation properties. I have a friend that owns 8 houses and he is not an elite but has done well in life. Hell, I own an income property does that make me elite? This is just another cage rattler.

        • WARFACE…..I think the focus is on wealth creation in astonishing amount through financial corruption.

          • I understand the concept of the term, elite. I don’t know how my post could have caused any confusion but does anyone but me feel like these stories are more suited to the National Enquirer or is it just me. I know a few millionaires and they are very secretive about their goings-on. These are just your common, self-made people and they know enough to be closed mouth. Is someone following and documenting these “elites”. Most people have no fucking clue who the elites actually are! We know the big names like Soros and Kissinger etc…but there are many more that fly under the radar and never surface. And all the keyboard commandos are going to hunt down exactly who? I used to be one of those commandos until I took a step back and looked at all the bullshit I was being fed. There are, without a doubt, severe financial, and otherwise, problems in this country and the world but is swallowing bullshit and tough-talking on a website doing any real good? The fact is, most of these clowns saying they will lay down their life if there is ever a FED come knocking, would shit their pants and cry like a 12 year old girl. As long as governments can print money, there will be no collapse. The big issue right now is that Greece will exit the Euro and collapse the world economy. The fact is, Greece will cave and take the 12″ up their asses again and life will go on. There are websites that deliver news in a sane manner and you actually have to have an IQ bigger than your shoe size to leave a comment that won’t be shredded by people more in-the-know.

            • Warface, you wouldn’t e referring to people who like to serve” hot lead and brass nutrients” to the entire alphabet soup of federal agencies would you? LOL!

            • Obama says America is exceptional and so we all must be elitists.

            • TMZ found out!

          • Stolz:

            Those people gathered at that meeting in Switzerland were not “elite millionaires”. Without “billionaire” status you would be considered a little above “poor” by that congregation.

            Most among those at that gathering have NO vested patriotism in an country they reside in. They are internationalists.

            Owning a heating company in Blaine County, Idaho where Sun Valley, home of a lot of rich and famous, is located showed me how a billionaire who owned a bunker there viewed fear of the public.

            Dow Chemical, the perpetrator of “Agent Orange” had their enormous bunker, vacation home built, not of sticks and stones, but entirely of cement.

        • An “Elite” is anyone that owns significantly more than you do, but never yourself no matter how much you may have.

          That’s the unstated basis of covetousness and jealousy, something we all suffer from to some degree.

          To most of those from the less developed world, anyone in the United States -in particular anyone who is white and in the United States- falls into the category of “Elite” and deserves to have whatever they own taken from them (think Mexico and Central America to get an idea of what this means).

          • Sharon, Every single post by you is just full of intellect and integrity. Bravo.

            • Are you joking? Sure, the politics of envy is easily identifiable, and should be ignored, including Sharon above.

              “Elites” are usually understood to be people who pull the strings on the inside of the major organizations in the US and West, pushing the western world towards one world government, one currency, and a police state.

              “Elites” are central bankers, military brass, Wall street investment firms that gamble with free money (.25%) from the FED, politicians (every single one knows the country is broke, and borrows 30-40% of its budget). These organizations ALL benefit from the free money system, and are hell bent on destroying individual freedoms, civil liberties, and the constitution.

              It sure as hell isn’t just jealously. Read the Bible…understand where we’re heading. You can reject it all you want, but it doesn’t matter, it’s still true, and will play out whether you are Jew, Arab, Christian, Hindu, or any other belief system.

          • Yep, if you earn over $3,000 a year, have clean, piped water, and eat three times a day, you are in the top 10% of the planet.

            Be sure to look over your shoulder while you’re hunting down those evil billionaires, quite a few people are going to be looking for you and everything you have.

          • To me, the most obvious sign of a globalist elite is that they are totally above the law, ALL law. They can literally get away with mass murder.

            They’ve bought whatever and whomever they want.

            They make decisions that get hundreds of thousands killed.

            They own the banks that steal billions from the people, and have no fear of ever being held accountable for it.

            They run/own corporations like monsanto and big pharma, and poison millions without accountability.

            They sell off our public treasures to foreign entities.

            They create foundations that murder innocent children all over the world, with tainted vaccines that never worked, and sterilize people without their knowledge or consent, while they can’t even be held financially liable for the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

            They finance government coups in foreign countries, reaping themselves great profits at the cost of innocent lives.

            They buy whatever law or regulation that benefits them.

            They assassinate presidents and other leaders, right in front of the people they served.

            They believe this planets is theirs, and theirs alone, and that the rest of us don’t belong on it.

            In short, it’s not the bank teller down the street or the entrepreneur who made his own fortune honestly and without mass murder. It’s not “rich” people…it’s RICH AND EVIL PEOPLE at the top of the pyramid.

            Does that make sense?

            • Sixpack;
              You have discussed your medical situation on this site in the past openly. Do you take any meds made available by the hated big pharma?

              • NOPE. I sure don’t.

                I got off their “lifelong” high blood pressure pill regimen, that allopathic doctors declared I needed…or else I would die. I proved that their pills were CAUSING more problems than they solved. Big Pharma has no hold on me now, and that’s the way I like it.

                I’ve beaten them three times in my life. You?

                • I can’t even tell you how GOOD it feels to know that if some bureaucrat gets a hair up his ass, and decides that I don’t need my pills, that I DON’T HAVE TO DIE OF A STROKE OR HEART ATTACK without them!

                  Those HBP meds are DESIGNED to force you to stay on them for life…or die.

                  They jack your BP up if you don’t take them, higher than it would normally be. They intend to KILL YOU if you stop taking their meds…but there is a way to do it without dying. I know, because I did it.

                  I’m no longer held hostage by big pharma, and THAT FEELS GOOD.

                  THAT IS HOW PEOPLE STOP BEING ENSLAVED BY THE GOVERNMENT. They cannot hold my medications over my head any longer. I’m prepped, so they can’t hold food and water over my head either.

                  The only thing I need to do now, is forge an alliance for a BACKUP roof over my head, and my preps, should I lose this one.


                  Now THAT IS TRUE FREEDOM!

                  • Anyone care to argue with that?

                  • No argument here, over 90% of my patients wouldn’t need any pills if they did 2 simple things.
                    1) Don’t eat anything that you can’t identify all the ingredients and where they came from. If it has words you can’t pronounce or explain you shouldn’t eat it. If you don’t know how to make sodium benzoate, partially hydrogenated whatever, or brominated vegetable oil, don’t eat it.
                    2) Stop watching TV. You would be amazed at how much exercise you do if you don’t watch tv.

                    Ask yourself: have you ever seen a morbidly obese person who doesn’t have tv and eats real food?

                    • Yep Rebel, that’s absolutely part of it. In my case, I had thick, sticky blood and was severely dehydrated. Just like when your motor oil gets too old and thick, your push rods can’t pump it up to your valves…my oil wasn’t pumping right.

                      I upped the hydration and started looking for ways to thin my blood without big pharma medications. Vinegar and aloe vera actually helped a lot. Cutting back on salt and not microwaving food in plastic containers has helped a lot too.

                      Getting more exercise was useful. It was basically a change in life habits that made it easy for me to kick the HBP meds habit. I’m happy to post such news and experiences for everyone to see, maybe it might help someone else.

                      As preppers, isn’t procuring our freedom from corporations part of prepping for shtf?

      11. That’s ok when all us common folks family’s suffer I will organize a group of fighters to go out and look for elites hideaways and bunkers and we will round them up and make labor camps for them. Any one that resists gets hot lead. I will let a few go eventually here and there so the word gets out to the rest of the elites .they fucked the world up and they are not gonna just go and hide on this guy. My kid loses a crumb out of his mouth because of these idiots and it’s open season on them. They better ban guns before it all goes down if they know what is good for themselves. When shtf happens these elites will be on the same level as me .

        • Sure you will,fantasy always trumps reality doesn’t it?

        • Your mom de plume is soooo very appropriate…… Spoken like a true moron. I am sure the “elite” will be wearing their “elite” uniforms with patches so you can find them with your cereal box decoder ring. Wal-Mart pharmacy is calling, you need to pick up your psych meds refill…..

          • Fox, that’s the funniest damn post I’ve read here in quite a while, thanks for the laugh, that was a real gut buster man!

          • Foxglove;
            You have a point. I have had cause to hunt with some very wealthy people in the past and some of them had not only serious weapons but knew how to use them and had all the related skills necessary.

          • Foxglove;
            On a lighter note, how do you know that Walmart pharmacy calls you to inform of meds being needed or ready?

        • Since they’re going to be on the same level as you, what makes you judge and jury?

          Tell us why your little band of merry men wandering the countryside looking for elites is not going to be just another armed gang attacking homes and farms?

          • That’s exactly what it IS going to be. Mad Max and Waterworld may be caricatures of reality, but I doubt that kind of little band of merry men will be composed of honest, integer, courageous individuals with high moral values. They will however likely be very strong on “survival”. They are the kind of people who at some point, as soon as they get the opportunity, will want to be those who make the laws.

        • You sure seem to harbor some grudge against “the elite” – which I suppose is anyone who looks rich (except for your friends of course).

          You are a victim of the “class struggle” indoctrinated. You subscribe to the school of thought “us against them”. And, in your case, you fill that out with “us common folks against the rich”.

          I am sure if you had a way of getting a million overnight, you would not refuse it. And maybe you would even go over dead bodies, from the sound of it.

        • Some flaws in the described structure of monasteries, but otherwise very interesting articles.

      12. My wife use to be a real estate agent before the crash, a lot of people looking for 5 acres and independence 10 years ago. The wealthy now, no big surprise.

        • It’s not the people buying 5 acres and a home, it’s those buying entire national forests for their own use, or selling off American soil to foreign investors.

      13. No one notices when conspiracy theories simply become conspiracies. This should verify them pesky preppers, no? Vilify, verify, mercenary, missionary, the change is important and should be heralded. Another Planet indeed, with the Fukushima sizzles all will need one. Have you heard the theory that the Fukushima release is now multiples of Chernobyl and greater than all of the above ground tests combined? It is important when theory becomes conspiracy. When corruption feeds apathy and greed humbles knowledge it is no theory that then we are doomed. For instance, nuclear scientists refer to the increase in background radiation from the nuclear bomb tests as natural background radiation now. Warm but not so fuzzy. It looks good on them to run. It will be a long race, epochs in fact. No conspiracy, just physics.

      14. I wouldn’t go to New Zealand being on the doorstep of China. Think China is going to sit on their duff when the SHTF? They will be militarily grabbing everything they can.

        • They’ll bog down in Siberia, Central and SE Asia, and India, trying to control two billion people in hostile countries. China is a land power, not able to project itself too far overseas for too long.

      15. What about a yacht to escape the shtf one with a sail and a motor. Seems to me the earth has more water than land the sea has food you can sail to warm waters. I live in a coastal community and lots of folks have a boat with a slip in the marina or a mooring out in the cove. The seafood is great here mountain folks don’t have this. I would take seafood harvesting over deer meat any day. But wild pigs are good. If I had a boat I’d stem out to Bermuda then to the Caribbean. Yep it’s good having access to the sea.

        • With such clear thinking, you deserve a much better hat.

        • So NOW you’re going to organize a navy instead of an armed group to go after the elite, eh? That’s the easy part about fantasy, it’s always nothing more then words tossed around.

        • A H S,
          just remember ANYWHERE you go land or sea there will be obstacles for both! every one will have there own problems to deal with, sooner or later you have to get close to land and the new pirates will be looking for you, land will have maurauders looking for you as well, just try to cover your bases best you can and sleep with one eye open!

        • Don’t forget that the elite own every inch of the seas also, as well as every lake and river.

          Their guards are called “The Air force”, “The Navy” and “The Coast Guard”. Their security system is a network of satellites, HAARP and NASA.

          We only use THEIR waters by permission.

      16. i live in a mobile home just off the road out in the country. Bills are paid, stocked up, minding my own business. One day this simple lifestyle will make me one of the the elite…nothing to see here, yet.

        • At least you still have your dreams till then.

        • It’s already made you an elite. If you earn over $3,000 a year, have clean water, and eat three times a day, you’re an elite.

      17. All it requires for a ‘disaster’ in this back-up plan is for the ‘designated’ get-away pilot to weasel out or be consumed in the disaster.
        So, to the ‘elite’; do you have a ‘back-up’ pilot for your plans?

        • I would think the pilot gets to be part of the retreat, should solve that contingency.

          If not, flying a plane and landing it are not that difficult, most single-engine pilots solo in just a few hours of flight instruction.

      18. I am sure the elites have thier backs covered. They have their 20,000 armed russian contingent, with the 400,000 Un, nato blue helmet boys and chinese soldiers along with the DHS buddies on standby to quell the dissidents. They are covered because of the DUMBS, ” Deep Underground Military Bases”. Of course we will be delt with by the Un, and Chinese. With my incident over a year ago, of the russian dude up in my face in the Galleria Houston area, i can see where this is all going. One ideotic poster even told me on his comment that i am a nut job. Gee, so the ports are not shut down, and the picutues are fake? I will continue to get ready to bug out. Houston Texas bad bad crime, and we have not calapsed yet. Here is a reason why we must prepare for SHTF. I read a report about 3 months ago, article was on Houston’s police department had arrested, get this 400,000+ illegal aliens between 2010-2014. These illegals commited 9,000+ rapes and literally hundreds of thousands of other crimes including assaults, theft, armed robbery, you name it, etc. The calapse has not happened yet. Can you imagine a population of 340,000,000 running out of food and water. Then i ask, are the ships not moving at sea, the trucks have backed up. And i had poster “Kaynine” telling me that i need help, that i am living in fantasy world. Cut off the food and water supply and then watch what happens. I suspect that when this calapse commenses, its going to be literally hell on earth as we know it. I never taught that i would become a poster on this site. I am no longer afraid to speak my mind, we are really in deep dudu. For the married couples who i see weekly, you see em all the time, at the grocery stores, you know the mother who is pregnant, shopping with the 5 yr and 8 yr old. More confidence to you mam, you and your husband have not idea whats coming to America. Government loves us, they will get our food into the stores on time, because we mean alot to them. WRONG. These folks are so confident in government, that nothing cant possible go wrong. Keep going at it mam, get them kids coming. Plenty of food is in the stores. 1% feeds the other 99%. In the great depression, 35% feed the 65%, and yet 15,000,000 starved to dead, trappped into the city areas all had on thing in common, no survial food for 6 months, no water, and no food coming in. The old man from my mother church told me that he got the hell out to go to Lousiana to where all the wild life was easy to catch, He and his family survived it. Then again, i am a nut job, what could possibly go wrong.

      19. Not,I was thinking more along the lines that their supposed security will turn on them.At that point being paid in food and shelter ect.,why not blow away the owners and take for yourself,things go bad will be a lot of relationships tested,ones based only on monetary gain will be some of the first to go bad.

      20. If you’re looking for work during and after any possible collapse, you can work security for the rich guys. You know that they’re going to have large security details of professional contractors. I knew a guy, years ago, who worked security on a yacht for an arms dealer. Big detail. Big yacht. Big fun. Opportunity is where you make it.

        • Exactly,,,
          We have many very well off neighbors, what they lack in skills they make up for in other areas, if someone has gold but cant do stuff that i have the skills for i can trade my knowledge or strengths for their gold and silver,
          Some of them have large tracts of land, why would i demonize someone who at some point i may be able to do business with?
          Dont buy into the divide and conquer BS
          The same powers who push the racial divides are the ones who are pushing folks to view the wealthy with distaste.

      21. They can run all they want but it won’t do them any good if they don’t have the skills, and the mind set to survive.

        Most of us here have them skills, and will use them when TSHTF. They don’t. They have the money but most of them are dependent on others to do everything for them.

        I would love to see them kill a deer skin it and butcher it, or run a trout line. Make a fire. That would be fun to watch in real life.

        Aim Small Miss Small

        • Sarge;
          I believe that’s a trot line.

      22. RIP Henny Penny (aka Chicken Little).

        A memorial service was attended by Turkey Lurkey, Goosey Loosey and Ducky Lucky.

        Foxy Loxy is being held on suspicion of Barnyard Mischief.

        Falling Skies have been rescheduled for a date to be announced.

        • That Foxy Loxy is something esle.

        • I’ll bet “Holy Cow” presided over the service.

      23. The info was leaked at the elites economic summit meeting in Davos Switzerland. A good comedy to watch. Bankers and nuclear scientists tripping over one another in a race to the southern Hemisphere and finding little land and mostly water. This is because an elite never looks at the world from the bottom up. Typical elite foresight, I call it the greed cloud. My favorite part is when they realize atoms trump carbon and they start pulling on shoulders.

      24. Some of these wealthy are no more than criminals with cash, others have made their wealth fair and square within the confines of the system, they knew how to play it, and still further some have been born into a good situation and are set as a result.
        I would no more begrudge them their wealth than i would any one else the right to go out there and give it a go to make their fortune, and many have,
        Who cares if these folks have bought remote spots as retreats? I would do the same thing if I had the dough to do it.
        This whole down with the wealthy crap gets old, sounds like the green monster of envy raising its ugly head, i have dealt with that crap all my life because of my last name, has definitely shaped my views of others, and my lack of respect for those who exhibit envy withthe veil of equality as their basis,
        If i wanted everyone to be equal i would be a socialist,
        So what is it?
        Are you for freedom or are you socialist?
        Because if you buy into this whole 99% vs 1% thing you have eaten the socialist cracker

        • I begrudge no one who gains as those of which you speak. But I speak of the obscene wealth. Like that that comes from backing both sides while initiating a conflict because you are then a guaranteed winner. And winning brings spoils unobtainable with implementation of any morals. Ask any recently unemployed Ukrainian gold custodian. As it has been since the times of Napoleon the tune is the same because the piper is the same. Do not miss the forest for the trees. Think massive, unimaginable wealth Kula, not wrought from their own blood sweat and tears, but ours and they have been doing it for hundreds of years until now that war, is our industry. Too big to jail, too big to fail, start there and look up through all the secret societies to the real gatekeeper and it ain’t St. Peter. That is the wealth of which I speak. The obscenity is that the shoplifter goes to jail while the banker goes free. There is a line there somewhere. Look a Greek is kicking at it!

        • Kulafarmer.

          Wealthy people are fine with me until they think they know what is better for me. The part of leaving my ass alone. Similar to politicians who want to tax the hell out of me to pay for a special project that will benefit “THEM” the most.

      25. One has to define who the wealthy are. The Physician is well off as they should be. A $250k income is well deserved. The guy that started with nothing and built a million dollar a year business employing people often with decent wages is not part of the power elite either.

        Everyone points to the vaulted 1% when the controllers are the .0001%, or one in a million, that have some say, some disproportionate control over the system.

        As Chris Rock said, “I’m rich, their wealthy”. There is a big difference.

      26. They might be worried , but they are too stupid to stop pushing
        And you just can’t fix stupid .. So don’t ever think that their fear of us will ever have them making the right choices when it comes to getting up off our backs

        Don’t let your guard down just because they talk and act as though they fear our numbers

        • I’m talking the political elite group, not those that honestly worked for their wealth
          Big difference
          Just didn’t want my comment to be misunderstood

          • Eg
            Oprah vs the bush family,
            One i dont mind having as a neighbor,
            The other i would be making plans

      27. Marxism is the legalization of envy.

      28. End of Next Week I will be officially at my BOL Hidey Hole. Off the Grid and Melting with Planet Earth and Nature. Seriously looking at the charts to convert Lots of Worthless Cash to Silver real soon.

        • Silver is in helicopter mode, hovering between $15 and $18 an ounce. Forget the charts, go buy your silver and be done with it.

          • Yeah then silver drops to $10. Closed today at $16.265 – was low as $16.12. Gold dropped again below $1200. This tells me everything is trending down. I stick with the Buy low sell high strategy. Patience make us money.

      29. These elites couldn’t live like a grunt they are too used to having it all. These people couldn’t handle the harshness when you live in big houses with maintenance people maids Nannys for the kids. Then go to having nothing living out of a bag with nagging wife and 3kids pissing and moaning good luck trying to survive especially when your use to people doing things for you. For me I’m the do it all guy so I’m used to it running around fix this kids screaming.

        • Some of those “elites” were once “grunts”. Don’t under estimate your adversary because he is wealthy. That would be a fatal mistake.

          If that individual is a self made man he can probably run circles around you. You son’t stand a chance against a man with real combat experience.

        • That’s a silly bunch of preconceptions you have. In dire times, people learn quickly to adapt, a few exceptions excepted maybe. Rich people are not stupid per definition as you seem to believe. You might have been indoctrinated just a bit too much.

      30. I don’t care how much you are worth, where you are at, and how much you have prepared, because when the smoke clears after this one and you are still standing everyone will be on the same level, and that being; NOW WHAT. If you thought you where own your own before, just look around you now. The tuff times will truly begin then!!! May GOD have mercy on your soul!

        Are you prepared to die?

      31. What they are doing is a total waste of time, money and resources. For they will ALL, one day stand in Judgement at the Throne of God. There will be a Day when all accounts will be settled in full.

        • NewVegasBadger,
          And they will discover the “god” they served betrayed them in the end.

      32. Some problems in life cannot be solved with$ we all put our pants on the same way. If elites think they can buy their way out of problems they will be the first to get robbed. God don’t care if you have $. In fact $ distances you from him. Be content with what you have been given. I’m not saying don’t try to make a buck. If I threw $ at the problem I would be broke and still have problems all I can say is I earned everything I have . I don’t have too look over my shoulder. I got my stuff fair and square.

      33. Gonna get my Fergusons together and get them high flyin oppressors! Social Justice fo my skeet shootin brothers and sisters! Don’t be hitten no black helicopters ya all!

        • Jon;
          Isn’t Ya’ll a conjunction?

          • actually, I thought about that and checked it out. I was full of crap. Not a conjunction.

          • Skeptic,

            Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary says yawl is: a fore-and-aft rigged sailboat
            carrying a sailboat and now or more jibs with a mizzenmast far aft.

            Looks around furtively because that’s a definition only billionaires who sail would know.

            • @ John_Allen

              senior brain fart assisted by autocorrect = multiple typos

              … carrying a mainsail and one or more jibs

      34. I have to say to those of you that think you have a “tight community” or “friends”that will be there for you and your family when the shtf.think again.Most likely you’ll be on your own!!But good luck and god bless us All.

      35. Personally, I’m going up into space.

      36. what they don’t realize is that “their” money is simply a VERY high interest loan, it’ll have to be paid back eventually…

      37. Where are you trouble making elite going? Where you running off to? Take heed to the unchanging words of God and know that unless you repent, nothing but misery awaits you when God settles all accounts:

        1 Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.

        2 Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten.

        3 Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.

        4 Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth.

        5 Ye have lived in pleasure on the earth, and been wanton; ye have nourished your hearts, as in a day of slaughter.

        6 Ye have condemned and killed the just; and he doth not resist you.

        7 Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain.

        8 Be ye also patient; stablish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh. (James 5:1-8)

      38. Check out the hills to the southeast of Pueblo. Brand new airstrip, nice homes out in the middle of absolutely nowhere.

        Go North from Bradford, CO about 5 miles and there it is on highway 69. Nice little hide-away sheltered by the Front Range and the golden horde.

      39. So I clearly remember reading this article, text-for-text earlier this year. First source: January 2015, why the repost? Theres nothing better to publish than old content?

        Not that this comment will be read anyhow…

        • Thought I read it before too.Maybe on druge or Alex Jones?

      40. I’ve had a house and acreage for sale for two years. Could someone give me the contact information for an elite? Historic home, pasture, barn, chicken coop, excellent well water, outhouse…prepper DE-luxe! 😀

      41. Run and hide! …You two faced sniveling secret societing bunch of satan worshiping cowardly pukes! There is ONE UP ABOVE over ALL, who ALWAYS knows where your butts are!!

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