Car Shot With Taser by Border Agents Bursts Into Flames: “Just How Much is the Public Going to Take?”

by | Mar 26, 2015 | Aftermath | 87 comments

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    How widespread are the problems with excessive force by law enforcement in this country?

    This shocking video once again raises questions about how much “less lethal” weapons like tasers really are during high stakes law enforcement encounters.

    Dashcam video shows several Border Patrol agents descending on a vehicle at night, with one agent breaking through the passenger window and firing a taser at the driver, causing the vehicle to burst into flames.

    The driver, Alex Martin, was killed in the ensuing explosion from the March 2012 incident, prompting a lawsuit filed by the victim’s family against the federal government blaming the weapon once considered “non-lethal” for igniting the fatal fire.

    According to the lawsuit, the border agents refused to help save the driver, who was burned, despite having fire extinguishers in their vehicles.

    The driver had reportedly led unmarked Border Patrol vehicles on a high speed chase for several minutes after they attempted to pull him over for driving the wrong way on Interstate 8 near Pine Valley, CA en route to San Diego before agents punctured his tires with a spike stripe and the vehicle was stopped.

    The family’s attorney Gene Iredale accused the agents of breaking protocol and potentially endangering the situation by failing to identify and by display no markings of their affiliation:

    The attorney said Martin had no idea the men were law enforcement and never identified themselves by the display of badges or by naming their organization.

    As for the fire that happened immediately after the taser was fired:

    Iredale said a container of gasoline may have spilled inside the vehicle, and the Taser’s electrical output ignited the fumes. He said the agent should have been able to smell the fumes before firing his weapon. He greatly criticized the agents for appearing to make no effort to help save Martin’s life.

    “All three of those cars had large fire extinguishers in them and standard equipment,” he told the San Diego TV station. “Not one of these agents ever even tried to spray any of the fire extinguisher solution on that car.”


    “This was a senseless act in a senseless way for somebody who had violated no law and who lost their life needlessly,” said Iredale. (source)

    Was all this necessary?

    The scene looks more like something out of a mob movie than a law enforcement investigation. Did these agents act appropriately?

    In the wake of numerous high profile deaths at the hands of police, this incident appears to be one more case of unnecessary escalation and excessive force, as the vehicle was stopped and already surrounded by agents.

    One commenter on Blacklisted News, where this video was posted, stated plainly, “Jesus, just how much is the public going to take?”

    The growing perception, after seeing incidents both justified and unjustified, is that a trigger happy environment is causing too many deaths, and unnecessarily dividing the community against those who are supposed to protect it.

    It often seems that law enforcement have taken “any means necessary” even when it needlessly costs lives and endangers the public.

    How far will things go before they’ve gone too far?


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      1. “Just How Much is the Public Going to Take?”

        Cue boiling frog in pot. 😉

        • mmm.mmm me loves some frog gumbo. they never gona wake up. its time to find a new merica / we out number3d

        • A container of gasoline may have spilled during the high speed chase while going wrong direction down the interstate…

          Translation: While getting totally blasted off huffing high octane gasoline while driving suspect was so off his ass he was driving the wrong friggin way down the interstate, then when cops tried to pull him over he ran. Causing him to spill said gas all over inside of his vehicle.

          I’m not one for blindly taking sides with the police, I believe a good MAJORITY of them are out of control. But this is just not one of those situations. (althgough I must say, why the hell do you need to use a taser on a guy sitting iside the car, possibly a lil too quick with that action)

          That being said….the chicken shit bastards could have at least attempted to put the friggin fire out!

          I’m actually kind of surprised they didn’t just shoot him 47 times afterwards, because they were in fear for their life, since they could have caught on fire too.

          • Ya I’m not to troubled by this; not good but if you are way on an interstate you are going to kill someone. You have to be stopped.

            • Paranoid, the car was ALREADY stopped when they busted out the window and shot into the car with the tazer.

              • Were they supposed to wait for him to start driving again before they used the taser? What sense does that make? People like you with all the answers would end up getting more people killed.

                • my first response to the video was, was he f nuts, cars don’t explode with a taser unless you are an idiot. I have been an idiot many times, and if i would have died, i would not blame anyone but myself. stupid is as stupid does. don’t poke the angry bear in the eye with a stick!!!!!! don’t have an open can of gas in the car and then drive the wrong way down a freeway!!!!! duh

            • Information was left out of this story making this even worse. Unmarked cop cars, no uniforms. Copfuks gone wild. Bet the guy was white.

              “According to NBC San Diego:

              The family’s attorney Gene Iredale said Martin had been driving for 22 hours on his way back from Texas when he got lost in Pine Valley, California, in March 2012. According to court documents, Border Patrol agents tried to pull him over for driving the wrong way on Interstate 8.

              But Iredale told NBC 7 Tuesday that the pursuing agents were all in plain clothes and unmarked cars, so Martin did not stop. For about three minutes, Martin led the agents on a high-speed pursuit that ended when he drove over spike strips that deflated his tires.

              Martin, who had pulled over on the side of the road, had no way of knowing the men approaching him were law enforcement, Iredale claims.

              “These agents approached in unmarked cars, in plain clothes and never identified themselves by the display of badges or even the simple statement ‘Border Patrol,’” the attorney said.”

              • calgagus

                The cars I saw in the video had blue and red flashing lights on the top… Call me crazy but if you’re driving the wrong way down the interstate and all of a sudden you have a bunch of cars behind you with blue and red flashing lights….I would say it’s a safe bet that you’re being pulled over by law enforcement. Of course it can be hard to tell if you’ve been huffing gas for 22 hours, IMO of course

                • The driving the wrong way stunt was a common maneuver used by Mexican smugglers until the access to going the wrong way on I-8 was blocked. There were several accidents with fatalities caused by these ass wipes. Since the cars did indeed have flashing emergency lights I have serious questions about this story. Why was the gas can not in the trunk? There also is no shortage of gas stations on that section of I-8. You can also assume that the agents considered him a smuggler not someone who was lost. Also if he was driving straight through from Texas he would not be going the wrong way. Some pretty serious maneuvers are needed to get on that road the wrong way.

          • ” While getting totally blasted off huffing high octane gasoline”

            That’s not that easy to do. I’ve torn carburetors down and rebuilt them on my coffee table, many times, even in the winter with all the doors and windows closed. I never got “blasted” off the fumes. If it was that easy to do, mechanics and pump jockeys would walk around in a daze most of the time.

            I think you’re confusing gasoline with ether, which WILL get to you in just a few minutes or even seconds. I’m sure if you locked yourself up in a car for hours with enough gas on the carpet, you might get a buzz, but it would take some time and effort.

            I’ve spilled gas in my back floorboard before, had my cover-alls doused in it while I worked under the car. The only hazard was fire, so I went in and changed/bathed before someone lit a cigarette…

            We need to stop looking for ways to rationalize this epidemic of violence towards citizens, and start looking for ways TO STOP IT.

            • Six

              No I was actually making the assumption that the guy was driving around actively huffing gas like some 14 redneck in his uncles tool shed. And so totally blasted off his ass he didn’t know which way was north. Now I know I could be wrong, you know what you do when you ASS.U.ME. But to me it would help to explain the driving wrong way part, the running from police part, and the instant explosion part.

              • I figure this guy messed up big time, and certainly deserved some time to think about his behavior—what he didn’t deserve, is being burned alive in his car. I often prattle on about hanging politicians and stuff like that, but in reality I believe the list of crimes that should draw the death penalty, is very short. I can’t really think of any crime that justifies being burned alive.

                That was a horrible way to die. I’d rather eat a bullet.

                • If I tie one end of a rope around my neck, and the other end to something on top a two story building, then jump off the building in front of a cop with a knife in his pocket, and I die…trust me it wasn’t the cops fault I died. It would have been because of my actions. My actions lead to my consequences.

                  • Agreed. And where are the consequences of not even trying to stop a human dying because THEY fired the taser in the car? Where are the images of the gun? The knife? The club? Yes. He was stupid. Yes he probably deserved a (*&^load of time in prison but burning to death isn’t presently on our list of approved death penalty methods. Well last I looked.

                    Your actions are your responsibility. And so are the cops’. Had he wrecked the car, ok, death by stupid. Had he shot someone, death by stupid. But according to the data we read, he was being dumb. Sorry, I disagree that it was his fault. I drive on the highway, some jerk is on the phone, smoking and screwing with her kids and forces me off the road into a tree. I chose to be on that road. I chose to drive a vehicle, is the wreck all my fault? Or even most of it?

        • The problem is, once we organize, they will know it, since they have all these little, sneaky ways to spy on us… and if we cannot organize to resist tyranny, then how can we effectively stop them??!!

      2. “The people” will keep taking it as long as the government keeps giving them free food, lodging, phones, and other welfare earned by others. They will see this murdered guy as a casualty of cops trying to “protect” the public, continue to get their free stuff, and go back to watching football and Dancing with the stars.

        Only when they get so hungry when they start missing meals will the people wake up.

        • That is it. Not a damn thing will change in this country until it goes full-bore tits up SHTF. Then and only then will our fellow zombies wake the fuck up from the long winter’s nap. So there you have it. It makes no difference who is elected to what position. If you can’t tell shit is in bad shape at this point and up is down and down is up, you are already gone. This hindenburg of a country will hit the ground when it hits the ground. So don’t even worry about the upcoming elections. No need to worry, whoever is elected has no chance of helping anything (even if they truly wanted to).

          RANT OFF.

          • @ Gonetoolong…

            I wouldn’t really call your post a “Rant”….More like the Fucking Truth !!! Best Post I have read in a while…Thanks

            I have all but just STFU trying to talk to anyone lately…Some of the things and thoughts that come out of so many peoples mouths just seems to hit my Mute button !!!

            WTF is society thinking…Oh…wait a minute…they are not !!!

            Your So right….They will stay in a coma until…and your stated it perfectly..

            ” Not until it goes full-bore tits up SHTF ” will they finally wake up…

            We are in a ” World Of Shit ” and all we have are retards everywhere !!! Damn the Zombies…it’s the daily Retards that are freaking me out !!!

            I am through talking now…

          • yes the shit has hit the fan, but if i point a loaded gun in my face, and pull the trigger, the government is not at fault, not even ofucama!!! a lot of people will die of dumb when it goes down.

        • WARNING: This might be uncomfortable to many people to hear.

          I used to think the same thing Sterling, but I’ve been proven wrong. Ferguson is not exactly Beverly Hills, yet those poor blacks rioted when they had had enough violence against them. All of those videos about poor blacks rising up when one of their own gets suicided by police, disproves the idea that the FSA will just take the violence, in exchange for free shit — THEY WANT THEIR FREE SHIT AND RESPECT AT THE SAME TIME.

          The group of people who will see this murdered guy as a casualty of cops trying to “protect” the public, are not necessarily the FSA, but the next group of older, law-abiding people who think the govt is their friend. Generally, the people who are not from the same category as this victim.

          Whites keep rationalizing/advocating violence against blacks, blacks keep rationalizing/advocating for violence against whites, and the other groups just sit back and ignore it because it doesn’t involve them.

          We keep blaming the FSA/poor, saying that THEY will just keep taking it without reprisal, but in truth WE are the ones who don’t seem to be standing for anything but online blogging.

          We’re not the ones in a video, throwing molotov cocktails and standing toe-to-toe with police lines, armed with water cannons and gallons of pepper spray.

          We’re just sitting here on our fat asses, judging others.

          • @sixpack: I sympathize with your plight, but merely throwing moltov cocktails and screaming at police isn’t the correct way to vent frustration. In addition to blogging and interacting on threads behind a keyboard, my Oath Keepers chapter is VERY active in campaigning for constitutional elective offices, and in fact help put in a county commissioner who has stood up to the Federal Government on a number of issues so far. He comes to every meeting we have, is active in the American Lands Council movement to bring prosperity back to our county, and has in fact organized a county wide emergency preparedness plan wherein every member of the county can be prepared for SHTF.

            Again, we have been extremely active at a local level in making positive changes. And its the local level that is the only place we actually have a say in what happens. Our sheriff’s dept acquired an MRAP and we have been very vocal and still in the process of having them turn it back over to DHS.

            Violence and 2 year old temper tantrums don’t get the trick done, but nullification and civil disobedience to federal and state mandates at a local level when acting as an entire body of people is where the change will come.

            • Well Sterling, you certainly fit the bill of DOING SOMETHING. I never meant to suggest that violent confrontations was the best way to “do something”.

              I commend your efforts—at least you are engaged. My aim was at those who just sit and type and complain.

      3. This doesn’t make most MSM news outlets so most sheep don’t even know about events like this. Most sheep are also too dumbed to even care. The few sheep that might mention some story like this will justify incidents like the one described by saying something to the effect that there is more coverage of events like this because everyone has a cell phone, and they will believe the lie that nothing has actually changed. They are all too dumb to think their government would or even could hurt them. In the eyes of the sheep, “We’re number one, we’re number! We are the greatest people of all. USA, USA!”. Yep, those same great Amerikans that want to give up freedom for free $#!+.

        • Freedom is overrated. Or so I was told.

      4. Mark Salvo & Company:

        So the guy is going the wrong way on the highway – endangering innocent life. Rufuses to yield to red and blue lights, requiring stop stick deployment, and does not cooperate with officers when they finally get him stopped. The cops use a taser in an attempt to use less than lethal force, when circumstances are probably mounting to justify lethal force. There is an unintended secondary effect from the taser which results in tragic accident. I am supposed to view this as “evidence” of government abuse? Come on. Are you people constitutionalists or just anti-government? A reasonable person can find plenty of evidence of real government abuse without looking for the boogeyman in legitimate law enforcement actions. This guy was a danger on the roadway, and possibly worse. You don’t have all the information. Why didn’t they use extinguishers? I don’t know. Do you? Were you there? If the vehicle went up so quickly there was something very flamable in the passenger compartment. Are cops supposed to put themselves in jeporady of death to save a person, who by own choice resisted arrest, and precipated the problem? They probably would have tried if they thought they had a chance. That tells me they did not. No matter what concerns you anti-government people have about government abuse, most abuses are precipitated at the policy level in Washington. The individual officers in the border patrol are fine people who do a valuable and difficult job and who do a great service to our security. To bad they are saddled by rules coming from an inept federal government or they would have our border locked down tight. They are some of the best in the world. Insinuating they allowed the violator to just burn to death without cause is irresponsible and disrespectful reporting unless you have some real evidence that this was the goal. Next time you find a fully engulfed vehicle with gasoline and god only knows what else on board – you run up to it with your extinguisher and see how close you will get.

        • @Doug would you pull over if some anonymous car had a flashing light and you didnt see no cops? I wouldn’t.

          When was the last time a couple of men were shouting you down and demanding you get out of a car? Maybe he feared for his life. Looks like he was right.
          Going the wrong way on a road or a highway dont mean the death penalty w/out trial.

          Did you read the artical from the link? No. If you had, you could have saved yourself wasted time typing your crap out.

          Even border patrol said what was done aint protocol.
          Stop defending copfuks. Theyre out of control.

          • I’m in UK, but years ago I worked with a guy who had blue flashing lights behind the rad grille on his 5-series BMW. He would use them if he wanted to overtake, he said most drivers would indicate to pull over, and he would go sailing past. I would also not stop for an un-marked car. Not sure on policy re posting links here, so I will break the link, you just need to take the space out of HTTP.
            h ttps://
            I know most of our police don’t have guns, but this guy sets an example. Enjoy 🙂

            • There is a fully lit and manned Border Patrol station with officers that stop West bound traffic on I-8 in that area. You cannot miss it and he was simply trying to avoid it. That is why he was going the wrong way. He was a smuggler.

              • Any proof? Or dare you prone to a knee-jerk reaction to anything that criticizes your beloved Stasi?

                • knee jerk reaction to a post you do not like!!!

          • I would pull over for red and blue lights and sirens. That is how cops signal people that they are to stop. If they then deployed stop sticks against me, I would further assume that they mean business and that I fail to cooperate at my own risk. If you wouldn’t, especially while driving the wrong way on the interstate, or engaging in other illegal behavior that is a threat to life, make no mistake about it, you will be stopped. They will use whatever level of force required to protect themselves and the public, and you will be very sorry.

            All the news states is that they did not identify their agency. It does not state that they did not shout “police” which is universally understood. A vehicle can be a deadly weapon and he was operating it in a manner likely to cause serious injury or death to other motorists on the roadway. They did not kill him intentionally, they stopped his threat from continuing by deploying a level of force which does not commonly end in death.

            I did read the article and I find this type of skewed and incendiary reporting irresponsible. I am a constitutionalist, apparenty on a site visited by many anarchists. You will complain about any action taken by police because you hate authority. This man also did not respect law as he had a history of OWI and resisting. Here is an article for you:

            The article states that agents did follow protocol. These “fuktard” cops that you speak of take people off roadways who endanger others. They are also the first to run into buildings on fire, respond to persons injured and having medical problems. I have seen them reason patiently with violent and mentally ill people to reach peaceful resolutions. I have seen them risk their own lives, numerous times, to help the same people who speak spitefully of them. Watch how much you hate, as God has unique ways of humbling people like you. I have known a person who insulted local police every chance she got, but one night her father was having a heart attack and was unresponsive. Guess who arrived and did CPR and kept her father alive until EMS arrived? That’s right, the police.

          • When was the last time??????

            Ummmmm…. I think it was the last time I was driving the wrong way down the interstate huffing gas, and all of a sudden all these cars with flashing lights showed up in my rear view mirror,, and I though SHIT!! and just took off. And then after that there were these other cars on the sides of the road, and they had this spike strip thing, and I thought SHIT!!! it might be terrorists, and I just run right over em, and then I took me another hit of that good high octane gas, but I ran off the road…And that’s really last time I can remember.

        • Your comment is the only sane one on this subject! Congratulations on explaining the situation in simple words that even the other commentors can understand!

        • Eloquently put Doug. I’ve noticed quite a trend here lately to demonize law enforcement before all the facts are in. There’s a lot of folks choosing sides these days based on opinions more so than facts. As far as I’m concerned, they’re just as much a part of the problem as anyone else.

          • If we truly love our country and want to see our constitution restored, we cannont feed into ignorant government/cop bashing. It destroys credibility when we would talk about real abuse of power issues. Thank you for supporting reasonable exercise of government authority. I would stand with everyone had the exercise been unreasonable or unconstitutional. Government is neccessary. Granted a neccessary evil, but neccessary nonetheless. As Madison said that men are not angels, therefore government is neccessary to constrain the people, but as government is not administrated by angels,the government must also be compelled to constrain itself. Lets be wise and work together to restore constitutional respect accross all departments of government. Anarchy only tears this goal down.

        • If the video was not edited, I don’t believe there was anything anyone could do to save that man. The entire care was engulfed in flames, and the man was dead in seconds. In that instance, I don’t think a truckload of fire extinguishers would’ve made any difference to that man’s life. I feel that part of the rhetoric is just inflammatory BS, meant to agitate people who didn’t understand the reality of the situation.

          The only thing that may have saved that man’s life, is if electric spark had not met gas fumes.

          • I disagree, if he had some gas or other accelerant (obviously he did) that’s what made fire so big so fast. In my experience a fire extinguisher or 2 would get that out pretty quick at least enough to get his arse out

            But I think the point is, they didn’t even TRY. From what I could tell in the video, they were more concerned about their cars than even attempting to put out the fire. But hey….their cops not firefighters, right???

            • They are emergency responders, tasked with trying to protect life, even though they admittedly fall way short of that these days.

              I think I would have at least TRIED, even if it was futile, to put the fire out. At least I could go home telling myself, that I gave it my best shot.

              Standing there watching a man burn alive, would not be an option for me.

      5. High speed chase going the wrong way on a interstate.

        Nothing wrong here.

        Wrestling with an officer for his gun after a strong arm robbery.

        Nothing wrong here.

        Getting your ass choked and die from officers knowing you have broke the law, AGAIN.

        Oh he was such a good boy. Going to be stupid you have to be tough. If you set yourself up by not doing the right thing. Things can go bad. Not saying that there is no abuse but if you set things in motion. You are the blame.

        • Yep, starting to see a pattern here,
          Most of the people writing this garbage are just trying to stir things up.
          Yea thats right, this article is garbage.
          FOR A GOOD READ
          Go over to Alt Market and read Brandons piece on thinking tactically
          Honestly Mac, start screening these articles better, this dummy deserved to get drilled full of holes as well as what he got

          • Kula, you’re right again. Maybe it’s not a good idea to have a can of gas in the cab of your vehicle.

          • “this dummy deserved to get drilled full of holes as well as what he got”

            Sorry Kula. but I respectfully disagree. I’ll tell you why.

            For one, while he may have been driving the wring way, HE DID NOT KILL OR INJURE ANYONE ELSE (by the grace of God). There is a VERY narrow list of reasons to take a man’s life, and being annoying, even scary, isn’t one of them.

            We have let TPTB expand our rationalizations of when it is “acceptable” to kill people. The truth is, THERE IS ONLY ONE TRUE REASON TO JUSTIFY TAKING A HUMAN LIFE—

            When it is to preserve another life and MAYBE protect property.

            No, I don’t think it’s right to kill somebody for petty theft, fraud or writing bad checks or simply showing up at your door. A human life HAS TO BE worth more than that.

            This is the thinking TPTB want us to adopt. Well, I don’t. Christians believe ALL LIFE IS PRECIOUS, but I would amend that to: All life is precious, after I’ve preserved me and mine.

            Apparently, it’s not just the cops who are getting trigger happy…

          • I agree. It always amazes me how many of these videos showing the cops to be apparently “out of control” don’t include everything that led up to the “incident”.

            Wrong way on the freeway? Gas fumes in the car, enough to blow like that? Driver likely stoned or drunk up out of his mind, and the cops get blasted because they didn’t get their fire extinguishers out to douse a roaring blaze that was probably so hot they couldn’t get near it.

            I’m way over the non-stop cop-bashing that seems to be the new fad. Are some out of control? Sure. But they’re in ten times as much danger now because of all the hysteria and cop-haters, revving up other weak-minded fools into believing that all cops are bad and deserve to get shot at simply because they’re cops.

            Those of you out there who complain about too much gun control? What do you think is gonna happen when these same weak-minded fools start issuing some of their own vigilante justice on the police? The public sentiment will change and the gun-control lobby will WIN, dammit! Is that what you really want? That’s where we’re headed.

            It’s time for a little reason, here. We have a justice system that was designed to assume innocence until proven guilty. This is so all of the facts can come out. Sometimes they don’t, but most of the time they do. It is to protect those that are actually innocent. And, make no mistake, it works. It is infinitely better for 1000 guilty people to go free than for one innocent person to be wrongly convicted.

            You might think about affording the police the same “innocent until proven guilty” that you would hope for it were you.

            • Well said!

            • The stick up your butt, has a stick up its butt.

            • Personally I love the cop bashing (when it’s deserved)
              but this is not one of those occasions. But don’t worry there will be plenty more soon.

              Just read one yesterday, where they are actually charging a woman cop with some degree of murder. For shooting an UNARMED man, twice, in the back, while he was face down on the ground, While she was tasing him multiple times, taser in one hand, smoking gun in the other. We’ll see if she actually does any prison time though (Lord help me I hope so)

        • Totally agree with your statement. All the officers did was save the taxpayers court costs!

          • You’ve gorra be shitting yeah?

      6. r.i.p.

        • Well said digs.

      7. As long as it doesn’t involves themselves why should they care. The “Victim” probability deserved whatever this “Fine officer” was handing out to em. Besides, the Officer was just doing his duty.

      8. Just how much is the public going to take? Before what? They consciously pry themselves from addictions to; sites like this, Rx drugs, gourmandizing on gmo junk food, texting, TV, March Madness, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseam, and go out and risk their lives and make a stand?


        Tanks rolling down the street outside our doors are a sure sign that whatever anyone did was “too little too late”.

        Everybody is waiting for someone “ELSE” to do the dirty work, to make the first move and second move, and third move. And that is sad and sorry state of affairs in this lost and multi cultured society, where white males are considered the villains.

        • Easy EA, or you’ll bust a gasket. Ain’t nobody coming for us today nor tomorrow. Still too many sheep with cash playing the stock market that need to be fleeced. Our day will come soon enough when either we’ll shine or fizzle.

          • I’ve “busted” so may “head” gaskets, over the years, attempting to plead, bribe, force, blackmail, extort, payoff, arm-twist, entice, con, lure, sweet-talk, pester, anyone (friends and family in particular) who gives me the time of day regarding the monster storm about to swallow us up whole, to WAKE UP, that I’ve more or less decided to let the masses enjoy their slumber so i can enjoy the calm before the storm and remember these final days with a warm, fuzzy glow in my heart.

            Not to say that I don’t miss an opportunity to casually rant, here at the shtfplan club house.

        • Tanks rolling down the street…..

          Sheeple looking out their windows….

          “Oh, look guys. They’re makin’ a movie in our town!”

          • POG now your competing with Eppe. Funny!

      9. Well anybody that would carry full containers of gasoline in the interior of a car ain’t overly bright. It was an unfortunate ending.

        • Darwin award candidate.

        • How else do you get a can of gas home from the station so you can fill your lawnmower?

          • Of course I drive a minivan, so there’s no where else to put a can of gasoline.

            • He was driving from Texas. At least that is the story. There is very little out where this happened as to human habitation. It is a prime smuggling area of illegals from Mexico. Who drive the wrong way on the interstate. At least they did until they finally blocked access from the wrong direction. After several accidents and fatalities.

          • Archivist, well for starters you take a shortcut, buy going the wrong way on the interstate.

      10. That video was hard to watch. Both sides made mistakes in this case. The guy in the car screwed up driving on the wrong side of the highway and carry a container of gas in the car. But the biggest mistakes were made by the Border Patrol. They were in UNMARKED vehicles and wearing CIVILIAN CLOTHING. They refused to identify themselves in any way, shape, or form. They most certainly smelled the gas fumes coming from that car. For all that guy knew, the feds could’ve been from the drug cartels or anyone else. The feds did this deliberately. Local cops I believe would’ve handled the this differently. Any people in civilian clothing and unmarked cars who approach me like that would have serious trouble on their hands.

        • Other reports are saying that marked police vehicles with local agencies were also involved in the chase. I can tell you from personal experience there is no good way to eat a shit sandwich. Before you judge the officers actions you should be on scene, seeing what they saw, hearing what they heard, knowing what they know. In the end most of these result in seeing the officers as acting reasonably given the circumstances.

          • “In the end most of these result in seeing the officers as acting reasonably given the circumstances.”

            Yep, that’s how it goes, especially when those making the determination belong to the same gang and/or are part of the gang’s union, and the perps get a paid vacation while the “investigation” is being done, as well as raises and promotions after they’ve been cleared. Oh, and lets not forget about all the fist-bumps and jokes along the way.

            • What about Ferguson, NCClyde? The reason most of the time the cops are exonerated is because most of the time they do act lawfully. And in most of these deadly force incidents, remember that cops were sent to the scene by citizens who reported dangerous behavior. Cops are not roaming the streets looking for confrontation. They are sent because the public wants order and safety. What about order and safety is wrong? Don’t give me the Jefferson line about safety and liberty — tell me where this man’s constitutional rights were violated? He brought it upon himself and there was nothing the cops could do to help him. This guy suffered from death by stupidity – his own.

              • Doug: Exactly. You hear about every alleged bad incident, and get just info to piss you off. But never, ever do you hear about what led up to the incident, or about the thousands of good things LEO’s do, knowing they are hated by the likes of some here.

                Everyone I have ever known who hates cops has been either caught doing something they KNEW they shouldn’t have been doing, and maybe even got their ass beat for it, or bought someone else’s bs about being “wrongly accused”, or is a simple-minded sheeple who buy’s stuff like this article lock,s tock and barrel.

                Actually getting kinda tired of it.

                • Try taking that stick outa your butt dude.

      11. hard to fix stupid.. especially when its X2

      12. The war on drugs is the major war on Americans. Big Pharma, big police state is totally in charge of waging this war with the FDA’s 100% backing. Just like the phony war on terrorism, terrorizing American’s to remain in control.

      13. Whew!

        Info on the plane crash in the Alps….

        “Never let a crisis go to waste” comes to mind. The story line makes about as much sense as 9/11, the school shooting in Connecticut, etc.

        Stay tuned….surely they can hook this to the war on terror. Amazing how fast their info flows….

        • POG

          I assume your talking about how apparently the co-pilot decided lock the pilot out, kill himself, and everyone on board. And he’s some scarf wearin white bread lookin dude. I just heard it a minute ago myself and it really aint making much sense. Of course I thought the photo op they had yesterday with like 3 countries leaders was a little strange too. When did presidents and kings start going to plane crashes for photo ops just mere days or 2 afterwards. Seemed a little out of touch and calculated to me.

      14. He did something wrong, and made it even MORE wrong by trying to get away. If he had just pulled over like a NORMAL person, he’d have been fine. Instead, he made himself look incredibly suspicious and guilty to people who are trained to use force on those who are doing suspicious things that make them look guilty.

        It was a terrible thing that happened, but it would have been all the same if this guy had been high on crack, driving around with a kidnapped child in the trunk that he was planning to rape and kill.

        Bottom line: don’t try to get away from law enforcement when you HAVE done something you know is wrong.

        It’s not a matter of what I will accept. If this guy had been doing everything perfectly legal, and then the border patrol decided to just pull him over, drag him out of his car and beat him to death for blowing raspberries at them, THEN maybe I’d have more of a problem.

      15. Congrats to Doug and drunkensnipe and calling out the sheeple. Many folks here are highly critical of those they consider sheeple, but many people here are the biggest sheeple in existence. Of course, these miondless sheeple are the bread and butter of this site’s owner. He knows he can spew out bullshit and these sheeple will eat it up mindlessly. He spews out crap he know is untrue and knows these morons will buy it and he laughs his ass off all the way to the bank and the backs of their ignorance. I believe Ben arson said something similar about Obama and concluded Obama was psychopath. Sine Ben is neurosurgeon, his diagnosis must be accurate, therefore, the owner of this site must be a psychopath, too. So, he and Obama must be cut from the same cloth.

        • D and C, YOU’RE the one who is a ‘mindless sheeple’. Your moniker is perfect for you.

      16. Why were the Border Patrol enforcing traffic laws?

        • Seriously? You must be a moron. He was going the wrong way on an interstate. Usually these morons also turn off their headlights.

      17. 12

      18. Sorry ain’t buying this grab the bull you get the horns. Driving in high speed chase on wrong side of interstate is definitely grabbing the bull.

      19. I don’t appreciate police officers and the government agencies that forcibly take my tax dollars to hire them, give them cars, and give them guns.

      20. Up front: I AM as anti-LEO as anybody here and damn proud of it. Yes I do consider the majority them to be out of control psycopaths, sadist, control freaks, bullies and outandout total assholes.
        Since there are two sides to every arguement/points of view. And what one sees on that video is limited; I have to also consider that I could be wrong about those agents, and that I have not heard the full story about what and the why of that incident. So to a degree, I am giving them the benifit of the doubt. People have been mislead and manipulated by how a video was edited to show only what “they” wanted you to see.

        What troubles me the most is the why, if they had the means, those agents did NOT try to save that guys life by attempting to put out the fire? Ok, so maybe that drive was a scum of the earth duchebag, but he still is a human being, whos’ life is still worth saving. It is just the decent thing to do, save a life if you can. I do believe in Karma/you reap what you sow.
        So before I find fault and lay blame, I’d like to have all the facts in the matter.

      21. They need to all three be charged with homocide! Minimum amont served be fore parole….10 years! Hit and run with no body killed is NO REASON FORTHEM NOT TO HELP HIM!

        I am a trauma RN…..I will remember this.!

        • God help us!!!

        • Yes, you are a trauma RN that should have his employer notified is what you are implying is that you will let a cop die in retaliation.

          You are a trauma RN. How many burning vehicles have you tried to approach? How about burning buildings? I have some experience with both. When that fire blows out windows and spews shrapnel or hits explosive materials, like gasoline, you are going to become a toasted marshmallow getting close to that vehicle. As a trauma RN I am sure you have seen people with the skin falling off of their face and arms. Lungs burned as they inhaled the gases. You are not a very experienced RN if you haven’t seen people die from fires, not able to save them, because they got too close to a chemical explosion.

          You are going deny your family a son, father, and brother for some guy who put himself; I say that again – put himself, in an absolutely futile situation. You are going to put all of your future days, you are going to risk making your kids cry at your casket, your wife try to figure out how to comfort them and pay the bills until they are on their own, your daughter not have a father to walk her down the aisle. You are going to get in their and try for the guy who put your life in danger, endangered others on the road, violated every traffic law, continued to resist.

          You may talk a good game, but stay in the ER where the dangerous work is all done for you first. I doubt if you or any of you arm chair quarterbacks on here, have ever been in the real shit. You talk about it and prep for it like it is a fantasy you are hoping for. And the fantasy game shows in what you say. You ever been close to the heat, you know that you only do what you can, not what you can’t, and then thank god every day that you made it through in one piece but live with the scars of what happened.

          You are evil for insinuating you would botch treatment. I hope the NSA is looking at this one and passes it to your employer. It would actually be a good use of their time.

          • Roasted pork smells fantastic!

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