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Category: Green Beret’s Guides

Mac Slavo

Can I sustain myself and my family before a collapse/SHTF scenario? Can we sustain ourselves here after things go down the drain?

Jeremiah Johnson

If the power is out for more than 2 weeks I will have some serious decisions to make…

Jeremiah Johnson

You have to gauge your equipment by your limitations and abilities… there are certain basics that we can all strive for, and everything else is gravy on the meat.

Jeremiah Johnson

You can have more than one A-bag and it is advisable, depending on the manner in which you live, your geographical area, and your needs.

Jeremiah Johnson

Let’s talk about some things that may work for you.

Jeremiah Johnson

The best foundation for offensive operations in general is rooted in sound intelligence, and sound intelligence is not only found: it is made.

Jeremiah Johnson

For now the best starting point for you is to accurately assess your strong and weak points (regarding your property, home, and family’s ability to defend it).

Jeremiah Johnson

Training for each and every member of your household is vital; with this training will come good feelings of confidence that will help quell fear and panic if an emergency arises.

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